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November 26 - 30, 2009

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November 26

Palestinians say it's not enough:

"Israel announced [yesterday] it was limiting settlement construction for 10 months to try to revive peace negotiations with the Palestinians, but they said the step fell short of their terms for talks.

...Within moments of his speech, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama's special Middle East envoy George Mitchell welcomed the Israeli move..."

It's hard to believe that Netanyahu gave this "gifthorse" freely. Someone threatened to burn down his "stables" unless he gave it, that's what I think. Obama will use it to the z to ramp up his political marks. And lest his marks go down further, he's come through with a long-awaited decision:

"...After months of deliberation and fending off Republican charges that he was dithering on Afghanistan while violence there surged, Obama will address the nation on Tuesday on the way forward in the costly and unpopular eight-year war.

...The White House has estimated it will cost $1 million per year for each additional soldier sent to Afghanistan...

...Two veteran Democratic lawmakers have already called for imposing a 'war tax' to pay for the troop increase. "

Will it really cost that much per added soldier, or is this another money grab? In case you thought I was crazy to suggest that NATO and/or American militaries have been using certain Taliban operatives (perhaps the highest levels) to create dangerous situations so as to justify a build-up of NATO soldiers in the country, read the below from the president of Afghanistan, who has now made that very accusation known:

"For several weeks now, Afghanistan has been consumed by stories of mysterious 'foreign helicopters' ferrying Taliban fighters to a new front in northern Afghanistan. These helicopters are alleged by no less than President Karzai to belong to 'foreign powers' such as the United States and its allies...

Without mentioning guilty parties or offering evidence, President Karzai suggested the reports of helicopters delivering terrorists to north Afghanistan were true, saying, 'We have received reliable reports from our intelligence service. We have received reliable reports from our people, and today I received a report that these efforts...are also being made mysteriously in the northwest. The issue of helicopters has also been proved. We do not make any more comments now and investigations are under way to see to whom and to which foreign country these helicopters belong'"[tt_news]=35706&tx_ttnews[backPid]=381&cHash=808367660d

I think Karzai knows who the helicopters belong to, and that he is publicly announcing the problem, and the related investigation, as a warning to those responsible. Come on Karzai, tell us everything. Expose the globetrotters! The article continues:

"The president's remarks were quickly followed by a call from the Lower House speaker, Muhammad Yunis Qanuni, for a government debate on the issue. 'When the president of Afghanistan, as the first man of the country, is raising a fact and a problem, then it shows that the problem is important and serious.' According to Takhar MP Habiba Danesh, the helicopter airlifts were already underway before the elections.

Kunduz governor Muhammad Omar claimed the fighters being brought to his province at night were members of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan...The governor of Baghlan province, Muhammad Akbar Barakzai, also claims to have received intelligence that unidentified military helicopters are making midnight landings in remote areas of his province (Tolo TV, October 21). Afghan daily reported widespread belief in the 'mystery helicopter' phenomenon. 'The people strongly believe that these helicopters belong to the British and U.S. forces...'

It was not long before the 'mystery helicopters' were seen in Pakistan, where the 'foreign allies' of the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) were alleged to be rescuing Taliban militants from the government offensive in South Waziristan. An Islamabad daily reported the belief of 'some experts' that the airlift was part of a deal between the Western nations and the so-called 'good Taliban' (Pakistan Observer [Islamabad], October 19)."

That is not a situation in any way conducive to Obama's decision of going forward with a build-up of NATO forces. He and his fellow mad fools go ahead without the Afghan government as true friend. You note that the helicopter flights are to NORTHERN Afghanistan, supporting my hunch that "globetrotters" are in Afghanistan on a long haul to secure, in any way possible, the Russian border nations on behalf of Western interests.

On that topic, I have mentioned that the symbol of Kazakhstan is a sun on a blue background, like the Cohen symbol, and in recent days found (by FE) to be the Solana symbol. Possibly, therefore, Kazakhs could have been a branch of Khazars and therefore important to the Western Cohen-based Illuminati. (I trace the Cohen surname to Khazars, for more than this good reason: the Kagan surname is a Cohen variation).

The UN is becoming more entrenched, as a referee, in the Mosul controversy:

"U.S. and U.N. officials have proposed solutions to Iraq's Sunni Arab vice president to stop him vetoing for a second time a law needed for an election to take place next year, an official said [yesterday].

...The U.S. ambassador, Chris Hill, and officials from the U.N. mission in Iraq, were among the visitors to Hashemi's office making the proposals...

WND has its own article on the new EU leaders:

"...'Even the selection of the largely unknown Van Rompuy to be the first EU Council president and the selection of the equally unknown Lady Catherine Ashton, an EU trade commissioner, to be EU foreign policy head, smacked of back-room deals made by global elitists seeking to fill the new posts created by the Lisbon Treaty with EU global elitists like themselves,' Corsi wrote.

He said neither Van Rompuy nor Ashton was elected, noting that Lady Ashton has never held an elected position in her life."

The Europeans, under the leadership of Jose Manuel Barroso, are choosing a whole new team now, and speaking of the Oettingen surname at the end of the November 23 update, see this:

"European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso announced the nominations for his new team [yesterday]..."

...The biggest EU nation, Germany, has nominated Guenther Oettinger, head of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg."

Keep in mind here that Germany refused Tony Blair and was therefore instrumental in denying him the top-dog position. Instead, Germany opted for Van Rompuy. On Nov 23, I concluded, on scanty evidence admittedly: "Therefore, the Rumpel and Stills families, both using the stork -- if the Rumpels are from Reims elements (see yesterday's update) -- link back to the Oettingen stock of Germans." The above quote suggests that this statement was correct.

As for the Barroso Coat, it's the Moreno castle (both surnames were from Castlle, Spain). The Moreno castle, which is also the Hopper castle (think Clem KadiddleHopper of Red-Skelton "importance") was linked to the Clem(ent) surname on July 4. On July 6th, while I was beginning to see a white-saltire-cross-on-red link to an Odin-cult branch of Washingtons (of Gascony), I happened on the Oettingen Arms using the very same symbol, thus verifying an Odin link to the Gascones (the Washingtons have themselves been traced to the Odin cult by others).

The white-saltire-cross-on-red had been important until July because it was the flag granted to Gascony by pope CLEMENT! Therefore, the "math" is shaping up like this: the Barrosos link to the Clem(ent) family and to the Odin-cult Wassas/Washingtons of Gascony, and the founders of Gascony, the Euskals (= Basques), should trace to Ashkelon/Ascalon elements to which the Ash(ton)/Aston/Acton surname could derive.

After mentioning the Oettinger surname, the article above says: "France has named former minister Michel Barnier, currently a Euro MP." The Barnier Coat uses a key like that of the Chaves/Shaves clan (!), as well as the very fish design used by the Kanes/Keons and similar McIan/John surnames of Britain (I did plenty on that family, linking it to the Janina Poles to which the Sobieskis belonged).

If you enlarge the Kellner Coat, you will see a 'K' acting as the end of the key (Kellner is the surname of the husband of Cathy Ashton.) When enlarging the Barroso Coat, the end of the key appears to have the same 'K'. The same applies to the Spanish Chaves Coat, meaning that we have two choices thus far in revealing the 'K': either the Kellners (which I trace to the Cluny abbey of Benedictines), or the Chaves. I lean toward the Kellners, for the Cluny abbey uses keys, though not showing a 'K'. The Portuguese Chaves Crest uses two keys in saltire, as does the Cluny Arms, and the squared ends of the Chaves keys are similar to the Cluny keys.

I kid you not, it was the above revelation that caused me to suspect the Kaves/Caves surname as a Chaves variation, and when the Caves Coat loaded, a greyhound (!!) in the Crest, the symbol used beside the Barroso castle!!! Therefore, my suspicion that Western leaders of Illuminati colors are of the Shaw bloodline continues to find evidence.

Entering "Kaves" brings up a French Coat with the same colors (blue and white) as the Caves Coat, and using surname variations such as Chavot, Chavo, Chaval, Chevet, and Schavo, all similar to the Chaves/Chavez'...and the Chiavas (= hard-c) of Abruzzo. Entering "Shave" brings up an English page that includes the Shaw surname. The Irish Shaw Coat includes a Shave(s) variation, if that helps to make the Shaves link to Shaws.

Seeing that both Barosso and Barnier begin with a "Bar," I checked the Bar Coat to find white stars on black, colors reversed from the Ashton symbol. The Bar Crest is, once again, the Bradd lion, and both Crests use a red lion...which therefore makes me suspect that the white on blue of the Bar Shield is related to the white on blue of the Bradd Shield. (See the previous update page for Bradd importance to Rompuys and Ashtons).

Well freak me out. Since the Barnier Coat comes up when entering "Barney," I tried the Rubble surname without luck, and, hardly thinking it worthwhile, I entered Betty" (Barney Rubble's wife) and got keys!! Blue 'K' keys on white, colors reversed from the Barnier key!!!!!

Understand that, when I was investigating the Rompuy surname and came to the Rumpel surname with Rumble variation, I thought of Barney Rubble (but didn't mention or entertain it due to lack of evidence). Apparently, Barney and Betty Rubble depicted these bloodlines in particular. In the cartoon, Betty was dressed in blue and black, colors in the Betty Coat. Wilma Flintstone was dressed in white and had red hair, the colors of the Vlaams/Flemings. It fits, especially as "Flintstone" reflects "Flanders" (the country founded by Flemings). Again, the Scottish Fleming surname uses "Shaw" in the motto, as does the Ayrshire Arms ("God Shaw the Richt").

There is a red and white Flander/Flinder Coat, discovered just now for the first time so far as I can recall, using black stars on white, the Ashton-et-al (including the Bacons) symbol!! AND, the Flanders Shield is reflective of all three surnames in the following statement of the previous update:

Both Ashtons and Actons are from Anglo-Saxon backgrounds, as are the Astons, and the latter were first found in Cheshire, as were the Actons. I knew I had seen the Acton Shield yesterday, and scrolling back I found it from the (Anglo-Saxon) ASHbourne surname! The shields are in colors reversed from the Rome/Room Shield!!

Amazing!!! The Romes/Rooms came up large in the Rompuy investigation.

A motto term in the Betty Coat includes the syllable, "Coel," which must be code for the Kyle/Cole surname (because Kyles claim to stem from king Cole, also known as "Coel"). It became my gleaning that the Kyles (black symbols galore), important in Ayrshire, are front and center in the Shaw bloodline, and are moreover an important part of Illuminati bloodlines.

The black bull head in the Cole Crest is the third instance of seeing the design in the past five days. That is, three of the surnames mentioned in the past five days use the same bull design for a Crest (I can't recall the other surnames, as I didn't record the fact). I also recall the black bull as a symbol of a Thule-Nazi leader with Pohl surname ; variation = "Pohland." (The French Pohls were first found in Picardy, where the French Kaves were first found.)

I had traced "Barney" Rubble to the BERNicians (also "Boernicians") of the Scot-English border, and now I find that the Scottish Betty/Beaty surname (using the very same symbols as the English Betty Coat) are "Boernician clans"!!! I am very lucky for that to have proved correct. It was a gamble to trace Barney to Bernicians, but not a large one, for as Barney was given a brown animal skin to wear, he should have depicted the house of Bruno/Brunswick, and since the peoples after which Bernicians were named went by, "Bryneich," the Brunswick connection became visible.

Plus, the Bernicians were ruled by Bebbanburgs of Bamburgh (Britain), who must have been the Babbenburgs of Bamberg, Germany, and it just so happened that, long before I knew of the Scottish counterparts, or of the Bernicians, I had traced Bamm Bamm, the Herculean son of Barney and Betty, to "Bamburgh" Germany!!

There's more, because the "Water Buffalo" masonic lodge that Fred and Barney attended was linked (by me) to the buffalo-horn symbol of the Zahringens, rulers at one point of Berne, Switzerland, wherefore it seemed a no-brainer that Bernicians stemmed from Zahringer-Berne elements. Finally, I found that the Rhodes-Group Illuminati had blood roots and/or world-class allies in Bernicians.

The Betty write-up goes on to say: "Their name is derived from Bate or Baty, diminutive forms of Bartholomew." I had traced the Bradds to the German Barts because both use white on blue, but for other reasons as well, and now I find the Betty=Bart surname to likewise use white on blue. There is a Spanish Bartol Coat using white and blue under the Barroso and Moreno castle.

November 27

I found myself on the Flintstone codes again yesterday. Very interesting indeed, if you missed it. This morning I took another look at the Flint surname and found a couple of things previously missed:

"A green shield with a silver chevron between three silver FLINT STONES" (caps mine).

You can see the flint stones in this English Flint Coat. I had seen the Coat several times but never read the write. It turns out that the Flint surname comes from a Saxon god. And, as per my hunch that Fred Flintstone is code for "Flanders," see that a variation of the Flint surname is like "Flinders," a shown variation of the Flanders surname:

"Flint[es] has been recorded under many different variations, including Flint, Flinte, Flindt, Flynt and others.

First found in Suffolk where they were seated from very ancient times, and is the name of the great Saxon Gods. The name was recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086."

The Flanders/Flinders Chief uses black stars on white, the Ashton symbol. I failed to mention yesterday, for readers who missed updates in recent days, that Rompuy is a Fleming.

Since the English Bacons use the same symbols as the Ashtons, and even a Coat resembling the Flanders/Flinders Coat, I would suggest that the Bacons named themselves after the boar symbol in their Crest, for the French Bacon-Coat page tells that the surname was French for "pork." Since the Ashtons use a boar head in their Crest, it appears that there was a major-important merger of the Bacons with the Ashtons that caused them to share symbols. For readers just jumping in, Javier Solana, who is now being succeeded by Cathy Ashton, was likely a Francis-Bacon Rosicrucian because his mother wrote a 600-plus-page on Bacon.

"Solana was born on July 14, 1942 in Madrid, Spain. On his maternal side, he is the grandson of famous Spanish diplomat/writer Salvador de Madariaga (1886-1978)...Solana's maternal grandmother, Constance Archibald de Madariaga was born Scottish...Solana's mother, like her more famous father, was also a published scholar and writer. Her full name at the time of her death was Nieves Hayat de Madariaga Mathews. She was employed for upwards of 20 years by the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization), a United Nations agency headquartered in Rome. Her Yale University-published book on the life of Sir Francis Bacon was released in 1996. The 606 page volume is entitled, Francis Bacon: The History of a Character Assassination. Interestingly, Nieves de Madariaga Mathews (Solana's mother) claimed in her acknowledgements that the book was suggested and blessed by 'my teacher, Osho, who thought highly of Francis Bacon and gave the book his blessing.' Osho is more commonly known in USA circles as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Rajneesh gained extensive notoriety in the USA in the 1980s for his alleged Oregon cult compound. He was deported from the USA for its claimed excesses. As well as Rajneesh, Solana's mother was equally deeply and publicly influenced by the works of Immanuel Velikovsky. She devoted much time to her pursuit of both Velikovsky and Sir Francis Bacon literacy and causes."

Javier's grandfather, Salvador de Madariaga, was involved, and perhaps very instrumental, in designing the current EU logo using blue stars on gold. In one chapter of some years ago, I have this: "In 1951, a flag with golden stars on blue (azur) background (see, the very basis of the current EU flag, was chosen by Salvador de Madariaga, Solana's grandfather on his mother's side! Thus, it could appear that Rosicrucians are much at the forefront of the effort to enforce upon us all the New World Order."

A motto term in the English Bacon surname is "Mediocria," not far off from "Madariaga." The full motto, "Mediocria Firma," may also include a code for the Farmer/Fermare surname...using the Flanders/Flinders Shield!

My question is, who in Normandy were the Bacons before they named themselves after pork, if indeed they named themselves after pork? I would suggest links to the Norman Roberts surname (using the Bacon stars).

November 28

There has been another statement released from the emails of the climate-warmer "scientists":

"...Prof Jones, whose department has for years refused to release its raw data on temperatures, wrote another email in which he said sceptics 'have been after the CRU station data for years. If they ever hear there is a Freedom of Information Act now in the UK, I think I'll delete the file rather than send it to anyone'. By chance, he now admits he has 'accidentally' deleted some of the raw data."

The Telegraph has another scathing article telling that the "liars" are being widely exposed by FOX News, and predicting that Copenhagen will be rendered into a sham by the new revelations. The leaders of the global-warming club are going ahead as though nothing has happened, yet by the words they speak, they seem to be in a big hurry to pass a global-warming deal. The people of the world should just say, "Go ahead, pass your legislation, but then you pay for your agenda from your own pockets. We're not interested. We would like to see global temperatures rise a wee bit anyway."

The article above reveals yet another damning email message by the "scientists":

"Another message said the CRU's method of collating data "renders the station counts totally meaningless... so, we can have a proper result, but only by including a load of garbage!'

...The CRU has the largest archive of global temperature data in the world, and its research formed the basis of the United Nations' key document on global warming, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report of 2007.

...Suddenly, Phil Jones is the name on the lips of every Right-wing commentator in the US, some of whom have warned that President Obama is being tricked into making the most expensive mistake in history by backing emission caps and carbon trading legislation that will cost US taxpayers trillions of dollars."

While this may be the largest scientific scandal in a long time, it's not the first time that scientists have been knowingly deceptive. I first caught on to their duplicity when I became a Christian; I understood that Evolution was a load of similar garbage.

Where else are they lying to us, these "gods"? Oh yes, when they say they have found water on the moon, or riverbeds on Mars. And when they say that electrons orbit atoms millions of times per second without spiralling out of orbit, and related "sciences." When they say "continental drift." When they say "pre-Cambrian strata," it's a lie. Pre-Cambrian strata was the world before the Flood, explaining why it has no fossils. All individual strata above pre-Cambrian were formed by the rock/sand debris within the Flood waters precipitated onto the "pre-Cambrian" rocks, and thereby buried whatever fish, animals, and men were killed by the Flood and/or the precipitation process itself (some aquatic animals did not survive heavy precipitation).

Globalists have a problem. They devised their global plans during the pre-Internet era, when news could not spread quickly around the world except my large media outlets. Their efforts are now being thwarted by armies of eyes keeping track of every move, and armies of bouncing fingers are reporting things online. It's becoming so fun to thwart globalists that everyone's getting into it. It's the new rave. But there will be a price to pay because the globalists have more money, and because they control politicians holding our money in national coffers.

The Iraqi election law still hangs in the balance. There has been a change that has made the Sunni side happy, and now the Kurds need to give it the OK. Whether the election is prophecy related has yet to be seen. The talk now is that voting day has been pushed ahead to February or even March. Prophecy could be fulfilled in relation to the election but before voting day.

I was so busy on surnames surrounding Rompuy, Ashton, Barroso and Barnier in the past days that I totally neglected to check the Blair Coat. Its mascles are nearly identical with the Irish Pratt mascles! This means that Tony Blair was a top EU presidential candidate because he is classified under the same bloodline as those who won EU posts. It appears that all is rigged to keep the same basic bloodlines in power over globalism, which can only mean that those bloodlines now control.

It's funny, but the write-up on the Pratt surname was found after I wrote the above on deceptive scientists:

"The Pratt name is derived from the Old English word 'prętt,' which meant 'a trick' or alternatively 'cunning and astute;' as such it is thought to have originally been a nickname for a practical joker."

I don't buy that definition, but it sure does describe traits that Illuminatists would be proud to adhere to.

The Blair motto term, "Amo," could be code for the Amos/Amis surname, since both surnames use white on black. Since the Blairs were first in Ayrshire, they could have been connected to the black-loving Kyles, who, like the Blairs, used stags as crest.

The Amos' use "Fama" as a motto term, said to mean "fame," wherefore I entered Fame to find the Welsh Fane/Fain/Vanes surname...using the motto term, "fano." The Fane Crest is a bull's head, white and black. Yesterday I said that the Kyle Crest uses a black bull's head; my apologies, it's rather the Cole Crest (for a motto phrase, the Coles use "Deum Cole" ("Cole is God," apparently, though they say it means "Worship God").

The Fane motto is, ""Ne Vile fano," wherefore it's code for the Neville surname...which itself uses the motto, "Ne Vile Velis." Now you know that "Ne Vile" is code for the Nevilles. The Neville Crest is a white bull, not surprisingly (i.e. it shares the bull with the Fanes). The Neville Coat is a white saltire on red, the Oettingen symbol discussed two days ago. The Neville surname is said to be from the canton of Gacey, Normandy, and that supports a link to the white-saltire-on-red of Gascony (touched on earlier in this update).

Why do Nevilles use "Velis"? There are two pages where "Velis" is registered; the Scottish Willis/Velis Coat shows a sun on red shield, the Solana symbol. If the two-specied animal in the Willis Coat is half wolf (the back end is a lion), then it matches the eight wolf heads in the Solana Coat.

Apparently, the Willis surname is a variation of Welles, a locality in Normandy. The Solana and Fane Coats are in the colors of the old Wells Coats, and Welles were a branch of the same-colored Vaux/Vallibus Coat. The Welles Coat now shown at is black on gold, the colors of the other Velis=Vale Coat.

There's not much other news today. I pray you a solid faith and growth in God's mercy. He speaks, not in human languages, but in the language of the spirit. I find him in my spirit whenever my direction is right. I always know that I don't deserve to have Him there, so faithfully.

November 29

[Good day. In case you decide not to read the entire update today, let me inform you that there is a video you should see at the end.]

It may have offended some readers when I had "fat Europa" shaking the door jambs of her house with her "tonnage." It wasn't meant as a slight against people on the heavy side. I was expressing, in a cartoonish way, the unnecessary largesse of the EU, and it's bottomless appetite for signing up nations. It wants to expand beyond its historical borders to include northern Africa in a certain capacity that could be viewed as a stepping stone to virtual membership. Then Russia, then the Arab world, and of course there is already the concept of "Atlanticism" seeking to swallow North America.

Why doesn't Europe just leave everyone alone rather than insist (i.e. it doesn't want to take "no" for an answer) that all should join its global governance? It's not enough that you have city, county/regional, state/provincial and federal taxes; now you'll have global-government tiers to pay for. I think "fat" is quite an appropriate word, in the baddest sense of the word, as in "you disgusting pig!"

Allow me to create another cartoon: the cheeks and corners of Europa's mouth are smeared in the stains of uneaten food because she's pressing more against her face but can't get much more into her already-full mouth. The Lisbon Treaty did not allow even one nation to opt out. If any nation didn't want in, it was targeted and made to feel it were spoiling the entire cake...until it came along.

Speaking of smears:

Three leading scientists who on Tuesday released a report documenting the accelerating pace of climate change said the scandal that erupted last week over hacked emails from climate scientists is nothing more than a 'smear campaign.'"

How astute. YES, it is a smear campaign, and RIGHTFULLY so. Keep on smearing, all. God wants us to expose the serpents in our midst. Mark them with smears on their foreheads so that all can recognize them. So to speak.

There seems to be a shift taking place toward French importance, as Amero-Brit significance fades back a bit. This could be a part of prophetic expectations...if the frogs of Revelation 16 are three houses of the Franks. Rompuy, who has at least 2.5 years to oversee the EU, is perhaps the first sign of that shift toward the Frank houses. If so, we might expect the Franks to come on-side of Gog some years prior to their mutual involvement at Armageddon. I say this because, over the past week or so, the media has been reporting on things like the below:

"Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin won another victory for his aggressive energy diplomacy strategy [November 27], signing a deal bringing French investment to a pipeline project.

In a successful trip that worried Russia's nervous neighbors, Putin...

'We have embarked upon complete cooperation with Russia,' French Prime Minister Francois Fillon declared...

...Fillon said that, while 'perfectly respecting' Georgia's position, France wants a 'common economic and human space between Russia and the European Union' and is negotiating with Moscow to seek a common European security strategy."

Another article:

Russian businesses and the government signed at least 25 agreements with French companies, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced [November 27], proclaiming 'a real breakthrough' in economic relations between the two nations."

Simultaneously, we have this headline: "French Operation in Afghanistan Aims to Open New Coalition Supply Route"
In other words, it appears that the French are lifting their heads as leaders even in the Middle East.[tt_news]=35773&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=ffe5af3686

What does all this mean? What could it mean, in Revelation 16, that three frogs are seen leaping out of the mouth of the Dragon, the mouth of the anti-Christ, and the mouth of the False Prophet??? If correct to view the three frogs as Frank houses, then it jibes with what we already know: that the EU is ruled from a "throne" in Belgium (= French border). I happen to believe that the prophetic Satan of Revelation 12 and 13 is being specifically depicted as a ruler of the ancient Roman empire but also of the end-time EU, wherefore we can expect his throne to be in Belgium at this time. Rompuy is of course right in the thick of things, his "throne" likewise in Belgium.

But we see a frog also from the anti-Christ's mouth, who is the Satan incarnate (so to speak) that will rule the EU (i.e. the anti-Christ is the Revelation 13 dragon as opposed to the Revelation-12 dragon that ruled ancient Rome). If that frog is likewise a Frank house, then it's a signal that Gog will have a special alliance with a Frank entity. All of this is all the more alarming because the frog symbol traces back to Clovis, one of the first kings of the Merovingian Franks, which Franks later became a main ingredient in the Magdalene cult.

Things are going on between leaders of nations that the media doesn't report until something of significance comes to pass. The Frank alliance with Russia has been under the radar probably for as long as the Bush effort in Iraq, as both Russia and France found common ground in opposing Bush. With American and British importance waning in Iraq now, the Franks and Russians can begin to lift their heads. In fact, the Franks may pave the way for Gog's entry into Iraq. I wouldn't be surprised anyway, especially as Rompuy is expected to create some strategy on the northern-Iraq controversy. That strategy might already be in the books of those who chose Rompuy, ready for implementation by him.

We might assume that, if Gog comes to control the Russian military, it must proceed around Georgia, through Armenia, in order to enter Israel. I have therefore been expecting, over the past year or so, a Russian alliance with Armenia, and here we find one right now, as per this headline, for example: "United Russia Party [of Putin/Medvedev] Aims to Strengthen Coop[eration] with RPA [= Republican party] of Armenia."

Leave it to FE to find what a puy is (I never doubted that she'd come through). She even found a Wikipedia article on puys:

"A puy or pui was a society, often organised as a guild or confraternity, sometimes along religious (Catholic) lines, for the patronisation of music and poetry, typically through the holding of competitions. The term puy derives from the Latin podium, meaning 'a place to stand', referring probably to a raised platform...Puys were established in many cities in northern and central France, the Low Countries, and even England during the High Middle Ages and the Renaissance, usually encouraging composition in the Old French language, but also in Latin and Occitan.

The typical puy was dedicated to the Virgin Mary..."

Possibly, therefore, "Rompuy" was a high/raised location that could have meant: Roman puy, or Puy of Reims.

Well, well, I had no idea that "Farmer" Freidberg was still reading the updates. He is the European who follows Javier Solana, and writes on him, who tipped me off (years ago) on Solana's mother's book on Francis Bacon. At one of his webpages, Farmer (his web-nickname) says that the CEO of Acciona (a world-class wind-energy company), Jose Manuel Entrecanales, has invited Solana to be the company's "international advisor." The article also shows that the chief of the UN (Ban ki-Moon) is involved closely with Acciona, building momentum for "Copenhagen Climate Communique2."

Iraq Updates is going to lose readers. MC, a reader, shared the following (EXCELLENT) video proving more than ever that parts of the United States government, the United States military, and very likely George Bush himself, were involved in causing the dreadful events of 9-11. The arguments proving that no plane hit the Pentagon were what initially convinced me of an inside job. Previous to that, I had considered an inside job to be the notion/lie of the anti-Bush liberals, but, as you can see in the video below, the evidence is overwhelming: a plane flew over the Pentagon at exactly the moment that an explosion was created, by the perpetrators, in the Pentagon make it appear that the plane hit. The conclusion is far more staggering than had al-Qaeda done it. The reality is that the Republicans "done it." Not all Republicans, of course, but it WAS the Republicans. Thank you MC for this:

Just stop for a moment. Think about it. What does it mean when government agents, supported by-and-large by evangelical Christians, carry out the 9-11 "attacks" and then use Christians to support the subsequent agenda of invading Iraq to gain a Middle-Eastern foothold?

Supporting the idea presented earlier in this update, that the American military is in cahoots with some Taliban elements, the Senate has released what we already knew: "[The Senate report] says calls for US reinforcements [in Afghanistan] were rejected, allowing the al-Qaeda leader to 'walk unmolested' into Pakistan's unregulated tribal areas." That was years ago, and yes the Senate today is mainly anti-Bush, but it is obvious to me that Bush was never after Osama, and that capturing him could only jeopardize Bush's secret: his involvement in the 9-11 destruction.

Stop. Think about it. What does it mean when the government of a nation can get away with an inside job having the magnitude of 9-11? If you're looking for the devil in lambskin, there he was at the head of the Republican party.

Hey. Didn't a ROMney run for Republican top-dog in the Bush wake? Yes. There is a Romney Coat if you're interested. The family symbol is the escallop.

November 30

If you studied the video presented yesterday, you must know that the American government under George Bush is guilty of mass-murder. Fortunately, the planned Pentagon explosion had to be on the first floor, for whatever reasons, requiring the plotters to wreck a few street posts outside the building, for a plane coming in low enough to strike the first floor would also strike the posts with its wings. It would have been less complicated to make it appear that a plane hit the roof, but for whatever reasons, the explosion was chosen to be on the first floor.

That little detail allowed some sharp minds to figure out that a plane did not hit the building, for the evidence was overwhelming that a plane did not take the path suggested by the wrecked/downed posts. Perhaps the pilot of the plane that flew in was instructed to take a path directly over the posts to be taken down, but in any case, he did NOT. He/she got close, but was off enough to prove that a plane did not take down the posts.

People, there is something diabolically wrong with the Republican party. Look, "By a wide margin, Americans consider Rush Limbaugh the nation's most influential conservative voice." Rush openly compares himself to God, claiming, in jest, to be God. He's anti-homosexual, anti-liberal, yes, but he's pro-money and in other ways he's in spiritual darkness. If the majority of Conservatives follow him, there has got to be something dangerous with Conservatism, as in wolf fangs underneath a lambskin. Don't touch. Don't handle. Forget Michael Savage. He's a conservative "Jew," but anti-Jesus.

Yesterday we saw that the prime minister of France has a Fillon surname, which apparently is of the proto-Stewart fold of France. This is important if the French Magdalene cult is from those proto-Stewarts...who in some cases came to be called Alans/Allens.

The French Fillon Shield matches that of the English Alan/Allen Shield, meaning that Fillons could have been mainline French Stewarts. The French Allen Chief is gold stars on blue, the colors of the EU stars. The French Allens also use the Gascon ducklings, conspicuous because the English Fillons use what could be the Haskel Shield, while Haskels/Askels/Eskils are suspect as Euskals=Basques=Gascones.

The French Gascons use red cinquefoils on white, colors reversed from the Rumpel Coat. The Rumpels were connected solidly to Ashes/Ashtons (who may themselves be from the Basque fold). The black boar head in the Ashton Crest matches the same in the French Fillon Coat.

The Fillon write-up claims derivation from "fils" (= "son"), but the Fils Coat, using three boar heads too, claims derivation in "philein, meaning to love, and hippos, meaning horse." That is, the Fils surname is registered under the Phillip surname, and the latter is a combo of love and horse. My senses tell me that the Fils surname is not from the Greek for love, but from the philly, a horse, wherefore "Phillip" means "philly horse." In fact, entering "Philly" brings up the same Coat. I have always had the sense that the phil(l)y horse was the essence of the Pamphilians.

I don't ever recall trying for a Bamberg surname, but one exists, using red and white. I also found a distinct Bamburgh surname, likewise using red and white. However, the Bambergs are from Germany while the Bamburghs are from England, meaning that the one are from Bamberg and the other from Bamburgh, both places ruled by Babenbergs. The red crescent of the Bambergs could link to the Spree river of Lusatia because the red bull of the Bamburgh Crest could link to the red bull of Lower Lusatia.


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