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April 11 - 14, 2009

Watching Iraq, and Egypt

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April 11

Putin and Maliki meet in Moscow, and Putin wants Iraqi oil deal as per Saddam's deal:

"An improving security situation in Iraq is opening possibilities for Russian companies to again do business in the country, which once had close trade ties with the Soviet Union and then Russia, Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin said Friday in Moscow after meeting with his Iraqi counterpart, Nuri Kamal al-Maliki. In particular, authorities in Moscow are pressing Mr. Maliki to honor an oil contract that the Russian oil company Lukoil signed with Saddam Hussein's government before the United States invasion; Iraqi officials say it is now invalid. Russia's energy minister, Sergei I. Shmatko, said Iraqi officials at the meeting had at least agreed to consider reviving the deal. Mr. Maliki said he would welcome a restoration of deeper trade ties, Russian news agencies reported."

Nothing more is said in this article. I imagine that Putin has been waiting long to make this request of Iraq. Hmm, the article says that Putin makes the request seeing that Iraqi violence has dropped, but I think it's because Obama does not hold Putin's feet to the fire in the way that Bush eventually did, for in the Bush era Russia was opposed to the Iraq war. The current U.S. president is opposed to that war, giving Putin the confidence to become involved in Iraqi trade. This is "good." I'll keep watching.

The timing of the arrests in Egypt of Hezbolah-backed agents coincides with the visit into Gaza of Gerry Adams, Tony Blair's agent. Egypt vehemently opposes Hamas (because it views it as an aggressive Iranian hand in Egyptian affairs). There must be many things that both Egypt and Israel know but keep to themselves concerning the terrorist operations, but when needed for public relations, the information can be leaked to the public. In this case, the British move to have Hamas accepted at the Palestinian-unity talks is worthy of some leaking, and so we read in today's J-Post:

"Egyptian security forces detained 15 people [yesterday] afternoon on suspicion that they helped manufacture rockets destined to be smuggled into the Gaza Strip through tunnels on the Gaza-Egypt border, Reuters quoted security sources as saying.

The sources said authorities had confiscated the outer shells of 60 projectiles from a metal workshop in Sheikh Zuwayed, a town in the Sinai peninsula located near the Rafah border crossing."

Moreover, there's big hoopla about Hezbollah agents seeking to bring the Egyptian government down, which Hezbollah is denying with insults going to Egypt in return.

If Iran and Syria are having trouble smuggling missiles into Gaza, an option is to build them near Gaza's border, in Egypt. But as this is risky, I'll bet that along the course of the hundreds of miles-long tunnels, there are crude "factories." A tunnel may be an assembly line where missiles are built progressively as they move along toward Rafah.

The Somali theater has become a focal point this week. As crazy as it sounds to one unfamiliar with my dragon-hunt material, I trace Obama's Luo tribe to Somalians of ancient times because the god of the Luo tribe, Nyasaye, is nearly "Nysa," the old Dionysus cult at mount Nysus in what was then Ethiopia. The mother of Dionysus, Semele, was the myth code that tipped me off as to Dionysus' Somali roots.

I've been thinking to myself that Obama will not intervene in Somalia as the Qaeda-related Muslim group, Al-Shabab, seeks to take over a Bush-supported government in Somalia. I've talked about Al-Shabab before, suggesting that it will be part of Ezekiel 38's Cushites who aid both in Egypt's and Israel's downfall. Today I read:

"Senior Obama administration officials are debating how to address a potential terrorist threat to U.S. interests from a Somali extremist group, with some in the military advocating strikes against its training camps. But many officials maintain that uncertainty about the intentions of the al-Shabab organization dictates a more patient, nonmilitary approach [I'll bet Obama is on the latter side of the issue].

Al-Shabab, whose fighters have battled Ethiopian occupiers and the tenuous Somali government, poses a dilemma for the [Obama] administration, according to several senior national security officials who outlined the debate only on the condition of anonymity.

...Some in the Defense Department have been frustrated by what they see as [Obama's] failure to act. Many other national security officials say an ill-considered strike would have negative diplomatic and political consequences far beyond the Horn of Africa..."

I don't know what's on Obama's mind concerning Somalia, but the current crisis for one American ship's captain, as he floats captured at sea in a raft with Somali pirates, may enlighten us. Not likely, but one never knows. I'm watching the story.

The article goes on to say that "Al-Shabab was formed from the remnants of an Islamist government overthrown in 2006 by a U.S.-backed Ethiopian invasion." The present Somali government is therefore a Bush baby that overtook the religious Muslims of Somalia. Obama's heart may be, not only against the Bush baby, but for the religious Muslims. Certainly, the possibility exists...and may, once again, help to explain how Gog's invasions succeed even while the United States exists as a power that can easily thwart him, should it try.

Will Obama try, or will he come up with excuse after excuse not to become involved against Gog? If he's the False Prophet, he'll do worse: he'll side with Gog, using his military fire to impress the world on behalf of Gog's agenda.

I was re-reading some of my old Iraq material in the tribwatch book. I saw that I wrongly predicted that Gog would be visible in Iraq by the end of 2008. This is why I'm having jitters about 2009 being the first year of the 70th Week. I figured he'd be in Iraq by the start of 2009 because I see his first military strike against Egypt before Pentecost (May 20) of 2010. I figured he needed at least a year to arise in Iraq, conquer portions of Iraq, make his way to the Egyptian front, and then win the war against Egypt.

But there are other possibilities. His war in Egypt doesn't necessarily require his presence there; his Muslim fighters can act on his behalf. Also, he can make plots against Egypt even while he's rising to power in Iraq. On one extreme, I suppose he can rise in Iraq and launch a war against Egypt all in one month. I dunno, but when I looked at the future as best I could some years ago, I figured at least a year should go by for such developments. There's still more than a year between now and Pentecost of 2010, but, still, it's not looking very "good" at this point.

One thing I can say is that Daniel 11:21 has the "king of the north" rising in Iraq while he's at ease. I suppose this means that he'll appear without a military effort. It feels as though this could take place imminently, and I figure that Maliki was in Moscow this week at Putin's request, not vice versa, because Putin asked him for a biggie. Imagine the talk going on, in Putin's circle of power, on the Iraq oil issue.

The question is, therefore, what does Putin have on his mind with his request to Maliki? Does he wish to create a bone of contention? Where in particular was Russia's oil deal centered within Iraq, when Saddam agreed to the deal? Was it in northern Iraq? Will Putin worm his agent into northern Iraq as per this bone of contention? That's what I'm thinking.

Conrad Gogi Bear, do me a favor.

Anything Putano, just make me great in the process.

Go to Iraq. Bring your dipstick with you, and measure the oil in Kirkuk.

Ohhhh, hooohhh, you give me the best jobs...

But you can't set up headquarters in Kirkuk, Bear...

Why not, lord terrible?

...unless you want to be tortured by the House of Kurds. The jokers think it's their oil.

Then I'll set up shop at Mausoleum, the ghost town. It's no longer in the House of Kurds.

I can't give you an army, Bear.

Great lord evil, take my heart, my soul, but don't deny me a good war.

You've got to go in with a facade, get entrenched, don't let president Milkman know what you're up to.

But that doesn't get me my war! I want my war, or I'm not going.

Just tell the SunniSide of Mosul you hate Israeliana's guts, and you'll have your war. But not until you're entrenched.

Deal. Where's my dipstick?

Here. This will be the staff by which you rule Iraq. Strike the Irock with it, and oil will gush out.

Don't I get a scabbard for my magic dipstick?

Don't toy with me, Bear. The place where you stand is holy ground. Now go, seize Irock, share the booties, fill the earth with terror, and bring me back some crude before I go bankrupt.

I'm guessing, but oil may be the reason that Gog comes to Iraq at all. After that, an alliance with the Sunni makes prophecy take place even though it may not be the initial plan of Gog.

China opposes UN animosity against North Korea, and has congratulated Kim Jong-Il for his re-election this past week. It's possible for North Korea to join the "kings of the east," therefore, who come to Israel in opposition to the armies of the Gogi-West alliance at Armageddon. The fact that China should openly side with North Korea, now, while the West stands avidly opposed, is a sign that prophecy is coming to pass on yet another front. I read today that China has the highest amount of the world's foreign-exchange reserves, nearly $2 trillion. It's a rising red dragon, in other words, slated to come slay the other red dragon, in the West.

No sooner had North Korea fired it's missile in midweek that:

"Russia successfully test-fired a Topol intercontinental ballistic missile [yesterday] as part of checks needed to extend its service life for up to 22 years, Russian media reported.

The Topol was fired from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, nestled among the forests of northern Russia, and successfully hit the test site on Russia's Pacific peninsula of Kamchatka, 6,000 km (3,700 miles) to the east."

In contrast to Korea's missile, which reportedly failed in its mission, the Russian missile succeeded, passing by the Korean theater as it did so, and landing further east than Korea...which is itself further east than China. Wikipedia has an eye-popping statement on Korean origins:

"The name 'Korea' derives from the Goryeo period of Korean history, which in turn referred to the ancient kingdom of Goguryeo."

LG sent me an email recently telling that Korea traces mythically to a bear symbol. Hmm. "Goguryeo" (founded pre-Christian times) certainly does evoke Gugar/Gogarene in Armenia, not far from the Irons (thought to be Iranians, also using a bear symbol) of Ossetia/Alania. The Hurrians -- who may have been named after Iranians/Aryans -- were in the Armenian region.

The evolution of the "Goguryeo" into "Goryeo" (also "Koryo") is akin to the evolution of "Gorgon/Georgia" into "Gog" (or vice versa). The Gogureo kingdom, ruled eventually by a king Gogugwon, was taken over by a Gojoseon peoples/dynasty, the dynasty ruling in Korea into the early 20th century. It's feasible that the ancient Hori(te) term evolved into something like "Goryea/Koryo," and from that into "Gorg(on)."

Nuzi, where I think Dionysus originated, was a major Horite and Hurrian city. Dionysus was also known as Bacchus, and moreover myth writers had Dionysus fighting wars in Bactria -- the Pakistani theater. In Korea, there was the Baekje/Paekche kingdom alongside Goguryeo, and yet a third major Korean kingdom-faction, Silla (root of Seoul), founded by a king Hyeokgeose, smacking of the Hyksos Hebrews...probably named after the Armenian god, Hayk. Wikipedia says that Bak Hyeokgeose, "the founding monarch of the progenitor of all Bak clans in Korea."

I had identified the Egyptian Hyksos as the pharaohs who persecuted Israelites at Goshen. After the Tenth Plague of Moses broke the Hyksos' back, they fled into pre-Israel, where I suspected they became, in-part, the Samson cult of Samos-worshiping Armenians before reaching the Greek theater as the Pelops-Atreus-Heneti wave to the Franco-American Illuminati. I tended to think that the Dionysus wave was included in the Samo-Hyksos wave. The point is, a Samham kingdom developed in southern Korea, and for the theory that I hold, that "Uncle Sam" is an American phrase (symbolizing America) linking back to the Samson cult, it could be that South Korea is an American ally today due to their both being of Samos stock.

In any case, it could be that God is paving North Korea's nuclear program for Armageddon purposes. When I saw "the current name of South Korea, Daehan Minguk...", I saw "Dahae" (Biblical Dehaites), the alternative name of Daghestan, the land of the Avars, and near Baku, what I figured was the city represented by "Bacchus." The Hyksos capital in Egypt was Avaris. I had found that "dahae" was an old name for "dog," and meanwhile I independently identified the Samson cult as Avvites, worshipers, it is thought, of the dog-god, Anubis. I traced Apollo to Dagestani peoples for his wolf symbol and more.

This becomes more intriguing as per my trace of Biblical Abaddon, or Apollyon, to the Avvites. In Revelation 9, Abaddon/Apollyon explodes what appears to be a nuclear mushroom cloud.

I also read that (underscore mine): "Dangun Wanggeom was the legendary founder of Gojoseon, the first Korean kingdom..." (Goguryeo was earlier, but it was located to the immediate north of the Korean peninsula). Samson was tied to a "Daniy" peoples, who smack of a Biblical but non-Israelitish Dinay (or Dinaites) peoples found in correct translations of Ezra 4:9. The Greek Danaans were also from Egypt, and in fact from the Pelusiac river near Avaris.

"The earliest recorded version of the Dangun legend appears in the 13th century Samguk Yusa, which cites China's Book of Wei and Korea's lost history text Gogi."

Samson was made to use the jawbone of a donkey to kill his Philistine enemies, and meanwhile Avvites, who had lived in pre-Philistine territories such as Gath and Gaza, worshiped Tartak, thought to be a donkey god. Likely, the Philistine god of Samson times, Dagon, was a take from the Dagestani i.e. the Avars of Daghestan brought Dagon to pre-Philistine regions, and these Avars became the Avvites. Dagon had a fish tail, but so did Apollo and Daphne, as per their dolphin symbol in Delphi. In Greek myth, the donkey symbol is found in a myth concerning Apollo and king Midus; the latter's ears were made into donkey ears by Apollo.

There's more, for the founder of Silla/Seoul, king Hyeokgeose, had "Park" for a first name, as per the Park clan of Koreans. The term smacks of Verkana/Hyrcania (modern Gorgan), meaning "wolf land," to which I trace the Gorgons. In Wikipedia's Hyrcania article: "Verka means 'wolf' in Old Persian (New Persian gorg) and consequently, 'Hyrcania' means the 'Land of the Wolves'." Verkana was to the south of Daghestan. To the west of Daghestan: Gogarene and Georgia.

There are now two theories, that Abaddon refers to Avidia (thought to have been an Avvite locality) in what was Bactria, or to the Park or Bak clans of Koreans. The latter two were both of king Hyeokgeose, wherefore let me repeat: the Hyksos were likely Avvites. In all of this combined, one gets the impression that Abaddon traces to the Hayk/Haik god, and that "Hyksos" was a term related to "Gog."

April 12

How it is that Christians still celebrate the Sacrifice of the Lamb on Easter is a little beyond me. The only explanation I've ever heard about the derivation of "Easter" is in "Ishtar," the Great-Mother goddess of the Babylo-Amorite Satanic cult. Why Christians churches can't revert to celebrating the Sacrifice on the Passover full moon, I'll just never understand. They opt instead to celebrate the Sacrifice on the same day that the world takes a day off, who view it as a day for giving children easter eggs instead. If I were Jesus, I might be a little offended, or at best ashamed of my family members.

When re-reading my 2016 chapter a couple of days ago, I added an update at the end:

The webpage below indicates that, on September 1st, 2016, there will be a solar eclipse! It'll be an annular eclipse, i.e. when the moon appears smaller than the sun, but the point is that September 1st is just four days before I have the end of the Week (on September 5th). In my scheme, the sun is to turn black, and the moon blood red, at about this time.

Perhaps I have been wrong after all; perhaps these prophesied heavenly phenomena are the result of merely an eclipse. But it doesn't make sense because eclipses are a dime a dozen. The language in Matthew 24, and elsewhere concerning these phenomena, requires something altogether strange/different. Perhaps the solar eclipse is followed by a sun that just doesn't return light when the eclipse is over.

September 1, 2016, is about one month before the Feast of Trumpets (October 3), the Feast that I associate with the Armageddon trumpet. The 30-odd days give enough time for the kings of the East to fulfill their prophecy, coming over the Euphrates into Israel.

There is a lot of speculation concerning the dates 2016 or 2017 as the Armageddon years. In one article having 2015 as the year, we read:

"Four consecutive lunar eclipses are known as a tetrad and they do not occur very often. The first eclipse will be on April 15, 2014, which will be at the time of Passover. The next will be October 8, 2014, which will be at the time of the Feast of Tabernacles. This is followed by April 4, 2015, which will be Passover. The final occurrence is September 28, 2015, which will be Tabernacles again.

My point here is that, following the tetrad years of 2014 and 2015, there will be, in 2016, a "total" solar eclipse (but with the ring of the sun still shining through) "after the tribulation of those days." I'm speaking theoretically of course...IF 2016 is the year, and IF Armageddon is at the Feast of Trumpets.

In 2017, there is a total eclipse on August 21 while the Feast of Trumpets falls on September 21 (see Jewish Feast calendar calculator). At first glance, this looks good too, allowing one month (between Week's end and the start of Armageddon) for the darkening of the cosmic lights and the invasion of the kings of the east into Israel.

But there's a problem with a 2010-17 Week. From Passover of 2014 (April 15) to the Feast of Trumpets 2017 (September 21), there are 1255 days -- i.e. less than 1260 days -- which in my opinion disqualifies the 2010-2017 period. That is, IF the 1260 days begin on a Passover, there must be significantly more than 1260 days between it and a Feast of Trumpets...because a small period is required between the end of the Week and Armageddon for such things as Matthew 24:29 and the invasion of the kings of the east, not to mention part of the 45 days of Daniel 12:12.

The reason that I begin the 1260 days on a Passover is shared in the 2016 chapter accessed at the bottom of every update. In short, I see the 30 days between every Purim and Passover as the period between the Abomination of Desolation and the start of the 1260 days.

Thank you Jesus for your Gift. You shone brightly on that day, doing the terrible will of your Father, that we might have freedom, and a ticket out of everlasting death. You showed the full extent of God's good character, what he permitted Himself to endure for a sick human creation. The Father chose to show his love for man in this extreme way. He chose to show how dead-serious he was for mankind's needs.

The account of the Crucifixion tells that the day went dark for a period in which Jesus hung on the Cross. It was Passover, wherefore it was the full moon on that day, but, the problem is, there cannot be a solar eclipse on any day but on a new moon. If God could make the sun go dark on that day, apart from an eclipse, he can make it go dark at the end of the Week apart from the effects of an eclipse.

Solar eclipses are not visible from every spot on earth, and so my question was: will the solar eclipse of September 1, 2016, be visible from Israel? This morning I found a NASA eclipse calculator that verifies its visibility from Jerusalem! However, the calculator indicates a "P" (= partial eclipse) rather than the "A" (= annular eclipse) indicated by the data (also from at Phases of the Moon.

I'm therefore assuming a near-annular eclipse with just a small portion of the solar disc visible. In fact, the chart shows the "Eclipse Obscurity" as .914 = 91.4 per cent, the highest figure (i.e. the deepest eclipse), aside from the total eclipse in November of 2013, for the entire century from 2000 to 2100. The eclipse starts at 6:14 am and reaches maximum eclipse at 7:26 am, when the sun is 21 degrees high (= one-quarter the way up to the perfect-noon position).

I take it that early on September 1, 2016, a strange air will begin to loom over the armies of Gog in the Jerusalem region. Since the eclipse is over when the sun is 43 degrees high (= 22 degrees beyond 21), it will begin when one degree below the horizon (22 minus 21 = -1). It means that, on this morning, dawn will become darker, as it progresses, rather than brighter. In the Fifth Bowl, the 42-month throne of the beast is darkened. Hmm. The dawn sun is toward the east, the direction from which Jesus (and the kings of the east) will come to destroy Gog at Armageddon.

The only solar eclipse visible from Jerusalem in 2017 (according to the calculator above) is in February, but not the one on August 21 near the Feast of Trumpets. In fact, after 2016, the only solar eclipse visible from Jerusalem, at a time remotely close to the Feast of Trumpets, is in 2046 on August 2nd. To operate the calculator, start by clicking on "Asia and Asia Minor." You'll know what to do after that. This is now the fifth piece of good evidence for 2016 being THE year (the other four pieces are in the 2016 chapter).

This NASA lunar-eclipse page verifies that there will be total lunar eclipses on both the Passover of 2014 and 2015 (April 14 and 4 respectively) as well as total lunar eclipses on the Feast of Tabernacles in both 214 and 2015 (October 8 and September 28). However, none will be visible in Israel, but rather all four are visible in a Pacific region.

The Somali pirates who took an American hostage have docked their boat at Kenya. All eyes in Kenya are now on Obama. "A White House spokesman said Obama received multiple updates on the piracy situation [yesterday]."

In Iraq, Sunnis have now been targeted (eight killed) by a suicide bomb blast in Babil, south of Baghdad. They were Awakening Sunni receiving their pay, and thought to be killed by an al-Qaeda agent. However, there is a Baathist movement, the same one aspiring to topple Maliki, that predictably wish to send a dire message to the Awakening Baathists loyal to Maliki.

When re-reading a couple of my chapters on Iraq, I saw that I had made another wrong prediction, that the UN would fill the Iraqi void where a Bush vacuum occurs. It doesn't appear likely that the UN will enter Iraq, but, NATO might. A short article appeared yesterday:

"Iraqi Interior Ministry discussed with NATO legal mechanisms of the latter's presence in Baghdad after the end of June when US Forces are due to withdraw from Iraq cities...For his part, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer hoped to sign a long term agreement between the NATO and Iraqi security ministries."

The new NATO secretary general will be Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the present prime minister of Denmark until today. In case it means anything to a reader, there are two Rasmussen Coats, a German and a Danish one, both are essentially identical with the fleur de lys and a unicorn as symbols. The Danish Coat breaks the rules of heraldry by having silver (white) on gold. The rule is that there cannot be two metals together, but if they are, the Arms were granted before the rule took effect. That is, the Danish Coat must be old.

In Germany, the surname was first recorded in Hesse. "The name was first seated in Frankfort from about the 14th century, and would later emerge as an influential noble family, having many distinguished branches, and well known for its involvement in social, economic and political affairs." Both Rasmussen Coats use a red shield. The name is said to derive from 'erasmos,' meaning 'loved'..."

I went seeking for the date of the metal-on-metal rule, and found this:

"First, all coats of arms known as 'a enquerre', adopted before these rules were codified. The arms of Godefroy de Bouillon (1061-1100), one of the leaders of the First Crusade, are often given as an example:...'argent, with a potent cross in gold, cantoned with four gold crosslets'"

This was the Templar flag of Jerusalem, but I had not known until now that it was the personal Arms of Godfrey de Bouillon. It shows how superior he was in the Templar organization, and the fact that the Crusaders conquered Jerusalem for the first time (1099) under his military leadership shows that the Templar movement was entwined around him and/or his bloodline and/or the heart of his cult. He died in 1100, the year after the Jerusalem victory, and yet his personal symbol was carried anyway as the symbol of Jerusalem.

The first king of Jerusalem was Godfrey's brother, Baldwin I of Boulogne, for which reason we might suspect that he too used the same silver-on-gold symbol. The two shared the same father, Eustace II of Boulogne, so that, likely, the Jerusalem flag belonged to him, though it may have derived from their mother, said to be Ida of Lorraine, born in Bouillon of the Ardennes (Belgium). "Her remains were moved in 1669 to Paris and again in 1808 to Bayeux...She is venerated in Bayeux." I'm not aware of the Bayeux significance, but I'll keep in mind.

It would now appear that Godfrey was connected, somehow, to Georgia (Caucasia), for the Georgian flag is to this day the Arms of Godfrey, though in red and white (the standard Templar colors). The crosses in the Georgia flag are those of the Knights Templars.

I've just found, I think, the significance of Ida in Bayeux. The Wikipedia article on her says that "She maintained a correspondence with Anselm of Canterbury." I clicked his link and learned that he was born in the city of Aoste. The Aoste province of Italy on the border of Wallis (Switzerland) is where the Walsers lived, in Aoste's Lys valley! On Anselm, we read:

"In 1059, he left home, crossed the Alps and wandered through Burgundy and France. Attracted by the fame of his countryman Lanfranc (then prior of the Benedictine Abbey of Bec), Anselm entered Normandy. The following year, after some time at Avranches, he entered the abbey as a novice at the age of twenty-seven."

First the minor point. Bec (Normandy) was ruled to some degree by the Wells family, the surname that I suspect traces to the Wallis region (where Sion is located). Therefore, Anselm may have been a Wallis member himself. The bigger point is that I included the above on Ida's links to Bayeux for a reason that I didn't want to disclose...until I found evidence. I added it because I recalled that the Meschines of Durham/Dunholme were from Bayeux. In the March 20th update, I wrote this:

"Since the Meschines of Durham were from Bayeux (in the Bessin, Normandy), named after the Baiocasses Celts/Gauls, it's conspicuous that the Baker-Coat link derives the surname from "the Old English 'baecere,' meaning 'baker'." Ignoring the baker definition, the "baecere" term smacks of "Baiocasses." I had years ago suggested (in my Laden book) that the Baiocasses were named after the bee, and so I'll point out that the Becket surname (a possible variation of "Baker/Beck") is said to possibly derive from a Becket locality in Berkshire, the town's name itself derived from "beo-cot," meaning "bee cottage/shelter." Amazingly, "Baiocasses" looks as though it should be interpreted as Baio-casa = bee house!

Moreover, the Becket surname was first found in Cheshire (!!!) and Norfolk. Cheshire was where the Durham Meschines moved to and ruled -- as Meschins of Dunham Masci -- and Norfolk is where the Dunham surname (= Obama's mother) was first recorded!

I was going to mention Bec at the time but decided against it. But as you can see, the Meschin surname of Cheshire was ultimately from Bayeux. Anselm can now figure into this picture because Cheshire was ruled, immediately before the Meschines, by rulers of Avranches (named after the Abrincatui tribe), the location where Anselm entered an abbey.

The point is, Ida of Bouillon corresponded with Anselm possibly due to their both having something in common in Normandy. I'm thinking that Ida's ancestry was in Bayeux.

It is theorized by some that the Bajo/Baiocasses ("bij means "bee" in Dutch) stemmed from the Boii founders of Bohemia. To this I can now add that the new Lord Warden of the Cinquefoil is a Mr. Boyce. The Boyce-Coat page shows that variations of the surname include Bois.

It's worth a mention that another variation is "Boze," for the Boyce Coat uses cinquefoils as does the Hamilton surname. I trace the latter to the Camulo god and the Cammel surname that I think stems from "Kemuel," third son of Nahor (Genesis 22:21). Nahor's second son was, "Buz," you see. Israelites stemmed from Nahor's eighth son, Bethel, father of Rebekah, mother of Jacob whose name was changed to "Israel." I claimed all along in the writings of my Ladon book that Buz was the root of the bee/honey cult.

I also claimed that Buz was the root of the Poseidon cult, and that Poseidon's first son, Atlas, was named after Nahor's first son, Uts. I figured that "Atlantis," named as per "Atlas," might have been an Uts-Lindos combination. Far-fetched, I realize, but the point will still be made that the cinquefoil may trace to a Lindo location that came to be called "Lin colony" (i.e. Lincoln(shire), once the Kingdom of Lindsey) that might link to a Lintone region (Bedfordshire) that was alternatively, "Luton/Leyton," on the Lee/Leye river. The Dover surname using the cinquefoil was first found in Bedford.

In the April 8 update, I had talked extensively on Lincolnshire, being the first place where the Cassel, Black, and Rhodes surnames were first found, and meanwhile I believe the Rhodes surname traces back to Lindos on the Greco island of Rhodes. Kesed, the forth son of Nahor, might connect with Hesse-Cassel, and/or the Cassel surname of Lincolnshire. The fifth son of Nahor, Hazo, may have been honored in the naming of Hesse.

In the April 8 update, I wrote that the Lincoln Coat uses a black crowned lion on white, the colors of the Black-family saltire." Since that update, I discovered where the white lion on black may derive. I found it just minutes ago as the Arms of Aoste (the region with the Lys river...that I figured was linked to the Lee-river region of Luton). But now look, the Baker surname mentioned above, as per the bee-line of Bayeux, and feasibly connected to the Wells rulers of Bec Abbey, use a white lion on black; see the English Baker Coat.

The Wallace/Wallis surname uses a white lion on red, but also, in the April 8 update I wrote that the "Black Coat also uses the red crescent on white (same colors as Blythe Coat). But the Black Coat includes three red stars on white, the symbol of Swiss Sion and of it's canton of Wallis." The Boyce/Bois/Boze Crest also uses a crescent.

"Aoste" looks very much like "Uts," especially as Aoste is alternatively, "Outa." If the Lincoln Coat with black lion on white connects to Aoste's white lion on black, then the Uts-Lindos theory I've held as one of my most far-fetched theories might just be true. I'll add that Nahor's sixth son, Pildash, might just be honored in "Blythe" (also "Byllt") and "Bild(erberg)." Hmm, is Bill Blythe-Clinton a Bilderberg?

Wikipedia verifies that "The first inhabitants of the Aosta Valley were Celts and Ligurians," thus tending to support a trace of its Lys valley to the Lee/Leye river, which was first called the Ligan/Lygan.

Again, Nahor lived in Haran, many believe, the city that may have named the Hurrians/Aryans. Nahorites could easily have been Hurrians, therefore. In Hebrew, his name was "Nachor," and I sometimes wonder whether he can be linked to Naxos, the sacred Greek island of Dionysus...since after all this satanic "god" to Nuzi, a Hurrian city in the Tigris/Zagros region of Iran.

As Lyaios, Dionysus had a Nike entity. In one mythical picture, we read: "Dionysus stands in a cart pulled by two panthers directed by Nike, the god of victory." You've noticed the spotted panther heads cropping up in some Rhoders-related surnames. We also read: "Nikaia, the leader of the rites of Lyaios." In the article, Nikaia is called a "Kybeleid Nymphe." Of Kybele, that is, the root of the satanic Kabala religion of the "Jews.";f=15;t=000554

In Liguria is the city of Nice. " a distinct subdialect of the Occitan language spoken in the city of considered by some scholars to have been a Ligurian language before the annexation of the region to France in 1860. In any event, it is seen as a transitional Occitan language very similar to Ligurian." I trace Occitan to Joktan, son of Eber (father of the Hebrews). The trace of the Dionysus cult to Liguria is easily made because he was tied to mythical Dryas (same as Atreus fold), father of Lycurgus of the Edones, and meanwhile the Sithone branch of Edones were root to Sthenelus, mythical king of Liguria...and the founders of Sitten/Sion in Wallis, in my strong opinion lacking objective evidence.

I'm not very strong on the Naxos and/or Nike link to Na(c)hor, but it's my impression that Dionysus on Lemnos was connected there with a Kabeiri cult that included the tribes of Abraham's offspring from Keturah (Genesis 25). Nahor, as Abraham's brother, may have put out sons whose tribes ended up on Lemnos too.

As Dionysus both had a limp from birth, and as both were on Lemnos, they depicted two branches of the same people. "Crashing to Earth, Hephaestus landed near the island of Lemnos and was nursed back to health by sea-goddesses known as the Nereids." Perhaps these Nereids, sea nymphs depicted as close associates of Poseidon, were Nahorites. They had Doris for a mother, who I think depicts the Dorians that "Dryas" likewise depicted.

I've just found the following: ""In later art [the Nereids] were portrayed...riding on dolphins, seahorses, and other marine creatures." The sea horse? What surnames used the sea horse? Ah, yes, the Irish Cohen Crest and the English Potter Crest, the latter using white cinquefoils with ermine design, evoking the white cinquefoils with ermines of the Hamilton Coat (= Kemuel, son of Nahor?). Coincidence?

Now I'm going to add that the 10 Atlantean sons of Poseidon were grouped in pairs by Plato, so as to make five sets of sons. Cinque-sons!

One of Nahor's children by his concubine was Gaham (Genesis 22:24), what may have produced the Gaia cult. Gaia was "mother Earth," as everyone knows, and married to Uranus who may have depicted Haran, city of Nahor. Now in/near Pomerania, the place that I tie to the sea-faring Fomorians of Britain (Lug was half Fomorian), Tacitus told about a Nerthus-worshiping peoples such as the Angli and the Varni. Compare "Nerthus" with "Nereid," and then ask if the Veres who claim to stem from the Mitanni Hurrians didn't stem from Nahorites to some degree.

I had, some years ago, traced Nerthus to mythical Enarete, wife of Greece-founding Aeolus, brother of Greece-founding Dorus (symbol of the Doris region). See how nicely that fits the picture of Nereids married to Doris? One son of Enarete with Aeolus who stands out is Macar, for this reflects Maacah, Nahor's other child (aside from Gaham = Gaia = mother Earth = Nerthus/Enarate) by his concubine. A mythical Macar was king of Locris, which once again fits the theme because Locris was beside the region of Doris. Was mythical Lycurgus related to Locrians, since his father/son was Dryas?

Possibly, the Masci/Massey surname of Dunham Masci, which derives from a Macie location in Normandy, was from this Maacah. It makes some sense if the Veres (from the Varni?) were Nahorites. In fact, I do trace Veres to Varangians and Varangians to the Varni, and besides, in Normandy is Varengeville. I wonder whether the Varni were root to Bernicians. I also wonder whether "Bernici(an)" was an alternative spelling for "Varangi."

Mythical Macar above was made father to Euboea, and meanwhile his father Aeolus was given a twin, Boiotus (symbol of Boiotia/Boeotia). I have come full circle to the theory that the Boii peoples (root of Bohemians) may have been a Nahorite tribe from Buz...who may also have founded the Baiocasses of Bayeux in the Bessin, where the proto-Masci surname sprung into Dunholme and Dunham Masci. Is Obama, therefore, on his mother's side, a Nahorite Hebrew?

April 13

I need to ask you all to reduce email in the next two weeks. I've reached them until April 6, but between then and now there are about 50 more to respond to. Steve sent this:

"Sorry for another e-mail but I picked up on this video...It's a debate with Obama and Alan Keyes from 2004, so perhaps when Obama was low on the radar, concerning Christianity. Obama's comments, or lack of comments are telling.

Obamas Muslim faith

I couldn't believe what happened when opening up an email from Joe Hampton last night. A few years ago, he sent me an email telling that "Laus Dio" is written on the Washington Monument (I verified this). It was before I knew anything about Laus in southern Italy, or the Spartan city of Laas, and perhaps even before I knew of the Laz Caucasians. In those days I was stressing only "Ladon," but as a result of Joe's message back then, I knew that American Freemasons traced themselves to a Laus or Laus-like entity. From that day, I concentrated on finding such terms, was more sure that it all led back to Laish at mount Sion, and realized a further connection to the Merovingian fleur de lys.

I don't know what drove Joe. He insisted that I put the Laden book on paper, and so I put Part One on paper (at Lulu publishing). When he had finished reading, he insisted I put more on paper, and I did so, Part Two. He then insisted I put more on paper, but this time, just a few weeks ago, I had to turn him down for lack of time. Last night I discovered that: "I have read your book over and over several times and it gets clearer and clearer as I go that this just about traces my roots back to the Middle East/Fertile Cresent/Holy Land." He also shared that his Calhoun-surname side had done some DNA testing to discover roots in Hamite blood.

Not knowing that Joe had been reading all along to discover his own roots, I did what I had not done before: I checked the Hampton Coat. As soon as the name sunk in, I noticed that it was a Hampshire-like name. When the Hampton Coat had loaded seconds later, three cinquefoils!!! I couldn't believe it. The timing seems perfect as I'm in the midst of discussing cinquefoil roots in Hampshire's Atrebates, and their roots in turn in Ligurians, their Lys river, etc.

The Hamptons were first recorded in Staffordshire, next to both Leicester and Cheshire. Recalling that these cinquefoil families were related to the Sinclair Normans who conquered the Cinque Ports, I was amazed to see that the Calhoon Coat uses what should be a Sinclair saltire.

After writing back to Joe, I opened Steve's email (above) and two emails later I opened one from FE, the one who found Lyss in Berne and the Lys river in Ligurian country. She was wring to say that Lyss was in Berne, and that there was an Aar river in Berne, things I had discovered and used in the updates on April 8 before opening this email of April 6. In this email, FE had found that the Weltzer surname (first found in Baden) was likely a Walser variation, and that the German Weltzer Coat uses a red lion on white, the colors of Wallis.

A little further down in her email, she tells me that the English Lord Coat uses cinquefoils, but they are blue on white, three of them. The Hampton Coat uses three blue cinquefoils on white!! Can this be a coincidence? These are the first blue cinquefoils I've ever come across, and they're in the colors of Zionist Israel. I cannot find where the Lord surname originates, but apparently it's linked to the Hamptons. The Lords were first recorded in Suffolk in "very early times."

The Hampton Coat uses gold roundels on red, a symbol on the Rhodes Coat, and moreover the Rhodes Coat uses red lions on white, like the Weltzers, as well as a cross with a border design found also on the Weltzer-cross.

Of interest is the Burnett Coat found by FE, for while the surname is said to be Bernician, and as it was found first in Berwickshire, the place using a bear for a symbol, reports that the surname derives, not from "Bernician," nor Berwick elements, but from a "brunette" theme. I have seen the horn of the Burnette Coat in Switzerland, but cannot recall where. Somewhere in Berne? FE? Do you know?

I've just learned that Lavenham, Suffolk, where the Veres lived before jumping into a long earlship over Oxford, is in the region of Babergh. This is a very excellent find, for as the Arms of Oxford uses a beaver, I theorized, years ago, that the Veres stemmed from a Beber-like term/surname, for "beber" in German means beaver. I figured Bavarian elements, even the Bauer surname that belonged to the first Rothschild (of Bavaria). It is therefore re-assuring to find this morning that I'm not insane after all for making such far-fetched connections.

The German Beiber surname, using just blue and white and derived from "beber" = beaver, was first recorded in Bavaria...using blue and white diamonds on the Arms of Bavaria (a symbol derived from the Bogen surname of Bavaria). Variations are "Bybel, evoking the German Babel Coat using Melusine...fitting the Vere fold and suggesting that Babergh roots to the Babenbergs and/or Bebbanburg Bernicians.

Things are heating up on Egypt:

"Egyptian police were tracking down 13 members of an alleged Hezbollah cell believed to be hiding out with the Beduins in the Sinai Peninsula, a security official said Monday.

The men are thought to be 10 Lebanese and three Sudanese - connected to a group of 49 members of an alleged Hizbullah cell that the government announced was plotting to attack Egyptian institutions and Israeli tourists.

...Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud told Egypt's state run news agency MENA late [yesterday] that the alleged agents, including Lebanese, Palestinian, Egyptian and Sudanese nationals, had been spying for a foreign group intending to carry out terrorist attacks in Egypt."

Hizbullah Chit, I am glad that you are finally coming to my rescue.

Amass, my brother, my kinsman, you accused me wrongly of lying to you.

You waited so long to come rescue me that now I need to climb out of this grave to greet you. Will you now shake this bony hand?

I wouldn't go that far, Amass.

Right, and that's why you're Hizbullah Chit. You're not here to greet me, but to take Gyptis as your own.

She's better looking than you, Amass, that's for sure, but I'm still amassing weapons in your house, so why complain to me like this?

Yes, but where are your loyalties? Do you really love me?

Get over it, Amass. No one could love you, except maybe Sinnful Feign. He's saying nice things about you lately, but do you know where his loyalties are? Stick with me, Amass, I'll give you more than niceties.

Like what? A Le-Banana tree? Tyres for my Gaza Station? Maybe a liars handbook?

Bite'chore tongue. There's a plan in the works. Big plan.

Obama coming to town? Maybe Osama?

Maybe, but that's not what I have in mind.

Then what?

Gyptis. I'm not after her but to take her house. After that, the Gaza Station will be free to pump lots of rockets into Israeliana's lap.

I like it, Hiz. I'd like to wipe that big smile off her face.

Yes, Amass, let's burn Gyptis, then bring rockets, lots and lots of them, from Pseudo-Ann.

Hezbullah Chit and Pseudo-Ann? Can these be trusted? Who gets to rule over Israeliana's house when she runs for the hills? Me?

Again, Amass, get over it. You were born to be a loser. It's my plan or nothing, what do you say?

I'm inviting the dipstick from Russia. He'll put you in your place. He and me and Israel from sea to sea.

So what's going on down by Pseudo-Ann way? After the successful re-capture of the American captain, there are calls to Obama do completely do-in the Somali pirates. I read yesterday that Obama twice gave his blessing to the military to engage the pirates with fire, sounding like it wasn't his idea, but that the military made the requests of him:

"The U.S. military is considering attacks on pirate bases on land and aid for the Somali people to help stem ship hijackings off Africa's east coast, defense officials said.

The military also is drawing up proposals to aid the fledgling Somalia government to train security forces and develop its own coast guard, said the officials, who requested anonymity. The plans will be presented to the Obama administration as it considers a coordinated U.S. government and international response to piracy, the officials said."

The U.S. military wants to go in to attack the pirate bases, the root of the problem. But "President Barack coordinating the U.S. response to piracy with other countries and the shipping industry to reduce vessels' vulnerability to attack, boost operations to foil attacks and prosecute any captured suspects, said a senior administration official." In those words, I see no plan to go in and root out the pirate land bases. Why not? Coordinating with other countries? What waste of time is that? The military wants to go in now:

"There are 'ample legal requirements and jurisdiction to be able to take action against these pirates,' [U.S. coast guard commander] Allen said yesterday on ABC's 'This Week.' 'That's what we should be doing.'"

But "The Obama administration also is urging shipping companies and international maritime groups to employ private security forces and take steps such as unbolting ladders that pirates could use to board a vessel." There's a Mafia house on the street. The police want to go in and take it down, but Obama says, "No need, no need to cause a ruckus, just buy a gun and bolt your doors."

The "House of Kurds" is starting up in Mosul

"Hundreds of Kurds took the streets in Mosul [today] calling for the inclusion of the province in the northern Kurdish Autonomous Region, dpa reported."

There's no telling at this point how large or powerful the movement is. To make the demand above goes much further than merely demanding Kurd rights in Sunni-led Mosul. It's hard to believe that a demonstration demanding Mosul for a Kurdistan entity has no military muscle behind it. Watching. Meanwhile the Maliki government is suing to shut down the Arab Al-Hayat newspaper and Al-Sharqiya television media, with a predictable backlash of bitterness against the government.,2933,514897,00.html

Wikipedia implies that Al Sharqiya is a Sunni-owned media: "Al Sharqiya ('The Eastern One') is Iraq's first privately owned satellite channel owned by the London-based Iraqi media tycoon Saad al-Bazzaz, a former head of radio and television under the Saddam Hussein [Sunni] regime until he defected in 1992. al-Bazzaz is also the Editor in Chief of the Azzaman newspaper."

Both Bazzaz-owned media have been anti-American Iraq through the years. As for Al-Hayat, it was founded by a Shi'ite, but after his murder, it:

"was bought in 1990 by the Saudi prince Khalid bin Sultan.

In May 1993, the newspaper scooped every other news organization by breaking the news about the secret Oslo talks between Palestinians and Israelis."

Secret talks, huh? It figures.

The Saudi Crown is Sunni. It therefore appears that Maliki wants to close two major Sunni media as part of his crackdown on the Baathists who want to take his Iraq.

The sign of the times:

"Leading evangelicals have admitted that their association with George W. Bush has not only hurt the cause of social conservatives but contributed to the failure of the key objectives of their 30-year struggle.

James Dobson, 72, who resigned recently as head of Focus on the Family - one of the largest Christian groups in the country - and once denounced the Harry Potter books as witchcraft, acknowledged the dramatic reverse for the religious Right in a farewell speech to staff.

'We tried to defend the unborn child, the dignity of the family, but it was a holding action,' he said.

'We are awash in evil and the battle is still to be waged. We are right now in the most discouraging period of that long conflict. Humanly speaking, we can say we have lost all those battles.'"

And that's why Jesus is called the Savior. Humanly speaking, we're in a deep, dark well, with Obama's foot pressing down on the well cap to make sure, but One is coming from the east with robes stained red for vengeance. The lion of Judah arrives to swallow whole the Lydian lion now roaring from Britain. While Maliki's Babylon ignores the murders of Iraqi homosexuals, the Westerners are raising them to high status. If the Savior will first of all slay Babylon en route to Israel, how can the Lydian lion, Nergal of Hell, not see it's last days at that time.

I spoke about Doris and Aeolus in yesterday's update, an Enarete-related peoples leading to the Nerthus Mother-Earth cult in Saxon-dragon territory. They had a third brother, and likewise a co-founder of their Greece. His name, Xuthus, was surely from Cuthah, the Babylonian city worshiping Nergal (2 Kings 17:30). I don't know whether "Nergal" can translate over time into "Nerthus," but mythical "Nereus," founder of the Nereids, easily modifies from "Nerg."

In myth, Nergal was married to Laz, which is why I trace Nergal to the Lydian lion. Again, as Hercules was the lion symbol of Lydia, "Nergal" and "Hercul" seem to be the same cult. I've written extensively on Hercules invading western Atlantis i.e. replacing Poseidon's Atlantis, and alongside my trace of Nahorites to Poseidon's Atlantis, I see that Hercules might likewise have been a Nahorite peoples. This is the root of Rosicrucianism, and its Atlantis theme. This is the foot standing on the well cap that holds Biblical Christianity in a societal darkness.

The Rosy Cross Templars worshiped the skull, and scythians of various sorts drank wine or blood from skulls in ritual ceremonies. But so did "Jews" of Babylon use skulls in their ceremonies, according to an article in Haaretz today:

"Newly published archaeological evidence attests to the fact that ancient Jews used human skulls in ceremonies, despite a strict Halakhic prohibition on touching human remains.

British researcher Dan Levene from the University of Southampton published findings in Biblical Archaeological Review about the human skulls, known as incantation bowls, some of which bear inscriptions in Aramaic.

The skulls were unearthed in present-day Iraq (formerly Babylonia) and are believed to have been used during the Talmudic era. At least one of them appears to be that of an anonymous woman.

'When I presented these findings in Israel, people told me, "It is not possible that this is Jewish,"' said Levene. 'But it is certainly Jewish.'"

No, they were not Jews. They were dragon-cult Kabalists, and Hebrews of a different sort than Israelites or (Judah-based) Jews.

Did you happen to see the "Southampton" term, smacking of the Hampton surname (of Joe)? Although the surname was not first recorded in Hampshire, Southampton is in Hampshire! So there you go, the blue on white cinquefoils of the Hampton surname may trace back to Ampton.

For a quick review, I trace the "Hamp" term to the "Campbell" family, which surname was also "Cammel," and as such I tie it to the Hamilton cinquefoil but also to the Camulos god that I link to Atlantean tribes of Kemuel, son of Nahor. Note that the griffin-laced English Camp Coat is in the gold and black colors of the Scottish Campbell/Cammel Coat

A Christian-persecution movement discovered in Missouri:

"On Feb. 20, 2009, Missouri's Department of Public Safety issued a report to all law enforcement in the state entitled 'Missouri Information Analysis Center Strategic Report: The Modern Militia Movement.'

The report linked people holding conservative views on immigration, abortion, the U.N., the New World Order, etc., to dangerous and violent 'militias' that Missouri law enforcement were instructed to be on guard against. Conservative opinions were demonized and made the subject of law enforcement scrutiny.

The report was leaked. National and state public reaction was strong and negative, and Missouri retracted the report and apologized."

If you're thinking to fight these people with guns, you're in for some miserable times. They are not nice people. But even if you don't have guns, you could be lumped in with the militia groups who do. We can beg the militia groups to give up their guns, but they won't listen. They're going to make it bad for all of us.

April 14

My prediction for Iraq is different than that of the Israeli president:

"President Shimon Peres said [yesterday]...'The collision between the Middle East, which is Sunni Arab, and the Iranian minority that seeks to take it over, is inevitable.'

The president's comments came amid a diplomatic spat between Egypt and Hezbollah, an Iranian proxy. Iran was reportedly behind the plotting of attacks against Egyptian targets by a group of alleged Hezbollah agents Egypt arrested last week.

Peres added: 'Sooner or later, the world will discover that Iran has the aspiration to take over the Middle East and that it posses colonial ambitions.'"

The way I read Daniel 11, Gog is going to make an alliance with the Sunni, but as Ezekiel shows a Gog alliance with Iran, the conclusion ought to be that some Sunni of Iraq will fight alongside the Iranians. No one would tend to make this prediction, but I'm making it so that when it happens, I'll be able to say that the Bible told me so.

Just like the invasion of Egypt by those same Gogi allies. For a while, there seemed to be nothing going on on the Egyptian front, but suiddenly we discover that Hezbolah was pussy-footing around, plotting, scheming:

"First, there was Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah's admission that Hizbullah has been operating a terrorist network on Egyptian soil, which according to recent reports, was behind efforts to smuggle weaponry into the Gaza Strip, attack vacation spots frequented by Israelis and undermine the regime even with the assassination of President Hosni Mubarak."

No, I don't believe Nasrallah's statement where he "confesses" that his agents in Egypt were concentrated on smuggling into Gaza. Once his agents were caught by the Egyptians, his concern was to hide the true agenda by providing a false one. There is just no way that Nasrallah would confess the reality. If the reality really was to smuggle weapons into Gaza, Nasrallah would not have confessed it. What he did "confess" to must have been much more minor than the reality. The assassination of Mubarak may have been only the beginning.

Israel is telling Obama that it wants his talks with Iran minimized to no more than two months, but Obama is loath to throw up a deadline.

Hello, Ahmadman. We've go to talk.

Hey, Obamericano, very good to hear from you. What is going on over there in Washingdale?

We've go to talk.

Sure, sure, talk, let's talk. How's the Chicago Yankees doing so far? Are they going to win the Stanley Cup? Does Madonna want to adopt a nice little Iranian boy...

Madman, listen to me. We've got to talk.

I am at your disposal, anytime. We have many nice Iranian girls who would love to become jeer leaders for the Washingdale Red Sox.

I'm not talking about just talking. I'm talking about talking...

I know, I know. You want to talk about yourself again. Always you. How can I help you to toot your own siren?

First, just say that you'll talk to me in a public forum...

No problem. I am taking the summer off after I win the election. After that, we can talk until the cows come home to rooster, as they say over in Chicago.

No, we talk starting now. If we don't hammer something out, Israel's going to be your problem...

Oh, I see. Israel's going to be my problem, but really it's going to shake things up for you, so you need an out before Israel get's carried away. I see. I'm not so stupid as you think. I know all about Israel and the rest of Africa.

Make it look good, Madman. Just make it look like we're trying, and don't say too much.

Like I told you before, I'll tell your people that I'm NOT making nuclear weapons, and you just tell them that you believe me.

Okay, just wanted to know whether we were still on the same page.

I wrote the book with the best page, in the last chapter, where Iran conquers Washingdale. On the very last page, we paint the outside of the White House Muslim green and re-name the football team the Red Crescents.

Ahmadinejad is vocal about his nuclear progress, and clearly wishes to frighten the West by the tactic:

"Ahmadinejad announced on [April 11] that Iran now controlled the entire cycle for producing nuclear fuel. But US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton voiced skepticism last week about Iran's new claims that it had made major progress in its nuclear program and tested more advanced equipment for enriching uranium.

'We don't know what to believe about the Iranian program.'"

Is that the same as saying "Iran doesn't have a nuclear-weapons program"? Is it a stepping stone to denying the program? The following article makes the admission that Obama is not acting in Somalia as the military would like him to:

"THE radio silence from Barack Obama over the pirate crisis is a sign of his natural caution mixed with a deepening apprehension of the perils of finding himself at sea.

'He is staying apprised of the situation,' was all that White House press secretary Robert Gibbs would say. Obama has let his Secretary of State do the talking - the same Hillary Clinton who had claimed during the presidential election campaign that he was unfit to answer a 3am emergency call.

...The administration believes the best course is to 'run the pirates out of options', according to a defence official, rather than risk a botched military operation that could result in [captain] Phillips's death.",25197,25324395-26397,00.html

There we go. The military asked Obama whether they can go in and save the captain by force, but Obama didn't want to. The military asked again, but one media told us that Obama twice gave the permission for the military to go in with force. It would appear that the military and Obama are not seeing eye to eye on quite a few fronts. We have yet to discover whether the pirates are supported by Iran.

I checked the Hoyer Coat last night as per House majority leader Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland). Aside from the red crescent (not necessarily leading back to Muslims), it uses a central red lion on white, perhaps indicating that the surname is tied to the red lion of the Rhodes Coat, and/or the red lion on white of the Weltzer Coat. The Hoyer Crest is a blue boar, the one in the Vere Crest.

The derivation of the Irish Hoy surname as given by seems unreasonable. The English Hoyer surname (using quadrafoils) has an "Ayr" variation and could then link to Ayrshire. There is also an Ayers variation, reminding us of Bill Ayers, Obama's friend and co-founder of "Weather Underground, which conducted a campaign of bombing [American] public buildings during the 1960s and 1970s.':

"During the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, a controversy arose regarding Ayers' contacts with then-candidate Barack Obama, a matter that had been public knowledge in Chicago for years.

...Ayers is married to Bernardine Dohrn, a fellow former leader of the Weather Underground. They have two adult children and shared legal guardianship of Chesa Boudin, son of Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert. Boudin and Gilbert were former Weather Underground members who later joined the May 19 Communist Organization and were jailed for their roles in that group's Brinks robbery. Chesa Boudin went on to win a Rhodes scholarship.""

How's that for an Ayers/Hoyer connection to the Cecil Rhodes fold? I naturally checked the Boudin Coat, finding that a variation is "Bitan." When I try the Biden surname, the same Boudin Coat comes up, meaning that "Biden" is in this surname's data bank. The surname was first found in Hampshire as "Button."

Is it safe to say that Weather Underground an operation of the Cecil-Rhodes group(s)? It makes sense as per the original Rhodian mandate to overcome the United States, or to make it a British domain once again. Back in the days of Cecil Rhodes, not long after his Fabian societies were set up to push socialism, there was an Intercollegiate Socialist Society (co-founders include London and Sinclair surnames) started in 1905, says Wikipedia. This organization bloomed further into the League for Industrial Democracy (says Wikipedia), a body of social Democrats who changed their name to Student League for Industrial Democracy (1960)...out of which came Weather Underground, says Wikipedia.

The first president of the Student League for Industrial Democracy was Alan Haber, a Hebrew-like surname having a Swiss Haber Coat showing a Heber variation. When I read that Tom Hayden was involved, I checked the Hayden Coat thinking that it could be a Hoy variation ("Hayden" means HayTown), and read: "First found in Norfolk, where Sir Thomas de Heydon (circa 1185-1250) was on record as a judge, who was given the office of 'Justice of Eyre...'"

The Hoy surname had the Ayr/Ayers variation! Therefore, the House majority leader, Steny Hoyer, might just be a Rhodian plant of the social Democrat kind. In the Wikipedia article on him, we find that his Hoyer father was/is a Dane. This could connect with the Sinclair surname (also Danish/Noramn) that co-founded the group in 1905.

As another co-founder was Jack London, and believing as I do that this surname traces back to the city of Lindos on Rhodes, I decided to check Lindon to see if connects with the London Coat. Instead, I found three spotted leopard heads on the English Lindon Coat, the same leopard found in the Rhodes Crest (making sense because I trace the Rhodes surname to Rhodes). In other words, it appears that Cecil Rhodes traces to Lindos in oarticular, which was founded, according to mythology, by the proto-Danaans of Greece...that I think became the Danann of Britain and later the Danes! Keep in mind that Hercules was a Danaan, a topic I'm coming back to as per the Nahorites.

Believing as I do that mythical Sthenelus (Liguria) became the Sitones of Scandinavia -- and therefore the Sinclair Sionists of Scandinavia (from Sitten Switzerland) -- I noted the Steny first name of Steny Hoyer. The name is also a surname, from "Steen" (according to the Hoyen Wikipedia article), and when I checked the Steen Coat, I not only found that the Dutch Coat uses the Rothstein/Rodstein eight-pointed star symbol, but I read:

"The principal cities [of the Steen surname] are Rotterdam, Leyden and Shiedam. Noted is the famed castle of Teilengen where Jacqueline of Bavaria is buried."

I had read that just days an email from FE. In fact, I had just asked her two days ago what the significance of Jacqueline of Bavaria has in her Walser topic. Keep in mind here that when one searches the Rothschild surname, the Rothstein Coat comes up, and the first Rothschild was from Bavaria. It is moreover said that Britisn Rothschilds were involved with the Rhodian socialist societies.

FE has not responded to my question yet, but what I am about to quote from her is perhaps one of the biggest finds of all on Rothschild origins. Here's what she said in her last email (she's European with unpolished English):

"I search about Walser but in Holland since houseofname gave two possibilities. Their name was related with 3 towns and a Castle on Teilengen where Jacqueline of Bavaria was sepulted.

When I search this castle I found some names coming with the same towns: Rotterdam, Shiedam, Leden and it was written the same for the four of them

Schild Schultz

In other words, the quote above from houseofnames, mentioning Jacqueline of Bavaria, shows up when she searched the four surnames, one of them being "Schild." This only means that the four surnames (among thousands) were from the same part of Holland, the one with Rotterdam and Leyden.

However, since we find the houseofnames statement, "Hans Henrich Schiltz, who settled in New York sometime between 1710 and 1714," it means that there was a Schild surname BEFORE Mayer Bauer was born, and therefore before he created the Rothschild surname. And since the Rodstein/Rothstein surname is related to the "Rothschild" variation, not only does Rotterdam come to mind, but we also expect "Stein" to be a Steen variation...explaining why both the Dutch Steen and German Rothstein Coats use the gold eight-pointed star on a red shield.

Therefore, Rothschilds trace to the Steen/Stein surname but, very likely, also to the Schild surname. There is only one Schild Coat showing up, a Dutch one! As for the Rothstein surname, the first one mentioned venturing to the United States is in 1834, after Mayer's death. You recall the Axel first name of Axel Springer, giant European media founder. Well, an Axel Victor Rothstein came to California in 1851. I dunno. Maybe Axel is a Hebrew name.

The Dutch Lindon surname was first found in Utrecht, a city that could be sister to Dutch city of Atrecht, founded by the Atrebates. Not only did I trace the cinquefoil to Atrebates (of Hampshire), but to the cinquefoil-using Dover surname that was linked to Lintone, a locality otherwise called Luton. It would therefore appear that peoples of Lintone were Atrebates or Atrebate-related and for that reason they lived as Lindons in Utrecht.

Along with Jack London and Upton Sinclair, the root of Weather Underground was also co-founded by Norman Thomas, wherefore it's interesting that a Welsh Thomas Coat uses three white cinquefoils on blue in its Chief. Hmm, the write-up says that "the family claims descendance from Owen Glendower, Lord of Glyndwyrdwy, Prince of South Wales." Lord? It was just yesterday that I came across two Coats using blue cinquefoils on white, one Coat thanks to Joe Hampton (i.e. they're on the Hampton Coat), and one thanks to Fe's telling that the Lord Coat also uses them.

Amazing, the English Thomas surname was "First found in Goucestershire, Lincolnshire [named after "Lindo/Lindsey], and Hamptonshire" This is very excellent evidence for the Welsh Thomas Coat being directly related to the Hampton Coat. The English Thomas page suggests that the first recorded Thomas (died 1100) was an English bishop (of Worcester) from Bayeux.

After writing all the above, no lie, I found myself back at the Weather Underground article, reading: "...the Weathermen sympathized with the radical group Black Panthers. The death of Panther Fred Hampton prompted the Weatherman to issue a declaration of war upon the United States government" (italics mine). It could be that the Black Panthers were named after the Rhodes-Crest panther family/symbol.

There's more. The Weatherman article mentions co-founder Jeff Jones, and when I checked the Jones Coat, three ravens on white, the symbol, in the same colors, of a second Welsh Thomas Coat. The Jones surname was first found recorded in Lincolnshire, where some of the first English Thomas' were first found. Plus, there is a Welsh Jones Coat, using a white lion on blue (i.e. same colors as white cinquefoils on blue as per the Welsh Thomas Coat). Both the Welsh Thomas and Welsh Jones surnames are thought to pre-date the Conqueror, originating in the Celts.

Today I've heard the first statement from Iraq that Baathists and al-Qaeda are bonding: "The [Iraqi] government said the mostly Sunni Baathists were aided by Sunni Islamist al Qaeda." The article goes on to say that American-supported Baathists are going back to an anti-American position, thereby explaining a re-kindled al-Qaeda relationship. Al-Qaeda, in desperate straits, is willing to swallow pride, joining with these traitorous Baathists.


"Some of the Iraqi former insurgents recruited by United States forces to fight al-Qaeda are secretly plotting to launch terror attacks of their own, Iraqi Vice President Adel Abdel Mahdi warned [today].

...'Sometimes we can't distinguish between the two -- the original Sahwa [= "Awakening"] and the falsely created Sahwa. The pretend Sahwa is these groups who are waiting for the right moment to strike,' he warned, speaking in French.

'That's why there have been arrests when we have discovered their links with other terrorist groups,' he added.

The prime minister himself is giving the country a green light to accuse the Baathists:

"'Baath Party cells are behind these operations,' al-Maliki told Baghdad's al-Iraqia television [yesterday]. 'Security services arrested the culprits and they confessed that Baath Party cells were behind the operations.' ...[Yesterday], the Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella group for Sunni Islamist insurgents including al-Qaeda in Iraq, claimed responsibility for a bomb attack that killed five US soldiers and at least 12 Iraqis on Friday. The group also claimed responsibility for an attack on the headquarters of the local 'Awakening Council,' Sunni militiamen enlisted to enforce security in their areas.,iraqi-prime-minister-blames-baghdad-bombings-on-baathists.html

The Islamic State of Iraq includes, we can assume, the "false" Awakening Sunni.

So. Big so. It looks like it's happening just as it was supposed to after the January 31 election. But where's the king of the north?

This morning I was awake before dawn. I was still lying in bed, when I wondered whether Georgia was going to be in the news again as per the current political-opposition movement to unseat Saakashvili, it's president. I fell asleep again to be woken up by a mouse where the shoulder meets the neck. It was wiggling there, but as i tried to wake up, I couldn't move. Finally I was able to move, but there was no mouse.

The last time this happened was when, during sleep at about 4 am, I felt a mouse run along my leg. I got up to swat it, but there was no mouse. So I went online and found an article with a man's name adding up to 666. He was Saakashvili. Just before the "mouse" woke me on that morning (August 10), a had a dream about a bear attacking two deer, grasping one by the throat. On that day after I awoke, the Russians secured Georgia, and the Drudge Report had a headline: "Russian Bear Goes for West's Jugular."

So what does today's mouse mean? As soon as I awoke, I wondered whether the Russians were coming back down into Georgia. I wanted to check the Georgian Times first thing this morning but got tied up with all that I wrote above. Finally, I got to the Georgian Times at noon to discover three articles on a Russian build-up of military muscle in Abkhazia. One is entitled, "Saakashvili rules out new Russian aggression in Georgia." The other two give some details on the buildup. A fourth article has the Russians asking NATO not to go ahead with NATO exercises in Georgia planned for May. Just thought I'd mention it.

That's all for today. God Bless.


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