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April 8 - 10, 2009

Brutish Force

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April 8

Steve sent me some material on Tony Blair that was not in any of the three Israeli media that I normally cover daily, and yet Blair visited Netanyahu two days ago:

""The Quartet's envoy to the Middle East, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must commit at once to promoting the two states for two peoples solution. Blair warned that Netanyahu's failure to do so would put the whole peace process at risk.

After a meeting with EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana in Belgium, Blair said there are some obvious decisions that must be made now.",7340,L-3695742,00.html

Thank you, Steve. We can see that Blair wants to get tough with Netanyahu. But how could it be that both the J-Post and Haaretz failed to cover this story? Globalist controls? Why? I think I know. I think the globalist who owned the J-Post, Conrad Black, before being imprisoned, was of the same lot connected to Blair. This is amazing, for Black connects to the very topic that I was going to get into today if there was a lack of news.

Steve also sent me a Blair article wherein we see the surfacing of Bill Clinton:

"Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and Nobel prize-winner Wangari Maathai, met Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt in Stockholm on [April 1] to discuss the impact of the financial crisis on work to arrest climate change."

As you know if you know me, I don't completely disregard the possibility that Bill Clinton is one of the False Prophet's two horns. Moreover, I've felt, since some days ago -- upon discovering that Tony Blair is slated to become the EU "permanent" president -- that he could be one of the two horns. But I didn't know a few days ago, and discovered only last night, that Blair has started his own religious movement. I kid you not, and it's based on his false-Christian one!

"Tony Blair has challenged the 'entrenched' attitudes of the Pope on homosexuality, and argued that it is time for him to 'rethink' his views.

Speaking to the gay magazine Attitude, the former Prime Minister, himself now a Roman Catholic, said that he wanted to urge religious figures everywhere to reinterpret their religious texts to see them as metaphorical, not literal, and suggested that in time this would make all religious groups accept gay people as equals.

...'We need an attitude of mind where rethinking and the concept of evolving attitudes becomes part of the discipline with which you approach your religious faith.'

...Mr Blair, who now travels the world on behalf of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, which aims to promote understanding of the main religions, left the Church of England for Rome soon after leaving office in 2007."

As you might know, the idea of evolving Biblical attitudes to fit with the times is called "modernism" and "liberal Christianity," and is of course at enmity with Christ. Time will tell whether Bill will arise on the world scene in concert with Blair, but as Bill is a Rhodes Scholar, as since he dislikes Obama, and vice-versa, chances are he will.

I checked Arutz Sheva, a religious-Zionist media, and found the Blair story:

"...Blair met with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on [April 6]. He later told journalists that Netanyahu supports the creation of a PA state in principle.

...Netanyahu would agree to give up Judea and Samaria to a PA state 'if the right context can be created,' he added.

Nothing more is said about Blair; the article goes onto speak of Obama's push in concert with Blair's. Netanyahu is using the excuse that a Palestinian state cannot be granted until Palestinians jump through certain hoops. He and the Likud are hoping they never jump. I am looking forward to seeing how the Blair-Obama circle try to change Net's mind. But is it not amazing that both Blair and Obama are in concert on the same end-time theme of Jerusalem, and that both are acting as false-Christian leaders in European globalism?

The clash is becoming more outrageous to the British Illuminati due to the latest words from Israel's foreign ministry:

""Israel's far-right foreign minister said [yesterday] peace efforts with the Palestinians had reached a 'dead end,' on the same day U.S. President Barack Obama called for a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

...Lieberman has said Israel is not bound by the Annapolis understandings and Netanyahu has not publicly committed his government to pursuing the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel."

Obama wants the Annapolis agreement, but Lieberman wants the Bush roadmap because it gives Israel the said hoops it needs to fend off the EU attack dogs. Lieberman, by using "dead end," is saying, "Go home, dogs, and flick your fleas somewhere else. It's over."

We know that Syria has just praised Obama, but we know we're in deep trouble when the Libyan leader starts to praise him too:

"'Obama is a flicker of hope in the middle of the imperialist darkness,' the Libyan leader said, adding: 'There is a fear that they would liquidate him as they liquidated Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln.' Gaddafi, who is the African Union chairman, had offered to work with Obama to sustain security, stability and prosperity in Africa and elsewhere."

I wonder. Will Obama receive Gaddafi's invitation unto African interests? Golly polly, Popeye, isn't Kenya in Africa?

An article on the home page of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation says it all: "The Faith and Globalisation initiative is one of the Faith Foundation's main projects. It seeks to highlight the pivotal role that faith has to play in our globalised world..." We shouldn't be surprised to find that this org connects with the Alliance of Civilizations in efforts to weld all religions for the purpose globalism security.

It is understood by the globalists that religions are the greatest threats to their one-world that if they don't get their visible agents out there to do something about it, the new world order isn't going to get off the ground long. Herein spells persecution against Bible-grounded Christians, for we are inevitably to clash with these agents.

The Foundation warns: "But religious faith can also be used to divide." Read your Bible, Mr. Belated Air. Jesus came to divide a father from his son, a mother from her daughter. He came to take people from their false religions, but, yes, these systems would then persecute those taken. You, Mr. Belated Air, represent all the false religions of the world. You, Tony, are a disgrace, an empty vessel, a useless tool come-lately. Your "inter-faith initiative" shall NOT include the one and only true religion.

On the Foundation's "Abraham House" page, we read: "The Tony Blair Faith Foundation will support The Coexist Foundation with academic guidance from the University of Cambridge in setting up a world-class centre for education about Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Abraham House will be a spectacular new space in central London."

We get it. The Muslim's of Britain are becoming too dangerous so that Brits must now kiss their feet. At the Coexist Foundation website, we read a quote from the London bishop: "[This Foundation's] work is a vital test of our determination to find new ways of managing conflict in the new world order." They make no bones about it, that Muslims are the impediment to the new world order, wherefore we further read: "The Coexist Foundation is a charity established in 2006 to promote better understanding between Jews, Christians and Muslims - the Abrahamic Faiths - ..."

There are no great conflicts between Jews and Christians, so that the purpose of these new initiatives is to pacify/appease Muslims. It can't be a coincidence that the Alliance of Civilizations was founded in 2005, while Blair's foundation and the Coexist Foundation were both founded in 2006, all three at the height of the war on terror. The fall-out of these groups can only become anti-Israeli because the main vein is to befriend Muslims, and meanwhile the force is being applied as we speak:

"Less than a week into the new [Israeli] government's term...the German government [e.g. Angela Merkel] has expressed its displeasure at the new, right-leaning Israeli government...

...Germany's Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier...'We urgently need progress on the path to peace and a fair two-state solution,' he told Neue Presse, a German newspaper.

Meanwhile, the European Union is also considering 'diplomatic sanctions' against Israel, the German magazine reported. Luxembourg's Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn has proposed canceling the planned participation of Israeli diplomats in a number of EU meetings. Asselborn said...The new Israeli government must 'prove through its actions that it will accept a Palestinian state.'"

"Urgently need progress"? Why urgently? Lieberman is saying, take your time, let the Palestinians prove themselves first. But the brute forces of Europe are saying that it has to happen now. The EU has a schedule, you see, and all nations are now being required to support it.

It's time to get back to heraldry links. I'll start with the two names in the above quote, Steinmeier and Asselborn. The latter looks "Jewish" enough, which is why I checked it. The German Meier surname (first found in Prussia) is said to derive from "mayor," which sounds fine, but there is a Jewish Meier/Meyer Coat shown, where we read: "The name Meier is a Jewish Ashkenazic name that was originally derived from the Yiddish male given name Meyer. This personal name was in turn derived from the Hebrew name Meir, which means enlightener." Perhaps "mayor" meant "enlightener, I dunno, but the term certainly conjures up the illuminati. And why does the Jewish Meyer surname use a large fleur de lys (blue on white) as it's only symbol?

I was surprised to find tiny Luxembourg mentioned above, which I think was from the same stock of dragon-liners as the Lys-family of Lusatia (= part of Prussia). The first-found-in-Cheshire Assel/Hassel/Hazel surname uses the three-crescent symbol that I've long suspected with roots somewhere in Artois...where the Lys river flows. I'm mentioning this only because my heraldry topic today was going to be largely on the three crescents (in Fleming colors) seen in the Blythe Coat, the surname of Bill Clinton's bloodline on his father's side.

I was surprised when reminded this morning, when mentioning Conrad Black's ownership of the Jerusalem Post and his possible ties to the Blair circle of globalists, that the English Black Coat also uses the red crescent on white (same colors as Blythe Coat). But the Black Coat includes three red stars on white, the symbol of Swiss Sion and of it's canton of Wallis. At the webpage below, you can see Wallis' current flag with 13 stars with the previous flag using three red stars on white, and you can read:

"Red and white are the colours of the Bishop of Sion, the dominant power in Valais until very recent times. The thirteen stars represent the thirteen districts (Zehnden) of Valais."

The Scottish Black Coat uses the same symbols as its English counterpart but with a black saltire cross on white included, which is conspicuous because the Blair Coat also uses a black saltire on white (and a deer as Crest).

As per Clinton's Rhodian ties, the red lion on the Scottish Black Coat matches the red lion in the Rhodes Coat, and moreover both the Black and Rhodes surnames were first found in Lincolnshire. Therefore, the presence of Bill Clinton with Tony Blair at a globalist meet, and the absence of Blair's visit to Israel in the Jerusalem Post -- which media may yet be run in-part by Conrad's people -- makes it appear as though there is a Rhodian conspiracy against Netanyahu with insidious motives. That's a broad sweep, I realize, but my gut tells me so, anyway.

Lincolnshire was beside Rutland and Leicester, the places to which I route the Rhodes-related Rodham surname. indicates that the Black family, not necessarily under that name, was in England (proto-Lincolnshire, I presume) before the Conqueror arrived, while the Rhodes' arrived with the Conqueror. The Lincoln surname was in honor of Lincolnshire, or vice versa, and so see that the Lincoln Coat uses a black crowned lion on white, the colors of the Black-family saltire. This in itself doesn't indicate to which pre-Conqueror peoples the proto-Blacks belonged, but I suspect the Bernicians as per the black and white that I assign to the Babenberg fold.

To show how some seek to disguise surname derivations, we read that "The place-name [of the Lincoln surname] is derived from the British name Lindo, which means lake..." Yet Wikipedia reports that Lincolnshire was once the "Kingdom of Lindsey." As for "Lincoln," it is said to derive from "Lin Colony."

The Cassel surname was first found in Lincolnshire too. This surname is similar enough to the Assel/Hassel surname discussed earlier (said to be named after a family living near a hazel tree...don't make me laugh). The German Cassel surname is said, by, to originate in Bavaria, and of course the surname must be in honor of Cassel (city on the Fulda river) in Hesse. This was roughly ground zero for the "Jewish" Bavarian Illuminati.

I see that the Scottish Cassel Coat shield appears related to the Scottish Clinton-Coat shield (Bill's father-in-law was a Clinton). But the Cassel Coat is almost an identical copy of the Scottish Kennedy Coat, and both use a dolphin as Crest!!

It's known that the Flemings used red and white, and since they were the heart of the Templars, they likely connect to the red and white of Swiss Sion and Wallis canton. Note the white lion on red that is the Wallace Coat, the surname having a "Wallis" variation (!), and compare to the near-identical Montfort Coat (I say Montforts were from red and white Cuneo, near Wallis). Compare also with the red and white behind Melusine in the Walser Coat (named after Wallis canton).

I'm thinking that the red lion on white displayed on the Rhodes Coat is the reverse of the white lion on red of the Wallace Coat, by which I mean to suggest kinship. Yes, the Rhodes' are traced by me to Bernicians, but Berne canton was beside Wallis canton. I'm discovering something here, on Rhodian roots, so don't fall asleep on me.

Look. The Arms of Berne uses red and gold, the other colors in the Rhodes Coat. Anciently, one Wells Coat was a red lion on gold. The Wells symbol displayed today is a two-tailed black lion (Montfort symbol), and moreover the surname was first found in Lincolnshire...where also the Rhodes surname was first found. If that's not enough, the Black surname, also found first in Lincolnshire, uses a black lion too. And this should explain why the Montforts came to rule beside Lincolnshire, in Leicester, by marriage to the Beaumonts descended from Humphrey Vielles.

The story keeps getting better because something made me check the Haar Coat as per the Zionist media, Haaretz. This was early this morning, hours before I came to two related topics in the last half hour. One of them was just a moment ago, when I realized that Haar may connect with the Harcourts, for Humphrey Vielles was a Harcourt (Dane). But a half hour ago, after deleting a short paragraph on Ayrshire, built on the Ayr river (Scotland), I learned that Berne (Switzerland) was built on the Aar river. Things connect fast when you're down the right rabbit rail.

I was on the topic of Ayrshire because it's where the red and white Kennedy surname was first found, as well as the red and white Wallace/Wallis surname! So now I'm becoming convinced that the Rhodes family was from the Wallis-Berne regions of Switzerland, but being down the right Aar-abbit trail, I also discovered this past minute that the Aar river, in Berne, passes through Haslital (Hasli, for short).

Seeing the Assel/Hassel/Hazel surname -- for which reason it may connect to the Cassel surname (that shares the Kennedy shield and the Kennedy Crest) -- I clicked the find "The origin of the name [Haslital] is likely Old High German hasal 'hazel'."

Well I'm convinced that the place was named after a hazel tree, but the clue may help to root the Kennedy family of Ayrshire to Hasli on the Aar river.

Then I caught wind of Hasliberg, near Haslitan, and zowie, the Hasliberg Arms are (four) red Zionist stars on gold so that now I have better reason to connect the Haaretz name to the Aar river. The nearby Schattenhalb municipality also uses gold Zionist stars (on black). Schattenhalb and Hasliberg are two of six Haslital-district municipalities.

This story is not over. The German Haar Coat needs to be discussed because it not only uses the same colors as the Assel/Hassel Coat, but the very same symbol -- three gold fleur de lys on blue -- as does the Masci Coat. Lest we fail to see the great significance, the Assel surname was first found in Cheshire, and the English Masci surname was in Dunham Masci, Cheshire!! (See Massey surname at houseofnames for Cheshire-proof).

Recalling from the previous update that Adam de Bruce of Skelton married Joanna de Meschines of Cheshire, it explains why the Masci symbol (three gold fleur de lys on blue) also appear on the Skelton Coat (along with what could be a crow/raven). As the Skeltons were first found in Cumberland, it seems apparent that they were with/from the Meschin fold of Dunholme (= Durham's earlier name). This tends to clinch what I claimed earlier, that the Masci's of Dunham Masci were tied with a Bruce fold from Avranches (i.e. that Avranches, Normandy, was named after Abreu, or Evreux, Normandy, which was itself after the Eburo-Hebrews of "Abruzzi/Abrussi, the root of the Brusi/Bruce surname in the first place).

But the story is still not over for the day. The Bruces of Scotland, as they ascended the Scot throne, lived in Carrick, the southern part of Ayrshire. And -- I learned a few minutes ago -- the symbol of ancient Carrick just happens to be the Kennedy-Coat shield but with nine crosslets instead of the three on the Kennedy shield (wherever the Kennedy shield has one, the Carrick shield has three). I found this Carrick Coat (without colors shown) at The article suggests that the shield was red and white...just like the Kennedy Coat.

The importance here is that the Cassel Coat is virtually identical to the Kennedy Coat, and that the Assel/Hassel surname connects to the Skeltons (of Skelton, Yorkshire) where another Bruce family doubt as a major branch of the Ebroicum Celts (founders of Evreux) who named York, "Eboracum." It appears, in other words, that the Cassels were Hassels ultimately from Hasli of Berne...and that they and the Kennedys married the royal Eburo-Hebrew Bruces. The question now is, what sorts of Hebrews were the founders of Hasli?

Sionists, I'm sure, not just from the Swiss-Sion fold, but from the Israeli-theater Sion and/or Zion. The Biblical city of Azel comes to mind, though no one seems to know where it was located aside from being east of Jerusalem (no hazel nuts there, though). It's the locality mentioned in Zecharian 14:5 to which end-time Israel will escape when the mount of Olives splits in two, as Jesus comes to rest upon it. Why Azel? Is it a message to end-time Azelites who are somehow responsible for Armageddon?

Now, I know that "Haaretz" is said to derive from "ha-aretz, said to mean, "the land," but I also know that Kabala Hebrews are mystical word/letter experts in creating terms for themselves with double/multiple meanings; it's a basic craft in Freemasonry. Consider "Arutz Sheva," the Zionist media, a phrase said to mean "channel seven" and yet appearing as though it could refer to a Rus-Sheba alliance. Is it a coincidence that Haaretz was bought by a surname first found in Switzerland (where the Aar river is located):

"Haaretz was first published in 1918 as a newspaper sponsored by the British military government in Palestine. In 1919 it was taken over by Russian Zionists. Initially, it was called Hadashot Ha'aretz ("News of the Land")...It was first published in Jerusalem, but moved to Tel Aviv in 1922, under the editorship of Moshe Gluecksohn, who served as editor from 1922 to 1937. Salman Schocken, a wealthy German Jewish Zionist who owned a chain of department stores in Germany, bought the paper in 1937."

I could be a hazel nut, but I checked the Glueck surname first of all to find that it's ancestral home was in Bavaria, but then I learned that the German Schocken surname "was first found in Switzerland." The year of the paper's origin was immediately after the Rothschilds took over Russia, and the year after the Brits, no doubt under Rothschild direction, threw the Turks by force out of Israel. The first Rothschild had been from Bavaria, and was involved at Hesse-Cassel. The paper is owned to this day by the Schockens.

This could come as a schocken to you, but "According to the CEO of the Haaretz group Amos Schocken, the proceeds from the sale will allow the company to augment its stake at Walla!, an Israeli Internet site." I dunno, but why "Walla"? Why something smacking of Wallis, where Sion is situated?

I checked other Harr-like surnames, and found that the Harriet Coat (surname from the Lothian locality of Heriot, Scotland) uses three white cinquefoils on blue, the colors of Haaretz's home page (the colors of Israel's flag as well).

You'll note that "Heriot" has similarity with "Arutz" and "Aretz" and that Lothian is where Roslin is located. Since Roslin was founded most-likely by the Rollo Danes out of Norway, note that "During the Middle Ages the name [Oslo] was initially spelled 'Aslo'." That smacks of Azel, or the Assel surname. Hmm. Then compare the Arms of Oslo, including the colors, to the Schocken Coat. Compare also with the Glueck Coat.

I dunno, I could be way off, but could these similarities with Haaretz have anything to do with the Oslo Accords? The Norwegian flag includes a blue cross on white background. I mean, could Zionists have founded Norway? Who was mythical Nor, anyway? We know there are not enough Israelites/Jews in the world to own and control so much of the planet, even when the lost ten tribes are included, but there were Hebrews of other stripes who far out-numbered the Israelites. This has to be the true story: Europe was founded by various lots of Hebrews. God chose a small branch in His plan to destroy the Euro-Hebrews in the end times. Read "Euro" as "Evro" or "Ebro."

I'm sure that I've over-done today's topic. Forgive if your head is spinning. I'm gone for the day.

April 9

On the same day, three days ago, that Blair met with Netanyahu, Medvedev was meeting with Abbas of the Palestinian West Bank, and promising some new weaponry:

"Moscow has promised to supply the Palestinian Authority security forces in the West Bank with new weapons, including two helicopters.

The Russians have also agreed to supply the PA with more than 5,000 AK-47 assault rifles, 300 armored vehicles, 100 pistols and large quantities of ammunition, a senior PA official in Ramallah told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday."

The article at this point goes off on a tangent to another topic, and never returns to tell how the Israelis feel about these sales. It's as if the Palestinians were already their own nation.

Why is Russia arming the PA? Is this a message to Netanyahu? Is the message from the Quartet? Is Israel silent because the promise of sales have taken the government off guard? Perhaps Ned Yahoo didn't figure on something like this.

The last time that Medvedev was mentioned in these updates, I was discussing whether or not his name was "Jewish" because Bernie Madoff is known to be a Hebrew. Lee H. sent me the message that conservative talk-show host, Michael Medved, is Jewish. I verified it at Wikipedia. LG sent me an online quote, in an email with the subject line like so: "Sssssssssssssssssssssweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet." She was referring to my seeing the light on "Medvedev" and "Madoff" both derived from "mead" = honey drink. What can I say? She likes it when she illuminates me. On this next occasion she dug up this:

"With Medvedev in power, Russia's natural resources will be plundered by foreign investors, Moscow will alienate its traditional Arab allies, and tens of thousands of Israelis will become managers at key Russian institutions, 'including the police, army and secret services,' Bondarik said by telephone from St. Petersburg. The reason for Bondarik's alarm: He is firmly convinced that Medvedev is Jewish. 'We are categorically against him because he is an ethnic Jew and does not conceal his sympathies toward Judaism,' said Bondarik...The conspiracy theory that Jews are plotting to seize power has always enjoyed an illustrious place in the history of Russian nationalism...There is no hard evidence that Medvedev has Jewish roots...Still, nationalist web sites are rife with speculation that Medvedev might be Jewish, largely based on his mother's maiden name and patronymic, which could indicate either Russian or Jewish roots..."

Apparently, Medvedev does not practice any Jewish religion, but this doesn't mean that he's not from a Hebrew ancestry. They're everywhere in power. Keeping in mind that Putin chose Medvedev to act on his behalf, Putin might be yet another one.

I suppose that Obama will henceforth be asked by the press whether he bowed to the Saudi king, for:

"The White House is denying that the president bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at a G-20 meeting in London, a scene that drew criticism on the right and praise from some Arab outlets.

'It wasn't a bow. He grasped his hand with two hands, and he's taller than King Abdullah,' said an Obama aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity."

No wonder he's speaking with anonymity; that's one ridiculous story.

On the topic of the Iraqi Sunni, what do you make of the very important story below. It looks like the rise of Gog is in fact developing:

"A former top deputy of Saddam Hussein has said he wants good ties with the United States, but only after U.S. troops leave and the Shiite-led government is toppled, according to an audiotape aired [April 7].

Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, who is now reportedly is powerful funder of Sunni insurgents in Iraq, spoke in an audiotape broadcast [April 7] on Al-Jazeera television. Al-Douri, a fugitive with a $10 million bounty on his head, has not been seen in public since the fall of Saddam's regime in April 2003.

The recording surfaced hours before President Barak Obama arrived in Iraq. It comes at the time of a spike in violence in Iraq that the government has blamed on members of Saddam's former ruling Baath Party, along with the al-Qaida terror group.

In the audiotape, al-Douri urges his followers to topple the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki after an expected U.S. withdrawal from the country.

'Fight them with all possible means in your field of jihad,' or holy war, al-Douri said. He said al-Maliki's government is in its 'last gasps.'

After al-Maliki's fall, a new Iraqi government will be ready to 'build the best of relations with the American people and the new administration' of President Barack Obama, al-Douri said.

Saddam Hussein's former deputy has vowed that loyalists to the deposed dictator will continue fighting until the U.S. withdraws from Iraq, according to an interview published [April 6].

Al-Douri, whose whereabouts is unknown, is believed to play an important role in financing Sunni insurgents, though little is known about how directly he leads fighters on the ground...

Okay, there we have the evidence that the Baathists are indeed attempting to topple Maliki, but what strikes me is the alliance that al-Douri wants with Obama. Could it be? Could it be that al-Douri already has that alliance? Could it be that Obama is helping al-Douri to take Iraq, after which he and Obama will call the shots together? I dunno. I'm just guessing. It just strikes me as odd that al-Douri would make such a recording for all the world to hear, unless he already has the Obama alliance.

Why would al-Douri go and do something so "stupid" as to admit openly that he with other Sunni are seeking to topple Maliki at the very time that Maliki is arresting Sunni left and right? I mean al-Douri must be pretty darn confident of victory to come out with this message. He's got a plan, to be implemented when the Americans leave. But why would he come out to say so openly since it would risk an extension of the stay of American fighters?

L Hey Obama, I'm waiting for you to leave so's I can take Iraq. Hurry up a little, can you? I've been waiting a long time. And, oh, by the way, wanna join me when I'm king of Babylon? I'll give you a harem. If Michelle won't let that happen, I'll give you a couple of mosques. Waddaya say?

In the article below, the picture is more-inclusive. Al-Douri comes out with the recording while Maliki has his representative in Egypt talking to Baathist leaders, seeking a compromise solution with them. Al-Douri is clearly in opposition with a Baathist-Maliki alliance, and takes the opportunity to call all Sunni to war against Maliki. The article tells that Maliki blamed al-Douri for the seven Baghdad bombings a few days ago. If al-Qaeda set them off, then one may suspect that it has made an alliance with al-Douri to topple Maliki.

I was starting to lose hope for a Baathist uprising to occur in time for a Gogi appearance by this summer. The good new is, I'm feeling better about 2009 being the first year of the 70th Week. The bad news is, a lot of killing and maiming is ahead.

But events are still too inconclusive to announce that 2009 is it. We need to see Gog; we need to identify him without doubt.

I don't think the Sunni uprising is going away. I'm keeping watch.


Turkish media, Hurriyet, has an article entitled, "Alliance of Civilizations little more than talk." It claims that Muslim nations will not allow the organization success because it's main founders, Spain and Turkey, are not representative of Muslims. Turkey is a secular state and moreover seeking to join Western globalism. This, Mr. Global, is the problem with this initiative. The Muslims can see through the scheme. It may have as a priority to reduce Muslim tensions, but Muslims will view it as attempt to bring them into European globalism...which is probably your other priority. Mr. Global, it may work with secular Arabs, but it won't quell the blood-lust of the extremists...unless the West abandons Israel.

There is no other prophecy-related news this morning, and so I'll say a little something on "Hurriyet" that I noted yesterday but didn't want to get into. The term's consonants are near-identical to "Haaretz." I didn't want to push the similarity between "Haaretz" and the "Aar" river (Berne, Switzerland) because it could of course be no link whatsoever. But last night I found what I'm about to explain on Hurriyet that seems linked to the Aar topic.

To show how the West is in control of some Middle East media, take Hurriyet as an example. Wikipedia says that "Hurriyet has close ties with the Axel Springer AG daily Bild." I was intrigued by the "Axel" name, so very close to the "Assel/Hassel" surname that I connected to the Aar river yesterday i.e. to its Hasli region. I don't think I have left-brain syndrome that's playing tricks on me, because when I checked the Springer Coat (English), I was amazed. It looks like the Kennedy Coat and the Cassel Coat (the origin of the Kennedys in Ayrshire, and the similarity between the latter two Coats, was used yesterday to make Kennedy-and-Cassel links to the Aar river's Hasli region).

Did you note the "Bild" term in Wikipedia's quote above? Axel Springer AG (named after a man by that name) publishes the Bild (German) newspaper. "It is the best-selling newspaper in Europe and has the seventh-largest circulation worldwide." The article says that "Bild" means "picture," but look at the German Bild/Bilderback Coat; red on white like the three Coats above, with a red saltire instead of a red chevron. There is no Bilderberg Coat, but this Bild/Bilderback family should prove to be related.

A saltire is often a Scottish symbol. The Kennedy and Cassel Coats above were shown yesterday to be takes on the ancient Arms of Carrick, a Scottish region that was part of Ayrshire, and that the royal Bruces came to live in. The Bruces of Carrick changed their blue lion symbol (belonging to Yorkshire Bruces) to a red saltire; see Scottish Bruce Coat. As you can read at this link, the Bruce surname is thought to derive either from the Normandy locality of Manche (where Veres lived), or in Calvados (still in Normandy)...probably explaining the red-gold combination (i.e. the colors of Normandy) of the Scottish Bruces.

The point is, the Springer surname can be shown to derive in an early Vere haunt of England. says that the Springer surname was "First found in Suffolk where they were seated from very ancient times, as Lords of the manor of Lavenham, some say well before the Norman Conquest..." The Wikipedia article on Lavenham says:

"Before the Norman Conquest of England, the manor of Lavenham had been held by the thegn Ulwin or Wulwine. In 1086 [20 years after the Conqueror's invasion] the estate was in the possession of Aubrey de Vere I, ancestor of the Earls of Oxford...The Vere family continued to hold the estate until 1604, when it was sold to Sir Thomas Skinner."

I'm looking at the similarity between "Ulwin" and "Elvin." Darn close. As a thegn/thane, he was a Germanic or Scandinavian of some sort. If he has to do with the Elvin Princess (Milouziana de Ver of Scotland), I would guess that he was Anglo because Milouziana's bloodline went on to rule at Angers/Anjou, and because the modern Veres who use this "princess" for their ancestry also say they derived from Anglos.

You recall yesterday my mention of Heriot in Lothian in which lived peoples of the Harriet surname using cinquefoils in blue and white colors, the colors of the Haaretz news media. I've just read the Wikipedia article on thegns in seeking the identity of Ulwin, when I found that "The nobility of pre-Conquest England was ranked according to the heriot they paid..."

I clicked the heriot link to find an English Lord Rothschild of the 19th century as one from whom a heriot was per his purchase of an Oxford property. I read the definition: "Heriot was the right of a lord in feudal Europe to seize a serf's best horse and or clothing upon his death."

I dunno, but Haaretz could certainly be owned by Rothschilds somehow, since they founded modern Israel...with blue and white colors on the Zionist-star Israeli flag. I dunno, but if Bilderburgs own Hurriyet somehow, something seems like a control machine at work. The Skinner surname, which bought Lavenham from the Veres, use dragon heads as symbols, and it was first found in Lincolnshire...the place where the Cassel surname was first found (!), not to mention the Black and Rhodes surnames. Conrad Black owned the Jerusalem Post. Cecil Rhodes created a control-freak global system. Vat is going here?!

I naturally checked the Laven Coat, thinking that it might trace to Louvain, and found that the surname variations were mainly Lewin-like. But instead of a lion symbol, three white stars on red (!!), a symbol of the Wallis flag. According to the write-up, this Lewin surname derives from "leof" = "love," but I don't buy it. The Love/Luff Coat is red and white, but shows three red lion heads. Since the Love surname was first found in Suffolk, it would appear to be connected to Lavenham, a locality in Suffolk...where the red and white Springer surname originates.

When I saw that the Springer Coat uses the diamond symbol that I typically trace to Kyles, I looked at the Kyle Coat again and saw a red star on white, a symbol of Wallis. Indeed, the Wallace/Wallis surname was first in Ayrshire, where the Kyle surname was first found...before the Conqueror arrived (the Kyles trace themselves to king Cole). Apparently, the king-Cole line married into the Wallis fold to produce a family that uses black candles as symbols, a perfect symbol for the illuminati.

"The Axel Springer company is the largest publishing house in Europe and controls the largest share of the German market for daily newspapers; 23.6%." A company doesn't get this big in the news organization apart from Illuminati controls. I read that "Its current CEO is Mathias Dopfner." Although the Dopfner surname doesn't register in houseofnames, the Dopner surname does, and is said to derive from "'Toepfer,' meaning potter." I immediately asked why the Satanic fictional, Harry Potter, used "Harry, smacking of "Hurriyet." Then, when I checked the Potter Coat, three cinquefoils!

This gets more amazing. The Potter cinquefoils are white on black, and used alongside the "ermines" depicting Brittany. It's exactly in tune with the Rodham Coat and the Hamilton Coat; the latter is known to be linked to the cinquefoil symbol (and peoples) of Leicester.

But now check out the similarity between the trunk in the Rodham Crest, with leaves growing out of it, with the symbol on the Dopner Coat...using a trunk with leaves growing out of it. I'm sure, therefore, that Rodhams trace to a Dopfner to Potter line. The German Feld Coat uses the trunk in the Rodham Crest, and meanwhile the Jewish Feld Coat uses a white star on red that may likewise trace to Wallis. The white star on red is also a Vere Coat symbol.

As per the similarity between "Laven(ham)" and "Lapp" (= Scandinavians), see what I wrote on the Lapps some years ago:

"In consideration of the Sitones being placed by Tacitus in Gotland, and because historians have magnified their domain to reach the coasts of Finland, the sorcerous Lapps of Finland come to mind...

When I read that the Lapps have been typified with the reindeer, I thought of the reindeer symbol of the Kyles (an Illuminati family from king Cole), but thought nothing more of it...until I learned of a major "Kola" grouping of Lapps. The Magyars (founders of Hungary along with many Khazar-like Hebrews) also honored the reindeer symbol, the point being that Magyars stemmed from Finno-Ugrics and might therefore have been from the Lapp family of peoples.

Because the Kyle link to the Lapps sounds so wild, I was delighted to find the following information on Peko (Finnish spelling "Pekko"), "an ancient Estonian and Finnish god...In the area of Setonia (Setumaa) between Estonia and Russia." The article goes on to say that the Seto were "an ethnic group of Estonians in the south-east of the country...Black candles were lit to revere wooden idols of Peko." Estonia is on the gulf of Finland just across the water from where the Sitones and Kvens lived."

Amazing. It fits right into the topic at hand, because I had traced the Sitones from Sitten, the Swiss city that is also Wallis! The Kvens are thought by some to be matrilinear (because "kven" means "woman" though it looks like root to "coven" of witches), and it's known from Tacitus that the Sitones were matrilinear, no doubt explaining why "Jews" today rate their Jewishness only if they have a Jewish mother. In other words, the matrilinear Jews are not Jews, but pagan Sitones = Sionists.

Without any thought to matrilinealism, I traced the mythical Lapiths to Lesbos, a Greek island said to be named as per "lesbian." Lapiths, creatures akin to Satyrs and Centaurs, were ruled by Ixion, potentially a hardening version of "Sion." Ixion with Nephele gave birth to Centaurs, which I think depicted the Heneti Lydians, who smack of "Kennedy." The Heneti/Eneti, due to their king, mythical Pelops, were Amazons, a peoples generally regarded as "feminist." Because Kent was founded by two mythical persons whose names mean "horse," I suspect that Kent was founded by the Centaurs = Heneti.

The Cinque Port cities were between Kent and Hampshire, and meanwhile the cinquefoil-using Potter surname was first found in Hampshire...where the Atrebates lived...descendants of Atreus, son of Pelops. One of the Cinque Port cities was Dover (in Kent), smacking of "Dopfner" (from Toepfer = "potter"). So I checked the Dover Coat, and before the Coat-image had loaded I saw that it was from the "Old English word Dofre." Perfect.

But then the image loaded, and it was...a huge, single black cinquefoil with ermine background...swwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!

Yes, see the Dover Coat. Talk about finding proof that the cinquefoil derives from the Cinque Ports. This is a good find. Hillary traces to the Cinque Ports, to the land of the Pelops Amazons. No wonder she's a bossy feminist.

The Dover surname was, however, "First found in Bedfordshire, where they were seated from very ancient times, some say well before the Norman Conquest..." This is intriguing, for one may now seek Illuminati roots in pre-Conqueror Bedford.

April 10

Well, this is amazing. Bill Clinton almost made the title, Lord Warden of the Cinqueports:

"The Confederation of the Cinque Ports was formed around 1050 [pre-Conqueror/Sinclair] in the time of Edward the Confessor when Hastings, Romney, Hythe, Dover and Sandwich assumed responsibility for 'ship service'.

...The position of Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports...Well known recent holders of the title include Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Robert Menzies and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

The present Lord Warden is former naval commander Admiral Lord Michael Boyce. His appointment was announced on 29 July 2004. This news ended months of speculation over who would take the ceremonial title and names previously mentioned included Prince Andrew, John Major, Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton."

The current Lord Warden, Mr. Boyce; check out the three cinquefoils on the Boyce Coat, and the crescent on the Boyce Crest. Both the Blythe Coat (= Bill Clinton's real father) and the French Major Coat use the crescent symbol (i.e. both surnames were candidates for Lord Warden).

Note the red lion heads that appear on the Love/Luff Coat, an "old Anglo-Saxon surname" from Suffolk that I am sure traces to Lavenham (Suffolk), the Vere haunt where its thane-ruler, Ulwin, may be part of the Elvin bloodline. Previously, a year or two ago, I had traced the Vere elf line to the Anglo-Saxon, Alfred the be read Alf-Red, not Al-Fred.

Seeing yesterday that the Dover surname uses a large, single cinquefoil and was no doubt named after the Cinque Port of Dover (Kent), and seeing that this surname was first found in pre-Conqueror Bedfordshire, I turned to the Wikipedia article (time won't allow deeper research on these topics) on Bedford to learn a couple of interesting things. One: "In 919 Edward the Elder built [Bedford's] first known fortress." Edward was the son of Alfred the Great. Coincidence, or are we zeroing in on the elf line?


"Before 1066 [date of the Conqueror's conquering of the Cinque Ports] the lord of Langford was Lewin, a thane of Edward the Confessor. William the Conqueror granted the village to Walter le Fleming. In 1142 Walter's descendent Simon de Wahull gave land to the Knights Templar...,_Bedfordshire

Do you see it, FE? Langford. It's in Bedfordshire. The Lang surname. The English and Scottish Lang Coats use white cinquefoils on black. Could it be that this Langford was populated by peoples from Langue (north Italy), which has Alba as it's capital...that I say is the Vere elf line to Britain? Read on.

Note the thane, Lewin. Isn't that the same as "Ulwin," the one that looks like "Elvin," who ruled at nearby Lavenham? Remember, the Laven Coat uses white stars on red, the symbol on the Vere Coat. Plus, the variations of "Laven" are mainly Lewin-like. Plus-plus, the background Laven shield is gold, the other color in the Vere Coat.

I got it baby. After years and years of searching, I have found the elusive elf cult of the Veres. Lewin/Ulwin was the thane of Edward the Confessor, the one who ruled when the Cinqueports were divided, and Edward was of the direct male side of the bloodline of Alf-red the Great. But haven't I always asserted that the elf line is in the Lusatians and Lusignans, as per European Melusine? Read on.

An important part of Bedforshire is Luton:

"The foundation of Luton is usually dated to the 6th century when a Saxon outpost was founded on the River Lea, Lea tun. Luton is recorded in the Domesday Book as Loitone and also as Lintone."

"Lintone" evokes the Lincolnshire region, named as Lin-Colony. Couldn't that have derived from a Lin-Town or Linton(e)? That's my minor point until proven. The major point comes when looking into the Lea river, for as you can guess, I spied "Lys" in that term before I got to the article...which said:

"The River Lea was first recorded in the 9th century, although its name is believed to be much older. Spellings from the Anglo-Saxon period include Lig(e)an in 880 and Lygan in 895, and in the early medieval period it is usually Luye or Leye.

...The divergent spellings of the river are also reflected in the place-names of Luton and Leyton."

There we have it, Luton was named after a divergent name of the river that was early "Ligan/Lygan" and "Luye/Leye." Is that picture not from the Lys river in interior Liguria!?!?! Do you see what you have helped to find, FE? Luton was probably founded by Ligurian stock on the Lys.

To the east of the Ligurian Lys river, also on the Swiss-Italian border, Lugano was also "Lowens," wherefore it looks very likely that Lavenham was founded by Lugano stock. The cinquefoil-carrying Doverites must have been Bedford Ligurians of the Lys-dragon fold because it's predictable that they then moved into Leicester as the Ligor founders of the place, and meanwhile they brought their cinquefoil symbol with them (to become part of the Leicester Arms to this day).

The German Lang Coat uses a swan, a Ligurian symbol. But look, the German Lang family was first found in Leune(burg). It's more commonly "Lune(n)burg," and it got tied politically to Brunswick, of Bernician stock in my opinion from Berne, Switzerland. "In 874 [Lugano] was referred to as Luano," wherefore it would appear that Luneburg-Brunswick was created as an alliance of Lugano with Berne elements.

The Lys (also "Lesa") river in Aosta (also "Outa"). Due to the statement, "In the Lys Valley there is a Walser German speaking minority," I assume that the important Lugano migration to the Lavenham area was a Walser one. Wikipedia's article on Lugano verifies that there was a Walser community there.

I've known for years that the Wells surname (anciently using red and gold) has the variations, Vallibus and Vaux; see the English Vaux Coat using red and gold Cohen checks. An old Wells Coat using a gold star on red matches the gold stars on red in the Scottish Vaux/Vallibus Coat, and a Wells website itself claimed linkage to the Vallibus name. The mystery of how a Vallibus name became "Vaux" may be cleared up in this:

When he married, Falkes de Breaute acquired his wife's house which came to be known as 'Fawkes Hall', subsequently corrupted over the years to 'Foxhall', then 'Vauxhall'. King John granted Falkes the manor of Luton. He was also granted the right to bear his own coat of arms and chose the mythical griffin as his heraldic emblem. The griffin thus became associated with both Vauxhall and Luton in the early 13th century."

The Fulks of Anjou ruled just after the modern dragon-cult Veres (e.g. Nicholas de Vere) say that they ruled Anjou through the Elvin-Melusine bloodline from Avalon/Scotland. If the Fulks are responsible for the Falkes above, Veres may thus be trace-able to Luton.

I'm saying that the Lys bloodline of Ligurians came to Britain as the Walser-Wells, previously from Wallis but later living in the Lys valley, and settled Bedford where they founded Luton and Leyton and meanwhile named the Leye (now Lee) river. Other Ligurians from Alba-Langhe came and settled Langford, also in Bedfordshire. The line of Alfred the Great ruled Bedford because, or so my theory goes, he had Langue blood in him...which was the elf line of Melusine.

Thus Melusine came to Britain as the Alba-Langue migration...that may even have named Alba (= proto-Scotland). Her connection from Langhe to Lusatians and Lusignans can be made, somehow, by a Langhe link to Lys-river Ligurians. This link has premise in the geographical nearness of Langford to the Leye river.

The English Langford Coat uses the Vere colors, but this surname was first in pre-Conqueror times. Something tells me that the blue boar of the Veres was connected to this Cornwall family...because Cornwall was a boar region in Arthurian times (about 400-600 AD).

"Leyton is at the heart of the Lea Valley. The name 'Leyton' has been used since the 9th century." Now look at the Leyton Coat; it's a reversed Vere shield. In the Leyton Crest is a wyvern dragon (no front legs, pointed tail), the species that the Veres also use. Note that houseofnames derives "Leyton" in something so silly as "leeks," the ones that are grown in a garden. Hey honey, look, a barn full of leeks. Let's call ourselves Leektons.

The Bedfordite dragonline from Liguria might even have been the Atreus bloodline of Ligurians that formed the Atrebates in Hampshire, and Centaurs of Kent. I now know some of these Bedfordites moved to Dover (Kent) and took on the Dover surname (using a large cinquefoil), and I know that "Dover" is rooted in "dofre," an old word for "potter"... as per the German Dopfner surname deriving from "toepfer" = potter.

Armed with this information, the Dober surname (Austrian) was checked, and sure enough, there were Taupfer and Teupfer variations. I then found that this Austrian Dober/Tober Coat had virtually the same design as in the German Doberman Coat, and yet houseofnames fails to derive the latter from "toepfer," opting instead for "dobr" meaning "good." There we have reason to be careful with houseofnames derivations.

The Doberman's were first found in Pomerania, a region with many dragon symbols, but I route it to the Fomorians on very-old Britain, who were ruled by Lug's evil father. Lug was a Celt sun god thought to be associated with Leyden/Leiden in the Netherlands, a Rosicrucian and international-banker's haunt for centuries and counting. Near Leyden there was a Lugdunum locality (near Katwijk). At the Lee-river article, one reads that the river was called:

"Lig(e)an in 880 and Lygan in 895, and in the early medieval period it is usually Luye or Leye. It seems to be derived from a Celtic root lug-meaning 'bright or light' which is also the base of a name meaning 'bright or light' which is also the base of a name for a deity, so the meaning may be 'bright river' or 'river dedicated to the god Lugus'."

Yet another Lugdunum developed where Lyons (France) is now situated: "The most commonly offered meaning [of Lug(dunum)] is the Celtic god named Lug, whose messenger was the crow (lugus)..." My gut tells me that Luxembourg, to be understood as Light-Bourg, was founded by the Lug cult. Out of this cult there may therefore have developed Lusignan and Luzica (i.e. Lusatia), the Melusine domains of Europe.

That's my Elf story, and I'm sticking to it. But if I don't bring this back to the original topic, Haaretz and Hurriyet. I got into the above because the current CEO of Axel Springer is Mathias Dopfner. Believing now that Dopfner is a Lug/Fomorian bloodline out of Pomerania, and that a branch went into Dover from the Ligurians of Bedford, and that these were Langhe- and Lys-based Veres, I have reason to trace them to the Mitanni Hurrians, where Nicholas de Vere traces all Veres. I think the Hurrians were Horites, and so compare these terms to "Haaretz" and "Hurriyet."

Hurrians were the Aryan side of the dragon cult so that the Rhodes Illuminati, known to be Aryan-loving, might honor the Hurrians.

With a white fleur de lys on blue as the Arms of Lyss), the Swiss locality in Berne is part of the Aarberg district around an Aarberg city. Yes, Aarberg is on the Aar river. Further down river is the canton of Aargau with its capital, Aarau (no 'g'). The Arms of Aargau include three white stars on blue, the colors, once again, of the Haaretz home page and of Israel's flag.

The Axel Springer news media, which controls (or that too strong a term here?) Hurriyet, was patterned like so:

"The five socio-political preambles that were written by Axel Springer in 1967, amended in 1990 following German reunification and supplemented in 2001 are part of the articles of association of Axel Springer AG. They paint a liberal picture of the world.

1. To uphold liberty and law in Germany, a country belonging to the Western family of nations, and to further the unification of Europe.
2. To promote reconciliation of Jews and Germans and support the vital rights of the State of Israel.
3. To support the Transatlantic Alliance, and solidarity with the United States of America in the common values of free nations.
4. To reject all forms of political extremism.
5. To uphold the principles of a free social market economy. The corporate constitution defines fundamental sociopolitical convictions but does not offer opinions.

I think the basic global scheme of the Zionist Illuminati is compacted in these five goals. I would think that it's connected to the Hohens, who were routed by Hitler, but who ruled/controlled Germany before and after him.

It doesn't look like my prediction is coming true where I suggested that the Iraqi people will seek to oust Obama's troops by a referrendum before the end of June. There have been demostrations against the presence of the troops, but so far I've heard nothing on anyone pushing the referrendum. It was the Sunnis who secured the right to hold it, but it's the Shi'tes who seem to be screaming the loudest to have the Americans go home:

"Tens of thousands of Iraqis crowded into the square [yesterday] where Saddam Hussein's statue was toppled, along with his regime, six years ago. Waving posters of Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr and demanding that President Obama fulfill his promise to withdraw US troops."

As the U.S. military calls for a cessation of Obama's pull-out strategy, Obama is playing the hypocrite:

"President Barack Obama was expected to send Congress a request Thursday for $83.4 billion for U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, pressing for troop funding that he voted against when he was a senator and George W. Bush was president."

I've noticed that Hillary and Obama have ceased to bash Bush recently. I think I know why. They're finally starting to see how difficult things are to deal with and fix, and how ignorant it was to be on the sidelines shouting at Bush. Obama has an Iraqi situation ten times calmer than when he first spoke about pulling out the troops. Now we might not know until year's end whether he'll pull them out at all.


It's hard to believe that North Korea would have any concerns for Israel's destruction, but evidence does exist:

"Thirty Israeli citizens wounded by Hizbullah rockets fired during the Second Lebanon War have filed an unprecedented lawsuit at the Washington District Court against the North Korean government, it was reported Friday."

...The plaintiffs claim that the North Korean-built bunkers enabled Hizbullah to fire thousands of rockets at Israel from below the ground, thwarting IAF efforts to locate launching pads."

One is prone to seeing Iran behind Korea's Hezbollah support, but how did Iran get Korea to act in this way? What beef does Korea have with Israel? Who are the Koreans, anyway? Do they come from an anti-Israeli stock of Middle-Easterners?

The J-Post had a story yesterday highlighting Tony Blair's intrusions into Israel. When Gerry Adams, leader of the Sinn Fein party (Ireland), sought to enter Gaza to speak with Hamas leaders, Israel refused to let him in, but Tony Blair contacted the Barak, Israel's defence minister, and got Adams the official green light into Gaza.

In other words, if the West insists, Israel will back down and give in. This is the message that has been sent to all Western leaders involved in the peace agenda. Tony Blair is riding a higher wave because of this small success story. The idea is for Adams to convince Hamas to lay down it's weapons in return for a place in a Palestinian unity government. Israel will say, it's too early, Hamas hasn't proven itself to be peaceful. The West will say, too bad, we need the peace deal now.

I checked the Adams Coat just now and was surprised to find gold stars on red. Just yesterday I wrote: "An old Wells Coat using a gold star on red matches the gold stars on red in the Scottish Vaux/Vallibus Coat." Note the alternative Borderland Adams Coat, using a single red star on gold (i.e. reversed colors).

I've known that the Wells family claims to be linked to the Vaux surname...using red and gold Cohen / Hohen checks (an illuminati symbol) in the English Vaux Coat, but I now learn that the sea horse in the Irish Cohen Crest is in the Potter Crest. I'm not a heraldry expert, but I've taken the position that Crest symbols represent prioritized family ties to the families owning the symbols. I don't know what family/person the sea horse belonged to initially, but horse-depicted Kent comes to mind, where we find Dover.

Before I go on to show an amazing Adams link to the Irish Cohens, I should give a quick summary of Potter roots. The Potter Coat uses three white cinquefoils on black with ermine design included, the Leicester and Rodham themes. The Potter surname was first found in Atrebate country (Hampshire), but can be traced to the Dover cinquefoil as per the old form of "Dover" meaning "potter" (explanations earlier on this update page).

Since the Dover surname was first found in Bedford, where the Ligan/Lygan river became the Leye and finally the Lee, I should mention what I learned this morning, that the Lys river in Artois once had similar spellings. A French webpage on Lisbourg (at the head waters of the Lys) says: Etymologie : sources de la Lys. Anciennement 'Liegesborth'"

"Liegeborth" smacks of the Belgian city of Liege (part of the Lys river runs through Belgium). Liege is where the Carolingians, using the fleur de lys, originated. As "Vollant de Berneville acquired the estate of Lisbourg in 1692," I feel certain that Lys-river peoples tied, perhaps only in late times, to Lyss in Aarberg, in the Swiss canton of Berne. Earlier, however, or so I'm seeing it, they had originated in the Lys river of interior Liguria, thus explaining the "Liege" spelling.

Now, at the English Adams Coat link, we read that the surname was "First found in Annandale where they were anciently seated at Kynemund." "Kyne" looked like a possible Cohen variation, so I checked for a >Kyne Coat, and the Irish Cowan Coat came up, with the seahorse (!) in the Crest...the Crest symbol also of the Potters.

I'm not stretching a fact when calling it the Irish Cohen surname, as odd as that sounds. The link shows variations: Cohen, Kohen, Kyne, Coen...but also " Barnacle (a synonym of Coyne by translation), Barnicle, Barnycle..." (brackets not mine).

I dunno, but maybe I am Bamm-Bamm right-on down the right Babbit trail. Barnie Rubble and other Flintstone characters are traced to Babenbergs and their Bamberg (Bavaria), but I suspected that Babenbergs tied to Germans Hohens. A minute ago I checked the Babbit surname as it came to mind, to find that the English Babe/Babbe Coat uses a sun for a Crest, the symbol in the chief of the "Jewish" Cohen Coat. As you can see, this Cohen coat uses three white stars on blue, perhaps connecting with the same in the Arms of Aargau. After all, Aargau (Switzerland-German border) is named after Aar-river elements, a river running through Berne.

The Babbes are said to be Anglo-Saxons, use what appears to be a version of the Arms of Saxony (= black and gold horizontal bars), and are said to be named after a Babe location in Anglo-Saxon Britain, perhaps Babegh in Suffolk. Well, I recognized "Babe" as a registered version of the German Babel/Bebel surname using Melusine as symbol. See the German Babe Coat. The English Babe surname "literally means Babba's enclosure," evoking queen Bebbe of Bebbanburg and Bamburgh (Britain), a Bernician ruler.

This could be Bedrock, yes of the Flintstones. I'm thinking that it was code for Bedford. Previously, I had surmised that "Bedrock" was Baden of Hohen-ruled Wuerttemberg (Germany). Although the German Babel surname was said to be first found in Basel (very near Aargua), we now read that it was "First found in the duchy of Wuerttemberg" (just to Basel's north).

In the Aargau canton, there is a Wettingen, smacking of the Wettins of Saxony who I think were depicted by Barnie's wife, Betty. Wettingen is smack beside another Baden (see map of Aargua). Nearby we see Brugg and Lenzburg, conspicuous because Lens and Brugg are also in Belgium; Lens is very near Liege. Over and over again, I see links of the sacred dragon line of the West in Switzerland.

Near Brugg we see Laufenburg (still in Aargau), reflecting Louvain/Leuven in Belgium, but even more so the Lavenham location of Suffolk that the Veres possessed (Veres were Cohens). The English Love/Luff Coat, first found in Suffolk and using red lion heads in it's chief, should trace, perhaps with Lavenham, to the red lion on gold that is the Arms of Laufenburg. Note that the Love Coat uses horizontal bars (red and white) as does Saxony, Lusignan, Luxembourg, and the Babes.

The English Babe/Babb Coat uses black and white bars, colors I typically attach to Paphlagonians in Europe, and in fact I suspect that the "Bab" term is a variation of "Paph." The Babe/Babb surname was "First found in Dorset, where they held a family seat from ancient times, long before the Norman Conquest in 1066 A.D."

Etzgen of the Laufenburg district uses a single white star on blue. If anyone can find the root of this single star, it may be very telling, and may even connect to the white stars on blue of Moray and the United States. The canton of Lucerne, beside Aargau, uses blue and white.

Recalling that the Cassel bloodline was in Ayrshire as the Kennedy fold, I should mention that I found a Kessel-Lo location as part of rural Louvain, which itself is next to Linden. This is very interesting as per the Cassel surname being found first in Lincolnshire, meaning Lin-Colony, and likely stemming from Lintone elements. Perhaps, though it seems far-fetched, the Clinton surname derived from "Colony-Linton." I mention this because the Cassel Coat uses the same crosslets, of the same colors, as the Clinton Coat.

It may be that the Linden term traces back to Lindos, on Rhodes, where we expect the Cecil-Rhodes bloodline to trace. It wouldn't be surprising to find that Bill Clinton traces to Lindos since he's has a Rhodes Scholarship (founded by Cecil Rhodes). Knowing that the island of Rhodes was named after its roses, as some say, note that the Linton Coat uses three red roses.

I'm pointing all this information out because I expect global players to tie in. I'm still seeking evidence that Obama traces to Louvain, and that Louvain traces to the Luwians. I got onto today's bloodline search after introducing Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein, so I checked the Fein surname just now, after writing the above on the black and white bars of the Babe Coat, and found that the same bars are used in the French Fein/Fin Coat! I know that the Feingold surname is "Jewish," but it doesn't come up at

So, on the one hand the Adams surname (first found in Kynemund) ties to the Irish Cohen/Kyne surname, and on the other the Fein surname ties to the Bebbanburg fold of Bernicians. Sinn Fein operates out of Belfast...having a Lagan river and a related Legananny mountain.. Hmm, this story might not be feinished yet. We're wondering whether the Zionist star of Ulster connects.

Sinn Fein is a democrat socialist party, just like Obama's socialist party, that of Gorbachev's, and that of the Rhodes-Rothschild secret societies back in Fabian days. Is it a coincidence that the Fabian societies were named after a Roman military man by the same name, and that the Italian Fabian Coat uses red and white diamonds (like Hohen checks), the symbol also of the Grimaldis of Liguria? Is it another coincidence, since I trace Ligurians from the Atreus bloodline (Sparta) to the Atrebates of Hampshire, that the English Fabian Coat, also using red and white colors, were first found in Hampshire? Why do the English Fabians use a (red) fleur de lys?

I was wrong about Israel never selling their spy drones to Russia. Apparently, the sale has just taken place. I doubted it would ever take place because Israel should be wiser than to share spy technology with Russia. However, Israel is isolated and therefore under the gun these days. With Russia courting Israel as a friend while the U.S. appears headed in the opposite direction, Israel may feel compelled not to lose other Quartet friends.

Had Israel refused to sell the drones, Russia would have felt snubbed. It was fine for the Kadima party to snub Russia (and it did so) because it was strong with Bush, but with the Likud planning to snub Obama to a fair degree, it may instead strengthen ties with Russia. Not wise from the prophecy point of view. The following piece tells the true story behind the "friendship":

"Russia has never before announced a purchase of military hardware from Israel. Their relations have vastly improved since the Cold War, when Moscow supplied weapons worth billions of dollars to Israel's Arab foes, but Russia continues to anger Israel by selling arms to other Mideast nations.

According to the reports, Popovkin said Russia has no plans to use the Israeli drones in combat. It wants to study the technology in an effort to improve its own seriously flawed fledgling drones, he said."

In Iraq, terrorists killed five Americans in one blast in Mosul today, even while the Iraqis reconsider whether it's too soon to see Americans pull out of the city. Apparently, the blast was aimed at Iraqi police, but Americans happened to have been at the place at the time.

While I await Gog in Mosul, the battle on the Egyptian front has begun, sort of:

"The official report from Cairo [yesterday] - that a Hezbollah terror ring was uncovered in Cairo and was planning hostile operations in Egypt - should be seen within the context of a greater conflict that does not necessarily involve Israel. To fight Iranian subversion in Egypt, Cairo is willing to help Israel prevent the arming of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The first reports of Hezbollah involvement in Sinai appeared in the international media a few months ago, citing collaboration between Hezbollah and Palestinians who left Gaza for Sinai via tunnels. They were assisted by Sinai Bedouin, according to reports from Egypt [yesterday]...

...The government-affiliated Egyptian daily Al-Ahram [yesterday] reported that the recently exposed terror ring had planned assassinations, attacks on essential services and bombings.

...intelligence chiefs in Amman and Cairo realized that not only Palestinians and Lebanese were stirring the cauldron; so were Iranians."

The prophecy on Daniel-11's "king of the south" appears to be coming true. How fast? I don't know. The longer it takes, the longer I sit at this computer (within reason) and keep tabs on developments. It's been months since Hezbollah first became acutely active in Egypt, and yet I've only learned of it today. In the same way, we heard little on the Sunni quest to topple Maliki, yet this past week the signs have come into the open. In the same way, Gog must be developing in secret, somewhere, his plots to enter Iraq.

Tony Blair gave an interview with Time mag where he insists that Netanyahu will accept the two-state solution. It's not much to speak of, but if you're interested, it's at,7340,L-3699659,00.html


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