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OIctober 1- 15, 2009

It's the Jewish New Year

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October 1

A couple of days ago, I made the mistake of saying the Feast of Trumpets starts later this week. I make mistakes like this when my head is elsewhere. It's the seven-day Feast of Tabernacles that starts soon, and my head should not be elsewhere on that topic, for I had suggested (years ago) that the 70th Week could begin on the day after the seven 2009. I have the Week starting on October 11th, in other words, IF the 2009-16 period is the 70th Week.

Aside from all the developments that have been covered here over the past year, I have not much to say, on this day, in support of the October-11 theory. Nor do I want to provide support for the theory just because it's my theory. If it's wrong, it's wrong; let's move on anyway, as it seems that prophecy is in the throes of being fulfilled (if not for LG, who is a voluntary proof-reader of these updates, and who doesn't want me to thank her too much for taking the time to email corrections, I would have spelled it wrong, as "throws").

But when do I, or you, know that the 70th Week is not about to begin this month? The hard evidence for whether or not we are in the 70th Week comes later, when we're a good spell into it. I've always believed that one of the few Biblical places where we find events in the first half of the Week is in Daniel 11:21-31, but even the take-over of Iraq (that I see in 11:21-24) may not begin for some months into the Week.

The general belief in prophecy land is that there will be a seven-year covenant that should herald the arrival of the 70th Week. I've tended to believe that this covenant should be visible to all the world, or at least to the Elect, but it's possible that it could be under the radar until later in the Week. Also, it's hard to know whether the covenant is exactly seven years long, for the Daniel-9 term, "week," may be a general term not committed to a precise time period. In Daniel 8, we find that 2300 days is anti-Christ significant toward Israel, which is more than a half-year shorter than seven years.

But that's why the anti-Christ must arise in Iraq before the 2300 days begin. There is not much time between now and the 2300 days if the Week begins this month, so if it's going to happen in Mosul, it's got to happen fast.

Just to let you know where I stand at the moment, I would be very surprised if the Week did not begin this month. In other words, on the brink of October 11, I am not of the opinion that it definitely cannot begin on that date. The anti-Israeli forces are nearly ready to strike; Mosul is ready for a conqueror; globalism is on the deliberate rise; we have a Russo-West alliance of convenience shaping up; most of the world is ready to operate on a skincode system of purchasing; Europe has reformed itself into a single empire and is led by the sons of Satan; fire from the sky is now the talk of the media; and Egypt is despised by the very anti-Israeli forces expected to invade Israel.

There are no shortage of reports speaking on the covenants that anti-Israeli forces have made to date, but even without these reports the pacts are quite predictable. But the week-long covenant of Daniel 9:27 requires the specificity of the anti-Christ joining into those covenants, and/or making his own covenant with them to the same task of wiping Israel out of the Middle East. We shall have to see whether the anti-Christ covenant includes the anti-American agenda of the anti-Israeli Muslims.

As I've said a few times, the anti-Christ must decide when to enter Mosul, and that his decision is largely based on when the Americans pull out of Iraq. In the news yesterday was that the U.S. military has "decided" to speed up the pull-out, but I think that something disappointing happened in the Iraqi talks to force that "decision."

"...General Ray Odierno told the House Armed Services Committee the reduction would leave about 120,000 troops remaining in Iraq and said it was possible the overall force will come down to 50,000 before the original August 2010 timeframe for removing combat troops.

Odierno attributed the pullouts to the much improved security environment..."

The 50,000 remnant will be trainers, etc., but the point is, the anti-Christ now knows that it a strong likelihood for American military to not be in Iraq beyond the summer of 2010. He may therefore have decided to enter northern Iraq between now and then.

In the news today we find that Obama is to review the Afghan situation in the next several weeks, at the begging of his commander for more troops, and this comes off like a months-long stunt to justify to Americans that the Iraq troops should be transferred to Afghanistan. It all spells that the Iraq exit is to take place in what could be the first months of the Week. The anti-Christ may be setting his sites for a solid headquarters in Mosul by August of 2010.

I should also mention a new development in Iraq politics that may play a large role in toppling Maliki, as well as creating an Iran alliance with his political enemies. For Maliki has divided from some major Shi'ite parties that helped to make him the Iraqi leader in the first place:

"Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced [today] a new coalition that will run against former Shi'ite Muslim allies in January's national elections, raising the prospect of intra-sectarian strife.

...Maliki's Dawa party, part of a broad Shi'ite alliance that swept to power after 2005 polls and has dominated majority Shi'ite Iraq since, has chosen not to join the recently formed, mostly Shi'ite Iraqi National Alliance (INA).

The INA is headed by the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (ISCI), a powerful Shi'ite party which has close ties to Iran."

Wow, what a big mistake this could be. It allows Iran to enter Iraqi politics on behalf of the INA. In return, the INA would need to cater somewhat to Iran, wherefore Iran can now have a part in the coming over-throw (at the hands of the anti-Christ) of Maliki that I envision in the first half of the Week.

As part of his new strategy, Maliki seeks support from some Sunni, what predicts a stronger backlash from those Sunni who have been seeking to topple him with violence. The latter would be the anti-Christ-supporting Sunni. In other words, the anti-American and violent Iraqis, be they Sunni or Shi'ite, can now galvanize to over-throw the America-sponsored Iraq.

It should also be mentioned in passing:

"Iraq's former deputy premier Barham Saleh was [yesterday] appointed prime minister of the country's autonomous northern Kurdish region and he quickly appealed for calm amid tensions with Baghdad."

We should be hearing more from Saleh in the affairs of northern Iraq.

It's what Russia knew all along, probably before it invaded Georgia:

"The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe voted [today] to reject Georgia's motion to deprive Russia of voting rights over last year's conflict in South Ossetia."

"We're with you, Georgia," says Europa, "but not to the point of rejecting a top priority, my partnership with Russia. I desire to ride on his back." And there is this piece, dated two days ago, in the Russian media:

"Alexander Rahr

Director of the Russia/Eurasia Program,

German Council on Foreign Relations, Berlin (since 1995)

The Cold War is indeed over. The tone and substance of this years's discussions in the Valdai Club differed much from the rhetoric and mutual accusations from last year. The West has 'forgiven' Moscow its military intervention in Georgia and accepted the view that Georgian President Saakashvili provoked Russia...A chance exists now for true cooperation on a joint missile defense system between the U.S., Russia and the Europeans. The world is changing from a monopolar to a multipolar world."

Globalism, at any cost, even if it means riding the devil's back. And so it shall be.

October 2

You can tell a backsliding Christian by whether they watch David Letterman or Jay Leno. I've always found the two Christian-offensive, and David has always given me the creeps. He has been forced to expose his adultery, but, in that story out today, look at his wife's surname:

"Letterman married long-time partner Regina Lasko in March."

The Americans have been playing yo-yo with the Sunni of Mosul. I don't know what importance the following may have in prophecy fulfillment, but I'll mention it anyway. There are demonstrations taking place in Mosul now against Kurdish military units that for years have roamed the area and continually seek to control the Sunni so as to make Mosul a Kurdish city. The demonstrations are aimed at Baghdad because the Sunni want Maliki to do something about the Kurdish militia, but the point here is that the Americans seem to be on-side with the Kurds:

"...Most of Mosul inhabitants disdain U.S. troops and see them as invaders and occupiers.

U.S. military commanders were reported to have held a ceremony in Aski Mosul, north of the city, in which they rewarded several Kurdish militia leaders and conferred medals on them.

This particular ceremony was reported to have sparked the latest demonstrations."

At the same time we hear that Iraq has barred China's Sinopec oil company from taking part in the next round of auctions, meaning that the company cannot use it's new merger with a Swiss company to engage in oil biusiness in Kirkuk. I have to wonder who, aside from Iraq, might be responsible for this surprising development. I suspect whatever Western powers have their eyes on Kirkuk oil. I also suspect that various Americans have eyes on Kirkuk oil as well, which could explain the re-found friendship between the American military and the Kurds. How angry will China be if Baghdad's attitude continues?

Maliki's political life may be over by this coming February. I hold a theory that the king of the north of Daniel 11:20, the one who rules immediately before the anti-Christ, may be an end-time ruler of Iraq. The description of that king is that he collects taxes on behalf of the kingdom, and disappears neither in anger nor in battle. Could this mean that Maliki will lose the mid-January election, to be replaced by the anti-Christ somehow? Interesting idea. The timing seems right.

October 3

For what it could be worth to you, the article below has some views from Medvedev on the developing Russia-Europe alliance. You note that I put "Russia" before "Europe." That's because Medvedev wants Russian interests first. You will see that his top priority for the alliance is to get NATO's weapons out of eastern Europe.

Hillary is meeting the Russian foreign ministry October 13, this coming just after Obama gave Russia what it wanted in order to resurrect her Reset button. Perhaps, this time, she's bringing her Easy button.

The million dollars that Obama gave to George Mitchell to build a Jerusalem office on behalf of the Palestinian state is probably responsible for the following pointed criticism:

"Both Jews and Muslims celebrated holidays in September 2009. However, the United States Consulate in Jerusalem -- America's representative in Israel's capital -- chose to focus entirely on Islam this year, while ignoring the Jewish holidays of Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur completely.

The Consulate's website features Eid il-Fitr greetings from U.S. President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Consul General Daniel Rubinstein. Its staff was involved in Ramadan celebrations in Jenin and Shechem, and hosted a meal in Jericho for the Muslim holiday of Iftar.

Clinton's greeting was published on September 19 -- the first day of Rosh HaShana. However, no mention was made of the Jewish holiday.

...Consulate staff explained that they are 'the principal representation to the Palestinian Authority' in an email to a Jewish American concerned by the lack of balance in consulate events.

The admission angered many American citizens in Israel."

Now you know the truth, America, about Obama's heart. This could be the man placed on your "throne" just in time for the 70th Week, but what he's doing has be the work of other American leaders before him, for we then read: "The U.S. has repeatedly declined to move its embassy to Jerusalem [because certain American powers consider that city the capital of Palestine], the seat of Israel's government, and American citizens born in Jerusalem are not registered as having been born in Israel." That's a shocker for me.

The recent snub of Americans in Iraq by the Iraqi government is probably related to the following. Understand that Iraq has been passionate this past month about Syria's involvement in Iraqi terrorism:

"An Iraqi politician says that Baghdad's efforts to create a tribunal to investigate terrorist attacks [from Syrian elements] in the country are being stymied by the United States, RFE/RL's Radio Free Iraq (RFI) reports.

Mohammed Naji, a representative of the Unified Iraqi Alliance, told RFI on September 30 that he thinks Washington is opposed to the commission because it might complicate its relations with Syria."

The question is: why wouldn't Americans want this Iraqi investigation to prosper? Even if the answer is as simple as Obama's hopes of reaching out to Syria, we see that it ignores the terrorist undertones of the nations he's reaching out to. The Democrats have wanted to portray this reaching out in a positive light, but in fact there's a desire to hold the devil's hand. And that's exactly what we expect of the False Prophet. With Iran swearing to wipe Israel away on the brink of building nuclear weapons, Obama continues to sing: "I wanna hold your hand."

You heard about the unity movement between Fatah and Hamas coming to a surprising realization. It looks like's it's already suffering a heart attack:

"Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, urged the Palestinian Authority (PA) not to accept the findings of a UN report into Israel's war on Gaza because of fears it might scupper attempts to restart peace talks, Palestinian sources have told Al Jazeera.

Clinton reportedly called Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, on [October 1] to encourage him to withdraw PA support for the report, which heavily criticised the conduct of Israeli forces during the December-January conflict.

...Various Palestinian groups and human rights bodies have reacted strongly to the PA decision to back a delay in the vote.

'We were shocked today,' Khaled Meshaal, the political chief of Hamas, said.

...But condemnation of the PA move has got louder and a Hamas legislator went to the extent of saying it amounted to 'betrayal'.

'This ... represents a betrayal of the Palestinian cause and confirms the extent of the collaboration between Abbas and his aides with the Zionist enemy, against the Palestinian people,' Mushir al-Masri said."

Irony. I think that God is causing irony for His enemies. All suffer set-back after set-back to no end. I await Egypt's response to this development. Will it take the US side, or that of Hamas and all? It'll be a critical decision because the unity movement is being convened by Egypt, and for the first time it has Hamas very happy to go forward all the way to the nirvana moment.

That's all the "juice" for today.

Hey, the Feast of Tabernacles is here. Have you got your tent set up? I wonder, the shinglers left Thursday without completing the job, and they draped a tarp on the part of the roof still not shingled. Do you think the trap qualifies for a tent? As Murphy's Law would have it, it got windy the next day (yesterday), and I've had to repair/renail the tarp in several places. And without consideration for any of this, I'm off to my parents today for, well, a feast. It's all a coincitents, I'm sure.

PS -- On the Lisbon Treaty's survival, see the article below on how the will of the Irish has that a king of Europe, so to speak, can now be created.

October 4

An option for Netanyahu is to flatly condemn Russia for it's involvement with Iran, but thus far he has not chosen to act in that way. Instead, it looks as though he is playing friend of Russia in order to have more leverage in applying pressure:

The purpose of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's visit to Moscow in September [when he disappeared for ten hours] was to hand the Kremlin a list of Russian scientists who, Israel believes, are helping Iran to develop a nuclear warhead, the British Sunday Times newspaper reported.

'We have heard that Netanyahu came with a list and concrete evidence showing that Russians are helping the Iranians to develop a bomb,' the paper quoted a source close to the Russian defense minister as saying last week.

Note the surname of Obama's pick for Darfur:

"US non-governmental organizations are pressing President Barack Obama to launch a new peace initiative for Darfur, as they express concern about the approach being taken by US envoy Scott Gration."

A quick check of the Gration surname finds it listed under the English Greyson/Grason surname, but the Scottish Greyson/Greson Coat uses a Moray symbol that up until now had roots eluding me. It's a lock, apparently, and the Greysons use it in the Crest as well as in the Coat, suggesting that the Morays/Murrays were connected to them very closely.

Or, as Morays were very important to Scotland, their use of the Greyson lock, when there were options to use symbols of other families to which Morays became merged, suggests that Greysons were also very important in Scotland. The English write-up suggests connection with the term "steward," if that tells all. In fact, see that the Greyson Shield is in colors reversed from the Alan Shield. I had linked Alans to "D'allen/Dallen" and to "Dale," so note the Greyson motto's use of "Hoc," for the Hock Coat uses the Dale symbol.

Note that the Scottish Greysons were first found in Dumfriesshire, while the Moray motto includes "Deum time," apparently in honor of Dumfries. This suggests that the root of "Dumfries" is linked closely to the root of the Greysons.

This finding of the Greyson/Grason family comes after my discussions with FE on the Goz surname link to the Gros surname, a discussion not yet shared here but feel as though it's the next thing that I need to. I plan on doing so when enough sun returns (to get me the electrical power needed). I had linked the Dales, Dallens, and Hocks to the Logans, and they in turn to the (Le)Gros' of France, wherefore note that Logans also use "Hoc" in their motto.

This topic is in the September 7 update, where I had written:

"The Logan motto also includes "majorum," wherefore I checked for connection with the Major Coat. As I pondered the red greyhound in the Major Crest, it occurred to me that this species of dog might represent the Grey family, and as the symbols of the Scottish Grey Coat were loading, I thought that the surname might be a variation of the French Gros', one being "Grau." When the symbols loaded, there was an anchor in the Crest, the symbol of the Major Coat!"

The importance of Obama's pick for the Darfur theater, a Gration/Greyson, is that he traces to the Moray fold even as Obama's Randolph line does so, AND the Goz link to the Gros surname that I plan on sharing soon links to the Meschins, the family to which I have traced Randolphs. Ranulph de Meschine used a red lion on gold as symbol, the symbol also of the English Grations/Greysons/Grasons. I don't think it's a coincidence that I was planning on delving into this topic just as I discovered the Gration surname in the O-Team.

PLUS, the Goz>Gros topic did not arise from the fact that Ranulph le Meschin's family had merged with the Goz surname. I had written that on September 10:

"Ranulph of Bayeux/Bessin [a Meschin] who married the daughter of Richard Goz of Avranches (see webpage below). I saw that the Bavarian Goz Coat uses white star on blue..[i.e. the Moray symbol linking back to Bohemians and Mieszko]..."

It was just days after writing that when I opened FE's email leading to our discovery that the Goz surname was from the Gros surname. I'll come back to this at another time to see where it leads, but indications exist suggesting further roots in Ishmaelites.

That's all the juice for today.

PS -- I found an article last night telling of a report that Ahmadinejad is part Hebrew, for someone was able to zoom into an image of his ID card (that he once held up to an audience), leading to the discovery that his official name includes a Sabour surname...with a "Jewish" suffix:

"If you're a Middle East news junkie, like us, then you've probably already heard the great news today out of London: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's real last name is Sabourjian, which means he probably has Jewish ancestry."

October 5

Here's a new trend:

"'Israel is the number one threat to the Middle East given the nuclear arms it possesses,' ElBaradei was quoted as saying."

That's the UN honcho for nuclear inspections, and he's feeding the Tehranosaurus Rex dripping red meat. Indeed, he made the statement Sunday/yesterday, while he "arrived in Iran Saturday for talks with Iranian officials over Tehran's nuclear program."

The time has arrived! Perhaps just in time for making tribulation purchases:

"There has never been a better time to be a consumer. America is on sale.

The Great Recession has caused massive job losses and hardship for millions, but it has also fostered a shoppers' paradise. Anyone who still has the means to spend can find unheard of deals.

Prices on everything from clothes to coffee to cat food are dropping, some faster than they have in half a century.

...Traditionally, manufacturers and retailers lowered prices to clear inventory. Today, they're cutting prices because consumers are demanding it. If it lasts, the ramifications will be wide-ranging."

This happened in the early 90s. I was running a retail store at the time and so couldn't help but notice. The recession forced manufacturers and suppliers to fight like cats and dogs to get enough business just to survive the recession. Stores carried the savings to consumers because they were likewise competing to stay above water. It went on for a few years, forcing me out of business. What we are experiencing now may last longer and bring better prices.

But food prices have remained stubbornly high. Then again, it's not yet time to purchase tribulation foods. Let's suppose that the down-trend in consumer prices goes on for three years; won't grocery items feel the pinch to get in line with the trend? Wouldn't it be nice for foods to suddenly drop below basement levels just in time for making the 1260-day purchases? Wouldn't it be nice if food warehouses are filled to the brim just as the prices suddenly fall? Wouldn't it also be nice if farmers have bumper crops at that time? Like Jesus said: foolish people will be buying and selling and making consumer hoopla, but wise people will be storing for the dark night ahead...that they know is coming, thanks be to Jesus-prophecy (Matthew 24-25).

There's an article out today telling that the World Bank has run out of the money that it ordinarily grants to third-world nations; the story's bottom line is that it needs to ask the wealthier nations for more money. Naturally. Aside from the obvious concern of where the bulk of that money really goes, could we conclude that a global recession, if created deliberately by certain international operators, can also cause their own institutions that they might not try again to create a recession?

There has been some Temple-Mount anxiety over the week-end:

"...The [Israeli] decision to close the Temple Mount came after rumors of a 'Jewish takeover' of the compound circulated throughout east Jerusalem over the weekend and calls were issued for Muslim men to 'come and defend' the mount.

'Based on that information, and other concrete indications we received that led us to believe large-scale disturbances were possible, the decision was made to completely close off the Temple Mount sometime in the early hours of [Sunday] morning,' a police spokesman said."

I'm including the above today in case the situation develops rather than goes away. We expect some Muslim emphasis on the Temple Mount in the first half of the Week.

I once predicted that an Israeli soldier (Gilad Schalit) held by Hamas was dead. This past week, Hamas revealed that he is still alive. Hamas wants thousands of Palestinians released for the release of this one Israeli alone. I suppose that's fair, isn't it?

And speaking of that kind of fairness, the type that the devil espouses, the article below suggests that Goldman Sachs is no longer utilizing it's PAC (political action committees) -- typically used to get Washington's will bent toward its own goals -- because it has been solidly in bed with Obama. In other words, why spend money to get Obama to do it's will when the Obama harlot is gladly doing it free of charge? There have been so many articles on Obama's alliance with Goldman Sachs that one can't help but suspect some personal investment that Obama has in the company's assets or owners.

Things like that explain why Obama's approval rating has made him relatively lame, and why he has thereby betrayed his Democrat voters (who want a powerful, successful president). Obama has learned that he needs to be much more careful when doing his dirty deeds for his invisible superiors, and those who seek to uncover the dirty deeds have learned that they must therefore watch him more closely. It all spells a monkey wrench in the global machinery that Obama has been tasked with.

Christians are given the idea from some conspiro-prophecy writers that globalists are so amazing to the point of controlling all. Not so. During the 70th Week, globalism will be falling apart. The persecutions to come are evidence of a failing globalism. Persecutions are the re-actions taken by globalists in efforts to keep it from falling apart. And there is One Strong One who sees all, and who seeks to uncover the dirty deeds of globalists, and that's the whole point of the last few years of history. It's the time for Christians to rejoice, for judgment of, and exposure on, church leaders has taken place first, and now and tomorrow is the time to judge the Lettermans of the world, and the so-called "stars" that they uphold.

The kind of Christian that I like to be with is one that hates Hollywood. It's okay to hate if what you hate is that which ruins all that's good. "Love your enemies" doesn't mean you can't hate people for their mockery of God, or for their urging people to sin openly. "Love your enemy" speaks of a person intending you personal harm, that you shouldn't do harm back to them as repayment, but does not mean we must love the camp of sinners with our hearts as we love good Christian friends.

October 6

The international headlines have been checked this morning, but there is nothing of relevance to share here. The Guardian has an article disputing the Jewishness of Ahmadinejad.

October 8

For what it may mean in the over-all worming of Gog into Iraq, Russia's Lukoil has agreed to talk and make up for lost time:

"Lukoil and its American partner [20%] ConocoPhillips are ready to help develop Iraq's West Qurna Stage 1 oil field on Iraq's terms, Russian news agencies quoted the company as saying [today].

Russian companies including Lukoil had contracts with Iraq under Saddam Hussein and are now seeking to re-establish their activities there.

...Lukoil signed a $3.7 billion production sharing contract to develop West Qurna Stage 2 field in 1997, but the deal was annulled by Saddam's regime nearly a year before the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, which Russia vociferously opposed."

Keep in mind that while Russia is off to the races in the next round of oil-field bidding, China has been snubbed. I keep a theory that Revelation's "kings of the east" will invade Iraq due to an oil dispute/problem there but also in opposition to Gog. I might have passed on mentioning the story had it not been for the following statement on Russia's foreign minister, also in this morning's news:

"'Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari received in his Baghdad-based office Saltanov, who expressed the readiness of Russian institutions and companies to continue work in the reconstruction process in Iraq,' according to a statement published today on the official web site of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry."

There's hardly an article at all on this story, but it may be huge in terms of Gog's worming into Iraq. The stuff underlying the story -- assisting Iraq -- is exactly what it will take to see Gog firmly lodged in northern Iraq. The two stories go together, I think, like hands in a glove.

As a result of finding the story directly above, I also found the following opinion that was not reported in western media so far as I had found: "U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's visit to Baghdad earlier this week -- his third this year -- came hot on the heels of a lightning visit by Russia's energy minister as the scramble for Iraq's oil riches heats up." This is why it's important that Iraq is catering to Russia at a time when Iraq seems to be snubbing a pushy America. The story was out a couple of weeks ago and adds this:

"Just as Sergei Shmatko sought favorable terms for Russian companies in an upcoming oil contract auction, Biden was hustling on behalf of the U.S. oil giants who have long dreamed of getting their hands on what may be the largest untapped oil reserves in the world.

Biden urged Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to resist the temptation to demand hefty payments from the international oil companies as the price for doing business with the new Iraq when a new auction of contracts is held in Baghdad in December.

...Biden stressed that the Iraqis must make their terms more attractive to foreign investors if they are to amass the $50 billion they say they need to upgrade their long-neglected energy industry and boost production to provide the revenue required for reconstruction.

...His visit ended on that note of uncertainty, with the senior American official commenting, seemingly with more hope than expectation, 'Ultimately, in our judgment, it's in the interest of every Iraqi to accept a smaller piece of a much bigger pie.'"

It's probably good advice in the eyes of all...except Iraq. To Maliki's government, it may seem like self-interest...which, in return, causes that government to somewhat snub American oil interests. Had the advice to lower fees come from a non-government agent, it might have been taken expectedly, but coming from Biden, it makes it appear as though the Obama government wants some good deals for it's friends...and no one respects a government like that.

On the Palestinian front, it's still going sour:

"Palestinians of the Islamist Hamas faction ruling the Gaza Strip have asked Egypt to postpone a meeting with their rivals of the Western-backed Fatah movement when they were expected to sign a reconciliation pact.

It was supposed to take place in Cairo on October 24-26, with a signing ceremony to cap over a year-long diplomatic slog by Egyptian mediators working to close the split in the Palestinian national movement. ...'Hamas told Egypt that the popular shock caused by the Palestinian Authority's delaying of the vote on the Goldstone report was a blow to their efforts and sabotaged the atmosphere for such an event,' a Palestinian official close to the talks told Reuters in Gaza."

Hamas wants Israel verbally condemned by the UN, but Fatah is seeking to avoid it on advice from the O-team. Obama now starts to feel what it's like to have a stubborn and wicked Hamas in opposition to his important plans. I wonder how Jimmy Carter would deal with this dispute, since he seems to love Hamas.

That's all for today. It's the first sunny morning in over a week, but I need all the sun to re-charge the batteries, so I had better get offline. When re-charged, I'll get my solar-power chapter up for anyone interested. I wish you a good relationship with Christ, and that the devil does not hinder your prayers or your affections toward these times when the devil is about to become furious.

October 9

It's never known ahead of time whether the stuff of a certain news story will fizzle out or continue for an extended time. What's happening at the Temple Mount right now would probably come to nothing soon enough if it were not the start of the 70th "Week." I'm not saying that it is, certainly, the start of that seven-year period, but if it is, we should expect emphasis on the Temple Mount at any time. What started off as a small event is starting to grow because Palestinians are apparently going to make it an issue. In today's news:

"The Islamist group Hamas called for a 'day of rage', local media said, while its rival Fatah urged peaceful protests over access to the key holy site.

...Israel has made clear that it intends to keep building in East Jerusalem, where the Palestinians want the capital of their future state.

The Palestinian Authority, dominated by Fatah, has accused Israel of seeking to 'Judaise' East Jerusalem, and of allowing extremists access to the al-Aqsa mosque compound while denying it to Muslims.

The Islamic Movement - a political organisation based in Israel - has urged Muslim citizens of Israel to flock to Jerusalem to 'defend al-Aqsa' [= the Temple Mount].

This situation may go in fits and starts in the near future, but it won't go away, especially as the right wing (= the more-religious Israelis) is now in power. It is a simple prediction that the current controversy over East Jerusalem's ownership will become the basis for the anti-Christ's invasion. The article starts off by pointing out: "Thousands of Israeli police have been deployed in Jerusalem as Palestinian groups call for protests over tensions at the al-Aqsa mosque." Not dozens. Not hundreds. But Thousands.

This situation could explode into an international affair, resurrecting the passions seen in the recent Gaza war: "...Meanwhile, thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and in refugee camps in Syria held mass demonstrations, protesting over Israel's decision to restrict entry into the al-Aqsa Mosque compound."

The peace-threatening situation comes just as the EU is officiating stronger ties with Syria, and as Obama wins the Nobel peace prize. Frankly, I don't know what he's done for world peace, but in any case I feel that the Nobel people are a bloodline cult that give honors to their own bloodline servants. Obama has not made Iran safer; he hasn't started a trend in Afghanistan or Pakistan looking anything like a peaceful resolution. And there has been absolutely ZERO progress in the Israeli peace initiative. He may get high marks for trying, but then do we imagine that he's seeking peace for peace's sake? That would be incorrect, for he himself said that he wants peace in Israel for the interests of America. In reality, he wants peace in Israel for the interests of his fellow globalists, for globalists fear nothing more than the Armageddon scenario...which in their eyes is the ultimate economic collapse that they cannot control.

Russia is upset today and said to be asking Obama what his new missile-shield program is all about. Of special concern to Russia would be this:

"The United States has formally invited Turkey and other NATO allies to join a U.S.-led missile shield program, recently restructured by U.S. President Barack Obama that would protect the U.S. and allies from potential missile strikes by Iran, a senior American official said."

Zowie. This comes just as Putin was dancing up a storm for getting Obama to cancel Poland and Czechoslovakia. I tend to think that this is the fire from the sky that Obama will unleash in years to come. I keep in mind that he -- if he's the False Prophet -- unleashes it on behalf of the anti-Christ's mission. At this time, I haven't got a clue as to the reason(s) behind his using the missiles. It's an especially tough prediction to make as "the European Union countries had agreed to sign the EU-Syria Association Agreement at the end of the current month....Benita Ferrero-Waldner, EU Commissioner for External relations said earlier that the EU is determined to sign an agreement with Syria to hold more consolidated ties between the two sides, saying that cooperation with Syria pours in the interest of the EU."

With the anti-Christ attacking Syria in the coming years, and with the EU expected to side with Syria, how could Obama act on behalf of the anti-Christ? Or, with the latter expected to form an alliance with Iran, how could Obama act on his behalf? Who will be the common enemy of both the anti-Christ and Obama, an enemy that warrants the shooting of missiles?

October 10

On October 6, 1980, when I had been born again for just one and a half years, by which time I had been Led deeply into prophetic understanding, I had what I thought was a "vision" on the ceiling. A large 'X' was on the ceiling via shadows from an slightly-open door. It was formed from all four corners, and crossing through the middle of the ceiling. It was rather peculiar, but then there appeared, for a split second, what was not really there by any shadow effect; it was a long line beside it as if to form an Roman-numeral, XI = 11. That was it. Nothing more, except a feeling in my heart that this was a message.

It could have been my imagination, but the message I got from it immediately was that the 11th day of a tenth month (= October) would be anti-Christ/prophecy significant.

Years later, when developing the 2009-2016 calendar, the theory was not built whatsoever on any date of October 11. The theory was based, by force of various particulars, on the Week starting on the 23rd of Tishri in 2009, and it was only afterward that I checked the date on our calendar: it was October 11.

My eyebrow was raised at the sight of that, but because the "vision" could easily have been my imagination, I haven't wanted to give it much importance. It came to my mind again in the past few days because October 11th is approaching, and while experiencing doubts over the past months about the 2009-16 calendar, I'm now thinking that the "vision" should be proof on the pudding that tomorrow is indeed the start of the 70th Week. That's exciting. The Church badly needs a New Environment. God knows I need it.

Here's what I'm expecting: the anti-Christ will enter Mosul, ally himself with the Sunni there, and together they will war with the New Iraq. This is why the current development seems bang-on to fulfilling that expectation:

"Relations have soured between the restive Province of Nineveh and the central government in Baghdad over the arrest of nearly 200 notables of Mosul, the provincial capital.

...Iraqi troops, in one of their widest arrest campaigns, have put behind bars some 200 people from Mosul, most of the tribal leaders, businessmen and people of note.

The arrests have sparked a stream of condemnation mainly from groups opposing the Kurdish influence in the city, particularly the presence of Kurdish militias.\2009-10-09\kurd.htm

As the conflicts between the Sunny and the Kurds escalate to intolerable levels, the anti-Christ will have reason to enter the fault, and to thereby secure himself in Biblical Nineveh as per Nahum 1:11. I keep repeating these things from time to time because new readers haven't the time to go back over mountains of updates over the past year.

Meanwhile, Israel is to make an official standing that hardly anyone in the world is going to like:

"Israel's foreign minister said on [October 8] he would tell a visiting U.S. Middle East envoy [= George Mitchell] that there was no chance of reaching a comprehensive peace deal with the Palestinians for many years."

This is exactly what it will take for a sudden change in Israel toward prophetic fulfillment. Had the Israeli government been conducive to the O-Plan at this time, or had the Israeli government been sincerely willing to form a Palestinian state at this time, prophetic fulfillment wouldn't seem imminent at all. But with even the West upset with Netanyahu's standing at the moment, and with Palestinians becoming impatient while Iran, Hamas, and al-Qaeda are all promising to press in to squeeze Israel into red juice, the Biblical tribulation of Israel seems very imminent. We simply await an evil one to start a movement that will not relent, and that will succeed with God's help.

As some you know, I view the covenant of Daniel 9:27 as a war pact among Muslim groups, and not as any deal having to do with Europe. But the Lisbon Treaty is now being passed as we speak:

"Polish President Lech Kaczynski has signed the European Union's much-delayed Lisbon Treaty.

His signature means the treaty, which is intended to streamline decision-making, remains un-ratified by only one country, the Czech Republic.

It must be ratified by all 27 member states before it can come into force."

Poland and Czechoslovakia were slow in signing it, and because Ireland was holding it up, the two decided not to...unless the Irish people voted in favor of it (the article above has details on the Czech problem). That occurred on October 3, and an article I read last night said that Czechoslovakia WILL sign it too. The treaty paves the way for a "king of Europe," welding into one the two positions now held by Javier Solana and Benita Ferrero-Waldner. Naturally, some prophecy writers are thinking that this king of Europe will be the anti-Christ. I'm not jumping onto that wagon, not yet anyway.

The two positions welded into one could be the False Prophet's two horns, and if true I owe Obama an apology. I think that Obama is a prime candidate because he is closely involved in Israel, and because he stands to side with Muslims to some major degree, but this in itself doesn't make him the Biblical character. I want you to know that I'm open to other theories aside from my own. The main thing is not who's right, who's wrong, and then glory to the one who has it right. The main thing is that we get the main players recognized as things are yet developing, before it's too late. My nightmare is that, while I know for certain who the anti-Christ is, most Christians will not believe it.

It's interesting that both Poland and Czechoslovakia were playing tough-guys on the signing of this treaty; they are the two nations George Bush sought to empower with missile-defence systems. One might theorize that the Republican "illuminati" is from Polo-Czech roots...exactly what I found when tracing the Magdalene bloodline to Moravia (= western Czechoslovakia and western Poland). This is not necessarily to say that the Democrat illuminati is not in-part rooted in Moravia; it could be that Republican cultists honor their Moravian (and Bohemian) roots more than the other bloodline(s) that they highly honor.

October 11

What do we expect on the first day of the 70th Week? Clashings in the Heavens? A ripping of the curtains? A freaky doomsday scenario? So far today, it looks like as-usual.

But if this is the last seven years, where's the anti-Christ covenant signed with "the many"? Should we expect it to be signed on the first day of the last seven years? Wouldn't that tip everyone off to the fact? God has determined that all must go as-usual so that He can surprise His enemies with horrible destruction. Because He hates them. He has given them good things, and has allowed them to enjoy their own good things, yet they hate Him in return for no justifiable reason. Therefore, He will come like a thief and catch them by surprise...and he will revel in punishing them. Because He hates them. They tarnish the Name without justifiable reasons; they call evil good; and they despise His people.

But the signs (i.e. fulfilled prophecies) will yet be visible to those who watch carefully. There must be some confusion/fog in the fulfillments so that His enemies don't recognize them, and the anti-Christ must therefore slip on to the historical stage in such a way as to not be recognized, by the world of sinners, until it is too late for them. It is necessary that God remains invisible in the last generations so that sinners can carry out their evil without fear of judgment, and therefore with liberality, for the record.

But He is not fully invisible to the Elect, for if he were, the faith of the Church would die. Faith will grow cold in many because He will not make Himself apparent to them. Faith has one object but with a goal on our behalf. The object is to allow God to work through us (for He does not like to work through the faithless), and it then saves us for that reason. Whatever good works He does through us will be credited to us, to our faith. Even though we have faith in the first place because He reveals himself to us (in multiple ways), yet we are credited for keeping the faith when the whole world around us is happily, and even proudly, faithless. We are credited with eternal life for not jumping into the lake of sin with the rest. To help us in keeping the faith in the last generations where it might appear that He does not exist, there will be the signs.

I know that you want to see a solid sign that we are entering the last seven years. I don't know that we are entering the last seven years, but if we are, any uncertainties could be by Design. If God wants to be invisible to the world of sinners to see how they will live and think without fear of judgment, couldn't the same method be used to some extent for those who Believe, that their true hearts might also be exposed?

But for those destined for Mercy -- because He loves them in spite of their sins -- they will seek to correct themselves when their true hearts are so exposed. If they do not seek to correct themselves, they will not be deemed the Elect, but will instead fall into the lake of sin with the rest. Keeping the faith in these days means that you WANT God, his King, and his Kingdom. WANTING: that's what matters to Him, and to Him, and to Him. If you WANT Him, he will be your bridge over the lake, or the house on the Rock, or the wings of an eagle, that you might escape all that is to come in the testing of the world in its Hour of Trial = Armageddon.

There has been an abrupt change in the attitude of the West-Bank Palestinians that promises to make Hamas very happy where last week Hamas was extremely disappointed:

"After a week of criticism from fellow Palestinian Authority officials for his decision to pull a motion which would have urged the UN Human Rights Council to debate a report which condemned Israel for war crimes, PA President Mahmoud Abbas said [yesterday] that he intends to revisit the motion and urge a discussion on the matter.

This allows the Hamas-Fatah unity movement to continue forward, but it makes Israel the loser so that the Palestinian state, by Israeli will, is less likely to go forward. Israel has signalled that the UN report on Gaza, because it blasts Israel for war crimes, is the reason that Netanyahu is putting off any peace deal with Palestinians for years to come. The only other way to get the peace deal now is against the will of Israel. But Obama knew this from the start; nothing has really changed, except that Obama and the rest of the West now know that they have failed in seducing Israel to lay down it's life willingly for the Palestinian state.

The next chapter of Israeli history should therefore be a gang-bang on Israel, a raping of her security. For she made the West her security hedge, and now that hedge must be removed, wherefore her legs will be exposed. What will the world find on her bare legs? What will the West reveal about her that thus far the West has kept concealed? What sort of blackmail will be used to punish her for resisting the will of the Illuminati, the Illuminati that created her state in the first place? We will learn that Israel has been wearing the black stockings of a whore.

She has given birth to deformed children, the children of adulterers, of thieves in high places. She has been screwed, and will be screwed some more, by the Harlot of Revelation 17, who has just gone to bed with Syria, a nation that wishes to destroy Israel. And that's why God calls her a harlot, for Europa has relations with nations who want the destruction of Israelites, and with nations who have long put God aside in favor of secular humanism. There is no hope for this world, and the job of the pimps who run globalism will be to put a good face on a whore, to dress her in elegance though beneath her clothes she is covered in the filth of adultery and pornography.

But the world does not consider this filth filthy, and so it continues forward in it, creating a sea of sin, and urging all to jump in. Ireland has just jumped in. We now await a king of Europa who will rule the polluted waters, and we have yet to see how the anti-Christ finds his way to the throne of Europa. She will ride on his back, gladly, as he spews blasphemies against God, the God he claims does not exist.

We are going to see mental cases in action, deranged souls lifted to the heights. The rulers of the planet will start to become amazingly stupid as they follow the cues from the Dark Maestro. His wand is dipped in blood, and it drips as he moves it in strange shapes before his black orchestra, and Truth will fall. Together they will huddle around the lie, and make hallowed music to the lie, and there in the midst Israel lies bleeding, near death, and all the religious of the world pass her by without helping. "Let God come to save you," they will say, "if he is your God." But He will not come to save her until she utters, "Blessed is the One who come in the Name of YHWH." And she will not utter this until she is in the last throes of her life.

It will be hard to miss these signs. But they will come about only after most people, including believers, have made their decision about the lake of sin. After the midway point of the Week, the signs can come rolling in with some blatant obviousness, for by that time those not written in the Book of Life will have received the mark of the beast. Our work in the first half of the Week is to keep the faith, to make the right decision, to remain unstained by the world. Have you gotten a bit dirty already? There is time left for correction. There is a Merciful One for our correction, our erection, and our resurrection.

I can't find any other news to report, so I'm signing off for the day. In coming weeks and months, I'll be seeking evidence for our having entered the 70th Week. If nothing of what can be construed as an anti-Christ covenant becomes visible to us in the next several months, it might be evidence that the 70th Week is not starting at this time. I'll also assess the situation based on Iraqi events, for the covenant should have everything to do with Insurgents in Iraq.

October 12

There is more evidence from the horse's own mouth that Obama is NOT a Biblical Christian. He has promised a gift to the pathetic homosexual block that voted for him, the block that has pinned it's hope on him for making queers respected in society:

"'I will end 'don't ask-don't tell,' Obama said to a standing ovation from the crowd of about 3,000 at the annual dinner of the Human Rights Campaign, a gay civil rights advocacy group."

There is nothing to respect about a man who goes down on another man, or who gets on his knees for another man's penetration. The mere words that I speak here probably spoiled your moment. The picture that it brings to mind is not one worthy of respect. It's human trash, and it wants to have your children if it can capture them. Do not be deceived into respecting these dogs. If they repent, receive them in Christ as you would anyone else, but so long as they war with Christians, and so long as they push to have their sex acts accepted as normal, turn away and deny them, reminding them that they are among the lowest. They need change and healing, not acceptance. For Obama to accept them and push for their so-called "rights" exposes him as unworthy to be your president.

Obama has another decision to make on Israel, and being the fool that he is for supporting gays, can we be confident that he will make thew right decision there? The decision has to do with this:

"'There will be no Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty until the occupation of Jerusalem ends. We are determined to safeguard the Aksa Mosque and Jerusalem,' Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said in a speech in Ramallah [last] evening.

Abbas also said he instructed the Palestinian envoy at the United Nations' Human Rights Council in Geneva to request an urgent meeting in order to discuss the Goldstone report, 'so that those responsible for crimes against the Palestinian people during the barbaric Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip, when Israel destroyed Gaza, its mosques, its hospitals and its homes, can be brought to justice.'

Abbas also mentioned the stumbling reconciliation talks with Hamas...'We are working to bring to an end the intra-Palestinian rift and to sign a reconciliation treaty...'"

Abbas, seeing Western sentiments swinging heavily in his direction, is telling Obama that he will not get his peace deal, and will therefore not earn his Nobel peace prize, unless the U.S. foreign office (i.e. the Clintonites) succeeds in ending the "occupation" of Jerusalem. He is also telling Obama that the unity between his Palestinian faction and that of Hamas is more important to him (at the moment, anyway) than superficial relations with Israel having the purpose of persuading Netanyahu to willingly grant a Palestinian state. In other words, Obama has flatly failed in his peace initiative, wherefore Abbas is demanding force from him.

Mrs. Clinton is in Russia today and tomorrow speaking to the top leaders on the Iranian issue. The belief now is that Russia can be persuaded to support sanctions on Iran. But I have doubts about it. I expect lip service from Russia to Obama. As early as later today or tomorrow, we might find a statement (in the press) from the Russian leaders that clearly (or not so clearly) reveals Russia's bias toward Iran.

Temple-Mount heat lingers:

"Knesset Member Ibrahim Abdullah Sarsur, who heads the southern Islamic Movement inside Israel, published an official announcement [yesterday] according to which a nation he called the 'Arab Jebusites' founded the city of Jerusalem -- which he referred to using the Arabic name Al Quds -- a long time before the Jews showed up there.

...'We, as Muslims, along with the noble ones among the Christians... ask only that Israel take its hands off of Al Quds and the Al Aqsa Mosque, stop trampling the rights of Arabs and Muslims in the city... act to distance the extreme Jewish elements from the Al Aqsa mosque, forget about the possibility of holding Jewish prayer of any form or size in the [Temple Mount] and certainly forget about the possibility of shared Jewish custodianship over it, because this will be a red line after which the face of the region and the world will be completely different,' he warned.

The Jebusites (Yevusim in Hebrew) are mentioned in the Bible as the nation from which King David captured Jerusalem. Nowhere in the Bible or in the work of archaeologists, historians and researchers is a connection made between them and the Arabs, who conquered Jerusalem more than 1,600 years after King David's times."

In another article:

"Jews in the town of Mitzpe Yericho are taking practical steps to prepare for the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, by preparing descendents of Cohanim (priests) and Levites for service. At the Mitzpe Yericho school, Temple priest hopefuls learn exactly how to conduct the daily Temple service and offer the required sacrifices."

Two trains colliding.

October 14

Hillary did not succeed at all with Russia in an attempt to get the leadership to threaten sanctions on Iran:

"...However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared earlier [yesterday] that threatening Teheran with more sanctions would be counterproductive, resisting Clinton's efforts to win agreement for tougher measures if Iran fails to prove its nuclear program is peaceful."

To make it appear that her visit to Russia was a success, she came away saying that she and Lavrov were in agreement. Her tone is quite at odds with the EU, and even with Obama, as she claimed that the U.S. is in agreement with Russia in that it's not yet time to talk about sanctions...because talking to Iran must be given a greater chance. She mentioned her reset button, and she's obviously proud of it.

The U.S. foreign policy office has spoiled any leverage it might have with Russia for fear of spoiling Hillary's pet: her reset button. In other words, rather than cause waves with Russia and ruin her reset button, she came away agreeing with the Russian leadership...that is heavily partnered with Iran. One article claimed that Russia has no greater partner in the Arab world than Iran. You can understand how Russia must view this lame-duck Obama administration as an open door. For fear of failing in his love-in foreign policy, Obama has become a lame duck, and worse: he caters to evil powers.

The O doesn't want you to know that the Iraq fighters are being transferred to his hopeless war:

"President Barack Obama is quietly deploying an extra 13,000 troops to Afghanistan, an unannounced move that is separate from a request by the US commander in the country for even more reinforcements.

The extra 13,000 is part of a gradual shift in priority since Obama became president away from Iraq to Afghanistan."

One can't keep that from being known for long. I'm sure that he promised to bring the Iraq troops "home." Since when is Afghanistan home?

There's trouble in northern Iraq; the Kirkuk tap has been shut:

"Oil fields in the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq have been pumping oil into Iraq's national pipeline system for export to the world market since June.

But this week, the Kurdistan regional government (KRG) announced that it would no longer contribute oil to Iraq's export program until a long-standing dispute with Baghdad is resolved.

That dispute is over who -- Baghdad or the KRG -- is responsible for paying the foreign oil companies extracting the oil in the northern Kurdish region.

The disagreement is the latest, and possibly most serious, problem to emerge..."

As I suspect that the anti-Christ will enter northern Iraq with an eye for Kirkuk's oil, any developments having to do with that oil is interesting to me, as any one event could be the hand of God to bring him in with hook in his mouth. Another development that could signal his time to move in is a loss of leadership among the Sunni of Mosul. Just now, a leader of Saddam's loyalists has been captured:

"Ayad Jalal Abdulwahab has been working closely with Izzat al-Douri, the vice president under the regime of the late dictator Saddam Hussein, the security official said. Douri is still at large and is viewed by U.S. officials as Saddam's successor in the resistance movement. The Iraqi force that captured Abdulwahab turned him over to U.S. forces, which brought him to Baghdad, where he's undergoing interrogation, Iraqi officials said.

Abdulwahab was in charge of operations in Salahuddin province, the capital of which is Tikrit, Saddam's hometown, said the Iraqi official."

They will try their best to pry information from this captured man. The more that the Saddam loyalists struggle, the more they will need a "savior." September saw low violence among Iraqi civilians, suggesting a down-turn in Insurgency activity at a time when they had been threatening to come on strong.

Hezbollah has been caught red-faced:

"Thousands of weapons caches have been placed in homes scattered in 160 villages in southern Lebanon, senior defense officials said [yesterday], a day after one such stockpile exploded in the home of a Hizbullah operative in Tayr Filsay, near Tyre.

[Yesterday], the [Israeli Defence Forces] released video taken from an Israeli aircraft of the home... The blast took place at around 8 p.m. on Monday, and an hour later Hizbullah men are seen carrying weapons out of the home and loading then onto a truck.

In the footage, seven men are seen carrying a four-meter-long device, thought to be a Katyusha rocket or launcher. Hizbullah is thought to have more than 30,000 rockets of various ranges and sizes."

Okay, very important because it proves that Hezbollah is hiding rockets in private homes in efforts to skirt UN watchdogs. It justifies Israel's flights into Lebanon, and tells that there is a plan by Hezbollah to start another war. At least, I have every doubt that rockets are being hidden in homes for defensive reasons as Hezbollah knows that Israel would never invade Lebanon without being provoked. My only questions have to do with the timing that the Iran axis has for starting another war? What could be delaying that attack? At what point will they think they have the machinery to win a war and take the land of Israel? There may be a clue in the following; it's a DEBKAfile article in it's entirety:

"High-ranking Hamas officials in Gaza keep their sons, brothers, wives, cousins living in comfort in Cairo. Monday night, Oct. 12, Egypt's Mukhabarat (security service) began quietly rounding up hundreds of these Gazans and throwing them into jail for 'questioning,' DEBKAfile's Middle East sources report. The crackdown was ordered by intelligence minister Gen. Omar Suleiman, who finally got fed up with Hamas and its stubborn refusal to sign a reconciliation accord with rival Fatah and its leader Mahmoud Abbas. Egyptian sources are sure Iran and Syria are behind the Islamic extremists' non-cooperation.

Gen. Omar has spent long months in strenuous effort to bring the Palestinians together for a unity accord that would open the way to a unified delegation for negotiations with Israel. The latest signing date at the end of this month had to be cancelled for the umpteenth time after Hamas said its latest no was final.

President Hosni Mubarak then gave his intelligence minister permission to remove the gloves and start discreetly punishing the recalcitrant Islamic extremists where it hurt, i.e. their close kin.

Our Egyptian sources report that the Hamas community resident in Cairo includes senior military and political officials and businessmen, as well sons enrolled as students and other close family members. Neither Egypt nor Hamas has released word of the crackdown."

I don't know what to make of this story; it's another exclusive DEBKAfile claim. If true, we should be hearing of a serious breakdown in the unity movement within days, and Egypt should once again become the despised black sheep. It could be that Hamas gave its "final" no to the unity movement due to last week's disagreement with Fatah, BUT if Hamas continues to reject the unity movement even now that Fatah has confessed error in last week's dispute, it's possible that Hamas' U-turn is because it has received the word from Iran that the war is to be turned ON imminently. As the article says: "Egyptian sources are sure Iran and Syria are behind the Islamic extremists' non-cooperation."

October 15

It looks like DEBKAfile's article quoted here yesterday was RIGHT ON, for in today's Jerusalem Post:

"The Syrian-based leadership of the militant Palestinian Hamas said [today] it has rejected an Egyptian-mediated proposal to reconcile with the rival Fatah group."

The article quotes Hamas giving an off-the-wall objection for discontinuing the unity effort. I say "off-the-wall" because, very recently, Hamas had been ready to sign without giving this objection then. What was said yesterday therefore stands, that Hamas has likely opted out of the unity/reconciliation plan due to word from the Iran axis to fight a war with Israel instead. Even the stated objection caters to that idea: "...the reconciliation plan must be revised to include a reference to the Palestinian right to resist Israeli occupation."

THEN, in another article out this morning:

"Syria has transferred nearly a quarter of its long- and medium-range missile arsenal to Hizbullah, the Kuwaiti al Jarida reported [today].

According to the report, security sources in Jerusalem told the paper that the missiles, now held by Hizbullah, could hit every part of Israel."

Perfect. Totally logical. That's why the war with Israel has not yet been waged. They want bigger, better missiles before making the next attempt. That's why Syria was so distraught when Israel invaded Gaza, for it put a virtual end to missile smuggling from Gaza. But missiles that can hit any part of Israel are not likely enough to win the war. They want the BIG ONES too. And that's your Armageddon scenario. The plan may be to start with non-nuclear missiles that hit Tel Aviv and other major centers nearby (i.e. on the Mediterranean coast), but to then use the N-bombs as soon after as possible in case the war apart from them does not succeed.

I simply cannot see how the world will keep nuclear bombs out of Israel. It's a certainty, sooner or later, and that's why Obama, the fool, should stop trying to shake Iran's hand, and do the Bush thing instead, before it's too late. BUT, God is the Leader of the invasion of Israel, and He has likely put the fool in office over the United States just for this Purpose.

Israel knows that nuclear bombs in its country will be a certainty unless it does the Bush thing against Iran, and fast. There's no end to talk on that point; we see it once again in today's J-Post, but now the strategy has been modified:

"Israel is making preparations to carry out military attacks in Iran after December, a French magazine reported overnight...

I According to a report in Le Canard Enchainé quoted by Israel Radio, Jerusalem has already ordered high-quality combat rations from a French food manufacturer for soldiers serving in elite units and has also asked reservists of these units staying abroad to return to Israel.

The magazine further reported that in a recent visit to France, IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi told his French counterpart Jean-Louis Georgelin that Israel is not planning to bomb Iran, but may send elite troops to conduct activities on the ground there.

These, according to the magazine, could involve sabotage of nuclear facilities as well as assassinations of top Iranian nuclear scientists."

How can it be that the Jerusalem Post can reveal such top-secret things as this to the public, as though it were Israel's enemy? I suppose that the owners of the media are opposed to Netanyahu's method of dealing with the Israeli crisis at hand. DEBKAfile has the same story, but another explanation for multiple Israeli media putting forth the story is deliberate leakage for the purpose of making Iran believe that there will be a ground effort after December when in fact there will be an air strike before December.

No sooner was the superficial between Hillary and Putin over that the latter got tough:

"Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin warned major powers [yesterday] against intimidating Iran and said talk of sanctions against the Islamic Republic over its nuclear programme was 'premature'.

...Clinton failed to secure any specific assurances from Russia on Iran during her visit, leaving her open to criticism at home that she had not received anything from Moscow after earlier U.S. concessions on missile defence.

...The Geneva talks on Oct. 1 also produced Iranian agreement for international inspectors to visit a second enrichment plant now under construction near Qom. Apparent Iranian concession reduced pressure for a widening of economic sanctions some analysts said could be extended to the oil and gas industry.."

Speaking of fools, the headline this morning: "Geithner aides made millions on Wall Street." Was there ever any doubt about it? The story:

"Obama administration officials now working on fixing and regulating the financial system were beneficiaries of several million dollars in pay from Wall Street and private equity companies, it has been revealed.

Financial disclosure forms show that prior to joining the government, Gene Sperling, a senior Treasury adviser, was paid $887,727 by Goldman Sachs and $158,000 for speeches to companies that included Stanford Group, the company run by Sir Allen Stanford, who has since been charged with fraud.

Mr Sperling's compensation from Goldman was for work on a philanthropic project. His overall pay, including for his main job at the Council on Foreign Relations, totalled $2.2m in the 13 months to January.

The forms, which were first obtained by Bloomberg, showed that Matthew Kabaker, another adviser in the Treasury, earned $5.8m at Blackstone...

Lewis Alexander, another adviser, was chief economist to Citigroup before joining the administration; he was paid $2.4m in the last two years.

...Earlier this month the release of the telephone call logs of Tim Geithner, Treasury secretary, showed he had numerous conversations with a number of Wall Street executives, sparking allegations that the administration was too close to the industry.

...Previous releases of disclosure forms revealed the $5.2m paid to Lawrence Summers, chief economic adviser to the White House, by DE Shaw, the hedge fund, in the two years before he joined the administration.

...Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2009."

The underscore above is not mine (for new readers, I was deeply concerned with the Shaw bloodline over the past several weeks when on bloodline topics...linking to the various surnames to which Obama also links).

People in high political office can do financial favors for friends (or not necessarily friends) and then receive private money (or "gifts") back from them as though not related to the favors. It's hard to prove connections between the favors and the gifts, but this is standard practice among corrupt politicians. It's probably the number one reason that many do not vote at all. Speaking of gifts from politicians:

"Senators diverted $2.6 billion in funds in a defense spending bill to pet projects largely at the expense of accounts that pay for fuel, ammunition and training for U.S. troops, including those fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to an analysis.

Among the 778 such projects, known as earmarks, packed into the bill:...$20 million to launch an educational institute named after the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat.

While earmarks are hardly new in Washington, 'in 30 years on Capitol Hill, I never saw Congress mangle the defense budget as badly as this year,' said Winslow Wheeler, a former Senate staffer.


That's because Obama is carrying a trillion dollars in his wallet of printed money that he did not earn, that YOU have to pay back. The wallet's so fat that money's just falling out everywhere he walks...usually, to visit his friends. And because he's got so much money, he's made many "friends"...who will one day pay him back with private gifts for the political favors he's now doing them. But later, a gift from God to Obama: a mouthful of gravel to chew on, and a nice dark "bed" in a dark, lonely place.

I don't think that Obama is very noble:

"OSLO -- Three of the five members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee had objections to the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to US President Barack Obama, the Norwegian tabloid Verdens Gang (VG) reported [today].

'VG has spoken to a number of sources who confirmed the impression that a majority of the Nobel committee, at first, had not decided to give the peace prize to Barack Obama,' the newspaper said."

I read that Obama was made a candidate for the Nobel prize BEFORE he became president. How could that be? A "nobody" in politics being made a candidate for such a "prize"; it suggests family ties to the people who run the Nobel scam.

For your information:

"An Ashburn, Virginia woman is in the fight of her life after suffering a very rare side effect to the seasonal flu shot.

The vast majority of doctors say flu shots are safe. In this case, the FDA says they found nothing wrong with this particular batch, but sometimes there are complications.

That's apparently what happened to Desiree Jennings, and now her life will never be the same."

This is some good evidence of a conspiracy to kill, because nothing was found in the flu shot that should have caused the problem. We would assume that the killers would make sure that their killer ingredient is well hidden from scientific view. What could that ingredient be??? The flu itself. It was altered to kill. The evidence seems overwhelming that multiple strains of flu were put together into one "swine" flu, and I can think of no other reason to make a flu for mass distribution but to harm people.


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