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May 1

I left off in the last update discussing the raven symbol of the Vikings in Shetland/Caithness, while earlier in the same update page I thought to connect the symbol to the Finno-Ugrics of Estonia. I now find a story on a Russian official working for NATO but illegally passing NATO secrets to Russia. His name is Herman Simm, a Hebrew name, and he, a former chief of Estonia's police service, was jailed in Estonia (a member of NATO). I checked the Simm Coat and got three ravens and two Zionist stars.

But they are a different form of stars, with holes in the middle; the same stars, in reverse colors, are used by the English Dole Coat, perhaps revealing that the Simms were related to the Dol Stewarts. It's as if many of my leads connect to a name in the news of the next day or two; usually, the names are found in the game of globalism, and usually, they are Hebrew names. Simm is a Bernician name first found in Lothian.

Now look at this. As the Simm Coat uses an axe, I checked to find the other surname using the axe, and it turned out to be a gold axe (same as Simms axe) in the Crest of the Jones Coat...using three ravens!!! Clearly, the Jones' and the Simms were/are closely related.

There's more, forgive me. I had already suspected that the Simms surname (from "Simon") was from the Dol Stewarts (some named Alan), but the Italian DeSimone Coat supports the idea because it uses a red lion, the symbol of the English Stewarts. But when I got to the Jones Coat, the write-up has the earliest record of the name in an Alan: "First found in Lincolnshire, borne by Alanus filius Jene in 1275." As a reminder, the Welsh Jones Coat uses a lion dripping blood, the symbol used also on the Sam Coat, for which reason I view the Jones-Sam family as one believing itself to stem from Samson and Jonathan in the book of Judges.

I don't know what to make of the following. You decide. After writing the paragraph above, I thought that someone from the Jones or Sam family might have called themself after the book of Judges, and when I checked the Judge Coat, two axes crossed in the crest...just like the Jones Crest! The Judge Coat uses three gold leopard heads.

I got into the Allen surname when sharing an article on Vivienne Allan of the World Health Organization, who said that the swine flu is not anything to fear. But no sooner had the article come out, we find another WHO agent coming out with a different tune:

...The World Health Organization ratcheted up an alert and warned that 'all of humanity' is threatened.

...'It really is all of humanity that is under threat during a pandemic,' WHO Director General Margaret Chan said in Geneva. 'We do not have all the answers right now, but we will get them.'

All of the cases of this flu in the U.S. are mild. The one death in Houston was to a Mexican infant. Other articles are confessing that this is a mild flu. So what's going on with the global scare? Best not to comment until more data comes in, but:

"One of the most alarming aspects of the current swine flu is that despite its name, it is a mutation that has morphed from three separate flu strains: human, bird and swine, which means that our immune systems have never before seen anything like this particular virus."

We have a choice, whether to believe that this flu "morphed" all on its own from three separate varieties, or that someone made the three-in-one variety in a lab because he/she/they knew that certain humans couldn't handle it. I know this is wild conspiracy "junk," and I shouldn't be getting involved in it, but the article out in March about the Baxter company deliberately spreading live avian flu convinces me that fiends are on the loose attempting to de-populate parts of the world and/or make lots of money on flu shots or flu-shot stocks or doctors visits, etc. Moving on.

Israel and I, and probably you too, see eye to eye on this:

"According to a classified intelligence assessment handed to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, U.S. President Barack Obama and his senior advisors wish to 'incrementally diminish U.S. strategic cooperation with Israel.'

A report in World Tribune quoted an Israeli source familiar with the intelligence assessment who said that 'Obama wants to make friends with our worst enemies and [those who were] until now the worst enemies of the United States. Under this policy," the source added, 'we are more than irrelevant. We have become an obstacle.'

...'Obama will want to show Iran, Syria and radical Muslims that the United States could pressure Israel on a strategic level,' the source said. 'The pressure has already begun and will intensify throughout the next year or two.'"

As long as Baathists continue their insurgency, we should continue to expect Gog's imminent Iraqi entry:

"The Iraqi army yesterday blamed a wave of near-simultaneous bombings that killed more than 50 people in mostly Shia districts of Baghdad on loyalists of Saddam Hussein's toppled regime.

...Another seven people were killed in four additional explosions in Shiite and mixed neighbourhoods elsewhere in the capital. Atta said security forces were able to defuse another six car bombs set to go off at the same time."

Thirteen car bombs in one day; these wretches mean business.


After the start of another round of talks between Hamas and the West Bank, failure again because Hamas won't recognize Israel. This comes as the official term of the Palestinian president (Abbas) ended some months ago, but with the failures of the talks Abbas is claiming something that will make Hamas go crazy:

"After failing to reach agreement with Hamas over the formation of a Palestinian unity government, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is planning to form a new government that would not include representatives of the Islamic movement, a PA official in Ramallah said [yesterday]

In response, Hamas warned that such a move would be regarded as a 'fatal blow' to Egyptian efforts to end the power struggle with Fatah.

Nabil Abu Rudaineh, a spokesman for Abbas, said that Abbas was expected to announce a new government soon. He did not give a date, but another PA official said the new government would most probably be established on the eve of Abbas's visit to Washington [late May]..."

It sounds as though Abbas and Obama are lining up some ducks while giving Hamas the cold shoulder in the an effort, we may presume, for making Hamas more responsive to the Israeli-acceptance program. If Obama blesses, without hesitation or regrets, the no-Hamas government formed by Abbas, I'll be a bit surprised. Jimmy Carter, a Hamas supporter, has been speaking out lately on the blessings of a U.S.-Syria friendship that he predicts will be put in writing by the end of this year. The newlt-reelected leader of Hamas lives in Syria, so for Carter, this is a blessing indeed...though for the life of me I cannot see why a Christian, as Carter claims to be, would find favor with anti-Israel Syria and Hamas as they plot indiscriminate violence.

DEBKAfile, claiming special intelligence sources and known for finding news that others don't, suggests that Abbas' people are considering a message or deal offered by Iran:

"Authorative sources in the Venezuelan capital have told DEBKAfile that Monday, April 27, Iran's foreign minister Mostafa Mohammed Najjar and intelligence chiefs secretly got together with visiting Palestinian Authority officials, led by Palestinian foreign minister Riyadh al-Maliki. The matchmakers were Hugo Chavez and the Qatar ruler Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa, following on the former's visits to Tehran and Qatar in late March.

If true, this would signal a drastic policy turnabout by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas away from Cairo and over to the radical Tehran and Damascus. The Ramallah-Tehran opening, if confirmed, could help bury the hatchet between the warring Fatah and Hamas and pave the way for a Palestinian unity government governed by rejectionist ideology."

Not so fast, DEBKAfile. For all we know, Abbas is accepting only to hear Iran's message, which is not quite the same as accepting it. Likely, Iran is offering Abbas some "defense" capabilities, or in some way trying to make Abbas join the anti-Israeli program.

Abbas-cadabra, you are now my friend.

Where am I. I am floating. Who are you, master?

Hocus-pocus, Abbas. Listen to me. You must not join Egypt's desire.

I will not join, no, I will obey. Speak, whoever you are.

President Shove will now be your guide. You must shove Israel aside with president Shove and his gang.

Sounds good, master, but who is his gang?

HezPullah has joined. He will pull Israel apart as you shove. In the meantime, Iram will ram.

But of course, yes, why didn't I think of that?

Don't forget, there's also president Pushin.

Yes, yes, Push, Shove and Ram will get the job done. Very well. When do I get to wake up?

Only if you promise to bury Israel into the abyss.

I'll have to ask permission from Obammbamma.

Not to worry. He has agreed to bam Israel. Nothing can stop us now. Are you with us?

But Obammbamma is for Israel, haven't you heard?

You hear wrong, Abbas. George Ditchell is about to ditch Israel, and Killary Rodham will then deliver the knock-out with her steel, you know, and finally your job is to bury the dead. How easy is that?

Just let me confirm on whose side Obammbamma is on. I'll get back to you. But who are you, great one?

I am the AyaToldYou Co-Maniac of Iram. I like to fry anyone who gives me "no" for an answer.

If you're interested, there is an up-to-date article (out today) on Obama's Israeli policy that includes some of his anti-Semetic friends, and the likely scenario of a coming nuclear exchange between Iran and Israel if Obama prevents the latter from striking Iran soon. It's entitled: How Obama's America Might Threaten Israel. It says that the political and military fall-out of attacking Iran now will be "chump-change" in comparison to a nuclear exchange later.

While it may be prudent for Obama NOT to cause mass panic in case of backfire, we see his VP (mjuch-more expendable) doing just that:

"You don't get dumber than Joe Biden was yesterday in urging, in effect, a shutdown of air travel and, worse, the abandonment of mass transit in New York in response to the swine flu outbreak.

Less than 12 hours after President Obama urged calm - along with hand-washing and covering the mouth when coughing - there was Biden on the 'Today' show, pleased as punch to be on national television with Matt Lauer and ready to incite the American public to panic."

This could be evidence that some globalists in the Obama administration want some global panic.

May 2

It's no wonder that we haven't heard from al-Sadr for some time. He was in hiding. But he's resurfaced in Turkey, visiting all the big people. I don't know what's going on:

"Muqtada al-Sadr, a prominent Iraqi Shia leader, has held talks with Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, on the situation in Iraq, a government official has said.

Al-Sadr has not been seen in public since 2007 and was believed to have been in Iran before his surprise visit to Ankara, the Turkish capital, [yesterday].

...Al-Sadr also met Abdullah Gul, the Turkish president, in the presence of Murat Ozcelik, Turkey's special envoy to Iraq.

...He was expected to travel to Istanbul after his talks with Turkish officials in Ankara."

I can't imagine that this is for official Iraqi business, even though Al-Sadr's people hold some Iraqi-government positions. I think I'll wait for comments from those more in-the-know.

I don't know whether Pakistan is a part of prophetic importance, but once in a while I report some milestone developments. At this point, the Pakistani government has decided to fight the Taliban around Buner, as per the scowling received from Hillary some days ago. Robert Gates said this week that the Taliban is a serious threat for toppling the Pakistani government. The threat is not in their relatively small numbers, but rather that a large portion of the mass population would support the groups for their religious ideologies. How much of the Pakistani army and political fabric would rather fight for Taliban ideology, that is the question. Not trusting the Pakistani government to succeed against the Taliban, Obama is looking to strengthen alliances with major political groups inside the country:

...Meanwhile, The New York Times newspaper reported on Saturday that the administration of Barack Obama, the US president, had reached out to Nawaz Sharif, a prominent Pakistani opposition leader, in an attempt to improve security.

Citing unnamed administration officials, the newspaper said on its website the move reflected heightened concern in the White House about the ability of the Pakistani government to survive in the faltering security situation.

...'It is very important that if you want to fight this war on terror you have to get [Sharif] on the right side,' he said."

Obama is meeting with the leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan in the middle of next week to convey his thoughts and implement his strategies. Obama is being forced to enter the war whether he wants to or not.

The article mentions the White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, so I checked the Gibbs Coat to find three axes, a symbol discussed in yesterday's update. Another coincidence? The symbol belongs to the Sam-Jones fold of Hebrews. The origin of the symbol may now be gleaned in that the Gibbs surname is said to be Pictish-Scottish. The Picts are thought to have formed some American "Indians"...whose symbol is indeed the axe. The Gibbs surname was first found in Inverness (Moray-Ross border region)...where the river Ness flows.

I trace Picts to the Khaldi/Amazon realms of the Pyxites river (on the south-east Black sea), and meanwhile I traced Caithness to the Halybes (because Caithness was "Gallaibh" to the Gaels), a fellow tribe with the Khaldi...who I say became the Caledonian Picts. Remember, the father of David I (this is the Obama bloodline on his mother's Randolph>Dunham side) was of the DunKeld dynasty, what may be understood as Dane-Celt or Dane-Khaldi.

I neglected to mention that the Caithness/Orkney connection to Estonia (Finno-Ugric Finland) brings one to the realm of the Sami far-northerners, which is of obvious importance when discussing the Samson-ites (term is my creation) of northern Scotland. If you recall, I connected Samson to both Garebites and proto-Nibelungs of pre-Israel; the latter became a tribe of Danes in Borneholme (= proto-Burgundians). As the proto-Nibelungs were depicted by mythical Nephele, is it a coincidence that the Sami of Norway are also called Lap(p)s while Nephele's husband (Ixion) was a Lapith (Greece) ruler?

It's of major importance that I was able to find the mysterious Lapiths on the island of Lesbos (I can't recall the term on Lesbos that made this trace possible, but it's recorded in my Ladon book somewhere). Lesbos is known to be the place that the Ugrian line of mythical Charops (using a harp as symbol) fled to when losing a war on the Hebros river (i.e. the Arpads on the Hebros ended up on Lesbos). Lesbos was named after the women of the island, some lesbians but I suspect that it was a bastion for female-oriented Amazons, probably the Meanads of Dionysus.

I don't think it's a coincidence that the Estonia region was home to Finland's Kvenlanders, meaning "Woman-Land(ers)." Again, the Kvenlanders on Finland lived precisely where the Sitones (a matriarchal peoples) of Gotland are predicted to have spread, and Sitones are identified by me as Sionists, while I also identify Ixion as a term derived from "Sion." Wikipedia says: "The Sami languages belong to the Finno-Ugric branch of the Uralic language family, and are thus related to Finnish, Estonian, and Hungarian."

In Norman realms, ThorFinn the Mighty is conspicuous. He was earl of Orkney. I was able to realize that Tolkien's fictional Melkor, with his Orcs, depicted the evil rulers of the Orkneys, but as "Melkor" was surely created as Tolkien's take on mythical "Meleager," Tolkien traced Melkor to the Calydons of Greece (Meleager was a major Calydon symbol married to mythical Atalantis, a symbol of a female cult of Amazons related to the Artemis Khaldi).

It could be that Thorfinn was of Sami blood, for one of his brothers was Sumarlidi (Thorfinn had another brother, Brusi, that I've not known before). Through his mother, Thorfinn was a Pictish-Scott of the Alpin bloodline (same as proto-Veres). The raven (another Arpad symbol in my estimation), was a symbol in the Orkneys: "The raven banner was also a standard used by the Norse Jarls of Orkney. According to the Orkneyinga Saga, it was made for Sigurd the Stout by his mother, a volva or sorceress." This Stout (!!) was the father of Thorfinn. I am strongly compelled to tie him to Stirgud the Stout...the proto-Stewart bloodline. The raven-flag article continues:

"The raven banner (in Old Norse, Hrafnsmerki; in Old English, Hravenlandeye) was a flag, possibly totemic in nature, flown by various Viking chieftains and other Scandinavian rulers during the ninth, tenth and eleventh centuries CE. The flag, as depicted in Norse artwork, was roughly triangular, with a rounded outside edge on which there hung a series of tabs or tassels...

Scholars conjecture that the raven flag was a symbol of Odin, who was often depicted accompanied by two ravens named Hugin and Munin."


Thorfinn's grandfather was Thorfinn the Skull Splitter (an apt name for the evil Melkors, and should explain why Stewarts don't want their roots known), earl of Orkney. "Thorfinn married Grelod, daughter of the moramaer of Caithness..." This could explain the "Finn" ending since I trace Caithness to Finno-Ugrics. We then find a possible root of the axe symbol: "Thorfinn and Grelod had five sons and two daughters. Their son Arnfinn Thorfinnsson married Ragnhild Eiriksdotter, daughter of Erik Bloodaxe..."I'm assuming that the Hebrews under discussion trace to the Heberites as per Grelod's ancestry in such.

Going back to the Gibbs surname where this segment all started, we find that it was derived (or at least linked to) the Gilbert name, so I checked the latter surname to find a red squirrel in the English Gilbert Crest. I came across three red squirrels yesterday but cannot recall the surname, but I did record that a red squirrel was the symbol in the English Samuel Coat!!

Those exclamation marks are for what I wrote above: "I checked the Gibbs Coat to find three axes, a symbol discussed in yesterday's update. Another coincidence? The symbol belongs to the Sam-Jones fold of Hebrews." Both the Samuel and Gilbert surnames were first found in Cornwall.

"Gilbert" may have been named after Gallaibh elements. The Heberites line mentioned above traces to Olaf the White, king of Dublin; "Olaf" may itself be derived from "Halybe," and I do think that "Alba" (= proto-Scotland, means "white") was derived from it. The Gilbert Coat uses white roses. This could be the root of the white rose of York.

Since Meleager and Atalantis were on the Argos ship, and since Atalanta can be expected with Meleager in the Orkneys, the idea of some that ancient western Atlantis was in legendary Thule may point to the Orkneys as that Thule. This, while now in the midst of tracing proto-Stewarts to the Orkneys, squares nicely with my suspicion that "Dol" (i.e. the Stewarts thereof) in Brittany is a variation of "Thule": " classical literature, a place, usually an island. Ancient European descriptions and maps locate [Thule] either in the far north, often Iceland, possibly the Orkney Islands or Shetland Islands or Scandinavia..."

The article continues and may now identify the Getty surname with the Geats of Thule, but look also at the Sam-term peoples:

"In the writings of the historian Procopius, from the first half of the 6th century, Thule is a large island in the north inhabited by twenty-five tribes. It is believed that Procopius is really talking about a part of Scandinavia, since several tribes are easily identified, including the Geats (Gautoi) and the Saami (Scrithiphini). He also writes that when the Heruls returned, they passed the Varni and the Danes and then crossed the sea to Thule, where they settled beside the Geats."

One may be mistaken to conclude that the sea voyage of the Heruli was from the east side of Denmark to Sweden/Gotland, for it may have been on the west side of Denmark to the Norman realm, which included the Orkneys. Keep in mind here that since Samson was a Daniy, it should not be surprising to find a Sam fold among Danes. On Procopius' description of the Sami-Scrithiphini, note that they are akin to Amazons, whose women were hunters like the men, but also akin to North-American natives:

But among the barbarians who are settled in Thule, one nation only, who are called the Scrithiphini, live a kind of life akin to that of the beasts. For they neither wear garments of cloth nor do they walk with shoes on their feet, nor do they drink wine nor derive anything edible from the earth. For they neither till the land themselves, nor do their women work it for them, but the women regularly join the men in hunting, which is their only pursuit....And they feed exclusively upon the flesh of the wild beasts slain by them, and clothe themselves in their skins..."

Years ago, I had ventured to derive "Scythian" in the term "ski/skid," suggesting that they had been named after their sleds. But only now, in the article above, do I find the first evidence for that position:

"...the Scrithiphini (Gk. Skriqifinoi) - consists of two parts: scrithi which in Old Icelandic is skrida 'to ski' and phini which is the modern word Finns, i.e., the 'skiing Finns.'"

The Eskimos come to mind as a branch of scythian Sami, but most-definitely the author is bent on making a connection with American tepee peoples: "When this description [i.e. Tacitus, on the on Fenns] is compared with the following description by Procopius, it will be seen that the Fenni are in fact the Sami who were semi-nomadic reindeer hunters at the time. The scant shelter referred to is the Sami goahti, a transportable, tepee-like structure."

The going theory is that "Fenn/Finn" derives from the Celtic for "white," but as I'm convinced that the Samson cult, from Samos of Armenia, was a Nahorite peoples from the Nairi of Armenian, at Lake Van, I would suggest a Fenn trace to Van elements.

The article goes on to argue that the reindeer/stag symbol belonged to the Sami, and that they used sleds for deer hunting. The Sami are said to be as far south as Heligoland (Danish realm west of Denmark:

"...King Harald Fairhair (ca. 865-933) married a Sami girl, though with unhappy consequences. In the Sagas of the Kings, also written by Snorri, Harald's son, Eirik, met a woman originally from Halogaland, who lived with the Sami to learn witchcraft. Interesting also are the jarls (chieftains) of Lade who claimed to be descendents of a certain Saemingr, whose name could mean 'the son of Sami'."

Some years ago I traced the proto-Stewarts of Dol to Heligoland! Namely, to the Balder cult of the island. I figured that the Walters of Dol (from fitzAlan ancestry) were named after Balder, and meanwhile I found a Balder-related branch of Stewarts (that fizzled out). Heligoland was the home of the god, Forseti (or "Fosite"), son of Balder. Thule may therefore have been centered in Heligoland. Forseti was a Frisian god, and Frisians are connected by me to the Nibelung-Varangian family.

Likely, Frisians are to be traced to Frey and Frigg and therefore to whom I root the frog cult (that ends up supporting the anti-Christ at Armageddon). Note that Forseti's mother was Nanna, smacking of Nun, the frog god of Egypt. Nun was portrayed holding a ship in his upraised hands; in my mind this corresponds to the Minyae Argonauts), from Minya on the Nile. I once traced Nun to mythical Gyptis, co-founder of Ligurians at Lacydon. Is it a coincidence that, while I rooted Nibelungs (of Nevers and Autun, France) in Nefertiti of Egypt's Aten cult, that the mother of Nanna was made "Nepr"?

By the way, I traced Argonauts to the Orkneys because the Minyae were from Orchomenos (Greece); Meleager and Atalantis were Argonauts, if that helps to resolve some of the mysteries in these witchcraft codes. Myth is based in Satanism, and satanists, fools that they were, came to believe in their myths as realities. A deluded peoples, they seek to rule the world in these last days.

An update on al-Sadr; it looks like he's in cahoots with AhMadman and AyaToldYou Co-Maniac:

"'[Al-Sadr] is going from Iran to Turkey to meet a delegation from (the Iraqi shrine city of) Najaf and to hold discussions with the Turkish side about the situation in Iraq and its future,' senior Sadr aide Haidar al-Turfi earlier told AFP.

Turfi is the first senior official from Sadr's movement to say directly that Sadr has been in Iran.

His followers have always said he was in hiding in Iraq, while the U.S. military has long said he was living in Iran."

Quite possibly, the Sadr Shi'ites are plotting an Iraqi agenda with the Shi'ites who rule Iran, and the Baathist Sunni may have caught wind of it, thus explaining the huge assault on Iraqi Shi'ites in April. Apparently, the Iraqi Shi'ites are holding their retaliation...but it's only been days since the major attacks.

On the Georgia front:

"'Immediately after the agreement on joint border protection was signed in Moscow on Thursday the first Russian border guard were sent to South Ossetia,' [South Ossetian president Eduard Kokoity] said.

Currently, Russian border guards are monitoring the situation on the border with Georgia and defining pressing tasks in guarding it,' he said."

With Russian military on Georgia's border, having an official capacity to spy across the land, a minor skirmish could grow into another war. I think this facade of border protection was in the works apart from the NATO exercises in Georgia, but that Russia is using the exercises to excuse their presence on the Georgian border...which the EU is charging to be illegal as per the deal made with Russia when ending the war last year. The deal was that Russian military in Georgia pull behind the backsides of the Ossetian and Abkhazi borders, not to the frontsides. Russia can now excuse itself by saying it doesn't trust NATO and Georgia together.

I was tempted to say that, if Gog is a Russian, chances are that he's involved with the Georgia situation at this very moment. But not necessarily. I've got my 666-calculator muscle primed just in case; I just need to know the men behind the Georgian effort.

There is a list of tribulation needs now online that JM and I have contributed to. It's accessed from the trib-prep chapters (Part Three) of Pre-Tribulation Planning. See Check-List of Tribulation Items A-Z. Items listed are suggestions.

May 3

My server has informed me that there is a problem, threatening to take me offline suddenly. The chances are not likely large, but if the book disappears, or there are similar problems, that explains it. One emailer said that when trying to access the website and the updates repeatedly, an advertisement of some sort came up instead.

Every time I upload updates there is a 30-second delay in the middle of it, as if an unwanted/malicious program is being uploaded bit by bit with each delay. I may need to get a new server.

Not good news for Israel this morning. It's going from Abbas to Habbash, and looks awash in Hamas:

"Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is considering the possibility of asking a former Hamas representative to head a new PA government in the West Bank, a PA official in Ramallah revealed over the weekend.

The official said that Mahmoud Habbash, who broke away from Hamas several years ago and is currently the minister of Social Welfare in the government of Salaam Fayad, was Abbas's favorite candidate for the premiership.

'President Abbas will first ask [Salaam] Fayad to head the new government,' the official said. 'But if Fayad turns down the offer, the president will ask Habbash to form the government.' Unlike Fayad, Habbash is a leading religious figure and a devout Muslim. His appointment would be seen as an attempt on the part of Abbas to win the sympathy of Hamas and Islamic Jihad supporters."

As Fayad quit the government not long ago because he considered himself an impediment to the Palestinian-unity movement, Habbash could very well be the next leader of Fatah. The article says: "Hamas had made it clear that it would not join any government that is headed by Fayad..."

On the one hand, this picture with Habbash as leader may fit well with the Western move toward a Palestinian-unity government. It may be Christmas for Hamas. Who knows how deep its inroads into Jerusalem will soon be with Habbash as its helper. However, the article goes on to say that Habbash has been highly critical of Hamas, but only because Hamas has been violating Habbash's fellow Fatah members. Under a unity movement, the animosity between the two groups could go by the wayside, at which point Habbash may revert to the ideologies that made him a Hamas operative in the first place. His animosity may not be fundamental, but only because he wishes to see Hamas join Fatah in a brotherly pact. Obama may know this. Habbash may be the choice of the West. We shall have to see.

These terms, "Abbas" and "Habbash" make me think that the Palestinians include Avvites of old, who lived in the Gaza area when Israel first arrived with Joshua. It could therefore be that the Biblical Philistines, though Hamites who entered the Gaza coast from Crete, evolved to a large extent with Avvite blood. In fact, the Philistine god, Dagon, may have been an Avvite god; I traced Dagon on a hunch and a lead to "Idigna," an old name of the Tigris river, an area having nothing to do with Philistines. Wikipedia says: "Dagon was a major northwest Semitic god, reportedly of grain and agriculture. He was worshipped by the early Amorites and by the inhabitants of the cities of Ebla and Ugarit..."

Ugarit? Does not what I've been writing lately suggest that the Samson-related Avvites evolved into Ugrics of northern Europe? Could not the Ugrics have come from Ugarit? What about the Avvites who remained behind in Philistine territory (who I think moved north to Joppa, Haifa, and Tel Aviv). If these were Hebrews, why didn't the prophets of God inform the Israelites? I don't think God wanted the Israelites to know that pagan Hebrews were in the land (it would only encourage Israelites to join the pagan-Hebrew gods all the more than they did), and in fact there is evidence that Amorites, though said to be Hamites in Genesis 10:15, were Semites in Chaldean Babylon...where the non-Israelite Hebrews first lived.

As per the Finno-Ugrics living among Sitones: "The Phoenician author Sanchuniathon also says Dagon means siton, that being the Greek word for grain." Take the grain definition lightly, and consider "Sidon" instead. It would appear that the Amorites under Dagon were the Amorites who had worshiped Tammaz in Bablyon (the latter called "Adonis" in Phoenicia), and that these evolved into the Sithones and Edones of Thrace before becoming Odin and his Sitone founders. If this is Sionism, it's not Israelitish.

Sionism is an imposter, though I do believe that Sionism includes the Amorites of pre-Israeli Jerusalem. It strikes me that Amorites of Jerusalem should play a large role in the end-time drama of Armageddon, especially since the other Edone tribe, the Mygdones, were likely from Megiddo. Greek myth reveals that Mygdones (as per the Charops entity) carried the Ugric-Arpad bloodline.

As I traced Charops to the monsters, Charybdis and Scylla (i.e. Skelton/Shelton surname), it's interesting that Dagon's wife was made "Shala," and that her symbol, says Wikipedia, was a double-headed mace. This is very conspicuous since Skeltons had merged with Meschins/Mascis...who had lived in Macie of Normandy; the English Macy/Macey surname (first in Cheshire) uses a mace as symbol (the Masci surname was Anglicized to Massey, also first found in Cheshire, but the Massey surname page shows a "Macy/Macie" variation. Skelton and Masci/Massey share the same fleur de lys symbols to this day.

Keeping in mind that proto-Rothschilds should trace to Skelton stock, see the email that I opened last night:

"John, You've been discussing Dunbar. This brought to mind Allied Dunbar in the UK. They were an insurance company founded in 1970 by 3 South Africans - Lord Joffe, Sir Sydney Lipworth and Sir Mark Weinberg...

I can't find anything interesting on Lipworth but Joffe was instrumental in trying to pass through a Euthanasia bill through the UK House of Lords.

More interesting is Weinberg. He is the president of 'St James's Place' which is a UK life assurance and unit trust business. It was founded in 1991, and here's the kicker ... it was founded with Lord Jacob Rothschild...

I wrote back:

"Excellent find Steve. The first two surnames have no Coats shown but Weinberg, a Hebrew name obviously, uses (in the Crest) the Zahringer buffalo horns but with a gold Zionist star in-between. First found in Bavaria, where the first Rothschilds came forth.

In fact, the German Stern Coat uses the exact same Crest as Weinberg, and the Stern Coat uses nothing but one large gold Zionist star on blue, while the Weinberg Coat is quartered so that it uses two smaller gold Zionist stars on blue. It's the same family, at least at one point.

Timely again, Steve. I'm going to mention this probably in tomorrow's update. Thanks for taking the time to send it.

I know the readers get confused, so I need to keep reminding of some background. The Zahringers from Berne were likely the proto-Bernicians (think Barnie, the Water-Buffalo Mason, and his Herculean son, Bamm Bamm (a symbol of Hercules was the club), symbol of the Bernician castle of Bamburgh). The canton of Berne is where the Lyss locale is, which should be an important Sionist-related origin of the fleur-de-lys symbol (i.e. of the Skeltons and Mascis.

Since the trace of "Sketlons/Shelton" to "Shield/Schild" connected well with "Rothschild" of the Hesse-Bavaria region, Cheshire/Chester should be named after Hesse. It then appears as though the Mascis of Cheshire were part of Rothschild ancestry, which is perhaps evidenced in the English Wein/Weyne Coat...using a red shield with the same metal glove symbol (used for swinging a mace, I assume) seen next to the mace in the Macy/Macey Coat. I'm assuming that the Wein surname is the same family as Weinberg of Bavaria, and since the Wein surname was first found in Essex, it could be that Essex was not named after "east," as we are told, but after "Hesse."

In this picture, Wessex is derived from the Kwisa river in Lusatia -- fleur de lys stock -- while Essex was the British home of Hessians. Recall Essen, near Hesse(n), and it's suburb, Rottenshied; then Shiedham in the Leyden-Rottenham region of Holland...the rotten den infested historically with international "Jewish" bankers and Rosicrucians. As I found evidence of a Slate-surname trace to the Schild surname, I should mention Fred Flintstone's boss, Mr. Slate, who in the cartoon seemed very Jewish indeed.

I opened the email from Steve last night with no idea then that I would be writing on Macie this morning; I veered into the Macie topic only due to Shala and her mace.
In Iraq, an event that is sure to muster large support for an anti-Iraq movement among the Baathists:

TIKRIT, Iraq (Reuters) -- Iraqi forces backed by U.S. troops have arrested a U.S.-allied Sunni Arab militia leader charged with murder, Iraqi officials said [today].

The U.S. military said Nadhim al-Jubouri, leader of a government-backed local militia and a religious leader in the town of Dhuluiya, 70 km (45 miles) north of Baghdad, and his two brothers, were seized from their home on Saturday."

The Jubouri surname is named after a tribe of the same name, having significant representation in "Sunnyville."

There's no news. So I'll go back to the Bavaria topic to show that the Baii founders of the term were likely depicted by a bear, as per the bear in the German Bayer Coat. Variations of the surname include Bair/Baier. It's a black bear on gold, as with the Berne Coat (first found in Berne). In German, Bavaria is "Bayern," The 'v' is part merely of the suffix in the ancient term, "Baiuvarri." The root is "Bai," and should be related to the Bayeux home of the Meschins.

I'm sure that once upon a time, when I first looked into the Meschin family, I found wheat sheaves as symbols. I didn't know until this morning that wheat sheaves are the symbol of Shala, the mace goddess. In myth, the "ear of grain" called "spica" is related to Shala..who appears to be a version of the Great-Mother goddess. Suddenly, and only because my mother is a Masci on one side, I am making the discovery that this important part of the Bavarian Illuminati is from the Dagon cult (Shala was made his wife, but was also made wife to Adad).

Amazingly, I have just come across this: "Garibald I (also Garivald) (born 540) was Duke (or King) of Bavaria from 555 until 591. He stands at the head of the Bavarian Dynasty." I read that the blue and white diamonds in the Bavarian Arms were from the Bogan surname (see the nasty wyvern dragon in the English Bogan Coat). Although the symbol of the Bogan surname was a bow because "bogan" in German means such, one can see that the surname could have derived from "Boyan/Boian" i.e. the Bohemian Boii and/or the Bayeux Bajo(casses).

What's amazing is that "Garibald" (probably the sacred line of the Bavarian Illuminati) may have modified to/from "Grimaldi," my mother's maiden name! If so, then I can see why I was chosen to get into all of this nasty topic for long and for too long. This very morning I was praying: Enough, I don't want to do this anymore." What convinces me is that the Bavarian diamonds are the same shape and size as the Grimaldi diamonds.

I had already accepted that my bloodlines traced to the Aphrodite-Mars dragon cult, but never did I expect them to be those of the proto-Rothschilds. I must be one of the Babylonian/Amorite Hebrews whom God has called to fight and expose the Dragon's power structures in the end times. Why me, Lord? As interesting as I find the topic at times, what has it done to my personality? How has it dented by spiritual affairs? I think he's thinking: "I made you head-hardy; you can handle this."

I can't keep all of this together; I forget some things. I just saw the three gold scalop shells on a black and gold shield in the Scottish Graham Coat (thinking it might be linked to "Grimaldi"), and couldn't recall who used them, so I used the search feature to find that the three silver scallop shells on a black and gold shield were used by the Meschin Coat! The write-up should be Stewart-important because Meschines were in Shropshire:

"The [Meschin] family name was first referenced in the 12th century when they held estates in [Shropshire]. Richard, son of Mescelin, held the estates in 1187. He is believed to be descended from William de Meschines, younger brother of Ranulph, 3rd Earl of Chester, who was descended from the Viscounts of Bessin [i.e. Bayeux], in the Department of Calvados in Normandy, and who held the honour of Skipton, in Yorkshire, from Richard Banistre, a Norman Baron of Cheshire who also held lands in capite in Shropshire."

Skipton? An odd purple lion on white in the Skipton Coat (evocative of the blue lion on white of the Yorkshire Bruces) suggesting a Skelton-of-Bruce branch, perhaps. The Bruces, remember, were Eburo Hebrews in York, and the Meschins of Cheshire ruled on the earldom of Avranches-branch Eburo Hebrews (my mother's surnames are both from Abruzzo).

The thing to do at this point is to check the Banister Coat since the surname was both in Cheshire and York. No wait! I just re-read the quote above and realized that "Calvados" (where the Meschin surname lived pre-Cheshire) is a match with the "Charybdis" monster when the latter is viewed as variation of "Chalybe/Calabria" (Charybdis is thought to have been at the toe of Italy i.e. Calabria).

This tends to prove three things: 1) that Mascis and Skeltons were from Scylla and Charybdis; 2) that the mafia-like Bavarian Illuminati was from the Halybe-based Hebrews of Calabria; and, 3) that the Bavarian Illuminati is from the Arthurian "holy grail" (i.e. lys bloodline) stock...which I root to Eburum, in Calabria/Bruttium, on the Alburnus mountain that I think named the Excalibur sword, also called the "Calaburnus" sword. Laus was near Eburum.

There is now a fourth thought, that "Shelton" is in honor of the main Halybe tribe: the Khaldi = proto-Celts. We may even find that Sheltons were at the root of the Caledonian Picts. But what now becomes apparent is that the two monsters were the Halybes and Khaldi respectively...who obviously lived as pirates in order to get their monstrous portrayals from myth writers (the two monsters were a threat to all passing ships and their crews). This is the "holy Grail" that Anglo writers would connect with Jesus' bloodline? Fool's joke!

Back to the Banister surname: "The name was also derived from the Old French term balestier which was transformed into arbalester which was an occupational name for a cross-bowman." A bowman? Wasn't that the symbol of the Bogan surname of Bavaria? Looking at "balestier," I couldn't help but to check the Bales surname again, to find Bayer-like variations such as Bayel and Bai-like variations such as Baill. You may recall that I traced the Bale/Bailey surname to the Rothschilds, one reason being due to the first Rothschild calling his two homes, Red Shield and Green Shield, while the English Bale Coat uses a green and red shield.

Yesterday I opened an email from a long-time post-trib reader, Kate. She revealed that her paternal bloodline traced back to Hohenzollerns, to a kaiser Wilhelm Koffert. I figured that the surname stems from the Dutch/German "koffer," meaning a box (e.g. a coffin) but carrying the idea of covered/covert = secret, the same idea in the Rosicrucian rose symbol, and in the closed scallop shell. A coven; witchcraft, in other words. So I checked a slew of koffer-like surnames, and found green shields in the following: Coven, Coffer, Coffy, Cafrey (three of them use gold symbols, like Bale and Pfiefer that I root to the Bilis river of Paphlagonian Pamphylia).

I found this recent headline Barry McCaffrey and Robert Baer: Investigate the Bush White House on Torture. Could that be evidence of a Koffert tie to Bayern/Bavaria?

I tried the Cobbs surname to see if it relates to Coff-using names, and found these three horizontal martlets that are used much in heraldry. The same birds (both on red shields) are used in the English Covert Coat; Kate had said that her Koffert surname was "Covert" in Britain. Both the Cobbs and Coverts were first fouhnd in Sussex.

When I discovered the birds yesterday, I didn't know I'd be writing on Bayern today, so check out to same three birds (same color as Covert surname) in the Scottish Bayer/Byer Coat! Plus, this Byer surname is said to be Bernician!! Bernicia is where we find the Rhodes leopard, and likewise the Covert Crest uses a gold leopard. The German Hoff/Hoffer Crest uses a leopard too. We're moving along, aren't we?

Now look. In the Cove region of Sussex the Cove/Cover surname was first found, and here's the write-up:

"First found in Suffolk, where [the Coves] were seated from ancient times in the two hamlets of North and South Cove in Suffolk which were held at the time of the taking of the Domesday Book in 1086 by Count Alan of Brettagny. Conjecturally the name is descended from that source."

From the Stewarts of Dol! Who but the Stewarts are more prone to cover-ups of their ancestry? Note the axe in the Cove crest; it's the symbol in the Gibbs Coat, suggesting that it's a variation of "Cobbs/Cove."

Well for what that was worth, it's on paper, and you now know. I'm off to work, but shall return to cover the global news.

May 4

The president of Israel, Barack Obama, has somehow convinced the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to support a "viable Palestinian state." The article below doesn't give details on how that state would look, but the big news is that the leader of Israel, Barack Obama, is more important to American Democrats than Israel's security.

Without their Democratic pinnings, Jewish/Hebrew Zionists will have no political representation. Without their alliances to Democratic leaders, American Jews would feel like naked zeros. Zionists must have politics and business as the very air they breath. It is not God to which they turn for support, for God does not show Himself to them, and they must know it.

Still, I wouldn't be surprised if AIPAC lobbies for the sort of Palestinian state that cannot be achieved in real life. The Israeli president, Barack Obama, likes to fantasize, and so AIPAC will give him another fantasy for the time being: "We are with you on your Palestinian solution, Lord Obama, please believe this fantasy too."

Newt Gingrich said yesterday that Obama's relationship with Iran is a "fantasy." That's why I use the word here. Obama's a fantasy, a passing mist appearing as a holy solution. Friendship with our enemies will solve the problems, he says. Friendship with Israel's enemies will make world peace. But that's only true if the friendships are sincere, and if they are strong enough to wish good-will upon Israel. But who really believes that? What happens when the Obama mist has passed, when there is another U.S. president that doesn't give a hoot for Muslim representation in the world, and there the Palestinian state created by Obama sits like an evil troll smack beside Jerusalem? Then what?

In a DEBKAfile article on Peres' (Israeli president) four-day visit to the Obama camp starting today, we find that "Peres will also address the AIPAC (Israel lobby) annual conference." I imagine that AIPAC has prepared itself to align with Peres' ideas so that some band wagon can start to roll its wheels behind an Obama horse. I'm not sure who's idea it was to have Obama see Peres now, before he sees Netanyahu on May 18; I assume that Peres will tow the Netanyahu line to some extent, which is for a Palestinian state under excellent but unrealistic conditions. We'll soon hear what Peres has to say, publicly anyway, in Washington. More importantly, we should see this month a glimpse of how the Obama camp will treat the slowness of the Israeli leaders to implement his speedy Plan-istinia. Here's the latest Netanyahu strategy:

"'The government of Israel, because of our democratic tradition and because of the continuity principle, is going to abide by all previous commitments the former government took, including the acceptance of the road map to peace which will lead to a two-state solution,' Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said [yesterday]"

I Obama's eyes, who wants the Arab Plan-istinia, the statement above is a backwards move to a non-solution because various Pain-istinians-in-the-butt reject the roadmap's conditions. What Obama wants is a speedy orgasm, for his own pleasure, not for his love of Israel. In fact, he'd kick Israel out of bed as soon as he gets what he wants. He's not going to get what he wants, because Israel is unwilling. Therefore, Obama will start to force himself upon her, and there the rape will begin. AIPAC, like one of Obama's hookers, seems willing to let the rape take place because it doesn't want to lose it's lofty position in Obama's Pimp House.

These expressions are closer to the reality than the national media would have you believe. When Obama delivers his first slap in Israel's face, I will remind you of these expressions -- degrading as they are -- by calling him president Opimpa. Truly, I am amazed at how well he fits the description of Babylon the Hoar, wishing to be in bed with every nation in the world, terribly evil or not so evil.

There is evidence today that both the Russian and Iranian fantasies of Obama are just that:

DEBKAfile's Moscow sources disclose that the Russian, Iranian and Damascus governments have cooked up a scheme to get around Vladimir Putin's undertaking as president to refrain from selling Iran and Syria advanced Iskander-M cruise missiles: The transaction will go through Belarus.

Sources in Moscow and Minsk confirmed Sunday, May 3, that the Iskander-M sale to Tehran has gone through and negotiations are ongoing for Iran and Syria for another transaction: the sale of Russia's advanced S-300 anti-air anti-missile multi-targeting shield systems as well.

...Nonetheless, confirmation of the sale has come from the horse's mouth: Thursday, April 30, Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko stated: 'I would like to implement top-level agreements with the government of Tehran. We will sacredly fulfill our agreements with Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and expect more activity in projects earmarked for joint implementation.'

Lukashenko did not specify what projects he had in mind, but military sources in Minsk and Moscow confirmed he was talking about the Iskanader-M transaction.

And a short while after he spoke, the Russian news agency Ria Novosti which has a good rapport with Kremlin officials reported: 'The swiftness of relation-building between the two states (Belarus and Iran) is an indication that President Lukashenko is selling the short-range missiles to Iran.'

The disclosures came shortly after Iranian defense minister Mustafa Najjar visited Moscow to press the Russians for action on the Iskander sale to Tehran.

DEBKAfile's military sources note that Moscow often uses Minsk for top-of-the-line arms sales which might embarrass Moscow diplomatically -- especially in the case of two such weapons going to Syria as well as Iran."

DEBKAfile claims that Ahmadinejad will brag about these sales in Syria today. It also says that Belarus -- which is perhaps Putin's closest ally -- will sell weapons to Iran that are to be re-directed to Syria, smacking of the Russian ship in Iran that sent weapons to Syria but was delayed in Cyprus. Apparently, then, Putin is in close cahoots with the evil axis, but what we would like to see is some solid confirmation.

The prediction from Daniel 11 that Europe's ships will oppose Gog during his second invasion of Egypt is reinforced in an article wherein we find:

"The European Union has agreed to push for closer ties with Egypt...

...Egypt is a key member of the EU's 'neighbourhood policy' and the current co-chair of its new Union for the Mediterranean."

How many unions does the European Union have, anyway? Is there enough room in the penthouse for all of these hookers, or will they fight like cats and dogs trapped in a smelly, filthy apartment? How much does God despise this New Rome? And why is Israel bucking to become "upgraded" into it's penthouse? Is Israel going to seek some shade in the Egyptian brothel? Whose child is modern Israel, anyway? Is this the girl that YHWH found in the mud of Egypt long ago? Is this the girl that YHWH raised for Himself? Or is this Ixion's libido-infected Lapiths who gave birth to lusty Centaurs?

So it shall be, Israel, that YHWH will rock-and-roll you with a quaking earth below your feet. You are a part of His program now. All that He has decreed will come to pass upon you, until the day that you acknowledge your shortcomings in shame and regret.

Who needs Armageddon when there is the swine flu. A whopping few hundred cases worldwide is already shaking the world? Perhaps, Lord, you should forego the fire and brimstone. Just send a few herds of infected boars, and everyone will stay home and no longer buy Babylon's wares. The end-result is all the same.

Apparently, Turkey is hot with Obama these days. After the U.S. navy recently started a task force to combat Somali pirates:

"Turkish Rear Adm. Caner Bener relieved [U.S.] Rear Adm. Michelle Howard as commander...

Turkey is the second nation to command the CTF-151 established in January 2009 to fight piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean..."

It seems as though Obama is giving Turkey many gifts, and I would suggest that Turkey has already become the new Illuminati foothold in the Middle East, seeing that the Israeli government now refuses to play ball, while Iraq wants Obama out. With Obama moving in to form a Turko-Syria relationship, might Gog deem it time to grease his chariot wheels?

Since I expect Gog to seek Kirkuk's oil, it would be nice to learn of what the UN is seeking for Kirkuk. But: "The [UN] report contained four options to overcome disputes over control of Kirkuk and recommendations on 14 other contested areas in northern Iraq. The options, all of which treat the province as a single unit, were not made public." Not made public. Covert. The article has Iraqi president Talabani (a Kurd) swearing: "I will never be ready to trade Kirkuk for anything. There will be no bargaining with Kirkuk."

It sounds as though the Kurds do not like the UN options. Surprise, surprise, not. What can we glean from the phrase, "all of which [options] treat the province as a single unit"? Could Putin take this to mean that the UN wants Kirkuk province separated from Baghdad to an extent that the UN could move in and gain the upper hand? Since Russia is a leading part of the UN, does Putin know what the UN wants in Kirkuk? Is Obama's Turko-Syria movement more of a bowel movement aligned with a UN mission to crap on the Kurds? Surely, in Obama's pro-Arab eyes, the unyielding Kurds are the biggest Iraqi problem at this time.

As per the skincode-advancement into the Arab world that I envision as a secret Obama program, the following may relate to his overtures of late to the Turko-Syrian theater:

"Damascus, (SANA) -- The Syrian-Turkish Banking Forum kicked off [yesterday] under the title 'For Better Cooperation' organized by the Bank and Investor Group with the cooperation of the Central Bank of Turkey and the Turkish Banks Association and the participation of...banking experts from both countries.

Governor of the Central Bank of Syria Dr. Adib Mayalleh affirmed that the Forum aims at bolstering cooperation and exchange expertise between Syria and Turkey...

...He concluded his speech by stressing that Syrian-Turkish relations have become more distinguished after the Free Trade Zone agreement, adding that in 2008 a memo was signed for combating the financing of terrorism and money-laundering, and that several agreements will be signed soon for banking training and establishing joint Syrian-Turkish banks."

A memo signed for "combating the financing of terrorism and money-laundering"??? Isn't that the sort of thing that Christian writers have been warning about, that the skincode will be used to fight terrorism and crime? It looks more and more as though government alliances with banks is what will bring on the skincode, probably explaining, at least in-part, why Obama's camp of international thieves have sought to control world banks.

And speaking on conspiratorial topics, how do we know that the West is not behind the current move to topple Saakashvili? The Georgian opposition is giving Saakashvili three days to step down peacefully, or else. So far, the "or else" is more intrusive demonstrations with the purpose of shutting down government operations/functions, but there could be knock-out plots yet to be revealed.

The demonstrations will coincide with NATO exercises, which is what made me ask the above question. Will the internationals in Georgia ask Saakashvili to step down? That's my thought, that the internationalists first secretly urged and facilitated the demonstrations, in time to be on Saakashvili's doorstep to finish him off.

I suppose the answer to the questions depend on whether the opposition is led by a pro-West agent. Russia wants a pro-Russian agent to replace Saakashvili, and so the idea of the West moving in to in-bed a pro-West leader may be what has the ruffled Russians on the Georgian border poised to monitor events during the NATO meet. The opposition leader is Zviad Dzidzigur, but I can find little background info on the man. He has been appealing to the West for assistance.

One motive of the West for replacing Saakashvili is the fear that he is a sitting duck anyway, but rather than wait for Russian influence to install a pro-Russia leader, the West is acting before it can come about. The sale of Belarus arms to Iran may be a direct result of this Georgian affair.

I was going to mention the Copps surname yesterday as a possible variation of the Covert/Cobb surname. I did not know then of a May 2 article having the following quote:

"Now, Michael J. Copps, acting chairman of the FCC has announced that the 'Commission's Advisory Committee on Diversity for Communications in the Digital Age' will meet at the FCC headquarters on May 7 with a purpose closely paralleling step one of Podesta's plan for 'balancing' talk radio.

'Not a single conservative organization is taking part in this commission,' Motley writes. 'More than a dozen leftist groups are. A little ironic for a 'diversity' panel, is it not?'"

The End.

I like ends. The end of the bad road means a turn for the better. You know the feeling. You're driving down a bumpy road, dust and car noise is in the air. Then you turn onto a paved country road filled with scenery. Heaven. This is like that. The Obamacrats are the dust and the noise, the folly and the fools, but this is very temporary.

It's the end of this update too.

May 5

The relationship about to form between Obama and Netanyahu is of importance. If Obama is the False Prophet, we expect friction between the two to build to a level causing the Biblical character to, at the very least, allow Gog an invasion. Revelation doesn't say whether the False Prophet is anti-Israel or neutral, but by the present situation, one can foresee the worst:

"Israel is concerned about remarks White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (above) made during a closed-door meeting [May 3] with 300 major donors of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the powerful pro-Israel lobby in Washington.

While expressing unwavering U.S. support for Israel, Israeli media reported that Emanuel also said confronting Iran depends on making progress in negotiations seeking to create a Palestinian state."

Give me the Palestinian state, Israel, or I'll leave you to the vicious dogs. Again, we see that the Palestinian state is more important to Obama than Israel's security. Israel is willing to call Obama's bluff, and the majority of Israelis, according to a poll this past weekend, do not believe that Obama would abandon them to the Arab dogs should crunch time arrive. Obama has the choice of carrying out this threat to abandon Israel, you see, so that the stage is already set for a betrayal. Netanyahu is being brilliant in his attitude toward Obama, but this could make him angry for making him look bad (Obama must be concerned more for his own image than for the Palestinian state):

"At the same time, [Netanyahu] insisted that 'the Palestinians must recognize Israel as a Jewish state,' something the Palestinians have rejected.

Still, he told at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee annual conference [by large screen, last night], 'We are prepared to resume peace negotiations without any delay, without any preconditions. The sooner the better.'"

It's perfect: "Here we are, Obama, ready to make peace; as soon as Palestinians accept our right to exist, we will be ready to talk Palestinian state." What can Obama do? How can he counter such a perfect argument? Will he be reasonable now, or will he give Israel the slap in the face as when a drunk slaps his wife when she points out his faults? Will he give her the palm of his hand just to warn her, or will he give her the back of his hand and send her flying across the room? Consider that God will send her a very bad husband because she insists on being married to the United States instead of to Him.

I read yesterday that the AyaToldYou Co-Maniac has come down publicly on Ahmadman, and some are thinking that the religious leader is signalling a change in the Iranian presidency for this June's elections. The problem may be in the relationship between Iran and Syria. That is, the religious leader may be frowning on Ahmadinejad's relationship with Syria because it is growing cold due to a Syria-US relationship heating up. I say this because:

"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has canceled a trip to Latin America scheduled for this week, Iran's official state news agency reported [yesterday].

Ahmadinejad was to leave Wednesday for visits in Brazil, Venezuela and Ecuador, according to IRNA, which gave no reason for the cancellation.

The Iranian leader will travel on Tuesday to Syria."

It sounds like something serious in the Sirius dog house. I think that Damascus is howling back at Bark Obama lately, in the silvery moonshine. It can smell a romance here, and Bark's tail sure looks good. "I'ya told you, Madman, forget president Shabby right now. Go to the DontAskUs, and make sure he stays away from EmBark-O!"

DEBKAfile carries the same story, but with a Russian twist:

"Sunday night, May 3, Iran's foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki announced the Iranian president would pay official visits to Brazil, Venezuela and Ecuador from May 7 to 8. Although the US and Israel voiced concern, Brazilian foreign minister Celso Amorim said the visit would go ahead as scheduled.

Twenty four hours later, Iranian news agencies announced the tour by the Iranian president with 110 representatives of 65 companies had been postponed 'indefinitely' without explanation. Instead, Ahmadinejad would visit Damascus [today].

DEBKAfile reported [yesterday] (under the heading: Brazil jumps aboard Iran's Latin American bandwagon) that Ahmadinejad and Brazilian president Luiz Inacio da Silva would this week sign deals for selling Iran quantities of uranium, with secret transactions covering nuclear cooperation, reciprocal arms sales and exchanges of nuclear and arms production experts.

Friday, May 1, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dubbed the Ahmadinejad visit to Brasilia 'quite disturbing.'...

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez was not the only godfather of the Brazilian-Iranian transaction; another live wire was Sergei Kiriyenko, head of the Russian Atomic Energy Commission (as first revealed by DEBKA-Net-Weekly 392 on April 17: Iran Eyes Nuclear Breakthrough with Brazil).

...Kiriyenko visited Brasilia last October and offered his hosts modern Russian methods for extracting the uranium, new nuclear power plants and superconducting technologies.

Russian scientists surveyed 25-30 percent of Brazilian territory at shallow depths for uranium deposits; even that limited search uncovered reserves of 350,000 tons, which the Russian nuclear czar believed could be increased at least threefold - or as much as ten times over.

Kiriyenko planned to win a concession for developing Brazil's uranium mines by offering its government a big ready-made customer, Iran."

Once again, we see the Cold War, or shall we say we see the duplicity of Russia, saying that it wants an end to an arms race simultaneous to making relationships with nuclear-minded rogues. Obama is apparently fighting this neo-cold-war by attempts to take Russia's allies away from Putin. A smile and a handshake to Chavez was a start on the Venezuela front. But Obama's inroads into Turkey and Syria is intolerable for Putin alongside the West's tight hold on Georgia. The reset button was an exposure of the naivety of the Obamacrats. Try again Hillary, and try not to make it look as though you're doing exactly what Bush would have done: to give Putin a cold shoulder and prepare defenses against his partnership with Iran.

On line 14:23 of yesterday's Interfax: "U.S. still concerned over plans to supply S-300 missiles to Iran." Why should the U.S. be concerned if Obama has no intention of striking Iran's nuclear facilities? Iran wants to use the S-300 to protect against such a strike, and Russia has interests in such protections. Sooo, Obama's strategy has been a fantasy, a waste of precious time, and he will continue forward wasting more time, for that is the egotistic man that hates Bush and does not want to be like Bush even if Bush was doing the worldly best that could be done. Military Strongman, Robert Gates:

"'We're not willing to pull the hand back [from Iran] yet because we think there's still some opportunity,' the Pentagon chief said. 'But I think concerns out there of some kind of a grand bargain developed in secret are completely unrealistic.'"

Obama doesn't know when to pull his hand back even when it's on the stove burner. It doesn't look good for the Gorbachev movement. Obama has become a part of the Cold War, and has sent Gates to shore up Saudi Arabia and Egypt for the "war on terror," the phrase that Obama has outlawed from his White House.

Obama has also started a war against Conservatives, and Britain's latest news on this topic is to publicize its outlawing of Michael Savage. He's no longer welcome in Britain, and he with other radio hosts are in the sites of the Democrats because they pose the largest risk to Democrat power.

I will agree that Savage is rude and to be avoided if you value your personality. You don't want to be like him if you want to be a Christian. He may use Scriptures at times, but he does not believe in Jesus as the Son of God, and he at-heart opposes Christian fundamentalists. He is a "Jew," and in fact it has impressed me that he's a part of some Illuminati organization. Only this morning did I learn of his real surname:

The list of the 16 'least wanted' [in Britain] includes radio talk show host Michael Savage, real name Michael Weiner."

I just mentioned the Weinberg and Wein surnames on this update page. Both the German Stern Coat uses the same buffalo-horn Crest as the Weinberg Crest, and the Stern Coat uses nothing but one large gold Zionist star on blue, the symbol on the Weinberg Coat. It's the same family, at least at one point.

This is impressive, for as these buffalo horns are splayed at the ends, they are said to double as elephant that the horns could be the symbol of the Republican Illuminati.

LG informed me that the link (in April 24 update) to the Arms of Barry Lereng Wilmont was not working, but it's fixed now. It shows the same horn/trunk symbol...of the Zahringers. She also found a Arms of Barry Lereng Wilmont">"> website showing donkeys in Coats of Arms; the page shows the Communist-Democrat donkey (i.e. the Democrat donkey beside the hammer-and-sickle symbol of Soviet Russia) and a donkey used by an Asni family.

Since I'm fairly convinced that Asni-like terms (meaning "donkey" in Latin) founded Essen and Hesse(n) in Bavaria, I remind you that the Weinberg surname was first found in Bavaria. As LG's email forced me to consider what ties the Republican elephant might have to the Democrat donkey, I realized a couple of things. The Republican Illuminati is known to be connected with California's Bohemian Grove, and since the Bohemians were founded by the Boii or Baii peoples, they ought to connect with the Baii who named Bavaria. Thus it would appear that the Boii/Baii are the elements of the Republicans, while Hesse is core to the Democrats.

As I have traced the Republican elephant to the Ligurian flag, I need to have a link between Liguria and Bavaria, which I think I found very recently in Garibald of Bavaria (very early, 6th century AD), a Gareb-like surname that could link to "Grimaldi" of Liguria. As for the Stern connection to the Weinberg elephant trunk, I found the following in yesterday's Jerusalem Post: "Discover the Jewish response to the phenomena described in the best-selling book, The Secret. With Rabbi Stern." I don't know the secret of this book, but it's interesting that I was just discussing Covert links to Hohenzollerns of Germany...who came to power in Baden-Wurttemberg from the house of Zahringen.

I've just shown good evidence that the Covert surname was varied as the Cobbs surname and possibly the Copps surname, while "The [Hohenstaufen] dynasty [of Swabia] is named after Hohenstaufen Castle, which is located on a mountain of the same name near Goppingen." This Baden-Wurttemberg location could be responsible for "Copenhagen," what appears to mean "Coven-Kagan." In the April 24 article, I was showing how the Arms of Barry Lereng Wilmont connected the Zahringer symbol to Denmark (Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark).

My theory is that the C/Hohens connect solidly to the Babenburgs, and while I trace the latter to the Bilis river of Pamphylia, I learned only now that Goppingen "is situated at the bottom of the Hohenstaufen mountain, in the valley of the river Fils." I've known for some time that the Bils Coat uses a shield full of black and gold Cohen checks (!), having what could be the black Hohen eagle as Crest.

The city of Villingen-Schwenningen should apply (the Billung surname should trace to Villingen). Wikipedia shows the arms of Villingen-Schwenningen to be the Zahringer red eagle along with a swan; compare "swan" with "Schwenn(ingen)"). On the Arms of Villingen, the webpage below says: "The [red eagle] is most likely derived from the arms of the Zahringen family, who ruled [Baden] at the time [13th century]". Again, this red eagle became the symbol of the Hohens of Baden.

In the above webpage, we read of the red-eagle Arms of Baden: "The original arms were granted with a crest of peacock feathers," which should connect to the following statement in the web page showing the Arms of Barry Lereng Wilmont: "Crest -- Two buffalo horns chequy Argent and Vert each set with two peacock feathers Argent." I didn't know then where the Wilmont surname was important, but now it squares nicely with the Fils river and Villingen.

The red antler on gold of the Veringens (relatives of the Zahringers) of Baden was a symbol also of Forst in Lusatia, which made me believe that Forst in Baden was related. Only now do I learn from the Villingen webpage that "During the rule of the Counts of Furstenberg [in Baden] the [red Zahringer] eagle was shown in a bordure of clouds, derived from the arms of Furstenberg."

The added importance, aside from a close Forst link to Zahringers, is that the cloud symbol is that of mythical Nephele (she meant "cloud" to the Greek myth writers). As I view Nephele as the proto-Nibelungs, the clouds of Furstenberg square with my trace of "Billung" to "Nibelung." In other words, it could be that the Nibelungs were on the Bilis river of Pamphylia, but then moved to the Fils river (not far from Bamberg).

There's more. Recall my trace of Calvados (Normandy) to the Charybdis monster (Calabria) because I think the latter is a variation of "Chalybes/Calabria." I now find that the Calvin surname, which I ventured to trace to the Chalybes, was "derived from when the family lived at Cauville, in the department of Calvados, in Normandy." But this is not all.

As you can see, the Calvin Coat above uses the three horizontal birds (pigeons? ravens?) used also by the Covert surname. The same birds (both on red shields) are used in the English Covert Coat and the Cobbs Coat; both the Cobbs and Coverts were first found in Sussex. The point is, I have just found an English Coffin Coat (surname reflecting "Goppingen"):

"The surname Coffin is derived from the Old French words cofin and coffin, which in turn come from the Late Latin word cophinus, which means basket...The surname Coffin may also be a nickname derived from the Latin word calvus, which means bald" (above link).

Forget "bald" and "basket." It would appear that the Calvin and Coffin (also "Colven" and "Chaffen") surnames are related to the Coverts and Cobbs surnames...and all likely trace-able to Gobbingen Hohenstaufens. The Coffin Crest uses a raven.

I couldn't see two days ago how the Koffert email from Kate could possibly fit my current trends in dragon hunting, but there we have it. Thank you Kate.

In Iraq, a war against the Sunni has taken shape:

"Colonel Salam Ahmed Najim, a spokesman for security operations in Diyala, said that Iraqi police and army were in the fifth day of the new operation targeting Sunni Islamist al Qaeda and other militants in Diyala, northeast of Baghdad.

He said 31 suspected militants were killed on Monday alone."

This comes just days after Iraq has announced that it can handle security operations alone, without American help. But this Iraqi effort in Diyala can only cry the time arrived to muster Sunni fighters for a protracted war against Iraq. Obama, who cried loud for a Bush withdrawal when things were much worse, now wants to stay in Iraq.

In Georgia:

"President Mikheil Saakashvili has made a special statement regarding the military coup uncovered by the Georgian interior ministry today. Saakashvili addressed the organizers of the military coup to surrender to the authorities..."

I don't know what this is about, but will keep watch.


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