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May 12

The UN's Insecurity Council met yesterday just to send Israel a message that they want to see a Palestinian country immediately. I suppose they were upset with Netanyahu for announcing that he'd never give Golan back to Syria.

Jordan's king has been warning that there will be war against Israel by next year if Netanyahu doesn't arrange for an Arab-accepted peace plan. It sounds like so much blah-blah, but then perhaps the Jordanian leader knows something.

After so many years, the Kurds are in the oil business:

"'The Iraqi Ministry of Oil approved that the Kurdish regional government to export crude oil through the Iraqi pipeline to the Turkish Mediterranean port of Ceyhan,' an official in the ministry 's media office told Xinhua on condition of anonymity."

Ceyhan is on-shore of Cyprus near the Syrian border. I therefore imagine the pipeline straddling the Syrian-Turkish border, the very region that the Assyrian of Isaiah 10 is to take. Wikipedia, in its article on Ceyhan, says that a natural-gas pipeline is to be built beside the oil line to Ceyhan.

What's interesting is that Ceyhan has a pipeline also to Samsun (north of Ceyhan on the Black-sea coast). Ceyhan is in Adana province, you see, which is in the opinion of others the root of the Greek Danaans as they came out of Egypt's Nile delta. In my opinion, they were of the Hyksos "Egyptians" that were destroyed in the Ten Plagues, and they then connected with the Samson cult. I could only theorize (years ago) that Samsun named after that cult. That there is now a pipeline from Adana to Samsun may speak of a long-standing relationship between the two regions.

I don't think it's a coincidence that Argos, the city at which the Danaans ruled, was rooted in Cilicia's Tarsus, which is very near Adana. "Tarsus," no doubt named after the Zeus Taurus (the Taurus mountains are in Cilicia), can be connected to the Hyksos in that they used bull horns as symbol (the Hyksos, thought to be Hebrews, were of the Baal-Anat cult associated with the Biblical dragon, Lotan). Zeus was made the father of mythical Danaus i.e. the Greek Danaans at Argos were a branch of the Zeus cult:

"Some claim that the name [Adana] is derived from the Hittite Adaniya of Kizzuwatna, while others contend that it is related with the legendary Danaus and the Danaoi, a legendary Greek tribe...

...The history of Adana is intrinsically linked to the history of Tarsus; they seem often to be the same city...

...According to the Hittite inscription of Kava, found in Hattusa (Bogazkale), Kizzuwatna was the first kingdom that ruled Adana, under the protection of the Hittites by 1335 BC. In that time, the name of the city was Uru Adaniyya, and the inhabitants were called Danuna."

I don't think it's another coincidence that while the Samson myth has him taking down the two pillars in the temple of Dagon, these are reflected in the ancient phrase, "pillars of Hercules" (he was a Danaan, while Samson was a Daniy). The pillars of Hercules were also two, said at one point to be two land masses on two Atlantean shores...often believed to be the two sides of the strait of Gibraltar. Hercules was characterized between two pillars supporting an arch, and this speaks well to the idea that the Hercules cult thought itself to be from the Samson cult, thus explaining why Hercules was given super-human strength.

I don't think it's another coincidence that mythical Dardanus was at SamoThrace (read as Samo-Draco) when starting the Kabeiri cult, though the cult is attributed more to Iasion (also at SamoThrace), Dardanus' brother. Note the "Sion" in "Iasion," a clue that may identify him as Ixion (= a Lapith people). In myth, Ixion was removed from Olympus with a thunderbolt from Zeus -- after Ixion committed adultery with Hera (sacred island, Samos) in the shape of Nephele) -- and, similarly, as if to attest to an Ixion-Iasion equation, Iasion was killed (in another myth) by Zeus' thunderbolt.

Therefore, the Hera cult -- which I identify as Garebites/Jerevanites from Jerusalem, a branch of the Ares-Arphaxadite cult from Armenia -- was closely associated with the Sion-Nephele cult, meaning that Nibelungs were an integral part of the Kabeiri of Iasion. I imagine that mythical "Niobe," made the sister of Pelops, was a root of Nibelungs, and therefore the peoples that "she" depicted were the myth writer's object when he coined, "Nephele." Pelops was a proto-Lydian (Luwian, I figure) peoples ruling at Sipylus, a term that can modify from "Cabelees," a real peoples that no doubt founded "Kybele/Cybele," the Mother Goddess (depicted by a lion) to which the Kabeiri belonged.

Myth itself traced IaSion to Phoenicians, making his link to mount Sion viable. He mated with Demeter at the wedding of Cadmus to Harmonia, you see, Cadmus being a Phoenician people (his brother Cilix, was mythcode for the Cadmus branch at Cilicia). I identify "Demeter" (yet another name for the Great Mother goddess) as a variation of "Tammuz" (husband of Ishtar), a cult of the Levant (= far-east Mediterranean). Thus, Revelation's Babylon the Great Mother was tied to mount that modern Zionism is a Kabalistic attache of the devil's favorite cult, the one worshiping the Eden serpent.

The wedding of Harmonia and Cadmus represents the time that the Cadmus Phoenicians merged with the Ares Armenians, and I suspect that this took place in the Pelops domain, where we find another place called "Cilicia" that was ruled by mythical Eetion, a character thought to be the same as "Iasion." The impression in this is that Iasion was an Edoni peoples (of Thraco) from the Adonis cult in Phoenicia...which there was the Tammuz cult! That fits perfectly. Tammuz was depicted as the Mushussu dragon/griffin as far back as Sumeria, and he was likely the Armenian god, Samos...wherefore Iasion/Ixion was a representative of the Samson>Tammuz cult as it evolved into Hercules.

If I'm correct to trace "Hercules" to "Kirkuk" (the city that was at first Arrapha of Ares), it's interesting that the pipeline carrying Kirkuk oil goes to Ceyhan in Adana, the migrational path of old. Keep in mind that God has patiently kept his smouldering anger in check during the building of the Dragon's kingdoms, and that He decided to vent the anger all at once at Armageddon. Therefore, expect some Wrath to soon fall on the ancient geographies of the Dragon's domains.


Today's headline, "US to borrow 46 cents for every dollar spent," begs the two questions: 1) how much are Americans paying the international bankers, and, 2) are political agents of the international bankers deliberately borrowing as much as they can to serve the financial interests of the bankers? A third question: at what interest rate is America borrowing the money?

The Iranians don't trust Obama either:

"Iran's Revolutionary Guards have begun deploying mobile launchers for surface-to-air and surface-to-sea missiles in the Strait of Hurmuz and other areas in the Gulf, it has been revealed.

An Iranian official, quoted anonymously in the Saudi daily Al-Watan, said Iranian forces deployed the missile bases following secret reports that the United States and Israel were working on a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities."

We'll believe the strike when we see it.

On the rumor that Saakashvili is prepared to resign: false. His unexpected meeting yesterday with his political foes "ended with no resolution." As a result, demonstrations will continue.

Momentum in the news is dying off. The Obama limelight is going dim. The prophets are having a hard time predicting the near future. By the way, where are God's true prophets? Where is the man who says, "God told me to say such and such to so and so, and here is the proof." I would like to know that man. But as I can't think of one who fits this description, God must have decided to be silent for these times, apart from personal, one-on-one communications. But as the 1260 days arrive, suddenly, two prophets will give us direction for how we are to act and think in the remainder of this history. I can't imagine that the first we'll hear of these two (see Revelation 11) are on the first day of their 1260-day mission.

Who in the world speaks for God with fire, and where is the man who has miracles accompanying him to prove that God is with him? Isn't he what we're all looking to find? Isn't it what we need? I shrink back in giving detailed advice for trib endurance...because I am not God, and because I have not heard a message from Him on how we should arrange our survival plans. I have never said, "God told me to tell the Church such and such on tribulation survival." All that I've said on trib endurance is to the best of my understanding; it's meant as an alert to you, that you might realize the need to look to God for your own endurance details. I'm not so presumptuous that I claim to have God's answers, nor do I think that whatever I think is a thought from God. False prophets behave in that way.

If you're looking to me to give you the advice you need, I appreciate it, but may God save me from giving any wrong advice. Let's look to the Two Witnesses. They should have some good advice.

May 13

Although Iraq has granted the Kurds the right to start pumping oil to foreign buyers, the Iraqis do NOT want the Kurds to make and signs the oil deals:

"Baghdad - Iraq's Oil Minister Hussein al-Shahristani said [yesterday] oil deals between the government of the Kurdish region and foreign oil companies are 'illegal'.

...Kurdish officials say the agreements were legal, and were struck in accordance with the Iraqi constitution.",iraqi-oil-minister-calls-kurds-oil-deals-illegal.html

Unfortunately, the article doesn't say with whom the oil deals were made by the Kurds, except to say, "the international oil companies." The only reason I'm quoting this is due to the possibility of oil sales to the West. I'm thinking that certain Westerners, during Bush's years, arranged for a loop-hole giving Kurds the right to sell oil apart from the Iraqi government's meddling.

In another article on the same topic, telling that Kurds had agreed to give all future contracts up to the Iraqi government, the writer breaks in midway with a mention of Nancy Pelosi" "The oil news came as Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives, made a surprise here. Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki said in a statement that he had emphasized cooperation in economic and scientific fields in his meeting with Ms. Pelosi..." It almost sounds as though Pelosi was in Iraq to make this deal happen.

Stunning headline: "Jesus calls on Jews, Muslims and Christians to put their differences behind." Oops, I meant, "Pontiff," not Jesus, but you get the point.


Just days after Obama showed surprising dissatisfaction with Syria, the headline, "Damascus ready to resume indirect talks," is not so surprising:

"Syria is ready to resume Turkish-mediated indirect talks with Israel, despite Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's statements to the effect that he would not cede the Golan Heights in a future peace agreement with Damascus, the newly-appointed Syrian ambassador to Ankara said [yesterday].

'We, as the Syrian administration, have the utmost confidence in this honorable and decent role that Turkey has played..."

Turkey, again. It's always Turkey now. How much longer before Turkey is involved with Gaza? Will Obama push for that? On the topic of Gaza, Hezbollah has been forced out of the closet:

"In what seems to be a stark change in policy, Hizbullah now admits to not only providing Hamas with 'every type of support,' but also to having done so for some time, Sheikh Naim Qassem, the deputy leader of the organization said in an interview published by the Financial Times [today].

'We have always said that we supported the resistance in Palestine but we have not mentioned how or given details of such support,' he said. 'But Egypt has now revealed that we have given military support to Palestine. We have done so for a while but we have not talked about it.'"

This admission is still, in my eyes, made by an organization trying to minimize its guilt by claiming Gaza activities only, i.e. smoke and mirrors to block its activities inside Egypt. Okay, then at minimum the organization is as murderous as Hamas, and proud of it, wherefore it is not the time for Israel to give up the Golan Heights when Syria harbors the Hamas leader, and when Hezbollah admits an alliance with both. Bark-O-Bamm-Bamm needs to take his club away from Israel, and to start smashing it against the legs of the murderers. Instead, he's insisting that Israel form an alliance with the murderers. The entire West has gone twisted, insisting the same. Even the pope is acting openly as a tool of the globalists.

While on the topic of Bamm Bamm and his club, which item was the symbol of Hercules, I'd like to talk about the club being the symbol also of the Babenburgs of Bamberg, for in this picture we can see that the Babenbergs trace to the Hercules cult. I just sought evidence for this for the first time, and found it clear as glass. I first went to the Pamphylia article at Wikipedia, and then to mythical Amphilochus who was a code/depiction of Pamphylia:

"In Greek mythology, Amphilochus was the younger son of Amphiaraus and Eriphyle and the brother of Alcmaeon."

I don't think I've ever seen this before, even though I've known for years that the mother of Hercules was made Alcmena. In the above quote, therefore, the Pamphylians were made brother to the Hercules cult, and the "maeon" of "Alcmaeon" strongly suggests that Maeonians of the Maeander river in Lydo-Lycia. Some years ago, I did trace Samson to Maeonians for two reasons, one being that I interpreted his mother's name as referring to a Mannai > Maeoni evolution, but also because, in Judges 13:2, Samson is given Manoah for a father (not likely a real man).

What the quote above does is to neatly identify Hercules as a Maeonian peoples, and therefore tied to the Dionysus cult, for Dionysus had wild women as his accomplices, called Maenads. It is clear to me that the Maenads were the Samson>Hercules cult. Dionysus was himself depicted as a man-woman (i.e. a transvestite), and Samson's long hair speaks to this. In Judges, Samson is called a Nazirite (= long-haired prophets), a term that comes very close to "Nysus." Possibly, therefore, the Dionysus cult was a twisted and transvestite branch form of Nazirites.

There's more from mythology, for "In Greek mythology, in a myth assigned to Euripides by Apollodorus, Amphilochus is the son of Alcmaeon and Manto." This time, a myth writer makes the Pamphylians the "son" of the Hercules cult. Manto, who I think depicts the Manda-branch Avars, was a daughter of Tiresias (son of Everes, who I think depicted Avars), who I think depicts a dragon-cult peoples of Tyre/Tyrus.

It's possible that "Manto" and/or "Manda" depicted Samson's father, Manoah, for as I pegged Samson (due to his donkey-bone symbol) as the Tartak donkey cult of the Avvites, so it's feasible that Avvites were Avars. "Tiresias" may even be a soft-s and soft-c version of "Tartak." As I suspect that Tartak was named after Tartus (a location known to be founded by the Arvadites of Arvad/Arpad), it's interesting that "Tiresias" may be a softened version of "Tartus" (in which case my trace of him to Tyrus could be in error).

It's no wonder, then, that Templars and Varangians were of European-Avar roots. In fact, mythical Manto is credited with the founding of Mantua (northern Italy), where lived the Helveti Celts, the likely elf line of the Veres, in which case the Veres may have been named after mythical Everes. It then is not a wonder that certain Veres consider themselves to be keepers of the ancient dragon cult, since Tiresias was substituted (as Daphne's father) with mythical Ladon.

The phrase that Democrats like to use is the phrase used by Obama himself: "carrots and sticks." It may not be a coincidence that this phrase is used, for while the carrot assumes a donkey, the stick -- by which is meant a stick to hit Iran if it does not comply with the carrots -- denotes a club.

It looks like Samson is president over the United States, and very influential in Europe. Recall the discussion yesterday on Iasion, and his associations with Cadmus and Harmonia...who were portrayed in myth as two snakes entering Europe. Cadmus ("mushu" means "dragon/serpent) is no minor player in the dragon cult, for he and his sister, Europa, were one people. Since Cadmus came out of north Africa as a descendant of Poseidon of north Africa, he must have been associated with the Hyksos...which Iasion depicts.

If Iasion was Ixion, that is, then Iasion depicted the Hyksos Hebrews, rulers of Egypt and slavemasters of the Israelites. As the Veres trace themselves to the Mitanni, it's very likely that they do so because they know to be from the Hyksos:

"The Hyksos (Egyptian heqa khasewet, 'foreign rulers'...) were an Asiatic people who invaded the eastern Nile Delta, in the Twelfth dynasty of Egypt initiating the Second Intermediate Period of Ancient Egypt. The people are shown below wearing the cloaks of many colors associated with the mercenary Mitanni bowmen and cavalry (ha ibrw) of Northern Canaan, Aram, Kadesh, Sidon and Tyre."

A Mitanni peoples called "ha ibrw"? These were not the Israelites, as some assume, but Armenians who honored Hayk (Armenian god). The name by which the Egyptians called, the, "Khaswet," must surely denote which Adana (Cilicia) belonged. In fact, the Ceyhan region of Adana was surely named after (or vice versa) the Hyksos king, Khyan: "Khyan's name 'has generally been interpreted as Amorite 'Hayanu'..." (article above).

The article goes on to show that "Hayanu is recorded in the Assyrian king-lists for a 'remote ancestor' of Shamshi-Adad I (c.1800 BC) of Assyria." Shamshi-Adad (probably related to Samos and/or Samson), though he conquered Assyria, was an Amorite king living on the Habur tributary of the Euphrates in what could easily evolve into the Mitanni kingdom later on. It seems that too many writers are shy to claim that the Habur river was named after Hebrews (anciently "Apiru/Abiru").


In the middle of the Georgia showdown, a 20-member crew from the non-governmental global organization, Council on Foreign Relations, has an agenda in Georgia's capital:

"The delegation of US Council on Foreign relationships arrived in Tbilisi today.

...The delegation members will hold meeting with Georgian authorities and opposition as well.

The meetings aim at learn more on the existing political, economic situation in Georgia as well security issues."

They are there to just "learn" about what's going on? Horse manure. I'll see if this story is found anywhere else but in Georgian Times, which typically gives little information, as also with the article below.

Tomorrow, a global affair is being held in Jordan; it's called "'Implications of the Global Economic Crisis for the Middle East: Home-grown Strategies for Success.' World Business leaders will participate in the Forum." Saakashvili is attending. The Alliance of Civilizations was organized and brought to life for reasons such as a Middle-Eastern fit into the coming globalism.

It wasn't my imagination. In today's news:

"Russia has warned that military conflicts over energy resources could erupt along its borders in the near future, as the race to secure oil and gas reserves gains momentum."

...A Kremlin policy paper, which maps out Russia's main challenges to national security for the next decade, said 'problems that involve the use of military force cannot be excluded' in competition for resources.

...'The attention of international politics in the long-term perspective will be concentrated on the acquisition of energy resources,' it said.

...But Moscow is also finding its control over natural gas exports under threat, as the European Union seeks alternative supply routes that would bypass Russia and the Ukraine."

I think Russia's saying that it's angry, and could erupt. I think it's being open and up front on it's own decision to use military force to secure its fuel "needs."

May 12

It was only yesterday when I mentioned the Hyksos, and for today's news we find that Israeli foreign minister, Avignor Lieberman, "was honored at the home of Jewish National Fund chair Samuel Hayek in Hampstead, northwest London." This surname is almost exactly like the Armenian god, Hayk, and moreover his given name, Samuel, parallels my trace of Hyksos to Samson.

You may recall that I trace "Ass/Asni" terms to the Samson donkey god (Tartak), "Hesse(n)" and "Essen," for example. I don't think it's a coincidence that the Hyksos were known as the Hayasa-Azzi in the Armenian theater. Of the first six Hyksos kings listed by Manetho, whom he calls "six foreign Phoenician kings", one was "Assis."

Another Hyksos king was "Apophis," possibly a term that was used in founding the Paphlagonians (I trace the Heneti Paphlagonians to the Hyksos goddess, Anat). I think the evidence is overwhelming: the end-times global "Jewish" Illuminati and the Zionists are to a great extent from the very pharaohs who persecuted fledgling Israel.

Now that I equate Iasion with Ixion, I can give some evidence for an Ixion=Hyksos equation. "Iasion" was also "Iasus," so that "Ixion" may just as well have been "Ixsus."

It is known that the chariot was introduced into Egypt by the Hyksos, and meanwhile the pharaoh who was destroyed by the Ten Plagues had chariots in his army. Ixion was depicted with the horse, and in fact I understand that the Heneti were depicted by the centaurs...offspring of Ixion and Nephele. Moreover, Ixion's symbol was the chariot wheel, for when Ixion was shot with Zeus' lightning for committing adultery with Hera-Nephele, Zeus placed him on an airborne wheel as his punishment. The picture is one of a sun god, where the sun was viewed as a chariot wheel of the sun god. Note how "axis" reflects "Hyksos." To this day, the symbol of the Gypsies (thought to originate in Egypt) is a spoked wheel.

Ixion's wheel would never stop spinning (this was his punishment) except when Orpheus played his lyre (recall that Orpheus represents the Ugric>Arpad bloodline). The meaning of this bit of mercy must be that Ixion was related closely to the Ugri-Arpad peoples. I am convinced that Samson was connected to the latter.

The article above says that Lieberman visited Britain secretly this week, with no announcement and no media coverage. Perhaps his main goal was to visit Samuel Hayek, for he is a "prime shaker":

"Profile in Haaretz by Uri Blau of Samuel Hayek, a prime mover and shaker in Israeli politics. Hayek came from a humble Iraqi-Jewish background to become a millionaire who divides his time between Britain and Israel.

...His parents, Salim and Nasira, immigrated to Israel from Baghdad with their three sons two years before. Another sister was born in Israel. 'My father was a merchant in Baghdad. A rep for the Hercules & Singer Company. He made a lot of money from that.'"

Before arriving at the Hercules term, I was staring at the name of Samuel's mother, Nasira, for Samson was a "Nazir(ite)." I thought it should be one hell of a coincidence, but then I saw the Hercules company. What's going on??? How do I come across these coincidences in the news a day or two after I write on a dragon-cult topic?

I don't recall making any solid connections between the Merovingians of Merowe (now Sudan) and the Hyksos, but as Hyksos were tied closely to proto-Nibelungs, and as Nibelungs were nearly one with Merovingians in France, there has to be a Hyksos tie to those first Franks...especially as the Franks traced themselves to the Veneti (who were in turn from the Heneti). Plus, Merovingians were long-haired kings, evoking Samson and the Nazirite sect (but were more likely from the twisted Dionysus cult).

My guess, from the belief that Merovingians were Amorites just like the Hyksos, is that Merowe was populated and named by a branch of Hyksos. To make a long story short, I think the proto-Samson cult was the Dionysus cult in Ethiopia, and that it was depicted by Clymene, queen of Ethiopia and wife of Merops (the latter depicting Merowe in what was then Ethiopia). Merops was also made a king of the Island of Cos (Greek theater), smack beside Kalymnos, a perfect reflection of "Clymene." We therefore have a connection between the royal Ethiopian couple and the two islands.


Something scary in Liberia's woods:

"...Its satellite mapping process works by scanning bar codes stamped on to trees with a PDA [Portable Data Assistant], creating an electronic paper trail that can pinpoint any trunk to within 25 metres of its location."

I'm not sure I get it. I was under the impression that a scanning device could pick up a bar code on an item up to feet only, not as far as satellites. The above article (on a lumber industry) gives the impression that people are about to be tracked without an electrical device implanted into something they possess. Or, God may have a plan to put the lights out on all/most satellites. A strong burst from the sun, they say, will do it.

The president of Israel, Obama, told the vice-president of Israel, Netanyahu, not to surprise him with a strike against Iran. I think Obama wants to make the most of an Israeli strike against Iran; I think he'll use it to gang the Western world against Israel in a way not seen before.

We find today that Leon Panetta secretly visited Netanyahu two weeks ago on this matter:

"Panetta held talks with Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, the Israeli defence minister, and other senior officials, the radio report said [today].

The Israeli leaders told Panetta that 'Israel does not intend to surprise the US on Iran', the report said."

Israel must now risk Obama the rat who could squeal to Iran that a strike is imminent.

Something continues to cook in Georgia; U.S. agents met with Georgia's defense people to get the scoop on Russia's military activities to Georgia's north. I'm assuming that this American delegation is from the Council on Foreign Relations, in the Georgian capital this week.

My pre-view of Gog's relationship to an American False Prophet is summed up well in the following quote, where we see a power struggle between the two, and an alliance at the same time:

"International ties will be shaped by battles over energy resources, which may trigger armed conflicts on Russia's borders, says a Kremlin policy paper, naming US and NATO as top threats to global security. But the document also adds Moscow will seek an equal 'partnership' with Washington."

Again, this report from Russia seems to have the purpose of excusing its future military actions on Russia's border. I think the report is in line with a long-standing Russian agenda to take Georgia back as it's own, and yet a new aggravating element has crept in since the first Georgian war: the "seizure" by the West of Middle-East fuel lines. Russia appears to have been doing all it could to initiate a Georgian war by provocations, but thus far has been "chicken" in going ahead. The new situation may bring Putin over the top, especially if gas prices rise to goldrush levels.

Top-level Syrians and Iranians met two days ago: "The two sides underlined the importance of the Iranian gas pipeline to Syria passing through Iraq to the Mediterranean and Europe..." My understanding is that some al-Qaeda agents are on-side with Iran, but there are also Iraqi Sunni who are sworn enemies to Iran. As the Iraqi oil business heats up, terrorism against Iraq's pipelines would be the natural choice for making anti-West statements. These attacks could start wars.

An article out today confirms that Obama's recent verbal attack on Syria was due to Syria closing the door to his requests for talks:

"Two U.S. diplomats who were sent to Syria to see if direct diplomacy with the blacklisted country could get talks off the ground have returned with their answer: No. Still, special envoy George Mitchell will travel to Syria for another try very soon.

As a result of the diplomats' trip, President Barack Obama informed Congress that he was renewing sanctions on Syria."

That's put as clearly as possible: Obama uses vengeance -- call it a club -- as a tactic to get his way. Yes, Obama is correct in his assessment of Syria, but Syria was as guilty months ago as it is now; the only thing that's changed is Obama's attitude. Jesus would not make alliances with Pharisees, let alone the Romans or Greeks, for Jesus was wise to the fox.

The article goes on to say what was expected: "The two men [Jeffrey Feltman and Daniel Shapiro, two Hebrews] had asked Syrian dictator Basher Assad to distance himself from Iran, Hizbullah and terrorist elements in Iraq." That explains why Ahmadinejad canceled a trip to South America and rushed to see Assad instead. Syria chose to side with Iran...but this could change. Next time, Obama might not send men with such "Jewish" names.

A headline: "Pope Calls Security Wall 'Tragic." Hmm, isn't Vatican City surrounded by walls? Yes, tragically. Well, then, Mr. pope, tear down your own walls, and then you risk being attacked by those who hate you. Fair is fair.

Zhirinovsky's silence these days in the international scene is discrediting his candidacy for fulfilling Gog. But then where is any vocal Russian who fits the part?

In a Lebanese media, there was a statement made this week evoking the reason, found in Daniel 11:28, that the king of the north attacks Egypt:

"As long as that [Palestinian-Israel] conflict is festering, Iran will be able to undermine Egypt by attacking its allegiance to the peace treaty with Israel."

Another Arab media has a story today telling that a high-level member of Egypt's government was stabbed to death in his office. No details were given, but it's a sign of things to come against Egypt.

On Pakistan, I won't cover events. I'll just give the fall-out when a milestone is reached.

May 15

In the past couple of days, I haven't been able to access my email account properly. The Yahoo email page re-loads over and over again so that I can't use it. I'll wait another day to see if it's a Yahoo problem or a virus. It could be that I'm under attack.

Obama picks another "Jew":

"U.S. President Barack Obama will name Dr Thomas Frieden as the new director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a spokesman for the organization said [today].

An infectious disease specialist, Frieden, 48, has been New York's top health official for seven years, according to The New York Times."

Why is he the "top" health official? It's generally understood that the Illuminati elevates its own people to top positions. This is how they control much of the world they live in, each corruptly supporting the other. If Obama is a part of this corruption, he deserves to be in prison. I pray he gets caught, for it can't be a coincidence that he has chosen so many Hebrews for his government team.

Have you seen any news articles, aside from the one in the Georgian Times, about the Council on Foreign Relations visiting T'bilisi (Georgian capital) this week? Why haven't we seen articles on their mission, on their motives, on their interests? Why do we not hear about annual Bilderberg meetings in the major press? Why are globalists allowed to go forward in their plots without public scrutiny? Are they the gods? And what sort of dung are the media bosses if they do the will of the Illuminati by not reporting to the public? The fundamental task of the media is to report to the public key political goings-on.

The Council on Foreign Relations is a "private," non-governmental organization, but that has high-level politicians in key spots. What decisions and conclusions does the organization pass on to politicians? Which politicians are loyal devotees of the organization? To what extent is the organization the "invisible" ruler of the country? May God expose all the evil that they do; one can glean what they think and do if one knows who belongs to it.

I hate to break it to the invisible rulers (who likely pride themselves on being "invisible"), but God is the only invisible Ruler, and unfortunately for them, His morals are not at all like theirs.

One can guess correctly that the Illuminati-media will be the tool in the tribulation period most-responsible for making our time difficult. If the Obama stick was not spared to Syria, the Hercules club will come down on us when we refuse to comply with the Globama Program. That club fashioned just for us is being made as we speak. It will not be a shabby club. The Democrats know that we are their greatest enemies.

In a recent poll, it was found that Obama is supported mostly by Muslims, Jews and Catholics, all foes, generally, of Biblical Christians. The reason that Obama is still supported by a majority of American Jews is, probably, due to his picks of may "Jews" for his government's top spots. Also, most American Jews are secularized (i.e. non/low-Biblical loyalties), and liberal in their morals. When the truth is unveiled, it will be seen that Illuminatist "Jews" are sex-pots and money-loving thieves, hedonists and mafia types, the sort of dry, tall weeds that Armageddon was made for.

There was an article yesterday on the possibility of sudden, sky-rocketing interest rates. Beware. The extremely low mortgage rates now may be a trap. The banks will want to get back their interest losses, with government blessings, as soon as they are able.

As 2009 presses on, I become more depressed about the possibility of being wrong and misleading readers. So many others have been wrong; why not also me? Yet I can't bring myself to telling you, yet, that 2009 will NOT be the first year of the 70th Week. There is nothing in world events that absolutely forbids 2009 from being the year. There is the possibility that Gog is waiting for the Americans to remove themselves from Mosul before he goes in; that would seem to be a wise wait. Although the violence has escalated, the Iraqis thus far - after much debate -- seem committed to seeing the Americans leave Mosul by the end of June.

I can therefore assure you that I'll be covering the news as Gog-watcher until at least September. If Gog has not made a show by then, 2009 is probably not the year, but check in here at least once per month after September, for developments seem well on their way to fulfilling the prophetic outlook. If the feasibility of a Russian entering Mosul decreases, I look more to a King of the North instead i.e. that does not need to be a Russian. I don't think it's possible to miss the King of the North in Iraq when he enters Mosul. We may know this man already; his name may have been mentioned a few times over the years. But until he enters Mosul, the anti-Christ's identity seems up in the air.

I found an article telling with whom the Kurds made "illegal" oil-drilling deals:

"The [Kurd] oil will come from the Tawke field, developed by Norwegian company DNO, and the Taq Taq field, drilled by Swiss-Canadian Addax Petroleum. The Oil Ministry still considers the contracts signed between the Kurds and those companies to be illegal because they weren't negotiated through the ministry. For years Baghdad has refused to grant the companies an export license for the high-quality crude.

...Dozens of international oil companies such as Total, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell and BP are bidding on a round of contracts to overhaul and expand these fields. The problem is, do these potential partners really want the contracts Baghdad is offering?

The Oil Ministry's contract model is very different from the one the Kurds have used to draw more than 30 international oil companies to the fields in their region. The Kurds have signed production-sharing contracts, where the companies get at least a minimal ownership stake in the crude they produce."

The topic above is on the oil producers only, not on the middlemen who buy from them and re-sell. The latter are thought to be the ones linked to international bankers, etc. The problem is, apart from oil drilling and pipeline repairs, no one makes money. But as the door opens to the Kurdish fields, as it's now starting to creak, the Great Awful Dipstick should be backstage prepared to make a sparkling, gold-toothed entry. Daniel 11 tells that he will love precious stones, fortresses, and everything-money. God will give him the tar sands of Sodom to eat when he bites the dust.

The article continues:

"Refineries operate at less than 30% capacity, Talabany says. 'The story of Iraqi petroleum remains one of the great promises unfulfilled. To look at Iraq today, one would never know that it is an oil giant, yet it's a country nearly paralyzed by an energy crisis.'"

The article was written by Christopher Helman and Jesse Bogan (of, the latter surname being the one that produced the blue and white diamonds on the Bavarian Arms.


While I was making my in-roads to the Grimoald-of-Bavaria topic that my son and I looked into one night, he was making his. He emailed to say that Grimoald was closely associated with Salzburg. I looked for "Salz-like surnames and found and interesting design in the Seltzer Coat. The symbol is a basket with black and gold checks used by the Bils surname that I hypothetically rooted to the Bilis river in Pamphylia.

The basket, if you recall reading recently (May 5), may be a symbol of the Coffin surname, because houseofnames says it derives from the Latin, "cophinus," a basket. In that May 5 update, I had also found that the Goppingen (i.e. like "Coffin") location "is situated at the bottom of the Hohenstaufen mountain, in the valley of the river Fils." Upon finding the Fils river at the mountain of the Hohens, I knew that my trace of them to the Bilis river had been accurate, and that the checkered Bils Coat was a Hohen-related one.

Therefore, a basket with the Bils checks is no small matter, especially on the Seltzer Coat...because Salzburg Castle (Austria) was later ruled by Hohens (!), for it was later the "Hohensalzburg Fortress." Thank you son, for this! It should explain why the Grimaldi diamonds are smack next to the Hohen checks on the Hohen-family (i.e. a Prussian) Arms. This Prussian Arms if 1873 is shown at a Wikipedia page showing other Prussian Arms wherein the two naked (homosexual?) men hold clubs.

As per my opinion that Pamphylians were a main vein of the Hercules cult, so now I find, just this morning, that Hercules was associated with a basket:

"...there are many late Hellenistic and Roman references in texts and art to Heracles being forced to do women's work and even wear women's clothing and hold a basket of wool while Omphale and her maidens did their spinning, as Ovid tells: Omphale even wore the skin of the Nemean Lion and carried Heracles' olive-wood club."

I have mentioned Omphale a mythcode for Pamphylians. Earlier in this update I mentioned that the known code for Pamphylians was "Amphilochus," close indeed to "Omphale." In the myths, Hercules was made a slave to Omphale, suggesting that he as a people was at one time subservient to the Pamphylians. What peoples was Hercules, then, before merging with Pamphylians (Omphale married Hercules eventually)?

As per my trace of Pamphylians to the Hyksos, the article above has this: "Omphale's name, connected with omphalos, a Greek word meaning navel (or axis)..." (brackets not mine). I kid you not, that the idea of "axis" being connected with the Hyksos was an idea that occurred to me, for the first time, only yesterday, before I read this quote today. The Prussian Arms above includes a wheel symbol that was also that of Ixion (= code for Hyksos), but as I equate Ixion with Iasion, brother of Dardanus, is it a coincidence that Omphale was a daughter of Iardanus (of Lydia)?

Being made a daughter of a IarDanus, one then has reason to link the Pamphylians back to the Samson Daniy, and in fact one could also see in the Hercules merger with the IarDanus line the proto-Danaans...that I and others link to the Hyksos. Thus, it would appear that Omphale depicted, not the Pamphylians proper of Pamphylia, but of a branch that moved to Lydia, and thus the one connecting to the Heneti Paphlagonians, for:

"Omphale was a daughter of Iardanus, either a king of Lydia, or a river-god. Omphale was queen of the kingdom of Lydia in Asia Minor; according to Bibliotheke she was the wife of Tmolus, the oak-clad mountain king of Lydia; after he was gored to death by a bull, she continued to reign on her own."

Three points. Tmolus (of Lydia) was at times made the father of Tantalus, king of the Heneti, thus proving that Omphale was linked to the Heneti. The second point is that the unidentified bull that killed Tmolus was likely the Baal-Anat cult of the Hyksos (i.e. Pel-ops and the Heneti); I think Omphale was a main branch of those conquering Hyksos. Moreover, Pelops (son of Tantalus) was likely the Omphale branch of Pam-Phylians. Three: The location of Tmolus was likely what "Semele" (mother of Dionysus) depicted, and may even have been the Samson cult itself. Thus, it would appear that Hercules depicted the peoples of Tmolus, explaining why both were made husbands to Omphale.

The Omphale article traces the Hercules line to a Belus, the same name that was father to mythical Danaus. This Belus was made a son in Ninus, who likely depicted Ninevites on the Nile delta (Belus depicted the Pelusiac branch of the Nile delta, where the city of Tanis was situated). Therefore, a trace of "Hercules" to "Kirkuk" is not out of the question (the earliest I can trace the Arpads is to proto-Kirkuk).

Ninus may have been the Egyptian frog-god, Nun, and as such the Hercules line was likely linked to the frog goddess, Hekate/Heket (in Egypt as well as in Greece), a term smacking of the Hyksos. Since Medea worshiped Hecate, both Medea and her father, Aeetes of Corinth and Colchis, must have been a Hyksos people. Suddenly, everything witchcraft is turning up Hyksos, but the passage of the Hyksos through Lydia in pre-Roman times assures that the Biblical dragon was, to some unknown extent, a Hyksos entity. Without going into it again, I trace the Hyksos to the Tyrrhenian Etruscans, founders of Rome, and "brothers" to the Lydians.

Done for the day. Back to slugging some blocks, and keeping the black flies company. Update on the house: I'm almost done the basement blocks for the two-thirds the house that wasn't built over the winter. The septic system and tank is in; I have a shingled roof over one-third the house, still no running water, but walls are ready for paint.

May 12

In a DEBKAfile article, "Egypt acts (finally) to block Hamas arms smuggling," Egypt does still more for what will bring the vengeful wrath of the evil axis:

"Egypt has deployed 600 commandos in civilian garb in the northern Sinai town of El Arish and the divided Gaza town of Rafah for its first serious effort ever to cork up the hundreds of Hamas' arms smuggling mega-tunnels into the Gaza Strip, DEBKAfile's military sources reveal."

As evidence, we find in the Jerusalem Post:

"Egyptian security forces uncovered an immense munitions cache near the Israeli border, the London published newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported [yesterday].

...Last Monday, Egypt discovered a large quantity of ammunition intended for Hamas use near Ismaeliya, Sinai.

Egypt has recently intensified its security presence in the border town of Rafah, setting up checkpoints and dirt roadblocks to reign in smuggling into Gaza, the pan-Arab Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reported at the beginning of the month.

About 500 policemen, including plainclothes officers, have been deployed in the city and on dirt tracks and side roads leading to the border, it said."

The more Egypt thwarts and exposes the evil axis, the more the plots will thicken against it. If we're going to see the king of the north in Mosul this year, it is necessary that Egypt make an enemy of itself NOW. A trend has been building for months, but if Egypt has a change of heart, then 2009 is not likely the year. Right now, Egypt appears to be on a rampage against the axis, and Syria's snub of Obama may be due to Obama's growing activities with Egypt (Syria's dread enemy).

Obama has been doing quite a few flip-flops lately, including a change of mind on using military courts for some Gitmo prisoners. I dare say, Obama has been more like Bush ever since Hillary cracked her whip and got Pakistan moving against the which event Obama must have felt embarrassed for spinning his wheels up to that point. Obama would now like to try Hillary's whip to see if it will work for him...but, unfortunately, a socialite, he's just not the cowboy type. He can take credit for one thing, though: the icicles growing down from the tip of Netanyahu's nose...while he's been confined to the deep freeze until he complies with Obama's Two-State dance.

This past week, Egypt arrested more than a dozen Muslim Brotherhood leaders working inside the Egyptian government's Guidance Bureau; one of the arrested was the committee's secretary general. It's a crackdown on the axis that will ultimately give the king of the north the victory.

On the topic of Egyptian-Israeli relations at the moment:

"...Speaking to the press yesterday, Ambassador Hossam Zaki, the spokesman of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said: 'These reservations [about Lieberman] are not a major obstacle, and the situation does not depend on one single person. There are open channels of dialogue between our two countries, as demonstrated by the Israeli Prime Minister's visit'."

Related to the Egyptian invasion, perhaps, is the Islamic take-over of Somalia, for this past week the pro-West Somali government has been seriously under siege; the government has been begging the terrorists to have talks.

If the West was hoping for the Tehranosaurus Rex to fail in the election process now under way, hopes look dashed:

"It is highly likely that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be re-elected on June 12. Opinion polls this month have put him more than 36 points ahead of his nearest rival, independent reformist and former prime minister Mir Hussain Mousavi.

On May 11, the supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei implied that Ahmadinejad had his backing too..."

There was a slight threat when Co-Maniac showed public disapproval of Ahmadman shortly before May 11, but I figure that the Madman won his political life when he convinced Syria not to go down Obama Alley. It looks like the Maniac-and-Madman team will be key amongst the invaders of Egypt. Obama probably does not know that this invasion is coming. When it comes, the end of the world will come quickly; events will flow.

Why was the World Economic Forum held in Jordan this week? Wouldn't this be part of the Alliance-of-Civilizations initiative to bring Muslims and the West together...especially for the coming global skincode? Not only the Jordanian king, but John Kerry talked about the dire need for a Palestinian state. Why, at an economic forum, does that subject hold such importance? Because peace between the West and Muslims is essential for the Western global machinery to worm its way into the Muslim theater.

There is a concerted Western effort toward this end, as there was in opening the floodgates to porn, free abortion and faggotry. The Muslims who attended the world economic forum are in bed with the Great Slut of Revelation 18, whose economic end will come in one hour amid a shaking planet. On that day, our tears will be gone from our cheeks, and our exploited labors unto the dragon-cult's bottomless stomach will be a thing of the past.

In yesterday's news:

"Scientists need more time to decide whether to mass produce a vaccine against swine flu, the World Health Organization said Thursday, as the number of cases topped 6,000 around the globe."

Couldn't this be another con-job to make us pay for "medicine" we don't need? How can we trust what's in the vaccine? What happens if we refuse to take the doses for fear of being contaminated with something? CC sent me an email for to look at the following article from the chip people who may bring on the skincode; I'll translate after the quote:

"VeriChip Corporation' Healthcare Division Expands Existing Development Partnership with RECEPTORS LLC to Include New Biological and Environmental Sensor Applications

Expansion of Partnership Is A Direct Result of Recent Swine Flu Outbreak and RECEPTORS' Recently Issued 'Methods of Making Arrays and Artificial Receptors' Patent No. 7,504,364 and 'Sensors Employing Combinatorial Artificial Receptors' Patent No. 7,469,076

Partners believe that unique intellectual property can lead to chemical isolation and detection of certain biological threats including, but not limited to, Swine Flu."

The coming trend is to use skin-implanted chips to detect chemicals in the body that alert to diseases, bodily malfunctions, and all-round biological status. The key in the quote above is Verichip's Healthcare Division and it's connection to the World Health Organization that is at this time pushing an exaggerated swine-flu threat. What's going on? The article tells that the chairman of VeriChip is Scott R. Silverman, another Hebrew surname!

Last night I was doing a further study on Bavarian roots in Garibald I, and discovered the Vere connection to both Bavaria and to Garibald. I won't get into the details today, but will mention one thing: I discovered the elf bloodline. Keep in mind as you read the quote below that, some years ago, I rooted mythical Milouziana, the so-called elvin princess, to both Byzantium's emperors and Scotland (Nicholas de Vere roots her only to Scotland, and then forward to Anjou). I had a deep sense that the Veres of northern Italy were linked to the Byzantines there, but could not explain how, until now:

"Alboin or Alboin (died 572 or 573) was king of the Lombards, and conqueror of Italy. He succeeded his father Audoin about 565. Cognates to these rather alien-looking names in Old English are Aelfwine (meaning 'Elf-friend') and Eadwine ('Wealth-friend'). The 7th-century Anglo-Saxon kings who bore these names were probably named after the Langobardic rulers, who had by their day assumed a near-mythical status.

...Alboin slew her father and used his skull as a drinking cup (worn at his belt) and out of which he forced Rosamund to drink."

Hercules wore a gold cup on his belt. Coincidence? I think it was the pagan holy grail. It was connected to Helios because Hercules sailed to the Atlantean kingdom in a ship of Helios shaped as a gold cup. In that picture, I identified Helios as the Danaan on Lindos, on Rhodes, but evolved into the Redones of southern France. Alboin's father (Audoin) "married Rodelindis," daughter of a Thuringian king. Coincidence?

You may have read recently that I traced the Vere elf line to AlfRed the Great, a Saxon king. When I started to read quote above (last night), I was so sure that it was the elf line that I was filled with a sense of error in pegging Alfred as the elf line. It was so gratifying to then read that the English Elf-names were linked to Alboin's bloodline, for this must include Alfred. His father was Aethelwulf (of Wessex), a term perhaps linked to the Welfs...that I think the Garibald Bavarians were.

I think this is extremely important for identifying the Holy Rod of kind David I and his mother, Margaret, for she was born of the elf-line Saxons, wherefore she roots back to proto-Hungary's Lombards. But, my suspicion now is, she roots back more in particular to Rodelindus elements, a Rhodian bloodline of the Hercules-branch Danaans to which Alboin's line was merged by marriage.

Alboin was a Lombard king as of 565, but Garibald had married a Lombard princess just nine years previous, a marriage that "created lasting political ties between the Bavarii and the Lombards of Pannonia and Bohemia." Alboin was born in Pannonia (= proto-Hungary). Why was Margaret was in fledgling Hungary when her English elf-royal-blood father was in exile? I think we now know!

When I discovered that under Alboin's father "The Lombards became...foederatus of the Byzantines (541), signing a treaty with Justinian I which gave them power in Pannonia and the north," I was more sure that I had been correct in pegging a Byzantine element in the proto-Vere bloodline. In fact, I had predicted that the red and gold colors of the Veres were from the Macedonian emperors of Byzantium, and in the Wikipedia article on Alboin, we see that an artist gave him red and gold clothes (artists usually color kings' clothing in their heraldic colors).

I was more sure that I was discovering the Vere elf line when I read that "Gisulf I was probably the first duke of Friuli (then Forum Julii), a nephew of Alboin, first king of the Lombards in Italy. Alboin appointed him duke around 569 after the Lombard conquest of the region." I sensed that Gisulf was the proto-Vere link to Friuli, and therefore find that Gisulf was of the Bavarian line of Garibald. That would explain the Vere tie to Bavarians that I had also suspected.

But there's more. Duke Theodo V of Bavaria married Folchaid, quite possibly the proto-Fulk line of which the legendary Veres of Anjou are likely identified. It is necessary to trace the Anjou Veres to the elf line because Nicholas de Vere (modern dragon-cult ruler) says that Milouziana's son became a count of Anjou (just before the Fulks became counts of Anjou). "[Theodo's] father was Theodo IV, Duke of Bavaria and his mother was probably Fara of Bavaria (b: 600), daughter of one of the Kings of the Lombards and (her mother) Daughter of Gisulf [II] of Friuli (b: 577)."

When I saw "Fara" and her birth to Gisulf of Friuli, I was still more sure that I was falling upon the Milouziana elf line. It is known that the Theodos were direct descendants of Garibald I (I see Garebites, remember) of the Agilolfing dynasty. The article above says: "Bavarian tradition has referred to Theodo I and Theodo II as Theodo IV and Theodo V respectively to differentiate them from legendary Agilolfing ancestors Theodo I to III, all who would have reigned before 550."

In my Ladon book I wrote:

"I learned that these Bavarian diamonds 'were inherited by the Wittelsbachs from the counts of Bogen - whose possessions were near the Danube river around Regensburg.' The Bogen design was transferred to Wittelsbach in 1240, but unfortunately I do not read anything telling where the Bogens received the diamonds. While I do read from that the Bogen surname was first found in Bavaria, I will soon trace them further back to Transylvania, to the same Kabar/Khazars stock as produced the Rothschilds.

I now find, after theorizing that Bogens trace back to the Agilolfings, that "Theodo [V] established his capital at Ratisbon (modern Regensburg).

Theodo married Folchaid of the Alemannia, the latter being a term that may have derivation in "Alcmene," the mother of Hercules. After all, the Alamanni were Seubi, who "are spiritually centered on the Semnones." It should be clear to all that the Seubi and their Semnone counterparts were Sabines and their Samnite counterparts, yet I have not read this anywhere. The point here is, the Samnites may have been the Hercules branch still carrying the Samos term.

It was the Agilolfings who raised Corbinian to the Bavarian bishopric. Late night I learned that:

"Corbinian's symbol is the saddled bear...

...Corbinian's Bear is used as the symbol of Freising in both civic and ecclesiastical heraldry. It appears on the arms of Pope Benedict XVI, who first adopted the symbol when, still known as Joseph Ratzinger, he was appointed Archbishop of Freising-Munich in March 1977. He retained the bear in his revised coat of arms when he was elevated to Cardinal in June of the same year, and again on his papal coat of arms when he was elected in 2005.

The scallop shell [of Benedict's Arms] is a traditional reference to pilgrimage, and the crowned Moor is a regional motif in heraldry often seen in Bavaria, Benedict's German homeland."

Amazing. The pope, from Bavaria, and likely from the Corbinian fold. I then found evidence that this bear symbol traces to the Zahringers of Berne:

"Earlier ancestors, such as the Ahalolfings are suspected. Bertholds's great-grandson Berchtold I (d. 1078) was count of Zahringen and was related to the early Hohenstaufen family."

I was bust last night, wasn't I? It turns out that the Ahalolfings were from the Agilolfings:

"Gotfrid...was the Duke of Alemannia in the late seventh century and until his death. He was of the house of the Agilolfing...

...Gotfrid married a daughter of Theodo of Bavaria and his third son, Odilo, later ruled in Bavaria. From his son Huoching (Huocin, Houchi, or Hug) came the later stock of the Ahalolfings."

There we go, the Zahringers (Czars/Khazars?) were from the Garebite Bavarians, and likely from a man (i.e. Corbinian) whose name reflects "caribou" and other similar terms for a deer...explaining why the Zahringers used deer antler (blue) as their symbol. They also used a red eagle on gold, the colors and the symbol of the Byzantines. The latter were in fact mixed with Khazars at times, especially in the line of Melissena Rangabe of Byzantium, who not only had royal-Khazar ancestry but married one of the first Varangians.

Somewhere in this picture, the blue and white Bavarian colors of Bogan should trace to the Lusignans, who also used blue and white and were meanwhile the home of mythical Melusine. In fact, the Rangabe colors were also blue and white. These were the colors also of the Este family, first found in Ferrara and other parts of northern Italy (the house of Este belonged to the Welfs...likely the descendants of the Agilolfings). In short, the proto-Veres of Ferrara were at the root of the blue and white Bavarian diamonds. This would be a good time to remind you that the diamonds are officially called "Bavarian lozenges," a term smacking of "Lusignan" and "Me-Lusine."

This is the Illuminati, folks. No one has described the Illuminati like this. You won't read this anywhere, except perhaps in the future. Let it be God's gift to an ailing creation, to bring the world of peoples against the cult just when it wants to raise itself higher than ever, above the stars of God.

Going back now to the scallop shells and the moor head on the present pope's Arms, it gives me a chance to show the English Shelby/Selbi Coat that I didn't show when last on the shell topic. Note that the Crest is a moor's head (first, the blindfold was over the eyes, but later it was acceptable to use a band around the forehead as an alternative). Note that the shield is the same as the Saxony Arms, likely a black and gold version of the Lusignan Arms. I didn't know that Moor symbols were particularly big in Bavaria, but I've wondered whether Moors were a branch of the Merovingian line from Meroe, Ethiopia.

The Silberman/Silverman surname could be related to "Selbi." The German Silberman Coat uses a cup symbol, very much like the cup on the Scottish Sellers Coat, while the German Sellers Coat uses a gold Zionist star. The point is, last night I opened an email from LG, who shared a quote from an article on the Baxter International anti-flu company caught red-handed this year being pro-flu:

"Baxter received a positive opinion from regulatory authorities in Europe for CELVAPAN, the first cell culture-based H5N1 (avian flu) pandemic vaccine."

Why "CELVAPAN"? It reflects "Silber" and "Selbi." It's another "coincidence" because I would have wrote on Selbi and Silverman today even if I had not opened LG's email last night. The thing is, Scott Silverman is the chairman of Verichip, that is now in cahoots with globalists overseeing the swine flu. The natural thing to do was to check the Kelvin Coat (mainly "Calvert-like names), and there I found a vertical variation (in the same gold and black colors) of the Selbi Coat, but with a twist that makes the shield appear to have black and gold lozenges.

The next line in the Baxter article above may reveal a Baxter link to Nibelungs:

"Baxter broke ground on a new R&D center in Belgium to replace the current R&D facility in Nivelles [Belgium], where the company has operated since 1978."

Another article says:

"Baxter International Inc. (NYSE: BAX) today announced that the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) has issued a positive opinion for the marketing authorization of CELVAPAN...

The positive opinion precedes the licensure of the 'mock-up' vaccine, which allows CELVAPAN to be used if the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declares a pandemic."

Again, the WHO is about to decide whether the swine flu is pandemic, and whether to go into mass production for a swine-flu vaccine. What is going on here? How can we trust these people, if indeed they are human? The article goes on to say: "CELVAPAN is made using Baxter's proprietary Vero cell technology..," and the other article above says that "In 1935, Dr. Ralph Falk purchased Dr. Baxter´s interest in the company."

What is going on here? Vero v. Vere; Nivelles v. Nibelung; Celvapan v Elvin; Falk v Fulk. Is this a witch's concoction to stay away from? Then we find that "CELVAPAN is produced in Bohumil, Czech Republic." Isn't that a Bohemia element? Can we trust Bohemians or Bavarians, or will they sting us while promising honey?


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