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June 10 - 11

The "Jewish" Illuminati is now in Kirkuk

See June 11

June 10

There's little news. In Israel, Mitchell was quite civil and non-threatening, so far as the Israeli media is reporting. This may mean that is job is to skirt Israel with a superficial meeting in order to get to the real reasons for his visit, meeting with nearby Arab nations including Syria this weekend. Apparently, Obama wants to mend the rift between He and Syria.

In Egypt, an Egyptian media reported that Obama's two-year deadline for Israel's submission to the Arab plan was the idea of the Egyptian government. That is, Obama was merely breathing the position of Egypt, but also of Saudi Arabia; neither wants to see Obama's second term, the article said, without a deal passed for Palestinian statehood. Good-luck-all.

Back on May 7

"Heritage Oil, the explorer founded by Tony Buckingham, the former SAS officer with a mercenary past, jumped almost a quarter in value, closing up 99p at a record high of 500p, after it struck oil in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq. After initial tests on its well in the Miran West field, reaching its target depth two weeks ago, it estimates that the field contains between 2.3 billion to 4.2 billion barrels of oil, of which as much as 70 per cent could be extractable. Mr Buckingham believes..."

Today in Turkey we read:

"Çukurova Group's Genel Enerji, which started pumping oil from northern Iraq with its partners this month, is merging with Britain's Heritage Oil. Heritage will pay $2.45 billion in stock to Genel Enerji shareholders. The new firm, to be named HeritaGE, will be the biggest oil producer in northern Iraq."

That was fast. Britain got in there mighty fast and mighty big, and is swinging a deal with Turkey. Another article gives background information and assures that Kurdistan is in the plans to act as ground zero for years to come;

"Heritage Oil boss Tony Buckingham is betting that years of fierce political wrangling between Baghdad and Kurdish leaders is over, by pooling resources with Turkish-owned rival Genel.

The pair [June 8] unveiled plans for a £3.5billion merger that will create the dominant drilling and exploration force in oil rich Iraqi Kurdistan."

Did you just see Gog's eye pop out and land in his cereal during his breakfast newspaper read? Two to four billion barrels. Times $70 per barrel. That'll buy him a lot of fancy stones, fortresses, and shoddy Arab soldiers who'll work for food and toilet paper.

Funny thing, though. Mr. Buckingham has access to his own private armies. That is, he "has links to Sandline and Executive Outcomes -- [two] private military companies that were founded in the 1990s but are now defunct." Mercenaries. He has access to mercenaries, soldiers who work for pay. The purpose of the Sandline and Executive Outcome's fighters was to restore oil fields taken by various rebel groups in various countries. Hmm. Isn't it being predicted right now that Arab terrorists will seek to adversely affect the Kurd oil business...just under way?

This is funny indeed:

"In 1995, the government of Sierra Leone engaged Executive Outcomes to train the Sierra Leone army and support it in defeating RUF rebels. Sandline International was formed in late 1996 with Buckingham as one of the principals.

In 1997, when a military coup ousted president Ahmad Tejan Kabbah of Sierra Leone, millionaire Indian financier Rakesh Saxena contracted Sandline to organise a counter-coup in exchange for diamond exploration permits. The Heritage prospectus says Sandline had the tacit approval of the British government as well as support from a Royal Navy frigate. Saxena is implicated in the fraud and collapse of the Bangkok Bank of Commerce in 1996...Saxena would raise the money so that Sandline could hire soldiers and buy equipment.

...Besides Sandline and Executive Outcomes, Tony Buckingham is also the principal shareholder in Indigo Sky Gem, a mining company which bought the exclusive prospecting rights for diamonds on the Neu Schwaben farm from the Namibian government."

It is hard for me to believe that this type of operation does not involve the Rothschilds and/or Rhodians who have historically worked mines in Africa, including diamond mines, and have been in the business of manufacturing/selling military equipment. I'm wondering whether I discovered by Design Obama blood ties to "Rock-e-wellers" (see yesterday's update). Obama has been awfully nice to Turkey lately, hasn't he? Could he be involved with Tony Buckingham? We all know that Rockefellers are in the big-oil industry.

In Daniel 11, the king of the north seems to pay his soldiers, and moreover he loves precious stones. Hmm.

The Buckingham surname was first found in Oxfordshire -- "Vereville" -- and the Buckingham Coat is red and gold, the Vere colors, but as it's a red lion on gold, it's possibly the historic Wells Coat. Remember, Rockefeller branches include "RockWell" and "RosWell."

Buckingham variations include "Beckingham," and when one searches "Becking," the Baring surname (think Barings Bank in London) shows up...with red and gold Cohen-type checks (!)...that are also the Vaux checks, a known variation of the Wells family!! The Becking/Baring surname was first in Nottingham, beside Lincolnshire where the English Well surname first surfaced in the available records. The Barings Bank was founded by Nick Leeson, and the Leeson Crest uses a red lion holding the sun (the Buckingham Crest also has a red lion).

After the Barings Bank (founded by the Baring surname) collapsed, it became ING out of the Netherlands, the historical haunt of "Jewish" international bankers. The chief financial officer of ING is Patrick Flynn, and so gawk at the three gold roundels on blue in the chief of the Flynn Coat, for there are three gold roundels on blue also in the Buckingham Coat!! Tony Buckingham is likely in cahoots with "Jewish" international bankers.

We may certainly investigate whether the three roundels are substitutes for the three gold stars on blue belonging to the Bauers, and if so, the Barings and ING banks were/are likely Rothschild-bank products. On the other hand, the Rhodes Coat uses gold roundels as well (!), though on red. Moreover, it uses red lions!! The Rhodes surname was first found in Lincolnshire, where the red-lion Wells were first found. "Rockwell/Roswell" could then be a Rhodes-Wells combination. Zumbowie, after writing that, I tried "Rothwell" and got the Coat I had shown yesterday as "Roswell; it uses three gold roundels too! Plus, the surname is from a location(s) of "Rodewelle," and was first found in Lincolnshire!! It looks as though Rockefellers and Rhodes are one family with the Wells and Vaux clans of "Jewish" Cohen descent. Yes, from the Khazar imposters, pagan Hebrews of the dragon.

They are in northern Iraq!!!!!!!!!

If the anti-Christ is to be an Obama agent, I would say this picture fits to a tee. I am not suggesting that Tony Buckingham should become the anti-Christ, but perhaps someone else in his circle, perhaps via the use of the mercenaries to fix what they thenmelves might cause through trickery. That is, they might create their own bomb blasts at a pipeline(s) and then have the excuse to go in and fix it via Buckingham's presence there already, and his ties to the military organziation with a track record in this type of work.

Let me say this from the start in case this proves to be it. If I were not experienced in heraldry designs, no one might know who the anti-Christ is until it is too far too late. I find it amazing that I discovered, thanks to FE, Obama's bloodline links to the Rockefellers just in yesterday's update, and what you have just read was all discovered in less than an hour because I've known some of it in the past.

Having said that, Tony Buckingham and company in Kirkuk may not be the anti-Christ but may rather represent the circle of the False Prophet who will ultimately form an alliance with the anti-Christ. We should watch him closely. By the way, Heritage Oil is a Canadian company though Tony, its CEO (chief executive), is a Brit.

Steve had sent me an email on Obama's new and strange picks for World Bank president. There are two men being considered as front runners, one being Manmohan Singh, the prime minister of India. I checked the surname and finally found a Bavarian Singe/Sengher surname, using gold Zionist stars in blue. It figures.

The English Singe Coat uses the same symbol as the Mill Coat, and the latter has a red lion in the crest. I just keep getting red lions, but if you try 15 or 20 surnames at random, you probably won't get one red lion. In the same way, I keep getting gold stars on blue, though the Scottish Mill Coat uses blue stars on gold. I'm wondering whether the Mill surname is connected to Milner, the surname that took over the Cecil-Rhodes Illuminati.

The timing of Steve's email is once again incredible. I was going to be on the topic of the purple lion whether or not he emailed me. I opened his email (last night) just as I was on that topic with my Pollock friend. I see inklings of an Obama trace to the same Lacy and Luz surnames that use the purple lion. The likely Obama pick for World Bank president is, not the Indian president, but the Brazilian president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The Spanish Silva Coat uses a crowned purple lion!!

It may not be surprising to find purple lions in Spain since Leon uses it, but the timing of this Silva story with my being on the purple topic suggests that Obama is choosing Silva for bloodline favoritism. The Silva surname was first found in Leon, but the surname cannot use the symbol unless its related to Leon royalty.

The timing of the email may assure the reader that the purple disease is important to the end-time players in dragonic globalism. I was tracing the disease just yesterday to Lusatia, where the Lacys (a Leslie clan) originated, I'm sure, but I was tracing in particular to the Khazar Hebrews of Lusatia...who had also been in TranSYLVnia.

Not only was the purple royal disease (porphyry) traced back to Cuman-branch Kazakhs, but to Kamenz in Lusatia. And, while I was doing that, the topic was concerned with tracing Macbeth of Moray to the Transylvanians of the Drummond bloodline, which was an Hungarian bloodline, an important point because the disease is traced significantly to Hungarians.

When I looked into it, I found that Macbeth married Gruoch, daughter of Boite, also "Bodhe, Boedhe, etc." The latter term reflects the Lusatian location of which Kamenz is situated. It wouldn't be mentioned here if it were not for Gruoch's son, Lulach mac Gille Coemgain. Aside from "Lulach" smacking of Obama's pick, Lula de Silva, Coemgain mirrors "Kamenz" not badly. Lulach was not the son of Macbeth, however, but of Gruoch's first husband (Gille Coemgain). Lulach became the ruler of Moray at Macbeth's death in 1057...about the time that Maurice Drummond arrived with some Hungarians and who knows what more.

What's conspicuous if I'm correct in having George Drummond at Macbeth's side (according to a document, he arrived in Scotland in 1055) is that "Gruoch" reflects "George" very well, as if she were George's relation. We find that she is made the daughter of a Bodhe, however, which smacks of PodeBrady, where George had taken his wife. Moreover, Bodhe's father is made by multiple sources, "Giric." I kid you not:

"Cinaed mac Duib...anglicised as Kenneth III...was King of Scots from 997 to 1005...Many of the Scots sources refer to him as Giric son of Kenneth son of Dub, which is taken to be an error."

It indeed seems that something's amiss, as though some group was trying to pass George off as a Scot. Giric was not the son of Kenneth or from that Scot line at all, but was the son of king Andrew of Hungary. If I'm correct, and I must be because the chances for coincidence to apply here are too high, Macbeth married the sister, I think, of George.


It was only after tracing Marots of the Mures to the blue and white Murton surname and Myrddin, and to the blue and white Morays that I found Obama's true father among the blue and white Rockefeller family. Since the Marots were Khazars (i.e. blue and white Kagan/Cohen bloodline), I had traced them to the blue and white Rangabe surname of Melissena of Byzantium, for she was of royal Khazars on one side. But that trace, with the Murton line in direct connection to my friend with porphyry, makes me suspect all the more that the Komnenos of Byzantium had the disease. But Komnenos, like most other Byzantine royals, was red and gold (Wikipedia shows him with red checks on gold, the Vaux/Wells symbol), and to this I then add that The Drummonds were both blue and white and red and gold. The Praets, which I trace to Podebrady, were red and gold even though they were linked to the blue and white Bruces.

We find that "Manuel [I] Komnenos [of Byzantium] was the fourth son of John II Komnenos and Piroska of Hungary." Hmm. On the Komnenos webpage above, at the very top, we find another Manuel Komnenos whose sons were made rulers the TREBIzond empire! Suddenly, my trace yesterday of porphyry to the Traby fold looks much better.

My Murton-Pollock friend has roots in the Comfort surname using the ostrich symbol of the Trabys, while her Pollock side uses the bugle symbols of the Trabys. This is fantastic because I awoke this morning wondering how the Kamenz region of eastern German could have connection to the Trave river in northern Germany. At least what we see now is a Komnenos tie to what could have been Traby links to Trebizond...a region on the southern coast of the Black sea from the Halys river eastward to the borders of Georgia.

This is where the Amazons/Meshech had originated before moving to Mysia and Moesia. The Cimmerians/Gomerians (think "Comerfort/Comfort") had also moved into this area about the time of Ezekiel's address to the Biblical Gog. This is the origin of Artemis, twin sister of Apollo, and meanwhile I trace Apollo/Pollux to the Poles/Polski. Compare "Polabi" with "Apolluon" as its 'u' morphs into the Roman 'v' and finally into a 'b'. "Apolluon" is the ancient spelling found in Revelation 9 in regards to Abaddon, which is conspicuous because Obodrites were branches with the Polabians. Wikipedia shares an "Abodrite" variation.

At the Trebizond article above, we find the empire's Arms to be black and white horizontal bars, perhaps indicating that the black and white quartered shield of the Hohenzollerns represented a carrier of the Trebizond bloodline. These Hohens ruled Brandenberg, which overlapped Lusatia, and meanwhile it gets us closer to the Trave river. I suspect that the Polish border region of Lusatia and Kamenz had links to the Trave river via the Polabians.

[Update 10:20 am today: an hour or so after writing the above, I checked for a Drave/Drove Coat and found it to have a black and white quartered Shield!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable. First found in Hampshire among Anglo-Saxons. Remember, I trace Wessex Saxons, anciently "Gewisse," to the Kwisa/Queis river, Lusatia. See the Hohenzollern quartered Coat in the Arms of Baden-Wurttemberg, having colors in the same positioning as in the Drove Coat. In those Arms you see the three antlers of Wurttemberg that trace to the red antler of the Spree region. End update]

Although it's a fine theory that "Polabi" derives from Po-Labe because the Elbe river (off of which they lived) was "Labe" to the Czechs, we find in Polabia a "Warnabi" peoples (said to descent from the Varni Nerthus-worshipers) having an "abi" suffix. Therefore, I argue that "Polabi" is to be understood as Pol-abi...having connection to the Poles. In that manner, the Cuman Kazakhs that I suspect named Kamenz, who should prove to be tied to the Tarbagatai region of Kazakhstan, moved with some (Apollo-linked) Poles to name the Trave river and the Polabians. This even explains why the first Pollocks had ties to Rothesay -- the island of Avalon named after Apollo elements.

The theory is that the porphyry gene was in the Traby>Comfort>Murton bloodline, and that when her Murton parent married a Traby>Pollock bloodline, the genes were in both parents, assuring the appearance of the (genetic) purple disease for lack of normal genes in the biological area concerned. The end-time relevance is in the fact that Illuminati bloodlines have the strong attitude of marrying within their "sacred" bloodlines so that the disease is more likely to be among their children. One result of the disease is temporary insanity (akin to Nebuchadnezzar's seven-year fate), although in milder cases a loss of rationale may occur, I'm assuming, that could lead to bad decisions on the world stage as globalism heats up to critical levels. Obama and Brzezinski could have the gene! I'll report anything that would confirm this, but the first clue is his pick of purple-lion Silva for World Bank.

The Byzantines had a "Purple Room" related to their kings, and of coarse purple was the color of the Roman empire as well, and the Biblical dragon characters including the Ishtar line. It's of course controversial as to whether the purple color of royalty was linked to the purple urine that named the disease. It's not likely that such a thing as purple urine would be made public for public records, but if you can get a sample of Obama's urine, that could tell a story and make you rich at the same time. You'll get much more than the price of gold per ounce because there are no end to the fanatics that would pay a million for one vial.

There are some who trace the Leslie surname of Scotland to the Ladislaus name of Hungary. LasdiLaus I of Hungary (born 1040), an Arpad, married a Polish princess, and he himself was born in Poland, so that Pollocks -- and their potential to acquire the disease -- may find root here. Wikipedia shows him with a red diamond on his gold chest. The point is, Manuel Komnenos married Piroska of Hungary whose father was "St. Ladislaus," the same as Ladislaus I above. Compare purple-lion "Lacy" with LADISlaus. The theory here is that the Komnenos family got the gene from the Ladislaus.

I have some good evidence, I think, because as I searched for a red diamond on gold, I found only three surnames in my records. In March of 2007, I had written an argument for identifying the founders of the United States:

"As evidence that the Burgh surname is connected to the Burgess surname, the alternative Dutch Burgh Coat uses three red diamonds on gold, quite possibly the Burgess diamonds. The German Burg Coat uses white stars on blue, a feature on the American flag."

The Anglo-Saxon Chronic-Laus

Since that writing, the Dutch Burgh Coat above has been changed at, but I saw the diamonds many times as well as the other Dutch Burg Coat (which has also disappeared), the one showing the Clare triple chevron...used because the Clares were from the Conqueror's bloodline and meanwhile the Conqueror was merged with the Burg surname.

The point is, the red diamonds of the Irish Burgess Coat can connect with the Comforts of Ireland because the Irish Burgesses were first found in Wexford, where the Comforts lived! I had already tied the Comforts solidly to the Lassy surname of Wexford (Lassy is a variation of "Lacy") on the May 30 update, so that it now appears very true that the Lacys trace to Ladislaus I. It appears that the Lacys carried the red diamond on gold of Ladislaus to the Burgesses of Wexford. The Comforts then got the disease from the same Lassy elements in Wexford.

What this also seems to reveal is that LadisLaus -- born in Poland and marrying a Pole -- got the gene from the Trabys, for they are a surname of Poland. It may even be that Ladislaus' wife was a Traby member...but if not she had the Traby genes. I think the Leslies should be distinguished from the Lacys, the Lacys tracing to Ladislaus but the Leslies elsewhere in Poland.

Behold now. The clouds are becoming thicker with storm looming. As Ladislaus' brother was Lampert, see the white crescent on red in the Lampert Coat, the same as on the Spree Coast, and the reverse colors of the red-crescents-on-white of the Speer surname in Renfrew (that appears related to the gold boar of the Renfrew Pollocks).

Behold more. The source of the Spree river "is located in the Lusatian Hills (Lausitzer Bergland) on the Czech border. Further north the river enters the Spreewald, a large wetlands area, that is identical with the settlement areas of the Sorbs." The Sorbs are the last-living representatives of the Polabians.


It would appear, therefore, that the gene in the LadisLaus family was from some Lusatians of the Spree-river region, who were perhaps merged with Sorbs but in any case they moved to Polabia...where the Trave river was named. Therefore, the Trabys can be traced to the Spree river region, making it more compelling to identify the Spree crescents with the Traby bugles. Again, Kamenz was a region through which the Spree passed.

Bill Clinton's real father, a Blythe, may apply, for the Blythe Coat uses red crescents on white! And since he's a Rhodes Scholar, the Rhodes/Rockefeller bloodline is suspect as a porphyry line...wherefore Obama may have it too!! The world may be ruled at present by The Purple. Why are Bilderbergs named after the Bilderberg hotel, while a variation of "Blythe" is "Bllyt"? Does anyone has access to the urinals of the Bilderberg meetings?

I feel sorry for my Pollock friend, who suffers greatly to this disease; she says that she has a very bad case, which could be explained in the fact that the first-known Pollocks were married to Rothes, who then married Leslies, and meanwhile she has some Comfort genes too.

I trace the Laus term to the Laus Deo phrase written on the Washington Monument, which monument I have always linked to Dionysus for an inner hunch that sits well. I now find that the Spree-Neiße region (tracing to the Hohenzollerns that use the Drove Coat or vice versa) was named in-part after the Neiße river, "Nysa" in Sorbian!

The Drove surname should relate more to the Drevani in the Hanoverian Wendland and the northern Altmark" than to the " Travnjane near the Trave." Both were a Polabian peoples, but there was another that has become very conspicuous to me: the "the Linones (Linonen) near Lenzen." There's are good maps (here's one) at the page below.

Aside from the possibility that the Linones may be a link between Lindos on Rhodes and Lincolnshire's Rhodes/Rockefeller surnames, the Lenzen location evokes the Lenz Coat, which uses an ostrich! Since the Lenz Coat uses two gold stars on silver, as does the Bavarian Drummer/Drummen Coat, and since the Lenz shield is blue and white, the colors of the German Drummonds, I see a link. I recall that Maurice Drummond is called the "driver" of the ship he sailed from Hungary to Britain, and then I see that the Drove/Drover surname is said to derive from the idea of "driver."

I then see the possibility that "Drover" became "Dromer," one of the variations shown at the Drummer page; we also find a "Drummen" there: John Drummen, who settled in Virginia in 1652." But on this equation I am not at all sure, though I am convinced that Drummonds connected with the Traby/Drevani. Note the Dumer variation that may link to such Scottish places as Dumfries, Dumgoyne, etc.

Since the Rod Coat uses the Drummer clovers in the same colors, it adds evidence to my theory that Drummonds had clans named after their Varangian Rus side (e.g. the Ross clan next to Moray), and moreover I traced "Varangian" to the Varni who lived exactly in Polabia!! If you compare the location of the Warnabi to the location of Lenzen, it's a perfect match (the Obodrites are shown on the map).

It's then conspicuous that Lenzen is in Prignitz district, for Gruoch of Scotland, who I'm pegging as Giric/George Drummond's sister, married Gille Coemgain mac Mail Brigti. If there is a Prig(nitz) link to "Brigti," in other words, the porphyry gene of the Trabys may have been brought to Scotland with George and company, in which case the Rothes of Avalon should connect to the Rod surname above.

The Drummonds settled and named Drymen, a city close to Avalon (i.e. Rothesay). Drymen was in Stirling, which reminds me that I traced Stewarts to a Stir(gud) term among raven-loving vikings of the Shetlands/Orkneys...which should explain why the Stirling Arms uses a white cross on blue (Stewart colors) that was used also in Shetland; see flag of Shetland. In the Shetland Arms (from link above), see the ship on three waves (black and white, Drove colors) that evoke Maurice Drummond the ship driver and the three Drummond-Coat waves. Note the sail, white on blue background but with a black bird of some type. Note the dragon ship, a viking symbol. One gets the impression that Stewarts were Drummonds from the Traby fold...where the Varni had become Varangians in my opinion.

Remember, Stirgud was surnamed "the Stout." If that phrase was from the original language, it smacks of the Traby-related ostrich (Greek = "struthio") symbol.

The Stirling Arms has white stars on blue, making the connection to Moray to which I also traced the Drummonds. Note the wolf in the Stirling Arms, a symbol of the Stewarts no doubt, but perhaps linking back to Apollo-based Polabians. To have Stewarts in Stirling should explain how they got to neighboring Renfrew. These Stewarts may not have been related to the Alans of Dol, but may have merged with them in Shropshire.

Behold, the write-up at the Ross Coat says that the same Andrew who founded the clan also founded the MacKenzies: "The root of their name is the given name Andrew, which is derived from Anrias, a progenitor of both the Ross Clan and the MacKenzies." In the MacKenzie Coat there is a stag, the symbol of the Hungarians! But - and this is the reason for the behold -- "The MacKenzie surname "is derived from the personal name Coinneach." Do you see it??? Do you recall the quote above:

"Cinaed mac Duib (Modern Gaelic: Coinneach mac Dhuibh) anglicised as Kenneth III, and nicknamed An Donn, 'the Chief' or 'the Brown'...was the son of Dub (Dub mac Mail Coluim). Many of the Scots sources refer to him as Giric son of Kenneth son of Dub, which is taken to be an error."

The MacKenzie derivation, "Coinneach," is exactly like "Coinneach mac Dhuibh," thought to be Giric Drummond in MANY old sources. C'mon, either the term formed MacKenzie, or it formed Kenneth, but not both. What is going on here? I think Cinaed mac Duib was a son of king Andrew. Perhaps George, perhaps George's brother, uncle...I haven't had time to dwell on this. Kenneth, or whoever he was, was buried in Forres, in Morayshire. "Brodie Castle lies near the town [of Forres]" (!!), smacking of PodeBrady which was also "PodeBrody." Too many coincidences make a reality no matter what historians claim.

I had long ago traced "Kenneth" to the Veneti family that moved into Britain. Is it a coincidence that the Drevani (of "Traby-ville") lived in Wendland, and that Wends were named after Vandals who lived in Venethi (according to Jordanes), which was itself named after the Veneti? In short, we have the Drummond and Stewart fold right where we expect them: among the Heneti Paphlagonians and Pamphylians. Keep in mind here my repeated claim that Babenburgs used black and white Coats so that they should connect with the Drevani peoples if they are connected to the Drave/Drove Coat. BEHOLD I had traced Babenbergs (of Bamberg) to the Bilis river in Pamphylia, and so see the "Bille" region smack next to the Trave river; the Drevani were off the page to the south of Bille on this map!!!

It's amazing me how this is playing so well into the formation (1825ish) of the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine by Henry Drummond, London banker. It's certainly not off topic in that regard.

As per population control through abortion, I think I have found blood links to the Obama fold of Rockefellers. See Roe Coat 1 with green clovers on white, the symbol of Davis Coat; Frank Davis was Obama's father until someone proves otherwise. There's more, for the Roe Coat 2 uses a white shield with black chevron, the reverse of the Davis shield. Roe versus Wade was likely a calculated plot by the globalists, their prize of the century...for which they will pay dearly in Hell, some hope. It might not be so dark but the same globalists also promoted liberal sexuality, increasing abortions through the roof...of God's Heaven.

There's more. Yesterday I said: "The chief financial officer of ING is Patrick Flynn, and so gawk at the three gold roundels on blue in the chief of the Flynn Coat, for there are three gold roundels on blue also in the Buckingham Coat!! Tony Buckingham is likely in cahoots with "Jewish" international bankers." The point here is that Roe Coat 1 also uses gold roundels on blue. The Roe Coats are from the page below, filled with Coats that, to a significant extent, must connect to the German Illuminati. Noted is that the Nazi swastika was black and white only.

The black chevron on white shield was shown yesterday as belonging both to the Baber and Rice/Reece surnames. Since the Rice Coat uses black ravens, the surname, also "Rhys," likely traces to the Shetland Rus in the Stirgud-Stout fold.

The vikings are back, in other words. The pirates of old have the handles -- their grubby hands - on the wealth of this world, and they aim to use it to create a viking-blood Utopia that funnels all monies down their bottomless throats on a conveyor belt called the "World Economy."

After writing the above, I just went to do the news and was brought right back to the black and white Traby topic and big-money matters:

"The Obama administration [today] appointed a compensation overseer with broad discretion to set the pay for 175 top executives at seven of the nation's largest companies, which have received hundreds of billions of dollars in federal assistance to survive.

The mandate given to the new compensation official, Kenneth R. Feinberg, a well-known Washington lawyer, reflects the federal government's increasingly intrusive role in the corporate affairs of deeply troubled companies...."

Fienberg. There is no Feinberg Coat, but there is a French Fein/Finn Coat with black and white horizontal bars, the symbol of the Trebizond Arms. I realize that both could be distinct symbols have no connection, but the timing in which it showed up today, the day that I discovered the Trabizond Arms, and the fact that Obama seems to be choosing many Traby-related peoples. It speaks for itself. Obama is ruled by the Brzezinski crew of Fourth-Reich Nutsies who are not happy just to grow a nice green lawn and sit in the shade of a willow eating cashews that they worked for in the ordinary way. No, no. They have got to rule the world, or bust.

How can it be a coincidence that there are no Feinstein, Feinberg, or Feingold Coats, such popular "Jewish" names? I found one Feinberg page telling that "The German surname of FEINBERG was derived from the Old French word 'fin'..." The above surname would appear to be it, therefore.

Well after writing that I decided to go back through my files to see who else uses black and white bars, and the only one that popped up in the search was the English Babe/Babb Coat...using also a leopard in the chief and a sun in the Crest. It fits the Babenbergs of Bavaria.

June 11

[Sometimes I forget to up-load certain images right away, as I forget to up-load the Roe Coats yesterday. They are loaded now in case you want to see them.]

While I was concentrating on bloodlines, Steve gathered some news for you, two articles of some high importance:

"This just in, from the Spanish newspaper, El Pais (hat tip to the translator at Open Europe): 'Nicolas Sarkozy may have dropped his support for Tony Blair as EU president.

Jean-Marie Colombani, the former editor of Le Monde, says in an interview with El Pais that "unfortunately" he thinks Barroso will continue as president of the European Commission, "but what now interests Sarkozy is who will be the President of Europe."

The position that will be created by the Lisbon Treaty, and until now it looked like Sarkozy and Merkel would have it sewn up for Blair. But the well-connected Colombani told the paper that although Sarkozy previously favoured Tony Blair for this role, he now "wants it to be Felipe Gonzalez," the socialist former prime minister of Spain.'"

The big story is not what Sarkosy wants, as he's not likely to get it unless others are with him, but that Blair is about to become the leader of Europe...just as I'm expecting an Obama-British (i.e. two-horn) rule over European globalism. It's interesting that Sarkosy has been recently snubbed by Obama, perhaps as the latter's gesture to Blair. Blair and Obama are eye-to-eye on the Palestinian issue.

I've seen the Blair Coat in the past, of course, but at that time the diamonds meant nothing to me. Now (yesterday) that I've traced a diamond symbol to Ladislaus of Hungary, the deer in the Blair Crest may apply to Hungary's stag symbol. True, there are a lot of diamonds in heraldry, but I'm expecting end-time world leaders to trace to the Traby/Babenberg fold, which used much black and is the Blair Coat. Look at how Blair can blend in as the False Prophet:

"Britain's former prime minister Tony Blair launched a project [June 9] to boost ties between young people of different faiths around the world through video-conferencing.

Blair took part in a live video link-up with students from Britain, India and the Palestinian Territories who discussed faith and then questioned Blair about his own faith and role as Middle East peace envoy.

...The project is being organized by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation..."

Stirring into a pot Indian religion with Muslim with Western religion? What kind of witch's brew can that make? The "live video link-up" is what caught my eye, something that could evolve into, or mirror, the Image of the Beast system. The religious context of Blair's Foundation has the potential to fulfill the "worship" of Revelation 13...worship of the anti-Christ. Any Christian who goes for Blair's program is no Christian at all; a true Christian knows to stay away. Anyone who has understood the words of Y'Shua stays away from Blair's program. You get it; Blair should become angry with us.

I wonder. Who is behind Blair and his religious program? There is no way that he himself has brought it to fruition. It's completely strange and must have the purpose of welding the world. The EU has yet to learn that one cannot weld iron to clay.

I am amazed that I find myself on the topic of India. Just before I opened Steve's emails with the articles above to share, I gathered some information on the peacock symbol of mythology, and found Western links to India. Moreover, the peacock in India is specifically attributed to a god called, Murugan. Tomorrow morning I would like to show how this god links to Morgan of Wales and Moray...because the pagans of those places honored the peacock symbol of their Indo-Iranian counterparts.

Just before I opened Steve's email, I had written to my Pollock friend that Murugan of India connects with the British Illuminati to the point that modern Britain made India their high-interest priority. I then discovered that Blair is about to weld India to the West as best he can. I have the feeling that God wants you to know something on the pagan roots of this Illuminati drive. Tomorrow. Good night.


Sorry to be so late on this Super Thursday, but there have been some cracks of lightning in my head this morning.

If you're interested, see Why plot to oust Gordon Brown failed. Credit for saving Brown is given in this article to a Blears surname in the Labour camp. No Blears Coat shows up to show possible linkage to "Blair."

In a related article, "Gordon Brown promises to hand power back to parliament": "Brown has asked one of parliament's biggest advocates of reform, the Labour MP Tony Wright, to chair a quick all-party inquiry into parliament." Wright? Where have we heard that name? At the Wright-Coat page, we learn that the surname is from "Faber" (all Faber Coats are blue and white, as is the Wright Coat), as both that name and "Wright" mean "fabricator."

The point is, the socialist Fabian societies of the Rhodes/Milner Group may in reality have been named after the Faber/Wright families. I don't know if "Baber" applies to "Faber." Note the leopards in both the Wright Coat/Crest and the Rhodes Crest. Not only did Wrights settle Virginia early, where the Burgess surname was key in the Virginia Company that got the ball rolling for the formation of the United States, but we read: "Some of the earliest records include Ralph Wright, burgess of Stirling, and Thomas Wright of Blakenhall in Lanarkshire..." As Stirling is now a Stewart domain in my mind, I note that the Wright colors are the colors of the Scottish Stewarts (Stirlingshire is in Scotland, with Lanarkshire beside it). But, I had just traced the Traby-related Drummonds, using blue and white horizontal bars in Germany, to Stirling (where their locality of Drymen is situated).

I had found that the raven-depicted vikings of the islands north of Scotland were a Drummond-Stewart mix...explaining why the Drummonds of Scotland (think Jacobites) would later be among the fiercest protectors of the royal Stewarts when they were threatened in later centuries ("Jacob" refers specifically to king James I of England). Supporters of the Bavarian Illuminati (Bavaria is blue and white) by a name similar to "Jacobite" were apparently linked to the Jacobites.

Last night I opened an email from FE that was excellent. She shared just what was needed to prove that the raven-depicted vikings were in Rothesay as dread pirates, explaining why, a century later, when the Stewarts first got to the Scottish throne (14th century), they politically seized Rothesay (then Bute) as their own:

"In the middle of August, 1263, a Norse armada, of an hundred and sixty sail, their banners blazoned with the old symbols of terror, the spread raven, and their decks crowded with warriors in chain-armour --terrors of a more substantial kind -- swept round the Mull of Canter, seized on the islands of Aaran and Bute, and finally came to anchor off Largs. Haco, King of Norway, commanded in person, and we expect the veteran warrior to strike before the Scottish army has had time to muster...Meanwhile the Northmen indulged their characteristic love of plundering, gathering booty...Sending sixty of their ships up Loch Long, and dragging their transports across the narrow neck of land between Archer and Tarbat, they launched them on Loch Lomond."

Tarbat? That fits the Traby fold to which I trace these vikings. And soon I will give two major revelations (fresh overnight) for identifying the Traby family as per their Greek/Thracian roots. They were major groups there. But first I want to re-mention the Rani of Rugen, a Polabian people just like the Traby. I've been thinking that they should trace to Renfrew (a blue-and-white Stewart locale beside Stirlingshire) and perhaps the Randolphs of Moray. The point is, beside Lanarkshire is Dunbartonshire, and meanwhile the Randolph earls of Moray were married to the Dunbars, smacking of Obama's mother's surname. The Dunbar Coat, a white lion on red, is the reverse of the English Stewart Coat.

Since I trace Traby to the Thule/Nazi fold that had Goths as their peculiarity, I now view "Stirgud" (the Stout, a raven-depicted viking ruler in which I see the makings of "Stirling") as Stir-Goth, or even better as Stir-Jute. The Traby families lived roughly where the Jutes would surface with the Anglo-Saxons, in fact, and surely the Jutes should enter the picture in some significant way. Jutes founded Kent and lived in the Cinque-Port regions.

The Comfort surname, first found in Kent, are about to become central in British linkage to India, and this has to do with Dionysus, who wore a leopard skin when in battle in the Indian theater. Dionysus depicted the Maeoni(ans) as they evolved into the Meons of Hampshire...smack beside the Cinque-Port cities. But the Trabys were the Apollo cult, enemies of Dionysus when mythical Dryas (proto-Druids) had his war with his mythical father/son, Lycurgus of the Edones. As the Jutes were "Eotens" anciently, I suspect that Edones evolved into the Jutes, and because Lycurgus was at odds with the Dionysus-worshiping Dryas (= Odrysians on the Hebros river leading to the Atrebates of Hampshire smack beside the Meons), Lycurgus depicted the Apollo even "Lyk" = "lycos" = wolf would suggest.

That fits the wolf symbol of the Traby and Stewart families, and supports my Traby identification, fresh over night, as Artemis, twin of Apollo. This is more important because I had traced Artemis to the statue of liberty. It explains why the Trebizond kingdom was situated smack where the Artemis Amazons originated, at the Thermodon river...where Themis, a city/region on the river, named ArTemis.

My other major revelation overnight is the identity of the Paphlagonians, who have been traced to the Traby fold as per the Babenburgs, who were Paphlagonians. It's specifically the Paph-like surnames that I found to be black and white in heraldry, and this suggests that the black and white Trebizond symbol, and the black and white Drove/Drave surname, should connect with Paphlagonians. I was amazed therefore that the two major revelations overnight, coming independently but not far apart, revealed Paphlagonians as Apollo and Trebizond as Artemis.

The Greek for "Apollo" was Apolluon," though this is spelled in most cases as "Apollyon." Change the 'y' to a 'g' and one gets "Apolligon." Then know that "Pamphylia" developed from "Amphyl(ia)," so that their Paphlagonian relatives may have developed from "Aphlagon(ia)," and compare with "Apolligon." Or, just compare the roots, "Aphl" with "Apoll."

Then, because a 'b' and an 'm' were interchangeable, "Thermodon" became "Terbodon," smacking of "Terbizond" but also of the Tarpodizas location in Thrace, and of Apollo's tripod (Greek = "tripous/tripodos") symbol representing one or more Trapani (also "Drepanum") locations. I wanted to avoid a Lula da Silva (Brazilian president) trace to the Lullu/Lullubum peoples of ancient Kirkuk (= Arrapha of the Arphaxadites) because it seems like a huge stretch, but Trapani in western Sicily is where we find the locality of Lilybaeum...which I had years ago traced to the Lullubum peoples who were moreover revealed as the Leleges of Mysia/Troy, the location to which the Thermodon Amazons moved.

The Silva surname uses a purple lion, and meanwhile I am in the throes of tracing Porphyry to the Traby family. I am also tracing Obama to the Traby fold, and he is the one who wants Lula da Silva to be the next World Bank president. What's more, I traced the Lullu>Lelege peoples to the wolf line of Merlin because it is believed that he was a take from a character of earlier myth named "Lalocki." Merlin was revealed as a relation of the Caledonians of Scotland, who came from the Khaldi peoples that lived in/next to the Thermodon river. It all fits perfectly, but Merlin may trace to the Dionysus cult rather than to Apollo for more reason that his Druid background.

I am about to connect Merlin with the Morgan peacock symbol that traces to a British peoples having associations with their distant counterparts in pagan India. This, thanks to the work of LG, who revealed that the (blue) bird in the Comfort Crest is not an ostrich, but a blue Indian peacock; see the brush on its head, which convinced me that the Comfort bird is a peacock. I was at first not very happy with this find as it appeared to crush my trace of the Comforts to the Traby ostrich, but it opened a door that is adding rather than subtracting. In any case, the bugles of the Comfort Coat should trace to Traby.

As a result of LG's email, I searched for peacocks in heraldry and found two, one belonging to Herb Leszczyc (from webpage below), smacking of Luzica=Lusatia, and one belonging to the Alsbach surname. The latter has a peacock on black and white bars, the symbol of the Trebizond Arms!!

Totally unrelated to the Alsbach surname, I found later in the evening (yesterday) a Fulbright surname in the news, and recognizing that this should be the Fulbert surname because "bert" is said to mean "bright," I checked the Fulbright Coat, and found no Ful-using variations, but all were Albrech, Albert, etc., similar to "Alsbach." The thing is, the Fulbert surname is that of the first-known Pollock, who I have recently traced to proto-Rothschilds in Rothesay (part of the raven-symbol Stout vikings), and meanwhile the Fulbright Coat uses the eight-pointed star seen in the Rothstein/Rothschild Coat (!) and using the same colors!! I have for years been seeking the Fulbert roots, as have many Pollocks, and here it is! Fulbright.

I had found the same "Ishtar" star in the Fell Coat which I strongly suspect ties to (blue and white) Rockefellers, and see again that (blue and white) Coat because it uses diamonds...that could trace to the diamond of Ladislaus I...the person that I suspect named the Lacys (using purple lion symbol) and to which I traced porphyry only yesterday. Remember, the diamonds are also of the Burgesses of Wexford (Ireland), where both the Lacys/Lassys and Comforts lived.

In my peacock search yesterday, I found support for my trace of Comforts to the (blue and white) Morays and (green and gold) Morgans of Wales, and this is where Merlin/Myrddin comes back into the picture. Steve wrote to me to say that "Carmarthen" in Welsh sounds just like "Myrddin," and meanwhile Morgannwg/Glamorgan is in south Wales too.

I am thinking that there is a Rothschild-family link between the American flag's roots in Morgannwg and the proto-American flag thought to derive from a flag in the East India Company, a company that has always smacked of the British Illuminati in my mind. For the East-India-Company story, see website below, and see the flag of the East India Company. Morgannwg uses the red and white triple chevron held by the red dragon of Wales in the Cardiff Arms, and meanwhile the Morgan term should connect with Richard Amerike, founder of "America."

Why don't the founders of America want the public to know these things? Because it leads to the Rothschilds, who purposely work in secret. We hardly ever hear of Rothschilds, yet they own half the world, so to speak (literally, it's probably closer to half than anyone realizes). Compare the flag of the East India Company with the flag of Greece, and ask why? It's the same but for the latter's blue and white. The (blue and white) Rangabe Khazars come to mind, emperors of Byzantium (e.g. Michael I) that I suspect to be at the roots of the (blue and white) Cohen/Kagan surname.

Now look:

"The god Murugan with his peacock. Murugan is identified with Skanda, the son of Shiva."

Skanda and Shiva evoke the Scandinavians and the Svi, and Murugan reflects the Morgans to which I had tied the peacock-using Comforts. It would appear that, because the Comfort Crest uses a blue peacock -- at least, we're assuming that it's the blue Indian peacock -- the Comfort or Comfort-stock peoples who created the symbol knew their Morgan roots in the pagan Murugan cult. By the way, it's the blue Indian peacock that's the national symbol of India.

But who are the Scandinavians and the Svi that come from that cult? The peacock feather was traced not long ago, again with help from LG, to the Zahringers...who with their Veringen cousins were traced (by me) to the formation of the Varangians, who lived in Scandinavia's Sweden! LG happens to be a Scandinavian Amereican, and I just suggested to her this month that she was in my email life for a "good" reason, and frankly she agrees. She has been one amazing help to me over the years. Wait till you hear about her May-Pole and white too!

In the May 5 update, I wrote:

"In the above webpage, we read of the [Zahringer] red-eagle Arms of Baden: "The original arms were granted with a crest of peacock feathers," which should connect to the following statement in the web page showing the Arms of Barry Lereng Wilmont: "Crest -- Two buffalo horns chequy Argent and Vert each set with two peacock feathers Argent."

Tim sent me this Brahe Coat with peacock feathers growing out of the elephant trunks/buffalo horns. The open ends of the trunks/horns are shaped like trumpets to truly indicate horns. See also the Bielke Coat.

The Zahringers also used the same buffalo horns. Again, and LG pointed it out to me, the buffalo horns doubled as elephant trunks, which evokes the elephant symbol in the flag of Liguria. This is relevant because the Svi that are under discussion were likely the Suebi, who (without doubt) lead back to the Sabini (Italy) whom I traced to the Ligurian capital, Savona. This was the Saphon/Daphne cult, lover of Apollo and involved with him on his sorcerous tripod at Delphi.

It works, for Daphne was unveiled (by me, years ago, details in earlier updates) as the Manda-branch Avars that went into Indo-Iran on the one hand, and into Europe on the other (some said they founded Mantua in northern Italy). And, the swastika was found among Avars and among Varangians independently (details January 27 update), not to re-mention that the (blue and white) Rangabe Cross was among the Avars (details January 26). The Varangian swastika was found among Varangian guard of Byzantium, suggesting Rangabe links.

Now ask if the Rangabe term links to the Rani of Rugen, for the Rani were PolABI, living amongst the WarnABI (proto-Varangians), so that RangABI is a match!! This is fresh this moment as I wrote the paragraph above. What this does is prove that Varangians came from the Varni/Warnabi while also linking them to Byzantium's Rangabe Khazars, explaining why the French Fers used the Cohen/Kagan blue and white checks. The Veres of Anjou, that is, who were Anjevins, a term smacking of the "Rhangavis" version of "Rangabe." This, I am supposing, is the Obama bloodline through the Randolphs of Moray.

There's more that links the peacock to Morgan elements, namely to Moray; behold this and what follows:

The shield is red, upon which is placed a silver arrow pointing upward...Out of a helmeted crown there is a display of peacock plumes with the same silver arrow lying on its side. All historians agree that this clan came to Poland from Moravia..."

I trace the Avars to MorAvia as a theory. I also trace the Merovingians (who were booted out of France by Carolingians, who also defeated the Avars at the same time) to "Moravia." This was an alternative name for Moray in Scotland. I traced the peacock-using Comforts to Moray elements. Coincidence? I trace Comforts to Traby of Poland, and the peacock-related Moravians above were from Poland. but BEHOLD THIS -- and forgive if I can't help but throw exclamation marks around more that Zeus threw lightning bolts in the Trojan war -- the peacock Moravians were of "Odrowaz" family. I looked at that term yesterday and couldn't make beans. How could I have missed it. It's a Drava term. The Traby or Drevani...

!!!! [Thunder and lightning, crash-bamm] !!!! [tornados and whirlwinds, bamm-bamm] !!!!

In the article way above, where Murugan is mentioned as the peacock god of India, we also read: "In Indian (from India) goddess Saravati rides a peacock." Sarvati? Isn't that a [ka-pow, double-forked lightning] Traby term? Even better as per its 't' ending, it's like a Terbiz(ond) and Odrowaz term!! That means we're looking fopr a Sarvati term to identify this group...and the Serbs/Sorbs come to mind [earth-shaking nuclear ka-boom]!

Okay, so I'm not being very scholarly with all my ex-lightning marks, but the substance is exceptional, and I know it. So, let me be humble and happy rather than professional. This is LG's discovery, after all, and she prefers to be a happy-go-lucky soul. I think Traby links to the Sorbs, as expected in recent arguments.

I can now trace the peacock to the Leslies of Poland, for Wikipedia has an article on the Odrawaz surname, and shows an Odrowaz Arms that has, in the crest, exactly the peacock feathers in the crest of the Herb Leszczyc Coat shown above. The write-up: "...some of the earliest houses in Bohemia bore these arms, of whom Tobias was Bishop of Prague...In German the arms are known as a 'Bartausreisser...'" Bohemia is where George Drummond was with his wife, and meanwhile a Bartholomew -- founder of the Scottish Leslie clan -- came to Scotland in Maurice Drummond's company.

Keep in mind that the arrow symbol used by the Odrowaz Coat may link to the Rothschild arrow in that Drummonds and proto-Rothschilds are at times indistinguishable in my traces. The symbol of the Odrowaz name is a mustache (possibly because the name sounds like mustache in the local language), which explains why the arrow breaks off in two forks as a mustache shape. This clue could prove helpful later.

The webpage points out that the peacock was the symbol of Pan in Greece, and then we find Hermes involved too, which points to Panias of Mount Hermon/Sion, where the Daphne Avar cult was located under codeword, Peneus, her father:

"In Greek mythology, Hera was said to have taken the hundred eyes of the giant Argos, slain by Hermes, and placed them in the tail of the peacock."

The language there is easy to decipher. Hera and Hermes (two similar terms) belong to the peacock symbol, but not apart from Argos. I wrote to another emailer last night (I think it was Lee):

"Yes, I know [that the Osterreich term refers to Austria], but symbols are created when place- or people-names sound like animals or other things. In any case, I'm not concerned, at this time anyway, with an ostrich trace to Austria, though I found today that the Traby ostrich symbol traces to Babenburgs in particular, who were from Austria before coming to Bamberg, Bavaria."

I had traced Babenbergs, because they were also from Grabfeld, to Gareb, and meanwhile I identified Hera separately with Garebites from Jerevan in Armenia...where roughly the Ares cult originated as Ar, a mythical relation of Aramazd, a chief Armenian god. Take the 'd' off of that term and you have "Hermes." We also have Ares' daughter, Harmonia. Since Horus of Egypt traces to the Hros depicted by Ares, the "eye of Horus" -- and therefore the Illuminati all-seeing eye -- was likely depicted as the eye of the peacock feather (click to see photo of feather).

Lee also emailed the Rutherford Coat because it uses three black birds. I wrote back telling that I knew of it, but that the birds looked more like pigeons than crows/ravens (I assume he was thinking to link them to the raven of the Rothe/Rother/Rothchild Coat). However, I had found the same birds yesterday in the Colin Coat when I was searching for information on the Malcolm ("Mail Coluim") name of Scotland. I was seeking information on the family to which Giric -- George Drummond I think -- belonged.

Giric was placed in the family of Dub mac Mail Coluim, who was killed and replaced by a Cuilen (i.e. almost the same as "Coluim"), which has variations such as "Culen" or "Colin." Dub could be a b-version of "Dum," what could itself derive from "Drum."

Why is Cuilen's father (Indulf) depicted with a mustache but no beard in a fictitious portrait having no historical basis? We read that "his mother may have been a daughter of Earl Eadulf [also Eadwulf"] I of Bernicia," and at that link we read that "Æthelweard says Eadwulf 'ruled as reeve of the town called Bamburgh'" Zowie, that's the Bebbenburg Bernicians (of queen Bebbe) from Germany's Bamberg!! It's right down Traby lane!

Noting the dragon in the Colin Crest, I read from an article sent from FE:

"[Malcolm IV, son of David I of Scotland] was succeeded by his brother William. He is known as William the Lion, not because of any outstanding magnanimity of soul, or any lion-like feat of valour performed by him, but because he had the humbler distinction of being the first to blazon on the national standard of Scotland the 'lion-rampant,' in room of the 'dragon' which from time immemorial had held this place of honour."

This reveals that the lion was a soft-core version of the Scott dragon symbol. FE also sent an article claiming that Hungarians generally know that Margaret's mysterious mother, Agatha (David's grandmother) was a daughter of king Andrew I of Hungary. I am still unsure of that theory (which I read and studied years ago). I'm wondering if earlier Scots didn't have some Hungarian blood to explain why Hungarians all of a sudden came over with the Drummonds and entered high positions.

To this I'll add that the Odrowaz article above gives a list of notable persons who used the Odrowaz Coat, the first-listed being Eugen Ritter von Sypniewski-Odrowaz. The Ritter surname looks much like the Rother one using the Colin birds/pigeons, but also looks like the Ruther(ford) surname using the same black birds/pigeons!! Lee had no way of knowing all this, and if not for his email, I would not be bringing this to light. It suggests that proto-Rothschilds descend from king Colin/Cuilen (died 971).

Then I screeched like a peacock when I saw the Cullen Coat just now as I mistakenly entered that name looking for the Colin Coat; the Colins Coat uses green clovers on does the Rod Coat and the German Drummer/Drummel/Drummen Coat!!!

The same clovers in the same colors are used also in the Roe Coat 1 and Davis Coat (Obama's real bloodline from his true father). But at the page where I obtained the Roe Coat, the name under it is what I see as "Ruad."

Since Hitler's surname developed from "Hiedler" (Hitler's grandfather or step-grandfather), note the red arrow on white (reverse colors of the Odrowaz arrow) in the German Heid Coat!! Johann Hiedler was Hitler's step-grandfather if Baron Rothschild was his real grandfather as some claim to be true.

I'm not suggesting that most-every person tracing to Traby is a neo-Nazi or even pro-Nazi, but that, if neo-Nazis are the persecutors of end-time Christians, then the False Prophet should be one. If that man traces to Traby, Thule, etc., then that would tend to prove that neo-Nazis will be our persecutors. That's what scares me. White collar mass-murderers. They live among us. They plot. If population control is their plot, who will they eliminate but those who resent their globalism? The workers they need, the sinful they honor, but Christians are not only to be opposed politically, but to be despised.

The all-seeing eye of the lofty peacocks (they're just chickens, anyway) will not prevail. As they use their controls, so the All-Seeing Eye of YHWH will measure it out to them. He will abort them without explanation, without mercy, cutting their heads off without further ado, ramming an iron rod down their throats for their rod enforced upon us. If the prophets of Israel were alive today, they would speak worse.

What of Tarbat in Scotland? I claim alone that Ross-shire was founded by the Drummonds, and now, while tracing proto-Drummonds to the Traby/Drevani elements in Germany/Poland, I find that Tarbat is in (east) Ross-shire.,_Ross_&_Cromarty,_Scotland

It's unusual to find houseofnames, which often traces surnames to blades of grass if even remotely possible, saying: "...that the [Turbutt/Tarbat] name was derived from the name of a fish can be discounted as Victorian historians whimsical nonsense." Yet the Rock surname is said to be after a family living next to a large boulder. Then: "The [Turbutt] family was seated in Yorkshire and was a noble name during the time of King Richard 1st (about 1190 A.D.) and all indications are that this was a Norman name which appeared in the Domesday Book [as Turbert]..." It fits a Traby trace to vikings, but the "noble" part may be laughable unless pillaging and killing men for your food, drink and women is noble. I can't make out the symbol in the crest. A trident? An arrow? William the Conqueror, one could say, was just such a pillaging viking, yet he is considered near-holy to this day by the Freemasonic cults, especially the Mormons who baptized him post-humously.

Lusatia was known as "White Serbia." They developed into the Serbs proper of Bulgaria. In fact, the White Serbs were not Sorbs, but even older: "The direct descendants of White Serbs are present-day Lusatian Serbs (Sorbs) and Balkan Serbs." The article doesn't tell how long the Serbs were in the Lusatian domain, but just says "from olden times."

Remember, Sarpedon of Crete, mythical ostrich line, related to Zeus, that phony. A dream, a bad dream, less than zero, these are the rulers of the world, the Big-Os of the world, the proud and willful. They must be eliminated, as weeds covered in fleas. The end times is about their elimination, not our persecution. Our persecution is of minor importance; their elimination is the seed of real and abundant life for the survivors.


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