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April 1 - 4, 2009

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April 1

Talks seeking to achieve a Palestinian-unity government resume today in Egypt after a few weeks of cancellation. Strangely, a Hamas official claimed that Switzerland and Norway are at the head of a "charge" to create such a government. Asking myself why these two small and far-off nations, my answer is simply "globalists." Ask why the peace-for-land deal is to this day the lingering "Oslo Accords," where Oslo is the capital of Norway. Why would Norwegian politicians be concerned for peace in far-off Israel? I can't believe they would be, unless they're Zionist globalists.

I trace dragon-cult Zionists to Switzerland's Sion. The Sithone Edones are the peoples to which I credit the founding of that city, who ended up in Scandinavia as Sitones. It seems evident by the similarity of terms that the Sviones, neighbors of the Sitones, had been the root of the Swiss. Since Edones (from Thrace) are traced independently by me to Ligurians of the swan-symbol bloodline, it seems evident that Sviones had named the Ligurian capital, Savona (sounds like "swan"). Also, the mythical swan line was represented by Cygnus and his father, Sthenelus, the latter term evidently representing the Sithones.

From Liguria, the city of Sion -- also named "Sitten" at some particular time that I don't know -- was just a short migration away on the route to Scandinavia. Rollo's Norwegians became a primary Templar force, and for the that Templars may be regarded as Zionists, their Scandinavian (non-Transylvanian) side may have been from the Sion/Sitones bloodline. It is known that the symbol of Godfrey de Bouillon, a chief Templar credited with the founding of the Priory of Sion, was a swan. One article, for example, speaking on the "Ordre de Sion," says that "their headquarters was the Abbey of Notre Dame du Mont Sion, an Abbey founded by Godfroi de Bouillon." Note that there were nine founding Templars in Jerusalem, as though deliberately connected to the nine Muses, or the nine witches of Avalon.

The page above gives clues to Godfrey's connection with the "ursus" bear cult of mythical Arthur, this adding evidence to the connection of his nine Templars to the nine witches of Avalon. It's very likely that the bear symbol traces from Ares (note similarity to "urs") to the Rus Vikings.

As modern Freemasonry is overly concerned with Rollo, I'd guess that the Norwegians at this time concerned with Israel are those who hold Rollo's bloodline sacred. Zionists are willing to give East Jerusalem to Palestinians because Zionists do not have the Israelite scriptures at heart to this day, for they trace back to ancient Hebrews (non-Israelites) of the wicked cults of Aphrodite and Ares...which had never honored the sacred texts of Israel.

As the G-20 meet kicks off on the global economic issues, Obama's money bags, Tim Geithner, has come out saying that he's "open" to a global currency in line with China's vision. How could he say such a thing apart from Obama's will? What sort of man is Obama that he hides behind a political facade, asserting what he doesn't mean, and then getting his agents to speak his true heart so that the outflowing controversies don't stick to him so much? This is how I see him.

It just can't be true that Globama doesn't want the global currency. He wants it, and this fact should come out eventually. Probably, a manipulation of the American dollar by the international banking establishment will give him the excuse to abandon it for the good of the global markets. Keep in mind that China is now a part of the Japanese end of the Trilateral Commission.

It's known that this Commission was an arm of the Council on Foreign Relations. As the public was told that the Council was to be concerned only with America's interests, the Commission had to be formed as a separate arm if the Council was to spread its wings toward a global order. The participating Europeans and Japanese were of course not told that the Commission's globalism was to be American-based, but they likely knew it upon joining. An article outlining the Trilateral Commission has this to say, which is standard fare:

"The Council on Foreign Relations evolved from the Institute of International Affairs. British and American branches of the Institute of International Affairs were established on May 30, 1919, at a meeting in the Hotel Majestic in Paris, by American and British Paris Peace Conference delegates who belonged to the American and British branches of a secret-organization founded by Cecil Rhodes."

This is where we are today, controlled in large part by the Rhodes cult, only because it has a huge money bag. They've known that implementing their global order will produce opposition, and while they're fools to expend so much in vain toward their order, they're not so stupid that they haven't devised strategies for containing the opposition or the chaos that will erupt from it. The will to murder globalists is coming to a head. The more that the peoples see that globalists manipulate the money bags of the peoples, the more the secret plots to murder them will take root.

I'm assuming that the threat posed by the opposition will require the "image of the beast"; either honor it, or be arrested...or killed. I'm assuming that the Talking Icon will be the law of the world; globalists have placed themselves in charge of the world, and then they say, obey the rulers of the world, or we'll put you in prison as would any nation possessing an army or a police force.

This is what they have accomplished: to get the majority of the peoples of many nations to accept globalism, as a man accepts his own exploitation unawares, becoming the fool and shame of his family. It's not enough that people have three government tiers (or more) in his own country to support financially with taxes; now he has the fourth, global tier.

Where Revelation 13 tells that "all" living on earth will "worship" the Talking Icon, it's an obvious clue that most of the world will honor the global program. But I don't view the Revelation text as referring to all, or, so to speak, 99.9 percent of, individuals. The text can be understood in a different way, as the participation of all nations, tribes, and people groups. It's too difficult to believe that all individuals will happily agree to this system.

With little doubt, the reason that a wonderful and magical Maitreya-like anti-Christ is envisioned by prophecy writers is due to this idea that all peoples will honor the Revelation beast. But as we approach the Time, we see that, quite to the contrary, a large fraction of the world's individuals oppose the global beast, even though most nations have joined themselves to it already, with more to come.

I'd even say that the Illuminati is spurred on by the success story foretold in Revelation 13, though ignoring the rest of the story, in Revelation 18 and 19. Consider that the "kings of the east" will war with the beast, and that Abaddon (Revelation 9) acts against those with the mark of the beast. Speaking of the kings of the east:

"Stepping onto the world stage for the first time in his two-month presidency, Barack Obama is holding face-to-face talks with the leaders of the two nations --Russia and China -- most aggressively challenging the U.S. position atop the global order.

...On a busy day [today], Obama is meeting separately later with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Chinese President Hu Jintao."

I read yesterday that the Russo-Chinese effort toward a global currency is not likely to take traction at the G-2- meet, but this claim may not have taken into consideration the quickness by which globalists appear to be moving since Obama took Office. They have successfully implemented their electronic-purchasing hardware globally, and have several nations knocking on the door of the EU for partnership purposes. As a condition to join the EU, these lagging nations have likely being urged to quicken their electronic readiness for EU-systems participation.

Obama has asked to meet the opposition parties of Turkey, an unusual and conspicuous request. I doubt very much that he wants to speak in any measure of opposition to the ruling party. Rather, he might wish to inform the opposition parties that he is a part of a program that the ruling party is in the course of presenting for approval. In other words, Obama may want to tell the opposition not to oppose this particular program. I'll watch for developments.

Turkey is not a full member of the EU, but is in a years-long process of being accepted. Why the wait? After Turkey applied to join,

"The European Commission responded in December 1989 by confirming Ankara's eventual membership but also by deferring the matter to more favorable times, citing Turkey's economic and political situation, as well its poor relations with Greece and the conflict with Cyprus as creating an unfavorable environment with which to begin negotiations.

...The earliest date that Turkey could enter the EU is 2013, the date when the next financial perspectives (the EU's six year budgetary perspectives) will come into force."

Therefore, 2013 may be the time that multiple nations join the EU. There were signs just a few days ago, remember, that Obama is supporting Turkey (over Greece) in its Cyprus controversy...that to this day remains an issue for its EU membership. So, logically, Obama may be pushing buttons in Turkey that work to have it accepted by 2013...while other EU leaders are saying that 2013 is too early for Turkey.

This topic brings us to the European Neighborhood Policy, so-called by the EU itself"

"The European Neighbourhood is the region beyond the frontier of the European Union. It comprises primarily developing countries, who seek one day to become either component states of the European Union itself, or more closely aligned to the economy of the European Union.

The European Union offers financial assistance under the EU External Relations to countries within the European Neighbourhood, so long as they meet the strict conditions of government reform, economic reform and other issues surrounding positive transformation.

The EU may be regarded as the economics arm of the United Nations, when one views both the UN and EU as founded by the same globalist bodies. The purpose of the EU is to grow economic partnerships with all nations, in other words, removing borders, etc. As you can see, the EU has monies set aside as "stimulus" financing to get all nations on board the EU global economy. The seven-year EU cycle from the start of 2007 to the end of 2013 may include a similar stimulus strategy, for full EU members, because it is a plan on how to spend EU money (i.e. a budget).

The European Neighbourhood currently includes seven Muslim nations and a few Russian-border and Caucasus nations; Israel is also included...but so is the Palestinian Authority, which is not an official nation.

Russia is and is not included. It won't join because it recognizes that so doing makes it subservient to EU globalism. Therefore, Europe has agreed to form a special relationship with Russia, called the EU-Russia Common Spaces. "The objective of the common economic space is to create an open and integrated market between the EU and Russia. This space is intended to remove barriers to trade and investment." But it's all the same denominator: a coming together of all the world to "Bild" EU globalism.

Pre-tribbers have online articles claiming that a 2007-2013 period is officially set apart for the European Neighbourhood Policy, and therefore this period has been touted as the 70th Week i.e. the seven-year anti-Christ covenant with Israel and others nations. I tried to find where the Neighbourhood Policy is seven years long, and ending in 2013, but could not find verification. I only found this at an EU webpage: "From the beginning of the next budget cycle (Financial Perspective) in 2007, financial support for the European Neighbourhood Policy and ENP countries will be provided through a dedicated European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI)."

The budgetary "Financial Perspectives" period beginning in 2007 is the seven-year period that I speak of above, and while monies of that program have been allotted to the Neighborhood-Policy program, it doesn't necessarily follow that the latter is a seven-year program. The Neighbourhood Policy article then says:

"In keeping with the fact that the European Neighbourhood Policy is the EU's external relations priority, the amount of EC funding for these countries for the budget cycle 2007-2013 -- nearly 12 billion [Euros] -- will be 32% greater, in real terms, than the amount available 2000-2006."

There we have it. The EU's greatest foreign-relations priority is to bring more countries into the EU system of economic co-operation. What we don't know aside from reading through the Financial Perspective, which I haven't the spirit to do, is what the economic goals are by 2013. But, anyway, if skincode readiness is part of the plot, I doubt that it would be mentioned officially in the paperwork. A radical thing like that would best be left out and given to certain insiders to oversee.

Pre-tribbers would like to emphasize only the first part of EU Article 666, the part where Solana has become involved, but I'll quote it all, as per the official EU/Europa webpage:

General Report 1998 - Chapter V: Role of the Union in the world

Section 1: Common foreign and security policy (3/24)

666. In December the Vienna European Council expressed the opinion that the Secretary-General of the Council and High Representative for the CFSP should be appointed as soon as possible and be a personality with a strong political profile [Solana got the job]. It invited the Council to prepare common strategies on Russia, Ukraine, the Mediterranean region and the western Balkans, on the understanding that the first would be on Russia. Welcoming the new impetus given to the debate on a common European policy on security and defence, the European Council also noted that the CFSP should be backed by credible operational capabilities. (Square brackets mine)

It is indeed suspicious that Article 666 should deal with the ruler of the EU's defence and security arm, the CFSP, or Common Foreign and Security Policy. But note that emphasis is placed on Russia. Might Gog be permitted to fill this High Representative seat one day, in order to get Russia onboard with EU globalism? After all, Gog might demand such a seat in return for cooperation. On the other hand, the EU might already have chosen Gog, with plans already in place for him to replace Solana at a certain time.

But no. Wikipedia defines the CFSP like so: "The Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) is the organised, agreed foreign policy of the European Union (EU) for mainly security and defence diplomacy and actions." It is hard for me to believe that a Gog who is opposed to the West initially, as he trounces Israel, will be permitted to sit as High Representative of the EU's defence and security body. As for a Gog chosen in the first place by the EU, who is then commissioned to use his CFSP seat for an Israeli invasion, it makes some sense but is a situation too fantastic in my mind to pose as the future reality.

So, Article 666 may merely be the EU's wish to put forth the Biblical anti-Christ, though the High Rep will not be. The High Rep, Solana, has held the seat since late 1999. I have no idea how long he is permitted to maintain that position, but Wikipedia gives a clue in saying: "The position is currently held by Javier Solana and is based in the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union." In other words, if Solana loses the General Secretariat position, he may also lose the High Rep position in CFSP. Wikipedia does not give a term length for the Secretariat position.

In late 1999, Solana was also named secretary general of the ten-member Western European Union. It would appear that he was supposed to be the global order's visible leader -- the Revelation beast -- in time for 2000. But 2000 came and went without Utopia arising, and no one would worship Solana anyway...unless, perhaps, an image-of-the-beast program were to propagate that worship. In 2004, Solana became the president of the newly-formed (2004) European Defence Agency, an arm of CFSP. The purpose of this agency is for further "decommissioning" (says Wikipedia) of the W(estern)EU.

Item 12 of Recommendation 666 (2000) is a hot topic in prophecy-land because it gives Solana emergency powers:

12. Support proposals for the WEU Secretary-General and CFSP High Representative to preside over the PSC [Political and Security Committee] and civilian crisis-management machinery and give him powers to convene the Council of the European Union in the event of an emergency[.] Square brackets mine

There's nothing sinister about sanctioning such an emergency capacity to the leader of the EU defence and security apparatus. The fact that it's found in Rec. 666, well, that was probably by design. I suppose the EU can now create it's own emergencies and sick Solana to the rescue.... if the EU would be such a slimeball, to use some street language.

One can see what pre-tribber eyes are on, especially as they're convinced of a European anti-Christ and give little heed to a Gog arising in Europe. Can I subscribe to Solana entering Mosul as the king of the north? No way. The king of the north starts small, takes Muslim terrorists to his side, and shares the booty with his thugs. Solana is not going to stoop to such a level from his extraordinary high position.

Going back to Article 666: what does its inclusion of Russia mean. That is, what does the Article mean when saying that the EU council should "prepare common strategies on Russia." It can be read in two extremes: that Russia is to be watched out for with suspicion, or that Russia and Europe are to become partners. As I sought clarity on this, there was found an article on topic with this to say: "[Solana's] role as High Representative was initially to be involved in bringing Russia and the Caucasus regions closer to Europe." That makes good sense.

Golly-polly, Popeye, it sounds like Obama is opening the door for Iran to convince the world that its nuclear program is non-weapons-related:

"Iran must restore confidence in the 'exclusively peaceful nature,' of its nuclear program, US President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said in a joint statement issued [today], stressing that they recognized that under the Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran had the right to a civilian nuclear program."

I'm going to see what others say about this, to see if they see it as I'm now seeing it.

April 2

We had some angry people in London yesterday showing that globalists have much work to do before the whole world climbs happily onto it's wagon:

"Demonstrators clashed with riot police and smashed bank windows in Britain's financial center on Wednesday in protest against a system they said had robbed the poor to benefit the rich.

Hundreds of protesters converged on a branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland, shattering windows. Rescued by the government in October, RBS has become a lightning rod for public anger over banker excess blamed for the crisis.

The protests were timed to coincide with a G20 meeting of the world's leading and emerging economies.:

Things are not all wonderful at the G-20, and, horrors, Obama is not being fully respected by some:

"French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel also want much tighter financial regulation and a crackdown on tax havens and hedge funds.

They have left it in no doubt that they will walk away [from the summit] unless world leaders agree a tough 'new architecture' for regulation being resisted by Mr Obama."

At this point, I'm still holding to the idea that the peace and security slated to be achieved at some point before/during the 70th Week will be on thin ice, more of a desperate hope by the world's populations, a belief in what does not truly exist. A CNN article helps to show how leaders are going to bring this situation about: "The British talking down of expectations over the past few days [at the G-20] has been significant. Up front, on camera, ministers make optimistic noises. Behind the scenes diplomats warn of a potential lose-lose scenario." It's simple: lie to the world in publicly-made statements; tell that things are on the up and up, and much of the world will be happily deceived.

But not all, as for example the G-20 demonstrators. The globalist solution to panic and chaos -- in creating a personality cult around the "beast" -- has the downside of causing jealousies among other biggie-wannbees. Take the Obama personality cult as an example. Other world leaders want to be IT, and for that reason they will start to gnaw at Obama. Humanity has this sort of thing as an inherent problem. If Joe over there gets too rich or too popular, the community that hasn't fared so well will seek to tear him down with negative statements.

Now I'm "guilty" of making negative statements about Obama; I hardly have a good thing to say about him at all. I hope this is not politically motivated. Some are negative toward him because he's taken power from Republicans. I don't have such a bias, but I do have a similar one toward Biblical morals. Obama to me is an enemy of Biblical principles, and for that reason I point it out, not because I am Mr. Righteous, but only because he is a high-level "Christian" personality cult, and because I believe he's prone to deceiving the Elect in whatever ways possible.

Thus far, I wouldn't classify the president as a "false prophet." He hardly speaks for God enough to be such. He certainly has the makings, but so far he's not acted as a religious prophet. As a solution to some problems, he just might turn on a religious persona, or, at least, speak as though he's doing his best to follow God's advice. His problem is, God is not seeking to fix the world as globalists seek to. God does not seek a global government on the shoulders of non-Christian leaders, but Obama gladly sits among non-Christian globalists, plotting strategies with them. His own Democrats are by and large non-Christians.

There is the religious cult of the Illuminati, a dark religion tailored for the "fruits" of the world. I've typically believed it unreal for this "new age" religion to succeed in converting the masses. There are too many academics and atheio-agnostics who just wouldn't go for it. If Obama turns on any religion at all, I don't think it's going to be overly New Age. Solana, we can assume, is a Rosicrucian Christian. Rosicrucianism, using the Zionist star for a symbol and based in Kabala, is a Hebro-Christian system of tricky-dicky colors that the Elect know not to approach.

I've received an email from a Susan telling that Solana ""is a Knight of the Order of St Michael and St George." George is the patron saint of England, and Michael, the arch-angel, is the Christ to some dark Christian cults (eg. the Jehovah's Witnesses founded by a pyramid-honoring Zionist). The Order of Michael and George has to do with recognition for global projects.

I know that Javier Solana is a Spaniard, yet "The Order is the sixth-most senior in the British honours system, after The Most Noble Order of the Garter, which is the pinnacle of the British honours system..." "Fruits" indeed; the garter, shown below the knee in multiple British portraits of kings, is thought to be a symbol of homosexuals amid British Freemasonry.

A leading Rosicrucian organization promising to control much of the Western world is AMORC. It may not be a coincidence that the term smacks of "America," the "New Atlantis" to British Rosicrucians such as John Dee and his fellow, Francis Bacon; the mother of Javier Solana wrote a large book on this Bacon. "AMORC" also smacks of Morc from Orc, which I think was a new-age-based comedy. The nuttiest Rosicrucians believe in aliens to which humans are related (Morc was an alien), and if I'm correct in tracing Rosicrucians to the Rus, their god must have been the Russian god, Rod, symbolized by the egg (Easter eggs, in fact). Of course, Morc came to earth in an egg-shaped spaceship.

It's probably not a coincidence that the Order of Michael and George has a blue Rod...said to be a staff-like rod topped with a lion or perhaps some other symbol. The article has this quote: "The Usher of the Order is known as the Gentleman Usher of the Blue Rod; he does not, unlike his Order of the Garter equivalent (the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod), perform any duties related to the House of Lords." I'm sure that the dirty fruits of the organization have fun with the porn-like picture, and perhaps it was intended that way, but ultimately I would venture a relationship to Scottish king David's "Haly Rod House." Obama's mother goes back to this king David I, remember.

So now we have Solana tied somewhat to British Rosicrucians, and one can then suspect that he's the visible ruler of the EU as per British globalism. Thank you Susan for this because I might have had a hard time tying "Mr. Europe" to the British otherwise. It is generally believed that Solana has been granted virtual-sole power over the EU's security and foreign-relations machinery to make Illuminati control of these devices much more efficient. In the same way, Geithner over in the Obama camp sat alone in his treasury department to make it easier for Obama and invisible rulers to get what they wanted.

This is not democracy at work, of course, yet the fiends will succeed in getting the majority of the world, by hook or by crook, to back their world system. The Bible tells me so.

A little search has brought this:

"The Usher of the Black Rod is a floor officer of the [U.S] Senate and is responsible for security in the Senate Chamber.

...The Usher of the Black Rod carries out a 600 year old parliamentary tradition as the personal attendant and messenger of the Sovereign or Her Representative when either person is in Parliament."

Another article told that the black rod of the Garter goes back to Henry VIII, the red-white rose, or Tudor-rose, king. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Henry VIII was in the lineage of David I, as per a sister of David I giving birth to a daughter who in turn birthed Henry II.

Or, put it this way, that Henry VIII was the son of Henry VII (= Henry Tudor), who in turn "descended maternally from a legitimized branch of the English royal House of [red-rose] Lancaster." The Lancastrian house was itself a branch of the House of Plantagenet, while "The House of Plantagenet (or First House of Anjou) was a royal house founded by Henry II of England..."

So, the red rose of Lancaster might just have been red after Haly Rod (now "Holyrood"), a term that can be rendered, "holy red." In fact, both the red rose of Lancaster and the white rose of York were from Plantagenets:

"...two Plantagenet branches named the House of Lancaster and the House of York clashed in a civil war known as the Wars of the Roses..." (webpage above).

One suspects that Rosicrucians stemmed from the first-known Plantagenet: the father of Henry II, Geoffrey V Plantagenet. But not necessarily. Geoffrey had married Matilda, granddaughter of queen Margaret (mother of David I), and it was unto the honor of this Margaret that David built Haly Rod. The problem of Brito-Rosicrucian roots is not solved, anyway, for while Margaret had been born while, or just after being, in the company of the Varangian Rus (way over in Kiev, now the Ukraine), Henry II was himself a Sinclair Norman i.e. of the Rollo Vikings...who I think were from a Rus fold.

Consider also that while these Rollo-line kings of England had been heavy into Jerusalem Templarism, the father of Geoffrey Plantagenet was Fulk, king of Templar Jerusalem. Moreover, I had traced the Fulks of Anjou to the family of Folkes the Fat of Sweden, where the Varangians of Kiev had originated. Thus, in Henry II, three Varangian lines may have converged. Folke the Fat, and the legendary Folk Filbyter before him, were the progenitors of the House of Bjelbo, who used a gold lion on blue as symbol, the symbol of the Templars and the colors of Anjou (see Arms of Bjelbo). In fact, Wikipedia still shows a portrait of Geoffrey Plantagenet holding a shield with three gold lions on blue.

Folke the Fat lived about 1100, according to Wikipedia, and the first Jerusalem Crusade was successful on 1099 (when Godfrey de Bouillon was made Jerusalem ruler). I had shown in my chapter, Blue Gold Found in Templar Sweden, that the lion symbol of Bjelbo was adopted from the three blue lions on gold that was the Danish symbol. Both the Danish flag and the Arms of Bjelbo used small red hearts in the same way. While the Arms of Bjelbo above used white hearts, the Arms of Bjelbo as per the Arms of Valdemar (now shown at the Wikipedia article on Bjelbo) used red hearts.

April 3

I hope you're not expecting my take on the G-20 "success" story. The leaders of the world got together and agreed to print/borrow 1.1 trillion dollar as stimulus monies, and this they call their success. In fact, Britain's Brown said that this was the new world order. What? Taking money from tax payers, and distributing it to Whatever Incorporated, is the definition of the new world order??? Is this Utopia?

I was surprised to find the April 2 article below because I had theorized on April 1 exactly what the article reveals. I'll just give the headline: US lawmakers urge President Obama to back Turkey's EU bid." Perhaps Obama asked his Democrat legislators to make it look as though working Turkey into the EU was their idea. But come on. Since when do U.S. lawmakers worry about the EU status of Turkey? Never! It's Obama that wants to give Muslim Turkey a gift, and there's a reason, no doubt the Alliance of Civilizations project, and perhaps Turkey's leverage toward Obama's Middle-East projects.

First Obama greeted an on-duty guard and offered to shake his hand. Then his wife violated protocol by "hugging" the queen of England, and now:

"President Obama greeted the king of Saudi Arabia with a full bow from the waist yesterday, a move one commentator described as a violation of protocol and not worthy of the office he holds.

...after the king extended his hand while Obama approached, Obama bends from the waist until his head is nearly at the monarch's waist."

Hmmm. He could have planned it.

The WND page above has the photo of Obama to prove it, though he's wasn't quite down to waist level when the shot was taken. Think about it. A bow to a king is an act of servitude. The Hebrew word for "worship" is defined as a bowing down. A bow to a Muslim king by a Christian is not permitted by God, even as Old-Testament Israelites felt it to be against the Law to bow down to pagan kings.

What was Obama doing? By what spirit was he bowing to a Muslim ruler? What did he have in mind but to show the Muslim world that he was pleased, joyful and/or honored for being in the presence of one of their kings? It makes me think that Obama has special Arab politics on his mind.

I didn't come across this story in any other media aside from World Net Daily. Why not? If the "hug" by Michele Obama on the English queen is a story worth reporting (many major media carried it), shouldn't a presidential bow to a Muslim king be a greater story? Indeed, but the media know that such a thing by a president suspected by many of having Muslim loyalties would work to collapse prior media efforts of quenching the suspicions.

Our fight in the last days is not only against anti-Christian and false-Christian politicians, but against the same sorts of media, for it will be the media which regulates persecution against us by fueling the sentiments of all those who hate us. Who would have thought that the Muslim faith, during the new world order, would be regarded higher, by Western peoples, than the Christian faith? Isn't this where the Alliance of Civilizations, while yoked to Obama, is taking the world???

Why did Mr. Brown announce that the new world order has begun as per the G-20 meet? Wouldn't it signal that his invisible string-holders are about to announce it through many politicians and media? Why has Brown announced it now? For the same reason that Kissinger held to the same theme as per the coming of Obama.

Not until a successful dealing with the Muslim-Israeli problem could the new order arrive; the invisible rulers are beginning to believe that the problem has been successfully dealt with, in other words. They foresee that nothing can stop the heavy train now: 1) Obama and Solana are giving Netanyahu the ultimatum that he cannot refuse; 2) Muslims are going to become putty in Obama's hands; 3) most world-wide peoples are willing to spite, abandon, or betray Israel; 4) the Quartet has a UN platform to make the peace process work by military means if necessary.

What the invisible rulers do not foresee is the reality, that God rules in Zion! And that the outcome will be far different than a new world order. Eat this, God says. Swallow the fire and burn with catastrophic failure. Israel shall survive, and will take your gold. Israel will rebuild the world empire according to God's Vision for Humanity. No fruits allowed. Women shall no longer perform sexually before cameras for all the world to see. Men will no longer make their fortunes through sinful means and exploitation. Life will again be regarded as precious, and people will honor one another in the name of the New Name (of Revelation 19).

So what did Obama discuss with the Saudi rulers?

"US President Barack Obama reiterated his support for the Saudi Mideast peace initiative in a meeting with King Abdullah [last night], the White House said in a statement.

The February 2002 initiative calls for a full Israeli withdrawal from all territories taken in the Six Day War, including east Jerusalem..."

Is that a fact, Obama? Doesn't East Jerusalem include Zion, and the area that God will make his own sacred lot in the New Age of the New Name? What is this you are trying to do, Obama? Well, in the words of his state department: ""We're going to be working hard to see what we can do to move the [Palestinian state] forward. But we're under no illusions. It's not going to be easy..." That can be taken as, "It's going to be hard because we know we can't convince Israel, but we're decided to do it no matter what Israel thinks."

DEBKAfile shares a poll in which, out of 53 percent of Palestinians oppose a Palestinian state amid Israel, nearly two-thirds "opt for the annihilation of the state of Israel, whether by political means or force of arms - to be replaced by a single Islamic republic on all parts of the country..." Ahh, we get it. Obama doesn't. The other one third (of the 53 percent) want a temporary two-state solution as a political means to eradicate Israel. We get it. Obama doesn't.

A Palestinian just murdered an Israeli boy with an axe and got away. We get it, Obama doesn't. Only 21 percent of Hamas-supporting Palestinians would like to see a two-state solution. The rest would like to murder Jewish boys with axes. We...

The J-Post has an update on the Iranian ship still docked in Cyprus. As per the UN request to Syria and Iran as to reason for their involvement in the shipment, Iran has responded that it has done nothing illegal. Note that "the ambassadors of France and Britain described the [shipment] episode as a 'gross violation' of existing resolutions banning Iranian arms exports," and that "British envoy John Sawers said the UK looked forward to the committee receiving explanations from Iran and Syria." The point in these quotes is that Obama is not mentioned, anywhere in the article, as raising his voice as these men raised their voices in indignation and open opposition.

Obama has warned North Korea about it's missile launch coming as early as tomorrow. He knows that Iranians are involved in the missile and or it's core purpose. Satellites have been photographing the rocket, able to make out the "round" shape of the nose cone, but from the Telegram (UK) today comes this startling report:

"'I received the information from the national intelligence agency of a certain country that they believe North Korea has deployed nuclear warheads at two underground facilities for Rodong missiles,' Daniel Pinkston, senior analyst at the International Crisis Group, told The Daily Telegraph from Seoul."

This Korean action would be in response to threats from Japan and the United States. Kim Jong "Ill" has threatened war if either country shoots down his satellite.

There's a NATO meeting in Baden-Baden (Germany) tonight that discusses, among other things, the new secretary general of the organization. The new leader is to begin his term in mid-summer. Hmm, has anyone considered a Gog who leads NATO? Or, has anyone considered a NATO mission in Iraq to quell an uprising there? Hmm, there are at least two men being considered, one from Denmark and one from Poland, both from the far north. Neither name (Rasmussen and Sikorski) adds up to 666 (in either the Greek or Hebrew number systems), but there could be another man chosen that does.

"The US official said the [NATO] summit would focus on Afghanistan, future challenges such as cyber warfare and energy security, and relations with Russia...

He admitted a Nato-Russia Council established eight years ago had failed and said a new channel had to be established."

The term for a NATO secretary general is four years, meaning that the four-year term from the summer of 2009 to 2013 is slated to see a new secretary general just about at the start of the final 3.5 years on my 2009-2016 calendar. I presently have the final 3.5 years beginning in early spring i.e. Passover of 2013. Possibly, in order to reach a deal with Russia, NATO may permit a Russian secretary general in 2013...especially as there is a higher position, in NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Europe, typically occupied by an American.

I'm trying. I know I guess and hypothesize lots, but that's the requirement for discovering the nature of this beast ahead of time. It's likely that someone has already correctly guessed who the anti-Christ will be, but coming up with solid proof roundly accepted by the majority of Christians is another matter.

While Europe has some major problems with allowing Russia as a miltary partner, the False Prophet will make it happen, in my opinion.

"Russia's Dmitry Medvedev hailed Barack Obama as 'my new comrade' [yesterday] after their first face-to-face talks, saying the US president 'can listen' -- even if little progress was made on substance."

...Obama agreed to visit Moscow in July...

Again, the appointment of Avigdor Lieberman as Israel's foreign minister couldn't have been more discouraging for Obama and the Quartet. I don't know, but could the coming clash lead to war between NATO and Israel?

"Israel's new Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman ruled out in an interview published [yesterday] any withdrawal by the Jewish state from the Golan Heights in exchange for peace with Syria.

...'Peace will only be in exchange for peace,' he said."

In other words, if you want peace, here we are, but if your want Israeli land, shove it! I don't know, but could the coming clash lead to war between NATO and Israel? What army would the Quartet appeal to if it came to this, the army of the UN Security Council, or that of NATO? Could the coming of Gog to Israel be in support of the Israeli presence of that Western army? It can certainly explain how Gog could possibly succeed in an Israeli invasion while the West watches on.

Indeed, can the Quartet leaders -- the American president, the Russian president, the EU High Representative, and the UN secretary general -- close their eyes, or wink in connivance, as Gog comes to his Mission? At this time, three of the four have shown animosity toward Israel already. Only the Russian president has not...but then he's not Gog.

In Iraq, the Sunni situation worsens:

"'The Iraqi security forces, during the last few days, arrested 10 members of the Sahwa in Dora, including a number under the accusation of terrorism,' said Mohammad al-Gartani, one of the Baghdad's district's Sahwa leaders.

...Prime Minister Maliki warned in an excerpt from a television interview to be broadcast in full [today], that rogue elements within the Sahwa will have no immunity if they break the law.

'This is a message sent to the people taking the same path as organised criminals. No one should think that the state is not aware of their contacts,' Maliki told state-run Al-Iraqiya television, referring to Mashhadani's arrest.

...However the government, which has now accepted responsibility for the Sahwa from US forces, has said only 20 percent of the total 92,000-strong militia will be transferred to the security forces.;_ylt=AidR_gzTBd6ZSE1CB3jsVXb5SpZ4

One could take Maliki's statement as a declaration of war against Sunni rebels, and although the U.S. military is currently on Maliki's side, the latter's in-action to fulfill the American commitment to the Awakening groups could see a rift between Maliki and the U.S. military. Possibly, Obama the Muslim lover may turn his military against Maliki in support of the Sunni.

I don't know why I've never thought until now to see what sort of Muslim Obama's father was. A quick search shows the online consensus to tilt heavily toward Sunni! I didn't find anyone claiming a Shi'ite background.

Not only is Maliki a Shi'ite, but lookie here:

"-Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is to join forces with radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr in several provincial councils, leaving a key ally out in the cold, political sources said [April 1].

...Political sources told AFP that Maliki was to form a pact with Sadr, a fiercely anti-U.S. figure, and shun Abdel Aziz Hakim of the Islamic Supreme Council."\ACQDJON200904011210DOWJONESDJONLINE000782.htm&&mypage=newsheadlines&title=Maliki%20Party%20Poised%20To%20Run%20Iraqi%20Provinces%20With%20Sadr%20As%20Ally

Perhaps Maliki is hearing things about American plots in Iraq that he doesn't like. Perhaps it's true that Obama seeks to oust him. Little birdies, the Bible says, tell what plotters plot in their secret rooms. We shall see if a birdie escapes to tell of Obama plots for Iraq.

I've checked plenty of media today, and have found the Obama-bowing story at only two, WND and Haaretz. No western Media yet, though I don't know what the television media are doing with it. The Haaretz article points out that "In January of 2009, Saudi officials warned that the U.S. would need to 'drastically revise' its Middle East policy, particularly towards Israel, if it wanted to maintain influence in the region." In April of 2009, Obama bows to the Saudi king, and then agrees to implement the Saudi plot for Israel. Hmmm. Something smells.

The article makes a good point to highlight what's now going on:

"Bush expressed strong support for the creation of a PA state, but supported the 2003 Road Map initiative over the Saudi Plan. The Road Map plan calls for the Israel-PA negotiations process to take place in stages, with Israel dismantling Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria only after the PA begins to fight terrorism."

That sounds reasonable to me, and Lieberman (with Netanyahu in support, we must presume), is pointing this out now. Israel could rest assured that, so long as Palestinians couldn't harness their bad apples, Israel would not be bound by the international community to facilitate a Palestinian state. But the Saudi plan is a short cut, a screw-Israel plot demanding Israeli submission to all Arab proposals without further ado. The Obaminator, disliking anything Bush, is predicted to "terminate" the Bush Roadmap in favor of the Saudi plot.

Indeed, the O-diplomats are demanding that Israel cease building in certain Israeli realms even though terrorism has not been reigned in. We should soon hear from the O-diplomats that Israel must get out of Golan.

O boy, everything we read on the O-diplomat front paints the same O-picture:

"The U.S. State Department [i.e. Hillary and co.] was forced Wednesday to defend the Obama administration's decision to rejoin the United Nations Human Rights Council. The move was met with criticism from Jewish groups and conservative American leaders, who called for maintaining the Bush-era boycott of what they see as a biased, anti-Israel body."

The UN Human Rights Council has been accused of overlooking the anti-Israeli abuses of Muslim nations while demonizing Israel's responses to them...just like the pro-Palestinian groups linked to Obama's Chicago church.

A nice weekend to you all. I'll be back in the morning if I have the electrical power.

April 4

It rained all day yesterday, and it's snowing this morning, but I have a few hours of power...with the laptop's battery pack giving three. I may not get to email in other words, unless the clouds thin out.

In a unanimous decision, the Iowa supreme court ruled in favor of same-sex marriages. Anti-Biblical moves like this may be a good clue indicating that Iowa is NOT the place to build a trib retreat" ..."Iowa remains one of three states in the nation, and the only state in the Midwest, where gays and lesbians can legally marry." It's predictable that "fruitcakes" will be our number-one enemies, but when the state's supreme court supports them, it looks dark indeed.

It's not only difficult to predict the worst states for trib security, since leaderships may change abruptly, but many Christians just don't have the choice of building outside their home state. One option is to have money on hand for a retreat, and to move to any other state at a certain point when it feels right to purchase a property there, perhaps with house/cabin already on it. The "right time" is so important to KNOW, as opposed to THINK/BELIEVE, that I'm committed to discovering it.

In Europe, the removal of national borders may prove very advantageous for those who wish to choose retreats outside their own countries. However, any EU legislation/policy acting against trib survivalists will more-likely apply to all member nations. Some nations or regions can always turn a blind eye to EU dictates, however. For starters, what we should be looking for are regions/states/nations that possess compassionate leaders/populations, or those disposed toward Christianity, or those not sold-out to globalism.

For example, in the United States, "Bible belts" seem advantageous. In Canada, the western half of the country is less liberal and more supportive of Biblical values, although British Colombia has been social-democratic. I don't know of any "Bible belts" in Europe. In the Middle East or northern Africa, I'd feel like a dead duck. Tribulation droughts are predicted for both Israel and Egypt. I don't know of any safe havens in Asia, or Australia. Frankly, I'm no expert on these matters.

We must then consider whether being in a foreign state/nation will bode well when authorities come to our doors asking why we're not partaking in regular society. We could tell them that we're retired, or on a long vacation, or whatever, but, the point is, will they deny us the excuse and force us to go back to our home states/provinces/nations...where we do not have any trib properties? Plus, we'll be outsiders to the churches in the area, and may receive last priority-status from them. For these and other reasons, it may be best not to move away...unless one has an iron-clad plan that removes the obstacles and threats.

A consideration is to find a retreat on the border areas of states/nations so that if the one you're in starts heavy-handed persecutions, you might be able to get to the other. There are also corners of states bordering two or three others. Having advance knowledge of other trib-retreat locations, or retreat-heavy areas, would be a very good plan. It would be best if the leaders of retreats do not share other locations with all believers on site, for one never knows who might compromise the other locations to the wrong people.

The NATO meeting yesterday failed to agree on a new NATO leader. "Turkey blocked the candidacy of a Dane [Anders Rasmussen] who angered Muslims by defending the right to print cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad." One never knows what will come back to haunt him. "All 28 NATO members must agree on the choice of a new leader."

NATO allies gave Obama a thumbs up on his Afghan plan, but virtually no nation gave him extra soldiers; the few (three, I think) nations who did offer some fighters offered diddley-squat.

So, for the sake of some "entertainment," how could NATO come to plant itself in Israe? Well, 2009 or 2010 should see an Iranian strike on Iran because Obama categorically refuses to entertain such a thing:

"Only two weeks ago, Israel's chief of staff Lt. Gen. Gaby Ashkenazi, then visiting Washington, was denied interviews with US defense secretary Robert Gates and the chairman of the US chiefs of staff Adm. Mike Mullen. He cut short his visit after seeing national security adviser Gen. James Jones and Iran envoy Dennis Ross, lesser lights in terms of their direct influence on President Barack Obama.

...Ashkenazi was therefore invited to Strasbourg [= location of NATO meeting this week] to carry some more bad news to his government, i.e. that the Obama administration wants Iran as its key military and intelligence partner for resolving America's Afghanistan-Pakistan (known now as "Afgpak") predicament."

One can glean in this quote that Gates and Mullen have been bad-mouthing Israel along with Obama for reasons beyond the Palestinian issue. Israel's Gaby Ashkenazi wanted to see these military men for support on the Iran issue. To Israel's defence department, Iran has become a crisis holding priority. But, clearly, if Israel strikes Iran while Obama seeks to have his military form ties with Iran, Israel will be in dire straits with America, it's primary, if not sole, traditional lifeline. Obama has become an evil image already to Israeli leaders.

Obama has been viewed as a hypocrite by the NATO members for requesting their troops on the one hand, while showing signs that his military engagement in Afghanistan is on a last-legs phase. Obama's recent decision (i.e. timed just before the NATO summit) to send 4,000 more to Afghanistan was probably motivated only by the request which he planned to carry to NATO. But NATO saw through this tactic, and informed Obama, nicely, to shovel his crap elsewhere.

His reasons for seeking a solution to "AfPak" is for the piurpose of staving off the Armageddon scenario. One can see this drive no better than in the words he spoke in Europe yesterday: "In Prague, I will lay out an agenda to seek the goal of a world without nuclear weapons. The spread of nuclear weapons or the theft of nuclear material could lead to the extermination of any city on the planet."

Bite your nails, liberals. Your own icon is telling you what George Bush was trying to get through your deaf ears. Liberals who believe that Arab rogues will abort their plots to nuke Western cities are directly responsible for the foreign policies now developing in Obama. He is developing exactly the policies called upon by Democrats during Bush's terms.

It's a lose-lose situation, for the rogues will purchase nukes and use them under both a Bush or Obama policy. Put away your pornography, liberals; cease from killing your own children for the sake of liberal fornication; desist from accusing Christians falsely; honor your Creator. Perhaps then the Muslim scourge will be wiped out by God before it overcomes Israel. Once it has overcome Israel, it'll be too late: your Creator will burn your armies with seething "brimstone" and collapse your cities with a shaking planet.

You don't believe it? You didn't believe anything predicted by Christians, and yet most of it has come to pass. When we said that Europe would become a single empire, you scoffed. When we said a global number in the hand would develop, you laughed it off. You can't even see that your own sins are predicted in the Bible, for you do not acknowledge your sins. You view your sins as light, the new solution, progress, Utopia. You mindless creatures of ignorance. I feel so sorry for you. You honor Madonna and dishonor those who bring you the message of Life. These are the people whom Obama leads, whom Obama depended on for world power.

See the realities that will appear. The West will make Gog their leader. He will sit in Europe secretly as a spy, plotting all along how to destroy Europe with "fire" (Revelation 17). The more that Europe agrees to put away its nuclear stockpiles, the better for the Russian Gog. O liberal Europe, what an end is planned for you, Blind Tramp, Abomination, Wicked and Senseless. It can be ascertained that Gog will destroy you precisely because you raised yourself up in an attempt to swallow all nations into your empire. Mother of Adulteries, Gog will become for you a bomb down your throat.

This just in:

"Barack Obama today won agreement for substantial Nato troop reinforcements in Afghanistan, when nine European nations, including Britain, said they would send up to 5,000 troops and logistical help ahead of the presidential elections there in August. Britain is to send 900 extra troops almost immediately, who will remain until October.

...News of the reinforcements came as Nato named the Danish prime minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, as its next leader after overcoming Turkish opposition.

David Miliband the foreign secretary said the surprisingly large number of troops offered was proof of a palpable 'Obama effect.'

...British sources disclosed that Obama had asked Brown at the G20 summit to take the lead in trying to gain troop commitments ahead of the Nato meeting."

The Brown-Obama friendship is now blooming, for Brown has been instrumental in saving face for Obama...who is calling these 5,000 fighters a "down-payment" i.e. of more to come. There are a few signs that the Afghan project toward which Obama was doubtful/nervous is filling with confidence and turning into an Obamovement. Then again, the Obama light will wane after the NATO summit, and the NATO players will once again see the reality, that Afghanistan is a quagmire to stay out of.

Some high-level Freemasons view the U.S alliance with Britain as Ephraim and Manassah, the two sons of Biblical co-king Joseph, born to him while he was a ruler in Egypt. Some Freemasons literally believe, or at least teach, that Brits are from these bloodlines of Joseph. There is the fundamentally erroneous teaching -- British-Israelism -- that Germanics were from Israelites of various tribes.

The Danes of course are thought to derive from the Israelite tribe of Dan, wherefore the election of a Dane just now for the next NATO leader, alongside the blooming Obama-Brown alliance, may excite Freemasons to write on the Israelite ancestry of these entities. My work in finding that the claims are erroneous, because Germanics were instead Hebrews of non-Israeli genes, becomes important in the face of a major propagation of European-Israelism. I don't know how far the lie will go in reaching the peoples of the world, but, possibly, there could be announcements to the effect that God has established the Brito-Americo-European "Israelites" as the rulers of the new world order.

The liars are wanting to make many Westerners feel privileged for being of special Israeli blood. Don't fall for this. If you want to read an example of one who teaches this lie, see webpage below, where the author (Rebbetzin Hord) doesn't so much as blink at his claim that "Saxon" and "Alsace" derive from "Isaac's sons." Yes, that's Isaac, son of the Biblical Abraham. He also says, "England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand (what is left of the reign of England today), and the United States of America...have fulfilled the prophecy about large populations." That is, the prophecy of God to make Abraham's sons into many nations.

This is all very tricky, because my findings are that Abraham's grandsons, Sheba and Dedan (not to be confused with Arabic Sheba and Dedan, also brothers), founded the Germanic cult of Aesir, belonging to the Svi/Suebi (= Swedes), led by the pagan god, Odin, and allied to the goddess, Frigg, who sounds like a depiction of Phrygia. These sons of Abraham, seen in Genesis 25, were not Israelites, nor even borne to Sarah (Isaac's mother).

I ventured to guess that Ashur, the son of Dedan, founded the Aesir, while Dedan's son, Letu(s), founded the Leto cult of Apollo and Artemis -- and possibly the Lydians (mythically "Lydus") -- for Dedan's son, Leum, looks like the perfect makings of the founder of the cost of Mysia and Lydia. It is known that the Apollo-Artemis cults were in Lydia and Mysia, and Phrygia was a related neighboring region.

I had traced Apollo to the Avvites before discovering that Midian, a son of Abraham (still in Genesis 25), gave birth to Abida, a perfect reflection of "Avith" (the Avvite city in Edom) and "Avidia" (a proposed Avvite city in ancient Bactria). There is much more to say that cannot be repeated here; suffice it to say that we should NOT support British-, Germanic- or European-Israelism, even if it's true that some Israelite blood mixed in with the pagan Hebrews over the centuries. The end-time globalists, where they latch onto Germanic-Israelism, are in the business of tying their globalism to the holy plan of God through Abraham. You don't want to support that dubious claim...because the reality may be that Germanics lead back to the Hermes-based Sion/Hermon cult that named the Hermus river, Lydia, to the Lydian dragon that founded the Latins, and to the faggotry of the Kabeiri in Lemnos, Thebes (named after Sheba?), and Thrace.

The author of the webpage above may know the realities while disguising them in Israelite colors. On the Israelite tribe of Asher, he writes:

"The Tribe of Ashur traveled along with Ephraim and Manasseh and refugees of the Tribe of Zebulon (Dutch). Ashur's people spent some time in the British Isles. One branch of the Ashurites is recorded in Numbers 26:45 being called 'Heberites.' In the Hebrew language the consonants H-B-R are the root word for Heber, Hiberia, Hebrides, names found in Ireland and Scotland."

Okay, so Asher had Heber for a son. And I would agree that Irish Heberites were Hebrews, but I trace them, not to Asher's son, but to the Hebros river in Thrace, where the Kabeiri were just a giant's piddle away on Lemnos. In fact, I identify the Hebros river with mythical Cabeiro, the founder of the Kabeiri and the alternate wife of Hephaestus (his sacred island was Lemnos). Note that Abraham's son, Midian, also gave birth to Ephah and Epher, either one possibly evolving into "Heph-Aestus."

Wikipedia has a white-washed article on the Kabeiri, but if you're familiar with mythology, you'll read between the lines the unrivaled Satanic nature of the cult. It verifies that the cult was initially Semite rather than Greek, that it tied to Troy and to the Phrygian Mother Goddess (Kybele), and that Apollo figured largely as a Kabeiri god. There is little doubt in my mind that "Kabeiri" traces to mythical Kypris = Aphrodite on Cyprus.

The article mentions the idea of some ancients, that the Spartan twins, Pollux and Castor, were Kabeiri of Lemnos. Not only is "Apollo" similar to "Pollux," but Leda, the mother of Pollux, smacks of Leto (Apollo's mother).

I think I'm see for the first time that the Amazons of Lemnos can be identified with Apollo's twin sister, the Amazonian goddess of war, Artemis (depicting the Amazon city of Themis), and that Apollo/Pollux can be identified as mythical Pelops, for he married the Amazon princess, HippoDamia. Note similarity between "Damia" and "Temis." Pelops was the ruler of Lydia, if that helps to make his Apollo connection.

This Apollo connection to Pelops is an important point, for in my mind, "Pelops" (disregard common "ops" suffix) was simply the Baal>Bel cult out of mount Saphon (Syria). Baal fought the seven-headed Lotan dragon, you see, that I've long claimed evolved into Leto. Therefore, the Apollo identification with Pelops is substantiated. And therein is the anciently-known kinship between Daphne and Apollo, for Saphon was named after her (I'm very sure), and she was given "Ladon" for a father.

Thus, I'm venturing to say that Abraham's great-grandson, Letu(s), put forth the red/scarlet Biblical dragon that was the Apollo-Daphne cult running through Lydia and Latinus. But this is not the only evidence of a Daphne-cult link to Abraham's blood. I had traced the Suebi Swedes to the Sabines (= Spartans) of Italy with excellent evidence, and while the Sabines were also "Safini," they likely descended from the Daphne cult (= historic Taphians) of Saphon. Thus, the Suebi can be proclaimed more convincingly as carrying the name of Sheba, grandson of Abraham.

But there's more. I had traced Saphon to the region of Sophene (to Saphon's east in outer Armenia). It can't be a coincidence that Sophene was smack beside Samosata, and that the main tribe of Sabines was the Samnite tribe. I know the Suebi/Suevi were the continuation of Sabines because the Suebi had Semnones as fellow kinsmen.

This topic may not have been important to most readers until it's found to join to Abraham's blood. I learned only recently that the royal-Brit house of Windsor traces back to Lombards. Well, they are regarded by historians as a Seubi tribe, and meanwhile Lom(bards) smack of Leum, the son of Dedan (Sheba's brother).

I've never been able to connect Lombards to a particular people of Thrace, but suddenly they ought to trace back to Lemnos. Indeed, Pelops was the ruler of the Heneti, who became the Veneti, who put forth the Wends/Vandals (in Poland) and likely also the related Vinili; the Lombards were Vinili! Therefore, Lombards trace to Apollo and Pollux, which is quite amazing because I had insisted to my Pollock-surnamed friend, based on other, admittedly flimsy evidence, that her bloodline stemmed, not only from Pollux roots, but from Lombards.

The royal Brits claim to trace to king David of Israel, but I say, they trace to false-prophet Apollo and Pelops, to dragon-infested Daphne, to the Kabeiri faggots, and to all the major Greek gods of Trojan ancestry in Tyre.

I'm certain that my ancestry is from the Amazon side of the Sabine bloodline. Note too that the Suebi are traced by historians to Swabia, the location ruled by Hohens, suggesting that Cohens -- a Hebro-Khazar peoples -- merged with Abrahamic Sheba. As for the Aphrodite-Ares cult, it passed through the Sabine territory of Abruzzo and Marsi...very likely due to the presence of Sheba there.


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