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In the same year that John Dowie proclaimed himself to be Elijah (1901), a colleague faith healer, Charles Parham, discovered tongues in America, albeit Parham got the idea from Frank Sandford, a fact that charismatics don't want us to know. But even James R. Geoff Jr. of the holiness Pentecostals wrote that Parham "was strongly influenced by the likes of Dowie, Frank W. Sandford, John Darby, and Benjamin H. Irwin" ( Notice the "John Darby" of pre-tribulation-rapture fame.

Because Frank Sandford was a shady character taking ideas from another shady character who took ideas from another shady character, Parham gets the credit for "Father of Pentecostalism." That is, Parham gets the credit for the elitist Pentecostal doctrine of "full gospel," the idea that: 1) baptism in the Holy Spirit occurs only to a select few believers as a separate experience at some time after conversion; 2) Holy-Spirit baptism brings the power of God to a believer for performing miracles and casting out devils; 3) other believers have only a part of the gospel; and 4) speaking in tongues is evidence that one is Holy-Spirit baptized and therefore eternally saved [no matter how they live their lives].

But long before Parham and Sandford, Pentecostalism had its beginnings with the Henry-Drummond cult. Vinson Synan, Ph.D., former Director of the Holy Spirit Research Center, in a comprehensive history of the Pentecostal Movement, writes: "While his movement failed in England, Irving did succeed in pointing to glossolalia [tongues] as the 'standing sign' of the baptism in the Holy Spirit, a major facet in the future theology of the Pentecostals" ("The Origins of the Pentecostal Movement"). And there is also this:

"Irving decided to teach classes regarding the power of evil in the world. It appears that, as part of the course, he taught these parishioners to seek the Holy Spirit, and that if they did, the Spirit would become manifest in them, and the signs and miraculous gifts, such as speaking in tongues and prophecy, would be restored to the Church through them.
"In October of 1831, Mary Campbell cut loose during one of the services, with ecstatic tongues. Soon after that, he decided to stop fighting it and allow these manifestations to show themselves in the Sunday worship services. Predictably, this got him thrown out post-haste. He and a bit over half his flock left and formed their own congregation and denomination, the Catholic Apostolic Church" (

The problem was, Irving was urging Christians to receive the Holy Spirit as though they were not filled or baptized with Him in the first place!! Therefore, into what spirit was he re-baptizing the believers under him? I'd say that his movement was an attempt to re-baptize believers into doctrines that better coincide with the New World Order of certain Illuminatists. There is not on the visible level much difference between prophecy and divination, between miracles and magic, between tongues and esoteric chants, between worship and occult trances/meditation.

The God-induced miraculous ability for people to speak in various languages was used by God as evidence of the Holy-Spirit baptism at Pentecost and shortly thereafter, but this doesn't mean that God will use the same outward sign time and time again. God converted Paul with a bright vision that blinded him for a few days, and yet no one concludes that God will convert all persons just like this merely because he did so in the case of Paul. And notice that Paul does not speak of his being baptized in the Holy Spirit at some time after his conversion, nor does he ever teach this idea. Surely, if the Pentecostals are correct, the epistles would have made clear mention of it...i.e. that we are to seek the "second blessing" after being reborn/converted.

Among other heresies, Parham believed: 1) in British-Israelism; 2) that there was a creation of men prior to Adam; 3) that female ministers were ordained by God, and; 4) that he was a part of the restoration of first-century Apostles. Each and every one of these points smacks of Rosicrucianism. I note that Parham, akin to Dowie and Irving, had established the "Apostolic Faith Movement."

It is amazing how the stories on Azusa and other beds of Pentecostalism differ, depending on who is telling the story. The Azusa-Street Mission has been portrayed as a wonderful experience in Christianity by its supporters. On the other hand, according to others, it was fundamentally a mighty work of Satan with God operating only to save people from it. Azusa was characterized with inward rushing/electrical experiences mimicking, or even excelling, the Holy-Spirit experience of inward rushing waters. But we can know that Azusa and similar revivals were counterfeits by the men who brought them to the world. But not only men, for many female preachers went forth from Azusa, a trend that did not originate in Parham or Azusa street, however, but in Rosicrucianism. And to no surprise, for witchcraft was consolidated in the Rosicrucian religion.

About the same time as Azusa Street (1906), the Welsh Revival (1904) begins with an electrical manifestation on Evan Roberts. Like the Parham Pentecostals in America, Roberts emphasized the Holy-Spirit baptism and, to some degree, tongues. And, behold, strange happenings such as laughter and extreme jerking began to occur among the participants, as would be found to a phenomenal degree at Azusa only two years later.

Roberts abandoned the Welsh movement almost as soon as it began, due to a string of "nervous breakdowns." But prior to disappearing from the scene, Roberts had laid hands on and converted David Williams, who in turn came to pastor the Apostolic Faith Church. Apostolic apostolic apostolic! It's the same old cult theme: "We are the true ones of Jesus Christ, and you aren't! If you wanna be, join us!! We got the power, everyone else is dead!!!"

It was five years after Williams' conversion (1909) that he thinks he received the (Pentecostal) baptism of the Holy Spirit...what he thought was an empowerment from on High to be someone special. We are to believe that as soon as the so-called "Chief Apostle," W.O. Hutchinson, laid hands on Williams, well, of course, God made Williams into an apostle too. But to "substantiate" the claim further, there were, of course, prophecies made by those in the Apostolic Church, to the effect that, of course, God had so chosen Williams. It was Irvingite Apostolicism all over again.

Only a year later (1916), there was another prophecy stating, "bring your treasure to the Apostles' feet." After 3,000 pounds was raised, the Chief Apostle shockingly wanted all the money to himself, "to spend as he pleased," and there you have the only sign needed to inform yourself as to the sort of fruits operating through this "Godly" Chief Apostle. Williams and Hutchinson split up, one apostle condemning the other. I am indebted to the internet site of the Apostolic Church of Great Britain and Northern Ireland itself for this inside information ("A History of the Apostolic Church Part One 1900-1919," found at

One could get the impression that, along with setting up a counterfeit Zionism, the Rothschilds (and other Satanists) of the secretive Apostles Club were building a network of Zionist leaders worldwide, of the Apostolic sort, not only to support Zionism, but to usher in the (counterfeit) Millennium. But as these leaders did not generally agree on the date of the (counterfeit) return of Christ, it reveals that they were not privy to the Master Plans, and, also not surprisingly, they were manipulated only loosely by the Illuminatists.

For example, the pawns could be indoctrinated into British-Israelism, but whatever personal opinions that developed from that position could not be fully controlled. Nor could the Illuminatists confront the pawns by saying something like, "Hey, bloke, Rothschild wants it done like this, and said like that, got it?" The Rothschilds work by remaining as invisible as possible, as do the demons. Even the Illuminatists themselves are pawns to a great degree, not knowing the Master Plans, nor hearing direct orders from the top. If we knew who were of the highest levels, who did hear direct orders from the top, then we'd also discern much more of the Master Plans. The highest levels usually reveal themselves by their Freemasonic symbols, which they cannot help but advertise eventually, out of sheer pride.

In America, Parham's view of Anglo-Israelism, because it included an inferior race of humans prior to Adam, exposes not only his racism, but his agreement with the Rosicrucian doctrine of Theistic evolution. According to Parham's doctrine, the human race existing prior to Adam consisted of the non-whites, and are viewed as sub-humans--even beasts--of the earth. Therein is the gist of what the "Father of Pentecostalism" believed!

Parham picked up his Anglo-Israelism from J.H. Allen (in 1893/4). Allen was very instrumental in breaking through societal barriers in popularizing this heresy. The infamous Herbert W. Armstrong of Plain Truth magazine copied from Allen. What's more telling, the real father of the American charismatic movement, Frank Sandford, also had the same belief!! Think on these things the next time that you wonder whether or not to remain in the charismatic movement.

Sandford derived his own brand of Anglo-Israelism from Charles Totten the Adventist. Now Adventism is a Christian cult proclaiming all other denominations to be the harlot, "Mystery Babylon." Founder of the Adventists, William Miller, had proclaimed the return of the Lord for 1843, yet after that year passed with "Great Disappointment," Anglo-Israelism was picked up by Sandford, from Totten. If Sandford truly was a man of God, why did he borrow heresies from such a man as Totten, a pyramidologist toting Masonic mysteries?

Pyramidology is worse than you may think. It is the belief that the Great Pyramid of Cheops is the Bible written in secret code. That is, the pyramid was supposedly erected by men under God's direction so that in its dimensions and patterns there is couched certain information--from God--about history, deep truths, the future, and all things familiar to Freemasonry. Charles Russell, founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses, believed just these things, and even predicted the day of Armageddon in 1914 from certain measurements of passageways within that huge pile of stones. At Russell's grave site, a large pyramid was placed donning a cross-and-crown Freemasonic symbol.

Pyramidology was fused to British-Israelism, suggesting, if we didn't already realize it, that promulgators of pyramidology were Rosicrucians. But, wouldn't you know it, William Branham, the great Latter-Rain charismatic of the mid 1900s, was a believer in pyramidology!! And just as the pyramidologist, Sandford, had proclaimed himself Elijah, so also the pyramidologist, William Branham...whose tombstone was in the shape of a pyramid!! How can any normal believer, knowing these things, not recognize that these men were willing fools of Satan in the name of Jesus Christ!?

British-Israelism had it's beginnings with Rosicrucians under John Dee. The Rosicrucians then made it a prideful thing in the Anglican Church, and popularized it in the midst of the Henry-Drummond era. Latter Rain and its sister, Zionism, were also propagated by the Drummond cult in hopes of manufacturing an appearance of the very end times. A British World Empire was in the works that would act as the Millennial Israel (none did the British realize that the Rosicrucians knew the truth, that the British were instead the descendants of Gog). Occult themes were then blended into this "Christian" world rule, via pyramidology, by the mathematician, John Wilson, in 1859, and by the astronomer, Charles Piazzi Smyth, in 1864. Note that mathematics and astronomy were chief Rosicrucian ideals; John Dee, and even the Rosicrucian, Isaac Newton, had employed these two sciences to enhance Rosicrucian purposes.

All three doctrines, British-Israelism, Latter Rain, and Pyramidology, all being Rosicrucian doctrines, were also the doctrines of multiple fathers of Pentecostalism/charismata, and one or more of the three doctrines were adopted by the most-influential cult leaders, not to mention leading diviners connected to the Illuminati e.g. Edgar Cayce. Say what you will, but I suspect the charismatic movement to be an Illuminati plot, whether or not the bulk of charismatic leaders realize it, and they don't. Herbert W. Armstrong, the greatest British-Israelism leader of the most-recent time, was himself a devotee of pyramidology, suggesting that Rosicrucians are yet seeking to make England the Millennial Empire.

While the European mainland is regarded as the lost ten tribes of Israel, Britain and the United States together are regarded as Ephraim and Manasseh, the brothers that split the tribe of Joseph in two. The implication seems clear to me, that the Illuminatists plan to rule the Millennium through a US-British alliance. I find this very interesting because I have long believed, for other reasons altogether, that the Biblical False Prophet (i.e. its two horns like a Lamb) will be a union between the United States and Britain. Indeed, the United States was definitely in the Rosicrucian utopian agenda, known as the "New Atlantis" prior to becoming Project Manasseh. I am convinced that after the Mormons sought to make America the New Israel on behalf of the agenda, the task then went to the charismatics under John Dowie.

Parham, merely one branch flowing forth from Dowie, could relate well with Frank Sandford because they shared Anglo-Israelism as special enlightenment. Egos were high! Remember, both had proclaimed themselves to be Elijah. And just as Parham was spiritually elitist when claiming to possess more enlightenment, more of the Spirit, etc., than other Christians, so he was a white supremacist. Hard to believe? Parham became a KKK member, according to and other internet sites.

Anglo-Israelism has since evolved into the so-called "Christian Identity" movement held to by "Christian" KKKers and neo-Nazi types. The proponents of the Christian Identity movements believe that Satan had sex with Eve to produce Cain, the very same belief of the great Latter-Rain charismatic, and pyramidologist, William Branham!! In this "Serpent-Seed" belief, Cain became the father of the Negroes so that Negroes become sons of Satan himself. But it gets worse because the blacks are said to have come forth as animals...without souls!!

Branham was not Pentecostal so much as he was of the charismatic movement. There is a difference. Not all charismatics are Pentecostal; there are charismatics in all major denominations today, thanks to Branham and other Latter Rainists. For, the charismatic movement is a global effort/glue to unite all churches under one banner, the very goal of Freemasons. Or, to put it another way, the charismatic movement is an effort to destroy all denominations until only one remains, the Illuminati religion. Yes, you will see the occult more and more in the charismatic movement, and in fact I predict that the charismatic movement will soon go by another name, another philosophy, because the world is getting wind of its true, Illuminati nature.

It's a well-known strategy of false teachers to come into a sermon preaching all things Biblical before launching the heresy. Thus, after getting all quasi-Biblical in the first half of his sermon, Branham comes out with the most unbiblical idea, that the Serpent in the Garden of Eden was a large beast midway between ape and man, the only beast having sperm compatible with humans/women. Branham continues:

Here he is, the serpent. Here he was a great big fellow. And the devil comes down. Now, he says, "I can inspire."...Now, the devil come down and got into the serpent, and he found Eve in the garden of Eden naked. And he talked about the fruit in the midst, the "midst" means "middle" and so forth. You understand in a mixed congregation. And he said, "Now, it's pleasant. It's good to the eye."
What did he do? He begin making love to Eve. And he lived with her as a husband. And she saw it was pleasant, so she went and told her husband; but she was already pregnant by Satan. And she brought forth her first son whose name was Cain, the son of Satan.

Then he says that Ham (i.e. the father of Africans) carried the Satan seed of Cain to the post-Flood world. But he made certain earlier in the sermon to lift blacks and other colored people to equal status with whites. Yet, the poison was well implanted into his audience: Ham, representing Negroes, is a descendant of Satan himself! Not that everyone in the audience believed that, but only those who happen to be racist. It's fuel for the racist fires. And we hear the same Serpent-Seed message from the Christian-Identity movement.

Branham turned Eve, my mother and yours, into a wretched adulterous having an illicit affair with Satan himself. And after putting women down in vivid terms, as was his habit, he has a final word to say about the denominations: "... And please, I don't say this sacrilegious. I don't say it to be mean. It's got to the place to a big religious bunch of illegitimate bastard children."

He didn't like the organized Churches, obviously, and accused them of having spiritual sex with Satan. John Robert Stevens, a disciple of Branham, also called Christians out of the "Babylon" denominations, into a "new" thing (i.e. his own movement, of course) that would eventually lead to glorified bodies...Manifest Sons...on this side of the rapture. Stevens, too, claimed to be an apostle, but not just any apostle. He claimed to be the "Apostle of the Kingdom," the one who would finally break through and lead the Elect into glorification. Still waiting.

Stevens openly taught that occult practices should be incorporated into Christianity because occultists/Satanists had stolen the practices in the first place from God!! It should come as no surprise, therefore, to learn that he practiced the occult himself. In evoking transcendental meditation, he told us: "In your present state, even though you are a Christian, your eyes are still not seeing the spirit world, your ears are not hearing the spirit world...You must work your way up to the higher plane." Some of the apostles of the Stevens cult are still with us today, still promoting Manifest-Sons doctrine.

William Seymour of Azusa-Street fame, a colleague of Parham and Sandford, taught that the Church was being restored to miracle powers. But there was not only titillating tongues and titillating prophecy at Azusa, but the very same hysteria now seen in Toronto. Yet, there are charismatics writers today who, in an effort to portray Azusa as a genuine move of God, after seeing for themselves the occult-like affairs at Toronto, claim that Toronto and Azusa are not at all alike. But, then, what about other charismatic writers who support the Toronto Blessing as a genuine move of God and, to prove their case, equate Toronto with Azusa???

Here is a comment from David W. Cloud that is enlightening:

"When Parham visited the [Azusa] meetings in October 1906, even he was shocked by the confusion of the services. He was dismayed by the "awful fits and spasms" of the "holy rollers and hypnotists." He described the Azusa "tongues" as "chattering, jabbering and sputtering, speaking no language at all" (Synan, p. 102). The Azusa Street meetings were so wild that Parham condemned them with the term "sensational Holy Rollers." He testified that the Azusa Street meetings were largely characterized by manifestations of the flesh, spiritualistic controls, and the practice of hypnotism (Sarah Parham, The Life of Charles F. Parham, Joplin, MO: Tri-state Printing, 1930, p. 163). According to Parham, two-thirds of the people professing Pentecostalism in his day "are either hypnotized or spook driven" (Parham, Life of Charles Parham, p. 164). In his writings about Azusa Street, Parham described men and women falling on one another in a morally compromising manner. I have seen this same thing in video recordings of Laughing Revival services."

We have here an open denunciation of tongues by the very one (Parham) who got tongues rolling!! Moreover, this "Father of Pentecostalism" claimed in no uncertain terms that Azusa Street was demonic. And yet Azusa Street is claimed by many Pentecostals today as the glorious bed of Pentecostalism. And guess what Seymour called the Azusa movement? APOSTOLIC Faith Mission!!!

Will the real end-time apostles please stand up!

Parham was a racist and Seymour was black. But if Parham was a man of God, he would not have called Seymour's ministry demonic just because Seymour was black. But, the irony is, Seymour picked up his tongues-and-prophecy healing movement from Parham!! In the article, "Azusa Street and Wm. J. Seymour," by the Oral Roberts Holy Spirit Research Center, we read, "...the African-American preacher William Joseph Seymour...learned about the tongues-attested baptism in a Bible School that Parham conducted in Houston, Texas in 1905."

The following year, Seymour opens Azusa!!

Therefore, if Parham wasn't truly sent by God because he was a racist, an Anglo-Israelist, and an apostolic egotist, then what does this say for the tongues-and-prophecy healing movement that Seymour got from Parham and upon which Azusa was built? It's not a wonder that some charismatics wish to ignore Parham in favor of making Azusa the origin of Pentecostalism, especially as Parham was charged by the state with acts of sodomy against young boys (charges were dropped), whereafter word got around.

Or, what shall we conclude, that the tongues, prophecies and miracles of Parham, Sandford and Irving were of the devil while Seymour's were of God? Nay. But if those of Parham, Sandford, and Irving were of the devil, so were Seymour's. It appears that demons were conspiring to bring this fake Holy-Spirit movement about. No surprise. Here is the view of Azusa from a Los Angeles newspaper (which I admit may have been a little biased):

"...they cry and make howling noises all day and into the night. They run, jump, shake all over, shout to the top of their voice, spin around in circles, fall out on the sawdust blanketed floor jerking, kicking and rolling all over it. Some of them pass out and do not move for hours as though they were dead. These people appear to be mad, mentally deranged or under a spell" (1906).

I can't believe that the newspaper was making all this up. Does it sound like a church of Jesus Christ to you? It sounds just like Toronto to me. The Bible commands even our pastors to maintain good reputations with outsiders, and Paul warned that tongues uttered in church could make outsiders think that we're insane (1 Corinthians 14:23), wherefore he minimized the importance of tongues in church services. Would God at Azusa unleash unbridled tongues coupled with jerking, squirming, shrieking, howling, that practically the whole world equates Christianity with lunacy??? No, but demons would, and for the very purpose of changing the way the world, and even the believers themselves, define Christianity.

The Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International embraced William Branham and his colleague, Oral Roberts. Herein was a grand global effort to promote the charismatic movement in all churches. Demos Shakarian, founder of FGBMFI, was at Azusa Street fresh off the ship from Russia, and he and Branham were very close. In one FGBMFI publication, Branham was said to be greater than the Biblical prophets (Full Gospel Men's Voice, Feb. 1961). This partnership was not to last officially, however, as Branham's Satanic stripes made themselves progressively apparent unto great controversy. But before the ties were severed, the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship had, in one of their pamphlets, proclaimed Branham as the Elijah to herald the second Coming of Christ (see the actual pamphlet at

I'm not suggesting in all this that God no longer performs miracles through his human servants, but that there is a considerable difference between shepherds/sheep and sexy, smooth, seductive big-shots living in mansions:

"For such are false APOSTLES, transforming themselves into APOSTLES of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. It's no great thing, therefore, if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works" (2 Corinthians 11:13-15).


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