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When the skincode system of purchasing is within sight, survival strategies, including physical needs,
should be drawn up and carried out.

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Read these chapters in the order provided for your better understanding

All chapters in Part 1 can be found here on one file, convenient for printing.

Pre-Trib Roots Exposed
It recently became popularized that pre-tribulationism
was born in the cult of Edward Irving.
But now it's looking far worse.

Doing the Meek'n Macho Thing
We are called to express great courage in Jesus,
but who in the midst of tribulation
dares to be proud?

The Parousia and the First Resurrection
Hal Lindsey truly helps us to understand how the
post-tribulation rapture is true.

Matthew 24 and the Elect-Shun
Why pre-tribulationists can't teach you correctly about the
identity of God's "elect" in the Olivet Discourse,
and ditto for His "saints" in Revelation.

Tribulation Scare Tactics
The great tribulation period is not going to be as dismal
for us as pre-tribbers, and conspiracy theories,
make it out to be.

The Order of Revelation's 21 Plagues
The pre-trib' sequence of the Seals, Trumpets and Bowls
does no justice to the seventh and last Trumpet
that marks the start of Armageddon.

Spreading an indifferent, don't-worry-about-it message
tests the Lord so that He may not provide for you.

The Israel of God
The Christian Church is the renewed Israel of God.
There has only been one true Israel ever:
the "woman" of Revelation 12.

Christians in the Wild
Physical provisions for enduring the great tribulation,
in undisclosed but Chosen wilderness regions,
are Ordained for 2/3 of Christian Israel.

Protected in the Wild
Will you be among the two-thirds of God's Elect
who will find wilderness Protection
in the 1260 days?

Heroes in the Great Tribulation
From the last-minute abandonment of our city homes,
through thick and thin, and betrayals too,
God will need your help.

The Extra Jar of Oil
This interpretation of "oil" in the ten-virgin parable
will not be taught by pre-tribulationists,
but therein is our mandate.

A Harmony of the Olivet Discourse
Here's a fuller reading of the Olivet Discourse,
incorporating all three gospel accounts
into a single chronological work.


Read these chapters in the order provided for your better understanding

All chapters in Part 2 can be found here on one file (updated December, 2015).

The Skincode
From the three 6s in the UPC (Universal Product Code),
to Mondex and the Smart Card society,
to the microchip-based skincode.

Nationality of Anti-Christ
I have finally learned the country of the anti-Christ.
It was right under my nose all along.
He will be a Russian.

Were the Prophets Mad?
Just before finding himself lit up on the European stage,
the Russian anti-Christ will seize the Middle East,
while making Iraq his launching pad.

The Jerusalem War
Here's a look at the route taken by the anti-Christ
as he invades the walled city of Old Jerusalem
from the north beginning at Ai.

The Westernization of Anti-Christ
The Middle-Eastern, war-loving, looting machine called "little horn,"
will be accepted by Europe due to the political strings and
military supremacy of the "Christian" False Prophet.

A New Jerusalem Temple Not Needed
There is Biblical indication that a Jerusalem Temple
may not be built in the tribulation period.
Daniel's peculiarities suggest this.

Peace Deal, or War Pact?
The anti-Christ will not confirm a peace deal with Israel,
because "the many" in Daniel 9:27 are hardly Israel.
Instead, look for a war-pact with many Muslims.

The First We'll See of Anti-Christ
The anti-Christ is prophesied to rise in neo-Seleucid Iraq,
this being the first definite sign to identify him.
Surely, he won't be a religious figure.

Will Liberals Love Gog?
American Democrats and other Liberals
are playing into the hands
of the anti-Christ.

Deadly Muslims in Gog's Quiver
Gog will advertise for anti-Israeli fighters,
which of course will include
some merciless Muslims.


Why the Apophis Asteroid Should Hit Earth in 2029
This visible-to-the-eye asteroid
is coming closer to earth
than astronomers claim.

Brass Tacks of Tribulation Preparation
Some points on starting your own wilderness retreat,
even if you don't have the money.

Back-up Systems
If you want to spare yourself a lot of grief later on,
exercise faith now and get on with the planning,
but just make sure you include
some back-up systems.

The Return of the Root Cellars
Having a root cellar in the tribulation
will help you get as far as possible
to the next planting season.

Long-Lifer Foods
What foods should you spend
your last dollars on?

Container Gardening
When discovering that my soil had nematodes
it called for cleansing the soil of them,
and growing foods in containers.

Well-Water Soundness
Without a supply of good water,
the great tribulation
will be just that!

Solar-Heated Water (Re-Written 2013)
Here's my invention for controlling solar-heated water from your shower,
getting just the right temperature at the shower head
without use of in-house water.

Homemade Pressurized Solar-Heater Tank (2013)
I half think it's crazy to try this
but maybe you can make it work.

Primitive Solar Collecting Gone Wild (2013)
We don't need to spend $10,000 for a solar-collector system
when God gave us miracle-working power
to do it more simply.

Maximizing Solar-Heat Performance (2013)
There's a promising vertical-tank invention here
as well as more details for building
various tanks yourself.

Water-Pumping Windmills
Make exceptional use of the money which
you're leaving behind on this earth.
Install a windmill to secure
your tribulation water.

If You Must Stay in a Trailer
To be in a trailer or not to be,
if only one can stand it,
it's cheap.

At War with Biting Flies
A few thoughts on how to kill
what would kill you first,
if they could.

The Solar-Electric Decision
It could be a headache not worth the expense,
or a very favorable decision.
It depends on...


When the Sun Goes Dark
Just what in the heavens is going to happen
to the sun, moon, and stars
when Jesus returns?

The Quasi-Paradise
Answering the post-Millennial position by showing
the absolute need for a quasi-Heavenly state
between Armageddon and the New Earth.

Ezekiel's Temple is Millennial
The northern sides of Old Jerusalem, now the Arab East Jerusalem,
are to be extremely holy...to contain the Millennial Temple.
That Temple will not be on the present Temple Mount.

Who Will Populate the Millennium??
The Jewish Remnant will not be raptured to the skies,
because they will not receive the Spirit
until after Armageddon.

How to Make Sport of Satan
There is a way that we should not make sport of Satan,
lest we bring unnecessary calamity upon ourselves.
But God shows us the right way!

The Restoration of Earth
The role and nature of our immortal lives as we live
alongside mortal survivors of Armageddon
in the Jerusalem-centered Millennium.


Rosicrucian Utopia
The root of the Atlantean hoax, or New Age, is Rosicrucianism.
The United States was intended to be the New Atlantis,
filled with mystical, Satan-breathing "Christians."

Rothschild and Other Roten Things
Rothschild Zionism has roots in Khazaria where "Red Jews" ruled,
and Rothschilds later used "Red Jews" to overthrow Russia"
en route to re-locating Jews to Palestine in 1917.

Henry Drummond the Hun
The man who founded the church that founded pre-tribulationism
claimed to be descended from the Magyars of Hungary,
who were themselves a branch of Huns.

Drummond Ties to the Rothschilds
Here's something that you've never read before on possible links
between Henry Drummond of pre-tribulation rapture fame
and the early Rothschild Illuminati.

The Jews' Society
We know that Henry Drummond hooked up to the Jew Society,
but did you know that this organization was
led by globalists and Freemasons?

Beasts of the Golden Dawn
The tracing of the Golden Dawn from Germany's Illuminati,
to the Theosophist Rosicrucians of Rothschild London
to Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons, the "beasts."

Aryans Versus Rothschilds
The Nazi leadership was a branch of Rosicrucianism
in murderous opposition to Rothschild Zionism.

Bush-Related Nazi Agents
The fake political Christians include the presidential Bush family,
whom can not only be traced to Mormon founders,
but to Hitler and other WW2 survivors in the U.S.


Read these chapters in the order provided for your better understanding

The New Apostles
The so-called "fathers of Pentecostalism"
were egotists along the lines
of the Irvingites.

The Quackery of Charismatic Patriarchs
In an attempt to lure Christians of all denominations
the charismatic movement appealed to ego
using egotistical men.

The Toronto Blessing
If you haven't heard about these crazy things
now spreading internationally,
just click and read.

Flesh-Power Evangelism
If you've ever had involvement in big missions projects
but ended up feeling uncomfortable,
there's a reason.

Latter Rain Today
The Vineyard movement today is home to Latter-Rain heresy.
It is in bed with the Toronto Blessing and
the Kansas-City "prophets."

Promise Keepers: A Polluted Christianity
Promise Keepers is not at all what you are made to think it is,
but is a Vineyard movement with Freemasonic stripes,
and hooked up with staunch Catholic leaders.


Deceived, and Being Deceived
Written by Dave MacPherson, a fierce adversary of pre-trib writers,
who has uncovered and reported many things that are
far worse than we may have suspected.

Law and Grace
Goats among the sheep teach that Law is passť.
It only figures that goats wouldn't
want to obey Law.

Elisa Lam Mystery
The murder of a young lady has Illuminati written all over it.
My investigation suggests something wider than
what it might seem at first glance.

KMVT is a Dragon Pusher
There are satanic groups disguised as quasi-religious people
pushing fabricated near-death experiences
to portray a Jesus-less "heaven."

Messianic-Country Music Mix
I suppose this is a good place to share
this youtube playlist

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