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November 20 - 25, 2009

The New Country of Europe

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November 20

The EU president is...Herman Van Rompuy. Who? And the EU foreign minister is Britain's Cathy Ashton. Who?

"...Van Rompuy, a Flemish Christian Democrat who had been Belgium's prime minister for less than a year...

...Britain proved to be the biggest sticking point because Brown's insistence on [Tony] Blair for the presidential post upset the political pact struck by Europe's dominant Christian and Social Democrats to split the jobs between them.

That meant Blair could not be president because the job had to go to a Christian Democrat."

Cathy Ashton has for a short while been the EU's trade commissioner. "She was picked for the role after long-time friend and ally Gordon Brown persuaded other EU leaders to throw their weight behind her." She could be, therefore, in Brown's British club...which I suspect is a Rhodes club. Like other Illuminati suspects, her high post "caps a remarkable recent rise up the political ladder."

Another BBC article touches on her qualifications or lack thereof:

"...'Their 27 elected heads of state have had a say and they all decided on me,' she said.

She rejected criticism the appointments had been decided in secret saying: 'We should never take away those opportunities for heads of state to talk frankly to one another'."

Europe is now a single "country," if you like. It will now be the super-power of the world, wherefore it is important to know who the powers are that are behind the visible "elected" people. Since Obama has been close to prime minister Brown, we can expect that Obama will be close to Ashton as well.

I theorized that Obama's Dunham>Randolph bloodline traces back to European Ishmaelites (= Arab-based Hebrews) and Arphaxadites (Rus-based Hebrews), and in the meandering of thoughts I had wondered whether some Ash-using surnames (e.g. Ashmole) were in honor of Ishmaelites. I ended up tracing Ishmaelites to the Polish-Bohemian-Moravian Sobieskis/Leslies.

I mentioned the Ashton surname in the fourth update of August, 2009, where I was writing on the Dover branch of Sobieskis as they were joined to cinquefoil-based Bedfordites. Before I share a longish quote from that update, I want to say that Cathy Ashton attended Bedford College, and that her husband appears to be an Ishmaelite for a reason to be shared below. I should highlight here what I say in the quote: that the Ashton Coat reflects the cinquefoil-using Dover Coat. For some readers, the following may be strange, but for those who were following the discussions, this may ring a bell:

On April 10, I wrote on the Dober surname, linking it to the Lutons et al of Liecester/Ligurian associations and their cinquefoil symbol in the Cinque Port region of southern England:
[From April 10]"...I now know some of these Bedfordites moved to Dover (Kent) and took on the Dover surname, and I know that "Dover" is rooted in "dofre," an old word for "potter"... as per the German Dopfner surname deriving from "toepfer" = potter (Potter Coat uses cinquefoils in reversed colors to Dover).

Armed with this information, the Dober surname (Austrian) was checked, and sure enough, there were Taupfer and Teupfer variations. I then found that this Austrian Dober/Tober Coat had virtually the same design as in the German Doberman Coat [both use the Leslie griffin]..."

I can now [still in August update] add that "Dover" may be a Sobieski branch. The Dover Coat uses a bugle in the colors of the Pollocks, giving more reason for a Pollock link to the Dobies, but in such a case the Dovers look like a Dobie/Doby branch [which I think was a Sobie/Sobieski variation]...

After seeing possible Sobie links...I fell upon the German Sobbe/Sober/Zobisch Coat, saying:

"...the Slavic personal name Sobieslaw, which is represented in German as Sobisch or Zobisch...The name dates back to the 12th century when the name Sobisch was a Slavic ducal name in Bohemia."

I then knew I had the Sobieski branch in Germany!..

As we can see that the German Sobbe/Sober Coat uses three white oak leaves on red, it's just got to be a branch of the Irish Tobin/Torbin surname, using three white oak leaves on blue. But one would never know it by reading the Tobin write-up. The write-up does give hint that Tobins were Leslies: "First found in Devonshire, where they were seated at the manor of Ashton known as 'Place Barton...'"

Another Ash. The Ashton/Ascheton Coat is a single large black star on white, evocative of the Dover Coat, but the point is the Barton term, for last night I made a major discovery on the German Bart surname. It's a shield-on-shield [a Polish design used by Sobieskis and Leslies], and in the colors of the shield-on-shield German Bratt Coat!!! It's not much a surprise that Bratts and Barts were the same family, but what this tends to do is support all the more the trace of proto-Bruce Pratts to the [Polish] Janina. Both the Pratts and Scottish Bards use red and gold, and the Bard Crest uses the green Leslie griffin.

Okay, I'm back to today. The above needs digestion with so many other things I said that cannot possibly be repeated here. Suffice it to show a shocking thing. Some of you may recall that I traced the proposed Ishmaelites of Ayershire to the Shaw/Sheaves surname, a name derived from/into "Sheaves/Shaves/Chaves/Chavez" and "Chiava." As the latter means "key," we are not surprised to find that both the Italian Shaves/Chaves Coat and Spanish Chaves Coat use keys. The point is, they are blue keys on gold while the Kellner Coat uses the same key, a single one, gold on blue!! Why is this important? Cathy Ashton's husband is Peter Kellner!!!

Compare "Kellner" to "Cluny," for in the third update of September, I added to the trace of key symbol to Cluny, France:

"The evidence for a Pollock[-surname] link to the Piast dynasty [of Poland, which included the Sobieskis] is overwhelming when these things [above] and more are placed side-by-side.

Paisley Abbey [i.e. thinking that "Piast" and "Paisley are related terms] was founded by Benedictines of Burgundy...It is extremely interesting that Paisely was founded by Benedictines of the Cluny locality that uses gold keys on blue for a symbol (see link), for I traced the Shaw surname both to Ayrshire (near Paisely) and the Italian and Spanish Chaves surname...using blue keys on gold. You may have read not too long ago where I tended to trace (independently) both the Shaws and the Piast dynasty to Ishmaelites.

[Update: I kid you not, it was after writing this update to many paragraphs below wherein the Davis surname enters large, that I checked for a Cluney surname and got one. It was first found in Perthshire...where the Shaws were first found!!!..."

Amazing, that what I had written on in recent months seems to be at a head in the New Europe. For new readers, I mentioned the Davis surname extensively because I believe that Obama's true father was Frank Marshall Davis. I concluded that the Davis surname was linked closely to the DaVinci sector of the Magdalene cult, linking back to king David I of Scotland, the one king who lifted the Stewarts (= the core of the Magdalene cult) to royal prominence in the first place.

November 21

It's no surprise that "political scientists" (i.e. scientists involved in political movements) are as untruthful as humanists. The latter suppress Christian writings, mock Christian leaders, and to the contrary they honor and uplift their own. That's what global warming "political scientists" are doing, and though everyone knows it, the evidence has been now been snagged big time; see

Yesterday, I had twice refused to enter the Ashton surname as a possible Ishmaelite bloodline, lest I be taken for a nut. But the third time I ventured in. It wasn't until telling all that I did on the surname that I checked the design of the Kellner Coat. It was amazing to find the Shaw symbol, because, while writing (as a nut) over the past several months, I tied Ishmaelites to the Shaw surname as a priority.

Therefore, last night, I looked deeper into the Ashton surname, and I found more evidence leading back to the Piast/Kolodziej dynasty of Poland. I had almost missed it, but, fortunately, I had somehow found my way back to the fourth update of August (from which I quoted yesterday), and found the below on August 20, where we see the Ashton symbol, a black star on white, as the Kelt symbol. Those who had been reading the past several months know that I tied the Kelt/Celt/Colt surname to the Coulter surname, and then back to "Kolodziej," for more reasons than similarity of terms:

...After looking at the Gold Coats, I entered "Celt" to find the Colt/Cult surname, also first found in Perthshire. It's obviously a branch of the Scottish Kelt surname above, which by the way uses black stars on white, the Kyle colors. It's beginning to look as though Kyles were from Piast Kolodziej "the wheelwright," who is considered founder of the Piast dynasty...

...There is yet more evidence. First, see again the blue keys of the Italian Chaves/Sheaves Coat, a surname found in the English Shaw clan. BUT, the English Shaw Coat uses diamonds (black on white), the symbol seen in the stockings of Siemowit, son of Piast the Wheelwright!!

That was shocking, for minutes before reading over that material, I had found black diamonds on white in the Aston (no "h") Coat!!! It couldn't be coincidental. I then found that entering "Eston" brings up the Ashton Coat. Thus, the Ashtons and Astons were one and the same family, along with the Kelts/Celts of Perthshire (where Shaws originated), all from the Kolodziej bloodline...explaining, at least in part, why I was led to that Polish dynasty over the past months, but also showing that I'm not a nut after all.

The Astons were "first found in the counties of Cheshire and Lancaster," while the Ashtons were first found in Lancaster, thus tending to reveal that they originated in Cheshire, where the Masci surname ruled, which surname I traced to king Mieszko of the Kolodziej line. By the way, I had done two things over the past months: 1) tied black-on-white Kyles to Shaws, and, 2) tied Kyles to Kolodziej independent of the Shaw tie to the same.

Other surnames that I have recorded using the black star on white are Robert (a Norman surname), Jeffrey, Bacon. The peculiar Ruth-Randolph surname of Moray may also apply.

The Bacon surname is large because Javier Solana, the EU foreign minister up until Cathy Ashton took the job, was likely a follower of Francis Bacon, a Rosicrucian leader in the royal British courts (a few centuries ago), for Solana's mother wrote a 600-page-plus book on Bacon. To now find that both Bacons and Ashtons use the black star on white speaks too loudly to be coincidental. It tells that Rosicrucians rule fat Europa.

In yesterday's update, I left out some of the quote I shared from the fourth update in August (from August 21 to be exact). I'll share below in colored text what I left out:

"After seeing possible Sobie links to the Duke/Dook and Dog/Doag surnames (remember, Dowells were also "Dougals), I fell upon the German Sobbe/Sober/Zobisch Coat..."

I left it out because it didn't seem too relevant at the time, but now I find it to be very much the Bacon topic, for the Dog/Doak Coat used white cinquefoils on red, the symbol of the French Bacon Coat! PLUS, the Doaks were first found in Perthshire!!

You don't believe the report that Ashtons were named after an ash tree, do you? Look at the German Ash/Asch/Aschen Coat, smacking of "Ashkenaz." It's the white triple chevron on red, similar to the symbol that was proposed (see actual Thomson sketch) to be on the breast of the eagle in the cultic Great Seal of the United States. The point is, the Asch motto is: "Virtute Duce." Those who had read these past months know as certainty that heraldry mottos are often clues/codes to bloodline relations, wherefore the "Duce" is code for the Doaks and/or Dukes.

Thus the Ashton surname could trace to Ashkenaz "Jews." I cannot claim that scythian tribes of Ashkenaz, son of Gomer, became linked to Ishmaelite Hebrews, but the possibility exists because dragon-line Hebrews did in fact merge with scythians, especially the Rus/Hros. I am not tracing the Ashton surname to "Ishmael," though it appears that Ishmaelites were involved with the family (if I'm correct in identifying the Shaw bloodline as Ishmaelites). I am very confident that Ishmaelites came to live among the Arphaxadites (Arphaxad was a grandfather of Eber, founder of the Hebrews), and that the latter became the Rus of Rhodes, the base of the Rosicrucians, and of the Moray vikings.

I had traced Moray to Moravia, namely to the same Polish bloodline mentioned above...that came from Moravian Khazars of the Hebrew kind. BUT, I had also traced the Flemings to the same Moravian Khazars. Khazar Hebrews were called "red Jews" in ancient times because their skin was darker than European Jews, and Flemings used red and white colors. The bigger point is that Van Rompuy, the new president of the EU, to work alongside Cathy Ashton, is a Fleming!! Flemings were the guts of the Templar movement:

"As a Fleming, I think it would be entirely right and just if a Fleming were to lead a long chain of future presidents of a glorious European Union. If George Washington's example is anything to go by, 'Van Rompuy' may once outdo 'Waterloo' as the best-known Flemish name."

I am reading up on Rompuy. I find no Coat for his surname. One article says that he is sold out to eradicating European nationalism and installing European globalism. I also read that he has a Catholic background, and attended a Jesuit school. As a politician, he is a product of the Belgian central bank.

I have theorized that the three frogs of Revelation 16, which support the anti-Christ at Armageddon (against the Kings of the East) will be from Belgian-Dutch domains. I believe that Franks were called "frogs" because they derived from Phrygians, and in fact I was able to trace Parisans to Parion Gorgons of Myso-Phrygia. I know that the Dutch are from the Franks, and that Rompuy is a Dutch Belgian. Perhaps the three frogs are France, Holland, and Belgium. The main reason that I traced the three frogs to the Belgian domain is that the EU capital is in Belgium. That capital, Brussels, was traced (by me) to the Bruces, who were themselves from the Eburovices/Ebroicum of Evreux, the co-founders of York along with the Parisii Celts(of Paris, yes the Gorgon Parisans above).

The Bruces go back to Aprutium=Aphrodite, who was also mythical Cabeiro and Kypris, from the Chabur/Habur river, tributary of the Euphrates. This was the Hebrew side of "Mystery Babylon, Mother of Harlots." The key-symbolized Chaves/Shaves/Shaws were first found in Abruzzo (Italy), in fact, where Aprutium (now Teramo) was once its the capital.

I believe that "Europa" ("opa" is a Greek suffix) was "Evr" to the Romans, and therefore "Ebr." When the Zeus/Taurus cult of Tyre/Tyrus kidnapped Europa and brought her to Crete on his back, it was bringing Hebrews to Crete in an alliance. I believe those Tyrians-come-Cretans (i.e. the Curetes) became the Cruithen/Pretani/Brits of an old Atlantean kingdom. I had also traced "Aprutium" to Bruttium (southern Italy) and therefore to the proto-Brits. In other words, Aphrodite rules Europe today. She was paired in myth with Ares and Eros, myth codes for the Hros-come-Rus peoples, part Hebrew therefore, and the guts of Rosicrucianism.

All my work in these topics was not in vain, for it reveals the mysteries of end-time prophecy. There is no doubt in my mind that the harlot on Gog's back in Revelation 17 is God's code for the Zeus Taurus taking Ebropa to Crete and beyond to the foundings of Europeans proper. The history of Westernism is in the Zeus cults, with countless branches, all controlled to various degrees by a real and insane Satan. I caught sight of an idea, that European Westernism would be rooted in ancient Gog, thus explaining the Gog-Europa alliance of Revelation 17. Two Gogi peoples allied together in the last days, one destroying the other. Selah. Good riddance. Life on earth will be much better without these despotic, money-grubbing lice.

Count all your jewels and precious rocks, Cult, but in the end the poor of the Lord will inherit it all.

Assuming that the three frogs are leaders of the Brussels group of EU supporters, we can understand how the Biblical Gog -- the anti-Christ -- will come to rule Europe. He will be accepted by the Belgic frogs, you see, because they too trace back to a Gogi bloodline. In fact, "frog" in Dutch is "kikker." Hmm. The Gogites trace back to Gogarene/Gugar of ancient Georgia. In Revelation 17, the harlot is dressed in "kokkino," which is Greek for "purple." Interesting.

In this picture, I can't see a Russian leader at the helm of the EU. Anything is possible, and I've learned to take Scripture at face value even if it doesn't fit the world frame, but a European Gog makes far more sense than, for example, Putin's right-hand man in charge of the EU. Perhaps a Polish/Moravian/Bohemian Gog??? I'm on the edge of my seat, watching whom the West places in charge of northern Iraq's insecurity situation.

See Russia's Gorbachev considers political comeback as a possible Gog scenario that includes a Westernized Russian from the Gorby camp.

November 22

FE reminded me that, no sooner did I say I was going off the bloodline topic, that I was right back to it. Yes, but only because the past work, that several of us contributed to, appears to be reflecting European leaders as they pop up. The past work now looks as though it was meant for exposing the backgrounds of Europe's leadership. I am becoming very confident of that already.

Rompuy's wife is of the Windels surname, possibly a Wend, Windsor, and/or Wettin branch. The first clue that it's an Alan-Stewart of Dol bloodline is that the first-recorded Windel was Alan de Windhull of a Windle locality. It's hard to know which of those two terms came first. Near the end of this exercise, as you shall see shortly, I was flattened by solid evidence that the Rompuy surname is itself from the Alan-Stewarts. I concentrated first on the Windels surname before coming back to the Rompuy.

The Windels Coat is a green cross on white, with footless martins. This Anglo-Saxon surname was first found in Lancashire, which is where the (Anglo-Saxon) Ashtons were first found, possibly not coincidentally. Later, I found good reasons for a connection, as you will see.

It's possible to make a Windel connection to Wends because the latter were also called Vandals. The Wend surname (known to derive from Wendland) is Saxon too, and it uses red and white, the colors of the (Norman) Bacons, which is pointed out, not only because Bacons and Wends were both first found in Suffolk, but because I suspect Bacon-Ashton involvement.

The German Wend Coat uses what could be a wavy variation of the Arms of Jacques de Molay (a prominent Templar leader). Note that De Molay, at the Wikipedia article, is given a black cross on white as symbol, the colors of Bacon and Ashton et al mentioned yesterday. The last time that I mentioned "de Molay," I asked whether it was part of the "Ashmole" family (the latter is rather significant in Freemasonry).

There is a German Vandal/Wendell surname (of Swabia) using a war club as symbol...appropriately (i.e. suggesting linkage to the Vandals from which, I think, we get the term, vandal). The colors (red and gold) are those of the Windsor Coat, the Wettin Coat (I've read that Windsors derived from Wettins), and of the Wettle Coat. Hmm, could "Wettle" be a Wendel variation?

The Windsors descend from Lombards, who were mythically the "Vinili" cousins of the Vandals. The Windsor Crest is the very same stag design as in the Windel Crest, wherefore I think it's a match. That is, Rompuy essentially married a Windsor. The Wettles use red and gold Cohen-like checks, used also by the Irish Flemings! [Wait till you see these red and gold checks again, from which surname I did not know about until the end of this exercise]. Remember, Rompuy is Flemish so that it wouldn't be surprising for his Windels wife to have some Flemish links.

Both the English Wettin Coat and the Wettle Coat use the Sobieski and Leslie symbol (!), supporting the Ashton trace, of the past two days, to the Polish royals.

The Wettle Crest is the Bradd-Coat lion, which lion is found in the Quid Crest. I mention "Quid" because the term is found in the Ashton motto: "Quid non resoluto." This convinces me that the Ashton surname is linked to these bloodlines. In fact, after writing much of the below, I tried the Ashby surname to find the Bradd lion in the crest. I've traced the Bradds to PodeBrady of Bohemia.

Not likely a coincidence, since the Bradds and Pratts were likely branches of one another, the Quid Coat uses the same wolf-head design used in the English Pratt Crest. Two Pratt Coats, the English and Irish ones, use footless martins, the Windel symbol, a symbol that was previously traced to the Mieszko bloodline (= Polish royals previous to the Sobieskis) in Maxton (Roxburghshire). Along with the footless martins, both Pratt Coats use hollow diamonds, officially called "mascles"...that I was able to trace to the Mieszko>Meschin bloodline. The Irish Pratts use white mascles on black, colors reversed from the Aston-Coat diamonds that were mentioned yesterday as linking to king Siemowit of the Piast dynasty (Mieszko was of the Piast dynasty).

The German Flemings use a wolf, as do others in this story, but let me say, in setting up what's to come on Rompuy below, that mythical Romulus and Remus, twins that were fed by a mythical wolf, were the "founders" of Rome.

There can be no doubt that the white-on-blue Bradds, first in Edinburgh (of MidLothian), were related to the white-on-blue Wettles of Midlothian, for the latter use the Bradd lion in their Crest. The Wettles are said to derive from the "Stewart"-like location of Stow, near Edinburgh, which led to entering the Stob surname because I know the Stewarts were also Stubbs and Stubings. The Stob Coat uses purple lions (!), the symbol of the Irish Leslies as per their Lacy surname. The Stubb Coat uses the Sobieski and Leslie symbol in a horseshoe-like shape.

Aside from the Irish Lacy clan, there was an Irish Leslie/Lasty surname (uses the Scottish-Leslie Shield), and this is where it gets interesting. One of the first surnames I had looked at days ago upon learning of the new permanent EU president was the Rump/Romp surname. It uses two brown=gold lions on white=silver, breaking the rules of heraldry and therefore going back to times previous to the making of the no-metal-on-metal rule. The point is, I did not know what family the Rump lions belonged to...until I wrote all the above and came to the Irish Leslie Coat: a gold lion on white shield! It's not conclusive proof in itself of a link, but it's a start.

For those who don't know, or can't recall, why the Wends are important in the dragon cult: it's because the Wends were a branch of Veneti, who were in turn from the Eneti/Heneti Phrygians/Paphlagonians. These were symbolized by Venus, a goddess that was Aphrodite in Greece, though the latter was given Paphos (on Cyprus) as her birthplace. The Venus Coat appears to use the same brown=gold stag (on gold shield, even) seen in the English-Stewart Crest, and this same brown color, not used very extensively in heraldry, relatively speaking, is that of the Pollock boar too. Admittedly, I can't verify that the Venus surname goes back to the goddess of the same name, or to the Veneti.

Since last writing on these topics, I got a new theory on the origin of "Saxon." Most think it derives from the Saka Scythians, but what about a D-version, as for example, "Dagon." Mieszko I was called "Dagan." The Amorite god Dagon, when in Philistine country, was paired with Ashkelon, a place I traced forward to the Euskals=Basques. Might "Ashton/Aston" derive from Askalon/Ashkelon? Or nearby Ashdod?

Zowie, out of desperation, I just tried for a Rumpel surname...and got one using white cinquefoils on red, the symbol of the Doaks and Bacons (!!) mentioned yesterday. The English Bacons use the Ashton black star on white so that now, with more certainty, the Rompuy surname links to the Ashtons. Note that the Bacon boar is spotted as is the Rumpel lion!! And, remember, Javier Solana, the current foreign affairs minister of the EU (to be replaced by Cathy Ashton), is of the Francis-Bacon cult of Rosicrucians.

Zikers, the Rumpel motto uses "laus," a code (as "Laus Deo") atop the Washington monument.

The Rumpel Coat uses a red square in the top-left corner. Behold what I wrote in the fourth update of September, when I traced the Magdalene cult to the Merry surname:

Taking a look at the Preston Coat, bingo! It too (as does the Merry/Mary Coat) uses a red square in the Shield's top-left corner. I knew I had seen this elsewhere, and later I found it in the Irish Cohen Coat.

Go ahead and look at the Merry Coat: a spotted lion (!) in the Crest and "presto" in the motto. The spotted lion is exactly the design of the Rumpel spotted lion!!

Therefore, the new EU president looks like a Magdalene cultist i.e. from the red-lion-on-white Dallens/Dalaneys.

Rumpel variations shown have no 'p', and include: Rumbold, Rumbald, Rumble, Rumball, Rumbow. They were first found in Hampshire, to which I had traced the cinquefoil symbol (i.e. explaining why Rumpels/Rumbolds use cinquefoils). I had also traced Atrebates Celts of Hampshire back to mythical Atreus, son of mythical Pelops, ruler of Eneti/Heneti! The father of Atreus was MeneLAUS, which myth code I identified as the city of Laas on the Mani peninsula of Sparta. I traced this Laas location to the above-mentioned Laus of southern Italy, and to the Lys symbol of the Merovingian Franks...but also to the Leslies of Lusatia/Lausitz (Poland's border region).

You may think that I'm jumping too fast to tie the Rumpel/Rombold surname to van Rompuy. But look: the Rumpel/Rumbold motto is, "Virtutis laus actio," while the Ash/Asch surname of Germany uses, "Virtute Duce." Yesterday, I traced the Duce code to the Doaks, and now I find that the Rumpel surname uses the Doak white cinquefoils on white while both the Rumpel and Ash surnames use "virtute" as code. I think we have the leading Rosicrucians of the EU by the snake's tail. Surely, the Illuminatists behind Rompuy and Ashton are from these same bloodlines.

After looking into Rumpelstiltskin, I thought to check the Stills and Skin surnames; the Skin/Skene Coat uses the same wolf heads as is usual in these discussions, wolf heads used also by Obama bloodlines leading back to king David I of Scotland. The Skene surname was first found in Aberdeenshire, where Leslies were first found, BUT the write-up is impressive: "Legend has it that the first bearer of the name was second son of Struan Robertson, who saved king Malcolm II (circa 1014) by slaying a wolf with his 'sgian,' or 'skene,' which meant 'a dagger.'" Never mind whether the legend is true, the point is the nearness of the Skin family to Malcolm II, for David I was the son of Malcolm III!!

The Skin/Skene motto: "Virtutis regio merces." Is it therefore NOT a coincidence that the Rumpel/Rumbold motto uses "Virtutis," by which I mean to declare that "Rumpelstiltskin" was code for the Rumpel/Rumbold bloodline as it was merged with the Skenes.

These finding things were beyond my imagination when I first heard that Rompuy and Ashton were chosen together to lead Europa. Praise God, these things can't be from my wisdom, but are revelations from Him over long periods and using several readers in unison.

FE emailed me an alternative Solana Coat (which email I opened only today), using a gold sun on blue, the same as the "Jewish" Cohen Coat. This alternative Solana Coat uses eight serpent heads (which you can see better if you place your cursor over the design). The houseofnames design for the Solana surname has eight wolf heads (see verification).

Armed with the Rumbold surname, I tried "Rumb" just now to find it registered under a Rome/Room clan of Scotland (Dumfriesshire)...using what is likely the red Allen band...because the Rome/Room Coat also uses a red lion on white (!), the symbol of the English Stewart from Dol. For new readers, the red-lion-on-white Dallens were traced by me to "D'Allen/D'Alan," a surname derived from the Alans that were the proto-Stewarts of Dol.

Then, after not finding a Romble surname, BINGO, I tried for a Ramble surname to find it registered with the Raimbaud clan (using many variations), wherein we read:

"First found in Brittany...where the family has been a prominent family for centuries, and were seated with lands and manor. The family were well established in the region of Dol..."

Astounding! I couldn't have asked for better evidence of a Rompuy trace to the Alan Stewarts!! This is the Snake; the Stewarts constitute the devil's bloodline in end-time Rome. The devil rules Europa, from Brussels...not at all meaning, necessarily, that van Rompuy, or all Stewart members/branches, are of the devil.

This is Satan's destiny told in prophecy. He is the end-time prince of Rome (Daniel 7 and 9), while the harlot of Revelation 17 was ancient Rome but is also the end-time European empire. Therefore, a connection of EU-Brussels to Romans is not surprising.

In the write-up, the Raimbaud surname is said to derive from the location of "Rames." When I had just-previously entered "Rom," the Ram/Rames surname popped up, and this family had a castle at Rames, France. Both the English Roms/Rams and Raimbauds were first found in Essex, thus confirming the match. The Rom/Rames surname uses "Quad" in the motto, which is conspicuous because "Quade" is a variation of the Quid surname (in case you've forgotten due to the complexity of all this, "quid" was used in the Ashton motto, thus making once again an Ashton-Rompuy link).

Confused by these sudden finds, and wanting to know how the variations could link to Romans, I noted (happily) that a variation of the Raimbaud surname is "Reimbaud." I was keeping in mind that Reims, where Merovingians ruled, has been traced by some to Romans. In fact, "Reim" smacks of Remus, killed by his twin, Romulus (the myth intends to credit Romulus alone for the founding of Rome). In myth, a killing of a god means that the peoples represented by the god are defeated in battle, and often they move elsewhere as a result; if they don't move elsewhere, they can be resurrected after being killed. Might the Remus-branch Romans, therefore, have re-settled at Reims? Makes sense.

For new readers, the Magdalene cult of France was based in Merovingians as they merged with the Vaux Goths in Septimania.

Going further into these finds, I naturally entered the Rames surname to find two other Coats, one a shield filled with red and gold checks, the Vaux symbol!!!!! Variations of this surname are: Raimes, Rames, Reams, Ramis, Raimis, Reymes, Rheims. THERE YOU HAVE IT: Reims (!!), which to the Franks is "Rheims." The city has the Mars Gate, conspicuous because Romulus married into the Mars bloodline. I identified the Roman wolf as the Hirpini peoples at Avellino, and these I suspected to be Arphaxadites (at least in-part), especially since Mars was Ares (I link Arphaxadites to Ares).

Entering "Remi" (a big name in Reims) gets a sun on green shield, which perhaps links to Solana's sun. There is a Dutch Rames surname (Fleming colors) to which Rompuy may link.

In any case, I was dumbfounded after feeling that I'd never find a Rompuy branch. One of the first thoughts to cross my mind, as it might have crossed yours, was that "Rompuy" was from "Rome," but at the time I had no evidence. Perhaps "puy" has a special meaning all to itself. CC wrote in to say that the Dutch "van" in front of surnames means "from," wherefore "van Rompuy" suggests the existence of a Rompuy location. The Rom/Ram surname looks like a potential link; the write-up tells that the family was from Le Havre in northern France i.e. near Belgium. Le Havre (Normandy) uses a dragon as symbol, and although it is said to mean "port," Havre looks like an Abreu term (= the surname representing Abruzzo and the Eburovices Celts at Evreux).

The Russia-concerned media, Interfax, has this headline: Javier Solana: I am not yet ready for retirement. He says:

"The incoming [High Representative] will also have the support of an External Action Service that we are now putting in place and that will be among the biggest diplomatic services in the world. With this new setup, I am confident that the EU will be a in a better position to work with its partners on the international scene, for a more stable, more prosperous and safer world."

They are not happy to run a wide-bellied Europe with 27-member states, even though it alone is a daunting and possibly impossible task; they want to concern themselves with the world. On Russia, he said: "Whether this [change in leadership] will lead to fresh momentum in EU-Russia relations will depend on the political will on both sides to move our relations forward. Let me in any case thank Russia for its very positive attitude towards the Lisbon Treaty from the very beginning." The article ends by his promise to remain active in EU affairs.

From the Washington Post:

"The Sunni insurgent group al-Qaeda in Iraq has rebounded in strength in recent months and appears to be launching a concerted effort to cripple the Iraqi government as U.S. troops withdraw, Iraqi and American officials say.

...Al-Qaeda in Iraq came to control large parts of the country between 2005 and 2008. The group is the largest within the Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella organization that seeks to turn Iraq into an Islamic republic run by Sunnis."

I'm mentioning this because prophecy is still on schedule. The Sunni terrorists do not have the power to topple Iraq, but the fact that they are poised to try is meaningful, for Daniel 11:23-24 says that they will succeed when the "king of the north" joins them. It is possible that he has already joined them.

November 23

As evidence that the Lisbon treaty had globalism at it's heart, and as evidence that this globalism is far behind schedule, there is the headline today: "New EU President Rompuy announces 2009 as 'first year of global governance'." As some verification for the claim that the upcoming Copenhagen meet is a global-government effort disguised as a climate-warming initiative, Rompuy says: "The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet." Certifying a couple more things, including the raising of world taxes to pay for this globalism push, there is this:

"Rompuy attended a Bilderberg dinner at Hertoginnendal, Brussels on November 15th, during which he announced a plan to implement EU wide taxes that will be paid directly to Brussels. Recently Mario Borghezio (Italy), member of the European Parliament, spoke openly against the influence of globalist organizations...'Is it possible that no one has noticed that all 3 (EU Presidential candidates) frequently attend Bilderberg or Trilateral meetings?,' asked Borghezio. Rompuy will undoubtedly serve globalist interests during his reign of the European Union."

The article comes from a group which follows Bilderberg activities, but which may introduce ideas that are part fancy part real in its ire for combating globalism, but I have no problem believing that Rompuy attended a Bilderberg meeting a few days ago. The meeting may have chosen for the world who the EU leaders should be. Another Prison-Planet article (topic = Club of Rome de-population program) says that "His Royal Highness Prince Philip of Belgium [if from the] Saxe-Coburg-Gotha" bloodline, the same as the Windsor-based royals of Britain. (I am not very familiar with, but it appears tpo be an Alex Jones site).

If you missed the updates on the weekend, which concerned Rompuy's ties to the House of Windsor, and for other reasons that justify my previous detours into Magdalene-related bloodline topics, you should take the time to read the past two, even three, updates.

NATO has been visiting Israel recently, for what sort of talks I do not know.

There is another Rome surname in the news, and right down the Rhodes alley:

"Memphis, Tenn. , 20 November 2009 -- Wednesday night, November 18, in a speech to Rhodes College, Qubad Talabani, the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq (KRG) Representative to the United States, delivered a lecture entitled 'Iraq: As US forces stand down, who is standing up.'...

Mr Talabani, who was invited to Rhodes College by David Romano, Assistant Professor of the Department of International Studies, also addressed the pro-business environment that is taking hold in the Kurdistan Region."

The Rhodians: all about business, and global control for steering businesses their way. Just imagine a mouth wide open at the upper end of a bottomless stomach.

There is still no remedy for the failed election law in Iraq, but there is word that tomorrow could find a solution. Meanwhile, there's the headline: "Iraqi prime minister ramps up attacks on Baathists before vote":

"A stepped-up campaign by Iraq's prime minister against Saddam Hussein loyalists is alienating Sunni Muslims and stoking tensions ahead of national elections.

In its latest anti-Baathist attack, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's Shiite-dominated government put three men on state television [yesterday] to confess their alleged roles in planning suicide attacks in Baghdad last month.

The three, all in detention and dressed in orange prison jumpsuits, said the bombings were ordered by Hussein's Baath Party.

...Al-Maliki and his fellow Shiite politicians have repeatedly warned in recent weeks against what they contend is a plot by members of the Baath Party to return to power, with what some suggest is the help of Sunni-ruled Arab nations.

He has vowed to do everything in his power to stop Baath Party loyalists from running in the upcoming parliamentary election."

The direction is right; the velocity is a crawl.

And now, just what you have been waiting for: more on Rumpelstiltskin. The tale was a German creation, and noting that the German version is, "Rumpelstilzchen," I thought to check the "Schene" surname (since yesterday I found the Skin/Skene surname important to the Rumpel surname). "Scene" brought up another Scottish surname (i.e. like "Skene"), and it too (like "Skene"), was first found in Aberdeen, suggesting a match. However, the variations shown are "Shand, Chand, Schand, Chandai, Shandscross, Shawnd and many more." "Schene" is in the databank, however. The symbol is a boar's head.

Just as the Skenes and Rumpels use "Virtutis" in their motto, the Schenes/Shands use what looks like, "Virtute." We may therefore have another clue, in the Shand/Chand surname, for identifying Rompuy ancestry. And it goes back to David I once again, apparently, for the write-up says:

"The family is said, by C.F. Shand, the family historian, to be descended from Philibert de Shaunde, Earl of Bath in 1485, who in turn, was descended from a noble house in Normandy. The Earl of Bath, Philibert Shaunde, was created by King Henry II of England and Normandy. Philibert was styled by the King as 'Consanguineus noster.'"

That is, Henry II called this Shaunder character, "our own blood." Henry II was the son of the royal granddaughter of queen Margaret, mother of David I. Margaret came to Scotland from Hungary with Bartholomew, founder of the Aberdeen Leslies (which is why I mentioned the Bart and Bradd surnames three days ago in relation to the Cathy-Ashton topic). On his father's side, Henry II was the grandson of a Templar king of Jerusalem, a Plantagenet. On Henry, we read of other connections to Bath:

"He spent his childhood in his father's land of Anjou. At the age of nine, Robert of Gloucester took him to England, where he received education from Master Matthew at Bristol, with the assistance of Adelard of Bath and possibly Geoffrey of Monmouth."

That's Geoffrey of Monmouth, the Arthurian myth writer (i.e. an historian writing in code on the PenDragon dragon bloodline).

Could the Skene/Schene surname have derived from "Ashcen," which is a variation of the German German Ash/Asch surname? Amazingly, there are four surnames that I've mentioned in the past three days using "vitutis/virtute," and the fourth is this Ash/Aschen surname (!!) I think that in very fact the Skene/Schene family was of the Ash, and therefore of the Ashton, family.

I've just learned that the Skinner surname uses "Sanguis" in its motto, and uses what could be the Leslie griffin. As expected as per the discussion immediately above, the Skinners were part Norman, part Anglo(Saxon).

Since the Schene/Shand Coat uses three red stars on white in its Chief (Washington-surname symbol too), I looked up other Coats in my files using the same, and came to the Crae/Craith/Craw/Cree/Ray surname of Scotland, which was not only connected (in previous updates) to the red lion of the Dallens, but to the Crichton family; both the Crichtons and Craiths derived from Crete's Curetes and their goddess, Rhae (as my opinion goes). I was very glad to see the Crichton Crest at this point, because it's a griffin head with a red object in it's mouth, an unusual symbol..BUT we see a red hand in the nouth of the Skinner griffin! Therefore, it's very possible that Schenes/Shands were merged with Craiths and Crichtons both.

What about the Still(s) surname that may be intended by "Rumpelstilschen"? I didn't mention it yesterday because I didn't know what its bird symbol could link to, but then I failed to look at the Reim surname yesterday. I did that just now (a German surname) to find a stork, the very bird used in the Still Crest (see verification).

As I checked my files for what other surnames use the stork symbol, I found this from September 1:

The Greg Crest is "a stork's head divided." You may recall that I traced the stork symbol of Oettingen (Germany, close to Fichtenberg) to the English Odin/Oddie surname (white lion on red) of the Yorkshire localities of Storkhouse and Gisburn (see July 6).

The Greg/Greig surname could be a variation of the Creigh(ton) variation of "Crichton," but in any case, the Oettingen symbol shown at Wikipedia is a white saltire cross on red, the symbol of the Windsor Coat (symbol also of Gascony at one point, to which I trace "Gisburn" and "Gasse/Gascon"). Therefore, the Rumpel and Stills families, both using the stork -- if the Rumpels are from Reims elements (see yesterday's update) -- link back to the Oettingen stock of Germans. I believe that this is the Washington bloodline too.

November 24

From the high levels of government, the heat is on the global-warmers:

Even Gallup now has Obama under 50 percent (48 to be exact). If you relish reading about Obama's poor showing in China, a Spiegel article criticizing his foreign policy as a whole, see:,1518,662822,00.html

Iraq made a new election law yesterday, but it's angering the Sunni for the reason below and is believed to be headed for another veto waste-basket:

"...Sunni lawmaker Osama al-Nujeifi said the amendment was a 'grave constitutional violation' and would transfer seats from northern provinces where Sunnis have a strong presence to semiautonomous provinces controlled by Kurds.

'It is a way to steal seats from Mosul and Salahuddin provinces and give them to Kurdistan provinces in an illegitimate way,' he said.

I'm holding my nose, awaiting Gog to enter that very picture.

More on the Rumbold/Rumble surname with "Rumpel" in its databank. This time, I looked up names that sound like its motto term, "actio." The first one coming to mind was "Acton." It comes from a settlement of Axton, which looks very much like a variant of the Ashton surname (if you are jumping into this page apart from reading the past four days, the new EU leaders are from Rompuy and Ashton surnames). Both Ashtons and Actons are from Anglo-Saxon backgrounds, as are the Astons, and the latter were first found in Cheshire, as were the Actons. I knew I had seen the Acton Shield yesterday, and scrolling back I found it from the (Anglo-Saxon) ASHbourne surname! The shields are in colors reversed from the Rome/Room Shield!!

Therefore, as it once again appears that the Rumpel surname is tied to the Ash surname, and therefore the Ashtons, it serves as evidence that the Rumpels/Rumbles were branched to the Rompuys.

A Romer surname from Saxony is interesting because it uses the alternative Solana Coat. The Romer Coat also uses a pine cone, and I recalled showing that before. Here is what I found in the August 26 update:

ZOWIE! The article above mentions Obama's economic adviser, Christina Romer, and the [English] Romer Coat uses seven gold mascles on red, the very colors mentioned yesterday as being ample in Brittany, and owned by the Peacock family. The German Romer Coat uses the pine cone seen in the Maskaly/Maschi Coat!! This Mask surname is said to be from Rimini (Italian Adriatic coast), what could be linked to the origin of "Romer."

I had traced the Remi Gauls of Reims to Rimini (east coast of Italy) years before August 26, in an effort to find possible roots of the Remus-branch Romans! In the next update (seventh update in August), I added:

"To put it another way, the Mari cult may have been at the root of the Morino/Marina terms (Myrina was a popular Amazon-queen term, especially of Lemnos). The write up traces to 'Saint Marino the Bishop of RIMINI,' which causes me to link the Marino name to the Maschi/Maskaly surname (red shield) of Rimini, for the Spanish Mari/Maria Coat used the Masci symbols!"

When one enters "Roomer" or "Rim," the Rome/Room surname comes up. I entered "Rumer" to find the Reimer/Ramer Coat, but I know not whom to connect the symbols (arm holding three features, and lion's paws). It may not be related to Reims because the write-up traces the oldest known version to "Rein/Regin." There is also a Swiss Reimbert/Rambaud Coat (white roses on red) that I don't know what to do with, but perhaps someone out there does.

Toying around further, a good find: the Remington Shield is one I have not seen before (and I've seen thousands of them), except when I showed the Stob Coat (with purple lions) earlier in this update. The Stob surname was checked because the "Wettles are said to derive from the 'Stewart'-like location of Stow, near Edinburgh, which led to entering the Stob surname because I know the Stewarts were also Stubbs and Stubings." And Wettles became important because Van Rompuy is married to a Widdels surname.

There is a German Remple/Rempel surname, from Poland/Silesia, but I don't know to what family the symbol-less Shield should be linked.

As for the "virtute" motto term coming up repeatedly in this investigation, I could think of only one surname yesterday, aside from the Veres, after logging off for the day. I recalled entering the Toot/Tutt surname, but could not recall the symbol. This morning I looked, and, amazing: it uses a red square in the top left corner! I discussed this earlier in the update when showing the same red square in the Merry Coat...and in the Rumpel Coat!! The Rumpels use "Virtutis" in their motto!!!

Not far above, I had written, and then removed this sentence: "The Romayer variation of "Romer" could have been the makings (though I doubt it) of "Rompay." Then, after removing it, I entered "Romay" to find the Romer/Romayer Coat. There is also a Spanish Roman/Romay Coat (using a French symbol) that has the same Shield as the Spanish Marina Shield.

I have found something very important. The Ukrainian Roman Coat is not shown, though there is a write-up:

"The surname Roman is derived from the Latin name Romaeus and the Greek name Romaios, which refer to a person who was born in the Roman Empire...This name became popular in both Western and Eastern Europe because it was borne by several early saints including a 7th century Bishop of Rouen."

Rouen is the Normandy location from which the Rollo line of Normans ruled. The term is almost "Roman," but I had a hard time believing it to be a Roman variation...until entering "Rouen" and getting a shield almost smack like the Romer Coat!!!!! There are nine gold mascles on red as opposed to the seven gold mascles on red in the Romer Coat. Shown variations include Rouen, Rohan, Rouan, Rouanne, and Rouannet, but none with an 'm', wherefore (exchanging the 'u' for an 'm') entering "Romanne" and "Romannet," I find both as established French surnames (using rosemary branches for a symbol).

I recalled reading the Rouen write-up elsewhere. Rather than being first found in Normandy, the surname was first found at Dol:

"First found in Brittany, originally Armorica in ancient times, where the family has been a prominent family for centuries, and were seated with lands and manor. The family were well established in the region of Dol and several members of the family distinguished themselves."

Going back (earlier in this update) to find what other surname has the very same write-up, it turns out to be the Raimbaud/Reimbaut surname...later of Bolbec, near Havre, Normandy.

November 25

Amazingly, in the middle of a week where climate-changer advocates are taking the beating of their lives:

"US President Barack Obama said [yesterday] the world has moved 'one step closer' to a 'strong operational agreement' on climate change at next month's Copenhagen summit after his talks with Indian and Chinese leaders."

This shows Obama's at-all-costs commitment to the Copenhagen agenda. The end times are for exposure, to lay bare the facts of dragonian world leaders. The more the globalists move forward with ardent determination, the more they will be exposed, for exposure brings a growing army of political enemies...some non-Christians too.

Assuming that the people behind Obama are the same as those behind Gordon Brown, the delay in Obama's Afghan decision should be due to a decision by the higher-ups to pull out (as per the below statement), something that Obama does not know how to announce without embarrassing himself, since he ran on a pro-Afghan-war platform:

"Senior British Government sources have become increasingly frustrated with Mr Obama's 'dithering' on Afghanistan, the Daily Telegraph disclosed earlier this month, with several former British defence chiefs echoing the concerns.

...Ministers say the mission is vital to stop international terrorists using Afghanistan as a base, but Gordon Brown has promised an 'exit strategy' that could start next year."

I hardly know much on the insider details of that issue, but from those words it appears that globalists have decided to spare their political puppets the political cost of remaining in Afghanistan. Then again, the global elite may be divided on the Afghan war strategy, and we may yet hear of a full-steam-ahead strategy. For today we read:

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama vowed [yesterday] to 'finish the job' of an unpopular and costly eight-year war in Afghanistan, and officials said he could announce an increase of around 30,000 troops next week."

Not surprisingly:

"Elements of the new US administration of President George Bush were already discussing 'regime change' in Iraq two years before the invasion of 2003..."

The British inquiry claims that Britain knew Saddam had destroyed its weapons of mass destruction before Bushy invaded, meaning that the inquiry could be cow patties merely to support the Bush-Blair foes. Will the bashing ever end? Or, the Inquiry Report could be all true.

Why has Obama not shown the expected arm-twisting on Israel:

"Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas [yesterday] accused US President Barack Obama of doing 'nothing' to achieve peace in the Middle East...

...He went on to say that the Palestinian people were awaiting US pressure on Israel, 'so that it respects international law and takes up the Road Map...'"

The O-Team may very well have an Israeli pressure-cooker coming, but likely it's in co-operation with European recipes. As we know, the EU is fat and therefore slow to move. The Lisbonized EU promises to be more streamlined, but let us wait for it to take its first steps before we see whether it can indeed avoid tripping over it's lagging obesity. Let's wait to hear from Rompuy and/or Ashton on what the Israeli plan shall be. The following is surprising and a little hard to believe, but if true, it suggests some strong arm-twisting:

"The [Israeli] Prime Minister's Office is expected to announce [today] a 10-month freeze on construction in settlements in the West Bank, sources in the American administration told Haaretz.

The sources said that the freeze will apparently be approved at the cabinet meeting [this] afternoon. The Prime Minister's Office declined to comment on the matter. "


On the swine-flu scare, there is some hope: "In case you didn't realize it, Sharyl Attkisson is the investigative reporter behind the groundbreaking CBS News study that found H1N1 flu cases are NOT as prevalent as feared." The report looks like deliberate hyping by groups that must include collaboration with political powers. The question is always "why". See video.


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