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The secret Zionist Jewish Prime Minister of Great Britain, Benjamin Disraeli, was so impressed with the Khazar Messiah, David Alroy, that he wrote the historic novel The Wondrous Tale of Alroy (London, 1833)!"

David Alroy was the false Messiah during the Khazar Zionist movement of the 12th century. It is said that the Star of David--the "hexagram" to the occult--was named after this David, not the Biblical King David as is assumed. The Khazars were a superior Gogi peoples who were well on their way to world rule through what is known to historians as the Kok-Turk (or Gog-Turk) empire. You wouldn't need to stretch my imagination much to convince me that some of the Red Jews of Khazaria married Gogi Khazars to produce a Hebrew-Gogi people. Perhaps the Rothschilds were such, as that could explain why they might have worked alongside the Drummonds...who were themselves descended from Gogi-As peoples (i.e. Aryan Gogi).

I'm assuming that the German Rothschilds worked together with the Drummond bankers of London, as part of a long-term plan to control the world. While there are not expected to be any documents available to the public to prove such an alliance, one can gather circumstantial evidence. In this chapter, I think that I will make my case well to the effect that the Jews' Society, to which Henry Drummond Jr. was committed, was an Illuminati organization disguised as a Christian one, and that one could therefore assume Rothschild involvement simply because the Society's task was Zionism. Remember in all this that some of the Rothschilds would partake in apostate Christian organizations while meeting in secret societies behind everyone's backs. And whatever "Christian" organizations were formed by the Rothschilds, there would typically be a non-Rothschild visible founder.

Nathan Rothschild, according even to Britannica, was considered the most clever of Mayer's five sons. With his entry into Britain (1798), the British branch of the Rothschild empire became superior. Nathan joined other Jewish bankers (e.g. Goldsmid) in England whom had entered from Holland as Marranos (i.e. enforced by British law to be (false) Christians). Their numbers were such that, "Early in the eighteenth century the Jewish community of London comprised representatives of the chief Jewish financiers of northern Europe" (

Nathan had married a wealthy woman (Hannah Cohen) from Holland, and her sister married the Italian Jew, Moses Montefiore, who thereby became Nathan's brother-in-law. The two men, together with Isaac Goldsmid and others, strove against anti-Jewish forces in England in order to have rights to the British Parliament; they succeeded finally when Nathan's son became an MP. But much earlier, in the same year that Nathan became his brother-in-law (1803), Montefiore became a stockbroker. He and Nathan worked together at the London stock exchange and found great wealth. Montefiore quit his job(s) and went on to become a prime mover and shaker in Rothschild Zionism. Ironically, Claude Montefiore, grandson of Sir Isaac Goldsmid, was opposed to Zionism.

As admittedly weak evidence that Sir Moses Montefiore had been a Rosicrucian, he had joined the Royal Society. In any case, it is known that he was a Freemason; at one Freemason website, we have the following under his portrait: "Bro. Sir Moses Montefiore Bt. F.R.S." There are three lodges named after him, one in Scotland, one in London, and one that was set up in Old Jerusalem in 1996, just in time for the 1996-98 fulfillment of the Cayce prophecies (which have yet to be fulfilled). Remember, the Cayce prophecies were Atlantean-Rosicrucian in stripe. In the same year of 1996, a Gary L. Stewart became the Imperator of Rosicrucian society, also founded in 1996 as though catering to the Cayce scheme, s,

As my theoretical suggestion, Nathan and his people manipulated the Anglican clergy to the point of either creating or hi-jacking the "The London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews," or "Jews' Society" for short. For starters, the Society was founded in 1809 just a decade after Nathan's arrival to England (Manchester), and, more importantly, in the very same year that Nathan moved from Manchester to London" (

The question is, therefore, did he move to London to assist in establishing The London Society for the Jews? Seems logical, especially as the visible organizer of the Society was a German Jew, Joseph Frey, who just happened to become a "Christian" in the same year that Nathan arrived to England (from Germany). You'll note in this story several timely "conversions" of Jews.

That I can't find one website to show Nathan's involvement in the Jews' Society is more than balanced by the fact that I can't find one website showing him opposed to it. We can understand why the Jews would detest the Society, wherefore we would expect Nathan, the spokesman for many Jews as a lot, to show some public disapproval. That is, if he didn't secretly support the Society. The Jews at large detested it because it sought to convert Jews to Jesus Christ, but perhaps Nathan knew better, that in fact Jewish evangelism was not at all the Society's priority. And it wasn't. It was Zionism.

Let's turn now to Henry Drummond, who had an effective "advertising campaign" in pastor Edward Irving. While the latter was at first a wildly successful preacher, his downfall began as he insisted on propagating liberal tendencies, especially in regards to the deity of Christ. Moreover, he was teaching (as was Henry Drummond) that all the churches were Mystery Babylon; the main purpose in this was not to sheep-steal from the churches, as we might at first suspect, but, I now entertain, something far more insidious along the lines of literal mass murder. It will take a few paragraphs to explain this hunch, and I hope that I don't lose the reader in the process as I could be over-reaching to the point of laughable. Everyone's entitled to one major blunder. But what if I'm right???

The new but false doctrine of Dispensationalism was actually announced by Irving years prior to John Darby. Thus, the much-adored doctrine originates with this cult. I'll venture to give the reason here for the usefulness of that doctrine as could coincide with the Zionism-thrust of the Jews' Society. By the way, Irving preached it for the first time on Christmas, 1825 (a few years prior to announcing the pre-trib' rapture)

Dispensationalism, after all the fat is cut out, is merely the idea that God has ordained, in the final seven years of history, a new agenda with its very own allotted period (i.e. dispensation) wherein he will concern and pre-occupy himself predominantly with the Jews and hardly at all with Christians. This invention is clever if the cult's purpose was to motivate Christians to concentrate on the Jews and, for starters, to get them back into Palestine.

But Zionism was complicated in practice, while it wasn't a breeze to manufacture the needed zeal in Christians to fuel the task. And besides, Irving had been preaching another new thing, that the final years would be a time of horrible tribulation for the churches, whereas a frightening outlook like that didn't exactly motivate Christians to become concerned with other things such as Jews and Zionism. One solution to this problem would have been yet another new teaching, that all Christians would be raptured/removed from the planetary surface prior to the period in which God would concentrate on the Jews alone.

Thus, instead of concerning themselves with their own skins, since after-all they were being led to believe that they would be taken away from the latter times by a pre-tribulation rapture, Christians were made more apt to concern themselves with setting up what they were made to believe was God's great plan for the Jews: Zionism. This all seems a good theory to me because Christian Zionism is typically tied up in pre-tribulationist camps. But I haven't gotten to the over-reaching part yet.

A counterfeit Millennium requires a counterfeit rapture, but it would be impossible to feign such an enormous event as the literal rapture...short of killing and hiding an enormous number of Christians! This over-reaching idea has been lying low in my mind for years, but I think that I am now ready to yank it out and put it on paper in plain view for trial run with the public, being more confident than ever that Illuminatists were behind this cult...which you will discover for yourself more assuredly if you read to the end of this chapter.

Consider Irving's view: the seven years would be terrible, dark, so bad that you wouldn't want to be there with only your puppy to protect you. But let me be more specific with Irving's view: the seven years would be the time that God kills and otherwise destroys the apostate Christians. However, if you know your Bible, you will realize the error in that view. The fact is, it's the true believers who are persecuted in the final years, while the apostates will be left until Armageddon, to Armageddon.

I'm not merely being hair-splitting critical here, but am sharing the possibility that Irving taught two things together in an effort to set up a murderous rampage upon Christianity that the world would accept as God's doing and not the doing of the Illuminati forces who were planning to carry it out. I'm certain that staunch pre-tribulationists have by now envisioned me as foaming at the mouth, but be patient. In the meantime, read the following description of Irving's dispensationalism:

"(I) That the Christian Dispensation was to be terminated, ending in the destruction of the visible Church, like the Jewish [of long ago]; during which 'judgments' the Jews were to be restored to Palestine.

(II) 'The judgments' were to fall principally, if not exclusively, upon Christendom.

(III) That 'the 1,260 years' commenced with Justinian and terminated in 1793, and that the vials of the Apocalypse then began to be poured out; that our blessed Lord will then appear, and that therefore it is the duty of all to press these considerations on the attention of all men."

Edward Miller, The History and Doctrines of Irvingism--London, 1878

Can you now begin to see why Irving (and Drummond) taught as high priority that all the other churches were Mystery Babylon? He wanted it to be the "duty of all" peoples to press home this idea, that in the last days the Christian churches were to be destroyed. The cult was thus clearly in the business of conditioning the entire human race to expect a killing of Christiandom as an act of God. But this plot was doomed to failure, as the majority hardly believed that God was after the destruction of the organized churches.

Of course, Irving found himself in hot water with the churches. In 1830, while these problems were festering, and moreover while he was facing ex-communication, we find Henry Drummond committing himself to Irving's aid by founding the Catholic Apostolic Church. In that same year, the pre-tribulation rapture was for the first time ever made public. Assuming that the invisible, inner circle(s) of the cult had intended to murder Christians, the pre-tribulation rapture would have had the secondary (but not necessarily less important) purpose of explaining their "sudden disappearance." A century later, when Hitler was attempting the same sort of "disappearing act" with millions of Jews, he was acting against Rothschild Zionism; it just may have been the case that Hitler was doing to the Rothschilds what he knew the Rothschilds wanted to do to Christians. Okay, I'm done on that topic. But does the Illuminati plan a murderous plot for future Bible-based believers, still using the same Irvingite reasoning, that God wants to kill apostates in the tribulation? The ultra-charismatics are in fact still getting out the message that Christians who do not join them are the apostates and the anti-Christ.

Pastor Irving failed Drummond miserably in the task of converting the Christian masses to the Apostolic cult. While still a young man of 42, Edward Irving died suddenly in just the Church's fourth year (1834), while on a preaching circuit in Scotland. In years to come, other men involved in the Jews' Society would also die too young. This implication that I am making, that Irving was murdered, should not be astonishing in light of what we are dealing with. Just six years earlier (1828), a church building in Scotland collapsed just prior to Irving's sermon, and while he escaped, about three dozen people were killed.

An energetic leader in the Jews' Society was Joseph Wolff, a Christian Jew himself, born in Bavaria, and a foe of the Vatican...just like the Bavarian Illuminati. Drummond said that he invited Wolff to England in 1819, but I suspect something more premeditated than what was made to sound like a spontaneous invitation. Wolff joined the Jews' Society in 1826 just months after the first Albury meeting...not by coincidence because the Albury meetings (at Drummond's mansion) had much to do with the Jews' Society.

Wolff became so deeply involved with Henry Drummond that he (Wolff) named his son Henry Drummond-Wolff! This son became an influential English diplomat and politician, involved in English foreign affairs. Now "foreign affairs" was at that very time becoming an Illuminati code word to get all nations to join the Globalist movement, wherefore Drummond-Wolff's involvement in such affairs made me suspect his secret ties to the Illuminati. I found that he was more than merely acquainted with the future English Prime Minister, Arthur Balfour, who afterward became Minister of Foreign Affairs and under that capacity signed the first official sanction of Zionism. Balfour was yet Minister of Foreign Affairs a couple of years later when he partook in founding, also on behalf of the Rothschilds, the League of Nations. In previous chapters I touched on Balfour's Satanism and his close ties to the Rothschilds so that I won't go into it again here.

Just know that the close association between Drummond-Wolff and Balfour are seen in the fact that they were two of only four men who comprised the famous "Fourth Party" (devised to unseat the Prime Minister of England, William Gladstone). Could we thereby have some just reason to assume that Drummond-Wolff was steered by his father, Joseph Wolff, into the Rothschild global program? If the assumption is true, what does it say about Henry Drummond, who was so close to Joseph?

Wolff for some time lived at Drummond's Albury-Park mansion in order to lead the meetings held there. He visited many nations, reportedly preaching...but as the numbers of Jewish converts were dismally low, was Wolff evangelizing at all? I had a hunch that he was searching for the lost ten tribes of Israel, so that they could be rounded up and placed in Palestine? For Wolff visited quite a few Arab nations, where small remnants of Jews from the Assyrian dispersion were known to reside? And then my hunch was verified: "[Hugh MacNeil] was also preoccupied, like Joseph Wolff, with locating the so called ten 'Lost Tribes' of Israel, so indispensable to any future restoration"

From M'Neile, Collected Works, Vol. II., pp. 431

Other writers claim that Rothschild Zionism had as one of its intended by-products the formation of political bridges between Europe and India, and so Wolff may have traveled for this cause as well. Missionaries are often used as spies, and this too came to my mind as I read about Wolff's activities.

Also on the Drummond team was Lewis Way, who by the way published a tract called, "The Latter Rain" (1821), a phrase taken from Joel 2 where Israel's restoration is the subject. Irving himself taught Latter Rain, using that very phrase. Yet Irving's Latter Rain was more than an Israelite re-gathering, even a Restoration of first-century Christianity, especially the tongues and the miracles (I would love nothing more, if only God were to do it, otherwise it's as good as the devil). There was also a restoration element that only utter stupidity could fall for, the introduction of a set of 12 new apostles...whom of course were to be obeyed as a Christian would obey Peter, James or John. "Authoritative" is the word here.

Thus, the Drummond team was attempting to pull off very much what the Illuminatists were attempting, a two-pronged scheme with 1) the formation of an evangelical but blind-obedience/cultic Christianity (to facilitate world rule), and 2) the restoration of Jews to Palestine (to grace their world rule with an aura of prophetic fulfillment).

Lewis Way and others of similar Zionist views were present at the first Albury meeting. Way was no insignificant pioneer in the Drummond scheme, having been involved years prior to that first meeting:

Lewis Way may be regarded as the founder of the LJS [London Jews' Society] as well as the foremost exponent of restorationism and Zionism. With the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 he began to promote the cause of Jewish emancipation and their settlement in Palestine. Influenced by his association with Edward Irving and Joseph Wolfe, and using the pseudonym 'Basilicus', Way then wrote a series of speculations on the restoration of the Jews and the imminent return of Christ in the LJS journal, The Jewish Expositor, between 1820-1822. Crombie makes [an] assessment of Way's importance in galvanising evangelical support for Zionism...

It was the practice of the Illuminati to use pseudonyms. As an example, Adam Weishaupt (official founder of the Illuminati) was "Sparticus." And so what should we make of Lewis Way's alias, "Basilicus"??

Although the Jews' Society was founded in 1809, Way found himself in a re-vamped Society from 1815 onwards, as it became meshed with the Anglican Church and for that reason took on much greater powers. Note also that 1815 was the year that Nathan Rothschild first found himself extremely powerful in Britain. I think that we can be sure that Nathan pulled Zionist strings to his favor, but probably found that he had to make compromises, for the Anglicans had their own Millennial scheme i.e. with the Anglican Church in charge of the world and acting as God's Israel. In 1822, just as Lewis Way was expositing on the need for Zionism, the Rothschilds unveiled the Zionist symbol--the "Star of David"--as their family emblem (now acting as Israel's flag).

In 1825, the year before the first Albury meeting, Michael Solomon Alexander, a Prussian-born Ashkenazi Jew having made his home in England, was converted to Christianity. He soon joined the Jews' Society and represented it in Prussia, but this mission was a failure as far as the number of Jewish converts was concerned. In fact, there was no success anywhere for Jewish evangelism (at one point, the Anglican church reported that each convert came with the price tag of 2,000 pounds). But wasn't Alexander in Prussia on merely the pretence of evangelizing, while, in secret, he was being primed by Illuminatists for a special task? Yes, I'm certain, and you ought to keep note on how Germany is the origin of quite a few key men in this story. Thus far, we have three, Frey, Wolff and Alexander, all German Jews, just like Rothschild and Weishaupt.

Shortly after his arrival to Prussia, in far less time than it would take to so much as begin a ministry to the Jews, Alexander returned to the very year that the Apostolic Church was founded (1830). He remained a dozen years working closely with the Jews' Society, at which time he worked on the Revised Version of the New Testament, which was essentially the Westcott-and-Hort translation. This is proof that Alexander was at least a pawn of the English Rosicrucians, and possibly tied to the Rothschild Illuminati, for Westcott and Hort were disguised Rosicrucians and even Satanists in the Anglican clergy, and were very much involved in secret societies with the Rothschilds and Arthur Balfour. At least one website reports that Westcott was "a master mason and the secretary general of...the Rosicrucian Society of England"

In 1841, England and Prussia came forth with an amazing announcement, to set up in Jerusalem a Protestant bishop. And Michael Alexander was the one chosen for this position, appointed by queen Victoria no less! I would suggest that Alexander had been primed for this position for years earlier.

There are historians who say that this Jerusalem bishopric was fully the idea of king Frederick William IV of Prussia (whose rule started the year before, in 1840), and not at all of the Anglicans, but others are not so naive. Clearly, the Jews' Society had been at the root of the scheme, and for that reason the German Rothschild(s) may have had everything to do with persuading king Frederick and the German Lutherans to have a Protestant representation in had the Vatican.

[Update July 2006 -- Frederick IV was of the mighty house of Hohen-zollern that furnished a few Roman emperors, which house I tied to the Salian Franks and Vere-blood Merovingians. I claim it to be (it exists to this day) a Cohen bloodline. Cohens were descendants/devotees of the Kabala dragon line, masquerading as Jews/Israelites when in fact they had been of non-Israelite Hebrews devoted to their pago-occult religion. They were of Rosicrucian-Illuminati elements, the ongoing intent of which was to rule the world via the promised Biblical Millennium. To this day Cohens (meaning "priests") claim to be descendants of the Levites of Israel. Compare the German Hohen Coat with the German Cohen Coat. I write about Hohenzollerns in my chapter, "It Was a Good Day for Cohen Salian." End Update ) Is it by coincidence that the Drummond's Apostolic Church would go on to have two primary wings, one in England and one in Germany? That is, the latter wing is to be expected if remnants of the Bavarian Illuminati and/or the German Rothschilds were involved in the Drummond schemes.

We can know that the Jews' Society was involved with the bishopric appointment of Alexander, because, in an official statement apologizing for the scheme, we read in part, "the venerable Earl of Shaftesbury, brought [the bishopric] the support of numerous friends."

Lord Shaftesbury was the Jews' Society's President! His father in law, Lord Palmerston, was British Foreign Secretary. In 1840, just two years prior to Alexander taking the bishopric, Palmerston took an outspoken interest in Zionism, announcing officially that Jews should re-settle Palestine...while Shaftesbury, the recognized political leader of the Zionism thrust, wrote such things as, "it may be safely asserted that [the Jews] contemplate a restoration to the soil of Palestine."

One can't help but notice the timing of the Palmerston thrust, just as the Jerusalem bishopric was being readied for implementation. Palmerston wielded British troops in Palestine in 1840 just after opening a British Consulate (1838/9) in Jerusalem. How could the Rothschilds not have been involved in the bishopric scheme, either for it or opposed? If they did not show disapproval, we could infer that they must have been for it. And if the Rothschilds were for it, we'd expect Freemasons, and that ilk, to be for it too. The next quote strongly suggests that Illuminatists--"the Freemason fraternity"--were involved with Palmerston and Shaftesbury:

Lord Palmerston the British Foreign Secretary, in August 1840, at the instigation of Lord [Shaftesbury], requested permission from the Ottoman Sultan Abdulmecit (1839-61) for the return of British Jews to Ottoman Palestine (part of the Ottoman province of Syria), the support for this enterprise to come in Palmerston's words, from "the freemasonry fraternity"...The Sultan rejected this request" (

Just as these events were rolling along, Nathan Rothschild's daughter, Hannah, abandoned her Jewish roots and (in 1839) married a Christian, Henry Fitzroy, who happened to be a Stewart (a descendant of Henry Fitzroy (Duke of Grafton), son of Charles II king of England). This is reportedly the first such marriage of the Rothschild family. Might it have been related to the bishopric/Millennial scheme? Remember, the Rosicrucians had been in favor of a Stewart ruler on the Atlantean throne. The sixth duke of Grafton (William Henry Fitzroy) married (1858) Hon. Anne Louise Baring.

The settlement of Jews in Jerusalem was being paved long before the events related to the bishopric. In the early 1820s, the Jews' Society recruited John (Hans) Nicolayson, who was sent to Berlin (the capital of Prussia at the time) for training (1823). Three years later, he was ready for his first trip to Jerusalem. Just weeks after his arrival, the Jerusalem missionary that Nicolayson was sent to work for, George Dalton, died (Jan. 1826). One could get the impression that Nicolayson was a very important man of the Illuminati, and that Dalton had to be removed so that Nicolayson could become boss of Jew-Society operations. Important indeed, for Nicolayson was chosen to settle in Jerusalem on a permanent basis, and in fact he did settle in 1833...and did become the Jew-Society boss of operations thereby.

Christ Church was then built for Nicolayson by the Jews' Society. In fact, Nicolayson himself had purchased the land on which this church building was erected; it was within the walls of Old Jerusalem, an eye-shot from the Temple site. Lord Shaftesbury was involved in the building of Christ Church, an event that must have been huge in the eyes of Freemasons around the world. Can we ask, therefore, if the Christ Church and Nicolayson were together intended as a team, to be in place in time for the Restoration-of-Jews celebrations at some point in the 1840s? Nicolayson did remain in Jerusalem throughout the 1840s, but the celebrations failed to occur because Zionism failed. The Ottomans just wouldn't comply, for they didn't like the idea of any one group settling Israel.

The Miller Adventists announced that Jesus came invisibly in 1843/44, which didn't go over well, but fortunately there were no "disappearances" of Christians. It's possible that the Millerites were related to the Irvingites more than Christians historians may suspect, to the point of having secret involvement with the bishopric inner circle. After all, Miller had announced the return of Jesus for 1843, the very year after the first bishop was appointed.

Again, the Jews' Society (prior to the Lewis Way period) was founded primarily by a German Jew, Joseph Frey. He had been a student of pastor Janicke of Berlin, the same pastor who had trained Nicolayson. Thus, one could get the impression that pastor Janicke in Berlin is key to Illuminati operations in Germany. Perhaps Janicke's job was to train men in Christianity, Illuminati-style. Remember, Frey supposedly became a Christian in the same year that Nathan arrived to England on his father's (Mayer) orders. Could it be that these Jews, as Illuminatists, had feigned conversion to Christianity purely to motivate the Christian world to support their Zionism cause? I can hardly believe that the possibility has not been front and center in your mind already, as the very truth of the matter.

The plan to settle Jerusalem has been credited, by the official Jews-Society website, to Joseph Wolff. The website acknowledges that Nicolayson was chosen to perform the settlement task:

"On [Wolff's] recommendation, [the Jews' Society] decided in 1823 to establish a permanent presence in Jerusalem, a plan that took ten years to accomplish (under the courageous pioneering work of John Nicolayson)" (

There you have it. No sooner had Wolff called for a Jerusalem settlement, in 1823, and John Nicolayson was sent from Berlin to London for further training i.e. that same year. But it was Henry Drummond who earlier sent Wolff to Jerusalem, between 1821 and 1823, meaning that Drummond pushed the Jerusalem settlement prior to Wolff, as Wolff's superior. But it was just then, in 1822, that the Rothschilds flashed their symbol, the hexagram, meaning that the Rothschilds may have been more of a push to Jerusalem than Henry Drummond.

Just three years into his bishopric, Alexander died suddenly at 46 years of age (1845), reportedly of heart problems. As the deal had already been cut to alternate Jerusalem bishops between Anglican and Prussian men, might Alexander have been murdered (by the Prussian wing) to make room for the Prussian, Samuel Gobat?

I don't know when, but Joseph Wolff had at some point predicted the return of Jesus for 1847. Alexander's placement in Jerusalem as bishop in 1842 appears conspicuous as part of an Anglican plan to usher in the Millennium with a subsequent restoration of Israel. The fact that Alexander died suddenly in 1945 may have been due to someone in Germany wanting Gobat as Bishop in time for the 1847 restoration as proclaimed by Wolff; I note that Wolff was born in Bavaria.

Gobat died in his late 70s. Fine. But the third bishop, the Englishman Joseph Barclay, died young also, at 50, just two years into his bishopric (his wife died four months later and his eight-year old daughter one year previous). Queer, indeed, because two bishops died as if murdered to make way for chosen Germans, one of whom (Gobat) can be suspected of having Globalist concerns because his own son was deeply into a global scheme.

Freemasons are famous for naming their organizations, "Society of..." or "Society for..." Aside from the Jews' Society itself, Gobat and the British Consul residing at Christ Church, James Finn, established (1849) the Society for the Literary and Scientific Investigation of Holy Land Culture. That title appears to me to be more on the Enlightenment side than on the Christian.

It was reported by William Holman Hunt, a long-term (early 1854 to late 1855) eye-witness to the goings-on in Jerusalem under Gobat and Nicolayson, that the Jerusalem missionary efforts were anything but. Instead, the missionaries were merely there to put on a good, if not pompous, show...and to send back to England flowery reports of their doings, for newspaper publishing. Hunt also claimed that the missionaries threatened their workers and Jewish converts (e.g. with financial ruin) if they did not remain loyal to Gobat. However, the article (at the following website) does not portray Hunt as a very orthodox believer:
(details at

Hunt claimed that a certain Albert Cohn, an agent of the French and Austrian Rothschilds sent to Jerusalem, "denounces the work of the English mission, forbids any seeking the employment offered by Christians, and that of mine amongst others." Thus, while the Rothschilds of France and Austria appear opposed to certain Jews' Society activities, I have yet to discover the position of the British and German Rothschilds. However, although Cohn cursed the Jerusalem mission (under Gobat, I assume) and forbade the Jews to so much as speak with a missionary, Thomas Seddon (Hunt's friend) reported that Cohn was sent when the European Jews [became] alarmed at the proceedings of the [Jerusalem] mission."

It's possible, therefore, that the Rothschilds sent Cohn under the pressure of the European Jews, while the Rothschilds themselves may have been secretly supporting the Gobat/Nicolayson missionaries. The author of the article (at the website above) states the specific bone of contention: "Actually, Cohn was sent by the Rothschilds to monitor the missionary practice of illegal manipulation of the local Jewish community through offers of employment, Landow, 147" (footnote 90 at the website). There's nothing in that statement suggesting that the Rothschilds were opposed to the Jews' Society core purpose in the Holy Land.

A Jewish website tells that Albert Cohn's purpose was to fund Rothschild Zionism: "In 1854 Albert Cohn was in Jerusalem as almoner [i.e. giver of alms] for the Rothschilds and other rich Jews of Europe. He gave his attention especially to the efforts of the missionaries and to the ?alu??ah system. He founded a hospital, a society of manual workers, a girls' school, and a loan society."

The "missionaries" to which Cohn "gave his attention" are not identified, but the term is usually a reference to Christians rather than Jews. Moreover, the sort of attention given is not described. It could be taken that Cohn gave money to the missionaries. And the reason that he opposed the missionaries in their employing Jews seems apparent from the above quote: because Cohn himself founded a "society of manual workers" and therefore didn't want competition.

Perhaps the best evidence that I have been able to find for a connection between the Rothschilds and the Jews' Society is this statement: "[In 1940] the Jewish concerns were heeded in England by Lionel Rothschild, the nephew of [Moses] Montefiore...Rothschild was able to convince the British government that the [Damascus] "Affair" offered Britain a rare opportunity to penetrate into the Middle East, politically as well as religiously, for the benefit of missionaries active in Moslem countries" (

We see that Lionel Rothschild, Nathan's son and therefore of the British branch of the Rothschilds, showed concern (i.e. not animosity) for the Anglican missionaries. And I can only assume that he was referring to missionaries of the Jews' Society (e.g. Joseph Wolff who was in fact visiting Moslem countries). Albert Cohn, of Paris, first arrived to Israel in 1940 in company with the Rothschild delegation sent to solve the Damascus Affair. He would continue working for the Paris Rothschilds for decades, on behalf of Zionism.

Now take note of Gobat's son, Charles Albert, who went on to champion a one-world government under the official name of "Interparliamentary Union"...which can be viewed as the fore-runner to the League of Nations / United Nations:

[Charles Albert] Gobat presided over the fourth conference of the [Interparliamentary] Union convened in 1892 at Bern. This conference officially established a central headquarters at Bern to be called the Interparliamentary Bureau and entrusted its direction to Albert Gobat. As director of the Bureau, a position he filled without remuneration for the next seventeen years...'

One day in 1914, the first year of the World War--i.e. the first year of the Rothschild master plan--Charles stood up to speak at a meeting of the International Peace Bureau, and just fell back down and died. Assuming that he was poisoned by the Illuminati, it is not to say that he was not a part of the Illuminati, for he may have been a part but while disobeying the wishes from the top at the time. It could seem that he was about to spill some beans in that meeting that the top didn't want spilled.

The deal between the Anglicans and Lutherans to alternate bishops came to an end in 1881, at which time the Anglicans took over alone. But by that time, Christian Palestinians had started to play a role in the Anglican affairs of the Holy Land. By 1905, "the self-governing Palestine Church Council, also known as the Episcopal Evangelical Church in the Holy Land, was officially established in Jaffa."

In 1958, a Palestinian bishop was ordained, and, reportedly, the situation remains the same to this day, with Palestinian emphasis in Anglican Holy-Land affairs. Strange, and I don't know what this situation means insofar as it may or may not be the choice of the Illuminati.

In any case, the English and German Illuminati cells were yet allied and working toward world control in the first World War. The object of the War was to win Russia for the Rothschilds using the German armies...which had, for an entire generation previous to the War, been prepared for this cause. The British were to remain aloof from the conflicts on the continent until the Germans defeated the Russians (which were not yet Communist). But Winston Churchill was not a part of the Illuminati, or, if he was, he opposed this plan. For, the fact that he was working hard to defeat the Germans got him fired from his Naval office. Churchill was immediately replaced by Arthur Balfour!!

When the Rothschilds successfully overthrew the Russian ruler (1917) using quite a few Illuminatist Jews to conduct a murderous coup, the German armies were abandoned so that the War could come to an abrupt end. Balfour signed the Zionist Declaration that same year, and then worked to set up the League of Nations.

Why was it as important to the Rothschilds to control Russia as it was to get Jews back into Palestine? Possibly, it has to do with Gog, for, surely, Jews attempting to set up a counterfeit Millennium knew that rabbis expected Gog to attack them in Palestine just prior to God setting up the Millennium. Perhaps the Rothschilds had even opted to produce a counterfeit Gog, in other words.

The Illuminatist, Albert Pyke, many years prior to World War I, confessed that, after Russia's fall to the Illuminati, a second World War would be initiated, also by the Illuminati, pitting the English against the Germans with the result of strengthening Russia all the more while at the same time placing Jews back in Palestine. In the meantime, during all the coming warfare to achieve these predictions, the Rothschilds of Germany and of England would both profit immensely. History has occurred so precisely in accordance with these Pyke predictions that one wonders if they were not written after the facts and credited falsely to Pyke. But if not, then there you have some overwhelming evidence of a Jewish conspiracy afoot.


Beasts of the Golden Dawn
The tracing of the Golden Dawn from Germany's Illuminati,
to the Theosophist Rosicrucians of Rothschild London
to Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons, the "beasts."

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