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March 28 - 31, 2009

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March 28

Some of the most important news these days is the abandonment of Israel, which can be seen starting to roll its wheels with open warnings now:

"Karel Schwarzenberg, foreign minister of the Czech Republic which currently holds the EU presidency, said that if the new Israeli government does not commit itself to establishing a Palestinian state, 'relations would become very difficult indeed.'

'At one of our next ministerial meetings we would have to discuss what consequences the EU would draw from that,' he added after chairing the opening day of a two-day EU foreign ministers meeting.

...Earlier this month, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana warned that the bloc may reevaluate its ties with Israel if the incoming government isn't committed to a two-state solution.

'Let me say very clearly that the way the European Union will relate to an [Israeli] government that is not committed to a two-state solution will be very, very different,' Solana said.

The time has now arrived when the Palestinians can call to the American government to "go sick Israel." So what's Netanyahu to do? If he's weak and foolish, he'll fake it. If he's strong and righteous, he'll just tell it like it is: a two state solution is dangerous for Israel, and opposed to God's will. Away with you Solana. Away with you Obama. I'm here to do God's will. Then watch God act. But, Netanyahu, though he may be strong, will not be righteous.

There is some debate as to what the "holy covenant" of Daniel 11 refers to. The phrase is found in the midst of the Egyptian invasion of the final king of the north. In verse 28, we read that this king (presumed to be the anti-Christ) will take action against the holy covenant after failing in a second attempt at an Egyptian invasion. To some, therefore, the holy covenant includes the peace deal made between Egypt and Israel 30 years ago. The 30th anniversary of that deal was celebrated last week, though in Egypt there was no celebration spirit. The J-Post had a story on it a couple of days ago:

"Although the 30th anniversary of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt was treated in a much more low key fashion in Egypt than it was in Israel, President Shimon Peres nonetheless felt the need to call Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to offer his congratulations.

...Mubarak assured Peres that he had no intention of changing his policy with regard to peace with Israel, and that anyone who sought war had no real understanding of its implications. Egypt, he added, would continue to do all in its power to facilitate the release of Gilad Schalit."

So what do we have as the West threatens Israel with serious arm-twisting measures? We have an Egypt steadfast at peace with Israel, even showing open willingness to oppose the methods of Palestinian terrorists. But we have a Jimmy Carter, who wrongfully takes credit for the peace treaty 30 years ago, siding with the terrorists and thereby fueling the American betrayal of Israel. The theater appears ripe for prophetic fulfillment. But, still, no one seems to know who the king of the north is.

I can understand that Daniel 11 needs to be framed, by God, in such a way as to keep the end-time players from recognizing themselves. This is probably why the prophecy leads, without much textual indication, from the ancient Seleucids to the end-time neo-Seleucid: one can easily disregard any of the prophecy's end-time importance for that reason alone. For those of us who believe in prophecy, the textual indication that others don't see is in verse 31: the abomination in Jerusalem, and yet even some prophecy writers do not regard verse 31 as an end-time event. Amazing.

I'm here to "prove" that verse 31, and therefore verses 21-31, are of end-time importance. My updates are proof that the coming invasion of Egypt was known to me ahead of time, not for any clue in current world events, but from Daniel 11 alone...though Isaiah 19:1-4 speaks on the same event. In 19:11, YHWH calls the Egyptian leaders fools who give useless advice. The invasion of Egypt is, in the Isaiah prophecy, exposed as the will of God. But I would not have known that the invasion of Isaiah is to be directed by the anti-Christ if not for Daniel 11. I'm hanging my hat on these prophecies.

If you wish to see details of his Jerusalem invasion that's only mentioned in Daniel 11:31, see Isaiah 22.

The problem is, why would Daniel call the peace treaty with Egypt a "holy covenant" when, in Isaiah, God himself disregards Egypt and leads an attack against it? The only alternative seems to be that the holy covenant was the one made by God with Abraham: to give Israelites the land of Israel forever...which, we have since learned, begins after Armageddon. But this view implies that the anti-Christ will directly oppose God's covenant with Abraham, and the only logical way for him to oppose it directly is for that covenant to become an issue in the last days.

Who's going to make this a current issue? I can see no one besides either Israelites or Christians. I can't see the secular Israelis making it an issue, and while I know that Christians are already making it an issue, Israelites don't respect them enough for it to have become a significant issue in Israel. The prediction is, therefore, that religious Israelis will make this an issue. Netanyahu's government, unlike the previous Kadima government, includes those religious Israelis, and they are promising to weigh-in against the Obama-Solana arm-twisting machinery.

Naturally, the religious Israelis are concentrated around Jerusalem, for which reason they, least of all, wish to see the city go to Palestinians. There is no way that, being an official part of Netanyahu's government, they are not going to be vocal at the expected showdown between Israel and the West. The zeal toward the Abrahamic covenant will energize world-wide Christians -- evangelicals anyway -- into supporting the religious Israelis...though I'm reluctant because I view them as end-time Pharisees/Sadducees who must be purged of rebellion against Jesus Christ. I mean, who will be more anti-Christ, the anti-Christ or the religious Jews? It's a hard question to answer.

Already the church of John Hagee (San Antonio, Texas) has started a movement to support the Israeli cause against the Palestinian-state movement, and others evangelicals -- especially the Zionist-supporting pre-tribulationists -- are sure to join in or start their own. I once read, in about 1997, that John Hagee pronounced himself a post-tribber, only to read that he later became a pre-tribber.

I predict that the future will bring far more writings from pre-tribbers than we have seen to date, much of it erroneous and dangerous. The pre-trib cult has sharpened it's faulty arguments, and is ready to dispense. Watch it. Their main arguments will be that Gog cannot be the anti-Christ, that the 70th Week cannot arrive until the anti-Christ makes a peace treaty with Israel, or until the Jerusalem temple has been rebuilt (or is in the process of being rebuilt); that the Church cannot be on earth simultaneously with the anti-Christ's revelation.

I cannot predict the extent of Christian division that this will cause, but hopefully, it will be severe. I fear most of all that post-tribbers will be calm or ineffective as this battle escalates. Up until now, post-tribbers have been doing a fantastic job online, and may God give them the victory before it's too late.

I did an Internet count a year or two ago, and found that, although there were significantly more Google pages that included the term "pre-tribulation" as opposed to "post-tribulation," slightly more than half the articles in the first several Google-search pages were in favor of post-tribulationism! Plus, I just did a comparison between "post-trib" and "pre-trib:" and found that "post-trib" wins by a score of 96,800 pages to 89,800.

The down side to this is that many post-tribbers likewise teach the ideas presented by pre-tribbers, including the anti-Christ peace treaty, the new Jerusalem temple, and the distinction between Gog and anti-Christ. My webpage has not (yet, anyway) made a significant impact on these problems. I have the stigma of not including my name on the webpage, but my hope has been that the ideas I present will be spread by others, and this has been the case to some degree. I am surprised that there are not many negative things said about my website, though this may be a problem...suggesting that the book's impact is not considered a grave threat by pre-tribbers.

I once received regular scathing emails from pre-tribbers, but this has died down. I think the reason is clear: as the time approaches, even pre-tribbers will think hard on the reliability of the pre-trib-rapture position. I now receive more emails telling of conversions to the post-trib position than I do warnings from pre-tribbers. I have been blessed by emails telling of these conversions. I would share a few, but I delete emails soon after receiving them (for good reasons).

My book is copyrighted only to keep someone from publishing it under his/her own name, thus leaving me without legal power to publish it. I give permission for anyone to publish any of it (with proper, non-financial motives) with or without credit to I realize that I'm a bit of a spook for not using a name, and so I encourage you to publish what you think is important, without a link to; I prefer to be low-key. I would not approve my writings to be used at a website that includes the raising of money, unless credit goes to as a party not connected to the website.

I imagine that some regular readers here have their own prophecy-related websites. They don't agree with all my positions, but they read/skim to get the latest news. I have a message for you. There are terrible consequences for teaching the error of a peace-treaty between Israel and the anti-Christ. It is not a trivial matter that has only to do with differences of opinion. The teaching sets God's people up to miss out on the correct timing of the tribulation's arrival. History could be on the verge of the mandatory mark of the beast -- midway into the 70th Week -- and there you will be assuring your readers that the 70th Week has not yet begun. Imagine yourself standing before God having made such a grave mistake based on no scripture whatsoever. You will say:

But, Lord, Daniel 9:27 proclaims the peace treaty.

No. You are badly mistaken. You assumed wrongly that 'the many' includes Israel. How many of my people failed to prepare for the mark of the beast due to your assumptions.

I don't know. Hundreds maybe.

Why didn't you listen to John at tribwatch.

I don't know. Everyone else was teaching what I was...

But John made a very good point, and pointed it out to you, and you read it.

You're right, but everyone else was teaching the same...

How many thousands were taught the error, then? How many tens of thousands? How many millions?

I don't know. Maybe tens of millions.

What shall we write on your door in the Kingdom?

I don't know. How about 'Idiot'?

Not good enough.

How about, "stupendous idiot.'?

Close, but not quite.

Lord, what will you write on John's door?

Exactly what he asked for, that I gave him a great headache on earth. But underneath it he wants, 'I might forgive God, whom I love.'

What? Shocker, you're kidding...

He told me that he'll never forget the bruising he got, and he's afraid that he will forget it because of his love for the Father. He wants "John Abused" written on his mailbox for all-time.

You're kidding?

I have some work yet to do with that boy. He's gonna cry lakes yet, even though he's said he'll not cry anymore.

If trib survival didn't depend on it, your teaching that "the many" includes Israel would not be such a grave mistake. And the Lord may forgive us for not equating Gog with the anti-Christ since it appears to be His will that we don't recognize it until a certain time. Surely, when a king from the north of Israel invades Egypt successfully, and he is a Russian, we will finally equate Gog with the anti-Christ. Surely, when the same ruler invades Egypt again but fails due to ships of Kittim, none of us would dare refuse to see this man as the anti-Christ. Right?

I'm hoping, but there's no telling what pre-tribbers will say at that time. Due to their teachings, many Christians know nothing at this time of the end-time importance of Daniel 11:21-31. They may never know of the importance, due to so many pre-tribbers teaching that it's not an end-time prophecy until verse 36.

In the tribulation, the lot for many saints will be weeping and great weeping. We will wonder why God made things so hard. But who, really, will make it so hard, if not the pre-tribbers? On your door you will probably find the words: "Made it from Crying in the Great Tribulation."

In early April, the global agenda at the G-20 meet:

"Next week may mark the passing of that era [of brutal American global power] as Barack Obama comes to London to agree to American participation in a new global order in which China takes its rightful place and markets bow before the power of democracy. That, at least, is the hope beating inside a tense Downing Street this weekend."

The article is about Britain's prime minister, Gordon Brown, but mentions Henry Kissinger's statement to him as Brown traveled through New York during his recent world tour. Kissinger stands up and laments that the bail-out monies gone to the bad banks was not being used as Obama's government meant for it to be used, and basically asks Brown for his solution (was this a pre-planned set-up?). Brow:

"Brown, an admirer of Kissinger, lit up. He said: 'Global problems will need better global solutions. In the wake of the second world war, we managed to create an IMF [International Monetary Fund], a World Bank, a WTO [World Trade Organisation], a Marshall Plan. We had the capacity with vision and determination to create institutions based on the principle that for prosperity to be sustained it had to be shared and we had to have mechanisms by which we brought the whole world into this enterprise. ...'Now we've got a global market place, global competition, global flows of capital, global sourcing of goods.

'The institutions you need to deal with these problems are going to be quite different for this new era, so we must shape them.'"

Ahh, I get it. The banks have been "bad," wherefore governments must re-shape them. Ahh, and there was Kissinger, the Bilderberg globalist known to other Bilderberg globalists, effectively launching the announcement of this new plan. Note the first thing that Brown does: praises the world's major banks...thought to be in the grip of the "Jewish" Illuminati. Kissinger is himself a "Jew," born in Bavaria, in the district of Middle Franconia. He was the national security advisor (same as James Jones who takes his orders from Kissinger) under Nixon, and was followed by Brent Snowcroft.

Kissinger's mother was a Stern; note the dragon of the Jewish Stern Coat. If someone can please tell me what kind of horns are in the German Stern Coat, I would greatly appreciate it. The English Stern Crest uses what looks like a crow.

The Kissinger surname is relatively new, according to Wikipedia: "[Henry Kissinger's] surname was first taken by his great-great-grandfather, Meyer Lob, in 1817 after the city of Bad Kissingen." Bad Kissingen (Lower Franconia) is beside Fulda in Hesse; Fulda is important to my findings on the root of the Varangian Rus in the Veringens and Zahringens, relatives of the Swabian Hohen(staufen)s. Prior to the Templar era, notable peoples of Fulda are known to have moved to, or had connections in, Wieringen, the Netherlands town ruled by the first-known Varangian, Rurik of Kiev (9th century).

Berchtold II (11th century) of the Hohenstaufens "inherited the land of the counts of Rheinfelden in 1090 and took the title of duke of Zahringen." The Arms of Rheinfelden use gold Zionist stars in triplets on red background, as does the Jewish Stern Coat. Remember, "The city of Berne was founded by Berchtold V of Zahringen," wherefore Zahringens used the Berne bear symbol between two horns...the same horns seen above in the Stern Crest; see the bear-horn combination in the top-right of the Hohen-family Arms i.e. the Arms of Brandenburg Electorate).

It's a little interesting that while I view the Flintstone cartoon characters as Hohen-family entities, I have yet to identify Pebbles Flintstone with any certainty. I have just learned from that "The Kissinger surname derives from Old High German word "kisil," meaning 'pebble,' or 'gravel.'" This doesn't seem to square with derivation from Bad Kissingen, but then we read further down that "Kissinger" may have "evolved from any of several places named with this word [kisil]."

Bad Kissingen was beside Grapfeld. Here's what I wrote in the "Rest of this [Ladon] Book" piece (that has not been completed, and may never be):

The Wieringen webpage above tells of "gifts" given by certain individuals -- whole tracts of land -- to "the monastery of St. Bonifacius in the area Wieringen," We first find a Gebi giving his mansion. Then we find this: "I, Gerwic of Friesland, transfer to St. Bonifacius of the monastery of Fulda the land that is under my jurisdiction...". The undescores are mine to indicate similarity with "Grabfeld/Crepfeld" because it's smack beside Fulda!! Note the name, Gebi, for my claim is that Jebusites were at Grabfeld as much as Jebusites were at Gareb hill.

I wasn't kidding when I said "notable peoples of Fulda":

"The Benedictine monastery of Fulda was founded in 744 by Saint Sturm, a disciple of Saint Boniface...a base from which missionaries accompanied Charlemagne's armies...The initial grant for the abbey was signed by Carloman, the son of Charles Martel. The support of the Mayors of the Palace and later, the early Pippinid and Carolingian rulers, was important to Boniface's success. Fulda also received support from many of the leading families of the Carolingian world...Fulda also received large and constant donations from the Etichonids, a leading family in Alsace, and the Conradines, predecessors of the Salian Holy Roman Emperors" (

The Rest of this Book

Fulda was Franco-dragon cult all over. Note the founder of Fulda's monastery, saint Sturm, what may have become "Stern."

I traced the Peppinids to Paphlagonia, even as the Franks are known to stem from Heneti Paphlagonians. I can only suspect (but not prove) that Paphlagonians were connected to Paphos in Cyprus (birthplace of Aphrodite). I mention this in case "Kissin" stems from "Kittim," the latter thought to have been the city of Kition in Cyprus. Kition was to the south of modern Larnaca and east of Limassol. As the latter was "Lemesos" anciently, it's conspicuous because the Aphrodite cult of Kabeiri was early on Lemnos/Limnos.

In an article out yesterday:

"Members of Congress and the New York State attorney general demanded detailed information Thursday on how tens of billions of taxpayer dollars flowed through the American International Group [AIG] during its crisis last fall and ended up in the coffers of several dozen big banks, shielding them from losses.

The new inquiries shine a spotlight on a question that is exponentially bigger, in dollars, than the $165 million in bonuses that A.I.G. paid out this month, but which has been overshadowed until now by the uproar over the bonuses.

...A.I.G. released the names of its major counterparties this month, at the urging of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. They included Wall Street firms, like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Merrill Lynch...

...Some have also been dismayed to learn that taxpayer money had ended up bailing out foreign banks. Some of the biggest beneficiaries of the bailout of A.I.G. were banks in Europe..."

When will president Obama order for the gallows to be built on Main St., USA?

It's only early afteroon on the 28th and already I see a March 29 article:

"Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his US counterpart Barack Obama will next week make a joint declaration on their weapons arsenals, in a step towards renewing a key Cold War disarmament pact, a Kremlin advisor said on Saturday.

...'We will end up with two presidential declarations -- a general one about Russian-American relations and one about strategic offensive arms,' Medvedev's foreign policy advisor Sergei Prikhodko said."

That was quick. No sooner had Kissinger's nuclear-reductions team been in Russia that a deal has been struck toward that end. We're all for nuclear reductions, but what did Obama offer/give Russia in return?

DEBKAfile is at it again, saying wehat no man has dared say before:

"DEBKAfile's Washington sources report that the Obama administration is on the threshold of a major rapprochement with Tehran, a reversal of US policy dramatic enough to block out international sanctions. Iran will be allowed to keep its nuclear program, including military elements and enriched uranium stocks, up to the point of actually assembling a weapon.

Washington will continue the Bush practice of publishing 'reports' that Iran is still years away from a weaponizing capability. Tehran will hold the upper hand by retaining the option to go forward and build a bomb within one month of a decision to do so and mount warheads on ballistic missiles already standing ready, as revealed last Sunday, March 25, by Israel's military intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin."

Wh-wha-what's that? Has this got anything to do with the Obama deal(s) just made with Russia? Is there an Iran stipulation in the deal(s)? Russia wouldn't make an arms-reduction deal unless Obama pulled Bush's missile systems out of Poland and Czechoslovakia, but Obama wouldn't pull them out unless Russia promises to keep big-time weapons/missiles out of Iran. Perhaps what DEBKAfile is saying is that, while Russia has agreed to take hands off of Iran, there was no way that Russia could promise Obama anything on whatever level of nuclear preparedness Iran had already achieved.

DEBKAfile wasn't finished:

"The US president is willing to ditch Israel as a friend. This will be brought home to Jerusalem when he makes his big speech on April 7 appealing for a grand US-Muslim global reconciliation. The US president is preparing to tie a Palestinian-Israeli settlement - on Washington's terms - to such unrelated issues as Afghanistan and Pakistan as the currency for purchasing Muslim and Arab backing for accommodations of these outstanding terrorist fronts."

Either my English is not good enough to understand that, or my brain can't handle a sentence that long. I think what it's saying is that Obama will fight the al-Qaeda axis only if Netanyahu caves in to a Palestinian state. A Netanyahu failure toward his demand would be one fine excuse for Obama to get out of Afghanistan and save his skin in so doing, and in the meantime all the Muslims would love him more because of it. Obama knows a money waster when he sees one, and he doesn't want to waste the big bag he now holds in his hand. Afghanistan is one big money ditch.

On swiftly now to Iraqi news. Bombs, bombs, and more bombs. On now swiftly to other news.

In a global village, even China can weigh in on Israeli matters:

"Chinese President Hu Jintao has affirmed Syria's right to restore its occupied lands [of Golan Heights]...

...Hu Jintao expressed his country's support of Syria in its pursuit to achieve a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East."

Let's see. China is predicted to be the enemy of Gog at Armageddon, and Gog attacks Syria. That fits: China to the rescue of Syria. After all, the Kings of the East are to park themselves on the northern end of the Euphrates, which is in Syria.

Son, if you're reading, I've lost your college phone number. Send it to my private email account. Thanks.

I think this is all for today. I'll be talking to some of you today and tonight, but time is limited.

March 29

I have just spent a half day responding to email, and just want to say I am filled with love. I had not one mean or antagonistic message, and yet many brothers and sisters with helpful spirits. How could I ask for anything more?

If I have not responded to you while your email is more than a week old, it's possibly because some email gets into my spam folder, where I never see it. If I don't respond to you, write again. I respond to virtually everyone who writes in.

I've been at the keyboard far too long to do updates tonight. Love to you all. Zzz...


Today I get to test whether a cloudy, rainy day on the brink of April (= decent solar height in the sky) is sufficient to give enough solar power to the four 135-watt solar panels for constant laptop use. I'll let you know.

Not that I look forward to war, but, finally, Iraq is in the news with something very pertinent to Gogi expectations:

"A combined force of American and Iraqi Army troops and National Police descended on Fadhil, a Sunni neighborhood and former insurgent stronghold in central Baghdad, and arrested the head of Fadhil's Awakening Council, Adil al-Mashhadani, on terrorism charges, according to Major General Qassim Atta, spokesman for the Iraqi security forces in Baghdad. He said firefights broke out afterward.

...Many of the Awakening groups recently have complained about mistreatment and warned that some of their followers might switch back to supporting Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia...

...Abu Mirna, the media coordinator for the Fadhil Awakening Council, said: 'American forces have broken the alliance with us by arresting our leader. Now there are clashes in the area between the Americans and Awakening fighters and you can hear shooting. It's chaos.' Heavy gunfire could be heard over the telephone while he was speaking.

...Five Iraqi Army soldiers were also taken hostage, according to two officials in the Ministry of Interior...

...There have been arrests of some other Sons of Iraq members suspected of still working for insurgents, but not of anyone so prominent."

Just as the transfer to Iraqi control of Awakening Sunni Arabs is in it's final stages, the expected violence has begun. Tremors between these Sunni and Maliki's Shi'ite government have been on-going from the start of the process. What has broken out this weekend may be the start of a new empowering of al-Qaeda in Iraq, and the Baathist-Qaeda alliance that is slated to join Gog.

The questions are, will this rift now in Baghdad spread to northern Iraq, and does there exist a Sunni plot to overthrow the Baghdad government? The arrests cannot now be blamed on electioneering. The arrest of al-Mashhadani would appear to be evidence of a Sunni plot against Baghdad. There's evidence that Maliki has been malicious toward the Awakening Sunni:

"[Yesterday], however, leaders of several Awakening Council groups complained that the [Iraqi] government has not paid them in months, with some threatening to quit the movement.

'We have not received our salaries in two months,' said Ahmed Suleiman al-Jubouri, a leader of a group that mans checkpoints in south Baghdad. 'We will wait until the end of April, and if the government does not pay us our salaries, then we will abandon our work.'"

I don't believe that Iraq is too impoverished to pay the wages of these Sunni. I would rather believe that Maliki wants them to quit...if they go quietly. Maliki has taken them on only because the American military has transferred them to him, but he has never trusted them.

If asked whether this uprising is part of an Obama plot in line with the report that he seeks to form a Syria-Iraqi wide Baathist group to topple Maliki, I'll withhold an opinion for a later time...when there is more evidence of such an Obama plot. I realize that the American military in Baghdad has been fighting against this Sunni skirmish, but Obama may be bringing about his Baathist plot aside from the knowledge of his own military...with, perhaps, the exception of one or more leaders who are a part of the plot.

As for the other question, I think the timing of this uprising is right for a spreading into Mosul's Sunni camps. In fact, the Baghdad Sunni are likely connected to the Sunni rebels in Mosul. Look out. This could be it!

I've been watching the reports on North Korea's imminent missile launch, but didn't want to report on it unless I saw good evidence that it might be a precursor to the False Prophet's fire-from-the-sky program:

"Amid increasing global concern over [North Korea's] rocket launch, believed by the US and its allies to be an illegal missile launch, Japan's Sankei Shimbun newspaper claimed today a 15-strong delegation from Tehran has been in the country advising the North Koreans since the beginning of March.

...the US and its allies in the region believe the secretive regime is actually planning illegally to test a long-range Taepodong-2 missile that could reach North America...

...Pyongyang has resisted pressure to call off the launch and warned that any attempt to shoot down the rocket would be regarded as an act of war."

Iranian techies in N. Korea? What does that spell? What will happen if Japan and/or the U.S. shoot the missile down as promised? Will Ahmadinejad's unclenched fist become clenched again? Will Israel be emboldened to strike Iran's facilities if Ahmadinejad and Obama have a major spat...just as they were scheduled to kiss one another and make up? It may turn out to be nothing, which is why I haven't mentioned it much. But on the other hand, North Korea may be involved with the Iran axis to proportions that we the public may not yet know. North Korea may be a leader in the axis rather than a "groupie."

The global move toward "climate control" is very strange. There is too-strong determination in these circles to carry on with the long-range, non-pressing programs even though the same globalists assert to other crises already present at their doorsteps. Those in opposition to the global-warming cult have been telling us that it's nothing but a tax-grab, but the report below suggests it's much worse, a total re-vamping of how the world is to operate:

"A United Nations document on 'climate change' that will be distributed to a major environmental conclave next week envisions a huge reordering of the world economy, likely involving trillions of dollars in wealth transfer, millions of job losses and gains, new taxes, industrial relocations, new tariffs and subsidies, and complicated payments for greenhouse gas abatement schemes and carbon taxes -- all under the supervision of the world body.

Those and other results are blandly discussed in a discretely worded United Nations 'information note' on potential consequences of the measures that industrialized countries will likely have to take to implement the Copenhagen Accord, the successor to the Kyoto Treaty, after it is negotiated and signed by December 2009. The Obama administration has said it supports the treaty process if, in the words of a U.S. State Department spokesman, it can come up with an 'effective framework' for dealing with global warming.

The 16-page note, obtained by FOX News, will be distributed to participants at a mammoth negotiating session that starts on March 29 in Bonn, Germany...

...Getting that deal done has become the United Nations' highest priority, and the Bonn meeting is seen as a critical step along the path to what the U.N. calls an 'ambitious and effective international response to climate change,' which is intended to culminate at the later gathering in Copenhagen.

...The paper makes no effort to calculate the magnitude of the costs and disruption involved, but despite the discreet presentation, makes clear that they will reverberate across the entire global economic system.",2933,510937,00.html

It seems evident that certain globalists are feverishly involved in money-raising schemes to support their peculiar brand of the new globalism. It would appear from Obama's support of the global-warming crowd that the Bilderbergs are behind this scheme. However, the anti-Kyoto Bush people were clearly not behind it, possibly (if not likely) due to the financial harm to oil industries (i.e. to the chief causes of the "greenhouse effect"). The Rothschilds are known to be in the oil industry, but are also suspect as the creators of the Federal Bank that is now in cahoots with the Bush-Obama bail-out plans. Thus, two schemes to raise money by crooked means, by two opposing/competing Illuminati groups. LG shared the following page with me:

"World renowned French banker and Chairman of the Rothschild Group, David Rene James de Rothschild delivered a lecture titled 'What Economic Crisis Teaches Us'; on March 16, as part of the Megaron Plus series of events hosted by the Athens Concert Hall.

David de Rothschild estimated that the global economic crisis will come to an end in 2010.

He also stressed that the first signs of recovery will be stock markets rising, but he warned that the crisis will leave the governments' coffers with enormous public debt."

This is a rare Rothschild statement; one would expect Rothschild bankers to say much more in a banking crisis. Rothschilds are typically characterized, by conspiracy writers, as stock-market manipulators. If a leading Rothschild says that stocks are going up, they probably will. His statement, made on March 16, coincides roughly with Obama's new attitude on the American economy, when he desisted from his gloomy message. On the 18th update, I had this to say:

"There's an article out claiming that Bernanke and Obama are partnered in a stock-market manipulation scheme, if you're interested. There is nothing wrong with working or manipulating things to increase stock-market numbers, unless ones caused the stock market to go down in the first place for personal gains. One sentence gives this impression when it reads: "'Last week, the Obama administration engaged in a dramatic transformation of rhetoric, abruptly halting the gloom and doom Obama articulated when he warned the U.S. economy might suffer an irreversible catastrophe if Congress did not immediately pass the administration's proposed $787 billion economic stimulus program,' Corsi wrote."

Obama's attitude changed before de Rothschild's March 16th message, but only days though Globama is part of a Rothschild plot to reverse things. I'm making a heavy charge without much evidence, but if the shoe fits, it's worth a passing mention.

Europa is asserting herself. Her underlying purpose in UN globalism has been to rise above her husband, the United States. There are Americans locked in with Europa's purposes, willing to betray the United States on her behalf. I suspect America's president to be one of them, and we see another high-level one below having the same "stimulus" plot as Obama:

"A UN panel of expert economists pressed Thursday for a new global currency reserve scheme to replace the volatile, dollar-based system and for coordinated steps by rich countries to stimulate their economies.

'A new Global Reserve System -- what may be viewed as a greatly expanded SDR (Special Drawing Rights)...' the panel said.

As part of several recommendations to tackle the global financial crisis, the panel also noted recovery would require all developed countries, in the short term, to take 'strong, coordinated and effective actions to stimulate their economies.'

And it stressed the need to 'lay the basis for the long-run reforms that will be necessary if we are to have a more stable and more prosperous global economy and avoid future global crises.'

The commission, led by US economist Joseph Stiglitz...

There you have him, the American with a very non-American surname, wishing to do worldwide exactly what Obama is doing in America, but, unlike Obama's public statement, wishing to topple the American dollar as the world's primary currency.

No surprise, Stiglitz is a Jewish surname, according to Wikipedia's article on Joseph Stiglitz: born to "Jewish parents." Stiglitz is the former Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank." Are there any non-Jews in the top strata of the World Bank???

He frowns on free-market capitalism, a tenet of the Republicans; both his parents were Democrats. Wikipedia reports that he's been critical of the Word Bank and International Monetary Fund, perhaps explained in that he's "a member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences," a group founded by pope John Paul II to act as the Vatican's say on socio-political issues. The article points out that Stiglitz influenced Jason Furman, Obama's deputy director of the National Economic Council.

The circumstances about the banking collapse have made me too dizzy for proper comprehension. I can't possibly know what's going on, whether Stiglitz opposes the banks that he says he opposes, or whether this talk is a facade for whatever reasons. His opposition to the bail-out monies for banks (a Bush program, remember) is one thing, but is he for or against Obama's stimulus package? The article above (from would suggest that he's for it. It continues in such a way as to show betrayal of the American dollar:

"On the monetary front, Stiglitz, the 2001 Nobel economics laureate, told a press conference here there was 'a growing consensus that there are problems with the dollar reserve system.'

He noted that such a system was 'relatively volatile, deflationary, unstable and (had) inequity associated with it' [the "inequity" is the charge of Russia and China recently].

...This week, China's central bank chief Zhou Xiaochuan suggested the dollar could be replaced as a reserve currency by an International Monetary Fund (IMF) basket comprising dollars, euros, sterling and yen, saying it would not be easily influenced by individual countries.

...[The UN Panel under Stiglitz] said a new Global Reserve 'is feasible, non-inflationary and could be easily implemented...'

Stiglitz said his panel's experts were currently trying 'to lay out the conceptual framework of how this might be done.' The issue of the world currency reserve is expected to be raised at the April 2 summit of the G20 club of developed and emerging economies."

These points show that a serious UN movement exists tying in with the will of quasi-Communist Russia and Communist China. The fact that Obama supports such a program at home -- who many are calling "socialist" -- causes me to suggest that Stiglitz's panel is of Rhodian red. The next sentence in the article implies that the world is moving to a single currency fast: "On [March 25] IMF managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said that talks on a new global reserve currency to replace the US dollar were 'legitimate' and could take place 'in the coming months.'"

Knowing that Angela Merkel of Germany was a Bush supporter, note now that she is coming out swinging against the world-wide "stimy" package:

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, last night led the assault on the [British] prime minister's 'global new deal' for a $2 trillion-plus fiscal stimulus to end the recession.

'I will not let anyone tell me that we must spend more money,' she said.

The Spanish finance minister, Pedro Solbes, also dismissed new cash being pledged at Thursday's London summit.

'In these conditions I and the rest of my colleagues from the eurozone believe there is no room for new fiscal stimulus plans,' he said."

Some are saying that Obama is headed for a bruising at the G-20 meet of the giants, this highlighting that globalists who cannot agree on how to make the world go round are not in any position to be overly feared by conspiracy-fearing Christians. Obama is the jig-alo, Brown is his customer, and Europa doesn't think she wants anything to do with it. Obama jiggles, Brown giggles, and Europa is trying to wiggle away. The Obama-Brown love-in is even making the Great Mother Tart blush.

And so the G-20 giants are about to go to bat in London, and hopefully they will all hit one another over the heads. The Reds are going to be there:

"Medvedev and Obama will meet for the first time in London on April 1.

The meeting is expected to result in two presidential statements -- a general one on Russian-American relations on the whole and on a new agreement on strategic offensive arms to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), Prikhodko said."

LG has been doing a lot of dragon-hunt work in the past several weeks. She admitted that it gives her a headache. I keep warning her to stop already. She comes up with a lot of things I don't know what to do with, but at other times she bags some good leads. She found that "Madoff/Medoff" is a surname derived from "honey." I didn't think much of it, but then I opened (last night) another LG email showing that "Medvedev" means "bear." That's when she caused me to see the similarity between "Madoff" and "Medv(edev)."

I believe in coincidences, but having just traced the Rhodians to a bear line of de-Beers and Bernicians, what am I to make of a bear-surname now at the top spot of Russia? I had just traced the Rhodians (= Cecil-Rhodes globalism for new readers) to Bute elements, thinking that they trace to Georgian Bats peoples and possibly British-based Baathists, when I discovered what many think is Putin's real mother in Georgia near a locality called "Bath," and moreover "Putin" is itself evocative of "Bute." What in tarnation is going on here???

To verify, I found that "Since his surname Medvedev means descendant of an ancestor named 'Bear,' I had occasion to examine the roots of the Russian word for bear, medved..." The term relates to "mead," a honey-fermented drink thought to have been the "drink of the Greek gods," so-called "ambrosia." It was used for hallucination-based "prophecies" or oracles made by the Satanists of the Apollo cult, for example.

But the point is this: Bernie Madoff had been in the news recently as per a fraudulent, ponzi scheme, and he's "Jewish." It could mean that "Medvedev" is likewise Hebrew. Then I found that "Medved" was a term known to Tolkien the British "myth writer":

"Tolkien-scholars have long recognized that Medwed is Russian for 'honey-eater' and thus appropriate for the Beorn character..."

A Beorn character of Tolkien? Wouldn't he depict the Beornicians, same as Bernicians??? Recalling that (proto)Bernicians (from Berne, Switzerland, I think) were in the Franco-Belgic realm of Artois, is it a coincidence that, in Tolkien's "The Hobbit," Beorn kills "Bolg"? This Beorn became a bear by night. The article says that the Nordic "Bjorn" is a variation of the term, meaning "honey" (are you reading, Bjorn?). Indeed, "bij" also means honey, in Dutch.

The problem is, "med/mead" carried into the Germanic and Slavic languages, not the Hebrew language. Therefore Bernie Madoff may have been Hebrew on his mother's side only, or his Hebrew father was so on his mother's side only, while his Madoff bloodline was something else. In other words, Medvedev may not be a Hebrew surname. If you discover differently, LG, or anyone else, let me know.

Let's not let our guard down:

"A cyber spy network based mainly in China hacked into classified documents from government and private organizations in 103 countries...

...The researchers detected a cyber espionage network involving over 1,295 compromised computers from the ministries of foreign affairs of Iran, Bangladesh, Latvia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Barbados and Bhutan. They also discovered hacked systems in the embassies of India, South Korea, Indonesia, Romania, Cyprus, Malta, Thailand, Taiwan, Portugal, Germany and Pakistan.

Once the hackers infiltrated the systems, they gained control using malware -- software they install on the compromised computers -- and sent and received data from them, the researchers said.",2933,511316,00.html

If the Chinese can do it, though government agencies are protected to the hilt by firewalls and virus catchers, the Illuminati can surely record everything that you and I write or save so long as we are online long enough for them to retrieve the information. While the Illuminati may not yet be overly concerned with skincode rejectors, the time is coming when they will be.

Before ending today, I'll report my solar-panel results. You can skip if not interested. It's been raining all day. I turned the computer on at 6:30 am. It's now 1 pm. The batteries stood at 24.6 volts at 6:30. They are the same now. My laptop and solar equipment together use about 60 watts (laptop = 70 watts max, inverter 20 watts). There has been virtually no battery charging going on today (only 2 amp-hours total), wherefore the fact that the batteries have remained at 24.6 volts throughout the 5.5 hours suggests that the laptop has been running on the light shining on the solar panels, even though the brightness of that light is too low to activate the battery charger (which has been on "snooze" mode throughout the rain).

However, the laptop must have used some battery power because at this time, at about "high noon," the four solar panels combined are receiving 29 watts (in the rain). This means that the wattage received was progressively less going backward in time to 6:30 (the lower the sun, the less the wattage).

The long and the short of it is: the average daytime wattage is about 15 (half of 29) watts x 12 (the hours of daylight) = 180 watt-hours, enough to pump plenty of water in the trib, or to use a circular power saw for about 10 minutes continually. Or, one could use an 18-watt bulb for 10 hours, or two 18-watt bulbs for five hours, etc. Considering that it's raining, this is good news. If only to pump water and have some emergency power during cloudy/rainy weeks, it's a good idea to have solar panels. On clear days, you'll have lots more power, and even more as the spring season evolves into summer.

March 30

The fighting in Baghdad stretched into a second day, though it's fizzling out. Some details of the causes are coming out:

"Baghdad military command spokesman Major General Qasim Atta said Mashhadani was arrested along with his aide Salman Kadduri over allegations of murder and extortion and "violating the constitution.

'There are 80 civil suits against him for murder and extortion,' he said.

'We also have information that Mashhadani heads the military branch in Fadel of the (banned) Baath party' of executed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, Atta said."

I have no comment. Let's wait and see what develops.

How many programs has Obama started, and has yet to start, that are not intended for public approval or knowledge? One never knows, but I like to point out every instance of such a thing to build evidence that his in fact being insidious to his own country. The Bible makes the claim that the anti-Christ will destroy his own people, so why not the other globalists?

"Barack Obama is conducting his own affirmative action program to get more Muslims in the White House.

The move began with Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn, who took his oath of office with a hand on the Quran...

According to the Denver Post, when White House officials heard about the program, it was put on overdrive.

So far, 45 Ivy League grads, Fortune 500 executives and government officials have been submitted for consideration.

J. Saleh Williams, program coordinator for the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association, sifted through more than 300 names as part of the search.

'It was mostly under the radar,' Williams said. 'We thought it would put (the president) in a precarious position. We didn't know how closely he wanted to appear to be working with the Muslim American community.'"

Hard to believe that Obama doesn't know anything about this drive to place Muslims in government positions. He had better place many more blacks in government jobs because they out-number Muslims in the U.S, and have been there, fighting for representation, far longer. Imagine Obama getting more Muslims into government jobs than blacks. What would the blacks do and say? Therefore, Obama can't be seen as the one getting Arabs their jobs.

Without notifying the public or the media,

"President Obama, before he took office, pressured outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to put a quick end to the Cast Lead counterterrorist operation against Hamas, according to New Yorker journalist Seymour Hersh.

...Hersh, whose agenda previously has pushed for Israel agreements with Arab countries and the Palestinian Authority, quoted American officials that 'Israeli-Syrian negotiations over the Golan Heights are now highly likely.'

Hersh described the theory, adopted by Obama advisors, that an Israeli-Syrian agreement would wean the Damascus regime away from Iran and Hizbullah."

This story is being repeated here because the article was out today, showing that a movement toward a Syria-Israeli agreement is still in the works with American involvement. As Iran becomes more dangerous toward Israel, Israel becomes more likely to give up the Golan Heights, and Syria, in order to have that card from Israel, must lay down an anti-Iran card, or at least disconnect from the Iran axis. This seems to be the best success story that Obama can attain at this time.

Indeed, after last week's rolling threats from the West, everyone has been waiting to hear how Netanyahu would react. Today he spoke out, and said he is desiring peace with all Arabs but "stopping short of making a commitment to a two-state solution.' Take that, West.

Netanyahu can play the Golan Heights card as temporary appeasement for the West. It should get the West off his back for some years. Netanyahu might like to stall before giving up Golan, but the West is indicating that it isn't playing anymore games.

The article below tells that the U.S military knew of the Israeli-bombed convoy passing through Sudan in February, while Obama was the president. In fact, a U.S. official(s) warned the Sudanese to halt the convoy shipments just before the convoy was destroyed. This tells why Obama could not publicly engage Hamas in talks. If, however, it can be shown that Obama ordered some of his agents to speak to Hamas, he is guilty of an injustice, as when a police officer is guilty of befriending a thief rather than arresting him when caught in the act.

Can it be shown that Obama spoke to Hamas after the convoy was known to him? Yes, when an assortment of Democrats visited Gaza, showing pity toward its destruction. It was a well-calculated friendship message to Hamas. Obama has been silent not only on the Iranian convoy through Sudan, but the Iranian ship in Cyprus. He is still reaching a hand out to Iran, and in fact is hoping to use Iran toward his Afghan agenda. If I were Netanyahu, I'd treat Obama as Jesus treated Herod: the silent treatment.

It is continuously made clear that Obama's agents in support of talks with the evil axis are from Britain as well as the U.S. The motives for these talks are fear of what the axis may do. As the British prime minister is now in support of Obama's arms-reduction deal with Russia, I start to get the impression that the Obama-Brown partnership is more solid than the two are letting on. The reason for keeping the partnership low-key? I think they're both in cahoots (a nice Jewish word) with the Rhodians, and they therefore do the will of the Rhodes Illuminati. Again, note that the Kissinger "wise guys" have been in Russia on the arms-reduction deal, and that Gorbachev's ties to Maitreya are likely based, as was Maitreya himself, in London.

"Brown said that, if the U.S. and Russia agree to new reductions to their nuclear stockpiles, Britain will also reduce its nuclear arsenal."

I don't know who represents the Rhodes Illuminati today. I don't know whether it's tied to the British Rothschilds in any ways. I don't know how far it has spread its wings out of Britain, or where it's main circles operate from. I don't know if they're tied to the Bilderbergs, or to Solana. I just know that Rhodes Scholars are doing the business of British agents toward an Aryan global ruling class, and are not concerned with the concerns of Americans. I feel confident that Brown and Obama are a part of the Rhodians, wherefore any other leaders voicing support for arms reductions, or the global stimulus scheme, are suspect.

But if any entity is for U.S. talks with Iran, it doesn't necessarily suggest Rhodian ties, for many are bound to be for Obama-Iran talks. Note the presence of a British diplomat below:

"American and Iranian diplomats have held their first talks under a Russian initiative on ending the war in Afghanistan as signs that President Barack Obama's efforts to mend relations with the Islamic nation seems to be showing signs of progress, reports say.

...Patrick Moon, the U.S. diplomat in charge of south and central Asia, and Mehdi Akhundzadeh, Iran's deputy foreign minister, as well as a British diplomat who has been acting as a mediator held a remarkable meeting in Moscow on the Afghan situation.

'We've turned a page to have Iranians and Americans at the same table all discussing Afghanistan,' Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, said."

So what is this? It's nothing but Israel to the wayside. Obama and Iran working together on eradicating the drug lords and other goons of Afghanistan, while Iran seeks to destroy Israel, is an Obama insult to Israel. And all the Muslims know it. The decision must have been made, therefore, by Obama's invisible bosses, that tossing Israel to the wayside is an acceptable sacrifice in return for unclenching Iran's hand. I don't think that the British Rothschilds would be for this attitude, but the Rhodians may not have any love for, or stock in, Israeli whatsoever.

Now that I think of it, God may have prepared the Rhodian "bears" for Israel's great tribulation. Persia is, after all, a bear in Daniel 7...and as we know, the bear also symbolizes Russia. Aryans were, after all, named after the same entity that named Iran. Bernicians may have depicted themselves by a bear because they honored their Aryan blood.

Remember Albert the Bear of the House of Ascania and of the Wettin fold. Ashkenaz was a son of Gomer, and Comarians/Chomarians were first in Iran before living in Caucasia and Magog. "Witten" is said to derive from "white," which surname may have intended to indicate the white/Caucasian "race" otherwise known as Aryans. Usually, in Christian circles, an Aryan refers to sons of Japheth (e.g. Gomer) who spread out in Iran.

Mythical Arthur is often traced to Alans, who lived in ancient Alania we may presume, a region also called, Ossetia (Caucasia), some peoples of which call themselves "Iron," a term thought to trace back to Aryans. Note the city of Arkhyz in Alania, for mythical Arcas (a depiction of Arcadia in northern Sparta) became the bear/ursa constellation.

March 31

There's more info on the Baghdad uprising of Sunni leader, Mashadani. There's no need to reiterate that the following is a sample of what I've been waiting for, week after week all of 2009:

"A press release from the Multi-National Force in Iraq says he is suspected of leading a cell that has attacked and killed Iraqi security forces with IEDs - roadside bombs.

They also believe he operated mortar or rocket teams, and 'extorted bribes in excess of $160,000 (113,000) a month from the citizens of Fadhil', as the press release puts it.

The Iraqi authorities have made another serious accusation against Mr Mashadani - that he maintained links with remnants of the former regime of Saddam Hussein.

The Centre for Imposing Law on Baghdad - set up under the 'surge' of US troops in 2007 - says Mr Mashadani was running a new military wing of the old Ba'ath Party.

...If this is true, it is a profoundly worrying development.

But it would not be a surprise.

...[Iraqis] say many members of the old regime remain angry that they lost their status, their power and their income when the armed forces and the Ba'ath Party were disbanded in the early days of the occupation of Iraq - angry, and determined to get their power back.

...A widely expressed fear here is that these 'remnants' have been only temporarily suppressed by the surge - and that they are 'sitting on their hands' waiting to resume their activities when American forces leave."

It speaks for itself. The ghost of Saddam wishes to re-arise. As for whether the arrest of this one leader and some of his gang will result in violence from Sunni fighters further north:

"...[yesterday], a Sons of Iraq leader in the restive Diyala province, north of [Baghdad], threatened to stop security cooperation with U.S. and Iraqi forces if the jailed leader was not freed."

But there's a problem with my view that Baathists AND al-Qaeda must join Gog together, for as the Awakening Sunni turned their backs on al-Qaeda, and even killed some of them in efforts to rid Iraq of them, how will these Baathists ever be received by al-Qaeda again? Still:

"The American military said Sunday that [Mashadani] was suspected...of colluding with Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia and with another insurgent network, Jaish al-Islami."

I think the situation is that Baathists who had never fought against al-Qaeda, but instead partnered with it, are seeking to bring the Awakening Sunni back into their anti-Iraq fold, and thereby asking/demanding that al-Qaeda accept them as fellow fighters without grudges.

Three months of 2009 are all but gone.


Time magazine has further details on the Israeli strike in Sudan. Two points are made of interest to me. One, a Hamas official admitted to the existence of the convoy and that it was carrying military material to Hamas, and, two, Israel notified the Americans that it was going to do the air raid on the convoy:

"Sources quoted by the report denied that US aircraft had been involved in the strike. 'The Americans were notified that Israel was going to conduct an air operation in Sudan, but they were not involved,' a source was quoted as saying."c

Obama knew that a large shipment of killing equipment, enough to kill many Israelis, was coming from Iran to Hamas, and yet he still spoke out openly of reaching a hand out to Iran. Therein is the enemy of the world, the president of the United States. Therein is the scoundrel of the earth, who cannot be trusted to do anything good for the world. There is the fiend, wishing to join his war on Taliban terrorism to a primary terrorist nation. There is the Judas Obama, raising Ahmadinejad to global respect when Ahmadinejad would like nothing more but to obliterate, not just Israel, but the people under Obama whom he is supposed to be representing.

What happens when Iran becomes partnered with the United States in Afghanistan? Iran is then made privy to all sorts of sensitive information about NATO's Afghan efforts. Russia has offered to be a part of Obama's Afghan operation for the purpose of undoing the drug trade, but, again, any involvement alongside the U.S. will transfer much secret info to Russia that can be used to subvert NATO's efforts these past several years. This is why one does NOT make friends with suspected enemies. They get into your house and see how best to destroy you.

There can be only one justification for seeking pacts with Iran: by advertising that Iran hates America because America supports Israel. This is Obama's underlying "religion," that by undoing America's support for Israel, it lessens Muslim resentment toward America. This "religion" is in Obama's blood, remember, and if he can't be open about it because he needs to maintain a pro-Israeli facade, his Democrat agents will be. His Democrats are on the Internet asking why America should continue to support Israel at the cost of causing world strife.

A DEBKAfile article of yesterday is laying its groundwork for attacking Obama next week when he gives his say at the Alliance of Civilizations:

"Turkish prime minister Recip Tayyep Edrogan is leaning hard on the White House for US president Barack Obama to meet Syrian president Bashar Assad. Edrogan says this will dramatize the address Obama plans to deliver from Istanbul on April 7 extending America's hand of peace to Muslims worldwide. It will also telegraph a strong message to the new Netanyah-Barak-Lieberman government that the Obama administration wants Israel to go back to the Turkish-mediated peace talks with Syria begun by Ehud Olmert -- this time with active US involvement."

Turkey is herein providing an open door for Obama to engage Syria-Israeli peace talks. Turkish officials clearly believe that Obama is on the side of Muslims. Muslims worldwide have been skeptical, and await clues to Obama's Muslim leanings. How will Obama deliver further clues while playing ball on the political fence that he must walk?

A Haaretz article out today reveals details of a special report that Obama will use for his Israeli program:

"The 10 members of the team that prepared the report included Brent Scowcroft and Zbigniew Brzezinski, both of whom headed the National Security Council [= Kissinger's domain]; former Democratic congressman Lee Hamilton, former Republican senator Chuck Hagel; James Wolfensohn, formerly president of the World Bank as well as the Quartet's Middle East emissary; and Thomas Pickering, a former under secretary of state. All of them are members of the U.S. Middle East Project, headed by Henry Siegman. True, Siegman is considered a member of the "far left," but Netanyahu will have a hard time accusing him of anti-Semitism, since he is an ordained Orthodox rabbi, and he served as executive director of the American Jewish Congress."

Keep in mind that this body, as with the Quartet itself, was not formed with Israeli permission, but seeks to intrude into Israeli affairs and dictate them. Another of the ten men is Paul Volcker, former Fed chairman and therefore likely an agent of "Jewish" international bankers. It would not appear that these 10 men are acting together as anti-Israelis, and yet it is clear in the report that they are striving to quickly effect a Palestinian state with a capital in East Jerusalem. Look at their deadline, and ask why 2009:

"The experts who drew up the report placed the Palestinian channel ahead of the Syrian channel in urgency, and expressed the opinion that 2009 constitutes the last opportunity for a partition solution."

No explanation is given as to why a "partition solution" (i.e. a partition of Jerusalem) cannot wait until 2010, or later. The main goals of Obama, as per the "report" (it's a roadmap, not a mere report), are as follows:

"The report's authors proposed that the president adopt the following positions with regard to the components of a final-status agreement: an Israeli withdrawal to the 1967 borders [= the Golan Heights problem], with the exception of large settlement blocs; Jerusalem being the capital of both Israel and Palestine, and divided on a demographic basis; adoption of a special regime in the Old City [we would like details on that!]; the rehabilitation of refugees within the Palestinian state, with Israel accepting a degree of responsibility for the problem; and the stationing of a multinational force in the territories during an interim period" (square brackets mine).

International forces are to be set up in Jerusalem??? The UN in Jerusalem??? Can we not see a clash coming here, with Israel, and soon?

The article makes mention that the Jerusalem front should hold priority over the Golan-Heights problem. In the real world, the Golan problem should be the first to be dealt with because Netanyahu can be counted on to address that issue with less fuss than the Jerusalem problem, but the authors of Obama's Israeli program don't want to waste the time on the Golan problem that they foresee Netanyahu wasting.

The internationals are working on a firm schedule, and by all accounts thus far, the Illuminati is about to throw a power punch at Netanyahu that is to knock him down before 2009 is much more than half out.

I don't recall if I mentioned it, but Obama has passed a million dollars to upgrade George Mitchell's Jerusalem apartment and office? Mitchell is going to be there for a long haul, in other words, working with the American embassy in Jerusalem to effect the Obama strategy. If I were Mitchell, I'd wear a bullet-proof vest.

The same ten men overseeing the report had advised Obama to talk with Hamas for the purposes of bringing Hamas into a Palestinian unity government. It seems that Obama escapes being viewed as an anti-Israeli instigator by having his political agents make the recommendations/propositions that he himself pre-supports. I say "anti-Israel" because, essentially, the plot to divide Jerusalem by force is just that.

So what's going to happen? When Gog arrives to Jerusalem, will the UN monitors be there? How will Mitchell and the monitors react to his invasion? Will they be friends of Gog at the time? The ships of Kittim will oppose Gog in his invasions, but will Obama himself oppose Gog? Can anyone see that the Obamosity building against Israel is further evidence that he is the pro-Gog False Prophet? Imagine, a Gog who is placed in charge of Europa's affairs and simultaneously invading Israel at the wink of the American president. Who could dream up a better fiction novel?

It makes me think that the same Obama team has already chosen Gog, and is on the brink of activating his Iraqi program. I'm not swearing by this view, but it sure looks "good" as per the Kissinger team's similarities to Gorbachev globalism. However, it seems too fantastic for the Obama group to already envision Gog as their last-resort tool for success against Israel's resistance to a partitioned Jerusalem. At this time, anyway, I find it very hard to believe that the Obama team would plant Gog in Iraq expressly for that final purpose.

It makes more sense that Gog finds his way into Iraq for other purposes, perhaps apart from the Israeli plots of the Obama group, and is used in Israel only after the Illuminati fails in twisting Israel's arm. I'm not ruling out a Gog that is antagonistic toward Obama and the Western globalists at the outset, but the opposing view seems feasible at this stage.

The opposing theory goes something like this: the Obama group and/or its invisible Illuminati plants the "king of the north" in Iraq, and calls to Iran to join Gog in an Israeli invasion; Syria likes the idea but is not willing that Gog's make-shift terrorist armies march though its territory; the Obama group and/or its invisible Illuminati orders the invasion through Syria anyway, the first priority being a secure station with Hezbollah; the next priority is a station in Gaza, and then a war against Egypt. Like I said, one couldn't dream up a more dramatic fictional. The theory implies that Obama dealings with Syria are to go sour.

The other theory goes like this: the Obama group makes partnership deals with Syria that work against the Russo-Iranian axis; Gog steps into Iraq to thwart all other powers vying for top-dog status; Gog conquers Syria and Obama frowns, but, when Gog invades Egypt from Gaza, the Obama group sees opportunity to use him against a resisting Israel.

I'll be expressing the pros and cons of these opposing theories as relevant news comes in, in the coming months. I'll call them the Obama-Plants-Gog theory, and the Gog-Versus-Obama theory, respectively.

See this AP article out two days ago, where the UN is making Kirkuk an issue:

"Seeking to head off an explosion of ethnic violence, the United Nations will call for a power-sharing system of government for Iraq's deeply divided region of Kirkuk in the oil-rich north.

A draft U.N. plan, outlined to The Associated Press by two Western officials, aims to defuse dangerous tensions [between Kurds and Arabs].

...The long-awaited U.N. report on Kirkuk will outline options for compromise, but 'we are not pushing them into any particular direction,' said spokeswoman Randa Jamal.

A draft of the U.N. plan, according to two Western officials who have read it, offers five options."

Reading the rest of the article, one concludes that a UN-sponsored deal is irrelevant because the main issue among the Kirkuk players is whether Kirkuk belongs to Kurdistan, or not. Violence has been subdued during the wait for a UN resolution to the problem, but now that the UN plan is coming out into the open, decisions on whether to scarp the UN effort, for the use violence instead, should soon be made.

A truck-driving suicide bombing in Mosul today targeted an Iraqi police station. It has the marks of a Sunni bombing, and the article I've read verifies as much. It seems to me to be a zealous retaliation for the arrest of Mashadani in Baghdad.

In a statement by another article on the same topic, one may envision a Syrian-backed Baathist plot in Mosul that has just begun recently:

"Including Tuesday's [today's] attack on the police, at least 27 people have been killed and 65 others wounded in various acts of violence in Mosul and its outskirts since Thursday.

The situation in Mosul is further complicated by its proximity to the poorly controlled Syrian border and a bitter political struggle between the province's staunchly nationalist Sunni Arab leaders, made up of tribal chiefs and former [Baathist] regime loyalists, and their Kurdish opponents."

The same basic Arab-v-Kurd problem in Kirkuk exists in Mosul. Syria is a Sunni nation thought to support Sunni insurgents in Iraq. Mosul could act as Syria's starting point for a foothold in Iraq. While murders of Iraqi policemen are on the rise, murders of Americans are on the decrease; this could prove due to a Syrian-Obama partnership in Iraqi affairs.

It's not likely a coincidence that Obama, less than two weeks before the Alliance of Civilizations meet in Turkey (April 7), ordered his entire staff to desist from using the phrase, "war on terror." In 2006, the AoC resolved to refrain from using phrases like "Islamic terrorism." Apparently, Obama is showing some active cooperation with the Alliance as a sample of future participation.

I haven't mention the Trilateral Commission much, but as per the following clip, might the Obama stimulus package be rooted in that Commission:

"Japan's prime minister [today] formally ordered yet another stimulus package to jolt the nation's economy out of what appears to be its worst slump in the postwar era."

Since the Trilateral Commission is the partnership of the USA, Bilderberg Europe, and Japan, might the tumulus package be a baby of that international group? Remember, Brzezinski is the co-founder of the Commission. "Other founding members included Alan Greenspan and Paul Volcker, both eventually heads of the Federal Reserve system." The article goes on to provide evidence that the skincode could be implemented by the Commission's banking powers and emphasis on global economy, but lookie here:

"Although the Commission's primary concern is economic, the Trilateralists pinpointed a vital political objective: to gain control of the American Presidency... (Jeremiah Novak, writing in the July 1977 issue of Atlantic).

I think they have their U.S. president in Brzezinski-serving Obama.

My half-day on the news is over. Time to slug some drywall in what may be my tribulation home, if Obamatons or the Muslims don't get me.


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