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April 28 - 30, 2009

Pressure on Israel has Begun

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April 28

An article dated yesterday:

"Delegations from Fatah and Hamas are in Egypt to resume talks aimed at reviving a national dialogue agreement between the two groups.

...Amr el-Kakhy, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Cairo, said that he had been told by a source close to Hamas that the group's priority was to reach an agreement towards a unity government."

Where did this new-found drive of Hamas to enter a government situation come from? It's happening just as Obama makes plans for just such a government situation. Let's see what happens this time.

For your information: "Khaled Meshal, the head of the Hamas Political Bureau in Damascus, has been reelected to his post for four additional years, the Palestinian news agency Ma'an reported [yesterday]."

Doesn't look like there's much more to report. Good night, and may that Holy Spirit make you feel good.


To be sure, while the UN doesn't appreciate Israel much, neither does it stand for weaponized groups such as Hezbollah:

"On [April 24, UN secretary-general], Ban condemned what he said was Hizbullah's interference in the affairs of another country.

'I am alarmed that Hizbullah publicly admitted to providing support to Gaza-based militants from Egyptian territory,' he said.

'Such activity indicates that Hizbullah operates outside Lebanese territory and beyond its stated national agenda. I condemn such unwarranted interference in the domestic affairs of a sovereign member state,' he said.

Ban renewed his call for Hizbullah to disarm and to transform into 'a solely political party.'"

While on the one hand Ban's dreaming with a false hope, we can see a sincere push for peace in the UN. I've never doubted this; Daniel-11's "ships of Kittim," coming to oppose God's second Egyptian invasion, have always acted as a sign that the West will be seeking peace, not war, in the Middle East. While the same spirit would appear to work in Obama, something tells me that he's going to develop into something other than a peace-maker. Jesus likes peacemakers, but even He will develop into a Warrior.

The article also tells that Ban Ki-moon doesn't appreciate Hezbollah's use of its military to intimidate Lebanese voters (elections are in May). He's concerned that Hezbolah's fighting spirit will win the election and turn all of Lebanon into something that the UN doesn't want.

Until now, Iran has been the power to keep Hezbollah alive, but Hezbollah now stands to acquire a deep reach into the Lebanese purse, thus finding some self-sustaining powers. Whether it continues to do the will of Iran after finding it's own source of money depends on Hezbollah's ideologies. Is it committed to the destruction of Israel apart from Iran's will? I think so.

The aftermath of the May elections could quickly become the fulfillment of Daniel-11's Egyptian invasion. The question of how Gog gets to Gaza is more-easily understood with doors open to him in that this development seems to be from Above. Woe to Israel.

There's been talk in the past couple of weeks as to whether the Iraqis should allow U.S. forces to remain in Mosul after the June 30th deadline, but last week some American troops launched an attack on Iraq's al-Qaeda that killed some Iraqis. The Iraqi government, not pleased at all, accused the U.S. of violating the SOFA deal (wherein the U.S. is not to make such strikes apart from Iraqi permission), which should explain today's headline, "Iraq wants US forces out of Mosul on time." The article says that, even now, "The main U.S. base in Mosul is effectively on the outskirts of the city."

So, what Obama and Iraq are doing together will result in a thundering victory for the insurgency. Giving it breathing room like this allows it to grow, cell by cell, into a metropolitan cancer that can no longer be contained. Bush kept the pressure on until containment was affected, but Obama and Maliki removed the pressure and permitted growth. Bush, however, as with Obama, gave life to Baathists, who will come round to seizing Iraq. It'll be a hard lesson for Obama, that giving breath to tyrants is risky business.

Going back to the idea that al-Zawahiri is the king of the north, I want to repeat that Ezekiel is not mentioned in the New Testament, and correct me if I'm wrong, none of the four Gospels quote from him even once. Unfortunately, Jesus did not give a list of Inspired texts. I just want to re-mention this in case the king of the north is not Gog at all. I see no signs of Gog in Mosul, and yet al-Zawahiri has in Mosul what the U.S. calls the last al-Qaeda bastion. But, again, Daniel, whom we know (from Jesus' words in Matthew 24:15) was Inspired, says that the "little horn," the same as "king of the north," rises up to rule end-time Rome from a neo-Seleucid kingdom. How could someone like al-Zawahiri come to rule the EU??? Very very very unlikely, I say...but I could be wrong.

With the global spread of the swine flu happening now, I want to say that similar things could spread to the world on an unprecedented level during the last 1260 days, at which time people in trib communities, not partaking in the work force nor school systems, etc., will be much safer. The world is worried about the spread of AIDS through its sexual promiscuity, but don't flus also spread by sexual contact? To what extent has the swine flu spread by sexual contact thus far?

Below is another possible motive for Obama's befriending Turkey:

"Iran is about to become a major fuel supplier to the West, DEBKA-Net-Weekly reports.

For the sake of dialogue and cooperation, Washington is ceding Tehran the chance to feed its natural gas into the 3,000 kilometer-long Nabucco pipeline project (from the Caspian to the EU via Turkey).

The strategic-economic consequences of the Obama administration's major perk for Iran is analyzed in the coming DEBKA-Net-Weekly's issue out Friday." (brackets not mine)

This Washington move is shot to Russia's face:

"The Nabucco pipeline is a planned natural gas pipeline that will transport natural gas from Turkey to Austria, via Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary...This pipeline is a diversion from the current methods of importing natural gas solely from Russia. The project is backed by several European Union states and the United States."

Could it be that Obama (and the globalists behind him) wish to form some friendship with Iran for this single purpose? Could it be that Russia monkeyed around with natural gas to eastern Europe this past winter as impish reaction to this pipeline proposal? To what extent are Middle East politics based on the quest for fossil fuels? I mean, look at the article's statement below, neatly speaking to Obama's recent push to get Turkey into the EU: "On 19 January 2009, Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that Turkey may withdraw from the Nabucco project if the country's talks of EU accession remains blocked."

I get it. Te day before Obama was in Office, Turkey threatened the pipeline project, and in April Obama visited Turkey with a promise to try to get Turkey into the EU. And meanwhile Obama has been doing somersaults for Turkey in other ways. This, too, reveals that Obama is an agent of Bilderberg Europe, and not an servant of America. Obama is the Hexbollah of America, empowered by a dragonic foreign body worse than Iran will ever be.

So what is Russia doing to secure the Iranian portion of natural gas intended for this pipeline? Or, does Russia have a mind to sabotage the Western effort to acquire gas from Iran? Wouldn't this be one important reason for a Russo-Iranian alliance? Whether or not the gas issues of the day have anything to do with a Gog-Iranian alliance have yet to be seen, but one can see Russia going a little crazy at this point if what DEBKAfile reports is true: that Washington and Iran have struck a deal to pipe gas from the Caspian to Turkey's Nabucco system...this coming on the heels of Russia losing the natural gas deal from the Caspian shores of Turkmenistan (that I mentioned April 22nd).

The Caspian pipeline goes first to the Turkish city of Erzurum, a little more than 100 miles south of Georgia's Batumi. Not only does Vladimir Zhirinovsky despise Georgia and wish to control it, but he despises Turkey and wishes to conquer it. The control of Turkish pipelines to Europe may became critical enough to see Putin put into effect something akin to Zhiro's military-based "Mad dash to the South."

The Turkish-Syrian military ties now signed as an official deal must be making Russians a little crazier, but speaks well for the Gogi invasion into the Turkish-Syria border region (i.e. Calno and Carchemish)...predicted in Isaiah 10:9. That verse is where we see his invasion of Arpad implied...which is the location where Russia wants its naval base. There was lots of talk on the Tartus base in 2006, and in 2008 it was said to have become a reality. Below is an August-2008 article (August also saw the Georgian war):

"Moscow is flexing its muscles again in the eastern Mediterranean, and aims to reactivate old cold war naval installations with its ally, Syria. President Bashar Assad is on his way to the Kremlin to finalize what looks to become a high profile deal. With not a moment to lose, the Russian aircraft carrier 'Admiral Kuznetsov' is under orders to head from Murmansk towards the Mediterranean and the Syrian port of Tartus. The mission comes after Syrian President Bashar Assad said he is open to a Russian base in the area.

...But what is worrying Israeli defense sources..."

In a February-2009 article: "Russian warships have returned to the naval base in the Syrian port of Tartus, used by the Soviet Union since the late sixties, after more than a decade of absence." It's possible that since February, Obama, with a key promise to Syria for some American friendship, has put Russia's Tartus operation into freeze-mode.

In a November-2008 article: "Colonel Mummar el-Qaddafi, Libya's longtime controversial leader, visited Moscow over the weekend and apparently offered the Port of Benghazi to Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev during their talks in the Kremlin last Saturday...Russia's relationship with Libya has been deeply rooted in the days of the Cold War, when Libya was a primary Soviet client state..."

When the Soviet Union fell sick, Russia became the anti-West Insurgency. I cannot fathom how the anti-Bush insurgency in Iraq was not backed by Russia, and yet, if true, not an iota of evidence (that I've read) has leaked out throughout all the years.

Netanyahu has been quiet since Obama gave him the "order" to decide quickly whether he'll go forward with talks on the Arab process for a two-state solution. I figure that he's discussing with his advisors what the recent Turkish developments mean that have Obama strings attached. The Turko-Syrian deal is one thing, that may not involve Israel, but the Turkish sales of weapons to Lebanon are too close for comfort. The recent (under Obama administration) sales of American aircraft to Lebanon may have been ante toward the Russian pitch some months ago to grant MIG fighter jets to Lebanon. This is a long game of world monopoly, or better yet, the longer game of Risk.

I truly hope that the king of the north does turn out to be a Russian because I've spent a lot of time informing you, and leading you on, that it will be so. This is why I offer other options, because I'm only human. I don't know the complete story. The idea of a U.S. cold-war struggle with Russia, and vice versa, does not play well into an anti-Christ at the helm of Europe. Yet another alternative view is that the king of the north will be, by blood, an Assyrian.

Today's Assyrians are Western, link themselves with ancient Syriacs, and consider themselves "Christians." They are centered in Mosul and surrounding area. But there are non-Christian Assyrians, and no doubt pro-Arab Assyrians. Gog could be in a house in Mosul right now with war maps pinned to his walls.

So, while Obama and the EU want to embrace Russia on behalf of a global Utopia, all parties wish to control the world's oil and money reserves. Greedy brothers, who will destroy one another, that's the moral of history that the story of Armageddon will teach. If the little mouse on my shoulder was herald anouncing a new Georgian war, then the following in todays' (badly translated) Georgian Times may speak to it:

"Russia will form agreement with the so called South Ossetia and Abkhazia about Joint 'State border' control on 30 April.

Foreign Ministries of the puppet regimes stated about it.

South Ossetian delegation will pay visit to Moscow by leadership of Eduard Kokoity. Agreement of joint protection of state borders will be signed on 30 April, - the so called Foreign Ministry of Tskhinvali regime stated about it.

Abkhazian delegation will be headed by Sergey Baghapsh. Sergey Shamba states that the agreement will promote strengthening of Abkhazian Security."

That's all the article reports, but look at the date. Which came first, the deal by Russia to reinforce the Georgian border at the end of April, or the NATO exercises in Georgia on May 6? What happens when the NATO peoples leave Georgia at the end of May?

Gorbachev weighed in early this month:

"Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has criticized NATO's eastward expansion and the failure by Western powers to keep their promise not to deploy military bases near Russia's borders.

Gorbachev said in an interview with Germany's Bild newspaper published on [April 2] that Western Germany, the United States and other powers had pledged after Germany's reunification in 1990 that 'NATO would not move a centimeter to the east.'"

Though one might like to interpret the statements as concern for a united globalism, I would suggest that they inform us squarely on which side Gorbechev sits. In the more-recent article below, we learn that Gorbachev's dream of de-nuclearizing the two super-powers was foiled by Reagan's Star Wars program...what could soon become the fire from the sky of the False Prophet, brought down to earth on behalf of Gog.

Assuming that Obama is the False Prophet, I imagine that he will protect Gog's invasion(s). But who will be the enemy of Gog that could warrant missiles from space on his behalf? China is the only one coming to mind. China has oil interests in northern Iraq. If Obama is not the False Prophet, then who will send fire from the sky to protect Gog? Another Russian? Iran? An Iranian would make an apt false Muslim prophet. But will Iran also push the skincode on all? Is the skincode only a Muslim-world phenomenon? I hope so, I dearly hope so, but I can't bank on that hope. Just think of how much work we'd save if we didn't need to fend for ourselves in the last half of the Week.

Iran can't make the "king of Babylon" the leader of the EU, but then there is no evidence that the False Prophet is the one who accomplishes this. It's my personal belief, but Revelation 13 does not say so outright. Rather, it's the Dragon of Rome that is said to elevate the little horn to global appreciation. I'm assuming that Revelation 13:4 -- where we see both the elevation of the beast by the Dragon and the world's appreciation for the beast's military might -- corresponds to the False Prophet's fire from the sky in 13:13.

What does a nuclear explosion in the air look like? Isn't that what the Star Wars system is intended to shooting an in-coming missile with computerized accuracy? What if multiple missiles are shot all at once? Would it, for a period, darken the sun and stars by one third (Revelation 8:12)? Would it poison the rivers (8:10)? Would the heat burn the grass and trees (8:7)? Would the energy hitting the waters and continuing through to some depths kill sea creatures (8:9), and make the surface waters toss to the point of sinking one third the ships (8:9). Could the death of so many sea creatures turn the surface waters to rotting guts (8:8)?

The events above all start off in 8:7:

"And the first [angel] trumpeted, and there occurred hail and fire mixed with blood and it was cast to the earth/ground, and a third part of the earth/ground was burnt, and a third of the trees burned down, and all the green grass was burned down."

It starts from the sky. I'm not necessarily claiming that Trumpets number two, three and four are the result of this first Trumpet, but it could be. I have never given this idea thought. The first Bowl is a plague on the air, resulting in sores on the peoples having the mark of the beast. Radiation-related sores? Perhaps the four Trumpets are four separate series of nuclear explosions, with all explosions in the sky? Is the world terrified to such a point that it worships the ones who destroy the nuclear missiles before they hit their intended targets?

I hope that al-Zawahiri is the 666-man, and that the mark of the beast is a Middle-East system only. But until such a picture becomes obviously the reality, I've got to go on with a global-skincode scenario.

Why God should decide to keep the identity of the anti-Christ secret until the last possible moments? Why is he not apparent yet? Wouldn't it serve the Church better to have him identified sooner rather than later? Perhaps God does not want us to spend money on trib preparations until a certain time. Maybe He'll give the world a huge crop the first and second year after the identification so that, not only will food prices be low, but "hoarding" won't turn into a major controversy.

April 29

Just to clarify, I don't think the plagues in Revelation 8 are global in scope. More likely, they involve the Israeli theater. They occur in the last half of the Week (in my opinion) and therefore during the period in which the anti-Christ has control of Jerusalem, and just a few years before the kings of the east launch a full-scale invasion on the anti-Christ. It makes some sense, therefore, that the first five Trumpets are, as the sixth and seventh, plagues from kings of the east.

However, North Korea is even on this day threatening to launch more missiles: "The North also threatened to conduct a second nuclear test and launch an intercontinental ballistic missile unless the United Nations Security Council apologizes for its censure of the Communist state after its rocket test on April 5." And there is always the possibility that Pakistan will become an anti-Israeli state by the latter half of the Week.

It is my firm belief that the locusts of Joel are the kings of the east (sixth Bowl, Revelation 16:12) so that the locusts of the fifth Trumpet could be the same. We don't know whether "kings of the east" include China only; I don't know at this point what oriental countries would join China, aside from North Korea, in a Middle Eastern invasion. India should be more pro-West than otherwise based on it's long-standing ties to Britain, and no doubt to the Rhodes Illuminati, but God likely has on His agenda to make Rhodes entities betray.

The Nabucco pipeline (mentioned yesterday) is slated to be finished in 2013, says Wikipedia, and since it directs gas westward, perhaps multiple eastern nations will unite to change the situation by military force. China has become a huge oil-guzzler, and there is the looming possibility that Iran, and perhaps even OPEC, will use their oil/gas cards -- i.e. will refuse to sell enough oil for world needs -- for to get their political ways.

I can't think of what else would bring the Chinese into the Middle East other than oil. I suppose there will some other impetus from the fact that Gog is merged with the EU, thus forming a globalism that leaves China and the rest of Asia out. But this beastly picture comes with the potential threat of excluding China for good oil deals.

Today I read in one headline (I didn't bother to open the article) that Obama's loyalty to Israel is unbreakable, unshakable, unswerving, whatever. Yet he has just asked his legislators to change a prohibitive law, where the change would instead permit U.S. funds to go to a Palestinian unity government even if Hamas -- in it's present terrorist condition -- is a part of it. Quite apparently, Obama has no problem extending the current Gaza situation to Jerusalem.

How easy would it be for Hamas operatives to move from Gaza to Jerusalem under a unity government? A mere drive in a car, and a purchase of a rental unit in East Jerusalem, no questions asked. Obama has a large idiot side doing idiotic things to help the Palestinian cause. It's like left-hand syndrome where part of his brain is controlled by the devil. I do not trust a word of what he and his administration says when it speaks in lofty, moral terns. It's the angel-of-light syndrome.

Early last month, the article below came out:

"There's a popular medical thriller novel in which a global pandemic is intentionally set off by an evil plot designed to reduce the human population. In the book, a nefarious drug company inserts live avian flu viruses into vaccine materials that are distributed to countries around the world...

There's only one problem with this story: It's not fiction. Or, at least, the part about live avian flu viruses being inserted into vaccine materials isn't fiction. It's happening right now.

Deerfield, Illinois-based pharmaceutical company Baxter International Inc. has just been caught shipping live avian flu viruses mixed with vaccine material to medical distributors in 18 countries. The 'mistake' (if you can call it that, see below...) was discovered by the National Microbiology Laboratory in Canada. The World Health Organization was alerted and panic spread throughout the vaccine community as health experts asked the obvious question: How could this have happened?

...The shocking answer is that this couldn't have been an accident. Why? Because Baxter International adheres to something called BSL3 (Biosafety Level 3) - a set of laboratory safety protocols that prevent the cross-contamination of materials.

I checked the Baxter Coat: red pentagrams on white, the symbol of Sion and Wallis (not necessarily concluding a link, but the possibility is there). And by the way, FE informed me that there is a Morel location in Wallis, and meanwhile I found another in Germany, but not just any place in Germany, but in Schleswig-Holstein. This was ground zero for the Danes...who ruled in More and Moray. Thus, Morel in Schleswig may have been connected to Rollo's More region (said to be in Norway, but I haven't seen the evidence).

On the Baxter surname, says: "Out of the noble Boernician clans of the ancient Scottish-English border region comes the ancestors of the bearers of the name Baxter" (for new readers, I trace the Rhodes surname to Bernicians). The Scottish clan was first found in Forfarshire...which is Angus: "Angus was historically a county (known officially as Forfarshire until 1928)... Angus is where I had traced the Rhodes surname (details elsewhere)...and perhaps even the Rodham surname, for the Arms of Angus uses a cinquefoil. But it also uses the three white stars on blue of Douglas and Moray (= Murray surname), as well as the red heart of the Danes carried by the Douglas clan.

I had caught glimpse from more than their common cinquefoil symbol that rulers of Angus were linked to Liecester, which may explain why the English Baxter surname (red and white) was "First found in Devonshire where a Liueger se Bacestere was listed in 1093." Liueger? Leicester was founded by "Ligors." Moreover, as I trace the Rhodes leopard to Dionysus, who was also "Bacchus," therein may be the derivation/root of the "Bacester" surname. But Dionysus was also "Lyaios," a term that easily becomes "Ligios," and moreover the Nike mythical entity that was connected to Lyaios must have been root to the location of Nice in Liguria.

When I search for a Nice surname, I get the Scottish Ness Coat, what appears to be a variation of the Washington Coat...using three red stars on white like the Scottish Baxter Coat!! In fact, before finding this, and as soon as I saw the eagles in the English Baxter Coat, they reminded me of the Washington eagle. The Ness surname was first found in Fifeshire, to the immediate south of Forfarshire/Angus. The town of Forfar (= administrative center of Angus) is close to Fifeshire.

I'm convinced: the Ness and Baxter surnames, and related Lig/Lys-like locations, were in honor of the DioNYSUS cult, and the Wassa/Washington surname was either rooted in the cult, or merged with it...explaining why "Laus Dio" is written on the Washington Monument. Dionysus was all over the Sithone region of the Edones, and so the Dionysus cult can now be viewed as root to Sitten/Sion(ism), Wallis, etc.

I spent the winter before this past one on a Pfiefer street, wherefore the name came to mind just now as I spoke of Fife. At the German Pfiefer-Coat page we read: "Chronicles first mention Nickel Pfyfer of Liegnitz in 1372." Liegnitz is "Lignica" to the Poles, and is located in Poland's Silesia. The Pfiefer Coat uses a gold anchor on green shield, the colors of the Pollock Coat.

The Pfiefers lived in Austria, where the Babenberg Paphlagonians came forth into Germany, this supporting my hunch (of a winter ago) that "Pfiefer" is a Paph-rooted term. Having traced the Melusine symbol to the Babenbergs, see the anchor in the German Huggo/Huegot Coat. The anchor is either green or black (my high-glare laptop screen shows both colors depending on the angle that I'm taking), but if it's green, note that it's on a gold background, suggesting a Huggo link to the Pfiefers and Pollocks.

In any case, the Babenburgs became the Bernician Bebbenburgs (or vice versa) so that Fife of Scotland could trace to the Pfiefer surname. The Scottish Angus Coat (surname first found in Fifeshire) uses the Angus red lion, and white pentagrams on red, the reverse of the Baxter symbol (Wallis uses the pentagram in both color schemes). The Arms of Fifeshire, use the same unicorn (with "Andrews Cross" hanging from its neck) used by Shetland. The latter had been traced in the previous update to King Andrew I of Hungary and/or to the Finno-Ugrics. In that discussion, we found that Shetland's sister domain, CaithNESS, saw its Andrew/Ross clan move to Dumfries, where the Nith river is situated.

The Ness surname needs more research because it likely connects with the Washington surname. Both the German and Dutch Ness surnames use the same Washington-like red bars as does the Scottish Ness Coat. The Dutch branch was first found in the regions of Rotterdam, Leyden and Shiedam, and because it includes a Nas/Nass variation, could be connected to the Nassau surname (also from the Netherlands).

The principal cities of the Nassau surname were "Amsterdam, Haarlem and Hilversum. This is amazing now, for I had traced the Nassau gold lion on blue to the Jerusalem flag, which I have seen in reverse colors. I now find that the surname was in Haarlem, which Wikipedia says was from "Harulahem" and built on the pattern of Jerusalem.

The Liegnitz/Lignica Arms? Gold lion on blue. Plus: "The area of Legnica was at the intersection of travel routes of Celtic and East Germanic tribes. Tacitus in his Germania and Ptolemy recorded the Lugii (Lygii) in Magna Germania, and mentioned their town of Lugidunum." There was a Lugdunum near Leydon, Holland that was likely filled with the Ness/Nassau surnames from early times.

Another Lugdunum/Lugudunum, now Lyons, was built on a site evoking Scotland's Forfar: "The original Roman city [of Lugdunum] was situated...on the Fourviere heights." Thus, a line from Liegnitz, where the Pfiefer surname was first found, to Lugdunum's Fourviere, and finally to Forfar and Fife. Makes excellent sense.

Can it be a coincidence that while the Pfiefer Coat uses green, the Lyon-surname Coat uses a green lion (on white)? Yes, it certainly could be coincidental, but the following from houseofnames suggests a strong link: "The Lyon family originally lived in the Norman settlement of Lyons-la-Foret, before migrating to Scotland." Foret? Couldn't that be a Forfar link? Yes, there should be a line between Fourviere in Lyons to Lyons-la-Foret, and then to the green Pfiefers of Forfar; compare an r-less "Fourviere" with "Pfiefer."

The natural thing to do at this point was to check for a Forfar Coat, and there came up a Scottish one using gold boar heads on blue, the symbol of the Scottish Speer Coat...which traces to the Spree river in to Silesia where Lignica and the Fiefers originated! Remember, the Pollock crest is a gold boar, and both Pollocks and Speers were first found in the same place (Renfrewshire). Moreover, the Speer Coat uses a red pentagram on white, the symbol of the Bernician Baxters.

I checked for a Foret Coat: gold and green shield (!!) like the Pfiefers (and Pollocks). But rather than being first found in Lyons-la-Foret, houseofnames says "First found in Savoie where this renowned family were seated from ancient times." When I check the Savoy Coat (surname first in Savoie), I read: "Jean Savoy, who was a Huguenot immigrant to Delaware in 1700." The Huggo/Hugot Coat uses gold and green, and its Melusine symbol traces to Lusatia.

You haven't heard this anywhere else, but it's all now recorded on paper, and others will take it and expound, hopefully doing damage to the dragon cult between now and Armageddon.

Just one more thing before getting back to the news. As per Leydon, Holland, the English Leyton/Laton Coat uses a reversed Vere shield and the Vere wyvern (no front legs) dragon (the Vere dragon is green), but the Scottish Leydon surname was first found in Aberdeenshire, on the north border of Angus and where the Leslie surname was first found. Although the Leslies are often linked to Bartholomew of the Hungarian theater, Leslie stock (from Lusatians, I think) may have been in the Aberdeen area long before Bartholomew arrived (some ten years after George Drummond arrived in 1055). The Leslie Crest is a green dragon, as is the Seaton/Sitten Crest, but as the Sitten Coat uses red crescents, it should link to the Spree river in Lusatia (both the Spree and Speer Coats use red crescents).

Never before have I had much of a clue where the green color of the Vere wyvern originated, but now Lugdunum/Pfiefer stock is suspect.

The Drudge Report has the headline: "Only 7 swine flu deaths, not 152...", suggesting perhaps a plot by the British Illuminati to deliberately exaggerate the effects of the flu. The Drudge Report also has the headline: "UK to leaflet every house." Why exaggerate? To get everyone's focus on it, I imagine. But why? The article reads:

"A member of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has dismissed claims that more than 150 people have died from swine flu, saying it has officially recorded only seven deaths around the world.

Vivienne Allan, from WHO's patient safety program, said the body had confirmed that worldwide there had been just seven deaths - all in Mexico - and 79 confirmed cases of the disease.

'This virus is not airborne, it's caused by droplets ... so it's not a time for worry. It's a time to be prepared,' Ms Allan said."

That's all for today, but tommorow I'm going to show that the Allan surname (above) is from the Stewarts of Brittany and Normandy. I'm also seeking who made the 152-deaths report, which Mr. Allan seems to know but does not disclose (in this article, anyway).

April 30

I made a mistake yesterday morning. The article on the avian flu and Baxter International Inc. was found presented in yesterday's news website, but was an article that initially made the news on March 3rd of this year.

Before getting to the news, since there doesn't look like there is much so far, I want to share what I've never known before. The Allan surname to this day is actually from the Stewarts of Dol, Brittany, where the first-known Stewarts were given Alan as first and second names. I learned this yesterday as I checked for the symbols of the Allan surname, just oak leaves: First found in the lands of Shropshire, where Walter FitzAlan of Brittany was seated after the Norman Conquest of 1066." Walter fitzAlan was a Stewart of Dol, and his family is known to have made a home in Shropshire.

There is an alternative Scottish Stewart Coat that uses a unicorn as crest, a symbol used also by Shetland. This is good, very good, for after finding that the Alan surname is traced to Stewarts of Dol, I tried a for a Flad (no luck) and then for a Flat Coat because the first known Stewart of Dol was Alan fitzFlaad. The "Flat" search brought up the Scottish Flet Coat (with black clovers), and just gawk at the write up, because it finally reveals what no one seems to know: the origin of the Stewarts (not their real surname until after Dol) before Dol:

"First found in the Orkneys, where they held a family seat from very ancient times. They derived their name from the village of Flett in the parish of Delting in the Shetland Islands."

Finally, after years of seeking Stewart roots, here it finally is. I am certain now that Stewarts were Flets, but I yet want to know whether these pre-Dol Stewarts connected with the Arpads Hungarians (that I envision in the Shetlands), for he English Stewart Coat uses a deer as Crest. Not only that, but I suspect that Dol is from Attila's House of Dulo, and that Stewarts of Dol were of the Alan Huns that came to western Europe with Attila.

The Hungarian Arpads claimed that they were descended from Attila. Thus, if I'm correct to trace king Andrew's bloodline to the Andrew clan of the Shetlands, and if I'm correct in pegging the white cross on blue of Shetland as a version of Finland's flag so that Shetland was inhabited by Finno-Ugrics (= Hungarian root), then it explains why Stewarts, also from Hungarians roots, were in Shetland.

Hungarians were not from Attila only, but from Khazars/Kabars on the Mures river. This is where I suspect that the Flet line in the Shetlands was from, which then merged with Alans in Dol. I had theorized that "Flaad" was found in the name of an Avar-like Danish king, Harald Blaatand (one generation before Rollo), but this was before I realized that one side of the Danes of his time were from the Mures river.

The next logical step was to check for a Dol-like surname, and of course this led to the Dole Coat, the German one using red and white checks (Hohens?), same as the blue and white checks of the Scottish Stewart Coat but in the colors of the English Stewarts. There's a green shield in this Dole Coat. The English Dole Coat uses Zionist stars.

Just as the Flet Coat is black on white, so the Scottish Fletcher Coat. The write-up for the latter includes:

"The distinguished Fletcher family finds its origin with the proud Norman people. Although the Normans came from France, they were actually of Viking origin. The Vikings landed in the Orkneys and northern Scotland under their king, Stirgud the Stout, around 870. Subsequently, led by their jarl, Thorfinn Rollo, they invaded France around 911."

I've never read Rollo's name as "Thorfinn" before, but note the "finn" ending. It is known that Danes had merged with the Finno-Ugrics called Estonians (on the Finnish frontier); as a result, the Estonian Arms to this day uses Denmark's three blue lions on gold. The following derivation does not appear to jibe with my theory that Estonians were Sitones of Scandinavia (from Sitten in Wallis):

"The name 'Eesti', or Estonia, is thought to be derived from the word Aestii...Proto-Estonians (as well as other speakers of the Finnish language group) were also called Chuds..."

"Eest/Aest" evokes Aoste on the border of Wallis. "Chuds" might just be the pre-Hungarian Finno-Ugrics that I imagine at the roots of Caith(ness) and Shet(land).

As per the write-up above on the Fletcher surname, I suspected that the family had something to do with Stirgud the Stout, so I sought an article on him. What came up in a Google search for that phrase was the Stout Coat at, and when I went to see it, I learned that the surname was first found in Cambridgeshire, where the English Dole surname was first found; both these Doles and the Stouts used blue and gold (colors of Denmark and Estonia), but what caught my eye more was the Stow variation of the Stout surname, for it smacks of "Stewart." One can get the impression that the Stirgud bloodline was the proto-Stewart family that was in Dol.

I can't find anything on this Stirgud fellow, however; he's not in Wikipedia's list of Danish kings. But neither is Rollo's line listed because he was forced to leave the royal Danish scene. Apparently, the Danes split; Rollo's ancestors ended up in Norway, but then also in Scotland. In light of the fact that the early Stewarts worshiped the dog, I've noted that both the Stark and Sturk/Stergis surnames (i.e. like "Stirgud") are blue and gold and use dogs for Crests. But as well as this works, both surnames are said to be Anglo-Saxon. Hmm.

The write-up on the latter surname says it's derived from "an old Anglo Saxon name 'Styrgar'" and that the term means a battle spear. Not likely coincidental, the German Stark Coat uses an arm holding a spear. In other words, this Stark surname could be the German origin of the Stewarts. In the write-up, among the list of variations, we find "Lausitz" (= Lusatia) in brackets. Thus, the pointer points to the Lusatian Saxons of the Kwisa river.

The English Stork Coat is exactly the English Stark Coat; both use acorns, which could connect to the oak leaves in the English Allan Coat. The theory to put forward tentatively is that the proto-Stewarts were of Stark stock in Lusatia, who were in Denmark with the line of Stirgud the Stout/Stow, and that he put forth the Stewards of Dol. Since Lusatians should trace to Aoste, where the Lys river flowed, the proto-Stewarts of Lusatia may have become merged with the Aestii of Estonia, thus explaining how they got to the viking theater, and from there to Shetland.

Okay, there we have it, down on paper because the Stewart family, supported by multiple Illuminati groups over the centuries, should be playing a large role in end-time globalism.


Well Israel is doing it again, providing a condition to the formation of Palestinian state that will not likely be met:

"According to sources close to the policy review being undertaken by the new [Netanyahu] government, Israel will compromise on the Palestinian issue to obtain more direct and aggressive US assistance on the Iranian front."

Netanyahu is trying to make it appear that he's giving Obama what he wants, but it's an empty promise because Obama's hands are tied for military assistance against Iran. Also in today's J-Post, there is the headline: "White House rejects notion of setting deadlines for Iran talks," which sounds as though Obama is not giving Netanyahu an inch. In return, Netanyahu must decide whether to forego America's help against its enemies. To make his decision easier, Obama seems to be assisting Israel's enemies. The article above says that Netanyahu's meeting with Obama has been bumped up to May 18. If I were Netanyahu, I'd go sun bathing instead.

Netanyahu also needs to decide whether to attack Iran alone, but with Obama unconcerned about the Turkish-Syria military bonding, Israel has that monster's retaliation to be concerned about. Considering Hezbollah's expected gains in the coming election, Israel will be taking a significant risk to attack Iran when all enemies are united.

Betrayal is the word when a friend says: ""Why would it concern Israel? We will not ask for permission from anybody else [to conduct military exercises with Syria]." This is what Turkey's general said to Israel as Israel complained. Turkey is no longer Israel's friend, no longer a guard against the Syrian threat, and Obama is using it in trying to twist Netanyahu into a pretzel.

Previously, the U.S. had political interest in Israel as a foothold in the Middle East, but Obama wants to eradicate the need for the foothold by befriending Muslim nations, all of them if possible. We really need to ask if this situation is the pouring of the footings for Israel's great tribulation, and if we think it is, the tribulation period should be over by Obama's eighth year.

Russia is not behaving:

"During his visit to Helsinki, Finland on April 20, 2009, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev outlined a plan which would transform the Energy Charter...

...The Russian proposal seemed to be aimed above all at stopping the Ukrainian-EU agreement reached in Brussels on March 23 which calls for the EU to renovate and expand the capacity of the Ukrainian gas trunk pipeline...

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin lashed out by asking the far from rhetorical question: 'Nobody asked us if we are ready to transport such quantities [of gas]' and threatened to raise the price of gas to EU customers if the agreement is carried out (UNIAN, March 24, 2009)."[tt_news]=34911&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=293c1bc3ae

Why would Putin resist selling more gas? Isn't that the aim? It sounds as though gas through the Ukraine is cheaper (and indeed it was dirt cheap until last winter) than Russian gas from other pipelines. Europe's struggle to get cheaper gas needs multiple footholds in the Middle East, and Israel isn't much good for that. It's just not good business to be a close friend of Israel when Russian friction makes Europe look to the Middle East for its fuels. The article continues:

"The answer to the Russian proposal came on April 22 when the European Parliament approved by a vote of 596 for and 45 against the 'Third Energy Packet' of the EU gas liberalization legislation, which, according to many commentators, will block Russia from achieving its long-standing plan of gaining control over EU domestic gas distribution pipelines. This would allow Gazprom to dictate transit tariff fees as well as collect huge rents from domestic EU gas sales, not to mention the immense political advantages Russia stood to gain from such a coup."

It's hard to believe that a political unity between Europe and Russia will develop soon. If there is to be a Gogi-EU pact in time for the great tribulation of Israel, it'll have to be superficial, created against Western will. Putin seems very upset in this article, which may imminently trigger the coming of Gogi bear.

In Georgia, demonstrations in opposition to Saakashvili are set to increase to the critical levels of "calculated low-level violence":

"Western ambassadors stationed in Tbilisi have exerted every effort to bring the radical opposition into dialogue with the government. The ambassadors bent over backward to treat the radical leaders deferentially and never to criticize their excesses. But they could not persuade the radical leaders before April 9 to desist from starting the confrontation in the streets and cannot persuade them now to move to the negotiation table. This situation requires EU involvement on a higher level and with a more credible message than has hitherto been the case."[tt_news]=34915&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=3df05b03d2

The situation, coupled with Putin's disgust with the West and NATO in particular, makes it all the more inviting for him to act militarily against Saakashvili. In last year's war, Putin, though appearing poised to take control over Saakashvili, decided against it. The reason for this decision is important because the underlying reasons may no longer exist. Suppose that George Bush was Putin's reason for changing his mind? In Bush, Putin saw one with a track record of using military without batting an eyelash. Understandably, Putin has been gauging Obama's military muscle, and it may be that Putin has decided that, though still large, it has been rendered inactive.

Meanwhile, Armenia, which should be the path of Russian soldiers from Georgia to northern Iraq and/or northern Iran, has just reinforced its Iranian ties:

"Armenia and Iran have agreed to deepen their already close relationship by pressing ahead with several large-scale commercial projects, mostly related to energy supplies...Iranian leaders used the trip to reaffirm, in unusually strong terms, their commitment to enhance political and economic cooperation with Yerevan.

'The Iranian government and nation have enthusiastically welcomed the expansion of amicable ties with the Armenian nation and government,' Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on April 14 as he received Sarksyan and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad after their two-day negotiations (IRNA news agency, April 14)."[tt_news]=34916&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=965654ea7b is a good place to watch news in the Caucasus region, having stories that major media don't cover much. If I recall correctly, Russia has also bolstered its Armenian ties recently. But, anyway, as Armenia is a very-deep root of the dragon cult, I wouldn't be surprised to find to see Russians plowing through by force. Isaiah 10 says that "the Assyrian" will successfully invade many nations, which seems to indicate more than just Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Israel.

Let's imagine Putin asking his generals a question: "What could Obama do if we made a mad dash to the south"? The military would respond something like: "We have Iran and the terrorists, both feverishly committed to the destruction of America and the West; we are closer to the war theater than the West; we need the oil money badly; Georgia is now take-able; Iraq is now take-able; Pakistan and Afghanistan have been rendered lame; Syria is filled with Sunni who would love to take the Syrian government, and our Baathist fighters in Iraq would support the overthrow.

If you agree that Isaiah 10 is the end-time anti-Christ, then because he takes many nations as easily as reaching for eggs in a nest, it is an argument for a Russian Gog. I don't see any other nation, that would in the first place seek to conquer the Middle East, doing so easily aside from Russia.

Russia now also has Abkhazia and South Ossetia as official military powers. The following dated today:

...Under the agreements, Russia will provide aid to the bodies of power of both republics to train personnel and create border guard services of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

In the presence of the presidents of the three countries Russia's Federal Security Service, Abkhazia's State Security Service and South Ossetia's Committee for State Security also signed inter-departmental agreements on cooperation and interaction."

Cooperation? Isn't that what Russia is after? Isn't that what it would want previous to a Georgian and/or Armenian invasion? Why would either Abkhazia or South Ossetia blink at the thought of invading Georgia?

A five-year deal, with options to extend. The five years alone get us into 2014, more than enough time for the clouds of soldiers on Israel's mountains that I expect to be pouring in before/during 2013.

Car bombs in Sadr City yesterday is a continuation of Sunni attacks against Shi'ites, exposing that the Sunni are after Iraq's throne at this time, and are willing to seek it even while Americans are in Iraq. It seems like a total waste of time unless there is a significant army willing to carry the project through to success.

I suppose that Gog needs to decide when to enter, and if he can't wait for the Americans to leave because the time looks too ripe for an insidious plot, he can enter on a peaceful level at first. But for a Russian to enter Iraq in this way, which would appear insidious to the West otherwise, much violence is needed that gives reason to a peace-making entry. Russia could cry the blues something like this: "If you the West are serious about making an alliance with Russia, let Russia control some things in Iraq for a change."

I've just learned that the next NATO commander, Anders Rasmussen, a Dane, was put in power against Turkey's protests by Obama himself:

"Ankara dropped its objections [to Rasmussen's NATO bid] after U.S. President Barack Obama agreed to serve as a guarantor on several issues, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has said.

According to media reports, Turkey had received 'guarantees' from Obama that one of Rasmussen's deputies would be a Turk and that Turkish commanders would be present at the alliance's command. The reports also said Rasmussen would apologize to Muslim world for cartoon crisis and Roj TV would be closed."

Obama has had a stacked agenda with Turkey. This is yet another reason for his visiting Turkey earlier this month, and it may be the most important reason, especially if I'm correct in tracing Obama's mother to the Danes.

Variations of "Rasmussen" are listed as Eras, Erasmi, and Erasmus, suggesting links to Ares and therefore the Rosicrucian Rus. Remember, NATO had been led not long ago by Javier Solana, whose mother was a writer on Rosicrucian leader, Francis Bacon. This brings me back to the Stewart topic because, after a night's sleep on yesterday's Stewart roots in Stirgud, an obscure viking leader, it occurred to me that he was likely a Varangian Rus...not just because Nicholas de Vere supports Stewarts for the English throne, but because I had recently traced proto-Varangians (= Zahringers and Veringens) to the Stern surname (using the Zahringer buffalo horns)...which I now see uses "Stirn" and "Sturn" as well.

The Stern connection to the Stark/Sturk/Stork surnames didn't occur to me yesterday, but now I see that all four surnames use blue and gold (colors of Obama's mother's line all the way back to the Randolphs), the German Stern Coat using only a large Zionist star. This family was first recorded in Hannover and Mecklenberg, a region near the Varni Mother-Earth worshipers that should be the root to the Varangians and/or Veres. Since Hannover was connected to the royal Brit line of Brunswick, the Varni, expected to alternate as "Barni," may have founded Brunswick and the Zahringer domain of Berne.

When one searches "Varn" and "Barn," three Coats come up (including the Berne Coat first found in Berne) all using black and gold, the colors of the English Stern Coat. I theorized not long ago that since the Zahringer horns look like steer horns, that they may have been Sterns/Sturms. I recall that "The Benedictine monastery of Fulda was founded in 744 by Saint Sturm...", this being Varangian-important because Fulda's monastery was connected on an elite level to the Netherlands location of Wieringen, birthplace of Varangian-Rus proper.

Behold, after writing the above, I found that the Dutch Verin/Varenne Coat uses the same black bird (a raven?) as the English Stern Crest. That's one major discovery in itself, but then recall from April 27 that the statement, "The black raven was an important badge for the Vikings," was found in the Caithness article as per Norman vikings raiding it and the Orkneys. The article didn't tell what vikings in particular, but later I found that Stirgud the Stout invaded the Orkneys. In fact, that's all that seems to be online about him!

I mentioned yesterday that the Stow surname (smacking of "Stewart") comes up at when one searches for the Stout surname (i.e. as per Stirgud the Stout). The Stow/Stout Coat is also blue and gold, but it uses horizontal bars just like the Stowar surname...with "Styre" as a variation. I gotta say, this looks like the jack-pot for the Stew(art) family of terms that is not being reported to the world.

As these finds warrant further investigation, I found that both the Store and Strow(d) surnames use black and white, and behold the latter was "First found in Somerset where they were descended from the Alain, the Duke of Bretagne who arrived in England with William the Conqueror in 1066 A.D." That sounds like an Alan of Dol proto-Stewart family, and since "The first to be granted lands was Sir Warinus Strode, Lord of Strode in Dorset," I conclude that the claim of "Stewart" derivation in the term, "steward," is erroneous and perhaps even a deliberate deception. It appears that Stewart-like terms named the family, terms that existed before the Stewart name was created.

The current secretary general of NATO is Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, a surname, as with Rasmussen, first found in Hesse. Rasmussen has just chosen Jesper Vahr as his chief of staff, a surname smacking of Zahr and Ver." Says Rasmussen:

"I chose Jesper Vahr because he has a lot of experience, he has among other things worked closely with current (NATO) Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer on the reforms at Alliance headquarters."

Ya-ya, Rasmussen, sure sure.


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