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June 1

The war between Obama and Netanyahu has begun, as Hillary throws some Obama weight while Netanyahu's agents throw it back. Israel has been wanting to demolish Palestinian homes that were built illegally, in the West Bank, on land owned legally by Israelis:

"Said one source in Netanyahu's administration, 'This [Obama/Clinton attitude] was very frustrating to us. Can you imagine if a foreign government came in and told a city office in the U.S. not to tear down a house that was illegally constructed on someone else's property?'

While Clinton opposed the Palestinian house demolitions, informed Israeli officials said the Obama administration is carefully monitoring Jewish construction in eastern Jerusalem and has already protested to the highest levels of Israeli government about evidence of housing expansion in those areas."

It is the start of a war:

"Israel refused [yesterday] to bow to US calls for a freeze to all settlement activity in the occupied West Bank, as it fumed over the 'unfair' demands that have raised tensions between the close allies.

'I want to say in a crystal clear manner that the current Israeli government will not accept in any fashion that legal settlement activity be frozen,' said Transport Minister Yisrael Katz, a close ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The premier himself did not address the issue at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting but the fighting words were echoed by other members of the largely right-wing cabinet, including from its most liberal party, Labour.

A senior Israeli official complained...'The Americans have demanded almost nothing from the Palestinians but are asking Israel to take steps that are a real sacrifice. These demands are unfair,' he told AFP on condition of anonymity.

'The Palestinians are taking a passive approach. They're not even ready to meet the Israeli side and Abu Mazen (Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas) wants the Americans to do all the work,' he said."

That last sentence is bang-on! The point of the statement is that Obama is carrying out the will/agenda of the Palestinians while they sit back and wait for it to be done before they enter talks with Israel. If not for Obama's Muslin background, a storm raining cats and dogs would not be looming.

Obama is seeing another set back to his long-term goal of uniting the Palestinians, for there is now a war -- this one with bullets -- between Fatah and Hamas:"Six people were killed in a West Bank shoot-out on Sunday when an attempt [by Fatah] to arrest a senior Hamas commander went awry, deepening the rift between the two main Palestinian factions."

Hamas has responded by calling for car bombs etc. against its Palestinian neighbors, according to DEBKAfile. If this does occur, we will have another basis to trust DEBKAfile when other media don't report the same.

Why do nations join globalism? Because, if they don't, they will be denied the honors and benefits that globalism dishes out to those who comply. This is the fundamental engine of the new world order. We have yet to see whether Obama will use the tactic on Israel, and he may be slow in doing so because the Israelis are clearly willing to expose any such tactic and paint it as black as possible. This may be the reason that Obama has decided, for the meantime, anyway, to wait two years before getting he's hoping to topple the Netanyahu government rather than deal with it to his own political losses. Obama wants to court the Muslims, but he sees clearly how it will distance Americans from him.

On the topic of "...'dictatorships of international finance,' in the words of the Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz. 'Countries are effectively told that if they don't follow certain conditions, the capital markets or the IMF [International Money Fund] will refuse to lend them money,' writes Stiglitz. 'They are basically forced to give up part of their sovereignty.'"

The article goes on to show globalists now to the point of being able to argue that sovereignty is dangerous. Imagine that. Who do these control freaks think they are just because they have the money bags of the world? They are not going to abandon their dreams now that they practically own nations via the fact that they fund national debts. Virtually every family in the West (and in other some other nations) owes the international bankers thousands of dollars, and in some cases, as for example in America, tens of thousands of dollars.

I cringe at paying taxes in light of where most of it is going, and in light of the fact that nations are deliberately in debt so that more money goes there. It would be bad enough if the leaders of nations were NOT part of the international-banking cabal, but they too are working for them in many cases. Global unity and security is God's goal too, but when world rulers are thieves exploiting the nations, it's just got to be one main justification for Armageddon.

The exploitation of Israel by America does not seem to be part of the thinking of those Christians, perhaps yourself, who applaud America's support role of Israel. Obama has confessed publicly, and is even using it as a lever, that the Palestinian issue is an American concern. To excuse his intrusions, he's saying that Israel must form a Palestinian state because it is in the "interests" of the United States. My personal opinion is that Obama's Palestinian agenda is in the interests of the globalism that he himself abides by.

There has been, more important now than ever, a pan-Middle-Eastern agenda where Israel is merely its tool. Zionists are not only in the business of setting Israel up as their own entity, but in the business of world rule...though Muslims act as their chief obstacles. Obama's circle of Zionists has decided to pull Muslims amicably into the global fold -- this being an underlying reason for Obama's speech in Egypt on June 4 -- rather than fight them tooth and nail as before. The Israeli government must comply with this agenda...explaining why Obama wants another Israeli government.

So, I say, praise God for the rise of Muslim extremists who are about to bring Zionists down. Christians should stay out of this war. Christians should not be pro-America as per this war, nor pro-British, etc. The leaders of the nations are evil; they do not seek God's will for the nations, nor even for their own nation. The peoples who gloat over Obama view Christians as those who want to force God down their throats, as if eating something good needs to be forced upon them. Eat, fools, it's good for you.

But they resist and puke at the thought. They hate God, and these are those who want to force our very children to eat what they offer, faggotry and moral pollution, and all things that the Creator abhors for mankind. If we are guilty for offering God on a plate, imagine their guilt for what they offer in their filthy cups. Hypocrites, destined for filthy graves.

The worm of the grave was made to act as a sign of our sins, but immoralites ignore the sign. Immoralites are about to rise up against us in efforts to send us to our graves. At first, they will persecute in less-drastic ways, but as they see us resisting and pointing out their sins, they will seek to jail us, and, finally, to murder us if they can get away with it. They are everywhere in power in the West, but as yet they have not acted illegally on a massive scale. They are about to come out of the closet and break their own laws to persecute us, arresting us on false/exaggerated charges, accusing us of things we are not guilty the same manner that they treated Jesus. I believe that modern Zionists come from the stock as Pharisees and Sadducees.

The statements below can be interpreted as Putin's hastening of a war:

"Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has criticized the Defense Ministry for being too slow in concluding contracts with arms manufacturers. He was speaking at a meeting of the Cabinet's presidium.

'I am asking all of you and the defense minister in person -- today he is busy elsewhere, so please tell him on by behalf - this work should be stepped up, because there emerge problems at defense enterprises for no apparent reason, because the money is available. Do make it quicker,' Putin told the chief of the General Staff, Nikolai Makarov."

As the statement was made for the public to receive, it may merely be some saber rattling. For what cause? Perhaps for the West's building confrontation with North Korea. Over the weekend, reports surfaced from South Korea that then North is preparing a larger missile than the half dozen tested in May. :

"According to Yonhap, North Korea appears to be preparing for a long-range missile test, an informed source said [May 30], defying the UN Security Council whose members are negotiating a resolution to punish it for its recent nuclear test. The source, asking not to be identified, said an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) was recently spotted on a cargo train near Pyongyang, the North Korean capital.

The missile has since been moved to an undisclosed location, according to the source. 'It usually takes about two months to set up a launch pad, but the process could be done in as little as two weeks...'

" Everyone seems to be flaunting in Obama's face, as if he were of little account. Even the Muslims are prepared to despise him if he doesn't put walk to his talk. The exception is Pakistan. What made that country change it's attitude so suddenly on the Taliban after it was prepared to give the Taliban it's own little state within Pakistan. The United States, apparently. I don't know why the Pakistani leadership jumped when the Obama administration cracked its whip, but if Obama wants to take credit for the recent successes against the Taliban, he should also take credit for the ill-effects that come forth:

"Pakistan nears complete victory in its decisive fight against Taliban militants in Swat Valley as its defense secretary says they hope to crush the Taliban resistance in the region within a couple of days. Meanwhile, there are growing fears of massive revenge attacks."

Consider what large messes small organizations like the Taliban are effecting, and ask whether God is empowering mice to put elephants to fright? But the picture is far worse. The mice will soon empower the King of the North, and the Nephilim giants will fail; the Amorites will fall. It will be sheer horror for the "priory" of Zion:

"The Prieure de Sion, translated from French as Priory of Sion, is a name given to multiple groups, both real and fictitious. The most notorious is a fringe fraternal organization, founded and dissolved in France in 1956 by Pierre Plantard. In the 1960s, Plantard created a fictitious history for that organization, describing it as a secret society founded in the Kingdom of Jerusalem in 1099, which preserves the bloodlines of the Merovingian dynasty."

There is truth the claims even if Plantard was involved in a deceptive scheme. I traced, wholly independent of the Holy Blood/Holy Grail theme, the Jerusalem Amorites and its Nephilim cult to Merovingians and their Nibelung partners. It has nothing to do with Jesus, except that Satanists want to lump him (AND HIS BLOODLINE) in with the Merovingian cult. The article above says that "The official emblem of the Priory of Sion is partly [an under-statement] based on the fleur-de-lis, which was a symbol particularly associated with the French monarchy."

Plantard's organization emphasized the Merovingian king, Dagobert, a term smacking of fish-tailed Dagon, and meanwhile the link between the Lusatians (where I root the fleur de lys cult) and the French was fish-tailed Melusine. Dagobert was king of Austrasia, which may have been named after "struthio," the ostrich symbol of the Zeus-Dagon cult in Crete. Dagon was an Amorite god that was passed on to the Philistines, exposing that the ostrich cult in Crete was an Amorite one.

Dagobert and his royal line was betrayed by a Merovingian agent that I trace to Paphlagonians: Grimoald the Elder of the Pippinids. Grimoald's mother (Itta of Metz) may have been a Nibelung, or at least associated with Nibelungs, for "On the advice of the missionary bishop Saint Amand, bishop of Maastricht, after Pippin's death, she founded the Benedictine nunnery at Nivelles." Compare "Nivelles" with "Nibel(ung)."

Itta's Metz ancestry goes back not long to Ferreolus of Rodez (late fifth century). This Ferreolus family was instilled in the Roman senate and could, conceivably, trace back to Babylon the Great via the Roman caesars. Dagon itself traces to Amorite Babylon, where the Ishtar cult (i.e. Babylon the Great) was chief.

This aside leading to Rodez fits nicely with the topic I had planned for a post-news addition to today's update that concerns Obama and his possibly blood ties to Hillary Rodham. I'll try to be short.

I go back to yesterday's topic, the Ruth/Randolph Coat that includes only "Randolph, Randolf and others," but no "Ruth." As I contemplated this apparent anomaly, and seeing that the Ruth/Randolph Coat has three distinct similarities with the Rodham Coat (i.e. ermine spots on white/silver, red shield, three five-pointed stars in black as opposed to three five-petal cinquefoil in black), I wondered whether "Randolph" had previously been Radol in better reflection of the Rutuli peoples of Latin domains south of Rome. For, I had considered a trace of the Rodham surname to Rutuli stock, which I also figured was the Rus stock that founded the Arthurian cult. I had no idea at the time, early this morning, that I would be on the topic of Dagobert later in the morning, but that topic seems to compliment my findings below.

I tried various Radol-like surnames (i.e. with an 'l' assumed to be from a Rutuli-like term), and found only a few. The English Ridell/Ridel Coat uses all three colors of the Ruth/Randolph Coat; there are three black symbols as there are in Ruth/Randolph Coat. The French Rideau surname, with "Ridel" as a variation, uses a blue and gold Coat, the colors of the Randolph Coat (that was adopted by Obama's mother's surname through inter-marriage(s)). The latter Ridels were from Calvados (Normandy), which fits my trace of the Arthurian cult to the Halybes of southern Italy.

Moreover, I recognize the block symbols on the French Ridel surname as those on the English Plock Coat (from "Pollock/Polk?) The Plock Coat also uses two black birds that may be crows, which would be important because the end of my Ruth/Randolph exercise was at the Rand Coat: a red lion on gold shield, the reverse of a Scottish Crawford Coat. Let me then re-show the other Scottish Crawford Coat: a red shield with ermine-studded white bar, reflecting well the Ruth/Randolph and Rodhams Coats!

The evidence of a Rodham link to Plock then becomes solid after seeing that the German Block Coat uses the same blocks in the same colors as the Plock Coat. The evidence is in the English Block Coat, where we find a tree trunk that is the same one in the Rodham Crest! But there's more because the English Block Coat uses two black birds (as does the Plock Coat) that look more like crows than anything.

Therefore, the Blocks and the Plocks -- and therefore possibly the Pollocks -- are related to the Rodhams, and therefore to the Ruth/Randolphs. The red blocks on gold shield used by both the Blocks and Plocks may then be from the red-lion-on-gold Rand Coat and/or the gold-lion-on-red Crawford Coat.

Going back to the French Rideau/Ridel surname that used the blocks in gold on blue, we may seek evidence that the family was connected in particular to the blue and gold Scottish Randolphs first found in Moray. The first piece of evidence is the English Ridels, first found in WestMoreland. As More is where the Rollo (also "Rolf") Sinclairs ruled, see the roosters on both the English Rideau Coat and the Sinclair Crest. The English Rideau surname has Ridel-like variations such as Ridealgh and Ridehalgh.

If Obama's Randolph surname goes back to Ridels, therefore, as it very much appears to, it may then trace to the red and gold diamonds of the Counts of Angouleme, for in the French Rideau/Ridel page, we read: "Geoffroi Ridel descended from the ancient counts of Angouleme..." As you can see in the Angouleme link above, the diamonds appear as a variation of the red and gold Vaux checks, and because the English Vaux Coat is filled with them, the Vaux family must have been a Cohen/Hohen branch.

Well freak me out! This tangent toward Angouleme was not from this morning's exercise on the Ruth/Randolph hunt, but occurred as I was writing now; so look at the red blocks in the French BeliVaux/Vaux Coat (!!), a match with the red blocks in the German Block Coat.

This tends to reveal that the Ridel (and therefore possibly the Randolph) surname could have been from the Vaux/Fulk family of Cohen-branch Hebrews in Anjou, and therefore connected to the Veres of Anjou. Indeed, the Vere Coat uses red and gold checks, so to speak...but otherwise the symbol of Anjou was blue and gold (i.e. Randolph colors), three gold fleur de lys on blue (!), the symbol of the Masci Coat.

Mascis were from Dunham Masci, where Ranulf de Meschin ruled (I trace Obama's mother's surname, Dunham, to Dunham Masci, and in particular to the Ranulf-named Meschins, who were Mascis/Masseys). This tie of the Mascis to the Anjou Veres should surely explain why the Massey Coat (surname first found in Cheshire where Meschins ruled) uses three fleur de lys on a Vere shield!

In one chapter, where I showed Angouleme (in Aquitaine, south-west France) to be a part of the Anjou family, I wrote:

"There are three Wulgrins and one Fulk in the list of Angouleme counts. With that in mind, read this: 'Fulk le Breant, a mercenary soldier who was granted the Manor of Luton for services to King John in the thirteenth century. By marriage, he also gained the rights to an area near London, south of the Thames. The house he built, Fulk's Hall, became known in time as Vauxhall."

It Depends on what the Meaning of Isaurian Is

Suddenly, I am realizing that the Pict side of the Veres go back to the Meshech, for the Picts are traced by me to the Pyxites river on the south-east corner of the Black sea, Amazon territory and exactly where the Meshech lived in Ezekiel's day. That explains, in other words, why Veres were connected to Meschins. Compare "Meschin" with "Amazon."

The connection of the Ruth/Randolph family to the Sinclairs is perhaps evidenced again in the Rudge/Rutge Coat, using what could be a white Sinclair Cross. The Coat uses the same colors as the Ruth/Randolph Coat, and both Ridel Coats; moreover "Rudge" may be a shortened form of "Ridealgh." The Rudge Crest holds what looks like a white block. Note that the Rudge surname was first found in Staffordshire, where Comerford (a possible Gomerian location) is found, home of the Comforts. Then note that the Comfort Coat uses red and white in one design (possible Ruth/Randolph colors), and blue and gold in the other. I strongly suspect that Obama's Randolph ancestry -- which should be the most important one, the one that has made him president by globalist bloodlines in his support -- traces to both the Ruthven and Radziwills.

After doing the Ruth/Randolph hunt, I got into Dagobert and found this:

"Radulf was the Duke of Thuringia (dux Thoringiae) from 632 or 633 (certainly before 634) until his death after 642. He was a son of Chamar, a Frankish aristocrat, and he rose to power under Dagobert I.

Radulf fought successfully against the Wends of Samo. He subsequently revolted [against Dagobert, I'm assuming] and allied with the Agilolfing [from Garibert I] Duke of Bavaria, Fara. He became powerful in the region of Franconia around the river Main, but Dagobert defeated Fara quickly and easily. Entrenched in his fortress on the Unstrut, however, Radulf was not overcome."

Here I was seeking, in the early morning, Radol-like terms that could be ancestral to "Randolph," when later in the day I not only find a Radulf and Fara in France (in times previous to the counts of Anjou), but I trace a Radol-like surname (i.e. Ridel) to Veres of Anjou. The fact that this Radulf was associated with both Garibert's line (from Gareb at Jerusalem) and Samo (I independently link the Samos cult of Armenia to Garebites) hasn't escaped me.

Samson was the enemy of the Dagon-worshiping Philistines so that Dagobert tends to trace to the Dagon cult more assuredly in that he was the enemy of Samo (the Wend in the quote above).

But what amazes me once again is that I had not read the Radulf quote above until after writing the paragraph above it wherein I suggest an Obama trace, via his Randolph line, to the ostrich symbols of Ruthven and Radziwill. Note in the quote above that Radulf had a fortress at Unstrut! Wikipedia suggests that the Unstrut region was named after a swamp: "Strodu in Old High German means a boggy thicket...", but I see "struth(io)" = ostrich. This is so long before the Stewarts proper that one may now have the key of identifying Radulf as an early Stewart progenitor.

The thing to do is to check the Stroud Coat, but there is a hare symbol, unfamiliar to me. However, the family was "First found in Somerset where they were descended from the Alain, the Duke of Bretagne [i.e. Brittany] who arrived in England with William the Conqueror in 1066 A.D. The first to be granted lands was Sir Warinus Strode, Lord of Strode in Dorset, whose lands also pervaded Somerset." Amazing. This is excellent evidence that proto-Stewarts do trace to Unstrut, for the first known Stewarts were Alans of Brittany.

Checking the ancestry of Alain III, duke of Brittany, it comes from Rennes in his great-grandfather, Juhael Berenger, Count of Rennes. This may explain why Stewarts lived in Renfrew (after they lived in Shropshire), for I had suspected that Renfrew was named after Rennes, but didn't have any evidence aside from the similarity of terms. Rennes is thought to derive from "Araeda" and the Redones/Rodez/Ruthene (as for example the Rhone river derives from it's previous name, "Rhodanus"), wherefore recall what I found yesterday, that the French Rodez/Roder Coat uses a gold lion on red, the reverse of the Crawford Coat; the latter surname uses the ostrich, and the Stewart checks...suggesting strongly that Stewarts do derive from the island of Rhodes.

In fact, the Rand Coat (found just today) uses a red lion on gold as do the Crawfords, and the Rand surname was first found in Lincolnshire (i.e. "Lin Colony")...once the "Kingdom of Lindsey." I had traced Lincolnshire to Lindos on Rhodes, the city founded by Danaans...who I traced long ago to Erethlyn (Wales) as per the Hercules wave to western Atlantis, as he came in a ship of Helios (god of Rhodes) shaped like a cup. In the Geryon and Orthos myth, Hercules goes to "Erytheia" of the far west.

Long ago, I had linked Erethlyn to the Redones, and only afterward to Rothesay, the likely domain of the Pollocks of Rothes. Pollocks were from Renfrew, remember, so that if Renfrew was named after Rennes elements, then as a certainty Rothesay (now Bute) was named by Rhodians. This is the Biblical Rosh, I am certain, and Helios may have depicted the Alans (Sarmations) of Caucasia (Sarmations lived on the Tanais river, where I trace mythical Danaus to). The city of Kamiros on Rhodes -- made one of the three sons of Helios along with Lindos -- surely depicted the Cimmerians/Gomerians, for they were anciently the "Gamiri".

The Rind/Rhyd surname (first found in Fife) was likely a branch of the Ruth/Randalph surname because the Rind Crest uses a black star (the symbol on the Ruth/Randolph Coat) while the shield is blue and gold. The Rand Coat, you may have noticed, uses the white triple chevron on red that was at the roots of the founders of the United States.

You get it. The red and white stripes, and the white stars on blue, are from the Randolphs of Moray. That's the clan -- by many different surnames -- that was one of the most prominent in the founding of the United States.

Praise God that he has made my work a success. I feel satisfied. But I am sure that there is more to come. The deeds and ambitions of the Stewart bloodline need to be uncovered.

Do you think that I knew I'd be tying Hercules and the Rhodians to the president of the United States, and to his circle of agents, when I started this dragon hunt? The answer is, yes, I thought that it should lead to the False Prophet. But you be the judge. Have I laid out the Obama links to the Rhodians as a tricky manipulation on my part, or am I being completely honest with myself in seeking the truth of the matter? I am amazed with what I have been finding, and how it has been found.

June 2

If anything ordered in the Middle East by George Bush turned ill, we'd never hear the end of it from Obama and Hillary. Now look:

"As many as several hundred students and teachers were reported missing in the mountains of western Pakistan [yesterday], and people from the same minivan convoy who made it to their destination said the missing had been abducted by the Taliban."

This is retaliation for the offensive launched by Pakistan at the demands of Obama. What will Obama do about it? Blame Bush? Life was easy when all one had to do was blame Bush. Things are going to get a tad tougher now.

Pakistan will now need to pay the price for Obama's demands, and soon Israel will have to pay the price for the demands of the same demented president. The terrorists will arise and advance because they are not afraid of Obama the nice guy. At first, Obama figured that extremist Muslims were like easy women who can be seduced by charming, smooth talk, and a fat wallet. Now that he knows better, he has yet to learn how to handle them with minimal retaliation. Unfortunately, there is no solution for conquering lunatics; one can't clobber them on the head with a club and expect them to go away. They will just come back crazier and do worse than at first. Every crack on the head to an extremist Muslim is, in his eyes, an extra virgin in heaven.

The article below tells that Obama changed his mind about exposing prisoner photos when the Iraqi prime minister caught wind of it...and went pale in fright, believing that "Baghdad would burn" if the photos were released. With a demented president like this, any wrong move could trigger Armageddon. He's demented because he's still concerned about shaming George Bush and his agents regardless of the effect it might have in the world of terrorism. This same thirst for retribution should unleash harmful programs against "right-wing fundamentalists" in America.

Good news on two fronts in solar-energy use for tribulation purposes: 1) the thin-film method of obtaining solar energy is in full swing in many parts of the world and should be spread widely within a couple of years, and, 2) the price of the standard type solar panel is going down drastically...probably due directly to competition with the thin film method.

"Spot prices on the solar industry's key raw material, polysilicon, have halved since January, giving a leg up to solar panels that rely heavily on the material.

Thin-film solar panels, made with little or no polysilicon, are starting to lose their competitive edge over China-made silicon-based modules, which are more efficient in transforming the sun's rays into electricity.

...Crystalline silicon and thin film solar panels are now competing in the same markets for the same customers, Andreas Haenel said on a conference call..."

Why is it that Palestinans may separate and form their own country with EU blessings while:

"The European Union says elections for South Ossetia's separatist parliament are illegitimate and says the 27-nation bloc will not accept the election results -- AP News reports.

...The EU, however, still considers the two provinces to be part of Georgia."

Whatever reason the EU gives for opposing the separation of South Ossetia can be used by Israel to show the EU's hypocrisy. Israel can't, however, shame the EU, because it wants an upgrade in EU status. Israel desires to prostitute itself to an EU that will compromise the tiny nation for the sake of pumping Middle Eastern fuel safely though Muslim countries. Yes, Western support for a Palestinian state is mere imagery to insure that Muslim nations not oppose the pipelines now being built/used in their countries.


I just responded to an email and thought I should present it here in case anyone is confused about my view of the Gog which Ezekiel addressed:

"Thank you. I'll have to disagree with some things said, as for example placing Togarmah no further north than Armenia. The Tocharians were in what is now northern Russia at least as early as not long after Ezekiel's life.

I will also have to disagree that there was not a relationship between Rus and Gogi. There was a Hros peoples in northern Caucasia and in the proto-Ukraine, which I identify as Cimmerians, but in any case some relationship to Gogarene in Georgio-Armenia is possible.

With the western movements of these peoples I am in full agreement.

I am not sure about Gyges of Lydia being the Gog to whom Ezekiel addresses, though it's possible. I was under the impression that Gyges, if he was a man at all (rather than a deity), ruled slightly before Ezekiel's birth. Plus, I do not see that Lydia was in the land of Magog, wherefore I suspect that there was a Lydian branch in Caucasia, and the Laz Colchians/Georgians would be it.

My traces of Gog go to the Laz Caucasians and their Nergal allies, the latter of which I identify, for one, with the Hyksos of Egypt as they evolved into Danaans of Greece. But there were other branches, though ultimately I think they trace back to Babylon, especially in Cuthah. The Laz are traced by me to such far-north places as Lithuania, the point being that I trace Lithuanians back to Lydians i.e. of the Gogi family.

As per my identification of Nergal as Hercules, my findings are starting to unveil Gog as a Lydo-Herculean peoples, which is conspicuous because Lydia was ruled by a Hercules bloodline of Mysian colors for five centuries before Gyges of Lydia. Mysia, if you don't already know, was a Meshech domain before the time of Ezekiel.

You'll need to trust me on my identification of the Meshech with Amazons, and then, based on the Amazon ancestry of Sarmations, note that the latter lived on the Tanais river (now the Don), smacking of mythical Danaus...which is the Hercules line of Danaans. Thus, the Scythian side of the Sarmations, which Herodotus did not describe in detail, must have been be Gog. And in fact these Scythians ruled Caucasia in Ezekiel's time, but had lived on the north shore of the Black sea before coming into Media and later into much of Anatolia.

It is not correct to say that the northern world ended in Caucasia in Ezekiel's time. Herodotus points out peoples to the north of the Black sea, including the "Royal Scythians," whom I peg as Gog.

Hope this helps,


I neglected to mention the Roxolani (Hros-Alans) to a significant distance north of the Black sea, who would qualify as a Rus-Gog alliance.

All clues put together lead me to the Hermes cult (in Armenia) as the origin of Gog (note the Hermus river in Lydia), then to the Colchians. Put another way, Gog was a Cadusii peoples who founded Kutaisi in Colchis, but also Hattusa on the Halys river, and as such Gog was mythical Atti(s), i.e. the Hatti peoples of Hattusa who gave birth to mythical Lydus. Thus, Gog traces back to mythical Manes, the ancestor of Attis. Since I identify Manes with Armenia/Minni, it fits, for the province of Gogarene/Gugar was on the Georgian-Armenian border.

Mythology has thus given me the detailed answers that neither history nor the Bible could give. I do not give glory to mythology, but use it as a tool to unveil these things. One first needs to become well versed in mythical codes before one can make accurate assessments. The revelations never cease to come in as one gets very familiar with the codes, IF the codes have been correctly assessed. Put another way, the dragon cult which wished to disguise its roots using myth codes gave mankind the only means by which to discover their secret history. Or, they blew it and gave it all away.

There have been polls in Iran that show Ahmadinejad behind by four points, though two articles on the topic shared that Iranians polls cannot be trusted. Judging by the article below, it would appear as though Ahmadinejad will win:

"French President Nicolas Sarkozy will meet Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki in Paris on [June 3] for talks on a variety of issues, including Teheran's controversial nuclear program."

Why would Sarkozy meet an agent of Ahmadinejad to discuss a long-term issue if he thought Ahmadinejad would no longer be president after the June 12 elections? Perhaps Sarkozy seeks a media opportunity to put a final mail in Ahmadinejad's chances of election victory. One can understand why Ahmadinejad could be a little humbler these days, but if he wins: intolerable pride. For Obama: great disappointment.

He can breathe a sigh of great relief as "The Pakistani military has rescued 80 students and teachers taken captive by Taliban fighters in the country's northwest tribal region. The military launched a pre-dawn raid [today] in a bid to end the hostage drama, military and government officials said." The rescue sounds so neat and tidy, without drama.

Obama agents were in Turkey on May 31, just as Kirkuk oil began to flow through Turkey:

"Key Turkish and U.S. officials attending an annual conference here on relations between Ankara and Washington on Sunday praised an improvement in ties between the two allies since President Barack Obama took office in January.

U.S. Ambassador to Ankara James Jeffrey...said the United States and Turkey were now cooperating closely on a number of matters ranging from Iran and Iraq to Afghanistan and Pakistan."

Putin, standing outside the window and looking in, feels cold. He walks away is dismay, and maybe he plots against the American "intruder" whose swept his cockadoodle-doo off her feet. Immediately below the link to the article above is a link to the article below:

"The Kurdish administration in northern Iraq and Turkish energy firm Genel Enerji took a historic step by launching oil exports from northern Iraq to Turkey yesterday.

...The move also reflects the evolution of stronger economic relations between Turkish businesses and the Kurdish administration in northern Iraq

...'Turkey is our economic partner. We are in a new era of friendship and cooperation, on the right path,' Ashti Hawrami, minister for natural resources in the Kurdish administration of northern Iraq said."

This now requires an extension of the Gog-in-myth topic. It's known by historians that Sarmations descended from Scythians, and that Sarmations put forth Alans and Kok-Turks, the latter becoming the Turks proper. But the Kurds also figure into the ancient-Gog picture.

When Herodotus traced Amazons to the founding of Sarmations, he married the Amazons to the "Gargarians," who we may presume to be the proto-Georgians living next to the Thermodon Amazons (who lived to the south-west of modern Georgia). The idea from Herodotus is that Gargarians and Amazons on the south-east shores of the Black sea moved to the Tanais river where the Scythians that all three merged as one peoples: the Sauromata/Sarmations.

To this I should add that myth made Hercules mate with a woman having a snake tail, who together produced various Scythian tribes. While Hercules in this picture can be identified with Cuthah-stock people because 2 Kings 17 tells that they worshiped Nergal, the snake woman can be identified as the coiled serpents of the Hermes caduceus staff, and as such the snake woman depicted two peoples, at least one of which were Cadusii. The point is, the Cuthah can be identified as a mainline Cadusii branch...though not necessarily meaning that Hercules depicted the Cuthah in particular, for it would appear that he married into the Cuthah peoples, explaining why the Cuthah worshiped him. Therefore, Hercules still needs to be identified as a distinct peoples. Note that since Hebe was made the official wife of Hercules, the Cuthah, who lived in Hebrew-infested Babylon, were likely pagan Hebrews.

The Herculite Scythians can then be traced to mythical Hellen and his son, Xuthus, for the obvious reason that Hellen and Xuthus were the Alan Sarmations and their Cuthah branch of Cadusii. The second serpent of the Hermes caduceus can be identified as the Gileki peoples next to Cadusia, which term smacks of "Colchis" where the Glaucus river flowed through Laz territory. Mythical Glaucus was associated with one of the Caduceus serpents, you see, so that he should have depicted the Gileki migration to the Glaucus river, and from that move "Colchis" was born.

I have traced Zeus-Solymi to the Delymites of the Gileki realm, and since Zeus gave birth to Hercules, I am prepared to identify the Delymites as superior peoples (who founded Olympus) that put forth a Gileki branch: Hercules. I can only speculate at this time that "Herc" (or "Gorg") evolved from "Gileki" as per a common 'l' to 'r' switch, but it's a start. If true, Hercules depicted the Gileki transformation into Georgians (who are known to evolve from Colchians) and therefore Hercules was the Gargarian side (as opposed to the Amazon side) of the Sarmations. As per my trace of "Hercules" to "Kirkuk," there is the evidence in that Kirkuk was "Kurkura" at first, smacking of the Gargarians.

Also, it's known that the Kartli Georgians evolved from Georgians, and one may reason that Kurds, now seeking to rule Kirkuk, evolved from the Kartli. Also, as I've pointed out previously, "gargar" can mean "wheel-wheel" since "gar" meant "wheel," and meanwhile the Kartli were also "Kartvelians," which surely meant "cartwheelers" (i.e. a vehicle with two wheels.). Both "gar" and "Kartvelian" are, as one can see, Aryan (i.e. Indo-European) terms leading to the Germanic/English language.

In the Semite language, a cart was a gilgal, and as you can see, the term is an 'l' to 'r' switch smacking of the Gileki (or "Gels" for short). My hunch is that "Gileki" was itself formed from the same switch wherein "Hyrcania" (i.e. Verkana, modern Gorgan) evolved into "Gilekia." Therefore, Hercules came forth from Gorgons of Verkana, who, because these Gorgons lived in Parthian lands, explains why the first mythical Danaan, the ancestor of Hercules, was made "Perseus," and why Perseus was made to mate with AndroMeda. Since Perseus and Andromeda were located by myth in Joppa, you can bet your two-wheeled jalopy that a mainline Gog branch was in Joppa (northern pre-Israel) before it evolved into the Greek Danaans.

I'm sure you've realized by now, but the Gels were the Alans that came forth as a major Sarmation tribe (though I might rather view Sarmatians as a tribe of Alans). In the picture wherein Hercules depicted the Gileki, he depicted Alans, and Alans must therefore have been a Hebrew people (Delymites are identified by myself, and at least one other, as Elamite Semites). The point is, Gog founded Greece as per the myths that made Hellen and Xuthus founders of Greece...along with Doris (the peoples of Dor near Joppa), the brother of Xuthus. Yes, Greeks were Scythians, even as "Greco" evokes Gorgons. Thus, one might rightly decide that Gog founded most-all of Europe.

I've been meaning to point out, in all of this, that the Kartli/Kurd Georgians can be traced to the namers of Crete -- the Curetes -- out of whom mythical Europa founded Europe. Yes, Zeus was a Gogi peoples on Crete...and Helios was a Gorgon peoples on Rhodes. If "Helios" was code for Alans -- keeping in mind that Gileki/Alans were one of the two coiled serpents of the caduceus staff, and that "Helios" evokes "helix," a coil -- then the Traby Poles trace to Cretan Gogi while the Stewart Rus trace to Rhodian Gogi. Both islands vied for the rulership of Greco-Atlantis, and both Gorgons were involved in founding western Atlantis...that wishes to rule over us in modern globalism.

Now, for the main point: the Kurds and Turkey in modern times. If Kurds were a Gogi peoples in times past, why couldn't they furnish the biblical Gog? If Turks came forth from the Sarmation>KokTurk line of Scythians, why couldn't they furnish modern Gog? Why do so many look to modern Russia, which is more likely a stem of Rosh and Meshech?

Since I had no way of knowing that Mosul would be the last Insurgent bastion when I realized that Nahum 1:11 predicted rise of Insurgents in Mosul, I'm convinced that Gog will arise in Mosul, and so we must ask, what modern Gogi entity has the most-likely chance of arising in Mosul, whom at the same time can be allied to the Insurgents that include both al-Qaeda and the former Baathist rulers of Iraq?

I still can't answer this question to the point of confidence in what peoples Biblical Gog will come from. I'm not trying to confuse you. I'm really stumped. The trace of Obama and company to Gogi peoples from Crete and Rhodes adds boiling acid to the murky riddle. I can't see; I'm blind. Only after it is revealed will I/you be able to say: "Why didn't I think of that? It was under my nose all the time."

Well I have a big nose so it's harder to see underneath it. But I feel responsible for revealing Gog to the Church, so I'm asking you to look below my nose for me, to tell me what I'm failing to see. Any ideas?

I'm done for the day. I'll report tomorrow on the meeting today between the foreign ministers of Russia and Israel, one major topic being Russia's support of Hamas. I don't expect much news here as Russia will simply whitewash its position.

June 3

Hebrews are all over the place in the Obama administration:

"On May 13, 2009, the Associated Press reported that President Obama was considering [Elena] Kagan, among others, for possible appointment to the United States Supreme Court. On May 26, 2009, however, President Obama selected Sonia Sotomayor to be the next United States Supreme Court Justice."

Elena Kagan is "Jewish," of course, since the Kagan surname is a variation of "Cohen." If you do a search at for the Kagan Coat, the Jewish Cohen Coat will come up.

"She launched her scholarly career at the University of Chicago Law School," which should explain why Elena was Obama's pick for solicitor general of the United States.

What effect could Elena have when Christian persecution arrives? "The United States Solicitor General is the person appointed to argue for the Government of the United States in front of the Supreme Court of the United States whenever the government is party to a case. Currently, the Solicitor General is Elena Kagan..."

The Kadima party in Israel, and especially its leader, has been punching Netanyahu out left and right lately. She see opportunity to topple Netanyahu's party by siding solidly with Obama to the point of being his pet:

"US President Barack Obama's administration's criticism of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's policies has crossed the line into interfering in Israeli politics, top Likud ministers and MKs said [yesterday].

Kadima officials responded to the allegations by disagreeing that the US was meddling...They accused Netanyahu's associates of portraying Obama as an enemy of Israel in order to unite the public behind him.

...Vice Premier Moshe Ya'alon, also of the Likud, has accused Israeli Leftist groups of coaching Obama's administration on how to handle Netanyahu.

Netanyahu himself appeared to endorse that assertion when he told a Likud MK over the weekend: 'What do they want from me? Do they want my government to fall?'"

Livni will help Israel as much as Democrats helped their country during Bush's years: zilch.

Obama doesn't want to reveal just yet what method of pressure he'll use on Netanyahu, but the Israelis have two theories for now:

"Maariv, a popular Israeli newspaper, summed it up in a one-word, front-page headline [yesterday]: 'Pressure'.

...Possible scenarios for twisting Netanyahu's arm could range from U.S. inaction at the United Nations in thwarting resolutions critical of Israel to choking off some military supplies, political sources and commentators said."

There's a third. Making friends with Israel's enemies. If that doesn't work, perhaps helping Israel's enemies will be the next step.


What does it mean when Russia's foreign minister says: "We have confirmed the need to assure the international community of the exclusively peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program." It means absolutely nothing, except that Russia is more likely to support an nuclear-weapons Iran than not.

Russia has not shown any sign whatsoever that Iran might be seeking the bomb. How can Russia be so sure? It can't. Understand: Russia CANNOT be sure, wherefore its repeated claims that Iran is not seeking to produce a bomb is a lie, a bold-faced lie. If Russia were being honest, it would at show some doubt. How can it be that every other nation has significant doubts while Russia shows none whatsoever?

And what did Israel's foreign minister promise the Russia minister yesterday? "'"Israel is not planning to bomb Iran,' Lieberman told reporters in Moscow." And what did Obama say yesterday? That Iran's has a right to produce nuclear energy, and that it has until the end of the year to convince him that there is no agenda to produce the bomb. What does that mean? Nothing, absolutely nothing, except that Obama is willing to be deceived, and willing to deceive his own people as Iran assures him that there is no bomb plot.

Think about it. What does Obama expect Iran to say between now and the end of the year. It's obvious what Iran will say, and so the end of this year will arrive with the situation unchanged, except perhaps that the world will find new but unbearable evidence of an Iranian bomb plot, and that Iran will have approached closer to making one or more bombs.

Then what will happen? Obama will be cold as steel to Israel because Netanyahu will shame him in not complying with his Palestinian program. Obama is making the point almost silently that Israel had better comply because Iran almost has the nuclear bomb. Let's wait until the end of the year to see what Iran will do, he says, and let's wait two years to see whether Israel complies. Netanyahu knows that in two years, Iran should be making bombs. Yet Obama claims that there is no pressure being applied on Israel just yet. No, yes there is. No? Yes.

One reason that foreign ministers exist is that they are able to tell foreign countries falsehoods without knowing it. They are not privy to all of a leader's plans; they are told by national leaders only what national leaders want them to tell foreign nations. Therefore, Lieberman can say in all honesty that Israel is not planning to bomb Iran...if he has not been made privy to such a plot.

On Interfax's 9:46 line today: "Russia continuing to clarify situation regarding gas supply via Ukraine to European partners." It sounds like Russia is now making some concessions to Europe. But it's too late. The EU will seek alternative gas routes just in case, and this will have everything to do with maintaining a good standing with the Iraqi government. Iraq agreed yesterday to allow a few hundred British fighters to remain in Iraq to protect it's off-shore oil installations.

On Interfax's 15:55 line yesterday: "Putin sees good outlook for Russian-Israeli cooperation in energy, high-tech." If Gog turns out to be a Russian loyal to Putin, Putin may feign friendship with Israel in the meantime. Frankly, I have no evidence that Putin doesn't sincerely want ties with Israel. I have been biased, however, due to the view that Russia will be the nation which puts forth Gog. I view Putin with such glasses. But so do many others. The anti-Christ will himself be a master of deceit.

On line 14:40 yesterday: "Kazakhstan extends deal with U.S. on destroying missile silos." I'm assuming that these are Soviet-era missile pads, meaning that Kazakhstan appears as a close U.S. ally at this time even though it's part of the official Russian neighborhood. I know no details on this topic, but mention it because I suspect that Kazakhstan is desired by Western Hebrew globalists of the Cohen fold.

For new readers, I now connect the Cohen/Kagan Coat surname, using a gold sun on blue background, to Kazakhstan because the Kazakhstan Flag and Arms also uses a gold sun on blue background, and because certain Hebrews, for example the Rothschilds, are thought to derive (by a growing number of writers) from Khazars. On Wikipedia's Elena Kagan webpage, we find that "Lawrence Summers appointed Kagan the first female dean of Harvard Law School in 2003." The German Summer/Sommer Coat uses a sun symbol as well, and though we might expect it because the summer season is naturally symbolized by a sun, the surname may have derived from a family using the sun-god symbol...probably Helios of Rhodes.

Lawrence Summers is "Director of the White House's National Economic Council for President Barack Obama." I've mentioned him before (on April 18):

"So, if the Summers surname is Rothschild-related, then Lawrence Summers...could be the agent by which the skincode begins to come down, from Rothschild international bankers, to all the world. Just a thought.

...Well, well, look at what the Wikipedia article above does on behalf of the theory above, that the Summers surname is linked to the Sam surname (brackets not mine):

"Summers is...the nephew of two Nobel laureates in economics: Paul Samuelson (sibling of Robert Summers, who, following an older brother's example, changed the family name from Samuelson to Summers) and Kenneth Arrow (Anita Summers's brother)."

The Arrow surname which Lawrence's sister married looks conspicuous because the original (and probably still the most-important) Rothschild Arms used arrows...known to depict Mayer's five sons of the initial Rothschild banking empire. Is it a coincidence that Obama's personal lawyer is a Bauer (Bob), Mayer's surname before he changed it to Rothschild? Look out world; the selfish Illuminati (with bottomless stomach) is in power big-time in the United States.

Also: "President-elect Barack Obama announced this week that he plans to name Susan Sher to the post of associate counsel to the president..." The Austrian Sher/Schere Coat uses a single green serpent coiled around a staff, and meanwhile the write-up mentions some of the first Scheres to the United States as Jacob Scherer and Jan Jacob Scherr, what appear to be Hebrews. "Ulrich Scherer arrived in Philadelphia in 1727; as well as Jacob Scherer in the same year; over fifty more Scherers came to this city between 1720-1750. Jan Jacob Scherr came to Philadelphia in 1732."

Then, some of the first Roth surnames into the United States: Johann Roth, who sailed to Carolina and/or Pennsylvania in 1709. Among the several hundred family members who followed this first settler were: David Roth, who sailed to Pennsylvania in 1720." Pennsylvania. Why does it have the same ending as "TranSylvania," the place to which I trace the Cohen/Kagan bloodline?

As per my discussion yesterday on Ridel surname's ties to Ruth/Randolph and its Rus line to the Rothes of Pollock; gawk now at the other symbol (looks like corn stalk) in the Schere Coat, that it matches the only symbols in the English Ridel Coat! I did not know this yesterday. As promised, the evidence keeps building to an expose of the "Jewish" Illuminati, and Obama's involvement in it:

"[Susan] Sher is general counsel and a vice president at the University of Chicago Medical Center and has been a close friend and mentor to Michelle Obama for many years. They also both worked on medical center initiatives that have become the focus of a Senate Republican's inquiry into whether the nonprofit hospital has been 'culling the least profitable patients from its emergency room'.

Sher had recruited Michelle Obama for a community relations job at the center, where Obama in time ascended to vice president for external affairs" (brackets mine)(article above)

Such close ties to Obama by the surname using the Ridel symbol is evidence that there is a "Ridel" tie to the Randolph surname in Obama's bloodline. Thus, we see similar bloodlines merging in positions of political power. Note that in the Sher/Schere Coat the corn is gold on blue, the English Randolp colors. The alternative Ruth/Randolph Coat smacks of the Rodham Coat, remember: "Edward, John, Mary Rodden, who all arrived in Philadelphia between 1840 and 1870; John Roddan settled in Philadelphia in 1833..." Didn't the Roth surname also settle Philadelphia/Pennsylvania? Yes, but the Roddans came later.

As it appears that the Roth and Roddan surnames are one, I checked for a German Rod surname, and found a Roder/Roader surname (no doubt derived from "wheel/road") using a red shield:

The [Rhineland] family moved north from early on, and chronicles first mention the Pomeranian knight Roderus of Rostock (northern Germany) in 1282, Henrich Roder of Rostock in 1299..In their later history the family became quite powerful and were elevated to the ranks of nobility.

Some of the first settlers of this family name or some of its variants were: Johannes Roer, who sailed to Philadelphia in 1728. Among the many others to follow this first settler were: Hans Georg Road, who sailed to Philadelphia in 1732."

In Philadelphia at the same time roughly as the Roths! Not surprisingly now, variations of the Roth surname are shown as Roter/Rother, though this version is said to be from Silesia rather than Bavaria.

Keeping in mind that Elena Kagan is Obama's Solicitor General, see the three gold stars on blue in the Department of Justice logo (from Wikipedia's Solicitor-General page), matching the three gold stars on blue in the Bauer Coat. Coincidence, or do the Rothschilds control the American legal system? How can this affect Christian persecution in the last years? Will it allow the skincode to develop rapidly?

On the Bauer write-up: "The Avars were defeated in 785 by the Frankish emperor Charlemagne, who set up the East Mark, which later became known as the Osterreich." Could OsterReich have been so named because it was founded by a peoples tracing to an ostrich symbol?

I checked the Oster Coat and found: "Michael Ahasverus Ostermaier served as mayor of the town of Ratzeburg in the seventeenth century." Osteermaier sounds Hebrew, but since my ostrich hunt started in the first place with the Radziwill family's ancestry in the Ostik/Astikai surname, is it a coincidence that the Oster surname was associated with Ratzeburg??? Could the Radziwills (or vice versa) have named that place, in other words?

Note that the Oster Coat breaks the rules of heraldry by using gold and silver in contact, as does the English Rod Coat. In fact, I've been noticing that Hebrew surnames did this often. "...William Rodd, who came to Philadelphia in 1774."

The English Rods were first found in Herefordshire, where Gilbert de Lacy ruled, and where the Welsh Trevor surname -- from "Traby," a Radziwill branch! -- was first found.


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