Every once in a while someone writes in to ask, "Who are you?" I wonder if these are not pre-tribbers shocked at my extensive post-trib treatment, thinking that pre-tribbers should have the monopoly on rapture teaching.

Some have suggested that my representing myself anonymously is counter-productive, or that to be taken seriously I need to reveal my surname. Perhaps. But let me explain that, since persecution against Christianity is Prophesied, we can be certain of anti-Christian types worming their way into government agencies, who will have the abilities (legal or not) from such positions to cause me hardship for opposing their end-time system. The message I bring to the public may not be a threat yet, but as their system becomes established, suddenly I could be targeted, as well as those who happen to be with me.

So who am I? What education do I have? Judge by how and what I write. Am I scholarly enough to be trusted? It's the scholars who are, in the main, blind to God's existence, and to the Biblical realities. In the same way that all of us are blind to these realities unless God should come through the Satanic fog to give us eyes, so He comes through to give us prophetic understanding. The question should be, how much or how little do I interpret prophecy by my own mind versus the knowledge given by God.

Know the author by whether he makes a financial profit. Take the online prophecy writer who claims to have found the keys to unraveling all of prophecy, but then charges $27 for you to find out how. How important for the Church could his message be? Anyone believing that God has granted revelations does not then turn and make a profit, for the person understands deeply that he is a vessel of importance to the Church...so as not to dare to impede the message by profit-making.

What do I do for a living? Am I successful financially? No, for no sooner had I become a Christian (at 21) that I found myself wanting to serve Him full-time. At 30, I asked God to provide a special means of income, sufficient to allow that way of life without my having to work spiritually-meaningless occupations. The answer came almost immediately, a small part-time business that grew annually. Some years later, just as I started this book (1995), I found myself living alone, running that business out of my home. The situation allowed me to write (the book) morning till night, for the business required merely the attending to 15 phone calls on average per day, taking no more than an hour or two of my time. I ate well, and always had my bills paid.

I eventually shut the business down because it was a nuisance to write while being interrupted by phone calls, and because by then I found myself with an alternative income matching what the business had been bringing in, but with far less time/tending required (almost zero time). That permitted me to write my second book, which was more important than seeking the betterment of myself financially. When I finish it, I plan on making my trib retreat fully operational.

This post-trib' book is not the work of a denomination/church/cult. It is my own message, birthed in my opposition to pre-tribulationism, and the scholars/denominations that promote it on a systematic basis. There are things I oppose with greater passion, namely the spiritually-diseased people who control much of our culture. It is beginning to become apparent to me that my future work is aimed at these types: sinful peacocks, exploiters, arrogant, not concerned for society, building a society but without God and for their own interests. For such rebellion there will be Armageddon. Because I say "Praise God" to that, and because these types can be ruthless, I had better not reveal my surname online.

You can trust my writings far more than you can trust the prophetic conclusions of pre-tribulationists. They are the ones working hard at coming across scholarly, for since they have no meat behind their theory, they emphasize a scholarly approach to decieve you. Once you're convinced that they have the educated class to be trusted, you're more apt to believe their pre-trib conclusion. The fact that some devote themselves with such passion to a pre-tribulation rapture, when the Bible doesn't at all speak of two comings of Jesus in the end times, is evidence enough that they are deceived by something strange and therefore unworthy of your attention in other prophetic matters.

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