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December 16 - 29, 2009


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December 16

After days of being away from the news, not much to catch up on.

As 2009 draws to a close, I don't feel so bad for not yet being able to reveal the so-called "man of sin." For, I was reading 2 Thessalonians 2. It explains why neither you nor I have been able to identify him. Paul tells us that this man will be revealed like a jack in a box springing forth -- abruptly -- when God gets out of Satan's way. Simple: God is holding back the anti-Christ's revelation. As soon as God gets out of the way, the man will appear with various signs and wonders. We're looking for a certain noise, perhaps just a small noise at first, but it will be the distinct noise of a jumping Jack flash.

How do you envision the signs and wonders that the man of sin comes with? Do you imagine good works/miracles to deceive, to make himself appear as a Jesus-like person? I don't know where in prophecy we could get that idea. Revelation 13 suggests military signs and wonders. "Man of sin" does not suggest one doing good works, nor even what appear to be good works. Daniel 8 says that he will destroy wonderfully. His mouth will work hard spewing out the devil's "gospel," that the problems of this world are due to Christians and Jews together.

People will love it. Truth will be short-circuited into the ground, says Daniel; Paul reflects this, saying that God will provide a delusion/lie in order to condemn the Truth-resistors. God wants them dead forever, you see. Yes, He wants all to repent and to thereby have capacity for eternal life, but seeing that some will not repent, He wants the never-readys dead forever. Let's not mince ideas.

Yes, God is (indirectly) going to deceive His enemies; that's why He's releasing the devil incarnate, who is likely the essence of the strong delusion itself. The anti-Christ's hatred for God will be a glue bonding the many-colored people together into a Satanic "religious experience." It would be hard to argue that the masses are not yet ready to cling to such a man.

But where is this Jack in a Pandora's box hiding? How could that box be hidden from us if the one within it is so passionately opposed to God? Why do we see no man in high places spouting off cruelly against God? This is why I have a hard time viewing Putin as the man of sin. His mouth doesn't seem dirty enough. He shows no special animosity toward religious people, nor even toward Israel.

But will Jack be kept in his box until after taking Iraq and Egypt? Does he start to curse God only after he takes Iraq and Egypt? Will he be a typical politician until he is on the verge of invading Jerusalem at mid-Week? Does Jackyll only then turn into Mr. Hyde? I would guess that he comes into Iraq on his best behavior. He might even remain behind the Insurgents secretly, without letting the cat out of the bag until it's absolutely necessary. He might be secretly behind them even now.

BUT, Daniel 11 tells that Jack will speak lies at a negotiating table with the ruler of Egypt, suggesting that the world will know by then that he's behind the invaders of Egypt. At about that time he starts to turn attention to Israel, wherefore we can expect a few harsh blasphemies already by then. I would say that, by the time The Mouth invades Egypt, God will have removed Himself from the midst of Satan's full powers. It could be that God removes His restraining powers for 2300 days, not for 1260 days only.

We can return noise for noise. Those of us indebted to Jesus for his Sacrifice like the way he operated. He made some noise. When people plug themselves into the Generator of Life, their souls are lit up with a special type of Direct Current known only to them. And being fashioned into smaller versions of the Clean Generator of the World, they want to make some powerful noises overcoming the AC power.

People were like stones to the Son of God on earth. He would go to their mud, lift them up on one side, and ask, "What kind of slime is under here? Is that fungus I see growing?" He didn't mind offending people by pointing out their sins. We have a harder time operating in that way because we have a little dirt of our own, but just the same, I think God wants us to point out the sins of liberals. Of those who hate Him. They need to be exposed, and therefore it's going to be noise versus noise. When the Power appears with Great Noise, the rocks of the earth will be over-turned...and melted in their own slime. The Elect will then be turned on, each like a new star that can never fade away.

Copenhagen has become insane. The climate-change agenda is besieged with lunatics. And just so you know, Prince Charles of England is one of them:

"The heir to the throne, who prides himself on his green credentials, cost taxpayers an estimated 12,000 and racked up a 6.486-ton carbon footprint in one day by taking a seven-seater RAF Royal Flight HS125 jet to the summit in the Danish capital."

The affair has seen its leader step down, with the Danish prime minister, Lars Rasmussen, taking over. Lars is said NOT to be related to the former Danish Prime Minister (now the NATO chief), Fogh Rasmussen, but one could get the impression that the Rasmussen name is large in Denmark's globalist circle. In Germany, the name was first found in Hesse.

See also the Mussen surname, said to be from Flanders and closely associated with the Rollo-Norman bloodline. I would suggest that the Mussen chevron is the Fleming chevron. Note the fleur de lys in the Fleming double-border, for the Rasmussens use fleur de lys. It appears that Flemings are in charge of EU affairs these days, but why not from the start of European globalism?

Obama has fingers pressing deeply into northern Iraq, but what those fingers look like is hard to tell:

"The Obama administration coaxed Kurdish leaders into accepting a new election law that gives Kurds a smaller percentage of seats in Iraq's next parliament by publicly committing to broker disputes between the Kurds and the Baghdad government and committing support for resolving the future of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk.

Fuad Hussein, chief of staff to President Massoud Barzani of Iraq's Kurdistan region, told editors and reporters of The Washington Times on Tuesday that the White House commitment last week was historic.

It is new, yes, Mr. Hussein said. In our political history and in our relationship with the United States government, it is the first time we have had such a statement. There was always a discussion of these matters, but this is the first time in our political history that the White House gave such a statement."

Apparently, the Obama people made the Kurds relent on one or more of their previous demands, and for that deal the Kurds were given something from the Americans, if only a promise. I had read from another article that both the U.S. and the UN applied pressure to win the election law's passage. That sets up a national Iraqi election in two to three months time. It means that campaigning can begin. I'll check the leaders of the Sunni parties to see if anyone resembling The Mouth is making a little noise.

December 18

Behold. We now have Cathy Ashton croaking on Israel. Her statements are important because they suddenly expose the NewEU directive on Israel. As expected from Western globalists if we are approaching Israel's great tribulation, Ashton shows intolerance and an iron hand:

"Catherine Ashton on [December 15] leveled scathing criticism at the 'Israeli occupation,' in her first speech as the European Union's first high representative for foreign affairs and security policy.

The British stateswoman, who has also served as the Commissioner for Trade in the European Commission, said that in the EU's view, 'East Jerusalem is occupied territory, together with the West Bank.'

Ashton demanded that Israel immediately lift its blockade on the Gaza Strip, and reiterated that the union opposes the existence of the West Bank separation fence, as it opposes evictions of Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem.

The stateswoman, whose full title is Baroness Ashton of Upholland...

...Ashton said she had told [Tony] Blair personally that, 'The Quartet...must demonstrate that it is worth the money, that it is capable of being reinvigorated.'

Following her comments, a number of MEPs from the Liberal side of the house called for punitive measures against Israel...

This time it was neither the 'infamous' Swedish president who pulled the EU toward an anti-Israel resolution, nor a 'daydreaming judge' in Britain who issued an arrest warrant [for war crimes] against an Israeli foreign minister [= Livni, just days ago]. Criticism of Israel has become the language of choice in European discourse."

I can't imagine that Rompuy would have different sentiments when he pipes up on the issue. Clearly, the British have some very sour personalities more than able to betray Israel. I see a passion to do so. The "holy nation" is suddenly a small mouse on a wide chopping block, and there are many international cooks wielding their sharpest axes:

"The United States fell short in its efforts to gain a declaration of international support for Israel's temporary settlement construction freeze. The Americans were hoping that its partners in the Quartet - Russia, the European Union and the United Nations - would agree to such a declaration, but Moscow expressed a series of reservations and foiled Washington's effort.

Last Thursday...a conference call was held at the highest levels among Quartet members. In addition to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Europe's outgoing foreign affairs chief, Javier Solana, and Russia's foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, were also on line.

Clinton proposed that the Quartet issue a joint statement of support for the Israeli decision to freeze construction. The other participants agreed and decided to let officials from each side formulate the announcement.

...Senior Israeli and American officials say that Russia was responsible for foiling the announcement, by expressing many reservations to the text proposed by the Americans - which was reportedly very short. At the crux of the Russian objections were two points that were very important to the U.S. administration: the Jewish identity of the State of Israel, and that the future border between Israel and the Palestinians would reflect developments on the ground."

The article, by a liberal Israeli media suspect for playing a role in selling Israel to the Western interests under discussion, wrongly words the O-team's "support" for Israel's construction freeze. It makes it sound as though Netanyahu's Israeli faction is pro-freeze when in fact the reluctant Netanyahu government has been forced to announce the freeze because of the great Western tide coming her way NOW. Recall what Solana said, that this gusher would be coming down the pipes.

What's with the Russians, who sound as though they don't want an Israeli state at all, and certainly not one as defined by "developments on the ground," which phrase refers to West-Bank lands settled by Israelis. But the Russians are not admitting that they are opposed to an Israeli state. Instead, the article says, they oppose the two above-mentioned portions of the U.S. text because it "predetermines the results of the negotiations." Whatever; it sounds like a mere excuse to oppose the American plan, which plan is, apparently, to grant Israel some West-Bank consolation prizes in return for some freezing.

But what right does any Western nation have in granting lands to Israel that are already in Israel? That's why Ashton and her ilk are saying "Israeli occupation." The NewEU is denying that the West Bank has belonged to Israel at any time.

I almost missed the article (dated December 4) and the core issue itself. It is now, finally, something to watch. We have Russia playing the foiler, but why? What does it want, really want, in Israel? The Arab enemies of Israel must be invigorated at this news, for it's a no-win situation for Israel; the only thing yet to decide is how little of the West Bank can be retained.

Apparently, or as is my impression at first glance, Russia doesn't want an official recognition of the Israeli state because the UN would then be compelled to go in and defend it when rocked by war. AND, assuming that Russia is secretly in cahoots with the war plots of the Iran axis, it CANNOT agree on paper to the inclusion in an Israeli state of some parts of the West Bank, for such an agreement would betray the members of the Iran axis...who are gunning for a West Bank devoid of any Israeli elements. In fact, since the Iran axis doesn't want an Israeli state at all, isn't the Russian position in this issue a verification of Putin's secret alliances with the Iran axis???

In Afghanistan, the evidence keeps on dripping:

"As widespread fraud in the Afghanistan presidential election was becoming clear three months ago, the No. 2 United Nations official in the country, the American Peter W. Galbraith, proposed enlisting the White House in a plan to replace the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, according to two senior United Nations officials.

...Mr. Karzai, the officials said, became incensed when he learned of the plan and was told it had been put forth by Mr. Galbraith, who had been installed in his position with the strong backing of Richard C. Holbrooke, the top American envoy to Afghanistan. Mr. Holbrooke had himself clashed with the Afghan president over the election."

The point that one comes away with when reading the article is that the Obama administration does not wish to admit a leaning toward Galbraith's aspirations. That's only because Karzai was re-elected. Obama needs him now in order to remain in his country. As Obama is therefore handcuffed to Karzai's close watch, we are watching to see whether Obama will kill Karzai, so to speak, in his sleep, or whether Karzai will give Obama up to the Afghan sheriff, so to speak, as a criminal.

With all the niceties spoken toward Russia, "Nato Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has failed to gain any commitment from Russia to help win the war against the Taliban insurgency." The help sought from Russia is said to be key in winning the war, and Russia's refusal to be of help is yet another sign that it wants the Americans to lose the war. The northern route for supplying Obama's war is though Georgia and Azerbaijan, and of course this is one large reason that NATO shows Georgia some strong favors against Russia's intrusions. If Russia could have all of Georgia, it would choke Obama's (or is it Rasmussen's?) war by the neck.

Is it a coincidence that NATO, an American organ at its roots, has a Danish leader (in Rasmussen) while Copenhagen is the Danish capital? What commonality do Denmark's globalist groups/bloodlines have with the groups/bloodlines found important by those who raised Obama to power? It's a strange idea to those cults who honor the Rollo bloodline, but Obama traces to the Rollo-bloodline rulers at Moray. I can't re-explain here my claim that the Rollo family ruled Moray and Aviemore (as well as More); the point is, Rollo was a Dane Rus by blood.

Who's behind Rasmussen? The surname could be a variation of "Erasmus," and indeed a Rasmussen variation shown at is "Eras," which term evokes Ares and Eros, fellow cults with sin-sick Aphrodite that I think developed together into the various Rus groups of Scandinavia. In this picture, Rasmussen is a part of a European branch of Rosh. There is likely a Rus-viking reason that Russia was named as it was; because the Varangian Rus, from Scandinavia, co-founded Moscow.

I can't re-tell here how the Mesech/Meschin surname, from Poland's Mieszko royals, merged with the Aphrodite cult when merging with Moravia's royals en route to naming More and Moray.

Rasmussen seems more passionate for the Afghan war than Obama. Like Obama (who I traced to the Meschin surname), he too is trying his mighty best to engage Russia in spite of the odds being against a genuine friendship. Rasmussen may indeed want a genuine friendship, and he seems to have every potential to drag Gog, the man, into the European Union's throne room. But such a thing, admittedly, seems many years away, unless a colossal crisis overtakes the world soon.

If you're interested in Gore's latest lunatic cringe, see below. It could very well be true that ice around the north pole is about to melt in this generation, but it doesn't mean that greenhouse gases are the cause. There is no prophet quoted by Jesus more than Isaiah; he predicted that God will cause the planet to wobble in its spin, at Armageddon. How does One go about changing the perfect spin of a planet into a wobble? It would take energy. An alteration of an energy force within the planet seems logical. If the north pole is warming up, it would indicate an increase in heat energy just below the polar surface.

The Copenhaggling affair underscores the spiritual darkness of liberal, "progressive" man. Instead of concentrating on the God-ordained end of the world, since the Biblical signs are vivid at this time, and instead of seeking to save their own children from the coming Wrath, liberals are fixated on saving the climate. Prophecy, in fact, says that the anti-Christ will try to change the set times.

I don't know, and have never had a theory about, the particulars of that statement. It appears to reveal that the anti-Christ will know that the end, as per Biblical prophecy, has arrived, and yet he will somehow try to overcome the Appointed Time. In the same way, globalists may have become fixated on climate change because Biblical signs often involve climate-related disasters. People who believe in the end of the world, and yet rebel against God, are expected to disguise the coming disasters as anything but fulfilled prophecy, or God-ordained. It is no secret that Enlightenment liberals have long directed their human energies wholly to disguising the existence of a God. Ho will let that theater play out, but be silent...until the Great Noise. At that time, there will indeed be a global warming.

Putin has indicated that Russia should not sign an arms-reduction deal with the O: "'It is highly unlikely to happen in Copenhagen,' Lavrov said at a press conference in Moscow." By all appearances, Putin does NOT want ANY partnerships with Globamists. Like Iran, he's just talking a game to make time. But for what?

December 19

Vladimir Zhirinovsky has just been re-elected to top spot in his Liberal party of Russia. He's using the occasion to take swipes at Putin's party, telling the people that the country needs honest politicians.

There's no news today, but I did find an interesting TV show:

Thank you, Al Gorithm, for coming by to the Too Hot to Handle television show. One of the first questions that the audience has is how you personally believe the caps are faring.

Well, thank you, Coolie. I'd be glad to answer the question. As you know, Tennessee doesn't have a hockey franchise, which is what made the Washington Capitals become one of my favorite teams. I'm proud to announce that the immediate, forced manufacture of non-rubber hockey pucks is on my to-do list..

Ah, er, Al. Nashville has an NHL team, and besides, I meant the polar caps.

Uh? Oh, that. Well, if it's numbers that are at issue, I assure you: they're not fabricated as you might think, but mathematically sound. The advanced computers of the Al Gorithm Foundation, that I invented myself, are working properly, so there is just no issue.

What's the lowest denominator, Al? Something the people can grasp. Will New York be under water in less than a decade?

Well, how can I put this so that all can understand? The Washington Caps will not be here in five years due to the lack of wood to make hockey sticks; that's what I said the other day on the number five. To some, it sounded like I was referring to the north polar ice caps disappearing in five years, but people misunderstand me at times, especially as the critics take very opportunity to make fun of me. The computer fact is, the polar caps will disappear in ten years, and that's no guff, Coolie.

Thanks for clarifying, but it sounds at times as though you are skirting the hard questions...

Coolie, what don't you understand about the melting of ice that threatens the NHL's existence? And that's not all, because in ten years, Yankee Stadium will be awash in two feet of Atlantic sea water. My numbers don't lie. My programmers are top-notch...

Some of the audience has a hard time believing your numbers, Al. Do you think it's because, every time you open your mouth, you come up with the most ridiculous claims?

It depends on who you ask. There are an infinite number of thinkers in this world who worship at my feet, so what exactly you mean by "ridiculous claims" is beyond me.

You sure do have a knack for polarizing the people, but the big issue for today is your 18-foot flat-screen television. Will you give it up if the Washington Caps kick the bucket?

I'm glad you brought that up because I've just bought stock in buckets. Our computers project that, in twelve years, bucket sales on all sea coasts will skyrocket...

You've just made me sorry that I said "kick the bucket." The question is, and please don't duck it: what will you do with your monster screen when the Caps, uh, throw in the towel?

I'm extremely glad you mentioned that, Coolie, because people get wet when they're filling bu...

You like to purchase stocks. That's the word around town. I'd ask what you don't you have stocks in, but I'm afraid you'll say hockey sticks. Tell the people, Al, what CopingAndHaggling is all about? Have they reached an historic solution?

Great questions. Simple answer. By 2020 -- don't you just love that number -- the rich nations of the world will be required to give, every big-beautiful year, 100 billion dollars. Don't you just love the ring of that whopper?

That's buckets and buckets of money, Al. But what's it for?

Coolie, what planet have you been on? It's for the damned poorest peoples in Greenland, Penguin Cove, Remote OutPost, Planet X. Wherever our hearts are, there will be your money.

Yes, but how will money make the poor remote nations beat the coming heat?

Now that's a dinger. I don't know that anyone's addressed it. Do you think maybe we should?

Al's one corny guy.

December 24

Those of you who had read months ago on the Boernicians and the De Beer surname, that I think links to the Cecil-Rhodes globalists, may be interested in the quotes below from CC, for the piece may reveal the heart of the climate-change hoax in Rhodians. Indeed, Rhodians were heavily involved in Westernizing Africa while much climate-change monies are slated for Africa (if I'm not mistaken, Rhodesia was named after Cecil Rhodes himself):

"Yvo de Boer was appointed by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan as the new Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC [United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change] on 10 August 2006...

...Mr. de Boer has been involved in climate change policies since 1994. He has helped to prepare the position of the European Union in the lead-up to the negotiations on the Kyoto Protocol, assisted in the design of the internal burden sharing of the European Union and has since led delegations to the UNFCCC negotiations."

Being the chief of the United Nation's climate-change arm is no small position these days. De Boer is yet another Netherlands product.

As was pointed out earlier in the update, the EU's Cathy Ashton, though a Brit, is baroness of Upholland (Lancashire), the locality of her birth named after the de Holland family. She may, therefore, have Dutch roots herself. In any case, it's no small thing to be called upon to fill the shoes of Javier Solana, and the reason(s) for her "election" may yet prove to have a very Rhodian reason.

Some months ago, I found myself concentrating on the link between Bedford (where Ashton attended college) and the cinquefoil symbol of that region as it pertained to the founders of Leicester (I had linked Luton in Bedford with the Ligurian founders of Leicester; see third update in April, where Luton/Lintone was linked to the city of Lindos on Rhodes, and to Lin Colony = Lincolnshire, where the Rhodes surname was first found in Britain). The cinquefoil topic had soon turned to the Cinque Ports, five cities in south-western Kent that included Hastings, the locality won by the Rollo bloodline when it conquered Britain. It appeared to me that the cinquefoil symbol was code for the Cinque Ports when Dover, one of the five port cities, was discovered using one large cinquefoil as per the Dover surname (first found in Bedfordshire). The Dover cinquefoil is in the colors of the Rodham (i.e. like "Rhodes") cinquefoils.

In the first update of March, I found myself concentrating on the Hastings term for the first time, writing: "There in early Huntingdon the Hastings (Cinque-Port-important Normans) were found, though they merged with Leicester too." In the 3rd update of July, the Hastings link to Liecester was hardened:

The 'M' symbol in the Hastings Coat was from the Arms of Huntingdon, where the Hastings surname ruled before arriving to Liecester.

The Wikipedia article on the topic writes that the 16th century earls of Huntingdon, having the Hastings surname, "represented Derbyshire and Leicestershire in the House of Commons and served as Lord-Lieutenant of Rutland and Leicestershire." The flag of Liecester (or see here) had the same 'M' symbol for that reason.

What I personally call the 'M' symbol is said to be the sleeve of an arm, but I think a secret M-term could be at play. In the second update of March, upon coming across Lord Mandelson in the news, the same 'M' was found, but positioned sideways, in the Mansel Coat. That is, when one enters, "Mandel," the Scottish Mansel Coat pops up using the 'M' symbol, wherefore, perhaps, the 'M' was placed sideways by the Mansel family so that it wouldn't be easily recognized as code for that family.

No Coat is found when entering "Mandelson." Evidence that the Mansel and Mandel surnames were variations of the same family is in the fact that the Mendel (with an 'e') surname was, as was the Mensel/Menzel (with an 'e') surname, first found in Bavaria. This German Mendel Coat is exactly the "Jewish" Mandel (with an 'a') Coat, wherefore the German Mandel (with an 'a') surname, first found in Swabia and using Zionists stars in the blue and gold colors of the EU logo, must apply as well. It's a Hebrew family, quite apparently.

The Hastings, and Huntingdon, may share the 'M' symbol due to linkage with the Mandels. The BIGGER POINT of all this is that Cathy Ashton replaced Peter Mandelson (!!) as the UK's European Commissioner in Brussels. AND, as Astons/Estons and Ashtons were both found first in Lancashire (where Cathy was born) so that the two are likely the same family (see November 24), might not "Hasting" be a variation of "Aston"??? If so, Cathy Ashton links back to the Hastings family and therefore possibly to the Rollo line that conquered the Cinque-Port city of Hastings. When one enters "Hasten," the Hastings Coat pops up. There is also an English Haston/Hasten Coat.

As Cathy was "elected" along with Rompuy, note that another Cinque Port city was Romney. On November 24, the Rompuy surname had lightly and tentatively been traced back to Rouen, the city from which Rollo's sons ruled Normandy. Now look and see two Mandel-like surnames in the quote below (first shared in the third update of April):

Well, this is amazing. Bill Clinton almost made the title, Lord Warden of the Cinqueports:

"The Confederation of the Cinque Ports was formed around 1050 in the time of Edward the Confessor when Hastings, Romney, Hythe, Dover and Sandwich assumed responsibility for 'ship service'.

...The position of Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports...Well known recent holders of the title include Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Robert Menzies and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

The present Lord Warden is former naval commander Admiral Lord Michael Boyce. His appointment was announced on 29 July 2004. This news ended months of speculation over who would take the ceremonial title and names previously mentioned included Prince Andrew, John Major, Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton."

Amazing. Nelson MANDELA!!! And what about the MENZies surname (also mentioned in the quote)??? There is a Scottish Menzies surname, but there could also be one after the German Mensels/Menzels/Mendels...which makes more sense here.

For new readers, the Rodham surname appears to use the Dover cinquefoil, but it also reflects the Leicester Arms. This may explain why Bill Clinton was in consideration for Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports.

The Romney surname was first found in Kent; thus, it's linked with the Cinque-Port locality of Romney. On November 24, when searching for the roots of "Rompuy" and tentatively tracing to the Rome and Romer surnames, I wrote:

Rouen is the Normandy location from which the Rollo line of Normans ruled. The term is almost "Roman," but I had a hard time believing it to be a Roman variation...until entering "Rouen" and getting a shield almost smack like the Romer Coat!!!!! There are nine gold mascles on red as opposed to the seven gold mascles on red in the Romer Coat. Shown variations include Rouen, Rohan, Rouan, Rouanne, and Rouannet, but none with an 'm', wherefore (exchanging the 'u' for an 'm') entering "Romanne" and "Romannet," I find both as established French surnames (using rosemary branches for a symbol).

The final point was that, aside from the first three Rouen variations giving "Romen/Roman" when the 'u/h' is substituted with an 'm', the final two variations shown, Rouanne and Rouannet, if modified with an 'm', are found at the French Romane-Coat page as "Romanne" and "Romanette." That was the theory, anyway, that the city of Rouen was somehow a modification from the Roman term. If true, then we can assume that Romney in the Hastings domain was named after the same Roman elements that named Rouen.

I've held another theory on the origin of "Rouen": in Rollo's father, RAGNvald of More. The Rohen variation shown on the Rouen-surname page smacks of the same (because an 'h' modifies to a 'g'). I've traced "Ragn(vald)" of More to the location of Reghin on the Mures river, Transylvania. BUT, TranSYLVAnia became Romania (!), named by the Romans...because, I strongly believe, the Romans -- as per their SILVA-Rhea and Mars gods that merged with their Remus and Romulus gods -- were themselves originated from the Aphrodite-Ares cult on the Mures (during which time Ares had modified to Mars/Marsi, and Aphrodite to Aprutium/Abruzzo (Italy), where the Marsi lived).

I had traced "Rompuy" to Reims in France (see November 23), and then traced Reims back to mythical Remus of the Romans, but I have long sought a clue without success for tracing the 'l' of "Romulus." BUT NOW: in Wikipedia's Romney article, we read: [Old Romney] was noted in Roman times as Vetus Rumellenum." Could Romney (also "Romenel/Rumenel" in ancient times) have been old Romulus???

There is a Bavarian Rumel/Romelle surname, but also a Normandy location of Romily after which there was the Romely surname. Both the Romney and the Rumel/Romelle surnames use three red symbols on white.

The Romelys were from the Eure location of Les Andelys, a term much like "Mandel" (I'm not making a solid connection, but it's worth a mention). The Andel surname was first found in the Netherlands. Hmm.

I had mentioned "Andel" only once in all my files, on August 8, saying:

In other words, the Milners may have been of the Huse branch of Rhodians. In the Huse write-up, we find: "The family was originally of Noyers, Eure, in the district of Les Andelys, Normandy." "Andelys" might per chance be from "Anduse/Anduze," the surname/location to which the counts of Rodez became linked (see yesterday's update). In fact, Bertrand of Anduse married a Roquefeuil and adopted her name so as to create a Rockefeller branch linking to the Rodez counts. There's a Dutch Andeles surname using a fierce griffin in the [red-on-white] colors of the Huse Coat.

It may turn out that the Andels are not be related to Anduse, but it's interesting that I had mentioned the Andeles, and Les Andelys in Normandy, in conjunction with the French Rhodes surname as it had connected, in Rodez of Languedoc, with the early Rockefellers there. As we suspect Rothschilds/Bauers in all this, especially as the Rumels were first in Bavaria, note that both Romney locations in Kent are on the Rother river.

Keep in mind here that Mitt Romney is a Mormon, a Freemasonic cult of the worst organized kind, inventing a false Bible and highly concerned with propagating false Israelites in the American natives, which "Israelites" I have instead traced to the Aphrodite/Kabeiri Hebrews at Lemnos, and the nearby Hebros river, which river was also the Maritsa...that I say named the Mures/Maros river (Transylvania). Why do we think that Mormon leaders baptized Rollo (posthumously, of course) except that they trace themselves to the Rollo bloodline? Might "Mormon" be code for MoRomon, perhaps from the idea of More/Mures-based Romans?

Mitt's wife was from the Welsh Davies bloodline (same as Davis) on her father's side, which is interesting because that surname, in Scotland, traces to king David I...whose sons ruled at Huntingdon. On her mother's side, she is a Pottinger, reminding us of the cinquefoil-using Potter Coat. In the third update of April:

The Bedfordite dragonline from Liguria might even have been the Atreus bloodline of Ligurians that formed the Atrebates in Hampshire, and Centaurs of Kent. I now know some of these Bedfordites moved to Dover (Kent) and took on the Dover surname (using a large cinquefoil), and I know that "Dover" is rooted in "dofre," an old word for "potter"... as per the German Dopfner surname deriving from "toepfer" = potter.

Note that the Potter cinquefoils are in colors reversed from the Dover cinquefoil, and that both surnames use the ermine spots representing Brittany...though likely they represent the proto-Stewarts of Brittany. The Pottingers use the pelican-on-nest seen in the Stewart Crest; both surnames use "Virtis" in their mottos. David I elevated the Stewarts of Brittany to the position: High Steward of Scotland.

Cathy Ashton's husband has the Kellner surname. Recall the recent Cueva surname now leading the UN military in Lebanon (he could very well be associated with the anti-Christ when he invades Israel from its northern border). "Cueva" means "cave" in Spanish, and meanwhile I had linked (see past two updates) the surname to the Kellners by way of their mutual use of the key symbol (that is, if the Cueva surname is a variation of the Chaves/Shaves surname that uses the key). Well, FE emailed a dozen days ago, but I opened it just now; she claims that "keller" also means a cave. Hmm. I've emailed her back asking how so, but we may suspect cellar = cave, and in fact a "cellar" may have been a natural cave in the first place.

We read: "The name Keller is derived from the Middle High German word 'kelner,' which corresponds to the English occupation of steward. The kelner was the manager of the noble household." Double hmmm. Were the Stewarts, known to be named after "steward," from the Keller/Kelner bloodline???

Variations of the Keller surname include "Kelner" and "Celler," while the Kellner surname is said (at to derive from "cellarer." Zowie, FE, you again look bang-on again yet once again! And again and again!!! Kellers and Kelners look like a match...but I am convinced that Kelners link to "Cluny" (France), though the location could have been named after Kelners (i.e. not vice-versa).

In the news, KE wrote in to share the December-12 article below that I had missed. It claims that two oil deals WERE made in northern Iraq, though there are no details. But note this part:

"On Saturday, Russian private oil giant Lukoil teamed up with Norway's Statoil ASA to snatch the crown jewel of the auction, the 12.88 billion barrel West Qurna Phase 2 field in southern Iraq. It was something of a coup for Lukoil, which won the contract in 1997 under Saddam, only to see the dictator rescind the deal five years later."

The point is, Russia is well on its way to befriending Iraq on the oil front. The Iraqi government, says the article, is extremely happy about the Russian deal. In an article out today, we learn the Russians, as per Gazprom, are in Iraq and on the border with Iran, which might explain why Iranian soldiers seized an oil well on Iraqi territory some days ago:

"The Iraqi Oil Ministry [today] announced a consortium led by Russian energy giant Gazprom had won rights to develop an oil field near the border with Iran.

...The deal to develop the Badra field came amid rising protests from Iraqi Sunni leaders over reports that Iranian troops last week had raised the Iranian flag over an oil well near the border.

I'm waiting for the Great Dipstick to enter northern Iraq seeking Kirkuk oil.

Many years ago, I was led to believe that Christmas is a drago-pagan holiday with Jesus tossed in, and that Jesus would NOT have us celebrate his birthday on this date. Therefore, while I share with you the joys on the birth of Y'Shua, and rejoice with you in the Holy Spirit that He provided to make us one with the One, I don't feel it's consistent to wish you a "merry Christmas."

December 25

I thank CC for the article on the Boer surname that kicked off a lengthy discussion in yesterday's bloodline topic. It made me more convinced that the current EU leaders trace back to "Romans" of Moravia and Romania that I pondered that subject most of the day after the update. The topic was also on the Rhodes bloodline, but the Greek island Rhodes has been traced (by me) to the same entity -- Arados/Arpad in Syria -- that was at the root (in my opinion) of Arad and Oradea in what is now Romania. The Romans were in large part linked to that Ares entity.

When I have time, perhaps this week-end, I want to explain why I think the Romans (of Rome's founding) trace back to the golden-fleece cult from mythical Pelops through to his "son" Atreus. I want to show how that entity leads to mythical Romulus and Remus, twins depicted as sons of a she-wolf. I have two theories on the use of Revelation's two lamb-like horns (pertaining to the False Prophet), and one of them is that the symbol was used (by God) to point out an end-time bloodline/cult that honors the two golden lambs found in the sheep pen of Atreus and his brother. That discussion is so solid in its reliability that it will show how myth writers worked when encoding the historical realities of Satan's Kabeiri cult.

In the news today, here's the sort of Iraqi whom the anti-Christ hates:

"Iraqi parliamentarian Mithal al-Alusi is warning that Iran is much closer to attaining nuclear capability than most sources, including the International Atomic Energy Agency and the US State Department, believe. In fact, he predicts the Iranians could have a nuclear capability - and may announce that they have it - as soon as next month.

...'We are receiving information...'

...'I am talking about Iranian insider information. Very clear, from inside Iran...'

...An ideological pioneer, Alusi has frequently been ahead of the curve. Iraqi-born and bred, he fled to Germany in 1977 after being sentenced to death by Saddam Hussein for circulating anti-Ba'athist flyers. Following Saddam's ouster, he returned to Iraq with his two sons to accept a leadership position in the Supreme National Commission of de-Ba'athification. February 2005, terrorist insurgents murdered his two sons, Ayman, 30, and Gamal, 22, apparently as payback for Alusi's visiting the Jewish state - a taboo in Iraqi society. Minutes after the attack, he told reporters, 'Even if these terrorists try to kill me again... peace with Israel is the only solution for Iraq. Peace with everybody, but no peace for the terrorists.'

...Earlier this month he said, 'I believe the atom bomb will be declared... by January, February, with a nuclear bomb and missiles [to launch it].'"

The article inadvertently points out why God is determined to destroy Iraq in the end times: because it's taboo for Iraqis even to visit Israel.

We are still awaiting the outcome of Iran's belligerence. Will it be attacked first, or will it first join the anti-Christ in Iraq's demise? The situation must be coming to a head.

Readership is naturally down these days as the end of 2009 approaches without evidence that the 70th Week has begun. On that question, I cannot yet say one way or the other because the only sign in the first months of the Week might be the Daniel 9:27 covenant. I have believed that this covenant must be visible to the world, otherwise it wouldn't act as a sign. BUT, when the covenant is properly defined in context, one can see that it might not be visible in the beginning of the seven-year period.

The covenant must surely be related to the successful invasion of Jerusalem's Temple site that the latter half of verse 27 speaks of. It is not logical that the covenant would be entirely unrelated to that invasion, wherefore the whole verse reads as though the covenant is made with the many for the very purpose of invading Jerusalem.

We then need to include another scenario when deciding whether the covenant should be visible at the beginning of the seven-year Week: the likelihood that the "king of the north" must enter Iraq diplomatically before using his "few" armed men to topple the Iraqi leadership. In such a case, neither the anti-Christ nor his few armed men would tend to reveal their covenant...because it's a war pact. The plan would be to get a political foothold in Mosul before attacking. Therefore, the covenant might only become visible after the Iraqi nation is which time the anti-Christ begins to boast confidently. Or, only then may the world realize that the political figure in Mosul is militarily aligned with the Baathists/Sunny insurgents.

It may be a few months into 2010 before I am ready to give an opinion on whether the Week started in late 2009. I had expected the king of the north to be acting in Iraq before the start of the Week, but thus far, no sign of far as anyone, it seems, can make out. But Russia has suddenly gotten giddy in Iraq's oil deals (is this the small noise that heralds the Proud one?), and might next go for a deal in northern Iraq in an effort to beat the West to that prize. When and if such a deal is nearly signed, a Russian oil agency of some sort could be set up, with Iraqi permission, to protect the northern interests. That agency could somehow pave the way for Satan Incarnate.

The city of the golden fleece is in the Georgian news:

"The State Duma has urged the world community to denounce emphatically the decision of the Georgian leaders to blow up the Memorial of Military Glory in Kutaisi, Georgia, and supported the idea of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to restore the monument in Moscow....

The Duma expressed in the document its indignation over the barbaric act of vandalism, committed by the Georgian authorities. The resolution of the Duma urged the parliaments of other countries and international organisations to denounce the actions of the Georgian regime...

This Georgian act comes just as Putin's party is poised to form an alliance with Georgian parties opposed to the Georgian government:

"The parties For Fair Georgia and [Putin's] United Russia 'will cooperate to restore Georgian-Russian relations, the leader of the For Fair Georgia Party and the former prime minister, Zurab Nogaideli said at the Tbilisi airport upon return from Moscow [today].

...'Fair Georgia and United Russia will sign an agreement on cooperation in about 2-3 months,' the former Georgian prime minister said.

Speaking on a possible resumption of the regular air communication between Russia and Georgia, Nogaideli said, 'Currently the negotiations on this issue were futile that was caused by the December 19 events, when the Memorial of Military Glory in Kutaisi was demolished.'"

This alliance is more of a rail against president Saakashvili than a friendship. Putin would only use the alliance to steamroll Georgian sovereignty for good. Russia's foreign minister is still uttering statements against the Georgian government; in yesterday's news, this headline: "Sergey Lavrov: Saakashvili poses peace threats to Caucasus." Lavrov claims that Russia has no ambitions for invading Georgia again, and reminds his people that NATO is still building the Georgian military. The situation is ripe for an invasion by Gog's forces, but on that score we'll need to wait to see if the invasion occurs at all. If it does, it could be more toward the middle of the Week, after he has taken much of Iraq and Syria.

December 28

I've been away for three days. Last week I decided that, for various reasons having to do with the cold, I would spend the winter at a friend's. But before going there, I spent the past three days elsewhere, with no internet access. I've just gotten back home to find that ground water continues to enter the crawl space below the house, threatening foundation damage due to freezing water. For this reason, I don't know where I'll be tomorrow. If you don't hear from me in coming days, I'm at the place without internet access. I plan on staying here tonight, but plans can change.

There is a statement from Netanyahu clarifying what his freeze covers; it does not include the Jewish neighborhoods inside the Jerusalem borders, even if in East Jerusalem. The article makes it clear that O-Washington wants all building to cease in East Jerusalem:

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to construct an additional 700 apartments in East Jerusalem is another blow to already stalled peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, a U.S. official said [today].

...Under the new blueprint, the Housing Ministry has invited contractors to bid on the construction of 198 housing units in Pisgat Zeev, 377 homes in Neve Ya'akov and 117 dwellings in Har Homa.

...Israel claims all of the city its capital and does not consider those neighborhoods to be settlements...

Netanyahu did not include East Jerusalem in the temporary construction freeze he declared weeks ago, saying the slowdown applies only to the West Bank.

'We make a distinction between the West Bank and Jerusalem. Jerusalem is our capital and remains such,' government spokesman Mark Regev said [today]."

Pisgat Zeev and neighboring Neve Ya'akov are about 3 miles north of the walled city of Old Jerusalem. They are likely to be razed when the Razor arrives.

The Mousavi factor hasn't gone away, yet:

"The body of the nephew of Iran's opposition leader - slain in the deadliest day of anti-government protests in months - disappeared from a hospital [today], and security forces detained at least seven prominent activists, opposition reports said.

...Reza Mousavi said [today] that the body of his brother, Ali Mousavi, was taken overnight from a Tehran hospital and that nobody had accepted responsibility for removing the corpse...

The slain man was the nephew of opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi, a presidential contender in a disputed election in June..."

Some are suggesting that the murder of Mousavi's nephew could revive the opposition movement. All the West is loudly booing A-Madman from the sidelines; the relationship is still rising toward critical.

The proof is here. Yahoo couldn't resist betraying its customers for a little cash:

"Yahoo isn't happy that a detailed menu of the spying services it provides to 'law enforcement' and spy agencies has leaked onto the web.

After earlier reports this week that Yahoo had blocked an FOIA Freedom of Information release of its 'law enforcement and intelligence price list', someone helpfully provided a copy of the Yahoo company's spying guide to the whistleblower web site

The 17-page guide, which Yahoo has tried to suppress via legal letters to the site run by freedom of information champion John Young, describes Yahoo's policies on keeping the data of Yahoo Email and Yahoo Groups users, as well as the surveillance and spying capabilities it can give to the U.S. government and its agencies.


'If you ask Yahoo! to delete your Yahoo! account, in most cases your account will be deactivated and then deleted from our user registration database in approximately 90 days. This delay is necessary to discourage users from engaging in fraudulent activity.

Please note that any information that we have copied may remain in back-up storage for some period of time after your deletion request. This may be the case even though no information about your account remains in our active user databases.'"

We are not living in an honorable world anymore, and Obama is NOT honorable. If you oppose the O-bankers, watch that you don't get hit by a tiny dart:

"A CIA secret weapon used for assassination shoots a small poison dart to cause a heart attack, as explained in Congressional testimony in the short video below...

The dart from this secret CIA weapon can penetrate clothing and leave nothing but a tiny red dot on the skin. On penetration of the deadly dart, the individual targeted for assassination may feel as if bitten by a mosquito, or they may not feel anything at all. The poisonous dart completely disintegrates upon entering the target.

The lethal poison then rapidly enters the bloodstream causing a heart attack. Once the damage is done, the poison denatures quickly, so that an autopsy is very unlikely to detect that the heart attack resulted from anything other than natural causes...

...Could this or a similar secret weapon have been used, for instance, in the recent death of 52-year-old Mark Pittman, a reporter who predicted the financial crisis and exposed Federal Reserve misdoings? Pittman, whose fight to open the Federal Reserve to more scrutiny led Bloomberg News to sue the central bank and win, died of a heart attack on Nov. 25th."

December 29

What do you think of this:

"Russia needs 'to develop offensive weapons systems' to counter US missile defenses and maintain the strategic balance, PM Vladimir Putin says.

Otherwise, the United States would feel 'completely protected' and able to 'do whatever they want', Mr Putin added."

It doesn't sound as though the "king" of Russia is giving Obama a big warm bear hug. But is the statement what it purports to be, or is it another excuse offered to the West for Russia's secret aggression program? If the latter, where is that aggression aimed first of all? Or is Putin making the statement as a round-about way to tell Obama, "Touch Iran, and you'll be dealing with my OFFENSIVE weaponry." Another article adds that Putin even wants Obama to lift the skirt on some American defensive weaponry:

"Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said [today] that Russia will build new weapons to offset the planned U.S. missile defense and urged Washington to share detailed data about its missile shield under a new arms control deal.

Putin's remarks posted on the Cabinet's Web site set a defiant tone and signaled new difficulties in talks between the two nations.

...Putin's comments also showed that the former Russian president is continuing to shape Russian foreign policy, which under the constitution should be set by his successor, Dmitry Medvedev."

Putin is hereby leaving himself large room to deny Obama the arms deal. And he's asking Obama to be his fool in the meantime.

That's about it for today. I'm definitely keeping watch on Israeli and Iraqi news. I'm hoping to have DSL internet service for many weeks starting later this week; it'll allow me to do deep research on any topic. Plus, as I'm taking a break from building the house, updates will become my full-time job. I'd like to focus on the insurgent Baathists, but information on them is scanty.


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