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April 15 - 18, 2009

Critical Point for 2009 Approaching

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April 15

It's the middle of April. If prophecy is to begin in 2009, we should see all fronts -- Egypt, Mosul, Iran, globalization, Israel's north, and Gog -- developing accordingly. I am more than "happy" about the developments to date on these fronts; they fit the prophetic expectations perfectly. The problem is, the developments may yo-yo on and off for years. I can think of no way to assure from prophecy that the developments in 2009 thus far will begin prophecy fulfillment later in the year.

An interesting development from Iran:

Iran's ambassador to the UN filed a complaint with the Security Council against Israel [yesterday], claiming that the country plans to attack the Islamic Republic's nuclear facilities.

Muhammad Hazai wrote a letter to Mexico's Claude Heller, currently holding the council's rotating presidency, insisting that Israel, by allegedly threatening to attack Iran, had violated the UN charter, and called on the international body to respond.

An official complaint? This could make it illegal for Israel to attack. The talk from Israel does no longer seem like a bluff. They are intent on attacking because of Obama's lack of heavy-handed actions. The Iranians are now sure that Israel will attack even apart from American assistance. The UN, not wanting Israel to attack, can now make it illegal with Iran's official complaint. If Israel attacks, Iran will seek to make as large a stink as possible.

However, if it's a clean strike with minor consequences/retaliation, the West will be glad to see it, even though leaders may not admit it. Iran, seeing this, will become extremely defiant. There's no telling what part Obama would play in such a scenario. He might befriend Iran all the more to pacify it. Obama seems to be playing the Pacifier.

The situation in Georgia is a building call to unseat Saakashvili by protest. There are demonstrations in the Georgian capital of T'bilisi:

"Georgia's extra-parliamentary opposition has launched its third attempt since mid-2007 at 'regime change' -a post-modern version of the old-fashioned toppling of governments through other than electoral means (EDM, April 10 and the article above). This new campaign finds Georgia's state institutions considerably better prepared to handle the challenge...

...The radical leaders' call for civil disobedience to be launched from April 13 onward..."[tt_news]=34854&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=315ea850b9

Saakashvili is refusing to step down. In order for him to be Gog, he would need to be ousted at this time and somehow end up in Mosul. I would reject such a scenario completely if not for the two mouse incidents that I shared yesterday. There was excellent evidence on August 10 (2008) that the first imaginary mouse on by bed was a "wake-up call" message from some intelligent being. I simply can't believe it to be mere coincidence that I would dream of a bear attacking the throat of a deer on the very morning wherein a headline appeared, "Russian Bear Goes for West's Jugular," especially as I trace the Illuminati-West to a deer symbol symbolizing Arpads originating in the Georgia-Armenian region of the Harpasus river (tributary of the upper Aras).

I almost never remember my dreams. But this dream was remembered because I was awoken by an imaginary mouse on my leg. I felt that thing running across the leg, I kid you not. That morning, before dawn, I discovered Saakashvili for the first time, and saw a 666 in his name. The Georgian war had started two days previous, but I don't think I started covering it until that morning. I eventually suggested that Saakashvili, in order to be Gog, will likely be removed from his presidential position.

Yesterday morning, there was a mouse on my neck. I felt it, twice. Wiggling, then wiggling again. But there was no mouse when I awoke, just the story in the Georgian Times about the effort to unseat Saakashvili, and meanwhile the Russian Bear continuing it's plots in Georgia's break-away regions. What does this mean? What being is giving me the mouse sensation? I'm laughing about this as I write. I don't know what to make of it, and I feel crazy to suggest that Saakashvili will become the king of the north, albeit Gogi peoples were from Georgia.

There's nothing I can do but wait. Saakashvili's term ends in 2013. I suppose it's possible that he becomes involved in Israeli affairs while remaining the Georgian president. Israel has, in a real sense, betrayed Saakashvili by curtailing assistance to the Georgian military on the one hand, due to Russian protests over Israel's involvement, and on the other hand Israel has just signed a deal to sell the very drones to Russia that Georgia used in opposition to Russia's invasion. I'll be corrected if necessary, but isn't this a grant to Russia of secrets for thwarting Georgia's military capabilities?

I'm suggesting that this is grounds to see Saakashvili turn on Israel, but I cannot, and I mean CANNOT, see how he could fulfill Gog's role with an Iranian alliance, nor how he can fulfill the prophecy of "king of the north." Unless, perhaps, someone large in the West, who is also anti-Israeli, elevates him to world recognition. There is no leaked news from NATO that Saakashvili is part of a globalist strategy to fix the Israeli-Arab problem, nor can I conceive of such a thing.

I wondered whether his surname might be registered in the West's heraldry, but no luck. I tried "Sak" to find it included in a German Zak/Zack Coat...using a partial Hohen Coat (i.e. shield covered with red and white checks) with black lion on gold, a Hohen symbol in Flanders.

There happens to be a foreign-ministers summit in Jerevan (Armenia) starting today. Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov is attending. I'll report if anything meaningful is heard. Since I link the Harpasas term with "Jerevan," perhaps the two deer in the dream represent Georgia and neighboring Armenia together, in which case we could see the Russian bear opposed to Armenia as well. It makes more sense to me that a Russian military man in charge of attacking Georgia will become the Biblical Gog.

Russia is in the midst of removing it's military presence in Chechnya, this perhaps having the express purpose of building military muscle on Georgia's borders. It seems retarded for Russia to invade Georgia at this time, but Russia may know things about the situation that we don't. Or, Russia may simply be bent on controlling the Middle East as per an agenda going back to the extremist words of Zhirinovsky.

Steve is still watching the Chechen situation, and perhaps he can tell us whether the Russian forces there are moving into northern Georgia instead. I opened an email of his last night telling that:

"...So only a few miles from Ruthin and Erethlyn [Wales] is Baal's Hill or the Hill of Baal.

This led me onto Welsh mythology searches. I forget how but I ended up on the wiki page but I came across Edward Bulwer-Lytton, an earl, occultist, author and rosicrucian. His grand daughter married Gerald Balfour (Arthur's brother). I checked house of names and Lytton traces to Derbyshire which is next door to Leicstershire."

"Bulwer" is very near "Balfour," both terms possibly rooted in "Baal." I couln't find a link between "Lytten" and the Ladon cult to Britain. The Lytton Coat uses crowns as clue to a royal link(s). "[Edward Bulwer-Lytton] was the youngest son of General William Earle Bulwer of Heydon Hall and Wood Dalling, Norfolk." Hey? Heydon Hall. Didn't I just mention Heydon yesterday? Yes, I wrote:

When I read that Tom Hayden was involved [with Weather Underground], I checked the Hayden Coat thinking that it could be a Hoy variation ("Hayden" means HayTown), and read: "First found in Norfolk, where Sir Thomas de Heydon (circa 1185-1250) was on record as a judge, who was given the office of 'Justice of Eyre...'" The Hoy surname had the Ayr/Ayers variation!"(italics mine)

I had traced the Weather organization to the Rhodians only yesterday due to this and other finds, and it just so happens that one cannot read up on the secret societies of Cecil Rhodes without bumping into the Satanist, Arthur Balfour, the British prime minister and Zionist who, as part of the societies' upper levels, helped put Rothschild Israel on the map (see Balfour Declaration, 1917).

But, Steve, how did you miss it? I don't know whether you saw the Bulwer-Balfour similarity, but you missed the cinquefoils on the Bulwer Coat!! The surname was "First found in Norfolk where they were anciently seated as Lords of the Manor of Wood Dalling."

As Edward Bulwer-Lytton was a Rosicrucian, it may identify all Balfour-related societies as Rosicrucians. It wouldn't surprise me, and in fact I've made that deduction in other ways, as for example finding Rosicrucian links to the Bavarian Illuminati and the very-dark Golden Dawn cult. The mother of Edward Bulwer-Lytton was a Lytton. "On 20 February 1844 he assumed the name and arms of Lytton by royal licence and his surname then became 'Bulwer-Lytton'.",_1st_Baron_Lytton

Lord Lytton, as he's called, "began his career as a follower of Jeremy Bentham." The Bentham Coat is Rosicrucian all over, using the Bouillon cross, two red roses, and two sun-god symbols. The surname was in pre-Norman Britain.

I have traced the three-fingered Bouillon Cross to Avars, the Varangian Rus, and the Rangabe royals of Byzantium (see Rangabe Arms) i.e. of the family of Melissena Rangabe (married to an early Varangian), whose other side was royal Khazar, and who I suspect was the Melusine of Europe, and the mother of both the Cohens and the Veres. Yes, I traced Veres to northern Italy, but Byzantium controlled northern Italy in early Christian times (prior to the inception of Varangians). The Khazars and Varangian Rus were at one time in cahoots, at about the time of Melissena.

"Lord Lytton was an admirer of Benjamin's ["Jewish"] father Isaac D'Israeli, himself a noted literary figure, and had corresponded with him. Lord Lytton and [Benjamin] D'Israeli began corresponding themselves in the late 1820s, and met for the first time in March 1830, when [British prime minister to-be] D'Israeli dined at Lord Lytton's house"(article above).

Steve, it's very likely that the ermines on the Lytton Coat are due to Lord Lytton's marriage to the Lytton family, for the ermines should prove to be from Wood Dalling (Lord Lytton's ancestry on his father's side) as per the Dallin Coat being filled with them. This means that the symbol belonging to the Lyttons prior to the marriage were the three gold crowns on blue. I've seen them before but cannot recall the owners.

Bear with me all, I know this is difficult, but it needs to be recorded. I think I have just found the Lytton link to Luton. I recalled that the Bale surname was important to the Zionist cult from Anjou-France to England, so I looked it up to see if there would be a connection to Lord Lytton's paternal side, the Bulwers. I not only found that the Bales were first in Norfolk where the Bulwers were first found, but the Bale Coat showed a gold eagle with wings spread on red and green shield.

I had seen a gold eagle in the same position yesterday, on a fully-green shield, but I couldn't recall what surname, and although I was going to record it in my Coat file, I failed to do it. I was lucky, I could go back in my history and try one surname at a time until I found it. After about ten tries, I found it in the Luton-surname Coat...that must connect with the Luton locality in Bedford, for the Luton surname was "First found in county Bedfordshire, where this family was established as early as 1086..."

One of the ten surnames above happened to be Stein, and so see the ermine shield of the English Stein Coat (i.e. matching the Dallin Coat of Norfolk), but also that the Stein surname was first recorded in Norfolk. It was only yesterday that the Dutch Stein surname was linked to the Rothschilds or Rothstein surname because both use the eight-pointed gold star on red shield (it's well known that this star was the symbol of Ishtar). It may be, therefore, that Rothschilds had their origin in the Norfolk Rosicrucian family of Bulwer, explaining why Lord Rothschild of London was a good pal of Arthur Balfour.

This may bore some readers, but no one in the conspiracy fields has uncovered these family links. I don't see any such work online seeking family ties of high-level Illuminatists through heraldic symbols.

Thank you Steve. Last night I had wondered whether your email was yet another God-send, but could see no possibility. What a difference a good sleep, and a morning, brings. Your email just happened to tie into the Luton topic, which was first made relevant by the email of FE. In the Wars of the Rose chapter, I wrote:

"Wondering where the green-red shield of the Folks derived, I found that the Bale Coat uses the same shield, that the family lived in Norfolk (as did the Folks), that they were from Normandy (as were the Folks), and that they came to England with the Conqueror (as did the Fulks). says, "There is some debate as to whether this name is related to the name 'Bailey,'" and when I checked the Bailey Coat (name said to derive from sheriff/bailiff/viscount), two points can be made: 1) There are (nine) white stars on blue field, the same scheme as on the American flag, and, 2) the Crest is a brown/gold boar, same as the Pollock/Polk Crest."

Wars if the Rose

I concluded that the Pollocks (also "Polk"), using a gold cross on green shield, were Folks from the Saxon region of Norfolk (and from the Anjou Fulks before that, says houseofnames). Now that I find the gold eagle on green shield belonging to the Lutons, I would even say that Pollocks were related to the Lutons, but of course also to the Bulwers...a term smacking of the first-known Pollock, "Filbert the Saxon."

The more-relevant point is that the Pollock surname traces (by me) to the Pollux branch of Atrebate stock in the Atreus Spartans, and that the father of Atreus was Pel(ops), a symbol, in my opinion, of the Baal>Bel cult. Pelops was (mythical) king of Lydia (i.e. the Baal-Anat cult ruled in Lydia), and so note (at the Luton link above) that the Luton surname is a variation of "Lewton," a term using "lew" = lion. I'm thinking Lydian lion, and the proto-Lydian Luwians. Then let me remind you, as per my quest to trace Obama's Luo tribe to Luwians, that his mother's surname, Dunham, was first found in Norfolk.

The spears in the Dunham Crest may connect to the spear in the Folk Crest, but as the Luton location was also "Lintone," note the spear in the Lindon Coat. I think I can now link Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein (party of northern Ireland) to this Pollux>Folk>Pollock fold, for we read that the Lindon surname was:

"First found in counties Armagh and Down, where they were anciently known as the Mac Giolla Fhiondain, devotees of St. Fintan an ancient sept of Oriel,(roughly equivalent to Ulster,) and the clann being one of the founding septs of Northern Ireland"(Lindon link above).

The Borderlands Adams Coat is a gold cross on green shield, smacking of the gold saltire cross on green shield of the Pollocks, but moreover matching the colors of the Luton-surname (gold eagle on green shield). To corroborate the Luton tie to the Lindon surname, the surname was first found in Down (quote above), as was the Irish Luton surname! This tends to prove without doubt that these Irish clans were from Luton, Bedford, otherwise called "Lintone," wherefore northern Ireland's co-founding was by such Hebrews of the Ladon-dragon bloodline.

Now look (in the above quote) at the people from which the Irish Lindons were from: Fhiodain and Fintan, two terms that easily form "Fein." So I checked for a Fintin/Findon Coat and found an English one...with surname first found in Derbyshite, where the Lyttons were first found.

April 16

News today includes: Israeli president Perez saying that an Israeli strike on Iran is NOT in the works; George Mitchell visited with Israeli foreign minister with no heavy hand so far as we can yet know; Somali pirates are out to capture more Americans in retaliation:

"Mombasa: Defiant Somali pirates fired rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons at another US cargo ship on Tuesday but failed to hijack it, officials said...

...Pirates have seized four other ships with 60 hostages since sharpshooters killed three gunmen holding American freighter captain Richard Phillips."

Also from

China in recent years has become more involved in Middle East diplomacy, as it regards stability in the Middle East as critical in helping to secure the oil and gas imports that China's economy relies on.

...Beijing: China says its foreign minister will travel to Egypt, the Palestinian territories, Israel, Syria and Russia later this month.

Hmm, so China is getting involved with the Middle East for the sake of oil. Hmm. The kings of the east will be on the upper Euphrates going after Gog's jugular...maybe because it spies that Gog is in the Middle East for oil too.

Iran's Ahmadinejad says that there is NOT a Hezbolah group in Egypt; Egypt will prove otherwise:

"Dubai: A senior Egyptian official [on April 16] said it will reveal 'stunning information' in the next few days which will confirm Cairo's recent allegations that Lebanese group Hezbollah planned to carry multiple attacks in Egypt.

...Accusing Iran of using Hezbollah to get a foothold in the region, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmad Abu Al Gait was quoted yesterday as saying that the public prosecutor will announce new details that will stun the Iranian backers of Hezbollah."

The scoop from Egypt includes:

"...Meanwhile. some Egyptian defendants said during the investigations that they had only been trained in Libya and Sudan. Each of them then talked about their role in the [Hezbollah-related] organization.

The prosecution continued its investigations with the rest of the accused. It charged them with spying and possessing weapons and explosive materials, and decided to impound a computer and a CD which was likely to contain important documents that would condemn the organization members."

There we have a tight picture that includes three prophetic players from Ezekiel 38, Libya, Sudan, and Iran, all seeking Egypt's fall along with Israel's. We have yet to identify Gomer and his son, Togarmah (both in Ezekiel 38), with certainty, but while others say Germany and Turkey respectively, I say it's a picture of two Russian peoples, southern and northern respectively.

Gomer, if true that his tribes became the Cimmerians, should be identified with the northern shore of the Black sea (south Russia), for this is where they lived in the time of Ezekiel. The problem is, at about his time, Cimmerians on the north shore were conquered by Scythians, and moreover, still at that time, Cimmerians were on the Black sea's southern shore. I don't think it's a coincidence that the northern shore became the Ukraine, founded by Slavs, while Cimmerians on the southern shore were in the country of the Halybes, for I trace "Slav" (as a soft-c version) to the "Chalybes/Halybes." The Syrian city of Halab (now Aleppo), which I think was named by Halybes, was also "Alevo," if that helps to make the case for Slav=Chalyb.

Arthurian Celts, because I trace them to the Halybe founders of Calabria, were likewise Cimmerians...which is attested by the fact that the Brito-Welsh Celts are thought to derive from Cymru = Cimmerians. I'm not suggesting that Brit Celts will join Gog's invasion, but that modern Cimmerians of Russia will. I don't know whether Ezekiel's Gomer refers to Ukrainian regions, or to Halybe regions, now central Turkey, or both. I tend to go with the Ukrainian region because I identify Togarmah, said by Ezekiel 38:6 to be in the "far north," as the Tocharians of northern Russia.

So far, anyway, Turkey does not appear to be an active part of the Iranian axis seeking Israel's eradication.

As the Scythians who conquered the Cimmerians just before Ezekiel's days went on to rule, during his days, much of Turkey from Urartu to Lydia, I identify them as the Biblical Gog. Their home base was in the Ukraine, and likely, when the Varangian Rus came to Kiev some 1,400 years after Ezekiel, the Slavs to which they joined themselves in a royal partnership were likely remnants of the Gogi Scythians..which Herodotus called "Amyrgian Scythians."

This may support my independent trace of Gog to the Margiana region, the capital of which is Mary, or "Merv," smacking of the Merovingians...roots of the America-founding Freemasons. In other words, Merovingians were Margiani, smacking of Herodotus' term, "Amyrgian Scythians." In the Arthurian cult, "Morgan" was a chief entity of Avalon, the island founded on the Apollo cult from the Scythian wolf line (I trace him to Daha Scythians to the east and west of the Caspian).

Merv was in what is now Turkmenistan, a region encompassing modern Gorgan (anciently Verkana = Wolf Land), the place that I trace Gorgons to. I suspect that the Kyrgyz peoples to the east of Turkmenistan are an eastern branch of Gorgon Scythians, which in these regions, to the east of the Caspian, were called "Sacae" (smacking of president Saakashvili of Georgia). I don't think it's a coincidence that while I trace Scythians to the mythical Manes line to Lydians that the Kyrgyz honor a legendary "Manas." His son was made, "Semetei," while Mannae, an ancient term for Armenia, was founded by Aram, son of Shem, according to Josephus.

To the immediate south of Kyrgyzstan is the Khyber Pass with its Afridi peoples; the Pass leads to Kabul, wherefore I don't think it's a coincidence that the Great-Mother goddess of Phrygia, Kybele, was married to Attis (father of Lydus) of the Manes line. For Aphrodite, smacking of "Afridi," was the essence of the Kabeiri cult, smacking of "Khyber," while it's known that the Kabeiri were the main entity of the Kybele cult. Therefore, the Cabelees peoples of Phrygia, fellow tribe with the Lasonii, must have been the founders of the Kybele cult but also linked to ancient Kabul.

You can do the math yourself: the Hebrew Illuminati traces back to Gorgon Scythians so that the world is still controlled by Gog to this day. The merging of Aphrodite with Ares was the merging of Gog with Ezekiel 38's Rosh (some Bible versions omit "Rosh"). The Ares cult was Trojan, and Troy was in Mysia, founded by Meshech. The Trojans were in part from mythical Teucer, the Togarmites. The daughter of Teucer, Batea, was likely a depiction of the Bats of Georgia.

The Neuri with their fellow Budini tribe (evoking Nahor and his son, Buz -- Hebrew = "Butz") were a wolf-line quasi-Slavic peoples who lived in the land of Ukranian Scythians. It is thought by some that they trace to the Nairi of Armenia. Indeed, Wikipedia tells that "[Lake Urmia] was known as the Lower Nairi Sea (Lake Van was the Upper Nairi Sea) during the Armenian Nairi-Urartu period" (brackets not mine), and in the next sentence: "[Lake Urmia] was the center of the Mannaean Kingdom..." Quite apparently, the Nairi qualify as partaking in the Manes to Lydia line, and can explain the Hebrew/Semite element in the Gorgon peoples of Manes=Mannae.

Arrapha (now Kirkuk) was not so far south of lake Urmia that the Nahorites of Nairi couldn't have been allied to Arphaxadites...who merged with the Ares/Rosh cult. It could be that the Nairi were named after another Nahor besides Abraham's brother, yet Abraham's brother may have been named in honor of the Nairi; I'm assuming that Nahor's father, Terah, was a member of the Nairi peoples. In fact, Genesis 11:24, we see Nahor's grandfather, also named Nahor.

This grandfather had Serug for a father, and I see that both "Serug" and "Terah" evoke the Turukku to which I trace the Zeus-Taurus. This makes perfect sense, that YHWH should call Abraham out from the cult of Zeus for the end-time purpose of superseding the world's chief rulers (built on Zeus elements)...and giving it to Abraham's descendants, the Israelites. Serug was the father of Rue, and Rue the grandson of Eber, himself the grandson of Arphaxad, son of Shem.

Believe you me, I did not ever set out, when starting the dragonline quest, with the idea of tracing to Abraham's genealogy given in Genesis 11. It was the last thing from my mind, and yet the idea started to grow on me: the dragon cult is in the Bible right under our noses. How can it not be, for the Bible is an account of Satan's war against God.

Another suicide bombing, near Baghdad today, killing at least 16 Iraqi soldiers. Yesterday, at least 10 Iraq policemen were killed in a Kirkuk bombing. There is more evidence in this event that al-Qaeda is allied to a Sunni group of Iraq:

"Iraqi army units backed by U.S. air support launched a major operation [yesterday] south of the disputed city of Kirkuk hours after a car bomb killed 10 police and wounded more than 20 others.

Gen. Abdelamir al-Zaidi, the head of the Iraqi army's elite Force 12, said troops had killed two senior members of the militant Ansar al-Sunna group...

...'We arrested the two (wounded men) and confirmed that the two who were killed were senior members of Ansar al-Sunna,' he said, referring to an extreme Islamist group originally from Kurdistan that is allied with Al-Qaeda in Iraq."

By following the split in Iraqi politics to the violent groups, we can predict Gog's allies. Ansar al-Sunna "is a militant salafi [= Sunni sect] group in Iraq that is fighting the U.S.-led occupation and the elected government led by Nouri al-Maliki." How could it not be part of the Gogi rebellion? Note the Halab-like origin of Ansar al-Sunna: ""The group was founded in September 2003 as an umbrella organization for guerrillas, with former members of Ansar al-Islam a Kurdish Islamic organization based in the mountains near Halabja in northeastern Iraq."

I followed the link of Halabja to find a Hebrew-like term: "[Halabja] lies at the base of what is often referred to as the greater Hewraman region stretching across the Iran-Iraq border."

I followed the Hewraman link to find a Merv-like term: "Hewraman is a mountainous region located in western Iran or Eastern Kurdistan, which includes the cities of Pawe and Meriwan, and north-eastern Iraq or Southern Kurdistan, which includes the city Halabja." This is quite shocking, as I've never known these terms before, and because I wrote the above on Merv and Halab one to two hours BEFORE coming to these Wikipedia articles.

I tend to trace Merv/Mary to Mari on the Euphrates because I identify the Afridi of Afghanistan (near Merv) with the Euphrates. Mari was an Amorite city ruled by Semite Amorites (e.g. Shamshi-Adad) during, or not long after, the time of Nahor and Abraham. Could it be that Amorites, not only in the Western Illuminati, but of the eastern Hewraman region, are coming to conquer Jerusalem in the great tribulation???

Wikipedia suggests a Hewraman connection to "the ancient Zoroastrian faith and claim that the name may have originated from Ahuraman or Ahura Mazda." I identify Hermes with "AhuraMazda. I had linked Hermes, many years ago, with Armenia and figured that "he" was somehow linked to the Manes line out of Mannai, for the Hermus river was in Lydia (while the Manes line produced the Lydians). I then figured that Hermes was the same as mythical Harmonia, daughter of Ares (she may have been a take from "Ahuraman"). This was all the more convincing as I had found Ahura Mazda to be the root of the Osiris-Horus cult.

Having found just now that "The inhabitants of Hewraman are Gorani Kurds who speak Hewrami, I'll mention an old theory that Khwarezm is a hard-C version of a Hebrew-like term. Khwarezm is in Turkmenistan, where also we find Gorgan and Merv. "To the south [Khwarezm] bordered Khorasan...Its capitals were Old Urgench (Persian: Kuhna Gurganj)..." (italics and brackets not mine).

Compare "Hewraman" and its "Gorani" language to "Khwarezm" and its "Khorasan" neighbor, and ask whether this was not a branch of the Hebrew-Horus or Hebrew-Ares alliance that is the dragon-bloodline cult. Could the Horus-like terms (Gorani and Khorasan) be Horite elements?

There is a question in my mind as to whether Gog will fight with or against the PKK, the rebel Kurds who wish to see the end of the Iraqi government. Keep in mind that "Kurd" may derive from "Kartli," the root of modern Georgians.

For a read on the situation in Georgia, as per the movement to make Saakashvili resign, see

The Georgian Times has an article saying that Russian foreign minister Lavrov is accusing the Georgian military of attacks on Russian troops in northern Georgia. It appeared in the war of 2008 that Russia sought opportunity to falsely accuse Georgians of a major assault as an excuse to come in and finish Georgia (and Saakashvili) off. It may still be a viable option for Russia, as per Lavrov's recent words: "Russia accuses Georgia of attacks on Russian peacekeepers in the so-called South Ossetia, which he says equals to attack on Russia."

April 17

I haven't read anything on the EU carrying out its threats on Netanyahu, and Obama has been quiet too. George Mitchell didn't push Israel's buttons hard this week, but behind the scenes I figured that something must be cooking somewhere.

It floors me that Mitchell, after hearing Israel's excellent argument yesterday -- that Israel cannot allow a Palestinian state to form until Palestinians accept Israel's right to exist -- still insisted that Obama wants the Palestinian state. What sort of ignoramuses would insist that a people should be permitted their own state within a country they do not recognize? Would Obama allow Texas to separate if Texas did not accept the right of the United Sates to exist? This is the sort of animal that Obama is. Let me be clear, as he likes to say: Obama is ignorant.

World Net Daily had an article yesterday claiming that Obama, though he tells Israel that he wants to go the Annapolis track, in truth wants to go with the Arab vision. Israel doesn't want the Annapolis deal, let alone the Arab one:

"The Obama administration has decided to base its approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on an Arab 'peace' initiative, according to a source in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government.

...The Arab Initiative, originally proposed by King Abdullah in 2002 and later adopted by the Arab League, states that Israel would receive 'normal relations' with the Arab world in exchange for a full withdrawal from the entire Gaza Strip, West Bank, Golan Heights and eastern Jerusalem, which includes the Temple Mount."

This claim is new as per Mitchell meeting Netanyahu only yesterday. This is what Obama has cooking: to pressure Israel from both the West and from the Arabs. As we can imagine, the Arabs would love to do Obama's will in this. As a bonus, Obama gets Arabs on friendlier terms with himself, probably what he wants more than Israel's security.

As Russia announces an end of its Chechen presence, it IS moving into Georgia:

Last week Georgian opposition parties prepared to mount street protests to force President Mikhail Saakashvili to resign, while Russian forces began military exercises in the Caucasus that might be a direct preparation for an intervention in Georgia -in response to the country being further destabilized...

...As the Georgian opposition was gathering force, the Russian military were already on the move. The Russian Black Sea Fleet left Sevastopol, Crimea in force, lead by its flagship missile cruiser 'Moskva.' The Georgian Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze accused Russia of 'continuing aggressive policies' by deploying warships and reinforcing its troops in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. ...

...At present, it is impossible to know precisely how many additional army units have been moved within striking distance of Georgian territory. However, the composition of the naval force that disembarked from Sevastopol is not secret, since the Ukrainian authorities must be informed. It seems to be larger than the force that was deployed against Georgia last August."[tt_news]=34862&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=ed1ae9941f

USA Today features a short article about the growing trend toward self-sufficiency, and it isn't only Christians who are going this route, though I suspect that interior conservatives are more likely to go back to "old" farm lifestyles than coastal and Great-Lakes liberals:

"When the stock market drops, orders surge for freeze-dried food, survival kits and emergency supplies, says Nitro-Pak president Harry Weyandt. One best seller: a $3,375 food reserve that feeds four people for three months.

Gardening. Sales of vegetable seeds and transplants are up 30% from 2008 at W. Atlee Burpee, the USA's largest seed company. The National Gardening Association says 7 million more households will grow food this year than in 2008 -- a 19% rise. A book on building root cellars is the top seller at Johnny's Selected Seeds in Winslow, Maine, supervisor Joann Matuzas says."

$3,375 to feed four for three months is under $300 per month per person; not bad at all, but the quality may not be much. It's a lot of money for a 3.5-year period that many Christians don't have. This is why we've got to get food operations running smoothly. When I made my first garden, insects were a major threat. A greenhouse cover can eliminate the problem, plus add a few more weeks to the growing season, but the cost of a greenhouse covering an entire garden needs to be assessed. I'm guessing a quarter acre, 200 x 50 feet, is sufficient for one person.

There is the problem of keeping racoons and skunks (etc) from breaking in through the plastic film. Assuming that a 2 x 4 frame is used for eight-foot-high walls, with 2 x 4s spaced every two feet, and chipboard all the way up (the top two feet should be removed in summer to keep the place from over-heating), each linear foot of wall would cost the price of 3/4 of an eight-foot 2 x 4 (about $2) plus 1/4 the cost of 1/2-inch chipboard (about $2). Cost for each 200 x 50 foot greenhouse = 500 (feet) x 4 = $2000, not including the plastic film, which I'd want on until harvest to keep flying insects out.

At one website, 6-mil, 4-year greenhouse film, 24 feet wide x 110 feet long, is $275 (I've seen plastic much cheaper but perhaps not as durable), or about $1,200 per 200 x 50 foot greenhouse. Extra film should be on hand.

A low-slope roof structure of 2 x 4 rafters supported over simple post-and-beam should suffice in southern climates with little snowfall. I frankly cannot see a plastic film supporting even a foot of condensed snow (it can turn to ice). If the rafters are too close together, they will block much sunlight when the sun is not straight overhead; metal-pipe frames are thinner but more costly.

BUT, if each greenhouse can be built for $8,000 and feeds one person each year, it will be cheaper than freeze-dried foods, giving fresh food instead, not to mention that it will give some peace of mind throughout the whole period; thieves can't steel foods that haven't grown yet, but they can take your entire stock of dried/canned foods.

If I build a greenhouse half as large (100 x 50 feet) this year, and grow foods every year until the trib, I'll save food money to help pay for it and meanwhile have enough jarred/dried vegetables, before the trib arrives, to last all trib long. Is that a plan, or what? We'll be doing a lot of jarring and drying, so best to learn ahead of time.

Assuming plants are two feet apart in all directions, one 200 x 50 foot greenhouse can grow 2500 plants. If a person eats three plants of food per day, that's 800 days worth of food, which should be enough insurance to cover plants that don't grow well for whatever reasons, and/or to help others who can't afford their own. In some climates, several vegetable types can see two crops per year. I've really got to work on a greenhouse chapter for trib survivalists. This is one of the first things to start. It'll take a year just to assure that the soil under the greenhouse grows several vegetable types.

Problem. No rain in the greenhouse. Ahh, but rain does flow down the greenhouse roof, and can be re-routed into the greenhouse soil. Problem. It's a lot of work to assure that the water flows alongside all plants under it's own steam. But a water pump uses very little electricity to pump horizontally.

In fact, I used a small 1/6 HP pump two days ago, and the solar-power system indicated how much power it was using: 100 watts when the pump was in an inch of water, and over 200 watts when it was six inches deep (more water pressure, but perhaps more water pumped per unit time). A few solar panels can easily provide this amount of power. Have one or more pools in the center of the greenhouse, and let it divert water down shallow trenches to all plants. Where water doesn't reach, use the pump. As the green house has less wind than in the open air, soils will remain wet longer, and leaves will have greater humidity.

In Iraq, a UN scheme is expected to be publicized later this month supposedly addressing the Arab-Kurd controversy in Kirkuk. Thus far, UN "schemers" have not made their ideas public, which is why they're schemers. What have they to hide? Why do they want to spring their suggestions at a certain time? Are the underlying "suggestions" selfish, catering to UN goals?

Kurds are looking to Obama to assure that Kirkuk will belong only to Kurdistan, but Obama is slow to take a position because he doesn't want to lose any friends:

"'The United States cannot forcefully inject itself into this [Arab-Kurd] conflict without creating a massive number of new enemies in Iraq and worldwide,' said Terrill, the professor. 'I think that the United States has to contain the violence and encourage dialogue, but I do not think we can go beyond that without making things worse."

Ahh, I get it. Obama wants to talk with everyone, but in the end accomplish nothing because he doesn't want to stir any pots. I've been noticing this attitude in him lately, and the word, "lame," comes to mind. One can't make everyone happy in a controversy. But I think Obama will lean to one side in the Kirkuk controversy, and it could become somewhat clear which side he'll go for...if he opens his mouth to speak on it. The quote below seems Kurd-biased:

"Iraqi analysts and politicians in northern Iraq who have discussed the issue with U.N. officials in recent weeks said in interviews that they expect the organization will outline a scenario by which Kirkuk could be administered jointly by the central government in Baghdad and the Kurdish regional government. Elsewhere, based on an analysis of the region's history, demographics and the outcome of the recent provincial election, the United Nations is expected to suggest that certain districts ought to be administered by the Kurdish regional government" (webpage above).

The next paragraph in the article shows the threat of violence if Arabs don't get enough:

"Hussein Ali Salih al-Juburi, a senior Arab political leader in Kirkuk, said local politicians decided to form the Iraqi Kirkuk Bloc to 'strengthen the Arabs' position' on what he called 'Kurdish intransigence.' He said the group intends to deploy the paramilitary groups known as Awakening councils, or Sons of Iraq, to fight insurgent groups in villages in northern Iraq."

Since Americans formed the Awakening Councils, Obama may be compelled to side with the Arabs. But Gog is also predicted to side with the Arabs. The Arabs of the Kirkuk Bloc will become anti-Iraq if Iraq gives the better part of the pie to Kurds, and this of course is a perfect recipe for mixing with the Gog-Sunni movement against Iraq.

Obama, for all we know, may have agents involved in the makings of the UN suggestion. As news comes forth, I'll be assessing his position and that of the UN in an effort to gauge ahead of time his/its initial relationship to Gog, whether for or against.

It's interesting that the Arms of Kurdistan reveal the Mede ancestry of Kurds, an idea supported by 1970 edition of Britannica. Wikipedia says: "The coat of arms of the Kurdistan regional government draws on both modern and ancient symbolism: the eagle itself was the emblem of the ancient Median Empire." Why would the Wikipedia writer mention this if he didn't think Kurds trace to Medes? Isaiah 13:17 tells that end-time Babylon will be destroyed by an attack from the Medes...who do not regard silver or gold (says the prophet).

Since Gog is to take Iraq prior to this Mede invasion, it appears that Kurds will indeed be enemies of Gog. In fact, Gog is the topic in Isaiah 14, where he is mocked by God as per his defeat to the Medes. It's true that Medes played a role in conquering the Babylonian empire in ancient times, but the Isaiah-13 prophecy seems wholly on the end times.

Jeremiah 50 and 51 seems to bounce in and out from ancient to end-time events, and has terminology smacking of Isaiah 13. The Medes (51:11 and 51:28) are once again the destroyers of Babylon. In 51:27, the three kingdoms mentioned are Ararat, Minni [= Mannai], and Ashkenaz, all three to the east of the Tigris and where Kurds live today.

I looked at "Ashkenaz" just now to see whether the term could be found in Greece. When one removes the capital, "Saka" can be seen, but others have already pointed that the Ashkenaz was ancestor to Scythians. I see "Sicyon," a place near Corinth (ruled by the Hermes bloodline) that sprouted in-part on a peoples depicted by mythical Aegialeus. "Some have said that [Aegialeus] was childless, but others say that he was the father of Europs, father of Telchis and Hermion, the founder of the city of Hermione."

Ashkenaz has been traced by others to a region in Germany, an idea I can support as per my theory that Zio-worshiping Germans, called "Herminones," derive from mount Herman/Sion. In fact, as Hermon was near Tyre -- which was the origin of Europa -- wouldn't Europs and Hermion above depict this same Phoenician region? In other words, the peoples of proto-Sicyon were from mount Hermon and as such may have been Sionists, but also the Herminone Germanics must have been from Sicyon roots, this reinforcing a Sicyon-Ashkenaz equation.

As Aegialeus was also made the father of Telchis, the myth-code for the Telchines, it suggests that Ashkenazi tribes also settled Rhodes (where Telchines flourished). This is interesting because the Jeremiah quote above, if it indeed refers to end-time Kurds, places Kurds in Ararat (north of lake Urmia), in Mannai (south of lake Urmia), and in Ashkenaz. Since the first two locations don't quite cover the Kirkuk region, it could be that Kirkuk environs were Ashkenazi domains. This is important because Kirkuk was Arrapha, home to the Arphaxadites that I say lived in Arpad/Arados (Syria), the root of Rhodes.

In other words, Arphaxadites were merged with Ashkenazi, which merger may then define the Gogi Scythians (I don't trace Gog to Magog (Ashkenazi's uncle) blood, but only to the land of Magog). I would then expect the Ares cult to have Ashkenazi elements, and indeed his daughter was made Harmonia, a Hermion-like term (i.e. that traces to Sicyon).

More interesting yet, Aegialeus was made the son of Inachus, a term that could have derived from "Nachor" (Biblical spelling of Nahor). Mythical "Sicyon had a daughter Chthonophyle, who consorted with Hermes and had by him a son Polybus," a term smacking of "Buz" when the poly-prefix is removed. The Chthon(ophyle) term is a common one I tend to link to the Cutha Babylonians (worshipers of Nergal), making it interesting that the daughter of Polybus was "Lysianassa," smacking of the Laz/Lasonii who were made married to Nergal. Moreover, I independently rooted the Kabala cult in Cutha Hebrews, while the Cabelees were a fellow tribe with the Lasonii.

As for whether "Sicyon" leads to "Saxony," I did trace Nahorites to the Nerthus-worshiping region of northern Germany, to a peoples (1st century AD) that appear to be the proto-Saxons. Hmm. Let's add that Albert the Bear, of the House of Ascania, was duke of Saxony. Double hmm! "Albert was the only son of Otto, Count of Ballenstedt, and Eilika, daughter of Magnus Billung, Duke of Saxony." I noted the similarity between "Ballen" and "Billung," as though two branches of the same family, and while doing research on the Nebelungs realized that "Billung" was in "Nebelung."

Forgive me, I have used "Nebelung" here and elsewhere, but you may find more online material by using "Nibelung." At the webpage below you will see that they were Burgundians from the Norwegian theater, the latter derived from a mythical Nor. One can imagine that Vikings, not exactly the scholarly nerds of society, didn't like complicated words like "Nahor," and reduced it.

Proto-Germany was called Ashkenaz, wherefore the "Ashkenazi Jew" term, claims Wikipedia, is not evidence that Ashkenaz developed from Hebrews. But I would take that claim to task. Wikipedia says that the Jews of proto-Germany originated on the Rhine. Worms was on the Rhine, and was also the home of the Nibelungs.

April 18

Well, when speaking of mice and Saakashvili, it's not too surprising that one of the biggest wandering rats of all time, Bill Clinton, gets involved:

"Georgian president will leave for Washington on April 25 under the invitation of Bill Clinton. Mikheil Saakashvili will attend a meeting at the Clinton Foundation.

In his turn, Georgian Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze has wrapped up his visit to the United States. He held his last meeting in the UN office with the UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon. Vashadze discussed situation in Georgia`s conflict regions and the extension of the UN mandate to Georgia, which expires on June 15."

What is that? What could this be for? Why would Bill give the "hot potato" the invite to his fledgling Clinton Global Initiative foundation? Could be small, could be big, but it stands out as odd, so I thought I'd mention it. And why was the Georgian foreign minister talking to the UN about Georgia's rebel regions?

The story below claims that a Russian youth group was given a mandate by the Russian government to form a convoy moving toward for T'bilisi (Georgia) with the facade of partaking in anti-Saakashvili demonstrations. The real purpose, the article claims, was to have the youth activists arrested at the Ossetian-Georgia border as cause for a gunfight i.e to start a war. You decide:[tt_news]=34879&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=fbd4a6bbbd

In an article again dated yesterday, we find Russian troops arrived to Abkhazia (one of the two rebels regions looking to Moscow for protection from Georgia):

Russia has nearly finished setting up a military base in Abkhazia, the Abkhaz leader said [yesterday].

...'The numerical strength of [the personnel of] the Russian base will be such as is needed to maintain peace and stability in Abkhazia and South Ossetia,' he said.

The base would be in service very soon, Bagapsh said. 'It is no secret that the base will be located, will be based, in Gudauta. The work of organizing its various facilities has started, the troops have arrived,' he said.

On line 12:33 of Interfax, we read: "Abkhazia, S. Ossetia to conduct military exercises in response to NATO-Georgia exercises - Bagapsh." Below that, also at 12:33 pm: "Georgian lawmaker: Russia getting ready for new war." Medvedev has indicated great disappointment in the NATO exercise (in May), as Russia clearly wants Georgia for itself.


There is another provocation, with an identical purpose of starting a war, in the United States. Democrats are launching a war on right wingers. This secret has leaked, and while liberals are trying to downplay the effort that is in cahoots with Homeland Security (DHS), we should realize that it's a major, high-level plot of our spiritual enemies.

"The 'Key Findings' are way light on objective facts but heavy on subjective opinion -- opinion clearly colored by the worldviews and biases of those issuing the report. Right off the bat, DHS admits it 'has no specific information that domestic rightwing terrorists are currently planning acts of violence, but rightwing extremists may be gaining new recruits by playing on their fears about several emergent issues. The economic downturn and election of the first African American president present unique drivers for rightwing radicalization and recruitment.'"

Anti-abortionists were lumped into this "threatening" group. You get it. It's an insidious Democrat attempt to make U.S. officers of the law turn on Christo-conservative types, which includes post-trib types especially, who tend to oppose the coming liberal empire...that was supposed to be in place decades ago if not for the right-wing spurt that took power away from the Democrats.

The idea is to make officers of the law view Americans as potential threats if they hold to right-wing ideas. While there are in fact militia groups (and "militia individuals") who hold guns dear for the purpose of defending themselves against a globalist, dictatorial or even martial-law scenario, one can understand why Homeland Security departments might be cautious. BUT, it's obvious through the many years of evidence that militia types are not on an offensive, not necessarily bad apples, not seeking violence, but are in fact peace-loving, some of them devout Biblical Christians.

Even though you have been made clean by the Word of God, and are innocent before the American law, lawmen are being conditioned to view you as a backward and troublesome agent. And indeed we are "backward" and troublesome. We join God in the hope of their falling from power, and a going back to Biblical principles. BUT, WE SHOULD DROP OUR GUNS for the purpose of defending ourselves against the coming political system.

This is not said merely to protect myself, but because it is the protective plan of Jesus for us (Revelation 13:10). If we are peaceful in our rejection of the system, we have a much better chance of being left alone by the system. Do not be deceived into joining gun-wielding post-tribbers who seek to be your tribulation leaders. Perhaps you are one of them; you may not mind fighting to the death, but in so doing you will raise the level of persecution against those who don't want to fight.

Just wait. Just wait a few years for Jesus to come with his BIG GUN that in one single blast solves the entire problem without retaliation from the dread trolls of society. And that is what they are, trolls in hiding who come out in the darkness to pounce on the innocent.

You saw what happened in Waco. Although it happened to a cult, how might lawmen view us as any different if we retreat from "normal" society in groups or communes stacked with guns? The problem is, we need guns for hunting. Might they be used against us? Not very likely, if we don't raise them toward lawmen. It might be, or might not be, a good idea to hide hunting rifles. If they find hidden rifles, they'll suspect you're up to no-good.

The good news is, the federal (Obama) government is attacking states wishing to remain free from federal controls. This sets up a feud between Washington and various state governments which can alert us as to which states might be best for trib-retreat purposes. If you are given legal trouble in a state that is in cahoots with the federal government, you could be a dead duck from that point on, and your family with you. Christian-friendly states/provinces/counties may not be coincidental. In some legal issues, it's the local governments that are in control, but some states/provinces in cahoots with the federal government may alter the powers of local governments, as this is expected as history goes forward to the new global system.

If ever God is concerned for our welfare, it will be in this coming struggle. Expect to be saved by the skin of your teeth time and time again (miracles often work that way), though in the end we may find ourselves in a trap that we must succumb to. May God help us in those times. May you exercise the courage to risk your welfare for the benefit of others. That is what God would like to see. But don't be stupid or careless in taking risks, thinking that God, no matter how stupid we are, will save us somehow.

When you are being threatened, and the threat can be felt "in the air," it may not be the time to be helpful to others, for you may bring trouble to them as well. But if there is no threat in the air, and you sense tranquility, it might be the time to help others, to visit nearby retreats and take some of the people-load, if necessary, or to share some supplies, if necessary. Visiting other retreats can be dangerous, for they could harbor some traitorous goats. Leaders of properties should not share the locations of other retreats with everyone. Land owners should deal strictly and confidentially with land owners...if the land owners are helping others, for this will be the sign that they are sheep land owners rather than potential goats.

No sooner did I speak on my arrest a few days ago that the uploading of these updates, to my Internet server, birthed a problem. In order to upload information, the tribwatch file at the server's computer system must hook up with my computer, and this connecting process has been normal for years...until I mentioned the arrest. Now there is a 30-odd-second stall in the midst of making every connection, as if some other program, not visible to me, is taking place that takes up time. Possibly, there is a malicious program installed on my computer that is communicating with the tribwatch file at the server, attempting to destroy it as well as the files on my computer. I'm looking into this, and am in contact with the server, but just be aware of what info you send to me by email.

The tribwatch book could disappear at any time, in other words, and so could the writings of other "right wingers," for the trolls who rule at this time work in the darkness, to spy on us, to counter us, to silence us. Even the server cannot be trusted (since I don't know the people there). It may not be a bad idea to change servers once in a while. Nor can we trust firewalls and anti-virus programs, for one can set up a spy program while claiming it to be an anti-spy program.

Spy programs must first be made to go around a protection (e.g. Mcafee) )system, so I figure that the more protection systems running at one time, the less likely it will be that spies have built their programs to go around all of them at once. However, we are told not to run more than one protection system at a time...because they can interfere with one another. Hmm. Wouldn't the government want us all to use just one protection system? How can the government spy on computers, to seek criminals and terrorists, if the government doesn't build a spy program to go around as many protection systems as possible? It's therefore logical that government spy agencies work in cahoots with as many protection systems as possible in order to better discover methods of by-passing them.

I use a dedicated tribwatch computer at this time with no personal info on it, and all tribwatch files are backed up on another computer. I never have the other computer connected to this one unless I'm transferring files, for a program can be installed in this one that can communicate with the other so long as the two are connected with a cord. I unplug my internet connection whenever transferring files from this computer to the other, and never have the other computer connected to the Internet. For all we know, it may be possible for others to enter our computers even when we "disconnect" from the Internet. I unplug my cord each night, and usually during the day when logging off from these updates. The trolls in government would wish to assure that they can spy as efficiently as possible while people believe that they are protected.

In Mosul:

"The new council of Nineveh Province of which Mosul is the capital has asked the central government in Baghdad to send in addition troops to guard against possible disturbances.

The request comes amid reports that the Kurdish deputies in the council have decided to boycott its meetings and asked Kurdish areas within the province to severe all ties with it.

At least one predominantly Kurdish district, Sinjar, has openly defied the council, with its officials saying they would only heed orders from Massoud Barzani, the head of the regional Kurdish government in Arabil."\2009-04-18\kurd.htm

Arabil (or "Arbil/Irbil") is the capital of the Kurdistan Regional Government. It is near Kirkuk which at one time was Arabkha. Wikipedia says that "The name Arbil was mentioned in the Sumerian holy writings (about 2000 B.C.) as Arbilum, Orbelum or Urbilum. Later, Akkadians based on similarity and folk etymology rendered the name to mean four gods. The city was a centre for the worship of the Assyrian goddess Ishtar." In other words, Arbil was named before the term, "Arab," was recorded, and may therefore be, along with Arabkha, the region of Arab origin. It squares with Greek myth wherein an "Arabus" term was made the son of Hermes, for Arbil and Kirkuk are not far west of Cadusian Armenia, the origin of Hermes.

Since the bear symbol has become important to my story, I should add that Albert the Bear, whom I trace to Ashkenazi Iraq/Iran, thereby traces to the region that was Media, and meanwhile Daniel 7 not only assigns the bear symbol to Persia (Iran), but also to Media. Knowing that Hermes is a pinnacle in the Rosicrucian cult, be reminded that he entered Greece at Arcadia (his mythical birthplace), which was symbolized by Arcas, the bear constellation. This tends to trace Hermes Armenians (and the Rus as a whole) to Iranians/Medes, and indeed on the non-Hebrew side the dragon cult traces to Gorgon Aryans, often identified as "Scythians" but linked closely to Iranian Cimmerians (= Comarians, Togarmites and Ashkenazi).

But what is not at all known, except perhaps by high-level Rosicrucians and some who may study these matters, is that Arabs were related to these Aryans. At this point, my gut tells me that Arabs (Semites) included the strong pagan-Hebrew element of the Hebrew-Rus dragon cult of Ishtar, the whole of which formed the roots of Gog. For as the Gorgon Aryans developed into the Kurds, they in turn must have developed into the Kartli Georgians, the blossom of the Biblical Gog. Thus, Georgians and related Caucasians -- including Europeans -- are to a large degree Arabs at their roots. I never thought I'd come to say this, for not long ago I flatly resisted a person who suggested an Arab root to Templar Zionists.

I found last week that the Berman Coat, as per the House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman, Howard Berman (D-California), uses the bear. The surname was first found in Kent in 1203, wherefore it may have been linked to the Anglo-Saxonite Cinque Ports (conquered by the Normans just 40 years earlier)...and may even be a predominant Bernician fold since Bernicians fell under the Anglo-Saxon umbrella.

What I'm about to show is that Rothschilds themselves may trace to the Bernicians, thereby explaining the Rothschild-Rhodes partnership in Rosicrucian globalism. It started last night when I opened an email from LG, writing in to say that Red Skelton was a 33-degree Freemason (see Wikipedia article on him), and that, according to, the Skelton surname was the same as "Shelton." One can immediately see a "Schild" (or "Shield") in that term if one has recently written about the Schild term. Both and say that "Shelton" derives from "scilf," meaning cliff, but I'll show some evidence of a trace to "Schild."

The Skeltons are known to have been linked with Bruces of York, wherefore it's not surprising that the Shelton surname was first found in Yorkshire. Houseofnames verifies that the Shelton surname derives from Anglo-Saxons in pre-Norman England, while the Skelton surname was first found in pre-Norman Cumberland, a north-England region part of Bernician domains.

Since "Shelton" appears to have a "Shel" root, I checked the Shell Coat to find three fleur de lys positioned as per the three fleur de lys in the Skelton Coat. I don't think it's a coincidence. Surprisingly enough, the only Shell Coat shown is a German one (first found in Westphalia/Saxony), but the spellings use "Schell." This Schell Coat uses a blue crowned serpent on white, all on a red shield.

I've noted that there is a Schellenberg in Liechtenstein, but when reading that the Schell surname was from "Schellenberg manor near Essen," I googled Essen; the Google result-page showed a map of Essen, with "Ruttensheid" smack beside it. The only problem, no 'l' in "Ruttensheid," but this doesn't mean that Meyer Bauer couldn't have played on the term to create his Rothschild surname, for the location was not far from Rothschild origins in Bavaria.

Essen was in the Rhine watershed, and the Ashkenazi "Jews" are said to derive from the Rhine river. It turns out that the Catti Celts had lived in Essen, a peoples that I trace to the Cadusia (and Hattusa of the Hatti), which is very conspicuous because the Catti (or "Chatti") are said to have founded Hesse (German = "Hessen"), a term smacking of Essen...and just south-east of Essen.

Houseofnames says that the Essen surname was first found in Hesse. At this point, I thought to check the Asner Coat, finding blue and white colors that make up the Essen Coat. As the Asner variations include Eisner, I checked the Eisenhower Coat to find only one displayed: a "Jewish" one! Moreover, the Eisenhower Coat uses symbols evoking Templars and Rosicrucians, but also the sword symbol that may link to the Arms of Essen; see Wikipedia's Essen page, a gold sword on blue background, the colors of the Skelton and Shelton Coats (significant because the Schell surname was first in Essen, and because I'm hoping to link the Schells to the Skelton/Shelton surname).

At the Eisenhower page, I found some confirmation for what I suspected, that the surname derives from "As/Aes," meaning "iron": "In the first case, [Eisenhower] may be a metonymic occupational name for an ironworker or smith, derived from the Yiddish word ayzn, and the German word eisen, which means iron." I trace the term to the Asi/Assi of Iran, a fellow tribe with Tocharians (Togarmites) and therefore suspect as the Askenazi.

Therefore, the term, "Hesse(n)," said to derive from "Catti," may be in error, perhaps deliberate to get us off-track. It looks as though both Hesse and Essen derived from the Assi, which may then reveal that they are the root of the Ashkenazi Jews of the Rhine. Is it a coincidence that the Eisner/Aisner Coat uses horseshoes, the typical symbol of metal smiths? Nay, but the surname is therefore related to "Eisenhower."

In the Essen article, I came across the Harz mountains, a term smacking of Aar, Switzerland, which I thought to connect to "Haaretz." Not only does "Harz" smack of Haaretz, but the Harz term derived from "Hart/Hardt," once again like "Haaretz."

I checked the Hart surname and found a German Hart/Hardt Coat, first found in Bavaria (using a red deer). But there is also a "Jewish" Hard Coat, gold Zionist star on blue, the colors of the Essen Coat using a sword. I wanted to come back to the Essen sword because it helps me to make the Schell-surname (of Essen) link to the Schild surname, which then works to tie the l-less "Ruttensheid" (of Essen) to the creation of "Rothschild."

The Irish Hart Crest uses a hand holding a sword, a symbol found in the Irish Shield Crest. I tried shield-like terms, one of them being "Slade" and consequently "Slate." It turns out that the English Slate Coat uses the clover symbol in the English Shield Coat, and moreover the Slate Crest uses a hand holding a though it's a version of the Shield surname. As expected in such a case, the Slate surname is Anglo-Saxon, but as there are shown Sclater and Sklater variations, "Slate" should be linked to the Anglo-Saxon Skelton/Shelton surname!

There is an l-less Scheid surname that should connect with the Ruttensheid location because the surname was first found in the Rhineland. The Scheid Coat uses three gold roses on a blue shield, but this is not necessarily problematic because the German Bauer Chief uses three gold stars (five pointed, often alternated with roses) on blue. A variation of the Bauer surname is "Boerema," possibly linking to Boernicians/Bernicians, keeping in mind that the blue and gold Skeltons and Sheltons were from Bernician domains.

The Skelton Crest, a red lion, should link to the Rhodes red lion, you see (Rhodes' are from a Bernician fold), a symbol on the Irish Shield Coat, and meanwhile the Danish Bauer Coat uses a crowned spotted leopard, the symbol in the Rhodes Crest!

I just can't believe the following. I didn't realize the similarity between the l-less "Scheid" and the location of Sheidam in Holland until after I wrote all of the above. For I went to see the Dutch Schild Coat, since I think the Rothschild surname derives from it, and that was where we read the following:

"The principal cities [of the Schild surname] are Rotterdam, Leyden and Shiedam [italics mine]. Noted is the famed castle of Teilengen where Jacqueline of Bavaria is buried"(Schild link above).

It's not exactly the same spelling as "Scheid," but close enough, not to mention that Ruttersheid smacks of Rotterdam. Thank you LG. You two are the "founder" of the Rothschild bloodline in the Shelton surname, and more intriguing for me is that my mother's Masci surname connected with the Skeltons as per Dunham Masci. Again, the blue and gold Dunham coat matches the colors of the Skelton Coat, meaning that Obama may link back with the proto-Rothschilds, yes the Skeltons...from the blue-on-gold Bruces of Louvain, which I hope to connect to the Luwians.

There's another curiosity. On the Harz-district page, I found a list of localities for that region, and as soon as I saw them, I wondered if a Hasli-like term would be amongst them, for Hasli/Haslital is a region in Aar of Berne. Sure enough, there's a Hasselfelde in the Harz district, which reflects the Assel/Hassel surname even better than "Hasli!!

This is freaking me out. The Hassel surname (using gold on blue) was first found in Cheshire, the location of Dunham Masci, and meanwhile the German Haar Coat uses three gold fleur de lys on blue -- as does the Masci Coat, as does the Skelton Coat!!!

It would seem that this bloodline was from the Harz district, therefore, but to this add the fact that the Essen surname has an "Essellen" variation, and suddenly we can see it. Do you see it? What do you see when we connect Essen with Essel? The province of Hesse-Cassel! The first Rothschild, a Bauer, was involved in Hesse-Cassel's royalty, wherefore it's not likely a coincidence that the same symbol (diagonal bars in the same direction) are found in the German Cassel Coat, the Danish Bauer Coat, and the Dutch Schild Coat.

A quick look at Hesse-Cassel history leads back to imperial Hohens who formed the Flanders lion (gold on black, the symbol of Brabant). We first read from Wikipedia: " the mid 13th century [Hesse-Cassel] was inherited by the younger son of Henry II, Duke of Brabant...", which then requires a read on the latter: "The title 'Duke of Brabant' was created by the German Emperor Frederick [Hohen] Barbarossa in favor of Henry I, son of Godfrey III of Leuven..."

Leuven is Louvain, but this Godfrey III, though duke of Lorraine, is not the duke of Lorraine, Godfrey III, the grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon. I haven't checked to see what the relationship was between the two Godfrey lines. The ancestry of the Louvain Godfreys goes blurry before Godfrey I (died 1139) and his mother Ida. The mother of Godfrey de Bouillon (died 1100) was also Ida (married to the other Godfrey III). It could very well be that the chief Zionist of the times, the conqueror of Jerusalem and founder of the Templar cult, was from the Louvain peoples.

By the time I got to writing the above, I had checked the Goldwin Coat because LG's email included: "NBC agreed to film [Red Skelton's] shows in the 1952-53 season at Eagle Lion Studios, next to the Sam Goldwyn Studio..." I thought that the Goldwin surname, obviously Hebrew, might be linked to the Skelton surname. It turns out that:

"The Origins of the name Goldwin are from the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain. It is derived from the baptismal name for the son of Godwin.

...First found in Yorkshire [same as Skeltons] where they held a family seat from very early times. Godwin or Godwine (d. 1053) was an earl of Wessex [anciently "Gewisse," traced by me to the Kwisa/Queis river in Lusatia], chief adviser to King Canute, who held great wealth and lands in those times. His son Harold Godwinson (circa 1022-1066) [just two generations before Godfrey I of Louvain and one before Godfrey de Bouillon] was Harold II of England [of Cinque Port importance]...Godwin, or Godwine was also the name of an 11th century Bishop of Lichfield, who died in 1020" (square brackets mine).

As we can see at the above link, the Goldwin Crest uses a griffin (i.e. griffo-dragon), a symbol going back to the Sumerian dragon cult, of Ishtar, Enki, etc, though instead of a lion body, it -- the mushussu dragon -- used a spotted leopard's body.


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