Continued from the previous chapter.

Democrats pretended to care more for the lives of American soldiers than for their political success against Bush. They succeeded in obtaining full power in 2009. Afterward, we saw no more focus on dead soldiers, as that would harm Obama's image as a war president. Obama sought to stay in Iraq, but failed. Consequently, Iraq faded from Western news, making it harder to follow terrorist Iraq. While bombings continue, it has become clear, by mid-2014, that there was no anti-Christ poised to enter Iraq, as I had expected. I'm open to being wrong for pegging the Iraq situation under Bush as part of the Daniel-11 prophecy.

In America, Jews tend to be Democrats, wherefore Democrat leaders feign a pro-Israeli position as a result. Republicans tend to support American involvement in Israel, but, if I understand God correctly from his Old-Testament writings, He wants Israel to cut itself off from America's protection, and to look to Him for all her needs. I was not in favor of Bush's long-term Iraqi agenda because Babylon is God's enemy. The anti-Christ comes to be that country's end-time ruler for this very cause: that God might destroy him and Babylon together at Armageddon. The anti-Christ will embolden Arab fighters all the more, and God will open a way for the success of the King of the North until the Jews are brought down with their faces to the dust...until in their last moments of staggering those stubborn people who call themselves Jews raise a white flag to God in surrender to His will.

According to the last verses of Daniel 11, Armageddon is timed when the King of the North commits military suicide in efforts to simultaneously take a good chunk of the world down with him. And so the nuclear-button Russian that we had feared all Cold-War long will come to make real the American nightmare...at which time (said Jesus in Matthew 24) no flesh would be saved if not for the Appearance of Jesus Christ to intervene. But that appearance will be another nightmare for Democrats worse still than a universal nuclear suicide.

I hate to break it to the Democrat Jews, but soon and very soon your Democrat leaders may turn coat, and side with the anti-Christ and his anti-Israeli hoards. God has always turned against you the very peoples you looked to for security and fulfillment, but as yet you have not learned this lesson. Armageddon will make you learn it.

While the United States and Europe both ceased funding of the Palestinian government (in Israel) when Palestinian voters recently (early 2006) elected Hamas (a terrorist group) to power, Russia did not stop the funding, tending to show that Russia's position still leans anti-Israeli. And why shouldn't it? Israeli Zionism has been the epitome of American involvement in the Middle East. But things are predicted to change. Perhaps this change is part-and-parcel with God's judgment against the Western Zionists whom control vast industries. Perhaps the recent movement toward a Palestinian state is evidence already that Zionists have had to concede that one thing to globalist liberals. If this indicates a schism, or at-variance global ideology, between the Rothschilds of the world and the liberals, nothing could make me happier. Rejoice when dragon slays dragon, for it's trouble for all when they unite.

In order for the betrayal of Israel to take place, Israel must come to be viewed as the problem. When the world comes to the brink of an Armageddon-like situation, the majority of Western-world powers will more assuredly abandon Israel for viewing it as the problem. This is a generalization that many Western leaders hold to, but it's also from my assessment of the future based on a Western False Prophet merging with the anti-Christ. It should be interesting to learn what exactly "false prophet" refers to in this one personality, but it does not sound like a typical liberal atheist. A liberal Christian, perhaps.

I've have been expecting a Russia-US alliance unto a global government ever since I started to believe (in 1997) that the False Prophet would be an American President/leader, and here (below) is the beginning of that alliance, apparently, as told in an article dated May 7, 2006, in Britain's Arabic-language Elaph newspaper:

"Russian Foreign Secretary Sergueii Lavrov called for the establishment of a world government, bringing together the United States and Russia. Lavrov's call comes at a time of a chilling of relations between Moscow and [Republican] Washington and amidst signs of a new Cold War...

In an interview granted to the magazine 'Russia in Global Politics,' Lavrov said that bringing together a 'chorus' of major nations into a world government will eliminate the jockeying for power that creates imbalances. Lavrov was certain that 'most countries will welcome such a grouping of leadership.'

He also said that there is no place in Russian politics for animosity toward the U.S., and that the basic goals of American and Russian foreign policy were nearly identical. He made clear that the policies of both countries are to create a more secure and predictable world...


Is that unbelievable or what? A Russia still on her knees, and yet asking, as though she were equally influential in world affairs, to form/join a one-world government with the United States. What are the Russians up to? Surely, there is no way for such a partnership to take place with the current Republican-led America. In fact, Vice-President Cheney lashed out at Russian policy in May 2006, and Lavrov hit back defensively. Therefore, if Russian leaders announce publicly the desire to form a global government with the United States, I suspect that they were talking about, and talking with, leading Democrats who felt confident of regaining power in America. And they succeeded late in 2008.

But, as fate would have it, the first Obama administration failed to form a partnership with Russia, lacking sincerity from the start. Even Mrs. Reset-Button herself started to chew the Russian leaders apart over their differences in Syria. Let's hope that she does not become the False Prophet in 2016. After that, if she doesn't become the president then, she'll hopefully go away forever.

It's not likely that Republicans will persecute Christians in the tribulation period. Put it this way, that if it's not the Democrats who will be our tribulation enemies, then who? I watched Democrats closely in the 2004 election and wasn't surprised so much at their making sky-high complaints against every tiny opportunity afforded by the Bush Administration as I was at the feverish levels of hatred toward the "Christian right." In fact, Democrat hatred for Bush is clearly the result, not of his Iraqi policies, but of his public confessions and acknowledgements to born-again Christianity (I now think that he was insincere / lying about that). This hatred must have everything to do with what we're about to face in the tribulation, wherefore I tend to expect that Democrats will then be in power. Question: why are Black believers in Jesus still in the Democratic Party???

Although Democrat leaders are anti-Christian, they realize that they must portray a pro-Christian image of sorts in order to win elections. No sooner did Bush win the 2004 election that Democrats were talking on how they could best cater to Christian voters for 2008. It has been my opinion that the False Prophet is Given that title precisely due to his catering to Christian voters in the United States. Recent talk amid Democratic circles is spouting off such comments as, "Christians don't have the monopoly on morals." In other words, these people who in truth despise Christian morality seem poised to paint themselves up as Christianized just to win an election!! What kind of rulers could they turn out to be?

It seemed to me that, if the Americans did not pull out of Iraq, the King of the North would not be capable of seizing the country with the "ease" and success indicated by Daniel 11:21-24:

...he will enter while at ease and seize the kingdom with smoothness...And after they [the fallen Iraqis and the Ruler of a Covenant] join themselves to him [Gog], he will practice deceit. For he will come and be strong with a few people. With ease, even into the rich places of the province, he will enter..."

And so the Democrats, who favored a pull out, were creating a situation in which Iraq would be ripe for the King of the North. If correct that the False Prophet will be an American, liberals will be responsible for Armageddon, not merely because they don't realize the present politico-prophetic realities leading up to it, but because they tolerate and/or happily support gay marriage, pornography, fornication, adultery, spouse swapping, child sex, orgies, abortion, recreational drugs, twisted Biblical doctrine, evolution, occult media, occult churches.

You may think it off-topic for me to speak on American liberals in a chapter that is supposed to be about the anti-Christ, but quite to the contrary, liberals (worldwide) are the people of the anti-Christ. If not Western liberals, then who? I frankly am not sure whom God despises the most, American liberals or Muslims (by the way, a few Democrats are not liberals, and some Republicans lean liberal). Both liberals and Muslims are equally ruinous, both equally worthy of losing their lives. If a woman has the right to take away the life of her unborn child for whatever reason, she should have no complaint on the day that God comes with his machete to abort what he considers the weeds of society. Doesn't He have a right to destroy His own children, if they stand in the way of His pleasure, his career?

Let's not mince words; I'm only passing on the message of the Bible. Society cannot tolerate forever both liberals and Christians; one of us has to go. That's the message of the Bible. Liberals are defined as those who wish to "progress" away from Biblical values and toward "freedom" of thought and action.

The reason that terrorists and other Muslims hate America so much is due to sinful lifestyles of American liberals. Moreover, the reason that Muslims hate Christianity so much is that Muslims have mistaken American liberals for Christians. There's hope, for not all liberals have remained liberals, and not all liberals are anti-Christian. But again, why are African-American believers supporting the Democrats? Will Black believers also support the False Prophet when he arrives? They supported Obama, and he's definitely an evil man.

Liberals think they are the righteousness of the planet, and view Christians as pig-heads wanting to impose their moral absolutes on others. Much closer to the truth, Christians don't want liberals to impose their cesspools on what was once a decent society. Liberals must be winning this "war" because God has taken a hands-off approach until their guilt has been firmly established. If that's the case, it could be evidence that history has arrived to their last hurrah.

Daniel 11:23 doesn't tell us how much time transpires between the fall of the Iraqi military and the entry of the King of the North into Iraq. The question as to how Gog becomes "strong with a few people" can be answered thus: lots and lots of anti-West Muslims coming to support a fallen Iraqi military. I wrote that sentence here in this chapter in 1997, and the Iraqi insurgency turned out to fulfill those words strikingly well. However, as of 2014, the news has afforded little to answer whether rebels in Iraq are largely backing the surviving leaders under Saddam, or whether they have let that Baathist group go to the wayside.

Knowing how Russia despises Muslim terrorists, perhaps Gog will support the Saddam Baathists primarily, while supporting the terrorist types only secondarily out of convenience. Precisely due to the smallness of the beginnings of the King of the North, I expect his rise to Iraqi power apart from Russian military. I am not looking to a Russian president to fill the boots of Gog; perhaps an agent of the Russian president, even a secret agent, but not the president.

Yevgeny Primakov had worked with Saddam as a close friend for decades, and thereby became top-dog in the budding Russia-Iraq trade partnership. Like most high-level political animals, Primakov must have had an inner circle. Could that circle be in touch with the insurgent Saddam loyalists?

Years ago, President Yeltsin fired Primakov from his Prime-Ministerial post because he was too Communistic. Indeed, because Primakov had huge dreams for Russia prior to the Fall of the Soviet Union, his bitterness toward the West must have been great. Primakov (original surname "Finkelstein") must be one of the few Jews supported by the half-Jew (and yet anti-Jew), Vladimir Zhirinovsky (father's surname "Eidelstein"). In fact, Primakov has in his long political career made strong partnerships with a variety of Arab nations while being as anti-Jewish (not to mention anti-West) as Zhirinovsky. While Zhirinovsky claims publicly to be anti-Communistic, and even a Liberal Democrat, he is generally viewed in the West as a nutty demagogue (hmm, funny, alternative spelling, "demagog"). The KGB was mainly responsible for establishing his LDPR (Liberal Democratic Party).

It's interesting that Primakov was raised in T'bilisi, Georgia, smack in the ancient empire of Gog. "T'bilisi" had been identified as "Tubal" by the historian, Josephus (Ezekiel says that Gog was, or will be, the chief of Tubal).

As Primakov became the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, my theory -- that the anti-Christ will, on behalf of the False Prophet, spread the skincode system in the Russio-Arabic world -- comes irresistibly to mind. In fact, Primakov was deputy director of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations as long ago as 1970...when the concept of global economy was in its infancy (universal bar codes didn't make their debut until 1973).

I don't recall how he got the Primakov surname, but I should mention my work on the bloodline of Joseph Caiaphas (high priest of Israel who was responsible for Jesus's death). This work was culminated in the Iraq Updates within the first three months of 2014. The mother of Caiaphas was tentatively identified as Junia Caepio(nis) Secunda, by which method the family traced also to the Prime / Primo surname that I argued to be from Junia's sister. The Prime / Primo surnames are treated heavily in the first three updates of March (just two months ago as I re-write these Iraqi chapters), if you are interested.

In 2006, Primakov, while speaking on the Iraqi situation and his opposition to Bush's intrusion into that country, sounds exactly like a typical American Democrat opposed to Bush's Iraqi program
(article at: http://www.interfax.ru/e/B/politics/29.html?id_issue=11480485).

Primakov is in his 80's if he's still living. He could have his eye on a man within his political circle to continue his reaching dreams. I wonder if he has Zhirinovsky's number on his hotline. Really, what is Zhirinovsky doing these days besides throwing flower pots at Russian Jews? And what does the Iraq crisis mean to him? Why do I envision him welcoming the crisis? Here's how Vladimir Volkov of the World Socialist Website put it on March 29th, 2003:

"The Russian nationalists propose various scenarios for how the [Iraq] war could be used to stabilize Russian geopolitical influence. The notorious right-wing demagogue Vladimir Zhirinovsky has already declared: 'We should behave worse (i.e. more impudently) than the Americans.' He has called alternately for Russia to send a massive military force to the Middle East, to establish pro-Russian regimes in the Trans Caucasus and Central Asia, and to crush the Baltic states economically. By these and other means he proposes to elevate Russia once again to the rank of a superpower. 'Of course we are sorry for Iraq,' Zhirinovsky declared, 'but the Iraq war [= Bush war] is a great moment for Russia'"

(full article http://www.wsws.org/articles/2003/mar2003/russ-m29.shtml).

What Zhirinovsky apparently means is that the defeat of Iraq is a great moment of opportunity...for the realization of his own dreams for a Russia-subdued Middle East. And see below a Reader's Digest quote from Zhirinovsky:

"I am the Almighty. I am the Tyrant.
I will follow in Hitler's footsteps"
(Reader's Digest Dec. 1994)


Zhirinovsky is known for his verbal stretches. But might not this political silliness be the very thing that fulfills Scripture where it informs us that the anti-Christ will proclaim himself to be God (or a god)? See 2 Thessalonians 2:4 in conjunction with Daniel 11:37.

Zhirinovsky's political career is still shining somewhat as he currently fills the position of Deputy Speaker in the State Duma. But he has greater plans, though he always loses the presidential elections. He has not only written a book entitled, "My Struggle," but also one entitled, "Russia's Last Dash to the South," in which he reveals, among other things, antagonism toward Israel. I ask you, what Russian could fit the shoes of the anti-Christ any better than he? Does Zhirinovsky not have a "strong face," as Daniel 8 says he must?

In light of the anti-Christ's ties to the fallen fighters of Saddam and al-Qaeda, how could the anti-Christ possibly come forth upon the world as a Jewish Messiah? No one seeking a power base in Iraq poses as the Jewish Messiah, for no Arab would accept him as such. The apostle John defined "anti-Christ" for us as anyone "which does not confess that Jesus is of God" (1 John 4:3). In 1 John 2:22, "anti-Christ" is defined as someone who denies the Father and the Son. Surely, Christians who teach that the anti-Christ will come disguised as the Son/Messiah of God are in error, for there is not one line in the Bible that speaks of the anti-Christ as a counterfeit Jesus/Messiah.

Upon understanding that the "anti" in "anti-Christ" means "against Christ" rather than "alternative Christ," and that the Bible reveals the anti-Christ blaspheming God openly in public (Daniel 11:36), watch not for a Jewish peacemaker, but for a rudely outspoken war-hog wanna-be...like Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who, when he appeared very strong in the Russian political scene (mid-90s), had said that Iraq would be key to his aspirations of conquering the Middle East. Now that Iraq has been weakened before his face by an overwhelming army, might he step in to take root? We are learning this, that Zhirinovsky would like nothing more.

The problem is, an anti-West anti-Christ is a difficult riddle to explain. The way most Christians read the texts, the Bible says that members of all nations will "worship" him, suggesting UN acceptance and appreciation. That in turn suggests a Gog who will feign some Western allegiance. I can't see the world worshiping a Zhirinovsky type, but a thing that I've not been able to discern is whether Revelation's events are global or only in the Israeli theater.

The great tribulation cometh to cut our worldly delights down to size; otherwise, stretch out an arm and receive the skincode, and give glory to the counterfeit New Age. The true New Age (of Jesus Christ) will be ruled by those who maintained worldly poverty prior to the tribulation, but those sheep who maintained riches prior to the tribulation shall be last in the Kingdom of God. Rejoice, poor of the Lamb, because of your high position before God. In just a little while, you will pain no more. But the rich of the Lamb, who are afraid or otherwise unwilling to share with the poor of the Lamb, in order to relieve their pains, are in danger of rejection at the Gate. Many wealthy Christians are refusing to ponder the lateness of the times, and do we wonder why?

The reason that Daniel's verses 21-24 are discussed at all is to assist us in getting through the tribulation successfully by first having us predict the timing of that period. It would depress me greatly to find that, in the end, the 666 skincode is localized merely in the Israeli / Muslim theater. In that case, our preparing trib retreats in the West may not be required. Although that would be a good thing, it depresses me because this book is centered on such preparation. Have I been wasting my time and money and yours?

Nothing could be more central to this topic than our sharing with the poor of the Lord, for what good is it for us to discover the identity of the anti-Christ if we fail God before and during the tribulation with our generosity? It would be a coming-up shy to think that merely dropping our worldly lives in the tribulation, and then hiding out as best we can, will get us safely into the Kingdom. Giving money to the Lord is not giving 10 percent to the Crystal Cathedral, but is to relieve the poor of the Lord which this world has made.

By the way, the Lord does not ask for the 10 percent tithe in New Testament times, nor does he require it, in my opinion. The 10 percent was to be given by each of the eleven tribes of Israel to feed and shelter the one Levite tribe that was ordered by God not to earn a living in the regular way...but was instead to tend to Temple duties. There is no Levite tribe today within the Church, nor any body of full-time ministers amounting to 1/12th the Church population, for us to feed, wherefore the tithe is no longer a requirement. Note that none of the epistles speak on the necessity of giving the Old Testament tithe to the New Testament Church.

It is amazing that while ministers today acknowledge that the animal sacrifices and other Temple duties -- even the Temple itself -- have all been done away with and replaced by Christ, they yet demand or cleverly appeal for the 10 percent tithe that was intended for Temple costs. It is no wonder that there are springing up so many half-empty church buildings -- many with a spiritual wall between it and another church -- thanks to Christians lulled by church leaders into the practice of tithing.

A liberal Christian leader can be defined as one who loves what money can buy, and therefore one who secretly despises the words of Jesus. Hence, his moral choices reflect that mindset, and his treatment of Scripture suffers along the same lines. It has been argued that the liberal Christian is far-more dangerous to Christians than the liberal atheist...except that the latter is more prone to kill us. If the False Prophet will be a liberal Christian linked in a geo-political cause with an atheist anti-Christ, it's a situation to be wise to.


Deadly Muslims in Gog's Quiver
Gog will advertise for anti-Israeli fighters,
which of course will include
some merciless Muslims.

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