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Let's take a look at Prussia in the time prior, and leading up, to the bishopric, beginning with the Enlightened Despot, Frederick II (the Great), king of Prussia, and leader of Prussian Freemasonry. Britannica itself (in case you have little confidence in internet articles) tells that he was a Freemason, and we can deduce on logic alone that since he was king, he led Prussian Freemasonry. It is reported that Voltaire said to this king:
"Lastly, when the whole body of the Church should be sufficiently weakened and infidelity strong enough, the final blow (is) to be dealt by the sword of open, relentless persecution. A reign of terror (is) to be spread over the whole earth, and...continue while a Christian should be found obstinate enough to adhere to Christianity."

Fortunately, the Bavarian Illuminati was discovered and persecuted in 1785, and Frederick died the following year. The Red Terror was brought about by Illuminati forces just a few years later anyway, and what if this murderous mentality remained within the Illuminati for another generation...right up until the pre-tribulation rapture was devised (1830) as a means to explain the disappearance of more "obstinate" Christians? Remember, Edward Irving had been preaching that the rapture would take place, not at the time the God Judges the nations, but at the time that God judges the apostate churches, which in his mind was every church but his own. It seems clear, if indeed the Irvingites had been secret Illuminatists, that the murderous plan disclosed by Voltaire would, when carried out, have been cloaked as God's will.

Frederick the Great was succeeded by his brother's son, Frederick William II, who joined the Rosicrucian branch of Johann Wöllner, an evangelist out of Grossbehnitz, near Berlin, who was given great license by the king in efforts to procure a Theocratic program. Frederick the Great had earlier instilled freedom of religion in Prussia so that, beside Wollner's reforms, the outcome was chaos. Secret societies competed against one another for top dog, most of them claiming to push Christianity in one way or another. Even the Bavarian Illuminati had presented itself to the public as a virtuous organization, but because it was Kabalistic and therefore anti-Christian at it's (hidden) core, it clashed with Wollner's goals.

The Illuminati was at that time supported by its public-relations and propaganda leader, bookseller and author, (Christoph) Friedrich Nicolay (usually "Nicolai"). From Berlin, he stood firm against Woolner's Rosicrucians (curious is that the Jews' Society furnished a John Nicolayson, also from Berlin. Hmmm). Where biographers tend to ignore his Illuminati involvement, Nicolai is portrayed more benignly as a defender of the Enlightenment. To help support the idea that the Jacobite Drummonds were either Rosicrucians or their supporters, "Christoph Nicolai claimed that Ashmole and [other Rosicrucians] used Masons' Hall, London, to conceal their secret political efforts to restore the exiled house of Stuart"(

As Ashmole was of the Bacon/Dee brand of Rosicrucianism, the above quote shows that the Stewart kings (of Britain) possessed the bloodline desired for a world ruled by Atlantean Rosicrucianism. Aside from a certain Gary L. Stewart who is today (since 1996) the Imperator of a Rosicrucian organization stemming from AMORC, there is a prince Michael Stewart now seeking recognition as a descendant of the Stewart kings. Michael is Head of the European Council of Princes, and with great personal interest he supports the book, Bloodline of the Holy Grail.

My take on the dispute between Woolner's Rosicrucianism and the Illuminati is that the latter, rather than representing anti-Rosicrucianism, was nearer to the root of Rosicrucianism, while Wollner with the support of the Prussian king had deviated into a new species of that is "Christian" and therefore dangerous to Christianity. One internet writer who seems to have extensive knowledge into these matters wrote: "As I pointed out in my 1982 article using original source material, the Bavarian Illuminate evidenced by their upper degrees system, clearly were an utopian Rosicrucian organization..." (

The article above goes on to say that "1782 tends to be seen as the moment when Jews captured Freemasonry...they abandoned the claim of descent from the Templars; and the Illuminati moved their headquarters to Frankfurt, which happened to be home to the Rothschild clan." And Friedrich Nicolai had written discrediting things against the Templars. One is left to believe that the Jewish Illuminati gave itself over completely to Kabalistic mysticism, and that Kabbala was being injected into Rosicrucianism at/by this time. That is, a Jewish Rosicrucianism was arising, in opposition to the "orthodox" Templar Rosicrucianism that existed in previous centuries. It is in this conflict that the Jew-versus-Aryan controversy probably began.

The date, 1782, was at the end of the Hessian-soldier rental period, and still during the freedom-of-religion Enlightenment period of Frederick the Great. After his death (1776), the Illuminati opposed Frederick William II, not only because it opposed monarchs in general, but because he supported the Aryan brand of Rosicrucianism upon which the Enlightenment had previously been based. The Illuminati would inject Jewish elements into the Enlightenment, beginning in Germany.

Like Rosicrucians before them, Jewish Illuminatists used the pen and libraries to control minds of the populace, and Nicolai was one such master while owning the largest library in Germany. But he had as his accomplice the pro-Jewish writer, Gotthold Lessing, the reputed leader of the German Enlightenment. It was leaked out that Lesser "was neither a Christian nor a deist, but a "Spinozist..." (

Baruch Spinoza (1632-77) was a Marrano Jew exiled (from Portugal) to Holland...the gathering place for Jewish international bankers. Spinoza is considered a precursor to the writings of many Enlightenment authors, and was philosophically into pantheism, teaching that God is mere Nature...a very Rosicrucian ideal and of course the very bottom line of witchcraft that, on a scientific front, leads to atheism and humanism. The Society of Unknown Philosophers comes to mind here.

Gottheld Lesser brought Moses Mendelssohn into his enlightenment task, the latter a Jewish banker according to some old reports. William Guy Carr claimed that Mendelssohn funded Weishaupt's Illuminati. Others claim that there were greater Jewish bankers above Mendelssohn. Seems logical, and, if true, it would make those bankers the true heads of the Illuminati (Weishaupt becomes merely their visible pawn). But there was also a money bag in Mayer Rothschild's boss, the landgrave of Hesse-Cassel, who may have been exploited by Mayer when the soldier-rental monies came funneling through from the British Treasury. Thus, the Drummond bankers of London can now not be ruled out as Illuminati financiers, even if only indirectly.

Prussian Rosicrucianism arose in Britain as the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (SRIA, founded 1866), which then brought forth the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn" (1887). The Golden Dawn was the most influential occult group of the time, but, the question is, was it (and SRIA) of the Aryan, or Jewish, brand of Rosicrucianism? We could ask the same question concerning other British secret societies of the time, those spun in the Anglican circles of Brooke Westcott and Fenten Hort.

A co-founder of the Golden Dawn, and its primary mover initially, was William Wynn Westcott; he had also been a member of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (became Magus in 1890). But that's not all, for he had been in the inner circle of Blavatsky's Theosophical Society (founded 1875), and Rosicrucians themselves tell us that, "together with Blavatsky's Theosophy, the Golden Dawn was one of the parents of the contemporary Western esotericism." This is important as we go to the next chapter, where we see Nazism founded on Rosicrucianism/Theosophy.

So, because Theosophy (meaning "Wisdom of God") and Golden Dawn were allied, one might at first glance attribute the both of them to an anti-Jewish, Aryan Rosicrucianism. But further study would suggest otherwise, that the two groups were tentacles of the Jewish Illuminati.

"The teachings of the Golden Dawn were diverse, and included Ceremonial Magic, Kabbalah, inner alchemy, Tarot, Enochian Magic, astrology, divination, and Egyptian Magic - all with the aim of performing the Great Work of self-realization." In other words, it was a cesspool for Satanism, but as you note that Kabbala is a part of its structure, Jewish involvement comes to mind. It's founder (William Westcott) said that it was an extension of a German Rosicrucian Order called, "Golden Dawn," and the Bavarian Illuminati now comes to mind, for it is reported that Weishaupt had formed a coven called the "Golden Dawn" a century prior to this British counterpart. This is believable in that Weishaupt was also dabbling in Kabalistic magic. The Golden Dawn coven has also been associated with the House of Rothschild.

William Westcott and a couple of other founders of the British counterpart were "under the direction of the Secret Chiefs of the Third Order who were entities of the astral plane." I think it's safe to conclude that these cosmic "Secret Chiefs" referred cleverly to the Illuminatists who ran the organization invisibly. Attesting to ties with Theosophy, we read further that "The Secret Chiefs of the Third Order were equivalent to the fanciful Mahamas of the Theosophical Society who could also be contacted in the astral plane."

This statement could be suggesting that the (human) leaders of Theosophy were also the leaders of the Golden Dawn. The Rothschilds and/or their British Ghost-Society/Fabian-Society associates do come to mind, for the Fabian Society was founded in 1883 and the Society for Psychical Research (previously the Ghost Society) in 1882, just four and five years prior to the founding of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Recall from a previous chapter that the founder of the Ghost Society (Brooke Westcott) had also founded the Hermes Club.

Aleister Crowley joined Golden Dawn in 1898, and was permitted entry by one founder (Samuel Mathers) into the Second Order; that founder, while running his Paris lodge, claimed to have been permitted into the Third Order (the French Rothschilds??). Crowley the magician was a lover of all manner of sin, and went so far in his lunacy as to claim association with the 666 beast of Revelation 13. Crowley was a fool of the highest order, for which reason he was expelled from the Golden Dawn. However, decades later, several British rock bands promoted the man as Tavistock and Stanford partnered with them in reducing a generation of hippies into similar "open sinners." From these hippies arose charismatic groups with Rosicrucians stripes, including some leaders of the Vineyard churches.

Researchers have suggested that the British extension of the Golden Dawn stemmed from the "Loge zur aufgehenden Morgenrothe," a Jewish-Masonic lodge in Frankfort. This makes sense, not only due to that title containing the phrase, "Rising Dawn," but because the Bavarian Illuminati had moved its headquarters to Frankfurt. And as evidence that the Bavarian Illuminati had established ties with English Freemasonry, we have this: "In 1817, a subsidiary Lodge [of the Frankfurt lodge] was formed in London by the Duke of Sussex, the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England" (

The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) was formed in relation to British Freemasons coming out of the closet in 1717, and thus exposing themselves to the public for the first time. In that year, four lodges united into one. One of the first recorded Freemasons, during the earlier, secretive period, was Elias Ashmole (died 1692), an Englishman who had studied Kabbala and was an associate of the Atlantean Rosicrucian, John Dee. The very first recorded Freemason was Robert Moray; he and Ashmole both had roles in founding the Royal Society. Thus, the Freemasons of Britain were Rosicrucians, and as they promoted a New Atlantis, they were Pure-Aryan Rosicrucians, or "Aryans" for short.

"Historian Frances Yates, in her book The Rosicrucian Enlightenment, in a chapter entitled 'Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry', quotes one De Quincey, who states, 'Freemasonry is neither more nor less than Rosicrucianism as modified by those who transplanted it in England, whence it was re-exported to the other countries of Europe.'" (

De Quincey and others may be wrong on one point: Rosicrucianism was not likely transplanted into England from the European continent. For, Freemasons can be traced to the Rosslyn Chapel and its Sinclair Grand Masters, and, in my opinion, to Scottish kings (i.e. the Bruces) of the Rollo-Viking bloodline, and to the Norman kings of England, also from the Rollo bloodline. If true, the reality would be that it was merely the Kabbala aspect of Rosicrucianism that was transplanted/imported to English Freemasonry (e.g. to Fludd, Dee and Bacon). I would agree with that. The implication is that the British Rosicrucians/Freemasons contacted Jews at some point to rub minds.

Okay, so a subsidiary of the Loge zur aufgehenden Morgenrothe was set up in London by UGLE (1817). If that original lodge was that of the Bavarian Illuminati, then UGLE became tied to the Bavarian Illuminati by at least 1817. Recall that Nathan Rothschild was well entrenched in London in that he may have had everything to do with the forming of the subsidiary lodge. That is, Nathan was a friend/member of UGLE by that time. Whether or not the subsidiary was the starting point for the British branch of Golden Dawn, I do not know.

In 1897, William Westcott was replaced as Golden Dawn head (of the London lodge, anyway) by a woman, Florence Farr. It is pertinent here that she had formed a group (1896) within Golden Dawn that, to the discontent of other leaders, practiced "astral visualization," which obviously squares with the "remote viewing" practiced earlier in the Society for Psychical Research. For a solid history of Golden Dawn, see

After Crowley's expulsion from the Golden Dawn, the organization was ruined by scandals; it splintered and for all practical purposes became ineffective with the publicity of its secret rituals and activities. But through all this, an Anglo-German, Theodor Reuss, attempted to gather up an assortment of Illuminati groups, including Golden Dawn and the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, which he then united under the name, "Ordo Templi Orientis" (OTO). Reuss had also been a member of the SRIA (i.e. as was the Golden Dawn's founder, Westcott).

It is very telling when we combine these two facts: 1) William Westcott had claimed the Golden Dawn of Germany to have accepted a rarity in Freemasonry, the memberships of both men and women (whether or not women were permitted memberships in Germany is irrelevant here); 2) Reuss also admitted men and women in OTO. Apparently, then, OTO was intended as an extension of the German branch of Golden Dawn, but in any case was emphatically an extension of the British branch. Indeed, OTO should be viewed as the fixer-upper of the fallen and ailing Golden Dawn.

If it's true that the Golden Dawn of Germany had been the Weishaupt/Bavarian Illuminati, it is not surprising to learn the fact that Reuss, together with Leopold Engel, formed the "Order of the Illuminati" specifically after Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati!! None of this means that OTO and Golden Dawn were necessarily tied to the Rothschilds, but it certainly makes the possibility tempting.

The best date (in my opinion) for the founding of the Order of the Illuminati is 1901. But this occurred in Berlin...with Reuss announcing himself the big cheese. Westcott then joined the Order of the Illuminati. "In February [of 1902] Dr. William Wynn Westcott as Supreme Magus of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia authorized Reuss to form a Societas Rosicruciana High Council in Germany with Reuss as Magus." During this period, and from the late 1800s, the British Rothschilds were collaborating with the German Rothschilds in a conspiracy to bring about World War I. Did Rothschild secret intelligence transfer through inter-communication channels between SRIA peoples both in London and Berlin, and prior to that through Golden-Dawn channels between London and Frankfurt?

It wasn't until the time of Reuss' move to London, in 1906, that he, having control of quite a few occult organizations, set himself up as the Really Big Cheese of the whole lot, under "Ordo Templi Orientis." Now read this: "Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925), who was at the time the Secretary General of the German branch of the Theosophical Society, was chartered in 1906 as Deputy Grand Master of a subordinate O.T.O./Memphis/Mizraim Chapter and Grand Council called "Mystica Aeterna" in Berlin. (

Another Berlin branch of the British Golden Dawn/OTO boys! And the article goes on to say, "As a journalist, Reuss traveled frequently to England." Could a journalist traveling back and forth between England and Germany, while having Freemasonic lodges in Berlin and London, rate as a spy for the Rothschilds?

In name only, Reuss' OTO had been around since 1895, when Carl Kellner introduced his brand of Rosicrucianism to him. That brand was an extension of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, which itself was rooted in the Asiatic Brethren...of the 18th century, the century that saw the rise of the Bavarian Illuminati. With that in mind, read this: "There are several strands that came into the Asiatic Brethren. One, the Gold RC; another the Martinist current; another the Bavarian Illuminati" (

There you have it!! The Bavarian Illuminati took part in forming the Asiatic Brethren, and the latter inspired Kellner to devise the OTO. Reuss knew that the Asiatic Brethren were a branch of Bavarian Illuminati, explaining why he formed the Order of the Illuminati.

One of the three groups mentioned above that merged to form the Asiatic Brethren was the "Gold RC," or Order of the Golden and Rosy Cross (under Samuel Richter). And because the other group, the Martinists, were also Rosicrucians, one could suspect that the Bavarian Illuminati was also a Rosicrucian organization, especially as the Asiatic Brethren produced the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light (i.e. yet another Rosicrucian group). The Martinists are traced back to southern France and Spain.

The article goes on to say that the Asiatic Brethren were "entirely Judaic," and that the "Asiatic" refers to what is now Turkey. Already I am beginning to form opinions as to their identification: 1) the Iberians, Hebrews who lived as neighbors to Avars, Bulgars, Khazars, and other Caucasian Aryans, but who moved to the Ebro river in Spain. Or, 2) the Cathars (gnostic "Christians" despised by the Vatican) thought by some to have been Khazars. If true, it's possible that the Cathars descended from Hebrew Khazars. The Cathars appear in southern France just as the Khazars are ousted from Khazaria (10-11th century AD)).

We could be talking Israelite-Gogi peoples, or, if you will, Hebrew-Aryans. But a Hebrew-Aryan peoples turning to Rosicrucianism would be labeled "pseudo-Rosicrucian" by their counterparts, the Aryan Rosicrucians. It's interesting that the Khazars were ousted from Khazaria by the Varangian Rus, for I believe that "Rosicrucian" was derived from "Rus." This is not to say that the Varangian Rus were Rosicrucians, but that their brothers, the Dane and Norman Rus, produced Rosicrucianism in Britain. However, as one line of the Varangian Rus ended up in Scotland with Scottish and English royals, that being the Drummond line, it may very well have joined the Rosicrucians upon arriving.

There is, in Aleister Crowley, a further connection between the Golden Dawn of England and OTO. For, Crowley would be appointed by Reuss to head the British lodges of O.T.O (1912) well as the OTO ecclesiastic arm, the Gnostic Catholic Church (understood as "Universal Gnostic Church"). You will note that this man, claiming to be the beast of Revelation 13, was set up in OTO just in time for World War I (1914). I found this description of the man: "Crowley was a pioneering mountain climber, a pioneering homoerotic poet, a pioneering ritual magician, a heroin addict (not so pioneering), a sleazy womanizer, a closet homosexual, a vocal feminist, a racist, a German collaborator, a British secret agent..." (

What's that? A German collaborator and a British secret agent, together?? Exactly what we would expect if the Rothschilds of both countries were conspiring! In 1914, Crowley transferred to New York, where "he wrote pro-German propaganda...working for British intelligence in this effort" (I kid you not, see website above if you don't believe it). And why was he climbing the Himalayas? Did it have anything to do with meeting the Aryan Brotherhood, the fellows that Blavatsky met in devising her German Theosophy?

His job in America was to overcome American Illuminatists/Freemasonry. He arranged (early 1930s) for an OTO lodge in California, and in 1941, Parsons joined it; later, Parsons would head that place. But even prior to meeting Parsons, which may have been the reason for meeting him, Parsons was collaborating with Socialists: "Parsons admitted he subscribed to Daily People's World, a West Coast Communist Party organ, in 1938"

Parson's father, a millionaire, had worked for Woodrow Wilson, a Rothschild agent!! There is little doubt in my mind that Parsons was likewise a Rothschild agent, especially as a spy in the field of rocketry. Parsons was, after all, given credit as the "father" of the space industry...and that includes activities in the

military space program. If you decide that "father" is a bit of a stretch, then know that he was among the many leaders of those industries; he is given credit for getting Apollo to the moon. Remember as you read all this that the False Prophet is prophesied to be a leader in the space industry, for he is to cause fire to come down from the sky (Revelation 13:13).

In an online FBI report, we read that in 1950 Parsons stole documents from Hughs Aircraft Company, pertaining to rocket motors and fuel, and left copies at a Palos Verdes (California) residence (resident not identified). When questioned by the FBI, he said that he was using the information to apply for a job in Israel. The Rothschilds comes to mind.

John Carter, who wrote a book on Parsons, "suggests that Parsons used jargon associated with the Manhattan Project. At this time Parsons had formed strong sympathetic contacts with the new-found state of Israel, the implication being that he could have been the target of a covert effort to help Israel build a nuclear weapon."

The Manhattan Project--the quest of the United States to build the first nuclear bombs--was supported by the elitist Bohemian Club, and I fully expect that Parsons was a member, as his lifestyle would have attracted him there.

Parson was friend to L. Ron Hubbard, whom we know was also involved in the spy business. Hubbard became involved with Parsons in sex-depraved occult activity, and these nuts, or so it is reported much, sought to give birth to a "moonchild," or a female Avatar messiah to couple with the anti-Christ. Crowley had considered himself the Avatar of the anti-Christ, but then wanted Parsons to become the next Great Beast. Parson wrote: "And thus was I Antichrist loosed in the world; and to this I am pledged, that the work of the Beast 666 shall be fulfilled."

After stealing Parson's OTO documents, Hubbard modified them to his own liking and started his own movement: Scientology!

You will recall from early chapters (in Part Four) that Stanford Research Institute, in California, was an arm of the Society for Psychical Research over in Britain (yes, the Ghost Society), and worked routinely for/with the US military and space programs. Stanford also hired Scientologists to conduct LSD and Remote Viewing experiments. Moreover, Edgar Mitchel, sixth man on the moon, founded the department at Stanford which housed these experiments and which worked with Tavistock (in England) to pollute a generation of children with Satanic filth along the lines of what Reuss, Crowley, Parsons, and a host of other bleep-bleeps were all into.

Although Reuss was impressed with Crowley's Gnostic Mass and other mystic inventions, by 1921 Crowley had made such an egotistic stench of himself that Reuss frowned on the man. It was also in 1921 that the first Imperator of AMORC (founded 1915 in New York), Harvey Spencer Lewis, began negotiations with Reuss concerning their merger into an international partnership. Lewis ended up frowning on the OTO organization, the more he heard from Reuss on it's secrets. Plus, while Spencer had also been influenced by Aleister Crowley, he likewise despised him by 1921, as his correspondence to Reuss reveals. The Spencer-Reuss alliance never happened.

Lewis, and therefore his creation, AMORC, may have been an over-the-Atlantic branch of the Ghost-Society wizards, and therefore of the Fabian Society, and therefore of Rothschild globalism. For, in 1904, while Reuss was re-organizing the Golden Dawn, and expanding it under OTO, Lewis founded the New York Institute for Psychical Research, reminding us of the Ghost Society's legal name, "Society for Psychical Research."

AMORC was formed by permission of French Rosicrucians, and claimed roots in the Cathars of ancient France. AMORC is also Masonic, meaning that it claims roots in the Templars. The historical fact was that the Vatican, after persecuting the Cathars to the ground, turned on the Templars as well. And that is why the Cathars and Templars had to form secret societies, to evade Vatican powers. The Cathars who hid for centuries come to my mind when I hear of modern Martinist Rosicrucians.

While AMORC was (and still is) promoting itself as a Christian group, the OTO did not take on Christian stripes. Perhaps this was intentional, so as to reach Christians by the one organization, and Satanists by the other, for efficient global-cause conditioning. Many Freemasonic lodges target all peoples, from a wide religious spectrum...from Christians to Satanists. To this day, Rosicrucian writings are adamant in their declaring that they will soon rule the world under a Luciferian Christ.

You might find the following interesting, written by Gary L. Stewart, the Imperator of a Rosicrucian organization:

I became the Imperator of a Rosicrucian Movement that perpetuated a lineage passed from Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, to his son, Ralph M. Lewis, to myself which was manifesting in an Organization called AMORC. AMORC was created by H. Spencer Lewis in 1915 after several years of preparation. According to the traditional dictates of that lineage (and most other Rosicrucian Lineages that I am aware of), I became Imperator through personal selection by my predecessor, Ralph Lewis, to become his successor after his death -- which occurred in January, 1987" (
If that website is no longer in service, see Stewart Imperator

This Imperator founded the Confraternity of the Rose Cross in 1996, just in time for Edgar Cayce's "prediction" to come true. The purpose of this organization is "to begin a new era of manifestation in accordance with the Rules and Codes of R+C as established in the 17th century." He's referring to the three Rosicrucian manifestos (1614-16). Plus, it would appear that Gary Stewart is even now attempting to unite Rosicrucian orgs for that purpose. Could Golden Dawn peoples today be huddling in a secret alliance with him, or with the new Imperator of AMORC (Gary Stewart lost that job in 1990), as we eat our meat and potatoes watching re-runs of Everyone Loves Raymond?

William Penn (the Quaker) wrote prolifically on political matters, including, An Essay Towards the Present and Future Peace of Europe "in which he proposed an international organization to prevent wars by arbitrating disputes" (Britannica: 1970; Vol. 17). Doesn't that sound just like the modern UN Security Council? But that Essay was way back in 1693!! Penn then invited some Amish-like Dutch and German Rosicrucians under John Zimmerman to join the Experiment, and these with Johannes Kelpius arrived to the Philadelphia area the very next year, in 1694.

The Bavarian Illuminati were known from the time of Weishaupt as the "Perfecti," for that is what Weishaupt wished to make of his initiates. But decades before Weishaupt, the above-mentioned Kelpius Rosicrucians were called the "Chapter of Perfection." If I'm not mistaken, the above-mentioned John Zimmerman sounds Jewish, while the Chapter of Perfection was based in London. Those nutty Rosicrucians were magicians and astrologers, and were announcing the return of Jesus for their lifetimes. Two years after they arrived to Pennsylvania, Penn, who owned the state thanks to a British grant from the Stewart rulers (Charles II and the next king, James II duke of York), "drafted the first plan for a union of the American colonies" (Britannica). In other words, not just Pennsylvania, but the United States itself, was intended as an Illuminati utopia, even as Ben Franklin supported the plot:

"In another book publishing collected writings, Hall agrees with Sachse that the Kelpius group were known as a Chapter of Perfection, and were 'representatives of Bacon's secret society.'...

"We all have wondered how it is known that Benjamin Franklin [1706-1790] was a Rosicrucian. Well, it is partly by reading what he wrote through his writing, we can recognize his Rosicrucianism. However, Manly P. Hall wrote that Franklin's signature appears on the ledger above that of Marquis de Lafayette, he pointed out at the Lodge of Perfection in France. That Lodge is considered to have been "the greatest of all French lodges" as Hall wrote it. In The Secret Destiny of America, he said of Franklin in America:

'Franklin spoke for the Order of the Quest, and most of the men who worked with him in the early days of the American Revolution were also members. The plan was working out, the New Atlantis was coming into being, in accordance with the program laid down by Francis Bacon a hundred and fifty years earlier...'

"Imperator Gary L. Stewart, in 1984, stated that it is known that both Rosicrucians and Martinists attended that French Lodge of Perfection [Gary is a leader in British Martinism]. The Order of the Quest is another of different spiritual Orders tied with the Rosicrucian movement of initiatic individuals, that functioned generally in connection with the western esoteric tradition.

"As stated earlier, we draw from Hall's and Sachse's work, that the theologically based Kelpius group was also known in Europe as a Rosicrucian Chapter of Perfection. Through translation, it has come down to us from Sasche as being a Chapter of Perfecti. In Europe at that time, members known as perfecti, the adepts of the Rosicrucian movement, had referred generally to their various affiliated groups as 'Chapters of Perfecti'. For the same reason, the chapter in Heidelberg, a Pietist collegium from which Zimmerman and Kelpius came, was known as a Chapter of Perfecti.

"It was the Lodge of Perfection in London, associated as The Philadelphia Society, that sponsored the Kelpius journey of Rosicrucian emissaries to America....

"This is fairly objective information linking Benjamin Franklin and the Rosicrucian movement..."


Because the Quatuor Coronati Lodge (in England) also keeps Kabbala in its framework, and especially because it is dedicated to Zionism, Jerusalem-Temple building, and general "ownership" (i.e. control) of Israel itself, the Rothschilds probably have some measure of oversight. Sir Walter Besant, a founding member of the Lodge, was the brother-in-law of Annie Besant, the second president of the Theosophical Society. A connection, even if only spiritual, would therefore appear to exist between the QC and the Golden Dawn people of the present time (mid 2004), whoever they may be. I can share this for now concerning the identity of QC leaders, that "In 1987 Lord Northampton held a London conference funded by his own Hermetic Research Trust to commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Golden Dawn" (


Aryans Versus Rothschilds
The Nazi leadership was a branch of Rosicrucianism
in murderous opposition to Rothschild Zionism.

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