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April 22 - 24, 2009

Russia not Behaving

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April 22

Having just mentioned Gary Locke near the end of yesterday's update, I thought I should mention this tidbit in today's news: "Ellen Moran, White House communications director, will become chief of staff for Commerce Secretary Gary Locke." I checked the Moran Coat to find just one coat, an Irish one, but with three Zionist stars, as well as the same star in the Crest. How can there be so many Hebrews in Washington if Jews make up a miniscule percentage of America's people? Hitler was on the mark; Zionists rule the world more than anyone else, and they help one another to rule the world. They have ruled America from the start under Anglicized surnames. As I've shown, even the proto-Washington surname used a Zionist star...that appears disguised as the pentagrams in the Washington Coat. Red pentagrams on white were the symbol of Wallis canton and it's Sion city, remember.

Obama has decided to meet face to face, in Washington, with the players in the Israeli theater. What should be frightening for Israel is that Obama wants to go forward with the Arab initiative. As he knows it to be a pie-in-the-sky wish, Obama must have something up his sleeve for when Israel rejects it. Note in a DEBKAfile article that Obama won't give Netanyahu much time to respond:

"The White House announced Tuesday, April 21, that Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas will be invited to Washington for separate Middle East peace talks in the first week of June. The announcement followed Obama's conversation with the visiting King of Jordan, Abdullah II.

DEBKAfile's exclusive Washington sources disclose that their meeting ended with the US president accepting the extended Arab League Middle East peace plan initiated by Saudi Arabia.

...The two leaders agreed the document would not be published before Obama presents it to Netanyahu at the White House in June. He will ask the Israeli prime minister for an immediate answer and urge him to accept the Arab peace plan as the basis for direct negotiations with the Palestinians and Syria in which the United States will be actively engaged.

It sounds like Syria has already agreed to enter negotiations, and it's gotten its wish to have Obama enter them. My prediction is that Israel will sabotage the affair before June arrives; the deal asks Israel to do what it has refused to do for over 40 years. The question still is: what will Obama do when Israel rejects his promptings? I have yet to hear Israel's response to Obama's coming invitation; I'll let you know. For details of Abdullah's visit to Washington, see

Although Russia has been invited to join the NATO exercises in Georgia next month, it is having a fit. The nation has turned down the invitation and demanded that the NATO affair be called off. NATO is refusing to call it off because Russia has been invited so as to verify nothing insidious toward Russia is being planned. However, the exercises may have as their very purpose to send Russia a message not to re-invade Georgia.

I found another Banias:

"Iraq is seeking offers from foreign companies to rehabilitate an oil pipeline to Syria's Mediterranean terminal of Banias after a Russian firm did not begin the work, an Oil Ministry spokesman said [yesterday]."

Apparently, the Russian company just didn't show up. But look at where the Iraqi pipeline leads:

"38km north of Tartous and nearly 50km south of Latakia is the town of Banias. This town goes back a long way, it was built by the Arvadians of Arwad as a Phoenician colony.

That's the people Arvad/Arpad, an island off the coast of Tartus. This is where the Russian's wanted to have their Syrian military base. I haven't heard anything more on the topic since the Georgian war. It's where I expect Gog to establish a headquarters when he defeats Syria.

It's possible that Syria backed away from giving Russia a Tartus base because of Russia's behavior in Georgia. Then, as a result, the Russian firm didn't show up because the purpose of the base was to be pipe-line related. Just guessing.

It sounds as though the location of Banias has been there since ancient times. The other Banias was at Laish (Phoenicia), and meanwhile the Syrian Banias was close to the waters wherein the Lotan dragon was located. Obviously, the myth writers located Lotan off of these Syrian coasts because the people to whom Lotan belonged had lived there.

This is some evidence that founders of Laish were root to the Lotan dragon. Since Banias was "Panias" (named after Pan), it's clear that it was also Daphne's father, Peneus, though this was a river in Greece. In other words, the Daphne cult at Laish/Dan and Panias moved together toward Greece, living on the Syrian coast for some time and naming mount Saphon there...if not also Latakia. It is in-part because I identify Lotan as the Revelation dragon that I expect Gog to have a base there.

Egypt is fuming. It has evidence that the Lebanese government fabricated the passports (i.e. with false names) of Hezbollah operatives so that they could use them for entering Egypt to undermine it. It's one thing for Hezbollah to attempt a toppling of Egypt, but when the Lebanese government is complicate, it's a totally different ball game. It shows that the majority powers within the Lebanese government are no longer pro-West, but rather pro-Iran.


It looks like Netanyahu is going to be stressfully in the middle of the leftist-Barak side of his government and the Lieberman right: "Barak has come out on the side of the Obama administration on the matter of the Arab initiative, which he said should be the basis of Israel's approach to peace talks, sans the Arab world's stipulation that Israel abide by UN Resolution 194 and allow Palestinian refugees to resettle within Israel."

This is not much of a story yet because such a position only stalls the peace talks in a direction of failure. It leads the foreign parties to believe that Israel is behaving acceptably when in reality the key Arab demands will never be given over...willingly. The stipulation that Palestinians living outside Israel be allowed to return to find homes in the Palestinian state spells the death of Israel, according to the Israelis. But what's the difference? If a Palestinian state is granted, the same threat can be made to materialize, as politics within that state's boundaries go out of Israeli hands.

I've always had the sense that the leftists in Israel have traditionally been in cahoots (a nice Jewish word) with the British Illuminati, while the rightists of recent years are taking things rebelliously into their own hands. Barak's positioning on-side the Obama plan seems to verify this. However, even the leftist Israelis must have a limit as to how far they will allow British dictates to go. Globalists have the world system in mind, while Israeli leftists have Israel in mind as priority.

I can't easily accept as yet something so outrageous as Gog being an agent of the British globalists. I'm open, but I tend to think that Gog is one who takes the side of the Arabs whom the globalists are attempting to pacify and appease. Obama's world outreach acts as an excellent example of the "prostitution" of Revelation's Babylon the Great, and with other "pimps" are the British globalists. They force all the nations to "work" for them. If the nations don't work, their needs get cut off, or worse. This is what's about to happen to Netanyahu, and Barak knows it. Netanyahu has much to think about in May.

A poll shows 80 percent of Israeli's in favor of a Palestinian state in theory, but not by the terms of the Arabs. I'm in favor of a Palestinian state too, in Jordan or Saudi Arabia. But, hey, guess what? Neither the Jordanians nor the Saudis will give up their land, as useless as most of it is, to form a state for the Palestinians they claim to so dearly care for. Obama, on the other hand, would love to form a Little Palestine in Chicago somewhere. I say a Palestinian State -- terrorists, weapons and all -- should be formed in New York smack in the middle of where all the Obama-supporting Jews live.

The UN will release, today, it's outline for peace in northern Iraq. I'll bring details to you as they spill out from the Iraqi government. I don't mean to conjure up the idea of Gog being a UN agent, but the thought does come to mind, as the timing seems right (I'm expecting Gog in northern Iraq yesterday). What we have here is the UN entering northern-Iraqi politics on a non-military level, at a time when the UN is racing toward a one-world government opposed mainly by Arab states. If Maliki shows anti-globalist features, the UN could decide to topple him via their Gogi agent. Forgive me, but the possibilities are many.

The UN report concentrates on disputed areas: "The disputed areas consist of Kirkuk, seven districts of Nineveh province, whose capital Mosul is Iraq's second city, two districts of Diyala province, and one each in Salaheddin and Sulaimaniyah provinces." Coincidence, or is this Gog coming to town?

The Syrian prime minister is in Iraq today, with the oil pipeline to Banias (Syria) on the agenda. I didn't know yesterday where that pipeline starts off in Iraq, but today it's revealed to be in Kirkuk:

"According to a report published in the London-based Arabic- language daily al-Hayat two weeks ago, al-Maliki and al-Otri will also discuss building a pipeline linking Iraq's rich oil fields near the northern city of Kirkuk with Syria and a pipeline linking the western Iraqi natural gas field at Okaz with the Syrian market.",syrian-iraqi-prime-ministers-meet-in-baghdad--summary.html

The picture now is that a Russian company had made a deal, with Iraqi-government sanction, to fix a pipeline from Kirkuk to Banias, and yet the company failed to keep its commitments to this deal, for unknown reasons. The sky's the limit as to theories on why. One coming to mind is that Putin cannot make money on a pipeline to Syria...unless Russia could have an oil port at/near Banias. A pipeline to Russia would be more to Putin's liking, and Gog could become his dipstick for the purpose. I doubt that such a Gog would be a UN agent, though he might pretend to work with the UN agenda in northern Iraq.

Only days ago, the Russians had gotten a pledge from Maliki to form some oil deals in line with deals made with Saddam years ago. I'd like to know the details. It could explain why the Syrian-pipeline job was abandoned...i.e. in favor of the new prospects.

A headline yesterday: "Turkmenistan Delays Russian Pipeline Project and Rejects Russian-Led Gas Cartel." Russia is not having a good time with oil-related deals involving Gazprom:

"Evidently disturbed by Turkmenistan's recent moves to crack Gazprom's monopsony, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has publicly instructed Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin and Gazprom CEO Aleksei Miller to 'step up work with Turkmenistan' (Interfax, April 16). Putin was speaking on the day when Turkmenistan signed a ground-breaking agreement on natural gas with Germany's RWE (see article above).

...Berdimuhamedov surprised and disappointed Moscow by not signing a pipeline construction agreement during his official visit there on March 25. Neither side disclosed the reasons behind the Turkmen move. The signing had been scheduled as the centerpiece of the Turkmen president's meeting with Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev.

...Moscow hopes through this project to supply Gazprom's South Stream pipeline, which would carry Turkmen gas across the seabed of the Black Sea to Europe."[tt_news]=34884&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=7e4cfebb57

The world knows what happened to Europe's gas, this past winter, from Gazprom. Europe does not want a repeat, no doubt explaining why Germany got the deal instead of Russia. What now, if Russia can't get the Turkmen (east side of Caspian sea) pipeline? Will it raise greed levels for obtaining the Kirkuk lines? What is Obama doing to obtain Iraqi oil for America and his international-banker pimps? Hmm, wouldn't the UN plan for northern Iraq cater to that question? Who but the United States, with a military stationed in Iraq, and with Iraq indebted to American spilled blood, has the best chance of obtaining Kirkuk's oil?

The article goes on to say: "On April 3 Turkmenistan openly rejected Russia's idea to create a cartel of gas-exporting countries...It is unprecedented for Turkmenistan to stand up to Moscow with such outspokenness and persistence as it has in recent weeks, defending its interests." The countries of Russia's proposed cartel are not listed/mentioned. On April 9, the Turkmen pipeline was bombed; Russia is suspected.

If the Dipstick has been waiting for the Americans to leave Iraq, the time has probably come and gone for him to abandon this hope. How, though, will he enter northern Iraq under current circumstances? If I were a dipstick, I would align myself secretly with the terrorists, cause a violent commotion through them, and then make a suggestion to Iraqis on how to fix the problem, ordering my terrorists to cease violence just as I stepped in as Doctor Fix. That would get me a foot into the door of Mosul, and once in, I could conduct many operations to my liking.

Last I heard, China made an oil deal with the Kurds. Imagine, then, when Gog steps in to take hold of that oil, how the Chinese might be infuriated to the point of invading Gog's domains. I can't think of a better reason for the "kings of the east" to be on the Euphrates, by which I mean to point out that Gog will become an "oil man" of sorts. Perhaps it's time for me to read up on Kirkuk oil; Gog may be mentioned somewhere therein.

The appearance of the Syrian prime minister in Iraq today should prove to award the Syrian-pipeline contract to a Syrian company, perhaps explaining why Gog invades get control of that pipeline, and then to set up headquarters at/near its spout in Banias.

Hugo Chavez insults America, and Obama goes over to give him a gripping hand with a big smile; Ahmadinejad insults Israel and Obama says he'll still hold his hand out to him. Obama is meanwhile flirting with the Castro family. And now Hillary ClinTNT wants to be friends with Libya:

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called [yesterday] for stronger ties between the United States and its former foe Libya...

'We deeply value the relationship between the United States and Libya,' Clinton told reporters as she received Mutassim Gadhafi, who serves as his father's national security adviser."

It must be due to Libya's position as ruler of the African league that Obama wants to befriend it. Israel must be shocked again at Obama's choice of new friends. Libya wants Israel to sink into the mire of its own blood.

When Bush said he didn't want to embolden the evil axis, he was talking against the Democrat vision for the Middle East. We now see that vision played out through Obama, and you need to understand that he is emboldening the axis to a very high degree. He's sending all the "right" messages. With Libya already on-side with the evil axis, and Egypt spouting off against it -- more so this week than previously -- the "king of the south" appears headed toward his prophetic fate fast. In Daniel 11:25, the king of the south is no slouch; no sooner does Gog threaten him with an army that he, the Egyptian leader, musters up an army even larger without batting an eyelid. Egypt is talking this past week as though it would love to see a war with Hamas and Hezbollah:

The official Egyptian government daily newspaper, al-Ahram, devoted its main front-page headline [April 18] to an unprecedented attack against the leaders of Iran, Syria, Qatar, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood movement in Egypt, Hamas, as well as the Qatari-owned Al-Jazeera television network and Hezbollah's al-Manar television.

Al-Ahram accused those countries and organizations, which have been dubbed by Egyptian commentators as the 'Axis of Evil,' of collaboration with the 'plot' to topple Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's regime from power by means of terror attacks inside Egypt.

The state newspaper accused Syria of trying to 'rock the foundations of the regime.'

...An official Egyptian government spokesman in Cairo said on [April 18] Egypt would not be prepared either to forgive Hezbollah Secretary General Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah or to achieve reconciliation."

Egypt is out for blood, and Obama is making friends with Libya at the same time. Chavez was correct when he called Obama an ignoramus. I used the same term but NOT to echo Chavez. Obama is clearly an idiot in disguise who will cause the Middle East to explode by raising the hopes of those who'll use the bombs to carry it out.

Before Bush, more and more Arabs were willing to allow Israel it's place in the Middle East. Had that trend been allowed to continue by remaining firmly opposed to Hamas and company, the better Palestinians would have opposed their own dogs. But ever since Bush introduced the idea of a Palestinian state with a capital at Jerusalem, terrorism has risen higher to the occasion, and recruitments to the kill-Israel wagon have increased.

Only an idiot would seek a Palestinian state with Israel opposed. First get Israel to agree with it, and only then publicize the idea. Don't throw red meat before the Arab dogs, and then twist Israel's arm to comply with the dogs. That's a recipe for disaster. But then, it's God's will that all the idiots should be gathered together in the one Winepress of Fury.

The situation is building such steam that Egypt is being pressed to make closer ties with Israel. After weeks of hearing from Egypt that it won't talk to Israel's foreign minister, this week's venting against evil-axis members seems to have changed its mind:

"Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman (Yisrael Beiteinu) and Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman will meet in Jerusalem [today], but neither side wants to talk about it. The Egyptian government has issued no comment on the meeting, and Irene Ettinger, acting spokeswoman for the Israeli Foreign Minister, told Israel National News she would not make any statement because of the issue's 'sensitivity.'"

It would be hard for me to believe that the two will not be speaking together against the evil axis, and what to do together about it.

The article above has an interesting piece on Lieberman:

"In an interview this week with the Russian daily Moskovskiy Komosolets, [Lieberman] played up ties with Russia and said, 'Russia has a special influence in the Muslim world, and I consider it a strategic partner that should play a key role in the Middle East. I have argued for some time that Israel has insufficient appreciation for the "Kremlin factor"; I intend to mend this gap,' he said."

Things are'a changin'. Lieberman was born in Russia, and Wikipedia says: "In 1999, he founded the Yisrael Beiteinu party, catering to the large immigrant population from the Soviet Union..." I'm wondering whether this aspect will play somehow with Gog. Should Gog have some speaking relationship with Israel, who more than the foreign minister -- and a Russian one at that -- would he speak to?

It's odd that no Russian is speaking against Israel at this time. I mean, Gog is portrayed Biblically as an open slanderer of Israel, and yet no Russian politician fills the role at this time, even though the axis of evil is spouting openly against Israel. Should I capitulate to the Gog-is-an-Arab theory?

Russia is not behaving. Yesterday, I missed an article of yesterday:

"...Russia has troops just 25 miles (40 kilometers) from the Georgian capital...And in recent weeks, it has put even more soldiers and armored vehicles within striking distance of the city ahead of street protests against Georgia's president.

...By reinforcing its military presence at a time of potential political instability, Russia appears determined to maintain pressure on Saakashvili, whom Moscow has openly said must be replaced before relations can be repaired.

Georgia's Western-leaning government accuses the Kremlin of hoping to capitalize on political unrest to restore its influence over the former Soviet republic, which for almost 200 years was ruled by Moscow.

...Russian forces also occupied a new swath of territory in a second breakaway republic, Abkhazia, along the Black Sea coast.

The European Union and United States consider Russia in violation of the cease-fire signed by President Dmitry Medvedev, which called for troops to pull back to positions held before the war began.

Russia says the cease-fire has been superseded by separate agreements it signed with South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which Moscow now recognizes as independent states.",1,1143322.story

I could be wasting paper on the Georgia situation, but then again Russia knows that it will lose friends for pestering Georgia, and yet it continues to do so. The only conclusion I see is that Russia wants Georgia very badly. It is believed that Putin was born in Georgia, though he denies it...because he had long-ago claimed a mother other than the Georgian woman who claims to be his mother.

Well lo and behold. It was just today that I found a Hebrew surname using (three) gold Zionist stars on black (see Moran Coat), and just now I bumped into another surname, in an insightful article on Obama's globalist government, using the same symbol in the same colors. The article serves evidence that the definition of "New World Government" should be based on international theft...ah, er, I mean "taxes":

"[Title] Obama Fills State Department With Globalists

With the nomination of Harold Hongju Koh, the Dean of Yale Law School, as the Legal Adviser for the State Department, President Barack Obama is putting a world government team in place under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton...

Some conservatives in the media have been pointing out that Koh has extremely radical views that seem to subordinate U.S. laws and the U.S. Constitution to so-called international law. Some say he even would allow the application of Islamic Shariah law in the U.S...

Based on his public statements, one has to conclude that Koh believes in a world government financed by global taxes...

Koh's acknowledged mentor was Harvard Law Professor and international lawyer Louis B. Sohn, who...offered a detailed proposal to transform the United Nations into a world government in his book, World Peace Through World Law.

...Sohn said that he wanted this world government to maintain hundreds of thousands of troops, military bases, and be armed with nuclear weapons. The purpose, he said, would be to disarm 'each and every nation and to deter or suppress any attempted international violence.' This 'world authority' would also require a 'United Nations Revenue System,' drawing taxes from 'each nation' of the world, he said.

The term 'world government' is too benign for what Sohn proposed. The term 'global dictatorship' would be more appropriate. But this is the direction that Koh apparently would take us."

What do we see in the two surnames used above? See the two gold Zionist stars on black as the German Sohn Coat, and note that the surname could be a soft-c version of "Cohen." As for "Koh," though Korean, it sure does smack of short for "Cohen." Hebrews in Korea? I don't see why not a few.

April 23

An key development has taken place. The Egyptian who said he would never deal with Lieberman has kissed and made up with him:

"Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman met with Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman in Jerusalem [last night], despite declarations from Lieberman's Egyptian counterpart earlier this month that Cairo would not deal with him, nor would he be welcome in the Arab nation, until his attitude changed.

Lieberman held 'an important and constructive meeting' with Suleiman 'in a friendly atmosphere,' the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

We're off to the races, as they say, Egypt and Israel engaged together against the axis of evil.

By now you've probably witnessed my bias; I always come down on the side of Israel. I defend Israel against Obama's intrusions and bad-speak Iran's threats. Yet I'm aware that Iran is being raised by God to destroy the very Zionism that underlies Israel, the Zionism that I oppose because it rejects the Biblical picture for Israel. On the other hand, I'm thinking that the present Israeli government is not in cahoots with the Zionists who founded and controlled Israel to a great extent; yet it's a secular government...not respecting the God of Israel.

Then, I am "happy" to see an Egyptian-Israeli coalition, and yet know that God does not want this partnership, for which reason he will destroy Egypt through Gog, leaving Israel isolated to the mercy of the vengeance of a massive Gogi-Iranian invasion. We do not rejoice in this invasion because the nation of Israel is packed with Hebrews of the Israelite bloodline, for God promised long ago that it would be so.

In other words, God has assured that throughout the centuries, Israelites, though scattered in all the nations, have retained their Israeli blood. Pockets of Israelites here, and pockets there, they have been preserved for the end-time nation. CC spoke to me about this, and it's a good point to make amid my emphasis on other types of Hebrews. God even promised Ephraim and Manassah a place in end-time Israel, though they may not know who they are. All twelve tribes, except perhaps Dan, have been protected, says Revelation 7.

Why isn't Dan included in the list of the twelve tribes of Revelation 7? Many believe that Dan will supply the bloodline of the anti-Christ. I don't think so. The omission presses me to link the tribe of Dan to the Greek Danaans, but even though I trace Samson to the Greek Danaans, I resist the idea. I just can't imagine that Tanis was an Egyptian city built be the tribe of Dan. I can't bring myself to believe that the tribe of Dan went on to rule Argos and region, even though Perseus, one of the first Danaans of Argos, was located by myth writers in Joppa, a region in/near where the tribe of Dan existed.

Some might say, "Come on, John, admit the obvious." No, it's easily possible for there to have been both Danites and non-Israelites from Tanis who likewise were called by a Dan term. The term used for Samson, "Daniy," is not mentioned anywhere else in the Bible. The term literally means "Danite," and yet Hercules the Danaan was given Zeus for a father and Hebe for a wife. I'm convinced that Hercules was a take on the earlier Samson myth, and that he/Samson depicted Tanis-ites merged with Hebrews of the Zeus-Hera cult. It's possible that they merged with some Israeli Danites, but I've found no evidence that the Greek Danaans were mainly Israelites.

The existence of a Samos cult in Israel is perhaps evidenced by Samuel, the last judge before Israel obtained a king for the first time. It would not matter an iota to me if Samuel had parents of the Samos cult, thus explaining his name. What matters is whether God chooses a man to be His prophet. God has chosen many special servants from pagans before, and Abraham was one of them. God takes agents of Satan and converts them. No surprise.

My point is, Samson is the last judge in the book of Judges, while Samuel, the last judge, does not appear; Samuel appears in the books of Samuel, and is tied to the history of king David. It could be that Samson was a mythical character depicting a branch of the bloodline of (the real) Samuel. This could explain why Freemasons honor David and Solomon, even linking (falsely) their Zionist star to David (as per "star of David").

In other words, there was Samuel who honored God because he was called of God, and then there was his bloodline that did not honor the God of Israel. I can relate to Samuel because he heard God calling him as a child. When I was seven years old, not at all conditioned by my parents to believe in God, I heard a voice out of the air that said, "Will you live for me?" I replied, "No, I want to have fun." Finally, at age 21, I accepted. It was then given a thirst for understanding prophecy. (Even if God called me for the purposes in this book, it doesn't mean that I can't make mistakes.)

Readers are starting to worry about me as I mention my view of Samson, and I can understand that. But the view well explains the false Christians today amid Freemasonry, and the true Christians amid those who are called. The False Prophet will be of the Samson cult, you see, and likely a Danaan, and he with his "worshipers" will persecute the Elect. You can clearly see that I am on the side of the Elect, so relax. The trick now is to watch for what sorts of Christians "worship" Obama.

I suppose that, had Israel never existed, the history of world empires would have been much the same, advancing to the present global order from the same dragon bloodline. In this picture, God chose Israel out of a branch of the dragon cult, but to deal furiously with the global order of the end times. The elect of God are going to play a part in bringing the global order down. We are the rub in the wrong direction, and when it persecutes us for a time, the Savior will appear to repay the global order what it deserves for their murders (etc.) of innocents...for the murder of those who had done nothing wrong so as to deserve persecution. The kingdom will then be taken from the persecutors, and given to the persecuted.

I'm saying that the Samson Hebrew-Rus cult would have gone forward to the Greek Danaans, to the British Danann, to the Dane vikings, and finally to the New Atlantis (= Euro-America) even if Israel had not existed. But as God chose Israel to be the counterpart of the Danaan cult, the latter is expected to become intimately involved with both Israel and the Christian Elect.

Recall the use of the Samson Coat of scalop shells, and a blue lion (in its Crest), the symbol of Schleswig and Denmark. See some ancient Arms of Denmark (dated 1300s), a shield with the two Schleswig lions plus one, a shield with blue and gold checks of the Cohen type, as well as a Crest using the horns used also by the Zahringer dynasty (as per Berne)...which placed a bear between the horns.

All things Rosicrucian should tie into Danaan/Dane entities, but don't be fooled into viewing global elitists as from the tribe of Dan or other Israelites, for this is what they might want you to believe. The author of the Da Vinci Code has another book coming out this summer/fall, and the plots of Freemasons against Christianity must now be laid out like ducks in a row.

If you're interested in an article by Dick Morris, here's how it starts:

"President Obama showed his hand this week when The New York Times wrote that he is considering converting the stock the government owns in our country's banks from preferred stock, which it now holds, to common stock.

This seemingly insignificant change is momentous. It means that the federal government will control all of the major banks and financial institutions in the nation. It means socialism."

The article accuses the Obama administration of manipulating TARP monies to better assure the bank takeover. Democrat voters could care less, Morris says. They love Obama and trust him.

In Baghdad, two suicide bombers today killed dozens. At least one of the explosions was in a mainly-Shi'ite neighborhood (i.e. suggesting Sunni attackers). Meanwhile a king-pin of al-Qaeda-in-Iraq, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, has been caught and arrested. "Al-Baghdadi is the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella group of Sunni militant factions."

The visit of Syrians yesterday to Iraq has created "a Supreme Joint Committee for Syrian-Iraqi relations." Sounds supreme. I wonder why "supreme" was thrown in there. I wonder how the al-Qaeda types in Iraq will now view the Syrian government. Hmm, has Syria agreed to work with Maliki in eradicating al-Qaeda, which would amount to an about-face for Syria...yes, a betrayal of the al-Qaeda that it once supported. It could certainly explain why Syria gets trounced by the Gogi wave.

As May of 2009 approaches fast, and although I view it as late for a Gogi rise in 2009, today's Mosul news says that we're still on course for that rise: "Tensions between Kurds and Sunni Arabs are rising in Iraq's volatile northern city of Mosul and the surrounding province..." Still waiting for a key event there. Hold on to your nerves, it could come at any time. With Baghdadi out of the picture as of today, who will replace him???

When we think of "many" Arabs making the covenant of Daniel 9:27 to destroy Israel, Baghdad's Islamic State of Iraq is a super example of what we'd expect:

"[Islamic State of Iraq] is composed of and supported by a variety of insurgency groups, including its predecessor, the Mujahideen Shura Council, Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Jeish al-Fatiheen, Jund al-Sahaba, Katbiyan Ansar Al-Tawhid wal Sunnah, Jeish al-Taiifa al-Mansoura, etc, and other clans whose population is of Sunni faith. It aims to establish a caliphate in the Sunni dominated regions of Iraq.

...On April 19, 2007, the organization announced that it had set up a provisional government termed 'the first Islamic administration' of post-invasion Iraq. The 'emirate' was stated to be headed by Abu Omar al-Baghdadi and his cabinet of 10 ministers."

The organization has a prime minister under the emir, and ministers of war, health, public relations, etc, just as any official nation would possess. Clearly, these men want to be the next Iraq. The Mujahideen Shura Council was once ruled by al-Zarqawi, the head-slicer of Iraq. It therefore makes much sense that Gog, another head slicer, will be tied closely to this Sunni umbrella. Christians had best get out of Iraq.

I've just read in today's article on the Baghdad bombings: "The Pentagon's top Middle East adviser, Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary Colin Kahl..." I checked the Kahl Coat (German) to find a nasty griffin holding a Zionist star. The surname was first found in Lusatia (evoking the griffin on the Leslie Crest), but then I read: "German word 'kahl,' which means 'bald'", reminding me of the similar Calvin surname which is likewise said to mean "bald."

I checked the common Kahill surname to find that it had variations similar to "Kahl," such as "Kahel." But what floored me was the serpent coiled around an anchor in the Kahill Crest. Not only is it linked likely to the Asclepius serpent coiled around a pagan staff, but it's the exact symbol on the Kyle Crest!!! I get it. Kyles and Kahills and Kuhls are the same bloodline, and if the Kyle-claim that they are from king Cole is true, ditto for Obama's chief Iraq advisor.

Compare the Hugo Coat, showing Melusine with an anchor, to the Kahl Coat. Both have shields half blue, half gold (the colors of the Leslie symbol).

The Hugo surname was first found in Basel (Switzerland), which city is also "Bale." If you have been reading recently, you'll recall the Bale surname connecting to the Bulwer surname of Lord Lytton. I had shown that the Bale-surname Coat was linked to the Luton-surname Coat, but since then (April 15) I have found that the English Graves Coat uses the same spread eagle on a half-red, half-green shield.

The significance is that the Luton location (Bedford), with it's Leye river having a Lig-like origin, traces to Leicester's Legro river. As Leicester was linked (by me) to Garebite Hebrews (some weeks ago), shouldn't "Graves" be a Garebite term? The Graves surname was first found in Derbyshire, where the Lytton surname was first found. I have already made the Lytton-to-Luton connection, wherefore the Graves eagle on red-green shield must connect to the same symbol of the Luton family.

Connection to Melusine's Lusatia-Lusignan line can be strengthen by the fact that the Lusignan Arms just uses blue and white horizontal bars, the symbol of the Lusignan Arms.

As "Greven" is a variation of the Graves surname, see the similarity between the Craven/Creven Coat and the Kennedy and Cassel Coats....that I link to the Hesse line of what I suspect was the Samson cult of Avvites. I have found many instances of potential Gareb-Samson links.

When we compare the Aisner/Eisner Coat (which I link to Hesse(n)) to the Leslie Coat), we see gold horseshoes on white on a blue shield, versus gold horseshoes on blue on a white shield.

The Eisenhower Coat (that should be the same family as the Eisners) can be linked to the Irish Garvin Coat, as both use the same Knights-Templar crosses on red and white shields...the same colors as in the Craven shield. Thus, the Eisen surname appears very much linked to a Garebite bloodline. But the Garvin Crest uses the lion of England, which is conspicuous because the red and white of the English flag is known to derive from the Templars.

The English Crab Coat uses three fleur de lys on blue, possibly connected to the Skelton Coat and Masci Coat. I mention this because the Crab surname is said to be from Flanders, but I have not as yet traced the Skeltons or Mascis to Flanders. Flanders was the root of the Templars, however.

The trace of the fleur de lys to Flanders has already been mentioned as per the Lys river in Flanders. Last night, I opened an email from FE, the one who had earlier found the Lyss location in Aarberg, Berne (off the Aar river). Last night she wrote to say that she found a Lisse on an Aar river in Holland! I learned that this river flows by Veghel and Eerde, some three miles from Erp, an Arpad-like term. "The area around Erp was inhabited by...the Morini tribe, north and west of the Eburones tribe..."

I tend to link the Eburones to the Eburovices/Ebroicum who founded Eboricum (York). The Mascis of Chester/Cheshire (from "Hesse"?) were merged with the Eburovices as per their ties to Abreu/Avranches surname, and meanwhile the Bruce branch of Eburovices were in York with their blue lion symbol, the symbol of the Samson surname.

Wikipedia calls the Aar river the "Aa." It rises in Limburg, the capital of which is Maastricht. Hmm, could Mascis be from that place? The region is on the Meuse river...which I trace to the mythical Muses, from Mysia. The Dutch call the river, Maas.

Well, you may not believe me. After writing all the above, the idea entered my mind to check the Haar Coat for possible links to the Aar river in Holland. I laughed out loud: it uses three gold fleur de lys on blue, just like the Masci Coat!! It's happily funny how God is using FE so much. I cannot deny it. This can't all be coincidental. The fleur de lys symbol may now derive either from the Lys river in France, and/or the Lisse location in Holland, just 10 miles north of Leydon. Maastricht is not much more than 10 miles north of Liege.

I get it: the Mysians and the Lazi moved together across Europe, first to Liguria, then to Switzerland, and then to Holland.

The symbol of Maastricht? A white star on red, the symbol of Sion/Wallis in Switzerland, no doubt explaining why the Italian Mascis were first found in Piedmont, next to Wallis; the region between Piedmont and Wallis is Aoste, having another Lys river filled with Wallis-derived peoples including the Walsers. The Maastricht Arms use a winged woman as Crest, likely a Muse (all nine Muses were women).

As the Lazi must trace forward from Atreus bloodline in Laas, Sparta, it's not likely a coincidence that Lisse is beside Utrecht. About ten miles north of Lisse is Haarlem, an Aar term, apparently, possibly the origin of the Haar surname. The flag of Harlem? Four White Zionist stars on red surrounding a sword! In the piece on Essen (April 19), I traced a sword symbol on some Crests (including Eisenhower's) to the sword in the Essen Arms.

The Eerde location at Veghel is also suspect as an Aar term. Near Essen and Hesse in Germany there are the Harz mountains, also "Hard/Hardt." Wikipedia writes: "The oldest mentioning of Haarlem dates from the 10th century. The name comes from 'Haaro-heim' or 'Harulahem.'" That sure evokes "Jerusalem/Hierosolyma." GOODNESS GRACIOUS, AFTER WRITING THAT, I READ LATER IN THE ARTICLE: "The shape of the old city [Haarlem] was square -- this was inspired by the shape of ancient Jerusalem." Haarlem must be Templarville itself.

This is coming to you only due to my hunch that "Haaretz" was somehow important to the Zionists of the West. Had I not followed that hunch, I wouldn't have bothered to check the Haarlem article just now. So there! I know that some readers thought I was crazy to make the Haaretz link to Anywhere.

In one of Fe's emails that I read last night, she gave a short description of Jacqueline of Bavaria:

"Jacqueline de Baviere was the wife of Humphrey duke of Gloucester. At Wikipedia we read:
'During Henry V's campaigns in France, Humphrey gained a reputation as a successful commander...For his services, he was granted offices including Constable of Dover, Warden of the Cinque Ports and King's Lieutenant.',_Duke_of_Gloucester

You recall the Dover-surname cinquefoil because the Dover location was one of the Cinque Ports. Just now I read, in the Haarlem article, that "Around 1428 [Haarlem] was put under siege by the army of Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut." That's the same as Jacqueline of Bavaria, and she was also Jacqueline de Wittelsbach (a Bavarian family) because that was her bloodline.

My hunch had been that "Wittelsbach" is a Wettin variation connected with Albert the Bear (note that "Bavaria" was also "Beieren"). I traced "Wettin" theoretically to the Kwisa/Queis river when I discovered this online quote: "Queiszig was a Thuringian settlement on the river Queis (Polish Kwisa) in Lusatia." The Wettins ruled Thuringia (a Saxon state), you see, and the Kwisa-river Lusatians had formed the Saxons of Sussex, called "Gewisse." Perhaps "Wettin" derived from "Quesz," I thought. The point is, Jacqueline of Wittelsbach was born in Le Quesnoy castle.

As for Jacqueline's Cinque-Port husband, he was from Bolingbroke Castle in Lincolnshire, with John of Gaunt (founder of the red-rose Lancastrian House) as his grandfather. Knowing now that the location of Lincoln was named after "Lindo," which traces no doubt to Lindos on Rhodes, it should explain the color of the Lancastrian rose. As a reminder, the Rhodes surname was first found in Lincolnshire.

The founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt, probably named after elements of Weisbaden in Hesse (Bavaria), may also apply to Kwisa river Lusatians et al. The Weis Coat? Gold Zionist stars in blue. The Weisbaden Arms? Three gold fleur de lys on blue (like the Haar/Masci/Skelton Coats, and many many others, however; it's a popular symbol going back to Merovingians).

Try as I might to keep this topic short, the leads just keep coming. I'm off to work late today. Back for tomorrow's news.

April 24

I'm sure you've heard about the Reset Button. Russia doesn't want it anymore, and is asking for Hillary's address so it can be shipped back:

"[Russian] Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov accused the U.S. of rearming the Georgian military, 'supporting the aggressor' and destabilizing the [Georgian] situation. Ryabkov called Western arguments that the PFP exercises in Georgia were preplanned and are a staff drill: 'cheap and unimpressive.' Russia's leadership believes that the exercises will strengthen Georgia's combat capabilities. Ryabkov added that Washington is still intent on proceeding with plans to deploy ballistic missile defenses in Europe and that Moscow is tired of hearing about the 'reset' in bilateral relations (Interfax, April 21). In a feeble attempt to quell the outburst of Russian anger, NATO headquarters indicated that Russia as a PfP member could take part in the exercises or send observers. Moscow showed no interest, however..."[tt_news]=34891&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=10cee5a7b3

So much for the reset button. The article continues:

"Russian naval and land forces have been recently maneuvering near Georgia in what could be interpreted as a preparation of a new invasion (EDM, April 16). The EU mission monitoring the ceasefire said it had registered Russian reinforcements at the line separating Georgian-controlled territory and South Ossetia and Abkhazia, but had not monitored any significant Georgian build-up (Reuters, April 16). The situation on the border remains tense."

The article then says exactly what crossed my mind a week ago:

"The presence of a contingent of foreign military personnel [i.e. NATO] in Georgia for most of May could interfere with prepared plans for possible Russian [invasive] action, if the situation in Georgia further worsens. This might explain the fury behind Moscow's reaction."

It was the over-reaction of Russia that tipped me off. This Georgian invasion, if indeed it was pre-planned, may be what Joe Biden and Colin Powell knew, and warned, about before Obama was elected. NATO may be in Georgia starting May 6 because it knows Russia's intension's for that period. The NATO affair ends June 1.

Obama's focus has been turned aside suddenly:

"Pakistan's Government agreed in February to impose sharia law in the country's northwestern Swat Valley and the surrounding Malakand region in exchange for a ceasefire with Taliban forces.

President Asif Ali Zardari ratified the agreement last week following unanimous parliamentary support.

But on [April 21], hundreds of armed Taliban entered Buner, a district of more than a million people 100km from Islamabad, setting up checkpoints, occupying mosques and ransacking offices of non-government organisations.

Regular courts stopped functioning in Buner yesterday...A Taliban commander said they would set up sharia courts in Buner - as they have done in Swat - to end a 'sense of deprivation', but would not interfere with police work.

The Pakistani Government yesterday refused to rule out using force against the Taliban.",25197,25376363-26397,00.html

The concern of the world is that the Taliban cannot be trusted, as Pakistan seems to be trusting it now. They are within 30 miles of a dam that " provides 30 per cent of the [Pakistan's] hydroelectricity and much of the north's irrigation water." Pakistan's nuclear buttons are just 30 miles from the dam, in Islamabad:

"US President Barack Obama has dispatched his joint chiefs of staff chairman Mike Mullen to Islamabad for the second time in a fortnight, and has summoned the Pakistan and Afghan presidents to Washington.

The march of the Taliban prompted harsh criticism yesterday from the US Secretary of State, Ms Clinton, who told a congressional panel the deteriorating security situation in Pakistan 'poses a mortal threat to the security and safety of our country and the world'.

'The Pakistani Government is basically abdicating to the Taliban and to the extremists,' she said. 'We cannot underscore the seriousness of the existential threat posed to the state of Pakistan.'"

On the one hand, Obama and company are terrified of the Taliban getting hold of Pakistan's nuclear weapons, and are able to demonize the Taliban without hesitation. Yet, on the other hand, Obama and company are giving Iran time to build their Bombs. I mean, the terrorists in Iran already have the Iranian government firmly in their grasp! Hello?? The Taliban does not yet have the Pakistan government. Which is more dangerous? Iran is more dangerous.

What's Obama's solution? A gamble. A gamble that a Palestinian state in Israel will pacify Iran and end its nuclear threat. Israel's not willing to make that bet. Obama and company don't care; they're telling Israel that they'll have to accept the bet.

There is no other choice for Obama and Company because they have spent years ridiculing George Bush's attack-dog solution. Israel wants an attack-dog strategy against Iran. It's an open door to Obama, but he and company flatly disregard it. We'll do it alone, says Israel; just back us up secretly. Nope, says Obama; you must live with a nuclear Iran. This is where we're at, on the brink of the Bomb being slipped to rats without a country.

There's no where to hide, Mrs. Clinton. There is no solution, for your boss will do all the wrong things.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Netanyahu replied to Obama's insistence that Israel accept negotiations on the Arab peace initiative. It was a brilliant response (I can't find the article). He said that before the Arab peace deal can be taken seriously, the Iran threat must be eradicated. Thus, he threw the ball into Obama's court. It's your move, Obama, not mine.


I don't have television. You've probably seen on television that Iraq's insurgency is not over. Today, another double bombing in Baghdad, aimed once again at Shi'ites. We are talking perhaps the most satanic people ever to walk this earth. I read the other day that a 12-year old exploded himself. To brainwash little children into believing that it won't hurt, that it's good thing to do, is inhuman. There must be demons behind it.

I still think that these suicide-bombing units were intended for Israel years ago...until the Bush war turned their focus on Iraq. God may have seen that Iraqis rejoiced over the killings of Israelites in terrorists attacks. A terrible end will come to all who rejoice over Israel's troubles.

The report this morning from Pakistan is that the Taliban, or at least some of the Taliban, has agreed to retreat from the area that it imposed itself upon during the week. Time will tell if they do retreat, but Obama has shifted some Iraqi unites this week to Afghanistan probably for that purpose.

On the credit-card issue, there seems to be nothing insidious about it...except that the Federal Reserve, Chris Dodd, and Chuck Schumer are overseeing Obama's plans. If one judges by a read of the report, the only purpose is to lower interest rates on credit cards, which does not seem to be in the best interest of the bankers. This is what makes me suspicious: Obama doing something that appears to rub against the bankers. An article shares this:

"The Federal Reserve has already ordered new rules, to take effect July 2010, that are designed to enforce a host of new consumer protections.

On Thursday, Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., chairman of the Banking Committee, and another panel member, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., wrote a letter asking the Federal Reserve, the Office of Thrift Supervision and the National Credit Union Administration to enforce those rules immediately."

It's speculation on my part at this point, but expecting that Obama will force forth the skincode system, there could be more to it than meets the eye in the words above. "Consumer protections" sound excellent, but if the purposes of the Federal Reserve extend beyond credit-card issues into consumers trust for progressive forms of electronic banking, the purposes would indeed touch upon the skin-method of doing business.

I don't know if the public has an inkling on what the Federal Reserve is up to on it's "host of new consumer protections." In an article dated April 24, we read that Obama threatens oversight of credit-card companies:

"President Barack Obama warned credit-card issuers they will face new regulations and scrutiny to keep consumers from being hit by 'unfair' rate increases and abusive fees and penalties.

Obama also called on credit-card companies to make available 'a plain-vanilla' account with simple terms.

'Clarity and Transparency.'

"We want clarity and transparency from here on out' Obama told reporters after the meeting ended."

There's that transparent term again. Isn't that quite the same as "spying," or, to put it more mildly, "over-seeing." The fact that the Federal Reserve has involvement makes me suspicious of something cooking that smells very bad. It's not my idea that the "all-seeing eye" runs the Federal Reserve.

It just seems that Obama is coming down too-suddenly, too-hard on credit card issues that seem like minor problems amid all the larger problems that could be dealt with at this time. Besides, who has borrowed more than Obama? Who has placed Americans more in debt than Obama? How can he act as though he's concerned about a few percentage points on interest costs to consumers when he just raised their tax dollars by an average of $5,000 per worker, and is bucking for more bail-out monies from them all? Perhaps the idea is to save Americans some money in their credit-card bills so that they can have more to pay their taxes.

If so, this story doesn't belong here. But once again, a person mentioned as being a shaker for the Obama plan traces to the same bloodlines as pointed out throughout these updates:

The House Financial Services Committee approved its version of a credit-card 'bill of rights' this week...

The House may vote on the bill as soon as April 30, Representative Carolyn Maloney, a New York Democrat who is a member of the panel, said today at the Capitol" (article above).

The Irish Maloney Coat uses a bow and arrows, the symbol of the Strongbow Clares because the surname was first found in County Clare (Ireland) (Clares were a branch of the Rollo Sinclairs). Carolyn Maloney has been seeking to sit in Hillary's vacant New-York Senate seat, though the front runner, who applies to this very topic, is Andrew Cuomo. He is in immersed in legal matters, as the aggressor, seeking to uncover the Federal Reserve's corruption tactics:

"Bank of America Corp CEO Kenneth Lewis was pressured by senior federal officials Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke [= chairman of Federal Reserve] to accept a merger with troubled Merrill Lynch & Co or lose his job, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said on [April 23].

...'We do not yet have a complete picture of the Federal Reserve's role in these matters because the Federal Reserve has invoked the bank examination privilege' [said Cuomo]."

Cuomo's main beef is that the Reserve is not being transparent, and that there are some very troubling questions. Obviously, Bernanke wanted a merger with Merril Lynch. Checking the Lynch surname, I found it to be exclusively Irish (like the Maloney surname), and then read: "First found in county Galway, where they were granted lands by Strongbow..." The Maloneys were from the Strongbow line.

Moreover, the Lynch Coat uses (three-leaf) clovers in the same colors as the English Calvin Coat...which surname shares the same deer crest as the Calhoons (an Irish surname), and meanwhile the Kyles used the deer symbol on their older Arms. Believing that the deer/stag symbol traces back to southern Germany's Zahringers and Veringens (both used antlers), the German Jung Coat using nothing but a deer seems conspicuous, and indeed it is central to Illuminati origins:

"First found in Bavaria, where this [Jung] family name became a prominent contributor to the development of the district from ancient times. Always prominent in social affairs, the name became an integral part of that turbulent region as it emerged to form alliances with other families" (Jung-Coat link above).

Where admits to "alliances with other families" for a Bavarian surname, the Bavarian Illuminati seems subtly implied. I have for many years suspected that an early symbol of this Illuminati was the Franconian Rake (used on the Arms of Bavaria), and in fact the symbol appears to suggest the merging of two families, one red, one white (which probably translates into the merging of red-rose families with white-rose families). It just so happens that Jung surname has a Yonge/Young variation, and that the Scottish Yonge/Young Coat uses a black and white version of a rake.

Again, I must repeat that the rake design was used by the royal Hungarian Arpads, as per the flag of king Stephen. In fact, look at the depth by which the red and white points are merged into one another, but also count the three red points merged into the white; the very same depth and number of points are in the Jung Coat! This must explain why the Jung Coat uses a stag (!!), the mythical symbol of the Hungarian Arpads. So, you see, if you didn't believe me previously on the link of the English deer symbol to the Arpads, you now have a very good reason for doing so. THE YONGES WERE FROM ROYAL HUNGARIANS. And since the Hungarians were On-Ogurs, perhaps "Yonge/Jung" was derived from that term.

The English Yonge/Young Coat uses three red roses, to no surprise, matching the color of the red lion in the Scottish Crest. The English page suggests an Anglo-Saxon root to the surname, and "the Yonge family could be found in England before and after the Norman Conquest..." The surname was first found in Somersetshire.

Now look once again at the ancient Arms of Denmark, at the shield using what appears to be a variation of the Franconian Rake. Then add to this idea that the horns in the Crest are, in my opinion, the same as you see in the Hohen-family Arms i.e. the Arms of Brandenburg Electorate. I now know that the "horns" in the latter image are elephant trunks, but the trunks are fashioned in the same shape as the Danish horns...horns that are relatively rare in heraldry so far as I have found.

I had at one time identified the steer-like horns in the Hohen-family Arms -- the ones with the bear between them -- as the buffalo-horn symbol of the Zahringers, but about a month ago I removed that bit from the Laden book because I noticed that the horns did not look at all like buffalo horns as shown online. I knew that the Zahringer symbol was a bear (for their Berne domain, it turned out), and that they used buffalo horns anciently, and so I assumed that the symbol in the Hohen Arms was a Zahringer symbol. Since making that assumption, I discovered that the horns are really elephant trunks upside down, but something told me that this was a double symbol: the elephant and something else.

I removed the bit about the buffalo horns when I learned that they were elephant trunks. But just now, as I tried once again to find the Zahringer link to buffalo horns, I found that I had been correct: the elephant trunks are indeed buffalo horns, of the prairie buffalo!! See the Arms of Barry Lereng Wilmont. At the website where these are found, we read:

"Crest -- Two buffalo horns chequy Argent and Vert each set with two peacock feathers Argent

...The buffalo horns, or 'büffelhorns' are a very distinctive and ancient European heraldic symbol. The horns are a reference to the prairie bison...Choosing the horns in this form is also a way of celebrating Mr. Wilmont's long connection with Denmark and his contributions to cultural life there."

Indeed, on the Danish Arms we see that there are four objects on the horns, just as there are four "peacock feathers" on the Arms of Wilmont. The Wilmont checks are also seen in the ancient Arms of Denmark, albeit the Wilmont checks are green and white. The only green Cohen-like checks I have ever come across are from the Sparks Coat. However, shows only a white spread eagle on a green shield (= colors of Wilmont checks) for a Sparks Coat. Hmm, first found in Cheshire before the Normans arrived.

The Sparks eagle on green shield is very pertinent, for I have been talking recently (see yesterday's update) about other important Coats using a spread eagle on green, or red-green shields. Since one of them was the Luton Coat, a surname traced back to Liguria, note the swan as the Sparks Crest. Since the Luton eagle is gold on green, it matches the gold and green Sparks checks. Houseofnames says that "Sparks" derives from "sparrowhawk," wherefore it would seem that the Sparks surname is central to this symbol i.e. the Lutons and other surnames (e.g. Bale, Graves) using the symbol probably tie in to the Sparks family. Note the spotted leopard as the Sparks Crest, which has come up several times in Illuminati-related surnames. Nicholas de Vere traces the leopard to Transylvania.

I suppose one last point to make is that the Dunham Coat, using what I think is a rake symbol in gold and blue, may trace back to the rake symbol of the Danes...who used gold and blue checks. The Dunham surname, as I showed before, picked up it's symbol from the Randolphs, who should trace to the Ranolphs of the Dunham-Masci (Cheshire) and Dunholme (= Durham) domains, the latter having a mythical Den Cow as symbol, which some suspect relates to Danes.

I've just found a webpage saying that "Several characteristically German crests bear the curved buffalo horns, reminiscent of Viking helmets but open and splayed at the tips." Excellent! I just didn't know where I had seen those horns before. This statement not only tends to support my case that Varangians are rooted in the Zahringers and their Veringen kin (Wurttemberg), but suggests that the horns, with open/splayed ends, are NOT elephant horns as claimed in this heraldry website...that should be ignored for the most part where it suggests benign symbol derivations/meanings.

The webpage telling of the Zahringer buffalo horns is below. It reads: "The original arms of the Zahringer dynasty was a red eagle on gold...As crest two buffalo horns are used."


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