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Proto-Stewarts in the Ostrich Cult

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May 30

Hill, would you mind running down to the coffee shop to get me a donut?

Get your own, Bark.

Come on Hillary, there's no one else in right now.

That's because everyone else is in some other country on interesting missions, while I'm stuck here...

Just this once.

I shined your shoes last week, brought your shirts to the cleaners the week before that. Enough. I am Hillary Clinton, in case you've forgotten, the next...

...president of the United States, I know, I know. I'll buy you a donut too.

Make it a New Yorker bagel, don't tell anyone, and you've got a deal.

While you're out, can you pick me up a copy of "Signs and Wonders for Dummies"?

Czar you going nuts, Bark?

Dick Morris tells it better:

"...But she is shrinking by the day. Once Obama's equal -- and before that his superior --- she now looks tiny compared to the president. She doesn't look like a president in waiting; she's more like a senior staff member hoping to rise in the bureaucracy. No longer at the head of a movement or the symbol of rising women all over the world, she has faded into the State Department woodwork. She is much less visible than her predecessors Henry Kissinger, George Schultz, James Baker, Madeleine Albright or Condi Rice. She is even less in the public eye than was Al Haig during his one-year tenure. One has to go back to the likes of Warren Christopher or William Rogers to find a secretary of State as far down the totem poll. This diminished status has got to grate on her and on him. But they are trapped in Obama's web and cannot easily escape."

There's a clue as to what Obama and Hillary are up to. Instead of planning to twist Netanyahu's arm, they're planning to wring his neck:

"Palestinian Authority officials expect U.S. pressure on Israel to restart the Peace Process will slowly force Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office, the Washington Post reported [yesterday].

The article quotes an unnamed Palestinian Authority official as saying that 'it will take a couple of years' but in the end, the pressure to comply with U.S. demands as well as Netanyahu's desire not to alienate his right-wing coalition partners will force him to step down as prime minister.

The article quotes Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as saying that 'The Americans are the leaders of the world,' adding 'they can use their weight with anyone around the world. Two years ago they used their weight on us. Now they should tell the Israelis, "You have to comply with the conditions."'"

Some comfort in a nuclear scenario:

"U.S. ground-based interceptor rockets would 'likely' knock out a long-range North Korean missile before it could reach the American mainland, the Pentagon's independent testing official said today.

'I believe we have a reasonable chance' of an intercept, Charles McQueary, director of operational test and evaluation, said in an interview..."

This must be why Obama wants the book, Signs and Wonders for Dummies. For new readers, I theorized that the fire from the sky of the False Prophet would be a taking out of nuclear weapons while still flying high, and that these would start the Trumpet plagues of Revelation. The Fifth Trumpet, however, is a nuclear explosion that hits the ground. Since I believe that the bomb of the fifth Trumpet is from the kings of the east, some/all bombs could be from North Korea.

The theory suggests that China and North Korea act together to invade the Middle East; a test of the theory is to keep tabs on this relationship. China is currently North Korea's largest trading partner, and "Until now, China has rebuffed U.S. and Japanese calls for more stringent economic penalties against North Korean leader..." Although China is showing signs of discomfort toward Jong Il's behavior this past week, future globalist strategies -- predicted to curb drastically dictatorial and selfish on a pro-West emphasis -- could pair the two against the West.

We have yet to see the world direction under the anti-Christ as he takes power in Europe. On the basis of Revelation 13, we can predict it to be pro-West to the point of pagan "worship." Although the Trilateral Commission -- co-founded by Brzezinski -- has brought Japan into the pro-West global scheme, the program may backfire as Japan comes to grips with its being used for pro-West purposes. It has been said that Japan was included in an effort to get the rest of Asia on board the new world order. Biblical prophecy predicts that this effort will not work, but will instead be the undoing of the anti-Christ and his empires. Praise God!

I have not yet been able to link the explosion of the fifth Trumpet -- to be from "Abaddon" or "Apollyon" -- to China, but neither does it fit North Korea as far as I know. My best shot is a power of the Hindu world, either India or Pakistan. I'm thinking a branch of the Manda Avars...the so-called Avatar cult.

On the topic of Manda Avars, I found saw some new links last night that I would like to convey today...which may or may not link to ancient Mandaeans (who are perhaps not to be confused with the Mandaeans of modern Iraq). I was studying the Radziwill family when I noticed the similarity between "ostrich" and "Astikai," which was also "Ostik." I was looking at this only due to learning that the feathers in the Traby Crest are ostrich feathers, and because the Radziwill surname originates in the Astikai family. I then discovered that large, flightless birds that include the ostrich are called 'ratites," from the Latin word, "ratos," a term evocative of "Radz."

That was enough to send me on a wild ostrich hunt. I had already traced the Radziwills to mythical Radamanthys of Crete (Mino's "brother"), but when I discovered that a species of ratites were named, "rhea," I felt that I was onto something. I then found an article telling that "[Paul] Mohring's reason for choosing this name, from the Rhea of classical mythology, is not known. In my mind, I figured that he knew ostriches to trace back to the Zeus cult on Crete.

It took me a while to notice it at the top of the article, but the rhea species is called, "Rhiedae," once again smacking of the Radz term. This so reflects "Araeda" i.e. the Ruthene of southern/gnostic France that one could make a Ruthene link back to Rhea (= Kybele in the Kabeiri cult, probably the foundation of Kabala).

As the Zeus cult on Crete foundeed Troy, note this Wikipedia statement on the Astikae family:

"Kristinas Astikas, a noble from Kernave, was the founder of the family. There is some vague evidence, that his father was Sirputis, brother of Traidenis, Bardis, Liesis...It is worth to note, that members of Astikai family on different occasions were referred to by these names."

The Sirputis name evokes Sarpedon of Crete, another brother of Minos! Plus, Sarpedon is known for his conquering of Lycian realms!! For new readers, I had recently traced Lithuanians to the Lycian wolf symbol, and to Lada, the Lycian goddess, and meanwhile the Astikae family was a Lithuanian one. But behold the Astikae-like mythical term king with whom Sarpedon was associated:

"[Sarpedon] was raised by King Asterion and then banished by Minos, and sought refuge with his uncle, King Cilix [= Cilicia]. Sarpedon conquered the Milyans, and ruled over them; his kingdom was named Lycia, after his successor, Lycus, son of Pandion II."

The Milyans were a fellow tribe with Cabelees, Lasonii, and Pisidians (the Lasonii probably furnished "Ladon" and the Lithuanian "Ladonus/Lada"). In this picture, the Lycians were direct branches of the Sarpedon cult of Crete, which would well explain the Sirputis family of Lithuania if indeed Lithuanians trace to Lycians. But to have the Sarpedon cult issue forth from an Asterion term proves the trace to the Astikae solidly in my mind. I had previously investigated the Asterion term of Crete and found it to be an alternative term for Zeus himself. Note too that the Greek ostrich is a "struthion."

The comparison is undeniable: Asterion was the ostrich cult of Crete! Thus, the trace of the ostrich feathers of Lithuania to the ostrich feathers of the Tudors, especially as the trace is made my other means, reveals that Tudors trace to the Zeus cult of Crete, Tyre, and Troy.

The Astikae article above has a link to a Traidenis article (he is listed as brother to Sirputis), and when I clicked it, I found a triple-bingo:

"Traidenis or Troyden (died in 1282) was the Grand Duke Lithuania from 1270 (or 1269) till 1282. He is the second most prominent, after Mindaugas, Grand Duke of Lithuania in the 13th century...Traidenis expanded the Grand Duchy into the territories of Sudovians and Semigalians and strengthened its influence in Black Ruthenia."

There's the family's honoring of Troy, the possible link to the Ruthene that I've envisioned for the Radziwill family, and a possible Manda term in Mindaugas.

Googling for evidence of an ostrich cult on Crete, I found that indeed ostrich feathers and eggs were on Crete and even among the Minoans. There were also cave drawings in Crete of ostriches. I then discovered that two ostrich feathers on ram's horns, with a solar disc between the feathers, were symbols of the Osiris and Horus cults of Egypt (Aryan-Rus peoples in north Africa), and that the same symbol was used also by the Nubian sun god, Mandulis:

"Kalabsha was a temple consecrated to fertility deities, the principal god was Mandulis (Marul in its original language) a Nubian sun god of similar attributes as the Egypt god Heru or the god Greek Apollo a solar divine being of the their mythology.

..."at times was represented as a man with ram horns and ostrich feathers on top..."

The Kalabsha temple, near Aswan, was so early that it may have been related, not merely to a Halybes branch, but to the very origin of the Halybes. When I discovered that Mandulis was earlier Marul, and especially as he was also "Merwul," I realized that this was the Ethiopian root of the Merovinian cult (of France) at Merowe/Meroe (now Sudan). In fact, the city of Troyes in France seems to relate to this cult on two counts thus far. My connection of Merovingians to Nibelungs, and of the Nibelungs to the Nubians, comes to mind.

The possibility is that "Radamanthys" represented the Latin ratos/ratite term of the ostrich family, but also Mandulis. The Minoans, after all, should trace to Egypt's Amun cult, known also as "Min" (I think from Minni/Mannae, Armenia). On the topic of Black Ruthenia:

"Black Ruthenia, Black Rus' or Black Russia are variant conventional term used for a region around Navahrudak (Novgorodok)...The phrase first appeared in Western European sources circa 1360 but referring to Red Ruthenia (in modern Ukraine)...Besides Navahrudak, other important cities were Hrodna (Grodno), Slonim, Volkovysk (Vaukavysk), Lida, and Niasvizh."

NovGorod was the location that the Varangian Rus of Sweden were invited to as per their becoming the co-founders of Moscow. Note how the Gorod term is also "Rudak" and "Hrodna," terms likely in honor of the Russian ancestor god, Rod, who was depicted with an egg. Then note the nearby location of Lida, and that mythical Leda gave birth to Pollux and Helen of Troy from an egg. Possibly, the Zeus swan that mated with Leda (to produce Pollux) was an ostrich at an earlier time.

Lida (in Belarus, near Vilnius) is "Lyda" in Lithuanian, and might be the origin of Lithuanians, even the Lada goddess of Lithuanians:

"The name Lida is derived from the name of the river Lidzeya, whose origin is associated with the Lithuanian appellative Lyda - Lydimas..."

...In 1323, the Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas built a brick fortress there."

GediMinas? Is that in honor of Minoan elements? In any case, the webpage above shows a sickle as symbol of Lida, and the sickle happens to be the myth-related symbol of which I trace the Traby surname of Poland that was invested in by the Radziwill Lithuanians. The sickle was earlier the symbol of Uranus, father of the Titan, Rhea. The Zeus cult used the sickle to castrate Uranus.

There's a good chance that the Traby surname leads back to Pollux, as I think the Polski (i.e. Poles) as whole do so. I'm trying to make out whether the long-necked bird in the Crest of the bugle-using Comfort Coat is a species of ostrich; it's slightly-curved bill does not match a typical ostrich. The German Ostrich Coat uses an anchor, as does the Vilnius Arms. The surname is said to originate from "eastern regions of Germany" (i.e. toward the Polish border), and in the write-up: "Ostrich is also the German name for the Republic of Austria, and is therefore a common surname for Germans of Austrian ancestry."

It is thought that the Ost root means "east," and if true (it might not be), the surname and the country is not likely connected to the ostrich symbol. Note how "Austria" reflects "Asterion," and know that the Merovingians of northern France ruled Austrasia, said to be "Ost Reich" in German. Could the Reich term have origins in the ostrich symbol? After all, Hitler was a Rosicrucian.

The Norfolk-County page below tells that the ostrich feathers of Wales are a Norfolk symbol, and that the ostrich feather was symbol to John of Gaunt, the founder of red-rose Lancaster. Since the Lancastrian House was supported by the Plantagenets, I'd say that the so-called "sprig in his hat" (after which "Plantagenet" is said to derive) was an ostrich feather...placed on hats to this day.

I've just learned that the "The German word for ostrich is strauss..." This is verified online. Even better, the page (showing the German Arms of Martin Strauss) at which one finds this statement shows a white ostrich on blue, the colors of the German Ostrich Coat, and meanwhile the slightly-rounded beak looks just like the beak on the blue ostrich of the Comfort Crest! It looks very much like a match. [Update; the Comfort bird turned out to be a blue peacock, but in coming updates that bird connects to the Traby bloodline anyway, and then exposes some key findings.]

Long before I had any evidence that I was conscious about, I sensed that this Pollock friend and I would share the same bloodlines. I just sensed that I should track the Pollock surname to its end. I think I discovered her connection to the Masci surname (of Cheshire), my mother's surname, a few weeks ago. I can add more to this idea now.

The Comfort surname, because it's also "Comerford," should connect with the MontGomery surname if both are connected to Gomer. When I tried for a Gomery Coat, I got the Gomersall Coat using iron gloves, a symbol of the Cheshire Macey family (using a mace also). Not only does the Masci Coat use the three gold fleur de lys used by the Montgomery Coat, but Montgomerys were first found in Renfrew, where the Pollock surname was first found. But there's more, a connection to the mace symbol of Dagon's wife, and therefore possibly to the Scylla monster. First, here's what I wrote in the May 3 update:

"As I traced Charops to the monsters, Charybdis and Scylla (i.e. Skelton/Shelton surname), it's interesting that Dagon's wife was made 'Shala,' and that her symbol, says Wikipedia, was a double-headed mace. This is very conspicuous since Skeltons had merged with Meschins/Mascis...who had lived in Macie of Normandy; the English Macy/Macey surname (first in Cheshire) uses a mace as symbol (the Masci surname was Anglicized to Massey, also first found in Cheshire, but the Massey surname page shows a "Macy/Macie" variation. Skelton and Masci/Massey share the same fleur de lys symbols to this day.

May 3 Update

Shala must trace to the double-headed axe of Crete, and from there to Scylla, which makes more sense because the Uranus>Cronus>Zeus cult in Phoenicia was identified by an ancient Phoenician writer (Sanchuniathon) with Dagon (he made Dagon the brother of Zeus' father, Cronus). Now see the gold pentagrams on blue in the Macey Coat, but also in the Comfort Coat.

That's not all. My mother is also a Grimaldi, and this family should also trace to Scylla. Having already traced the Pollock surname to the Lombard surname of Renfrew -- which uses black and gold Grimaldi-type diamonds -- see that the Scayles/Scholes Coat uses black and white Grimaldi-type diamonds. "The Anglo-Saxon name Scayles comes from when the family resided in the village of Scholes in the parish of Barwick in the West Riding of Yorkshire." The Skeltons were in Yorkshire. But another point is Barwick, for it smacks of "LomBard" and of "Bart(holomew)," and while the Bert surname is said to be after a Bartholomew, the bugle-using Bert Coat uses the ring in its Crest seen in the Scholes/Scayles Coat.

Since a Bartholomew is known as a progenitor of the/a Scottish Leslie clan, it's not likely a coincidence that In 1086 this parish [of Scholes] was held by Ilbert de Lacy..." But look at the write-up on the Gomersall surname: "First found in Yorkshire in the West Riding where they were seated at Gomershall, later to become known as Gomersal, a knight's fee granted by William the Conqueror to (G)Ilbert de Lacy from whom conjecturally the Gomersalls were descended." Bingo!

It looks as though the Gomersalls of Yorkshire were connected to the Skeltons/Sheltons there, and that they became the MontGomerys of Renfrew, explaining why the latter used the Skelton fleur de lys...perhaps suggesting further that the lys symbol was a Leslie/Lacy-related symbol but from much-earlier stock than the Scottish Leslies proper. Not surprisingly, the Gomersall Crest uses a crescent with an axe sticking into it.

On Wikipedia's de-Lacy article, we see a quartered Lacy Arms, with a steel glove swinging a mace (!) in two quarters. The page also shows "Lacy's purple lion," perhaps indication that porphyry, named after "purple" and said by some to be "the royal disease," traces to the Lacys. My friend traces her porphyry specifically to her Pollock bloodline, and here we have a Renfrew connection to the Lacys. Interestingly, a variation shown of "Lacy" is "Lasci," rhyming with "Masci."

I feel like I'm treading on the dragon's feet unable to see its face for its height. I think I'm staring at the dragon's belly. I think that all manner of evil resides here in these Templar families. Note that the Lacys used a reversed Vere shield, and that the Stewarts (key candidates for porphyry's spread) should be found in this bloodline-worshiping fold, even as we see checks in the Lacy Arms (image shown in black and white, unfortunately).

Remember, the Leda swan leads to Lacydon of the Ligurians, themselves from mythical Gyptis that I traced to the upper Nile (i.e. to the Nile god, Khnum) where the Kalabsha temple was home to the Mandulis/Marul/Merwul cult. Porphyry is also traced by many, including my Pollock friend, to Merovingians, but note that the Lacy family of Britain stems out of Lassy in Calvados (Normandy), a term, like "Kalabsha," smacking of the (C)halybes...the inventors of iron. The ostrich symbol of heraldry often has a horseshoe in its mouth (a Leslie and Vere symbol) or other metal item because the bird is linked to the iron industry. I think we now know why.

On the houseofnames page for the Irish Lacy Coat, we see evidence of a link between their French homeland to the fleur de lys: "The name of this place [Lassy] is derived from the Gaulish personal name Lascius, which is of uncertain origin, and the local suffix -acum. The Gaelic form of the surname Lassy is de Leis."

The next sentence is relevant: "However, there is a native Irish family of county Wexford named O Laitheasa who anglicize their surname as Lassy." To this Lacy presence in Wexford, I can just about prove that my porphyry friend is from the Lacys on her Comfort side: "the Comerfords [or Comforts] were granted land in Kilkenny and Wexford, in Ireland. The family are listed as 'New Settlers' who joined Strongbow and got large grants of land' in the County of Wexford."

The next sentence may suggest Stewart roots in the Lacys: "This name [O Laitheasa], which was originally O Flaithgheasa, is derived from the Gaelic word flaith, which means prince." The first-known Stewarts included a Flaad and some Walters, the latter used also by the Lacys. The native Flaith family of Wexford may have been the first wave of proto-Stewarts that came to be Lassys when the second wave arrived with Strongbow. Gilbert de Lacy was ruler in Ludlow, Shropshire, the area that the Flaad>Walter Stewarts were first inhabiting as they arrived to Britain from Brittany.

So where's the Tudors among the Lacy clan if indeed 1) the Lacys were from Lusatia and Horseshoe-Lesna of Poland (as I claim for the Leslies), 2) the Tudors were from the Traby fold of Poland, and, 3) the Comforts use a [Traby-related blue peacock] as Crest? Gilbert de Lacy also ruled Weobley and Longtown, locations in Herefordshire. Meanwhile the Welsh Trevor surname was first found in Herefordshire! Tudor Trevor was ruler in Hereford. It works.

In the Herefordshire Arms is a white Lab-like dog, a symbol also on the Comfort Coat. The gold lion in the Hereford Arms should be the gold lion in the Trevor Coat. Note the spotted-ermine (= symbol of Brittany) background in the Trevor Coat.

For the end-times this shows that the Zeus cult out of Tyre -- the Revelation harlot that evolved into the Romans -- is given the reigns of globalism from a Brito-American mantle. It also shows that the modern cult is entwined closely to ancient Gomer...if indeed Comerford (the home of the Comforts) in Oxfordshire derives from Gomerian elements. In fact, Welsh Cimmerian ancestry is now possibly connect-able to Comfort stock since Comforts connect to Traby (as do the Tudor Welsh). The Comforts were first in Kent, a place depicted mythicaly with horses (and probably named after Centaur stock), which is a good fit with Gomerian/Cimmerian scythians.

May 31

Before I get to the news, I'd like to take a stab at identifying the ancestry of the Radziwill family in the proto-Stewart vikings of Ruthven stock. I was reading up on the Leslie clan when I came across a Leslie war with the Ruthven at about the time (mid 16th century) that the Radziwill family became strong in Lithuania.

The fact that the Ruthven badge is a goat's head with conspicuous horns (webpage below) helps to convince me that it was the Radziwill stock. Although the Ruthven are traced to a viking named Sweyn, "The name Ruthven comes from the lands north of Loch Rannoch in Perthshire [Scotland]. In Gaelic these lands are called Ruadhainn." The article tells that there was also a "Roedven" in Norway that could be linked.

The Ruthven peoples help me to understand why proto-Stewarts elsewise traced to northern Scotland's Caithness and Shetland regions i.e. to Garebites there from the Arpad fold. In fact, Sweyn is often traced to a Crawford location. I then found, at the webtree below, that a Walter of Ruthven (13th century) was son of an Alan of Ruthven, whose father in turn was a Walter, evoking the Stewarts of Dol. Walter's wife was Cecilia of Strathearn, a term that suddenly evokes the Strauss surname, thought by some to mean "ostrich." In fact, "Strath" is much like "struthio," the Latin and Greek ostrich.

I traced Leslie stock of Bohemia to Scotland with George Drummond (1055), and meanwhile Drummonds came to live in Strathclyde (Scotland). Hmm, yet another possible ostrich term to investigate. Drummonds of Scotland were first found in Perthshire, however, the location of the Ruthven! George had a Varangian Rus mother, and I claim (to the scoffing of many, I'm sure) that he started the Ross clan of Scotland, so that a Drummond connection to Ruthven could serve to prove it.

At the Cecilia webtree, she is given a parentage in d' Aubigny, evoking Zbigniew Brzezinski because he was connected to the Radziwill family.

I am beside myself at how well this is all working out. If you recall, I ventured to trace proto-Stewarts to the vikings under a Stirgud the Stout...who used a crow as symbol, which reflects the Craw(ford) of the Ruthven vikings excellently. Gawk at "Stout," yet another struthio-like term! Okay, so it's missing the 'r', but it's close. Compare the crosses in the Stout Coat versus the Strout Coat; both surnames are English-Saxon. The latter has a Struth variation.

I've been looking at Coats from houseofnames for years, and having seen the fill-in design in the Crest-spot that's used when surnames have no Crests, or at least offer no Crest symbol, I didn't realize until just now that the fill-in design is a set of ostrich feathers (!)...five of them just as in the Traby Coat!! Look at the Crest of the Strout surname, for example. I just never bothered to look at this design closely until I looked for ostrich feathers on the Strout surname, and there they appeared to me, as if hidden from me all this time. Why did houseofnames choose five ostrich feathers as the filler?

So what's the verdict? Are Stewarts from the ostrich cult amongst thieving and killing vikings, and have they been hiding this through the centuries?

I've just learned that the Crawford surname derives from "'crawa,' which means crow..." Believe you me, I'm writing this paragraph after all the above was written; so see the alternative Crawford Coat using the Stewart checks! I swear to you that as I was about to wrote the last sentence, lightning and thunder struck for the first time today (it just started raining a minute ago)...just as I was looking at the Crest in the Coat above: an ostrich from head to toe!!!!!!!!!

I assure you that it's not the lightning of Zeus, but of the Almighty YHWH (a second lightning now), and He's talking to me, and to you; we have found the secret of the dragon bloodline: the Zeus-ostrich cult. Asterion. We've discovered it because He revealed it, over years and years of this type of conjecturing.

After a third thunder that I could barely hear, the rain stopped and the storm dissipated. I feel that it lasted but about five minutes just to send us the message...that was of importance to Him. Remember this day, and the Crawfords as the most central root of the Stewarts, or, at least, that's the message I'm getting. While Sweyn of the Ruthven is said to be the father of a Thor (not the mythical Thor but likely traced to his cult), Sigurd the Stout of Orkney was the father of Thorfinn. Thor, incidentally, was imagined as the god of thunder.

Take out your hammer, Thor cult, and prepare for Armageddon. I know where you live, in the United States, in Britain, in Europe. I know you scheme there. Your time is up. Your last hour draws near. Give up all your treasures for God's humble peoples, who do not scheme, do not lie, do not steal. Shake the goods from your coats, and let them fall at our feet. We will put them to better use.

Note that the Crawford Coat is a Vere shield. The Crawford location in South Lanarkshire (Scotland) is said to be the locale of the Crawford surname. South Lanarkshire uses two white cinquefoils on red, no doubt the Hamilton cinquefoil (also white on red but with Brittany's ermine spots thrown in) because there's a Hamilton location here that is the administrative capital. There is a Rutherglen here, that may be linked to the Ruthven-viking bloodline, and that "remains the oldest royal burgh in Scotland, having received the title of Royal Burgh in 1126 by Royal Charter from King David I of Scotland." This was the same David that made the Stewarts of Brittany the High Stewards of Scotland.

It's known that the Hamilton symbol traces also to the Hamilton location in Liecester, but does the Rodham surname, using an ermine-studded cinquefoil Coat, trace to the Ruthven and/or Rutherglen entities? We may see. The Rutherford Coat uses black birds, but I can't make out if they are crows/ravens. If they are ravens, the surname almost certainly traces to the Ruthven.

Lanarkshire is beside Renfrewshire, which uses the Stewart Coat on a ship's mast for its Arms. The article says that much of Scotland's Jews reside in Renfrewshire. I've thought that Renfrew may have been named after a corrupted "raven." The Raven Banner was the war symbol that Thorfinn made for her son, Sigurd the Stout. The Rutherford surname was first found in Maxton (Roxburghshire), which may have to do with the Maxwells that were married into the Pollock surname.

Zowie, when I tried for a Ruth Coat, I got an English one with a white chevron studded with ermine spots, all on a red shield, an excellent reflection of the Rodham Coat. BUT, there is no Ruth surname found in the list, nor anything resembling "Ruth." Instead -- get ready -- there is only "Randolph, Randolf and others." That's the origin of the Obama bloodline through his mother! The Ruths -- er, Randolphs -- were first found in Moray...where the Obama Randolphs were traced (by me) in other ways previously.

The black stars on red that are also a part of the Ruth, er Randolph, Coat conjured up the Bacon Coat -- because I've been looking for the black-star Bacon symbol, as it belongs to the chief Rosicrucian, Francis Bacon. While the English Bacon Coat uses black stars (on white) and a red shield, and an ermine-studded boar in the Crest, the French Bacon Coat uses white cinquefoils on red...the symbol of Hamilton and Lanarkshire!!

Back on April 6th, when I came across three black stars in the Robert Coat, I wrote: "The English Robert Coat uses three black stars on white, the Sinclair colors...The three black stars are no doubt a Sinclair variation of the three Moray stars."

It could be that Hillary Rodham and Obama trace to the same Randolphs exactly. When I checked the Scottish Randolph Coat, I got one using the same red, white and black colors as the Rodham and Bacon Coats (keeping family colors is important in heraldry). This Randolph surname is said to be a Pictish family and derived from "wolf," which, along with the horseshoes, evoke the Pict side of the Veres. In fact, the bat in the Randolph Crest evokes the werewolf theme that the Veres are sometimes thought to originate. It's the English Randolph Coat that matches the Coat of Obama's mother's Dunham surname.

I'm now wondering whether the Ruth, er, Randolph surname is related to the Rothes that the Pollocks were merged with. The English Rothe Coat -- which surname includes "Rotham" -- uses a crowned dog in the Crest. It could therefore be that "Rodham" is linked to the Stewart dogs. The Bavarian Rothe/Rother Coat (also "Rothchild" with no 's' as in "Rothschild") uses a crow/raven, linking to the Ruthven and Stout vikings.

It always amazes me how those who seek derivations of surnames look to hills, rocks, cliffs, rivers, ponds, and everything else geographical but hardly ever to the much-more important things such as people groups and places to the past of the surnames. It's understandable to say that "Roths' derive from something "red," but why not a previous Roth-like peoples? What about the Rodez of southern France, where dragon cult pagans and gnostics were concentrated on the Rhodanus river? There is a French Rodez/Roder Coat using a gold lion on red, the reverse of the Crawford Coat (family branches typically reversed colors to show distinction and attachment simultaneously).

In the news, just as Korea scares the world with its missile tests, the United States reveals its latest laser technology. Is this the fire from the sky? I'm assuming that one method of shooting missiles out of the sky can include lasers. The article doesn't mention laser use for military defense, but one can make the link anyway. The article brags that temperatures can be attained by the lasers that exist in stars, but I'm of the opinion that evolutionists haven't got a clue as to stellar temperatures since they grossly enlarge the size of the universe to fit their old-age schemes.

Obama met with Abbas and probably got a headache for his troubles. He's sending George Mitchell to Israel next week, he says, to find a way to get this broken wagon moving. What's Mitchell to do? Abbas then met with Hillary. What's she to do? I've yet to hear for a second time from Obama that Palestinians can have a state of their own only if they have no military. Was that the political gaff of the decade, or is he serious?

By mid-May, it was said that May had one of the lowest violence rates, but now it's said that it's been the most violent in several months. At least two dozen Americans lost their lives in May.

Perhaps you missed the point in yesterday's revelations. Proto-Stewarts were Ruths/Roths/Rus vikings...Biblical Rosh. With Comforts looking like Gomer, and Mascis/Meschins looking like the Meshech, ask if this is all coincidental, since these three are the chief peoples led by Gog in Ezekiel 38. This is why it was important to nail down the identity of the proto-Stewarts in the Rus crow symbol...that led to Crawfords.

The link of all three British families to the Lacys then connects them to the Biblical dragon line, the scarlet dragon that is sometimes viewed as purple, the color of the Lacy lion. My conclusion is that the Laz Caucasians (married to the lion cult of Nergal) were the ancestors of the Biblical Gog. Although I assumed that the Lacys and Leslies were one stock in the Laz, note the griffins in the Lacy Arms, the Leslie-Crest symbol.

It wasn't until this morning that I tried for a Lask Coat (because Lacys were also "Lasci"), and bingo, the family was first found in Aberdeenshire, the same place that Leslies were first found. The Lask Crest uses a white crescent, and on the shield are three white stars on black, possibly the reverse scheme of the Bacons. A variation of the surname, "Laisk," may link to "Laish," especially as i identify Nergal as Hercules, and then link him back to the Daniy that conquered Laish (Judges 18).

Seeing that the Lasks were first in Pitlurg (of Aberdeen), I checked it out to find a Forbes-like location: "A location in Aberdeenshire, Pitlurg lies to the east of the Burn of Forvie..." I need to point this out because I traced the Forbes to the Leslies of Forfar (beside Aberdeen) some days ago. Also:

"The Royal Burgh of Forfar was founded during the reign of King David I and is situated in the flat, fertile plains to the north of the Vale of Strathmore."

...It was here that King Malcolm Canmore's wife Queen Margaret had a castle.

Is "Strath(more)" an ostrich (i.e "struthio") term? Was Margaret's castle in Forfar because she was related to the Lacys and/or the Forbes? Remember, her mother, Agatha, is a mystery/controversy so far as her bloodline is concerned, and Obama may go back to it because his Dunham>Randolph line goes back to Margaret's son, David I. My theory is that Agatha was a Rus bloodline, from the egg god, Rod. The "more" on "Strathmore" probably links to nearby Moray, where Randolphs ruled.

I am not suggesting that the end-time Gog scenario of prophecy, as relates to the king of the north/little horn/anti-Christ, is necessarily one that involves his military alliance with the British clans under discussion. The most I can do is claim that ancient Gog, Gomer, Meshech, and Rosh moved somewhat together across Europe and continued mingling in Britain. I can theorize that the British branches will be united with Gog via ties to the False Prophet, but perhaps not until the midway point of the 70th Week, and perhaps only politically.

Tubal branches to the West have for the most part eluded me, though Tiberians have been traced to the Tiber river in Rome and to Roman ancestry. One might suspect that any Celtic peoples linking themselves with Tubal would eventually use the Duval surname, and indeed the French Duval Coat uses the familiar symbols on a crescent and anchor. Aside from the French family, there are none others shown, and although the surname is also Du Val, there is no French Val Coat that comes up, suggesting that the Duval surname may not have derived from "Val."

When I saw the gold and blue shield of the Duval Coat, I asked myself whether it connected to the blue and gold of the English Randolps and Dunhams. I shrugged it off, but then I tried the Dove surname and got a double "dancette," the symbol of the Randolps and Dunhams. Then I tried the Bell Coat, thinking the name might be a corruption of Tubal/Duval, and got three bells on a blue and gold shield for the English clan, but white crescents (the Duval-crescent color, and that of the Lask Crest) on a blue and gold shield (the French Duval-shield colors) on the French Bel/Bell Coat Very interesting, but not yet convincing. It might make more sense to trace "Duval" to the "Bell" term.

I tried the Strath surname and got a Scottish Strath Coat...using three red crescents on a gold and blue shield! The crescents likely link to the Lask crescent because the Straths were first found in Aberdeen. In other words, the Straths were likely named after Strathmore, or vice versa.

The thing to do this morning was to check out the Arms of T'bilisi. I found a crescent on a 19th-century T'bilisi Arms, where the city is revealed also as "Tiflis." I had forgotten; the term smacks of the Taphians (on/off the Ladon river, Greece), and may therefore reveal a Tubal line though mythical Daphne...whose father was made Ladon because (I think) she depicted the Laz. Zowie, folks, I had forgotten that I revealed the Laz previously as the ancient Tubali. In such a picture, Gog is most-likely revealed as a branch of the Nergal cult, or vice versa.

The article below suggests that Ahmadinejad's re-election is in doubt. But it's hard to tell. If he's not re-elected, the next leader could be anti-Israeli just as well so as to side with Gog in fulfilling prophecy. Iran was supportive of Hezbollah long before Ahmadinejad came to that the anti-Israeli spirit that leads to the fulfillment of prophecy is spewed by others besides Ahmadinejad. The next leader, whoever he will be, will need to conform to that spirit. I'm sure Obama will be there holding out a hand of some sort.

"US President Barack Obama has given himself two years to reach a diplomatic breakthrough on a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians, White House officials say privately..." I suppose what this means is that the greatest U.S. leverage will be put off a year or two, about the time that Gog is making in-roads to Israel's north country. In such a picture, one could imagine that Obama will himself unleash Gog from the very start, to apply pressure on Israel, though I think the better prediction is that Gog will happen to come along and become useful for Obama's purposes in Israel.

The article points out a UN presence in Jerusalem as Obama's goal: "The vision of two states existing side by side, with Jerusalem's holy sites under international jurisdiction, is expected to receive a new push by Obama." In this picture, the conspiracy theory comes alive wherein the British-Israeli Zionist cult wishes to take Jerusalem for itself as the capital of a counterfeit, golden-dawn Millennium. In such a picture, the Biblical Gog could very well be the British branches that I've (He's) been tracing. Should we be looking for a UN person with a Lacy or Stewart surname? Might Obama himself be Gog?

Again, Obama is already in Mosul, and he is able to act deceptively to take the nation with Baathists at his side. I hate to confuse you, but I'm very confused at the moment.

The way leaders operate today, they don't realize that they are acting deceptively because they have become deceptive by nature, as a matter of world-class attitude. A businessman is able to act purely for his own interests not realizing how badly he is breaking God's laws. He can lie to his customers as a matter of proper or standard business practice. The same has come to apply to politicians, and this is the way that I view Obama, deceptive by nature and able to make an evil scheme appear righteous.

Oil from Kirkuk will begin to flow to Turkey within hours. It's a milestone for Kirkuk's oil industry. Have you any idea who the Great Dipstick will be? I don't. I follow Vladimir Zhirinovsky almost daily at, but he's been quiet for a long time on global issues. Recently, as Medvedev has met with all opposition parties to talk about Russia's various troubles, he has also met with Zhirinovsy's party.

I quite frankly do not see the devil in Zhirinovsky's face or eyes, nor in Putin's. I see a devil with great secret ambition more in the eyes of Brzezinski than either of the two Russians. But Zhirinovsky is the one with the anti-Christ attitude if ever I imagined it correctly. The devil can enter a person at anytime. Stay tuned.

Egypt is still breathing angry threats against Hezbollah as of today, hoping to reduce the terror group's success in the Lebanese elections just one week from today. Stay tuned.


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