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May 6 to 11

Georgia on the Ropes

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May 6

There's been a failed coup attempt in Georgia. Saakashvili believes that Russia was behind it:

"The Georgian interior ministry said it had uncovered a plot for an 'armed uprising' among [Georgian] defence ministry units and that Russia was involved.

'The plan was coordinated with Russia, at a minimum to disrupt NATO military exercises and at a maximum to organise a large-scale military rebellion in Georgia,' interior ministry spokesman Shota Utiashvili said.

'We have information that the rebels were in direct contact with Russians, that they were receiving orders from them, that they were receiving money from them.'

He said one of the suspects also claimed there had been a plot to assassinate Saakashvili but there was no evidence to back up that claim.

In a televised address, Saakashvili also hinted at Russian involvement, saying that organisers of the mutiny were 'some former officers, whose links with agents of one country are known to us.

'I demand from our northern neighbour that it refrain from provocations.'"

Why on the day before the NATO exercises? We'll need to wait for more information to come out. It doesn't seem like much. In another article:

"A tank battalion had mutinied at a base in Mukhrovani, 20 miles east of Tbilisi, and was refusing to obey orders, the Defence Ministry said.

...An Interior Ministry spokesman, Shota Utiashvili, said that special services had exposed a wider conspiracy to launch a coup involving several army units. A former commander of a special forces unit had been arrested."

It would be hard for Russia to resist the temptation of involvement in the over-throw of Saakashvili. It would be easy to find willing Georgian military officers who would take Russian money for a coup, and then be servants of Russia when in power. In fact, the opposition movement against Saakashvili may be Russian sponsored from the start. Perhaps NATO has known for some time that Russia was planning this effort for this month, explaining why NATO has exercises in a non-NATO country just now.

There's some news on al-Sadr's visit to Turkey suggesting that it was a united Obama-Turkey plan:

"...The Turkish media reported that Ankara had sent a private plane to Iran to take al-Sadr to Turkey...

Al-Sadr reportedly previously asked to visit Turkey, which had been refused. However, on this occasion, al-Sadr's request was accepted as a high level visit (Aksam, May 1). It was planned by Turkey's new Foreign Minister Ahmet Davuoglu and the U.S. was consequently informed. Turkish political observers believe that al-Sadr's visit to Ankara might serve Western interests, as it provides a tool to reduce Iranian influence on Iraq (Milliyet, May 3).[tt_news]=34950&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=252077f8bd

The reason for the visit is not likely as stated above: to assure Iran stays out of Iraqi affairs. Reading further, I get the impression that al-Sadr is being recruited to help Turkey and the UN minimize the power of Kurds. After reading that Turkey urged al-Sadr's people to become a political force, there is this:

"It appears that the main reason for the Turkish government inviting al-Sadr, was to ensure his support for Ankara's policies toward the oil rich Iraqi city of Kirkuk, which is mainly composed of Kurds, Turkomen and Arabs -though almost all its ethnic elements are Shi'ite. Al-Sadr supports Turkey's position over the status of Kirkuk, arguing that it should belong to the central government. In fact, during their meeting in Istanbul, al-Sadr reportedly declared his support for Ankara's position (Yeni Safak, May 4).

There we are, in blatant black and white. Turkey's position for Kirkuk is less power for the Kurds and more for Turkomen and Arabs. Both Turkey and Iran have stepped up their military offenses against Kurds; the Iraqi government has just rebuked Iran for pounding Kurds on Iraqi territory. The article then brings the UN to the fore:

"The timing of the visit was also significant. On May 3, the Turkish press reported that UN diplomats working on the status of Kirkuk for more than one year had finally drafted their report. They suggested delaying for five years the planned referendum to determine the status of Kirkuk (NTV, May 3). As expected, Kurdish leaders strongly opposed these recommendations."

Ahh, there's a detail I had not read before. The Kurds have wanted this referendum for years because it will tend to give regional power to the Kurd majority. Iraq has been delaying the referendum because it doesn't want a strong Kurdish power base in the north, but what business is it of the UN to delay the referendum??? Clearly, the UN has the purpose of frustrating the Kurdish bid for the oil wealth. The UN is using the political divisions as an excuse to enter Kirkuk politics, and then offering solutions to the divisions that weaken Kurd holds.

One could say that the UN is worried only about potential war developments in northern Iraq, but as there are pipelines running through Turkey and Syria to the West, the West would like to have safer and cheaper access to Kirkuk's oil. If the Kurds come to control the oil with Iraqi and UN support, the Arabs would be more prone to bombing the pipelines.

I wouldn't be discussing this if not for a theory I suggested: that Gog will enter Iraqi politics through UN channels. I had given up on UN involvement in northern Iraq, but here we are today with some UN fingers in the pie. I have not heard of any Iraqi opposition to this UN involvement.

I do not feel confident whatsoever that the current situation is begging for the intrusion of an unwanted Gog. I can't easily see how, unless he's an agent of the West rather than an agent of Putin. If Russia and the West were getting along at this time, we could better envision a West-sponsored, pro-Putin Gog in Iraq. I can envision a complaint from Putin to the UN that the West has all the fingers in the Kirkuk pie. "Don't I get to lick the pie too," Putin will ask.

But Putin would need to be on his best behavior in order for the UN to allow his agent to oversee politics in northern Iraq. There is also the problem predicted by Daniel 11:21, that the Iraqis will reject Gog as he enters their scene. Given the current trends, why would Iraq reject him? If correct to envision a Gog siding politically with the Sunni rather than the Kurds, it would seem to be what Iraq now wants. However, as per the mistrust Iraq has with the Sunni, it should explain the rejection of Gog. He may try to come in as a division solver, but it will be suspect.

On the Peres visit to Washington, we discover that 2012 is the target date: "Obama and Peres also sidestepped a clash on the Palestinian question, although his advisers made it clear that the president wanted to see a Palestinian state by 2012." What will Obama do at the end of is first term when he doesn't yet have his hero badge for forming the Palestinian state?

But look, there is a NEW mid-East plan, but we are not to know what it is until five or six weeks have passed:

"'The plan is being devised by the Obama administration, with input from others,' [Tony] Blair told Palestinian reporters.

'We're about to get a new framework,' Blair said Tuesday evening, adding that he did not know the details. 'The reason I say people should be more hopeful, is that this is a framework that is being worked on at the highest level in the American administration, [and] in the rest of the international community.'"

So much work is going into this in the think tanks of the huge beast; how will the Quartet ever take no for an answer from tiny Israel? When's that slap in the face coming to Israel:

"General James Jones, Mr Obama's National Security Adviser, is also said to have told a European foreign minister that -- unlike the Bush Administration -- the White House was now ready to be 'forceful' with Israel.

'The new Administration will convince Israel to compromise on the Palestinian question,' General Jones was reported to have written in a confidential telegramme. 'We will not push Israel under the wheels of a bus, but we will be more forceful toward Israel than we have been under Bush.'

We shall have to wait and see whether Israel ends up under a bus. Who put the idea into the mind of Obama's agent?

As the afternoon sun is now hot, I'm going to do less news reporting in the mornings and more in the afternoon i.e. it's best I work outdoors in the cool of the morning. Until now, I've been done with the days news by about noon. It could sometimes stretch until late afternoon as of today. The lulls will be marked by:


I read an article last night telling that youtube can actually hear you through your computer mic...probably meaning that there are people out there who can watch you through the computer camera lens. Probably along these lines, we find in today's WND:

"Some people...are upset over an army of some 140,000 workers hired in part with a $700 million taxpayer-funded contract to collect GPS readings for every front door in the [U.S.] nation.

The data collection, presented as preparation for the 2010 Census, is pinpointing with computer accuracy the locations and has raised considerable concern from privacy advocates who have questioned why the information is needed. The privacy advocates also are more than a little worried over what could be done with that information."

The article goes on to give a few theories on why this is taking place immediately. Just so you know, the age of computerized society-control is here.

I didn't know about the article below when I mentioned the threat of pipeline bombings in Kirkuk this morning: "'At 3:00 am (midnight GMT) an unidentified armed group blew up the pipeline' running to the large Bai Hassan oilfield near Kirkuk, the official from the state-run North Oil Company told AFP." There could be much more of this to come.

May 7

A couple of weeks ago there was an attack against Israel from Europe; Israel was going to be denied an "upgrade" in EU status if it didn't agree to set up a Palestinian state. But the warnings disappeared when European leaders couldn't decide whether it was ethical to deny the upgrade as leverage to force the will of a nation. Now, after some discussion, the European sun god himself, Javier Solana, has come out with the official EU position:

"The European Union will only make a decision on a frozen plan to upgrade ties with Israel when Jerusalem completes its review regarding peace talks with the Palestinians, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said on Wednesday.

Solana said 'not much has advanced' during talks with Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in Prague, and that Israel was well aware of the stance of the EU, which calls for a two-state solution.

'They are in the process of review, he told reporters."

It's a joke. Solana is threatening while trying not to cross the line into a threat. "It's in review; we might, or we might not, upgrade; you know what we want, Israel, so help us to make our decision on your upgrade."

I suppose that Israel would lose some business with Europe, and also some clout on Middle East controversies. Israel could be badly isolated from here on in. We recall when Israeli leaders said that it was better for one Man to die than for the entire nation to go down. The World will now decide that it is better for Israel to go down than for the entire world to go down in an Arab-caused nuclear disaster.

An agent of the UN nuclear watchdog released classified information this week about a find two years ago in Egypt. Apparently, there tested positive for weaponized uranium, though the material was not found and may have been radio-active residue from something like an international shipping container. The point is, this leak, because it's unnecessary and timely, is a sign that the West is turning on Egypt. DEBKAfile today reports that Obama wants to remove Egypt as the middleman in Palestinian affairs, to be replaced by, you guessed it, Turkey.

My guess is that Egypt has become a hot potato for the West. As both Obama and Solana want to pacify Muslims, Egypt can only work counter to that goal. I expect Egypt to show some discomforting signs as this situation dawns on it.


On the first day of the NATO meet, "Political tensions intensified in Georgia [today] after clashes between police and protesters rocked Tbilisi..." The timing could be evidence for a Russia-backed uprising, but Russia is blaming the timing on others:

"'I think this is yet another provocation and am convinced that it is not accidental that this provocation has been contrived on the eve of the NATO war games,' Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Euronews in an interview."

I'm not sure who Lavrov is blaming, Saakashvili or his opposition protesters. I think he's blaming Saakashvili for starting the violence, and then trying to make it appear as though the opposition is Russian-backed.

The break between NATO and Russia is widening:

"Earlier [yesterday], Russia said it had expelled two Canadian diplomats working as NATO envoys in Moscow after an 'unfriendly act by NATO.' NATO has expelled two Russian envoys from its Brussels headquarters in a spy scandal.

NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer criticised the Russian expulsions as 'unfortunate' and 'counterproductive.'"

Bad feelings such as these can be quickly mended, but the trend has steadily gone in this direction because there is a fundamental cause: both Russia and the West want to lead globalism. Or, Russia does not want Western-led globalism in the world. In effect, Russia is becoming a "friend" of Christians and others who oppose global controls by the Illuminati. Indeed, Gog is slated to do some major damage to European that what we are now seeing are the marks of these realities.

God is setting a trap for the dragon, so do not fear. Just don't put your stock in this life, and in this world. That's the New Testament calling for any period, but especially in the final Week. Set yourself free. Be detached. Globalism will want participation by all peoples, but we are not to favor it nor to seek the favor of its leaders.

The Lisbon Treaty is at the fore again. Last I heard, Ireland was its obstacle. EU president:

"Topolanek said failure to approve the treaty would 'strengthen the tendency to split the EU' between its older members and eastern European newcomers, who would moreover find it harder to resist Russia's influence.

'All countries east of Germany and Austria would then face the risk of weaker ties with the west and Russia's embrace,' he added.

...All eyes will then swing back to Ireland, where the treaty is due to be put to a second referendum by November, following its shock rejection by voters there last year."

One purpose of the Treaty is to enlarge the EU, yet another affront to old-house Putin.

In an article entitled, "US Pressure on Syria May Force Hamas to Move HQ to Sudan," we read"

"The Kuwaiti al-Rai newspaper reported as far back as last September that [Hamas leader] Mashaal may have to leave Damascus, a move that would put Assad in a better bargaining position towards winning his demand for possession of the strategic Golan Heights in return for a peace treaty with Israel."

The article does not give evidence that Obama is pressuring Syria to oust Mashaal, but his destination point is said to be Sudan because "Hamas has close ties with Sudan." This works well for the Gog-alliance of Ezekiel 38 (where "Cush" is thought to be modern Sudan). A move of Mashaal to Sudan could bring the nation deeper into the anti-Egyptian movement now building steam.

If Syria asks Mashaal to leave Damascus, it will be a blow to Iran's Israeli agenda. It could be that Ayatollah Khamenei has asked Ahmadinejad to concentrate on this threat. If Syria goes forward with the Obama Plan-istinia and therefore abandons the Iranian Plan-istinia, it could not only explain why the Gog-Iran alliance attacks Syria, but pro-Hamas Syrians will join the Gogi invasion into their own country...for Islam in some circles is more important than national patriotism.

The Palestinian president (Abbas) values Egypt, but Abbas is about to pass away from authority. The next PA president may look to Syria rather than to Egypt, in which case the Obama factor will becoming heavier in importance...because Obama's marbles are all being cast for assisting the Palestinian cause. For Obama, it's not just about making headway to a peaceful Middle East; he's genuinely in love with Palestinians. If the next PA president looks to the Obama-Syria Planistinia, Obama will divorce his wife and marry that president instead.

As Russia builds animosity toward the West, it's in-the-know on Obama's developing Palestinian plan simply because Russia is one quarter of the Quartet. Putin knows already that Israel is a foothold for America in the Middle East. In fact, some Obama representative yesterday (or was it the day before?) asserted that Israel is important to the United States because America has interests in the Middle East: "Obama's not really your friend, Israel; we're just using you."

There is an incentive here for Putin to see to it that Israel goes down to the Iran axis. If Syria shows signs of backing Obama rather than Iran, Putin will need to take some drastic action to curb the situation. The weakest place to lay a Russian foothold in the Middle East is...Mosul. We don't imagine Gog coming to Mosul merely as a kindness to the Sunni Arabs. We don't imagine Gog taking over Iraq merely as a kindness to the Sunni. It would be an anti-American war against the America-established Iraqi government...unless per fat chance Gog is an Obama agent for the purpose of replacing the Bush-founded Iraq.

May 8

There's a few more emails up if you're interested, at Email-5 Additions.

In Georgia, the UN is urging Saakashvili to sit down with the opposition. BUT, the opposition has just announced that it/they will block the streets of Georgia if Saakashvili doesn't sit down to agree to hold early elections. One could get the impression that the West wants Saakashvili gone from power.

Of the 13 opposition parties/movements, there are the Republican Party, the Conservative Party, the Democratic Movement-United Georgia, and the Movement for a United Georgia that at one time included the first two. I know almost nothing on Georgian politics, but so far I haven't seen evidence of a pro-Russia party...though it doesn't mean one doesn't exist secretly. Until it's warranted here, I'm not going to learn-up on Georgian politics.

Could Georgia act as facilitation to Obama's Afghan war? One article says there is a link through Brzezinski:

"But it will not be easy for Obama to let go of Georgia, which is the US beachhead in the pursuit of its war in Afghanistan, according to analyst Rick Rozoff. The momentum for this plan began long before Obama pledged his allegiance, long before the ill-fated war against Ossetia last summer, and continues apace. It is a plan laid down by Zbegniew Brzezinski in a 1997 Foreign Affairs article, pursued enthusiastically by Bush/Cheney, and Obama is unlikely to disagree, considering Brzezinski is his close patron and adviser.

Recent evidence of the continued importance attached to Georgia includes the US-Georgia Charter on Strategic Partnership signed in the fading days of the Bush regime in January. In February, the Georgian Defence Ministry released Vision 2009, outlining the plan to make Georgia's military compliant with NATO standards. In early March, Georgian Defence Minister David Sikharulidze said Georgia's military was now being rapidly rebuilt with US aid and that 'our capabilities and tactics will be designed to meet a considerably superior force...As NATO seeks alternative routes to Afghanistan, we understand our strategic responsibility as gateway to the East-West corridor. Georgia will provide logistical support to NATO, opening its territory, ports, airfields, roads and railroads to the alliance.'"

This could explain why Russia is very upset with NATO now in Georgia. But why? Why would Russia oppose the Afghan war against the terrorists there? The article continues:

"Former Indian diplomat MK Bhadrakumar says the US plans to move materiel to Afghanistan via the Black Sea port of Poti in Georgia through Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. 'The project, if it materialises, will be a geopolitical coup -- the biggest ever that Washington would have swung in post-Soviet Central Asia and the Caucasus. At one stroke, the US will be tying up military cooperation at the bilateral level with Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan,' drawing these countries closer into NATO's partnership programmes."

This definitely explains Russia's hairs on end. It all seems to speak to control of fossil fuels of Caspian domains. Obama must be a servant of oil and gas elites. The ancient forests buried (and now turned to fuel) under sediments of in Noah's Flood are about to act as a major trigger to Armageddon. The moral condition of the world before the Flood has returned. Violence, inhumanity, fornication, and rejection of Godly principles everywhere.

I suppose the Brzezinski administration is trying to worm it's diplomatic way into the northern Middle East while having Russia accept it. Russia is supposed to play Obama's fool willingly. Pulling out the soldiers in Iraq while leaving 100,000 American agents in non-military form is not a withdrawal in Russia's eyes. It's a pacemaker to keep American interests alive in the Middle East.

A short article (dated today) in an Armenian media says:

"The European Union can sign all necessary agreements on Nabucco gas pipeline construction project till the end of June, Kommersant reported.

Implementation of the projects aims to deprive Moscow of monopoly in energy sources transportation from Central Asia. It means that the EU doesn't expect to compromise with Russia on the issue."

The pipeline goes from the Caspian, through Armenia, into Turkey. I think that Russia gets it by now: Obama is acting like a friend in order to worm a Western path before its nose to fuel-freedom. Expect the bear to take a good swipe in defiance. Obama's friendship with Iran can, in this picture, be attributed to any pipeline route across the south of the Caspian sea: it must go through Iran. This friendship with Iran has made the Saudis very unhappy:

"A secret American delegation was sent by US President Barack Obama this week to solicit Saudi Arabian and other Gulf rulers for hundreds of billions of petro-dollars for investment in US and global economic stimulus plans, DEBKAfile's exclusive Gulf sources report. They came away empty-handed.

The chilly welcome received by the delegation, which met finance ministers and the heads of banks in Riyadh and the five emirates, was generated by wide disapproval of the US president's policy of engagement with Iran. Two other US missions had just been and gone, headed by defense secretary Robert Gates and special adviser to the US secretary of state for South Asia and Gulf affairs, Dennis Ross. Both failed to allay Gulf anger and trepidation over this policy."

While DEBKAfile can be opinionated (more than myself, even), I think it makes a good point between the lines: the Saudis suspect that Obama is pressing to do fuel-business with Iran, thus reducing Arab-fuel purchases.

The pope (no capitalization warranted) is in the Middle East:

"Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Jordan [today] on his first visit as pontiff to an Arab state, kicking off an eight-day Holy Land pilgrimage fraught with religious and political challenges.

The pope received a red carpet welcome from King Abdullah II and Queen Rania at Queen Alia Airport's royal pavilion as Jordanian artillery fired a salute in his honour."

As you must know, this will be fodder for those prophecy writers who expect a pope to be the anti-Christ or the False Prophet (capitalized only to show Biblical personality is under discussion as opposed to a false prophet in general). I imagine that this pope (real name, Joseph Ratzinger) is the anti-Christ to quite a few writers. I haven't looked into the topic at all. In fact, I'll go check now...

There's not much. Some point to his Nazi leanings, and I found this that I can comment on: "The Bible clearly says in Revelation that the False Church of Rome will one day use its power to help support the rise of the Antichrist in a renewed Roman Empire." No, the Bible does not clearly say so. One can only assume/theorize that Babylon the Great (Revelation 17) is the Vatican. In my view, the Vatican is only one branch of Ishtar, and it is "she" that is root to Babylon the Great Mother of...

For those of you who do not understand why I delved so deeply into mythical topics, it's because Babylon the Great was at the core of all the myths. Cultists who belonged to Babylon the Great were the myth writers. Babylon the Great is the mentality, to this day, of the sinful world. She's a satanic concept, call it a spirit, that is foundational to Europe. The "prince of the air" operates through this concept.

Part of her dragon cult merged with Israel, and part merged with Christianity. There is no Christian group that does not experience the infiltration of this spirit; how much easier will it be for the spirit to infiltrate Israelites who do not possess the protection of the Holy Spirit as Christians do? The False Prophet is expected, by me, to operate on the concept of Babylon the Great. Her concept is world rule in the name of the Dragon. Over the centuries, her cult split into many pieces, and in the end times those pieces will obliterate one another while vying for world control. We have the Atlantean dragon, the Rus dragon, the Chinese dragon, the Vatican dragon, and the Arab dragon (that I suspect derives from Arphaxadites of their ancient city, Arabkha).

Just because Arphaxad is a part of the bloodline to Israel does not make Arphaxadites holy. Just because Eber was the founder of Hebrews does not make Eber holy. God called Israel out from an unholy thing, but today Israel is submersed in dragon scum. As always, the story of Israel is the salvation of its remnant. This is what God loves and hates simultaneously. An unworthy remnant must continue through the ages, out of which a Heavenly plant will grow, finally, to His delight.

It hasn't been long since I've traced the Ugarit cult of Syria to Finland and Estonia, and today I read that the two northern countries are concerned for the Israeli peace plan. But why? They appear to be stressing Syria as the pivot point for peace:

"Damascus,(SANA)- Finnish Foreign Minister, Alexander Stubb, in a joint press conference with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem, and Estonian Foreign Minister, Urmas Paet [yesterday], described his talks with [Syrian] President, Bashar al-Assad as very fruitful and said: 'My impression is that the road to peace passes through Damascus...'

For his part, the Estonian Foreign Minister, described his talks with President al-Assad as fruitful and deep and said: 'We are interested in dialogue and in reaching a peaceful solution in the Middle East.'

Mr. Moallem described President al-Assad's talks with the Finnish and Estonian Foreign Ministers as constructive and dealt with the situation in the region particularly the issue of peace and the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the situation in Iraq, in addition to ways of building strong bilateral relations between Syria and each of Finland and Estonia."

Everyone wants to be involved in the Israeli peace plan. How can this be unless everyone is being spurred to act by the leading powers? It seems everyday there is pressure, from one or another group, on Israel to conform. Israel is becoming the center of the a whirlpool is the center of destruction. All nations are being sucked in, just as Scripture foretold.

May 9

What's this?

"The Obama administration said [yesterday] it is renewing economic and diplomatic sanctions on Syria, even as two US envoys are in the Syrian capital exploring prospects for improved relations.

In a letter to Congress, President Barack Obama said he was compelled to renew the penalties, which were first imposed by George W. Bush's administration four years ago as diplomatic contact dwindled..."

This is completely unexpected. It feels like a spat. The charges of Obama are like so:

"'The actions of the government of Syria in supporting terrorism, pursuing weapons of mass destruction and missile programs, and undermining US and international efforts with respect to the stabilization and reconstruction of Iraq pose a continuing unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy and economy of the United States,' Obama said in the letter dated [May 7]."

Ahmadman and Co-Maniac must be very, very happy to see this. Apparently, Obama knows that Syria is still involved in Iraq. Why couldn't we have some details? How is Syria still pursuing weapons of mass destruction? About the same time as Obama's announcement, Netanyahu announces he'll never give Golan back to Syria. I don't know how that statement will affect things, but it may have already upset Syria so badly that it turned against Obama.

Or, Ahmadinejad's visit to Syria on Tuesday urged Syria to make a decision that did not comply with Obama's will.

What's this?

"US President Barack Obama will give a long-awaited speech on US relations with the Muslim world on a visit to Egypt, the White House has announced.

He will travel to Egypt on 4 June and a day later arrive in Germany for a visit to Dresden and the site of the Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald."

Why Egypt? This is the enemy of the evil axis that Obama has been wanting to engage. Is Obama abandoning the evil axis? Is the cost too high to reach out to it?

How can a representative of Jesus give honor to the Muslim faith which replaced Jesus with a false prophet? Not only is Obama guilty of this, but the pope:

"'My visit to Jordan gives me a welcome opportunity to speak of my deep respect for the Muslim community, and to pay tribute to the leadership shown by his majesty the king in promoting a better understanding of the virtues proclaimed by Islam,' Benedict said shortly after landing in Amman."

No, a representative of Jesus does not say things like this. A representative of Jesus must warn Muslims that if they die with faith in Mohammed, they will not see life again.

In case it means anything, I just want to mention that "Iraq's self-ruled Kurdish regional government has set June 1 to start its first ever crude exports."

In Mosul, the al-Hadba party that rules the area has refused to give even one cabinet position to the Kurds. The article below says that many Kurds have fled the city. I'm assuming that al-Habda will be in contact with Gog, and that for some as-yet unknown reason he will be welcome to speak up on behalf of the Mosul Baathists. The Kurds at this point have the Iraq government behind their bid to hold some Mosul cabinet positions, but if the Arabs refuse, war could break out.

The American military will spend the next 30-45 days going neighborhood to neighborhood in Mosul to weed out some Sunni insurgents, but the problem may soon become the Kurds.


There's a solid development on the Nabucco pipeline intending to replace Russian gas. In a meeting on the topic in Czechoslovakia yesterday, Georgia for its part claimed that it's territory is one of the most important. It didn't say how, but the route of the pipeline in Turkey comes near the Georgian border, and I assume that the idea is to get it to the Black-sea coast of Georgia for cargo ships.

One could get the impression that Obama's foreign politics has priority with this pipeline. Until now, I thought the priority was spreading globalism to Muslim nations. The following quote could reveal why Obama first befriended Turkey and then, just as the Nabucco meeting in Czechoslovakia took place, announced that he'd be making a Muslim-friendly speech in Egypt. I'm only guessing, but the timing can be explained in that Egypt was subtly notified by Obamacrats that if it did not become a co-operative partner in these gas deals, Obama would choose another country to hold his Muslim-friendly talks:

[Yesterday's Nabucco] statement, signed by leaders of the EU, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Egypt, also said the EU and Egypt should 'agree on specific projects in developing Egypt's gas reserves and export potential for the EU.' It said it was signed 'in the presence of the representatives of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.' The statement also called for a memorandum of understanding on energy between the EU and Iraq 'as soon as possible.' Barroso said a preliminary energy accord with Iraq was 'imminent.'"

There we go. Egypt has been co-operative. Moreover, the EU wants Iraqi fuel as soon as possible. Russia is being left holding an empty bag. Russia had become assertive when oil prices shot through the roof, and the nation was in glory being able to assert itself after a near-fatal tumble on the world scene. Not only did the falling oil prices remove the thrill of a new-life experience, but now Europe is seeking a new fuel route to skirt Russian fuel. This has got to be too much for the bear to bear.

The article says:

"The EU and Turkey agreed 'to finish the negotiations of the intergovernmental agreement on Nabucco as quickly as possible' and 'to sign it by the end of June 2009 in Turkey,' the Czech presidency said.

EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso told reporters after the meeting he is 'confident' Turkey will sign a gas transit deal soon. Earlier today, EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs said talks with Turkey 'have very much advanced.'"

If Obama is doing the will of European fuel people, he's out of line as an American president. He stands to be paid off in some under-the-table way for his political contributions to the fuel cause. But my point is that, now, Russia has some serious incentive to put thwarting fingers into the various regions that have signed on (or planning to sign on) the Nabucco-pipeline project. Again, I can't think of a better motive for Gog to enter Mosul.

Another article says: "Diplomats said representatives of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan refused to sign the agreement because of pressure from Russia..."

In today's news, a throw-back from Soviet Russia:

"Russia was [today] to show off its military might at a Red Square parade to mark its victory in World War II, in the latest revival of a Soviet-era tradition amid renewed tensions with NATO.

Ten thousand soldiers and 100 key items of military hardware were to be on display at the parade, which features heavy weaponry in a revival of large-scale show of power ordered by former president Vladimir Putin last year."

The world is still waiting for the new world order, the wonderful Utopia. Where is it? Waiting. Don't see it. Mr. Kissinger, you said it was coming. Can't we at least see a glimpse of this shining new world? It's supposed to be the Golden Dawn. I don't see it, man.

May 10

Happy mother's day, real moms. Typically, this is a day to remind the female half that none of us would be alive without them. But life is more than just being born naked. Women were gifted with the mental machinery to raise kids too, with the option (not from God) to abandon/discredit the role. To all women who highly value the role of mother: thank you, the world wouldn't turn without you.

There is no news today, so far anyway. So I'll talk about what my son and I discovered last night (he's been following these updates). While discussing the possibility of Garibald I of Bavaria as a possible root of the Grimaldi term, and having my laptop open, I went the Wikipedia's page on him. I had been at that page days ago but reading the first few paragraphs I did not click the link (in the first paragraph) to the Bavarian Dynasty (Garibald is considered the patriarch of that dynasty). When I clicked it last night, I found that a "Grimoald" became a king of this Bavarian line.

When I clicked the Grimoald link, I found that he was the son of Garibald's daughter! I couldn't have asked for better evidence to show that "Grimaldi" was a variation of "Garibald" (a thing I theorized some days ago in the previous update because the Grimaldi diamonds seem like a match with the diamonds in the Bavarian Arms). Moreover, Grimoald's mother was "Ramhilde," an obvious G-less variation of "Grimald."

Grimoald then named his son Garibald (also king), and he married the daughter of Aripert, the grandson of the first Garibald. One can see that "Aripert" is a G-less variation of "Garibald.",_King_of_the_Lombards

This all new territory for me, and very interesting. I had traced Merovingians to Amorites of Jerusalem, and here I now find that Garibald I was duke of Bavaria as an agent of the Merovingian kings, a thing of great importance if I'm correct to peg him as a line from Gareb (a hill town less than two miles from Old Jerusalem). I had discovered that Merovingians were closely related to Nibelungs, who I trace to mythical Nephele...possibly depicting the Biblical locality of Nephtoah, a hill either beside Gareb or not much further away.

I can smell the Arthurian cult in all this, which I've discerned as "cousin" somehow to the Merovingians. At first I thought the following sentence was Arthur-important, and then let it go as coincidence: "[The Garibald line] came to rule the Lombards through Garibald's daughter Theodelinda, who married the Lombard king Authari in 588."

Authari lived in the period usually given as the Arthurian period. I decided that the similarity of terms was coincidental, but now I find that Grimoald (and his brother before him) was duke of Benevento, a region in southern Italy that was home to Avellino, the place that I see as root to Arthur's Avalon.

Keep in mind the theory that the nine witch-rulers of Avalon were so depicted to link with the nine Muses of Greek myth, and that while the Masci and Grimaldi names have both been rooted (very recently) to Bavaria, I rooted (also recently) the Masci surname to the Maas/Meuse river which some years ago was suspected as being named after the Muses.

As I suspect that the beaver symbol of the Veres of Oxford depict a Bavarian line, I can now claim that Veres, who claim to be Merovingians anciently, stemmed from the Merovingian line of Garibald/Grimaldi. I showed some wyvern-evidence for a Vere connection to Bavaria not long ago, but will show it again now to make further points. As the Grimaldi diamonds appear connected to the Bavarian diamonds, I'm assuming that the diamonds belonged to the Garibald line; yet, I read that the Bavarian diamonds stemmed from the German Bogan surname, for which reason I'll assume that the Bogans (to which I trace Rothschilds) were of the Garibald line. The point is, the English Bogan surname uses a wyvern dragon (no front legs, pointed tail), the Vere species of dragon. Hence, the Vere link both to Bavarians and to Merovingians: Garebites, apparently, at the root of the Bavarian Illuminati.

The reason that I'm re-mentioning this is because I had traced proto-Veres (years ago) to "Friuli" and to Montferrat. I had trouble finding Vere connections to both places. Now I learn that Grimoald was the son of Gisulf II of Friuli, and that Grimoald's father-in-law (Aripert) was 'the son of Gundoald, duke of Asti, who had crossed the Alps from Bavaria..." Gundoald was son of Garibald I, and Asti is the capital of Mon(t)ferrat. The Lys river of Italy (which should be the lys-sacred entity of the first Merovingians), flows in Aoste, not far north of Asti.

But there's more. I believe I can now make an Asti link to Estonia and the Finno-Urgics. This is very important because I have already traced the Samson cult -- with his Garebites and Nibelungs -- to Estonians and other Finno-Ugrics. The Merovingians can now be added into the Finno-Ugric family, in other words. The link between the Salian Merovingians of Franconia and the Arpad Hungarians is suspected in that both used a red and white Rake symbol (included on the Bavarian Arms)...that I've thought, but didn't know how to explain until now, was a variation of the Grimaldi diamonds.

When I read that Garibald I belonged to a peoples called "Agilolfing," it was here that I learned of his Merovingian associations: "The Agilolfings were a family of either Frankish or Bavarian nobility that ruled the Duchy of Bavaria on behalf of their Merovingian suzerains from about 550 until 788." As my son and I studied "Agilolfing" last night, I wondered whether it was the root of the Welfs/Guelphs (the elf line of the Veres?), which interested my son because he is presently associated very closely to a Guelph entity.

Lo and behold, as he went to the Welf article at Wikipedia, he discovered that: "The House of Welf is the older branch of the House of Este." and "The elder branch of the House of Este, the House of Welf, produced dukes of Bavaria (1070-1139, 1156-1180)..." This link to Bavarian dukes, though 500 years after duke Garibald I, was very good for an "Agilolf(ing)" root to "Welf."

The Este term (defined at Wikipedia as a family, not a location) had me thinking that it was linked to the Asti domain of the Garibald line. When my son went to the Este article, we noted a white eagle on blue as the Arms of Este. This immediately evoked the blue and white flag of Finland, and this was the single reason that I could see an Este link to Estonia, which itself uses blue lions (on gold).

My son then proceeded to check for an Este surname, and Bingo! He found an Italian Este Coat using a white eagle on blue. The Este/Estes surname was:

"First found in Ferrara a city in Emilia captial of the province of Ferrara. History dates back to 753...This very distinguished family held seats in Ferrara, Padova and Modena as early as 972"(link above).

Padova and Modena, hmm. As Nicholas de Vere traces Veres to the ancient Mitanni, I discerned a trace forward from Mitanni to Methoni ("Modon" to Italians) in Messene (near Sparta) and then to Modena. I therefore suspect that Ferrara in Modena was a Vere-founded location. Interestingly, the Italian Ferrari Coat uses a gold lion on blue, the reverse colors of Estonia, this providing further evidence of an Este link to Estonia.

I have already identified the Veres of Normandy with the Abreu surname that was first found in Padova/Padua (Venetio). I would venture to say that the Este family of Ferrara was merged with the Abreu family of Padova, therefore. The Ferrari surname was first found in Venice (near Padova).

The English Eastwood/Estwude surname (first found in Cheshire) uses stags/deer on a blue Shield, and a blue boar in the Crest; a blue boar belongs also to the Vere Crest! It would now appear solid that the blue boar traces to the blue-shielded Ferrari family, but more fundamentally to the Eburo Hebrews that the Abreus were.

This Vere ancestry in Este is also Stewart ancestry, for the Stewarts have recently been traced to (Stout vikings of) Shetland, which uses a variation of the blue and white Finland flag...the colors of Este. Thus, the blue and white Stewart checks can be suspected as the colors of Este, and behold that the French Fer Coat uses a shield full of blue and white checks!! Variations of this Fer surname include "Ferrat" and "Ferrail," the latter similar to "Furlan," a variation of "Friuli" seen at Wikipedia.

Since the French Fers were first in Brittany, I would suggest that the Stouts (proto-Stewarts of Shetland/Caithness) merged with the Fers in Dol, Brittany. It should also be true that the blue and white checkered Cohens belong to these Finno-Ugric families.

I was telling my Pollock friend yesterday that her porphyria disease (named after "purple" and due to genetic defects from incest), at times associated with "blue blood," can now be traced to Finno-Ugrics. This is based on the belief of the disease stemming from Merovingians and Hungarians as well as an entity in Sweden...that I identify as the Varangians. The disease is thought to be due to the incestuous marriages of royal European bloodlines (in efforts, ironically, to keep their bloodlines superior).

I should also mention that another Grimoald, king of Bavaria, "induced Saint Corbinian to come to Bavaria in 724 to evangelise." "Corbin" evokes the corvus = crow/raven that was symbol to the Stirgud-Stout vikings. See the Scottish Corbet Coat, using a crow; the surname was first found in Shropshire (the place that Stewarts and their Pollock relations first lived). The French Corbe/Corbet Coat uses the same symbol.

The Scottish Corbet Crest uses an elephant, the symbol that I think traces to the flag of Liguria. This fits, for as king Grimoald above wanted a Corbin fellow to be his city's religious leader, the Grimaldis were eventually rife in Liguria. Interior Liguria is where Asti is located, near the Alba region that I strongly suspect is root to the Vere elf/elvin line. One then has reason to tie, not only Asti to the Este branch of Welfs, but Alba to Welf itself. In fact, the elephant may be a symbol secretly of the elf line of Welf.

It's now very interesting that the younger branch of Welf was "the House of Fulc-Este," for Veres of Anjou were related to Fulks in some way...which should explain why the Italian Fulk/Fulco Coat uses the blue and white checks (with a bit of gold thrown in to well-reflect the Stewart Coat.

When checking for a Welf surname (first found in Cheshire), the gold and red (Vere colors) Wolf Coat shows up (using the wolf as symbol), which speaks to the theory of some that Veres were the legendary werewolves. Houseofnames says that the Wolf surname 'descended from Hugh Lupus (Wolf), the Earl of Chester..." When I checked who this person was, it turned out to be:

"Hugh d'Avranches (died 27 July 1101), called the Fat or the Wolf (Latin: Lupus, Welsh: Flaidd) was the first Earl of Chester and one of the great magnates of early Norman England."

Perfect, for I theorized that Avranches was a Vere family (Avranches was in Normandy not far from Ver(e), Normandy, where Veres lived)? I have for some time suspected that Mascis were related to the Veres, and here we are at the proof, for the Meschins took over Cheshire from the line of Hugh d'Avranches. It now makes more sense that the Masci surname should be first found in Piedmont, the province wherein Asti, Montferret and Alba are found. One can see the obvious similarities between the Masci and Mask/Maschi Coats/surnames, but the latter uses a gold lion on blue, the Ferrari symbol.

Note that Hugh d'Avranches was also "Flaidd." Might the Scandinavian "Vlad," and the Stewart, "Flaad," and possibly the "Walter/Balder" terms have meant "wolf."

The Welfs were foundational to the Bernicians:

"Both [houses of Welf] are related in antiquity to the eight-hundred-year-old House of Wettin.

The elder branch of the House of Este, the House of Welf, produced dukes of Bavaria (1070-1139, 1156-1180), dukes of Saxony (1138-1139, 1142-1180), a German king (1198-1218), and most impactful upon history, the dukes of Brunswick and Luneburg..."

Go ahead and chuckle if you haven't heard this before, but I identify "Betty" Rubble (black hair, clothed in blue) as cartoon-code for the blue-colored Wettings, and her husband Barney (blonde, clothed in brown) as the Bruno-based house of Brunswick. I then trace "Brunswick" to/from "Bryneich," the latter being home to the Bamburgh (= Bamm-Bamm) Bernicians. But we now have excellent reason to trace this British-Illuminati family to the Welfs. In fact, the article above goes on to say: "The House of Este hence gave England the 'Hanoverian monarchs'..." that provided the current royal "blue-blood" family of Elizabeth II.

The Hannovers took power from the British royal Stewarts, but it seems that both houses trace back to the Welfs...who were probably Halybes.

That's enough for today, I'm sure. I'll be back for tomorrow's news.

May 11

There isn't much news, again.

In continuing where I left off yesterday, I'd like to re-mention that Hugh d'Avranches, patriarch of the Wolf surname, is shown in a drawing sitting on his throne upon a checkered floor. The drawing is in black and white (i.e. no colors shown), but as per the discussion yesterday where he was shown to be a Fer, I'd say the checks are meant to be blue and white (i.e. like the French Fers). After all, the webpage where the drawing is found shows Hugh's Arms as a white wolf on blue background.

The Wikipedia article on this man says that after giving up Tutbury castle in return for a ruling position in Cheshire, "Tutbury with its surrounding lands was passed to Henry de Ferrers." To show that the Mascis of Dunham Masci were related to the Veres, the webpage above shows the Arms of Massey Baron of Dunham, a shield just like the Veres but with a white lion in the corner instead of the white Vere star.

The white wolf on blue smells of the dog/wolf that early Stewarts worshiped. Hugh's sister was Arbella Loup d'Avranches, where the "Loup" may equate with the "Lupus" surname of Hugh. Recalling that yesterday's discussion started with Garibald of Bavaria and then veered into a related Corbin individual, also of Bavaria, is it a coincidence that "Arbella" reflects "Garib" while she married (in 1080) Guilbert Pershale de Corbeil?

Her sister, Maud d'Avranches Goz, married Randolph Bayeaux. I'm thinking that he must have been a Meschin, for Ranulf de Meschin, from a family in Bayeux, took Chester over from Maud's brother (Hugh Lupus). The bigger point is that Bayeux was founded by the Bajocasses while Bavaria was founded by a Baii peoples...that I think were the same stock.

In the article on Hugh Lupus d'Avranches, we find that he took over the kingdom of one Gruffydd ap Cynan of Gwynedd when he captured him at the Welsh town of Corwen. Not only does "Gruffydd" smack of yet another Gareb-like term, but "Corwen" smacks of corvus = crow. I'm glad I checked the Conan Coat, for it's the first time that I've found an exact copy of the Sinclair Coat. Hugh Lupus was closely related to the Claros/Sinclairs, and in fact he married Ermentrude of Claremont. Some Clares came to rule the border region between Wales and England, and this may serve to suggest that the Welshman, Gruffyd ap Cynan, was of the Conan surname.

I am ever so glad that I bothered with this line of exploration. Just as I was beginning to suspect that Stewarts of Wales were from the Conans (I view British Conn-terms as "canine/hound"), I learned that the Conan surname was first in Kincardine (before the Conqueror Sinclair came to Britain). Kincardine (in northern Scotland between Aberdeen and Angus) is close to where I had rooted the Stewarts (in Caithness/Orkneys), and Wikipedia says that "The County of Kincardine, also known as Kincardineshire or The Mearns (from A' Mhaoirne meaning 'The Stewartry')..."

I'm not necessarily jumping to make a link of proto-Stewarts to this "Stewartry," but it sure is tempting. The point is, I checked for a Mearns Coat and found a Scottish one (surname first found in Kincardine, no surprise) using a copy of the flag of king Stephen of Hungary (!), though in red and gold (instead of red and white). Keep in mind that Leslies entered Scotland with Hungarians and came to reside in neighboring Aberdeen.

Since I link the flag of king Stephen to the Franconian Rake, and since I now link the Franconian Rake to Garibald's Bavarian line -- thus supporting my claim that Arpads and Garebites were two variant terms for the same stock of peoples -- I'm feeling that the Conans were yet another Arpad bloodline, explaining the Gruffyd ap Cynan name.

The bigger point may be that the Claros did not lend their Sinclair Cross symbol to the Conans, but rather vice versa. You get it, right? It could be that Rollo's ancestors were Conans of northern Scotland, especially since Rollo's ancestors ruled More, a term that can feasibly evolve to "Mearns/Merns."

The mountains of the Moray-Aberdeen-Kincardine region are the "Grampians," "an adaptation of the name Mons Graupius, recorded by the Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus" (first century AD). Graupius? Another Gareb-like term just where I come to suspect that Garebites lived. In fact, I've been saying for a while now, on other evidence, that Rollo's family was Garebite and meanwhile related to Grimaldis.

The first Cynan (son of a Rhodri) that I see on the list of Gwynedd rulers (page below) ruled ten generations before Gruffyd ap Cynan. But look at this:

"Cynan [ap Rhodri] and his brother Hywel were somehow excluded from the throne by a distant cousin Caradog ap Meirion from the time of their father's death in 754 until 798."

Meirion??? Couldn't that be root to the Mearns region where the Conan surname was first found? Since Mearns was also called, Kincardine (= kin of Cardine), couldn't "Cardine" be of "Caradog" (son of Meirion)? Sounds very good to me.

In the news, Interfax, line 14:22, says: "Saakashvili to resign in next few days - opposition leader" I've yet to verify this from any other news source.

In Israel, the same-old on the Palestinian state. More pressure on Netanyahu. I'll spare you the details this time.


The aim of crime-fighting government units is to have complete freedom to track peoples' vehicles:

"Wisconsin police can attach GPS to cars to secretly track anybody's movements without obtaining search warrants, an appeals court ruled [May 7].

...As the law currently stands, the court said police can mount GPS on cars to track people without violating their constitutional rights -- even if the drivers aren't suspects.

...That means 'police are seemingly free to secretly track anyone's public movements with a GPS device,' he wrote.",0,5867383.story

It would be good to be able to use our vehicles during the tribulation, even if only on our own properties for moving things around. But if this GPS technology goes too far by then, we might need to abandon the vehicles, especially if we plan on moving goods from one retreat to another. Is it better to have a vehicle on the retreat, or the food that the sale of the vehicle can bring in? The answer is obvious. We need but few vehicles, and the rest can be sold for food money. The sale of one vehicle a few years old can purchase one's food for years.

I can imagine Illuminati-associated governments urging/assisting car makers to install them in all vehicles...but not until society has accepted such big-brother controls. Obamacrats are poised to experiment with how far they can push society on the controls theme, seeking of course to use their Democratic voting block as a naive but committed force.

There is going to be much hatred going around, of all who oppose the Obamacrats. Liberals are becoming brutes, as has been the trend in Hollywood pictures for a couple of decades. American society has been conditioned to kill; there is no fear of God in the extreme-liberal mind. The eradication of Christian influence will be considered a good deed. As this development advances, Christians will be happier to retreat into their own societies. We need it badly. We need our own societies, towns fully run by Christian values. If we can't have the towns because of the coming liberal waves of foot-stomping influence, we can have "communes," though I much prefer "communities."

We look forward to trib retreats because they will be Christian communities. Will we get along? If we have enough supplies, the chances are much better. If a community is unwise and prepares little, they will more likely be like cats and dogs. Our need at the moment is to be able to time the start-up of these communities, with enough time to develop successful community plans.

We need easy methods of identifying those in the churches who are the Lord's forever, and those who will turn to belong to the world. I would say that love for Obama is one way to identify the wrong Christian. I would say that love for the pope is another way. People who watch anything devilish on television without qualms are suspect in my eyes. Find out how they would treat a mark-of-the-beast situation. Ask if they would reject it at all costs, or if they would urge their children to accept it if it leads to their starvation; we're hoping kids won't have to be marked, but asking the question can enlighten you on a person's trib behavior.

The pope:

"Pope Benedict XVI called for the establishment of an independent Palestinian homeland immediately after he arrived in Israel [today]..."

I totally agree. I think the Palestinian state should be formed in Rome smack beside Vatican Hill. It was nice of the pope to ask. I think Palestinians should go ahead and make Vatican City a joint capital.

In Georgia, Saakashvili is finally meeting opposition parties today. No news of results yet.


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