A Note Before Starting

This book assumes that mainline Greek, Roman, Babylonian, Egyptian, Celtic, Norse and Arthurian mythology involves the real history, but written in code, of a pagan/occult Semite peoples responsible for the gross exploitation of mankind, and ultimately for Armageddon. In modern times, some of their numbers developed into secret societies: Rosicrucians, Templars, Zionists, and Round-Table globalists.

The chapters are written during research, not after all the data is in;
expect some errors of judgment, and forgive some disorganization and repetition.

Delving into online mythology comes with much "classical" nudity and some subtle lewdness,
and mythology as a whole is rampant with perverse and violent themes.

If my descriptions of Coats of Arms don't match the image you're seeing,
it's probably because and others are changing a significant number of Coat designs,
especially since about the first of 2012.
In some cases, the same symbols are retained while the designs are changed,
making my descriptions appear unreliable, or like I need glasses.


Asshur! Gog Bee-Less You - (2006)
I'm starting to see that the Kabbala Hebrews
originated as a part-Gogi peoples before
becoming a peoples symbolized by bees.

Asshur! Guzuntight - (2006)
Exploring whether various Nahorites of Akkadia,
and Abrahamic Shebeans and Asshurites
become the Germanic peoples.

The Garden of Guti - (2006)
The dragon bloodline is essentially a counterfeit Eden cult
determined from the start to honor Satanic rulers
for reasons/logic unknown to me.

Rome as an Extension of Tyre and Atlantis - (2002)
Most don't know that the Romans were Trojans
And if the Trojans were Atlanteans,
So might be Mys. Babylon.

Gog: A Gorgon Conclusion - (2003)
The ancient origins of Gog are in the Gorgons of Media
but they have come to rule Babylon the Great
like a dragon on a mission from Hell.

The Hercules Circle of Gogi - (2003)
This chapter will might make you dizzy in a mythical maze,
but it may also reveal to you the many secrets
on the origins of the Gogi branches.

The Wolf Peoples - (Update 2006)
Apollo depicted a wolf-line peoples of proto-Russia
that entered Greece as "Lyco" terms,
and then founded Rome.

Russians Are Manes-ly Because of the Medes
The Gogi descend from the god Manes...
Armenia, apparently,
Home of the Rosh.

The Hyperboreans must have been a Gogi peoples
but the Gogi didn't sit still in Russia
for they sailed to America too.

Roslin and the Rose Line
This is just my current theory, but it sure seems right,
that the Rose Line was a Viking/Norman bloodline
with Millennial plot to rule the world.

Who's the Wheel Dragon Line?
When I follow the chariot wheel of Helios,
I am led to the Po valley of Italy,
home of the god, Eridanus.

The Goats of Hermes were Goths
The Hermes bloodline represented Atlantis East
but came also to represent Atlantis West,
beginning with the Goths of Sweden.

The Latest Buz on Atlantis - (2006)
I think I have found the Italian root of Western Atlantis
in the Abruzzo region of the ancient Sabini.
Were these the Abrahamic Sabians?

Atlantis Founded by Hebrew-Khazars - (2006)
I never would have guessed that it would turn out this way.
The myth codes lead in this direction strongly,
That Kabalists founded Atlantis.

Atlantis Moves to Israel - (2006)
When Kabalists in Babylon moved to Samaria,
the founders of Atlantis came along
to Gath, Gaza and Ashdod.

I Taut I Saw a Buzi Cat - (2006)
It's a wotta fun to we-invent history in one book,
but this is not my idea as much as it's
the direction of the myths.

Twins Found Western Atlantis - (2006)
Tell me if you can't see Aeolus and Boiotus
as part of the five twins of Poseidon
in Wales and Cornwall.

Checks Cohenside with Stewarts - (2006)
I won't spoil the surprise right here up front;
I think I've found the oldest Stewarts ever,
in certain Czars of blue and white.

Edom and Avva - (2006)
I identify the Avvites here as Cutha-Kassites
who came to Israeli shores of Gaza
as proto-Merovingians.

Cohanim Cats In the Buz-Um of Nahor - (2006)
The Khazar-Cohen link to the "Cati" of Cilicia
may be the origin of all Holy Grail lore,
in the land of Phoenix's chalice.

Sheba and Dedan in Greece - (2006)
Tell me if you think the Cohens were in Epirus,
on the northern outskirts of Greece
at the gate of the Illyrians.

My Calydonian Boar Hunt - (2003)
My best shot at identifying the Caledonians of Scotland,
as being from Hermes-based Corinthians,
and Golden-Fleece line Gogi.

The Golden Apples of Idun - (2004)
The Golden Apple bloodline was kept a mystery
But by gully I think I've got it...
down to its core

Sheba Conquers Kybele - (2006)
There is little doubt in my mind as of this chapter:
Abraham's non-Israelite descendants
are the root of wicked Kabala.

Who's the Leda of the Pack? - (2006)
It's amazing how Greek myth starts to chuck-up it's secrets
on the west-European vagabond migration,
once you have the handle.

Satan's Via Della Rose
The path of the Dragon, paved with fool's gold by Hermes,
and littered with the snake eggs of Gog,
leads also to the pagan Frogs.

Merlin, Priest of Western Atlantis
Atlantis of the West can be linked to Merlin,
but also to the Gwenea peoples
to whom he belonged.

These Butes Were Made for...
The elite Stewarts of Britain were aligned with Bute,
and so let's check out the Greek god, Butes,
from the Cecrops line of Athens.

Half the Danes in Edoni...
It looks like the Danes were a cross
of Druid-Edonians and Yngvi
of proto-Sweden.

...and Half the Danes from the Danann
This chapter traces the Swedes, Danes and Ingaevones
from mythical boars of the Greek theater
to the makings of Redone Gauls.

Frankly, Scarlet, You Can Go to Rotterdam - (2006)
The dragon line makes it's way to the mouth of the Rhine,
then wiggles its watery way to Britain as precursor
to founding the United States of America.

Merovingians Are From Po-Land
I found that the Saxons were Pomeranian dragons;
the trick now is to find how they
furnished the Franks.

Frogs from the Dragon's Throat
Frey and the Merovingian frogs now come to mind
at Revelation 16's three Armageddon frogs
that support the end-time anti-Christ.

Kabala is Babylon the Hor - (2006)
I'm making strides in identifying the Babylonian Harlot,
not just in the Kabala cult but in the Horite peoples,
who apparently became the Boiotians.

Vere's the Ham?
This chapter attempts to superimpose the Vere-clan migration
onto the part of the Gaul migration that
Greek myth finds important.

Vere-y Interestink
It begins to appear that the Vere name
forms an elite Illuminati circle
in Red-Rose Rosicrucianism.

Buzi as a Bee
It's known that Merovingians liked their bees,
and thanks to this little secret,
we can trace them.

Bias Will Be Boiis
Nicholas de Vere didn't tell what Scythians
his bloodline became before
becoming the Danann.

Proto-Greeks from Pre-Israelite Israel - (2006)
After a while one can get pretty good at deciphering the myths,
and maybe I'm going crazy tacking this unusual job,
but I see proto-Greeks in Israel.

Where Art Thou, Opis' Stinger of Death? - (2006)
Here I identify Revelation's Abaddon and Apolluon,
major demonic player in the end times,
as Opis-based Avvites.

Codes of Arms - (2006)
It's time that we inspect the Coats of Arms
to see what they can tell us
about family ties.

Beware the Global-Fleece Job
Identifying the Golden Fleece as the two-horned lamb,
the two sons of Pelops that became Europe
and the Redone-Russians together.

The Bij, the Bad Bulls, and the Bolgy
The Bolgs seem to be dead center in the Merovingian make-up,
and while the Bolgs can be tied to the Boii,
the Taurus cult carries them.

Child Sacrifices to the King Bee - (2006)
Herein is a connection not to be told to the public;
concerning Molech sacrifices acting as
the basis of Rosicrucianism.

The Horus-icrucian Rose in Akkadia - (2006)
There's some important conclusions made in this chapter,
the identity of the nesting grounds belonging to
some of mythology's biggest names.

Veins of Black Cole - (2006)
This is a primer on the Kyle/Cole clan in hopes that
it leads to some significant insights
on Celtic-Stewart roots.

The Cohens of Ireland (2006)
The MacDonalds were previously the Irish dragon line,
whom at that point appear to be Kyles
from the Welsh Dumnoni.

From Molech to the Bruce-Stewarts (2006)
If my immediate ancestry had not been from Abruzzo,
no one may ever have discovered Bruce roots
in the Hebrew-Rus that named Epirus.

It Was Good Day for Cohen Salian - (2006)
The Salian Franks became Germany and stronger yet;
Merovingians should be sought therein,
even in the German Cohens.

Who Pict Green for Lothian? (2006)
It's no wonder I had trouble trying to distinguish
the roots of Picts versus Lothians.
They're the same.

The Red Irish Hand of Abkhazia (2006)
So the Irish were from Scythians, were they?
Well, lookie here at the Irish hand symbol
in the land of the Laz dragon.

Well Albi Damned (2006)
Found: the Albigenses Cathars
and the Irish-Domnann
in Wallonian Epirus.

Molech is Sick, Cat-Scan Reveals (2006)
The lion of Britain was not the Lion of Judah,
but the worst of this world.

The Looming Power of Pisa (2006)
I am zooming in on the identity of Zeus.
Here is evidence that he was Opis,
in the land of the Cabelee.

The Sol that Sinneth, it Shall Die (2006)
A deeper look at the Solymi and Pisidians,
and their Amazon roots leading to
the green Clares/Claros.

Manto-Branch Sepharvites (2006)
This is a discovery of a mythical term
that greatly assists in identifying
the Solymi and Pisidians.

Tolkien Tels All About Daphne (2006)
For a good month, Lorri emphasized mythical elves
while I paid too-little attention, until...
I met Tolkien's elves.

Minoan Origins of the Bretons (2006)
I never thought I'd get this far along,
to pin-pointing the Brets...
in the Minotaur.

The Double Helix of the Caduceus
There are many new revelations in this one chapter alone.
For one, I've found the nest of the swan
in the Gogi-Rukhs.

Mars and Asklepios are Men in the Bible
Merovingians and American Masons were Amorites.
Amorites are the holy grail Anaki.
Enter the Nephilim.

Ammonites Trace to Lot's Amorite Mummy
I never would have guessed that Ammonites
were part of the Manes bloodline,
as well as the root of Mars.

I Did, I Did See a Poti Tat!
Part One of this chapter decodes the terms used
for both the Anunnaki gods of Sumeria
and Egypt's sun/moon gods.

Mede-Cow Disease Finds Washington
I'm tentatively tracing founders of Washington to Qatar,
where Persian-gulf Poseidon originated,
as well as Amorites of Jersuslem.

Babylon the Great, Mother of Tarts
Ishtar the Great Mother Harlot, beloved of witches,
main artery of the Illuminati bloodline,
was Dardanus of Troy.

Semiramis: The Amorian Dove
This chapter reveals the specific place in Armenia
from which the Semiramis dove lines go
forth as Ladon>Daphne>USA.

It's Starting to Semele of Ethiopia-- New, May 2007
This opens up a new theory on the roots of Dionysus
in ancient Somalians (now on the horn of Africa),
while postulating their identity in Lydia.

Many Kizzes of an Armed Enemy-- New, May 2007
The convergence at Kizzuwatna of competing Assi tribes
saw self-interested allies making treaties that
re-shaped the Hermes cult at Sipylus.

The Levant-Leviathan Mythtery-- New, May 2007
This is a must-read for those wanting to identify
the Biblical dragon characters.

Bats of the Giants Buzzing at Troy-- New, May 2007
Was Dionysus, as Bacchus, the Bekaa valley at Bashan?
Or did the giants of Bashan become Batea,
mother of Troy and of Avalon?

Watna Hell Were the Hyksos?
I had trouble believing that Scandinavians
could be from Egyptian roots.
Not any more.

Uncle Sam on Samson's Donkey
I feel that the Samson story is a myth
of the dragon cult snaking
its way into the Bible.

If America was Named After Morgan
This chapter zeroes in on the Welsh roots
of America's Freemasonic founders,
smack in Arthurian legend.

Was the Zionist Lion in Ancient Ireland?
The black Hohen lion is herein found in Ireland,
connected to red and white stripes
and to the Stone of Destiny.

The Blue Muses of Avalon
The holy grail is really all about the nine Muses,
a satanic lot from aggressive Armenians
disguised as Christian rulers.

Blue Gold Found in Templar Sweden
The Templar blue lion on gold was in Scandinavia,
the royals of which we should find related to
Merovingians and Anjou...and Pisidians.

All Ing the Family
Veres, Stewarts and Cohens may be a mix
of Picts, Varangians, and Byzantines,
but they might not know it.

It Depends on What the Meaning of Isaurian Is
The Isaurians were barbarians, say most,
thieves, liars, and rapists fits the bill...
But did they, too, like blue?

Wars of the Rose
This chapter is not about the War of the Roses,
but about various War terms of the
holy-grail bloodline.

Stewart Camps in Poseidon
This chapter has an interwoven thread
rooting the Washington surname
to Flanders and Poseidon.

Arthur in the Brute of Italy
The evidence builds for tracing the holy grail
to wicked Cretans and Spartans that
converged in southern Italy.

Sparta's Menelaus-al Symptoms
This is a heavy-duty chapter exposing Arthur
and the founders of the United States
in the bedroom of Menelaus.

The Arda Side of the Tracks
With the clue that the dragon bloodline went through Arda,
I found the proto-Menelaus pieces
that led to Excalibur.

Blood, Sveti, and Tears
Thracian roots of the Norse were in Ossetia,
the land also of Arthurian Satanists.
They came to Thasos as Sion.

Sepharvites: Gone with the Wend
Finding more parts of the Arthurian bloodline here.
Yet another land found reflecting his name.
This time at the foot of Switzerland.

The E-Lee-t Burgess Class
The Hebrew Brets were depicted by Vortigern,
and his Eburs lead to American elites
of the Virginia Company.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronic-Laus
I am able in this chapter to find Wessex
on the German-Polish border.
Wassa that?

A Crisp'n Claro Picture
An investigation on how close Gilbert Crispin was
to the triple chevron symbol of the Clares,
and of America's founders.

Time for a break. I've been at this 10 months straight full-time and need to do some other things before coming back.

Next chapters: in May, I inserted four back-to-back chapters in the list above, starting at "It's Starting to Semele of Ethiopia." These chapters could just as well be placed after The Arda Side of the Tracks, as it continues to reveal things (you've never heard before) on the same Ethiopia-to-Messenia-to-Arthur theme. I've also added significant updates in two successive chapters starting at The E-Lee-t Burgess Class, and in the last chapter, a Crisp'n Claro Picture. Also:

Scythians of the Alps-- July/August 2007
The Saxons are herein traced back to the Alps,
but the details expose the slalom
to white-rose America.

Betty Rubble in Thuringia-- August 2007
No, I don't think I'm crazy.
Betty and the Wettins
could be blue-blood.

Merops to Merovee-- September 2007
More insights on the nature of Thuringia
as it evolved from the Zeus cult
into various Germanics.

The Roving Stones-- October 2007
Exposing the wanderings of the Sithones
and showing their Hebrew stripes
even in femmish Gotland.

The Rest of this Bottomless Book, Not Really
This is just a fraction of what was prepared
before I had to give the book up due to
another of life's calling.

Read More as it involves the killers of Jesus

Myth Codes 101 is a digest
of how I see the dragon cult's development in ancient times.

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