Best Not to Receive Emails

ALL YOUR EMAILS ARE RECORDED by telephone companies and perhaps others. I've deleted emails from readers and did not save anything replied to them, which is how everyone should do things if they are promoting a post-tribulation message. The time may arrive soon when post-tribbers become the chief enemies of the anti-Christian world. I do not keep an online or computer email list. I expect to be monitored by those bringing on the skincode. I do not know the circumstances, or if any are even required, by which government agencies or spies may acquire your personal name, home address, or computer ID number, via knowing your email address. If you don't email me, no one spying on my system, or keeping a record of emailers, will know anything about you. If you email me, one never knows.

I turn off my laptop's wireless button because satellites may be able to plug into my computer using the wireless port. There may come a day, and it may already be here, when computers no longer have such a button, or, even if they do, satellites may be able to enter computers regardless of that button's position. If you can, disable your computer camera and mic. When I did this with an HP computer (never-ever get an HP computer), it crashed, refusing to boot up again. It forced me to re-load the system...yes, with camera and mic operational. So I applied tape over the camera and mic, a few strips over the mic to muffle the sound. Stay away from cell phones if you can survive without one. In the trib, or even earlier, remove your wireless card. They could arrange to send your every keystroke through a local tower or even a satellite system.

I've stopped taking email.