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Obama and Zhirinovsky are Rothschilds

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June 8

After the long wait, Hezbollah has gained little in the elections, and probably lost a lot:

"Lebanese newspapers projected the pro-Western coalition to win 68 seats in the next parliament, with 57 for Hizbullah and its allies and three for independents. Hizbullah retained its 11 seats."

The largest loss of all is the "retaining its 11 seats." The Lebanese don't love Hezbollah now anymore than they did in the last election.

So now what? Wait for the Iranian election results to see if the next president supports Hezbollah as much as Ahmadinejad. Will Hezbollah try to seize powers with assassinations, etc?

"Hizbullah had veto power in Saniora's Cabinet for the last year, which it won after provoking the worst street clashes since the 1975-1990 civil war. The pro-Western coalition had vowed not to give Hizbullah and its allies a blocking minority in the new government if they won [this election]."

How will Hezbollah react to that promise if carried out? The group has been waiting several months in expectation of a political breakthrough on par with that of Hamas in Gaza. Will the two groups put their guns down and go home? Won't they rather blame Egypt for this political loss since Egypt published Hezbollah's dirty secrets just before the election? Hamas is ready to do war with Egypt, obviously, and now that the Lebanese elections are in the past, we could expect a whole new dirty hex from Hezbolah when playing its favorite game of Murderous Retaliation.

Hexbollah may decide that it can't invade Egypt alone with pip-squeak Hamas, and should therefore be very invitational toward a larger power, such as Gog, for carrying out the dirty work. The prophetic theater for the king of the north has been set up, in other words; all that's left is the drawing back of the curtain for the revelation that we are are waiting for. Who is that animal, anyway?

The headline today: "Mitchell to Abbas and Netanyahu: Talk Now; Abbas Refuses," and the story about a desperate Obama plot to make Israel bend to the Islamics to make the world safer:

"U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell, en route to Jerusalem, told reporters that U.S. President Barack Obama wants the Palestinian Authority and Israel to meet for 'immediate' talks towards the creation of a new PA state, but PA Chairman Abbas refused.

Mitchell pointed out that a 'normalization of relations' between Israel and Arab nations is in 'the security interests of the United States.'"

We've heard this "U.S. interest" argument enough times now that we can resolve its acting as the main lever to get Israel to comply. Put another way, it's preparation for the leverage yet to come.

Mr. O-Mitchell, what are you doing here in Israel again? It's the 16th time that you've visited in three months, and you always have that same threatening look on your face.

Mr. Yahoo, I am here to carry the fire on the Big-O Stick. It can be used in various ways. How would you prefer that we use it?

I would prefer that you step out the door, run with it back to O-BammBamm, and shove it...

Now Mr. Yahoo, please. You understand that the Globama Order will crumble to Iran's wackos if you don't create the nation of Palace Tiny. Why can't you just be more understanding?

I understand perfectly. O-BammBamm wants to be Santa Claus to his Pals while claiming that America is otherwise on the line. But I'm not an elf, as you are, sir.

If you're not afraid of this O-Stick, then we'll send Killary with black lipstick, black stockings, and her gloss-black whip, and that'll scare...

I'll just sick our black Lieberdor on her; he's foaming at the mouth as I speak.

If you're not willing to listen, we'll send Yimmy Carter to party with your Arab enemies. We'll make Abdullah and Company look more respectable and important than you. We'll make you look small, Mr. Yahoo, very, very small.

I'd rather be small than murdered. Go ahead, give us your best shots, but tell the Big-O that he's going to suffer the stink of the Zionist Stinker Unit in conjunction with the IDF, the Isreali Deaf Forces.

Oh? And what's that stinker all about, Ned?

Can't tell you, sir, it's a secret. We have a secret stinker prepared for your boss.

I believe it. Netanyahu isn't so feisty at this time without a secret plan, carved out by his fellow leaders, for Obama's coming leverage. Obama has a big problem that Israel can capitalize on; his birth in a foreign country. It is becoming a very big stink already that World Net Daily aims to keep in the air. Israel knows that Obama is ineligible to be the president because he has spent millions on legal bills in opposition to the forces wishing to prove his ineligibility. All he needs to do to save those millions is to show his birth certificate, and the entire stink will go away.

By the way, Obama and his Democrat lovers should turn rabidly on Christians who seek his demise via the WND stinker, especially if it comes closer than it already has to succeeding.

As it seemed that British prime minister Brown was solidly on board Globama's new-world-economy train, Obama may be reeling at the news out of Britain that Brown is gurgling in water up to his lips"

"In a devastating night for Labour [i.e. Brown's party], the party won just 15.8% of the popular vote, allowing the far right British National party to clinch its first two seats in the European parliament.

Worse than expected results for the prime minister saw Labour pushed into second place by the Tories in Wales for the first time since 1918, suffering its lowest vote in Scotland since before the first world war and humiliatingly finishing third to Ukip nationally."

On this matter I want to share part of an email (opened last night but written days earlier) from Steve; it shows that a Rothschild family may soon lead Britain:

..."Gordon Brown hasn't resigned but has decided to continue fighting on. All the pundits are suggesting that Labour will lose the next election heavily.

That should mean that before the end of 2010, maybe sooner, the Conservative party will take power. They are currently led by David Cameron. Have a look at [the Cameron Coat]."

The Crest uses five arrows bunched together just like the original Rothschilds Arms. This comes in a most-timely manner because I showed the same five arrows in the last update as belonging to the Scottish Bower surname, which tends to prove that the German Bauers from whom the first Rothschild descended was a Bower and therefore of a family using the bow and/or arrow as symbol.

Steve's email was still more timely because I had discovered just yesterday, hours if not minutes before opening his email, that Hitler was himself from the Bauer bloodline as immediate as his own grandfather, Johann Georg Hiedler. When I learned of this Hitler variation (to no surprise, there is no Hitler Coat when searching "Hitler"), I checked the Hiedler find three gold stars on blue, the symbols in the German Bauer Coat!!! In the write-up:

"...Alternatively, the [Hiedler] name is derived from the personal name 'Hitt,' which is itself derived from the Old High German word 'Heldis,' meaning 'struggle' [you get it]....

Spelling variations of this family name include: Hidl, Hiedl..Hittle, Hitl, Hitler, Hittler, Hidler, Hiddler, Hiedler and many more."

Obviously, this family asked houseofnames not to show this Hitler Coat when one searches "Hitler." Now that I'm placing this online, we may find that the Coat disappears and is replaced by another that does not reveal links to the Bauers. I discovered the Hiedler surname in an article suggesting that Hitler's grandfather was not necessarily Johann Hiedler, but a "Baron Rothschild":

"...One who offered an explanation of Hitler's easy rise to power was Walter Langer, a noted psychoanalyst. Langer wrote in his book The Mind of Adolph Hitler that it was his theory that Hitler was himself one-quarter Jewish and the grandson of a Rothschild. He wrote:
There is a great deal of confusion in studying Hitler's family tree. Adolph's father, Alois Hitler, was [or so the theory goes] the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber. It was generally supposed that the father of Alois Hitler was Johann Georg Hiedler... Alois, however, was not legitimized, and he bore his mother's name until he was forty years of age when he changed it to Hitler...

...[Maria Anna Shicklgruber] was employed as a servant in the home of Baron Rothschild. As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy [from Rothschild] she was sent back to her home in Spital where Alois was born."

With either father, Alois Hitler was a Rothschild. It's not likely a coincidence that Maria worked for a Rothschild while the home to which Alois was afterward sent was that of a Hiedler, one bearing gold stars on blue as did the Bauers.

I can now add proof. First, see the German Heidler Coat (surname has the 'ie' reversed to 'ei'): it's got red, white and blue on the shield in quite the same manner as the Hiedler shield. Being a family match, therefore, see the single symbol on the German Heid Coat: an arrow! Furthermore, the article above continues:

"It is possible that Hitler discovered his Jewish background and his relation to the Rothschilds, and aware of their enormous power to make or break European governments, re-established contact with the family. This would partially explain the enormous support he received from the international banking fraternity, closely entwined with the Rothschild family, as he rose to power."

But something went wrong. Hitler betrayed Rothschilds, Masons, and other Zionists (e.g. Jehovah's Witnesses), and, we might assume, the family squabble turned into World War II with great vengeance.

Now, as "Heidler" is very similar to the root of "Eidelstein," the father of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, see the bow and arrow symbol in the Eidelstein Coat, and know that Zhirinovsky wrote a book called, "My Struggle," the same as Hitler's book title! I recall that in the post-trib book, I had a piece on Zhirinovsky wherein he showed honor for Hitler, and now we know why: Zhirinovsky is a Rothschild too!

I don't usually use the "freak out" phrase, but right now I am simply freaking scared. I can handle Zhirinovsky way over in the Middle East, but a Nazi-like machine in the hands of Obama, and meanwhile linked to some anti-Zionist Rothschilds, is a frightening picture, and we had better prepare ourselves for it.

Last night I opened another email, this one from CC (there are about ten different emailers who consistently help me on my topics, thank you all), and she shared an article on Obama's ties to Hitler...just as I was, by no pre-plan of my own this past week, starting to trace Obama to the Buckenwald Nazis. The article is long so I'll add only what's necessary to get the jist:

"...Fast forward about 2000 years. The German archeologists are in Pergamum [Mysia]. They approach the Muslim Ottoman rulers with a proposal to buy this old pagan temple to Zeus, and move it to Berlin...they built a massive museum in the 1880's, restored the Temple and rebuilt it right in the museum...

Fast forward again about 50 years. A young Austrian art aficionado named Adolph Hitler must have been especially enamored of it. Or at least his first propaganda minister (when Hitler gained power), Albert Speer, was...."

I haven't yet got to the point, but thought I should stop to discuss the Speer surname, using a red, white and blue shield (!) with crescents, and first found in Renfrew (Scotland) where it was connected to the Pollocks.

To this I'll now add that there is a Belgian Heid Coat, using white crescents on blue, the colors of the Bratt-Bruces (also from the Leslie clans of Germany/Poland). I mention the Bratt-Bruces because the Heids were first found in Bruges (Belgium), where the Bratt/Pratt surname came to when merging with the blue-lion-on-white Bruces before they jumped the waters to Yorkshire. As evidence for my findings, the Belgian Pratt/Pr aet Coat uses a red saltire on gold, the symbol that the Bruces adopted after using the blue lion; see the Scottish Bruce Coat.

Continuing with the Nazi story after the point was made that Speer and Hitler made the Pergamum temple the central piece of their religion/politics:

Hitler gave a series of mesmerizing speeches to the assembled masses...And he did it while speaking from a replica of Berlin's most famous ancient museum piece: The Temple of Pergamum, aka The Temple of Zeus, aka The Throne of Satan.

Startlingly, Hitler was both a fanatical hater of Jews, and an ardent admirer of Islam...

...So did BHO [Obama] visit the Museum of the Temple of Pergamum in Berlin while he was there? Presumably he did...

What we do know was that BHO, came back to nail down the Democratic nomination for President in Denver, Colorado. There he made a bold, or some said arrogant, decision to accept his party's nomination in a massive football stadium...

However, even his staunch supporters felt uneasy that the stage he demanded to speak from was rather un-American and pretentious. He wanted to give a speech from a replica of a Greek building! Jokes about him wearing a toga ensued, but he pressed on.

As photos of its construction were spread around the Internet, a Christian author and blogger named Joel Richardson gained some instant notoriety across the Internet by demonstrating that this building was a dead ringer for the Temple at Pergamum. The BHO people made some weak excuses that it represented the U.S. capitol and White House West Wing combined. But expert scholars agreed with Richardson; it was a replica of the Temple of Pergamum...

El Gallo"

I haven't looked at the "temple" that Obama used at that event, to see whether it was in fact a copy of the Pergamum temple, but it's all very credible suddenly, as I make my own Obama links to Thule's anti-Zionist Sion bloodlines. This is all very surreal. It frightens me. I can see the Snake awaiting his moment of glory, having his vengeance on the Rothschilds who won World War II. Isn't that what would drive Zhirinovsky's anti-West passion? If he isn't Gog, might Gog be yet another anti-Rothschild Rothschild? How many anti-Rothschild Rothschilds are in Rothschild-founded Communist Russia, anyway? Or, is Zhirinovsky an agent of the Western Rothschilds but acting like a KGBer so as to be a better Rothschild spy on Putin? Maxwell Smart couldn't figure this one out.

How many other neo-Nazis are there in the closet, about to jump out and be counted for the anti-Rothschild cause? Is Obama one of them? Is that why he unites with Gog? Is Obama an agent of the pro-West Rothschilds only as a ruse? Did they peg him wrongly as one of their own? I don't think God would have it any other way.

Immediately after responding to Steve last night regarding the Rothschild connection of the Cameron surname, I opened an email from FE that led to the Cameron Coat in a most bizarre way. She wrote in to say that a Richard Amerike looks like the founder of "America." This man, says Wikipedia, was an agent of John Cabot (who sailed to America shortly after Columbus). The article gives a good case for Amerike, and tells that the theory is believed in parts of England without hesitation...yet I'd never heard of the man until last night.

The man seems relevant to my story, appearing to be a Sinclair of Moray. The article above suggests that the heraldic symbols of Amerike, "stars and stripes," may have founded America's flag:

"Two extant versions of the Amerike family's coats of arms include stripes and one, stars and stripes; the older, horizontal, red stripes, and the latter, vertical, blue stripes with a band of stars."

I of course was troubled at first because I had traced America's stars to the Morays. Then I saw that "Amerike," a Welsh name, may have derived from a hard-g version of "Moray," or "Morag." In fact, the article tells that "Amerike" is from the Welsh "Meuric" or "Meurig." There's no Amerike Coat but FE had found a Welsh Meric Coat, using...two gold pentagrams on blue in the shield's "chief" (upper one-third of the shield), smacking of the three gold pentagrams on blue in the Bauer Chief!!!!

Therefore, the three blue white=silver stars in the chief of the alternative Scottish Moray Coat look like an inferior (silver is inferior to gold) version of the Bauer Coat, which then reveals that "America" was founded by the Bauers/Bowers who brought forth the Rothschilds three centuries later. Compare the green-tailed Melusine in the crest of the other Scottish Moray Coat to the green-tailed seahorse in the crest of the Merik Coat. This is a family match, I'm now sure.

Fortunately, the Wikipedia article shows the Amerike Coat of Arms, or at least one of them, though this one does not have the stars on blue vertical bars, which picture immediately evoked in my mind the English Babel Coat, with eagle on blue vertical bars. As the German Babel Coat uses only Melusine, we have a family match between the Babels, Morays, and Amerikes.

I went out on a limb in my Laden book, claiming that the Great [Masonic] Seal of the United States was a red and white version of the English Babel Coat. I then ceased to make that claim as evidence didn't make itself apparent, and yet here I have the goods thanks to FE!

The Amerike Coat (from website below) helped all the more to place me in a freaking mood last night. As I said, I opened FE' email immediately after responding to Steve's email on Cameron's bunch of five arrows. The colors of the Amerike Coat are hard to see in some places, but, correct me if I'm wrong, are those not gold and red bars in the top-left quarter of the shield? As a red bar is on the very top, and as there are four red bars among four gold bars, it's a near-perfect match with the four red bars among three gold bars of Cameron Coat!! The magicians of the Thule society could only dream of performing "magic" such as this. Thank you Steve and FE!

On Amerike:

"Richard Amerike (or Ameryk) pronounced America (c. 1445-1503) was a wealthy English born merchant, royal customs officer and sheriff of Welsh descent. He was the principal owner of John Cabot's ship Matthew during his voyage of exploration to North America in 1497]. Amerike is chiefly remembered because of old documents rediscovered in 1955, proving the discovery of Newfoundland in 1479, which prompted Columbus's voyage of discovery in 1492."

You can imagine that I saw right away a Sinclair link to Amerike, not only because I locate Rollo Sinclairs in Moray, but because I know that a Henry Sinclair of Orkney discovered America 100 years before Columbus. This Henry was also "baron of Roslin (c. 1345 - c. 1400)...[and] the grandfather of William Sinclair, 1st Earl of Caithness, the builder of Rosslyn Chapel."

This situation in which I perceive proto-Rothschilds in connection with Sinclairs of Caithness puts me at the brink of identifying the crow/raven symbol of Caithness vikings (i.e. the "Raven Banner") with the raven of "Rothchild" (no 's'), for yesterday I found more evidence to prove that Rothschilds and Rothchilds (both from Bavaria) were the same family: the Schiff Coat uses a raven (and a red shield), just like the (no 's') Rothchild Coat, and the Rothschilds (with 's') shared their "Green Shield" home with the Schiffs. I should add that the names at the Rothchild page do not include that variation, that most are mere Rot(h)-like.

That's some mighty-solid evidence, especially as the "Jewish" Roth(child) Coat uses a gold Zionist star on blue, what must have been the Bauer symbol at first before it became a pentagram. Also, " Bernard Schiffer came to Philadelphia in 1738; as well as Paul Schiffer in the same year; Hans Schiff came to Philadelphia in 1751" (this is in the same half-century period in which many proto-Rothschild families came to Philadelphia by other surnames). Then we find that "some of the first Roths to arrive in North America, and among them were: Johann Roth, who sailed to Carolina and/or Pennsylvania in 1709. Among the several hundred family members who followed this first settler were: David Roth, who sailed to Pennsylvania in 1720.

The same write-up traces the Roth surname to "the brothers Jeckel and Tilke Rote of Breslau [Poland!] in 1350, and Merklin der Rotter of Esslingen in 1307." Esslingen, in Baden-Wurttemberg, uses a half-green, half-red shield as symbol, and the "Arms of the District of Essingen uses a bugle horn and a floor with gold and black checks or diamonds/lozenges. Remember, Brzezinski, named after Breslau elements, uses the Traby Coat with three bugle horns, and their cords arranged like a 666.

The Henry-Sinclair article has a section: "The alleged voyage to America," in case you're interested. It's not a full treatment on the subject; when I had read it some years ago, I came to believe that it was true to some degree, that Henry Sinclair and family/friends had been to Nova Scotia, and perhaps as far south as Massachusetts, a few years before 1400. Amerike would have been one of that family coming two generations later, indicating that proto-Rothschilds were Sinclairs either by marriage or by direct lineage.

My story for today is not quite finished; I've got to take the entire day off to get it to you. Hope you find it all relevant in the end, as the theme is a neo-Nazi persecution of Christians straight ahead to the near-future. All along I'm trying to figure out how to make easy distinctions among globalists between pro-Zionist and anti-Zionist Rothschilds.

Another email opened last night from the one with a Pollock bloodline said some things that may profoundly connect with the proto-Rothschild and/or Sinclair Amerikes (keep in mind that she knew nothing of the Amerike topic because that was in FE' email). She wrote (brackets not mine):

"The king of Scotland, William the Lion, asked Peter Pollock to found a castle at Rothesey. This castle was to keep an eye on the northern parts of the realm, and I think it was primarily to act as a way station for crusaders returning through the northern port which belonged to the Sinclair navy. The Sinclairs (Norse) had a large navy of their own, with which they set out to investigate Greenland, Iceland, and America, and they were crusaders if I am not mistaken. Later, of course, two centuries later, Sinclairs founded the famous Rosslyn Abbey of modern Tabloid fame. (The Pollocks and Stewarts founded templar abbeys two centuries earlier, especially Paisley, although also donating to Melrose).

Peter Pollock had no male heir, so his castle descended to his daughter Mauricle. Mauricle, whom I think was named after St. Maurice of Hungary (speculation, but where else does one get such a name?) became the first Lady of Rothes...Again, no male heir, so the third lady of Rothes emerged, but her rule was short because she succumbed to the notorious Sir Norman de Leslyn, whose heirs were also excellent at taking over, at any emotional cost, the patrimony of ladies. So the third Lady of Rothes has no name other than Mrs. Norman Leslie."

The Sinclairs discovering America, and then she says that a Lady of Rothes was "Mauricle" Pollock, which name may stem from "Maurice." How could it be a coincidence that this email was opened about an hour after I realized that Amerike was a proto-Rothschild? At the Meric Coat page, we read that This old, proud name derives from the personal name Meuric, which is the Welsh form of Maurice."

I told readers recently that this Pollock emailer was sent into my online life years ago to share an important discovery concerning her Pollock surname, but that thus far I had not arrived to the secret. Now we see that Pollocks were involved in the proto-Rothschild bloodline. It's all coming at once now.

You know by now, if you've been reading along, that I connect Pollocks to Veres, and so see the Vere shield in the lower bottom corner of the Amerike Coat. This jibes with the Moray/Amerike use of the Melusine symbol. My Pollock friend does not seem convinced that her bloodline ties back to Veres. In another email that I opened last night from her, she said something that was not noted until this very hour, and it will blow her mind, and maybe yours as well:

"Those Plocks [that I, John, mentioned] sound about as close as one can get to Pollock, don't they, and if they go back to Vere that is really bad. The Vere's had a line in Renfrewshire as you know, the Weirs. Those people seem to be conscious satanists, at least some of them identify that way..."

No, I did not know that Weirs were in Renfrew (where Pollocks were first found, after a brief start in Shropshire with the Stewarts there), at least not that I can recall. I had seen the Weir Coat (Scottish) many times, and had known for years that it was a known variation of "Vere," but last night, when I read her email, the symbols of the Weir Coat had not come to mind. They came back to mind only just now that I decided to load it: three white stars on blue!!!!

The Weirs were Morays/Murrays/Amerikes and therefore Pollocks, explaining why the Weir Coat uses a gold boar, the same color as the Pollock boar.

The green shield in the Pollock Coat can now be traced to the Scottish Bower Coat -- using a green shield with five arrows arranged like the Rothschild Arms -- probably explaining why the Pollock boar has an arrow. Never in my wildest imaginings did I expect Pollocks to be proto-Rothschilds or the Melusine Picts of the Veres, let alone the discoverers of America...where bows and arrows abounded. The Picts are thought to have become some American "Indians."

In the write-up on the Bowers, we find that they were Strathclydes, a term evoking the "struthio" = ostrich. Then we read: that Bowers were "bow makers" First found in Peeblesshire, where they were anciently seated in the old manor of Bower in the parish of Drummelzier." If that doesn't conjure up the Drummonds, using a Scottish coat that is a near match with the Cameron Coat (also using a five-arrow bunch)!! As the Drummond Coat starts off with a gold bar at the top, and having four gold bars but three red bars, it seems to be a reversal of the Cameron Coat using four red bars and three gold bars with the red one at the top. Remember, the same basic design appears on the Amerike Coat.

I wish that I could see the Amerike symbol in the top-right corner. I can't make it out. But the symbol in the lower left is a black and white dancette or rake. I recall now that the Scottish Yonge surname uses a black and white rake that is exactly the size and shape of the red and white rake owned by king Stephen of Hungary...which is now very conspicuous because Maurice of Hungary was the first Drummond!! Moreover, Drummonds had a Strathclyde branch (which was the branch that dreamed up the pre-tribulation rapture), and the Yonge write-up says that "the name was first borne in this region by a Strathclyde-Briton family, as revealed in records dating back to the 13th century."

As I showed, the Yonge surname is a version of "Jung" (see black and white English Jung Coat), a term that should trace to "On-Ugur," meaning "ten arrows" to some historians but in any case being the term that created "Hungary."

This is wholly blowing my mind, for in the first chapter of the post-trib book, I promised readers that I would find solid Drummond ties to Rothschilds, and it has been so long that readers had given up. Here it is, the evidence that I could never have imagined to be so concise and blatantly true. By all means, spread this message around. Pre-tribulationism comes from Rothschild Zionists of the "Christian" kind!

I have yet to see any white stars belonging to Richard Amerike. In fact, I have yet to see any stars. And certainly its red and gold Cameron bars do not evoke the red and white stripes on the American flag. I traced the red and white stripes to the white triple chevron on red of Wales on the one hand, and to the Randolphs of Moray (see Rand Coat) on the other, which may seem like a terrible riddle until Amerike, a Welshman connected to Moray, enters the picture. In fact, the chevron of Wales belonged to "Iestyn ap Gwrgant, the last Welsh ruler of Morgannwg" (also "Glamorgan"). We easily see the similarity between "Morgan" and "Meurig" (the Welsh version of "Amerike").

What can I say to those who thought I was crazy when, in the Ladon book, I traced "America" to "Morgannwg" and to mythical Morgan of Arthurian myth? Can I say that John Yonge has a special talent for this? No, not talent. God stuck a floppy disk in my mouth when I was born, and he turned His computer on some years ago when He made me His slave -- and I mean slave -- so that His program would just work itself out naturally, that the world might know what realities he wants the world to know about his arch enemies. I can't wait for this job to end, I am so fed up...but times like these egg me on so that I cannot stop.

Since this is a day that so much comes out into the open, why not some more. This time the Drummond-Rothschilds of Britain are going to be connected with the ostrich cult with more certainty. I just checked for a Drummel Coat as per "old manor of Bower in the parish of Drummelzier." The symbols, two gold stars on silver breaks the rules of heraldry, like the silver and gold (in contact) of the English Rod Coat! Note that the Rod Coat uses two green clovers, the central symbol of the German Drummer/Drummel/Drummen Coat (!!)...surname first found in Bavaria!!!

I discussed another Coat in the previous update that likewise had two gold stars on silver. Wouldn't you like to know? This topic included the German Oster Coat because it too used silver in contact with gold, and being an ostrich-like term, I showed it along with the German Lenz Coat because it uses an ostrich...and two gold stars on silver!!!! The exclamation marks just keep coming today; call it Super Monday!@!@!@!@

I failed to see previously on the Oster page that one Michael Ahasverus Ostermaier served as mayor of the town of Ratzeburg in the seventeenth century." Ratzeberg is on the Trave river, wherefore its where the Radziwills of Traby blood were living, and meanwhile the Radziwills were descended from the Ostiks, the term that first got me seeking the ostrich symbol...that I figured out-of-the-blue -- or should I say because I have a floppy in my mouth from birth -- was connected to that name.

You can call me John the Babbler-tist, and I won't mind. You can call me a rat because I'm snitching on my own bloodline, and I won't mind. But don't call me blessed. This is a nasty job.

How many laughed when I traced Drummonds to the flag of Scotland some ten years ago? It was so wild I removed the idea from the book. Now that Drummonds are discovered with the Moray clan -- a major clan of Scotland -- it should explain that and more, as for example why the German Drummond Coat is a blue and white (Moray and Scot-flag colors) version of their Scottish Coat. Note that the Lenz Shield is blue and white, and that both Lenz' and Drummonds were first found in the same general area of northern Germany. The Lenz gold stars on a white and blue shield comes close to mirroring the Bauer gold stars on blue.

Years ago, I traced the father of Maurice Drummond, George, to Scottish king Macbeth, who ruled out of Moray, and suggested that George came to Scotland (in 1055) for the purpose of helping Macbeth fight Malcolm III. Macbeth lost the war and his life, but the question lingers as to why George, son of king Andrew I of Hungary, was in Moray in the first place. I had no evidence that Maurice (and/or his bloodline) was involved in Moray until...Super Monday!

I haven't proved that Maurice in particular led to Amerike (four centuries after Maurice) and/or to the Murray clan named after Moray, though it all seems logical. I haven't proven that the Pollocks were from Maurice, though I suggested to my Pollock friend some years ago that Pollocks descend from the Polish royals that the Hungarian kings married. It is conspicuous that Maurice was the driver of the ship that brought various nobles to Scotland, and if I'm not mistaken, Margaret, destined to be the wife of Malcolm III, was on board his ship. It was even said that the Drummond name came from the waves of the waters somehow (though I have a better theory), and we do see waves in the heraldic bars of the Drummonds. In other words, Maurice and the Drummonds appear as ocean-faring peoples, which fits well with Amerike.

I suppose that Margaret was to marry Macbeth until he lost the war to Malcolm. Could we imagine that Margaret's father, an English royal in exile with the Hungarians, put George Drummond to helping Macbeth with a promise of great power should he/they succeed. Remember, the Ross clan beside Moray was called "Rosich: Children of Andrew," and meanwhile George was the son of king Andrew and of a Varangian Rus mother. Since Pollocks are undoubtedly from the Drummonds, the Rothes clan, and perhaps the island of Rothesay as well, should trace to the Varangian Rus of Kiev. This was Rothschild ancestry, therefore. It cannot be separated from the Drummonds; the two are the same family at the get-go!

I have just made another discovery. One of my goals today was to check out Gwent, for Amerike is said (by Wikipedia) to be from the earls of that place in Wales. Go ahead to the Gwent page and see the Arms of Morgannwg: triple white chevron on red!!! Gwent was obviously a part of Morgannwg.

I don't think I've known until now that the triple chevron was a symbol of Morgannwg; I only knew that it was a symbol of a ruler of Morgannwg. After writing on June 1st that this symbol was connected to the red and white stripes of the United States, I asked myself if I was crazy to make such a bold reach so soon, especially as I had traced it to both the Morgannwg ruler and to the Rands without knowing of connections between the two. I thought I had better retract the statement and wait until further evidence was in. But I decided to keep the statement in, and had no idea that evidence was coming so soon, on June 8, Super Monday!

I feel I could win the Super Bowl single-handedly today. I feel I could sling a stone and hit Goliath right on the freckle. I just can't miss today. It's all unraveling:

"In 931, Morgan ab Owain of Gwent, later known as Morgan Hen (Morgan the Old), was one of the Welsh rulers who submitted to Athelstan's overlordship, and attended him at court in Hereford. However, Gwent remained a distinct Welsh kingdom. In about 942, Gwent and Glywysing were again temporarily united under the name of Morgannwg by Morgan Hen, but they were broken up again after his death."

Clearly, a Morgan was in Wales, and the place was called Morgannwg, before Maurice arrived. This is an apparent fumble. My stone has flown by Goliath's head, missing by nine yards. Maurice did not name Amerike, apparently, but rather he was from Morgan's bloodline. The Morgan-Coat page says that the name derives from sea-circle, but in any case the symbol is a gold lion on green, the Pollock colors.

This is noteworthy and even key, for as Pollocks were lords at the island of Rothesay, which I discovered to be depicted by "Eressea" in the myths of J.J. Tolkien, who located "Avallone" upon it, we can make a Morgan connection to Pollocks in that Morgan le Fay was made (by another myth writer) the leading witch of Avalon's nine witches.

It is not a coincidence that Morgan le Fay is dressed in green and gold at Wikipedia's page. The fumble has suddenly turned into a Super Monday touchdown! Note her leopard-skin apron, for tomorrow we will come across some more leopards. Recall that Nicholas de Vere traced his bloodlines to leopard symbols of Transylvania, and then know that the same Nicholas traced his bloodlines to Melusine/Milouziana of Avalon! What color is Melusine in heraldry? Green. What color is her mirror? Green. Do you see this slingshot in my hand, and do you see that wart on Morgan's nose...

The Veres clearly trace themselves to the Pollocks of Rothes/Rothesay. Thus, the Lady of Rothes named Mauricle was likely named after the Morgan entities on Rothesay, entities steeped in witchcraft.

How do peoples from Transylvania end up in Wales? On Super Monday, nothing is impossible to answer. As we read: "[Morgan le Fay] is said to be the daughter of Arthur's mother, the Lady Igraine, and her first husband, Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall; Arthur is her half brother by Igraine and Uther Pendragon." These are mythical terms; they did not exist in the real world aside from what they were intended to depict. I traced Arthurian characters long ago to Lusatia and Bavaria; Gorlois was traced to the town of Gorlitz in Lusatia. Gorlitz uses a two-tailed white lion on red, the symbol of the Montforts, who were Montferrets in Langhe (Lancelot?), who were Fers in France, who were Veres in Normandy. They obviously connected with Avalon and Morgannwg. Thus we have just traced Melusine of Lusatia to Morgan le Fay.

Gorlitz borders Bautzen, also "Budysin," which is suspicious because Rothesay was renamed, Bute.

I'm done for the day. I've got to prepare for Super Tuesday.

June 9

I cannot get to the news while I have some further points to make on yesterday's topic. Last night I found that Obama's Randolph line in Moray traces both to the Macbeth line in particular, and to the Bessin (Normandy). I realized this when I checked for a Beth Coat and found a German one with the Masci symbols. I might not have been sure that it was a match with the Masci surname except that a variation of the name was "Bethin." The Meschins of Cheshire, who included Mascis of Dunham Masci, were from the Bessin, as for example Ranolph le Meschin.

I bore you with this all over again because it reveals the origin of Macbeth from the Bessin, and therefore likely from the bee lines that passed through Bohemia as the Baii/Boii, and then into Bavaria as the Baia; the peoples of the Bessin were called "Bajo/Baio(casses). I bore you with this all over again because it helps to explain how the Amerike surname of both Wales (Morgannwg) and Moray was both from Maurice Drummond and king Morgan of Morgannwg. This is actually a fantastic point that I'm about to make. I couldn't sleep without getting up to make it.

It was bothering me that Amerike/Meuric/g (and the Pollocks) seemed to trace so well to Maurice only to discover that he (and the Pollocks) traced even better to the Morgan term. I asked how Maurice could also apply, and then I remembered.

First. Recall from yesterday that Morgan le Fay wears a leopard apron in a drawing shared by Wikipedia, that she represented the Vere line of Melusine, and that Veres trace the leopard to Transylvania. Since the Morays are involved in this, while I traced the Sinclairs of More and Moray to Transylvania wholly independent of any other topic, I now add that I trace Sinclairs specifically to the Khazars of the Mures river, where the Khazar leaders were called "Marot." That too, like Amerike, was a variation of "Maurice." At the Welsh Merrick page, we not only see the surname as a variant of "Maurice," but the latter was from "Mauritius."

It stands to reason, therefore, that the Marots of the Mures/Maros river originated "Moray" and "Morgan.". The trick is to discover how Maurice Drummond in Hungary could have been related to the Marots, and how his father ended up in Moray with Macbeth of the Bessin.

I have known and shared in these updates that the Marots were the co-founders of the Hungarian Arpads. King Andrew, father of the Drummonds, was an Arpad (the other side of the Hungarians was Magyar, a peoples living beside the Khazars). The link of the Marots to Maurice is thereby made feasible, but I want more than a blood trace. I want Maurice to be named in honor of the Marots.

Then I remembered: I had read that George, Maurice's father, had married a royal in Podebrady of Bohemia. Since Moray is also "Moravia" historically, we note that the other Moravia is on the east side of Bohemia...between Bohemia and the Mures river. We may therefore assume that George married into the Marot bloodline when he married the royal of Podebrady.

Put it this way: George named his son Maurice, which when applied to his being in Moray tends to prove that George had married a girl from the Marot family...and she named their son after her family.

Macbeth is now being pegged as from the Boii line of Bohemia to the Bajocasses of Bessin, and George had married a girl in Bohemia that likely had one parent with Boii blood. Meanwhile Macbeth, in Moray, likely married a girl with some Marot blood.

I had traced the Pratts/Bratts from PodeBrady to the blue and white Bruces, and meanwhile the German Drummonds are also blue and white, as are the Morays. The theory therefore seems to fit that all are junctioned at Podebrady. The Randolphs of Moray were paired by marriage with the Dunbars, this perhaps adding to the evidence that these Randolphs trace to the Meschins of Dunbar Masci, but see that they were closely related to the Bruces:

"Thomas Randolph, 1st Earl of Moray (died 20 July 1332) was Regent of Scotland...He is usually described as a nephew of Robert the Bruce...On the death of Robert I, the crown was inherited by his son David II...",_1st_Earl_of_Moray

The only point I'm trying to make is that the Randolphs can be traced to the Bessin, and therefore to the Marot fold out of PodeBrady/Bohemia, and/or to the general stock of Melusine. The missing Melusine link in all of the above today is that between the Marots of Transylvania (which became the Melusine line to the Morgan sorcerers) and of Melusine peoples of Lusatia. I know the link exists, as for example the fact that Melusine is known to be from blue and white Lusignan (France), but as yet I've no clue as to how the Marots got to Lusatia as Melusine, except for the clue in her mythical mother, Pressina...which I think will prove to trace to the Traby sector wherein "Brzezin(ski)" (compare with "Pressina") got created from a locality in Poland.

This is all forcing me to look more deeply into Lusatian geography to find how Obama's Randolph line traces to the Trabys/Brzezinskis, and the Pollock surname (using the Traby symbols) is probably going to prove important. I already have a story in my mind that works well, and it involves the porphyry disease that I've been hoping to trace, which I now see tracing to the Randolph line as it connected with Macbeth by marriage. Here's my explanation.

Last night I noticed the locality in Lusatia of Kamenz. After receiving many emails from Robin, a porphyry victim seeking the roots of the disease, she shared her theories that the disease traces to the Komnenos Byzantines and, through them, to the rulers of Aragon, Spain. In my May 23 update, I talked about the Cumans, and shared that Wikipedia's article have Kazakhs deriving from Cumans, and meanwhile I was seeing signs of Cohen, Traby, and Brzezinski links to the Kazakhs:

"Traces of the Cumans are also the Bulgarian surnames Kunev or Kumanov (feminine Kuneva, Kumanova), its Macedonian variants Kunevski, Kumanovski (feminine Kumanovska), and the widespread Hungarian surname Kun. This name was also used as a magyarized version of the Jewish-German name Kohn/Cohen, like for the communist leader Bela Kun."

This all sounds like its right down the alley of my topic here, and keep in mind that Cohens were also blue and white and are traced by me to the Marot Khazars. The Komnenos emperors of Byzantium (a bee line? sounds like "Bessin") could have been from the Bulgarian (anciently Thrace) Cuman-like surnames, and the Bessin (Normandy) happens to trace (in my mind) to the Bessi priests of goat-depicted peoples in Thrace. We were all over Bulgaria when on the map of Moesia a couple of days ago, where we saw a few Traby-like locations (I link the Trabys to a goat-depicted peoples as per their goat-horn symbol).

On May 23, I came across a Tarbagatai region of Kazakhstan, and this was the general (if not precise) area in which the Massagetae lived, who some trace forward in time to the Getae Thracians. The "Massa" term looks conspicuous for forming the Mysia/Moesia, Masci, etc, but the point is that I had just found, on the map of Moesia, the location of Tarpodizas, which sounds like "Tarpo of the Dacians" "Tarbagatai" sounds like "Tarba of the Getae."

The Dacians are known to be a Getae tribe. You recall that I suggested a trace of Apollo's tripod symbol to "Tarpodizas" (and then to the Traby family), but in my older writings I had also traced Apollo's far-northern peoples -- the Hyperboreans! -- to the Dacians in particular, and then back to the Dahae (= "dog") peoples who lived on both east and west sides of the Caspian! I can't get into all the details again but you get the main points, one being that the Thule Rosicrucians trace themselves to the Apollo-worshiping Hyperboreans, and therefore to the Getae family, ancestors of the Goths, this once again revealing that the Traby fold was at the root of the Nazis.

On May 23 I had shared that "Kazakhs are descendants of Turkic tribes (Kipchaks or Cumans, Nogais, Qarluqs, Kankalis)..." The Qarlugs link said:

"The Karluks...were a prominent nomadic Turkic tribe residing in the regions of Kara-Irtysh (Black Irtysh) and Tarbagatai west of the Altay Mountains in Central Asia."

The Qarlug peoples of Tarbagatai. Gorlitz of Lusatia. Gorlois of Arthurian myth giving birth to Morgan le Fay of Rothesay, later Bute. Incredible. Beside Gorlitz is Bautzen/Budysin (evoking Bute because the Pollocks (and Stewarts) ruled at that island), and within Bautzen today is the former district of Kamenz! I get the distinct impression that Kamenz was named by the Cumans while Gorlitz was named by their fellow Qarlug tribe. Moreover, I had in the past traced Bautzen/Budysin to Buz, son of Nahor, but more immediately to the Budini living among the Neuri, worshipers of the wolf.

At the Kamenz article, we read that "The district was formed in 1994 from the previous Kamenz district, the northern parts of the Dresden-Land district, around Radeberg..." Radeberg? Very much like "Ratzeberg" on the Trave river in Polabia. Near Kamenz is the city of Chemnitz..."named...Karl Marx City" (Marx was a Bavarian Illuminatist that the Thule Illuminatists opposed).

You may recall that I traced Pollocks to the Spree river: "The two major rivers in the [Kamenz] district were the Spree and the Schwarze Elster." I thought to look up the Elster Coat (white roses on black) and found "Ulster" variations of the surname. My Pollock friend claims to descend from Heberites of Ulster (Ireland) on one side. She claims that she received porphyry, as most do, as two (or more) bloodlines both having the disease mate in close connection.

This Pollock friend has one parent that is a Murton. Compare with "Marot," and see that the Murton Coat is blue and white. Know too that porphyry is a "royal disease" thought to be disguised in the "blue blood" phrase, a phrase that should pertain to a blue heraldic root. Dresden, the area in which Kamenz was found, was ruled by Wettins, using a blue shield.

In Obama's genealogy there are several Wrights, yes just like the surname of his Chicago pastor. The Wright Coat is blue and white (like the Lusignan bars) with leopard heads in the chief, suggesting a strong link to the Welsh Morgans. A Wright in Obama's genealogy (line 124) married the Jones surname; the Welsh Jones Coat (which links to the the Sam/Sames Coat) is also blue and white.

I know you don't like to hear that I trace the Sam and Jones surnames to Samuel and Jonathan (the pago-Levite priest of the Daniy/Danites of Laish) in the book of Judges, but it's not me that makes the trace so much as the Freemasons themselves. Note the symbol on the Samson Coat, the symbol of the Eaton Coat. As the Eatons were first found in Cheshire, they link to the Meschins because the Samson Coat uses white scallop shells on black, as does the Meschin Coat...where the write up traces Ranolph le Meschin to the Bessin though the surname was first found in Shropshire when in Britain.

The Pollocks (also first found in Shropshire before moving to Renfrew, according to my Pollock friend) therefore appear as one family that traces to the pago-Samson Hebrews that evolved into the Hercules-lion cult: Nergal, the spouse of mythical Laz. This explains why the Lady of Rothes (Mauricle) married a Leslie at Rothesay, especially as Hercules of western Atlantis was paired with Helios of Rhodes. What is now more conspicuous is that this same Pollock friend, in the very email in which she mentioned Mauricle, daughter of Peter Pollock of Rothesay, went on to add:

"The male-descended Pollocks all stem from Peter Pollock's brother Robert Pollock, who stayed in Renfrewshire. There was a third brother, Helias or Eli, or Heli, who was a canon of the cathedral of Glasgow."

To me, this smacks of honor for Helios of Rhodes. It doesn't mean that Pollocks descended from Rhodes, necessarily anyway, but that they married Rhodians in the Rothes family. Remember, Danaans were on Rhodes before they ruled Argos/Mycenae. To this I now add that, at the Kamenz-district page the Kamenz Arms is shown and described: "The wavy line below symbolizes the three rivers Roder, Elster and Spree."

If that's not enough, "The linden leaf in the top of the left half stands for the Sorbian minority" (italics mine). The Danaans of Rhodes built Lindos (!), and I had traced Samson to the Hyksos proto-Danaans as well as Garebites to the west of Jerusalem...that I then traced forward to the Sorbs. The write-up says that the black wing represents Kamenz. It's an eagle wing, likely, the symbol of Byzantines. However, a related page says "The linden branch in the left of the coat of arms symbolizes the nature in the district, and is also a symbol for Riesa as it was present in the coat of arms of Riesa since 1623."

Note that the English Jones surname, using the same three ravens as the Reece/Rice Coat, was first found in Lincolnshire, where the Lindos term was traced earlier.

I found something relevant when checking for a Riese surname. I instead found the Reece/Rhys/Rice surname in Wales, but being first found in Carmarthenshire (Wales), I recalled an important point that I have yet to make on the Murton parent of my Pollock friend. The name evokes "Myrddin," the Welsh version of "Merlin" (= a mythical character of south Wales, where Morgannwg is found!), and meanwhile "Myrrdin" is thought to depict or be related to Carmarthen! Recall too that the island of Rhodes has the city, Kamiros (mythically a son of Helios as was Lindos), no doubt depicting the Cimmerians (anciently "Gamiri"), especially as the Welsh trace themselves to Cimmerians.

Below is what my Pollock friend wrote to me very recently, after I asked more about her Comfort-surname side (which I had traced to "Gomer" (= Cimmerians, it is believed) because it has the variation "Comerford"). In fact, I had asked her about the white Labrador (dog) of the Comfort Coat because she replied earlier that her parent used a blonde ("golden," I'm assuming) Labrador in his heraldry. The Reece Crest is a gold Labrador!!

"Now as to the Comfort in my [parent's] tree...Comforts ARE related.

And before that centuries of unknowns on the Pollock side, but way back there on the Pollock tree there are the Crawfords you mention (but I don't know if I am descended directly) Leslies, Hamiltons, Maxwells, at least one direct Stewart marriage to the very first Pollock, ie. Robert Pollock of Renfrewshire, according to Jamie Allen's genealogy site. So I know I am directly descended from the first Stewart to live in Scotland, Walter Fitz Allen [of Shropshire/Salop]...

Yes my [Murton parent's] father had a ring with a white dog on it, and there was a silver item which had the dog too, and the entire 'coat' or crest had a dog in it, one like the one on the Comfort crest. It probably was an heirloom from the Comfort side, don't you think?"

Crawfords (who I identify as proto-Stewarts Rus vikings of Shetland) were named after a crow, the symbol of the Reece/Rice Coat. The gold stars on blue in the Comfort Coat should trace to the Bauers and/or the related Scottish Bowers, a name that was already linked solidly on Super Monday to the Pollocks.

I kid you not, that when I wrote the above on Babe I was not thinking about the English Baber Coat (to be distinguished from the English Babel Coat) that I found two days ago. I was disappointed when I found it because it uses merely a black chevron on white...but that symbol is also on the Reece/Rice Shield!! To that I'll add that the Rice surname is a part of the Obama administration (Susan, ambassador to the UN, her father was governor of the Federal Reserve System), and was also a part of Bush's.

Note the blue lion in the Samson Crest, probably linked to blue blood. And recall the Samson riddle of a lion and honey, where a man eating the honey of that lion's carcass depicts the "strong." The honey of the Nergal lion cult? Wouldn't this be the bee line that I trace to Buz, son of Nahor.

Hercules had a son, Hyllus, that was connected in Argonautica myth to the Apollo tripod symbol (i.e. the Traby porphyry line, I'm suggesting), and since Hercules was a homosexual cult, he and "Hyllus" should hook to the Galli transvestites among the Kabeiri. The point is, "Nergal" can then be understood as a Nahor-Galli combo. I have other reasons for linking Nahorites to the Samson cult, but room does not permit here.

The Speers of Renfrew, from the Spree river ultimately, use a blue and white shield. The Irish Hoyer/Hoy/Kehoe Coat uses the Spree and Speer red crescent, and meanwhile the modern Kamenz district (on the Spree) includes the Hoyerswerda district. The Hoyer Coat also uses the blue boar of the Veres, which I think is a symbol of blue blood, and that blue boar is the large symbol of the Crowley family (Aleister Crowley was a Bavarian Illuminatist who wanted to be the anti-Christ).

Much has already pointed to the Kamenz district as one major origin of porphyry, but there is more. I had traced the Leslies, due to the horseshoes in the Scottish Leslie Coat, to Podkowa Lesna (meaning "Horseshoe Lesna" and using a horseshoe symbol). However, the Leslie horseshoes are gold on blue, the colors of the horseshoe in the Ukrainian Kamen-surname Coat!

This Leslie link to Kamenz-of-Lusatia elements comes just a day or two AFTER I wrote to my Pollock friend concerning the purple lion of the Leslies, suggesting that it was a symbol of porphyry because the term means "purple (blood/urine)." I shared with her that the purple lion is used by the de Lacys of Britain -- who ruled in Hereford, where the Trabys ruled in Tudor Trevor -- but also by the Spanish Leslie clan, which fits nicely with Robin's trace of the Komnenos bloodline to Spanish royalty in Aragon.

Hang on to your seat if you're reading, Robin (I emailed her last night with questions on Komnenos and Aragon, and await a reply). Purple lions are rare so that it can't be a coincidence that it's used by the British Lacys/Lassys on the one hand, and the Luz Spaniards on the other; see the Spanish Luz/Luzio Coat. The write-up says: "first found in Aragon."


When I discovered this some years ago, I used it in a chapter called Betty Ruble in Thuringia (August 2007), linking "Betty" Rubble and her blue dress to the Wettins using a blue shield. I was linking the de Lace clan, also "Lassy," to the white "Vere star" of Italy. I wrote:

"It may apply that the Italian Lasso-surname Coat uses two white Zionist stars, but on red...though this is the very symbol and color scheme on the Wassa [proto-Washington] Coat. The Irish Lassy Crest is a wyvern griffin [a Vere symbol], but more importantly, the family is traced by to Strongbownian Wales (= the Clare domain) and to a place in Normandy called "Lassy." The article goes on to say that the Gaelic version of "Lassy" is "Leis." Because the Lassy Coat uses a purple lion, I would find it strange if it didn't tie to the Spanish Luz surname, for it too uses a purple lion. This Luz family was first found in Aragon, which picture is an exceptionally close match with Argovia and it's Luzern Canton!

It should be added that the purple lion appears on the Spanish Arms and denotes Leon, Spain...wherefore we might ask if Leon and the Lee surname had connected at some point. In any case, the Lys (and perhaps "Lee") terms may actually have derived from "lion," and I do remind you that the Laz Caucasians were married to the Nergal lion...It's interesting that Robin (a porphyry victim), has traced the purple disease, porphyry, to royals of Castille, but never did she share with me the purple of Leon, for it might possibly be a symbol of that 'royal disease.'"

Betty Rubble in Thuringia

The trace of the Lacys and the proto-Washingtons to Wales connects well with Amerike/Morgan, allowing for the American flag to be BOTH from Amerike and the Washingtons, the latter providing the red and white stripes, and the former providing the white stars on blue. In such a case, BOTH were Leslie clans, or married into Leslies.

In the opening paragraph of the chapter above:

"As per the previous chapter, the significance of Cuneo province [northern Italy, interior Liguria, where white-star Veres/Ferrets originated] needs investigation. While we could have little problem in tracing Saxons proper to the Sequani of Savoy/Swiss realms, we might at first glance find it difficult to see the same (proto)Saxons in Cuneo, except for the fact that the City of Cuneo Arms include a version of the Arms of Saxony, as well as the white horse on purple that was, along with a white horse on red, the 'Saxon Horse' for centuries (it evokes the design used by Tuscany, a white Pegasus on a red background).

I had traced Hyksos of Egypt both to the Etruscans and to the Samson cult, and they were good candidates for horse symbolization. It's not reasonable to link everything purple to porphyry, but as the Pollocks descend from "Fulbert the Saxon," the white horse on purple may just apply to the Pollock disease (Pollocks are carriers of porphyry). It's possible that "Hyksos" developed hard-C (Kyksos/Kikon) and soft-C (Syksos/Sykon/Saxon) variations. They do indeed smack of the Kikons and Hebros "brothers" of Rhod(ope).

The English Lace/Lassy Coat uses black roundels, a symbol often traced to Byzantine coinage; this may add to the Lacy/Leslie link to the Komnenos emperors and/or Kamenz domain.

The Douglas clan merged with Murrays of Moray so that the Scottish Douglas Coat also uses white stars on blue. The point is, the Dougal Crest uses what appears to be a feather folded over in the manner that ostrich feathers of the Trabys and Tudors fold theirs over. The Dougal Coat uses a royal (i.e. the white lion is crowned) blue and white shield. The white lion is said to be the "lion of MacDowel," a variation of "Dougal."

I am certain that all of these notes will become background information for revealing Obama's lines better. FE has emailed me an article on Obama's true father that convinced me on first read. It was not the Muslim from Kenya. The resemblance between Frank Marshall Davis was a near-clincher in itself, but the write-up on his life, his tracks to Chicago and then to Hawaii floored me. Also, Obama had written about a mysterious Frank that fits this Frank David well. Apparently, Frank and Mrs. Dunham had an affair, and Obama should be aware of it because, as I read some of Davis' writings (article below), it sounded just like Obama. You decide.

I naturally checked the Davis Coat for Traby and/or Thule connections, because Frank Davis was a Communist type...though he worked for the FBI, the article claims. There is a Welsh Davis Coat -- excellent -- and it uses three green clovers on white, a symbol I have mentioned before. Hold on, let me go back to see who uses it....

I mentioned just yesterday, but with so much cramming my head I can't always recall. It was the Rod Coat (!)...and the Bavarian Drummer/Drummel Coat (!!), which had connected to "the old manor of Bower in the parish of Drummelzier." The Drumms also uses two gold stars on silver, the symbol of the ostrich families, Oster and Lenz. How can this be, that Obama traces to the same families on his Davis side as on his Dunham side?

The article says that after Obama was born, his mother "Ann Dunham later became an operative with the Rockefeller controlled Ford Foundation." The closest one can get to a Rockefellar Coat is the English Rock/Rooker Coat, which uses a green clover (on gold)!

One now has reason to believe that Obama is anything in the world because the Rockefellers made him something, but because his own father was from a Rockefeller branch. The Rock surname is said to be Anglo-Saxon, squaring with the Pollocks that way but also because of the green and gold shield (Pollock colors) used by the Rocks.

I decided to try the Fell Coat, and found (blue) eight-pointed stars (on white) seen also on the Rothstein/Rothschild Coat. Rockefellers are claimed to be a Rothschild branch, and this tends to prove it. The blue diamonds on white may link to the Bavarian "lozenges." To my astonishment, I found a "Jewish" Feller Coat using white clovers on blue!!

Think about that. Davis a Rockefellar, and Obama a Davis.

As per Rockefeller's interest in the Ford Foundation, I thought that the Rockford Coat might apply: a white lion on blue, same colors as the Fell and Feller Coats. The Welsh Jones Coat uses a white lion on blue in the same position! See the other English Rook Coat (a blue and white shield!), using the same rook symbols as the English Rock/Rook Coat but also using the sun on blue like the "Jewish" Cohens (who are blue and white in Germany). Note the black Crow in the crest, a symbol of the Jones' and of the Roths. The French Rock/Rocque: white rock on blue. The exclamation marks wouldn't be here if this were not all a discovery of the moment. Is it Super Tuesday after all?

None of the above appears in the article on Frank Davis. It's all extra evidence to prove that the article's author is correct. And there's more...

I was wrong. There is a Rockwell Coat that comes closer to "Rockefeller" than the Rock surname. The latter is white shield with black chevron (just like the Baber Coat that linked to the Riesa/Rice topic), perhaps from the white shield with black rook of the Rook surname. Compare the Rockwell Coat to the Rice Coat, and let me repeat: Susan Rice is now Obama's ambassador to the UN, her father being once the governor of the Federal Reserve System.

The Roswell Coat uses black chevrons on a white shield too, interestingly enough (i.e. who knows that Roswells could be a Rockefeller branch?). The write-up: "In the Domesday Book, compiled in 1086, each of those [Rothwell] places was rendered as Rodewelle...[Surname] first found in Lincolnshire."

I had tried the Roslyn Coat minutes before the Roswell Coat, and the Roslyn surname was also found first in Lincolnshire (we're thinking Lindos of Rhodes here, aren't we?). It has been traced to a Norman under the Conqueror so that the location of Roslin/Rosslyn in Lothian may be related to this surname, which was early "Rocilin" (that makes it easier to see a "Rockewell" version develop): "Hence, conjecturally, the [Roslyn/Roslin] surname is descended from the tenant of the lands of Rigsby, Rocelin, a Norman noble who held from the Archbishop of York...Rocelin was descended from Robertus the first settler granted the lands in 1066 by Duke William." I can't make out the symbols but they are gold on silver, a no-no in later times. In other words, the Rockefellers may be Sinclairs as per the Sinclairs of Roslyn village, especially as the Roslin surname was from one Robertus (a Norman name) of the Conqueror's admiration.

The Rigsby Coat? Blue and white (again), with gold cinquefoils in the chief. Checking the Rocksby Coat (surnames include Rocksby, Rookesby), I was not only surprised to see one loading, but it turned out to use the very same shield as the English Rook Coat, minus the suns. Therefore, "Rigsby" is a Rockefeller domain! Both the Rooks and Rockbys were found first in Yorkshire, which should therefore connect with Rocelin (Roslin) of Rigsby with connection to the bishopric of York. The blue on white Bruces of York have got to be in this Rockefellar family, wouldn't you think? I'd say they were rock wellers i.e. rock drillers/miners, and some say that they have secret tunnel-prisons reserved for those who will not comply with the new world order:

"The Trilateral Commission is a private organization, established to foster closer cooperation between the United States, Europe and Japan. It was founded in July 1973, at the initiative of David Rockefeller; who was Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations at that time...

Zbigniew Brzezinski, a professor at Columbia University and a Rockefeller advisor who was a specialist on international affairs, left his post to organize the group...


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