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March 24 - 27, 2009

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March 24

Today's update started with a dispute over Cyprus. It seems that suddenly, with the Obama administration, the United States is taking the side of Muslim Turkey. The troublesome story below does not appear in Western media, not yet anyway:

Turkish Cypriot President Mehmet Ali expected to arrive in Washington on March 29 and have talks with [Hillary] Clinton the next day, diplomatic sources told the Hurriyet Daily News & Economic Review. The invitation for the visit has come from the U.S. State Department, they said. Deeply annoyed, 11 leaders of the National Coordinated Effort of Hellenes, or CEH, sent a letter to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden 'to reverse the decision,' according to U.S. Greek paper Greek News.

...'Pursuing anything that suggests de facto recognition of the occupation regime would not only be contrary to countless U.N. Security Council resolutions, but it would perhaps force the Republic of Cyprus to reconsider its stance with regard to Turkey and the European Union,' the U.S. Greek leaders said.

'Please overturn these misguided actions by people in your administration,' they said.

The Greek-Turkish disputes of Cyprus may not be important to Western media, but the siding of Obama with Turkey seems a worthy story without a doubt...and don't the Greeks know it?. Will they scream loud enough to be heard by the world? Obama has his up-coming Alliance of Civilization meeting in the org's co-founding nation, Turkey, if that tells us why his administration is taking this stand. Obama badly needs a success story in Turkey. If he is the False Prophet destined to find a Muslim base of support, his Turkey visit is of obvious importance to him.

I had heard that ex-Russian leader, Gorbachev, was involved in globalism, but I didn't know until I found (last night) the article below that he founded The World Political Forum. If anything toward a Gogi set-up in Iraq is going on under our noses, we should know that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev received [March 20] the Russian-American Public Dialogue Group co-chaired by Henry Kissinger and Yevgeny Primakov."[tt_news]=34745&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=e77c922493

Primakov. I hadn't heard anything from this aging KGBer in so long that I figured he fell sick or politically by the wayside. I recall suggesting that he would set Gog up in power. Here we now find that he's a co-founder with Kissinger of a group seeking to merge Russia with America. I Googled "Russian-American Public Dialogue Group," as I had not heard of it before, but found nothing aside from it's mention in this article. I'm assuming, therefore, that the group was just founded by the Obama team under Kissinger and friends. Stanford's/Hoover's George Shultz, and William Perry, are also with Kissinger in Russia, with the reported purpose of paving the way for Obama's visit in a few months.

Then I found (last night) secret talks between Obama and Gorbachev:

"Spokesman Konstantin Petrenko said Gorbachev met Obama and Vice President Joe Biden -- who coined the 'reset' phrase last month -- in Washington last Friday. He did not give any details of the discussion.

Last Friday was March 20, the same day that Medvedev received the Russian-American Public Dialogue Group. There may be nothing sinister about these contacts, but then again Gog and the False Prophet are destined to merge globalist schemes at some point. I naturally looked into Gorbachev's World Political Forum. From it's own website:

"The World Political Forum was the original idea of the Nobel Prize Laureate Mikhail Gorbachev, with a specific mission: to foster contacts between politicians, scientists, high level personalities in the cultural and religious life of different continents, faiths, languages and cultures, in order to analyse the issue of interdependence, but above all to suggest solutions for the problems of the governance of globalisation and the crucial problems that affect humankind today.

The current international order has become unhinged and unstable. Supranational political and economic institutions are ridden with conflict and disagreement between their members. The co-operation between states and the new world order hoped for at the end of the Cold War has failed to transpire. International affairs are now characterised, instead, by world disorder, as recent events have exacerbated fundamental differences of opinion across the globe."

For conspiracy writers viewing globalists as securing all they wish by smooth orchestration, harken unto Gorbachev, who calls it the unstable "world disorder." The new order was due to arrive long ago, and the failures are why I say that frustrated globalists are about ready now to drop hallucinatory drugs and go for the big Nirvana somehow, like madmen desiring something so strongly they'll do a foolish thing just to get a small taste of what they think is Orgasmic Utopia. There is no Utopia, fools! Democracy can only breed divisions, fools. You can't usher in pluralism and then expect unity, fools. And you certainly can't set up a globalism without God and succeed.

I still seek to know why Constance Cumbey says that 2009 is a big year for Solana's Alliance of Civilizations. I found this extra info last night:

"The New Agers shifted their focus from 1982 to a 25 year campaign for the Earth that opened in 1987 and they hoped would culminate in 2012. They shifted their expectations for having their 'messiah' in the Holy Land for his staged fake second coming from the 1980s to the conclusion of a 42 year period that they claim opened with the end of the Six Day War in 1967 until 2009.

Curiously enough, 2009 was also the year that the greatly focused on the Middle East, Javier Solana, the only constant figure in all the various Mitchell Commission and Quartet for Peace in the Middle East configurations, said was IMPERATIVE that the new machinery be in place."

Constance is a new-world-order tracker, but she holds to the Maitreya concept, a thing that I rejected (years ago) for playing any important part in end-time prophecy. The idea that certain Illuminatists are seeking to find a religious leader who will weld the world's religions, and who in the meantime will act as the anti-Christ fake-messiah of Israel...well, this seems very non-Biblical to me. I could be better convinced if this fake messiah is viewed as the False Prophet.

I don't doubt that a religious Maitreya cult exists amongst Illuminati globalists, but it's probably regarded as a mere toy by the political globalists, a thing not to take seriously. The fake-messiah project would be a plot to remove Netanyahu (or one who leads Israel after him) and replace him with a globalist agent at the announcement of the Kingdom of God's arrival. This announcement sounds ridiculous, and while some Rosicrucians may be hoping to set it up, do we really think that the world is gullible enough to accept such a thing? Well, it may depend on Obama's future successes. That is, Obama may me the new Maitreya in the works.

Interestingly, the Maitreya, when he was announced some years ago, was to appear on television as an amazing globalist glue (made amazing only by the world press). However, at that time he was going to act as a purely religious glue. When I suggested (years ago) that the image of the beast will be a television program to bond the world to globalism, the idea had nothing to do with Maitreya. It came to me when I discovered that the Biblical word for "image" is "icon," a picture, and a talking picture.

I argued that the image of the beast was not to utilize a religious figure like Maitreya, but a political one. I had viewed the False Prophet as a political figure, in other words. It may be that Obama's masters will require him to push a certain religious persuasion, and of course this fits in nicely with the title, "False Prophet." Note that as part of the Gorbachev's globalism, religion is included as a device.

It would of course not surprise us if Gorbachev had been hooked to Westerners from prior to his Russian presidency. I searched last night briefly for ties between he and Brzezinski, but found none. I suspect that Kissinger and crew are in Russia now to make secret contact with Brzezinski's anti-Putin, Democratic-Russia contacts...that may act as the Gog base. Note George Shulz, an agent whose job it may be to iron out a Russo-American skincode agreement:

"Shultz is the chairman of the JP Morgan Chase bank's International Advisory Council and an honorary director of the Institute for International Economics. He is a member of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) Board of Advisors, the New Atlantic Initiative, the prestigious Mandalay Camp at the Bohemian Grove..."

Interestingly, William Perry (also with Kissinger's group) is likewise a fellow of the Hoover Institute, and Stanford student.

The statement by Constance above that a 25 year campaign for the Earth is to culminate in 2012 is of course important to me. I'm going to seek, now, more info on this and on Solana's 2009 date for the start of something vigorous. I may be a while.

Found this:

"As Carlos Pascual, Strobe Talbott, and Javier Solana all emphasized at the Brookings Institution (a BASIC networker), it was imperative that they have their networks and their intellectual underpinnings in place by 2009. The contribution from the Brookings Institution alone, per Carlos Pascuale was to be the formation of supportive networks, two books giving intellectual underpinning, and plans ready for presentation to the new American president in 2009."

Talbott is the president of the world-engineering "think tank," the Brookings Institute (Washington). He

"participated in the Skull and Bones Society. He became friends with former President Bill Clinton when both were Rhodes Scholars at the University of Oxford...Through the 1980s he was Time magazine's principal correspondent on Soviet-American relations, and wrote several books on disarmament...Talbott, supporter of world federalism wrote in a July 20, 1992 Time magazine article, 'The Birth of the Global Nation', that 'The best mechanism for democracy, whether at the level of the multinational state or that of the planet as a whole, is not an all-powerful Leviathan or centralized superstate, but a federation, a union of separate states that allocate certain powers to a central government while retaining many others for themselves.'"

A federation may be the ideal success story because an "all-powerful Leviathan" will reap rebellions, but if a federation doesn't work because the peoples suspiciously view it as a stepping stone to Leviathan, something resembling a dictatorship will become Plan B because the globalists are not going to give up on their Utopian Nirvana after coming this far, having it tantalizingly close to their reach. But, like I said, in the midst of their political orgasm, out from the sky comes the Sword to, er, cut their Nirvana short. Sing, nation of God! Rejoice, happy ones of One-Way Globalism. Dance and fuss over the mighty Sword of David, prepared for the foreskins of the wicked.

Some years ago, I learned of the EU calendar by which it works on seven-year periods toward economy-based issues, the current period ending at the end of 2013. The agenda of the seven-year periods are determined and voted upon before the periods begin. One would therefore imagine that at the end of every year certain successes will be expected from member nations. I suggested that the current seven-year period would have skincode readiness in all EU domains as a main plot, but thus far have heard nothing.

I'm wondering whether the Cumbey-mentioned urgency to have something in place by 2009 has to do with skincode readiness, even if only indirectly by expanding some aspect of the EU network into the unfriendly domains of Russia and Muslim nations. She says: "The contribution from the Brookings Institution alone, per Carlos Pascuale was to be the formation of supportive networks..." Carlos Pascual, another Stanford graduate, was involved, like Brzezinski, in Eurasia:

"Carlos Pascual is a Brookings vice president and director of Foreign Policy at Brookings. A former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine...he focuses on...economic development with particular focus on Europe, Russia and Ukraine."

The Cumbey article goes on to say: "The environmentalists are a part of this [Brookings Institute] network." I couldn't understand years ago why Gorbachev, as ex-president, would become involved merely in environmental issues. Now that environmentalists seem to be linked hard to globalism's plots for a one-world taxation scheme, I would suggest that Gorbachev was involved with these particular globalists right from the start, the same who now pull the Obama strings.

Suddenly, I am starting to see Gog come to his place on the global order, which is not to say that Gorbachev will be the anti-Christ. I think he's too old for that, and hardly seems the type. But a Russian on his global team, primed for global governance by Western agencies, would make a logical Gog in my mind. Look at this:

"Union of Social Democrats is an all-Russian non-governmental organization founded on October 20, 2007 by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. The party has its roots in the former Social Democratic Party of Russia...The Union of Social Democrats skipped the 2007 general election, in order to concentrate on its ultimate goal: to become a mass political party by 2011. In September 2008, Gorbachev announced the formation of the Independent Democratic Party of Russia."

What in tarnation? Gorby rising to power again in Russia? I clicked the link for Independent Democratic Party of Russia:

"Independent Democratic Party of the proposed name of a new liberal party that in late September 2008 was announced to be founded by the former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev and the billionaire and State Duma deputy of Fair Russia Alexander Lebedev. The Union of Social Democrats is said to be its main base..."

What, where, who? All this going on under my nose? I've been reading virtually every headline in the major media for months, and I discover this only now, and not through any news media. Not even a "Gorby is Back" headline??? On Lebedev's Fair Party (now dissolved):

"The Party is considered by most western media organs such as The Economist and the BBC to be one of the few Russian parties that support western-style capitalism[citation needed], socio-politically the party is more conservative. Its headquarters are located in Moscow. It is affiliated with the International Democrat Union."

Then the link to International Democratic Union:

"The International Democrat Union (IDU) is a center-right international grouping of conservative, Christian-democratic and Liberal-conservative political parties.

Formed in 1983, the IDU provides a forum in which political parties holding similar beliefs can come together and exchange views on matters of policy and organizational interest, in order that they might act cooperatively, establish contacts, and present a unified voice toward the promotion of centre-right policies across the globe. The group was founded by several prominent heads of state and government, including Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher, then-Vice President of the United States George H.W. Bush, Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl and then-Mayor of Paris Jacques Chirac.

At present, the organization, headquartered in Oslo, Norway..."

Okay, okay, I get it. Democrat globalists are coordinating/networking in several countries (mainly Western), and the Gorbachev-Lebedev team in Russia are a part of the IDU network while Putin's Russia is NOT an IDU member. A main plank on which the Gorbachev-Lebedev party (Independent Democratic Party of Russia) is running is freedom of the press in opposition to Putin's state-control of the press. Opposition to Putin on this issue was also taken up recently by Zhirinovsky, remember. Several countries on the Russian border are members of the International Democrat Union, a fact that must be causing Putin to puke.

On the billionaire, Lebedev:

"In 1977, Alexander Lebedev entered the Department of Economics at Moscow State Institute of International Relations. After he graduated in 1982, Lebedev started work at the Institute of Economics of the World Socialist System doing research for his Kandidat (equal to Ph.D.) dissertation The problems of debt and the challenges of globalization.

However he soon transferred to the First Chief Directorate (Foreign Intelligence) of KGB. He worked there and at its successor Foreign Intelligence Service until 1992. In London he had the diplomatic cover of an economics attache. According to Lebedev's personal site his assignments included fighting capital flight from the Russian Federation. The Sunday Express stated that he 'spent more time studying finance and the City than British secrets'."

Lebedev is in bed with Gorbachev corporately as well, for both own nearly half of the newspaper, Novaya Gazeta. Lebedev owns 75 percent of Britain's Evening Standard, and all-around the duo seem well-placed to expand the Western skincode into Russia. It is thought that Putin murdered Novaya Gazeta journalist, Anna Politkovskaya.

On a Cumbey page I found: "The other concerns BIG New Age plans for the year 2012." A little later: "Remembering Dorothy Margraf's numerous mentionings to me of recently highlighted 2012 plans." But, again, the specific plans are not mentioned. I googled "Dorothy Margraf" and "2012" but found nothing more. I have found that 2012 is the deadline for some environmental causes, but this does not likely concern 70th Week prophecy. I'll keep looking, but for now I've got construction work to do. Be back for tomorrow's update.

March 25

It's safe to say that 1) an official one-world government isn't going to happen anytime soon; 2) it will probably never happen, and, 3) it probably isn't the desire of most globalists. What will more likely take place is a one-world currency, and much of what facilitates it. The idea of a single government to which all/most nations adhere collectively is just too impossible. The United Nations at present should not be viewed as a single world government, but if ever there is a stab at such a government anytime soon, it would likely be a UN operation.

Globalism as it is today can be defined as nations building common playing fields, and changing the way they operate in order to accommodate commonalities. There are men dedicated to controlling the world, but they know their limits of control, and seek only what is within their grasp at the time. They have long learned that total control is out of the question. I'm sure they know, however, that a major step toward the single-government concept is a single currency.

It is not necessary for a single currency to arrive before Armageddon can take place, and the skincode may be mandated apart from a single currency. We shouldn't be expecting a single currency or a single government as though these things are prophesied. I do not think that they are prophesied. Prophecy tells only of a weakly (i.e. clay mixed with iron) revived empire, with divided peoples.

I don't know what Solana has in mind, and I am perplexed by the strong and relentless drive of some men to bring on a unified globe. I quite frankly thing that they're mental cases. Why not rather leave the nations alone, and let them be different if they so choose? Why must all nations and all peoples think like the global leaders, and do their will? What if I don't want to? Have I no right to ignore them?

"[Solana] moaned that [freedom of the press] enabled individuals with access to You-Tube and to a camera to change history. The problem is, said Solana on March 21, 2007, that nobody wants to obey. This, said Javier Solana, must change."

Obey? What lunatic would demand that we all obey those who commit themselves to ruling the entire planet? No, you obey me, Solana. You do my will. Here, kiss my...feet. But if you don't want to obey me because you think I'm a nut to demand it, then don't you demand that everyone obey you because you're going to be despised in the process.

By "change history," Solana is referring to the many private individuals who report opposition to his globalist activities and agenda. Solana apparently wants to silence youtube news reporting. Some of it may be false, but if one cuts off the internet liars, one also cuts off those who speak the truth. Better this, the globalists must be thinking, than to see the internet bring globalism down.

Democracy is bringing globalism down hard so that a dictatorial wave should be coming down the pipes in efforts to re-gain full control over globalism's reputation. The image of the beast ought to have this reputation-building as an important goal:

"According to the great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller, nephew of banker David Rockefeller, and former Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller the internet represents a serious threat to national security. Rockefeller is not alone in this assessment. His belief that the internet is the 'number one national hazard' to national security is shared by the former Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell and Obama's current director Admiral Dennis C. Blair.

'It really almost makes you ask the question would it have been better if we had never invented the internet,' Rockefeller mused during the confirmation hearing of Gary Locke (see video), Obama's choice for Commerce Secretary."

It's ridiculous to suggest that terrorism is bringing the country down via the internet. I and others see right through Rockefeller. He's using terrorism to plant the seeds for Internet controls; it's a lot more than terrorists who are attacking his globalism. Global Warming is getting it's lights punched out. Major media are going under. Conspiracy websites abound, and they're getting good at revealing things:

"The Club of Budapest has also established the World Wisdom Council. It is jointly chaired by Mikhail Gorbachev and Robert Muller and consists of almost exactly the same people as the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality described below. In 1996 the Club of Budapest released THE MANIFESTO ON THE SPIRIT OF PLANETARY CONSCIOUSNESS which was signed by 16 global environmental leaders, 12 of which are also CoR [Club of Rome] members!

The Club of Madrid consists of 70 former Heads of State handedpicked by the CoR to consider 'appropriate forms of governance' and methods of 'democratic transition to a new global order.' The Club was officially founded by Mikhail Gorbachev and Diego Hidalgo. They are both given as 'executive members of the Governing Council of the Club of Rome.' The CoM is funded by the Gorbachev Foundation and Hildalgo's organization FRIDE (the European Council on Foreign Relations). A quick perusal of their membership list reveals that more than half are also members of CoR National Associations and contain the usual suspects such as Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, Jimmy Carter, Tony Blair..."

"New world order" is not necessarily the same as "one-world government." Those who espouse the new world order may control it together using many governments. But there will never be just one head, for many heads wish to be supreme:

"A United Nations panel is about to recommend that the world abandon the dollar as the world's reserve currency, according to a Reuters report. Next week, the UN will propose that the dollar be replaced with a 'shared basket of currencies' similar to the old Ecu (European Currency Unit) of the former European Community...

...Given the Ecu/euro historical precedent, it is not too hard to see where all of this is heading: a true international fiat currency, issued independently by the UN, in the not-too-distant future. Indeed, Russia is preparing to propose at the April meeting of the G-20 the creation of a bona fide global currency, to be issued by unspecified 'international financial institutions' -- presumably the IMF or the Bank of International Settlements.

The formula that led to the successful creation of the European Union -- and the consequent dissolution of the independence of EU member states -- was that economic union creates momentum for political union. If the unhappy European experience is any guide, the subordination of the dollar and other currencies to a single global currency will have world government as a close sequel."


The webpage above shares other articles calling for global unity and single currencies. A single currency has the effect of facilitating intra-national trade, wherefore we're not surprised one article revealing that "Canada has decided to join the United States in negotiating a transatlantic free trade agreement with the European Union." If there is a conspiracy going on using the downed world economy, it's toward a single currency. I'll admit, it looks like a conspiracy to effect this end. Even China is calling an abandonment of the U.S. dollar.

Russia's Primakov is well-placed to bring Russia into the international currency:

...From 30 December 1970 to 1977, [Primakov] served as Deputy Director of Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the USSR Academy of Sciences. From 1977 to 1985 he was Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences...In 1985 he returned to the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, serving as Director until 1989...On December 14, 2001, Primakov became President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Primakov is one of the leading Russian Orientalists, a major scientist in the world economy and international relations, particularly in the field of integrated development of Russia's foreign policy issues, study the theory and practice of international conflicts and crises, research of the world civilization process, of global issues, socio-economic and political problems of developing countries. Since 1988, Primakov was the Academician Secretary of the World Economy and International Relations Devision..."

Primakov is still Chamber-of-Commerce president in Putin's government. And, remember, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev received [March 20] the Russian-American Public Dialogue Group co-chaired by Henry Kissinger and Yevgeny Primakov." If Primakov is on-side with Gorbachev's global movement, it would need to be secretive, for Gorbachev now represents a political threat to Putin. Yet the skincode can be accepted in Russia apart from a Primakov-Gorbachev alliance. Note from the Wikipedia article: "From 1990 until 1991 he was a member of Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbechev's Presidential Council. He served as Gorbechev's special envoy to Iraq in the run-up to the Gulf War, in which capacity he held talks with President Saddam Hussein."

Where I suddenly have the choice between a Gog friendly to a Putin-Primakov base, or to a Gorbachev-West base, I'm at a loss. The problem is always the same: while a West-friendly Gog is easily made the leader of the revived Roman empire, Muslim terrorists would tend to reject such a Gog...unless the West changed to become anti-Israeli.

Something smells fishy on the Gorbachev visit to Washington. On the one hand the White House is reporting that the Russian came to Washington for a visit with Joe Biden, and on the other hand the White House is making it appear as though Obama knew nothing about the visit, and that he stumbled into the meeting: "However, 'the president tends to roam around the larger (White)House and sometimes walks into meetings that weren't previously on his schedule,' White House spokesman Robert Gibbs made simple explanation about the Obama-Gorbachev meeting which was not previously disclosed."n This is our first clue to realizing that Obama has a secret agenda with Gorbachev. Note that his name could be a version of "Sorb" and or "Gareb."

As late as last month, Gorbachev was attacking Putin's Russia for being only half the way to acceptable democracy. On February 27, 2009, Interfax had an important article:

"Former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev says it is necessary to create an independent social-democratic party in Russia.

'We had this on the level of an idea, we have been delaying it, but it is necessary to start to create this party,' Gorbachev told a roundtable in the Gorbachev Foundation.

And so we've got top ask whether Gorbachev is being egged on into this new party by the Obama foreign affairs team. In mid-2008, he played music to Obama's ears: "In an interview with Italy's La Stampa published on Friday, Gorbachev said President-elect Barack Obama needs to fundamentally change the misguided course followed by President George W. Bush over the past eight years."

Later in the year -- at the end of November, after Obama's election), Gorbachev made similar comments but also buttered himself up quite nicely for an Obama alliance: "'America is needed -- an America that is strong, democratic and sure of itself -- for the entire world, not just for Americans,' he said. 'We are seeing that if it's bad for America, it's bad for us all.'" Therefore, even before Obama visits Putin, Obama has visited Gorbachev. I get it. Now Putin knows that Obama has spoken to Gorbachev.

In fact an Obama-Gorbachev alliance may just explain why re-armament rumblings have been heard from Putin's Russia ever since Obama took office. It can't escape Putin that Gorbachev has revived his political ambitions with Western help. Even his Gorbachev Foundation is Western:

"The Gorbachev Foundation hosted a two-day conference on corporate governance and transparency for doing business and investing in the transitioning economies of the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe. Participants included an international group of academics, business practitioners, and government and nonprofit-sector officials. A major mission of the Gorbachev Foundation is to foster democracy around the world."

What we have here is an non-Bush push for democracy, and as we can see, it's a socialist democratic push. In an interview with the Evening Standard on March 12, Gorbachev "revealed he is working on moves to reduce the world's stockpiles of weapons," exactly what the Obama camp has decided to far. In fact, it is said that he was visiting Biden to speak on this issue. The article reveals that "[Gorbachev] is working with Ronald Reagan's former Secretary of State, George Schultz," this being evidence that the Kissinger-Shultz team was in Russia, not so much to speak with the Putin government, but with the Gorbachev axis.

In contradiction to what the White House would have us believe, the article says: "Despite his criticism of past US foreign policy, Mr Gorbachev was full of praise for President Obama and looking forward to meeting him in Washington." How could Obama not known of Gorbachev's visit, therefore?

No personal announcement thus far has made me feel more comfortable than a Gog stemming from an Obama-Gorbachev partnership. To keep track of Gorbachev, I've bookmarked

In Israel, the Labor party of Ehud Barak has voted to join the Netanyahu government rather than sit as part of the official opposition. This leaves the Kadima party sitting quite alone as the opposition, aside from opposition from the West. The Netanyahu-Labor partnership promises to be yet another blow to Obama and others who wish to see a Palestinian State. Barak, the defence minister now but also to-be in Netanyahu's government, is an outspoken enemy of Iran. The Labor-party vote, 680 for and 507 against, is a strongly-divisive situation.

The Israeli election has taken up much precious time on the nuclear-Iran issue: whether to bomb or not to bomb. No sooner is Barak made a part of the Netanyahu government and:

"Military Intelligence chief Amos Yadlin told lawmakers [today] that Iran has 'crossed the technological threshold' for making a nuclear bomb.

He told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that the Islamic Republic has developed surface-to-surface missiles that can carry nuclear warheads.

...Weapons that Hamas lacked during Operation Cast Lead, such as long-range rockets, and anti-aircraft and anti-tank weaponry, are being smuggled into Gaza,"

The latest from Obama on the Netanyahu government:

"Asked if the rise of a Netanyahu government would make peacemaking more difficult, US president Barack Obama told a televised news conference [tonight], March 25: 'It's not easier than it was, but I think it's just as necessary.' He added: What we do know is that the status quo is unsustainable, that it is critical for us to advance a two-state solution where Israelis and Palestinians can live side by side in their own states with peace and security."

You heard it from his own lips: Obama is the enemy of Jesus Christ on this issue. Jesus will take quite a different tack: he will destroy Hamas and Fatah terrorists. And he will rid the land of American interference. The poor will find pasture, and merry-making will again be heard among the exploited. Israel will be loyal to the Israel of God...when American culture is cut out from the land by David the Branch. Watch your pants, Obama. The flashing Sword is coming.

Just found that the Obama's national security advisor, James Jones, according to his own words, takes his orders from Kissinger. The statement was taken from a Council-on-Foreign-Relations speech transcript:

"Thank you for that wonderful tribute to Henry Kissinger yesterday. Congratulations. As the most recent National Security Advisor of the United States, I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger, filtered down through Generaal (sic) Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger, who is also here. We have a chain of command in the National Security Council that exists today."

Kissinger is therefore an invisible boss of the Obama administration. The article goes on to say what most everyone in Washington already knows, that "In 2006, the Associated Press reported that Kissinger advised Bush and Cheney, a fact included in Bob Woodward's book 'State of Denial.'" Earlier this year, Kissinger announced the new world order with the arrival of Obama. The article shares:

"Kissinger -- along with David Rockefeller, Paul Arthur Allaire, and Richard Holbrooke -- directs the American Friends of Bilderberg. He is also connected to the globalist Aspen Institute, the Committee of 300, the Trilateral Commission, and sits on the advisory board of JP Morgan Chase.

'Kissinger has been patiently waiting since at least 1973 for his New World Order egg to hatch,' notes the August Review."

We get it. Bilderberg globalism. The fools who waste much of their time and money seeking what will never materialize, not so much because half the world opposes globalism, but because of in-fighting. Global unity built on Bilderberg disunity??? Come on.

Let's put this all together. Earlier I shared a quote: "[Gorbachev] is working with Ronald Reagan's former Secretary of State, George Schultz..." This is while Shultz is in Russia with Kissinger, reportedly for the purpose of opening the door for Obama's visit to Moscow. But as Shultz is talking to Gorbachev, wouldn't Kissinger be as well? This is exactly what I have been seeking and expecting, an Obama foreign-affairs team of the globalist type talking with high-level Russians of the democratic type. I don't know for certain that Gog should appear from such a partnership, but it sure does make sense.

I should point out that there is a fundamental difference between Obama's handling of the economy and the Europeans:

"FRANKFURT:...With its peers in the United States, Britain and Japan cranking up monetary printing presses in a bid to prevent their economies from falling into deeper holes, the [European Central Bank] is resisting the rush into the least orthodox central banking policies in contemporary history.

...Beneath it all is an aversion to anything that smacks of 'printing money,' a phrase that evokes Europe's worst economic nightmares, everything from kings debasing their currencies so they could fight endless battles to the hyperinflation and currency collapses in Germany after it lost two wars in the 20th century.

The U.S. economy is in recovery apart from Obama's stimulus-package effects. Will Obama return the money, therefore? Will he burn the paper that has been printed? It is clear that the Obama packs of wolves are running with tails between their legs from the national opposition they didn't plan for, though signs that the invisible bosses are egging them to take still more money can be seen. The more that Obama pushes with this national theft, and the lower his popularity goes, the more that supreme court judges are prone to hear birth-certificate cases that threaten to take him down in complete shame. In a yesterday article:

"The U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Justice Department today confirmed that documentation challenging Barack Obama's eligibility to be president has arrived and soon will be evaluated."

March 26

The fact that George Shultz went to Russia speaks all the louder that he and his fellow "wise men" did not go to meet with Putin's government only, but with Gorbachev:

"Back in 1995, George Shultz served as Chairman of the Board of Advisors of the Gorbachev Foundation...The same year, he co-chaired Gorbachev's first annual State of the World Forum in San Francisco together with Ted Turner, Maurice Strong, and other international leaders..."

...Shultz's ties to Gorbachev link him to a network of leaders determined to unite the world under a socialist banner. To them, national sovereignty, the U.S. Constitution, Biblical absolutes, and parental rights are offensive obstacles that hinder progress. They use the word 'democracy' as if it means freedom, but their policies point to a world where, as in Communist countries, only the compliant are free to express their opinions."

Well put.

I learned of Shultz's prior connections to Gorbachev only as I found the article above hours ago. It's adding evidence to Obama links with Gorbachev. There seems to be no doubt that Gorbachev is after, more than anything else, a reduction in nuclear weapons by all nations, but especially by the United States. Gorbachev has very-recently said:

"I think that [former Secretaries of State] George Schultz and Henry Kissinger, [former US Senator] Sam Nunn, and [former Secretary of Defense] William Perry have put together recently a very interesting plan in this regard, for which I appreciate their initiative.

With a background of conflict, military budgets in the USA continue to grow, and you produce more weapons. The next president must show courage and responsibility to resist increasing your arms expenditures. Most serious nations in the European Union are studying the proposal by Schultz and Kissinger, and the USA should heed this proposal."

There we have it. The wise men are in Russia seeking to satisfy the Russians on arms reductions, and the EU is very interested in how things turn out. Of course, the wise men are not in Russia for the sole purpose of reducing American weapons programs, but to see what they can get in return for reducing the programs. What could that be? It seems an excellent time to get Russia on-side as a global partner in Kissinger's "new world order." After all, Kissinger's new world order is best defined as the end of the Cold War and new relations with Russia.

In 2007, the same four wise men that have been in Russia this week, wrote an article (below) telling why nuclear weapons need to be scrapped. They're scared, really scared, of what rogue nations will do with them.

We Christians are all for the elimination of nuclear weapons, yet it's ironic that our God seems to have destined the globalists to a nuclear holocaust. We wish it wasn't so, and yet globalists refuse to acknowledge that we are correct in calling for a world under God's authority. We Christians are all for globalism in the sense of a single brotherhood, but the global family needs to acknowledge God. Why is it that globalists have vehemently rejected these beautiful ideas that will surely lead to great success? Because, they are of the devil.

Obama is gearing up for a globalist speech at the G-20 gathering in April:

"U.S. President Barack Obama says it will take an international effort to repair the global economy...

He said that at the G-20 economic meeting in London next month, his message will be that nations need to do whatever is necessary to create jobs, avoid protectionism, and get the global economy moving."

This is not news anymore, but what do Americans think of their president giving his soul, and those of the people, to globalism, a concept that scraps Americanism for all time? His phrase, "avoid protectionism," is a globalist agenda. Since when was Obama elected to "get the global economy moving"? What if he had run on that platform? No matter that he has deceived his own people, he's going to run with globalism because, if he doesn't, the globalists will expose him, ruin him. He's probably in too deep now. Is he headed for a clash, since some globalists want a global currency? Obama said earlier this week:

"'I don't believe that there's a need for a global currency,' Obama told a prime-time televised news conference, adding that the dollar is 'extraordinarily strong right now'."

It may yet amaze some that the president of the United States has just addressed the issue of a global currency. We've finally arrived to its threshold. Obama's stand for the dollar may be nothing but political hot air, knowing that he'd be despised throughout the country if he hadn't spoken as he did. He is slowly conditioning Americans on his move toward globalism, but he can't go too fast.

The article shows that both Geithner and Bernanke were forced, when questioned point-blank by a Republican, to denounce the world currency in favor of the American dollar. How ironic if the low dollar value at present has been due to an orchestrated attempt to drown it for the very purpose of setting up the global currency. Globalism requires a hypocritical game, playing falsely to the home crowd. There are too many globalist-watchers these days for hypocrisy to go unnoticed.

The stimulus package -- or the money printing thereof -- promises to ruin the dollar, you see.

Meanwhile the very-temporary EU presidency at this time isn't happy with Obama's choice of handling his economy:

"The European Union's crisis of leadership during this severe economic downturn was thrown into sharp relief on Wednesday, as the prime minister of the country that holds the rotating presidency lambasted President Barack Obama's emergency stimulus package as 'a way to hell' that will 'undermine the stability of the global financial market.'"

I'd say that the Czech is trying more than to pick a fight. I'd say he's trying to start a movement, knowing of others who likewise despise what Obama has been doing. The article admits as much: "Mr. Topolanek is not alone in his concern that Mr. Obama's stimulus package will put a huge strain on global financial markets."

I'll seek Gorbachev links to Baathists in the morning. Peaceful sleep to all. Just want you to know that I sleep excellently; this topic does not bother me at all. Not yet, anyway. Zzz...


You may be interested in an article with a few details on the weapons smuggling from Iran to Sudan to Hamas and Hezbollah, published today and writhen by Global Research in International Affairs Center. At the bottom of the page there is a link to an article telling that the Egyptian president accepted a visit from Sudan's wanted leader, al-Bashir...which does not jibe with Sudan's partaking in the coming invasion of Egypt.

The J-Post has an article attempting again to gauge how soon Iran can produce weapons-grade uranium. The military claim now is that Iran has low-enriched uranium...:

"'but whoever knows how to enrich [fissile material] to 4.5% also knows how to enrich it to 20%, 60% or 93%. With 4,000 centrifuges spinning, to change from 4.5% to 93% takes only a few months to a year,' Yadlin said."

I suppose that we're waiting to see whether an Israeli strike on Iran starts the wheels of its tribulation period, for "Hizbullah has tripled its rocket arsenal since 2006, to around 40,000, according to defense sources. The rockets can strike most of Israel, and Hizbullah hopes its rocket stocks will serve as a deterrent to Israel against a potential military strike on Iran's nuclear sites."

A strike on Iran at this time would raise the Muslim world to such ire that the political dynamics now stabilizing would erupt. A strike would also give the West such an acute case of nervosa that the door would open to alternative ways of handling Israel. I'm at a loss to predict how Gog could justify an entry into Mosul through the reverberations from an Israeli strike on Iran, however. In fact, I'm becoming impatient as I write on the topic and yet not one sign of Gog. Earlier this week I lamented to God for a clue, and on that day I bumped into Gorbachev's ties to Obama. But I do believe in coincidences.

DEBKAfile also has an article this morning on the Sudanese role in Israel's great tribulation:

"DEBKAfile's military sources: Sudanese and Egyptian security officials reported Tuesday, March 24, the day Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir arrived in Cairo, that in January, US Air Force AC 130H gunships taking off from bases in Djibouti destroyed a 17-truck clandestine convoy carrying smuggled arms as it travelled through Sudan to the Egyptian border. All 39 passengers were killed, said those officials. [Last night], CBS TV News quoted unidentified US Pentagon officials as claiming the attack was not carried out by American but Israeli aircraft.

Haaretz covers the story this morning with more details:

"Two senior Sudanese politicians confirmed Thursday that unidentified aircraft attacked a convoy of suspected arms smugglers as it drove through Sudan toward Egypt in January, killing almost everyone in the convoy. An American news network said that the attack was carried out by the Israel Air Force.

...CBS correspondent Dan Raviv said that 'if Israeli airplanes carried out the attack in Sudan, it would suggest that there is a shadow against Hamas and its weapons sources that is wider than the Israeli or U.S. government has revealed.'"

That's a very good point. Intelligence on the enemy is always greater than the information fed to the public or press. In the same way, Israel has mountains of material on Iranian nuclear programs that we don't know. In light of Iran's smuggling of gun powder through Sudan to Hamas, how could Israel not decide to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities? So long as Iran remains determined to wipe Israel away, therein is what ought to be Obama's problem: Iran, not Israel.

If Canada were sending convoys of gun powder through New York state, headed for Washington DC, Obama would speak hard words against it, immediately put an end to the convoy, and point all nuclear weapons at Canada. But with Iran, Obama wants to hold hands, ultimately seeking a love-fest. It's not a wonder that the Netanyahu government has openly declared the continuation of construction projects in the West Bank, for Israel wants to slap Obama in his face for his position on Iran.

Armageddon will be the fault of Obama if he doesn't do something about Iran and Russia. Armageddon is the result of the Russo-Iranian invasion of Israel. Is Obama for, or against, that invasion??? At this time, the answer is not known. It is known, however, that the invasion of Israel is coming down the pipes. The Americans have more than enough Intelligence to bear this out.

I'm not suggesting that any man can thwart Armageddon if God desires it to repay the leading nations for their countless sins. But even so, responsibility for Armageddon will exist. Armageddon is defined as a war against the nations who attack Israel. A great evil is to sit and do nothing about the invaders of Israel when it is in his power to do something.

As expected, I find no Gorbachev ties to Baathists, though this doesn't mean that Russian agents in support of Baathists will not in the future become linked to Gorbechev's friends/partners. I'll keep an eye on Gorbachev.

I don't trust the prophetic writings of pre-tribulationists much, but the following may deserve some mention. It regards the belief (typical Lindsey-type pre-trib teaching) that the 10 member nations of the Western European Union (WEU) are destined to be the 10 horns of the anti-Christ as per Revelation 17. Some suspect that the WEU "Recommendation 666" was framed specifically for anti-Christ purposes; I've yet to make a determination. What may help me to do so is the following quote:

"'The EU's new glass parliament building is of the Space Age. The seats of its massive hemicycle are designed like the crew seats in the Star Trek space machines'. There are 679 of them allocated to Members, however, only one seat remains unallocated and unoccupied: The number of that seat is 666."

I don't know if this is true or some Internet rumor. If true, it suggests that the WEU, led by Solana and friends, is seeking to connect itself with the Biblical anti-Christ. Or, Solana and friends wish to become the Biblical anti-Christ...which should explain why the WEU is made up of, and maintains, ten member nations even though there are other nations involved as associates and wanting into membership.

Naturally, Solana is thought by some to be the anti-Christ, but we should not confuse the real anti-Christ with high-level Satanists who wish to be, who arrange their affairs in certain ways as though they were. However, we can expect that these political Satanists will be connected to the anti-Christ when he arrives, though not in every way that they may be planning. For example, the ten horns/nations of the anti-Christ may NOT be the ten nations of the WEU, and yet seat number 666 may be filled one day by a representative of the true anti-Christ.

What I'm getting at is that Solana is preparing a high place in the EU for the anti-Christ...though it may not turn out just as he now envisions. If Gog turns out to be antagonistic to the EU, then obviously Solana's vision will be crushed. To the other extreme, Gog could already be known by Solana, even be preparing as I write for Gog's rise in the EU.

Correction: I had said earlier in this update that the current seven-year EU period ends at the end of 2012; it should be at the end of 2013. The fact that a major EU program works on seven-year slots is yet another indication that EU players have wished to pattern themselves after the Biblical anti-Christ. Take the three 6s in the Universal Product Code as yet another example. Yet some of the attempts to fulfill prophecy WILL end up fulfilling prophecy. Just not all the attempts; so watch it.

There is simply no way for the world to fulfill Revelation's 666 unless the world wants it fulfilled, you see, and apparently God knew that the end-time leaders would wish to fulfill it. No greater guilt can there be.

There are no shortage of Internet articles on Solana's role as the anti-Christ. But I'm not biting. Solana, like Gorbachev, is a socialist. In fact, Solana worked for the Marxist Spanish Socialist Workers' Party. And that's the key: he'll support a Communist Gog who in return supports the EU.

I've just looked into empty seat 666, and it appears true:

"The legislative amphitheater is arranged in a massive hemicircle and has 679 seats, each assigned to a particular lawmaker. For example, Seat 663 is assigned to Rep Souchet, 664 to Thomas-Mauro, 665 to Zizzner and 667 to Rep Cappato.

While these seats are allocated to Members, one seat remains unallocated and unoccupied. The number of that seat is 666. The relevant section of the seating-plan provided to each Member reads as follows:

660 Marchiani
661 Montfort
662 Quiero
663 Souchet
< 664 Thomas-Mauro
665 Zizzner
666 -------
667 Cappato
668 Turco

The seat may be left vacant due to the stigma attached to it, just as some tall buildings have no 13th floor. Even if it is being reserved for the anti-Christ, I doubt very much that Gog will sit there. Perhaps it's being reserved for a neo-Maitreya.

While I was living in a normal house in February-March, I had the opportunity to watch CNN. In one scene, Obama was standing in front of a flag that looked like a 666 design, but I was only able to get a glimpse. I never saw it again, but am keeping an eye out for it. The tops of the 6's all met in the center. It didn't seem like a typical triquetra, but as three 6s exactly with their "donut holes" filled in.

An interesting thought lies in the following quote:

"Not long after Solana became political head of NATO, Rhodes Scholar General Wesley Clark was the military head of NATO from 1997 to 2000. This was during the time [under Rhodes scholar, Bill Clinton] when NATO began bombing Yugoslav Serbians on March 24, 1999.

And who were NATO's allies in Kosovo? They were often radical Muslims supported by Osama bin Laden."

The interesting thought is that Solana would soon after be the one, or so it is believed, to bring fruition to the Muslim-friendly Alliance of Civilizations. The other thought is that Rhodes Scholars may have been behind the Muslim-friendly movement...and to this picture we superimpose the fact that Obama has surrounded himself with Rhodes Scholars. The overall impression, therefore, is that the Alliance of Civilizations is a Rhodian strategic move to which Obama has abandoned himself.

Some linkage between Brzezinski and Gorbachev existed:

"Confirming the power elite's plan was Zbigniew Brzezinski at Mikhail Gorbachev's first State of the World Forum in San Francisco in 1995 when he explained: 'We cannot leap into world government through one quick step. . . . The precondition for eventual and genuine globalization is progressive regionalization because by that we move toward larger, more stable, more cooperative units'"

(article above).

Gorbachev's emphasis on global religion is perhaps explained in the following piece (same article):

"Rockefeller asked [Wayne] Peterson if he'd be interested in joining the Peace Corps. Later, Peterson would be a director of the Fulbright scholarship program for the federal government. He would appear on 'The Merv Griffin Show' and others promoting Maitreya, and on the Freedom Channel Radio, he revealed: 'Gorbachev was one of the first to work with Maitreya. Gorbachev doesn't mind his name used publicly with Maitreya's emergence -- seeing him as the reappeared Christ.' In early May 1990 Gorbachev also held a private meeting in Canada with one of the leading gurus of the New Age Movement, Sri Chinmoy."

This is making my head spin, but it's promising to uphold my lonely position, that Gog will become the anti-Christ at the helm of revived Rome. If the Western powers seeking to be the anti-Christ system are rooted in the British stock of the Baathist bloodline, then possibly the Gog-Baathist alliance (that I personally foresee) is destined to have Gorbachev support. It's cold where I sit, not because it's cold outside, but because I am utterly alone in the expectation that a Gog-Baathist alliance will evolve a leader of revived Rome.

The Maitreya factor exposes that globalists are mental cases. I'm not toying. I mean true mental cases in the sense of losing a grip on reality. Who in their right minds would attempt to unite the world's religions under a global-religious banner? Any person in a right mind knows the impossibility of such a task. People with money and simultaneously insane are of course dangerous.

The Bible predicts that world leaders will kill those who do not join their unity movement. If that's not insanity, what is? Yes, rulers have been doing the same for millennia, but I'm claiming these men were insane. Any empire builder who went out to kill that he might have more power was insane. That's my definition of "insane." The rest of us don't do things like this. The world has always been ruled by many insane men simultaneously. Alexander the Great was greatly insane. The Roman caesars were insane. And the end-time globalists who kill to set up their empire are insane.

There is also the Internet statement: "This kind of priority would confirm the claim by Benjamin Creme in a 1998 radio interview with Art Bell, that Mikhail Gorbachev is a Maitreya disciple." This idea, if it has any importance at all, is for it's evidence that Gorbachev is in cahoots with the New Age leadership in the West. Gorbachev, in efforts to merge with these Western lunatics, is also applying their Maitreya system; otherwise, I don't think Gorbachev is the New-Age type.

Who but lunatics would try to convert the world to a personality cult? Who could be more of a lunatic than the one who is the personality cult? People like this don't think straight. They have something seriously wrong. They don't live right. The future of the world seems to be in their hands, and Freemasons the world over should abandon them, expose them, weaken them before they cause further damage.

I found this statement: "Interestingly [Benjamin] Creme claims that it was Maitreya who inspired Gorbachev to open up Soviet Union and end the Cold War." If that's not quite the truth, something like it should be. I don't think it's a coincidence that Gorbachev was so Western in his early Soviet-era ambitions. He was born in Stavropol, not far from Sorb domains, and might therefore be from a Garebite bloodline, the bloodline that I've traced to Templar-based Zionists.

I'm surprised. I long ago set myself apart from the prophecy gang holding to Maitreya (I've held that the Maitreya cult would be connected with the False prophet, not the anti-Christ), and they set themselves apart from the gang holding to a Gog=antiChrist equation. While I'm suddenly finding possible Gog connections to Maitreya, I wouldn't go so far as to suggest that Gog will be a Maitreya guru. The connection may simply be due to Gog's political merger with the Maitreya cult in Europe, nothing more.

Maitreya represents a hoax from London. He, a Londoner, was going to be passed off as a magical messiah who would attract the following of all the earth. The hoax was called off because the lunatics realized that they were lunatics just in time. They realized he would fail and thereby expose those behind him as lunatics. I therefore see the Maitreya cult as those who wish to bring the anti-Christ to the world, but who in God's reality will be destroyed by the true anti-Christ.

I've got just one more half-day of lousy work to do: the pink insulation. After today, I'm at the drywall stage, a piece of cake that makes the place look like a home. I built the 53-degree roof frame alone in January-February in extreme cold and snow conditions, lunatic that I am! But at least I'll have a home before the black flies come out to feast.

My walls are 11 inches thick: two 2 x 4 walls spaced a few inches apart to accommodate two layers of R20 insulation. I used an extra 2 x 4 layer over the floor joists so as to use one layer of R20 and two layers of R12. The ceiling is 2 x 10 joists with one layer of R20 and one of R12. The time and expense of all the extra insulation will be worthwhile in the labor saved when cutting, chopping, and handling firewood, and the house may even stay warm until morning, after the fire goes out. A message to all trib survivors in the north: insulate heavy.

I'll be back for tomorrow's update. May God enlighten you and make you very much unlike the false light of the world.

March 27

General YooEssOfAye, could you create a war strategy and get back to me?

Mr. President, I appreciate your counting on me, but, frankly, I don't know how to win in Afghani.

That's exactly why I need you to give me a strategy.

I don't understand, sir. Didn't you say before the election that you knew how to succeed in Afghani?

Precisely, and that's why I need you to give me a strategy.

I still don't get it.. Am I missing something?

You don't know how to win in Afgani, and I don't know how, right?

But I thought...

That was an election promise, General. Nobody has to be honest in those races.

Oh I see sir. Does this mean you really don't know what you're doing in Afghani?

I'm trying my best to make it look like I do, but I need you to save my skin.

You want me to create a strategy, anyway,...

Yes, so that when it fails, I don't get the blame.

You want me to take the blame?

Do your best, General, I'm counting on you.

Obama has been asking his military to devise an exit strategy in Afghanistan before he'll commit more troops. But before the election, he made it appear that he was going in to capture bin Laden, and kick some serious rear. He basically said, "Move over Mr. Bush, and let me show you how it's to be done." As President, he clearly has no idea what to do. He's sending in a few fighters (a mere 17,000), and now he's decided to send in 4,000 trainers, to train Afghans how to fight al-Qaeda! "Murtha, a Pennsylvania Democrat, said the goals of the strategy are 'realistic.' He described them as: 'Train the Afghans and then get the hell out of there.'"

There's a bad omen in al-QaeadaLand. One group is threatening to behead a hostage. This is not good news. It may be the start of an al-Qaeda resurgence. The Taliban is laughing at Obama's "new" strategy. They've already taken out the cake in victory celebrations. "Levin said the Afghans need to 'take responsibility for their own security much more quickly' and understand the importance of 'keeping al-Qaeda on the run.'"

Translation: the Obama decision is to desert the Afghans as soon as possible while making it appear that a strategy is in place for victory. Strangely, we also read, as per the benchmarks that Obama is setting in place on this plan (to be declared today), that "[The benchmarks] are intended as markers for the American public to determine whether the strategy is working." I get it. The American public is to determine the war effort, and when the war fails, the American public will get the blame.

Here is how daft Obama is on the military: while on his way to board Air Force One (the president's personal aircraft), he stopped upon reaching the bottom of the stairs (leading up to the plane's door), and put out his hand to a guard stationed there. The guard was dumbfounded, not knowing what to do with this nut? The guard knew that no person is to distract his robotic stance with something like a handshake, but the president didn't know. I saw this live on television; it was like, "Oh, hey there guard, nice to meet-cha. How's it going, anyway? Life okay?" I'm laughing just thinking about it. I think it was the first time that Obama boarded the plane as president, and I'm sure the Bush family roared when they saw this.

Obama will get his act together, by his second or third year. He'll probably start to rebel against his invisible bosses too. I think Obama wants to be an independent actor on the world stage, but before he can spread his own wings, he'll need to earn a lot more respect. One by one, he'll disagree with his advisors, and offend them, and distance them. By 2012, he could have a new set of advisors. By 2012, he should be able to act authoritative alone on some issues.

You may be interested in an article by Illuminati watcher, Cutting Edge. It a reaction to Obama's national security advisor's statement: "I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger":

This is extremely important. The idea is criminal that America is led, not by the elected man, but by an undisclosed group that works to empower him only if he obeys. The article above is convinced that Bilderbergs are behind Kissinger. How high is Kissinger? "According to former Satanist, Cisco Wheeler, Kissinger once sat on the Council of Nine, a global occult organization which makes the top-level global decisions as to which direction the Plan to reorganize the world will go next." Not to trust what a Satamist says, but the Council of Nine does, or at least did, exist.

The number nine was not known to me when I first heard of the group. Since then I have understood that there were nine Muses in Greek myth who landed in Avalon as the nine witch sisters that ruled the island. It is known that the Muses, friends of Apollo, were Gorgons from Pari in Mysia. To this, add that "To punish mankind, Zeus and eight other deities gathered to form the Council of Nine. The council members were Aphrodite, Apollo, Athena, Demeter, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Poseidon and Zeus. Together this council created Pandora..." The Gorgons were depicted as ugly peoples, and ugly was the quality given to Hephaestus...leader of the Kabeiri on Lemnos (off-shore of Mysia).

There is no mystery in modern Satanism leading back to pagan Greeks. Mythology was the religion of Satan himself. Fabricated stories were believed to be real. Fabricated gods were thought to exist. Asked if the human race had entered a lunatic realm, I would have to say, yes. Alexander the Great and the caesars all believed in this lunatic religion. They had all lost contact with reality, and the Reality. They were all deluded, all possessed by a spirit of evil. The globalists wish to return all of mankind to the same lunacy. Shame, shame, on ancient Israel for partaking with these cults. And still today, the leaders of Israel gladly tolerate the globalists.

The Council of Nine is portrayed by some Satanists as an extra-planetary group as though it were planet Earth's "God." But to others, such a group did exist as humans. An interesting lead is:

"I've looked into the story of the Nine before, when doing research for my sci-fi symbolism book. It's well known that Gene Roddenberry [Star Trek creator] had extensive contacts with the Nine as did Jon Povill, who worked on the show Sliders as well as Synchromystic cult fave Total Recall. But it's less well-known that there were nine major characters in the original cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, all of whom had direct counterparts in the Egyptian pantheon."

If you've been reading long, you'll recall that I called Hillary a "Cling-On," a term from the on-going enemies of the Star Trek Enterprise: the Klingons. But at the time of giving Hillary that nickname, the similarity between "Rodham" and "Roddenberry" hadn't dawned on me.

The article above led me to discover (for the first time I think) that Horus was associated with Harpocrates:

"In Greek mythology, Harpocrates is the god of silence. Harpocrates was adapted by the Greeks from the Egyptian child god Horus. To the ancient Egyptians, Horus represented the new-born Sun, rising each day at dawn. When the Greeks conquered Egypt under Alexander the Great, they transformed the Egyptian Horus into their Hellenistic god known as Harpocrates."

Ignoring the derivation shared by Wikipedia (no doubt the derivation accepted by some historians), "Harpo(crates)" is interesting to me because I identify Horus as the Hros on the Aras river, while the Harpasus was a tributary of the Aras. I have been claiming for at least a year that the Harpasus peoples -- Arphaxadites -- were one with the Hros, and that they moved into Greece as the Ares/Eros perverted-sex cult as well as into Gareb at proto-Jerusalem. I had identify the Garebites with the Hera cult, now somewhat supported wherein Wikipedia has "Harpocrates" derived from "Hera-ap."

The Greeks later made "Serapis" the father of Horus, a cult that reached Greece and very possibly named the Sorbs/Serbs (off the Carpathians). The Egyptian dog-god, Anubis, was rendered "Cerberus" to the Greeks. The apparent revelation here is that Osiris, traditional father of Horus, was also identifiable as Serapis, and as such Osiris (Syria?) had connections to Garebites -- I'm thinking Harbiye in Syria. In fact, Harbiye was the domain of Daphne, and as "Cerberus" should depict the dog cult of Daphne's partner, Apollo (who was portrayed with a harp), I'd say that Serbs trace back to Harbiye (later Antioch).

Harpocrates is often written, "Harpa-Khruti," evoking the Croats. Coincidence? The Croats are "Hrvati" in their own language, a term that could pass as "Kerbati/Gerbati" in a hard-c version. Croats, thought to originate in the Carpathians, are closely related to Serbs. The Croatian capital is Zagreb. Wikipedia mentions several theories on the derivation of "Zagreb," including "graba" (= waterhole), but does NOT highlight similarity with "Hrv," the very term after which Croats are named. I sometimes think that whatever agency is in charge of derivations at Wikipedia has the express task of keeping the realities from the world. The Arms of Croatia are what could certainly be the Hohen red and white checks, though this does not necessarily mean that Hohens/Cohens were Garebites, but could merely mean that Hohens ruled Croatia.

Recalling that Veres are from the Arpad fold of the Carpathians, it's interesting that the Wikipedia article on Croats has some historians tracing Croats to the Mitanni Hurrians, for Nicholas de Vere (a modern dragon-cult chief) claims that Veres trace to the Mitanni. I once suggested that Hurrians were the Biblical Horites, and of course Horites may have been the peoples depicted by Horus.

I keep in the back of my mind two things: 1)that Garebites and Amorites of proto-Jerusalem are destined to play a role in Armageddon, and, 2) that Garebites come from an Arphaxadite stock out of which the Arabs were named. The latter point may explain why some globalists are now moving toward a Muslim alliance (of civilizations).

I had no intention last night on writing the above on Horus today. But I did decide last night to write on Horus as per another matter, which is this from World Net Daily:

An online movie documenting the close ties between ancient pagan religions and today's Christianity is "antichrist" in nature, destroying the faith of believers by combining some astonishing truth with plenty of error.

...It concludes Jesus of Nazareth is merely a fictional character, a combination of many fabled solar messiahs.

Horus was born on December 25th of the virgin Isis-Meri. His birth was accompanied by a star in the east, which in turn, three kings followed to locate and adorn the newborn savior. At the age of 12, he was a prodigal child teacher, and at the age of 30 he was baptized by a figure known as Anup and thus began his ministry. Horus had 12 disciples he traveled about with, performing miracles such as healing the sick and walking on water. Horus was known by many gestural names such as 'the Truth,' 'the Light,' 'God's Anointed Son,' 'the Good Shepherd,' 'the Lamb of God,' and many others. After being betrayed by Typhon, Horus was crucified, buried for three days, and thus, resurrected."

Incredible con-job!! Expect more of this from end-times globalists. It is their task to propagate this trash, and in fact I expect them to "discover" buried archeological evidence (that they buried in the first place) that exposes Jesus as no Son of God, but an invention of some dragon-cult Jews. The belief of the Illuminati for which they pride themselves -- for which they consider themselves in the "light" -- is that Jesus was a product of the pagan-god cults of Egypt and Greece. Thus, the Illuminati can claim Jesus as their own.

If you are startled by the quote above, which you can see is capable of destroying faith in Jesus lickety-split, consider that you have never before heard the Jesus-like claims about Horus before. If all those listed things are true about Horus, in other words, atheists, Arians, gnostics, Muslims, Hindus, humanists -- you name it-- would have exposed them long ago.

The article continues:

Attis, of Phyrigia, born of the virgin Nana on December 25th, crucified, placed in a tomb and after three days, was resurrected.

Krishna, of India, born of the virgin Devaki with a star in the east signaling his coming, performed miracles with his disciples, and upon his death was resurrected.

Dionysus of Greece, born of a virgin on December 25th, was a traveling teacher who performed miracles such as turning water into wine, he was referred to as the 'King of Kings,' 'God's Only Begotten Son,' 'the Alpha and Omega,' and many others, and upon his death, he was resurrected.

Mithra, of Persia, born of a virgin on December 25th, he had 12 disciples and performed miracles, and upon his death was buried for three days and thus resurrected, he was also referred to as 'the Truth,' 'the Light,' and many others. Interestingly, the sacred day of worship of Mithra was Sunday."

Keep in mind that the Sunday holy day and December 25 were Catholic a Roman church steeped in paganism i.e. wishing to mix Jesus with pagan cults. Keep in mind that many pagan gods were portrayed as light-wisdom, or sunlight, or sons of Zeus, but this never stopped anyone from recognizing Jesus as the True Light, the only begotten Son of the True God.

I have read much on the pagan gods these past years, but never once have I come across the phrases used above that so well characterize Jesus. For example, the "God's Only Begotten Son" and "Alpha and Omega," said to have characterized Dionysus, are not anything that I came across, but would have if indeed the phrases were penned long ago to describe Dionysus. The Wikipedia article on "Son of God" does not mention that Dionysus was called the only begotten son of God. Dionysus was the son of Zeus, who had many sons, and Semele. I have never read that Semele was a virgin, and if she was, I would surely have read about it. I have never read that Dionysus was the alpha and the omega. I have never heard that Horus had 12 disciples with whom he walked around doing miracles, or that any sun god was dead for three days and raised to life afterward.

The idea of resurrected pagan gods is so rich in mythology and yet too fantastic to take credibly. A god gets killed but comes to life as an animal or an island. Are these ideas to be viewed as runner-up for the Resurrection of Jesus??? Mythology is so colored by endless themes that some mythical pictures are inevitably bound to reflect some of what characterizes Jesus...or anyone else. Others have written a rebuttal; see


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