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October 16 - 23, 2009

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October 16

Up and down goes the yo-yo:

"Plans to hold a referendum that could have accelerated the withdrawal of U.S. forces have quietly been shelved, as even those Iraqi politicians who were pushing for the poll conclude it no longer would be a useful exercise.

Sunni Muslim politicians had wanted the referendum on the U.S.-Iraqi security pact to be held in January, to coincide with national elections. But with the clock ticking on election preparations and Parliament still deadlocked over a new election law, there is now not enough time..."

I had a yo-yo once, and I'll admit I could not handle it very well like the other guys up the block...who got all the cute girls too. The problem with a yo-yo is timing. If you jerk it at just the wrong fraction of a second, it won't do the "around the world," and that's why there's no referendum in sight in the near future: because the Sunny didn't jerk the political strings right. Or, the Americans paid them off with some gift (or promise of a gift) that made them docile and/or careless.

Baghdad was threatening to hold a referendum aside from the Sunni-related one, but the Americans have behaved so well -- at least giving the appearance that they intend to leave on time -- that it too is being set aside for the lateness of the time (why bother having a referendum to send the Americans away a mere few months early?).

What does this mean? That Gog, or the King of the North, will be forced to enter Iraq while the American presence lingers? If he was waiting for the referendum to make his decision on what timing he would use to manifest himself, we might be waiting many more months before he enters the Iraqi stage. But now that the yo-yo hasn't done the trick that it was supposed to do, he's got to make his decision now, based on what appears to be an American military presence until deep into 2010. He may therefore decide to enter lightly now/sooner, trying not to step on any toes, and disguised as a beneficent player on behalf of some Iraqi sector.

In any case, the Obama administration has denied that it sent 13,000 troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, but that doesn't mean that he wasn't planning it...until he got caught unexpectedly and was wise enough to claim otherwise. It is clear to all that Obama is being pressed by his military chiefs to send Iraqi troops to Afghanistan, and, since he himself wants more troops there, his denial above suggests only one thing: it's not politically expedient for him to do so.

I have a feeling that the Iraqi yo-yo is going to go up and down some more before the January election. I read some days ago that this election could be postponed. There are many players trying to work the same strings to their advantage so that one never knows what the Iraqi situation will be from month to month. The article above says: "Troop levels have been reduced since January by 23,000, to 120,000, and are scheduled to fall rapidly after the January elections, reaching 50,000 by August, U.S. officials say." Under that scenario, the window into Iraq into which Gog now peers appears to be transforming into an open door.

No sooner will Obama send troops to Afghanistan while those in Iraq leave that terrorists in Afghanistan can come back to Iraq. Lately, the Taliban has been making inroads into Lahore, Pakistan, and development such as this press Obama to send additional help, and, for the sake of his political life, gives him some justifiable excuse to do so:

"Taliban gunmen attacked three law enforcement facilities in Pakistan's eastern city of Lahore early Thursday, Oct. 15, their fifth large-scale strike in 10 days. At least 38 people were killed. Interior minister Rehman Malik announced a nationwide red alert. He said: 'The enemy has started a guerilla war.'"

The last time that the Taliban was in Lahore, it scared the pants off of Hillary Clinton, and she barked up Pakistan's tree to get the situation changed promptly, out-classing anything that Obama had done to date. But here we are again.

In Afghanistan, president Karzai has not yet won re-election, several weeks after the election. Although Obama has been acting as though he wants Karzai to win, I'm not so sure. A UN agency appears to be spoiling his chances:

"A U.N.-backed fraud watchdog said [today] it was close to a verdict in its probe of Afghanistan's presidential election, which could force incumbent Hamid Karzai into a run-off against his main rival.

...Afghanistan's ambassador in Washington, Said Jawad, has said a second round of voting was 'likely.'

In the United States, the controversy surrounding the vote has been a major factor in the Obama administration's review of its Afghanistan strategy.

Apparently, Obama doesn't quite know whether to give his Afghan general the 40,000 troops he's requesting until Obama knows who will be the next Afghan president. The next round may or may not be held before winter sets in.

The founders of the UN no longer have control of the UN:

"Despite Israeli lobbying efforts against the Goldstone Report, the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva endorsed the document [today], a move that will send it on to more powerful UN bodies in New York for action.

The resolution passed 25-6, with mostly developing countries in favor and the United States and five European countries opposing."

The Goldstone Report is the piece of condemnation of Israel's war activities in Gaza. It's an important development because it seeks to restrict Israel's war methods. Israel cannot afford to be restricted in the next war, which promises to evolve quickly into the anti-Christ invasion. But the UN report also works to make Israel's enemies emboldened, and of course to further tarnish Israel's reputation around the world. Strange, too, for "Goldstone" sounds very "Jewish."

Obama is opposed to the Goldstone Report...but only because it serves to ruin his peace initiative, and of course because it would be political suicide to show any siding with it. Aaron Klein reports:

"U.S. officials in recent days expressed to the Palestinian Authority that President Obama's administration is 'disgusted' with Israel, a top aide to PA President Mahmoud Abbas told WND in an interview.

Nimr Hamad said the White House was disgusted that Israel is refusing to halt all settlement activity...

Hamad repeated that the term 'disgusted' was used more than once in recent meetings with U.S. envoys to describe the administration's attitude toward Israel. Hamad did not name the U.S. envoys using the terminology."

Of course (I promise not to use that phrase again today), "disgusted" would not be the word used when the O-Team is speaking with Israeli officials. You get it: Obama has two faces so that one can never know where he stands by his public comments. For all we know, many on the O-Team are FOR the Goldstone Report. Jimmy Carter must be spinning his cartwheel round and round in absolute bliss. The article continues:

"George Mitchell, Obama's envoy for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, just this week wrapped up a series of meetings with Israeli and Palestinian leaders over re-starting talks.

Senior PA sources told WND yesterday the Obama administration urged them to begin publicly pressuring Israel..."

And the J-Post quotes ABC news today, saying that Susan Rice (of the O-Team) is going to be meeting Netanyahu and Abbas next week. Why Susan Rice and not Hillary's people? Perhaps because a

"New Gallup survey shows support for US president has dropped to 56%, while his secretary of state's favorable ratings stand at 62%",7340,L-3790893,00.html

Other polls have Obama much lower. Can we trust Hillary when she says: "I have absolutely no interest in running for president again. No. None. I know that's hard for some people to believe. But, you know, I just don't." Not even Obama can believe that.

Here's Egypt's official line on the Hamas disappointment:

"Egyptian mediators have delayed their deadline for Hamas to sign a Palestinian unity deal with Fatah after the Islamist group asked for a delay, an Egyptian official said [today]. 'Egypt will postpone the signing of this deal at the current time,' the official MENA news agency quoted the official as saying.

The announcement came a day after Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas's Fatah party presented a signed copy of the deal on Egypt's deadline, with Hamas saying it wanted an extension and amendments to the deal. The official cited the "repercussions between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas because of the dispute on handling the Goldstone report..."

Judging from this article, the rift is not insurmountable, but I tend to believe DEBKAfile when it tells that this is the "final" rejection that Hamas will ever make on the issue. If Hamas comes forward saying that it will soon sign a unity deal, I would take it to be a facade for wasting time until the next war is started in cahoots with Hezbollah.

That's about all for today. I hope that no one reading is being strung along to nowhere in these updates. I rather hope that we are approaching the prophetic events fast. The world needs a new Leader badly. I should like to see what the world will be like, by comparison, under the authority of the Creator. Many believe that He will be a brute, spoiling peoples' plans, but we trust and know differently, that there will be no more sorrow or tears, not even any more death, as per the Resurrection-Rapture. Imagine that. People waking from death to an incomparable life to last forever. The One responsible for this deserves the Nobel peace prize, wouldn't you say?

I apologize for anyone trying to get to the 2016 chapter in the last few weeks. The link below hasn't worked due to an FTP complication I had not corrected. It's fixed now.

October 17

There is evidence that much of the violence in Iraq is from Syria. For example, to explain why September HAD The lowest in Insurgence violence against Iraqi civilians, there is the anger from Baghdad against Syria ever since the Iraqi political offices were bombed heavily on August 19:

"The crisis between two of the Middle East's most powerful countries [= Iraq and Syria] deepened [October 13] as Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said talks with Syria over suicide truck bomb attacks had failed and the United Nations would appoint a special envoy to investigate the violence.

'After four meetings the government realized that these meetings are pointless and they have not produced any ... tangible results or any movement,' said Mr. Zebari, speaking from a Foreign Ministry still being rebuilt after two tons of explosives were detonated outside the building on Aug. 19."

About the turn of September, Iraq threatening to take the bombing to a UN investigative group, easily explaining why violence originating in Syria would be practically cut off. In fact, the sudden drop in violence serves as evidence that much prior violence had come from Baathists in Syria in the first place. In my mind, the Iraq and Syrian Baathists together constitute the neo-Seleucid kingdom that the "small horn" of Daniel 8 is prophesied to rule in the first half of the 70th Week. Daniel 7 reveals that the same "small horn" will afterward rule Europe as a "different" sort of king from the associated ten Roman caesars. Revelation 17 reveals that the same small horn, therein called a "beast," will appear after an unspecified gap of time (about 1900 years and counting) to revive the agenda/spirit of the ten-minus-three caesars, therein portrayed as seven heads (the ten kings of Revelation 17 are not, in my mind, the same as the ten-minus-three of Daniel 7).

There needs to be a reason that Daniel calls the anti-Christ a "small horn." Daniel 11:23 reveals that he will start small in the neo-Seleucid kingdom, but grow to be large. Therefore, he does not sound like a leader of a nation, or at least not the leader of a large nation, such as Putin, for example. Being small, he could be hard to recognize at first, even though we are looking in the right place: among the Baathists.

I believe that God is communicating with me in various ways. BUT He has not tipped me off as to the identity of this small horn so that I can pass the information to you. Not until he is revealed might we know the reason that He does not want you and I to know at this time. The reason could be as simple as: the man is a complete unknown at this time on the world stage. He could be in Syria, or in Iraq, or even in Afghanistan.

The article tells that the has agreed to look into the bombings. This means that Syria will be required to co-operate with the investigation (or else be labeled guilty), and that the violent parties involved will need to cover their tracks. So threatening might the investigation become that the Insurgents may feel they had better speed up their agenda to topple Iraq.

It would not surprise me in the least if Baathists in Syria are in part-control of (as in a partnership with) Mosul/Nineveh politics at this time. I do not imagine that the anti-Christ's Baathists will need to defeat the Sunni/Baathists who now rule Mosul. I think that he will come to Mosul as an aid (or at least promising to be an aid) to the Sunni who now rule it.

Daniel 11 gave enough clues that, as early as 2003 (I can't recall the exact time), I was able to know that Saddam's Baathists and bin-Laden's al-Qaeda would form a partnership when joining the small horn. I repeat this now because the article above continues:

"...Iraq has not released evidence to back its claims of Syrian complicity, but US military commanders and intelligence officials in Iraq over the past year have pointed to Saddam Hussein loyalists as a top threat in Iraq and have said that Syria has a track record of refusing to hand over those suspects wanted for attacks in Iraq. The extent to which Al Qaeda operatives have formed an alliance with Baath Party extremists loyal to Mr. Hussein has been a subject of debate, but American and Iraqi officials describe it as a marriage of convenience -- although the two have differing ideologies, Al Qaeda in Iraq is believed to have supplied the suicide bombers while the Baathist extremists provided the logistics and planning."

Don't give up on me, therefore, just because the October 11 date has passed without a revelation of the small horn. Prophetic events could bust open at any time.

I checked Zhirinovsky news to see if he was at all panning out to be the small horn (an idea that I no longer hold strongly) to find him rebelling against president Medvedev as of mere days ago. In fact, the rebellion was taking place as Hillary was in Moscow:

"...Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the nationalist Liberal Democrats, was the first to lead his faction out of the State Duma session in protest. They were soon followed by the Communist Party and Just Russia, which along with United Russia [= Putin;'s party] was formed with Kremlin support.

'We demand a re-count of the votes across the country. We don't agree with the election results,' Zhirinovsky said before leaving the session, the first since [last] Sunday's elections. 'We will return only after a meeting with the head of state.'"

A thing like this could cripple the strong support that Putin now has. But for all I know, Putin may be behind the rebellion...because, for example, Medvedev has not been submissive to him. One could expect that Medvedev will break off from Putin in an effort to continue as Russian president in/after 2012. Word has been that Putin wants to become the president again in 2012, and that Medvedev is supposed to hand him the Office willingly.

In any case, I do not see how this development can relate to the small horn in Iraq. I am regretting that I raised Zhirinovsky up at all as a good candidate for the anti-Christ.

Yesterday I suggested that Obama could be in-support of the Goldstone report even though his administration has come out asking Palestinians to shun it. The latter would be the expedient thing to do, but the push of the Goldstone report may be from Obama's fellow, anti-Israeli globalists; that was my thinking, anyway. Today, we have a writer in Israel's Haaretz media saying the very same:

"The world, led by Obama, will not let it initiate a Cast Lead II operation [against Gaza]...The Americans and the Europeans are using the Goldstone report to punish Netanyahu for his refusal to freeze the settlements."

I think the first point made is the most important: globalists want to handcuff Israel so that it does not repeat a brutally "successful" war again. But in the coming war, Israel will need as much success as possible. All past successes will be repaid in full, and brimming over, by angry Muslims holding the "wonderful" successes of the anti-Christ in their rights hands. The new attitude of the West seen currently, though comparable to the wrong attitude of end-time Edom in it's anti-Israeli passion, is being ultimately created by a jealous God for this final invasion. For Israel is trusting in war machines, and in the West, rather than in Him.

One can only guess at this time how brutal the spite of the O-team will be against Netanyahu's goal of Jew-izing East Jerusalem. Will it come to the point where the O-team will actually support Hamas in its war against Israel? It could. The current tracks that I'm on in the bloodline topic, that the Globama players now in power are connected both to the founders of the Baath party and to Ishmaelites well explains what sort of Western betrayal of Israel could be coming down the pipes. Look:

"( Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, whose country will soon assume the European Union presidency, met [October 15] with [Israeli] President Shimon Peres and discussed Israel-PA negotiations.

Zapatero expressed interest in increasing his country's role in Israel-PA talks, particularly once Spain takes on EU leadership. 'We will not allow this period to pass without being committed, and without working vigorously, to advancing the peace process,' he said. 'This is an important mission.'

The Spanish PM indicated...'We will cooperate fully with President Obama's administration,' Zapatero told Peres."

Zapatero also traveled to Ramallah to meet with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. PA media quoted Zapatero as telling Abbas that he hopes to 'speed up' the creation of a PA-led Arab state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

I think Obama will at some future point take his gloves off and put on a metal knuckle ring before throwing some heavy punches at Netanyahu. We have yet to see what Hillary will do on his behalf, but at this time Obama is too lame to throw such punches.

Mrs. Clinton, could you please come in here for a minute.

I've got an opening for next week, Bark.

I need you here now.

I can't, have too many emails.

Mrs. Clinton, if you don't come in right now, I'm sending Susan Rice to Israel instead of you.

Ha-ha-ha, eey, whoo! Would you look at that. Someone just wrote in that I'm ahead in the polls, and that I could become Mrs. President today if an election...


Not when I'm enjoying myself. Pick a down day, Bark..

Then I'll come in here.

Vvvv. You just spoiled my moment. Can you get it over with in less than a minute, please?

I need you to help me make a come-back by getting me some big peace credits in Israel.

Not on your life, Bark. My husband says not to pay attention to that look you always give me. Take it up with him...

I need you in Israel looking like you're falling in love Hamasso.

But what if I succeed? Shouldn't I get elected in O-12?

That's what I'm afraid of, and why I've already made arrangements to send Rice to Israel instead of you.

But then when do I get to go? I'm your petty foreign officer, remember.

When you promise to give me the credit for making Ned Yahoo bow to the Palace Tiny agenda.

My husband's already fuming that you won the Nob prize whereas he got diddly-squat. He won't go for this. He wants me in, in O-12, so that he can rule again through me.

Then sit there, and sit there, and sit some more, with your email fans. You're NOT going to Israel [door slam].


Obama's door slam upset my computer, so I'll need to sign off for the day. Have a nice weekend.

October 18

Someone is claiming that Zhirinovsky's walk-out from the Duma was staged by Putin:

...Following up on Robert Coalson's post earlier today, there are more than a few signs out there that Wednesday's walkout of the State Duma by the so-called loyal opposition -- Zhirinovsky's LDPR, Zyugnov's Communists, and A Just Russia -- was a stage-managed affair that was given a green light at the very highest levels.

For one thing, Zhirinovsky, who initiated the walkout, doesn't do anything of this magnitude without an underlying motive (and that motive is never the advancement of democracy), and without prompting from his masters in the Kremlin.

And as Danila Galperovich of RFE/RL's Russian Service points out in a commentary today, the floor speeches by LDPR deputies that sparked the walkout, ostensibly in protest of alleged falsifications in the October 11 local elections, 'were obviously rehearsed note for note.'"

Never before in the year-long Iraq updates has Zhirinovsky been so wild in the news. All of a sudden... Some good evidence that the walk-out has been staged is that "the parliamentary rebellion received extensive -- and largely respectful -- coverage on Russia's main state-run television channels. In the tightly controlled world of Russian television, that doesn't happen by accident."

What could possibly be the reason for this "show"? The article gives two reasons, the first:"According to this scenario, Naryshkin [Putin's man] tasked Zhirinovsky with initiating the Duma revolt. The goal was to discredit, embarrass, and emasculate Surkov [Medvedev's man], whose portfolio includes keeping Russia's political parties docile and obedient." BUT, if the October 11 date for the underpinnings of Zhiro's walk-out is indication of his role as Gog I'm not taking this too seriously, yet), then perhaps this is a staged rebellion against both Medvedev and Putin, having to do with his invasion into the south [i.e. the Middle East] in such a way as to not to be rendered by the world as an invasion ordered by the Medvedev-Putin team.

I'm too surprised at the moment to digest this development properly. I wouldn't bet too many chips on the Gog-scenario just described, but a Gog in Iraq acting as though he's rebelling against Putin is a scenario I had imagined years ago. Another article, likewise claiming a staged show, adds colors to this story:

"It was Zhirinovsky who announced on the air over RFE/RL's Russian Service the night before the walkout that his faction would leave the chamber. During the Duma session, it was Zhirinovsky who was the most insistent, who lambasted the drowsy United Russia deputies and who threatened to seize power with the help of the army and Interior Ministry special troops."

One can now assume, theoretically, that Putin will grant the military machinery to Zhirinovsky for his role in leading the "mad dash to the south." Hey, my job is to paint all possible scenarios, and finally to chose only one of them as fulfilled prophecy. Note below that there is an apparent scheme to enter northern Iraq. Everything written below was written last night, BEFORE I found the two articles above, this morning. I didn't know what to make of the first story below, so I didn't comment after sharing it; time should tell what it's all about, whether a Russian-backed, or Western-backed, plot.

Not long ago, there was word from an international think tank, as though it was in-the-know, suggesting that Turkey would be most prone to invading into northern Iraq. Now, the evidence is in:

"London ( 17 October 2009: 82 Iraqi MPs demands to annul of the decision of Turkish parliament that allows the Turkish army's incursion into the Kurdistan's territories...

It has been few years since the Turkish parliament routinely vote to legitimise incursion into Iraqi Kurdistan. The Turkish decisions are unilateral that do have any regard for the views of Kurdistan Parliament or for those of the Iraqi parliament. In this sense, Turkey regards Iraqi Kurdistan's territory as an extension of its own.

The Turkish army frequently attack Iraqi Kurdistan's territory militarily under the pretext of pursuing the PKK. However, most observers agree that Turkish attacks are only to undermine the Kurdistan's political entity in Iraqi Kurdistan. A high number of families have been displaced as the result of these attacks."

Thank you Steve for the article below...where we learn of opposition to Tony Blair as the first "king of Europe." I have read that David Cameron is a shoe-in to become Britain's next leader, and he represents, not only an opposition to Tony Blair's hopes, but the biggest threat to the new, Lisbonized EUnity.

"The Conservatives today vowed to try and block Tony Blair from becoming the first President of Europe as Ireland overwhelmingly approved the Lisbon Treaty.

Shadow foreign secretary William Hague declared that his party was preparing to lobby European capitals about the former Prime Minister's appointment."

FE sent an email with a list of surnames in EU high places, showing that they reflect those we have been concentrating on in past months. One of them was BUZek of Poland. The article above adds: "European Parliament president Jerzy Buzek declared that Europe was 'back on track' after the Irish vote."

There has been a big sell-abration in Europe over the passage of the Lisbon treaty, as a result of the big sell in Ireland. For some reason, this treaty is like the revival of the Roman empire to those who looked forward to it. It's like the rising of the Phoenix. We should soon see why. Some are arguing that Tony Blair will NOT become the EU leader, but another article (October 1) said:

"He will be nominated by EU leaders in Brussels if, as expected, Ireland backs the hated Lisbon Treaty in tomorrow's referendum.

A senior Government source said: 'If we get a 'Yes' vote it will all move very, very quickly. Tony could be named by the end of October.'

...Sweden, which currently holds the EU presidency, wants a president named by the end of this month - and Mr Blair is favourite."

This is not like the rush one feels when late for work, but more like when a student has "the runs" and the teacher is not looking his way to see the hand flying through the air in frantic desperation. Oops, a little too late, some of it got out to the underpants, and the other students are beginning to smell something most terrible, but the toilet is not far away down hall. He'll make it, but just in time.

Will the buffoons please bring on the first king so that we may know who really rules Europa from behind the political stage? And, please, show us the agenda, why it means so much, and why she is such a hurry to nowhere.

I missed the October-6 article below, shared by Howard, and in it we see what is likely a part of the Lisbonized, EU agenda:

"The United Nations called on [October 6] for a new global reserve currency to end dollar supremacy which has allowed the United States the 'privilege' of building a huge trade deficit."

I suppose that Obama will just say that this is out of his hands. "Sorry, Amerifolks, but I am not really the leader of the democratic world. It's not a bad idea, anyway. We oppose, but let's give it a whirl anyway."

I wrote him back: "...Thank you Howard. You're the one-world-currency mate that I have keeping watch on that end." Steve watches the EU and British politics, as well as high-teck/skincode developments. Many want to be the first to guess who the Great Dipstick will be, and chances are that it won't be me (who guesses first, that is). Let's be the small group that alerts the world years in advance, even if bigger players in prophecy land take our ideas and spread them as their own. This is not about being the first, but about being the correct...for the broad benefits.

Mrs. Pollock has written in to share a theory on my numb hands. Lately, it has become much better. I can sleep on my side again without waking several times with "dead" hands. I'm seeking the reason, and so far I think that a swollen thyroid could be the culprit. I need iodine to make it better, but I couldn't find it on the shelf.

She shared an article on Brzezinski that paints him as a Marxist, and that would then link him back to the players behind the Bavarian Illuminati...which Karl Marx advanced. The writer, Paul Eidelberg, has a Hitler/Heidler-like surname, not to mention like "Eidelstein," Zhirinovsky's blood-father's surname. Eidelberg quotes the "Brzezinski-Obama axis" as the ruin of America. The article reminds me that Brzezinski -- or his son, Mike -- could make an appropriate non-Russian anti-Christ...if the man of prophecy is to come from the Obama camp. The Brzezinskis are from Poles, which could explain why the bloodline topics took a turn to the Poles so heavily lately, a turn that was made, indirectly/unintentionally, by Mrs. Pollock herself.

October 19

Gorby has weighed in:

"Moscow - Former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev has criticized a recent disputed municipal election in Moscow as a 'mockery' and a 'discredit' to Russian political institutions, according to a report published [today]. 'It is a complete failure of the technocrats...'

...Gorbachev described the subsequent walkout by three political parties from state duma in protest against the alleged election fraud as 'very serious.'",gorbachev-criticizes-russia-over-disputed-moscow-poll.html

I've not discounted the possibility that Gog will be from the Gorbachev camp, even though there has been little-to-no news on Gorby since I brought him last (months ago). The idea is that Gog could be a pro-Obama/West figure in the Gorbachev camp (that itself leans pro-West in some ways). Assuming that the Zhirinovsky walk-out was plotted, it appears that Gorbachev is involved, for he is clearly taking side with it against Putin.

I'm reading from multiple headlines that the walk-out is already over. Strange. Perhaps it's as simple as Zhirinovsky having a bad hangover on the day he walked out; now that he feels better...

Just when Europa was foaming at the mouth with glee:

"Oct 14 (Interfax) - Czech President Vaclav Klaus said he would not sign the Treaty of Lisbon any time soon.

'The terms I have advanced for signing the Treaty of Lisbon are very serious. The thought I may forget about my remarks in the coming days is unfounded,' Klaus said at a news conference after talks with the Russian president in Moscow on Wednesday [= same day Zhiro walked out of Duma].

...'For me this is a matter of principle. My dialogue [with the European Union leadership] on how the European Union should be, will be continued,' Klaus said.

...The Treaty of Lisbon was discussed at length during the talks with Medvedev, he said. 'I tried to explain, why we and others fear further integration within the European Union,' Klaus said."

Why is Klaus speaking these high things in Russia, a nation that hates Europa? Is Russia seeking to undermine the Lisbonized EUnity? Apparently so. What's next? A dire-rhea scenario? Indeed, the Czechs seem to be willing to flush her down the toilet unless they get what they are holding out for. I have little doubt that the Czechs will sign, eventually, but the hold-out may be indication that the time for advancement to the Lisbonized agenda is not yet. Remember, Tony Blair and his supporting circle want the neo-Phoenician throne by the end of October.

From ConspiracyLand, we have the following from Lord Christopher Monckton, former science adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher:

"At [the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in] Copenhagen, this December, weeks away, a treaty will be signed. Your president will sign it. Most of the third world countries will sign it...

I read that treaty. And what it says is this, that a world government is going to be created. ...The second purpose is the transfer of wealth from the countries of the West to third world countries, in satisfaction of what is called, coyly, 'climate debt' -- because we've been burning CO2 and they haven't.'"

I have doubts that Globalism is at all in love with the Third World. All involvement made to appear benevolent is in reality an effort to modify poor nations for adaptation to globalism...for the purpose of enriching the leaders of globalism. The Third World is just another field for globalists to exploit. Western tax dollars poured into what are supposed to be benevolent Third-World causes can easily be re-directed to corporate globalists...who, with that money, can set up new businesses in the Third-World.

Bill Clinton is involved in Third-World causes, and you know by now that he cares not for the poor, but for Rhodes globalism. Noting that Rhodes is a Bernician surname, see the following out just today that appears to be part of the agenda in the Monckton's statements:

"US Federal Reserve Chairman claims the global financial crisis of the past two years has shown the need to improve regulation and to deal with global imbalances.

'The crisis has highlighted the need for many policy reforms that range from improving financial regulation to addressing global imbalances,' Ben Bernanke said [yesterday] at an Asia economic conference in Santa Barbara, CA."§ionid=3510213

"Improving financial regulation" can be understood as a deliberately-couched oxymoron seeking to make the regulation of money appear as a good thing. And the "global imbalances" would appear to be speaking to the funnelling of Western monies, either from global-government taxes or schemes such as "climate change," to the Third World. I'm all for sharing with the poor, and God would have us do so, but one gets the sense that globalist intrusions into the Third World cares not sincerely for the poor. Bernanke never ceases to say that new/more regulation is needed to solve the world "crisis." That's the Illuminati agenda in a nutshell. That's global government in a nutshell: dirty fingers on the world's money strings.

Monckton claims that the globalist treaty is to be signed this December. Things are moving along rather speedily now that Lisbon has been revived. You can imagine that, on the official Lisbonized agenda, there were things to be in place months before the current time, wherefore there will be a rush to put those plots into reality asap. I was surprised that no push for the skincode was seen all of 2009, but perhaps the reason had to do with what appeared to be the collapse of Lisbon. Now that Lisbon has been sold to all EU member states, we should expect to see a rash of skincode/chip-friendly ads. In fact,, which shares the two articles above, features this video today showing one such advertisement.

There is a juicy admission out today:

"President Obama's presidential campaign focused on 'making' the news media cover certain issues while rarely communicating anything to the press unless it was 'controlled,' White House Communications Director Anita Dunn disclosed to the Dominican government at a videotaped conference.

'Very rarely did we communicate through the press anything that we didn't absolutely control," said Dunn.'"

From the mouth of his own donkey, we find agreement with what we already knew, that Obama is a presidential two-face. The WND article goes on to give more Dunn quotes. This is the same Obama who promised transparency on how it planned to run the country, but transparency and press-control are not compatible.

The following suggests that the Palestinian unity deal favors Fatah rather than Hamas:

"Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Fatah party lashed out at the Islamist Hamas movement [today], blaming it for the failure of an Egypt-proposed Palestinian unity agreement.

The vitriol came as Abbas prepared to leave for Egypt..."

The eagerness that Abbas is openly showing to get this deal signed lacks wisdom, for it reveals that the deal in its present form is in his best interests rather than in Hamas'. Therefore, Hamas is not likely going to sign it, especially as Abbas' so-called "vitriol" is now acting as a lashing on Hamas' back, with the purpose of re-igniting the fury that up until recently held the two factions far apart.

The article tells that "Dahlan insisted that in the absence of a deal Abbas would call elections for January in accordance with the constitution." Hamas saw opportunity in taking part in this election, but I think Hamas has instead opted for it's old ways: violence against Israel.

Iran is at the negotiating table with the UN today, and the outcome of these talks may set in place a new-found fury, for an "important" suicide bombing targeting some of Iran's most-elite military leaders has taken place, and Iran is blaming Western powers for what otherwise appears to be an al-Qaeda/Sunni bombing:

"Two of the five senior Revolutionary Guards commanders killed by a suicide bomber in Sitan-Baluchistan Sunday, Oct. 18, were identified as...

Iran state TV accused Britain of complicity in the attack...

The Sunni Jundallah underground, which is strongly opposed to the Shiite government of Iran, appears to be behind the attack. The assassin would have mingled with the officers entering the hall and blowing himself up in their midst - a method used by al Qaeda in Iraq to blow away Sunni tribal leaders working with the US army.

Iran's state media did not immediately release separate numbers of dead and injured. Parliament speaker Ali Larijani made a special announcement to inform lawmakers of the attack, charging that 'Western elements' were behind it.

Our sources describe Jundallah as a Baluchi terrorist group fighting for Baluchi independence of Iran. According to some Western and Iranian sources, it is supported by the Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence agency and the CIA. In 2007, Jundallah staged a failed assassination attempt on president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Tehran has since pestered Islamabad to rein in the group to no avail."

There you see the "globetrotters" in Iranian politics, likely the same Westerners that supported Mousavi's bid for the presidency. This explosion comes just after we read that Israel was planning a ground strategy in Iran: namely, the assassination of certain key players in Iran's military. Possibly, therefore, the Globamists are working together with Israeli military figures to weaken Iran internally. This event does not bode well for my personal expectation that Iran will be partnered with al-Qaeda in the Gog-invasion into Israel, but then again, Gog may convince Iran to tolerate al-Qaeda for that "special" purpose.

The idea that al-Qaeda is controlled by Western globetrotters is not new to ConspiracyLand, and goes back to Brzezinski's fingers in al-Qaeda-ville, Afghanistan, during the Russian war in that land.

My explanation for the long list of surreal suicide bombers is that, in return for their sacrifices, their families are being paid off with handsome monetary rewards. I don't think that female suicide bombers, for example, are motivated by the promise of 72 virgin princes in Allah's Heaven. They see the poverty in their family, and they choose to give their own lives that family members might be alleviated of some poverty. The West is in good position to pay those families off. This is definitely a conspiracy theory, but I'm open to it. Not that I trust anything that Ahmadinejad's administration says, but the J-Post thought it was worthy of publication:

"...Official television channels in Teheran quoted a security official as saying that the British government was directly involved in the attack, having organized the bombing, provided equipment and recruited terrorists.

Press TV had earlier said that the US was involved, as part of its efforts to topple the Iranian regime.

'It was a terror attack planned long ago by people linked to the US and other countries that want to destroy Iran's central government,' said Iran's state television network."

Note that Iran is not blaming Israel for complicity. That's because no one would find such a claim credible...since the suicide bomber was a (Sunni) Muslim. Whether Iran's accusation against the West is true or not, relations with Obama now seem more impossible than ever, but the situation may quickly become much worse than spoiled relations. If Iran had any intent on starting up it's anti-Israel war machine soon, this bombing could act to speed up initiation.

That's it for today. I wish you peace, defined as an absence of fear amid fearful times. That's God's gift to those who stay close to Him.

October 20

Does anyone get the impression that some globalists are expecting "natural" disasters because, deep down, they are expecting Biblical prophecy and wish to explain it away as something else? "Gordon Brown said negotiators had 50 days to save the world from global warming." Why just 50 days? Because: World delegations meet in Copenhagen in December for talks on a new treaty." Brown said that "The UK faces a 'catastrophe' of floods, droughts and killer heatwaves if world leaders fail to agree a deal on climate change."

Brown has repeatedly shown himself to be on-board the climate-crisis wagon, so that we know he is involved with the inner circle pushing this cause. Another article:

"UN climate talks in Copenhagen are unlikely to produce a new legally-binding treaty on cutting carbon emissions, says a top UN climate official.

'A fully fledged new international treaty under the convention -- I do not think that is going to happen,' Yvo de Boer told the Financial Times newspaper [today].§ionid=3510212

Boer??? I had traced that surname to Bernicians, also "Boernicians," whom I've traced to the Veneti/Heneti root of Rosicrucians. Make no mistake about it, the inner circle of the end-time False-Prophet dragon will be Rosicrucian. On that I do not think I will prove to be wrong. They will be our unreasonable enemies, for they are deranged.

Who will save the world from these globalists? The One who comes with fierce tempest, with floods, killer winds, shocking thunder, and Payback for their crimes. He will shake the money from their pockets, and the poor will gather round to collect the coins while still rolling along.

How many times have I been wrong? One more time:

"Iran's military accused the United States and Israel of terrorism as it held a funeral on Tuesday for high-ranking commanders killed in the deadliest attack in the Islamic Republic since the 1980s."

I write too much to never be wrong. I had just said that Iran wouldn't blame Israel for the Iran bombing because no one would believe it. But the article doesn't stress nor prove Israeli involvement; it says: "'The martyrdom of commander Shoushtari added a black page to the U.S. and Israeli terrorist file,' armed forces head Major General Hassan Firouzabadi said..." This could be a cheap shot to further Iranian plots against Israel, but on the other hand it could be due to Iran knowing the realities for certain. If you're interested in a yawn i.e. an article on the current Iran-West talks on nuclear topics, see here.

Assuming that the attack was carried out by the West to thwart Iran's anti-Israeli plots, what now? Did the plan succeed, or should we expect more murders? What was the purpose? To send Tehran a message just before the talks, that its military can be sunk into chaos if it doesn't comply with the Western will? Very importantly, how does Russia feel about the bombing? Does it agree that the West was at root? I haven't seen an article telling that Russian leaders blame the West.

As the attack, according to Iran and others, came from Pakistan, the US military in Pakistan could have been the perpetrator. Simultaneous with the attack, the Taliban has made deep inroads into the Lahore region of Pakistan, and has found more success today. This comes as Obama is badly needing a good political reason for sending troops there.

This conspiracy is just one explanation, which could be wrong but needs to be carrying along as a possibility as we go down the future pipes to the Armageddon scenario. The U.S. has a long record of using military in conjunction with political tools of persuasion in foreign countries, and one tool used is to make alliances with their own enemies if they can be used as a club against a larger enemy. A Reuters article out yesterday:

"A war of words over U.S. policy on Afghanistan is heating up between Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill as they await President Barack Obama's new strategy."

This article features a political battle between the Democrat leadership and a Republican (John Boehner) who is for Obama's war in Afghanistan. The writer's purpose would therefore seem to be to make the public for, not against, sending more troops to Afghani. We await Obama's decision.

I don't like the thought of stringing readers along with the sense that prophecy is in the process of being fulfilled when it's not. I acknowledge that media have a tendency to make headlines more dramatic than the stuff of the stories, that stories are often shallow by comparison. I haven't been sharing all developments on Israel's northern border for these reasons, as it's been hard to predict whether there is another war imminent as opposed to years off. DEBKAfile adds something today that I should share whatever the case may be:

"Iran is making a huge effort to smuggle to the Palestinian Hamas Fajr-5 ground-to-ground rockets that bring Tel Aviv within range of the Gaza Strip. DEBKAfile's military sources also disclose that Syria, Iran's second ally with an Israeli border, has decided to transfer one-third of its missile stockpile to the Hizballah in Lebanon, topping up its arsenal with medium-range rockets...

Israel's top strategists are studying these massive missile transfers to hostile entities to find answers to a number of key questions:


2. Do the transfers mean Iran and its allies are gearing up for a major Middle East conflict in the months ahead, possibly in early 2010?"

I'm expecting a military act against Israel, by the king of the north, in the spring of 2010. BUT first, he must invade Egypt successfully. At this point, as I continue to skim the news daily, I have a hard time believing that the anti-Christ is going to invade Egypt over the winter. This expectation may not be so difficult if he were an Arab, but when waiting for a Russian anti-Christ, a 2009-16 calendar for the 70th Week starts to look too early. Just so you know I feel uneasy this morning...even though Zhirinovsky seems to be up to something.

Today is a down day, and I've even developed a it at the tip of my nose to prove it. I was just telling my son on a Sunday drive that I had not had its on my nose in quite some time, but that I shouldn't mention it because I get them immediately after mentioning it. My son had a bad case of facial its that has fully cleared (though he has some scarring left on the upper cheeks), and I had noticed it on the drive. Forget potato chips and fried foods; it's the devil that causes its! Don't even mention the word, or you'll get a shiny one right where it shows most.

The good news: my son put off his girlfriend in a distant city to remain in Bible college in his home region. The uneasy news: he's flying out next week to see her. Some better news: she wants to be a missionary. The problem: who's going to leave family and friends to be with the other mate?

The last word for today is: I'm not convinced that 2009 is the year, and we no longer see, as we saw last year, the stuff that can lead to an invasion into Egypt.

October 21

I see no news to speak of so far today, but the following is worth a passing mention:

"Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have been known by mankind since the beginning and were therefore given the names of Greek and Roman gods. They are named Hama (or Kochav), Noga, Ma'adim, Tzedek and Shabtai, respectively. Earth is Eretz."

That's in today's news. I don't know what "Shabtai" means or where it derives, but as it's the Hebrew name of Saturn, which sounds like "Saturday," the Hebrew name for the planet could derive from "Sabbath." The point is, Jupiter, was named "Tzedekl/Zedek." That's the old name for Jerusalem as ruled by both MelchiZedek and the Amorite king, AdoniZedek. Why would modern Hebrews name this planet, named after the Roman version of Zeus, after the Amorite city? I notice the similarity between "Zeus" and "Zedek." Wikipedia:

"The author of the article for the Easton's Bible Dictionary states that amongst the Amarna letters are some letters from Adonizedek to the Pharaoh of Egypt, which add to the history recorded in Josh. 10. However, the only king of Jerusalem mentioned in this archive is one `Abdi-Heba..."

Is it a coincidence that Zeus' wife (Hera) was given "Hebe" for a daughter??? It looks as though both she and Abdi-Heba were named after the same entity...a Hebrew entity.

I traced the Nibelungs of France to the monotheistic god of Egypt, Aten/Atun, who was introduced into Egypt by pharaoh AkenAten. It was this king that was responsible for the Amarna letters quoted above. It appears that the Zeus-Hera-Hebe cult in Amorite Jerusalem was allied to Akenaten, and since I traced these Amorites to the Hephaestus cult of Kabeiri on Lemnos, I figured that "Amarna" named Myrina, mythical Amazon queen (and historic city) of Lemnos.

Keeping in mind that the Mary Magdalene cult of France's Merovingians (close kin to the Nibelungs) has been traced (by me) to the Amorite city of Mari (Babylon), one can then entertain that "Myrina" and "Amarna" were deep roots of the Magdalene cult.

For new readers, "Mary Magdalene" has been identified by me as code for the Mari-rooted Amorites -- Hebrew Amorites -- who merged with the Alans of Stewart ancestry. Thus, "D'Alan/D'Allen," or even "MacAllen/MacDallen," is the meaning of the "Magdalene" code. It may sound shallow at first glance, but in previous updates (recent weeks) I had found good evidence for the theory.

As surreal as it may sound, modern Israel was set up by the Zeus cult, which in my eyes is the dragon cult of pre-Israeli Jerusalem and the entity that will fight Y'Shua in the Armageddon showdown.

I had otherwise traced the Zeus cult to the Elamites (and/or Delymites) on the south parts of the Caspian sea, where Zeus' "mother," the city of Rey/Ray/Rhagae, was located. That's a long way from Jerusalem, but there was found an explanation for a connection. I reasoned that the Zeus cult was the double-snake entity of Hermes identified (by me) as an alliance between the Gileki/Gel peoples and neighboring Cadusii peoples.

With further investigation (it was a years-long investigation), I began to see the Zeus cult forming from the bloodline of Ishmi-Dagon, Amorite king of Assyria. I saw connection between the city he ruled, Ekallatum, and the proto-Galli cult (that used the double-snake symbol of Hermes). I don't recall how it came to be, but it popped into my head that "Ekallatum" not only named the Galli priests of the Kabeiri cult, but the region of Gilead to the immediate east of pre-Israel.

When investigating this idea, I saw the city of Jabesh-Gilead in Gilead. Sihon, the Amorite king of Sihon, ruled those parts. It then dawned on me that Jabesh-Gilead was of the Jebusites...who ruled Jerusalem in wake of Jerusalem's Amorites of Joshua's day. Thus, the Zeus-cult link between Ishmi-Dagon and Jerusalem was made, explaining also why Zeus was/is equated by some with the god, Dagon. At the Ekallatum article (above), one can read that the father of Ishmi-Dagon ruled Mari, and the Habur/Khabur river region of the upper Euphrates, and that the brother of Ishmi-Dagon was given Mari to rule.

In the article, we find that Ishmi-Dagon's father "founded his own capital at Shubat-Enlil," a term sounding much like "Shabtai," the Hebrew for the planet Saturn. Enlil was a Babylonian god from Dilmun (Persian-gulf island)...that I traced to the Delymites of the proto-Zeus cult. Thus, the Enlil cult merged with Ishmi-Dagon's political realm. Enlil had been a faction of the Ishtar cult in Babylon; Ishtar was herself (so it was said) from Dilmun. This was the Biblical dragon in its infancy.

Saturn, the god/entity on earth, was equated with both Hercules (husband of Heba), and Cronus (father of Zeus and husband of Rhea). But Saturn was also the Molech cult at Tyrus (= Tyre), and that's the place where Hercules was anciently equated with Molech. Zeus was the god of Tyrus, explaining why he was portrayed as a Taurus taking Europa, queen of Tyre, away on his back to Crete (and then the Tros/Troy theater). Europa was a depiction of the Poseidon cult (out of Africa) in Tyre, and the Taurus taking her to Crete to form the Minoans is a picture of a Zeus-Poseidon alliance that formed the Solymi and Pisidian peoples.

My question, one that CC wants answered, is whether "Ishme" was in honor of Ishmaelite Hebrews. How much Ishmaelite blood was in the Zeus cult? If Hera depicted peoples who named JERuSalem, couldn't mount Acra in old Jerusalem have been named after Hagar, mother of Ishmael? Or, in reverse, might she have been named after Acra elements?

I'm wondering whether the claim this past month by some Palestinians, that they trace back to "Arabic" Jebusites of Jerusalem, will find traction in the future, and grow to become a large backdrop to the trampling of Jerusalem by anti-Christ forces.

October 22

I'm up at 4:30 am with not much else to do but give you something to read. I had said that I could be going to non-daily updates as of October if the anti-Christ didn't show in September, but there is so much night this time of year and therefore lots of time for this.

James wants me to pass a video on to you. It's a skin-chip commercial (it could be the same one that was mentioned in the October-19 update, which I didn't see). I noted black and white clothing repeatedly in those holding the chip. The tactic used, that of having ordinary Americans holding the chip between tips of fingers, is to make it people-friendly, non-threatening, and sort of like a personal savior. James comments on the ad: "The train has left the station."

The production is a soft but in-your-face commercial push. Expect Hollywood "stars" to push it harder for non-medical purposes. While the selling of the skincode system for purchasing will begin in the wake of commercials like the one above, I don't know how soon before it begins; it may depend on how the general public reacts to the commercials. Or, on how fast globalists want it as soon as the EU is Lisbonized.

If Iran accepts the deal now on the table, I would suggest that the deal was made some time ago between Russia and Iran, and that the West has known of it. The deal, not yet agreed to by Iran's superLeader, is that all Iranian uranium must be sent to Russia for processing. The plan is to assure that it's formed into friendly nuclear fuel rather than weaponry. On this, the Iranian ambassador said:

"'We have announced that we are willing to cooperate with Russia within the framework of an agreement.'

...The talks were constructive and successful and Iran has made its expectations clear to the negotiating parties and is waiting for their response, he added."

The story appears in Western media too. BUT, of course, the only uranium sent to Russia would be whatever the West knows about; the rest could be secretly used for malicious purposes. The deal would place Israel in an awkward position, having less justification for striking Iran's nuclear facilities; both the UN and Iran know it.

I missed this yesterday:

"The Obama administration scrapped a Bush-era plan that would have put 10 missile interceptors in Poland and a radar base in the Czech Republic...Instead, the Obama administration has proposed a reconfigured system that envisions putting the U.S. Navy's Standard Missile-3 on ships and land-based versions in Europe. The Pentagon says the anti-ballistic missile is the most technically advanced and cost-effective way to counter Iran's anticipated arsenal."

Call it what you will; I call it fire from the sky. Obama is busy creating defence systems in and around the Middle East. Make of the below what you will; I don't know what to make of it:

"Opposition politicians [in Italy] have demanded to know why the [Italian] Prime Minister cancelled a meeting with King Abdullah [of Jordan], choosing instead to fly to St Petersburg to discuss energy projects between Russia and the EU - and allegedly attend a private party in honour of Mr Putin's 57th birthday on Oct 7. La Repubblica newspaper reported that Mr Berlusconi would 'carry fine wines' as a gift for Mr Putin."

The center of gravity in this picture is that the meeting with Putin could NOT, apparently, wait until after Berlusconi's date with Abdullah. What could have been so important? The Iran deal now on the UN table? No one believes that the gas deal between Putin and Italy is important enough to snub Abdullah. Berlusconi has a serpent with human/infant in mouth decorated in his lawn, crop-circle style (i.e. design visible from the air), what must surely be a favorite symbol of some Illuminati circle.

Trying to get meat out of the Russian media is like picking teeth with a toothpick:

"'The RLDP leader, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and party activists will take part [today] in the protests against the falsification of the October 11 elections,' the party's faction in the State Duma said in a press release obtained by Interfax [today]."

Such a big story; so little meat, but there you have the developments on that front.

The following underscores why Obama is hitting new lows in opinion polls:

"The table below compares the White House's February 2009 projection of the number of jobs that would be created by the 2009 stimulus law (through the end of 2010) with the actual change in state payroll employment through September 2009 (the latest figures available). According to the data, 49 States and the District of Columbia have lost jobs since stimulus was enacted. Only North Dakota has seen net job creation following the February 2009 stimulus. While President Obama claimed the result of his stimulus bill would be the creation of 3.5 million jobs, the Nation has already lost a total of 2.7 million -- a difference of 6.2 million jobs. To see how stimulus has failed your state, see the table below."

Okay, it's not quite from the Bush Foundation, but it is from the Republicans. The Demoncrats would not want to make revelations like that. Their first year isn't up, so expect much more failure...and excuses for failure. Some believe that there is a deliberate Democrat plan to fail America, but we are not so much concerned with that, but with what the Demons will do to the Israel of God.

Is there an Israel of God in America, or are the believers there more concerned with America than the Coming Nation? Do you know that the Israel of God is being prepared to become the Global Entity? Yes, the Elect represent the globalists of the Coming Nation of Israel. The Elect will become the New World Leaders. Pity the current globalists destined to irony and calamity while setting up their "Order." On Afghanistan:

"...But John Kerry, a US senator and chair of the US senate foreign relations committee, said that he believes the president should make a decision [on new troop numbers] after the [Afghan] election.

'I think it's critical to have a run-off [election in Afghanistan]. It's a two-week period. I think you really want to know that this has worked. And you want to know what kind of government has come out of it,' he said [yesterday].

'I would absolutely counsel the president to wait til the end of the run-off.'

Ambassador Richard Haass, the president of the Council on Foreign Relations and a former policy director at the US department of state, said that there no 'rush' for Obama to make a decision on military strategy.

Apparently, for the globalists linked to the CFR, sending more troops would not be a good thing if the "wrong" man wins the Afghan elections. In other words, if there were no "wrong" man, then Obama's decision would not need to wait until after the election process.

October 23

The sharks among the Republicans were starting to see raw meat just weeks ago as the American Middle started losing its awe over him, but today's headline will start a frenzy at the merciless jaws of the Right that seeks to shake the Left to a fast, cruel death: "Barack Obama sees worst poll rating drop in 50 years."

The LEFT will survive, however, and blame its calamity on the CHRISTIAN right, accusing us of all things possible under the sun. The Left's main organ: Hollywood. In today's news, the headline: "Kidman: Hollywood probably contributes to violence." Duh, no kidding.

Also in the news today, that an overwhelming number (90 percent) of Americans are for the FDA's regulation of foods entering the country because tainted foods kills some Americans and makes others sick. Hollywood has been causing many more deaths, by murder, not to mention much, much violence, adultery, etc., and yet there is nowhere near enough regulation to clean up that act. It makes a Christian think that the people who rule the country are complete idiots...until it's realized that they are intelligent sinners who would vote for the devil if he and Jesus ran in an election. From WND:

"The president of the Catholic League is questioning why President Obama would select Kevin Jennings, known as a 'Christian basher' in addition to his homosexual activism, to instruct public school children on 'moral matters.'"

The answer is simple: the devil lives and breathes in Obama.

It appears that NATO globetrotters want to be in Afghanistan, and that they with the O-Team do not want Karzai to win the election:

"U.S. President Barack Obama has held consultations with the American ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry, on efforts to prevent voter fraud in the country's upcoming presidential election.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said...Obama examined the current political situation in Afghanistan, as part of his continuing assessment of whether to send more U.S. troops there. He said the discussions aimed 'to fix what went wrong' in the country's August election, which was marred by voter fraud.

...Earlier [yesterday], U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he would ask NATO allies to bolster their support in Afghanistan...

...Also [yesterday], the NATO secretary-general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, called for greater engagement in Afghanistan, saying the war there is the most complex challenge the alliance has ever undertaken."

The White House appears very contented, in all articles I've read on the topic, with the turn in the election process that seeks to boot president Karzai out of office. The article states that Gates "would not publicly discuss whether he will recommend sending more U.S. troops there." It appears to me thus far that Obama will choose as soon as it's apparent that Karzai will not win. In a related article:

"The U.S. defense secretary is welcoming news that the Afghan presidential runoff election has been scheduled for November 7, but warns that government corruption is a larger problem tha[n] the original fraud-riddled vote."

That's Gates' neon sign that should be read as, "Down with Karzai." My guess is that Karzai is not agreeing with the U.S. military on how that military's forces should be used inside his country. I suspect that the O-Team and his fellow NATO globetrotters wish to use Afghanistan for purposes other than putting down the Taliban. There is also an article on a developing rift between Obama and Dick Cheney, the latter wanting more troops in Afghanistan NOW:

DEBKAfile writes:

"At least 7 people were killed, 13 injured when a suicide bomber on a bicycle blew himself up Friday, Oct. 23, at the big Kamra aeronautical complex 60 km west of Islamabad. DEBKAfile's military sources report this is where Pakistan houses most of its nuclear bombs and air-air and air-ground missiles."

We get it, but there are two ways to view this situation: 1) the West wants more troops in Afghanistan to assure failure of the Taliban in its efforts to secure the Pakistani government and therefore Pakistani N-bombs, or, 2) there are certain terrorists in the Taliban that secretly work for the create political problems in order to give the West excuses for setting up military attaches there.

Today on the sudden Iran-Russia nuke-deal:

"...Meanwhile, a senior European Union official told Israeli officials this week that Israel is not privy to the details of the exchanges between Iran and the Western countries regarding its nuclear program.

'You do not understand the extent to which you are not in the picture. You do not know how much you do not know and what is happening in Iran,' he said.'"

Zowie, if that doesn't sound like animosity. BUT, it continues: "However, a senior official in the U.S. administration told Haaretz [yesterday] that from the minute the talks began on a deal over the uranium enrichment program of Iran, Israel was updated on every detail by the United States..." Still, the fact seems to be that Israel did NOT know of this potential deal prior to the meetings this past week, and that in itself is more than an insult if the makings of the deal were taking place months prior to the talks:

"Defense Minister Ehud Barak spoke out [yesterday] against the draft agreement...

...He acknowledged that the deal, if signed, would significantly reduce Iran's stock of enriched uranium, but said what is needed is a complete halt to its enrichment program.

'The talks [with Iran] must be of short, limited duration,' he added. 'The principle we are recommending to all the players is not, under any circumstances, to remove any option from the table.'

No one in the West is giving this kind of war-talk from Israel any consideration. And if we thought that Iran was coming near this deal merely to waste time, the article goes on to reveal that it's a done deal:

"Iran is slated to sign the agreement [today], along with the United States, France, Russia and the International Atomic Energy Agency [the latter despises Israel]. And while the Iranians might try to wrest some last-minute concessions from their interlocutors, most analysts expect that they will ultimately sign, despite objections from some Iranian parliamentarians who say it infringes on the country's sovereignty." Many details of the agreement have not yet been published, but the bits released to the public call for Iran to transfer about 1,200 kilograms of low-enriched uranium - about 75 percent of its known stock - to Russia. There, it will be enriched to a level of 20 percent and then transferred to France, where it will be processed into nuclear fuel and returned to Tehran for use in its research reactor, which makes medical isotopes. The entire process will take about 18 months. This would leave Iran with only some 300 kilograms of low-enriched uranium, which is enough to make only about 6 kilograms of bomb-grade uranium. Since a nuclear weapon requires 25 to 30 kilograms of high-enriched uranium, that means Iran would lack the means to produce a bomb in the next year or so whatever its intentions. Nevertheless, the deal completely ignores repeated UN Security Council resolutions demanding that Tehran stop enrichment. Instead, it effectively legitimizes Iranian enrichment and allows it to continue."

And that's the uranium scoop on that topic. We await to see if Iran does sign soon, and if it does sign soon, simply because it is sighing so soon, it will be clear to Israel that this was a done deal even before the talks this past week. Lavrov of Russia (Medvedev's representative) is praising the deal, or at least welcoming it with open arms.

The Left has one thing to consider: the day of the anti-American N-bomb is here...not years away, but here today. Both Russia and Iran would like to see America put down, and the O-Team, along with Europa, are acting as facilitators for the murderers of America. In fact, it will also be the murder of Europa. That's the meaning of Revelation 17.

For the ELECT, there is hope. In Daniel 12:1, we see a Resurrection -- to be understood as the simultaneous Rapture -- in conjunction with Armageddon. Armageddon is therein called "great tribulation," and symbolized by the appearance of Michael at the head of God's army. The text is found immediately after Daniel 11 shows the near-end of the anti-Christ's 42-month rule, and we are made to understand that the reports he hears from the east and west, as well as his reaction to the reports, is the makings of Armageddon. We are then made to understand in the New Testament that the Resurrection of Daniel 12 occurs before the great-tribulation of Armageddon, to spare the Elect the horrors of that great tribulation, which Revelation 3:10 calls "the hour of trial coming on all the inhabited earth."

Pre-tribulationists have confused this short great-tribulation period with a period of years before Armageddon, and for the sake of not causing confusion, I have called the last 3.5 years the "great tribulation," albeit I have defined the latter as the tribulation of Israel (e.g. Luke 21) at the hands of the anti-Christ, and differentiated it with the great tribulation of the world and of the anti-Christ in Daniel 12. Pre-tribbers have found some historical Christian writers who placed the Resurrection-Rapture BEFORE the tribulation, BUT in such cases the Event is viewed before the tribulation of Daniel 12, not before the 42-month tribulation of Israel.

Javier Solana, who some say will become the anti-Christ, is slated to step down soon:

"Soon, the most complicated role in the world may come to an end: with the final ratification of the Lisbon Treaty- the constitutional document of the European Union, the EU will appoint, for the first time, a foreign minister, who will head a European diplomatic service. Solana will step down. A proverbial moment before he does, he has agreed to grant Haaretz an exclusive interview.

...He is also not willing to reveal whom, among the candidates for the new position, he prefers."

I think by "foreign minister," the writer of the article is referring to the new "king of Europe." Solana may already know who this will be, but even if not he likely has a favorite to succeed him.


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