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May 25

I added a statement to the previous update this morning, saying that I must be crazy to suggest that a Brzezinski family member will be Gog, and that I make the suggestion only because I see a 666 in the Traby Arms. I suppose any other man who uses the Traby Arms could become Gog, but then it's still a long shot, in my mind, that the Biblical 666 is the Traby Arms. Just wanted to clarify that point.

An anonymous man in lemon-colored robes? And the moment of truth:

"'If we hear from the Americans they are not capable of supporting us . . . within six hours we are going to establish our groups to fight against the corrupt government,' says the commander, a portly man with gold rings and lemon-colored robes who, perhaps understandably, spoke on condition of anonymity. 'There will be a war in Baghdad.'

The commander and another insurgent leader interviewed for this story belong to the secret world of Sunni tribesmen and old military officers who laid down their arms and helped bring relative peace to Iraq in the last two years...

Now the dormant insurgent groups, with men, weapons and networks intact, are approaching their moment of truth. If their efforts to enter the mainstream fail, it appears almost inevitable that they will take up arms again, either after national elections early next year or sooner.",0,7285057.story?track=rss

The speaker is from the Iraq Liberation Army. His warrior Sunni made a pact with Americans not to fight against Americans, and they want a continued alliance with the Americans. If the Americans are to furnish Gog in Iraq, the situation is, therefore, ready for him to start with "a few people." In this picture, Gog is an American agent whose job is to look after American business in Mosul as the Americans are forced to leave the city.

But there are Sunni who do not want an alliance with Americans, as for example the Sunni who bombed a U.S. military patrol in Mosul yesterday. It's a toss-up at this time as to which type of Sunni will join Gog, or, if both side with him, which type will be more favored by him.

Another article tells that the Abu Fatma in the article above is a Sunni Kurd who joined the Iraqi Liberation Army's laying down of arms and its quest to seek a political solution, but that he's ready to fight again because the Americans have done nothing to support their cause. This is a case of Kurd fighters joining the Awakening movement i.e. Kurds who could in the end join Gog too. Fatma says: "I've told the Americans, 'if you keep alienating the people, all the Iraqis will fight.'"

The Americans have no choice but to lay hands off of all Iraqi situations; it's part of their deal with the Iraqi government. I suppose that in some Iraqi cities and towns, the American military has already started to withdraw into the countrysides.

This just out today:

"The Kazakh and Russian Foreign Ministries are to hold consultations in Moscow on May 27. The consultations 'will address a wide range of issues related to cooperation with the OSCE and NATO,' Kazakh Foreign Ministry spokesman Yerzhan Ashikbayev told a briefing in Astana [today].

OSCE? What's up? "The OSCE is the world's largest regional security organization whose 56 participating States span the geographical area from Vancouver to Vladivostok." It stands for "The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe."

There is an OSCE Secretariat in Vienna; the chairperson is now a Greek foreign minister. There is OSCE involvement in south-east Europe and Central Asia. Hmm. Is this an Illuminati org? It's "About this website" page admits that it keeps records (including visitor locations) on visitors to its webpages. Why does it make this admission? Is it because it has a comprehensive spy program that it wants to be open about (in case it gets caught operating secretly) due to its comprehensiveness? On another page: "The OSCE works for early warning, conflict prevention, crisis management and post-conflict rehabilitation." Shouldn't "early warning" involve a spy agency? Thus looks like a globalist Intelligence network, one that has been organized to keep the global plot on course. If you visit the site too many times, you could get one of it's spy programs in your computer.

OSCE holds an Annual Security Review Conference, to be held June 23-24 this year, in Hofburg Palace, Vienna (Austria):

"...The origin of the institution lies with the Charter of Paris for a New Europe (1990), and the Helsinki Document 1992 formally institutionalized this function.

...At the 15th OSCE Ministerial Council in Madrid in November 2007, it was decided that the Chairmanships for 2010-11 would be held by the following countries:

2010: Kazakhstan
2011: Lithuania"

In the world of globalism, nothing claimed as good-will or good-intentioned is to be fully trusted. Every proclaimed good work is to be suspected as an evil work with a good cover. Wikipedia has an article:

"...Its mandate includes issues such as arms control,...

...The OSCE is an ad hoc organization under the United Nations Charter...

...The current Secretary General is Marc Perrin de Brichambaut of France, who took over from Jan Kubis of Slovakia. The Organization also has offices in Copenhagen, Geneva, The Hague, Prague and Warsaw.

...The oldest OSCE institution is the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), established in 1991...It is based in Warsaw, Poland, and is active throughout the OSCE area in the fields of election observation, democratic development, human rights, tolerance and non-discrimination, rule of law, and Roma and Sinti issues."

Roma and Sinti are Gypsy groups...who use a wheel as symbol, as does the Kazakhstan Coat of Arms. Poland is the location of Traby-family branches, and the Arms of Warsaw is a fish-tailed woman, likely mythical Melusine.

When I wrote (in the Iraq updates) on Kazakhstan and its potential ties to the Traby family (and Brzezinski) in the past couple of days, I knew nothing of OSCE or the OSCE and NATO involvement in Kazakhstan in two days from today. Lithuania is a NATO member already, but the attempt to seize Russian neighbors on Russia's southern border may prove too intolerable for Putin to take.

If you're interested in Asian de-population programs run by the Illuminati, where the Chinese threaten to murder many Illuminatists in return, see webpage below:

"A Chinese secret society with 6 million members, including 1.8 million Asian gangsters and 100,000 professional assassins, have targeted Illuminati members if they proceed with world depopulation plans, according to Tokyo-based journalist Benjamin Fulford, 46."

If this is real, I'm hoping for the best.

I checked the Fulford Coat and discovered that it is likely a version of the Bert Coat, not just due to the similarity of the shields, nor just to the two surnames both being Anglo-Saxon, nor just to both being first found in Devonshire. I had suggested to my Pollock-surnamed friend that the bugle-using Pollock Coat was related to the bugle-using Bert Coat, and that the first-known Pollock, "Fulbert the Saxon," may have been of the Bert family. I didn't have other evidence for this until I read the article above and found the Fulford surname. In short, Fulbert looks like a member of the Fulford and Bert families (though not necessarily of the Fulford region of Devonshire).

Zowie! After seeing that Ful was the root of the surname, I tried other Ful-like surnames, but without luck (i.e. without matching Coats). Then I thought to try 'r' versions; the first one I tried was "Forbes," an 'r' variation close to "Fulbert." At the time that I discovered the Forbes Coat to use the same bear as in the Fulford Crest (!!) -- thus tending to indicate that "Ful" and "For" are cognates -- I had no conscious hint that the Fulford journalist above, according to the article, was "a former Forbes magazine writer."

Moreover, the bear has straps on its face, as one uses straps on a riding, saddled horse. This evoked the bear with a saddle that is a symbol on the Arms of (the current) pope Benedict. When I shared in the May 16 update that the pope had a bear on his Arms, I didn't mention its saddle because I didn't think it would become relevant to my topics. That bear was also the symbol of Corbinian, the bishop of Bavaria under Gimoald. See

The Forbes family is said to trace back to Picts, not Saxons, but my Pollock friend wrote last week to say that Fulbert had married a Saxon princess, wherefore Fulbert may not have been a Saxon himself, but rather a Pict ruler of the Saxons. She has repeatedly reminded me that Pollocks were as one with the (Saxon) Maxwell surname, and so note that the Maxwell Crest and the Forbes Crest both use a deer.

I'm suggesting that the Pollocks were Picts, as strange as that may sound, but I'm convinced that the Pollock family was from Poland's Melusine family, while Nicholas de Vere (who claims to be of the Melusine line) traces Veres to royal Picts as they merged with the Arthurian cult. How a Polish clan could merge with Picts (a post-Irish peoples) has yet to be determined, but I would suggest that the Pict-allied Fulberts married the Saxon Maxwells, and that Maxwells were from the Traby fold. Compare the endings of "Radziwill" and "Maxwell."

The Maxwell Coat uses a black eagle, the symbol used by the Radziwill/Radvila family of the Traby fold. I recall that it was in conjunction with making a Bert link to FulBert that I also felt (for the first time) a Pollock link to Lombards, and so let me re-mention that the Lombard-surname Coat uses a black eagle. Moreover, the Lombard surname was first found in Renfrewshire, where the Pollock surname was first found.

The Grimaldi and Bavarian diamonds that the Lombard Coat uses (in black and gold) shows in itself that the Lombard surname traces to Garibald (root of "Grimald"?), but, zowie, one can now make the same link to Garibald because of the bear in the Forbes and Fulford Crests! That is, the Lombard Coat can be linked to the bishop in the Garibald line, the bishop of Grimoald, Corbinian...and therefore very likely to Sorb-branch Garebites.

Sorbs lived in Lusatia and in Poland, the regions that also housed the proto-Leslies. I am convinced on other factors that Pollocks and Leslies were one, and it could be that the Pollock link to Poland is though the Leslies alone. Some mainline Leslies came to Scotland from Hungary way via one Bartholomew, royal servant of queen Margaret's mysterious mother, Agatha. The write-up in the Bert Coat link says that the surname was short for "Bartholomew," which is what caused the Lombards to pop into my head in the first place (years ago). These Leslies settled in Aberdeenshire, and it just so happens that the Forbes surname was first found in Aberdeenshire!

Aberdeen is in northern Scotland, where Picts lived in those days! Thus, I would suggest that the Forbes were Leslies from some Bartholomew of Poland who went on to produce a Fulbert and Fulford surname. It occurs to me just now, as per the green and gold colors of the Pollock Coat, that the family was from the green and gold Pfiefer surname that I traced to Forfar elements...that produced Fife smack next to Aberdeen!! Forfarshire in Angus is close to Fifeshire, and the latter could have been named by the Pfiefers.

Details of these matters are in the April 29 update, where I wrote: "At the German Pfiefer-Coat page we read: "Chronicles first mention Nickel Pfyfer of Liegnitz in 1372." Liegnitz is "Lignica" to the Poles, and is located in Poland's Silesia. The Pfiefer Coat uses a gold anchor on green shield, the colors of the Pollock Coat."

In that update I also wrote: "The Arms of Fifeshire use the same unicorn (with "Andrews Cross" hanging from its neck) used by Shetland. The latter had been traced in the previous update to King Andrew I of Hungary and/or to the Finno-Ugrics." At the time, the unicorn symbol of Kazakhstan was not known to me.

I think my Pollock friend was put into my email life early for reasons such as these. I have for years been plugging away at Pollock roots not knowing where it would lead, as if driven. Because of what I wrote on April 29, where I concluded that an r-less "Fourviere" was "Pfiefer," I can now make a "Forbes" link to "Fourviere" and thus trace the Forbes family to Fifeshire:

"Another Lugdunum/Lugudunum, now Lyons, was built on a site evoking Scotland's Forfar: "The original Roman city [of Lugdunum] was situated...on the Fourviere heights." Thus, a line from Liegnitz, where the Pfiefer surname was first found, to Lugdunum's Fourviere, and finally to Forfar and Fife. Makes excellent sense.

April 29 Update

The Lyons Coat, a green lion on white, uses the colors of Lombardy.


Just as the Western-backed Somali government made some significant come-back against the Somali Islamists, Iran today sent about a half dozen military ships to the Gulf of Aden on the said reason of fighting Somali pirates. DEBKAfile reports that Iran is building, under the nose of the Americans, a secret base in the Indian Ocean, but won't have details until this Friday in its DEBKA-Net-Weekly. For new readers, the Iranian interest in Somalia could be the Gog-Persia-Cush triangle of Ezekiel 38.

This comes on the same day that North Korea exploded a nuclear bomb underground, reportedly giving America an hour's notice. It's known that Iran and North Korea are working in cahoots on something sinister, and Iran wants Israel to know this more than ever now as it plans a strike on Iran. DEBKAfile has another article out today in which we read: "[Israeli] Deputy defense minister Matan Vilnai outlined the nationwide civil defense exercise to be staged next week in a briefing to the Knesset foreign affairs and security committee Monday, May 25. Next Tuesday, he said, sirens would send the entire population heading for the nearest shelters or protected sites." Vilnai? That's very close to "Vilnius," the Lithuanian topic here in the past two days.

May 26

From World Net Daily, and backed by the London Times:

"Some of the richest men and women in the world met secretly recently in New York to conspire on using their vast wealth to bring the world's population growth under control.

The meeting included some of the biggest names in the 'billionaires club,' according to the London Times -- Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, George Soros and Michael Bloomberg.

The meeting at the home of Sir Paul Nurse, a British Nobel Prize-winning biochemist and president of Rockefeller University, was the inspiration of Gates and took place three weeks ago.

...Taking their cue from Gates, the report said, they agreed population control was the No. 1 issue."

At the last annual Bilderberg meeting, the topic was the global economy, and when one thinks about it, population control can be the number one issue for only one reason: to cure a bad world economy (the definition of "bad economy" is one that takes profits away from billionaires). The question is, what sorts of ideas will float around as these "leaders" meet time and again, as scheduled, in the future? They are already guilty of establishing abortion globally for population control measures. What next, if not murder of those outside the womb? Setting limits on the number of children we may have? The only good news is, these types have little time left before their Appointed Time.

Bill Gates could be providing, to his fellow "leaders" invisible spyware that works in conjunction with Microsoft software, perhaps even with the very software sold as protection against spyware. There is just no way that certain globalists have not taken advantage of the Internet for spying purposes. Believe it, they are doing it, and keep all sorts of records with personal information of all who use the Internet.

Among the globalist Satanists, is there a plot to eradicate Christians as a measure of world de-population? If so, it's doubtful that it would be discussed at any official or even secret meetings...unless the meetings are held for that specific topic, and all invited are known supporters of the measure. From such meetings one can expect spyware programs to be installed in the computers of all Internet users who use certain Bible terms repeatedly.

The killing by the False Prophet of those who reject the Image of the Beast is not said to be aimed at Christians in particular, nor said to be set up as an excuse to kill Christians. However, the beheading of the saints in Revelation 20 likely involves a Christian-specific target, for in Revelation 13 we learn that the beast becomes enraged and therefore makes war against the saints for 42 months.

The problem is in trying to identify that "beast," whether it refers to the anti-Christ alone, he and European globalism together, or they together with the False Prophet. If we assume the worst, that all of globalism will be involved, we've got to ask whether the killings are pre-planned before the 42 months arrive, and, if so, how they intend to eradicate those targeted.

I'm hoping for the best, that there is no pre-plan to kill, but that there will be a sudden point in time where Satanic/atheist globalists become enraged and, only after that, start to kill some. I imagine that they will become enraged because the Woman, the Church, will flee into the wilderness for 1260 days, thus doing some damage to Western economies and to the highly-regarded new world order.

A message to Russia:

"NATO Secretary General's Special Representative for the Caucasus and Central Asia Robert Simons calls on Russia to fulfill the commitments and withdraw troops from occupied territories."

Good luck. Next story.

I just checked the Simon surname, and never before having found one originating in Trapani, I find it amazing that, just days after writing on Trapani, I find that the Italian Simon surname was "First found in Trapani, anciently Drepanum, Sicily. Bearers of Simon or one of its spelling variations have been found throughout southern Italy, but particularly on the island of Sicily, and in the region of Campania." One of the places that I've lived, twice in the past few years (as a tenant), was in the home of an Italian with the Simon surname, from Benovento in Campania!

The Italian Simon Coat uses a red lion and a Zionists star, indicating a Hebrew family. The "Jewish" Simon Coat uses a red wolf or fox, the matching color suggesting a match with the Italian-Hebrew Simons. I think the symbol is a red wolf because the Hirpini (meaning "wolf people") lived near Benovento in Avellino.

If it is a wolf, it can support my trace of the Radziwill-Traby Lithuanians from Trapani, for Lithuanians used a wolf symbol too. Moreover, as I trace Lithuanians from the Lydio-Latin peoples, note that Latins lived south of Rome and that Avellino is likewise south of Rome. To support a trace of the Lithuanians to Verkana on the Caspian shores, myth made mythical Latinus a son of Circe, who I think depicted Circasia (= Caucasia)...though, being a Greek term, "Circe/Circasia" may have developed from "Hyrcania" (the Greek version of "Verkana").

I just checked for an Avello surname and got an Italian Avellino Coat, with the write-up: First found in Sicilia or Sicily an island in the Mediterranean, a part of Italy. The original inhabitants were Sicels. The Greeks colonized in 735 B.C.First found in Sicilia or Sicily an island in the Mediterranean, a part of Italy. The original inhabitants were Sicels." The Avellino Coat is red and white (no symbols), like the Simon Coat.

I then checked for a non-Italian Abell surname and got an English Abell Coat with red boar heads on white. I have identified the boar symbol as pertaining to Ebur Hebrews, and in fact, in southern Italy on the border of Campania there was the location of Eburum...which I believe was root to the Ebroicum Celts who founded York when it was named after a boar.

There is also an German Abell Coat using a bear, which is conspicuous since Avellino leads to Arthur's Avalon while "he" is thought to have a bear as symbol. We may now know why; although I've previously traced Arthur's bear to the Zahringer bear of Berne, this allows a trace to the Abell surname and all that it might constitute. The German Abell surname was first found in Wuerttemberg -- where the bear-depicted Zahringers ruled. Zahringers trace to at least two localities of Forst (one in Baden/Wurttemberg, but there are others in Germany), and were therefore associated with Furst surnames/entities. Note that when one enters for a Forst Coat, several Furst-using surnames come up using a red and white shield. The Forst locality in Lusatia/Brandenburg uses a red antler, as did the Veringens, relatives of the Zahringers who used the same antler exactly, but in blue.

I missed this last week:

"Iraq's cabinet has approved a bill that will slap foreign oil firms with a minimum 35 percent corporate tax in a bid to boost revenues, government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said on [May 21]."

That's a hefty tax, and may therefore urge Gog to topple Iraq...if it's at all Gog's intention to topple Iraq for its oil.

May 27

The article below shows the start of some animosity between Netanyahu and France, and in fact the statements made by the French foreign ministry sound quite fascist, not giving Netanyahu any choice but to do the will of the French President, Sarkozy. France uttered statements recently in opposition to Netanyahu's declaration that Jerusalem will never be divided, and consequently, Netanyahu has canceled his meeting with France next week. This now marks three major Western countries whom have formed a major rift with Netanyahu's government, Britain and the ObamaNation (i.e. not including the Republicans) being the other two. I say split Paris in half and give the Palestinians the entire east side.

What will the three nations do now to force their will on Netanyahu? Which other nations will join the gang to act in unison?

Russia moving into the Middle East:

"Russian warships are due to call Wednesday, May 27, at the Bahrain port of Manama, seat of the US Fifth Fleet in the Persian Gulf, DEBKAfile's military sources reveal. They will be following in the wake of the Russian vessels already docked at the Omani port of Salalah, the first to avail themselves of facilities at Gulf ports.

Their arrival is fully coordinated between the Russian and Iranian naval commands.

...Moscow has thus gained its first maritime foothold in the Persian Gulf.

...DEBKAfile's military sources report that the Russians, like the Iranians, cover their stealthy advance into new waters by apparent movements for joining the international task force combating Somali pirates. While Iranian warships have taken up positions in the Gulf of Aden, the Russians are moving naval units southeast into the Persian Gulf.

...Russian and Iranian naval movements in the two strategic seas are clearly synchronized at the highest levels in Tehran and Moscow.

Our military analysts find Russia and Iran seizing the moment for supplanting positions held exclusively by the US and other western fleets. They are taking advantage of two developments:

1. The number of US warships maintained in the Gulf has been reduced to its lowest level in two years; President Obama quietly reduced their presence near Iran's shores in order to generate a positive atmosphere for the coming US dialogue with the Islamic Republic. Not a single US aircraft carrier is consequently to be found anywhere in the Gulf region."

This story should appear in other media. I'll share what others are commenting as I get it. Along with the flexing of muscles from North Korea in the past few days, this all looks like a plan in the works.

In Pravda about a week ago:

"On May 12 James Mattis, NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Transformation [ACT] and commander of the U.S. Joint Forces Command, spoke at a three-day symposium called Joint Warfighting 09 in Norfolk, Virginia, where NATO's Allied Command Transformation is based, and stated: 'I come with a sense of urgency. The enemy is meeting like this as well.'"

The article below takes pot-shots at the reason(s) for yet another al-Sadr visit to Turkey:

"...The discussions between al-Sadr and Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Recep Erdogan and Turkish President Abdullah Gul revolved mainly around the Kirkuk dispute...

Although hardly his first visit to one of Iraq's neighbors, al-Sadr's latest trip takes place amidst a renewed surge of violence in Iraq and ongoing political rivalry between centralist and federalist factions fighting over the political and administrative structure of the country."[tt_news]=35030&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=d8fa611d57

One theory not mentioned is that al-Sadr is relaying messages from Iran to Turkey. When Kirkuk is the topic, both Turkey and Iran have an interest in crippling the Kurds. This past week, Kurdish military at war with Turkey have been informing Turkey that they are willing to end the war and to form a peace treaty. My first thought was that, perhaps the Kurds got wind of a major assault planned against them that they could not win.

Can you tell which side the West is on:

"The European Union and the United States made joint appeal [May 23] for an end to the political standoff in Georgia, urging the government and opposition leaders to start unconditional talk -- reports.

...'We call on all Georgians to respect the rule of law, abide by Georgia's constitution, avoid violence, and honor the right of peaceful protest.'"

There is no mention to end the opposition protests, but rather they are supported. The call to avoid violence may be directed at Saakashvili as much as toward the protesters.

Egypt is actually doing some serious damage against Hamas:

"Egypt is making a serious effort to halt, or sharply reduce, the smuggling of weapons into Gaza (usually via tunnels). Special police and army units are working to establish a secure area three kilometers deep, from the Gaza border into Egypt. That area is being searched for contraband, and thousands of weapons, explosives and items of ammunition have been found in the last two weeks...At least four Egyptian policemen have been arrested recently for taking bribes from the smugglers. Cops don't usually get treated that way, which is sending a message to all the Egyptian security personnel working the border."

The anti-Israeli axis must be seething.

Russia is sending a message to the world to accept a Hezbollah government in Lebanon:

"Russia is ready to cooperate with any government that is formed in Lebanon after the June 7 parliamentary election, the foreign minister said [May 25].

...Lavrov urged countries to recognize the result of the election, under any outcome."

Not only is Russia openly support Hezbollah immediately after Der Spiegel came out with condemning evidence against Hezbollah's 2005 assassination of Hariri, but Russia's denying the Spiegel claims and discounting the UN tribunal from which Spiegel obtained its evidence:

"[Lavrov] also warned against any attempts to politicize the work of an international tribunal investigating the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri...Lavrov discounted the [Spiegel] report and called it 'politicized.' And added that 'Russia wanted a professional Special Tribunal for Lebanon, without it being politicized...Any attempts to influence the tribunal's work are unacceptable'"
(webpage above).

Amazing. It almost reads as though Russia was behind the assassination and is therefore coming to Hezbolah's aid, at its request, before more election damage is done. This is the same Russia that supports Hamas, and that pretends to be a friend of Israel.

Russian support of Hezbollah comes just weeks after the latter admitted to smuggling weapons into Gaza. It seems out of place for Russia to come out with such support for Hezbollah because it shows Israel who's side Russia is really on, something that Russia has tried to avoid. I therefore conclude that Russia is being forced/implored, by Hezbollah, to come out with political support of Hezbollah.


But I want to go back to sleep:

"President Obama is expected to announce late this week that he will create a 'cyber czar,' a senior White House official who will have broad authority to develop strategy to protect the nation's government-run and private computer networks, according to people who have been briefed on the plan."

The only good news is that Obama promised openness. The bad news: he flip-flops. The public won't likely be told whose being spied on, or for what reasons. I could be spied on just because I say Obama is a potential candidate for False Prophet.

John, have you heard?

Czar you kidding? I heard alright.

Vat czar we going to do?

Vat czar cza options?

Depends on vat his reasons czar?

He says he and his boys czar wanting to protect cza White House computers.

Well, at least we czar not attacking his computers. Czarfore, czar we safe from czarrest?

I don't know vat cza czarrangemnets will be. Will he use his czarmy?

He did say he vould stretch out his czarm.

Czis feels like cza return of cza Czaryan Nazis, doesn't it John?

Yes, czits does.

On the same day (yesterday) that DEBKAfile reports Russian ships slated for the Persian Gulf, we hear:

"General George Casey, [U.S.] Army chief of staff, said [yesterday] his planning envisions combat troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for a decade as part of a sustained US commitment to fighting extremism and terrorism in the Middle East.

'Global trends are pushing in the wrong direction,' Casey said. 'They fundamentally will change how the Army works.'"

As Casey spoke "to a dozen journalists and policy analysts from Washington-based think-tanks," I don't think he could have made such a statement apart from Obama's nod. What could Casey mean by, "global trends are pushing in the wrong direction"? Global terrorism, or Russia's bad behavior of late? The meaning behind his words may be that, if Russia is going to move into the Middle East as the Obama is slated to move out, Obama can change his plans and leave the army put in Iraq. Or, the United States is looking for any excuse to remain in Iraq for multiple reasons.

May 28

You've probably noticed that I haven't covered the recent scare on North Korea's nuclear blast and missile tests. That's because I think it's just going to blow over, for now anyway. I did come across an intimidating photo of the Korean leader (smuggled out of the country) laughing at Obama's threats as the topic came up in a government session.

Obama has sent a delegation to Syria while DEBKAfile claims that the Syrian track for the peace process is more important to him that the Palestinian one. Among the delegates is senator Senator Ted Kaufman, having a "Jewish" surname. Obama seems to have endless numbers of Hebrews to work with, but why does he use them for the peace process, and why are they supportive of splitting Jerusalem, etc.? I doubt very much that Obama's Hebrew bag consists of Israelis by blood, or, if they have some Israeli blood, I doubt that they are Israelis at heart.

"Kaufman" is much like the Koffert/Covert surname belonging to the Hohens, and although I can't understand why the write-up at the Kaufman Coat says that "This surname was given to a banker, pawnbroker, or usurer. It derives from the German word lehenen, which means to lend," I do see that "Kauf" could be related to "coffer," a term often used to describe a money box. The Kaufman Coat uses three gold Zionists stars but one crescent.

The only other name mentioned in the article on the Syrian delegation is Tim Walz. When I checked the Walz Coat (Bavarian): the Melusine fish-woman (!) with two tails. As the Coat page was loading, I was expecting a red and white color scheme because those are the colors of Wallis and Sion (Switzerland), and indeed Melusine is on a red and white background. The write-up tells that this is a variation of the Walser surname, itself known to derive from the Wallis region.

Moreover, the other symbol in the Walz Coat is a ram holding an axe, which fits the topic immediately below, written last night but not published until today:

When I traced (just days ago) the Traby surname of Poland to the Tudors, I neglected to mention that the father of Zbigniew Brzezinski was Tadeusz Brzezinski, and that both "Tadeus" and "Tudor" are thought to derive from "Theodor."

Long before I found that the triple red chevron was an important symbol to the Freemasonic founders of America, I sought its history because it was used by one of my recent ancestral lines; see the Taddei Coat with the alternative "Tadeo."

I wouldn't be mentioning this if not for the second triple chevron symbol I found, the one in the flag held by the red Welsh dragon in the Cardiff Arms (Cardiff is the Welsh capital; see here for a description of the Arms). This caused me to wonder whether my Taddei ancestry was linked to the Tudors. It was a long shot. Eventually, I discovered where the Welsh triple chevron symbol came from:

"The red chevrons on gold are those of the de Clare family, Norman lords of Glamorgan (who made Cardiff the centre of their Lordship), and in the other half the three silver [white] chevrons on red are those attributed to Iestyn ap Gwrgant, the last Welsh ruler of Morgannwg"

Is it a coincidence that the Traby Coat was used extensively by the Radivil surname of Lithuania, and that I traced Lithuanians (as well as wheel-depicted Celts) to Verkana/Gorgan, while Iestyn was the son of Gwrgant? It could easily be a coincidence. However, we see in the above quote that the Clare line, from Rollo of More, merged with Gwrgant's line, and meanwhile the German/Bavarian Rad Coat shows three white stars on blue, the symbol of Moray and its Murray clan! Recalling my hunch that the Radivil surname was derived from a wheel, so the Rad/Raed surname above is said to derive from a wheel maker.

I was never able to link Iestyn son of Gorgant to the Tudors, but now, with a plausible Rad-Traby link to the Gorgant bloodline, the connection might just be discovered. It doesn't necessarily reveal where the Tudor name derived, but it links all of the above to the Tudor bloodline.

Nor does it reveal the origin of the triple chevron, but as the symbol -- in the same colors as the Iestyn chevrons -- was considered for the symbol of the Great Seal of the United States, as per this original Thomson sketch of the 18th century, its derivation in the Iestyn bloodline makes sense because that line appears merged with Moray stock...that no doubt furnished the white stars on blue of the American flag.

That was all written last night. This morning, on going to Wikipedia's Cardiff article, I found that Radyr is a suburb in Cardiff. And we read:

"Hints about the derivation of the name Radyr can be found in Lifris's writings 'Life of St Cadog' written between 1081 and 1104 but relating to the earlier period around 530 AD, which mentions a croft or 'tref' on the site called Aradur Hen."

In other words, there was a tref in Aradur/Radyr, and although the writer above claims (probably wrongly) that a "tref" is a croft (= a field), wouldn't it pertain instead to the Traby entity? Since the Trevor Coat at uses "Trefor" as a surname variation, and since it roots the surname in the man, Tudor Trevor, the same man that the Tudor surname is said to derive from (see Tudor Coat), I'd conclude that the Radyr location was linked to the Trevor surname...because Radyr was itself linked to the Radivil/Radziwill surname of Lithuania. "Aradur" is close to "Araeda," a term used for the Ruthene of France and likewise meaning "wheel."

By the way, the Cardiff-Arms page above reveals that the Tudor quills (in the Cardiff Crest) are ostrich feathers. The Arms uses a white horse with a fishtail, suggesting links to Melusine of the Walz Coat. The Cardiff Arms also uses a ram or goat holding an axe, and while I would trace this axe to the axe in the Vilnius Arms (= Lithuanian capital), the ram or goat is also used in the Walz Coat.

Possibly, the anchor that is the only symbol in this German Kaufman Coat could be linked to the anchor in the Vilnius Arms. If so, the Kaufman-Walz duo in Syria could be a Brzezinski team seeking to fulfill a Brzezinski agenda.

The red-and-white mix of the Walz Coat is now a candidate for furnishing the red and white triple chevron in the Cardiff Arms. However, I have just got the impression, since the Walz Coat uses black and gold (Flanders colors) behind the ram/goat, that its a surname tied strongly to the Fleming founders and Flanders, and that the Flemings, or "Vlaams," could be named after Vilnius, especially as the Vilnius Arms are red and white, the colors of the Flemings. It is even a better case that "Flanders" itself was after "Vilnius."

The black and gold of Flanders may then be from the black eagle on gold that belongs to the Radivil Arms. The HohenStaufens used a black eagle, but it was the Coffert-related HohenZollerns of Brandenburg that used a black lion on gold (symbol associated with Nuremberg) that is a near-perfect match with the lion of the Flanders Arms. The flag of Bayreuth (in Bavaria) uses the black lion surrounded by a red and white border, the symbol of Nuremberg Hohenzollerns. My guess is that the red and white Hohen checks belong to the HohenZollerns, the colors of the Flemings.

The HohenZollerns also used a red eagle, the symbol taken from the Zahringers, wherefore it makes much sense that the Zahringer bear was from Albert the Bear:

"According to tradition, the Markischer Adler, or red eagle of the Mark Brandenburg, was adopted by Margrave Gero in the 10th century. Gustav A. Seyler states that the Ascanian Albert the Bear was the originator...The Mark Brandenburg, known as the Holy Roman Empire's 'sandbox' (Streusandbüchse), was bought in 1415 by Burggrave Frederick VI of Nuremberg of the House of Hohenzollern. The Hohenzollerns made the poor marshes and woodlands over the centuries the nucleus of a powerful state.

After being formally enfeoffed as Elector Frederick I of Brandenburg, he quartered the arms of Hohenzollern (quarterly black and white) and the burgravate of Nuremberg (a black lion in gold in a red and silver border) with the Brandenburg red eagle" (brackets not mine).

For its arms, Flanders also used this black and gold triple chevron, a match with the French Levi-surname Coat, though I don't think for a second that the Levi surname leads back to Israelite Levites. A look at the Arms of France reveals a match with the axe/fasces of Vilnium.

You may have guessed, there isn't much news to report today, so I wrote to my Pollock-surnamed friend who had written in just days ago about her Comfort-surname ancestry. I wondered then whether it was related to "Koffert/Covert." The Comfort Coat uses bugles (as does the Pollock Coat), and so I asked this friend to let me know if she ever becomes convinced that Pollocks trace to the Traby Poles.

I then read an article on Turks bombing the Kurds in northern Iraq, and thought to respond to CC concerning the possibility of Gog being a Turk, for she had written in on the topic. I then went to the Interfax homepage, where globalists are regularly featured, and today there was a new article on Putin featuring Donald Tusk. Not knowing who he was, I decided to check for a Tusk Coat...but accidentally (or was it?) typed "Turk," and found that the Scottish Turk Coat uses bugles (the Traby symbol), while the Turk Crest uses a goat head showing its horns (heraldic bugles are goat horns).

The page for the German Turk Coat (using a gold crescent on blue, same as Kaufman Coat) says that the surname was first found in Silesia...Poland!

I've noted that the Comfort surname was also "Comerford," evoking Gomer, mentioned in Ezekiel 38 alongside Togarmah (some think that the latter represents Turks). The Welsh are from Gomer, and Albert the Bear of the Ascania house may have been from Togarmah's brother, Ashkenaz.

There is no Tusk Coat, but the Tusk article is about Putin's up-coming visit to Poland. It turned out that Donald Tusk is the Polish prime minister.

I should also mention a new realization as concerns the Scylla and Charybdis monsters that depicted Sicily and Calabria respectively. The Minoan axe symbol was used for Britomartis, a Cretan goddess that I trace to the Bruttii of Calabria. The axe symbol of Lithuania should then trace to the Britomartis cult, and in fact it stands to reason that the same cult formed the Brit Celts...who are known to be one stock with the Welsh.

I haven't yet shared the new realization. I first want to remind you that the goat cult of Crete was joined to the infant-Zeus cult, and that the Zeus cult of Crete had been from the Tripoli region (i.e. seaside Phoenicia), the region to which I trace Trapani of Sicily and therefore the Traby surname (details earlier).

As I started to work this migration out in my mind to see if I could glean something more, I recalled that the infant-Zeus of Crete was associated with a mount Ida, and that there was a related mount Ida at Troy (this all has to do with the founding of Troy by the Kabeiri cult of Dardanas>Tros, etc.). The Curetes of Crete were the goat cult, and in Troy the Curetes branch was known as "Corybantes." As I went over this, it struck me that if the 'a' is removed from the latter term, we would be left with "Charybdis."

These peoples are also those to which we should trace the nine Muses of Avalon, for we read at Wikipedia's Corybantes article that The Kuretes were the nine dancers who venerate Rhea, the Cretan counterpart of Cybele." Britannica online says that the Corybantes were "sons of Apollo and the Muse Thalia." Keep in mind that Apollo's tripod symbol was used to depict Trapani of Sicily.

May 29

It's none of your business, Hillary:

"U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton came out swinging at Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu [May 27] and specifically rejected his policy for allowing building for 'natural growth' in Judea and Samaria.

Her statement came on the eve of [yesterday's] visit of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to the White House, which two weeks ago told Israel to stop all building for Jews in Judea and Samaria.

'The president [Obama] was very clear when Prime Minister Netanyahu was here. He wants to see a stop to settlements -- not some settlements, not outposts, not natural growth exceptions...'"

And so the Obama war with Netanyahu rolls on, to where we do not know. There we have Hillary jumping into the fray, ordered to do so by her boss. Netanyahu's argument is that Israelites already living in Palestinian areas should be permitted to build homes for their children nearby, what he calls "natural growth." Obama is disguising his ugly teeth by having Hillary shows hers instead, demanding that not one more Israelite should be permitted to live in what is to be the country of Palestine. You can't expect good to come from rude people such as these.

Expect worse for the future as Israelites demand to have authority over their own affairs. Obama is about to turn into a control freak. World security is all about control. If globalists can't control, they feel naked. In fact, though rich in money, they are miserable and naked, empty, hollow, and shallow.

Until Obama asks Palestinians to move from Israeli neighborhoods, he should not demand that Israelis move from Palestinian neighborhoods. The Palestinian state does not exist, and until it does, no one in the world has the right to treat the West Bank as though it already were a state. The area belongs to Israel, and Israel alone is the last word on what goes on there. Only when Israel agrees to a Palestinian state can the area be treated as such. If Palestinians do not wish to satisfy Israel's concerns, Israel has the right not to form the state. It's one thing to have dialogue with Israel, but quite another for Obama to make demands.

This is the same Obama who chooses Hebrews for high spots. His latest pick, for the U.S. Supreme court, is an Hispanic Jew. I suspected it when I saw the "mayor" in her surname, Sotomayor, but there was no evidence until an article came out yesterday in the Jerusalem Post. It is very clear to me that Obama is empowering the "Jewish" Illuminati...probably because he owes his job to that organization.

Hillary may find that the crack of her whip will not make Israel jump as it made Pakistan jump. Israel has every right to ignore her because it was just this past month when the Palestinian president (Abbas) refused to acknowledge Israel's right to exist. This is the same president that Hillary and Obama are speaking to, and supporting. One would think that both Obama and Hillary were insane, and indeed they will be. God will assure that "insanity" (extreme frustration) sets in all those who ignore His Plan for Israel.

I came across an article on Timothy Roemer just now, Obama's new pick for envoy to India. Another German-Hebrew name! The Roemer/Romer Coat uses a gold sun on blue, the same as the "Jewish" Cohen Coat and the Kazakhstan flag.

The heraldry write-up suggests Roma-branch Gypsies: "The name Roemer originally referred to a pilgrim or merchant travelling to Rome." Many Roma ended up in Romania, where also I had traced the Cohen Khazars (i.e. to the ancestors of Hungarians on the Mures river, Romania). But Wikipedia states that "The Romani [Gypsies] are generally believed to have originated in central India..." As to whether that's true or not, I have no comment, but note that Timothy Roemer has been an envoy to India! The webpage below shows the wheel symbol of the Roma Gypsies.

Roemer was "president of the Center for National Policy (CNP), a Washington, D.C-based national security think tank." National-policy think tanks are always suspect as Illuminati organizations. At Wikipedia's article on Roemer, we find that "Tim Roemer served on the staffs of U.S. Representative John Brademas of Indiana..." Not only does "Brademas" sound like "Brahma," the Hindu god, but the Wikipedia article on him says that he's a Rhodes Scholar.

I am amazed to find this moment that the above plays into my topic of yesterday, the Zeus goat cult of Crete. Knowing that Hindu gods are given multiple arms, I thought to seek a three-legged god in Hinduism that might connect with the three-legged symbol of Sicily, and I think I hit pay dirt with the three-legged god of fire, Agni. At the webpage below, his description is like that of Hephaestus, god of fire at Lemnos, where Sintians lived. In fact, just as the infant Zeus was brought up by Curetes of a goat cult, so Hephaestus was cared for on Lemnos by Sintians. This is a good argument for identifying mythical satyrs (half-goat creatures) as Sintians.

It is believed that "Sinti" traces to the Indus valley (Pakistan), which contains a Sindh province...and a Harappa location (!), this fitting with my trace of Sicels (of Sicily) to the Szekely and Arpads of Hungary and Romania. But there's more. "Agni" sounds like "aegi/ag/aiga/aix," one Greek term for goat so that the proto-Agni cult may have been the goat cult that brought the infant Zeus up on Crete. It seems that the goat cult on Crete traces to the Poseidon Phoenicians (i.e. Zeus mating with Europa), for the son of Poseidon -- and more importantly the father of Phoenix, symbol of Phoenicia -- was made "Agenor," smacking of Agni!

The goat cult of Phoenicia was of course Pan, but:

"The goat-god Aegipan was nurtured by Amalthea with the infant Zeus in Crete. In Zeus' battle with Typhon, Aegipan and Hermes stole back Zeus' 'sinews' that Typhon had hidden away in the Corycian Cave. Pan aided his foster-brother in the battle with the Titans by blowing his conch-horn and scattering them in terror. According to some traditions, Aegipan was the son of Pan, rather than his father."

The conch horn was what was blown by Titans. The "Corycian cave" sounds like the origin of the Corybantes proto-Kabeiri. Aegipan was likely one with Agenor, and Pan was likely the cult that named Phoenicians, "Poeni" or "Paeoni/Peoni" to the Greeks. As for Amalthea, she is sometimes represented as the goat who suckled the infant-god in a cave in Cretan Mount Aigaion ('Goat Mountain')...Amalthea gathered about the cave the Kuretes or the Korybantes to dance, shout, and clash their spears against their shields."

You recall that just yesterday I was able to connect the Troy-branch Curetes, called Corybantes, to the Charybdis monster opposite Scylla, the monster depicting the Sicels. Well, the Corybantes/Curetes were the essence of the Kabeiri cult, and Hephaestus was made the cult's leader and founder. I therefore believe that the Agni cult of Hindus is a branch of the bloodlines leading to Traby et al. Note the possibly root of the Traby bugles (i.e. = goat horns):

"The goat Amalthea's horn, according to the Alexandrian poet Callimachus (Hymn to Zeus) was the original of the much earlier drinking vessel called a rhyton, an inverted horn-shape in its most basic form, with an outlet hole in the pointed base -- the very horn from which the child Zeus drank...

Alternatively, the sacred goat having broken off one of her horns, Amalthea filled it with flowers and fruits and presented it to Zeus, who placed it together with the goat amongst the stars.

According to another story, Zeus himself broke off her horn and, in an example of mythic inversion, gave it to Amalthea, promising that it would supply whatever she desired in abundance. When her horn broke off, leaving her with 1 horn, she changed, and became a unicorn" (webpage above).

We now see the root of the unicorn symbol in the goat-horn cult of Crete. Therefore, the unicorn bloodline -- including the Zeus and Hephaestus cults -- traces back to Pan and Hermes at mount Herman/Sion in Phoenicia.

I am fairly sure now that the Radivil family (using the Traby Coat) traces to Radamanthys of Crete, for "...Amalthea becomes blurred with Adamanthea..." That is, Amalthea and Adamanthea appear in myth writings as the same cult, and because the brother on Minos (symbol of Zeus' Minoans) was Radamanthys, a Radivil link fits well. Likely, Radamanthys depicted the Rhodians on Crete, known otherwise as Telchines...from Sicyon (Greece), who were perhaps some of the Sicilians, for the term smacks of the other Sicilian tribe knows an Sicani. The third Sicilian founders were Elymians, possibly from "Lemnos."

The Curetes on Crete were alternatively the "Daktyloi," a term said to mean "ten fingers." Compare with: "Some myths relate [Agni] being born of ten mothers, representing the ten fingers of man who gives birth to fire." The ten Daktyloi were then reduced to nine, which should be the origin of the nine Muses, and because Troy (the city they founded) was in Mysia, my interpretation of "Muse" as a Mysian tribe fits.

I should add that while Roemer is a name held by Hebrews, Timothy Roemer is a Catholic.


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