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November 1 - 10, 2009

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November 1

If you're still looking for an Israeli peace treaty, it's nowhere to be found. Palestinians are at this time turning on Obama for not being hard enough on Netanyahu. Muslims measure Obama's loyalty to the Palestinian cause by the degree of push on Netanyahu; at this time the O is supposed to push hard for a settlement freeze, but, apparently, he is in the midst of back-peddling on the issue. On nothing accomplished in Israel by Hillary's two-hour visit with Abbas:

The reason that Hillary was easy on Israel as she passed through may be in this DEBKAfile article out yesterday

"DEBKAfile's US intelligence sources report indications of impending war preparations against Iran after Tehran's rejections of the UN-brokered proposal to ship its enriched uranium overseas for further enrichment. These sources reveal that the administration is seeking congressional authorization to open America's Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). Furthermore, the US-Israeli joint US-Israel Juniper Cobra ballistic exercise is in full swing. Finally, US and Israel officials have been instructed to warn Moscow that the military option is still on the table if Iran's nuclear program is not halted by diplomatic means.

The US SPR which contains 727 million barrels of petroleum is only opened in time of war. Under an agreement signed with Israel in 1975, Washington undertakes to supply Israel with its fuel needs for five years in an emergency.

Word of these apparent war preparations appeared Saturday Oct. 31, the day after Iran's senior nuclear negotiator delivered a counter-proposal to the UN-brokered plan..."

It could be nothing or it could be everything.

I was sidetracked from email night last night when CC asked me to view a 2.5-hour Alex Jones "movie." The first part is on globanking schemes; if you read the business section before the coffee's hot every morning, you will like the dryness of this part. The next part gets into the Globama factor, accusing the U.S. president of fraud while linked to "offshore" sources. All-in-all, it's a reasonable string of arguments, though the production's direction is toward "hyper-inflation", financial meltdown, and consequent martial controls.

I tend to believe otherwise, that globalists will use martial controls only if necessary. Their perfect will is for a vibrant economy, with plenty of tax dollars rolling in, with the peoples of the world forced by other means to go along with globalism willingly, happily, foolishly.

I do agree that there are planned ups and down in the economy for the purposes of making stock-related profits, but I do not believe that "they" (few names are mentioned in the production) have everything under control, or that everything they want will be achieved. I tend to believe that "they" are a species of animal enslaved to a diabolical instinct. They are a sector of the human race infected with selfish ambition and separated from love of mankind or common compassion, unable to concern themselves with the beneficent humanism that they think they hold to. They are truly sick mentally, BUT they have the money and the money strings.

Jesus tells us not to resist the coming system (Revelation 13:10); just let Him destroy it at the Appointed Time. He doesn't suggest that we should fear it. Revelation 13 tends to reveal that the peoples of the world gladly, but foolishly, accept globalism under the anti-Christ and False Prophet.

Alex Jones doesn't enter God in this production. For a theme he uses an America-vs-globalism punch. But what America is he defending? It is time for Christians to let go of nationalism, not for joining globalism instead, but for joining His New Order. That's what the Alex Jones' of the world need to emphasize, that we are to await the self-destruction of globalism, keeping our lamps burning for the Kingdom to Come. That's what will excite Christians to action.

That action shouldn't do a whole lot for the America idol, nor for the love of any other nation, but it will for the Israel of God. Love of nation is itself a tool used by paganism, when it can place distance between man and his Creator. Love of nation can also be used to effect the dragon cult's schemes, and Obama uses this tactic well.

Spread the word: the Israel of God is Coming. God's chosen Christians are the true Israelites, the next rulers of the world and of the universe. This is the exciting message, the one that makes us hold on through the coming darkness...that is already here. We are not the most important Israelites, for God is preserving 144,000 Israelites by both blood and Spirit, but we are citizens of God's Israel just the same...if you want to be.

Ignore the blog's comments at the top of the page and scroll down to the video, called Fall of the Republic.

November 3

Britain's Cameron is going on-board the Lisbon after campaigning against it:

"David Cameron will drop within days his pledge to hold a referendum on the Lisbon treaty, The Times has learnt.

...He acknowledged openly for the first time that his party may not be able to hold a promised referendum on the treaty before it becomes law. That is because President Klaus of the Czech Republic is on the point of ending his last stand, which has delayed the final ratification of the Lisbon treaty.

...As soon as Mr Klaus has indicated that he will sign the treaty, Mr Cameron is likely to unveil his long-awaited new policy."

That was last night. This morning:

"The Czech Constitutional Court threw out a complaint against the EU's Lisbon Treaty [today], removing one of the final obstacles to its ratification."

Thus paves the way for a new EU top-dog position...that the anti-Christ may come to fill. The first presidential term is slated to begin at the start of 2010 if the EU has its way, and it's now set to be an unusual 2.5 year term...therefore ending in the middle of 2012. But what if the unusual length is changed to 3.5 years? That brings it to the middle of 2013, near to where my calendar has the start of the anti-Christ's 3.5 year rule in the EU (the calendar has his 3.5 years starting near the end of March, 2013). Interesting, but not conclusive, for, so far, I (and everyone else) see no definite sign of who he may be.

If you missed the Afghan turn of events:

"Hamid Karzai has been declared the elected president of Afghanistan by poll officials, after they scrapped the planned second round of the vote. The decision comes a day after sole challenger Abdullah Abdullah pulled out, leaving only President Karzai in the race."

Publicly, Hillary accepted Abdullah's pull-out and Karzai's "victory." But DEBKAfile thinks the O-Team is opposed to Karzai:

"The Independent Election Commission in Kabul declared Hamid Karzai president and cancelled the second round of elections Monday, Nov. 2, the day after his only challenger Abdullah bowed out. It acted as UN secretary Ban Ki-moon landed in Kabul for a surprise visit and met both candidates. He ran up against Abdullah's steadfast refusal to take part in the runoff scheduled for Nov. 7, protesting it would be no freer or fairer than the first round of August 20 which was marred by wholesale election fraud.

...According to DEBKAfile's sources, the American plan was to offer Abdullah the premiership with executive powers leaving Karzai as president in name only. But by Monday afternoon, Abdullah was far from acceding to this plan."

I don't know how much of Gog-prophecy hinges on the Afghan situation, but it should be a bonus for Gog's Iraqi entry if Obama could not justify a mass transfer of troops in Iraq to Afghanistan. Obama's foreign-policy bosses likely want as many troops surrounding Iran as possible in light of the impending crisis with that stubborn nation. Russia's new military doctrine is a warning against the Globama agenda, and seems to be developing toward the self-destruction scenario seen at the end of Daniel 11:

"On October 8 Nikolai Patrushev, the Secretary of the Russian Security Council and the former Director of the Federal Security Service (FSB), signaled planned changes to the country's nuclear doctrine. He explained in Novosibirsk that this will be reflected in the new military doctrine titled: 'The New Face of the Russian Armed Forces until 2030,' currently being developed by the General Staff and expected to be approved by the end of the year. 'In respect to the possibility of preventive or nuclear strikes we will formulate some provisions that will be somewhat different from those contained in the current doctrine,' Patrushev said (RIA Novosti, October 8). Naturally, these comments provoked speculation over what these changes might entail.

Patrushev also gave an interview to Izvestiya on October 14 in which he said that the new military doctrine will contain amended terms for the use of nuclear weapons in repelling aggression with the use of conventional weapons in a large-scale, regional or even local war (Izvestiya, October 14). 'If there are weapons of mass destruction, then one needs to be ready to use them,'; Patrushev told journalists in St Petersburg October 22 (Interfax, October 22).

Initially his remarks coincided with the visit to Moscow by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton...

...'The Russian Federation will not use nuclear weapons against states party to the nonproliferation treaty that do not possess nuclear weapons except in the event of an attack on the Russian Federation, the Russian Federation armed forces or other troops, its allies, or a state to which it has security commitments that is carried out or supported by a state without nuclear weapons jointly or in the context of allied commitments with a state with nuclear weapons' (Russian Military Doctrine,, April, 2000)."[tt_news]=35655&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=e996945e8d

Picture Gog in Iraq as he becomes militarily involved. The Russians are now saying that they can use nuclear weapons on the West if it should attack Gog's forces, you see. The publicity given to the new Russian doctrine, you see, is intended to pave the way for Russian aggression, and setting forth a new cold war. Look at this news:

"The [Russian] armed forces are said to have carried out 'war games' in which nuclear missiles were fired and troops practised an amphibious landing on [Poland's] coast.

Documents obtained by Wprost, one of Poland's leading news magazines, said the exercise was carried out in conjunction with soldiers from Belarus.

The manoeuvres are thought to have been held in September and involved about 13,000 Russian and Belarusian troops.

...The documents state the exercises, code-named 'West', were officially classified as 'defensive' but many of the operations appeared to have an offensive nature.

The Russian air force practised using weapons from its nuclear arsenal, while in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, which neighbours Poland, Red Army forces stormed a 'Polish' beach and attacked a gas pipeline.

...Karol Karski, an MP from Poland's Law and Justice, is to table parliamentary questions on Russia's war games and has protested to the European Commission.

...Ordinary Poles were outraged by news of the exercise..."

Call it mere saber rattling if you like, but I see something far worse taking place. There is a huge fault in the West-Russia relationship that sits just below the superficiality.

Many people believe that there is an ulterior motive for the swine-flu vaccine, and perhaps this is it:

"It's almost surreal, like something out of a sci-fi flick, but nano-microchips invisible to the naked eye are a reality that are already being hosted in wide-range of applications. The question is, how long will it take governments and big pharma to immerse nano-microchips inside of vaccines to tag and surveil global populations?

...To put the size of a nanometer in perspective, it is 100,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair.

More than ten years ago, simple low-cost techniques improved the design and manufacture of nano-microchips. That unlocked a multitude of methodologies for their manufacture in a wide-range of applications including optical, biological, and electronic devices.

......Doug Dorst, a microbiologist and vaccine critic in South Wales, says these advances have an immense appeal to vaccine makers. 'Biotech companies and their researchers have quickly moved most funding initiatives towards nanotechnology to increase the potency of their vaccines,' he said. The worry for Dorst is that one day vaccines 'will do what they've always been intended for...control of the global populace.'

...Russia has recently announced a new manufacturing plant that will strictly produce nano-vaccines. Project plans include development of two vaccines for human flu and bird flu and three biopharmaceuticals for boosting the immune system and increasing the efficiency of antibacterial and antiviral drugs, among other initiatives."

There you have it, microchips for swine flu is a reality. Might the Western globalists have them in their swine-flu vaccines? I wouldn't want to take the chance. In my community, swine flu is a "joke," with few getting it, and those that have it suffering minimally. We may best beware getting shots of any kind from this day forward. I had already chosen the article above for today's update when, minutes later, I opened an email from Steve sharing the following article:

"Shares of VeriChip Corp (CHIP.O) tripled after the company said it had been granted an exclusive license to two patents, which will help it to develop implantable virus detection systems in humans.

The patents, held by VeriChip partner Receptors LLC, relate to biosensors that can detect the H1N1 [= "swine flu"] and other viruses, and biological threats such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, VeriChip said in a statement.

The technology will combine with VeriChip's implantable radio frequency identification devices to develop virus triage detection systems.

The triage system will provide multiple levels of identification -- the first will identify the agent as virus or non-virus, the second level will classify the virus and alert the user to the presence of pandemic threat viruses and the third level will identify the precise pathogen, VeriChip said in a white paper published May 7, 2009.

Shares of VeriChip were up 186 percent at $3.28 Monday late afternoon trade on Nasdaq. They had touched a year high of $3.43 earlier in the session."

We wonder what else the chips will detect? The same webpage featuring that story has the headline, "Satellites track Mexico kidnap victims with chips," thus conditioning the public for the positive purposes of such chips.

I was talking to Howard about the unlikeliness at the moment of an Obama-promoted skincode reaching the Muslims. He made a good point when saying that religious Muslims would reject a tattoo of any kind, so why not reject a skin chip too? I replied that, for a span, it appeared that Obama could build the bridges to the Muslim world that could convince it to take on the skin chip for purchasing, but that the opposite seems to be the current reality as Obama has lost much favor in the Muslim world. My conclusion was that Obama must betray Israel deeply in order to get the Muslim world back on board the skincode-planning agenda, and a moment later I opened another email from Howard, dated quite a while ago, wherein he shared a September 16 article:

"...The [Israeli] plan in question was first broached publicly by the European Union's foreign policy czar, Javier Solana, at a speech in London in July. The international community should set a deadline for [peace] negotiations, Solana said, and if no agreement is reached by this deadline, the world should immediately recognize a Palestinian state, admit it to the UN and announce its own solution to all outstanding issues (borders, refugees, Jerusalem, security arrangements), along with a binding timetable for implementation.

Washington never publicly endorsed this idea. But this week, it was reported that Solana floated his trial balloon with backing from 'the highest levels of the US administration,' and that the US indeed plans to adopt it - with some twists that make it even worse.

Specifically, Washington will announce a two-year deadline for talks"

I had mentioned this in the updates at the time, but it's good to have our minds refreshed today. The present back-peddling that Muslims are accusing Obama of may be very temporary, and an O-betrayal of Israel may be imminent. Or, with Solana's position passing away as the new "king of Europe" comes to power, Israeli peace initiatives may abandon Solana's deadline-method of ending the impasse. We shall have to see how the new boss of Europe handles this issue, BUT, in any case, I expect a Muslim-friendly face to develop larger on Europa for skincode purposes. In the end, it may be Gog who convinces the Muslims. Perhaps the Russians are developing nano chips that make humans slave-like to any of their gross agendas.

I kid you not, that immediately after writing the above, I happened on this headline: Clinton offers U.S. aid to help boost Muslim ties. The short article:

"MARRAKESH, Morocco, Nov 3 (Reuters) - The United States will deliver on President Barack Obama's promise of a 'new start' with the world's Muslims, offering fresh programmes to promote entrepreneurship, economic development and education, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said [today].

Clinton, speaking to a development forum in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh, said the programmes would also aim to encourage scientific and technical collaboration, women's empowerment and cooperation between faiths.

Clinton's speech was billed as a follow-up to Obama's June address in Cairo in which he promised to seek a new start to troubled U.S. relations with the Islamic world."

What is this financial aid that Obama promises? Don't the global "climatologists" want to re-distribute Western wealth to third-world nations? Steve shared an Alex Jones video that I in-part watched last night. He shared this in an email sent before the Alex Jones video I shared a couple of days ago. The two are very similar on Obama, but the one of last night emphasizes the excellent point that no lobby groups had Obama's attention in his first few months except for Wall Street bankers.

And Bill Clinton has the Clinton Global Initiative, a foundation claiming to have as purpose the beneficent lending money to the poorest of the world (i.e. the real purpose is to maximize the global intake of interest dollars that the international bankers make, and/or to set up a skincode system in third world countries). My comments on Obama over the past months happen to be much like those of Alex Jones et al, but I am not an Alex Jones groupie, and I reiterate that he doesn't package his globalist views with God at the center.

The West must find Iran ironic, for while it put together the Alliance of Civilizations with Iranian backing, Iran yet insists on spoiling the West's image as it desires to make inroads into the Muslim world. A headline out today: "Khamenei: Whenever the US offers a smile, it hides a dagger":

"Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's [today] warned against the US imposing its will on negotiations with Teheran.

...US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said [yesterday] in Marrakech that the UN nuclear deal could not be altered.

...Khamenei also slammed what he called 'the new US president's beautiful words,' which are not supported by deeds...

Khamenei, who has final say in all state matters, also urged the US not to pin its hopes on the Iranian opposition, who are calling for better ties with the West, describing them as 'few' and 'naive.'"

Steve has mentioned that he no longer holds the theory good that president Kadyrov of Chechnya can be Gog. I still hold him as a good possibility because he can be considered a Russian, because he has been loyal to Putin, and because he is an avid Muslim convert. The main missing ingredient is his opposition to Israel. We have yet to find any coming from Kadyrov's mouth. But, we can assume that he is anti-Israel or else he is not much of a Muslim. That religion was founded as an alternative to the God of the Hebrew Bible. It set itself up as the true God, walking over Christ in the meantime. And from first to last, it slaughtered peoples who disagreed with its new God.

In northern Iraq, the Kurds are accusing Obama of being behind the UN-backed "compromise" supporting Sunni ambitions:

"...Othman described the U.S. efforts at pushing forward a compromise to the Kurds as being 'counterproductive' and 'making things worse.' Though the proposal was submitted by the United Nations, Othman said, 'the U.S. is behind this.'

He said the U.S.-backed plan was not fair and urged that U.S. officials remain neutral."

The article touches on Biden's input into the controversy, and suggests that the main American concern is on an early/scheduled election, contradicting my suspicion that Americans do not want the election to be held on schedule (this January) order to have an excuse for remaining in Iraq longer. BUT, an American push to making a compromise with Arabs is perhaps the best method for assuring a postponed or aggravated election.

In any case, the West is firmly lodged in Iraq's enduring troubles. The coming of the UN, as we speak, may open a door for Russian involvement. Start placing your bets now on whether Russia will volunteer to become involved in NORTHERN Iraq.

November 4

The following words of two years ago by Putin show that Russians by and large think that the United States wants to seize Russian realms, and that Putin's new military doctrine is indeed being outfitted to counter the United States:

"Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the U.S.-led war in Iraq on Thursday, saying that experience showed the need for resource-rich countries like Russia to build up their armed forces to defend themselves.

...Answering a questioner who asked about supposed U.S. intentions to gain control over Russia's huge, resource-rich interior, Putin said: 'I know that such ideas are brewing in the heads of some politicians. I think it is a sort of political eroticism which maybe gives someone pleasure but will hardly lead anywhere and the best example of that is Iraq.'

'... What we are doing to increase our defense capability is the correct choice and we will continue to do that,' Putin added."

One can see that Putin would also tend to outfit Middle Eastern nations for combat against American intrusions. This reality is always the backdrop to any Russian relations with the O-Team, therefore, and so long as Obama remains in Afghanistan after he pulls out of Iraq, Russia will continue to flex muscle. The question is, is it merely a flexing of muscle as it's being made to appear, or does Putin want to be intrusive himself after American presence wanes?

There is less doubt today about where anti-Israeli fighters are getting their weapons:

"[Israeli] Special Navy forces discovered weapons and ammunition on a cargo ship overnight Tuesday, after boarding the Francop some 100 nautical miles west of Israel flying an Antiguan flag.

Defense officials said the 140-meter long Francop, captured near Cyprus, was carrying arms sent by Iran and destined for Syria and Hizbullah.

More than 60 tons of weaponry were on board, in dozens of containers. The Francop carried hundreds of containers.

...Israel Radio reported that advanced anti-aircraft platforms not before found in the region were also on board.

Military intelligence had been following the ship's progress for several days. The vessel is German, and its captain of Polish nationality."

The ship was tailed for an extended period before being seized near Syria, again appearing that Iranian weapons go to Syria for further transfers. Meanwhile, we read that Hamas is being accused today, by an Israeli military source, of test-firing an Iranian-made missile that can strike Tel Aviv. We thus have two stories out together that appear to be leaked for political if Israel were about to strike Iran and wants justification for it in the public forum.

Thus, the cold war to rid the Middle East of American influence continues under Obama, and no wonder; he wants to build an American-led army in Iran's backyard.

There is talk today of Turkey's invitation to Iran to enter the Nabucco project. I'll keep an eye on it because it would make Russia very sore to see Iran's involvement. If Iran accepts, it would tend to expose that it does NOT have the close ties to Putin that I've imagined. I tend to think that there is a strong-and-secret partnership between the two nations that seeks to control the Middle East in unison. It's not necessary for such a partnership to exist in order to form the Gog-Iran partnership of Ezekiel 38, for the latter could be formed on a spur of the moment with the glue of anti-Israelism. But I think a secret (i.e. aside from the known relations) Russia-Iran partnership exists already with the glue of anti-Americanism.

That's all the news for today, except that for the first time in a long time I'm virtually caught up on email thanks to reduced numbers over the past few weeks. Thank you for understanding. Also, I got word yesterday that my generator will be refunded in full. I should have eight solar panels on the roof within a couple of weeks, with eight new batteries to follow. Hopefully, my electrical problems (that threaten these updates) will be a thing of the past.

November 5

The developments in the ship seized by Israel off the coast of Cyprus yesterday are very important for exposing Western attitudes toward Israel. The seizure has Israeli leaders dancing in the streets because it comes at a time when Western forces wish to blackball Israel:

"Following the seizure of a massive shipment of Iranian arms bound for Hizbullah, the Foreign Ministry stepped up diplomatic efforts [today], inviting foreign ambassadors stationed in Israel to inspect the container-loads of weapons seized by the navy during its raid of the Francop vessel.

The ministry told its staffers to present the weapons that are displayed at the Ashdod port, and detail their capabilities and intended use.

Furthermore, in an apparent effort to increase international pressure on Teheran at the UN, the Foreign Ministry has also instructed Israel's envoys abroad to bring up an the arms capture in discussions with foreign diplomats and media outlets.

...In addition, five MKs will travel to the UK on Sunday to hold discussions with British lawmakers concerning the Iranian weapons shipment...

...Regarding those who may doubt Iran's continual support for terrorist organizations, the [Israeli] prime minister said, 'Whoever still needed decisive proof that Iran continues to send weapons to terrorist organizations, received it today in a very clear and unequivocal way.'"

See photos that Israel wants the world to see.

Here's all that I could find of what Hezbollah has said today in its defence:

"Hezbollah called the interception of the ship, which was boarded 100 miles (160km) off Israel, an act of 'piracy'".

Didn't Russia just pass a bill allowing it to attack a nation guilty of piracy? Yes, it did. Wasn't there a Russian ship from Iran seized/unloaded in Cyprus not many months ago, with arms on board? Yes, there was, and that ship was headed to Latakia (Syria), exactly where this other ship (the Francop) was headed. Latakia is not far from the Russian naval base in Syria, and I think Iran and Russia have secret agreements to stack Israel's enemies with weapons. There is an article out today re-iterating Russia's "right" for using military might outside the nation to "fight sea piracy and ensure the safety of commercial shipping."

If I recall correctly, the Arctic Sea ship that Russia "seized" recently, thought by the West to have Russian weapons destined for Iranian purposes, had some Russian crewmen from Poland, while the Francop has a Polish captain. Hmm.

The Francop had just left Egypt before being seized, a nation that Iran is apparently using for weapons shipments. If, from this day forward, Egypt becomes involved in seizing ships for the purpose of seeking Iranian and/or Russian weapons, will it give Gog the "right" to start a war against Egypt?

"DEBKAfile's military and intelligence sources report that a mammoth arms train has been running to Hizballah for months via Egypt. They identify the ship which offloaded the arms shipment at the Egyptian port of Damietta, where it was picked up by the Francop as the Iranian Visea, which is now on its way from the British port of Felixtowe to Hamburg, Germany. An international operation is afoot to apprehend the Iranian ship...

The Francop is known as a 'feeder ship,' which circulates between regular ports of call beginning at Damietta, thence to Limassol in Cyprus and from there to Beirut, Lebanon, Port Latakia, Syria, and back.

...To disguise its vast traffic of illicit arms to Lebanon, Iran has taken to using commercial 'feeder' vessels which are frequently seen on regular tours around the Mediterranean ports and arouse little attention. By this route, Hizballah has received thousands of tons of arms and ammunition in the last few months."

There we go. Iran is illegally using a nation at political war with it. What will Egypt do about it? I say Egypt will oppose the coming Gog-Iran war against Israel, thus fulfilling prophecy.

Clearly, it was easier and faster for Iran to ship weapons from Egypt to Hamas, as was the case before the Gaza war. But having failed to open the doors of Egypt to Gaza, even with UN pressure applied against Israel for months, the Iranian axis is shipping to Syria instead.

We recall that Obama was silent when the Russian ship from Iran was being unloaded in Cyprus...and we never did hear what it was carrying. His silence was, in my opinion, due to his Russia and Iran initiatives, in which he sought to befriend both nations. Now, just two days ago, we have this headline in the Tehran Times: Obama says wants U.S., Iran move beyond 'suspicion, mistrust'. The U.S. president is still at it; he never knows when to quit. He continues to want friendship with the demons who continue to war secretly with Israel.

The statements above were made the very day before Israel announced the seizure. Ouch, Obama is truly getting his lumps from Israel. But had the Francop been caught off the eastern coast of America with an arms shipment to Weather Underground which intended to blow up the U.S. capital, we would have seen something from Obama, like a fist raised toward Iran, by now, but since the shipment is intended to blow up Tel Aviv, it's a ho-hum-just-another-day story to anti-Israeli Westerners. And Obama is anti-Israel, don't kid yourself about it.

We await Obama's statement toward Iran. I say it will be made reluctantly. I say Obama and the UN together want to weaken Israel at this time and will therefore play-down once again this latest seizure.

Lebanese media is telling that Israel has yet to provide evidence that the weapons originate in Iran, but this evidence should be forthcoming as the story takes more shape. Al-Jazeera is admitting that "the Israeli military said an Iranian document was found on board, showing that the arms shipment originated from Iran." The article states that Syrian authorities are denying that there were weapons on board at all, but this falsehood will go fast by the wayside as Israel exposes the weapons to the world. The article also shares a statement that must be the truth: "'The weapons were "a drop in the ocean" of arms being shipped to Hezbollah,' Ben-Yehuda [of Israel] said."

The article is the best I've seen yet, and includes this:

"Al Jazeera's Jacky Rowland, reporting from Jerusalem, said: 'It's interesting to point out the timing of this announcement.

'The fact that the Israeli army chose to hold the press conference exactly the same time as the UN General Assembly was beginning its debate on the Goldstone report...'"

Yes, the timing was good, and Israel is using it for all it can to ridicule the Goldstone Report, BUT, Israel did not choose the time that the ship set sail (days ago), nor did Israel chose the cargo.

The cargo is an act of war against Israel, and justifies Israel's attack on Iran. No one in the world could accuse Israel of doing wrong for attacking Iran on this day if indeed the cargo was from Iran's leadership and headed to Hezbollah.

It's apparently harder to prove that Hezbollah was the destination than it is to prove that Iran is the shipper, but Israel's public pegging of Hezbollah participation is probably for the war that it assumes will soon be fought on its northern border. I've read that this shipment alone could keep Hezbollah firing rockets into Israel for one entire month. How many other shipments have there been that have not been seized? Like prophecy tells, Israel will be fatally attacked from her north at the start of her "great tribulation."

I have not heard from Egypt yet, but there is this statement out today: "An Egyptian security official says 17 young men have been arrested on charges of possessing explosives and arms, and for allegedly planning attacks north of Cairo...The official says the suspects admitted to sympathizing with the banned Islamist group Jihad..." It all appears to be shaping up, still. How much longer can it be???

Not everyone thinks that Lisbonized EUnity will function well:

"...With the ink scarcely dry after the Czech president became the last leader to sign the treaty [on November 3], France's European Affairs Minister Pierre Lellouche laid out the problem.

'This could become a benediction or something incoherent,' which could transform the EU into a hot air factory, he warned.

The main aspirations of the treaty, now fully ratified and entering into force next month, are to give Europe a more powerful voice on the world stage and to improve its sometimes Byzantine decision-making process, in part, through the scrapping of some national vetoes.

...The Brussels-based European Policy Centre think tank warns that the contents of the Lisbon Treaty must be introduced very carefully. There is undoubtedly potential for friction, turf battles and dysfunctional solutions, the think tank said recently."

The article suggests that the EU foreign minister could become greater than the EU president.

November 7

I don't use a television and so don't know the American nation's depth of feelings toward the Fort Hood murders by what an Israeli media calls "a Palestinian." But just now I read an article telling that Obama's attitude in a statement hours afterward was sorely inadequate...which may be explained in that he has a special place in his heart for the Palestinian cause.

An eye kept out for Western articles on Western concerns/sympathies regarding the Francop ship seized by Israel has found only one...from a Lebanon media:

"A State Department official said the Obama administration has expressed concern over the discovery by Israel of a vessel allegedly carrying Iranian arms to Hizbullah.

Washington expressed 'concern over Iran's efforts and violation of Security Council resolutions,' the official told pan-Arab daily al-Hayat in remarks published [yesterday]."

Amazing, is it not, that the largest seizure of weapons -- proving the guilt of the Iran axis -- has received so little media attention??? This seizure comes at the very time that the UN continues to prosecute Israel:

"The UN General Assembly enjoined Israel and the Palestinians to probe war crimes allegedly committed in Gaza nearly a year ago, a move which the Jewish state said would hurt the quest for Middle East peace.

The 192-member assembly overwhelmingly approved an Arab-sponsored resolution that endorsed a UN report accusing both Israel and the Palestinians of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity during the 22-day Gaza conflict that ended in January."

That was yesterday. I believe the gathering began on the very day that Israel announced the seizure. Here's the latest:

"The IDF [yesterday] published new video clips documenting the moments when Navy commandos from the elite Flottila 13 unit opened containers on the Francop cargo vessel...

...The final weight of the cache was 320 tons and included 9,000 mortar shells, thousands of 107-mm. Katyusha rockets that have a range of 15 kilometers, some 600 Russian-made 122-mm. rockets with a 40-km. range and hundreds of thousands of Kalashnikov bullets.

IDF sources said they were surprised by the significant quantity of mortar shells. 'This is the most we have seen in a single shipment,' one senior officer involved in reviewing the arms cache said Thursday.

Most of the weaponry, a senior military officer said, appeared to have come from the Far East and Russia, while some of it was made in Iran."

We can be sure that Israel seeks possible Russian connivance for the Russian weapons on board.

Again, if this ship's load were found off the coast of Belgium and its intent discovered to be for blowing up random targets in Brussels, the condemnation against Iran would be loud, widespread, and severe. But since it's just Israel that is the target, it's ho-hum-we-see-this all-the-time. Yet Israel is not allowed to retaliate militarily lest the West be dragged to her grave in world crisis. Although God is Himself upset with modern Israel, the way in which the nations treat it will yet be held against them.

David Miliband of England is apparently seeking a top-dog position in the new EU. He was showing off his diplomatic stuff late this week in Turkey, but look at how he permitted Turkey's leader to treat Israel:

"Iran's controversial nuclear program and its refusal to fully cooperate with the United Nations were among the top issues Miliband and Erdogan discussed [November 5]. In an interview with British daily The Guardian, Erdogan described Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a 'friend' and Western countries' concerns over Tehran' ambition to produce nuclear weapons as 'gossip.'"

Since this statement comes just as Israel in uncovering Iran's guilt in the Francop, it's a slap in Israel's face to paint Iran's leader as a trustworthy man. The West has been concerned in the past week or two that Turkey is going over to the Iran axis and betraying the West in the meantime, and this is all that matters to Western globetreaders, for, apparently, Miliband did not bring the Francop topic up lest it might discolor his visit with the Turkish leader. Erdogan is completely ignoring the Francop find. It appears to mean nothing to him, as though he knew all along that Iran was planning war by shipping these missiles.

This is a strong message to Israel: the nations just don't care anymore. You're on your own. The best friend you have is the only friend, and it's only Obama, the one who would stab you in the back at first opportunity...if only the American Jews wouldn't mind.

Russia at the highest levels has weighed into the Goldstone Report:

"...'We believe that continuing a professional consideration of the recommendations of a UN Human Rights Council report without involving the UN Security Council is the most optimal choice,' Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko said...

'However, what really matters is that the replay of a tragedy similar to the one that happened in Gaza must be prevented.'"

There we have it. Israel is being smeared globally in order to restrain it from ever again fighting a war with Palestinians. This smear continues simultaneous to a seizure of Iranian weapons headed for the Israeli border. Interfax today has a line: "Medvedev suggests sanctions may be imposed on Iran," but the only reason I can think of for this U-turn in policy is public consumption i.e. to make the people believe that Russia is disappointed with the Francop cargo. In a story on the topic:

"Asked whether Russia plans to sell any weapons to Iran, Medvedev gave an evasive answer.

'We will only supply weapons which are clearly defensive,' he said without elaboration. 'We have no intention to supply offensive weapons.'"

It doesn't sound evasive to me, but it does put Russia in a hot spot if Israel can prove that Russia was behind some of the weapons on the Francop.

The following Lebanese article of yesterday may not be irrelevant to the invasion of Israel from her north:

"...Both Hezbollah and Syria are acting as if they want the [Lebanese] government to be formed as soon as possible.

FPM leader General Aoun is showing some optimism following the visit of his son-in-law to Syria . 'We are in the last stages and on the verge of forming' the cabinet...

...Many are predicting that a government will be formed within days, probably as soon as an agreement is reached between Iran and the west over its nuclear installations. This is when Iran is expected to give Hezbollah the green light to go ahead with government formation."

Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah all want the Lebanese government to be formed. Does it have to do with plots against Israel? I can't imagine that Iran would want Hezbollah in the Lebanese government for any other reason. In a more recent article from Reuters:

"'The government is as good as formed,' member of parliament Okab Sakr, who is close to Hariri, told New TV station. 'It's all about the final touches now and its formation will be completed this weekend.

...Leaders of the opposition, including Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah, agreed to join the proposed government during a meeting [last] night.

...Lebanese media reported [today] that it was Iran's approval which paved the way for Hezbollah to join Hariri' cabinet, one which Tehran had refused to give in past talks."

Apparently, Hezbollah got enough of what it wanted.

It may be too early to know what's going on suddenly with Fatah. Perhaps Abbas received something like a death threat:

"Israel is keen on Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas staying in office despite his announcement that he will not seek re-election, officials said [yesterday], as the Arab League urged the moderate to reconsider.

The Israeli government has refrained from officially commenting on Abbas's announcement late on Thursday that he would not stand in the Palestinian general election he has called for January."

The election that Abbas called represents the political death of Hamas if it's held without Hamas. If Abbas remains out, the next Palestinian leader may be far less Western-sympathetic, and may even be Hamas-tilting...or at least tilting to Hamas' mentality: DESTROY ISRAEL FIRST, TALK LATER.

After pretending to accept the Western deal in a different color, Iran has now rejected it outright:

"Senior Iranian lawmakers rejected [today] any possibility of Teheran shipping uranium abroad for further enrichment, intensifying pressures on the government to reject the UN-backed plan altogether."

If I were the president of the United States, I would leave the Middle East, and tell that Americans must adhere to the Word of God. Tell them that the Muslim religion is a great falsehood, and that Muslims must be ignored who honor the "great" Mohammed with blood on his hands. I would tell the people that Israel must denounce Western values and return once again to the Word of NoViolence. In this way, God will be pleased to solve the Muslim problem. In this way, Russian atheism will suffer still worse than it already has. No one will be disappointed for seeking to serve God. God will not disappoint.

Official unemployment in the U.S. rose above 10 percent, essentially doubling from the time the recession began. Although it's not true in every case, the release of workers in a recession represents the release of the least important/valued/skilled. When that has run it's course, companies need to decide whether to let go of experienced/valued workers, or reduce their prices in order to keep the experts at work. Wheat and corn has gone down significantly, I read earlier in the week. And with rising gas prices, the recession will likely continue rather than heal, choking companies all the more until they give in to dirt-low prices.

I decided to go off meat a week ago, and bought nuts instead. They were a dry dinner, nothing like a juicy stir-fry with meat, but then I threw some almonds into a bowl of hot egg-noodle soup. Man, those nuts stayed crunchy until I was done...and they were great! The pecans weren't as good in that soup, but not bad. Nuts cost per-pound about the same as beef or chicken if the latter are measured in dry weight. Tonight I've got some pistachios. This is being said here because anyone wanting to purchase long-term foods might consider nuts more than meat, as nuts are already dry enough to last long periods.

November 8

Since Hezbollah can't deny it any longer, it's using an excuse to re-arm:

...According to the British newspaper, Hizbullah has been 'busy reinforcing fixed defense positions' north of the Litani River, and after losing many of its bunkers in the south during the Second Lebanon War, is preparing 'a new strategy' to defend villages there.

'Sure, we are rearming, we have even said that we have far more rockets and missiles than we did in 2006,' a Hizbullah commander, speaking on condition of anonymity, was quoted as saying by the newspaper. 'We had to blow up or leave some of our bunkers and fighting positions, but we still have plenty of capabilities in the south. We expect the Israelis to come soon, if not this winter, then they will wait until spring, when the ground isn't too soft for their tanks.'"

I doubt very much that Israel would attack Hezbollah first under world conditions as they have become. Therefore, Hezbollah is now re-arming openly with the excuse that Israel is about to attack. This can justify the re-arming of the Iran axis to a greater degree, and as you have just seen that the world cares little about the underpinnings of the Francop, one wonders if the West isn't ready to see Israel go by the wayside. Certainly, Iran is happy to see so little condemnation on the Francop find. I've yet to come across an article in the Israeli media lamenting that fact, but I expect some soon.

Suddenly, Netanyahu is going to Washington:

"Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will meet US President Barack Obama at the White House [tomorrow] evening, Israel Radio reported overnight Saturday, following weeks of uncertainty and speculation of whether such an encounter would materialize.

...'Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who left on Saturday night for Washington, is set to speak [tomorrow] both with US special envoy George Mitchell and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates."

Hey George. Hey Rob. Hey Shrinking-O. Didn't you see that big stash we publicized to the world? Aren't you impressed? When are you going to comment on it?

Back off, Ned. We're a bit busy. We have another super-party this weekend, and state representatives are calling worried about driving their gas-guzzlers...

But, Shrinking-O, don't you think there's more important things right now than throwing parties for the big guys?

Right now we need as many friends as possible, but we don't need you as one of them. Stop the settlement expansion in Jerusalem of A, and then we'll let you apply for super-party status. Just don't come with a kippah if ever we let you in. Use the back door so that the other guests don't get upset, and don't give the bouncer any problems. Bring your own booze.

The Jerusalem Post suggests that the Netanyahu visit has to do with Abbas' resignation. We find an article today suggesting Abbas' reason for resigning, or shall we say his threat to resign:

"Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is considering dissolving the PA and declaring the failure of the peace process with Israel, PA officials in Ramallah said over the weekend.

Abbas was now waiting to see if the US and other parties would exert enough pressure on Israel to stop settlement construction and recognize the two-state solution before he makes any decision, the officials said."

Threatening to dissolve the Palestinian Authority??? It's a bluff, the J-Post is insinuating. Abbas is doing these drastic things to get Obama to do something immediately about Ned Yahoo. But it won't work, of course, because Israel can afford to see the PA go to Hell for all it cares. Abbas' obvious tactic is the threat of a new Palestinian entity that will be violent against Israel, but I don't see Israel falling for this bluff. I see Netanyahu's sudden visit to Washington for the purpose of Iran, therefore, i.e. to better convince Obama that Iran is an acute threat needing the greatest attention. However, Reuters says that Obama, personally, has not yet accepted a visit from Netanyahu...which could be a cold shoulder in play.

We can be sure that the Obama administration is talking with the Kadima party of Israel, for it continues to announce to Israelis that a Palestinian state is the way to go:

"Kadima No. 2 Shaul Mofaz [today] presented his new diplomatic plan for the formation of a Palestinian state in 60 percent of the West Bank, followed by final border negotiations.

'The government and the prime minister have no plan,' Mofaz said at a Tel Aviv press conference...'As a former chief of general staff and defense minister, I can tell you that this is dangerous. Time is not on our side. Iran is getting stronger, Hizbullah is arming, Hamas is getting ready for the next step, and al-Qaida is building its base of support. More and more countries are considering a bi-national state. Israel is seen as an insubordinate element..."

It's shameful. Selling Israel just for the opportunity to be in political power again. Poor Kadima; there is more hope for a dry desert than for a party willing to cut God across His eye. Jerusalem is NOT for sale, Mr. Mofaz.

Just because Iran has been friendly with the Afghan government does not preclude a sincere friendship. Sometimes, being the devil requires a fake friendship:

"Iran's interests and reach into Afghan society are well known. Official U.S. and regional sources, however, often paint a confusing picture of the nature of Iran's activities in Afghanistan. Iran is frequently described as a force for stability in Afghanistan, with interests that largely converge with those of the U.S. mission there, namely their shared opposition to the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Yet reports that Iranian-made munitions are finding their way into the hands of the Taliban coupled with allegations that Iran is actively providing insurgents with operational and material support are increasingly making headlines. These claims are echoed in General Stanley A. McChrystal's unclassified August 2009 assessment of the situation in Afghanistan (McChrystal is commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan). At the same time, General McChrystal's report cites Iran as a source of development aid and support for Kabul. These apparently contradictory assessments of Iran's activities in Afghanistan are underlined..."[tt_news]=35708&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=c7bc24cb39

Obama wanted to join his military with Iran in the Afghan effort, but we haven't heard anything more on that idea...probably since his commanders gave him the heads-up on how foolish it would be. BUT, Obama, if he's the Biblical character that I think he is, WILL join himself to another anti-Israeli, the Assyrian king of Babylon of Isaiah 14. The latter's kingdom will be destroyed as per an invasion of the "Medes" (some say these are the Kurds; I agree) into Iraq (see Isaiah 13).

It's hard to realize the significance of the "Assyrian" term used in 14:25 to describe the anti-Christ/Gog. Which Assyria? I traced one of the most ancient Assyrians -- the Arphaxadites of Arabkha (now Kirkuk) -- to Ares of Greece (was previously the Armenian god, Ar), and this god of war I then identified as the Hros/Rosh/Rus, meaning that modern Russians can be considered Assyrians at their roots. By the time of Isaiah, Assyrians were the invaders of Israel by the will of God. But whether Assyrians in Isaiah's day were still Arphaxadites is questionable.

To make matters more difficult, Assyrians of the Ares cult trace to Germanics spread all over northern Europe. Therefore, until the dark man appears, I haven't got a clue as to how we could use the Assyrian term in Isaiah 14 to our advantage in identifying him earlier rather than later. If you have developed good ideas on the identity of the Assyrian/Seleucid anti-Christ by reading here from time to time, I'm only days behind on email, so email now.

My best but doubtful choice at present is Kadyrov of Chechnya. Zhirinovsky had the mouth, the mission, and the Russian blood to be the anti-Christ, but he's pure politician now while I've had the sense that the anti-Christ will, in Iraq, be a military man as well as a political leader. Kadyrov fits that description excellently. I can't, however, envision a reasonable pretext for Kadyrov's involvement in northern Iraq. Putin would be needed in such a scenario, as Kadyrov's backbone, and Zhirinovsky would likely call his Russian supporters to support Kadyrov's Middle-East mission, but then how does Kadyrov get to the post of European leader?

That's the crux of the problem. Who do we see today that could be both the Assyrian anti-Christ and a leader of Europe, the UN, or NATO? Putin would appear to have a chance at the EU leadership position, granted by Europe in efforts to form a global unity, but then his name doesn't give a 666 so far as I can see. This is a worrisome problem for me, as it begs a scrapping of the 2009-16 calendar and makes these updates unjustified.

Any other Russian figure, high in Russian politics, could develop as a figurehead European leader and meanwhile be stationed in northern Iraq for "peaceful" purposes. But thus far, the idea is based merely on my understanding of anti-Christ prophecy. Whether the idea is viable in the real world, or even logical, is another matter. Yet I feel required to watch on, and gladly I do so for some months longer, trying to understand as best I can the underworkings of what I see printed in the media.

The particular thoughts (the real ones, not the printed ones necessarily) in the minds of the major players are extremely important for this task. My prophetic expectations require that the Russian leaders are secretly concerned with Iraqi involvement, but thus far there is little evidence in the media that Putin, or any other high-level Russian, desires the toppling of Iraq. We of course expect silence in the midst of a coup that has as main tactic a sudden ambush in Iraq, but that's little source of peace for me as I read day-by-day and find nothing of the sort taking shape. The closest I can see of it is in a Baathist leader from Mosul, surnamed Ahmed, said to be trained in Moscow, though that claim (by Wikipedia, for one) is hardly backed up, and we don't know that Moscow intends to use him for intrusions into northern Iraqi.

The most that I've been able to conclude thus far is that the appearance of the anti-Christ in northern Iraq, under the present situation, is possible, not unrealistic, not expected nor logical, but neither is it beyond belief as a rising Russian corpse flexes its invigorated muscles while the Americans prepare to leave Iraq in something like a casket. Yesterday there was the headline: Oregon Guard soldiers now part of handing over Iraq to Iraqi control. In other words, the longish process for pulling out has begun.

Violence in Pakistan continues to escalate by the day just as this pull-out begins, but on the question of whether Obama will end up re-deploying most in Afghanistan, current events would suggest failure. That could mean a Middle East fully free, or nearly so, of combative Americans just in time for the "kings of the east" to invade Iraq...with the head of the anti-Christ in their sights.

November 9

There's been a compromise accepting by both Kirkuk Kurds and Mosul Arabs, enabling the country-wide Iraqi election to take place on some day in the last two weeks of January:

"Iraqi lawmakers passed a long-delayed election law on Sunday to pave the way for a January poll, after parliament sidestepped a potentially explosive row over the oil-producing city of Kirkuk."

Articles I've been reading suggest that Obama sincerely wants this election sooner rather than later, meaning that he DOES want to pull out of Iraq. There are several reasons that yank his decision in that direction, and he likely feels relief in avoiding another broken election promise. Also, he needs the money elsewhere (his health care overhauls will cost over one trillion dollars) that pays for the Iraqi effort.

Still no word in Western media on the Francop's significance. BUT, all of a sudden, Syria's leader is speaking softly, intelligently. He even appears to be a friend of Israel:

"Turkey should have good relations with Israel if the former wants to facilitate Syrian-Israeli negotiations, said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in an exclusive interview with daily Hürriyet at the presidential palace in Damascus.

'Otherwise, how can {Turkey) have a significant role in peace process?' al-Assad said..."

This statement was so off-color for Assad that it can only be due to the Israeli report that the Francop had Syria as its destination. We can be sure that Israeli Intelligence is speaking, or at least trying to, with American Intelligence. On the latter, we have this:

"U.S. intelligence agencies were aware months ago that Army Major Nidal Hasan was attempting to make contact with people associated with al Qaeda, two American officials briefed on classified material in the case told ABC News.

...People who knew or worked with Hasan [= Fort Hood murderer] say he seemed to have gradually become more radical in his disapproval of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Well, what about sympathizers with Palestinians, like Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter? Shouldn't they be on the Intelligence watch list in case they become gradually more radical??? In today's Israeli news:

"... the difficulty in arranging a meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Barack Obama.

The White House wanted Netanyahu to sweat before being granted an audience with the president, and wanted everyone to see him perspire.

The delays in finding a time to meet, and pushing it to a late hour - after the news programs on Israeli television - make Netanyahu look as if Obama threw him a bone. In such circumstances, it is no longer important what will be said at the meeting, and the extent to which there will be an attempt to present it as an achievement. The prime minister of Israel was humiliated before all."

I beg to differ. It's Obama who is the embarrassment. It's he who tows the Muslim line when clearly seeing the Muslim threat to Israel. The article goes on to say that Netanyahu respects middle/conservative America and tends to ignore liberal America: "The true America, Netanyahu says, begins 70 miles west of New York and ends 70 miles east of Los Angeles, and within this enormous space, Israel has millions of loyal supporters." Interesting statement, is it not? Netanyahu is apparently blackening America's city-dwelling Democrats.

The article points out Obama's attempt to bring Netanyahu down politically, that it failed, but it's too early to assume failure because the attempt continues. The cold shoulder is part of the attempt, but because Obama is himself cold in middle America, Netanyahu points to that part of the nation as Israel's friends...spiting the liberal Jews of "Gotham City" in the meantime.

This is quite an interesting political conflict. If and when Obama starts to get nasty with Israel, he will agitate the Conservative-v-Liberal war all the more. The Christian right will come down on him hard, and that would be the time that Obama starts to talk his own brand of Christianity in order to offend the Christian right. Hillary will at that time get her whip out and do some masochism exercises, for she and Bill have long wanted to fight a war with the Christian right...who are indeed right, most of the time. The war has begun; just consider this headline: Left-leaning magazine rips Fort Hood 'Islamophobia' The writer calls Liberals "enlightened Americans," a term used over and over again to make Christians appear dim-minded and stuck in dark-age mentality.

The wave of killings in Iraq and Pakistan may finally have come to the United States, and Obama may not yet realize it. If there is another U.S. massacre in the near future, Obama will need to deal with it as for his political life. He will be accused of opening the door to Muslim sentiments, and emboldening them. Rather than accepting the accusation, he will likely resist it.

On the Jerusalem-settlement issue, which is the Obama factor in his dispute with Netanyahu, Obama is in cahoots with the Jordanian king, and just as Netanyahu is about to meet with the American leadership, that king's mouth rambles on:

"Jordanian King Abdullah II [today] advised Israel...

'Jerusalem is a red line and Israel must internalize the importance the city holds for Arabs and Christian Muslims, and stop playing with fire,' said Abdullah.

If Arabs efforts to enforce a construction freeze in settlements do not come into fruition as a condition for renewed negotiations, said Abdullah, then the Americans and international community must intervene."

Obama can't afford to become too unpopular as he tries to win the health-care war. This war may not only explain why he hasn't yet become nasty with Israel, but also why he hasn't made his decision on Afghanistan. BUT, after health care is no longer an issue, we might see a truer Obama...and thereby ascertain his true direction in various areas.

Top-level Israelites are in the USA this week:

"Israel's Ambassador to the United States [yesterday] told American Jewish groups that they must press for sanctions on Iran, and condemned the findings of a United Nations commission on the Gaza conflict between Israel and Hamas, which he said helped to 'cast widespread doubts about Israel's legitimacy.'

...'we are hard pressed to find Palestinian leaders who say the same thing about us, that there is the Jewish people who have a historical right, an inalienable right to a state in the homeland.'"

He's referring to the "holy covenant" of Daniel 11 that the last "king of the north" will violate. Along those Biblical lines:

"[Israeli] Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said...'to a certain degree anti-Semitic to say that what is permitted for the US in Afghanistan, for Russia in Chechnya and also for Turkey in northern Iraq is forbidden for Israel in defending itself from Gaza'.

'We will not co-operate with this,' Mr Steinitz said. 'Jews will not again be led like lambs to slaughter.'

Lambs to the slaughter??? That's a Biblical concept, and it refers to the Jewish Messiah, Who promises the great tribulation of Israel -- i.e. the slaughter of Israelis -- prior to restoring the Remnant of Jews. But woe to the nations that bring on and gloat over that slaughter. The article adds that, on account of Russia's role in the UN's Gaza smear, the deputy of Israel's foreign secretary "Danny Ayalon cast doubt on a Russian initiative to host a Middle East conference." In other words, Israel is kicking up her heels even against Russia, threatening to be non-present at the global peace initiative that Russia has promised for this year.

If you're interested in a Kurdish view of the Turkey-Iran partnership of late, see

November 10

The Afghan president is now spilling the beans to the world:

"Afghanistan's president has come out fighting against calls by the US to crack down on corruption, arguing that his government is not solely to blame and saying that the West is in his country only for its own ends.

Hamid Karzai made the comments in a US television interview [yesterday]..."

Such a statement comes as evidence of a major rift between Karzai and Obama. It tends to signal the failure of the US mission there, though there might be a means to salvage it if Obama can change his attitude to Karzai acceptably. That's what we should see...unless Obama decides to pull out.

Karzai asks in the article what the Globamists mean by "corruption" in the highest levels of his government. But we can now ask what Karzai means by "only for its own interests." Does he mean that NATO is not in Afghanistan to fight for Afghanistan, but merely to fight against the Taliban's support for al-Qaeda, or does he mean that the Americans are there for yet another reason?

Netanyahu and Obama met for almost two hours on a surprise visit, but there was a media blackout as all press programs were canceled. We can assume that Netanyahu spoke to Obama about a military strike on Iran, but there is news out today that Obama is asking him for more time for Iran to agree to Western deals on the uranium issue. Israel Today says:

"Speculation was rife in Israel that the unusual secrecy surrounding the meeting could either mean that Obama tried to strong-arm the Israelis to surrender to Palestinian demands and was firmly repulsed, or that the meeting focused on an impending Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities."

Perhaps the blackout purpose is to keep Iran guessing, and/or to send a chill up its spine, but I think the meeting's topic was the Francop. Netanyahu wanted to talk about it. There's likely more about that ship's cargo than Israel has released to the public. There could be evidence that Russia and/or Syria are supporting the Iran-axis war. Today we find this shared with the Israeli public:

"Hezbollah guerrillas now possess tens of thousands of rockets, some capable of reaching up to 300 kilometers within Israel, Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi said [today].

These capabilities would put Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, as well cities much further south, into rocket range.

...'"While it is calm at the moment, the borders are quiet in the north and the south, it is a misleading calm,' he added. 'Beyond the fences the terror groups are gaining strength.'"

Assad of Syria is speaking as-usual again on the topic of Israel: "Syrian President Bashar Assad [yesterday] warned that if Israel does not negotiate away the Golan Heights, his nation may turn to more violent methods of reclaiming the territory it once controlled."

This statement, coming in the midst of another statement in which he made Israel sound like a friend of Turkey, and even his own friend, may be due to the possibility that the West now knows that Syria was behind the Francop shipment; i.e. Assad is trying to justify it's being a part of the shipment's plot (without admitting it outright) because Israel won't give back the Golan Heights.

The Hezbollah plot must be to arm sufficient to destroy Israel enough to take over the reigns of that land's power structures. What is Israel to do? Any other nation would be justified at this point for attacking Hezbollah before it is finished arming in full, but the Goldstones of the World are denying Israel that right. The time appears to be coming when Hezbollah will attack and succeed, for God's Plan against Israel cannot be overcome. But woe to the Muslims who tread on the land of God, desecrate it, and torment the Israelites.

From WND:

"A former U.S. diplomat slated to become the No. 2 Iran official at the State Department serves on the board of a controversial Iran council that has argued against imposing sanctions on Tehran and has received funding from groups tied to billionaire George Soros.

John Limbert, a former ambassador to Mauritania, reportedly was appointed to serve as deputy assistant secretary for Iran in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs. State Department sources were quoted by Politico saying Limbert would play an active role in negotiations with Iran, working with Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns.

But Ed Lasky, writing at American Thinker, points out that Limbert also serves on the National Iranian American Council's advisory board."

The point is that the Globamists seem to oppose any punishment on Iran for the sake of making globalist-dedicated inroads to the Muslim world, and that this may be the open door for the destruction of Israel by the will of the God of Israel. There is no Allah to save the Muslims that trample Israel.


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