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April 5 - 7, 2009

Manipulatic Reforms

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April 5

How could it be that ex-British prime minister, Tony Blair, the right hand man of George Bush, hated in his own country for his support of the Iraq war, is the front-runner to becoming the ultimate, but merely visible, EU leader:

"Tony Blair has emerged as the leading candidate to become the first permanent president of the European Union after Gordon Brown gave his grudging blessing to the plan. The former prime minister has stepped up his campaign for the job, which he wants to use to build a bridge between Europe and the new Obama administration.

His return to the global stage would be a shock to his critics over the Iraq war and dismay many in Europe.

But The Independent on Sunday has learnt that Mr Brown has accepted that his old rival should be in pole position for the appointment, on the basis that Britain needs to have a key figure in the architecture of the 'new world order'.

The presidency job is dependant on Ireland voting 'yes' to the Lisbon Treaty, which creates the position. The Irish referendum will take place in the autumn."

Ireland voted against the Lisbon Treaty not long ago, but the EU leaders, not happy with the democratic vote, have gotten themselves another vote this fall, with time in between for pulling some teeth to get the Irish population to agree to their plots. This is not Democracy, but Manipulacy.

Note that the "new world order" is tied to Blair's position, meaning that it's tied to the Lisbon Treaty. I have no idea what "permanent" president of the EU means? Is this for life, until the death of Blair??? Like a pope or a supreme court judge? I've not heard of this before. I recall reporting in an Iraq update that the Lisbon Treaty marked out a 2.5 year presidential term, which I thought was odd and on the verge of catering to a 3.5 year term. I'll come back to this story as I get more info.

So now what? If Blair gets the job, will pre-tribbers be announcing that he is the anti-Christ? Right now Blair is the EU envoy for the Quartet initiative, yet another Maniplatic initiative.

So how does Blair get the job since he lacks popularity? Note that Blair wants to work with Obama. Could this be the two-horned lamb-like dragon, the so-called Ephraim-and-Manassah brothers at work? Are British Illuminatists behind Blair, in other words? I would say that the same Illuminatists who want the two-state solution, and who were in favor of Bush's Iraqi invasion, are behind Blair. That Illuminati may have been split on Bush's Iraqi method of solving the extremist-Muslim problem, but it's united on the two-state solution for solving that same extremist-Muslim problem.

When with Russians, Obama talks abvout removing the missile defense systems that Poland and Czechoslovakia have agreed to. When in Czechoslovaki, as he is this weekend, the tune changes sharply:

"President Barack Obama said [today] that the US would proceed with the development of a missile defense system in Europe as long as there was a threat of Iranian nukes.

He said that if that threat is removed the 'driving force for missile defense in Europe will be removed.'

" In his speech before cheering crowds in historic Prague..."

Crowds made the difference. He knew what they wanted to hear: that the Big-O would not let them down by playing to the Russian will, and so he tossed them a morsel...though we all know that he'd rather cater to Russia. His words leave open for what I foresee, that he will allow himself to believe that Iran is not a threat. In fact, I expect him to come out and announce, when the time is thought to be right -- and providing that Iran doesn't make a stink of itself in the meantime -- that Iran is not a nuclear threat. That announcement will get him a spotlight audience in Russia, and pave the way for success in his new project: to rid the world of nuclear bombs.

In Iraq, "Two simultaneous explosions killed nine policemen on Sunday in [Sunni] Anbar province west of Baghdad, police said." This is quite large. Nine policemen at once, in apparent retaliation for Mailiki's progressing crackdown on the Sunni, is evidence of zealous stirrings in Sunni circles.

Uh-Oh. Remember the statement made by a Rockefellar, that it might have been better had the Internet not been invented. Well, the next best thing is controlling it, and here it apparently comes:

"A pair of bills introduced in the U.S. Senate would grant the White House sweeping new powers to access private online data, regulate the cybersecurity industry and even shut down Internet traffic during a declared 'cyber emergency.'

Senate bills No. 773 and 778, introduced by Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.V., are both part of what's being called the Cybersecurity Act of 2009, which would create a new Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor, reportable directly to the president and charged with defending the country from cyber attack.

A working draft of the legislation obtained by an Internet privacy group also spells out plans to grant the Secretary of Commerce access to all privately owned information networks deemed to be critical to the nation's infrastructure 'without regard to any provision of law, regulation, rule or policy restricting such access.'"

UH-OH. Isn't this the sort of spying capabilities that Democrats complained about when George Bush was doing it? And why does the bill seek to grant spying rights to the secretary of commerce? Under how many umbrellas does "cybersecurity" fall? Crooks and terrorists can use commerce, so the commerce department should have spying rights. Crooks and terrorists can use private chats, wherefore private emails need to be spied on. Organized crime and terrorists can use charities, wherefore charities need to be spied on. They can use group forums, know. Here's the quote from the March 25 update:

"According to the great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller, nephew of banker David Rockefeller, and former Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller the internet represents a serious threat to national security. Rockefeller is not alone in this assessment. His belief that the internet is the 'number one national hazard' to national security is shared by the former Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell and Obama's current director Admiral Dennis C. Blair.

'It really almost makes you ask the question would it have been better if we had never invented the internet,' Rockefeller mused during the confirmation hearing of Gary Locke (see video), Obama's choice for Commerce Secretary."

There we have Jay Rockefeller, Obama, and the commerce secretary in bed together, blankets pulled over their heads, and secretly plotting a manipulation of the Internet. The plots have now become a real Senate bill. Perhaps I was shy when suggesting that the new-world-order government is to be a Manipulacy; it's more like a Hypocracy.

Who's John Locke? I'm going to come back to him, but not before sharing what I learned last night in an email from Europe, on the topic of Leicester ties to Ligurians. It'll take me a couple of hours to completely put this together, but I'll start now.

The emailer, FE, is the same one who found a Lyss in the area of Berne, Switzerland, which was the first step to helping me see the connection between the proto-Bernicians of Artois and its Lys river. Let me set the new discussion here with a snip from the March 17 update:

"Lisbourg is located at the source of the River Lys [north-western France]...The knight, Vollant de Berneville acquired the estate of Lisbourg in 1692..." Coincidence, or was Lisbourg a settlement of Lyss of Berne, Switzerland???

Good one FE! Thank you. This Lisbourg and nearby Berneville were in the region of the Atrebates to whom I have recently traced the cinquefoil symbol. Earlier in this update, I mentioned FE for the first time regarding a tip on the English Kroft-Coat; it uses a single black cinquefoil (the Leicester Arms uses a single white cinquefoil). Remember, I trace the namers of the Lys river to the Atrebates as per the city of La(a)s on the Mani peninsula (Sparta) being depicted by mythical Menelaus, son of Atreus. It could even be that "Leic(ester)" was a form of "Lyss." Indeed, although I had traced Leicester's founders, the Ligors, to Liguria, myth had Ligurians founded at a "Lacydon" location (off the Rhone).

Last night I opened an email from FE, and quite clearly she was, in the things she was reporting, just shooting into the dark in trying to help me. She had no idea how great her help would turn out to be for filling in some missing links that I expected between Liguria and Leicester.

She had no idea that, years before, I had closely studied the Cuneo province (red-and-white heraldry colors) of northern Italy -- which was interior Liguria -- as well as it's Langhe realm. I had traced the Montfort surname of Normandy back to Monforte d-Alba in the Langhe region, at which time I also learned that the Norman Montforts had ruled in Leicester before Leicester fell to Lancaster during a decline of a Montfort ruler. I then theorized that red-rose Lancaster was connected to Langhe. But FE did not know any of this. I had to conclude that God had sent what I needed to know from this woman. She started off by saying:

Now I looked also in the Canton of Grison or Graubunden [looks like "Gareb"]. What a surprise to see the coat of arm of Klosters: (ski resort for prince Charles [of England]!)

Klosters-Serneus: Yellow, a primitive man with a black beard with a small flag blue with a white cross (finland ?) Like Barnes ?

Langwies: Yellow, a blue stick like that of Bam Bam...

God love her, her English vocabulary isn't complete. She is referring to the club of Bamm Bamm, cartoon son of Barney Rubble, and when she mentioned Barnes, she knew that I had tied Barney to that surname. But I responded unexcitedly: "There are lots of club symbols in southern Germany area. Could be connected to Bamm Bamm = Bamberg, the city of the Babenbergs."

Then I continued my response like so:

I just checked the Lang surname [due to "Langwies"] at houseofnames, and it's two white cinquefoils on black! There is a region of Langhe in northern Italy that was interior Liguria. This is good, because I had traced Leicester to Liguria, and Liecester also uses the cinquefoil; white on black if I remember correctly. The capital of Langhe is Alba, what could be the origin of the Vere Elf symbol, for I trace Veres to nearby Montferrat.

I just learned that the German Lang surname was first found in Brunswick [Germany], which I identify with Barnie Rubble, the father of Bamm Bamm. The German Lang Coat is a swan [i.e. the symbol of Liguria]!

I had traced Langhe to Lancaster as a theory only, and now I find that the English Lang surname was first in Northumberland, where Lancaster is located. Northumberland is also where the bear-depicted Bernicians were located. I traced Bernicians to Brunswick because Bernicia was anciently "Bryneich." The Bernicians came to be ruled by Bebbanburgs [virtually the same as the German "Babenberg"], and they had Bamburgh [virtually the same as the Babenberg's "Bamberg"] for a city. You get it: it was Barnie and Bamm Bamm.

The Scottish Lang surname was first in Berwickshire, which I mentioned in the Iraq updates in relation to the Bernicians. See the black bear on the Berwickshire Arms.

Fran, you struck gold without knowing it. This is very very good for connecting Leicester to Liguria, but Leicester was also connected to Lancaster through the Montforts which I trace to Montferrat, and there is much more because the Montforts married the Beaumonts [of Leicester] who came from a Vielles surname (from Danes) that I think traces back to Wallis [the Swiss canton where Sion is located]. This is how the Swiss Sion can connect to the Rollo Danes, explaining why those Danes were Templars/Sionists.

Fe's email continued to point out that a Walser surname of Graubunden derived from "Wallis," and when I checked the Walser surname at her direction, there appeared what I regard as (a two-tailed) Melusine, the symbol of various surnames and used in the Babel Crest, the latter surname first found in Basil, Switzerland.

The two tails of Melusine in the Walser Coat are probably Montfort important, for the Montfort Coat uses a two-tailed lion. Moreover, Melusine is a Vere symbol, a surname that I trace to northern Italy, but to "Montret in particular, knowing also that the elf symbol attached to Melusine (she is the "Elvin Princess:), said by the Veres to be a depiction of an Alba entity, must connect to Alba, the capital of Langue. I highly suspect, therefore, that the Montforts of Normandy and Leicester were Veres of Montfort d'Alba and Montferrat. In her next letter, FD says:

Hi John, it's getting very exciting. I decided to check the part where the Walsers went. Aoste. So I checked the arm of coat of every village. Just that. But here I saw "Lys" without looking for. It is a river!...

'The valley of the Lys, on the verge of Piedmont, is however populated with descendants of a German-speaking population, walser.'"

So I responded with: "Excellent find! Very good, another Lys valley, not far from Berne and the Lyss. Langhe is also in Piedmont. The French which used the Lys symbol also honored the city of Tours, which I traced theoretically to Torino/Turin in Piedmont."

This Italian Lys valley was on the Piedmont border with Switzerland, but in particular on the border of -- you guessed it -- Wallis (or "Valais"). In a webpage describing the red and white pentagram stars of the Wallis Flag, we read:

"Red and white are the colours of the Bishop of Sion, the dominant power in Valais until very recent times. The thirteen stars represent the thirteen districts (Zehnden) of Valais, a number that has remained constant since 1815 when Valais joined the Swiss Confederation.

...In 1798 the French created the Helvetic Republic with Valais as one of its new cantons."

The Helveti appear to be the basis of the "elvin" term used for Melusine. As a reminder, she is known by others to be the symbol of Lusignan, and meanwhile Luxembourg uses the same blue and white horizontal bars used by Lusignan, suggesting that both may have been named after the peoples who named the Lys river.

The Helveti can be traced now to mythical Ladon...who I think was the basis of the "Lys" term as a variation of "Laz." The Helveti were in the Italian city of Mantua, you see:

"The name of the Helvetians is first mentioned in a graffito on a vessel from Mantua (ca. 300 BC). The inscription in Etruscan letters reads eluveitie, which has been interpreted as the Etruscan form of the Celtic (h)elvetios...One can assume that 'the Helvetian' was a man of Helvetian descent living in Mantua."

Mantua is a city said to be named after mythical Manto, daughter of Tiresias. The latter was the father of Daphne, though she was given Ladon as an alternative father, the two fathers depicting Tyrians and a stock of proto-Ladon peoples from nearby Laish. The latter was at the foot of mount Sion, east of Tyre. Coincidence? or are the two Sions connectable in through the Daphne cult? Yes, especially as the province of Dauphine (France) was just across the Piedmont border, and more especially since Daphne was depicted as a dolphin (Dauphine means "dolphin"), very much like Melusine...who was given the tail of a fish as well as a tail of a serpent/dragon.

While I can't prove just yet that the Daphne cult founded Swiss Sion, it seems a given that her Laish root evolved into the Lys valley on the Wallis border, and then named Lausanne to the west of Sion. I do believe that Sion, also "Sitten," was named after Sidonians, and conspicuously, Laish was a Sidonian city. But these particular Sidonians were Sithones, depicted by mythical king of Liguria, Sthenelus/Sthenelaus.

As an aside that ties into the pago-Abrahamic topic at the end of the previous update, Lausanne is off lake Geneva, a lake that the French call, Leman, perhaps named by the Abrahamic bloodline out of Lemnos. Remember, the Sabines south of Switzerland, named after Abrahamic Sheba, evolved into Swabians on the northern border of Switzerland, and moreover the Suebi branch of Swabians became Svi, a term smacking of the Swiss.

FE then mentioned "five Walliser aristocrats of LOMBARDI descent," and "Lugano (Lauis)." So I responded with:

"I went to the Wikipedia article on Lugano and saw that Lauis was also Lowan, so when I checked the Lowan Coat (at houseofnames, I saw three white cinquefoils on black!!

This means that the Ligors who founded Liecester were from Lugano, no? And the Lugano were also the Laus peoples, of Lausanne I presume, but as such they were the Lys peoples, I think."

I saw last night that "Lowan" evokes the Luwians, but didn't think much of it until I learned today that the Helveti were early the "eluveitie." Hmm. I had tied Obama's African bloodline (of the Luo tribe) to the Luwians (= proto-Lydians), and then to the Egyptian bloodline that joined the Atreus Spartans at the Mani Peninsula before moving on together into Italy and beyond as the fold that would form the American Freemasons. I had traced the Luyia tribe, neighbors of the Luo, to the neighbors of the Luwians: the Lycians...likely the proto-Ligurians. I should also mention the theory that the Spartans known also as LaceDaemonians probably named Lacydon in early Ligurian history.

So, while I trace the Luyia to Ligurians, I have never before known of a Luo/Luwian connection in Liguria, but it now seems to be in Lowan, the region that was also Lauis. That the Lowan surname uses a white cinquefoil, the symbol of Leicester, speaks for itself in making a potential Lauis/Lugano connection to Leicester and it's Legro river. Interestingly, the Luo tribe worshiped the Dionysus cult of the ancient Somali, while in Lydia, Dionysus was also "Lyaios."

FE may not yet be finished. But for now, I'll leave the story here, and consider what else it could all mean. Back for tomorrow's update.

Wait! I forgot about John Locke, Obama's pick for commerce secretary. In short, for now anyway, see the cinquefoils on the French Locke/Loke Coat, which I have previously shown, but then see the swans on the Scottish Locke Coat, which I have already shown as well. The point now is, as per the cinquefoil and the swan both being symbols of Ligurians and/or their British descendants, "Lock" should connect to the lyco root of the Ligurians, for Lycians were named after "lyco," the wolf.

In other words, Obama has chosen a Ligurian, so to speak, to potentially oversee the skincode in America.

Wait. I have just checked the Wikipedia article on Locke, and found that, as Washington-state governor, he was preceded by Lowry, a surname possibly connected to the Lowans. Is there some family thing going on there in Washington state? The Lowry Crest uses the very same trunk symbol used in the Crest of the cinquefoil-studded Rodham Coat. I forgot to mention that in Cuneo is the commune of Roddino, though names like this abound everywhere.

Wait. Not finished. When seeing that a Scottish variation of "Lowry" is "Laurie," and knowing it be a version of "Lawrence," I checked the Lawrence surname to find that it was rooted in Laurentium (Italy), a location named after the laurel tree. Not only was Daphne depicted by a laurel tree, but the Lawrence Crest uses a fish tail. A quick search found the title: "The Dolphins of Laurentium; Roman Mysteries."

The Lawrences were first found in Lancashire, and the Coat is a red cross on white, the symbol -- in the same colors and in the same shape/thickness -- in the Arms of Alba (seen in the Arms of Cuneo province), capital of Langhe.

Okay, I'm done.

April 6

This is strange:

"The US Department of Defense has dispatched a dozen teams to interview IDF [i.e. Israeli military] officers who fought against Hizbullah in the Second Lebanon War in the summer of 2006 to learn from the failures of the campaign, the Washington Post reported Monday morning."

Dozens of teams to look into Israel's affairs during that war??? The war is history. It was a minor conflict. Failures? Israel wasn't able to fight all-out due to international pressures, otherwise it could have removed Lebanon from the map, renaming it a province of Israel.

No sooner did I read the above piece that I saw a spy effort on the part of Obama. He wants to know the details of how the Israelis fight their wars. He wants to know how Israel can be defeated. That's my take.

Now look at this. When I wrote on yesterday's topic on Ligurian evolution into the Legro-river Ligors of Leicester, I had not known about the above article...appearing this morning in the J-Post. The name mentioned for representing the Americans in this supposedly anti-Hezbolah effort, is "Frank Hoffman, a research fellow at the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory." I looked up the Hoffman surname at, and discovered that "Ancient chronicles first mention Otten Buzwoys Hoveman of Liegnitz, Silesia (1383)."

Seeing the similarity between Lieg(nitz) and Liege (Belgium), the area from which the Carolingian Franks arose (which is no doubt connected to Luxembourg, the Celt sun god, Lug, and in my opinion Ligurians too), I went to Wikipedia's article on Liegnitz to find that it's "Legnica/Lignica" to the Poles, quite evocative of the Legro-river Ligors. Moreover, Legnica (modern Poland) is on the Lusatian border in what was Prussia, yet another realm (known only to me, so far as I know) of Melusine and her mythical mother, Pressina. Note the similarity between Lusig(nan) (Melusine's known realm) and "Luzica," the Sorb name for Lusatia.

I've noted that the German Hoffman Coat uses three red fleur de lys on white, and that the "Jewish " Hoffman Coat uses three red pentagrams on white, evoking the old symbol of Wallis (before the Wallis Arms used 13 stars).

Legnica county is beside Lubin county, a term smacking of Lowan, the Swiss region (east of Wallis) I spoke on yesterday that was alternatively Lugano or Lauis. I've previously traced to Lubin to (red and white) Louvain (Belgium, near Liege), which is "Lowan" to the Germans, because it's close to the Lys river (France) which I connected to Lusatians. Now I have reason to connect the namers of the Lys river to the Lys river in the Piedmont-Wallis border region, especially as the Walser surname (named in honor of Wallis) uses a two-tailed Melusine for a symbol.

This is what makes the find of FE so important, where she found the online translated quote: "The valley of the Lys, on the verge [= border, I think] of Piedmont, is however populated with descendants of a German-speaking population, walser." It places the German family that may have named Wallis on the Lys, and due to the Melusine symbol, I can justify all the more a trace to Lusatians.

Moreover, there is a French city of Lievin in Artois very close to the Lys river. As per the Merovingians making the fleur de symbol sacred in the first place, note that "Lievin was once a Merovingian burial ground." One of the few possible ancestral connections between the Merovingians and Poland is their Salian side with Silesia. Admittedly on thin ice without better evidence than the similarity of terms, I can now add that, if Liegnitz (= Legnica in Silesia) connects to Liege, the Frank connection to Silesia becomes very strong. Add to this the likelihood that the Frank lys symbol traces to Lusatia on the Silesian border.

Then realize that terms such as lux, lus, and lug may all be rendered "light" so that the Illuminati likely took it's illumination theme as play-on-words from its Laz bloodline. The German Illuminati must always trace back to the Merovingians, which is why the Salian Germans are suspect as the root of the German Illuminati. It's not likely a coincidence that Salians ruled the Roman empire. If they were indeed a Laz bloodline, they can be considered offshoots -- or at least same stock -- of Lazio = Latinus the country of the Latins. Hence, the Biblical dragon of the last days.

The Merovingians must always trace back to Ligurians, and Ligurians in turn trace to the Atreus bloodline out of Sparta: Leda (swan line), Pollux (Polocks of Poland, but possibly also Po river + Lug/Lux), Menelaus (the lys), etc. I don't know with certainty (theory = Regni-Atrebate territory) where the cinquefoil enters the Ligurian fold, whether in Leicester domains, or in earlier times closer to the Ligurian geography. You may recall that the Atrebates were a part of the cinquefoil fold that connected to Moray's Rollo (or Ragnvald) bloodline.

Therefore, I need to add that the Lang surname, using white cinquefoils in its English and Scottish branches, uses three white stars on blue in the Dutch Lang Coat, the symbol -- in the same colors -- on the Murray Coat (named after Moray). The Lang page says: "Of the many surnames in England, the surname Lang is considered among etymologists to be one of the oldest."

The question now is, who had the white-stars-on-blue symbol first, the Langs or the Murrays? Do the Murrays, and the American Freemasons who used the symbol on the American flag, trace back to Langhe (northern Italy) the Po river??? Was mythical Lancelot, who I traced to north-Sparta realms, a symbol of the Lang bloodline at Lancaster? I had traced Lancelot to the Bradanus river in Lucania, the latter a place (beside Bruttium, southern Italy) smacking of Laconia, an alternative name for Sparta but linking quite likely to mythical Lycaon the wolf i.e. to Lycians.

This works great, for Laconia was also LaceDaemonia...that I think named Lacydon in early Ligurian history. The Laconia river was just a dragon's breath from the Ladon river, if that helps to make the Lydia-Lycian migration to the Peloponnese easier to follow. So you see, I am happy to report that all my time seeking the roots of the Biblical dragon, hoping to connect it to the end-time players, was not in vain.

I had traced Obama's mother's (blue and white) Dunham bloodline to the Randolphs, who in turn were traced further back to the Meschin(es) surname in Dunholme and the blood-related town of Dunham Masci. I've noted that the Italian Masci surname was first found in Piedmont (= interior Liguria). Coincidence? I think not. I hope to find the Masci link to the Lys peoples of Liguria, seeing that the Masci Coat uses fleur de lys.

Remember, my mother's mother was a Masci, and my mother's father was a Grimaldi, a surname long large in Liguria...and thought by some to be connected in ancient times to Rollo's direct family, as per this online quote: "Grimaldus Ier, prince de Monaco [Liguria]. He marries Crespina daughter of Rollo Ragnvaldsson de Norvege and Poppa de Valois." I therefore suspect that I'll discover more things about the Obama bloodline...that God wants the world to know.

Things are not going well for the big-O:

"For all of his hopes about bipartisanship, Barack Obama has the most polarized early job approval ratings of any president in the past four decades. The 61-point partisan gap in opinions about Obama's job performance is the result of a combination of high Democratic ratings for the president -- 88% job approval among Democrats -- and relatively low approval ratings among Republicans (27%)."

The Sunni uprising in Baghdad is erupting:

"Six bombs rocked Shiite neighborhoods of Baghdad on [today], killing 34 people and wounding more than 90 in a dramatic escalation of violence as the U.S. military is thinning out its presence before a June 30 deadline to pull combat troops out of the cities.

...The U.S. military has begun to remove troops from Baghdad before the June 30 deadline..."

Thus could be it, the call to a Sunni movement that won't stop until Maliki himself is toppled. Reprisals against the Sunni are expected due to this bomb blitz, and out of these tit-for-tat acts, Iraqi chaos once again. Enter Gog.

The Big-O is in Turkey today gobbling up support for the two-state solution. For statements made (same old, same old) and details, see

Look at how he phrased the second sentence:

"'Many other Americans have Muslims in their family, or have lived in a Muslim-majority country,' he said. 'I know, because I am one of them.'

Then he paused. And waited. And, after about five seconds, as the translator caught up, the applause came."

You may have noticed that when a president of the United States pauses in an important speech (as Bush, for example, used to), he's looking for a reaction from the crowd, an applause or some cheers. If he doesn't get the reaction, he'll pause longer until the crowd gets it. Obama paused just after saying, "I know, because I am one of them," which could be taken by Muslims, and perhaps was intended to be taken, as: "I know, because I am a Muslim." It's what Muslims want to hear, and of course Obama knows it. Obama came as close as he possibly could, in other words, to telling Muslims what they've been wanting to hear.

He also said, with much priority: "Let me be clear: the United States strongly supports Turkey's bid to become a member of the European Union. We speak not as members of the E.U., but as close friends of Turkey and Europe." What business is it of Obama, a non-EU member, to speak in such a public forum on Turkey's EU membership? Let me be clear, as Obama puts it when he wants to be heard on an important point, Obama is a European agent, and he wants to use Turkey for an important globalist plot. The article goes on to expose that Europeans are not all happy about Obama's over-stepping: "President Nicolas Sarkozy of France said that the decision was the European Union's to make, not Washington's."

Today I found that Obama married the cousin of a black Jewish rabbi. Am I late on learning this?:

"Rabbi Capers Funnye celebrated Martin Luther King Day this year in New York City at the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, a mainstream Reform congregation, in the company of about 700 fellow Jews -- many of them black.

...Funnye, the chief rabbi of the Beth Shalom B'nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation in Chicago, one of the largest black synagogues in America, was a featured speaker that night...Obama, whose inauguration was to take place the following day in Washington, is family -- the man who married Funnye's cousin Michelle."

Oye boy. Is Michelle Jewish? Oye boy, not necessarily. Michelle could be non-Israelite Hebrew, in her distant past,for her maiden name is Robinson. says that the surname was a take from the given name, Robert, which was a Norman name used by the Rollo bloodline. The page at the English Robinson Coat uses deer....a symbol tracing to the Hungarian Arpads descending from the Transylvanian Hebro-Khazars on the Mures river...that I also trace to the Rollo bloodline at More and Moray.

The Robinson page says that the surname derives from "Robert," itself a variation of "Rodbert," suggesting connection with the Rus god, Rod, and in fact the Sinclairs were first given (by Conqueror Sinclair) Roslin as their first plot of ground in Scotland. The first Sinclair of Roslin (Henry) was cup bearer to queen Margaret, mother of David I to whom Obama Dunham>Randolph bloodline traces (as shown in Obama's Roots in David I of Scotland), and David built the Haly Rod House in the vicinity of Roslin.

Look. The English Robert Coat uses three black stars on white, the Sinclair colors as per the Sinclair Cross, and the French Robert Coat uses a gold lion on red, the symbol of Normandy. The three black stars are no doubt a Sinclair variation of the three Moray stars, suggesting that the Langs (also using the Moray stars) merged with the Rollo line. Note the white star as the only symbol in the French Robert Crest, no doubt the Vere star (also white) because the Sinclairs were first found in Manche (Normandy), where the Veres lived (at Ver.)

But Robert goes back to times earlier than Rollo, to Robert the Strong, for example, the royal bloodline of post-Carolingian France and very important to the Illuminati. This Robert was count of Anjou in 861, just before the Fulks took over Anjou (as per Fulk I the Red), and at the time when, according to the dragon-cult Veres of the modern day, the Veres were counts of Anjou as per Milouziana/Melusine de Ver, the Elvin Princess. Apparently, there was some mingling of Robert-Vere-Fulk blood. Robert the Strong was a descendant of the Vere bloodline through Worms, to be differentiated, I think, from the Vere line through the Avars (= probably Khazars) of the Fer fold e.g. Montferrat, Friuli, Ferrari.

As I readmore of the rabbi-Funnye article, I found that Frank White Jr., "a businessman who served as a prominent member of Obama's national finance committee," was the brother of the rabbi's wife. When I checked the White Coat, I found connection to Normandy, but in particular to the Le Blancs of Normandy. This was a familiar surname in that ex-president Lenin of Russia was from the Blank surname...which as I showed earlier used a single white cinquefoil in the English Blank Coat.

Note the gold leopard head in the Blank Crest, because the English White Coat uses the symbol too, thus proving connection. The other English White Coat uses gold lions on red, the symbol of Normandy, but note that both Coats use the blue and white bell-like design, a symbol used also by the French Robert Coat.

In other words, this Frank White character somewhat in charge of Obama's political money bags, who serves to show that rabbi Funnye married a White surname, traces back to the Robert fold to which Obama's (Robinson) wife traces, who was herself the cousin of Funnye, suggesting that Obama is consciously involved in bloodline superiority...possibly attested by the fact that his mother was an anthropologist. Since the white cinquefoil acting solely as the Blank Coat is on a red background, the Blanks (and therefore the Whites) likely trace to the same symbol, in the same colors, on the Leicester Arms.

In case you're interested, the article goes on to say: "On his maternal side, [Funnye] is a Robinson. His mother, Verdelle, was the sister of Fraser Robinson Jr. -- Michelle Obama's grandfather." The article then turns to another black rabbi, Wentworth Matthew, who

"held some highly unorthodox beliefs. Chief among them was the doctrine that many white Jews are descended not from the ancient Israelites but from the Khazars, a tribe of Turkic nomads who, according to legend, converted to Judaism in the eighth or ninth century. Mainstream scholars say there is no historical evidence for such a claim, but it remains an article of faith for many Black Jews."

There is at least one first-person historical document, written by a Joseph, a Khazar ruler, that Khazars had Hebrew names and practiced Judaism to some degree, and while there was made the claim that Khazars were Turks who merely converted to Judaism, I think the claim was a lie and that the ruling class among the Turk Khazars were, for a period, the neighboring Kabar/Avar/Iberi Hebrews...of no/little Israelite stripes until they arrived as refugees to Germany and Hungary and set themselves up with Kagan, Cohen, Fer, and other surnames.

At this point I decided to seek Kabar-like surnames, first thinking of "Caprice," and secondly, "Caper." No sooner had the latter come to mind that I realized it was Funnye's first name. Hmm. Then I read that Capers "were descended from Le Cappere of Ayncourt, in the bailiwick of Caux, and became Tenants in Chief in Lincolnshire, Northampton, and Cheshire." The latter location is where the Meschins ended up, and where Dunham Masci was located. Hmm.

While on the topic of black religious leaders, I tried the Wright Coat (as per Obama's Chicago pastor), and found leopard heads in the English Coat's chief and in the Crest, as in the White Coats. Hmm. I recalled that leopard heads were symbols of the Rhodes fold of Bernicians and was shocked to find on the Scottish Wright-Coat page that: "From the ancestors of the Boernician clans of the ancient Scottish-English border region comes the name Wright." Yikers, Obama's black anti-white pastor was, on his father's side, from the Bernicians that the Aryan lover, Cecil Rhodes, held sacred.

Now compare the Scottish Wright Coat to the Scottish Stewart Coat (note swan in crest) and you will see exactly the same shield...and using the Cohen checks. Then let me mention again that the "Jewish" Cohen Coat uses three white stars on blue (!!)...but if only I could prove that it connects with the Morays or the Langs.

This gets more dramatic and still on topic; compare the English Wright Coat to the Lusignan Arms and the Luxembourg Arms, and ask if the red lion in the latter is the red lion in the Lusignan Arms of Cyprus (as per the Arms of Jerusalem king, Guy Lusignan). Yes, for not only can we see that Lusignan and Luxembourg share roughly the same shields, but both red lions have a gold tonque and gold crown.

The lion in the Luxembourg Arms, however, has two tails...a rarity that may often signify the Montfort bloodline, even as the Montfort Coat shows the reverse colors: a two-tailed white lion on red.

More yet. The Funnye article talks about "A charismatic Baptist named William Saunders Crowdy [who] established a black congregation called the Church of God and Saints of Christ, where he preached that Africans were the true descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel." He routes them to Solomon and the queen of Sheba's sexual affair...that may or may not have happened. But the point is this, that Crowdy seems to be a Freemason type, and that the Crowdy Coat also uses the blue and white bell-like design (used by the White and Robert surnames).

Clearly, there is a black "Jewish" species in the United States that traces itself to north Africa..exactly to the places in which the Merovingians trace: Ethiopian Punt. It's the same place to which the non-Israelite Freemasons trace themselves, and they would love to convert Christians to their false ideas...which rest in the claims that God has a sacred Israeli bloodline for the Western world. As more and more of this imposter-bloodline comes forth to speak out, I'll be here to show connection to the dark, Satanic Atreus cult.

Tis all for today; hoping I did not disappoint with a second straight day of off-topic, non-news material.

April 7

The viability of the prophecy of Egypt's invasion by Gog in the short will depend on Egypt's relationship with Israel. The prophecy predicts a friendship that Gog's allies abhor. The question as to how Egypt will begin to deal with Netanyahu in particular has been revealed:

"Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has invited Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for a meeting in Sharm e-Sheikh in the near future, the Prime Minister's Office announced Monday evening.

...The statement said the two leaders emphasized the friendly ties between the two countries, and pledged to continue and even strengthen them."

So far, so good.

Netanyahu's party has sent Obama the right message, but Obama won't take it righteously:

"'Israel does not take orders from [Barack] Obama,' Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) said [yesterday], responding to an earlier statement by the US president in which he reaffirmed his administration's commitment to all previous understandings between Israel and the Palestinians, including the process launched at Annapolis, Maryland, in 2007.

...'In voting for Netanyahu the citizens of Israel have decided that they will not become the US's 51st state,'said Erdan, who was representing the coalition in a Knesset discussion of Lieberman's controversial statements."

What will Obama say and do now? Hillary's whip?

There was some good evidence out late last week for the idea that the World Trade towers were brought down by explosives:

"A team of scientists claim to have unearthed startling data from dust and debris gathered in the days and weeks after the World Trade Center towers collapsed on Sept. 11, 2001.

In a study published by the Open Chemical Physics Journal -- a peer-reviewed, scientific publication -- Steven E. Jones and Niels Harrit level a stark allegation: that within the dust and rubble of the World Trade Center towers lays evidence of 'a highly engineered explosive,' contrary to all federal studies of the collapses.

'We have discovered distinctive red/gray chips in all the samples we have studied of the dust produced by the destruction of the World Trade Center,' reads the paper's abstract...

...They claim their analysis has uncovered 'active thermitic material': a combination of elemental aluminum and iron oxide in a form of thermite known as 'nanostructured super-thermite.'

...According to the Navy's Small Business Innovation Research, super-thermite 'is restricted under the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), which controls the export and import of defense-related material and services.'

'This finding really goes beyond anything that has previously been shown,' said Jones in a media advisory. 'We had to use sophisticated tools to analyze the dust because this isn't just a typical explosive, RDX or CD4 or something -- this is a highly engineered material not readily available to just anyone.'"

To pull something like the 9-11 events off as an inside job is incredible, yet I've come to believe in what I once scoffed at. It shows just how many people and agencies can be controlled by government officials, to the point of conducting horrible illegalities. Are you ready for the new world order, run by the same Western people who conducted 9-11?

I'd like to go back to Lubin, the area of Silesia (Poland) that I spoke on yesterday. The German Lubin surname, first found in Prussia (Lubin was in Prussia), is Hebrew because the Lubin Coat shows gold Zionists stars. A variation of the surname is Lubinski, and for this reason I thought of Monica Lewinski.

So I checked the Lewinski Coat to find that: "The Lewinski surname comes from the Polish word 'lew,' meaning 'lion,' which was the root of many first names and place names, before evolving into a surname." Well in conjunction with the theory I hold to, that the lew/lion also named the Luwians (that were the proto-Lydians), it could be that Lubin was named after Luwians, for which reason it is more viable, now, to view the neighboring Lusatians as stems from the Lydo-Lycian Laz...who had a Satanic lion (= Nergal) for a mythical spouse that surely became the so-called "Lydian lion."

If therefore Lubin does trace to Louvain and/or Lievin, the names of these locations may yet carry the Luwian term. This gets very interesting for the theory that Obama's Luo tribe should be found in the Luwians. I realize that virtually all readers must think I'm wacky on the Luo connection to Luwians, but hold the tomatoes for a while longer in case I can connect Obama to Louvain (also "Leuven").

Not only did the Lewinski Coat use a lion, but lions are also the sole symbol on the Jewish Levin Coat. The English Levin Coat uses the same symbol used alone in the Dunham Coat, what I temporarily called a rake, but what I've since learned to be a "dancette." Cute, but I don't think the inventors of the symbol viewed it as quite like that.

When I checked the Lew Coat, the surname was found to derived from "lew" = lion. The Louis/Lewis Coat: a lion. When I checked the Low Coat, it too was derived from High German, "lewe," meaning a lion. Both the German and the Jewish Low Coats use a gold lion on red, but I noted that a variation of the name is "Lowan," the German name for Louvain (it's the Irish Lowan Coat that uses cinquefoils). When I checked the Lou Coat, I got the gold lion on red as the shield's chief, and saw that it was a Belgic surname. Hmm, Louvain is in Belgium.

The English Lovain Coat gives another lion, and the surname was first found in Kent, roughly where the Conqueror invaded England. Now, as he invaded at Hastings, and as that city was one of the Cinque Ports, might this explain why the Lowan family carried the cinquefoil symbol? After all, the Lovain surname of Kent was indeed from Louvain, for we read: "The [Lovain] family are believed to originally [sic] of Lovergne near Calais, branched to Brabant, and thence to Kent in England." Brabant is an obvious reference to Louvain/Lowan, for that city is in Belgic Brabant.

I'm convinced: the peoples who came to Britain honoring their Louvain roots in a lion symbol became part of the cinquefoil fold. I should also mention that, while the Dunham bloodline was traced to the Meschines, they were in turn married to the Bruces while they yet used a blue lion (on white). Not only does the Lovain Coat use a blue lion (on gold), but the Bruce surname was in Brugge/Bruges, Belgium. In fact, the Flag of Bruges uses a blue lion.

Now look at an article entitled, "The Ancestry of Robert de Bruce: The Blue Lion of Flanders." We read:

"We have noted also that Jocelyn de Louvain, half-brother of Queen Adeliza...His descendants also bore the blue lion rampant, but on a gold field."

This clinches that the blue lion on gold seen above in the English Lovain Coat is from Louvain, but also there's a strong likelihood that it was the Bruce lion.

In an article by the same website, we find a Robert de Brusee, Lord of Skelton, having alliances with David I, the king to which Obama's Dunham-Randolph line traces. We read:

"Having lost Annandale to his younger son, Robert [de Brusee] resumed his original arms, the blue lion, and these were inherited by his elder son Adam and subsequently borne by all the Lords of Skelton.

...As we have seen, [the blue lion on gold Arms] were the arms also of the senior Bruce, Jacques de Breze, in Normandy, while with a silver field they were the arms of the senior Bruce in England."

Not long after the death of David I (in 1154), "Joanna de MESCHINES was born about 1137 in Chester, Cheshire, England. Parents: Ranulph de GERNON 2nd Earl of Chester and Maud FITZROBERT. Spouse: Adam de BRUCE [of Skelton, Yorkshire]. Adam de BRUCE and Joanna de MESCHINES were married."

The above is as close as I can get the Obama bloodline -- that I think was in the Ranolph Meschins of Dunham Masci, Cheshire -- to Louvain, but I'll keep an eye out for more. The Dunham and Randolph shields are blue and gold (with no other symbols), the colors of Louvain.


The big story today is "bank-on the money":

"The Manhattan district attorney's office has smashed a sinister plot to smuggle nuclear weapons materials to Iran through unwitting New York banks, the Daily News has learned.

Officials plan to unseal a 118-count indictment Tuesday accusing a Chinese national of setting up a handful of fake companies to hide that he was selling millions of dollars in potential nuclear materials to Tehran.

'This case will cut off a major source of supply to Iran and it shows how they are going ahead full steam to get a nuclear bomb. Long-range missiles they pretty much have already,' a law enforcement source close to the case said.

'"We think it is one of the largest suppliers of weapons of mass destruction to Iran."'"

This story sounds like bang-on concrete evidence for exposing Iran. If this doesn't stop Obama's overtures to Iran, nothing will. The big-O problem is, "Authorities first stumbled over the scheme seven months ago in an unrelated probe into Iranian money-laundering through Lloyd's, a British bank." Seven months ago? Obama must therefore have been notified of the scheme no later than the first week he took Office, for he is briefed daily by Intelligence on security matters, with the Iranian threat at the top of the list of priorities.

Yet Obama still went forward reaching his hand to Iran, a hand that's now being burned...but something tells me that he still won't retract it because his gospel is to reach a hand to enemies in efforts to change them. But even Jesus refused to give his hand to his enemies. In the presence of Herod: resolute silence. In the presence of Pharisees and Sadducees: open exposure and sometimes open condemnation of their evil ways. Obama is sending the world a message that Iran can be reasoned with even while he sees evidence left and right of it's duplicity.

The materials being transferred to Iran through the New-York bank scheme are for missile systems specifically for carrying nuclear payloads.

In a story related to his Turkey visit:

"Barack Obama wrapped up his first foreign trip as president with a request of the world: Look past his nation's stereotypes and flaws. 'You will find a partner and a friend in the United States of America,' he declared Tuesday."

He's committed. Simply committed, to demonizing those of us who are suspicious of Muslim motives, who are hesitant in building bridges. He calls us flawed for being suspicious, for accepting the realities, that a majority of religious Muslims are becoming zealous to see the crumbling of the West in one way or another, violent or political.

Don't get me wrong. I would like to see the West change too, and if it won't change, I welcome God's shattering of the West by any means necessary, but I don't expect Obama to go out of his way to befriend Biblical Christians who are hoping to see his Democrat and sinful America fail. We Biblical Christians are not producing any weapons for the purpose of toppling the liberal system, let alone nuclear weapons, and yet Obama insists on befriending the very Muslims who are doing, or hoping to do, just that.

There can only be one explanation: he dearly would love to see a Muslim alliance with the United States because he himself has a secret love for Islam.

Islam has a fundamental difference with liberal America. Islam hates the very liberalism that Obama stands for, that he leads. Obama's words (article above) promise a change in "the America he knows" so that it builds bridges to Islamic nations, but the only change in America that religious Muslims will accept is a change in its liberal "principles" ("non-principles" would be more like it). Unless Obama makes America more like the Muslims, the Muslims will continue to opt for its destruction.

It is the committed goal of religious Muslims to make all Muslims wish for America's failure, for which reason Obama needs to spell out in vivid terms that the West has a good case for being suspicious, and acting accordingly. Christians, though they are numerous in America and well-planted everywhere, and even as they hope for the failure of liberalism, do not plot or hope for over-spreading violence or such things as the collapse of the entire economy. The religious Muslims do.

The difference between Biblical Christians and religious Muslims is that Muslims will personally seek to carry out God's destruction on the West. Christians, on the other hand, wait for God's plan to carry it out, which, to the dismay of the liberals, is a plan to allow liberals to bring their own world to destruction. Ironically, the very seeking of global unity will bring the in-fighting between the major parties that destroys the world by warfare.

It's beginning to appear that the global collapse of the economy was orchestrated and then exaggerated in order to launch the new world order of printing money for "stimulation."

"In effect, the G20 leaders have activated the IMF's power to create money and begin global 'quantitative easing'. In doing so, they are putting a de facto world currency into play. It is outside the control of any sovereign body. Conspiracy theorists will love it.

...While Gordon Brown talked of $5 trillion in global stimulus by 2010..."

If printing money is the essence or pinnacle of the new world order, then it's a scheme to enrich the new-world-order directors. That's plain enough.

It cost Americans almost $5,000 per working person to give Obama his first stimulus package. I say that each working person ought to be sold, by the global government, a printing machine for, say, $2,000, and that each person is then allowed to print stimulus money in their garage. That would be the fair way to do it.

The new form of global government is clearly money-ipulation. And it is their purpose to convince us that this manipulation is good for us. This is why conspiracy theorists must be black-balled. This is why Biblical Christians must be silenced. There will be programs to silence those who squawk. There's plenty of articles out on the Rockefeller attempt to control the Internet, but look at how our bank-account information can become the target of their spy agency:

"The cybersecurity fraud [i.e. Rockefellar-bill] now in motion will grant the Department of Commerce oversight of 'critical' networks, such as banking records, would grant the government access to potentially incriminating information obtained without cause or warrant, a violation of the Constitution's prohibition against unlawful search and seizure, Jennifer Granick, civil liberties director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, told Mother Jones."

It's not very often that the civil liberties people are on side with Christians, but in this case, it's predictable that the global government will clash with both groups. The department of commerce is now led by Gary Locke, remember, and the Locke surname uses cinquefoils. The article continues and leads into a skincode scenario...perhaps without realizing it:

Obama's internet agenda is an extension of his effort to impose government control over the private sector. Republicans call this socialism. In a way it is socialism, but not the kind you were told about in high school -- it is a socialism devised by the Trilateralists and Council on Foreign Relations. It is a system of control that will be imposed by the bankers and has nothing to do equality for all individuals or a fair or egalitarian method of compensation for workers."

A government system imposed by the bankers has been my definition of skincode implementation. I am so very happy to see these developments, because I feared that the skincode could not be set up by 2013 in a mandatory way. I am so very happy if the Obama government will impose the new world order upon us, along with the skincode, because it means that the New Beginning is close, and that the fall of liberalism is just as close. This is the attitude we should all take. It is God's attitude. The Day He has been waiting for, for roughly 60 centuries. It's been a long haul, O Lord, but it looks to have arrived.

When I call them fools, I truly mean it in the deepest sense of the word. There is going to be a sense of mistrust even among those who happily follow along. The Democrats, even now, must be filled with a sense of "something's not right." Any miscalculation, any unwanted revelation, can blow the entire plan up in the faces of the globalists. Then what? Chaos. Globalists versus the peoples. Globalists will be murdered, and they in turn will murder.

The problem when engaging conspiracies is that one just never knows what the realities behind the politics are. Who knows. Perhaps the report out today that the New-York banks are involved with weapon's purchases by Iran is a scam by the globalists to make us accept their monitoring of all bank accounts. I say never mind, don't become upset. Don't bother fighting it. We look ahead to the End. I say let God look after the fools, let God let them get away with what He wills, and let us prepare for the skincode.

I'm probably starting to bore with redundancy, but I'll mention again that much of Obama's Muslim initiative is part of the global skincode quest. The article below talks about the the successful Obamuslim Effect. Syria loved Obama's speech, if that tells you the depths by which the O is ready to abandon his good senses. The article makes clear that the Syrians are not going to be fully happy unless Obama pressures Netanyahu. The Arab sentimentas a whole can be read in this one short sentence: "the sole bridge toward reconciliation [between America and the Muslim world] is a Palestinian state."

So, simultaneous with a bid to spread the skincode into the Muslim world, we have the Jerusalem factor playing in...which is the Biblical fall of Jerusalem. Prophecy writers now, and only now, may claim that the end is upon us. Now, and only now, are all the cards in place for prophetic fulfillment. Now, and only now, can we begin to see skincode implementation taking shape.

I am not ready yet, however, to direct people to building their trib retreats while taking responsibility for it. I do not want to be guilty of causing undo work and expenditures at the wrong time. I am willing to risk my own loss of time and money on my own retreat plans starting this year, but this is a personal decision. If you are willing to make the same decision, and take the same risks, I can't say you're doing wrong. But don't do it because John said the time is here. I am not yet ready to make that announcement. Things could linger as they are now for another 10, 20, or 30 years, for all I know.

If I didn't have the rest of the house to build this year, I'd start a major garden operation, planting fruit trees now that will give fruit between 2013 and 2017. I'd test all vegetables in various soils this year, fence the garden and prepare protection for the trees. I'd build large greenhouses and a very large barn...because Storage is the first name of tribulation planning. I'd set up deer traps and allow the deer to feed without threat for a few years. I'd build a root cellar, and purchase large tanks of propane; I've wondered whether I can build my own. I have already committed to propane appliances so that I can have a refrigerator in the trib.

There are 25-50 new daily readers since the last time I gave the 40-50 figure some weeks ago. Welcome all; you are the reason I need to repeat myself at times. The minimum daily readers now are 80, and at times tops 100. There are some who do not use cookies and therefore do not register on the website's counter. If we're not in this together, we're not in it at all. In God's economy, we work as family.

We work with wisdom to overcome the fools. They hope to have us all in their grip, like a man who keeps his wife impoverished and dependant to keep control. But we will provide our own needs, and become independent, not even honoring the governments that reject God. The wise will go on to build the New World, and they shall rule over it. The Greek shall not inherit the earth.

The ObamaSoar made a surprise visit to Iraq after laying his eggs in Turkey, but we note that he did not fly to Israel even though he talked about Israel's affairs while in Turkey. The Palestinians, fired up by Obama's pro-Palestinian words in Turkey, are plotting a strategy:

"A Palestinian source told Haaretz [yesterday] that in the coming days PA President Mahmoud Abbas is likely to ask [Palestinian prime minister] Fayyad to form a new government, without the participation of Hamas. The two main Palestinian factions, Fatah and Hamas, have failed in recent weeks to agree on a reconciliation package, mediated by Egypt. They have also failed to form a unity government comprising mostly technocrats."

DEBKAfile reports that even the Saudis are alarmed by Obama's new tack on Iran:

"The Financial Times' prediction that the US 'may cede to Iran's nuclear ambition' only added to the unease in the Middle East at large.

On the sidelines of the G20 summit in London, Saudi King Abdullah made his views known in a face-to-face interview with the US president on April 2. The White House communiqué reported blandly: Obama and Abdullah discussed international cooperation regarding the global economy, regional political and security issues, and cooperation against terrorism.

Iran was not mentioned. However, according to DEBKAfile's Middle East sources, Abdullah took the US president sternly to task over his emerging policy on Iran, Syria and Iraq, accusing him to giving the Islamic Republic free rein for its nuclear, expansionist and terrorism-sponsoring Middle East policies.

Both parties tried to keep their abrasive encounter away from the public eye and their media, although the photo attached betrays its chilly atmosphere.

It's hard for the world to believe that Obama is planning to accept the Tehranosaurus' nuclear ambitions. But the article goes on to spell this out: "The Financial Times was the first Western mainstream publication to pick up on the new pro-Iran policy trend dominating Obama's Washington: 'US officials are considering whether to accept Iran's pursuit of uranium enrichment...discussing whether the US will eventually have to accept Iran's insistence on carrying out the process.'" Due to the controversy that this promises, I think that Obama will simply end up denying the Rex's nuclear ambitions, or hinting as much.

The Alliance of Civilizations has at its heart a Western alliance with Iran, you see, and Obama, by all appearances, has chosen to support this agenda. I have yet to read (today) in one major media Obama's appearance at the Alliance-of-Civilizations meeting today. It's about 8 pm Turkey time now, and so perhaps a meeting is just about to begin. If Obama is attending, I suppose he'll be flying back to Turkey from Iraq.

I had to google for info, but still cannot find any Obama involvement in the two-day affair. The Turkish president had invited him to the AoC meetings, and Obama not only accepted, but said he'd like to visit with him the day before. Such is the story online. If this is an example of media control by the globalists behind the Alliance of Civilizations, I get it. It's total control. Not even the Turkish media,, makes mention of the Alliance in today's home page.

I had to dig deeper into Hurriet to find one article on the topic, but the entire article said nothing about the event aside from the minimization of journalists.

Syria's SANA had a story on the opening of the affair yesterday, but no-follow up story today. It said: "The two-day Forum discusses issues related to civilized interaction and rapprochement among different cultures in the world, as well as the global financial crisis and issues of the Middle East." It's easy to see that the agenda is right down Globalist Alley. The Muslims are to be made concerned with global economy, and to see to it that an Israeli solution takes place promptly.

I've probably gone on long enough today. The drywall/wallboard "mud" awaits. Soon, I will have painted rooms in one-third my new house. The other two-thirds are not built yet, not even the foundation. That's my secondary job this year after my primary job, these updates. You are definitely my priority. I give you six to eight hours daily, sometimes starting as early as 5 am. May God repay me by the good He accomplishes for you.

When I hear that a reader appreciates what I'm doing, or that he/she has benefited, it's a massage (yes, I spelled that correctly) to my ears. Just please don't write in for that express purpose, because I'm not desiring the appreciation. As you can see that I don't leave my email address on the updates, it's because I'd be doing email instead of the updates. Do you want to know what my gut feels, in truth? I hope we make it through this intact. God speed!


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