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December 1 - 11, 2009

The Bad O-Men

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December 1

Rompuy takes official power as of today, and no later, we have this:

"European Union foreign ministers are expected to officially call next week for Jerusalem to be divided so as to serve as the capitals of both Israel and Palestine. A draft document authored by the current holder of the rotating EU presidency, Sweden, and implying that the EU would recognize a unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood, has been obtained by Haaretz.

The draft refers directly to the situation in East Jerusalem...stating the EU Council 'has never recognized the annexation [by Israel] of East Jerusalem'...

...Israeli diplomats have been following the Swedish initiative for several weeks. Israel's Brussels-based ambassador to the EU, Ran Kuriel, sent several messages to Jerusalem last week accusing Sweden of leading the union on a 'collision course' with Israel. Kuriel wrote that Britain and France support the Swedish position, while Germany, Spain and Italy are disinclined to side with Israel on the matter.

...European diplomats privy to the negotiations said that although changes favorable to Israel had been made to the draft, there is virtually no chance of preventing the EU from calling for the division of Jerusalem.

We know that, whatever the official declaration, Obama will side with the EU. This move has been coming down the pipes for a while because Netanyahu refused to bend on the settlement issue, and so we now know why he did announce a freeze last week. No matter, the EU is ready to apply the pressure, or at least parts of the EU...including France! The Palestinians have been threatening for over a week to request the same thing from the UN (a body leaning toward Palestinian state even more than the EU), wherefore I don't think this development in the EU is coincidental, but planned in cahoots with the O-men.

When I read about a Saddam-geared television station yesterday, the "image of the beast came to mind":

"A mysterious TV channel praising Saddam Hussein dropped off satellite airwaves [yesterday], just three days after it began broadcasting.

The chairman of the so-called Saddam Channel told The Associated Press it will return by the weekend after a technology upgrade to make the broadcast stronger.

...The head of al-Lafeta TV, which aired the Saddam Channel, has denied that it is bankrolled by Baathists, the Sunni-dominated political party that Saddam once led.

Mohammed Jarboua, an Algerian who claims to head the channel, said in a telephone interview from Syria that it was only temporarily halted.

'We're opting for a more advanced technology and we asked for the broadcast to be cut in the meantime for four days,' Jarboua said [yesterday]. He said the new technology will improve the channel's viewing quality.";_ylt=AuNE1QO4RWe0jS.sRiNoQtz5SpZ4

It's like the resurrection of Saddam. He can still speak and be worshiped as once before. BUT, I do NOT think that Saddam is the anti-Christ, of course. I am implying that Gog should find his way to this television station. No? I say yes! If indeed Gog will support the Baathists, and vice versa, and if this station does not fail, it seems a no-brainer to predict that Gog will use it to his political advantage in Iraq (will there be any television station in Iraq that is not controlled by Gog after his men have dug in?). Surely, when Gog assists in the invasion of Israel, the Baathist owners of this television station will gladly transform him into a god.

IF this is the "image of the beast" program, however, then it's hard to see how Obama could be the False Prophet who supports it. Better to view the false prophet as a Sunni Arab in such a case. On the other hand, it's too early to tell what the "image of the beast" will be.

The below concerns yet other bewildering O-men:

"The US is seeking to extend its control over the day-to-day running of Afghanistan with the appointment of an international 'high representative' in Kabul in an attempt to bypass Hamid Karzai's much-criticised government.

The initiative, being pushed by the US special envoy, Richard Holbrooke, has caused a split between Washington and its closest Nato allies, who believe it could further undermine the Afghan president's legitimacy and the United Nations' role in the country.

...The proposal is part of a political strategy designed to accompany the dispatch of US reinforcements due to be announced tomorrow night by Barack Obama and ultimately provide an exit strategy.

"Desperation" is the word. They wanted Karzai out, but, not getting their way, the O-men are willing to go over his head. Imagine that, going over the head, OPENLY, of a national president. We know the Illuminati does it all the time, but usually it doesn't want it to be known that it's attempting to undermine national leaders.

The webpage below talks about the push for solar power. The idea, apparently, is to raise the price of oil to such heights that the cost of electricity becomes equal to the price of solar power, at which point they will urge, or even shove, the bulk of the world toward solar power. This, too, is on the global-warmer agenda. For trib survivors, less expensive solar-power systems are a good thing. But more expensive fuel is NOT! I think these boys have a lot of stock in solar power, and that's the "energy" that drives them toward their agenda: the hope of cashing in. Al Gore has lots of stock in alternative energy.

December 2

No news to speak of today, but I happened upon an article showing that some Muslims are trying to pass off 666 as a good number representing the Quran itself:

"...'The number 666 is highly publicized all over the world and it is associated with evil and danger. It is the intent of this newsletter, God willing, to present the readers with easily verifiable and yet utterly irrefutable physical evidences that the Quran, the Final Testament, is indeed the highly publicized '666' that the corrupted Pauline church is afraid of. Satan's scheme reflected in his book of 'The Revelation' placed in the Bible, to give 'the number' a bad connotation shall backfire'..."

What??? Perhaps this movement will grow, inspiring Muslims to receive the mark of the beast.

What if we are all misreading Revelation? What if the mark is a Middle-Eastern system only? It would give me great relief to know that you and I in the West didn't need to spend 3.5 years fending for foods (etc.) apart from making ordinary purchases. BUT, it's too early to tell whether that will prove to be the reality.

December 3

Just to clarify:

"France has 'several strong reservations' about a draft resolution on the Middle East put forward by Sweden that would recognize east Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state, French Ambassador to Israel Christophe Bigot told The Jerusalem Post [yesterday].

'Let us be clear the text is not an EU text; it is a Swedish proposal looking for agreement by the 27 EU members of the Council of Foreign Affairs next Tuesday,' Bigot said of the document..."

All eyes on next Tuesday.

Putin, according to his own words, is NOT ruling out the presidency in 2012: "Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says he will think about running again in 2012."

December 4

Here's an interesting "detail" if you're interested in musing:

"US President Barack Obama [yesterday] again invoked a six-month delay on the move of the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The US Congress in 1995 passed a law recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital and demanding that the embassy, which is currently in Tel Aviv, be relocated there. But the law also allowed the president the ability to delay the move for a period of six months if national security concerns warranted. Former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush both renewed the delay every six months for the duration of their presidencies. Obama first ordered the delay in June. The White House has failed to approve the move out of fears that it would upset the Palestinians and the Arab world, which claim the eastern side of Jerusalem for themselves, and reject the legitimacy of Jewish sovereignty there."

What does one conclude when musing over this? That both Bush and Obama have the same hope: to please Palestinians more than Israelis, to give Old/Biblical Jerusalem to Arabs. How does that make Bush a Christians??? It doesn't. Like Bush when he proclaimed several times that Islam is a great religion, Obama said the same this past week. Bush supporters have hailed Obama's "decision" to dig deeper into Afghanistan.

OR, is it really digging in deeper since Obama also announced that he's pulling out before 2012? What's going on with that? How does he truly believe that the job will be finished by 2012? Is he just trying to set up a better election environment for 2012, or is it a lie (i.e. he has no intention of pulling out by 2012) just to get Democrats to support the Afghan war?

The reason for his "indecision" is now coming out. Earlier in the year, NATO members were not giving him more troops. Now, NATO members have committed to at least 7,000 more in addition to his 30,000. Therefore, it seems, Obama has been spending the time during his "indecision" to pry as many fighters as possible from other countries. How he went about it should be interesting, but word has it that Rasmussen, the new NATO leader (since NATO was unwilling to give earlier in the year), had much to do with it. In fact, NATO is already calling for a long and protracted war in Afghanistan, until the job is done, so that Obama can later use this as the excuse for continuing after 2012.

Russia CANNOT be happy about this "decision." Nor Iran. But, finally, Russia and Iran now know the score on that front: NATO now has a place to shelf the fighters in Iraq.

BUT, and I'm disappointed by it, there is no sign that anyone resembling a Gog or a "king of the north" is about to enter the north-Iraqi stage. I've been thinking that his decision to enter would be made more difficult had Obama been successful in his foreign policies, as once expected. The fact that he's become a marginal player in the minds of those who practically worshiped him as a world savior should make the anti-Christ's decision easier/faster. I am of the opinion that God will make the conditions right-enough to have him enter Iraq when the appointed time arrives.

Here's an interesting thing:

"Joseph Stalin sent millions to their deaths during his reign of terror, and his name was taboo for decades, but the dictator is a step closer to rehabilitation after Vladimir Putin openly praised his achievements. The Prime Minister and former KGB agent used an appearance on national television to give credit to Stalin for making the Soviet Union an industrial superpower, and for defeating Hitler in the Second World War.

Putin's view contrasted sharply with that of President Medvedev, Russia's nominal leader, who has said that there is no excuse for the terror unleashed by Stalin."

Medvedev was railing against Stalin just weeks ago. Apparently, Putin is slapping Medvedev in the face with support of Stalin. This should prove to create an irreparable fault between the two men. It gives Medvedev his opportunity to create distance from Putin as the basis needed to run in 2012.

Stalin ruled Russia after Lenin, and the Rothschild Illuminati (for lack of a better term) that created Communist Russia under Lenin is expected to have been opposed to Stalin. Such sentiments may continue to this day so that Putin's praise of Stalin might be a shot at the "Red Jew" Western globalists. In any case, I now have confirmation that Putin is NOT on-side with the Rothschilds who would rule Russia once again as before (I had been wondering whether Putin was a pro-Lenin-bloodline puppet of the Illuminati, but didn't think so).

The below could be relevant to Gog's invasion of the Middle East:

"All military arms depots and other hazardous installations in Russia will be eventually removed from population centers, the Defense Ministry said [today].

...The ministry said a new federal program would be developed to improve the safe storage of missiles, ammunition and explosives with a tentative time frame of 2012-16."

With spy satellites watching Russia's every military move, the Russian leadership needs to create a false impression as per why it's moving its ammunition about, IF the purpose is to prepare for an offensive war. The time frame of this weapons transfer, 2012-16, caught my eye.

Apparently, Israel is not very upset with Putin:

"Israel's foreign minister met with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin [today] and called for closer ties and economic cooperation between the two countries."

Possible motives for this is a message sent to Obama that if the US veers away from Israel, Israel will make music to Russia. Or, Israel is afraid of Russian alliances with Arab states and therefore wants to take every opportunity to form a Russian relationship. Or, Lieberman, being a Russian himself, wants to drink a little wine with Putin.

For more info on the Islamic-666 theory, which admits that f"Most Muslims do not ascribe to this group that labels the Quran 666," see:

Some are also talking about the Mahdi of Islam as the Biblical anti-Christ, but I haven't given this any thought because many groups should be expected to advance false anti-Christs. Just the same, here is one (pre-trib) article if you're interested in knowing a little more as pertains to Ahmadinejad and his Mahdi pal:

"Earlier this year CNN announced that a cult that began in the 1980s, well known for tattoing themselves with the number '666' now claims that appearances and miracles by the AntiChrist will be made soon. Jose De Jesus Miranda, the pastor with 666 tattoo claims that he himself is divine, says he learned he was Jesus reincarnate when he was visited in a dream by angels.

Here's why you should be worried:

WorldNetDaily reports that the President of Iran is saying something VERY SIMILIAR to the 666 cult, however that it's the '12th Imam Holy to Islam' that will be making appearances, and according to Iranian radio, has even offered dates that it will appear.

WND: Iran prepares people for 'messiah miracles'

He has the entire country of Iran in such a buzz that he's even set up a toll free hot line that Iranians can call for information on the 'Mahdi'..."

I can easily conceive of Iran placing the anti-Christ in northern Iraq, but, still, I'm not biting on this Arab-anti-Christ theory. It's obvious that Iran is trying to destroy Israel, but, still, I'm not biting on this Iranian anti-Christ theory. The anti-Christ MUST become large in Europe too, and that would make Amadinejad's pal a non-candidate.

December 5

There wasn't anything to say this morning until I got to CC's email, which shared this map. See it and ask if it isn't the 51st state in the making.

December 6

If you've been at this page today but found nothing, it's because telephone lines were knocked out in my area.

December 7

We're waiting to see where the EU goers with the proposal to announce Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital. Note that Belgium is for the tough line as written in Sweden, but strangely, Britain is also for it:

"Both Israeli and European officials believe the conclusions on the Middle East expected to emerge from [today's] EU foreign ministers' meeting will be different from a Swedish draft text calling for east Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state.

...The proposal by Sweden, which this month is winding down its tenure as rotating president of the EU, is also reportedly backed by Ireland, Belgium, Britain and Malta, while Italy, Holland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, Poland and Slovenia have come out against the wording of the text.

France has also opposed the draft [on technical grounds, not on substance]...

...Jerusalem has also been in contact with the US on the matter, trying to persuade American officials to impress upon the Europeans the ramifications of adopting a resolution that Israel feels pre-judges negotiations

We'd like to know how the O-people will respond to Sweden's proposal, and the fact that they have not come out to discredit it shows something. Thus far, the O (who likes to maintain silence in the beginning so as to unleash his position for the greatest firecracker effect) has yet to speak. And speaking of firecrackers, Sarah Palin is on the war path:

"...And she joins a growing [list] of people from the right and left of the political spectrum who are obviously troubled by the way Obama has handled the eligibility issue -- by employing a high-priced legal team to shut down requests for something as simple and seemingly innocent as the public release of his long-form birth certificate to establish whether he is indeed a 'natural born citizen' as the Constitution requires.

CNN anchor Lou Dobbs was pressured to resign his position over the issue.

The president of CNN issued a memo warning his entire staff to avoid asking questions about the eligibility issue. "

The article speaks on Sarah's advancement of the O's eligibility issue, if you're interested. Sarah is my kind of Christian on the one hand. Instead of retreating when criticised by the liberals, she comes out punching. Sarah has become a dump truck unloading manure on a hill called McCain, where lukewarm and non-Christians live happily together in the city of Republican. For good measure, Sarah the dump truck is covering the McCain hill with the mud from her spinning tires, as she speeds away, because she is a dump truck disguised as a hotrod. She speeds off shooting for the political stares, with noise and curve-winding screeches.

However, I believe that Christians should never compromise the righteousness of God for a high political position, and we have yet to see whether Sarah corrupts her soul for that goal. Jesus would speak his mind too, but he would never be elected in the United States due to sheer opposition to his values.

At present, it appears that the impending civil war in northern Iraq has been averted:

Iraq's parliament passed a reworked election law [yesterday], heading off a dispute...

The parliament held a marathon emergency session [yesterday] and approved the revised law just ahead of a midnight deadline for al-Hashemi [a Sunni Arab] to impose his veto.

...In the final hours of negotiations, some lawmakers took a tough tone with al-Hashemi, even threatening to override him.

Sirwan al-Zahawi, a Kurdish member of parliament, told the state-run Al-Iraqiya television, 'If we need to do it (override the veto), we will do it.'"

The O is very happy about this step in Iraq, for his plans are to remove the Iraqi military and transfer them to the other side of Iran. You recall how liberals criticized Bush for not sending into Iraq enough hardware to protect the men; well, now the military under the O-team is being much more callous:

"Under new authority granted by the Pentagon, U.S. commanders in Iraq may now donate to the Iraqis up to $30 million worth of equipment from each facility they leave, up from the $2 million cap established when the guidelines were first set in 2005. The new cap applies at scores of posts that the U.S. military is expected to leave in coming months as it scales back its presence from about 280 facilities to six large bases and a few small ones by the end of next summer.

Some of the items that commanders may now leave behind, including passenger vehicles and generators, are among what commanders in Afghanistan need most urgently, according to Pentagon memos.

Officials involved say the approach has triggered arguments in the Pentagon over whether the effort to leave Iraqis adequately equipped is hurting the buildup in Afghanistan...

...But a U.S. military official critical of the process said the new regulations allow too much latitude to commanders, provide little oversight and fail to account for the urgent need of American forces in Afghanistan, which need the same kinds of items that the troops in Iraq are leaving behind.

...'In Iraq, people drive around in new Yukons, Suburbans, Envoys and new pickups,' the official said. 'In Kandahar, you find troops from the same U.S. Army driving around in broken-down, 15-year-old, right-hand-drive clunkers with bald tires.'..."

I probably wouldn't have mentioned the story immediately above, except that there's no other news to speak of. The point is, the O, having made his decision to get Osama, now wants as much equipment in Afghani as possible to foster "his war," and doesn't care as much for equipment in Iraq because it's "Bush's war." We can expect the O to side with that part of the military leadership wanting to leave less in Iraq, and for this, Gog, as he sits under his dark bridge somewhere calculating his plots, can smile larger.

I was doing some surfing over the weekend, wondering what others have to say on the "king of the north." What a disappointment. I'd like to repeat here that the Daniel-11 prophecy makes some central points on the anti-Christ's identity. The prophecy first of all has the purpose of connecting him to the Seleucids, and on that point we can disagree on the particular type of connection, whether bloodline related, politics related, or geography related, or two or more of the above.

The second point made by the prophecy is that "king of the north" is a phrased used to specify a ruler operating in northern Israel as opposed to Egypt, which operated in southern Israel when the Seleucids had the northern parts. It does not, therefore, indicate where the king of the north is from, only that he comes to conquer northern Israel. The prophecy doesn't say that this king will be from a nation to the north of Israel (e.g. from Russia), but the suggestion is that his kingdom will be roughly the same as the stretch from Babylon (near Baghdad) to northern Syria, something agreed to by Revelation 13:2.

The next point made by the prophecy is that the king of the north is not the leader of a large nation such that he has a huge military to command. He starts small, and buys his army by the spoils of war, and somehow, in-part by military success after military success, he grows into his large (what I like to call "Neo-Seleucid") empire.

The prophecy therefore makes possibly a scenario wherein end-time Egypt comes into southern Israel to control it against the will of Israel. This would be especially likely after the king of the north has successfully defeated the Egyptians for the first time, and after he retreats to his own land (likely northward). Egypt would then be expected to occupy Gaza, and we can imagine the hairs of EU leaders turning grey overnight at such a situation.

As the king of the north will start small, he could be a member of even a small nation, not necessarily Russia, and yet it's logical to assume that he'll be from a nation to which Europeans will grant a high position in the EU. Russia comes to my mind as the best choice for this, especially as "Gog," yet another term signifying the anti-Christ, is thought to be Russia by most of whom have done a study on the term.

December 8

The following not only explains why God is bringing the great tribulation of Israel, but shows why Democracy is not a good thing in the world:

"[Israeli] Justice Minister Yaacov Neeman came under fire [today] after apparently expressing hopes that the state's current legal system will soon be dictated by the Torah [= Law of Moses].

Former justice minister and current opposition leader and Kadima chair Tzipi Livni told Army Radio [this] morning that such sentiments as expressed by Neeman should 'be troubling to every citizen in Israel'..."

Kadima MK Orit Zuaretz said that Neeman's comments 'undermine the foundations of the value system and the laws of a democratic country.'

...Fellow Kadima MK Ya'acov Edri called on Neeman to quit, saying that with his remarks, the justice minister had expressed a total lack of trust in the [democratic] establishment he was appointed to head. "

You get it. So long as democracy doesn't give religious people the upper hand of broad rule, it's a wonderful the view of humanists, agnostics, cultists, money-hoarders, etc. The article compares those Israelis who yearn for a return to Moses as "Talibanized" the same general way that the West compares "fundamentalist" Christians with fundamentalist Muslims. This is why Armageddon is coming to the West: it has made Israel a Democratic state that rejects the Law of God as the highest law.

We've got to look at this correctly. While we support an Israel of God around Jerusalem, we do not accept the current Israeli state as legitimate in God's eyes. It is an imposter that will be uprooted...and hung on a meat hook for Gog food.

The following story is an update, fresh today, on the EU movement underway to make Jerusalem the capital of Palestine. My major points are: the EU has undertaken the issue of Jerusalem like a dog sticking it's nose where it shouldn't be stuck, and that it's doing this immediately after a Brussels agent has been placed on top of the EU throne. We should watch how quickly the Brussels throne turns the tables on Israel, keeping in mind that God has a betrayal of Israel in mind that will sorely punish the nation for its luke-warmness. The article speaks on a Stubbs surname:

"...Finish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb said the EU must affirm its stand on the status of Jerusalem and insist that Israel must not resume settlement building.

'The EU has very strong principles and we have to stick to those principles,' Stubb said. I think the negotiations, the peace process must simply STRAT and this is a way forward.'"

This portion of the quote is shown here because it shows a "start." The EU is just starting to deal with Jerusalem. Why now? I think it's because king Rompuy is passionate for a Palestinian Jerusalem.

So, where's Gog? His army is still trying to spoil the New Iraq. Today, more bombings in Baghdad that appear to be from the same people targeting government buildings previously: "The blasts, most detonated by suicide bombers, ripped through crowded areas close to government buildings, which should have been under tight security after previous devastating attacks in the capital in recent months. There are over 100 already dead, showing that Gog's armies are going for large numbers with fewer bombings these days. The message in the past three bombings is to Iraqis and others: that the goal is to topple the New Iraq.

I haven't mentioned lately what the Iranians are up to in their struggle with the West. The country has been more defiant, enough told for now. In reality, Iran is struggling to justify (to the world) its defiant positions. I think it feels the American noose tightening. To whom will Iran appeal when things look dimmer? Apparently, to Gog.

I left off yesterday saying that Russia best fits the Gogi prophecy because most whom have studied the Gog concept equate him with Russia, However, that is not technically true according to my studies. Gog was a location in Georgia, and while most equate the land of Magog with what is now Russia, it is also located by some as far south as Georgia. The face-value of the Gog prophecy would therefore point to a Georgian as the Biblical Gog. BUT, Putin's mother is a Georgian, it is claimed by some. That is, Putin's mother is not the woman that Putin claims her to be, but rather he is keeping a secret, that his real mother lives in T'bilisi.

Assuming the many reports are true these days, that Medvedev is striving to go head-to-head with Putin in the 2012 election, Putin could lose and thereby be left out of any official position. He could then become a side-winder leader of Russia, with some military leaders rallying to his side even though he is not the commander-in-chief of the official army. Even now, Medvedev is the commander-in-chief because that position belongs to the president (Putin is the prime minister).

One wonders whether Putin has been gathering other Georgians around him. I think he desires to have Georgia as a Russia satellite because he himself is Georgian. His best tool for securing Georgia is Kadyrov (the Chechen president), if and when he should decide to use him. Putin has just announced that he is going to deal hard with Chechen rebels because, it is claimed, they just blew a Russian train off its tracks, killing many Russians (the train was bombed, or so it is said, by Chechens who oppose Kadyrov's presidency). It suggests that Putin wants to get militarily involved in Chechnya again (he pulled troops out several months ago). Kadyrov might gladly accept him as a political tool should Putin go off the Russian-government payroll.

In an article on Putin, shock waves from Medvedev: "Speaking later from Rome, the current Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, said he would likewise consider a run in 2012. 'Prime Minister Putin said he doesn't rule out this possibility, and I also say I don't rule it out,' Medvedev told a news conference co-hosted by Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi."

There is nothing but speculation to depend on. The question being asked is: what would Russia look like if it were to split between Medvedev-v-Putin loyalties? My question is: what would Putin do if he were to suddenly fall from the great popularity he has now? He doesn't want to leave the political scene, he has just said. There was this recent article:

"Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, said continued armament of Georgia was 'a serious problem', which he discussed with counterparts from NATO at a meeting in Brussels on December 4.

'We have paid special attention to those risks, which are related with continued supplies of arms to Georgia. We hope that the alliance-member states made necessary conclusions from last year's August events,'Lavrov said at a news conference after the NATO-Russia Council (NRC) meeting.

'This is a serious problem. Weapons continue to be supplied in Georgia. According to some estimations Georgia's pre-war military potential is already restored,' he said.

'And mainly offensive weapons are being delivered to Georgia. I hope everyone understands how risky it is to arm this regime. We have discussed it in details within the NATO-Russia Council.'

Addressing soldiers from the artillery brigade on December 4, President Saakashvili said that facing continued occupation of Georgia’s two breakaway regions by Russia, the Georgian armed forces 'should be permanently on high readiness.'

'The enemy is constantly considering new provocations and attacks. The Georgian state's major goal should be liberation of our occupied territories. All of our actions should be directed towards achieving this goal through peaceful means. But we should also be ready to repel enemy's new attacks,' Saakashvili said.

...In its final statement the NATO foreign ministerial meeting in Brussels called on Russia 'to reverse its recognition' of Georgia's two breakaway regions.

Putin is not only unwilling to surrender the two Georgian "states," but I think he also wants the rest of Georgia. I am still waiting for Putin's excuse to start another military conflict, and I'm sure that, to this end, he has enlisted Kadyrov (to Georgia's north) as one of his chief agents. Kadyrov might even be installed as Putin's ruler in Georgia.

There was a headline a few days ago: "Russia has become uneasy with its restless puppet in Chechnya." Hmm, what's that?

"Ramzan Kadyrov, the president of Chechnya, recently proposed to Ahmad Zakaev, a leader of the nationalistic and comparatively moderate Chechen opposition, that he return to Chechnya. Kadyrov promised Zakaev amnesty and various positions of responsibility ranging from director of the local theater to being appointed culture minister.

Zakaev looked ready to accept the proposal...

The article goes on to suggest that Putin doesn't want Kadyrov making political decisions (in Chechnya) for Russia.

December 11

Someone in Russia wants perfect freedom over the military:

"...Medvedev asked the Federation Council to pass an open-ended all-encompassing resolution that will allow him to send troops into action abroad anywhere, anytime; decide on the size of force, specify the enemy, with no legal restraints or limitations..."[tt_news]=35815&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=f0f70476e2

The only thing not listed is the reason for war. Who decides if the war abroad is justified? Apparently, Medvedev wants open-ended ability for any cause.

When I was trying to decide what nation the False Prophet would belong to based on whose fire from the sky Revelation was speaking of, Russia was a possibility simply because it's been the second so-called "super power." I decided against (atheistic) Russia when placing my chips on the false-Christian nature of the False Prophet. I can now add that Russia's latest (i.e. yesterday's )test of its Bulava missile has again failed, for the 13th time, and that for this and other reasons the United States has appeared successful far beyond any other nation on fire-from-the-sky technology. "The Bulava, which is capable of carrying up to 10 individually targeted nuclear warheads and has a maximum range of 8,000 km, is expected to become a key part of the Russian military's future nuclear arsenal." Isn't that "wonderful"?

Revelation 17 tells, in my opinion, that Russia the stud will purchase Europa the hooker for a short adventure, and in the middle of their love-in he will terrify her with a hot surprise from which she will not survive. I think the Russians will get the Bulava right just in time to set her on fire. Rome has arisen again into an empire, but Daniel 7, too, says that it will be burned with fire. God, who does not do such tragic things unless they are justified, is telling that there is something seriously corrupt with the European Union. Before it is set on fire, God will expose to his saints and angels together the particulars of that corruption. There is time for Europeans to get onside the Holy Side. Otherwise, horror. Not many people listen to prophecy-minded Christians, thinking we're crazy.

Hmm, in the last update of November, as a result of toying with possible bloodline connections of the new EU leaders, I was steered back to the Chaves, Chavez, Sheaves, Chiava, etc', variations of what in Britain became the Shaw family. In that update, seeing that the "K" seemed important to this family, I was led further to the Kaves (and Caves ) surname. Today, I find a Cuevas surname in the news, a term that is Spanish for "cave":

"Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today announced the appointment of Major General Alberto Asarta Cuevas, a Spanish national as Force Commander of the United Nations peacekeeping operation (UNIFIL) in south Lebanon...

He succeeds Major General Claudio Graziano of Italy...Major General Asarta Cuevas will leave his role as Adviser to the Chief of Staff of the Spanish Army to take up his new post at UNIFIL.

Major General Asarta Cuevas was also deployment in 2003 with international forces in Iraq as the Deputy Brigade Commander of the Spanish contingent."

The Cuevos Coat uses red lions on white, what I deemed highly important as the symbol of the Magdalene bloodline/cult. My concern is to find what the earliest form of the Shaw surname was, keeping in mind that the Italian Chaves/Chiava surname was first found in Aquila of Abruzzo, where the globalists, including Obama, held a meeting not long after Obama became the U.S. president.

I suspect that the Shaws, first found in Perthshire (Scotland), were Zionist Ishmaelites like the Hagar(t)s, also first found in Perthshire (Ishmael's mother was named, Hagar). But I also suspect that the Shaws and Hagars were in Ayrshire (Scotland) in that the Ayers surname appears as an H-less Hagar variation while the Ayrshire motto is, "God Shaw the Richt." Note that the Hayer surname (a variation of "Ayer") was also first found in Perthshire (I mentioned this in the 6th update of July).

Today I can add that the Hayer motto, "Serva jugum," could be code for the Cueva surname, not just because both use red on white Coats, but because a variation of the latter is Cuervo/Cuerva (i.e. with an 'r' and looking much like "Serva).

If the great tribulation of Israel is about to begin, then Mr. Cuevas should end up playing a role because he now leads in the very area from which the Israeli invasion is to begin. If he is an Ishmaelite, then he, as I suspect from Zionist Ishmaelites as a whole, should side with the Arabs against Israel...which may be the very reason that he has been chosen to oversee the Hezbollah in Lebanon (UNIFIL's main concern is keeping tabs on Hezbollah).

Possibly, the green griffin in the Cuevas Crest is the same (also in green) in the Sitten/Sayton/Seaton Crest. The Sitten Coat shows the double-border known to be a Fleming symbol, and the Flemings use the motto, "Let the deed shaw." The Sitten motto uses "Hazard," very close "Hagart." I believe that Templar-related Zionists are from Sion/Sitten of Switzerland, and if per chance the Hazard code is for the Hagar(t)s, then Hagars could be from Sitten/Sion too, explaining why Hagars use a Zionist star as symbol.

The way in which I arrived to the Sitten Coat this morning is interesting. Recall that the Kellner surname was tied (in the 3rd update of November) to the Chiava et al variations, and that Kellner is the surname of the husband of Cathy Ashton, the new EU foreign-affairs chief. Seeing that the Kellner surname is said to be derived from "cellarer," I checked the Seller surname, said to be from "sellarius, which means seat, or saddle". I therefore checked the Saddle/Sadler surname (colors those of Kellner) to find the motto term, "Servire," very much like the "Serva" term (used by the Hayers/Hagars/Ayers). This is not-bad evidence that the Cuevas/Cuervas were the same as the Chiava/Chaves/etc. Then, looking at "Saddle," the Sitten surname came to mind...with the green dragon apparently the same as in the Cuevas Crest.

There is in fact a Satan surname; it's a variation of the Seaton/Sitten term.

Keep in kind that I had traced the Magdalene cult to the Crichtons, also using a green dragon, and originally from Lothian (Scotland) as were the Seatons/Sittens (the Crichton blue lion could be the same as that of the Saddlers). As I trace Crichtons/Creychtons to the Rhea goddess of the Curetes, which term modified to Crae/Cree/Crey/etc., note the Crey Coat using the red stars on white -- the Sitten/Sion-of-Switzerland symbol -- as well as the red lion on white that is the Magdalene symbol.

The Curetes, you see, were the carriers of the Zeus-Taurus cult that carried Europa of Tyre on his back...a merger that today makes up the Revelation harlot known to be the European Union. The Tyrians became the Zeus-based Trojans (of Tros) who became the Tyrrhenian (or ETRUScan) founders of Rome. Rompuy (to be understood as Rom-Puy, apparently) now heads the European Union along with Cathy Ashton.

By the way, who made the foreign affairs chiefs (plural = "Chieves"?) the second-most important position in most governments? The globalists, of course.

After writing that, I checked for a Chief and Chieves surname but found neither. I did find a Chevers/Cheevers surname (also "Cheves!") using what appears to be the goat of the Fleming Crest (Rompuy is a Fleming).

Seeing the Chilver variation of Chevers, I checked the Silvers surname to find the Irish-Fleming bells.


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