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April 25 - 27, 2009

Pressure on Israel has Begun

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April 25

Before I get to the news, I should finish up where I left off yesterday. The only reason for finding the Jung connection to Hungary's Arpads is because, in the credit-card article that was discussed, Ed Yingling was mentioned (president of American Bankers Association). When I checked the surname, the German Jung Coat came up. For what it may be worth to any reader, the Dutch Jong surname seems related because it uses the red lion found in the Crest of the Scottish Young Coat. The surname was first found in Haarlem and/or vicinity.

I left off yesterday with the idea that the Dunham>Randolph line of Obama's mother traced to Danes. The closest I could previously get from the Randolph surname to the Rollo Danes was that Randolphs were first found in Moray (what I see as sister to More, the domain of the Rollo vikings). But after I closed yesterday, I opened an email during coffee break, to find a document (see link below) wherein the Vatican, at one point anyway, claimed that Scots traced from Scythia to Spain to Scotland. This is understood as the Caucasian Iberi line to Spanish Iberia and then to the Irish Heberites that formed the basis of Scots.

The point is, the document above mentions "Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray, Lord of Man and of Annandale, Patrick Dunbar, Earl of March,." I had not known that Randolphs were earls of Moray. In fact, he was the first earl (died 1332). Thank you Tim for your email, so timely.

It's conspicuous that the next name after Thomas Randolph is a Dunbar. In the article on Thomas Randolph, it is said that he was the nephew of Robert I the Bruce (king of Scotland), that he married a Stewart (the dragon bloodline of the Veres), and that two of his daughters married the Dunbar surname (both were earls of Dunbar, in Lothian).

Recalling that the Randolph line to Obama's mother went back to king David of Scotland, I now find that a Cospatrick, the Dunbar ancestor, "was granted the lands of Dunbar and Lothian, Cumnock in Ayrshire, and Mochrum in Wigtown by Malcolm Ceanmore, the King of Scotland" (see Dunabr-Coat page). King Malcolm was David's father, and meanwhile Malcolm's wife (Margaret) had a Henry Sinclair of Lothian as cup-bearer. Since Henry was a Dane, so, likely, were the Dunbars as per the "Dun" in their name.

The houseofnames write-up then says: "The Boernician-Scottish people who came to North America...," implying, I suppose, that the Dunbars were Bernicians...what I've always suspected of the Dunham line but had no evidence for. I'm not yet making a hard link between Dunbar and Dunham, but it sure looks good. A line can then be drawn from Dunbar to the Meschines of Dunholme (now Durham) who are known to have moved to Dunham Masci and to have furnished Ranulphs de Meschin(es) (rulers of Chester). But knowing that Meschines were Normans and not Bernicians, I figured that the Meschines married into Bernician blood. This story now gets very good, but I'll be short.

Ranulph de Meschin married Lucy, who was at least partly from an Anglo-Saxon fold, thought to have been from a Mercian line (Bernicians ruled Mercia for a time) from Leofric, ealdorman of the Hwicce. Excellent. Disregarding the derivation of the term as given by Wikipedia, shouldn't it be cognate to "Gewisse," the early name of Wessex? Shouldn't "Hwicce" trace back to the Kwisa river in Lusatia?

I traced Mercia to the Marsi of Italy who carried on a serpent cult, and so now I learn that the "Hwicce" term was also "Wicca," and that "The name survives in Wychwood in Oxfordshire, Whichford in Warwickshire...," terms evoking "witch" even as "wicca" is known to be a witch term. In fact, I think "Wikipedia" is play-on-words for the wicca cult. Both Oxford and Warwick were Vere haunts, by the way, and the symbol of wicca is the pentagram, used by the Veres. You get it. The British Illuminati traces to such satanic cults as this.

Forgive but I must go on just one more paragraph. Looking into the Dunbar line of Cospatrick (also "Gospatrick"), I find that Cospatrick III was from the Elf line of Saxons on the one hand (i.e. going back to Alf-red the Great), but for a mother he has Sybil of Morel, also shown as "More" in the web-tree below. Checking for a Morel Coat I found that the name derives from "More" and that it was first found in Norfolk, where the Dunham surname was first found.

Okay, now the news. Israel is under pressure to conform to globalism's will. During the leadership of Olmert's Kadima party, which was willing to donkey along with the EU agenda for a peace deal, the EU was showing reward by allowing Israel to upgrade its relationship with the EU. Olmert was playing the dog, and the EU was playing the cookie-man. Now look:

...Four European states have already said that if Israel did not agree to a two-state solution, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has deemed unacceptable, they would oppose upgrading relations."

Some of the head cheeses are saying the same:

"...the EU's External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner told reporters in Brussels that Israel must make clear its commitment to pursue peace negotiations with the Palestinians before ties between Jerusalem and the European Union are upgraded.

'We do not believe, however, that the time is ripe to go beyond the current level of relations.'"

While Livni (of the Kadima party) begged Ferrero-Waldner not to deny the ever-so-sacred upgrade, Netanyahu refuses to play the dog or the carrot chaser, and is swinging away at his opponents. He's even making light of the cheap cookie-man methods:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Thursday dismissed European calls to suspend the upgrade in Israel's relations with the European Union. 'Don't set conditions for us,' Netanyahu told Mirek Topolanek during the Czech premier's visit to Israel. Netanyahu said Israel's relationship to Europe should not be linked to its relationship to the Palestinians."

While the EU applies pressure from one direction, look at Obama (April 22 article):

"DEBKAfile quotes senior Israeli military circles as staggered by the discovery that US president Barack Obama had approved a large Turkish arms sale to the Lebanese army, including the services of Turkish military instructors. This was taken as further proof that the US president is deaf to Israel's immediate security concerns...

...The conviction is growing in Jerusalem that the US president endorsed the transaction as a means of breaking up the long-standing military pact between Israel and Turkey, because it interferes with his Middle East objectives. Our sources note that neither Washington nor Ankara bothered to inform Israel of the transaction or its scope.

After meeting Turkish president Abdullah Gul, Suleiman at the head of a large Lebanese military delegation signed the contracts for the sale and declared with deep satisfaction: 'We reviewed the new [US] policies towards the region in the light of President Obama's recent visit to Turkey.'"

Unbelievable. Turkey was extremely vociferous during the Israeli offensive in Gaza, and here Obama has no bones about Turkey selling weapons to Lebanon, weapons that should only be viewed with Israel's name on them. This could be the reason that Obama went to Turkey at all. He and the Turkish prime minister might merely have made it appear as though Obama was invited purely to attend the Alliance-of-Civilizations meet.

Everyone is now joining in to the game of icebox:

"Jordan's King Abdullah on [April 24] said that Israel must choose between integrating into the region or remaining isolated, and warned that delaying a two-state solution would be disastrous for Israelis and Palestinians."

Same old same old. If the following report is true, Netanyahu is far-more "isolated" -- as in independent -- than anyone had bargained for:

"DEBKAfile's Iranian and intelligence sources disclose that Moscow warned Tehran Friday April 17 that Israel was planning to destroy all 140 fighter-bombers concentrated at the Mehr-Abad Air Force base for an air show over Tehran on Iran's Army Day the following day. The entire fleet was accordingly removed to remote bases and the display cancelled."

Hard to believe. It would be an act of war. It would have been followed immediately by a strike on the nuclear facilities. If all true, Russia is no friend of Israel, but is a friend of Iran. The article ends with:

"Moscow had informed the Iranians that its spy satellites and intelligence sources had picked up preparations at Israeli Air Force bases to destroy the 140 warplanes, the bulk of the Iranian air force, on the ground the night before the display, leaving its nuclear sites without aerial defense. A similar operation wiped out the entire Egyptian air fleet in the early hours of the 1967 war."

If true, Russia is spying on Israel. In fact, everyone is spying on everyone, and if this is a sample of the New World Order, please give me a ticket to Mars.

Just found this:

"The United States delivered a 'Caravan' combat air support aircraft to the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) on April 15. This aircraft is the latest equipment support delivery for the LAF in the ongoing U.S. military assistance program to Lebanon...

...President Obama's administration has requested that the U.S. Congress approve additional assistance in the amount of $98.4 million. The total amount of assistance for the LAF in 2009 would be $189.1 million."

The next line reads: "The 'Caravan' will be an integral component of the LAF's 'Sensor to Shooter' system which also incorporates the 'Raven' unmanned intelligence aircraft." "Caravan" and "Raven" are nearly identical to my Gareb/Sorb topic. Coincidence, or are there some Garebites in the U.S. military? The raven/crow is a "corvus" in Greek, and "Caravan" is an almost identical term, and similar to a deer term that forms our "caribou." Hungarian for deer is a soft-c version: "szarvas." It's a "cervus" in Latin, essentially identical to the Greek for crow. Just learned that "elfos/elafi" is Greek for a deer; hmm, you know what I'm thinking.

I'm out of steam. I hope you like sleep as much as I do. Especially when I'm tired. There's just no better feeling than stretching out for a night's sleep. May God be pleased with us; may his Holy Spirit prevail in us.


When president Bush allowed wire taps for the purpose of spying on potential terrorists, Democrats complained. Now the Obama administration wants to do the same on the Internet, using the same argument. But as this decision, announced by Robert Gates, comes just after we learned of Rockefeller aspirations to control Internet information, I think it's time for politically-active Christians to use "vanilla computers" with no personal info on them whatsoever. I kid you not, that it was this morning, after coming across the Morel/More location in Lothian yesterday, that I found a Morrell surname in the cybersecurity news story that I'm referring to:

"Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said Mr. Gates is 'planning to make changes to our command structure to better reflect the increasing threat posed by cyber warfare,' but 'we have nothing to announce at this time.'"

Homeland Security is going to be placed in charge of cybersecurity, and since it can be said that divulging the methods can spoil the effort, they don't need to tell you how far they're going to go in their "all-see-eye" programs. I suppose it's as easy as installing a program in our computers that relays all that we type to their data that even if we save what we type in another computer, they'll still have record of it. One solution, which I don't use, is to type while offline, but even then it may not be enough. The biggest concern is your trib-prep plans; are they on your computer??? A solution is to use a second computer that never goes online.

Is it a coincidence that the Gates surname runs Microsoft? Couldn't Robert Gates (ex-director of CIA and nor Obama's defence secretary) and Bill Gates be in cahoots, in other words, and couldn't Microsoft have provided easy means, years ago, for U.S. intelligence to spy on computers? Others have asked these questions. Robert is a Bush appointee, but Obama allowed him to continue on in his anti-Bush administration...probably due to his deep reach in the spy game, but perhaps due to a secret relationship with Bill Gates.

Perhaps the good news is that Robert cannot be too happy about Obama's exposure of CIA tactics lately. A betrayal, in other words, from Robert, might be expected. Perhaps an exposure of Obama's secret methods should be reveled to all. Perhaps we will hear of his secret words.

As for Geof Morrell, he was previously an ABC journalist covering the White House. In an article I've just read on him, I read: "his wife Ann and their twin daughters Catherine and Clare." The names of his daughters stood out because Morel was a location in Lothian, where the Sinclairs (= Claros) lived. Moreover, the first/second Grand Master of the Templars had married Catherine Sinclair of Lothian.

The idea is being reinforced in my mind that some of the head cheeses of the Dane-viking Claros had made Lothian their home (no doubt because Edinburgh is in Lothian), and that some of these were from More (said to be in Norway), out of which the Rollo clan ruled. However, I suspect (not just on similarity of terms) that the Rollo clan lived in Aviemore, to the south-west of Moray. Knowing now that Randolphs were earls of Moray, the Randolph surname at the Dunham roots of Obama was likely named in honor of Rollo, who was "Hrolfr"...our "Ralph," known to derive from "Ranulph."

In case you missed it somehow, the Morel location, also "More," was where the Dunbars (rulers of Dunbar) had alliances. I tried to find who appointed Geof Morrell to be Robert Gates' press secretary, whether Obama or Gates himself, but have not been successful. It may be that Morrell is Obama's special agent between his Office and the U.S. military.

Before leaving this topic I decided to try some Morel-like surnames to see what they might net, and when I tried "Marlo," bango! The Marlo Coat uses a red and blue shield, much like the Gates Shield. The Marloe/Marlow surname was first found in Cheshire.

When I tried the Getty Coat, a write-up appeared but "Sorry the coat of arms/family crest for Getty could not be displayed." When I learned that the surname was "First found in Nairnshire where they held the lands of Geddes, formerly held by the Rose family," I realized that Nairnshire was near Moray (because the Roses lived there). It turns out Aviemore was on the periphery of Nairnshire, itself on the west Moray border.

To the west of Nairnshire was Ross-shire. I suspect that the founding Ross clan, said to be "children of Andrew," was founded by the Drummond clan of royal Hungary, born from king Andrew (yes, the Arpad dynasty) and the Varangian-Rus royals. This supports my independent trace of the Rollo clan to the Mures river (Transylvania), where the Khazar bloodline of the Arpads lived. Wikipedia adds to the evidence that the Rollo clan was in the Moray region...though I did not know this when I traced Rollo to Moray; found it only this morning):

"The natural presumption in this instance is strengthened by the fact that all the old authorities concur in asserting that the Gaelic name of the original Earls of Ross was O'Beolan - a corruption of Gilleoin, or Gillean, na h`Airde - or the descendants of Beolan. And we actually find, says the same authority, from the oldest Norse Saga connected with Scotland that a powerful chief in the North of Scotland named O'Beolan, married the daughter of Ganga Rolfe, or Rollo of Normandy, the celebrated pirate who became afterwards the celebrated Earl of Normandy."

That would be reason enough to trace Rollo's (Dane) clan of Norway to Moray, would it not???

But there's another point. I suspect that mythical Nor (founder of Norway) was from a Nahorite bloodline/cult. Well, some think that Nahor (Abraham's brother) named the Nairi of Lake Van (Armenia). Is "Nairi" close enough to "Nairnshire" to help make the connection. Moreover, as Lake Van (anciently "Biaini") was founded by a Bia peoples, is it close enough to "Beolan to make the connection? "Avie" may relate.

There's more. The Nairi are thought to have evolved into the Neuri, who lived with the Budini (blue-eyed blondes!), who sound like the makings of "Woden" = Odin. However, I long-ago traced the Odin variation to the Getae Thracians (smacking of the Getty surname in Nairnshire!!) because it is suspected by some that they furnished the Jutes and/or Goths. The Jutes were anciently "Eotens," a term that can form "Woden" easily enough (this god is thought to be of Goth extraction).

Wikipedia says that: "The 1911 Britannica surmises that [the Budini] were Fenno-Ugric," the same as the Arpads. The Budini lived in what is now the Ukraine (probably named after Ugric stock). The city of the Budini was Gelonus (also "Helon"), capital of Scythia, "identified with the archeological site Bilske Horodyshche near the village of Bilsk in Poltava Region." Poltava is just to the east of Kiev.

The Arms of Poltava province, I have just learned, used a red heart, a symbol of the Danes (see Denmark Arms) to this day! Poltava also uses a six-pointed star (that may be a Zionists star) and the Knights-Templar cross. The Poltava shield is gold and blue, the colors of the Danish blue lion (surrounded by red hearts) on gold. The "Helon" version of Gelonus, and Poltava, evoke Pollux and his sister, Helen (of Troy), born in eggs and therefore linked likely to the Slav egg-cult of Rod. Compare the "Bilske" above to "Pollux," though I think his cult developed into the "Polski" peoples i.e. the Poles.

Let's go back to the Rosses, to the statement: "original Earls of Ross was O'Beolan - a corruption of Gilleoin, or Gillean, na h`Airde." Since it looks like the Beo(lan) term stems from the Bia of Nairi-land to the Neuri of Gelonus, couldn't "Gillean" be the Geloni and therefore a stem from mythical Helen?

It can't be a coincidence that the Greek Danaans ruled Argos as a result of mythical Gelonus giving up the throne. It can't be a coincidence because the Danes were surely from these Danaans: "In Greek mythology, King Gelanor of Argos welcomed Danaus and his daughters. When an oracle told him to give Danaus his kingdom, he did so." The article below gives clues that the Geloni were the Helen-of-Troy cult.

Herodotus tells us that the Geloni of Gelonus (the Scythian city) were Greeks who fled Greece as refugees, wherefore it would appear that the Danaans scattered the Geloni to Budini realms, but that the two peoples were also allied/related so as to form the Danes on the one hand, and the Budini-Geloni merger on the other...that shows up in Ross-shire along with the Rollo Danes. None of this was necessarily Mures>More bloodline of Rollo, however, but rather the other, Scandinavian side of Rollo's blood.

Perseus, a chief Danaan symbol, founded Mycenae (next to Argos), a city with Atreus linkage. I trace the Mures side of Ragnvald>Rollo to the Atrebates, you see, to the Regni Atrebates.

These are the bloodlines that rule over Obama today. As far as I'm concerned, blood is just blood, and matters nothing. I do not value nor respect bloodlines. It's the globalists who do, and this is why I seek their roots in what they consider to be their special bloodlines.

Hillary Rodham is in Iraq today. She's calling for a united Iraq and downplaying fears of new insurgencies. She's implying that the insurgencies are on their last swing. I think she's in for a big surprise.

Sorry. I couldn't get my mind off of the Getty surname of Nairnshire, the surname that displays no Coat. I went to see if the Arms of Geddes/Geddie could be found by another method, and I found one fast: a stag in the Crest! The article where I found this says that the Gordon and Rose surnames are septs of Geddes. So I checked the Gordon Coat (deer in the crest) to find that "The ancestors of the first family to use the name Gordon lived among the Boernician tribe of ancient Scotland. They lived on the lands of Gordon, in the former county of Berwickshire."

Since the Gordon surname derives in "gor," the Gore surname may apply. The Gore Coat uses the same symbol as the Morels but in reverse colors to the Morel Coat. The symbol is a three-fingered cross, like the Bouillon Cross, likely explaining why the Gore surname is said to be Flemish.

In the article above where the Geddes Crest is found, the 19th-century author mentions the MacPhail clan (see deer stag on the MacPahil Coat) as being somehow tied to the Geddes, and then says that the MacPhails were "from Clan Chattan." This is extremely important, for I've traced the Chatti/Catti of Hesse to the Hatti (depicted by mythical Attis), the capital of which was Hattusa and therefore leading back to the Cadusii of Hermes. But the Cadusii were allied to the Gels of Gilan, wherefore look at what we find in the article:

"CLAN PHAIL (MacPhail). Name taken from the Chief, Gilliechattan Mor, 'Great Servant of St. Catan."

GillieChattan? Some years ago, I identified the two serpents coiled around the Hermes caduceus as Gilan and Cadusia together. Note that GillieChattan's surname was Mor. The Phail surname was first found in Inverness, between Moray and Ross-shire, at Nairnshire! That explains why the MacPhail surname is linked to the Gedes surname.

We then read: "One of the Chattan line, Ewan Ban, became the ancestor of Clan MacPherson." To show how heraldry can form at times, note the cat in the MacPherson Crest...symbolizing that Catti peoples. Thus, the Chattan clan of Scotland, which includes the Geddes, was from Hesse elements (or vice versa), and traces back to the Cati of Cilicia = the Cadmus Phoenicians (no doubt at mount Hermon/Sion).

Then we read: "Fundamental Origins of the Family...From THE FORGING OF A FAMILY by Baron Auckland Campbell Geddes." I had traced the Campbell/Cammel surname to Kemuel, third son of Nahor, which compliments the above trace of the Ross clan to the Budini of Gelanus (from Gilan?), especially as the Budini and their Neuri neighbors/allies together are suspect as Nahorites and Buzites (from Nahor's second son, Buz/Buts).

This is not minor. Miracle after miracle seemed to take place in my work ever since I sensed that God wanted me to find the roots of Buz on that day in my garden when I sensed that He sent a bee to make the point (see first chapter of Laden book for the account of that bee). Check out the black and white Cohen-type checks (symbol of witchcraft) in the Auckland Coat.

LG reminded me that Bavaria was named after a Baii peoples, thought by some to be from the Boii Bohemians, though I think they link more closely to the Bajo/Baio founders of Bessin's Bayeux. The Bessi Thracians were satanic priests of the Getae Thracians, moreover, and should then trace to the Beo term at the root of the Ross clan. Read the following, for I'm certain that it connects with the Bauer surname that should be viewed as "Bower" (one using the bow, a bowman):

German (Bohm), Dutch, and Jewish (Ashkenazic): ethnic name for a native or inhabitant of Bohemia (now the western part of the Czech Republic), from Bohmen, German name of Bohemia (Middle High German Boheim, Beheim). This derives its name from the tribal name Baii + heim 'homeland' [too simplistic for me]...The same [Baii] tribe also gave their name to Bavaria (see Bayer)."

Bavaria's blue and white symbol derives from the Bogen surname, meaning "bow" (the weapon) in German. Thus, Bauer/Bower is a surname honoring Bavaria's bow symbol, explaining why the first Rothschild (a Bauer) used arrows as his symbol. It would appear that Rothschilds were from Buzites, especially as the (see central symbol of Poltava (where the Budini had their Gelonus capital) is a bow with arrow to this day. Note that the bow and arrow are on a red shield. I'm assuming that while the peoples were from the mythical bee/honey line (Melia from Boiotia), they came to use a bow as their symbol, and then an arrow.

The Geddes article above continues to reveal that a branch of the Geddes family changed the surname to "Lucy/Luce/Lucas," said to be named after the pike, but houseofnames traces the pike-sporting Lucy Coat to Luce in Normandy. In fact, the author imagines that the Geddes surname was named after "ged," meaning pike. But he traces the surname back to the Irish Heberites of Ulster (using a Zionist star), and then forward to a place called Sharon, the name of a place in northern Israel. Today, the capital of the Sharon Plain is Netanya, evoking Netanyahu. "The location [of Netanya] was decided upon near the ancient site of Poleg," which evokes Pollux (i.e. Pollux may have had roots in this area of Sharon).

But Sharon also evokes Ariel Sharon, recent Israeli prime minister and head of Netanyahu's Likud party, a term smacking of "Lucy." You may have considered it a stretch when I suggested that Sharon formed the Kadima party (when abandoning the Likud) to reflect the ancient Cati peoples, but assuming it's correct to make a Sharon-Plain tie to the Geddes surname -- which was from the Catti fold -- perhaps it's not so much of a stretch anymore.

I long ago identified "Pollux" as Po-Lug, a term linking to Liguria as per its location near the sources of the Po river. "Po-Lug" smacks of ancient Poleg in Sharon, and this may vindicate my stretchy idea of the creation of "Likud" as code for the Lug/Ligurian fold. Sharon is between Tel Aviv (ancient Avvite locale) and mount Carmel, this being roughly the location of Megiddo (and Armageddon). I've traced Ligurians back to Lycurgus Edones, who had the Mygdones tribe (which I trace to Megiddo). It was Oeagrus, son of Charops, who was ruler over the Mygdones; " was to Charops that Dionysus entrusted the Edonian kingdom after the death of Lycurgus."

I had traced the Edones to the Adonis cult in Phoenicia, smack next to Sharon. Adonis was the Greek term for the Tammuz cult that even Israel became mixed with, while "Tammuz" seems like a 'T' version of "Samos," thereby once again supporting a Samos-Avvite link in that the Adonis cult was near Tel Aviv. Since Sharon is between Tel Aviv and Haifa, yet another Avvi-like term, it would appear that Avvites lived in Sharon. Joppa (modern Jaffa), on Sharon's southern boundary, is yet another Avvi-like term. Perseus was located (by myth writers) in Joppa. The location of a Lydda was also in Sharon, possibly a root of Ladon. See an excellent map of Sharon showing nearby mount Herman.

The idea of tracing Pollux to the Phoenician theater is not bad, especially when one equates him with the Pel(ops)>Atreus>Menelaus line founded on the Baal-Anat cult. Baal was all over the Phoenician theater, and of course spilled into Israel.

Since Perseus the Danaan was in the Sharon plain along with Pollux, we should expect that Helen of Troy (Pollux's sister and a symbol of the Geloni peoples that the Danaans unseated in Argos) should have been there too. Indeed this can be verified round-about. It seems a given that the Geloni (and Helen) were Alans, since their Budini allies were located by Herodotus to the immediate north of Sarmations...who were known to put forth the Alans. The Sarmations lived on both sides of the Tanais (now Don) river, the river that I link to Tanis of Egypt, this all being the origin of Danaus, ancestor of Danae, mother of Perseus. "The [Tanais] name derives however from Scythian Iranic Danu..."

As "Sarmatia/Sauromatia" is to be broken down as Sar/Sauro-Mat, indicating a Saro tribe of Medes, "Sharon" is what comes to mind, especially as Perseus was placed in Sharon/Joppa with mythical Andromeda, code for "men of Media." This was before the Israelites arrived, we can assume.

Myth depicted the Medes as Medea, witch daughter of Aeetes, king of Kutaisi, these terms tracing to mythical Attis = the Hatti of Hattusa and therefore to the Geddes family of the Chattan family at mount Sharon, Scotland. It's clear to many that the Heberites of Ulster were from the Iberi of Caucasia...who lived to the immediate south of the Tanais river mouth, where the city of Tanais lay.

Is it a coincidence that the Biblical phrase, "Rose of Sharon," should nicely apply to the Geddes family in that "Geddes Geddes, and Geddess, is of territorial origin from the lands of Geddes in Nairnshire, which were in possession of the family of Rose before they obtained Kilravock." The author then turns to the Scott surname as though a Geddes branch, saying: "The first recorded of this surname, originally spelt Scot, was Uchtred filius Scoti...about 1124, and his grandsons are believed to have founded the branches of Buccleuch and of Balwearie in Fife..." The latter surname is reflective of "Bulwer," the surname of Lord Lytton, and "Balfour." In fact, the Balfour-Coat page says that Balfours were first found in Fife (an Avvi term?)! The Balfour surname is said to derive from "baile."

Like the deer in the Gedde Crest, so the Scott Crest shows a deer; the Coat shows the main witchraft symbols of crescent with pentagram. The Scott surname is Bernician, and was first found in Roxborough...which I had traced to the Roxolani (= Ros-Alan) of the Ukraine. It fits. This was the dark cult of the so-called Black Cloaks, a term used to describe the Sarmation Alans. Tolkien's Sauron comes to mind.

It's a rainy Saturday, I have time. I'm doing well today, very happy with all of this. The link of these Bernician families to the Saro/Sharon Medes explains the Bernician bear symbol, for Daniel 7 uses the bear symbol on the Medo-Persian empire. Some believe that Persians descended from the Perseus cult. Perseus and AndroMeda had Gorgo(phone) for a daughter, thus revealing the line as a Gogi one.

April 26

Something leaked that wasn't supposed to, but why wasn't it supposed to:

"On April 18, American and British officials from a secretive unit called the Force Strategic Engagement Cell flew to Jordan to try to persuade one of Saddam Hussein's top generals -- the commander of the final defense of Baghdad in 2003 -- to return home to resume efforts to make peace with the new Iraq.

...The American appeal -- described by [Iraq's] General Hamdani and not previously reported -- illustrates what could become one of the biggest obstacles to stability in Iraq."

The article says that Iraq rejected reconciliation with this group of ex-Saddam loyalists, which sounds like the group under al-Douri. In line with what I'd read previously -- that Obama wants a Syrio-Iraqi Baathist regime in Iraq to guard against Iran and to pull Syria away from it -- the article adds: "Mr. Maliki is also suspicious of bringing back some of the Sunni old guard, which Mr. Chalabi says is part of an American plan 'to stiffen Iraq into opposing Iran and help integrate Iraq back into the Arab fold.'" Why was this visit to Jordan by the Americans to be kept a secret? Because Obama is a mental case disguised as an intelligent man. It was just earlier this month when al-Douri called for the toppling of Maliki. Now Obama wants Maliki to join al-Douri? It seems that Obama is after any sort of peace arrangement possible, as if peace by any fragile means whatsoever is going to hold the day. He is doing the same in Israel, frantic to create peace by any fragile means whatsoever...that can only blow up in the faces of the parties on the very first day of "peace." Rule number one, Obama: don't make a peace deal with the devil.

It may be that Hillary was in Iraq yesterday to push this effort.

Israel's foreign minister, not afraid of Obama, said today: "Syria is supporting Palestinian and Lebanese terror groups and therefore is not a partner for peace." Very good. Why doesn't Obama get it? Why does Obama claim to oppose Hamas and yet support Syria that supports Hamas? Only a bimbo would do that. There's a devil in the world, and one cannot pacify him, or make deals with him without getting burnt. Israel knows it because it lives with the devil daily on its borders.

Iranians became targets of the Sunni this past week:

""A suicide bomber on [April 23] blew himself up in a restaurant packed with Iranian pilgrims who were there to take a short rest and eat lunch and say prayers.

...The latest figure on the number of martyrs in the [April 23] suicide attacks in eastern province of Diala is 56 of whom 52 have been Iranian."

Needless to say, Ahmadinejad is fuming. The attack marks a new-bold direction for Sunni insurgents toward creating a Sunni-Iran schism, something not expected in the Gog picture. However, there was a message a few days ago from bin Laden's "lieutenant," who wants to turn the insurgency outside of Iraq. Just look at the words used:

"Al-Qaida's No. 2 leader Ayman al-Zawahiri on Monday [April 20] urged the group's followers in Iraq to break the borders of neighboring countries and liberate Jerusalem from Israel."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is a call to break the border of Syria en route to Israel. Has Zawahiri been reading my material??? Where did he get this idea? It's what Gog's supposed to do. I mean, it looks like it'll be Zawahiri (or Osama) who will urge Gog in the direction of Israel.

Israel's foreign minister said: "Syria is supporting Palestinian and Lebanese terror groups and therefore is not a partner for peace." Very good. Why doesn't Obama get it?

I'd like to make a point by first quoting this: "In spite of his criticism of Israel on issues like settlements in the West Bank, on most other issues Topolanek backs Israel's policies." This is the current president of the EU. My point is, the last two EU presidents have been pro-Israel to quite an extent. Could it be God's will to hold off the EU until the appointed time? The article from which this quote comes says that Topolanek is now chastising the EU nations threatening to downgrade Israel's standing with Europe.

The next EU president (for the second half of 2009 only) will be the president of Sweden, currently Fredrik Reinfeldt. Although a supporter of Bush and American conservatives, he also supports Obama. But: "[Reinfeldt] attended a meeting held of the Bilderberg Group in Ottawa, Canada, in June 2006. The meeting was also attended by former Moderate Party leader, former Swedish Prime Minister and current Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt."

The EU president after Reinfeldt? The president of Spain! José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the co-founder of the Alliance of Civilizations!! Obama will be in his glory. The EU term starts January 2010 (Zapatero was elected in Spain to a second term in 2008). If anyone cares to investigate all the furture EU presidents until 2016, the list is at

In the latter half of 2016, when I expect Armageddon (tentatively), Malta will be president.

Russia is not behaving:

"Russia is ready to begin projects with North Korean on launching its satellites with the help of Russian boosters, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said after talks with his South Korean colleague Yu Myung-hwan. 'Russia is cooperating with many countries in aerospace, including launches of satellites by our boosters, including with South Korea. We ready for North Korea's developing similar projects,' Lavrov said."

A slap in the face of the West? Looks like. Hillary, maybe you should try an Easy Button. In another article (April 24):

"The Russian foreign minister noted that North Korea was among the first countries with which the Russian World foundation had established relations. The foundation finances opening of such centers all over the world.

'I am sure the Russian Centre we open today will be one of the best abroad,' Lavrov said."

On April 25, this:

"North Korea has started to extract plutonium from spent fuel rods at its nuclear arms plant, its foreign ministry said on Saturday, further raising regional tensions already stoked by its defiant rocket launch this month."


Get a load of this:

"Hillary Clinton said on arrival in Baghdad Saturday, April 25, for her first visit as US secretary of State that the wave of suicide killings which accounted for more than 250 lives this month were 'a tragic signal that Iraq was on the right path.'"

Why was it that, under Bush, when there were many more bombings, that the Democrats didn't consider them a sign of Bush's fantastic success? Hypocrite Hillary.

First Obama gives Turkey honor by being the first overseas nation he visits. Then he gives Turkey the nod to sell weapons to Lebanon while Lebanon shows signs of rage against Israel. And now:

"The joint Turkish-Syrian tank and armored infantry exercise backed by air power begins across the Turkish-Syrian border Monday, April 27, and lasts three days. DEBKAfile's military sources stress that it is the first joint military maneuver any NATO member, including Turkey, has ever carried out with Syria. It appears to have received a nod from the Obama administration. Never before has an important NATO power staged a joint exercise with any Arab army.

In recent weeks, too many developments are closing in too fast and too dangerously for Binyamin Netanyahu to put the whole can of worms on hold until he has a chance to figure out his policies and talk to Barack Obama in the coming month."

DEBKAfile is concluding that Obama is doing these things through Turkey to leverage Netanyahu. I'm not so sure that's the main purpose. Turkey is central in the globalist outreach to the Muslim world. Making good friends with it is the guts of the Alliance of Civilizations. You'll note in Revelation 13: that the beast is a combination of Iran, Iraq, and a Greek-like entity alongside a fourth animal, the dragon. In this picture I view the dragon as "both legs" (ancient and end-times) of the Roman empire seen in Daniel 7 and 9:26.

It's hard for me to believe at this time that Greece itself will be a part of Gog's Middle East or neo-Seleucid kingdom, but fortunately, Revelation 13:2 says "like a leopard." Like Greece, that is. This supports a trace of the leopard symbol to Dionysus, by the way. Not only have I concluded that Obama's Luo tribe worshiped Nysus/Dionysus of the ancient Somalis, but Syria and/or Turkey would be my best guess for the Greek-like nation of the Revelation symbolism.

Dionysus, though rising to become the most prolific Greek cult, started off in what is now western Turkey: Lydia, Lycia, Maeonia, the Kabeiri-infested islands off of Turkey. The Hebrew cult then moved into the Hebros river of Thrace before moving on to become the Atreus and Arthurian Spartan dragon. It's center on the Greek mainland (excluding Peloponnese) was in Thebes, the haunt of the Cadmus > Catti line to Hesse. I believe that the Washington Monument is a monument to the Lyaios bloodline of Dionysus, the seven-headed Biblical dragon itself, the heart of Satan's earthly empire. The Dionysus Spartans who moved with other Spartans to Liguria founded Nice, named after mythical Nike, a hard-c variation of "Nysos" but progressing from the sacred island of Dionysus: Naxos. This is the leopard symbol of the Greek and British theaters.

Since it God's purpose to destroy the Biblical dragon of old, the modern bloodlines are likely to partake in the invasion of Israel. I know that I've excluded both Syria and Turkish governments from partaking with Gog's Egyptian invasion, but the False Prophet may turn those nations around when it comes to Gog's invasion of Israel, especially as we see both of them vociferous against Israel now. Or, while the Turkish and Syrian governments may oppose Gog because Gog invades and/or conquers them, Turk and Syrian individuals under Gog's rulership will join him as he calls out for anti-Israeli warriors.

So what I foresee is Gog opposing or re-inventing Obama's agenda with Turkey and Syria, but then a merging of Obama with Gog under some thin-ice alliance...that explodes in their faces when each has danced on the other's toes too long.

I suppose that one could interpret Gog as Obama himself because he is in Mosul already, and because he is poised to enter Syrian and Turkish politics for yet some unknown reason. But an Obama invasion of Syria just doesn't seem to be in the cards. Now, and only now, one can envision without too much problem a clash of agendas for the Syrian theater, a clash between the Globama and Gogian agendas. This is the picture that I should stick to.

It's only recently that Iraq has opened its doors to foreign oil deals, and Americans are favored to win more contracts, something that will anger Putin because he's been waiting a long time for the Bush era to end just so that he can resume his oil deals with Iraq. This argues in favor of a deal between a Putin agent and ex-Saddam loyalists, a deal that has Putin assisting the loyalists to win Iraq hell with Obama's reset button!

The Kurds have just met with the Obama administation on the wings of the UN proposals for northern Iraq"

"Dr Fuad Hussein, Chief of Staff to the President of the Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani, Mr Falah Mustafa Bakir, Minister and Head of the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) Department of Foreign Relations, and Mr Qubad Talabani the KRG's Representative to the US, met with senior US officials in a series of meetings and events in the latest step to further strengthen the relationship between the Kurdistan Region and the Obama administration."

Suddenly, Obama is interested in the Kurds. Putin watches. What's going on? You moving in, Obama? I don't like it. I'm part of the UN too, Obama. I want my Russian representative there too.

"The extended trip to Washington followed the meeting between President Obama and President Barzani in Baghdad earlier this month and was aimed at continuing the exchange of ideas on how best to build on Iraqi Kurdistan's democratic foundation while addressing the still unresolved political issues in Iraq."

Of course, as Kurds and Americans hash out some politics, the Kurds hold a big-oil card in their hand. I mean, here is Obama wanting to remove himself from Iraq, and then, no sooner does Iraq announce that oil deals are about to be dished out, that Hillary is in Iraq, the Kurds are in Washington, Mullen is in Kurdistan...we get it.

Hypocrites, the Obama people are doing what they accused Bush of doing: positioning for oil using the American military as their big card. Both the Kurds and Maliki want only the protection of the U.S. military, otherwise the Americans can go to hell. We get it. Hillary is over there telling the Iraqi that America will not abandon Iraq; if the soldiers need to stay longer, Obama can arrange for it, she told them.

"Erbil, Kurdistan - Iraq ( -- Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen met with Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani, and other senior officials [yesterday].

...Prime Minister Barzani [a Kurd], who met with Admiral Mullen separately, remarked, 'We believe this visit to be a welcome sign from the US. The KRG [= Kurdistan Regional Government] understands that the policy of the new US administration regarding the responsible withdrawal of US forces..."'"

In other words, we welcome you Americans to Kurdistan at this time, so happy to see you here so suddenly. We deplore you not to remove your army irresponsibly, when we need it most against the Sunni uprisings that we fear are about to take place to dig us into a big hole. By the way, do you need a little oil? We have a few extra barrels just sitting around, you know.

Compare the Blythe Coat (Bill Clinton's surname at birth) to the Mullen Coat; they are virtually identical, and it can't be a coincidence. Then see, as per a variation of Blythe being "Byltt," that both the Bilder Coat and Bildt Coat are likewise red on white.

When we compare the Bert Coat with the Bilder Coat, we see an exact match, and because a variation of "Bert" is "Byrth," we may ask whether an 'l' to 'r' switch occurred to form "Bert/Byrth" from "Bild/Byltt," or vice versa. Since the Pollock Coat uses the Bert and Bilder symbol (goat horn = bugle and/or cornucopia), but especially as the first-known Pollok was "Filbert" -- what evokes "Bilt" and "Bert" at the same time -- it could be that Bilderbergs were from the Pollux cult.

I still don't know where the Bilder/Blyth crescents are rooted outside of the Fleming fold, but it should be interesting to make the discovery. Somebody knows. I do believe that Pollocks were from the earliest Merovingians, as per the claims of Pollocks themselves, but Merovingians had several branches, including Saxons, Lombards, Seubi, possibly Poles, and Ethiopians.

I once found that the Bilis river flowed through Pamphyllia, and checking the Bils/Billss Coat I got a shield filled with black and gold Cohen-type checks, but aside from this I have no further evidence of a Bils to Bilder/Blythe connection.

You're not going to believe me. You're going to think I led into the above topic as though faking ignorance to what I've just found. Here's how it happened, I kid you not. I concentrated on the paragraph above for clues, and claiming that Pamphylia led to Bamberg (Germany), I checked for a Bamberg Coat (don't know if I'd ever tried it before), and got two red crescents on white, the exact symbols -- in the same colors -- as on the Blythe Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thus, Bamberg and Bilderberg are the same stock of peoples from the Bilis river, Pamphylia, the latter being nearly equivalent to the Paphlagonians. They then led to the Bamburgh castle of Bebbanburg Scotland i.e. the Bernicians under queen Bebbe! This helps to assure me that the Babel surname (using Melusine) was in honor of Bebbe (and perhaps from "Paphl") and that the Veres of Scotland, the Elvin line, were of the Bebbe-Bernician fold. This was the Illuminati, the line from the Heneti (think "Kennedy") Paphlagonians to the Veneti to the Venedotia founders of Gwynedd of red-dragon Wales on the one branch, and to the Vandals of Poland on another branch. The Veneti were Venus, the goddess usually depicted as a pentagram beside a crescent. I get it now. The basis of witchcraft.

As the Bamberg Coat uses a long red spike on white, and since the family was first found in Bavaria, it looks like the spike is connected to the Franconian Rake, but especially to the flag of king Stephen.

There is also an English Bamburgh/Bamber Coat using two red chevron on white. I've been seeking three chevron on white as the basis of the American Illuminati! I found one triple-chevron example in the Eppstein Coat, the symbol stemming from a suburb on Frankfurt's north side. The "Jewish" Epp(stein) surname -- "First found in Hesse-Nassau, now Wiesbaden" -- reminds me of "Paph."

When I read that Hillary's announcement (yesterday or the day before) that Hamas would not be permitted into a unity government with West Bank Palestinians unless it renounced violence against Israel, I opted not to share the article with you because I didn't believe her, and because time would prove her to be lying. I have just found this, dated today:

"In her initial and widely publicized testimony, the Secretary of State told the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee last Wednesday that the U.S. would not aid any PA government which included Hamas, unless the terrorist group renounces violence, recognizes Israel, and abides by past agreements signed by the PA.

Members of Congress are concerned, however, by Clinton's less reported testimony the next day in the Appropriations Committee. At that venue, Clinton indicated that the Obama administration would indeed be willing to fund a unity PA-Hamas government that met the U.S.'s conditions, even if Hamas's ministers in that government reject them.

Clinton met harsh resistance from members of the committee. 'It's like only has a few Nazis in it but that's okay,' said Mark Kirk, a Republican representative from Illinois."

Hillary was in Lebanon today.

That's it for today.

No wait! I have another point. The unknown link between Bernicio-Saxon dragon cult and the Veneti (said to be non-Germanic) was eating away at me, and I didn't know what to tell you about it, yet. Then I recalled yesterday's Wicca topic, how the pentagram was it's major symbol but also how the term roots from Gewisse (= Wessex Saxons) to the Kwisa river in Lusatia...and that's when it hit me. Lusatia's symbol, a red bull, is in the Bamburgh Crest! The latter is a Saxon surname, and Lusatia was, in my opinion, a Veneti entity from the Lasonii of Lydia (note that the Bamburgh Coat uses fleur de lys). Bamburghs were first found in Red-Rose Lancashire i.e. matching the red bull. The Saxons were the white dragon and therefore, likely, part of the white rose.

At Wikipedia's Oberspreewald-Lausitz page, we see the red bull symbol of Lower Lusatia as part of the Oberspreewald-Lausitz Arms.

Bingo! I found another great and amazing thing as I checked the Spree surname after being reminded that Oberspreewald-Lausitz was on the Spree river. Look at that two red crescents on white, and the two white crescents on red, in the Spree Coat?!!!!!!!!! ( would want us to believe that the Spree surname was from the term, "spray." Know that houseofnames cannot be trusted on such simpleton, sound-alike derivations.)

These crescents along with the red bull prove that Bamberg and Bamburgh were connected to Lusatia. "...the first settlers in the Spreewald region, the Slavic tribes of the Sorbs/Wends."

A few minutes ago I didn't know where the red crescent on white originated, and now I have it right in the Lusatian region. I failed to check many Coats of Arms in the Lusatian region, I suppose. I now find that the two-tailed Montfort lion (white on red) may be from the two-tailed lion (same colors) in the Arms of Spree-Neiße, this being important because Montforts were Vere ancestors while the Veres of Oxford used a red bull). The two-tailed lion, says the article, is the symbol of Bohemia.

The Arms of Spree-Neiße also show a red antler on gold, said to be from "the coat of arms of the Lords of Biberstein." Checking the Biber surname, it's colors are white and blue (evoking the Bavarian Arms) and first found in Bavaria...a place founded by the Baii, thought to derive from the Boii of Bohemia. That works. As you may see on this Veringen webpage, the red antler on gold was also the symbol (from at least 1320) of the Veringens of Baden-Wurttemberg.

Does anyone get the sense that the Bauer surname derived from Biberstein? I knew nothing about this place, and when I checked just now, I found that "Biberstein is a municipality in the district of Aarau of the canton of Aargau in Switzerland...located on the north bank of the Aar River" (I'll spare you more exclamation marks, but this may deserve at least one). The symbol is a beaver (on red shield).

I then found that "the Lords of Biberstein, first lords of Zawidow..." In other words, the Biberstein antler was from the town of Seidenberg (also "Zawidow") near the Spree. See Arms of Seidenberg. I'm asking whether "Seiden(berg)" can be traced to Sitten/Sion...since Biberstein is on the Aar.

I had found some years ago that the red antler on gold was the a symbol of Forst, a locality in Lusatia, and that there was also a Forst in Baden, Germany, for which reason I made a Veringen-of-Baden link to Forst in Lusatia. The importance is that the counterpart blue antler, used by the Zahringers of Baden-Wurttemberg, were lords of Berne...where the Aar river flows.

This is all Illuminati history that you won't read elsewhere, so thank you for putting up with it. It's now down "on paper" and soon to be available online to all the world. Lots of people will be led to this post-trib book when they seek info these topics, though their coming here will be a mix of bad with good for us. I sense His leading so that I trust all will be for the best.

This topic just goes on. I had by necessity to check the Forst and Seiden Coats, and found that the German Seiden/Seidel surname (using three red roses on white) was first found in Switzerland (!) "before the family's emigration to Germany in 1315."

Now you're not going to believe this. I knew the following but had forgotten it. I just checked for a Sitten Coat, as that was the natural thing to do, and EXTRA-BIG-BINGO!! Red crescents (on gold)!!!! It's the Seaton surname that I have always known to use the red crescents, but I had not wanted to mention this again until the surname became relevant. When one searches "Sitten," the (Flemish) Seaton/Sayton/Seton surname shows up (this is how I knew the crescent traced to Flanders), with a green dragon in the crest.

I suppose the crescents on gold shield is for the gold shield behind the red antler of Seidenberg and of Spree, the latter also using the red crescent (on white).

Okay, enough for today. Good day. I'm not coming back, today.

April 27

Yesterday, when I said I wasn't coming back, I checked Spree-like surnames, but the only one coming to mind was Sparow; the Sparrow Coat looked me in the face, three red roses on white that I had just pulled up minutes before from the German Seiden Coat! This is excellent, for the Seiden surname, if it's from Sitten/Seaton, connects to Spree by their common use of the red crescents. Therefore, the Sitten/Sion line goes into Britain as the Sparrow surname, for one, but other English shields using three red roses on white are suspect because heraldry was tightly controlled in Britain.

Another BINGO! I tried the Spear surname as a possible Speer variation, and found red crescents on white (the Speer symbol) in the Scottish Spear/Speer Chief (I've never liked bingo until now). The Speers were first found in Renfrewshire, where Pollocks were first found, which should explain why the Speer Coat uses gold boars, the symbol in the Pollock Crest (the Spree river was near the Polish border).

This is amazing, for years ago my Pollock friend told me that the Spear surname was somehow involved.

As a result of this exercise, I have discovered (though others must know it already) the origin of the Scottish flag, called Andrew's flag. It's a variation of the Norwegian flag, and stems from Norwegian vikings using the raven as symbol. Here is how the discovery came about. I started seeking the roots/links to Johannes Andreas, a Rosicrucian on some centuries ago that was said to be connected to ShakeSPEARE, or even to be Shakespeare himself. Others say that Shakespeare was the Rosicrucian, Francis Bacon (see white cinquefoils on the French/Norman Bacon Coat). My Pollock friend married a Speer, and his father (a Speer) married a Dee; Francis Bacon was a pupil of John Dee, a Rosicrucian spy in the service of Elizabeth I. Together, Bacon and Dee worked toward the New Atlantis world dream that was either realized, or ruined, in the American Declaration of Independence.

When checking the Andrea Coat, I got just an Italian one with little leads, though the write-up has the surname first found in Venice, not surprising since Rosicrucianism is thought by others to stem from the Venetians. Then I checked the Andrews surname, and hit paydirt. A gold saltire cross on red shield in the Scottish Andrews Coat probably explains the red-gold bars in the Italian Andreas Coat. But when I read that the Andrews surname "was strongly associated with the Clan Ross. It was originally known as the Clan Siol Andrea, meaning the race of Andrew," I knew I had what was anciently called "Clan Ross(ich), Children of Andrew."

Seeing that the Scottish Andrews were first in Caithness (extreme north-east Scotland), I sought the Caithness Arms, and finding it, I also found this description:

"The arms show a Viking longship, as the medieval history of the region is very much influenced by the Vikings. In the 11th century the region became part of the jarldom of Orkney, one of the most influential parts of the Norwegian Kingdom. The region remained under Viking influence for more than 300 years. The black raven was an important badge for the Vikings."

Most excellent find. The raven is linked (by me) to the Hungarian Arpads, and since I link the Rollo Danes -- of Norway -- to those Arpads, I figure that the Andrew stock under consideration can now be traced with more certainty to king Andrew I (Arpad) of Hungary. But this is not all. In Wikipedia's article on Caithness, we read:

"The Cait element of Caithness is Pictish or Goidelic in origin but the origin of Caithness is Norse or Norn, and may be read as meaning Horn (or Nose) of Cait. The Gaelic name, Gallaibh [evoking the Halybes and their Galli priests], means land of the Norse [ignore this simpleton definition]...The Cait element of Caithness is represented as Cat in Cataibh, the Gaelic name for Sutherland, and as Cait in Na h-Innse Cait, the Old Irish for Shetland" (square brackets mine).

The link of "Cait" to "Shet" felt correct to my heart, so I clicked the Shetland link to find the Shetland flag: a white cross on blue background (!), making the link to the Scottish cross, called Andrew's Cross: a white saltire cross on blue!! In other words, the Scottish flag derives from the Andrew family of Shetland/Caithness.

At Wikipedia's article on Shetland, we see that the Shetland Arms includes the Caithness Arms, but held by a unicorn having the Scottish flag tied to its neck. It can't be a secret therefore, yet articles on the origin of "Andrew's Cross" don't mention this link to the Andrews-viking clan, but rather suggest a link to the Apostle, Andrew (cough, spit, puke).

And so it turns out that, indeed, Rollos's father (whose name I trace to Rhegan on the Mures river) acquired Shetland:

"After Harald Harfagre took control of all Norway, many of his opponents fled, some to Orkney and Shetland...In about 875 he and his forces took control of Shetland and Orkney. Ragnvald, Earl of More received Orkney and Shetland as an earldom from the king as reparation for his son's being killed in battle in Scotland."

My conclusion is the raven was a symbol of the Rollo Normans, but that they picked it up from George Drummond, the son of king Andrew I and his royal Varangian-Rus wife. It strikes me as true that this George could have founded either/both the Ross clan and the Andrew clan...when he came from Hungary to Scotland in 1055.

When I saw in the Wikipedia article that "Shetland" was "Hjaltland" in 875 -- about the time the Hungarian Arpads were first in proto-Hungary -- I saw "Shialt" in that old term. Is this root of the Sheltons/Skeltons? Was this some northern stock of the Scylla monster, and was the Charibdis monster (from mythical Charops of an Ugrian line, same line that formed the Hungarian Arpads) lurking nearby in northern Scotland?

Indeed, the Arpads were from Finno-Ugrics, and so note that the flag of Finland is a blue cross on white, the reverse of the Shetland flag! I mean, this region may have been home to Ugrics long before George Drummond arrived, but explaining why he arrived. If indeed Shetland named Caith(ness), which the Gaels called "Gallaibh," might that be an 'l' variation of "Charib." Looks good.

When I sought Antenor-like surnames because I thought that "Andreas" may have derived from it -- since the Andreas surname was first in Venice while mythical Antenor of the Heneti was made the founder of the Veneti -- I first checked the Anton surname and found a red leopard face in the English Anton Coat. It was when I noted that this surname was first found in Lincolnshire that I could entertain a connection to the leopard in the Rhodes Crest, a surname likewise found first in Lincolnshire.

It is my firm belief that Antenor was a symbol of Anat, mythical wife of Baal, even as Pel(ops) (= the Baal cult) was king of the Eneti/Heneti. In other words, Antenor was code for the peoples who named Anatolia (before it was named "Turkey"). It is not difficult to now conceive a Heneti link to Dionysus, the cult that used the leopard symbol.

Along this DioNYSUS line, it's a little interesting that the Andrew surname is said to have moved from CaithNESS to Dumfries, where the NITH river is situated. Also, Dumfries-shire is beside Galloway, what could have been named by the Galli transvestite cult that Dionysus is known to have depicted. It's known that Dionysus was linked to the Cadmus cult, root of the Cati that may have named CaitNess.

Dionysus was affiliated with Satyrs, a goat depicted peoples that I see as the Getae, and so recall the house of Chattan, which includes the Getty/Geddes surname, in the Moray region not too far from Caithness. The Phail surname of the Chattan fold was in InverNESS, not far from Loch Ness.

I just went to do some email because of no news to report, and opened up an email from FE. She did it again. She had three points only, two of which fit into the topic above rather soundly...though she sent the email a week before I wrote it. One of her points is that the Arms of Wanstead and Woodford Borough Council uses a leopard head belonging to Edward the Confessor, a Saxon king of Wessex (died 1066). This traces the leopard to the Saxons, apparently, rather than to the Normans who arrived the year of Edward's death.

FE's second point is somewhat related. She said that I should see the Arms of Hornchurch Urban District Council. There was a version of the Rosicrucian symbol of Johannes Andreas, a saltire cross surrounded by roses. The write-up says: "The roses are from the arms of William de Wykeham, the founder of New College, Oxford..." Recalling that Oxford uses a red bull that is supposedly a symbol of OXford, so we find a bull in the Crest of the Hornchurch Arms.

When I went to see the Wykeham Coat at houseofnames: three red roses on white positioned exactly like the red roses on white in the Seiden/Seidel surname first found in Switzerland, and while the Sitten Coat uses red crescents (which is the symbol of the English Spree Coat presumably linking to the Spree region in Lusatia), a locality of Seidenberg is near the Spree river. As the three red roses on white in the Sparrow Coat -- positioned like those in the Seiden Coat -- must mean that "Sparrow" is a variation of "Speer," it suggests that the identical Wykeham roses should link back to which case (and this is THE point) "Wyke" should derive from the Wicca term used above, linking to Gewisse (= ancient term for Wessex) but also to the Kwisa river in Lusatia. Note too that "Warwick" may be a Vere-Wyke combo.

Let me remind you: "Ranulph de Meschin married Lucy, who was at least partly from an Anglo-Saxon fold, thought to have been from a Mercian line (Bernicians ruled Mercia for a time) from Leofric, ealdorman of the Hwicce." That latter term was also "Wicca." This is some evidence that the red bull of Oxford is the red bull of Lusatia. Note that the Wykeham Crest is a (black) bull.

Now behold, if you're falling asleep. The same Civic Heraldry page where I found the two Arms above shows the Arms of Braintree, where I happened to come across the Maxey surname. Knowing from my Pollock friend (who married a Speer) that the Pollocks were intimately tied to Maxwells, and also because my mother is a Masci on one side, I checked the Maxey Coat: red crescents on white (!!!), the symbol in the English Spree Coat and the Scottish Speer Coat (Speers and Pollocks were both first found in Renfrewshire, Scotland).

When the Veres of Oxford are tied back to Mon(t)ferret, itself linked to nearby Monfort in Alba of Langhe, and when one views the Montforts of Liecester as Veres in this way, now knowing that the two-tailed lion of the Spree region of Lusatia matches the colors of the Montfort two-tailed lion, one has excellent reason to tie the Oxford red bull to Lusatia because Veres dominated Oxford as rulers there. Since the red rose is involved in this migration of Lusatians to Britain, and because Leicester's Montforts led into Lancaster, but also because the Veres supported the Lancastrian house, one now knows where the red rose of Lancaster stems from: Lusatia. Probably the Sorbs of Lusatia.

Just opened an email from Joe Hampton who informed me for the first time that his bloodline included the Pollocks and Maxwells. I told him that the Maxey surname was first in NorthAmpton. Isn't that too much?

He wrote in to say something so pertinent to my topic above that I am all the more amazed. He said that the original Magyars were the Szekely Hungarians...who lived on the Mures river, for one. I had completely forgotten that I had included the Szekely into the Laden book. I had identified them as Scylla, in fact, i.e. the historical Sicels who named Sicily. This was a no brainer after realizing that Scylla's counterpart, Charybdis, depicted the Carpae trunk of the Arpads. So, while Scylla represented the Magyars, Charybdis was the Hebrew-Khazar side of the Hungarians. But, plainly, "Arpad" was named after the Hebrew side.

In his next email he writes: "PS, My immigrant ancestor John Hampton and family from Kincadine , Clan Keith (said to be Cati from Germany)..." I checked for Cadine Coat but no luck. However, the Kieth surname was first found in Haddingtonshire, a term as close to "Cadine" as one can get. This "coincidence" suggests that the place was named by the Catti of Hesse. Haddingtonshire is East Lothian, and Dunbar is in Haddintonshire.


The Obama story on Hamas has made it to major American media; from the LA Times:

"The Obama administration has asked Congress for minor changes in US law that would allow the continued provision of funds to the Palestinian Authority even if Hamas officials become part of a Palestinian unity government, the LA Times reported [today].

The newspaper said that congressional supporters of Israel were dismayed by the move...

Does Obama know that Hamas is willing to be part of such a government as soon as it has negotiated its wants successfully? Does he know that Hamas will accept a unity government soon?

Rodham says that money earmarked for Gaza will not get to Hamas, but how can any money enter Gaza and not get to Hamas through taxes? Israel is trying to strangle Hamas quickly by cutting short its commercial muscle, but Obama's strategy gives Hamas relief enough to breath, prolonging Israel's problem. His bid to form a unity government gives Hamas moral support, hope for its future, and causes the Gaza Palestinians to hold on to Hamas rather than to do what Israel wants, to abandon Hamas as their official government.

Obama and his ilk are intruding into Israel's national affairs. I agree with Israel: if Gaza's Palestinians want a normal lifestyle, let them choose a non-terrorist government. What's wrong with Obama that he doesn't get it? Why is he doing everything possible to force Israel to make a pact with the devil?

Speaking of unhealthy economies, the swine flu promises to make the economy worse. The problem in the first place is that peoples have learned to be content while spending more time at home. The globalists have been destroying their own companies by making people fear the worst, and the more they implement their new order by scare tactics, the less the people will tend to go out and spend. While some companies are still holding their prices high to make up for less shoppers, the time should come when the opposite will prevail: very low prices to encourage spending. We're hoping that the low prices will coincide with trib-related purchasing.

As controlling society tightly will cut profits in the marketplace, the globalists, perhaps knowing this ahead of time, have decided to go forward with control programs simultaneous to making up for the losses by special methods such as bail-outs. When government owns big business, bail-outs are viewed as requirements rather than theft of peoples' money. This is socialism. If Obama does it in the United States, other nations around the world, such as Venezuela, will celebrate socialism. Obama is doing all the things that support evil while his voting block recognizes it not. He has the ability of making evil plans sound good; this is the skill of the devil.

What if God looks down and says, "So, they want to create a bit of a recession in order to steal and control. Well, let's give them the recession that bites them in the rear." My advice to trib-preppers is to cancel all large expenditures that cannot be re-sold, keep money tight in the bank, and wait for the low-price period that should precede the 70th Week. JM has provided me with a list of suggested tribulation needs that I want to get up online this week; the list is meant to be added to; feel free to contribute.

Gordon Brown of Britain, who is firmly in cahoots with Globama's economic programs, is to unveil the Afghan program that Britain will abide by, though the program may be one that all loyal globalists are to go by:

"British Prime Minister Gordon Brown arrived in Afghanistan [today] for talks with President Hamid Karzai on a new strategy to fight the 'crucible of terrorism' in the border district with Pakistan.

Brown said the new approach, due to be officially unveiled on Wednesday, would treat Afghanistan and Pakistan together as 'different but complimentary'."

I'm mentioning this to show whether Obama will align himself with the plan unveiled on Wednesday. If he does, we can suspect that it's the globalist strategy, and that Obama and Brown will unite on other global matters in the future.

There's an article out today saying that Pakistan believes Osama is dead, though has no evidence to back it up. More likely, he's just not in Pakistan. He could be in a nice house sponsored by Gog. I expect him to make the Daniel-9 covenant with Gog, and don't think it'll be made on a spur of the moment. I'm sure that Osama directed Zawahiri last week to urge al-Qaeda to "break" Iraq's borders into neighboring countries.

I was a little stunned when I saw that the letters of his name are all relatively low aside from the 'w'. I saw that if the 'w' were a high number, 500, that the rest of the letters would bring him to nearly 666 because I knew that 'r' = 100. I also knew that a 'u' = 400 so that a 'w' could indeed be 500. First, let me quote Wikipedia:

"Ayman al-Zawahiri is usually spelled Zawahiri (the pronunciation of his name in his native Egyptian Arabic), but is sometimes spelled 'Dhawahiri' if transliterated directly from Modern Standard Arabic, aka Literary Arabic, in certain academic circles. Using the Intelligence Community Standard for the Transliteration of Arabic Names, it is spelled Zawahiri."

I went to the Greek alphabet to see what value a 'w' carries, but found no such letter, nor even a 'v.' The closest thing is the letter, phi, coming immediately after the 'u' and having a value of 500! So, let me add up the two spellings of his name:

a = 1; l = 30; Z = 7; a = 1; w = 500; a = 1; h = 8; i = 10; r = 100; i = 10. Total 668;

a = 1; l = 30; D = 4; h = 8; a = 1; w = 500; a = 1; h = 8; i = 10; r = 100; i = 10. Total 673. However, "Dawahiri" (without the 'h') = 665.

When using the numeral system from the Hebrew alphabet, the name does not net near 666, and the Arabic number system, using 0-9 but no letters, does not apply. Perhaps a slightly different transliteration would net 666.

If Zawahiri is the anti-Christ, then the "king of the north" does not come from the north, but is called such because he comes to rule north of Israel, and to invade from north of Israel. It explains why he just called for breaking the borders of Iraq. He would be the one who makes an alliance with "the ruler of a covenant' (= Osama bin Laden) as per Daniel 11:22-23 (he joined Osama in 1998). It explains why he will invade Egypt, since he is an Egyptian. "Zawahiri has allegedly worked with the Islamic Republic of Iran on behalf of al-Qaeda," this working excellently into Ezekiel's picture of a Gog-Iran alliance.

However, I cannot see how he can be Gog, nor does his religiosity mesh with Daniel 11:36-38, where we see the king of the north worshiping no god. Nor can I see Zawahiri at the top of the EU or UN or NATO. Zawahiri makes for an excellent partner to Gog, paving the latter's way to Egypt with Iranians and Sunni on board. Perhaps the two will have a 666 in common.

DEBKAfile has a back-up article on the Turkey-Syria defence pact now coming to fruition. It claims that the ties have been ongoing for a couple of years, during which time Turkey sat as a third party to Syria-Israeli talks. In other words, Turkey was never an independent or unbiased third party, but was preparing Syrian ties and an betrayal of Israel all along. YET, Obama has visited Turkey and embraced it, even giving the nod for its new military affairs with Syria.

Perhaps the ties are intended as an offensive in northern Iraq. Turkey is already wanting to push in to take care of some Kurd fighters hiding out on that front. If Obama has offered Syria a deal with Baathists in Iraq, then perhaps there is a Turko-Syrian plan in the works to push into northern Iraq.

In a move back home that promises to bring about the "Image of the Beast," we read:

"The FCC is currently composed of two Democrat and two Republican commissioners. Obama has nominated a new chairman, Julius Genachowski, which would give Democrats a 3-2 majority once he is confirmed.

As [World Net Daily] previously reported, credited with helping craft the Obama technology agenda, which states: 'Encourage diversity in the ownership of broadcast media, promote the development of new media outlets for expression of diverse viewpoints, and clarify the public interest obligations of broadcasters who occupy the nation's spectrum.'

'Such language is bureaucratese for government control,' says O'Leary. 'So-called 'public interest' requirements would put broadcasters at the mercy of local review boards. Such boards would, of course, be politically charged entities with the power to bar any broadcast content that is not deemed to be in the "public interest" of the local community.'"

The idea is probably worse than merely to silence conservative opponents of Democrats. There's likely an pro-active, Obama-friendly program afoot that conditions America into New-World-Order philosophy and "morality." As we read in Revelation 13, killing opponents of the Image of the Beast will be used as one means of pushing the program. It can only mean that opponents of the Obama program will become violent themselves, or at least pushing to the brink of violence.

Indeed, the issue can be understood as a war for the soul of America and all of "Democracy." It has been ongoing since I became a Christian, and is now coming to a head. What I don't understand is how the program can be tied to Gog, unless the term "beast" can refer to either Gog or the False Prophet. I suppose we shall see soon enough.

In a related article at WND:

"...It also appears that the Obama administration is contemplating bailing out failing newspapers and through such bailouts selecting executives and members of the boards of directors of newspaper publishing companies, implying the kind of permanent government control that we are seeing now in some of the banks and in the auto industry."

As you must know, newspapers were once a major method of Illuminati control, but the current trend of the Internet has stamped out much of its powers of control. Obama, the democratic man that he disguises himself to be, must tow the line of Illuminatists who want their media control back. A war is about to begin, and God, our great God, will torment the Illuminatists. We will win, but not in the way that WND hopes to win. Political salvation is a false hope; there is but One that can save now.The article continues:

"Last week the Obama administration confirmed the worst fears of talk radio by appointing Henry Rivera chairman of the FCC's 'Advisory Committee on Diversity for Communications in the Digital Age.'

Rivera was the 1980s FCC commissioner who championed the 'Fairness Doctrine.' President Reagan replaced him on the FCC to get a majority to repeal the 'Fairness Doctrine' and usher in the talk radio era, which has given conservative Americans for the first time a media outlet with real clout.

During the transition, Rivera was active in promoting Julius Genachowski as Obama's nomination to give the Democrats a 3-2 majority on the FCC."

I'm guessing of course that this current effrt will pan out into the Image of the Beast, but it sure looks like it.


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