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April 19 - 21, 2009

New World Chaos

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April 19

Mrs. ClinTNT, would you please come into my office?

Sure, Barcode. Right after I finish sharpening this whip.

Please bring the destroyer kits I got you.

Which ones?

The one marked Ned Yahoo, for starters.

I've got two of those. One is for hanging him high with a hook in his tongue, and another for freezing him slowly in an ice pack.

Let's try the last one for a month. Turn the temperature down to absolute zero, then revive him to see if he changes his tune.

I don't think it'll work; absolute zero isn't cold enough for Yahoo.

What about a tongue hanging?

It won't work ever since Liberalman became more outspoken than him.

What about all of those tea bags? We've got enough to cover all of Israel to it's chimneys.

But we don't have enough planes to drop them since you took Defense's money away.

What about the package marked Hugo Shabby? You told me it was full proof.

I thought you liked him now??

Instead of using it on him, send it to Ned.

But it's a spicy sausage that explodes. Jews don't go for that.

Then don't tell him it's a bomb.

No, I mean sausages aren't kosher. Jews don't eat pork.

Then slice it up and put it in some soup.

But it's set to go off as soon as a knife slices it.

Then what, Mrs. ClinTNT, is there no solution!? Do I need a new secretary of state here?

There's just one thing that will work.

What's that?

Destroy the RightWingMentalists, and turn the whole world against Ned Yahoo.

You've got a point there, Killary. So long as the Mentalists are able to speak out, Yahoo sees America as his support base.

Then there's just one thing to do: hang'em high by their tongues. I've been waiting for this day...

But, Killary, they have Mic Salvage on their side. He'll put radio on alert, and take us to court. And then there's Rush Windbag who never stops telling our schemes.

Then start by enforcing the Fairness Doctrine.

They say it isn't fair.

Of course it's not fair, Barcode! That's why we have to enforce it.

You enforce it. I have enough to enforce.

I'm running for President in 2012, Barcode. I can't afford a fight with Mic Salvage right now. Hello?

So Ned wins?

Looks like.

We're going to let him hit Ahmadman?

Looks like.

Then what?

Then I think it's time for...

No, Barcode, no. Don't say it.

We don't have much choice, Killary. Time for the New World Chaos. I can make it look like good times. The people trust me.

As the World Burns, to be continued...

Look at the freeze job being played out on Netanyahu:
"But now officials in [Obama's] administration are openly using Israeli anxiety at Iran's nuclear program as a bargaining chip to force its hand on giving up control of the West Bank Palestinian territory.

No less a figure than the White House chief-of-staff, Rahm Emanuel, was quoted this week laying down the law: if Israel wants US help to defuse the Iranian threat, then get ready to start evacuating settlements in the West Bank, he was reported to have told Jewish leaders in Washington.

...Then on Thursday came the news that Mr Netanyahu's planned first meeting with Mr Obama in Washington next month had been called off...Administration officials informed [Netanyahu's] office that the President would not be 'in town'.

Sources in Washington added that the Administration would not be continuing the tradition that had developed during the Bush years of hosting Israeli prime ministers whenever they showed up in town..."

I wonder where Hillary stands on the building of America's new civil war:

"According to the federal government, members of the suspect group of [right-wing] people include those who:
* Oppose restrictions on firearms
* Oppose lax immigration
* Oppose the policies of President Obama regarding immigration, citizenship and the expansion of social programs
* Oppose continuation of free trade agreements
* Oppose same-sex marriage
* Have paranoia of foreign regimes
* Fear Communist regimes
* Oppose one world government
* Bemoan the decline of U.S. stature in the world
* Are upset with the loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs to China and India

It looks very much like a program for persecuting all who resist globalism. I read today that the Homeland Security program at the root of this controversy was created in 2007 i.e. under the Bush administration. Indeed, the program had left-wing extremists in its sights too. But now that the Democrats are in power, the sights are on the right-wingers. The tables have turned, and the trolls are all under the table waiting for the hour of darkness to arrive.

They know full well that it will be the new world chaos, and they are therefore developing ways to contain it. They believe that, once contained, Utopia can be achieved. They must believe that they can contain the chaos, or they wouldn't be going full-steam ahead with the plot.

Can trolls who seek to control an entire world of countless world views succeed? They wish to bridge the peoples, and yet they live under the bridges to attack all who oppose their plots. If they attack during daylight, the world will see and not respect them anymore, wherefore they must be devising strategies that can eradicate the problem people in acceptable ways. I wonder what their eradication programs look like.

Democrats who supported Obama's bail-out plots are taking the credit already for turning the recession around. What a joke. There was never any serious crisis that wasn't orchestrated or manipulated. The question is, will they orchestrate yet another, and then another, efforts to grab bigger and bigger pieces of the economic pies? Have they deemed the latest attempt a success, or a failure? What is in the way of their next attempt but conservative tea-bagging right wingers?

Just because Obama is not appearing at the anti-Israeli Durban II meet doesn't mean he's pro-Israel. There are enough Western nations boycotting it that Obama would look rather odd should he appear. He cares more for Western partners, at this time anyway, than Muslim friends. I'm still boggled by the absolute silence in the media regarding his accepting the invitation to the Alliance of Civilizations. Not even the anti-Obama media that I cover have made mention of it. Did he, or did he not, make an appearance? If he changed his mind, cancelling, why?

Details on the Egyptian situation are coming out:

"This week a fierce war broke out between Egypt and Iran, after brewing in the interrogation rooms of Egyptian intelligence officials for at least five months. The ultimate decision about publicizing the existence of a Hezbollah cell on Egyptian soil was made by Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman, who - after receiving the nod from President Hosni Mubarak - was assisted by the minister of information in making the news available to all government newspapers in Egypt.

The unofficial beginnings of this war date back to November 2008, when a Lebanese citizen, Sami Shihab, 27, whose real name is Mohammed Youssef Mansour, was arrested after entering Egypt with a false passport, apparently through one of the tunnels that connects the Gaza Strip with the Sinai peninsula."

I was thinking earlier today that the reason for the huge evil-axis outcry over the Israeli-Egyptian blocking of the Rafah area was, not only because weapons and operatives were kept out of Gaza, but because it kept them from going into Egypt from Gaza. Egypt is the big prize. There had been a plot to topple it for years. Gaza is a small prize by comparison, except for its role as launch pad into Egypt, and into Israel.

I'm not saying that there was no agenda to smuggle weapons into Gaza, for the article says: "it was clear that the network's objective was to smuggle weapons, missiles and sophisticated sabotage materials [from Egypt] into the [Gaza] Strip." But the senseless shooting of ineffective missiles into Israel is now thought to have been an Irano-Hezbollah strategy to demonize Egypt. The axis knew that Egyptian Intelligence was onto them via capture of some major operatives, and the main objective was to protect against the political fall-out, which is only now falling out.

The article is long and thoughtful. This paragraph stood out:

"If the Bush administration was seen as anti-Arab and anti-Muslim, as an administration that divided the Middle East into 'good Arabs and bad Arabs,' occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, saved Israel from itself, and considered Iran to be the central point of the 'axis of evil' - the Obama administration is beginning to look as if it might prefer Iran to the Arab axis.'

In the next paragraph: "All of a sudden, the Arab countries and Israel have a joint interest and a joint 'suspect': Barack Obama." The article ends on Obama's visit to Turkey, and his efforts to use the nation as a bridge between the West and the Muslim world, and yet there's no mention of the Alliance of Civilizations meet...which had that very agenda.

Well I just went searching and Wikipedia reports: "The President of the United States, Barack Obama, who was visiting Istanbul that day, was originally expected to attend the second day of the [AoC] meeting, but paid a surprise visit to the U.S. troops in Iraq instead." I can barely believe this report. The Turkish leader invited Obama to the event, and the Turkish prime minsiter attended. It would have been a substantial insult had Obama not attended, especially as Obama was pushing the same agenda as the AoC. Perhaps Obama attended secretly, making a deal with the Turks that they not expose it, explaining why the media was given a hard time at some point.

An article dated April 6 (first day of the meet) says: "US President Barak Obama arrived in Istanbul Monday evening to participate in the Alliance of Civilizations Forum." No details given. Nothing more said, as if all media attending to hear Obama had to promise not to report on it.

There are many articles on Obama's committing to attending, and precious few reporting on whether or not he did attend. It's the strangest thing. I have yet to find one article reporting on the disappointment felt by Muslims for his not attending, which is what makes me think he did attend. I'm on Google's third page when searching "alliance of civilizations" "April 6" obama. End of page six: nothing. I tried searching "alliance of civilizations" "obama did not attend": not one article having those two phrases. How could the media the world over not report on this?

I tried "alliance of civilizations" "obama attended", and found a CNN article claiming that he was there: "...accomplices plotted to stab Obama with a knife during the Alliance of Civilizations Summit in Istanbul, which Obama attended on Monday [April 6] evening." Another article says that Obama attended a reception where AoC members were present. But that's about it. One would think that Obama was invited to speak for a few minutes at least. One would think that many American media were covering Obama's first foreign visit as president. I dunno. It just doesn't seem right.

The Egyptian-Hezbollah crisis is dealt with in the Lebanese media, of course, and the article below gives the impression that Lebanon and other Arab nations are seeking to quell both sides to reduce the fall-out. Hezbollah is said to be having secret reconciliation talks with Egypt, though the latter is fuming.

If Obama continues to speak on friendly terms with Iran now, he will be setting his compass for an anti-Egyptian direction from which he is unlikely to return. It will also signal to the Saudis as to his direction. Last week it was discovered that a Canadian attempted to ship uranium-enrichment equipment to Iran, and Obama knows about it because American Intelligence tipped Canada off about the man. Obama has seen all the evidence, and yet he refuses to publicly condemn Iran because that would make him just like Bush. Obama is willing to jeopardize the security of many just so that he can appear as though on a higher level than Bush. Obama views himself as the refined, while Bush is the crude.

I'm not being petty. Take as a vivid example Obama's hand held out this week to Hugo Chavez, Obama's signal that his direction will continue to be opposite that of Bush. Everything Bush must be trampled under his feet, especially those who voted for him. Obama is formed solid by his animosities carried as a Bush-bashing Democrat. He does no longer believe whatsoever that a hand held out to Iran will solve the problem, yet he's committed to it because he is finer than the Bush people.

Obama's agent, George Mitchell, was in Cairo yesterday, cranking up his two-state talk. Until now Mitchell has been soft, a listener, etc., but, as expected, he's getting tougher. He's now saying that the Palestinian state "is also in the national interest of the United States and people around the world." This is Obama's way of sticking his nose in Israel's security. "Your stubbornness, Netanyahu, threatens the United States and all of the world," he's saying, "so we have a right to have a say, and we say you've got to form a Palestinian state, otherwise you become our enemy." Israelis are more than a bit miffed by this sort of talk.,7340,L-3702793,00.html


Today's J-Post sets forth an interesting game being played out: "The Palestinian Authority and Hamas rejected over the weekend Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel." Actually, there is no PA statement in the article that outright rejects Israel's rights.

There is no surprise about Hamas's position, but it is surprising that the PA would reject Israel's right to exist since it publicly accepts a two-state solution. The article even says that Chief PA negotiator Saeb Erekat "pointed out that the PLO had already recognized Israel's right to exist when it signed the Oslo Accords..." Correct me if I'm wrong, but acceptance of a two-state solution accepts Israel's right to have a state.

However, no article that I've read has a quote from a PA leader substantiating acceptance of Israel's right to have a state. This is the game, and Netanyahu has scored big by demanding a statement from the PA, since it's now obvious that the PA is willing to form a two-state solution while rejecting Israel's right to its own state. Instead of making a public statement that satisfies Netanyahu's reasonable requirement, the PA is being evasive, complaining that Netanyahu is setting up a hoop, and then refusing to jump through it. It's like a business partner refusing to confess loyalty based on his partner's making the request for loyalty. Red flags go up. And yet, Obama the circus leader is cracking the whip on Israel. It's mind boggling, really.

"Azzam al-Ahmed, a senior Fatah official closely associated with Abbas, said on Saturday that the Palestinians would not return to the negotiating table until Netanyahu publicly accepted the two-state solution.

'We reject Netanyahu's demand to recognize Israel as a Jewish state,' he said. 'This demand illustrates the racist nature of Israel...[blah blah blah, blaming Netanyahu senselessly for their own short-comings]."

The article is filled with PA excuses for not satisfying Netanyahu's requirement. The statements turn Netanyahu into a monster for merely making the "demand." "Honey, I'll marry you, but don't ask me to be loyal. If you make that demand, then you're scum, and I'm out of here." And this is what the Palestinians are doing, separating themselves from Netanyahu, thus going backward toward a violent solution. "Honey, it's my way or the highway, give me your loyalty but don't demand mine or I'll take everything you've got and leave you desolate."

So what's going to happen? The Palestinians and Obama are both giving Netanyahu the freezing shoulder. Netanyahu is very happy in such a situation, and when the PA gets a grip on his happiness, they will devise some method of upsetting him. They are calling on Obama to twist his arm somehow, but failing that, to force his hand. Right now, we're at the arm-twisting stage, where Obama seeks to make life difficult for Israel as a threat of more to come if he doesn't act accordingly. It's a form of torture. The question is, how will Obama force Israel's hand?

What are the options? Hanging him from his tongue in the public square i.e. ruining/shaming him (liberals are specialists at this) so that his words are rejected by the world? A sausage that explodes in his face i.e. an assassination? Waiting for the next Israeli government is out of the question since it's been leaked that Obama intends to act surprisingly fast to create the Palestinian state.

Mitchell is under pressure to get results because Obama has given him at least one million dollars for his Jerusalem pad. We've already caught wind of his strategy: to make the peace process an event that, should it fail, threatens the United States. Indeed this issue does threaten the United States, but not because it's Israel that's promising to terrorize it. Clearly, Obama is giving in to radical-Muslim pressure, but how far he goes is yet to be seen. Whether Gog will be Obama's personal solution for Israel has yet to be seen.

There's an article having arrived to a conclusion I've made; it's entitled: "Barack Obama Now Knows Why George Bush Said Axis Of Evil." It's an important point, that even though the Great O is on the American throne, the evil axis continues forward with it's destructive agenda. The staggering thought entering not only my mind is that Obama might side with the evil axis rather than succumb to admitting that Bush was right. "Hey, America, these guys are really not that bad. You ought to get to know them. They have a gripe, and once that gripe is satisfied, they're just dandy brothers." Remember, Obama kept criminal types as friends.

After months of parliamentary limbo, Iraq has finally agreed on a new Sunni speaker, but see here the possibility of his Western ties:

"BAGHDAD -- Iraq's parliament ended months of political paralysis Sunday by electing a prominent Sunni lawmaker as its new speaker.

The selection of Ayad al-Samarraie opens the way for parliament to deal with crucial reforms that have been on hold for nearly four months. Among the issues facing parliament: passing laws to regulate the country's oil and gas riches and addressing possible constitutional changes on central government powers.

...Under Iraq's political system, the speaker post goes to a Sunni Arab. But the main Sunni bloc could not agree on a candidate until al-Samarraie emerged as a compromise figure.

Al-Samarraie lived in Britain for decades during Saddam Hussein's rule and was part of the Iraqi exiles in contact with Washington before the U.S.-led invasion in 2003."

Wikipedia tells that ""Ayad al-Samarrai is a Sunni Arab Iraqi politician, the chairman of the Iraqi Accord Front parliamentary group and the secretary-general of the Iraqi Islamic Party." The fact that "Samarrai lived in exile in Britain in the 1970s, when he was elected secretary-general of the party," may link him to the British Illuminati. He may be indebted to the Illuminati, in other words, for the fact that he was made the party leader, and may now be more indebted for becoming the Iraqi Speaker.

The Iraqi Accordance Front (that he leads/led) is pro-Baathist. The term "compromise" in the piece above is read by myself as a compromise between the pro- and anti-Iraqi Sunni among Accordance-Front leaders. Some anti-Iraq Sunni quit the Accordance Front not long ago, and are suspect in the current move to topple Maliki. We need to watch whether al-Samarrai leans pro- or anti-Iraq, in other words, because he could be an agent acting secretly for Gog when he arrives.

The Iraqi Islamic Party is the official Sunni portion of the Maliki government, but as Maliki is secular while the Islamic party is religious, one can predict that the party will split again when Gog forms his Iraqi army out of religious zealots.

These Sunni groups have been opposed to the American presence in Iraq, wherefore any loyalties that al-Samarrai has for the West may be ineffective at best. The bigger point is that, with his election, the Iraqi government can get on with government business such as the oil deals and turf battles in northern Iraq, either of which could involve Gog's entry into northern Iraq. Perhaps the four-month lull was Designed from above to stave off Gog's entry until the Appointed Time. Hey hey, wakie wakie, we've got to watch this.

Assuming that al-Samarrai has ties with the Rhodes people to which Obama is also tied, can we see al-Samarai acting as the bonding agent, middleman, or "ambassador" between Obama and Gog? Could al-Samarrai be involved in Obama's plot -- which would translate into a Rhodian plot -- to overthrow Maliki? Is al-Samarrai a spy for the Rhodian agenda in Iraq? All Illuminati plants in governments are spies first, shakers second.

Well, well, look at what I just found:

"London, Asharq Al-Awsat-Ezzat Al Shahbandar, a member of the Iraqi Parliament for the Iraqi National List Party that is led by Iyad Allawi revealed to Asharq Al-Awsat 'the presence of a plan to topple Nouri Al-Maliki's government via parliament.' Speaking about the crisis caused by the resignation of Mahmoud Al Mashhadani from the position of Parliamentary Speaker in December, Al Shahbandar said 'Al Maliki will strongly be against the appointment of Ayad Al Samarrai as Parliamentary Speaker, who is not standing independently, but is being put forward by the Iraqi Islamic party that holds four positions in the Iraqi government.'"

Hurdle number one has been leapt successfully: al-Samarrai is no friend of Maliki. Hurdle number two has been leapt successfully: al-Samarrai is part of the move to topple Maliki from within his own government. The article suggests that the Kurds are in favor of al-Samarrai because he and his party, like the Kurds, doesn't like a Maliki dictatorship.

There is the question of who within Iraq will be most infuential on Gog, the atheist seeking great wealth (Daniel 11:37-38), in getting him to attack Egypt and Israel on behalf of the Muslim quest. Al-Samarrai seems an exceptional candidate to fulfill this role:

"Samarrai belongs to the Islamic Party, the Iraqi branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist movement founded in Egypt in 1928 with members and offshoots across the Muslim world."

The article (dated today) shares a Samarrai quote that is to be expected: "'Neither my programme nor the programme of the Islamic Party calls for the fall of the Maliki government. This was the case before, but it was just a means of pressure,' he said."

After writing all of the above and seeking more information on this man, I found another Iraqi poliician by the same name, albeit "AlSammarae," who is a close friend of Obama and apparently a part of Obama's corrupt circle of Chicago friends! Is this mid-2008 article too much or what?

"Nibras Kazimi, a visiting scholar at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C., and a contributing editor for the New York Sun, provides an update on the whereabouts of convicted Iraqi-American Aiham Alsammarae, the former classmate of convicted Syrian-American political fixer, Antoin 'Tony' Rezko, who is the patron and personal real estate fairy to Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

...Ayham Alsammarae, Iraq's slimy ex-Minister of Electricity under the Bremer and Allawi administrations, who had escaped from an Iraqi prison by hiring an American security company to break him out back in December 2006, has resurfaced in the Jordanian capital Amman where he gave a press conference today saying, among other things, that he hoped that the insurgency in Iraq 'would continue [against U.S. occupation] and avenges the Iraqi people.'

Alsammarae, an Iraqi-American Chicagoan, added during remarks carried by Radio Sawa (Arabic link) that he had contributed the maximum allowable of $2,300 to Barack Obama's campaign. But there's another Obama link to Alsammarae: while serving as electricity minister Alsammarae had been involved in brokering deals in the Iraqi electricity sector for Antoin Rezko, Obama's long-term friend and patron. Rezko is the Syrian-American hustler who was convicted of fraud in an Illinois court on the day that Obama secured the Democratic nomination.

...Kazimi reported that Alsammarae, who 'allegedly fled Chicago because the authorities were going to get him on tax evasion,' 'claimed that he was on his way back to Iraq after being let off the legal hook under the amnesty law and that he is set to re-join Ayad Allawi's political coalition.'"

Tony Rezko was involved deeply with an Iraqi billionaire in London, and me suspects that Alsammarae was in cahoots with al-Samarrai when he (the latter) was in England. I see online that "Alsammarae" is also spelled, "al-Samarrai."

April 20

After coming to the Samarrai surname yesterday, I checked the Sam Coat and discovered excellent evidence that the "Uncle Sam" term in the United States was tied by blood to the "Brother Jonathan" term that generally indicated, in America's recent past, the same concept as Uncle Sam. I had (some years ago) traced both terms to mythical Samson (book of Judges) and the Levite (also in Judges) named Jonathan. In other words, there are Freemasons in the United States who trace themselves to mythical Samson and/or Jonathan, this being a clue that they trace themselves to the Danite tribe of Israel...not necessarily meaning that they do in fact trace to Danites.

Because Samson killed 1,000 fighters with the jawbone of a donkey, and because the story of his long hair likewise seems unrealistic, I have come to believe that the Samson story was a myth inserted late into the back of the book of Judges, and that the stories following the account of Samson, which includes Jonathan the Levite, were likewise inserted. I do not believe that accounts in Judges prior to the Samson story were mythical, but I do not necessarily include the book of Judges in with the Inspired texts that Jesus called the "Law and the Prophets."

It doesn't matter to me what you may think of me for taking this position; I want to believe the truth. Who decides what books were Inspired? The historical books such as Judges, Kings and Chronicles may not be included in Jesus' phrase. In fact, his term, "the law," may not include all of the first five books in the Old Testament, as some claim. Having said this, I do not think that the historical books are pitted with falsehoods, unless they are mythical in nature.

As anyone can understand, the Samson character is the Greek Hercules. It can't be a coincidence that Samson was a "Daniy," while Hercules was a "Danaan." This does NOT mean that the Greek Danaans were from the tribe of Dan, for the Danaans, with "Belus" as myth-code father, were named after the Nile-river city of Tanis, known to have been on the Pelusiac branch of the Nile delta. Unless you believe that Tanis was built by the tribe of Dan, you should not equate mythical Danaus with Dan.

But some Freemasons who believe that they're from Danes and/or British Danann may also believe that they stemmed from Israelite Dan when it is more likely they stemmed from the Greek line of Hercules Danaans (who likely became the British Danann).

Let me show the evidence that the Uncle Sam term is related by blood to Jonathan in English bloodlines. I started off checking for the Sam Coat (just one shown, English); a black lion on gold with some red dots on the lion that I could not make out. Variations included "Samm" and "Sammes," which smacks of "Samos" (god of Samosata) that I had identified with "Samson."

I fiddled around with Sam-like surnames and found that searching "Samm" brought up another design; the English Samm Coat uses the Templar scalop shells and a blue lion in the Crest. This was in itself an incredible find, as it was immediately after (in this past weekend's updates) writing on the Skelton/Shelton surname, for as you can see, "Skelton" reflects "scal(op)," and "Shelton" reflects "shell." But as the Skeltons were linked with the Bruces of York, who used a blue lion, well, it became obvious that the Samm surname was related to the Skeltons.

I'm thinking that God, knowing that I'd be writing on the Samarrai surname yesterday, had LG send me an email that led to the discovery of the "Schild" surname as a branch of Skeltons so that one can trace Rothschilds to the Samson cult.

The blue lion (on white) is the a symbol of Denmark, which uses three of them among red hearts. But the two blue lions (on white) in the flag of Schleswig are two of the three Danish lions. Note that "Schles(wig)" is similar to "Shelton" and 'Schild" (I'm not yet make a hard connection, however). The fact that the Danish lions were blue, were connected to Templars, and that Freemasons trace Danes to Dan, speaks volumes in tracing the Samson surname to mythical Samson.

What is yet more surprising is that the Samm surname "comes from the Norman personal name Samson." In fact, the Samm-Coat page doesn't show a "Samm" variation, but only a "Samson" and "Sampson" variation. The surname was first found in Gloucestershire.

Next, I tried the Jonathan Coat, and got just a German surname, using two chicken heads. As both the Sam and Samm surnames were from the Normans, the rooster symbol here may link to the rooster in the Sinclair Crest. A rooster was a symbol of the Celt god, Lug, which works well if he depicted Ligurians...who I trace to the Lycurgus Edones of Thrace living on-shore of the island of SamoThrace, origin of the Kabeiri.

There is one reader who has been digging into me for claiming Samson to be a myth, and I'm sure others have ceased to be readers for this position. But look now, my insistence has led to a major discovery, which is all the more important since SamoThrace was the origin of the Dardanus side of the Trojans.

Seeing that a variation of the German Jonathan name was "Jones," I checked the Jones surname and hit pay dirt, though I didn't realize it for some minutes. The Welsh Jones Coat uses a white lion on blue. At first, all I could think of doing was to link it to the blue on white lion of the Yorkshire Bruces/Skeltons, and in my excitement I missed the likely significance of their first being found in Denbighshire (sounds like it could have roots in Danes/Dan). See the Satanic Arms of Denbighshire, using a black lion on some gold that may link to the black lion on gold in the Sam Coat.

It took me several minutes to see the similarity between the Sam Coat and the Jones Coat: Both USE DROPS OF BLOOD ON THEIR LIONS, and at the same places on their lions, a sure sign that the Sam and Jones families were related!!!

I've already shown the English Jones Coat using three black ravens/crows...that I link to Garebites. The English Jones' were early in Yorkshire, if that helps to make a Bruce/Skelton/Sam connection all the more sure: "First found in Lincolnshire, borne by Alanus filius Jene in 1275. Other early bearers of the name include Willelmus filius Gene, who was recorded in the Rotuli Hundredorum of Yorkshire in 1276." "Rotuli" reminds me of Rutuli peoples of Ardea (south of Rome), the peoples to which I trace the Arthurian cult. "Thought to have been descended from the Umbri and the Pelasgians, the Rutuli were located in territory whose capital was the ancient town of Ardea..."

Two points. I tend to identify "Umbri" with the Cymbri, also "Cymru" that is Wales to this day. Second point: the red dragon of Wales (and Denbigh) can then trace from the Cymru to the Latins (who ruled the Ardea region), especially as I trace the red Biblical dragon to Latins in particular...though they with Etruscans (also from Lydia) merged with Trojans (= Lydian allies) and Mars-based Sabines/Abruzzi (Ares>Mars was Trojan-related) to form the Romans. The Umbrians should trace to Trojans: "Myth recalls that the [Umbrian] city [of Assisi] was founded by Dardanus in 847 BC" (i.e. a writer, probably Virgil, traced Assisi to Dardanus Trojans).

It may have sounded far-fetched when I tied "ass" terms (from Latin "asinus") to Samson's donkey symbol some years ago (in the Laden book), but look now at "Assisi" and it's being founded by Dardanus, who was first found on Samothrace.

"Asinus" sure does evoke the "Jewish" Eisner/Aisner surname (using horseshoes) that was traced recently to Germany's Essen (and nearby Hesse(n)), which place was smack beside Ruttensheid (i.e. of Rutuli origins?). Come on folks, these things cannot be coincidental. I had come to Essen only because I was at the Schell-Coat page (as per Skelton/Shelton roots) where I read that the surname was at "Schellenberg manor near Essen" (see April 19 update, just yesterday).

So, was Hesse an ass term from Samson's Avvite cult (Avvites worshiped Tartak, a donkey god, smacking of "Dardanus")? Looks like, and I'd say the donkey symbol of the American Democrats traces to the same symbol and cult. Could it be that the Samson cult put forth the Essenes...that Freemasons and atheists (stupidly) like to link to John the Baptist and to the founding of Christianity itself?

When one checks for a Hesse Coat, a Jewish one comes up with a gold griffin. The German Hesse Coat (from Hesse): gold sun on blue, same as the Jewish Cohen Coat. The Essex Coat: blue and white shield (same as Cohens) with gold griffin in the Crest (the Cohen Coat has the white stars on blue that could link to those on the American flag).

The Jones Crest uses axes. The axe symbol is used also by the Axel/Axelrod surname, a name that I think links to the Assel/Hassel surname...perhaps from Hesse-Cassel. The Hassel surname was first found in Cheshire (capital, Chester), wherefore "Ches" may be rooted in "Hesse" or "Cass(el)." The Chester-surname Crest: a griffin.

Okay, that's enough on that topic.

Well, maybe not. After writing the above sentence, I thought that I should give a closing statement on possible links between the Samson surname of Britain and the Samarrai surname in the Arab world. I couldn't find any Samar-like surnames...until after about the tenth try: see the axe on the Schumer Coat!! The surname is said to derive from "shoe maker," but the "Shuhmacher" variation (that appears to support this claim) may have been a later development, not the original surname. In any case, I don't care if the Samarrai surname doesn't link to Samson; the point is that the Rothschild bloodline, and therefore the Bavarian Illuminati, a does seem to.

The reason that I included the Axelrod surname above is that the Drudge Report has a headline today: "Axelrod: 'Tea Party' movement 'unhealthy'... "

"Samarrai" might trace back to Samaritans; 1 Kings 16:25 says that Samaria was named after a hill owned by a man named "Shemer," but the Samos cult was likely named after Shem. British-Israelists trace a branch of Gomerians/Cimmerians to Omri, the king of Israel who bought Shemer's hill and named it Samaria (I don't make an Omri-Cimmerian link).

In like manner, the lost ten tribes of Israel as a whole are identified by some (silly) writers as the Cimmerians appearing in Mannai very-shortly after the ten tribes went into Assyrian exile. These Cimmerians fought a war against the Assyrians, you see, which is claimed as part of the evidence. I identify those Cimmerians as a Rosh-Hebrew mix having no Israelite blood, but perhaps fighting the Assyrians in an effort to save the Israelite Hebrews. As Ashkenaz was a son of Gomer, the Ashkenazi Jews on the Rhine may have included some blood from the 10 tribes in Assyria, yet any Ashkenaz entity using a bear for a symbol did not likely honor an Israeli root.

Dragon cult Semites from Assyro-Babylon, including the Cuthah, Sepharvites, and Avvites, were sent into Samaria to replace the ten tribes (see 11 Kings 17:24-31), and as these may have married some Jews from Judah, modern Jews may to some extent be from such. The Sephardic Jews of Spain come strongly to mind.

April 21

There's no news to speak of today, unless you want to hear about Ahmadinejad insulting Israel at Durban II (after every speaker was asked not to say anything that would cause division). I didn't think so. So I'll continue with the trace of the Skelton surname because it may just derive from the Scylla monster.

Homer's mythology (Odyssey) depicted two adjacent maritime land masses as two monsters, Scylla and Charybdis. I looked somewhat intently into his many codes as well as into the codes used by Apollonius Rhodius in his Argonautica, and after weeks of heavy concentration happened upon a trace of "Charyb(dis)" to the mythical line of Charops, father of Oeagrus, father of Orpheus.

Without getting into the details, I identified this line as the historical Ugrians (i.e. Oeagrus) as they were related to the historical Carpae (i.e. Charops), the namers of the Carpathian mountains and the root of the Hungarian Arpads. The Carpae lived in what is now western Ukraine, a term that should have derived from "Ugrian," this being a perfect reflection of the Charops>Oeagrus line. The Carpae are difficult to find online but I witnessed them on a map, located on the black-sea coast east of Carpathians, and read an article I can no longer seem to find telling that they were also the "Arpii." Somewhere I think I saved that map of ancient times.

I identified the Charops>Oeagrus>Orpheus line as involving Garebites, substantiated by Orpheus' lyre/harp symbol. In some cases, Apollo is made the father of Orpheus, suggesting that Apollo is somewhat related to the Charops>Oeagrus peoples, explained once again by the lyre/harp that was also one of Apollo's symbols. I decided that Apollo depicted the Dacians living on the Carpathians to the west of the Carpae.

When Orpheus died at the hand of the Maenads, he was portrayed with head and lyre floating down/south on the Hebros river and then out to sea to the island of Lesbos, the meaning obvious to me, that the Carpae branch of Garebites (I view them as Arpads from Syria, near Ugarit) had lost a major war to the Dionysus cult (probably among the Odrysians = Atreus cult) but had their remnant escape to Lesbos.

Since Scylla and Charybdis were associated with the Sirens, who were a branch of Muses off the west side of Sicily, it connects Orpheus, who was himself related to Muses, to Charybdis. In other words, Charybdis was the migration of his father, Charops, and may be viewed as the Arpad tribe of Apollo by which he received (from a myth writer) his lyre symbol. I have more recorded on this topic (not yet published anywhere) than these updates can bear. Suffice it to say that the Scylla monster was given dog features, symbols also of Apollo.

I tried but could not discover the historical root of Scylla. It is thought by others that the two monsters depict the point where Sicily is nearest to Calabria (Italy), in which case Scylla should depict the Sicels, the namers of Sicily. Makes sense.

The body of water between the two land masses is (in the real world) the Strait of Messina, which should trace to Messene in Sparta since the Odrysians trace forward in time to the Menelaus Spartans before arriving to Liguria. Yes, the Sparta-to-Liguria migration went through southern Italy and Sicily.

I had repeatedly claimed in my Laden book that Ligurians stemmed from Lycurgus Edones, wherefore it was nice to see that Oeagrus "ruled over the Edonian kingdom in the region of Mygdonia. He is sometimes called the son of Ares, but other times Charops is mentioned as his father..." This Charops=Ares equation verified my finding that Ares' dragon was ultimately rooted to Arphaxadites (i.e. the Ares Rus were merged with Arphaxadites).

Connection to the Edones is made yet again in this: "Charops was a supporter of the young god Dionysus, and it was to Charops that Dionysus entrusted the Edonian kingdom after the death of Lycurgus." Dionysus depicted the Kabeiri cult out of Lemnos, and he ruled the Odrysians (= mythical Dryas), said to be the father/son of the Lycurgus Edones. Dionysus warred with Lycurgus and won, wherefore the Edones who migrated west to Liguria may be viewed as the Kabeiri Edones out of Lemnos and Odrysia...BUT, as the quote above reveals, the Dionysus Edones evolved into Charops Edones. I had independently traced Dionysus to Messene, wherefore it makes sense that his Charops branch may be identified as the Charybdis monster (on the Messina straight).

Whether Scylla was inherently related to the Charybdis line is a difficulty to resolve. But now read this: "From mainland Italy, thought to originally have been Ligures from Liguria came the Sicels in 1200 BC; forcing the Sicanians to move back across Sicily settling in the middle of the island."

The Sicani are said to have been the first inhabitants of Sicily. When I was looking into these matters about a year ago, I considered a trace back to Sicyon (a place that came up in these updates just days ago), and then forward to Saxons (I traced other Germanic tribes from southern Italy). The Skeltons were Saxons, and they may very well trace to the Ligurian tribe of Sicels.

The Ligurians were founded in relation to Marseilles, a city that I was able to root in the Marsi of Abruzzo (= Mars), which should explain why Oeagrus was made the father of Marsyas. I get it. Oeagrus was made both the son of Ares and the father of Marsyas, wherefore the Ares=Mars equation is just this Charops>Oeagrus line...which I trace from Arpad domains on the Mures river (Transylvania) to the Marsi of Italy (this being the Silva-Rhea and Mars cults that were both foundational to the Romans).

Assuming that the Skelton surname derives from the Ligurian tribe of Sicels, it should trace back to the Atreus Spartans, but so far as I can recall, I didn't find a Sicel-like region in Sparta, nor in Edonia, nor in Odrysia.

A third founding peoples of Sicily, the Elymians, were from Dardanus (i.e. Samson-based Kabeiri) Trojans.

I think I know how to trace the Elymians to Greece: "When a genealogy was applied to him, Marsyas was the son of Olympus." I'm assuming that "pus" was a suffix so that "Olym" is the root. Behold, Steve (he noted that I hadn't used "Behold! lately), Olympus was made a son of Hercules = the Greek Danaans from Samson's Avvites = Tartak the donkey god = Dardanus = Tartus (Syria) founded by Arpad/Arvad (of-shore Tartus) near Ugarit. Olympus was also made the son of Oeagrus!!

Apparently, Oeagrus leads to the Elymians of Sicily. Is it a coincidence that the first ruler of the Arpad Hungarians (= On-Ogur) was "Almos"?! Was he not of Elymian stock, in other words? I had traced both Zeus and "Olympus" to "Solymi," and the Solymi to the Delymites, thought to have been Elamites by at least one online writer.

Did you get it? The Hercules>Olympus>Marsyas line is the same as the Oeagrus>Ares>Marsyas line. It just so happens that the Apollo myth involving donkey ears involves Marsyas (the Satyr). King Midas got the donkey ears because he choose Marsyas as a better musician than Apollo (suggesting a close relationship between Midas and Marsyas).

The Elymians of Sicily merged with the Sicani, but my question is the roots of the Sicels. "Thucydides and other classical writers were aware of the traditions according to which the Sicels had once lived in Central Italy, east and even north of Rome. Thence they were dislodged by Umbrian and Sabine tribes, and finally crossed into Sicily." But who in Italy were they? Well, the Skeltons merged with Bruces, who I trace to the Abruzzi. Aside from likely having associations/kinship with the Marsi of Abruzzo, I'm stumped. One guess is Assisi...evolving into "Sicel."

I'm reminded of the scalop shell, how the two terms evoke the Skelton and Shelton surnames. A few years ago I traced the serpent doctor, mythical Asclepius to the scalop shell. The term was also "Aesculapius," if that helps. The Samson Coat uses scalops, while the surname was first found in Gloucestershire, a place that I have previously traced to mythical Glaucus, who was involved with the serpent symbol of Asclepius: the latter brought Glaucus to life with a medicinal-serpent theme, suggesting a close relationship between the two.

It can't be a coincidence that Glaucus loved Scylla. I've known this for some years, and used it to identify the Scylla monster with Asclepius, but now I can keep an eye out for a Skelton/Schell/Schild/Rothschild link to the Asclepius cult (symbol = a serpent entwined around a staff, similar to the caduceus of Hermes). The"Schell Coat uses a serpent (along with the Skelton symbol) which may apply. At one time I thought to trace the mythical figure to Askelon, near Gaza, not far from Samson's domain. But Samson lived much closer to Gareb; both "he" and Gareb were on the west side of Jerusalem.


The delegates from multiple nations walked out on the UN-sponsored Durban II meet when Ahmadinejad bad-mouthed Israel, for which reason I'll be seeking an appropriate statement from Obama. I expect him to go forward with a Palestinian State even though it can be plainly seen that it can be used by the Iran axis to destroy Israel.

The following may develop into something trib-related:

"President Barack Obama will participate in a meeting on [April 23] with executives of U.S. credit card companies, the White House said.

Aides to Obama had previously announced that the credit card firms would be meeting at the White House with top administration officials, including Lawrence Summers, director of the National Economic Council."

The said purpose is the deal with the high fees charged by credit card companies. However, at some point, credit card companies may begin to talk on the feasibility of a "skin-card." The administration, wanting to control sectors of society as best it can, would like the idea. Obama would love to be able to control tax payers, as his greatest "god" at this time is tax revenue. A skincode system would make it risky to evade paying taxes, as many do now by not claiming some income. The IRS could type a person's skincode and instantly pull up all (or almost all) transactions made, income and expenditures included. That would be the goal, anyway.

As per Lawrence Summers in the quote above, I thought I should study the Summers symbols. The term is close to "Shem" and "Sam," and I'm of the opinion that Sumeria was named after Shem. The German Summer/Sommer Coat uses a red and green shield, evoking the two shield colors of the first Rothschild, and meanwhile the Crest uses a red fox, reminding me to inform you that the Samson myth not only included a Philistine conflict depicted by a donkey jawbone, but one depicted by foxes. Samson went out to catch 300 foxes, tied their tails together in pairs, and set them on fire in the fields of the Philistines. I don't believe this happened, but rather I believe that the myth writer viewed the fox as an Avvite symbol (the Avvite god, Nibhaz, is thought to be the canine god, Anubis).

The very same red fox is found in the "Jewish" and German Fox Coats and Crests. We read: "The Fox family name first began to be used in the German state of Bavaria" (origin of the first Rothschild). Variations of the German Fox surname are Fuchs-like, evoking the Fulks as their surname developed into the city of Vauxhall but also, as play-on-words, "Foxhall." See

See again the green and red shield of the English Folk Coat, this surname said to derive from Fulks of Anjou. The Italian Fulk Coat shows the Cohen checks, suggesting that the sun symbol in the Jewish Cohen Coat links to the sun in the German Summer Coat because both it and the Fulks use a half-red, half-green shield. The English Summers Coat uses a fully-green shield and what may be a variation of the Dunham-Coat design.

On the page displaying the German Folk/Volker Coat, we read: First found in the south, near the border of Austria, where the fame of the 'Niebelungenlied' first reached Germany." The term means "Song of the Nibelungs." I trace Nibelungs to a Neballat location near/at Nob (two miles north of Old Jerusalem). I can't recall if I've ever seriously considered a Sampson link to Nibelungs, but just now, as the thought crossed my mind that Nibelungs may have been Avvites as per Samson, it caused me to see that "Nibelung" has a conspicuous similarity with "Nibhaz."

Hey, hey, that's yet another piece of evidence that Samson depicted Avvites, and it serves to unveil the fox symbol (or the jackal of Egypt) as one depicting a Nibelung bloodline. This is very good and useful. In my March 1 update, I had written: "Neballat, a city (now Beit Nebala) some five miles from Tel Aviv..." Is it a coincidence that "Aviv" is identical, essentially, to "Avva," the city of the Avvites (2 Kings 17:24), and to "Avviy," the Biblical spelling for "Avvite"?

Behold. I had seen the shield of the Irish Fox Coat just a couple of days ago, but couldn't recall on which surname it belonged. A little search found it, and it turned out to be the Irish Shield Coat (!!), this tending to assure that Foxes (and therefore Samson-Nibelungs) are linked to Rothschilds. The English Shield page shows more d-less variations such as "Shiell," and a search for a Shiell Coat brings up the German Schell surname (using a crowned serpent that may link back to Asclepius).

I searched for a Scalop Coat but none showed up, so I tried for a Scale Coat hoping for scalop shells...and a red shield with six scalop shells popped up!

I failed to mention what may have been obvious, that where the Scylla monster depicted Sicily's Sicels, the Charbdis monster depicted Calabria. Knowing that Calabria was named by Halybes/Chalybes, I've wondered whether mythical Charob and "Charyb" itself were not an example of the common l-to-r switch: "Chalybe" to "Charyb." If true, the Arpads, Carpae, Arphaxadites, harp/lyre symbol, etc., were Halybes and/or their fellow tribe, the Khaldi.

I tried the Schele/Schole Coat and came to a shield of black and white diamonds the same as the Grimaldi diamonds. Knowing that Grimaldis were of Ligurian roots, I then read that, "In 1086 this [Scholes] parish was held by Ilbert de Lacy..." Ligurians were founded by an Egypto-Greek alliance in Lacydon. Moreover, the Schele surname, though the bulk of variations shown are Scholl-like (Scayles is included), were first found in Yorkshire, the location of Bruce-Skelton families.

So, if the Summers surname is Rothschild-related, then Lawrence Summers, director of Obama's National Economic Council, whom Obama is about to meet in regards to a credit-card controversy, could be the agent by which the skincode begins to come down, from Rothschild international bankers, to all the world. Just a thought.

"Summers is the Charles W. Eliot University Professor at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. He is the 1993 recipient of the John Bates Clark Medal for his work in several fields of economics and was Secretary of the Treasury for the last year and a half of the Clinton Administration...Since returning to government in the Obama administration, he has come under fire for his numerous financial ties to Wall Street."

The Kennedy School of Government ""offers master's degrees in public policy, urban planning, public administration, and international development..." not a bad description of what the skincode will be all about.

Well, well, look at what the Wikipedia article above does on behalf of the theory above, that the Summers surname is linked to the Sam surname (brackets not mine):

"Summers is the son of two economists, Robert Summers and Anita well as the nephew of two Nobel laureates in economics: Paul Samuelson (sibling of Robert Summers, who, following an older brother's example, changed the family name from Samuelson to Summers) and Kenneth Arrow (Anita Summers's brother)."

The English Samuel Coat (the only one shown) uses two red squirrels, and the Crest a black squirrel. The surname, said not to be Jewish but from Anglo-Saxon descent (i.e. fits in with dragon-cult Hebrews of the Saxon fold), was first found in Cornwall, where the Hatch surname was first found. Why mention the Hatch surname? Because "Hence, conjecturally, the [Sam/Sammes surname] is descended from the tenant of the lands of Kelveden Hatch held by a steward of Westminster Abbey..."

In the Hatch-surname page, we read: "Hatch is of Anglo-Saxon origin and came from when the family lived in one of the settlements named Hatch in the counties of Bedfordshire, Hampshire, Somerset, or Wiltshire..." Somerset??? Adjacent Devon is known to be founded by British Danaan, wherefore a Somerset situated beside Devon is a perfect fit with the Samson>Hercules line of Greek Danaans.

Since the Danaan of the Nile delta are suspect as main branch of Hyksos "Egyptians," note that the "the surname Hatch is derived from the Old English word haecce, which means hatch." The Hatch surname may not have derived from "hatch," but may have evolved into it to disguise its Hyksos root. I have identified Samson with the coming of the Hyksos into early Israel, at the time that Joshua left the Avvites unconquered in Philistine territories, one Philistine city being Askelon.

This never ends when one hits paydirt. As per the Kelviden Hatch name above, and recognizing that it's Calvin-like, which an emailer caused me to see as Chalybe-like, I checked the Calvin surname to find scalop shells in the French Calvin Coat, white on black, same as in the Samson Coat.

The English Calvin Coat uses the clover symbol used also by English Shield/Shiell Coat and the English Slate Coat. The Calvin Crest is a deer, which may support a Calvin=Halybe equation if "Chalyb(dis)" is a version of "Chalybe" so as to link Halybes with the Charob=Arpad bloodline. In fact, I discovered that mythical Charob was at the root of the deer symbol belonging to Hungarian Arpads because a deer in some language (can't recall which) was almost exactly like "Charob" (take our "caribou," for example).

I can't tell what sort of birds are in the French Calvin Coat, but if they're pigeons, then the surname is almost certainly linked to the English Shield/Shiell Coat and Crest, using doves with the clover. Calvin and Shiell together then match Scylla and Charybdis, you see.

There's more, for the I noticed the similarity between "Calvin" and "Calhoon," and checking the Calhoon surname found the Calvin deer in the Calhoon Crest!

Now behold. The Danann of Devonshire's founding were called, "Dumnoni," a term I recognized (long before entering Samson into my theories) as rooted in the Samnite tribe of Sabines...because Daphne, origin of "Devon," evolved from mount Saphon into the Safines/Sabines.

After discovering Samson, I traced the Dumnoni back to Timnah (not too far from modern Dimona), the town where Samson was given (by myth writers) a Philistine female mate (not Delilah, however). But I don't recall whether I made the Timnah link to Somerset, which I will do now because "Dumnoni" (also "Domnann") easily creates "Sum/Som." If correct to trace Devon and Somerset to the Samson cult in Britain, which seems to make a strong case, then Somerset was Samson's ally, the Temnites>Samnites...which had a Scandinavian branch in the Semnones of Seubi affiliation!! This now becomes a simple method to trace Hebrews of the Samson/Danaan cult.

Back to Lawrence Summers: "In 2006 he was a member of the Panel of Eminent Persons which reviewed the work of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development." Quite a job, to oversee an organization that should have much to do with a global skincode system. "The organization's goals are to 'maximize the trade, investment and development opportunities of developing countries and assist them in their efforts to integrate into the world economy on an equitable basis.'"

The article then says: "In the 1970s and 1980s, UNCTAD was closely associated with the idea of a New International Economic Order (NIEO)." Yikes! Aren't Obama and friends tinkering with just such an order? Is "tinkering" too mild? Getting third-world countries on the world economic wagon reminds me of the Clinton Global Initiative, having similar themes. "Currently, UNCTAD has 193 member States and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland."

Obama's commerce secretary, Gary Locke, should become involved with Summers. The Locke Coat uses the same cross (not to mention the Ligurian swans) as the Calhoon cross. The Calhoon name is thought to derive in "hound," and in fact I trace the Apollo/Artemis wolf symbol to Halybes (and their Slav branch) while the boar symbol goes to their neighbors, the Khaldi.

No surprise (article dated today):

"In the first major disclosure of corruption and fraud in the $750 billion federal bailout program, investigators said Monday that they have opened 20 criminal probes into possible securities fraud, tax law violations, insider trading and mortgage modification fraud.

Neal Barofsky, the special inspector general overseeing the bailout program, said in an interview that the investigations are just the first wave of cases by his office. He expects the first criminal indictments to occur later this year.

The disclosures reinforce the worst fears that the hastily designed and rapidly changing bailout program run by the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve is going to carry a heavy price of fraud against taxpayers...",0,2254672.story

No other news, so I'll come back to more on Samson. "Saphon" must have stemmed from the country of Sophene, a fellow worshiper of Samos, the god of neighboring Samosata. You get it: mythical Samson was a Samosata peoples linked to the Daphne-Ladon cult, this being evidence that Laish, a mount-Sion city conquered by a Dan peoples as per a story found in Judges 18 -- found after the Samson account and therefore suspect as relating to the Nile-Delta Danaans rather than the Israeli tribe of Dan -- was Phoenician ground-zero for the Ladon cult.

In that region, however, the cult was called Lotan, which now brings me to a man named Lotan, son of Seir (a Horite), the founder of the land of Seir that Esau took over (Esau is as close to an Israelite as one can get because his brother was Jacob=Israel.) Esau's son, Eliphaz, had a concubine named Timna (Genesis 36:12), and she was the sister of Lotan (36:22). The possibility is, therefore, that Timnah, the city of Samson's wife, was of the Seir > Lotan bloodline, and that Seir named his daughter after that city.

In fact, we find a Temanite ruler of Edom in verse 34. Moreover, and this once again provides excellent evidence that Samson was merged to an Avvite peoples, the next verse tells that the successor (Hadad) to the Temanite had a city named "Avith," which was the city of the Avvites! Then, in the next verse (now in 36), Hadad was succeeded by Samlah!!

It may be that Laish, named by the Laz, was infiltrated by ancestors of Seir, thus potentially explaining why Seir named his son, Lotan, after the dragon-god of that city. Later, the Samson-Timnah alliance conquered Laish, as per Judges 18, due to a family power-struggle, as often happens. Laish was then renamed, Dan, according to Judges.

My take on all this is that the Hyksos "Egyptians" of Avaris and nearby Tanis, when destroyed by the Ten Plagues, took shelter as the Avvites of Avith (Edom), merging with Esau's bloodline there, but also merging with a Samosata bloodline to the east of Joppa's Avvites...because the Hyksos had been from Armenia in the first place.

Recalling the (theoretical) trace the donkey side of Samson to ass terms such as Hesse and Essen, and perhaps Assisi, might not "Esau" be the root of the Avvite donkey cult? Interesting question, not to mention whether Esau was root to the Essenes.


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