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Amillennialists and post-Millennialists distance themselves from God's special treatment of the Jews in the Millennium, viewing it as a backward reinstatement of the Old Covenant. But we ought to recognize the centrality of the Jews at that time because priority on end-time Israel is a repeated theme throughout all the prophets.

While I as a Gentile Christian accept this without prejudice, with gladness for fallen Jacob, and in stride with the desire of God to restore him, there are some Christians wishing nothing of the sort. They say God is done with Israel, forever, and that God now stresses only the Christian Church, which they call the "New Israel." But the Church is not a new Israel, but the old Israel renewed. Big difference. In fact, the Christian Church is the primaryIsrael--the true Israel of God into which all Jews, including the end-time Jewish remnant, must be regrafted.

Paul in Romans attests to the validity of using Old-Testament prophecies to support the restoration of Jews to Christ when in the following verses he quotes from Isaiah 59:20-21:

"Hardness in part to Israel has happened until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in, and so all Israel will be saved, as it has been written [in Isaiah], 'The Deliverer will come out of Zion, who will turn godlessness away from Jacob. And this is My covenant with them, when I take away their sins'" (Romans 11:25-27).

Isaiah is not speaking of the first coming of Christ when he says, "The Deliverer will come to Zion," but of the second coming to restore Israel once and for all, from the ashes of Armageddon. The Deliverer is to come when "all Israel" will be saved, when God removes Zion's sins forever. "All Israel" cannot be defined as all Jews of the Abrahamic bloodline, including the Pharisees et al, can it? Rather, the phrase indicates the whole tree of Israel which the apostle was just referring to previously, the tree with the "wild" and "natural" branches. While the Gentile branches have been grafted into the tree of Israel because of God's rejection of many Jewish branches, the latter will nonetheless be (re)grafted at the end of this present age.

Therefore, as "all" in "all Israel" is referring to both the wild and native branches, Paul was including the Jewish remnant of the end times as an indispensable part of the Church/Israel, and not until that small but all-important remnant is saved will "all Israel" be saved. This Jewish segment is exposed in Old-Testament prophecies as a mortal remnant, survivors of Armageddon that then continue into the Millennium with their normal flesh bodies.

God in the New Testament does not cancel the Old-Testament promise to save the end-time Jewish remnant if Paul in the New Testament uses Old-Testament prophecies to confirm that salvation. And Jesus himself said that both the Law and the Prophets will remain until they are fulfilled (Matthew 5:17-18). Therefore, how does anyone have the audacity to suggest that the prophecies regarding Zion's restoration have been canceled, since these prophecies are central to "the Prophets"? Indeed, since the promises to Israel were one and the same, the promises made to Abraham, we should be out of our minds to teach that God has canceled them.

Moreover, if the regrafting of Jews into the Church shows that there is one Israel of God, it reveals that dispensational theology is in error when at its roots it views Israel and the Church as forever distinct.

The apostle pointed out that the Promise came before the Law so that the fulfillment of the Promise can not be canceled due to disobedience to the Law. The New Covenant is one result of that Promise amid the disobedience/cancellation of the Old Covenant, yes, but that only proves that God did not cancel the Promise due to disobedience, but rather upheld it in spite of sin. This means that the Jewish blood which must yet be saved at the end of this age can also expect the Promise to hold out to them, for if end-time Gentiles are permitted to partake in the Promise (New Covenant), why not the end-time Jews? For no other reason are these Jews to be saved except the Promise of God to their ancient patriarch. This will be for the exposure of God's faithfulness amid the unfaithfulness of the Jews.

A good reading of Isaiah tells the whole truth. Time after time we see end-time Israel punished by God, only to see the restoration of a remnant in the post-Armageddon period. In that period, they rebuild the ruins of the earth, plant gardens, and live in gladness. And to prove most emphatically that they will be in their mortal bodies, some die due to sin (Isa. 65:20), for sin must yet exist even apart from Satan's influences.

Thus, even though the world will undergo a millennium of peace and goodness that the earthly people of our modern age can only dream of, men will yet rebel against God at the tail end, when Satan is let loose for the purpose. This will act as a testimony to all angels and sons of righteousness that Satan and his sons are not concerned in the least with peace and goodness, even though these very virtues may be established prior to Armageddon, in a lip-service attempt to make the world tag along with a Christ-less Globalism.

What the sons of evil truly wish is unobstructed power over people--the freedom to exploit people for their own selfish desires--and then an umbrella of tranquillity over all the pride of their glory, with their oppressed citizens "loving" (i.e. tolerating) each other to provide a non-threatening, peaceful society. On the other hand, God is about to show that He is interested in true love for His citizens, and His glory will not consist in what He owns or hoards to Himself, but in how He truly blesses His own citizens with all that He has, after lifting the current oppression and exploitation off their backs.

Those who hold to the amillennial or post-Millennial views deny the exotic idea of immortals living alongside the mortals. One post-Millennialist portrayed the concept in its extreme by calling it a "monstrosity." Yet, Jesus lived with mortals in his immortal body, and angels co-exist with mortals constantly.

Will we be visible to the mortals? Will we eat with them? We see that Jesus could eat and yet walk through walls. How could the food remain in his body if that body could pass easily through walls? This is very interesting and not at all miraculous in the strict sense. Let me say that the spirits of angels must be material bodies. Yes, for if angels were created, then they could not be little pieces of God's Spirit. Therefore, they are made of matter, for anything created by God out of nothing falls under the category of "matter." It is a very special matter, to say the least, for they can be invisible at one moment and visible the next, and they may also appear in glory, radiating light.

Scientific skeptics should be reminded that the same phenomena occur right here on earth with things they can place in their laboratories. Solid glass is penetrated by light as if the glass molecules were practically non-existent. If some 90 percent of light waves can thus pass through a solid object, then why couldn't 100 percent pass through an angelic body likewise made up of transparent matter? And if a firefly can light up at will, why not also an angel?

Matter that both absorbs and reflects zero light is fully invisible. There is no matter known to man that is absolute zero in this regard, however. Except angels. Yet, unlike other transparent objects, these "spirits" have the ability to appear in full color as well, meaning that they can absorb light and re-emit it again. The ability to change from the invisible to the visible may be inherent in the spirit itself, or it may be applied from outside (the spirit) by an act of God at His discretion.

But what really becomes difficult for our minds is that all types of atomic matter can also pass through spirits (or vice versa). Wouldn't scientists just love to strap a spirit down on the lab table to examine it's properties?

All objects emit light in proportion to their heat emission. In most cases, the light is invisible to our eyes, visible only to infra-red cameras. But when the heat is increased sufficiently in any object, it will begin to glow a visible red. With more heat added, it will glow orange, then yellow, and with much heat, as in the case of the metal filament in a light bulb, blue-green light will simultaneously glow with the yellow and red so that white-hot results. With more heat yet, the additional light becomes invisible. But in my opinion, angels emit an invisible "ultra-white" light that is not heat-related, but of the fluorescent type (e.g. fireflies), and which is represented by the shining "white robes" of Revelation 15 and 19.

It is a fact that every blade of grass, every leaf, and every other object in the universe can radiate some infra-red light at times, when giving off heat. If this invisible light becomes visible when we are transformed into our immortal bodies, think of how this will magnify the beauty of the Millennial planet. It will be the same old earth, but with better eyes, all objects will radiate with glory unknown to us now. Therefore, the paradise that some people have seen in visions is not elsewhere, but right here, except that they have seen with different eyes! And these new eyes may then be able to see the ultra-white light emitting from angels, perhaps also the ultra-white light emitting from God Himself.

So, spirits can appear and disappear, and move through objects, suggesting immortals will have the same abilities in the Millennium. To the mortals, these abilities will be a wonder, but this is no reason to call it a "monstrosity." What we learn in the doctrine of the Rapture is that our new bodies may even have the capacity to soar the skies. No wings; just the ability to eradicate the pull of gravity, and a new means to motivate the body through space.

With these capabilities in mind, coupled with rulership over the entire globe, where all evils are virtually suppressed, we begin to see the dire need to endure the great tribulation faithfully, even at the expense of our lives. We see that God is an amazing "scientist," able to fulfill what He has promised, freely willing to give us the keys to His universe, and the enjoyments thereof. On the flip side, the grubby hand that Satan offers, through a twisted technology and inventiveness that was originally and ultimately made possible in a purer form by God, is a mere copy-cat side show.


Pre-tribulationists claim that the Wedding Feast will occur before the great tribulation, meaning that they have this nonsensical idea that it will occur before Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are resurrected. Jesus said that he would not drink of the wine again until he does so anew in the Kingdom of God, wherein Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would take their places at the table. He could not, therefore, have been referring to a feast within the great tribulation period. For, even the pre-tribbers themselves place the resurrection of all Old-Testament saints after the tribulation, in accordance with Daniel 12:2.

God has promised Abraham something great, and He must yet keep the Promise before any rejoicing can take place in this Feast. That Promise is the salvation of "all Israel." If so, then the Jewish remnant must also partake in the Feast along with Abraham, but as it doesn't become saved until Armageddon, God must hold off the Feast until after Armageddon.

What a slap in the face of Abraham it would be to go ahead with the Feast without the full number of promised "stars" present, or without Abraham himself being present. But this will never be. Revelation 19 assures that the Feast will take place in association with Christ's post-trib' (white-horse) return, and this means that it will take place after the resurrection of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. What could make more sense?

Wouldn't all this suggest that the mortals will eat at the Feast alongside the resurrected, immortal saints? Where's the monstrosity in this? I find it completely intriguing. We will be like the angels to the mortals, and they will not view us as monsters at all. They will ask us, and we will answer them in truth. "How can you walk through that chair," they might ask. "It's easy. Look, just like this. Wanna see me disappear?"

Ruling in the next age involves making decisions, and for this we ought to be growing in knowledge. And since righteousness will be the rule, we ought to understand what it means, especially as our world now distorts the right from the wrong and often flips them upside down. Justice is key to running any government, and so we ought to know it too. Love will surround all things in that age, and so we find ourselves growing in the love of God today. All things necessary for that Kingdom are being built in us right now by the Spirit, each according to the tasks involved.

If we think the next age is for vacationing--just basking in the Glory--then we will walk in this life learning how to vacation (would that really be walking in the Spirit of God?). If we think the next age is for walking streets of gold, then we will now walk learning how to dance streets of gold. But if we are truly wise, we will see that we are going to be running the planet, with earthly people yet in their flesh bodies looking up to us as their examples and teachers.

The (survivors of the) world will be ripe for a revival as soon as Armageddon is done with. They will want to be fed spiritual meat, and for once in our lives, the nations will be yanking on our sleeves to hear more rather than accusing us of shoving the Word down their throats.

Do not forget the heart of God, therefore, for all our tasks in that time will hinge on serving mortal Israelites. In a nutshell, this is the heart of God: Jerusalem. As the angels now serve the mortal saints, so we will serve the cause of mortal Israelites. We will first of all eat with mortal Israelites at the Feast, with Christ at the head of the table. Then we will set up the governments that will officiate over the nations, each government office being an extension of the capital city of Jerusalem. Some of us will be ambassadors, others governors, others teachers in goodness and godliness, and so on. But if I am having trouble describing the heart of God, let the scriptures speak for themselves:

"The government is on His [Christ's] shoulders, and His name is called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. There is no end to the increase of his government and of peace on the throne of David, and on his kingdom, to order it, and to sustain it with justice and righteousness, from now [then] and forever. The zeal of YHWH of hosts will do this" (Isaiah 9:6-7).

Do you see that, if we are followers of Christ, we will accompany him in his Wonderful rule? Therefore, we should become wonderful with Him. Do you see that He will also be a Counselor? Therefore, we should also be concerned now about becoming counselors who dispense the same wisdom and knowledge for the healing of the nations that he will dispense? He will be a father to the nations, and we will, therefore, be as brothers to those mortals, both Jews and Gentiles--even of those who persecuted us in the great tribulation. In everything, if you want to know exactly what we will be doing in the Millennium, just find a passage that speaks of what Christ will be doing at that time.

"Behold, I gave [Jesus] as a witness to the peoples, a Leader and Commander of peoples. Behold, you shall call a nation you do not know; yea, a nation that does not know you shall run to you...The mountains and the hills shall break out into song before you, and all the trees of the field shall clap their palm" (Isaiah 55:3-5, 12).

This speaks of the Israeli remnant united in Christ in the Millennium, but it is a calling to (other) Christians as well, calling us to delight in the Millennial covenant. That covenant with the Jewish remnant is not the New Covenant already cut centuries ago, but another one with eternal restoration at its roots, seen in Isaiah 59:21, and elsewhere as a covenant of peace. And what sort of honor will befall you at that time, saint of God, if the nations honor the mortal Israelites in this way? Can we not also project this honor onto the Spiritual Israelites who do not fail God in the great tribulation, and who govern with immortal bodies?

In another scripture in Isaiah, we see peoples of the earth carrying the Jews back to Israel from all the nations in which they will be found. And it would not be inconsistent if you were to read this passage with the full Israel of God (including yourself if you are a Christian) in mind:

"Behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples. But YHWH shall rise on you [Israel], and His glory shall be seen on you. And nations shall walk to your light, and kings to the brilliance of your dawning. Lift up your eyes all around and see; they are all assembling; they are coming to you. Your sons shall come from far away and your daughters shall be supported on the side [breast/shoulder]. Then you shall fear and be bright; and your heart shall dread and swell. For the abundance of the sea shall be turned to you; the force of the nations shall come to you. A host of camels will cover you...,they shall carry gold and incense, and they shall proclaim the praises of YHWH" (Isaiah 60:1-6).

Here is the revival in the earth, Latter Rainists! Here is the Millennial kingdom of mortals, amillennialists and post-Millennialists! The Gentiles are coming to Israel, with Jews upon their breasts, all proclaiming the glory of the Lord. But while it is occurring after the darkness of Armageddon, it is not in the New Earth, for there are camels stationed on the holy land with bags of gold upon their backs. And if we read on just one more verse, we see rams sacrificed on the altar of God, something that will not take place in the New Earth. We also see seas and ships in this passage, yet the New Earth will no longer have seas.

And there will be plenty of rain in those days to replenish the dying fields, but there can be no rain in the New Earth, for without seas and oceans, there is insufficient evaporation to produce rain clouds. And without rain clouds, there can be no rivers or lakes formed from rainfall. If there is rainfall in the post-Armageddon restoration, therefore, as Joel clearly points out in chapter two it must be the literal Millennium spoken of by pre-Millennialists. Aye, says Isaiah of the post-Armageddon restoration:

"In that day the Branch of YHWH will be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth for the pride and glory for the survivors of Israel. And it shall be, he [whoever] remaining in Zion, and he who is left in Jerusalem, shall be called holy, everyone who is written among the living in Jerusalem; when YHWH shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and the blood of Jerusalem shall have been rinsed away from its midst by a spirit of judgment, and by a spirit of burning [Armageddon]. Then YHWH will create a cloud of smoke by day...over her assemblies....and there shall be a booth for a shade from the heat, and for a refuge, and for a hiding place from the storm and rain (Isaiah 4:2-6).

Are we going to spiritualize this "storm and rain" also, as Latter Rainists do Joel's "latter rain." With storm comes rivers, and with rivers comes seas. And the rains are needed to grow crops for the mortals, but there will be no rains in the New Earth for there will be no need of crops, for all will be immortal there. Seas are needed for developing rain clouds, and if we were to cut the area of world's sea surface in half right now, there would be less than half the rainfall globally, resulting in a world-wide famine, explaining why God made fully 70% of the globe ocean surface. Only in a world without seas will man stop eating crops, but as we see crops in the post-Armageddon period, there must be mortals eating them.

Because the Branch will be beautiful in that Millennium, making you beautiful as well, seek to understand the heart of God right now, as a heart longing for the restoration of Israel in Palestine. As His heart will then overflow with kindness to "all Israel," so our hearts will pump with uncontainable excitement. While upon our laps the glories and riches of the nations shall be dropped, so shall we fear as we understand our awesome responsibility; yet, the One who projects "fatness" upon us will also urge us to delight in it. All will see the heart of God then, in a way that even Moses was not permitted, and He will be vindicated through His kindnesses upon us. But we who have the Spirit can see His heart even now, and this is what it says:

"You who remember YHWH, do not let yourself rest. And give Him no rest until He sets up and makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth" (Isaiah 62:6-7).

God Himself tells us to yank on his robe, to whistle in his ear, to sep on his toe--to make ourselves a nuisance before him, if that's what it takes--for the sake of Jerusalem's eternal restoration. For anyone who has this heart is a son of God, and a son has the freedom to be a little pushy (for the right reasons). When, and for what other cause, has God ever asked us to act in this way before him? The point He makes has been understood: His heart is Jerusalem's restoration. Consider it in Paul's statement below:

"For I was praying that I might be accursed from Christ for the sake of my brothers and kinsmen according to the flesh, who are the Israelites..." (Romans 9:3).

Amillennialists tell us that we are now in the Millennium, now ruling the earth; that this has been the case since the Death of Christ. But this rule we now have is in proclamation only; it has yet to be realized in its geographical and political capacity. Yes, we have been elected to be co-rulers with Christ even now, but we are not truly ruling as yet even as Jesus is not truly ruling the earth as yet. Yes, Christ now has authority over the heavens and the earth, but in having this authority he has permitted Satan to rule the nations up until the Appointed Time, at which time he will take over the kingdoms of the globe and hand them over to the Father (Dan. 7:13-14; Rev. 11:15-17). It is then that we will truly rule the planet.

The amillennialists and post-Millennialists cannot have this heart of God I speak of because they believe God has abandoned the promise to restore natural Israel. Nor are they preparing their souls to rule this earth after the rapture, for they do not believe that this earth will exist in the future. The new age (which has nothing to do with modern New-Agers) begins with the restoration of Jerusalem at the very culmination of Armageddon, and then continues one thousand years later with the New Heavens and the New Earth (Revelation 20-21).

We are not yet ready to go directly from this life to the New Earth. The Millennial Rule will instill in us a righteousness that is fitting for that New Universe. Note that when God in Genesis said that this universe was "good," he didn't say it was great or fantastic...because it's not! For, this creation was prepared for sinners. And, besides, the Flood covered the original glory of the planet with hundreds or thousands of feet of sedimentary mud, which has since turned to rock. But the New Earth is for the righteous only, and not merely for those who are as righteous as filthy rags, as we are now. The Millennium will take away our current rags and dress us in white light (the "white robes" of Revelation 19?). Pity the "stars" of the modern world, those depraved souls of Hollywood and Broadway, who stink rather than shine, and wallow rather than soar.

Our great-tribulation endurance should focus on our spiritual preparation, not to die, but to rule the universe. Let this grand reward--this rising above our enemies and partaking in a cherished Theocracy--be the motivation through which we carry our tribulation crosses. And I think that if you examine your spirit, you will find God moving you in preparation for your Millennial role.

Put aside all that hinders, including the Latter-Rain agenda in Promise Keepers, which will take much money from believers and then funnel it into "Joel's Army" and the ecumenical movement, only to get your mind off track upon an earthly revival on this side of the rapture that will never occur (I have devoted an entire chapter to Latter Rain and Promise Keepers in the next section). Put that money into a trib' retreat, and make your tribulation wait less severe, and prepare for the real Revival which God has promised on the other side of the rapture.

It's okay to weep for Israel, and to sing for the destruction of Gog.


PARTS 5 and 6 deal with devilish religious movements of Rosicrucian/Freemasonic colors that have crept into Christianity. Moreover, I more than hint at Illuminati ties with the pre-tribulation-rapture cult. I don't know if it's best to read these Parts first, or my more-recent book, The Draco-Ladon Bloodline. The latter exposes the deepest/oldest roots of Rosicrucianism in certain human bloodlines that I think were granted by God to Satan. I also show that the Draco bloodline amounts to both the Biblical dragon-beasts of Revelation, and to Babylon the Great Mother Harlot. Draco-Ladon turns out to be the Kabala, a Hebrew-Rus bloodline that has in the past attempted to usher in a counterfeit Biblical Millennium (e.g. the Templars), and is to this day attempting the same via the Zionism movement.

Bookmark here if you wish to return, because there is no link from Draco-Laden to this book.



Rosicrucian Utopia
The root of the Atlantean hoax, or New Age, is Rosicrucianism.
The United States was intended to be the New Atlantis,
filled with mystical, Satan-breathing "Christians."

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