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Obama's Randolph Line from the Rangabe/Varangians

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[I just realized that this page was not available at all to you on Friday. I am so sorry. I forgot to re-load the last update with the link to this page, and I also forgot to re-load the Index page with the link to this page. The revelations in this update are phenomenal in my mind. Things are clicking because I've been put on the right track by multiple helpers.]

Iran's elections are today. Stay tuned.

The seeds for a Hezbolah up-rising in Lebanon have been planted by Syria's al-Baath newspaper:

A government-run Syrian newspaper on [June May 8] accused the Western-backed political coalition [in Lebanon]...of rigging the vote.

'Buying of votes, accusations of election manipulations, shootings in some areas... were reported in yesterday's election in Lebanon,' said the al-Baath daily -- a mouthpiece of the ruling al-Baath Party, in a front-page roundup on Lebanon's Sunday vote.

'The election atmosphere wasn't void of security difficulties, amid accusations against the pro-government forces that they bought votes, offered bribes and committed forgery... on a large scale,' it added."

These accusations are harsh and may the intended to give Hezbollah an excuse to begin violent retaliation and take-over. The only good news in that is to give Obama something else to prioritize besides stealing American corporations and funneling American money to his global cult. It wouldn't appear that the Hezbolah leader was a part of a Syrian plot on June 8 to erupt violently:

"Secretary General of Hezbollah Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said on [June 8] that the opposition [i.e. Hezbolah] accepts the results of the elections with a democratic spirit regardless of our evaluation of the electoral process and the methods that were used during it, including huge expenditure, sectarian and sometimes racial incitement, and open foreign interferences."

"Open foreign interference" should equate with the Western report that Hezbolah killed Hariri; another Hariri may become the next Lebanese leader as a result. The Hariri faction of Lebanon despises Syria, and Syria is clearly quite prepared to despise the Lebanese election winners. Perhaps Obama planned (before the election) for George Mitchell to be in Syria this weekend to deal with terrorist-supporting nation on this issue (he's in Lebanon today). It doesn't appear that Syria is in any mood to re-start the peace talks that Obama wants re-started, but, as it appeared earlier this week, Mitchell is not in the Middle East for that purpose this time around.

I'll of course keep tabs on Hezbolah's developing attitudes. Hezbolah can always change it's mind based on Syria's "evidence" of electoral fraud. Hezbollah must be much more disappointed than Nasrallah made it appear. At this point, Obama seems solidly opposed to the Iran-Hezbollah axis:

"Egypt's hosting of President Barack Obama's 'mutual respect speech to the Muslim world came at the same time the Obama administration quietly was agreeing to Egypt's longstanding request to purchase some 24 F-16 fighters, according to a report in Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin."

According to informed sources, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates relayed the commitment in his May 5 meeting with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

...The Obama administration's approval comes at a time when Egypt has become increasingly concerned that it is being targeted by Iran and its proxy, Hezbollah."

Obama may have other reasons for befriending Egypt so strongly at this time, but it looks as though he's not on-side the king-of-the-north invasion on Egypt. Strategies do change with the winds, so everything's up in the air on that front.

The tribulation fate of Israel should be secured by the fact that Obama's strategy there is on a road to failure:

"Egyptian officials said yesterday that America's Mideast envoy [George Mitchell] has urged Arab countries to reopen Israeli diplomatic missions and take other steps to normalize relations immediately as incentives for the Jewish state to revive the peace process with Palestinians."§ion=0&article=123565&d=12&m=6&y=2009

This is a long-term strategy. The idea behind the Alliance of Civilizations and the Blair Foundation is a long-term bid to cool the passions between Israelis and Arabs. God's Appointed Time may arrive before success takes firm root.

That's the news for this morning. I've got quite a bit to add to the bloodline topic...that even includes Susan Boyle's surname, perhaps explaining why she became a world-class name at all.

Let me start by saying that, some years ago, when I first saw the German Babel Coat with fish-tailed Melusine, I had already traced the dragon cult to her. I had already included the Great Seal of the United States into my theories as clue to what particular families were involved in the founding of the United States. Therefore, when I clicked from the German Babel Coat to the English Babel Coat, I saw 13 vertical blue and white stripes with an eagle superimposed. I wrote in the Laden book that the English Babel Coat has the 13 vertical stripes i.e. as the Coat on the eagle of the Great Seal has 13 red and white vertical stripes. I therefore knew that the United States was founded by the Babel/Babwell surname.

Some time later, when I needed to address the same point, I went back to the page, but there were only six vertical bars. I placed an update in the Laden book saying that I DID see the 13 stripes. But on second and third and fourth thoughts, perhaps I saw the 13 stripes only in my imagination. Perhaps the sight of the vertical bars and the eagle gave me such a strong mental impression of ties to the Great Seal that my imagination burned 13 stripes on that image.

Last night I opened an email from FE, God bless this woman (she introduced the Amerike topic to me in the first place), with the Amerike Coat that I was unable to find. It's the one that Wikipedia reports as having blue vertical stripes. In the June 8 update I wrote:

"Fortunately, the Wikipedia article shows the Amerike Coat of Arms, or at least one of them, though this one does not have the stars on blue vertical bars, which picture immediately evoked in my mind the English Babel Coat..."

Look at the Amerike Shield with blue bars (from website below), a perfect match with the English Babel Shield! The Amerike's were of the Babel family, therefore, so that Indeed America's founding traces back to Melusine and the Bab-like surnames...undoubtedly of the Babenbergs. Plus, we suspect that the blue and white bars were those of Moray.

The red and gold stars on the Amerike blue bars may be the Vere colors specifically. Last night I opened an email from Fred who shared the Morton surname and Coat...I assumed he was implying it as a variation of "Murton" or "Myrddin," which names I had tied to the Morgan/Amerike surnames just days earlier. Well, it was about an hour or so before I opened FE's email to see the Amerike Coat, and zowie I recognized the gold stars on red as the one centrally placed on the Morton Coat!

The surrounding horseshoes could link to the Veres (under a similar surname) of the Liecester area, who used horseshoes. Note the gold rooster in the Morton Crest, the symbol (in the same color) in the Sinclair Crest (I root Sinclairs to More and Moray). Note the blue wings beside the chicken.

Well that was not the end of the matter on this Super Friday. As I was searching the news, I got back to the Zhirinovsky-news page and noticed that his love of Susan Boyle, which has made the Russian headlines, is still at that page from several days ago. I wondered whether the Boyle surname would show signs of Rothschild and/or Thule/Nazi ties since I now know that Zhirinovsky's true father's name, Eidelstein (Hebrew), was a Rothschild branch almost identical with the Hiedler surname of Hitler's grandfather. I believe Illuminatists uplift their own bloodlines, in other words.

The first shocker was that the Boyle Coat uses, centrally, three red antlers, the symbol of the Zahringers!! Since I trace Zahringers to Varangians, and Varangians trace to Moscow's founding, Zhirinovsky could be of that fold...which I also suspect at the root of the Thule Society. I also suspect that Varangians are at the root of the Murugan peacock cult (Murugan was associated with a Skanda and a Shiva (i.e Svi-like term) of India. Moreover, I've been saying for some years (without evidence apart from fine-feeling extrapolations) that Sinclairs were a Varangian branch.

As you know if you've been reading, Varangians are now traced to the Warn-abi Pol-abi(ans) beside the Trave river, and since "Rang-abe" has the same suffix, my haunch of many years ago, that fish-tailed Melusine of the Veres was Melissena Rangabe (a real person) of Byzantium is proving true. Understand that Melissena was married to a Varangian (!!), named Inger. He was part of the Varangian Guard in Byzantium. I had stressed with my writings to Robin, a porphyry victim, that the disease was among the Varangians as well as Byzantines.

However, I was not at all thinking of the Traby tie to the Warnabi/Varangians when, a few days ago, I traced the disease to the Traby family. it's verification, in other words that I and my fellow Christo-elves are getting close to solving this Vere-Elfen mystery.

The next shocker in the Boyle surname (which by the way is said to be Norman) came as I read the variations. I didn't think much of "Boyville/Boeville," thinking the Boii of Bohemia at most, but then I read: First found in Ayrshire, where the de Boyvilles are said to have settled in Kelburn by 1140. The first record found of the name in Scotland is of a David de Boivil witnessing a charter as early as 1164." I recognized it as "Boebel" and similar variations...of the German Babel surname! In fact, "The [Babel, etc] name originates from 'Boebel,' a word which referred to something small." I of course ignore the "small" definition as "Victorian historians' whimsical nonsense."

Note the double-headed eagle in the Boyle Coat, the symbol of Byzantium. The eagle is in the colors of Byzantium, but also the Vere colors. Or, should I say, the Macedonian line in imperial Byzantium was red and gold (by far the most-used colors); the Rangabes were blue and white, while the related Amorians were blue and gold (Anjou colors). Compare the red and white symbol in the Boyle Coat to the symbol in the red and white English Stewart Coat; it's a match.

There is a Sinclair link to Rangabe developing in my mind for more reasons than similarity of the term to "Ragn"vald)," Rollo's father. I suspect that Rangabe was in the Trave region, and thus far the Polabi island of Rugen, where the Rani lived, appears the best candidate.

You may not believe me as to what happened after I wrote the paragraph above. It's a shocking revelation for historians, and FE proves big once again. As I wrote the paragraph, I recalled that the rani are lumped into the Veleti fold of peoples, and as I rolled surnames around in my mouth, the Felt surname came up. I didn't want to check it out at first, but then I thought that perhaps the Spirit placed the idea in my mind.

As the Felt Coat was loading (usually takes my system ten seconds or more), I recalled that FE had found a curiosity: a Fetzer-Coat page using no Fetzer-like surnames, but rather "FitzRandolph" and even "Randolph" itself. Apparently, "Fetzer" was in the houseofnames databank as a variation of the Randolph surname. Remember, I had very-recently traced the Moray Randolphs, and the Rangabes, to the Rani. By the way, the Fetzer Coat is exactly like the English Randolph Coat and the Dunham Coat of Obama's mother.

When the Felt Coat loaded, SHOCKER, the Rangabe Cross!!! Plus, variations of the surname included Feltz, just about the same as "Fetzer. Does anyone suspect Obama roots in the Rani and in the Rangabe fold? Since the Bouillon Coat uses the Rangabe Cross as well, the Templar, Godfrey de Bouillon, the first ruler of Templar Jerusalem, was somehow related to the Rani and/or Rangabes and/or Randolphs. We see that the Bouillon Cross is in the reverse colors of the Randolph Cross. Obama the Templar?

This is not over yet, and as proof that the Holy Spirit is moving me to release these discoveries to you, consider that I made the Boyle (from "Boivil") trace to Babel (from "Boebel") within the last two hours, only to find variations of the Bouillon surname to be Bouille, Bouill, Bouile, Bouylle, and Bouyll!!!!!!!!! It's another Exclamation Day!

Is Zhirinovsky a Randolph/Rani Varangian from the Bouillon fold, and does he know it?

The write-up on the Felt(z) surname: "...first recorded in Gelderland, (Guelders) an ancient province surrounding the town of Gelder. To the south of Friesland this province..." This area (Netherlands) is near Wieringen, ruled/founded by Rurik -- one of the first Varangians proper -- who went to Novgorod, the migration that led to further Varangian in-roads, first to Kiev and then to the Moscow region.

The Gelderland has a "Betuwe" region (article below), home of the Batavi(ans), yet another peoples with the "abi" suffix ). Wikipedia's article on Merowe/Meroe of old Nubia (now Sudan) says it was anciently "Medewi or Bedewi." This was found AFTER I had traced Merovi(ingians) to the Batavi on the Rhine river. I'm not smart enough to figure these things out on my own. Merowe just had to be the representation of mythical Merops.

You get it. The "abi" suffix among Polabians is akin to the "ops/pus" suffix of the Greeks (which squares with a Polabi trace to Apollo and Artemis), and the "ovi/avi" of "Merovi(ngians)" (from mythical Merovee) and "Batavi" should connect to the Polabi fold. It makes much sense because Merovingians must connect to the dragon bloodline, and in fact the Veres claim to descend from Merovingians. Thus, the Egyptian-smacking Great Seal of the United States must trace to the Merowe/Merops line that led to Merovingians/Batavians...and possibly to Betuwe of Gelderland, which then connects with the Feltz/Fetzer surname pertaining to the Randolph and Bouillon/Boyle/Babel surnames, the Varangians etc.

This not only supports my contention that "Varangi" and "Frank" are identical (Merovingians were the first Franks), but it smashed the Da-Vinci-Code cult trying to link Jesus to Mary Magdalene, and their children to Merovingians. I have believed for some years that my work was for this main purpose.

I had connected the Bouillon surname to "boubalos," the Greek for Buffalo, and meanwhile I traced the Zahringers, who used buffalo horns - with peacock feathers -- to the Varangians of Wieringen. Remember, the Scottish Weirs (also (Wier") use three white stars on blue, the Moray symbol).

"Gold 'bullion' is from the French 'bouillir' = 'to boil,' which is somewhat understandable since gold is melted to make bullion blocks. I may now understand what I couldn't at first, why 'Bouillon' (the city) derived from the very same French word (above) that means 'to boil.' But surely 'Bouillon' does not mean Hot/Bubbly Land. Wouldn't 'bull' be a better root for both gold bullion and Bouillon, especially as bull is a money-term used in the stock market?

...See also how 'buffalo' (a cow family) comes from the Greek 'boubalos' (French 'bubale')..."

The Bij, the Bad Bulls, and the Bolgy

Bulls and Bears, trolls in hiding and secret bankers, lovers of the root of all evil. This was not Jesus nor Mary Magdalene. These are the world-control Nutsies, the Fool Society that regards no God but their own jewels and fortresses, who speak bold words against the God of gods, and drink the filthy wine of their political prostitutions, while guilty of the blood of the saints. Shake the money from their coats, Lord, and slap them silly that they might come to their senses.

"Geld," by the way, is probably the root of "gold." I'll bet the golden Quinotaur that the "Jewish" international bankers of the Netherlands were largely from Gelderland.

I tried the Greek for "peacock" and got one as "pagoni," perhaps developing into a symbol of pagans in general, but perhaps the Payen (or "Pagan") surname was named after a peacock cult of Moravia. Hugh de Payen, the first Grand Master of Templars, was said to marry Catherine Sinclair, which jibes with a peacock trace to the "Moray" version of "Morgan." Taking another look at the Payen Coat, we see "Pagani" as one variation, but also multiple "Payon" variations i.e. so as to fit "pagoni" even better.

Before writing the paragraph above, my next point slated for this update, which I was going to push to tomorrow, was on gold Zionist stars on blue that come up in several Thule/Nazi-related leaders. The French Payen Coat (above) uses just those stars in those colors! It could therefore be that the Thule Fools trace to the Payen Templars.

It was some days ago when I found the gold Zionist stars in the leaders of the Thule Fools. But last night, Fred emailed to say that Trebizond is connected to Komnenos, but by the time he had sent the email, I had already found that out. He emailed back: I was amazed to find this morning that your post of June 11 a.m. having gone exactly to what I had seen on this after searching Colchis." His original message floored me because I knew of no historical ties between Trebizond and Paphlagonians, nor between Komnenos and Paphlagonians, and yet I independently connected Paphlagonians yesterday to Trebizond in an Apollo-Artemis link not known to common history articles. Just before Fred read about that, he wrote:

"I looked up Colchis again and saw that in western Colchis lands was the Black Sea town of Trabzon/Trebizond, related to the Komnenoi of later days, and perhaps earlier days, as they were supposedly Paphlagonians. Wouldn't this be a Traby source? Have you checked out the Komnenos arms of the Empire of Trebizond? Consider also Treblinka, though I know it is a little farther east in Poland.

Treblinka, which I had not know about (just to show how little I know on the topic), was a Nazi extermination camp of the first magnitude! I had first traced Traby to Nazi Rosicrucians on a hunch basis when I learned of Obama's visit to the Nazi headquarters, and concentration camp, at Ohrdruf (i.e. I saw "Traby" on "OhrDRUF"). Looking further into Treblinka, I found that it "was one of four secret camps of Operation Reinhardt."

The Reinhardt surname, from which the phrase above is said to derive, uses gold Zionist stars on blue!! It's a common theme, which is some excellent evidence for my contention that Rosicrucian Hebrews, though of Zionist background, are not Jews, Israelis, nor even Israel-friendly. The first Crusaders massacred Jews in southern Europe, though even these "Sephardic" "Jews" (as they are called) of Occitania trace to Sepharvites and other Joktanites (son of Eber the first Hebrew).

White-collar rulers with mass-murder on their minds, not even blinking so as to expose themselves:

"...researchers...argue that [Operation Reinhardt] was named after [Nazi] State Secretary of Finance Fritz Reinhardt.

However, official documents using [Reinhard] Heydrich's name were also written as 'Reinhardt'."

There is no Heydrich Coat, but there is a Hoey/Haey surname with two British Coats that both have potential to trace to the Spree region of Lusatia. [Update: Fred found a Heidrich Coat, surname first in Silesia, where the Spree was! The Coat is black, red and white, the colors of the first proposed Nazi swastika.] The Irish Hoey/Hoy Coat uses the red crescent of the Spree Coat, and the Scottish Haey/Hoy Coat (surname first in the Orkneys) uses a bold unicorn (not surprising because it's used also in Shetland, near Orkney). The point is, the modern Kamenz district, on the Spree river, includes the Hoyerswerda district, and meanwhile the unicorn traces to the Traby family (of White Serbs) in that Spree region, for:

"The goat Amalthea's horn [i.e. Zeus goat cult on Crete]...

...Zeus himself broke off her horn and, in an example of mythic inversion, gave it to Amalthea, promising that it would supply whatever she desired in abundance. When her horn broke off, leaving her with 1 horn, she changed, and became a unicorn" (webpage above).

Think mythical Sarpedon of Crete, from Zeus the white bull, leading to the White Serbs of Lusatia, who were the Traby family...evolving into the Polabians and finally conquering the Orkneys, Shetland, and other parts of northern Scotland. That should explain why Lower Lusatia uses a red bull as symbol. I showed the Pohl Coat's black bull (Pohl was the surname of the Thule-Society leader who founded the holy grail cult among them), but see a black bull also in the Edel Coat, a surname smacking of "Heidler" (Hitler's bloodline).

As per the above link of the bull/buffalo ("Boubalos") to the Babel, Boyle and Bouillon surnames, note that a variation shown of "Pohl" is "Poehl," smacking of the Babel-root in "Boebel." The Boyle Coat uses red antlers on gold, the symbol of Forst in Lusatia (Zahringers were involved in Forst, Baden). Lusatian Forst "is the capital of the Spree-Neiße district." Again, the Nazis go back to this region and the same old Babenberg fold of families.

Note that the buffalo/bull symbol of the Zahringers combines "nicely" with the bear symbol of the Berne Zahringers to explain the Bull and Bear aspects of the stock market. As a Christian, I've always known to stay away from the stock market as one keep's away from the devil's horns. Other Christians seem to have no problem with it.

Let's take another look at the Thule Society members to see how they trace to the Spree region"

"Thule members practiced a form of Sexual Magic derived from a lodge of which Aleister Crowley was a member. Crowley was recognized as the foremost worshipper of Satan in the 19th Century. 'The origin of this...medieval magic...can be traced to a Freemason, Robert Little, who founded the Societas Rosicruciana in 1865..."

This article is anti-Bush and connects Skull and Bones to the Thule Fools. My first point is that the Irish Crowley surname -- which may originate in the crow symbol -- uses a blue boar, the symbol in the crest of the Irish Hoey/Hoy Coat (that may link to Reinhard Heydrich, the possible founder of Operation Reinhardt at Treblinka.

The second point is that the Little Coat uses the same red-on-white crescent seen on the same Irish Hoey/Hoy Coat, seen also on the Spree Coat.

Crowley, who claimed to be the anti-Christ, parallels the following:

"...'Dietrich Eckart, Alfred Rosenberg, and Adolf Hitler invoked the Anti-Christ into manifestation at the mediumistic seances of the Thule Group in Munich.' (Ravenscroft, Spear of Destiny, p. 168)...

...Eckert believed Hitler was Anti-Christ."

Note the author's surname, Raven; the title of the book refers to the spear that was thrust into Christ, claiming that Hitler sought that spear to gain world powers. These are frightening lunatics in sane-men's clothing who have no grip on their souls, who grip fast to the waves of the river Styx, unable to get a handle, they are insecure, immature, and poor as rags by spiritual standards. We may need to submit ourselves to them temporarily, not fighting back. Bite your tongue when in their presence, swallow the toxins that develop in your saliva (i.e. don't spit it out into their faces), and save yourself from torture.

The article continues: "With the victory of the Nazi Party, the occult tradition was carried on in the Third Reich mainly by the SS, who Reichsfuhrer, Himmler..." The Himmler Coat shows a white diagonal band on red, what I've been seeking for a while, what could be linked to the Jewish Pollock Coat (just a theory so far).

Note that the same white-on-red colors are on the Bullock Coat, and the white symbols are bull heads... as if to imply that the red-bull-on-white of the Oberspreewald-Lausitz page"> of Lusatian Arms depicted Polocks (one 'l' = not necessarily the surname). Red and white are symbols of the Spree Coat, and therefore the wavy band (often a river symbol) in the (red and white) Pollock Coat may be a symbol of the Spree river.

One thing I know, the Spree-river Speers were in Renfrew where Pollocks were first centered, and one thing I don't yet know is whether Renfrew traces to the Rangabe/Rani fold of Melusine, though the Pollocks have already connected solidly to the Veres of Scotland. This opens a new door for the tracing of porphyry in the Pollock bloodline, for the Rangabes were in Byzantium.

I'm a little amazed that I decided to make this point right here, for it caused me to google-search Komnenos + Paphlagonia, which brought me to the page of the clan as a whole where we see a Komnenos emperor in purple dress! And he looks like depictions of Merlin the magician. There are diamonds (i.e. symbol of Ladislaus to whom I traced porphyry) and what appear to be Brittany's ermine symbol on his mystical pajama-like robe. There are not many purple-dressed Byzantine emperors online that I have seen, and I've seen lots. Someone may know that porphyry traces to the Komnenos; Robin does, and she's an avid porphyry-bloodline hunter. Therefore a porphyry link to the purple-lion Lacys is not out of the question. But, again, the Spree river runs through Kamenz, and Byzantine royals spread throughout Europe, including Poland (see article).

The article says: "The Komnenoi originated in Paphlagonia..." I'm now sure that I once knew consciously that the Komnenos clan was Paphlagonian (I had forgotten), for I had been to this page before. I recall wondering if the Doukas family to which the Komnenoi were related trace to the blue and white Douglas clan of and white because they borrowed the Moray symbols. I'm wondering whether the Doukas clan was blue and white also, of the blue and white Rangabes. Since Douglas and Doukas evoke "dog," the Apollo equation with Paphlagonia, and the latter's connection to the Artemis Trebizonds (Artemis was given (by myth writers), seems applicable.

I'm about to show a few Thule/Nazi leaders with gold Zionist stars on blue...that could link top the gold pentagrams on blue of the Bauers. In the Thule article above, we read: "In 1915, Pohl was joined by Rudolf Blauer..." Hmm.

Forgive if I'm going long, but others in the Interland might want to have more clues. The Hofer Coat uses a crowned black bull head with red horns, perhaps related to the black bull of the Pohls. The Hofer surname looks like the green and gold Coffer surname (using crescents) and the green and gold Phiefer/Pfiefer surname traced to Fife and Leslie-land (Scotland). Since the Scottish Pollocks were likely a Leslie branch, and because those Pollocks use green and gold, the Hofer bull may apply to Bullock-branch Pollocks, especially as the Coffer name is registered under the green and gold Irish Coffey Coat.

The point is that, since the Coffer bull is like the Pohl bull, the gold cups in the Irish Hoffer Coat could link to the Pohls, for Herman Pohl was the founder of the holy-grail cult among Thule Fools. That would explain why both Pohls and Hoffers use a black bull. Now look: "Haushofer, Hitler, and Hess had long conversations together." HausHOFER. "He became Hitler's second 'esoteric mentor', replacing Dietrich Eckart."

The article tells that the Nazi swastika was the creation of a :

"Among many designs under consideration, Hitler picked the one suggested by Thule member Dr. [Freidrich] Krohn: a red cloth with a white circle in the middle containing a black swastika.

...Both Gurdjeiff and Haushofer maintained that they had contacts with secret Tibetan Lodges that possessed the secret of the 'Superman'. The lodge included Hitler, Alfred Rosenberg, Himmler, Goring, and Hitler's subsequent personal physician Dr. Morell."

Why a ring on red cloth? In Melusine myth, the rings symbolize superman powers. The same special powers, though more Illuminati-type powers, applies in Tolkien's rings. I checked the Goring Coat (surname in quote above), and found red rings (on white). The German Goring Coat page mentions a funny middle name: Catharina Ring Goring. The English page derives it like so: "...from the Old English word Garingas, which means people of Gara. This name is a short form of various compound names with the first portion gar, which means spear." Spear? Like the English Goring Coat, red symbols on white are belong to the Speers of Renfrew.

I naturally checked for a Gara Coat, and, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that a ring that the lion holds in the crest?? We see a gold lion, found also on German Goring Coat. The write-up says: "The original Gaelic form of the name Gara is O Gadhra, which is derived from the word gadhar, which means dog." The Gore Crest (think Al Gore) uses what looks like a dog, and the write up traces the (Flemish) name to "Middle English word gara," but this time the dog definition is not given.

Rings of power, the Illuminati circle of people entrapped in circles of power, unable to escape lest they lose their wealth and be destroyed by those who rule the circles of power. Ah, the life of spies and warlocks, the life of those who seek demons as their guides, evil spirits as their helpers. Ah, the lifer of a fool, it ends in less than a big 0.

If you see a red shield with a circle and a cross in the circle, it's likely linked to the original swastika symbol advanced by Krohn. But I knew something before I asked: the Krohn Coat page says that the surname is from "crane," and the red shield even displays a crane. When one searches the Crane Coat, rings (!) and a red shield!! But the rings are blue.

As promised, though from another article, some Thule-Fool surnames using gold Zionst stars on blue: "Back in 1912, several German occultists with radical anti-semitic inclinations decided to form a 'magic' lodge, which they named the Order of Teutons. The main founders were Theodor Fritsch, a publisher of an anti-semitic journal; Philipp Stauff, pupil of the racist Guido Von List, and Hermann Pohl..." The Stauff Coat: one Zionist star on blue. The surname evokes the HohenStaufens.

Seeing the Stover variation, I checked for a Stove Coat and hit more paydirt in what is really a Stevenson Coat. The write up says that the name derived from "Stephen, which meant crown or garland." The latter term evokes "gara" which in the Goring and Gara Coats used rings. As we see, the Stevenson Crest is a green ring. As "Stephen" is a near-match with "Stauff," I'd say the German Stauffs/Stovers and Scottish Stevens are the same family. That now traces the ring symbol back to Hohenstaufens, possibly.

I see Pollocks all over this, for I had early traced them to the Bert surname using a green ring in the Crest and three bugles, as does the Pollock Coat. Moreover, like the Pollocks, the Stevensons were first found in were the Speers, and meanwhile "gara" means "spear." The Stevensons are said to be Bernicians, clicking well with a trace to H/Cohens.

The Scottish Garland Coat: a green ring on red! Therefore, the Stevensons are related to Garlands.

As Rothschilds are usually envisioned when Illuminati circles are mentioned, these ring-using families should trace to them. The Stevenson surname has "Steen" variations, and the Dutch Steen/Stein Coat uses the eight-pointed Rothstein/Rothschild star (Pollocks were earls of Rothes and therefore suspect as the proto-Rothschilds). I had traced Pollocks to the Fulbright clan because the first-known Pollock was FulBert. The Fulbright/Allbrecht Coat uses the same eight-pointed star. The Brights Coat: gold pentagrams on blue, the Bauer symbol (I traced Pollocks to Bauers in other ways previously).

I've always suspected that early Pollocks were related to my mother's Masci surname in Cheshire, for Brights were first in Cheshire and Mascis use their colors. But Mascis were also in Bavaria and may be a part of proto-Rothschilds (known to stem immediately from Bauers). The Masci colors are the Bauer colors.

The Stevenson Coat is blue and white with the Masci symbols (fleur de lys). The Stevenson Chief uses the Moray stars. Or are they Moray stars? Shouldn't they be Stevensons stars that Morays borrowed? After all, Stevensons appear to trace to Hohenstaufens, and the "Jewish" Cohens use white stars on blue (German Cohens blue and white checks). Who came first, the Cohens or the Morays/Murrays? Whom gave the American stars to whom? Hum?

I say Cohens got their colors and check symbols from Byzantine Rangabe, and Melissena Rangabe (half Khazar blood) was of the early 9th century. The blue and white Stewart vikings (= proto-Rothes/Rothschilds) may not yet have been in Moray. The Rollo clan was Varangian, possibly from Inger (husband of Melissena). Or, maybe the Rollo bloodline put forth Inger. Maybe the Rollo clan gave Moray its blue and white because Rollo's ancestry was Rangabe-Cohen (I don't know when the Cohen surname first occurred, but as early as the 13th century according to houseofnames).

More likely, the blue and white checkered Fers (by whatever name they went at the time), because they were the Melusine line into northern Scotland (i.e. among the Picts and Scots), gave the Cohen symbols and colors (i.e. white stars) to Moray, especially as the Vere Star is white. But then the Veres were Varangians, weren't they? Were Veres Rollo's ancestry? To some degree, I am sure that it would be correct.

As the Stevensons look like HohenStaufens, then either they were the blue and white Cohens originally, or they were in Scotland along with the blue and white Cohens. Chances are, Cohens were the Bernician proto-Stevens (at Bebbe's Bamburgh), then German Stauffs, and then Hohenstaufens.

In Wikipedia's Hohenstaufen article, it says that "Staufers" means "'grail bearers,' a title granted to them by Charlemagne." Zowie, this fits well. I think I have it in conjunction with what I said above: "...the Coffer bull is like the Pohl bull, the gold cups in the Irish Hoffer Coat could link to the Pohls, for Herman Pohl was the founder of the holy-grail cult." Now compare to what I wrote May 5, where I showed that Hohenstaufens, because they were on the Fils river, were Babenberg-related Pamphylians (i.e. who founded Bamberg, Germany):

"As you can see, the Calvin Coat above uses the three horizontal birds used also by the Covert surname. The same birds (both on red shields) are used in the English Covert Coat and the Cobbs Coat; both the Cobbs and Coverts were first found in Sussex. The point is, I have just found an English Coffin Coat (surname reflecting "Goppingen"):
'The surname Coffin is derived from the Old French words cofin and coffin, which in turn come from the Late Latin word cophinus, which means basket...The surname Coffin may also be a nickname derived from the Latin word calvus, which means bald' (above link).

Forget "bald" and "basket." It would appear that the Calvin and Coffin (also "Colven" and "Chaffen") surnames are related to the Coverts and Cobbs surnames...and all likely trace-able to Gobbingen Hohenstaufens. The Coffin Crest uses a raven."

The point of all that was to show that the Koffert/Covert surname among the Hohens was related to Hohenstaufen Mountain at Goppingen, which may modify to "Coffingen," etc. The point now is the Coffer surname (of today's topic), using gold cups and linked to the holy-grail cult of Pohl. It fits the "holy-grail" definition of "Staufer" and therefore demands a Hohenstaufen link to the blue and white Stevensons -- who were Bernicians -- which now demands that these were Bebbenburg Bernicians who had a Bamburgh castle, for Hohenstaufens link to German Babenbergs who made a base for themselves at Bamberg, Germany.

We now have more than an inkling of the identification of the pagan holy-grail cult of Britain...that touched the Arthurian cult.

It's been a good week. I did no work this week on the house to bring this to you and to the internet. It should finally clarify the meaning of "holy grail," that it does not lead back to the cup from which Jesus drank. It is the cup of Babel-on the Great Mother of Wizards and Other Fools.

I should add that Swabia was the root of the Suebi Swedes so that the Hohenstaufens, who ruled in Swabia, should trace to the Murugan-peacock Scandinavians, and therefore to Moray. It fits. Good night.

One more thing, and not a small finding. Since the German Goring Coat uses a gold lion as does the Gara Coat, and since these ring-using families connect to the ring-using Garland surname and the garland-derived Stevenson family also using a ring, and since the Stevensons lead to Moray, see the gold lion in the Crest of the Amerike Coat with blue bars...that was also the Babel Coat! So, indeed, it is the Great Babel-on dragon cult.

June 13

Ahmadinejad won. Hexbollah rejoices. Life goes on as before. No more need be said.

I didn't see one article on Jimmy Carter's reported visit to the Middle East, didn't even know whether he had come at all...until I got to the Tehran Times to check up on Ahmadinejad:

"Former President Jimmy Carter [June 11] reiterated...

His comments came shortly before he met with the Islamic resistance movement Hamas' Syrian-based leader, Khaled Mashaal. Carter met with Mashaal twice under the Bush administration.

...Carter, who went to Syria after observing elections in neighboring Lebanon, stressed that he was in Damascus as a private citizen and not representing the Obama administration.

...Speaking to reporters...[it figures]...

'I don't believe there is a possibility to have any peace between the Palestinians and Israel unless Hamas is involved directly in harmony with Fatah...'"

It figures. Is it really true that he's not sending the message that Obama wants sent from him? Carter as president made Brzezinski one of his top agents, so I figure the two are working together on Middle East goals. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for peace and non-violence between Palestinians, but a pact between Hamas and Fatah will strengthen their common goals AGAINST Israel. That's the problem that peanut farmers and bank robbers are blind to. Netanyahu has been trying to tell the president of Israel, Barack Obama, that Palestinians can't be trusted, but the president isn't listening because he's too busy robbing banks and car companies.

In Iraq this past week, a Shi'ite town was bombed with more than two dozen lives snuffed away. Then a top Sunni leader was assassinated just after his Mosque "service" (or whatever they call it). That's bad, very bad. It's coming at a bad time with American tails toward the cities. I figure their bags are packed by now, and their best mugs and steins packed away in boxes. The moving vans have been called in, and there's not much left but the farewell beer party. I think there's a chilly wind coming over Iraq soon.

A crowd expecting Ahmadinejad to speak his victory celebration waited hours and become impatient because the last time he promised to speak, earlier in the week, he just didn't show up. The crowd was starting to move too fast out the gates. When a woman saw two frantic hands rise up repeatedly above the heads of the crowd, but because she couldn't see the head, she feared a child was about to be trampled. She tried desperately to reach him, but the people were like a wave that couldn't be crossed, she said. Finally, the crowds had passed, and then Ahmadinejad appeared in front of her, his hands passionately swinging around in victory signals. Nobody could see him.


Forgive me for this, but you know the experience when using a vacuum cleaner and you get to a solid object. You can feel the effect on the hose, hear a change in sound, and sense the object going past your hand and beyond through the tube. The same must apply as an abortionist sucks out body parts of infants. "Oh, there's an arm, gute, gute, and, oh, dat vas a big one, must have been da head."

I'm not intending to make you sick; I'm dead serious. I'm telling you that "Nazis" exist throughout the "white-collar" establishment of the medical profession. I'm not like them, and I could never be. How can they do what they do? What kind of animals are they? Well, these types can surely kill living people if they thought it was good for society. They have gravitated mainly to the Democrat camp; Bill Clinton is one, Obama another, and millions upon millions of others throughout the world.

I say this because China and North Korea appear to be ganging up on the West. Gute, gute, should be our response. The Abortionist from the East is coming to abort the West. Very gute! Come oh Lord, with your robes stained in blood, and abort the bastards!

What I have just said makes the liberals crazy. I attack their holy cow to suggest that tearing infants in the womb and destroying their lives is evil. I could be mistreated for that alone. But to then say that abortionists and their accomplices deserve death amongst their penalties, well that brings on a murderous spirit toward me. This is why pro-life groups condemn the killing of abortion "doctors."

I'm personally not suggesting that we should kill abortionists, for that's the job of Jesus, and He commanded us not to kill our enemies because He wants that job all to Himself. He shuns His anger until the last day, but at the Appointed Time, He dresses for battle and does the dirty deed. He's coming from the east with the kings of the east. Do not despise that red wave...until it's time to destroy it as well (Joel 2).

I reflect the heart of God on this topic without screens, and it's not always a pleasant picture when the bare bones are shown. It can't be left out of a book on end-time prophecy. It's what end-time prophecy is all about, warning us to stay clear of the neap-Nazis, and expecting their horrific demise. It's a message that we not give up on Faith when blackest darkness overtakes the world of peoples that we live with. Together they and we must grow, and we are being choked out. But there is a great sucking noise coming from the East, Selah. And before that, a rapturous whoosh into the clouds.

Hard to believe, but Paul speaks about it as though he were sane. Were the gospel writers lying when they said they saw Jesus alive again, and then ascend into the sky? Were they creating a false religion to make money from gullible "Christians." This is the question that everyone must struggle with. Why do some of us believe although we are not gullible in other areas? Doesn't prophecy support our Faith in times of weakness? So look:

"China warned about the dangers involved in inspecting North Korean cargo under United Nations Security Council sanctions approved yesterday, saying countries intercepting vessels should avoid armed action.

'Under no circumstance should there be the use of force or the threat of use of force” in implementing the sanctions in Resolution 1874, Chinese Ambassador Zhang Yesui said in New York. Inspecting vessels carrying North Korean cargo is 'complicated' and 'sensitive' he said."

The UN, after it was their turn to act on the saber rattling, slapped North Korea on the wrist only to have North Korea respond as though it was a shot to the head with an iron pipe. The UN merely decided, not much more than, to stall Korean vessels when searching their cargos. Korea responded by saying it'll weaponize every last atom of nuclearized-uranium it can find. The West is therefore in a pickle, and China is standing behind Korea to some degree. If the West now comes back without retreating in this game of chicken, China will be more resolved to oppose the West. In the end, when the armies of "all the nations" are in the Middle East, Jesus wins and all dragons are snuffed out. It's too easy for us. All we need to do is wait, and stay on His side. Stay out of global politics. Just wait. Don't love the world.

Our enemies see this attitude among us. They see that we do not want to be part of the world, so to make us guilty and worthy of persecution, they are going to set up everything that we hate, then demand that everyone bow down to everything we hate. When we refuse to bow down, we will be accused...and sentenced in many cases as Jesus was, with false testimonies, and betrayals.

But, some will say, "Waiting is too easy, and besides I want to fight with Jesus. I want to die with him." Oh, will you really die for Jesus, Peter? You speak a brave storm now, but when the waters swell, you're courage will fail you. Why will it fail? Why did Peter fail? Because the Holy Spirit was not with him on his sword-approach to Jesus' enemies. In the end times, if you fight the beast with weapons of this world, the Holy Spirit will not be with you. Remember the one who attempted to cast demons out in the name of Jesus, but the demons attacked him with a good beating. Doing things for God means that He is doing them through you, not you through Him.

Purchase good guns and cross-bows, and prepare to hunt for food. We are going to need to leave this world soon.

Just before I left the article above on North Korea, I happened to see the surname of the author; Varner. The Varner Coat is blue and white shield and uses a white star in the Crest, presumably the Vere Star. That's more evidence that the Veres were from the Varni/Warnabi. I kid you not, I intended not to go back into this topic today for the sake of those who want the end-time news. But here I am faced with a dilemma.

I was thinking that my next topic when coming back to the Polabian hunt was to show the distinction between the Khazar line in Polabia and the Murugan-peacock line from the Sabini. They cannot be the same lines. But they merged, and both took on blue and white. The Murugan line out from the Sabini links to Crete's Curete goat cult, and indeed a major cult of the Sabines was its god, Quirites, which got involved with Romans. Fortunately, I have traced the Sabines/Safini the Taphians on the Ladon and Peneus river in Greece: mythical Daphne. The 'S' variation of 'Daphne' is now to be explained with a major revelation.

Tyre was known as Tyrus, Tsuru, Surru, etc. The Zeus cult was also Deus. Sarpedon was of the Zeus cult in Crete and so he depicted Tyrians of some sort. I had always wondered where "Sarpedon" derived, and being so but this past week I didn't notice until last night. I didn't notice even though I linked Sarpedon with the Sorbs of the Traby fold. Compare "Sarpedon" with "Trabzon/Trebizond." It's a match and moreover proved that "Traby/Dreve" and "Sorb/Serb" were the same term.

That then may lump the "White Serbs" into the white bull of Zeus, and to that we note the red bull of Lusatia's "Lower" portions. We assume that the counterpart of the White Serbs were Red Serbs (perhaps Rus versus Goths), but then I have found some Rosicrucian occultists recently using the black bull...though this was not their symbol in particular but the symbol of their family/surname. I don't know if explaining World War II is as simple as white verses red Rosicrucian, a sort of War of the Roses II, but I'll keep an eye on that idea because I do want to reveal the red verses white groups in a very definitive way. I feel I haven't yet.

Variations of the Varner name are Warner and Warnke. They do link to the Warnabi Polabi because they are said to come from the Pomeranian and Hanover areas. The latter (using a gold lion in Crest, I'm wondering the Amerike gold lion) is the major city near the Trave river, and to the west of the Drevani. In fact, the Varner write-up says: "Branches of this estimable family held estates near Hanover, at Trebitsch in Silesia, and at Tolitz in Pomerania." Trebitsch??? That's a new one. Is it a coincidence that the Varner name came up in the news today? I don't think so. The All-Seeing Eye has his eye on the Veres, to expose them. The Eye is watching the eye of the "peep-cock"" (peacock tail feather). The rooster will run, and failing flight, it will be thrown out of the Garden, and given to the dogs.

I just found that the Trebitsch surname is "Jewish" (quotation marks mean that it may or may not be Israelitish, but is assumed to be by those using the term; all Hebrews today, Kabalists or otherwise, are lumped into the Israelite/Jewish fold).

A trace of the Traby family to Hanover seems likely. The Hanover Arms uses green roundels on gold. The Treby Coat (distinct from "Traby") uses gold roundels on black, as does the English Lacy Coat (the German Luz surname was first in Pomerania, uses black and white symbol).

The reverse, gold roundels on black, are used in the French Flamme Coat (surname first found in Normandy), what might link to the Flemings who were "Vlaams" and moreover they are credited as founders of Flanders...which uses black and gold colors! This is the first time I have been able to trace Flemings -- who were the guts of the Templar movement -- to a major group. They lead back to Hanover's Traby family!! Godfrey de Bouillon was of the Fleming family, and he was a Templar founder. I get it! The "Tarponites" of France wanted Jerusalem (but why?).

Moreover, I had ventured to trace the nine original Templars to the concept of the nine Muses, but also to the nine Curetes. I was right? Traby leads back to Sarpedon Curetes!! And the Sabine Quirites cult. Excellent! They are modern Tyrians, the purple people. Perhaps the Lacy purple lion refers to the purple of Tyre? But why did Tyrians want Jerusalem? "Sarpedon" should be the clue. Were they Garebites?

Now behold. In the past, I traced the red bull of Lusatia to Egypt's Apis (= bull cult), but also to the related "Serapis" (also from Egypt) and I figured Sarpedon was a variation of "Serapis." A hard-C version would be "Cerpis" (the Apollo-worshiping Carpae = Apollo's harp symbol) that should have included a C-less "Hirpini" ("wolf people"), the wolf line of Roman/Romulus roots. The Hirpini were at Avellinum -- i.e. proto-Avalon -- and Avalon was ruled by nine witches!!! It works like a charm. It must be true.

The line is now easy to trace from Serapis to Sarpedon to the Hirpini to Traby to Avalon/Rothesay. If we ask why the bull cult of Egypt/Crete should turn into a wolf cult, the answer should be in the mythical fact that Sarpedon was banished from Crete to the Lycians...named after 'Lycaon" = a wolf people of mythology (no doubt the Trebizond/Thermodon Amazons of Artemis as they re-located to Lycia). The Lycians evolved into mythical Lycurgus, who became the Cygnus (= swan) Ligurians, and meanwhile Leda/Leto, Apollo's/Pollux's wolf peoples, also evolved into the Cygnus Ligurians.

I traced Lycians to the Lycus river in the land of that the latter should be the origin of the Sarp/Carp/Tarp-or-Trab families. In other words, this is a strong case that the Traby family are Arphaxadite "Hebrews" (quotation marks are because Arphaxadites were ancestors to Hebrews, see Genesis 10).

I have more as a result of these snow-balling findings. It's to do with the recent discovery that Paphlagonians were either named after "Apollyon," or vice versa. I reasoned that "Paphlagon" was "Aphlagon," as related "Pamphylia" is known to have been "Amphylia." I rolled "Aphlagon" in my mouth to find "Aflak"; the Aflack/Afleck Coat is black and white, the colors not only of the Trebizond Arms but of the Paphlagonians!!! Plus, the Aflack surname was found in Ayrshire, what was on-shore of Avalon.

The Aflaq surname was a founding name of the Syrian Baathists. Could this be clue that Baathists are of the old Apollo-Artemis cult? Does Obama know that Baathists are related to his Traby ancestors? Will this cause him to form an alliance with Baathists, or is this the reason that general Petraeus formed an alliance with them? With that question I checked for a Patre Coat and got the English Patrick Coat (surname from "Patricus"), a black cross (!) on white (!!), roughly the symbol of the Aflack Coat. I'm amazed. As it was loading I was wondering whether a black cross on white would appear, and there it was, with white roses on black in the Chief.

Since the nine Muses of Avalon trace back to Mysians, Mysians (Meshech, just like the Amazons), and Paphlagonians (= founders of "Avalon") were related, wherefore Apollo may have been made the twin of Artemis simply because Paphlagonians were the migration of Trebizond Amazons to the western end of what is now Turkey. But it remains to be seen whether Paphlagonians were Meshech as were the Amazons. Gog was represented by the Laz>Lydians moving into the Mysian theater, and as such the Lacy among the Traby are a Laz>Lydian branch to the modern day. This supports a link between the black-on-white roundels of the Lacy Coat to the black-on-gold roundels of the Treby Coat. We see that the ancient peoples stuck together to the modern era...because they intended it.

Previously I could only imagine a Traby/Polabian trace to the Lusatian-Polish theater, but today I have found the location of Trebitsch in Silesia...where the Verner surname -- from the Warnabi Polabians -- lived. This is very very interesting as per the theory of yesterday that blue and white Fers of France were rulers in Moray as they entered Scotland early via their migration from Polabia. There's also a Trebic/Trebitsch in Moravia (east Czechoslovakia), in fact, perhaps explaining, or at least supporting, the Murugan peacock link to Traby.

Wikipedia has an article on the Moravian Trebic showing black symbols on white! Trebic has a "Jewish Quarter." It's not too far from Podebrady, and this is somewhat expected because I claim that George Drummond went to Scotland in the first place to be among kin that had already been there. I now see that the Vere Moravians were those relatives, and I also discovered (last night) which Scots in particular they were. Recall that I linked George Drummond specifically to Colin, ruler in Alba and Moray. I had also traced the blue and white Veres of Scotland/Moray to the Bebbanburg Bernicians. Let me first refresh your memory on what I said in the previous update:

"Lee also emailed the Rutherford Coat because it uses three black birds...I had found the same birds yesterday in the Colin Coat when I was searching for information on the Malcolm ("Mail Coluim") name of Scotland. I was seeking information on the family to which Giric -- George Drummond I think -- belonged.

Giric was placed in the family of Dub mac Mail Coluim, who was killed and replaced by a Cuilen (i.e. almost the same as "Coluim"), which has variations such as "Culen" or "Colin."... Dub could be a b-version of "Dum," what could itself derive from "Drum."

Why is Cuilen's father (Indulf) depicted with a mustache [symbol of Odrowaz surname, and Odrowaz Arms, surname like "Traby"] but no beard in a fictitious portrait having no historical basis? We read that "his mother may have been a daughter of Earl Eadulf [also Eadwulf"] I of Bernicia," and at that link we read that "Ęthelweard says Eadwulf 'ruled as reeve of the town called Bamburgh'" Zowie, that's the Bebbenburg Bernicians (of queen Bebbe) from Germany's Bamberg!! It's right down Traby lane!

In short, I trace George/Giric Drummond to king "Colin/Culen," who took the Scot throne in 1068. He was from the royal line of Alpin, a Pict bloodline that fits with the Vere Picts. In fact, "Alpin" evokes the Vere "Elfin/Elvin" line...though we should not trace mythical Melusine, the "Elvin Princess," to the Picts. She represented the Cohens/Bebbanburgs that merged with the Picts.

The point is, last night I realized that "Colin" and "Calhoon" should match. I checked the Calhoon Coat: a black saltire cross on white (!) and a red deer in the Crest that should trace to the Hungarian stag. The surname is excellent because it uses "Cohune" and "Calloon" variations, what appears to be the Cohen surname morphed into Colin-like terms. How excellent. It works because Cohens (of the Staufen fold in Swabia) were traced (yesterday) to Bernicians...independent of king Colin's wife being of the royal Bernicians.

The Calhoons were first found in Angus, where the Aflack Coat (black-on-white cross) was first found. Remember in all this, this Illuminati family should trace to Arphaxadites of Arrapha/Arabkha, where I trace the origin of the Arabs. That's why I connected the Illuminati to the Aflaq Baathists (Feb 11 update) with some confidence. The Calhoon cross is of the type used in the Patrick (i.e. Petraeus) Coat. This "Patrick" trace is so amazing because I traced Baathists to Bats of Georgia (a Laz tribe), and then another co-founding surname of the Baathists was the Bitar surname, which, when doing a search on it, brings up the Butter Coat (black cross on white just like the Aflack cross!) that is not a far cry from "Patr(ick)." (Salah ad-Din al-Bitar was a Baathist co-founder with Michael Aflaq).

I'm not saying that the Colin line back to Alpin was a Drummond line, but that Drummonds merged with it when they arrived and had associations with king Colin. Thus, the Drummond blue and white likely links to the Cohen blue and white, and wait till you see other "Stewart" variations that are not revealed on the Stewart-Coat pages.

This family tree of the Drummonds shows "Agatha Podiebradius" as George's wife and Maurice's mother. Was this Agatha the daughter of Agatha the mother of Margaret??? The tree has Maurice's birth in 1060 way too late, and some other articles have the same, though one uses 1040, a much better position since George was son of king Andrew (not everyone agrees), born about 1000; crowned 1046. The webpage below talks about the Hungarian migration to Scotland, but (BEHOLD) shows the Rutherfords descended from Agatha, mother of Margaret, which would explain why the (black and white) Rutherford Coat (surname may have been of the Rothes/proto-Rothschild) uses the same birds as the Colin Coat where the Colins were from the George-Drummond line among king Colin.

In the June 7 update, I wrote: "We may therefore assume that George married into the Marot bloodline [of Moravia] when he married the royal of Podebrady." I had assumed that Marots of the Mures moved into Moravia, near Podebrady, and thus George married one (as per the evidence of his son's name, Maurice, a variation of "Marot"). Today I find that there was a Trebic in Moravia, near Podebrady. I had also traced Drummonds to Traby and to Stewarts, equating Stewarts and drummonds as almost indistinguishable.

Last night I found some new Stewart families while searching for families related to the Stevensons...who had traced back to the HohenStaufens holy-grail bloodline, which was also the "magic ring" (of Melusine) bloodline. I tried for a "Steffany" link to "Stevenson, and got the Stepney Coat using Cohen-type checks in red and gold, but positioned on the shield in the same manner as Scottish Stewarts place theirs on a shield: on a horizontal band centrally. The Crest shows what appears to be a red Labrador dog with an antler in its mouth. By the way, since Labradors were the Comfort et al symbol, I wondered whether it was in representation of the Labe river (= the Elbe) upon which the Polabians lived.

The Stepney surname was first found in Pembroke (Wales), what I deem to be a variation of "Bamberg/Bamburgh," and meanwhile some Stewart-surname hunters trace them to Wales on some lacking evidence. This could be them. The write up says that "Stepne" "derived from the Old English word Stybbanhyp," which is similar to the "Stillb" variation shown at the Scot-Stewart page. The owl on the Stepney Coat may connect to owl of the Bohemian-Grove, Illuminati party-house.

Next I tried for a Stubb Coat and got one using gold horseshoes on black and spear/arrow tips (or ermines, symbol of Brittany). The surname from "stybb," it says, meaning "short," but I doubt that derivation. This family was from Normandy/Brittany. This family was associated with the Montgomerys of Shropshire and therefore it does smack of a Stewart clan from Brittany, perhaps revealing their true surnames in Brittany from which "Stewart" evolved. Montgomerys were Gomarians, as were Comforts, and so the idea here is that the horseshoes, from the Leslie clan, appears to tie the Stubbs and Stybbanhyps with the Lacy and Comfort union in Wexford (Ireland). These Stewarts could therefore be a heavy porphyry carrying family by links to the Lacys, but below I'll show Stewart links to Traby undeniably.

Next I tried the Stubbing Coat and got one! Gold roundels on black (!!!), the symbol on the Treby Coat; the English Lacy Coat uses silver roundels on black. The Stubbing colors match the Stubb colors, to no surprise.

There's more. The Flamme Coat (surname from Normandy) also uses gold roundels on black, which should be a Stewart link to the Flemings. Black and gold were not only the colors of Flanders (Flanders uses a black lion on gold), but of the Cohens of Flanders. Behold, these Cohens were likely the black-lion-on-gold Hohenstaufens!!!! You get it. The Stevenson link to the Stybb/Stepney variations of the Stewarts are explained in that Stevenson and the rest are connected to the STAUFEN holy grail!

The Stewarts were STAUFENS!!! They were the Cohens of Flanders, but their holy grail was putrid, not respectable; full of worms and the guts of humanity which they killed to gain power and wealth.

Note the Stubbing Coat using a reversed Vere shield, which should explain the write-up: "they were also conjecturally descended from Thomas de Colunces who's [sic] son Hugh acquired the lands of Stebbing and Woodham Ferrars in Essex." The Ferrars of Forfarshire used blue-on-gold horseshoes, the reverse of the Aberdeen (next to Fife) Leslies, and both use green dragons. Note the Colunce surname above from whom the Stubbings were descended.

I have finally traced the red-on-white lion of the English Stewart Coat. I once lived at a Stiver location, or I may never have tried the Stiver Coat just after I found the Stubbing Coat. The Sturd/Sturt Coat came up (page shows absolutely zero Stive-like surnames), with white lion on red, the reverse of the English Stewart Coat! The Stubbing Crest and the Treby Crest are white lions too. The Sturt shield uses the arrow tips (or ermines) seen also in the Stubb Coat. This is amazing. The Stewarts were the Stybbs and Sturts; the latter better reflects my trace of Stewarts to the Stirgud viking. The variations given for the Sturts end in either "fant" or "vant"; e.g. Sturtevant. I don't see why. Perhaps the term is to be understood as SturTevant/SturDevont. Sturs of Devonshire?

It's possible that Sturts came after the Stewarts, but I have a hunch that Sturts were first. In keeping with Stewart secrecy, the Sturt write-up says only: First found in Nottinghamshire, where they were seated from very early times." How early? Why is there no connection made to the English Stewarts? Why are we not supposed to know of the connection? The fact that "Stiver" is in the Sturt databank suggests links to Stevenson and Stauffen. This was Melusine.

Before coming to all these alternative Stewart families, I checked the Garter Coat as per the Stevensons being related to the Garlands. Since the gara and garland terms (and surnames) were found (yesterday) to be the "magic" rings of Melusine, I figure the Order of the Garter, a Brit-royal homosexual club of the Rosicrucians, was from the Stevenson/Garland fold, for a garter belt is a leg ring (which the queers wore below their knee either to reveal their inclinations (without others knowing), to other men, or in attempts to turn men on.

The symbol of the Garter Coat is therefore a special one, and indeed its silver on gold (a no-no in later heraldry) wherefore it is very old. It uses gold and silver Cohen-type checks (!), and like the Cohen and Hohen Coats, the shield is filled with the checks. One can't get a higher-status Cohen shield than silver and gold. One can see ermine spots in the background, a strong indication that the Garter-loving "animals" were Stewarts. Let's call a Sturt a Strut here, eh? You think we don't know what you Freemasons and Bohemians do? Animals! Forget political correctness. ANIMALS!! The write-up would have us believe that Garters were named after gardeners.

Behold. I shared with LG recently that her surname(s) was going to prove helpful in my present hunt. It seems that everyone important to this work is proving important in just such a way. Her surname is Swedish/Finnish, and rather than giving it here, let me just say that it's a name not recorded at houseofnames. But it's close to "Gust," and so see the Swedish Gust Coat. It was some days ago when I remarked to her that the curved chevron, which is the only symbol of the Coat, would be easy to match with another surname...because there are few curved chevron.

I suggested two things to LG. That her Gust name was a possible "Oost" term linked to the ostrich line (i.e. of Traby/Radziwill), and I believe I showed her the possible link to the German Jost Coat, also red and white...but looking like a three-star variation of the Washington Coat.

Now, what I didn't tell her was that the "Gason/Gaze" surname is a variation of "Wassa," the proto-Washington surname! That occurred to me just now, as I write. While this link to Scandinavia may in the future reveal Washington roots, my friends, because he is said to derive from the Odin cult, it is not the point right here.

Before I realized and wrote the above on Gust, I had written the following:

"The city of Ostrava to the east of Trebic/Trebitsch and close to the Polish border is "the administrative center of the Moravian-Silesian Region." "Ostrava" is a Traby-like term with a possible "ostrich" built in. The Ostrava Arms uses a gold rose, and the German Strube/Struve Coat uses two gold roses; it must be a match.

After writing that, I took a closer look, for more clues, at the Strube Coat. That's when I noted the curved chevron (in blue, but on red shield) and thought about LG's Gust Coat. "Gust/Jost" and "Ost" are not only a match, but the rest of the Gust surname is much like the rest of "Ostrava." I'm beside myself. Nothing like what is happening to could have been repeated in the past in all of history. There is just one revelation after another thanks to all those who have partaken in this work.

Now I was a friend to a homosexual when I became a Christian. He was trying to be a Christian, but I found the dirty mags one day in his room. I never told him. He got MS and eventually died, after some 16 years of suffering. I was at his side to the end. I was asked to lower his casket into the grave. I did.

Last week I wondered whether I was in his life for the reason of this hunt, as it seems so many names in my life are proving key. I looked up his name, Oostyen (Dutch), and found no Coat. Then I tried Osten, and came to the Oster/Osten Coat (also "Oesten") shown previously. I didn't think anymore about it, until I tried it again after writing the paragraph above on the Gust and Ostrava topics. The Oster Coat, using silver and gold together, uses a gold rose in the crest, the symbol of Ostrava (!) and the Struve Coat.

As it turns out, the Struve surname was first found in Hamburg, thus solidifying a tie to the Traby fold. Since I'd thought to trace Traby to Goths, note that the Gust surname is "thought by experts to be identical with that of the Geats, the Scandinavian tribe to which Beowulf belonged, and it is also thought to be akin to that of the Goths."

It would appear thus far that we are in Washington ancestry when on the Traby family. It's no surprise, so to speak, and yet it's a big surprise to find Washington roots so specifically. LG was the ticket to making the Traby link to Washington. Wow. Who but insiders would have known? Why don't they reveal these things? Is it because Trebitsch is a "Jewish" surname?

Note that the Ostrava shield is white on blue, the other two sets of colors (aside from the Wassa/Gust/Washington red and white) in the American flag. We need a Washington link to Amerike, therefore, of the Moray/Morgan fold. The Ostrava Coat uses gold and red together, the colors of the Amerike stars superimposed on his blue and white stripes. This would be a good place to say that the English Payen Coat will not show at by design; I'm assuming the family has asked that it not be shown. We wonder why. But the Italian Payen Coat looks like the Washington shield. And both the Payens and Wassas use Zionist stars.

Having traced the Traby family of the Trave (near Hamburg) solidly to Ostrava (via the Struve surname first found in Hamburg), it stands to reason that the Radziwills -- which I gathered were from Ratzeberg (near the Trave) should trace also to Wroclaw, where in the Wroclaw Arms we see the Vere Shield, and the white Montfort lion leading to the Veres of Montferret. The city is also "Vratislava," which may have formed "Radzi(will)" and "Ratze(berg)." I also think the "Breslau" version links to Brzezinski in some indirect way. The white lion here should trace to the white lion of the Stubbing Crest, the Sturt Crest, and the Treby Crest.

I tried the Stirrup surname (as a variation of "Strube/Struve") and actually got a Stirrup/Stirpe Coat; the surname was first in Nottinghamshire, where the Sturt surname was first found. Suddenly, the Stirgud vikings may be trace-able to Ostrava. That then gets the family into Sweden as I'm assuming these vikings were Varangians.

The Bavarian Strobe/Strobel Coat: white lion. Surname derived from "strub."

Shropshire was also "Shrewsbury." No Shrew Coats, but the Crew/Creuse Coat is a white lion (on blue). The name evokes Crawford (Ostrich in Crest, derived from "crow"), the Stewart roots in the Stirgud vikings.

When I read that Ostrava was a coal mining region with "high quality black coal deposits," I recalled that the Kyle family webpage said that the diamond symbol represented coal. The Kyles use black candles as historic symbols, and believe they are Illuminati-related to mythical/legendary "king Cole," which should for that reason trace to the coal of Ostrava. That's my thought pattern on that score, anyway. The reason that I'm mentioning this is because the English Crow Crest uses a camel. The chickens in the Crow Coat link to the Sinclair-viking chicken, and the crow to Stirgud, but the camel should link, not to Arabians, not to Aladdin, but to Camelot. King Coal was the ruler of Camulodunum!

I've never checked the Coell surname before, but I know the Cole name was also Coel. The Coell Coat uses chickens (!!) because it shows Cockerell variations (no Coel-like variations shown, but it must be in the data bank).

Okay, the world now has record of the heart of the true holy grail cult, by whatever other surreal terms it likes to call itself. I just pulled the skirt of the Stewarts up for a peek, and found Stubby knees. I'm worried that if I look any higher, I might see a man under a dress. No thanks. I don't want to know anymore. I've seen enough. I understand. Witchcraft in disguise, unfettered sex, love of money and rule. Exploitation. All the things that God warns us to stay clear of.

Of course, not every Stewart. etc., is a witch, and of course not even the one percent of them would be. But wherever the witch cult makes machines for itself, it draws workers from its own bloodlines.

Goodnight. Stay clean world.


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