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October 24 - 31, 2009

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October 24

If you're interested, Iran has yet to make a nuclear-fuel statement on whether it will go with the deal...signed yesterday by both Russia and the U.S. Some suspect that Iran is simply stalling for more time, and will in the end reject the deal. There appears to be a twist already:

"...Today, however, with just hours until the deadline, Iran has turned the table on its foreign interlocutors with a rival proposal, demanding that it be allowed to buy higher enriched uranium directly from abroad.

...'The Islamic Republic of Iran is waiting for a constructive and confidence-building response to the clear proposal of buying fuel for the Tehran research reactor,' state television quoted an unnamed source close to Iran's negotiating team as saying."

The article gives a good number of details. This disappointment comes as the Obamacrats had party whistles in-mouth and ready to sound...for a massive celebration justifying Obama's peace prize. Not that Democrats deserve any credits necessarily for this deal, but they'll take them if possible. Haaretz suggests today that this international effort is being led by the U.S., but the deal was written up by Mohamed ElBaradei of the world atomic agency, and a Russian article says that transferring Iran's metal to Russia "was Moscow's idea."
The U.S. may have agreed to that proposal only if Russia then sends it to France before it goes back to Iran, a stipulation that is an integral part of the current deal (it was signed yesterday also by France).

Iran has brought a detail to the foreground that represents the largest threat of all: PURCHASING nuclear fuel abroad. It might even go for the Western deal if permitted to have this stipulation. The West would then need to inspect all purchases, but Iran's desire would be to secretly purchase N-bomb grade uranium, or as close to it as possible. Trying to iron out a stipulation such as this could waste quite a lot of time. The West is already coming down hard on Iran for bringing this option up, threatening harsh sanctions (what else?) if the deal isn't agreed to NOW.

Obama needs to realize that his strategy can backfire, and I think it will...because making deals with the devil never got anyone anything good:

"Dr. Emily Landau, Head of Weapons Control Project at the Institute for National Security Studies, said in an interview with Arutz Sheva that...[the proposed deal] allows Iran to buy more time.

...'President Obama decided on a certain direction of diplomacy, and that is why he is now trying to show that he has accomplished something, but he is stepping into a trap because he is losing in the big picture.'

Israel has no choice now but to let the diplomatic process play itself out, Landau opined. 'We need to wait and see what the US will do now. Israel can express its opinion in talks with the Americans, but as far as military action, I do not see a possibility for Israel to act in the middle of a diplomatic move.'"

And doesn't Iran know that this proposed deal handcuffs Israel? The problem is, the West also knows it, and may therefore allow Iran to drag it out some. But some in Israel, seeing the door closing hard, may feel that a strike on Iran has found its moment. The tiny nation will find an excuse if that turns out to be the future, but it knows that the cold shoulder from the West will then turn into the unscalable peak of mount Everest in the crisp of a winter night. Chances are, we will cross this winter without a strike on Iran.

The Iran crisis has brought Russia into the picture, allowing a Russian Gog (as opposed to a West-sponsored anti-Christ) to enter as well. If that does take place, we would then have an alliance between he and Obama, or at least an alliance in the Iran issue. But admittedly, this turtle is moving far too slowly to have prophecy fulfilled between now and the spring of 2010. Something like a rocket needs to blast into history to pick up the pace in order to make 2009 the first year of the final Week.

Hmm, out just today is this rocket news:

"Countries that do not threaten Russia have no reason to fear its new military doctrine, the Russian foreign minister said [yesterday].

The new document envisions the use of preemptive nuclear strikes against potential aggressors.

...'There are no innovations here that would create any threats to anybody - that is, except for those who may be harboring insane plans of attacking the Russian Federation. I hope no one has such plans or ever will,' [Sergei Lavrov] said."

There seems to be nothing of a larger fault developing on the Georgian front, and overall the world may soon feel secure, more secure than during the Bush saga. The developing friendship with Russia; the near-breakthrough with Iran; the passing of the Europa ticket; the recession much to the backside; a vigorous Israeli effort; and an American president who doesn't wear cowboy boots with spurs. But we, the followers of prophecy, know that while the world is secure in what it considers peace, the planet's mantle will be cracking above a heaving magma. There is an explosion waiting, timed for the Day.

October 25

If Iraq was still angry with Syria for the last Baghdad bombings targeting government buildings, the one yesterday should send it through the roof:

"Twin car bombs targeting two government buildings killed at least 106 people and wounded 512 in Baghdad [today], police and health officials said, in the bloodiest attack in the Iraqi capital for months.

...'The initial analysis shows that it bears the fingerprints of al Qaeda and the Baathists,' said Dabbagh, who was at the al-Mansour hotel at the time.

What this shows is that smaller acts of violence are on the wane because emphasis is on the Iraqi government. The number of deaths is climbing by the hour; another article reports 132.

In the back of my mind is a belief I never thought I'd have, that 9-11 was an inside job. That belief causes me to imagine diabolical forces in high places in the United States. Such forces could easily use violence in Baghdad in order to carry out their personal long-range plan for Iraq. I imagine a British Illuminati behind it, but with American citizens doing their dirty work; some say that the CIA was behind the 9-11 insiders. The justification is the Global Order. As you know, 9-11 led to the takeover of Iraq.

Control is a good thing when it comes to such things as driving a car. In the beginning, governments came about when the people paid a few to look after their community functions. But as time passed, the few government workers saw opportunity to use their positions for personal growth and benefits. Governments then became organs feeding on tax dollars of the people, and, making the laws, the government leaders enslaved the people rather than acting on their behalf. The situation only got worse with time, and of course the wealthy, and the sinful, got into the act seeking the highest positions for the greatest levels of CONTROL. The rich chose who would act in government on their behalf, and paid them handsomely for their secret services. This is not like driving a car straight to keep it from hitting a tree on the roadside, but like driving a long convoy of Brink's trucks to the bank, filled with the peoples' money.

Fortunately, there is a Bank Robber in Heaven.

The article below mentions the last Baghdad bombings in an article on Susan Rice's Iraqi visit:

"The US ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, held talks [yesterday] with Iraqi Kurdish President Massud Barzani...

...The Iraqi parliament failed on Wednesday to agree on a new electoral law, making it difficult to hold the elections by mid-January, at a crucial stage when US forces are preparing to withdraw.

In Washington, US under-secretary of defence for policy Michele Flournoy argued before Congress that the election uncertainty could have consequences for the US withdrawal.

...In Baghdad [yesterday], Rice met Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zibari and visited the headquarters of the ministry whose offices were destroyed by a truck bomb on August 19."

What timing, that just as the O-Team's Susan Rice was visiting the government buildings blown up earlier, other government buildings were blown up. We also see in the article that the postponing of the election may cause the Americans to remain in Iraq longer than expected. I sense that this is exactly what Obama wants if only he has political justification. If the large Baghdad bombings have been plotted by O-Team plotters to secure such justification, what's to say that the plotters won't go further by seeking to over-throw Baghdad outright in the coming election?

Last year, I was suggesting that the anti-Christ could enter Mosul as a result of January-2009 elections there. He didn't show up so far as I could see. But there is the above-mentioned national election slated for this January, or perhaps a couple of months later, and by that time I expect to see the anti-Christ in Mosul a lot more than my expectations over the past several months.

The Temple Mount agitation is continuing. Today's headline: Hamas, Islamic Movement blamed for Temple Mt. clashes Hmm, Hamas is leading the Temple-Mount war at this point. Might this agitation continue with no end? I believe the anti-Christ will come early to Gaza, and therefore to Hamas's main domain. It's not know-able yet whether he will be allied with, or be opposed by, Hamas, when he invades Egypt. But an alliance with one destined to profane and trample the Israeli section of the Temple Mount area is certainly in the interests of Hamas.

Where is the Jimmy Carter group at this time, the group that loves Hamas? It's also the group that is wanting Israel out of East Jerusalem (where the Temple site is located) so that Palestinians can form their own official country there. There is no doubt that Obama is a part of that group, and his appearance of juggling Palestinian interests with Israeli interests is merely a means to worm his way into the situation to give the Palestinians the ultimate victory.

It should be there, in East Jerusalem, that the False Prophet and anti-Christ kiss...prior to going to their eternal destruction when the Bank Robber appears. The fact that Obama is working hard, not for Middle East peace, but for a Palestinian state -- that will assure greater levels of war -- adds some justification for his being the False Prophet. But there are other possibilities, such as Tony Blair, or someone else in the Lisbonized EUnity.

The globalists cannot be trusted in what they report to the world:

"For instance, the Qom tunnel hiding place which the US president '"first revealed' in Pittsburgh on Sept. 26 was in fact known to intelligence services, including the CIA, as far back as 2004.

In December 2005, the National Council of Resistance of Iran called a news conference to expose details of 'an installation under construction in deep tunnels near Qom.'

Yet in 2007, a US National Intelligence Estimate stated that Iran had halted its military nuclear program in 2003! DEBKAfile's intelligence and Washington sources believe that story was fabricated at the time by US undercover agencies to hold George W. Bush and Israel back from a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities."

You get it. Things are announced to the public only when it's useful for persuasion. It was revealed days ago in these updates that the O-Team says nothing to the press unless it's useful or beneficial to the O-Team. Not the facts necessarily, just what's needed to make the people stay in line, kept under control, for the stated agenda. Slick, smooth, deceptive, but the Bank Robber in the Sky sees all. And He's dressed to kill.

The Iraqi "oil rush" is a cold war of sorts, and the West may be losing it:

"...The once promising Nabucco project has fallen behind in importance for transporting Caspian energy to Europe as Russia pulls ahead with concrete steps on the South Stream pipeline, experts say. The Nabucco project...has now fallen behind alternative Russian energy projects in terms of feasibility, experts said.

In the hopes of lessening the dependency on Russian gas, both the European Union and the United States have actively supported the Nabucco project...

...'As Putin already noted, it seems that the South Stream pipeline will be realized sooner than we expected,' Oń?an said."

In the meantime, Iraqi oil fields are "up in the air," too high for down-to-earth viability, and that too is acting against Nabucco. As of very recently, Kirkuk shut the oil taps off until such time that Baghdad agrees to pay oil fees to oil parties involved. It comes at a bad time:

""A high level delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) participated in a two-day conference in Washington this week promoting investment and increased economic activity between Iraq and the United States.

...The conference's keynote address was delivered by U.S. Secretary of State Ms Hillary Clinton who outlined the priorities the U.S. has in Iraq: 'First, working to aid the Iraqi Government in its efforts to promote national unity and resolve political conflicts, such as disputes over Kirkuk.'

...More than 900 companies participated in the conference from October 19 to 21 in Washington. In addition to Secretary Clinton, speakers included Prime Minister Maliki and U.S. National Security Advisor General James Jones."

This affair clearly spells out AmeriCorp interest in Iraq. If such a large gathering for the purpose were held under George Bush, the Democrats would be spewing sewage from their throats all over the press. Russia is of course watching because Russia has it's own developing inroads to Iraqi deals. If the door to Kirkuk starts closing on Putin's empire, then something more drastic than business-as-usual could be employed. Medvedev hinted that Nabucco has no oil for its pipelines, and that situation will remain so long as Kirkuk taps are closed to the West. Thus far, Putin feels he has the upper hand, but if it all starts to slip through his fingers, it may become a job for the Great Dipstick.

The fall-out of the Zhirinovsky affair in Russia has proven to be mild; Zhiro seems friendly toward Medvedev whereas days ago he seemed extremely upset. For an update, see here:

Things are shaping up for tribulation planning if the last three or four years are to arrive in the next few years:

"European solars, along with their U.S. and Chinese peers, have to deal with a toxic mix of oversupply of cells and modules...

The article is on the woes that European solar-power companies have suffered lately, due to such things as cheaper Asian products. The quote above tells that a glut of solar panels are sitting around in warehouses/stores, and these will probably be let go at basement prices for a variety of reasons. Keep your eyes on cheap solar panels; I'll let you know what I come across.

October 26

Is this for real?

"An official announcement by the Obama administration disclosing the reality of extraterrestrial life is imminent. For several months, senior administration officials have been quietly deliberating behind closed doors how much to disclose to the world about extraterrestrial life.

...Over the period February 12-14, 2008, the United Nations held closed doors discussions where approximately 30 nations secretly agreed on a new openness policy on UFOs and extraterrestrial life in 2009...

...The Nobel Peace Prize was an important step in giving global legitimacy to President Obama in making an extraterrestrial disclosure announcement. Obama is therefore poised to play a prominent role in the increased global governance that will be necessary after an extraterrestrial disclosure announcement...

There have been various sources that have revealed deliberations are underway to make an announcement concerning the existence of extraterrestrial life by the end of 2009. These include, Dr Pete Peterson, a whistleblower...In a Project Camelot interview, Dr Peterson revealed that 'Obama is planning to disclose the reality of ET contact by the end of the year; and that most, but not all, of the ET visitors are friendly.'

Another source is David Wilcock, a prominent researcher of emerging scientific paradigms. Wilcock has been told by additional independent sources that extraterrestrial disclosure will take place by the end of 2009. He furthermore claimed in a Coast to Coast AM radio interview that 'a 2-hour international TV special has already been booked that will introduce an alien species, similar to humans, to the world.'"

I don't see how such an announcement has anything to do with promoting global governance. On the one hand, I want to laugh and laugh. On the other hand, if this comes to pass for what it sounds like, an expose of Illuminati monsters created by genetic manipulations, then truly you will know that my claim is true where I call the O-Team deranged. I don't take everything seriously that appears on Coast to Coast, and I'm certainly not a daily listener, but I have been expecting a string of hoaxes from the Illuminati for the purposes of discrediting the Bible, Creation, etc.

Trying to pass off genetically-created beings as aliens from another planet is as Illuminati as one can get. Assuming it's true that aliens are going to be publicly exposed, I wouldn't expect creatures formed from a combination of animal genes, but rather a combination of animal genes with human create a mutated human. There is no doubt in my mind that the Illuminati has tried to create centaurs, satyrs, or any other mythical beast, and the only reason we have not heard of it is because they have failed. But while they have been unable to put a horse's rear on a man, they might be able to succeed in giving him donkey ears and other minor alterations.

Ignoring the report until it happens, let's go to news that could be the appearance of Gog in the making, not at all intended to mean that the anti-Christ might be one of those laboratory creations. The Russian Duma passed a bill today allowing Russia to go to war while assisting another nation, the same sort of agreement made by NATO members. And days ago (Oct 19) we had this:

"After Jundallah terrorist ring carried out a bloody attack in southeastern Iran, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev expressed readiness to help Iran fight 'terrorism'.

'The fight against the threat of terrorism and the extremism wherever it comes from requires all countries to join their forces,' Medvedev said in a letter of condolence to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday, Press TV reported.

...'We are ready to cooperate with the Islamic Republic of Iran to counter these threats,' he added.

Medvedev said the attack quivered him with 'indignation' and condemned 'this new evildoing by extremists'."

It's the wording that sticks out: "requires all countries to join their forces." One could conjecture that the bill passed today had a military partnership with Iran in mind all along. In any case, these words from Medvedev to Iran, coming during an international crisis for Iran, are nothing less than honey. Okay, so Russia is willing to go to war against Jundallah, but what happens if Israel strikes Iran now? Has Medvedev made this announcement because it knows that Israel is about to strike?

I've been showing the willingness of Moscow to enter the terrorist scene in Afghanistan for some months, but has the time arrived for Russia to seek entry into Iraq using the same terrorist excuse seen above? When the Iraqi government buildings were bombed on August 19, the Iraqis accused two Iraqi Baathists taking refuge in Syria: Sattam Farhan and Mohammed Younes Ahmed. The latter has been mentioned before as possibly trained in Moscow (according to Wikipedia and others, with no other details available). Ahmed is from the Mosul region and could therefore be Gog's ticket to Mosul.

Whereas I hypothesized yesterday that the similar Iraq bombings of two days ago may have been from American plotters so that Americans can play savior (in order to remain in Iraqi affairs longer), why not hypothesize instead that the bombings were under the supervision of Moscow plotters -- the ones working with Ahmed -- so that Russia can enter the Iraqi scene as savior?

Relations between Baghdad and Obama have gone sour where Obama refuses to support Maliki in his taking Syria to a UN tribunal. If Maliki and his people deem that Syria is once again responsible for the bombing of two days ago, while Obama still refuses to assist him with tribunal efforts, it could allow Russia to move in and fill the security vacuum.

If you're interested in Obama's involvement in the budding North American Union, and concrete proof that the Council on Foreign Relations is behind it, see below. This is probably more than a trade union; likely, it's the pre-planned stepping stone to a one-world which case that government is many years off.

BUT, Armageddon can arrive before the formation of a one-world government. The tendency in prophecy land is to assume that the anti-Christ rules over a one-world government. Is that necessarily true? I don't think so. If there is an announcement on extra-terrestrial life by Obama et al, by the end of this year or shortly afterward, I would say that the globacrats have tossed their agenda to the winds of chance, hoping for the best, but starting as soon as possible without further delay. The introduction of an alien-being hoax would underscore a rapid shift of the globalist-controlled world into the realm of satanism. What sort of hoax comes after that hoax?

Are non-Christians really ready to swallow this? Have they become that darkened of soul over the years of one or two generations? Can we expect some anti-Christian propaganda to be mixed into the alien that non-Christians swallow it for the sheer fun of bad-mouthing us? What happens after a few years of badmouthing Christians? Physical assault, I presume. I can't imagine that satan would have it any other way.

Iran has said officially that it's thinking about sending SOME uranium fuel to Russia. A major decision is said to be some days away.

That's all the prophecy-relevant news I could find this morning. Stay close to Him who does not disappoint, who does not lie.

October 27

At the Drudge Report today, we find CNN Drops to Last Place Among Cable News Networks. Hooray! And speaking on scientific hoaxes yesterday that involve genetic modifications into monsters, we also find the headline: Scientist who created Snuppy the cloned dog is convicted of fraud."

From the world of the super-anxious:

"Gordon Brown has asked two of his most senior civil servants to lobby discreetly within Europe for Tony Blair to become its new president amid warnings from allies in government that the former prime minister will lose his chance unless he launches a dynamic campaign.

...'Tony is in considerable difficulty unless he actively engages,' said one senior figure familiar with the workings of Whitehall and the EU.

'Tony's candidacy is not in the happiest of places...

...It is expected EU leaders may appoint the new president at an emergency summit next month if Vaclav Klaus, the president of the Czech Republic, ratifies the Lisbon treaty in the next few weeks."

For a brief on the Czech situation, see below:

Uh oh:

"People will need to turn vegetarian if the world is to conquer climate change, according to a leading authority on global warming.

In an interview with The Times, Lord Stern of Brentford said: 'Meat is a wasteful use of water and creates a lot of greenhouse gases. It puts enormous pressure on the world's resources. A vegetarian diet is better.'

Direct emissions of methane from cows and pigs is a significant source of greenhouse gases...

Lord Stern, the author of the influential 2006 Stern Review on the cost of tackling global warming, said that a successful deal at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December would lead to soaring costs for meat and other foods that generate large quantities of greenhouse gases."

I don't have anything against a strict vegetarian diet, but that least line about soaring meat prices does not bode well for trib survivors who want to preserve meat. This is the way that we are being treated across the globalist board. Whatever they don't want us to use will not be outlawed; instead, prices will be sent high enough to make us desist "willingly." The soaring gas prices could not have shot up coincidentally just as global-warming lunatics got the strings of the world in their hands.

And lest you still hold out that I'm over-criticizing when labeling globalists "deranged," just take this further example: the claim that gases from the rear ends of pigs and cows is endangering the planet. Soon we will need to curb the number of humans, for they too release gas and methane-producing products.

In yesterday's article on the North-American union, it was disclosed that Obama is for it but is holding out until he can secure more environmentalists to its leadership positions. I have nothing against protecting the environment from irresponsible/negligent manufacturers, but word has it that the deranged live in Environmentalville. If the current trend continues, we will be ruled by them to the point of being financially strangled, and forced to live as they dictate...which will go beyond what we drive and eat into what we think and what we worship. The only good news in such a picture is: tribulation living. Not only will the tribulation be a door out of the madness, but a sign of a Better Thing. Praise God for the 666! It's our ticket to freedom (if we refuse it at all costs).

So much for Palestinian unity:

"Ignoring warnings by Hamas and other Palestinian groups, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said [yesterday] that he was determined to hold presidential and parliamentary elections on January 24....

...Another Hamas legislator from the West Bank, Muhammad Abu Juhaisheh, accused Abbas of committing a 'crime against democracy' by calling for elections."

Hamas, the defender of democracy. The group is swearing to cause as much friction as possible due to the calling of this election. The Obama camp is in peril at the sounds of these things, and Israel has some breathing room as Western attention turns to Palestinian woes once again.

Speaking on those who don't exactly love democracy, we have this from Russia:

""Even now when power [in Russia] is rather consolidated and ordered [by Putin et al], many projects are very slow and difficult,' [Kremlin Deputy Chief of Staff] Surkov was quoted as saying by the Itogi weekly magazine.

'If we add any sort of political instability [by tolerating other opinions] to that then our development would simply be paralyzed. There would be a lot of demagoguery, a lot of empty talk, a lot of lobbying and ripping Russia to pieces, but no development.'"

I totally agree. Democracies of the West are paralyzed by cat-clawing and other immature behavior among the leadership. It's a broken machine. It's a drag. It's the pits. It's not of God. What's needed is an authorative ruler who sincerely honors God, who always directs the nation's functions and programs according to His Word. But the pagans won't have that. Instead, they will have a ruler who always directs according to satan...whose name, let alone his throne, does not deserve a capital.

One day back in 1983ish, I walked into a strip joint, the same one I went to before I was born again in 1979. I walked into the office on a mission. I had decided that I would tell the owner/manager that what he was doing with this business was a violation of the will of God. And I walked out again after saying my piece. Later that week, I drove by to witness that all three signs on the front of the business had been torn to pieces by a wind. I did not see any other place with such damage.

Why do I bring this up? To show how brave I was on that day? No. To show that God will act large if only we act on His behalf? That's true in some cases, but it's not the point. The point is, I was disappointed; he did not act large. I therefore did not continue doing the same after seeing those signs. He did not act large, for he only ruined the signs. He did not destroy the business. It continued for years, and I knew that the same sort of sin would flourish all the more in coming years. And it came true.

Had I gone back again and again to do the same, would He have repaid me by putting the place out of business? I don't think so. He is permitting such things to show testimony that leaders of cities, counties, and entire nations, are guilty of gross and shameful sins deserving Armageddon. Democracy has been the government system allowing strippers, porn, ect., to flourish to the point of becoming common fare.

Even Putin, and China too, are ashamed of America for this sort of thing. Muslims want to destroy this nation for these sorts of things. The very people who rule America today are FOR these sorts of things. Democracy has given satan a voice, and he has come to rule over us by that system.

Last year I was wondering how the UN might worm its way into the Iraqi security situation so as to become involved with Gog's Iraqi entry. Now we see Baghdad begging the UN to come:

"The Iraq's foreign minister has called for a UN inquiry into Sunday's twin suicide bombings in Baghdad...

Hoshiyar Zebari said...the attacks reinforced the need for international support to help his country defend itself.

The call came shortly before a reported claim of responsibility for Sunday's blasts from an al-Qaeda linked group, the Islamic state of Iraq.

...'The bloody Sunday explosions strengthen Iraq's demand to the UN and the Security Council to nominate a senior international envoy to come to Iraq...'

...Jawad al-Bolani, the Iraqi interior minister, said 76 people have been arrested so far, but he did not provide further details."

That many arrests probably means that Baghdad will discover the responsible parties even without UN assistance. But the call to the UN is more than to make such discoveries; Iraq wants the UN to deal with the parties responsible. We await the UN response and/or its solution. Might the anti-Christ step up to the plate to offer his solution.

A related article says that "Iraqi officials reached a tentative agreement on a new election law [yesterday], even as workers continued to recover more bodies from the wreckage..." At another article, the point is made that it was the bombings themselves that caused the leaders to ignore their differences and to hash out an agreement so that the election can go on as soon as possible:

..."The violence appeared to have jolted members of Parliament into action: Calling the bombings an attack on the national unity government, Iraqi leaders swiftly responded with a compromise agreement on a new election law that had eluded them for weeks and threatened to delay national elections scheduled for January.

The details of that agreement were not revealed.

Iraqi leaders [yesterday] renewed their call for the United Nations Security Council to appoint an investigator to study the role of neighboring countries in the attacks on its ministries."

The message I'm getting is that Iraq thinks the bombings are to de-stabilize the election planning, and later more bombings will follow to spoil the election. But I don't agree with that assessment. I think the bombings are more critical; fore-runners to the sudden toppling of the nation as per Daniel 11:21-24.

For Putin's confident comments on Southstream and other pipelines:

With Iran suffering pressure from the West, it's conspicuous that the nation has called for the Lebanese leader:

"Iranian Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki has said that Lebanese prime minister-designate Saad Hariri has been invited to visit Tehran.

...The Lebanese reporter also asked about the role of Iran in determining the make-up of Lebanon's cabinet...

The reporter also asked if he thinks Israel will attack Iran's nuclear facilities...

The Iranian foreign minister said that Israel is currently in its weakest position ever and cannot realize its aggressive goals."

Iran knows that the current proposition from the West will act to contain Israel's war drums. Iran also knows that it will start it's war against Israel from Lebanon. Hariri and Hezbollah do not get along very well, but Iran would like to see the two political groups acting together against Israel (the question above, on the cabinet's makeup, has this issue at heart). Or, at the least, he wants Hariri to stay out of Iran's affairs with Hezbollah, and to let Hezbollah act freely inside Lebanon.

It's all very depressing. But God will not disappoint. He will take us before the worst. He will save those who find serving Him a pleasure rather than a burdensome task. Salvation is free for those who find working for Him a pleasure. Not that everything He requires of us is pleasure, but that the basic commands and the future outlook ARE. They are righteousness, love, peace, loyalty, commitment/endurance, joy for the Coming Day.

October 28

There is significance in the two large Baghdad-bombing events. If Baathist insurgents were not still attempting to take Iraq, there would be much less reason for holding on to my Gog-Sunni expectations, and less reason for continuing what I've called "Iraq Updates." I would probably be on weekly updates if not for occurrences in October that justify a continued close watch on world events.

As the first key prophetic event that I expect (Gog/antiChrist entering Iraq politically/diplomatically) can occur simultaneous with an Iraqi election, see that the last bombing has apparently produced the will in Baghdad to hold elections sooner rather than later:

"Iraq's parliament will vote on a key election law [tomorrow], an MP told reporters, raising the prospect of polls scheduled for January being held on time.

...The first proposal, presented [yesterday] by the UN's special envoy to Iraq, Ad Melkert, calls for elections to be held in Kirkuk, oil-rich ethnically mixed province in Iraq's north, at the same time as the rest of the country.";_ylt=Algn8OAfdpBiE2Gy_nJtBSr5SpZ4

The West is holding it's breath. If violence is ever to overtake the country, many Western leaders feel it will be as per this election season, already in swing. Another article:

"A long-sought political consensus in Iraq over how to conduct crucial upcoming elections fell apart [yesterday] over the thorny issue of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk, an Iraqi lawmaker said."

The article gives some details of the remaining problem under a compromise bid by Maliki, and claims that the last bombing was the product of Al-Qaeda as a warning to Maliki's government that Kirkuk must not go over to the Kurds through the election process. None of this would appear to have anything to do with Gog, except that Daniel 11:23-24 tells me that the Iraqi Baathists and the followers of Osama bin Laden will join him in the subsequent overthrow of Iraq. I admit that it's impossible for me even to predict how Gog (or the "king of the north") could enter Iraq in this election season.

It's notable that, amid the remaining problem of how the Kirkuk votes should be counted, "we in the Kurdish alliance, we support the U.N. suggestion." This may be evidence that the UN wants the Kurds to win their day. Gog, we can expect, will be opposed to the Kurds. One can therefore imagine future solutions that are compromises between the Gog-Sunni group and the UN-Kurd position. But compromises require talks, and that's how I expect Gog to enter this picture, at which time he uses "smooth talk" to gain the upper hand.

It's not a long shot for a Putin attachť to enter the crisis, but so far there is nothing of the sort developing, at least not within the radar range of the media.

An Associated Press article:

"For now, mainstream Sunnis seem willing to seek what they want through the ballot box in a nationwide vote scheduled for January.

But analysts caution that fringe al-Qaida-linked groups, like Islamic State of Iraq which claimed responsibility for Sunday's attacks, could play off the simmering Sunni fear and anxiety, especially if the January election proves bad for Sunnis."

In other words, the violence may not arrive until after the election, i.e. until after the Kurds win much while the Sunni lose much. But there is every possibility that Gog might stick his head into the picture briefly before the situation reaches crisis level. That's what I'm hoping to see, a glimpse, if even a small one, of the devil that I don't have to drag you and me through daily updates for months longer not knowing if this is IT or not.

If you're interested, there's a headline, Turkey determined to enhance ties with Iran: Erdogan. This comes as Turkey violates the will of the West by standing beside Iran's right to it's nuclear technology. The alliance appears so strong at present that one might imagine Turkey being on side the Gog-Iran alliance. Keep in mind that Turkey just passed a government-sponsored law allowing military incursions into northern Iraq (without Iraq's permission) in order to fight Kurds, and that Iran is presently at war with the same Iraqi Kurds. In a Turkish media, we read:

"The Iranian president [yesterday] praised the visiting Turkish prime minister for his clear stance against Israel and supportive position on the Islamic republic's controversial nuclear program."

How can we fall asleep now when all the prophetic pieces are in line and ready for action?

Iran says it will respond to the nuclear-fuel deal in two days (Friday), but already we've caught wind that it's not going to approve the deal unless a small portion (20 percent tops) of fuel leaves the country at any one time.

October 29

With Maliki falling badly due to two successive bombing successes, those who want to topple him (i.e. the bombers) have been given fresh impetus:

"Ordinary Iraqis - unable to digest what has happened - are blaming the services, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Interior, the police and Maliki. What is equally amazing is all the talk heard in the upper echelons of power in Baghdad concerning whether these attacks would affect the approval ratings of the prime minister ahead of the polls."

I have been wondering (for a long time) whether the king of the north of Daniel 11:20, the one mentioned immediately previous to the anti-Christ, is a double-fulfillment prophecy that includes an ancient Seleucid as well as an end-times ruler of Iraq. It could be Maliki, in other words. The anti-Christ would then arise as Maliki disappears neither in anger nor in battle. The not-in-anger part sounds as though the verse-20 ruler leaves his post almost willingly, but that scenario suggests that he's forced out by the will of some people/groups. Then will arise a man who is rejected by the Iraqi people (verse 21), one who acts with cunning.

The UN has decided to enter Iraq's security situation:

"UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon [yesterday] announced that he will send a top UN official to Iraq 'for preliminary consultations related to Iraq's security and sovereignty.'

Ban told his monthly press conference here that he made the decision at the request of the Iraqi government."

Iran is under pressure to conform to the Western proposal, but in typical Ahmadinejad style, he's trying to make it appear (to the Iranian voters) that the West is finally caving in to "cooperation" with his agenda:

"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says his country is 'ready to cooperate' with Western powers on a United Nations-brokered nuclear fuel deal.

In a televised address [today], Mr.Ahmadinejad said Western nations have moved from 'confrontation to cooperation.'"

It is suspected that Iran is carefully inserting a monkey wrench into the proposal in order to foil it. Says another article:

"This [deal] is all positive news, especially for the Iranians, who can now boast at having masterminded another negotiations victory against the West. Any urgency towards swift action on Iran has now been diffused, and Tehran can continue to flaunt UN Security Council Resolutions with impunity.

Iran is cooking up an age old Middle Eastern recipe for its discussions with the West, a Persian Shakshuka if you like, and its ingredients are amazingly simple: they will transfer the enriched uranium they admit to having to a third party, while they continue to enrich uranium secretly in facilities which they deny exist.",7340,L-3795916,00.html

The article goes on to address the reality, that Obama and other fools of the world are at risk of being responsible for a false-security situation in the name of Obama's out-stretched hand. The creation of false security is exactly what Revelation 13 implies about the False Prophet and his anti-Christ partner. At the bottom line, Obama's desire to be awarded credit for making world peace is now creating deals with the evil axis even if the deals are empty compromises. Thus, the world of fools will believe that peace and security will be achieved just when an irreversible ambush by Armageddon-making powers takes place. There is only one escape route: being taken out by the Robber in the Sky. The same article:

"In fact, it is Obama's insistence on 'engagement' that is responsible above all for Iran's recent turn of fate. It was the Obama Administration, famed for its insistence on the application of International Law, which nudged the other parties to the talks to abandon any mention of the three UN Security Council Resolutions that demand Iran terminate its uranium enrichment program. Any mention of these resolutions is now off the table..."

Th article is admittedly by a "Jewish" banker, Michael Hessel, who is the Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists." He laments that this Western deal serves to handcuff Israel in its threat to attack Iran's facilities.

There's news out that Obama is opposed to Karzai, while the CIA is in favor:

"The mountains of Afghanistan are quickly growing verdant in their similarity to the jungles of Vietnam. The revelation this week in the New York Times that Afghan President Hamid Karzai's brother, Ahmed Karzai, is a 'thug', 'suspected player in the country's booming illegal opium trade', and 'on the CIA payroll', is striking not for its news quotient, but for the fact that it was made by what appear to be White House officials. We are in 1963 all over again.

...The New York Times article, based on statements of 'American officials' indicates only one thing: that the White House has clearly decided to confront the CIA, and Karzai, over Afghan policy, undermining both in one quick news attack. What it has clearly not decided to do is pull out of Afghanistan."

The article says that the Obama's administration's divisions are "split only between the strategies of cynicism and of false idealism." False idealism; that's the side that Obama is on.

The twin ideas coming to mind is that U.S. Democrats secretly oppose both Karzai and Maliki because they were Bush / CIA picks. Not until it looked as though Karzai was dead politically did the truth come out, that Obama does not want him in power. We have yet to see Obama's rejection of Maliki, but should the latter now become a dead duck, we may hear something from Obama on his favoring the next Iraqi leader i.e. the anti-Christ. OR, he may not favor the anti-Christ at first. The statement below of Obama's chief military officer in Iraq may be evidence; the article details the corruption in the Maliki government:

"...'The endemic corruption within the Iraqi system -- not only the security forces, but the system -- is still probably the biggest problem facing Iraq,' said Gen. Ray Odierno, the commander of American forces in Iraq, during a recent interview with the BBC."

That statement is a slap in Maliki's face, a slap before the entire world. It may not have been a personal statement, but one ordered from the top O-circle.

Things are not going well for the Kurds:

"An Iraqi Kurdish lawmaker says his fellow Kurdish legislators are boycotting a parliament session on a crucial election law needed for the upcoming January balloting.

The election law has been held up over a key issue -- whether to use voter lists favoring Kurds or those favoring [Sunni] Arabs in the oil-rich city of Kirkuk...

...The Kurdish boycott leaves parliament without enough for a quorum vote [today]. It will reconvene on Saturday."

This suggests that Maliki's government is now teetering toward Sunni-Arab favor, which could be explained by his capitulating somewhat to the bombers (thought to be the Sunni Arabs of northern Iraq).

People are asking the true reason that Obama is in Afghanistan:

"The leak of information about Afghan President Hamid Karzai's brother and his alleged connection to the CIA and tribal drug lords is curious...

Ahmed Wali Karzai (at left) admitted to giving the agency information, but has denied receiving any money from the CIA...

The information, published in the New York Times, first stated that the president's brother was, in effect, the southern sector's political boss, running the election, communicating with the Taliban for the U.S. government, informing the U.S. government of possible attacks, and overseeing several bridges vital to opium traffickers.

...The speculation is that the request [for more troops] by U.S. and NATO General Stanley A. McChrystal is strengthened by the need to combat the drug lords directly and because the drug trafficking has truly corrupted the Afghan government, implying as well that the Taliban has deeper stakes in the running of the country.

...The only remarkable thing is that the Obama Administration is not outraged by it. In Washington tealeaf reading terms, that means the administration has the key motive for the leak."

It's a foggy mess. I'm not so sure the O-team was responsible for the leak. Perhaps the O-Team is unexpectedly quiet on the matter because the contents of its secret bag are beginning to show as it rips apart. Perhaps there is more going on in Obama's true Afghani purposes that would stun the people.

Here is some indirect evidence that Obama's true father was Frank Davis:

"...Michelle Obama explained her husband understands the struggles of low-income families.

'He understands them because...'

'Barack saw his mother, who was very young and very single when she had him...""

She was SINGLE when she had him??? It's a perfect picture of those who claim Frank Davis impregnated her in what was a one-night stand, or nearly so.

There is hurried progress for the Lisbon baby, also coming to birth from a fornication of sorts:

"The Czech Constitutional Court has adjourned until [November 3] a hearing into what could be the last legal challenge to the ratification of the EU's Lisbon Treaty. Should the Czechs approve the treaty?

The court had been hearing a complaint by 17 senators, who say the reform treaty infringes Czech sovereignty..."

I suppose that before 2010 arrives, we should know who the first "king of Europe" will be. The Germans don't want Blair, but rather a small national leader is their preference...because Germans can't stomach a British leader too well. Therein may be the political divide that will color the coming "election" of the king of scarlet-robed Europa. The phoenix is rising with a howl in its throat, but then gagging instead. In the end, it will choke on its own vomit.

October 31

It looks as though France and Germany are teaming up to nullify Blair's chances. We wonder whether the United States will weigh in on this "historic" decision. I do not at all think that the chosen man will be the anti-Christ:

"At the end of a two-day EU summit in Brussels, Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President, suggested they had a different candidate in mind for the prestigious post about to be created by the Lisbon Treaty.

'The names that first come out of the hat are not necessarily those that are finally chosen,' he told journalists. 'With Chancellor Merkel, we completely agree that we are going to have the same approach, the same vision and support the same candidate when the time comes. I think it's very important that France and Germany, on a choice that is as important as this one, show their determination to walk hand-in-hand down this road.'"

The interesting thing is, it sounds as though they are going for the same man. Days ago I read that Germany favors the leader of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker. The article above says: "Two solid frontrunners are Luxembourg's Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker and the Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende -- both leaders of 'small' EU states." The article also speaks on globalist, David Miliband of Britain...who may be the man being pushed by the Rhodes cult. Another article tells that Europa is at least eight years behind schedule:

"French President Nicolas Sarkozy said [yesterday] that the Lisbon Treaty, enabling the European Union to choose a president and raise its global voice, will 'undoubtedly' come into force on Dec. 1, reported Agence Presse-France.

...The EU reforms have been in the making for the past eight years and are expected to go into effect at the beginning of 2010.

Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker and Sarkozy announced Friday that European Union leaders will debate nominations for the EU presidency at a special summit in November."

Hillary is not making sense in Pakistan:

"...'I find it hard to believe that nobody in your government knows where [the Taliban] are and couldn't get them if they really wanted to,' she told a group of newspaper editors during a meeting in Lahore."

That's a hard accusation, and she meant it that way. She must be willfully neglecting the fact that the United States has by far the better Intelligence capabilities. Why can't the glObetrotters find him, should be the better question. At first she blamed the Bush administration; now, instead of blaming Obama, or her own department's arm to U.S. Intelligencet, she blames Pakistan.

She then went to Israel and bragged once again about her own importance in the Obama government:

"...'The fact that I'm in the region... reinforces the seriousness with which we are approaching our desire to get the parties to begin a serious negotiation that can lead to a two-state solution.'"

Susan Rice was scheduled to be in Israel at Obama's call before Hillary arrived, but I saw nothing on the Rice visit. Hillary apparently got nothing done while she passed through, which may be just the way that Obama wants it so long as she would take credit for any breakthroughs. The article points out that Hillary feels exactly as Bush did: "Mrs Clinton has said that there is little point in the US wanting negotiations more than the parties themselves..."

You know Bill's itching to make a breakthrough, through his wife's post. I wonder what he's discussing with her, or will be discussing, on the topic when the lights are low after dinner. Does Hillary nip at him when he tries to suggest his solutions, or are the two finding a strategy together? Is Hillary's criticism of Pakistan Bill's idea lodged in her head? Another article has her admitting what she wouldn't give Bush credit for, that "Al Qaeda's leaders had sought refuge in Pakistan since 2002 and she suggested that the Pakistani government had done less than it should have to root them out."

Ah, now the shoe is on her foot, and she's sounding like Bush more and more. But why? Could it be that both Bush and the Obama administration are controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations? Yes, that's got to explain why both administrations look the same on the terrorist effort. But which Americans elected the CFR to look after the foreign agenda? None. Hmm, the article continues:

"On Wednesday, news channels juxtaposed images of Mrs. Clinton with carnage at the women's market in Peshawar, connecting her arrival with the car bomb that killed more than 100 people the same day."

This has happened before, very recently, perhaps twice in different if large bombings are co-ordinated by American Intelligence, and that the visits of the O-Team to the bombed nations are loud and nasty statements for coercion to those governments. The article also has Clinton telling that from now on, the West will control some media in Pakistan, but also this:

"The special American representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard C. Holbrooke, is developing a plan to encourage new FM radio stations as a way to counterbalance propaganda from radio stations that fall into the hands of the Taliban or other militants."

It is no secret that the CRF controls media to worm its political agenda through. The agenda is to conform Muslim nations to Western society. It is the demon-v-demon situation that causes Armageddon.

According to the below of October 20, Russia is FOR the Goldstone report seeking to minimize Israel's globolitical clout:

"Anger grew among Israeli politicians and media outlets yesterday led by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who targeted two of the countries which voted to endorse the report, China and Russia.

Mr Lieberman boycotted a function he was due to attend as a guest of the Chinese embassy in Tel Aviv, while his deputy Danny Ayalon cast doubt on a Russian initiative to host a Middle East conference.

...The article, by Dan Margalit, attacked the author of the UN report, South African judge Richard Goldstone, as an 'assimilated and gentile-grovelling Jew', 'a retrospective collaborator with the Arab bloc' and 'a deceived collaborator'.",25197,26232221-15084,00.html

That assures what we could only estimate, that Goldstone is a Hebrew. But his being from South Africa conjures up the Rhodes Illuminati in my mind, the same Illuminati that I think is behind the Muslim-oriented Alliance of Civilizations.

In Russian news a couple of weeks ago, there was a line without an article: "On October 13, an airborne laser weapon was tested in New Mexico." I suppose the object is to provide enough light energy for igniting a fire and/or an explosion at the contact point. Is this part of the "fire from the sky"?

In recent days there were signs of ongoing gas troubles on the Ukraine front, and now this headline: Putin warns of new gas crisis with Ukraine.

The developments between Turkey and Iran this past week may be a sign that the cockadoodle-do is going back to her old lover, Putin, by leaving her new lover, Obama, cold. After all, the Big-O has lost much popularity since she slipped in under the covers with him. Putin, in the meantime, is making strides on various fronts, looking sharp and crisp, and has proven resilient in the face of opposition. If you're interested in what some in Russia think is Medvedev's coup attempt against Putin, see,8599,1933251,00.html.

Mr. Iranic, would you agree to this simple deal: one gallon of blue paint?

Absolutely, Mr. WestPest, absolutely. I'm not hard to get along with. You never need to worry about me. I will even agree to having it in Euro-blue, under the one condition that I get to pour five gallons of crescent-red into the one blue. How-bout you give me, say, 14 months to think about it?

That in a nutshell is how Ahmadinejad is agreeing to the UN deal. He's not agreeing, in other words; see latest news on that topic; or better yet, don't bother.


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