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November 11 - 19, 2009

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November 11

No sooner did Netanyahu visit Obama that there was an international complaint by the United States about the Francop cargo:

"The United States accused Iran [yesterday] of illicit arms deliveries to Hezbollah guerrillas, during a session of the United Nations Security Council, endorsing charges by Israel following its seizure of a ship in the Mediterranean last week.

...UN diplomats said no immediate action on the matter was expected from the full council, but that it would likely be referred to a council committee charged with monitoring compliance with a council resolution that bans Iranian arms exports.

Israel filed a formal complaint with the UN last week over the shipment...

The incident was raised by U.S. Deputy Ambassador Alejandro Wolff at a closed-door Security Council meeting discussing developments in Lebanon since a 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah, diplomats said.

...Britain's deputy ambassador said he too had raised London's 'very serious concern' about the affair, but was more guarded about Iranian involvement, saying only there was a 'suggestion that Iran has been caught illegally exporting weapons.'

Britain was awaiting further information and could not yet confirm details of the Israeli allegations, envoy Philip Parham told reporters."

I doubt very much that Israel would accuse Iran so quickly, so publicly, if the evidence were scanty or unreliable. Another article on the topic: "Israel has not provided documentary evidence to back its claims that 36 containers of weapons hidden among hundreds of containers of civilian cargo on the Francop came from Iran and were headed for Lebanon's Hezbollah fighters via Syria. But its contention about the Iranian origin was bolstered by Iranian markings on the side of containers filled with rockets, missiles, mortars, anti-tank weapons and munitions shown to reporters in Israel."

But where's Obama's words on the topic? The article above goes on to say; "The United States also called on Syria and Iran to end their 'material support' for Hezbollah and other militias in Lebanon, which violates the 2006 cease-fire resolution, the U.S. official said." Isn't this something that Obama should have been repeating, over the months, on world-encompassing media stages? "Britain's Parham told reporters after the council meeting that the Francop appears to be the third case of illegal Iranian arms exports this year." It's strike three for Obama, and he's OUT OF THERE!!


"...So far, no photos have been released from the meeting. The only photos available are those of Netanyahu entering the White House, and leaving it. The government photographer, the only one allowed into the meeting, was prohibited from making the photos public.

The late hour of the meeting, which was scheduled at the very last minute while Netanyahu was already on a plane to Washington, and the fact that the prime minister was transported in a simple van, and not the official government vehicle that usually takes world leaders to meetings with the president [of the U.S.], also indicated that something was amiss."

...Senior officials in the Obama administration also accused Netanyahu of suggesting that he had the power to pressure Obama with various lobbies within the U.S. political arena. The White House views this sentiment as a 're-run' of Netanyahu's behavior during Bill Clinton's administration. This issue apparently came up in the meeting between Netanyahu and Obama.

'The administration was upset because Netanyahu's camp forced the meeting on them, and that it was scheduled in accordance with Netanyahu's schedule, and not theirs,' said one of the Jewish leaders at the GA conference."

I don't think Netanyahu would force a meeting merely on the Palestinian issue. I think it was the Francop, and what the evidence against Iran entailed. As we await Obama's betrayal of Israel (which may or may not happen), we have a serpent slithering down his tree with a slimy proposition:

"...'The support of both Israel and Iran can't go hand in hand,' Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying by IRNA. 'No change is made unless great choices are made.'

'We would welcome the changes [from Obama], and wait for big and correct decisions to be made...We will clasp any hand that is extended sincerely toward us, but changes should be made in practice.'"

Betray Israel, or go away, Iran is telling the Shrinking-O. Perhaps these words of Ahmadinejad are the words of a man whose "game is up." Time to get down and dirty, that is, since he's been exposed by the Francop. If DEBKAfile is correct this morning, Ahmadman has reason to be cocky:

"In the secret part of their talks in Tehran on Oct. 28, DEBKAfile's military sources reveal that Turkish prime minister Tayyep Recep Erdogan and Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad struck military cooperation deals which promised Iran Turkish military intelligence and air force assistance against a possible Israeli attack on [Iran's] nuclear sites.

Their understandings have bound Turkish to pass intelligence data to Tehran...

The Turkish prime minister has not only buried his country's longstanding military and intelligence ties with Israel but climbed aboard the adversarial axis confronting the Jewish state. Turkey has agreed to round out the forward surveillance outposts encircling Israel's borders: Hamas from the southwest in Gaza, Syria in the east, Lebanon in the north and now Turkey from the northwest. Tehran is banking on this encirclement for early warning of an approaching Israeli strike and any supportive American movements."

That's quite a charge. It suggests that Turkey has betrayed Obama. Or, shall we say, Obama has supported Israel (in public word, anyway) to such a degree that Turkey no longer has interest in partnering with him. Perhaps DEBKAfile is wrong about Turkey's motives for partnering with Iran; future events should tell.

Caution: Obama has chosen a man for his administration that was previously in charge of "Obama's global food security initiative." Do world Christians want Obama tampering with that topic in the run-up to the final 1260 days? The chosen man, whose background is apparently from the Indo theater, is being given the task of making in-roads into world regions on behalf of American interests, and one of the purposes could be, indirectly anyway, for fostering a global skincode in hard-to-reach places:

"Moving to fill a gap in its foreign policy lineup, the White House [yesterday] nominated a health economist to head the $20-billion U.S. overseas aid agency it views as a crucial tool for boosting the U.S. image.

President Barack Obama said Rajiv Shah -- a longtime development worker who now serves as chief scientist at the Department of Agriculture -- was the right person to lead the U.S...

'The mission of USAID is to advance America's interests by strengthening our relationships abroad,' Obama said...

...Formally part of the State Department, USAID expects to see its funds more than double...

...critics said the unfilled vacancy at the top of USAID had set back work in key places such as Afghanistan.

The agency has more than 6,800 people working in some 80 countries worldwide.

...While at the Department of Agriculture Shah has spearheaded work on Obama's global food security initiative. Earlier, he worked for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as its director for agricultural development."

I think that for Obama to fulfill Revelation 13, he will need to have some political successes rather than dismal failures. The passage of the health care bill by the House is impetus for his drowning confidence level, and now Bill Clinton is lobbying the Senate on Obama's behalf to better assure that senators are numerous enough to keep the health-care bill alive. I don't think Bill would be doing this apart from Obama's wink. It could mean that a special relationship may form between the two. Remember, Bill is dedicated to Third-World "outreach" on behalf of globalist bankers.

There's a story lead-in today:"John Allen Muhammad - the mastermind of the 2002 sniper attacks that killed 10 people in Virginia, Maryland and the District - was executed by lethal injection [last] night." I thought that I would mention this as I had traced the Allen surname, not only to the Magdalene cult, but to Ishmaelitish Zionists. The suspicion is that Ishmaelitish Zionists are the anti-Israeli Zionists, imposters in many ways who take on Israeli and Christian colors of Biblical importance, and that they would tend to befriend Arabs since Ishmaelites were from long-ago a part of basic Arab bloodlines.

No sooner had I ended with what I thought was an expose of the Magdalene cult that I lost all impetus to continue on bloodline topics. It feels a little as though I am finished the years-long task on the Hebrew-Rus dragon cult by revealing the Dallen/Allen root of "MagDalene." I'm sure there will be more to be said, but for this year, I think the purpose was to lay all that out. We may discover the reasons shortly as it touches end-time prophecy. Thank you for your patience if you thought it was all off-topic in these updates.

November 12

Netanyahu speaks:

"...'The atmosphere during the meeting with President Obama was very open and very warm,' Netanyahu later told Israeli reporters. 'The importance of the visit will be ascertained in the future.'

Netanyahu called reports of a crisis with Obama 'nonsense.'"

The article suggests the opposite of what Netanyahu says above, but on the "will be ascertained in the future" part, I think he's hinting that the meeting's main topic was surprisingly large, and that it gives him pleasure. It's as though he has a smoking gun, being used by Sarkozy of France, for one, to make Assad of Syria return to the peace table. Netanyahu is saying that he's willing to go to that table at Sarkozy's request, and the latter is attempting to coerce Assad into being there promptly.

The idea may be to get Syria to abandon Iran now that a smoking gun tends to spoil Syria's ties to the West. If so, it highlight's the shamefulness by which the European "harlot" acts. Rather than abandon all ties with Syria because the Syrian government is grossly in favor of Israel's destruction, Europa seeks to salvage a money-based relationship. George Bush, which Europa hated, was not so shameful.

And speaking of George, I've got to say that there are too many Christians who viewed his administration as the agent of Jesus Christ on earth. To this day, there are Christians in favor of sending Americans to Afghanistan just because the Republicans want Obama to do so. Please, make a distinction between the Republican Party and Jesus Christ. Don't shipwreck your loyalties to Him by falling in lock-step with a political party. The Bush presidents used Christians for achieving power, and so offered some pro-Jesus lip service to that end, but neither Bush delivered any major battle plans against the sinful sea of liberalism.

An article of yesterday in a Lebanese media:

"...Israel immediately accused arch-foe Iran of sending the cargo, but [yesterday] offered for the first time evidence to back up the charges and detailed the extent of the cache.

'Hidden among the dozens of other containers on board, and disguised as civilian goods, the ship contained a consignment of 36 shipping containers with 500 tones of arms en route via Syria to the Hizbullah terrorist organization in Lebanon,' the army and foreign ministry said in a statement.

'A total of about 9,000 mortar bombs of different types were seized, along with about 3,000 Katyusha artillery rockets, 3,000 recoilless gun shells, 20,000 grenades and over half a million rounds of small arms ammunition,' the statement said.

It was accompanied by photos showing the ship's manifest, containers bearing the logo of the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines and cargo with Iranian armed forces customs labels.

Among the weapons seized were 2,124 Iranian-made 107mm artillery rockets and thousands of AZ111-A2 fuses manufactured only in Iran, the statement said.

Pictures also showed boxes of rockets labeled as 'parts of bulldozers,' a suggestion of attempts to disguise the shipment."

We can now know why Russia opposes sanctions with Iran, or at least one good reason:

"Russia is still considering the possible deliveries of [S-330] advance air defense systems to Iran and will not freeze the contract as a concession to the United States, a government official said.

...I do not understand why there is so much media frenzy over the deliveries of S-300 to this region...Russia has the right to decide on its own whether to deliver these systems to any country which is not under UN Security Council's sanctions,' Biryulin said."

Suddenly, Russia is being assertive to the point of swiping at Obama, though we don't know whether these statements are from Putin's thinking. If what I think has taken place, that the facade of Russia and Iran has come tumbling down with Francop confirmation, we could expect tougher talk from them now as justification for what has been found behind the facade. However, I do not think that Obama did not already know what was behind the screen; he just didn't let on that he knew. His Intelligence should have made things very plain.

Thus, Obama is also putting up his own facade, as if he doesn't know about the Iranian and Russian facades, and of course Putin knows that Obama is pretending not to know, and Obama knows that Putin knows. We can expect that Russia-West relations will be facade-on-facade until Gog lashes out in a suicidal Armageddon-igniting outburst. Poor sap. Poor, sorry sap. Stay home, Gog. Go play golf or something. Be happy. Forget world conquest.

The Iran axis is forcing the Globamists to make a decision; either denounce protection for Israel, or lose respect from Muslims and watch the Alliance-of-Civilization movement go down the drain:

"Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah [yesterday] accused U.S. President Barack Obama of absolute bias in favor of Israel and disregard for the dignity of Arabs and Muslims.

Obama has gone even farther in his military support for Israel than his predecessor, George W. Bush, said Nasrallah."

Ouch, it's the Bush card, which to Obama is like krypton. It's certainly talking tough. The masks are coming off, and we only wish that the Obamask will come off too. As the wave of anti-O spreads throughout the Muslim world, Western globalists will need to make that fateful decision on whether to abandon Israel, or at least whether they should minimize Israel more than they already have.

The direction toward prophecy seems right on, but there's little velocity, hardly any momentum, and certainly no acceleration. Mosul awaits an outcome. Let me remind you that Mosul was of no significance to the Insurgents a few years ago under Bush's first term. It has since become the focal point of feared disruption, a haunt awaiting a Devil incarnate. I believe that. I have used up a lot of energy in updates because I believe that. It's an Ashur thing that the Devil incarnate is coming to the ancient Assyrian capital. Wait for it, look for it. The Dragon will show up.

I was reading an article on the difficulty of the Iraqi election when I reached a line: "The UN secretary general's envoy to Iraq, Ad Melkert, speaking at a news conference with Haidari, said the 10-week timeline for organising a January 18 election would be difficult but was possible."

Something made me suspicious enough about this Melkert fellow to do a Wikipedia check, and it turns out that In November, 2002 Melkert was appointed executive director of the World Bank, on advice of the minister of Finance, Zalm. In April 2005 he was a serious candidate to become Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), but the post went to Kemal Dervis. In January 2006 Melkert was appointed Associate Administrator of the UNDP...."

If the world bank has everything to do with the coming skincode system, this Dutch globalist should re-appear in the news. Any such high-level UN operative in Iraq should have some contact with the coming anti-Christ. His full name is given as "Adrianus Petrus Wilhelmus (Ad) Melkert." There is a Melchert surname that uses only a single white fleur de lys on red, the symbol, in the same colors, of the Lille Arms. Lille is a French-border city (near the Netherlands) very near the Lys river, which should explain the white fleur de lys on red in the Lys-surname Coat.

The Melchert-surname write-up (link above) verifies a Hebrew origin: "Melchior was the name of one of the biblical three Wise Men or Kings (Kaspar, Melchior and Balthasar,) and means literally in Hebrew 'King of Light.'" Of course, we don't know the names of the three wisemen (because the Bible doesn't give them), and I am not privy to how the three names were conjured up (I suspect it's another of the countless inventions of the "infallible" popes), but the fact is, the UN envoy to Iraq appears to have Hebrew Holland, where the "Jewish" International bankers have long been accumulated.

It's interesting that Ad Melkert said the Iraqi elections would be a "Herculean" task, for the Molech cult of Zeus paganism was called "Melqart/Melkart" in Tyre, but viewed as Hercules in Greece. Wikipedia: "Melqart was often titled...'Lord of Tyre', the ancestral king of the royal line. In Greek, by interpretatio graeca he was identified with Heracles and referred to as the Tyrian Herakles."

The article makes it plain that the Hercu-Melqart cult is that part of Hercules history that provided western Atlantis (to the west of Spain). I trace that particular Hercules from the Greek Danaan to the British Danann, but further back in time from the Greek Danaan, the cult traces to the Samson cult...made up of Hyksos out of Egypt but mingling with Jerusalem Amorites. I then traced the Jerusalem Amorites to the Merovingian Franks...who founded the fleur-de-lys symbol. VERY INTERESTING indeed if Ad Melkert is part of Amorite-honoring Zionists.

November 13

More on Melkert from mere months ago on July 2009: "The Secretary-General [Ban Ki-moon] has informed the Security Council of his intention to appointed [sic] Ad Melkert of the Netherlands as his Special Representative for Iraq.;jsessionid=axbWzt8vXD9

The article says that Melkert fills a "new position." In other words, the figurehead ruler of the United Nations has just recently chosen Melkert to represent his Iraq agenda, and we have yet to see if the UN will initially prop Gog up as an Iraqi "developer." It is Melkert's task to help develop the new Iraq, and I foresee Gog coming in to do just that (I'm not at all implying that Melkert is Gog). Melkert will undoubtedly weigh in on the problems in the northern part of the country, and he should therefore become either for or opposed to Gog.

I have also learned that Melkert "was appointed by [previous UN] Secretary-General Kofi Annan to the position of UN Under-Secretary-General and Associate Administrator of [UN Development Program]." Melkert was born in Gouda of the Netherlands, and the Arms of Gouda happen to use six Zionist stars.

As Gouda "takes its name from the Van der Goude family," I checked the Goude-surname Coat to find a near-copy of the Arms of Gouda, but instead of using six gold Zionist stars on red, the surname uses six gold pentagrams on red...once again showing that pagan pentagrams could have developed from Zionist stars in an effort to disguise Hebrew roots. As you may know, the Washington surname did the same (compare Wassa Coat with Washington Coat).

Possibly, "Gouda" may have developed from "Judah," but if so it doesn't necessarily mean that the Gouda family traces back to Judah or Jews; they may have assumed that trace simply because the tribe of Judah was God's favorite. Note that Gouda is on the Gouwe river (i.e. like "Jew"), itself off the Rhine roughly where the Salian-Frank side of the Merovingians were first recorded. Certain Merovingians claimed to be from the bloodline of Judah, as per their false claim to the bloodline of Jesus.

Per good chance, the Goude surname took its symbols and colors from the Vaux Coat (a Wells branch). If you have been reading my updates, you may know that the Jesus-Magdalene cult traces to Merovingians of Septimania/Languedoc as they merged there with Goths of the Vaux fold.

Playing around some, I found the same colors, and a single gold Zionist star on red, in the German Youd/Yewden Coat! The Youd surname is very likely the root of the Goude surname, in other words. Variation like "Uhden" and "Youdin" are very close to "Odin," chief god of the Goths. I would suggest Goude connections with the Goth-surname Coat (using a Zionist star), and I do note the similarity between "Goth" and "Goude."

Zikers! Could it be that certain Goths of Septimania (or of Hitler's Thule society) thought that variations of their surnames derived from "Judah"??? I'm sure that there have been some British-Israelists who have identified Jutes as Jews from Judah, but I don't easily buy ideas of such heavy gravity without some evidence. Others would trace Jutes to the Israeli tribe of Gad, but I ignore such word play if it comes with no evidence or logic.

The Geddes surname traces to the Rose surname of Moray and Ross-shire. This Ged/Geddes webpage shows a red lion on gold, an old Wells symbol; note that the Wells Coat on the right uses a gold star on red i.e. the Vaux and Goude symbol, wherefore it would appear that the Geddes surname is a Goude branch in Scotland. I touched on the Geddes surname in the eighth update of April.

I am amazed that, after seeking in my files the term "Annan" as per Kofi Annan's connections to Ad Melkert, I decided not to mention anything about it...until I saw the Geddes webpage minutes later. It says that the Geddes lived in the land of the Annan river. The page traces the Geddes to Hibernia (of Heber, like "Hebrew") and Ulster, a locality using a Zionist star in the colors (red and white) of the Goudes. I have seen a few things that link the same-colored Washingtons to the Goudes, but I won't show them here; suffice it to say that I've seen multiple reasons to trace Goudes to Gascony (the land that I trace "Wassa" to) and the Lacy/Leslie family (that I suspect is a Lys branch).

If you've been reading much, you may know that I trace Jutes/Eotens/Ytene and Goths to Getae Thracians/Trojans. The "Eoten" term for Jutes could have developed from the Edones; a branch of the latter were the Sithones who I trace to <Sion/Sitten of Valais/Wallis, Switzerland, the place to which I also traced the Wells surname, the place using 13 red/white pentagrams on white/red. I then trace the Sithone Edones to the Sitones of Gotland/Sweden, exactly where the Odin cult developed. Wikipedia suggests that Sion/Sitten developed from the Seduni Celts, but that name for the peoples may have been late and derived after "Sion" modified to "Sitten." The terms may have been separate modifications of "Sidon," a region that supported a pagan Adonis cult.

It's never my pleasure to go into these bloodline topics in depth, but many times the "playing around" demands it. I would claim at this point that Ad Melkert, whose surname I independently traced (hypothetically) just yesterday to Tyre, connects with the Adonis cult of Sidon (near Tyre), and with all the Gouda-related topic above. This Ad Melkert may prove to be a very important person, justifying much of what I've written on bloodline topics in these Iraq updates. I would breathe a great sigh of relief if that did happen.

It could be that Melkert is affiliated with the Rothschilds. I have seen some reasons for this, including the claim that the Geddes were a sept of Camerons (who use what should be the Rothschild symbol as Crest). The Cameron write-up says that they were "traditionally" descended from Danes, on one side, anyway. That fits yesterday's trace of the Melkerts to the Hercules/Melqart Danaan.

Some might know of my mention of the Craig surname as it could pertain to the Crichton/Creighton/Crae/Rae family (using a green dragon as symbol), who I trace from the Cruithen (= proto-Brits) of Britain back to the Curetes of Crete (the peoples, along with the great-mother goddess, Rhea, who raised the infant Zeus), who in turn were traced further back to Europa of Tyre that Zeus took, upon his back, away to Crete. In today's news, White House counsel Greg Craig is to resign, but a Rothschild agent, quite possibly, is taking his place: "Bob Bauer, who was general counsel on Obama's presidential campaign and a longtime adviser to Obama, has agreed to take Craig's place."

The article says that Craig's deputy was Cassandra Butts, having a surname that I would trace to Bute. The Crichtons, along with the Alan-turned Stewarts, have monuments on Bute. Both the Creas and the Stewarts use a red lion on white, the symbol of the Dallens (who I think were D'Allens) that I suspect were the guts of the Magdalene code.

There's a headline: "Warren Buffett: The financial panic is over." Apparently, the financial collapse that some groups were strongly predicting should better have been labeled a "financial panic." That is, the globalists may have planned a panic -- nothing at all risky or dire at its heart -- in order to make changes to the way the world of money turns. Will there be yet another financial panic?

Finally, evidence that the Obama administration could be manipulating the Kurdish oil wealth corruptly:

"Peter W. Galbraith, an influential former American ambassador, is a powerful voice on Iraq who helped shape the views of policy makers like Joseph R. Biden Jr. and John Kerry. In the summer of 2005, he was also an adviser to the Kurdish regional government as Iraq wrote its Constitution -- tough and sensitive talks not least because of issues like how Iraq would divide its vast oil wealth.

Now Mr. Galbraith, 58, son of the renowned economist John Kenneth Galbraith, stands to earn perhaps a hundred million or more dollars as a result of his closeness to the Kurds, his relations with a Norwegian oil company and constitutional provisions he helped the Kurds extract.

In the constitutional negotiations, he helped the Kurds ram through provisions that gave their region -- rather than the central Baghdad government -- sole authority over many of their internal affairs, including clauses that he maintains will give the Kurds virtually complete control over all new oil finds on their territory."

The Galbraith Coat uses three harnessed bears, and is therefore connected somehow to the Forbes surname. Both are from the Picts, but the Galbraith term is said to derive from Gal-Briton. Again, "Cruithen" is a C-Celt version of the P-Celt, "Pretani," the latter term pertaining to the proto-Brits. It's known that the Cruithen/Cruithne of Ireland furnished the Picts. The bears suggest that these two surnames were from the Bernicians (of Pictish realms). Entering "Braith" brings up the Bradd Coat that I've shown many times, and linked to the Bruces as well as the Pendragon cult.

Just after writing the above, I went seeking Russian news and came upon all in the family:

"In Forbes's latest list of the world's most powerful people, some choices come as little surprise. President Obama, Hu Jintao of China and Vladimir Putin of Russia come out on top, and at No. 4 Ben S. BERNanke is confirmed as the world's most influential central banker" (caps mine).

Whatever happened to Egypt's push on Palestinian unity? "Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr. Aziz Dweik, of Hamas told Media that his movement will sign the Egyptian document for internal Palestinian conciliation." However, this sounds more like a preliminary deal to make the big deal. The deal to make the deal is supposed to happen before the end of the end of this month.

November 14

Uh-O. This could be very problematic:

"The Palestinian Authority is considering seeking recognition from the United Nations Security Council of a Palestinian state along 1967 lines with East Jerusalem as its capital, senior negotiator Saeb Erekat told Palestinian newspaper Al-Ayyam in a report published [today].

Erekat said that the Palestinian Authority has already received support for the idea from other Arab states and added that Russia and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon have also apparently expressed support for the plan."

Is this why the Obama administration has been cool and collect throughout Netanyahu's rejections? Is this the plan, to force a Palestinian state by UN law? Prior to Obama, such a plot would not pass because the U.S. would veto it. With Russia's support and Obama very much in favor of the state, is there any other Security-Council nation that would veto the plot? Definitely keeping an eye on this development, and asking why it has taken so long. Perhaps the UN wanted to give Israel time to go along willingly so as not to force (and enforce) a new Arab state.

We recall Solana's statement that he would force such a state against Israel's will. It looks like that's about to happen now. Rather than the UN putting forth the idea, however, the Palestinians are doing it...which could be exactly the plan of UN leaders discussed at private meetings.

I think this is a key story. I think this would cause war between Israel and parts of the UN. BUT, which parts of the UN would go in and enforce the Palestinian state with Israel's military in opposition? Would Russia be granted the top spot in such a task???

The news comes just after the Francop find. Apparently, the find was evidence enough that the Iran axis was making out for a huge war that would de-stabilize the region, something the West wants to avoid. The West's solution for taming Iran has been to form the Palestinian state, you see. There is a race between the West and Iran: to create that state before the other destroys it. One couldn't get more troublesome (as in "tribulation") in Israel than that.

DEBKAfile is announcing what I haven't found in any other media, that Obama opposes the Palestinian appeal to the UN, but we should expect Obama to come out and appear opposed even if he's for it. And, amazing enough, the DEBKAfile article is entitled, "Obama Enlists Both Clintons to stop a Palestinian state":

"After US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton warned Mahmoud Abbas on Oct. 31 that he was going against the wishes of president Barack Obama, the White House hauled out a heavy contingent of big American guns to make him see reason. They visit Ramallah Sunday, Nov. 15, to lean hard on him to back off his plan for a unilateral declaration of the Islamic Republic of Palestinian within 1967 or 1949 borders with Jerusalem as its capital, following the Kosovo example of 2008, according DEBKAfile's Washington and Jerusalem sources.

Obama took advantage of the Sadan Forum's sixth session taking place in Jerusalem [today] to assign key participants to this mission, including former president Bill Clinton, governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, five US congressmen and several presidential advisers including Dennis Ross.

It now transpires that Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas' dramatic resignation and his obstruction of peace talks by demanding that Israel first halt settlement activity were stunts behind which he and his aides have been actively lobbying world capitals to support his independence project.

Our sources disclose that the US president's objections are shared by Cairo and Riyadh. Still, Abbas refused to heed Secretary Clinton when they met in Ramallah, or Obama in two subsequent telephone conversations. He is so fixated on his plan that even if Binyamin Netanyahu were to stop all settlement construction on the West Bank and Jerusalem, Abbas would not come round. At best, he would let the Americans force him into a meeting and then abort it.

The details of his plan are simple: Ruling out further negotiations with Israel, the Palestinian Authority will unilaterally proclaim an independent state with Jerusalem its capital within the 1949 armistice borders, transitional boundaries which ended Israel's war of liberation. To obtain maximum international support, Abbas will refer to the 1967 - not the 1949 - boundaries in the first stage, thereby making the hundreds of thousands of Jews living in West Bank settlements and the Arab districts of Jerusalem sovereign Palestinian citizens.

...Sunday, the formidable group led by Bill Clinton will present itself to Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad in Ramallah for two tasks: One is to show Abbas that he is not irreplaceable as the preferred Palestinian leader and the other is to persuade Fayyad to lead a general movement in the Palestinian leadership to force the PA chairman to give up his plan.

Saturday, Nov. 14, the Palestinian Authority's senior diplomat Saed Ereket...He claimed the plan had won the support of Russia and the United Nations, but omitted to mention the United States. When he spoke, Erekat knew perfectly well that any such motion would run into an American veto and so die in its tracks."

The article suggests that Abbas has resigned as Palestinian leader for just the plot to allow the UN to force the Palestinian state. On whether the U.S. would veto the plot, we shall have to wait and see. I find it amazing that Bill Clinton, as out of the blue, is being portrayed (by DEBKAfile) as Obama's chief deputy in this Israeli initiative. If Bill takes Israel by the horns, he may yet turn out to be the False Prophet, as in one of the two lamb-like horns.

Likely, the global skincode will entail the World Trade Organization:

"Russian President Dmitry Medvedev hopes to conclude negotiations on Russia joining the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 2010, he said in comments released by the Kremlin [yesterday].

'WTO accession remains on our agenda: we hope to conclude talks in 2010,' Medvedev said.

Medvedev stressed the importance of accession to Russia, a key global supplier of oil and gas, as well as to its trading partners.

...'In other words, Russia sees itself as part of the global trade system, and wants to build stronger, more friendly and comfortable relations with all our partners.'"

Amazing, is it not, that Russia wants to enter the Western world of trade (symbolized by "Babylon" the harlot in Revelation 18) just as we (or I, at least) are expecting the False Prophet to spread a global purchasing system to Russia and its Arab trade partners? The U.S alliance with Russia is proceeding surprisingly well, and I think it's Russia's strong desire to be a part of the WTO that is allowing it to go so well. Russia has been demanding that NATO get out of its back yard in return for this alliance, but one can also see that Russia may ask for a top spot in Europe as yet another stipulation. This alliance is being defined by me as the makings of the harlot riding on the beast's back.

Obama thus-far appears to be a main ingredient in both, the waning/weakening of Israel's global reputation, and an alliance with the nation of the anti-Christ, things that previous American presidents would not have considered. I said that the direction toward prophecy is right, and that the velocity is slow, but suddenly, if the UN backs the Arab proposal to form a Palestinian state, with Russia playing a major role, things may finally start to move along.


"A series of powerful blasts ignited a fire [yesterday] at a Russian army munitions depot in the outskirts of Ulyanovsk, a city about 900 kilometers (560 miles) east of Moscow, Russian media reported."

Could some Francop weapons have come from that depot? That is, did Putin order it destroyed to hide the evidence? I imagine that Netanyahu has kept under covers all evidence of Russian involvement in the Francop, but that he has discussed it with Obama and perhaps other Western leaders. If so, it would mark the end of any Russian-Israeli ties. BUT, it would not necessarily end Europa's alliance with Russia because that alliance is more important to her than Israel. And it might not end Obama's alliance-push with Russia because he dangles on the strings of European puppet controllers.

Aw, shucks, only number three:

"Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is the world's third-most powerful person, far ahead of President Dmitry Medvedev and outranked only by the U.S. and Chinese presidents, according to a list released by Forbes magazine Thursday."

This was not meant as an attempt by the Forbes people to raise Putin to some happy status, for they don't like Putin. And Putin should not like to be viewed behind Obama. Making him number three only eggs him on to becoming number one.

Oh. The Forbes people forgot to include one other Powerful Person, the One with power to toss souls into the Lake of Fire.

I was Google searching last night for "Gog is the anti-Christ," and was happy to see more websites promoting the idea. But one also finds webpages giving reasons as to why the equation can't be true, as for example the one arguing that Gog has a burial place east of the Dead sea (see Ezekiel 39) while the anti-Christ is thrown alive into the lake of fire (Revelation 19). My solution to this apparent contradiction is that Isaiah 34:9-10 locates a perpetual fire in Edom...which is a nation east of the Dead sea. Also, when humans are tossed alive into such a fire, they do die. Their souls may continue on, but humans do die in a fire.

Yes, I identify Isaiah's perpetual fire as the lake of fire; I do not view the lake of fire as Hell somewhere inside the planet's interior (that would be a Catholic invention). I view the Biblical "forever/unto the ages" as ending at the end of the Millennium, which is the end of the ages and the start of a new Universe. The lake of fire then disappears along with the disappearance of the old earth (Revelation 21).

If you believe the news report that NASA found 80 liters of water on the moon as a result of a planned explosion on the lunar surface meant to find water on it, think again. The purpose of the explosion and the find of water is to steal more American tax dollars so that NASA can continue seeking evidence of life off of the that evolution might appear truer than most people now view it.

November 15

Obama and Medvedev standing side by side in an affair to make the economy go global:

"Standing beside Russian President Dmitry Medvedev after the two leaders met [today] on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, Obama said, 'We are now running out of time [on Iran].'"

If you read this and other articles, you will find that Russia, or at least Medvedev, has done an about-face. Whereas the Russian foreign minister said not many days ago that Russia did not support sanctions against Iran at this time, Medvedev is advancing sanctions. Again, I think the Francop has made the difference, but I also think that Russia's threats against Iran are empty. God forbid that the O-Team should even say the word, "Francop." Instead:

"U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman said Washington was eager to cooperate with the Hariri Cabinet [of Lebanon], but warned that arms export from Iran to Hizbullah 'puts Lebanon at great risk.'

...He accused Iran of continuing to export arms to Hizbullah..."

I've got to say: there does not seem to be any push toward a cashless society. Although the machinery is all in place for such a thing, one doesn't hear calls for eradicating cash. It may be one of those things concerning the global agenda that cannot be advertised due to what Christians will do and say in opposition. It may therefore be something to be sprung on the masses at an opportune roughly the same time as a mandatory skincode.

Obama has promised alliance with the Pacific ocean:

"President Barack Obama, speaking in Tokyo before departing for the meetings in Singapore, announced that the U.S. would participate in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, joining Chile, New Zealand, Singapore and Brunei. The news drew loud applause at the APEC forum, and gave a boost to proposals to create a broad free-trade area spanning the 21-member forum."

In another article:

"...While he offered few specifics on the key issues of trade, Obama reached out warmly to China -- soon expected to overtake Japan as the world's No. 2 economy -- applauding Beijing's robust strides as a burgeoning economic engine.

'We welcome China's efforts to play a greater role on the world stage...'

It was the fifth major foreign address of Obama's 10-month presidency, continuing the sharp break with the unilateral approach that marked international relations under the Bush administration.

Obama reached out through several personal notes that delighted his audience, including calling himself 'America's first Pacific president,'..."

You get it: Obama is a global animal. He wants all to believe that global is the good future. He ignores the religious and cultural minefields that dot the global landscape. He closes his eyes to the fact that nations don't want to get along economically, but are instead like dogs in competition, as in any business turf. Alliances based on money can't last long, for money corrupts.

A Turkish media has shared a decent AP article on the EU "king":

"The European Union has battled long and hard for this moment: the imminent choice of its first president. To get there, the EU strong-armed Irish voters, brushed aside hostile French and Dutch ballots, and pressured the Czech president into agreeing to a single leader to give Europe a strong voice on the world stage.

Yet after all that, EU leaders meeting Thursday may end up picking someone from a small country with little international power instead of a charismatic heavyweight to head this continental bloc of 27 nations, half a billion people and huge economic heft. To pick a boss they can all live with, they must strike the right balance between big countries and small, east and west, socialists and conservatives, perhaps male and female. They must maneuver between proponents of a strong Europe and those who fear it - eurocentrics and euroskeptics, in the local parlance.

It's a diplomatic minefield...'The time has come to have a personality who will make an imprint ... a European mark' on world affairs from Iran's nuclear program to relations with Russia, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said last week. 'We should have weight in the world; we are 500 million people,' he said. 'We should participate in world events and not just finance them.'"

A fat and heavy Europa wants to control world events. You can just see her tonnage bobbing around as she walks through the door, striking the door jambs and shaking the entire house. Hey, hey, hey, fat Europa. (I'm not ridiculing obesity in people; I'm expressing the unnecessary largesse of the EU, and it's bottomless appetite for signing up more nations yet.)

As we're waiting to hear whether there's truth in DEBKAfile's claim of yesterday, that Bill Clinton has been made a chief of Obama's Israeli affairs, we find this article of yesterday in the Jerusalem Post:

"Former US President Bill Clinton, whose energetic efforts to broker an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal collapsed, urged both sides [yesterday] to end their decades-old conflict, saying they cannot escape their common future.

..."In the last 14 years, not a single week has gone by that I did not think of [former prime minister] Yitzhak Rabin and miss him terribly,' Clinton said. 'Nor has a single week gone by in which I have not reaffirmed my conviction that had he not lost his life on that terrible November night, within three years we would have had a comprehensive agreement for peace in the Middle East.'"

How's that for inserting drama to the stage that he is, apparently, entering. DEBKAfile had said: "Sunday [= today], the formidable group led by Bill Clinton will itself to Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad in Ramallah for two tasks..."

If Obama decides not to continue the Afghan war, the article below suggests, according to O-Team presentofficials, it's because Obama needs the money elsewhere:

Watch your wallets, people. The Globamists would like them. Expect your taxes to rise.

November 17

In yesterday's news, it might have been nothing but hot air:

"The Palestinian Authority is claiming it has received a 'positive response' to its demand that the United Nations Security Council recognize a new Arab state within Israel's current borders, according to PA negotiator, Saeb Erekat.

...Erekat claimed that PA representatives discussed the plan with diplomatic contacts and members of the U.N. Security Council -- including the United States -- and received 'positive reactions.'"

Or, the positive responses were in his dreams only. On the other hand, look at what Erekat's attempting to accomplish with this push: "Erekat added that the program is clear and simple, and that the world's recognition of 'Palestine' within the June 4, 1967 borders would deny Israel the legitimacy of its settlements in the regions." That is something Obama could go for: proclaiming the borders of Palestine even without creating the state officially, just to legitimize the cessation of Israeli settlement building. While we await the UN's official position (if the Palestinians make an official request), we hear from the EU already: the time is not "yet" to force a Palestinian state:

"The European Union rejected requests [today] that it support a Palestinian plan for gaining recognition as an independent state at the UN Security Council without Israeli consent.

Sweden's Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, whose country holds the rotating EU presidency, told reporters 'the conditions are not there as of YET' for such a move. 'I would hope that we would be in a position to recognize a Palestinian state, but there has to be one first, so I think that is somewhat premature'" (caps mine)

The article also quotes Solana on the matter: it "'has to be done with time and with calm and in an appropriate moment.' He added no one is 'looking for that today.'" Moment? The Palestinian who's promising to appeal to the UN said, "Now is our defining moment."

Apparently, there are not many voices in the EU leadership who would back the Palestinian plot at this time (not necessarily meaning that some, like Solana, don't want it now), but the "idea" will always be on the shelf ready to adopt when necessary. I don't think we've heard the end of this "idea."

I believe that both Obama and Solana have set a timetable for Israel to "repent" and accept the "idea." It's not really an idea, where that term is defined as a sudden burst of light in the mind, but an old lamp that's been burning smoke for a while. The West is coming closer and closer to adopting this "solution," but in the end, its hopes will be dashed by the Gog-Iran axis.

What happened in Gaza in the past year looked like the makings of the fulfillment of Gog's invasion of Egypt (by way of Gaza), and although it all fizzled out, it's back again:

"Smuggling into the Gaza Strip from Egypt beneath the Philadelphi Corridor has returned to the busy levels that prevailed before Operation Cast Lead last winter, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

...An indication of the continued traffic came in October [2009], when Hamas test-fired an Iranian-made rocket with a range of 60 km. According to defense officials, Hamas likely has long-range rockets capable of reaching Tel Aviv.

Many in the Israeli security establishment anticipate that sooner or later, Israel will have to mount another military offensive against Hamas in Gaza. On Friday, IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi said, 'If we will need to, we will operate again in the Gaza Strip to stop the rocket fire.'"

The attitude of the West changed abruptly when Israel first invaded Gaza; another such invasion, this time probably harder than the first, could put the "idea" in fast-forward.

The trend is as this headline speaks: "EU, Russia Hope For New Start Despite Differences." It's going to be a reluctant marriage of convenience. "The EU hopes to persuade Moscow to do more in the fight against global warming and wants clarity from Russia over its plans to join the World Trade Organization after Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said it would join only as part of a customs union with Belarus and Kazakhstan." Trade, trade, trade; money on money, that's all the harlot wants.

You may have been reading some months ago when I traced the Stewart family to the Stubb(ing) surname. Today, in the article above, we find: "Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb...says 'there's a level of mutual dependence' with Russia."

It must get a bit depressing to follow world news day after day, especially as the statements made by world leaders are empty vanities. I've become mainly immune. I satisfy myself by gauging the direction toward fulfilled prophecy. So long as the direction is right, I tolerate the slowness of the motion. The current situation is like a cartoon character trying to put out a long fuse leading from between his legs to a keg of gun powder. No matter that he follows the burning rope, stomping on it repeatedly, he can't put it out. One can predict the explosion, but unfortunately we don't know how long the rope is to the arrival of the Rotten One.

King David praised God for his unfailing love. What does that mean? He said that God doesn't care about a man's strong legs, or the strength of war machines, but that he cares about the one who puts hope in His unfailing love. It means that we, while groping along in a darkened world, yet in the pits, and also in the end, he will be Faithful, and save.

November 19

Here's a headline that says it all about the last days: AP Digs for Dirt in Palin Autobiography; News wire assigns 11 reporters to fact-check former governor's book, but didn't fact-check Obama's... Sarah claims to be a Christian, and that's why she's mocked, why she must be put down at any cost. Never mind that she's a woman; feminists jeer her because she's not a liberal, like Clinton. That's why Armageddon is stretching all the way to the U.S. of A. If the WRATH of God is not for liberals, then for whom is it?

I have heard from no other news source (aside from DEBKAfile) that Bill Clinton was in Israel in the past few days representing Obama's agenda on that front.

I had read that the Iraqi election law favored the Kurds, and now there's evidence:

"Tariq al-Hashemi, a Sunni Arab, revoked Article 1 of the law...

...'As a result of the veto, we have decided to stop all our activities and work as we await a final law with a presidential decree that determines the exact date of the election,' Hamdiya al-Hussaini, of the Independent Electoral Commission, told the Reuters news agency."

Odierno might be jumping for joy at that development:

"The U.S. military does not have to decide until April or May whether to push back the end of its combat operations in Iraq due to a possible delay in the country's next election, the U.S. commander said [yesterday].

...'I feel very confident that we don't have to make any decision until late spring,' General Ray Odierno told reporters."

With the political cost of sending the troops to Afghanistan looking mighty bad, Obama may be trying to keep them in Iraq...if his fellow globetrotters are asking him to keep a force in the Middle East. It's hard to believe that Odierno would make the statement above if not with Obama's wink. The article has more statements if you would like to assess what they might mean as per Obama's Iraqi the moment. The U.S. president has been accused this past week of indecision, and people worldwide are recognizing that he's not the global savior after all.

But you know as well as I do that, should Obama's popularity increase a small amount for whatever insignificant reasons, the liberals will play it to the highest note, and the world will gladly be deceived into inspiration, for a sense of sheer false salvation. Obama is in reality a patch. As he sees the global dam about to burst, he's applying a patch on the China crack, a patch on the Russia crack, a patch on the Iran crack...He wants to patch things up with enemies of the United States because his fellow globetrotters see the enemies becoming strong enough to ruin their global plans. The globe is not an animal that any group of men can tame.

It's as if Kurdistan was summoned to stand before the High Judge of the Globe to give explanations for its positions:

"President Barzani also visited the EU Parliament where he briefed the EU Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee on developments in Iraq and in the Kurdistan Region, in particular Iraq's forthcoming elections, relations with Turkey, Kirkuk, oil supplies, and minority rights."

"Minority rights" is often code for the Kurd dispute with the Arab minorities. It's what the West fears most in Iraq, where a very good patch is needed badly. None do they know, it's ground zero for the bursting of the dam by the kick of Gog's boot. The next sentence after the one above reads: ""President Barzani was congratulated on making Iraqi Kurdistan the most stable area in Iraq, by [EU leaders]..." That makes it sound as though the Kurdish government is behaving well according to EU wishes, but it also sounds as though Europa's fat is getting in the way of her sight path so that she can't see the realities "on the ground." Everyone else views northern Iraq as a powder keg, especially if an election law (i.e. the game rules of) can't be passed.

I trust you know that by "fat" I am referring to Europe's trade, and it's aspirations for more and more trade. The EU is nothing but a money machine, but now, with the choosing of it's new ruler, it also wants to control left and right. The big boys are sitting down today to discuss who the next Boss should be. There are a lot of pimps to choose from. At the meet in Brussels, Kurdistan had been asking Europa for a "trick":

"...Speaking [November 10] in Brussels to the European Parliament's foreign relations committee, Masoud Barzani urged the EU to help Kurdistan 'on how we can establish a successful administration, a good health and education system, and to have an independent judicial system and proper governance,' the Kuwaiti news agency KUNA reported."

"What's in it for me, " Europa is asking. "All this fat don't come cheap."

You may have heard that, as a result of Saddam's fall, France lost some large trade deals with Iraq. The Iraqi president, a Kurd, is seeing to bringing her back:

"Iraqi President Jalal Talabani [yesterday] promised major deals -- including large oil contracts -- to French business chiefs keen to restore their place as Iraq's top business partners.

To warm applause, the Iraqi leader gave Baghdad's strongest hint yet that it would grant French energy giant Total development contracts for two of its major oil fields at a rights auction next month.

"You need to be brave...

...'As President Sarkozy said, "This cooperation is a strategic choice for France and for Iraq','" Talabani said, urging French investors to put aside fears about recent problems with violence and political instability."

The article doesn't so much as hint that France can develop oil in Kirkuk, but suggests a couple of oil fields in Iraq's south. Russian firms have been given some opportunities in those same fields. I'm keeping watch on who the Kirkuk fields go to, and how this might play in Gog's entry of Iraq. As far as I've read, the Kirkuk taps are still shut off due to the Kurd dispute with Iraq. For an aging article on the topic, see He who controls Kirkuk controls Iraq's oil and Iraq's wealth, where we read: "The Shia militias in Kirkuk are currently outnumbered significantly by the [Kurdish] peshmerga. However, any battle for Kirkuk is sure to draw in forces from Turkey and Iran. Both of these countries have Kurdish minorities that aspire for a greater Kurdistan. Turkey and Iran will both be concerned that a Kurdish controlled Kirkuk will give the Kurds the wealth needed to wage a war for a greater Kurdistan...The stage is thus set for a major confrontation in Kirkuk over the wealth of Iraq."

That scenario should explain how Iran becomes Gog's ally in Iraq. But as Gog utters death threats to Israel, his partnership with Iran will be tight to any daylight between them. The impending troubles are slow to bursting, but that's what should happen when enough parties are all walking the dam's wall, with fat Europa squatting right in the middle.

Not many months ago, Russia announced the gift of 10 MiG fighter jets to Lebanon, and now, in a Lebanese piece, we read: "Russia said it would deliver 10 MiG-29 aircrafts to Lebanon by the end of 2010." On my prophetic calendar, the end of 2010 is the time that Gog begins to concentrate on an Israeli invasion from the northern border. The end of 2010 is into the 2300 days of Daniel 8, the total span in which the small-horned "king of Babylon" (see Isaiah 13-14) is said to act against Israel.

If there were any doubts that the United States is opposed to Russian gas pipes:

"The United States is encouraging Azerbaijan and Turkey to finalize energy price talks regarding the Nabucco pipeline, according to Mark Parris, the advisor to U.S. Special Envoy for Eurasian Energy Richard Morningstar.

The Nabucco pipeline company has not yet signed agreements with suppliers and experts say the project could fall behind [Russian] rival South Stream."

One of the candidates to become the first king of Europa: Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy. Some years back:

"...'Turkey is not a part of Europe and will never be part of Europe,' Rompuy said, according to the report by EUObserver, an independent Web site from Brussels.

...'An expansion of the EU to include Turkey cannot be considered as just another expansion as in the past. The universal values which are in force in Europe, and which are also fundamental values of Christianity, will lose vigor with the entry of a large Islamic country such as Turkey."

Place your bets now on whether he would dare say the same today. Not a chance. The article verifies that "The presidency post is going to be decided, along with the new EU foreign policy post, at a meeting of EU leaders in Brussels [today]."

There's a headline: Moscow hopes to agree on pact with EU soon. Another headline: Solana upbeat over EU-Russia summit. The direction is right; the velocity is a crawl. I'm getting sleepy.


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