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April 25

Before getting to the news today, I'm explaining what happened last night as I lay awake in bed for three or four hours trying to make light of the clues in yesterday's update as to the anti-Christ's identity. I started considering this sentence: "As per 'Harbiye,' we would like a look at the Harvey surname, where we find the write-up tracing to 'haer.' Hmm. The English Harvey Coat uses the Singletary mart lets, the Bellamy Shield..."

That "hmm" was wondering whether the hare that appeared in my window as I was about to write on Bellamys (remember, the German Hare Coat uses the Bellamy Shield) was hinting at the Harbiye location of Syria as anti-Christ important. After all, Daniel 8 and 11 trace the end-time anti-Christ from the Seleucid kings of the Greek empire, and Harbiye became Antioch, the Seleucid capital.

If, as I mentioned yesterday, "Harbiye" modified into "Halybe," that "Allawi" may just be an end-time Halybe from Seleucid roots. Likely, Allawi is named after the Alevi/Alawi Muslims or the alternative "Alawi of Syria," as Wikipedia puts it. The latter "Alawis are concentrated in the Latakia region of Syria, extending north to Antioch (Antakya), Turkey...The origin of the Alawis is disputed. Some believe them to be descended from people who lived in this region at the time of Alexander the Great" I stand corrected. Antioch is now in Turkey, not Syria.

Hmm, since the anti-Christ is supposed to conquer, from Iraq, up the Syria-Turkey coast, might it be for the very reason of securing Antioch/Harbiye once again? In prophecy, the Seleucids are one of the four horns from Alexander "the great" whose end-time extension will furnish the anti-Christ. Note hpow "Latakia" reflects "Luzica," the German word for Lusatia...where SORBS live.

I considered whether Allawi could be he anti-Christ, with Obama acting on his behalf with "fire from the sky" as the Allawi-supporting Sunni soon so military battle against the Maliki Shi'ites. Many things fit prophecy and my expectations as I considered this picture, but as I could not see Allawi in a seat ruling the end-time Roman empire, nor capable of destroying Europe, I quickly set the idea aside, again. But another man, from the Obama camp, set up in Iraq with the excuse of assisting Allawi's political agenda...that seems to sit well in my mind, so long as he could somehow rule Europe or a globalist-European organ.

As I pondered that Biblical clue -- that the anti-Christ in Iraq must also rule Europe -- Gorbachev came to mind again because someone like he could much-more-easily find a Europe-ruling position in the name of some Obama scheme. Figuring that the Obama nuclear-reduction deal with Putin was a Gorbachev-circle push, I started to consider who in the Gorbachev circle could be an Obama-supported anti-Christ. I don't really know anyone in the Gorbachev circle, but it's now on my agenda to check it out for possibilities.

For an hour or so longer, I pondered other things, until I got back to considering Gorbachev. About that time, a mouse came into my room. I did not record what was on my mind as it was first heard, but it was roughly when Gorbachev came to mind some two hours into the hard focus. I could hear the pitter-patter clearly. So I got the flashlight, shone it all around from the foot-end of the bed, with words of warning (I wanted him to know not to get on the bed,), and then turned out the light to see what would happen. I was wondering whether there would be some sort of activity acting as a Sign. But after he moved around for about five minutes, he was gone and never heard from again.

About 45 minutes into the silence, a thought occurred that had occurred a day or two earlier: if this mouse is a Sign of the anti-Christ, or of his agent, coming into the open from his hiding, then the day that he appeared in the open may have been Gorbachev-important. I recall mentioning Gorbachev in an April update as he was celebrating Obama's nuclear-reduction deal. And, because I recall the time that the mouse appeared in the open, at exactly 6 pm on a Friday night two Fridays ago, I could work out the date, from bed, that the mouse appeared. Since yesterday was the 24th, two Fridays ago was 14 + 1 days ago = April 9. I was sure that Obama and Putin signed the deal April 9! I did not know from bed when I mentioned Gorbachev, but I planned to check first thing in the morning. It`s morning, and I have not yet checked, but will do so NOW. Hang on...

...The following is the last thing I wrote on April 8, as I shared a quote from an interview with Gorbachev. I believe it was my only mention of Gorbachev in months:

Who's happier today than Gorby:
"...The news that Russia and the United States are due to sign a new treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive armaments was high on public agendas last week. Everyone knows that the two countries' reductions of their strategic arsenals is a process that owes its existence to former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev, who in 1991 signed a treaty on strategic offensive armaments with then U.S. president George H.W. Bush....

"Question: The new treaty on strategic offensive armaments that the Russian and American presidents will sign in Prague on April 8 has not yet been published but has already set off heated debates in both countries. What do you [Gorby] think of that treaty?"

Personally, I like [the deal] because I don't like nukes, and no one does but the madman. Unfortunately, there is a madman coming.

I stand corrected; it was signed on April 8. At 5:55 on April 9, I stopped working, sat down on a ladder near the window with a drink, but spilled it on the floor. It has been my habit to stop working by 6 pm on Friday nights because God has in various ways led me to believe that I should do so for keeping the Sabbath command. He's led me to keeping the 6 pm rule because, on many occasions over the years, I would stop work on Friday nights, even when not wearing a watch or forgetting that 6 pm was approaching -- and even when not realizing it was Friday, or not having the 6 pm deadline on my mind -- at exactly 6 or just a few minutes before.

For example, this past Friday night, I was digging a shallow well. When I was finished, I was deciding whether to leave the excavator at the well site, or move it back to its regular parking spot on the driveway. I decided the latter. It took me five minutes to get the machine to the parking spot, lock it up, walk into the house and look at the watch...which read 6:05. That has happened so many time "right on the button" that I have taken special notice that God wants me to keep the rule.

At 5:55 two Fridays ago, I spilled a drink on the floor. I got another drink and sat down on the ladder, when a mouse with a brown spot, at exactly 6 pm, came out from under the make-shift curtains, to lick the drink not three feet from my feet, in open daylight, as if it had been my pet all along. It was the first and only time that this mouse did this.

I had reason, therefore, last night, to link the mouse to Gorbachev, for if the Sign was to identify someone right under my nose as of April 9, the last thing I wrote about on April 8 would qualify very well.

I recalled that the brown spot was round, with a tinge of red. Not stop-sign red, and not chocolate or Negro brown. It was more tannish with a tinge of amber. It was not on the mouse's forehead so as to link to the reddish spot on Gorbachev's forehead. I had suspected that the brownish color and the round shape was for Obama's skin and his O-logo. But as of last night, I was viewing that mouse as a Sign of a Gorbachev-related anti-Christ in partnership with Obama (who I entertain as the False Prophet).

I still think Gorbachev (79 years old) is too old to be the anti-Christ, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. I started to wonder whether he was not in reality a closet Soviet seeking to restore Soviet Russia (which Reagan and the previous pope took away from him) by destroying Europe with nukes. His anti-nuclear Foundation would then be a tool merely to get the West to disarm as much as possible before burning Europe with fire.

It didn't take me long as I pondered Gorbachev (from bed) to realize that he fits well into yesterday's discussion on corvus- and Corb-terms. Coincidence? I neglected to mention yesterday that "saint" Corbinian (whom I view as Garebite blood from Garebite stock out of Harbiye-) was placed in charge of Bavaria's religious side by the Bavarian duke, Grimoald.

He was the soon-to-be duke of Bavaria shortly after Garibald, wherefore I think the Grimaldi family was an m-version of "Garibald and likewise of Garebite blood. I view the Grimaldi diamonds as a red and white version of the Arms of Bavaria. BUT, the blue and white diamonds acting as the Arms of Bavaria are known to have been obtained by Bavaria from the Bogen surname...which was another topic yesterday as the hare showed up. Compare "Hare" with "Gar(ibald). It's not likely a coincidence that entering "Gar" brings up an Irish Crest with a lion holding a ring, the symbol of the Irish O'Hara Crest.

The red and white Garvey Coat shown yesterday pops up when entering "Garby," and its write-up: "The name Garvey originally appeared in Gaelic as O Gairbhin, derived from the word 'garbh,' which means 'rough.'" Forget the off-the-cuff "rough" definition, and stick to tracing to people groups or other Garb-like surnames.

It was only after writing all of the above that I got to entering "Haer" (the stated derivation of the Harvey clan)...and what do you know? The German Hare Coat, with Bellamy Shield, pops up! Again, the Harvey Coat is also the Bellamy Shield!! Thus, the hare that showed up yesterday not only links to the Bellamys, but to the Harveys>Hares and Garbs>Garveys.

I had also traced Mascis/Masseys to Bavaria, though I cannot recall how aside from close connections to Rothschilds, but as Mascis/Masseys came out of the Bellamy clan, I think a Bavarian trace, as per Bellamy ties to Garibalds/Grimaldis, is now made all the stronger. My mother is a Masci on one side and a Grimaldi on the other, and I think I was Chosen to reveal the dragon cult as I am, not because I am handsome or intelligent, not because I am ugly or dim, but because I have the drive to dig deeply into the roots of those surnames...which must therefore be antiChrist-important, and something God wants the world to know.

Amazing. Not only Gorbachev, but Allawi, might trace back to Harbiye's Garebites. Intriguingly, someone in Gorbachev's circle might support the Allawi bid to rule Iraq, only to betray Allawi and seize the Iraqi throne himself.

On Harbiye, we read: "Seleucus I built a temple to Daphne here, among the laurels." That's because Harbiye was formerly a city by the name of Daphne. Upon further investigation (e.g. google Daphne Harbiye), you will read that Apollo lusted after this city of Daphne, but myth has it that it was while Daphne, as a Greek goddess, swam in the Ladon river (Greece). Thus, the Biblical dragon cult of Ladon was linked to the city of Daphne/Harbiye. Chances are, the mythical Harpies (= female birds) were crows/ravens at one point, likely depicting Daphne. We know that, in myth, it was Apollo who created the black bird.

In myth, Apollo was depicted as a mouse god called "Smintheus." The title may have represented the city of Smintha near Troy, though the same term also means "mouse." I can't say that this is significant to my housemouse at present, but "smintheus" is said to mean "mouse catcher," while my mouse refuses to go for the cheese in my trap. The idea could be that modern Apollo, in the West and as the Illuminati, will not be able to catch the Smooth Operator i.e. the anti-Christ.

Apparently, God in Daniel is trying to tell us that there is a link to the Ladon>Daphne dragon in both the Seleucids and the end-time anti-Christ. By further "coincidence," both the Seleucids and the end-time anti-Christ will rule from Iraq to Syria, both will invade and control northern Israel, and both will succeed in defeating the Egyptian army.

Here's what can be expected. As the anti-Christ arises in Iraq and speaks against Israel from there, Gazans will revolt against Israel. The flare up will then give the anti-Christ an excuse to assist the Gazans, and that will cause a war against Egypt.

OR, my housemouse is just a housemouse and no Sign at all.

In today's news, the headline: "Iraqi blasts raise specter of Mahdi Army militia's return." The story verifies what was suspected, that the war in Iraq is by design mainly on freeze mode until the O-army removes itself:

"An influential anti-American Shiite cleric called on his followers to defend themselves and places of worship after deadly Baghdad mosque bombings but urged self-restraint to avoid giving the U.S. military an excuse for postponing withdrawal plans.

In offering to help fight insurgents, cleric Muqtada al-Sadr is sending a clear signal to the government: If you don't protect us, we'll protect ourselves.

Sadr's statement raised the specter that he might be considering reactivating his once-powerful militia, known as the Mahdi Army, a move that would play into al Qaeda in Iraq's efforts to spark sectarian war.

No group has claimed responsibility for [April 23rd's string of] attacks that killed 72, most near Shiite places of worship, but Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and other officials blamed al Qaeda in Iraq. The bombings were widely seen as payback for the killings last weekend of two top al Qaeda in Iraq leaders.

A reactivated Mahdi Army might give the Sunni-dominated al Qaeda in Iraq a trigger-happy Shiite adversary in the street that could be easily goaded into sectarian fighting."

Although al-Sadr's better judgment wants his army to enlist with Maliki's army, Maliki will likely resist that offer.

Suddenly, just before the pull-out, the Sunni leaders seem to be falling like dominoes. Now it look's like al-Douri may soon be captured:

"Baghdad - Iraqi and US soldiers have found the hiding place of Izzat al-Douri, vice president of Iraq under Saddam Hussein's regime, though al-Douri himself had moved on, police [today].

Al-Douri, one of the most influential figures in the former regime, is one of Iraq's most wanted insurgent leaders, with a 10-million-dollar bounty on his head. Earlier reports that he had been killed or captured have proved to have been false.

A joint Iraqi-US force launched a raid on an al-Qaeda hideout in the hills of Hamrin, some 155 kilometres east of Baquba, a few days ago, police told the German Press Agency dpa. They found evidence the wanted insurgent leader had hidden there, but could not say where he now is.

Saturday's joint operation, supported by the US Air Force...

...The raid also uncovered hideouts of the Naqshbandi militant movement near the al-Qaeda headquarters, the paper reported. The source said this 'proved' the link between the two militant groups.

Soldiers confiscated 'important' documents and maps in the headquarters indicating the locations of other al-Qaeda hiding places and detailing sources of support from neighboring Arab countries for the movement of suicide bombers and weapons into Iraq."

Good, just as (I think) Daniel 11:21-23 predicts, that the Saddamist Sunni will ally with the bin-Laden Sunni when joining the neo-Seleucid "king of Babylon." That gives the anti-Christ more reason to oppose Israel as per al-Qaeda plots on Israel now in the making.

Hmm, just came across Maisy Mouse, very conspicuous because I link the mouse to Meschins>Masseys. There is a Maisy surname (I've not shown that one yet), from Maisy in Calvados! Meschins were from the Bessin of Calvados. The Maisy write-up also traces to Meysey locations in Britain, but rather than to Normans, the family is said to be from Bretons (i.e. of Brittany). I did trace the Masseys to the Dol (of Brittany) Stewarts. In fact, I saw evidence that the proto-Stewarts of Dol were from the Massi clan of Massino-Visconti (northern Italy).

Recalling that the Viscontis originally used a green snake on white, see the green snake in the Irish Hare/Garry Crest, and in this">Mackesy Coat.

BIG NOTE: the Hare/Garry Coat above uses a "garbh" motto term!!! Let me re-quote the Garvey write-up: ""The name Garvey originally appeared in Gaelic as O Gairbhin, derived from the word 'garbh,' which means 'rough.'" Like I said, forget "rough" and link instead to the Hare clan.

Speaking on Viscontis, let me insert here what I neglected to insert some days ago when I traced the Washington surname to "Washukanni," the ancient Mitanni capital. If that seems to contradict a Wassa>Washington trace to the Basques (which trace I have made independent of Washukanni considerations), then consider the alternative word for the Basques, "Vascones," and compare that term to "Washukanni." I think this amounts to one huge discovery, not only because the roots of the Basques are said by all to be a confounding mystery, but because we now also know the roots of the Freemasonic founders of America.

Ah-ha! I traced the Basques, who call themselves "Euskals," to Ashkelon/Ascalon (near Gaza), which city I felt compelled to link to mythical Asclepios, the snake god. The conclusion I make (for myself, anyway) is that Ashkelon was of Washukanni elements. The Mitanni Hurrians were of Haran (the "city of Nahor") elements, which some think named the Hurrians, and so know that there's Haaren and Haren variations of the German Hare surname (using the Bellamy Shield, a blue variation of the Meschin Shield).

And don't forget that Meschins use scallops as symbols, a symbol of the Euskals, I figure, and that Meschins were of the Goz bloodline, a surname leading back to the "Gascone" alternative of the Basques, and very much like the Gacy and Gason variations of the Wassa surname.

The Overseer of the Universe has lifted the veil over the dragon's den. The rotting guts of the serpent cult will now be exposed. Just make sure that you plug your nose as history goes forward just a little more to The Doom.

Less than a minute after writing the above paragraph, I went back to the news, and as it was on the SANA news (of Syria) page, I saw "Hariri," the name of the Lebanese president. Hmm.

The headline, dated yesterday, reads: "Al-Hariri warns of the dangers of the Israeli threats against Syria & Lebanon." I've been quite surprised to see how much Hariri has been anti-Israeli since taking the Lebanese leadership position. The article doesn't tell us much, as most SANA articles are very short, but it does say this: "Al-Hariri, in a phone call, urged Italian counterpart Silvio Berlusconi for playing a leading role in exerting international pressure on Israel..." Berlusconi has a design in a garden of his front lawn of the Visconti serpent (!)...with child/infant in its mouth.

Hmm, BerlusCONI. A cony is a rabbit/hare. The Scottish Conn and English Cony Coats are similar, use cony rabbits as symbols, and the Coats look like Meschin-Coat variations. BUT OF COURSE, we don't forget that the Bugs Coat is also a Meschin-like Coat!!! There is a Connie Coat with a so-called "sleeve" shaped like an 'M', and even some so-called water bouge(t)s of the Bugs clan looked like 'M's.

Anyway, that's about it for today's hunt. More reflection should get us closer to what we can expect of the future.

April 26

The Maisy/Maysey Crest is a "A dragon's head quartered gold and blue." These are the colors that Maisy Mouse is dressed in, verifying that the cartoon's creator (Lucy Cousins) had the Maisy family on her mind. It's no different than Ronald MacDonald dressed in MacDonald-family colors of red and gold.

Wikipedia says that the Normandy locations of Maisy, now Grandcamp-Maisy, is a merger of Maisy with Grandcamp-les-Bains. I've noted that the German Camp Coat is nothing but an M-like bar. Entering "Maise" gets a Maze/Mazye surname (like "Meysey") with a Coat in Maisy-dragon colors and a "bien" motto term perhaps code for Bains. The Mace/Macey Coat uses the same colors, and the surname is from Macey in Manche, very close to Maisy. The latter surname is for certain of the Bellamy fold.

Once again, a cartoon mouse links rather solidly to the Massey/Masci family. Since "Mickey" is a variation of "Mitch(ie)," and because entering "Mitch" brings up the Muschat surname, I was seriously wondering whether Obama's man in Jerusalem, George Mitchell, isn't the meaning of my housemouse. As you may know, the Mitchell Coat is a version of the Meschin Coat.

Think about that. Obama has used up at least a million dollars locating George Mitchell in Jerusalem. Why? Is it really for a peace process? Isn't it really to play hardball with Israel, and won't that "game" lead to conflict wherein Obama will not back down?

So I added up the letters of "George Mitchell," and since there is no 'c' in the Greek alphabet, I used 'x" in its place. The letters then add up to 668. Interesting, but I don't see George Mitchell as a ruler in Iraq, or anywhere else. He frankly doesn't seem like the anti-Christ type. I don't know whether he's part of the Gorbachev circle because I don't know anyone in that circle, but if Obama is part of it, then we expect Mitchell (and Hillary, his boss) to be its working tool.

I should mention that Smintha (meaning "mouse" in Ionian Greek), because it was at Troy, was also in Mysia. I think Mysians were represented by mythical Muses. Apollo was the leader of the Muses, and he as the mouse god was called "Smintheus," likely after the Mysian city. I would suggest that the Masseys/Meschins et al got their mouse symbol from that Mysian homefront. You now know I'm not insane, that a mouse can in fact depict the Meschins, and that some people, like some cartoon creators, know it. We now know it too, thanks to our God who wants to reveal this.

I've noticed that Maisy Mouse is also dressed in gold hearts on red, colors of which, along with the blue and gold, are in the Meuse/Muse Coat. I did trace the Masci surname to the Meuse river and it's city, Maastricht. The Meuse write-up claims that the surname is Flemish.

I had never been able to find, so long as I can recall, the derivation of "Fleming," which term, to the Dutch, is "Vlaam." The claim that it derives from "flame" is not surprising but likely simplistic and wrong. A day or two ago, I had a theory, that "Vlaam" is from "Bellamy." I know that the Scottish Flemings use red and white, but other Flemings use blue and gold (= Bellamy colors) on the one hand, and red and gold (the other Bellamy colors) on the other. AND, the red and gold Irish Flemings use a bell pattern.

Templars were Flemings at their very core, suggesting that Flemings had to be linked by blood to the Rollo Rus, for the Rollo Rus were also at the core of Templarism. The idea that Flemings were Bellamys works excellently to explain the Fleming-Rollo connection because the Briquessart>Meschin bloodline has been traced, as per an online genealogy, to Rollo's grandfather (Eystein). At the webpage below, click Ralnuph's link (he was Malahule's son); then click on Ralnuph's son, Balso; then click on Balso's son, Ancitel, and you'll land on his son, Ranulf of Bayeux (also called "Briqessart"), the father of Ranulph le Meschin.

Since the house of Bellamy furnished the Masci/Massey surname of Cheshire, while Ranulf le Meschin seems to have found his surname when his Briquessart family found itself ruling (on behalf of the royal Rollo bloodline) in the Cheshire capital, a Meschin link to the Bellamy family is suggested. An online page stresses:

"Hamo de Mascy [of Cheshire's Dunham Masci] is thought to have been the illegitimate, or 'natural' son of William de La Ferte, viscount of the powerful Belleme (Bellamy) family of Normandy. The seat of his holdings was the town of La Ferte Mace (fur-tee ma-cee) located in the present day Orne district."

For details, see the first update of March and shortly thereafter.

There is a Bellman/Bellmon surname (in red and gold) that could have modified to the Flamen, Flaman, and Fleeman variations of the Fleming surname. See also the French Flamme/Flaman Coat (in Flanders colors) with mont/mond/mant/ment endings that could have derived from Bellmont/Bellmond variations.

The English Bellmont Coat uses eight fleur de lys, as does the Scottish Fleming Coat (on the Coat's border). Although this Bellmont (also "Beaumont") Coat is in Bellamy colors while the Scottish Flemings use red and white, there is a white-on-red English-alternative Bellmont Coat. The trick now is to discover the origin of the Bellamy surname, perhaps ultimately from the pagan god, Baal>Bel. I would suggest links to the Esque surname (Euskals?) with many Eskibell-like variations. The Esque Coat uses "silver eagle flying and catching a silver rabbit" (!!!), and a mound upon which their are nine fruit (= sacred number of the Muses). Although the Esque surname is Spanish, there were Scandinavian Basques. I think the Esques link to the bell-patterned Haskell Coat, the Crest of which shows nine apples.

Let me repeat from the last update page on the Stubbs surname from Calvados: ""There are elaborate accounts of this family's descent from Belmeis or Beaumeis from Beaumeis-Sur-Dive from Calvados in Normandy through Richard Belmeis, the founder of the family, who was a follower of Roger de Montogomery who was Sheriff of Shropshire and later Bishop of London, about 1100." It's possible, therefore, since Meschins were from Calvados too, that Meschins were linked to Bellamys as far back as their Calvados existence.

I now recall, as per my theory that red and white Wilma Flintstone = the Flemings of Flanders, that I did think up a derivation for "William." The William Coat uses the Campbell design and a talbot dog. I trace the talbot to Lucy Taillebois, wife of Ranulph le Meschin.

There is also a red and white Wilmer Coat (with scallops in Meschin-scallop color) with Wool-using variations that might connect to the Wolley/Wolfley line in Cheshire. IN FACT, the Wilmer/Wollmer Coat is a virtual match with the Wool/Woll Coat, except that the latter uses wool packs as symbols, the same wool packs as in the Wolfley/Wolley Coat.

Not only does this expose Templar bloodlines like never before, but its shows an Obama trace to key Templar bloodlines in many ways, not just one or two. I don't think that my success in exposing Templarism and Rosicrucianism is by chance, meaning that He is exposing it because we are at the final Day of Exposure and Doom. That is, I am convinced that DoomDay will come while Obama is still a world leader...suggesting that my">2009-16 calendar for the final Week is still viable...though I have had serious doubts lately.

George Mitchell has been in Israel this past weekend setting up prick-imity talks that can hopefully (in his dreams) start next week. There are Israelites loudly condemning Obama and telling him to "get lost" or change his tune, and if I know Obama, he will not back down:

"The Anti-Defamation League's National Director Abe Foxman over the weekend joined the growing tide of American Jewish leaders criticizing US President Barack Obama's policy toward Israel.

...Foxman's statement went on to criticize the 'blatantly disproportionate number and the nature of statements issued by this administration criticizing Israel as compared to what has been said about the Palestinians,' as well as what he described as 'dangerous thinking' that 'shifts responsibility for success of American foreign policy away from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt and directly onto Israel.'

...Foxman was far from alone in his criticism.

Late last week, World Jewish Congress Chairman Ronald Lauder penned an open letter to Obama, published in a number of major newspapers including The Jerusalem Post, in which he, too, called on Obama to reassess his administration's policy regarding Israel.

...Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel also put his thoughts in print, taking out paid advertisements in The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal entitled: 'For Jerusalem.'

Wiesel wrote that 'For me, the Jew that I am, Jerusalem is above politics. It is mentioned more than 600 times in Scripture -- and not a single time in the Quran.'"

We can now surmise that the Anti-Defamation League and the World Jewish Congress are not in cahoots with the Obama circle of globalists in the anti-Israeli plot coming down the pipe.

Why do Palestinians insist that Jerusalem must be their capital when they could just as easily make Ramallah, a dozen miles to the north, their capital? Isn't it true that Palestinians want to rub mud in Israel's face by rejecting a peace settlement until they have secured Jerusalem? All Arabs know that Jerusalem has been an historic Jewish center of optimum importance, and that Jewish Scripture makes this city the Eternal Place of God's rule. Yet, virtually all Arabs resist or rebel against it, and for this God will come with some staggering fury.

In the last verses of Isaiah 26, we read that God will expose those who have shed blood on earth, as it there were a certain people responsible for it. The idea is found in Revelation 17, as per the bloody murders depicted by the cup held by Babylon the Great as she rides the Revelation-13 dragon. And in the first verse of Isaiah 27, we find God doing battle against a coiling sea dragon called "Leviathan," which term may have been in the minds of those who named "the Levant," that being the Mediterranean stretch from Syria to Egypt.

It has been said that Leviathan is the same as the Lotan dragon off the coast of Syria, and I think it's obvious that "LEVIathan" represented the LUWIan people, for Luwians were also Lydians, thus tending to prove that Lotan and Leviathan were one animal: the Biblical dragon that formed the Romans...upon whom Babylon the Great rides.

It dawned on me recently that the meaning of the Revelation 13 dragon, as per coming out of the sea, is that the anti-Christ will have a large and important navy when it comes to the invasion of end-time Israel. I immediately thought of the Russian navy, especially as it right-now covets a naval base on the Syrian coast.

I tend to think that the anti-Christ's invasion into Egypt will take a path along the Israel coast, originating from Syrian theater. For example, Ezekiel's chapters on Gog has him in the face of Tarshish, which is Tarsus in Cilicia, smack next to Syria and close to the Mediterranean. I'm now envisioning a Russian naval fleet to assist in his Egypto-Israeli war effort...if the anti-Christ will be a Russian with support from Moscow. In any case, if it's correct to view his one foot in the sea as a military effort along the coast of the Levant, I would suggest that he is not merely an Arab peoples, and not just the terrorist Arabs who have no navy.

I've also been wondering whether the anti-Christ's taking of nation after nation, as per Isaiah 10, is partly describing the Russian successes in the Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Chechnya, etc...that may now include also Azerbaijan. Jamestown has a headline: "Is the United States Losing Azerbaijan?:

"Azerbaijan's long-standing alignment with the United States is rapidly unraveling in the wake of Washington's recent policy initiatives...

Current US policies, however, are seen to favor Armenia in the Karabakh conflict resolution negotiations, curry favor with Armenian advocacy groups in domestic US politics, split Turkey and Azerbaijan from one another over the Karabakh issue, isolate Azerbaijan in the region, and pressure Baku into silent acquiescence with these policies.

...Georgian President, Mikheil Saakashvili, and Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, spoke frankly in this regard. They told US interlocutors at every step that the refusal to invite Azerbaijan's President, Ilham Aliyev, to the [nuclear] summit was a mistake, counterproductive to US interests in the region, and confirming perceptions that Washington was attempting to isolate Baku."[tt_news]=36295&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=d86963ba18

Um, excuse me, but what interests does the U.S. have in Azerbaijan? Shouldn't the United States look after it's own large land rather than barking up Russian and Muslim border regions? Isn't it true that the Middle East crisis is not due to Israel's threat on U.S. interests, but on those U.S. interests in the first place, which interests are wrong to begin with??? Israel is not required to go down to ruin supporting such long-term and dangerous globetrotter interests. Go home, America; stop wasting the peoples' money on a globalism that will only create the curtains for Armageddon.

The problem now is, Netanyahu, instead of telling Obama to go home and shut-up-already about construction projects, is catering to his scare-tactics. Instead if giving George Mitchell a good boot to his underside, Netanyahu is "respecting" him. There are no shortage, in Isaiah, of reasons why end-time Israel will be Punished, and one of them is its looking to the military of other nations for "shade" while not looking to Him.

Isaiah 37 gets off end-time prophecies and back to the Assyria of the day. But in verses 36-37, there is a huge slaughter of the Assyrians while they are in Israel attempting to conquer Jerusalem. The slaughter is said to be at the hands of God's angels, the result of which sees the king of Assyria returning to his capital city, Nineveh. The event smacks of the end-time picture, when another Assyrian king, from Mosul/Nineveh (see Nahum 1:11), is destroyed by a Sword not of man (see Revelation 19).

Ezekiel places the end-time king in Edom when his armies are wasted. Daniel 11 shows us why the anti-Christ retreats to Edom, for in verse 41 we find that Edom, Moab and Ammon (= modern Jordan) escape from his hands. The implication is that Jordan's rulers will support, if only grudgingly, the armies of the anti-Christ as they come to Israel through Jordanian territory. The Jordanian border cuts down the middle of the Dead sea.

In Isaiah 33, where the anti-Christ's destruction is again touched upon, we find God arising in verse 10 immediately after a sad description of Lebanon and northern Israel in verse 9. It's as if Jesus returns at Armageddon only when Lebanon is destroyed and northern Israel is a wasteland. We note that mount Carmel is mentioned in verse 9, which is on the face of Megiddo, wherefore I'm assuming that Lebanon is not destroyed by the anti-Christ, but by the kings of the east (see Revelation 16) as they come to destroy the anti-Christ. Coming from Lebanon into northern Israel, the kings of the east engage the anti-Christ from Megiddo.

Finding the strength to be victorious because God's angels support the kings of the east against the Assyrian, the latter is forced to retreat south, but not to Egypt his enemy, but to Edom his quasi-ally.

Also in Isaiah 33, at verses 7 and 8, we find Israeli envoys of peace and a broken Israeli treaty. I don't assume that a treaty here is the anti-Christ covenant of Daniel 9:27, but rather I do see that this peace treaty is one that Obama is now engaging with Israel. The covenant of Daniel 9:27 is one made between the anti-Christ and his many allies (Isaiah and others refer to the many nations that come against Israel), and does not include Israel as a member of the covenant. Look and see that the Israeli treaty is broken by God himself:

"[God] will be the security of your times, strength of salvation...Behold, their heroes cry outside, the envoys of peace shall weep bitterly...He has broken the covenant,...He has not respected man...Lebanon is ashamed, Sharon withers...Bashan is shaken out, also Carmel. Now I will rise up, says YHWH. Now I will be exalted..."

I love Isaiah 32:17:

"The work of righteousness will be peace, and the service of righteousness shall be quietness and hope forever. And My people shall live in a peaceful home..."

This quietness is not boring. It's the sort of quietness one appreciates in a serene place touched of God. It fills and satisfies the soul continually, and is as valuable to life as the air we breath. It's the peace that was taken away at Eden. In this quietness, a person goes about the day in happiness. The Eden curse is lifted and thrown to Hell along with the pomp and hardware of the globalist nations.

Isaiah 33:19 tends to convince me that the anti-Christ will be a Russian:

"You shall not see the fierce people, from hearing a people of a difficult lip, of a foreign tongue that none understands"

I do not believe that Israelites today would consider Arabic or English a strange and difficult language, but Russian seems to fit this Text much better.

Never mind the idea that al-Sadr Shi'ites will start the Iraqi civil war; Maliki seems to be getting that war under way himself as per the headline today: "Iraqi troops launch major offensive against al-Qaeda." The "west of the country" is adjacent to Jordan:

"Some 26,000 Iraqi soldiers and police have begun a sweep of the west of the country, searching for armed men from al- Qaeda and related groups, government media announced [today].

The operation seeks to foil 'any terrorist plot that could affect the security situation,' General Bahai Hussein al-Karkhi, chief of police for Iraq's western, predominantly Sunni Muslim al-Anbar province, told Baghdad's al-Sabah newspaper.

He said the raids would focus on the area around the cities of Ramadi, Falluja, Hit, Haditha and Qaim, formerly the site of some of the worst fighting between insurgents and US and Iraqi forces.',iraqi-troops-launch-major-offensive-against-al-qaeda.html

Arabs of the Dulaim tribe heavily populate this Anbar region now being focused on. I first mentioned the Dulaim in the fourth update of this month when discovering that Sattam Farhan was of that tribe. In case you missed it and are interested, possible Dulaim links to ancient Delymites was discussed. I link Nazis and the Kabeiri cult to Delymites, and frankly I think Dilmun-branch Delymites were the basis of Babylon the Great. The Dilmun cult, which included Ishtar as perhaps the most-important representative, was from up-town Babylon but conquered Assyria as per an Amorite king (Shamshi-Adad) that lived on the Habur river.

The direction of the election mud seems to be tipping heavily against Allawi:

"An Iraqi review panel [today] threw the results of a March election into question by invalidating votes cast for 52 candidates, officials said, possibly threatening the slim lead of a Sunni-backed alliance.

It was not immediately clear how many of the candidates barred for alleged ties to Saddam Hussain's banned Baath party had won seats in the March 7 ballot.

...'But Al Hiti told Reuters that Iraqiya, led by former Prime Minister Eyad Allawi, did not expect to lose any of its 91 seats in the next 325-seat parliament as a result.

Tariq Harp, a lawyer for Shi'ite Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki's State of Law coalition, which came second and could benefit the most from any change in the election result, said he believed 'two or three winners' could be affected "

Two or three, just enough to snuff out Allawi, Harp hopes.

Berlusconi is by force of his mutual gas deals with Russia a very good friend of Putin. The two are meeting once again to talk things over. The article mentions the Russian ambassador to Italy, Serghei Meshcob. Hmm, a Meschin-like surname with a mouse-like first name; in Italian, a mouse is a "sorcio/sorgio." I can find no other info on him.

How's the South Stream vs. Nabucco conflict going? The headline yesterday: "Putin wins Austrian gas deal":

"Austria signed up to build part of Russia's South Stream gas pipeline on Saturday, and visiting Prime Minister Vladimir Putin scorned the EU's rival Nabucco project as futile.

Politically neutral Austria has become a key battleground for the competing pipelines..."

...'Building a pipeline without supply contracts is pointless and extremely dangerous,' Putin said in the Austrian capital. 'Name me one contract that has been signed for Nabucco.'"

He speaks like a conqueror.

Amazing. The U.S senator from Maine before that position was held by George Mitchell was Ed Muskie. When one enters "Musk," the Mousquette/Muskat surname pops up, which is essentially the same as the Muschat surname which pops up when one enters "Mitch." Ed Muskie was the secretary of state under Jimmy Carter! ALSO, and this comes AFTER I linked the Haskell surname to the Masseys, Ed Muskie was the governor of Maine immediately before Robert Haskell. The Maine-surname Coat smacks of the Garvey Coat. I think, safe to say, Mickey Mouse essentially rules Maine. Hmm, Mickey Mouse's female friend, Minnie?

I have been wondering for days what "Minnie" may have depicted. She was originally "Minerva," however. She is black and dressed in blue and white at her Wikipedia article, and those are the three colors of the Minnie/Menne surname. Recalling that Mackesys and Mackeys are Margesons and Margy respectively, is it a coincidence that Minnie's mother was Margie Mouse??? The Margy/Mackey Coat is also blue and white with black.

Zikers, as "Both Minnie and Mickey were created in 1928 by Walt Disney," note that the Disney surname was first found in Calvados. We then read: "Minnie is presented as the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse, a close friend of Daisy Duck, Donald Duck's girlfriend and occasionally a friend to Clarabelle Cow...." Clare and Bell together? There is a Dais(y) surname with Disney-like variations, all said to derive from a Gaelic form of "MacDhai, son of David." This should explain why the English Day Coat has a write-up deriving from "David," but I'm not convinced at all of a derivation in that name.

As the Daisy write-up places the surname's home in Tayside (Angus), compare "Dhai" and "Tay(s)" with the surname's variations, Dais and Daes. In other words, the surname is named after a Tay entity. The Irish Day Coat is, like the daisy Coat, green and white, and uses green snakes on white.

April 27

Over and over again, I find the very surnames mentioned in the past day or two in the O-news. Today's example is the Day surname, the very last surname in yesterday's per a by-product of looking into the Mitchell surname. This morning, my first task was to find the location of George Mitchell's office in Jerusalem. As it began to appear that he hasn't yet got one, or perhaps it's under construction in the West Bank har-har, I found this April-2009 article not five minutes into the hunt: "As Mitchell sets up his new office in Jerusalem with Keith Dayton as his security deputy and David Halle as his deputy for the peace talks..."

I can't say yet whether Daytons and Days and Daisy/Disneys are related, but if they are, they could all be from Autun because the Dayton write-up traces to "D'Autun." When one enters "Deigh" as per the Deighton variation, the English Day Coat shown yesterday pops up rather than the Dayton Coat. I failed to mention yesterday that, as well as the Day write-up tracing to "David" (which I don't buy), it also suggests a derivation on "D'Eye," which begins to smack of "Ey(stein). I know already that Halls are tied to Meschins by their use of the "talbot" dog (a Lab). The conclusion that I'm starting to draw up is that Mickey Mouse wants to take over Jerusalem.

Entering Date gets a Dade/Dadey Coat and Crest using gold garbs (what I figure must be symbols of a Garb-like surname and/or location and therefore possibly of Garebites). As well as using Dade colors, Dees use a gold garb in the Crest, strongly suggesting ties to the Dades (John Dee was a leading Rosicrucian). In fact, entering "Deed" gets the Dade Coat because Dades are said to derive from "deed," but that could be just another simplistic/theoretical derivation.

Entering "Dodd" gets a Dodd/Dote Coat with "copia" in the motto, the same motto term used in the Arms of Macclesfield, Cheshire. The Dees were first in Cheshire, you see. The Arms of Cheshire use garbs as their special symbol, but also gold lions, the symbol of the Dees. In the first quarter of the Mickey Coat, we see gold garbs above a red lion on gold, colors reversed from the Dee lion.

Dees use "Hic" as their motto term, no doubt indicating the Hicks>Hicksons, also first found in Cheshire. Possibly, the Hicks were Hyksos, and as long-time readers know, I link Hyksos to Nibelungs that made their way to Autun after living near mount Gareb at ancient Amorite Jerusalem.

The last time I mentioned Daytons, I mentioned the Tattons/Taytones (first in Cheshire), a family close to Hamon de Masci (of Cheshire). I also mentioned raven-using Tates/Tayts. One Tate Coat could be a variation of the Dais/Daisy Coat. The Dais Crest is a bee on a daisy, and bees, I think, were a Meschin symbol as per their home in the Bajocasses-founded Bessin (Calvados). The Maxton-branch Meschins use a bee in the Crest, and Maxtons (from "Maccus") were likely named after an early form of "Macclesfield."

All that to let you know that modern Jerusalem is being intruded by Mickey Mouse and friends, by which I mean to say the Meschins. I would have found this hard to believe when I first started getting clues, some years ago, that God chose me to do this strange work because I have an immediate Masci bloodline. I started to think that Meschins might play a rather larger role in Rosicrucianism than meets the eye, and then it turned out that Meschins were in-there with the very "guts" of Templarism. I also learned what I didn't nearly expect, that Meschins almost conquered, by military force, their cousins, the Norman kings of England. But to now find that Meschins are in the prophetic Jerusalem that will be invaded by the anti-Christ, and moreover having suspicions that the anti-Christ might himself be a Meschin...who would have thought?

Literally, Russians are now intruding into Jerusalem, for original Rosicrucians were, and are expected to still be, Russians. That is, they were the proto-Russians-proper, the stock of Rus that formed the Muscovite Russians. Perhaps we are not to look to Russians proper at all for the Beast; perhaps the anti-Christ will be a Western Rosicrucian of a Meshech branch (I apologize for bouncing back and forth on this uncertainty). But, surely not George Mitchell. He seems too tame.

What about Mitchell's right-hand military man, Keith Dayton?

"Lieutenant General Keith W. Dayton, (b. 1949) United States Army, is currently the U.S. Security Coordinator for the Israel-Palestinian Authority in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has also served as the Director of the Iraq Survey Group, as a senior member of the Joint Staff, and as U.S. Defense Attache in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia."

Big Hmmmmmm. And look at this:

"The Iraq Survey Group (ISG) was a fact-finding mission sent by the multinational force in Iraq after the 2003 Invasion of Iraq to find the alleged Iraqi weapons of mass destruction...

...David Kay, who had been a weapons inspector after the first Gulf War, was chosen to head the group....Chosen as the senior military officer of the ISG was MG Keith Dayton..."

ZOWIE, now there's a Kay surname (I think from "Macey/MacKay" and/or "Mackey/Mackie") in the Iraqi sector of the Mickey Mouse club. For readers who missed yesterday's update, the Mackie/Mackey surname is obtained when entering "Margy," while Minnie Mouse's mother was "Margie Mouse." Note the Mackie/Mackey motto, "Labore," perhaps linked to the the Dee motto, "Hic labor."

The Dayton article goes on to tell that:

"Other key assignments include...United States Defense Attaché, Moscow, Russia; senior Army fellow on the Council on Foreign Relations...

...President Obama's envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell, has asked Dayton, the American who has been overseeing the training of Mahmoud Abbas's police forces, to stay on for two more years. Dayton, whose three-year assignment was due to end, has agreed, diplomats said."

Clearly, the O-dministration is helping the Palestinians against the Israelites. Another article tells that Dayton was in Gaza before he was in the West Bank:

"Remember that time when abysmal failure Gen. Kieth Dayton - sent to Gaza by the State Department to arm and train Fatah forces - abrasively brushed off Israeli concerns about making concessions and giving weapons to weak Palestinian forces?...

Israeli soldiers are still facing those weapons:

'Hamas representatives claimed on Sunday that their militiamen were fighting against IDF troops in the Gaza Strip with weapons confiscated from the Palestinian Authority in the summer of 2007. They said Hamas had managed to lay its hands on all the weapons that Israel, the US and other countries had given forces loyal to PA President Mahmoud Abbas...'

That part about Hamas using US weapons to kill Israelis is ancient news and those 'Aksa Brigrades' rumors are at least partly true. You'd think all this would have caused even a second's hesitation before moving Dayton to the West Bank to try the exact same thing. Not so much."

All in the "special interests" of the O-nited States.

I wonder about Dayton's ties to Moscow and Germany, and whether there is an underground globalist cult with ties to the Bavarian Illuminati > Marxism > Rhodianism > Obamism. The Nazis were a Rus cult too, let's not forget, for Hitler and friends belonged to a Thule-Society Rosicrucian cult.

Another article tells that Dayton was the one who hatched the Palestinian-brigades project to fight Hamas. But whatever the stated reasons for U.S. military projects in Israel, the Israelis are suspicious and tend to resist such intrusions, especially as Palestinians are calling for international military units to come in to force Israel to retreat from "occupied territories" before declaring the Palestinian state. But God has a Day of his own.

I came across a "Dei" motto term this morning that had me thinking it could sometimes be a code for the Dee/Day family. That idea caused me to check for a Dei surname. Not only was one found, but the Dei/Dye Coat uses black stars on white, the symbol of the Bacon Coat!! That explains why John Dee and fellow Rosicrucian leader, Francis Bacon, worked on the Atlantis global project together. That project was the controlling of the United States and/or wider America from its birth and infancy.

Dayton was in Gaza before Obama was the president. Now, seeing that Dayton has been invited by George Mitchell into the O-plot for Israel, we need to wonder what Obama is trying to do with him. While at first the trick is to make it appear that Dayton is merely training Fatah Palestinians to protect against Hamas Palestinians, this idea flies in the face of Jimmy Carter's open love-ins with Hamas during the first months of the O-term. As far as I've read, Obama has never criticized nor objected to Carters love-ins. Carter maintains that Hamas has a right to rule Gaza by force of the democratic choice of Gazans. How, then, could Obama feel any different?

Isn't Carter an Obama agent? Surely, he must be, for both are in the same Democrat party. How could Carter, no later than Obama's first months in Office, proclaim the rights of Hamas without a nod from the O-dministration? Surely, if Obama was opposed to Carter's political support of Hamas, we would have heard some high-level O-men speak out against him. Yet the only omen looming above Israel now is a cloud of destruction imprinted with the letters: "US." Muslims everywhere now feel that there is a green light from the U.S. for some serious intrusions into Israel, but they seek not a fair deal whatsoever, but a severe punishment on Israel.

April 28

I only wish there were more details in this article:

"THE remains of Noah's Ark have been discovered 13,000ft up a Turkish mountain, it has been claimed.

A group of Chinese and Turkish evangelical explorers say they have found wooden remains on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey.

Yeung Wing-Cheung, from the Noah's Ark Ministries International research team, said: 'It's not 100 per cent that it is Noah's Ark, but we think it is 99.9 per cent that this is it.'

He said the structure contained several compartments, some with wooden beams, that they believe were used to house animals.

The group of evangelical archaeologists ruled out an established human settlement on the grounds none have ever been found above 11,000ft in the vicinity, Yeung said.

Local Turkish officials will ask the central government in Ankara to apply for UNESCO World Heritage status so the site can be protected while a major archaeological dig is conducted."

I don't trust carbon dating much when produced to prove the age of human items more than 4,300 years old (approximate age of Noah's ark). This article says, "They claim carbon dating proves the relics are 4,800 years old -- around the same time the ark was said to be afloat." Carbon dating is often a wizard's practice of self-deception, so caution is the word here. Nevertheless, I tend to believe that the trees that built this find are more than 4,300 years old.

I would like to know more details on this wooden structure, and especially which the side of the mountain that it's on. My theory is that the Flood ended when parts of the earth's crust split from the rest and therefore sank into magma below to form the present ocean floors. The crust split in the first place due to upward pressure and heat (this is what caused the global Flood in the first place) from the so-called "mid-ocean ridges," which to this day are active volcanic systems.

It's a no-brainer that, because volcanic systems are located in the MIDDLE of ocean floors, the floors were formed by the volcanic systems. And since ocean floors are lower than continental parts of the crust, it's a no-brainer that crustal pieces now forming ocean floors sank in relation to continental parts. But evolutionists don't like that theory, wherefore they developed their own "sea-floor-spreading" theory that, like everything else in their geological views, takes millions of years to form continental mountains.

Noah had the impression that a huge wind blew the waters away on the last day of the Flood, for it was on the last day that he found himself landed on Ararat. The problem is, no wind can evaporate that much water, and if water is to disappear to the point that Noah finds himself well below the peak (it's over 17,000 feet) of a mountain in a single day, it's obvious that the Flood was suddenly finding passages through the crust by which to recede quickly. That's why I say the earth split up on the last day of the Flood -- not by coincidence -- but it was the cracking of the crust that relieved the internal pressure, and simultaneously made downward passages for the water...both of which ended the Flood.

Therefore, Noah was moving along the waters at a good clip so that a so-called "apparent wind" formed. If Noah was moving along at 50 miles per hour, there would have been 50 mph wind along his boat, plus/minus the velocity of any real wind on that day. The reason that he was moving along at a good clip is because water level was going down fast below what was becoming the Black sea and/or Mediterranean floors. That is, if a piece of crust sinks fast, the ocean level of the Flood directly above that piece will also go down so that all surrounding waters will move in to the depression being formed.

We can ascertain, therefore, that the father of all the living would have been moving toward the Black or Mediterranean sea, or a combination of both, because those were the sinking depression closest to him i.e. they were drawing him with the most power (the Caspian is very shallow and would not have drawn with any power by comparison). For that reason, the ark would have landed roughly on the side of Ararat. If both the Black and Mediterranean were pulling him in with equal force, the ark would have moved roughly due east. See this map or this adjustable Google map. Ararat is near Van in eastern Turkey. As can be seen in the elevation coloring of the latter map, the Persian Gulf is also shallow and did not likely play a significant role in pulling the ark.

The ark could have landed anywhere on the east side of Ararat, but it could not have landed on the west side at all aside from a little ways to the west of due north if the Mediterranean was pulling him strongly compared to the Black sea, or a little ways to the west from due south if the ark's direction was mainly toward the Black sea.

For those with weak faith (not to be despised, says the Bible), the discovery as per the article above might just be His way of strengthening it against the great tide of evolutionary bunk that deceives the masses. The faith of most will grow weaker in the last days, predicts the Bible, but the Elect will stand, by His gifts of faith, to the very end. Typically, the scientific community at large will not engage a penny for those hunting the ark, and it will ridicule and even demonize anyone claiming to find wood beams, etc. at the near-top of Ararat.

Another article says "the explorers who say they found seven large wooden compartments beneath snow and volcanic debris..." Seven large compartments at the 13,000 foot level (some articles say 12,000) is something the archeological global community should be very interested in. How about taking just one of many billions donated to NASA, and using it to find the greatest discovery ever? Or is finding water and life on the moon or Mars more important to them? You bet, for they seek to prove evolution while disproving a Creator.

Stupids! First discover whether God is a real Person in the Universe, then go about your science accordingly. Then rule/serve the planet accordingly.

In the photo at the article above, one sees log-cabin like walls with horizontal wood logs cut square; they are in various sizes between (what looks to me to be) eight and fourteen inches high (the width from inside to outside is not visible). These are not cut from small trees! The joints between logs are very small, about a half-inch wide, and tan colored rather than black. The article mentions eight-inch logs:

"...'I could see tenons, proof of ancient construction predating the use of metal nails.

'We walked about 100 metres to another site. I could see broken wood fragments embedded in a glacier, and some 20 metres long.'

The structure had several compartments, some with wooden beams, the team said.

The wooden walls of one compartment were smooth and curved while the video shown by the explorers revealed doors, staircases and nails."

Because the man said, "structure," not "structures," it sounds as though the discoverers believe the two sites, about 100 meters from one another, to be part of the same structure. That is, it doesn't sound as though they think the two sites are distinct cabins/homes that may have been built by some who took wood from the ark. The idea that only "some" of the compartments were built with wood beams begs the question: what were the other compartments made of? I don't see anything amiss with stone walls, so long as those walls create internal rooms. Another article adds:

"Apart from wooden specimens, the team also brought back samples including white seedling-like particles and remains of rope, which they believe were used for keeping animals. The filmmaker said initial findings suggested the wood was a kind of cypress, but the Bible stated that the Ark was built of Gopher wood. Meanwhile, laboratory tests are being carried out on other specimens.

...Professor Martin Biddle, emeritus professor of Medieval Archaeology at Oxford University, told the Daily Express: 'There's no evidence whatsoever that the story is more than a myth and certainly there's no ­evidence that anything of that kind exists in Turkey.'"

Yet on the scantiest of "evidence," I'll bet that same man believes in things that disprove a Creator. If the non-religious archeological community refuses to engage this possibility, then shame on them. The world does not need scientific hypocrites who pick and choose what they will discover, and how to interpret the discoveries. Already, articles are out on this story pointing out previous Noah's-ark hoaxes. BUT, this time, it's not just a piece of wood from a California railway track that is being claimed, but a string of log-built compartments under the snow that cannot be faked. Who in their right minds, even if they had the with-all to do it in ancient times, would drag that much heavy wood up the side of a treacherous mountain, to build a home at an elevation where no man lives, and no man wants to live?

Take a deep breath of fresh air and hope that Turkey will permit further investigation. One blog claims that the discoverers are backed by the Turkish government. If true, it will be more difficult for secular Westerners to pressure that government into closing the site down for further investigation. Muslims may have no scientific aversions to finding the ark. Oxfordites are the modern "wise men" that God will make fools. You watch. This is Exposure Day. It is important to reveal that, even in the face of great evidence, humanist "scientists" will balk and mock, and lay a wet sock over any Creationist science simply because their hatred of God and/or love of disobedience to God decides the particular science that they will adhere to.

Online we find, "Owing to the slight moisture there are no large forest trees on Ararat, which, however, is clothed with vegetation to an altitude of over 11000 feet..." So who would want to live above the vegetation line, and who would build log homes there with logs 14 inches thick or larger??? Anyone, therefore, who ridicules this latest finding at this early stage of the discovery must be an ignoramus not worth listening to. Anything he says and claims on the matter is itself questionable.

The following outcome should contribute to the prophetic invasion of Egypt by the anti-Christ, suggesting what is already to be expected, that Hezbolah's Lebanese forces will be fighting alongside the anti-Christ:

"An Egyptian court [today] convicted 26 men of spying for Hizbullah and plotting attacks in Egypt, and gave them prison sentences ranging from six months to life.

Three of the defendants, including the group's Lebanese leader, Mohammad Qiblan, were convicted in abstenia and received life sentences...

...The trial, which started in August 2009, is the first time Egypt has prosecuted Hizbullah members. In April of that year, Egyptian security officials said they had uncovered a Hizbullah cell plotting to destabilize the country."

Things like this don't go over well in terrorist camps. Expect retribution.

On the Scud matter:

"US Defense Secretary Robert Gates [last] night warned of Hizbullah's alarming military capabilities, and appeared to give an official Washington confirmation that Syria had indeed provided the guerrilla group with Scud missiles.

'Syria and Iran are providing Hizbullah with rockets and missiles of ever-increasing capabilities,' he said. 'Hizbullah has far more rockets and missiles than most governments in the world.'

...Reports of the alleged Scud transfer surfaced in Kuwait's Al-Rai newspaper earlier this month....

...Egypt then warned of a new escalation between Israel and Lebanon and sent a letter [yesterday] to US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in an effort to 'defuse tensions' between the two countries.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak reassured his Lebanese counterpart, Sa'ad Hariri, [yesterday] that Israel does not plan to attack his country."

A couple of days ago I suggested that the anti-Christ's symbolic foot, half in the sea, represented his naval force on the Israel coast. In today's news, we find that a very anti-Israeli country may be placed in charge of UNIFIL's inspection of ships off the Lebanese coast. How smart is such a move at a time when weapons smuggling to Hezbollah is taking place? If this move does take place, it should be more obvious that the UN is actively seeking the downfall of Israel. UNIFIL is the UN "peace-keeping" arm in Lebanon:

"Israel is concerned that Indonesia could take up command of UNIFIL's naval force, making it difficult for the IDF and particularly the Israel Navy to maintain a high level of coordination with the peacekeeping force.

...Italy, however, is scheduled to step down from command of the task force in June and Israel has received word that Indonesia is being considered as one of the possible candidates to command the naval force. Germany is also being discussed as a potential candidate.

...Indonesia already contributes to UNIFIL 1,300 soldiers who are deployed in the eastern sector near the southern Lebanese village of Tayba.

The concern about Indonesia joins preexisting IDF fears that European countries may pull out of UNIFIL. The maritime task force, which when established included 12 ships, is now down to six.

In addition, Poland last year withdrew its contingent from UNIFIL due to growing pressure from the United States to contribute more forces to NATO operations in Afghanistan. The Israeli defense establishment's fears focus on the prospects of pullouts by Spain, Italy and France, which are the primary contributors to UNIFIL..."

We get it. The Western protective hedge around Israel is thinning out, even in the sea. Meanwhile, Hezbollah amasses:

"A Hezbollah member of parliament in Lebanon has vowed that the militant Shi'ite group will continue to build its arsenal, media reports said [today].

'Our choice was and remains to secure all the arms of resistance that we can,' Hassan Fadlallah was quoted as saying by the Lebanese daily As-Safir.

Fadlallah was hitting back at a statement by U.S. Secretary of Defence Robert Gates..."

There's some bad news in Iraq that could turn for the worse, and Obama, seeing that Maliki is gaining the upper legal hand, is now hoping for a joint Maliki-Allawi throne at best:

"The Justice and Accountability Commission in Iraq said [yesterday] it was vetting nine people elected to parliament because of alleged links to the Baath Party.

...Washington is pressuring Iraqiya {= Allawi] and State of Law [= Maliki] to form a coalition, giving Allawi and Maliki each a two-year stint as prime minister, London's Independent newspaper reports."

Did I say Allawi isn't one to get angry?

"Iraqi leaders were [yesterday] awaiting a ruling on the fate of nine election-winning candidates who stand to be disqualified in a process that has thrown government formation into disarray.

A judicial panel on [April 26] eliminated at least one winning candidate and around 50 others who failed to secure parliamentary seats, drawing anger from former premier Iyad Allawi whose secular coalition narrowly won the March 7 vote."

Apparently, Allawi feels he's getting the shaft rather than the scepter, and so he's bringing the UN in, if he can, to fix Maliki's wagon:

Iraqi political leaders, meanwhile, are waiting for the judicial panel to issue another ruling as early as today on whether to disqualify up to nine other winning candidates alleged to have ties with the Ba'ath Party. Seven are reported to be from Al-Iraqiyah.

...Allawi said on April 26 that Al-Iraqiyah's lawyers have been instructed to appeal the decision to invalidate all votes cast for the 52 candidates. Allawi said he was confident that the legal appeal would be successful.

...'We are going to call on the United Nations to bear its responsibility, because Iraq is still under the mandate of Chapter 7 of the Security Council,' Allawi said, 'and we need the United Nations to intervene to salvage the political process, because it has been politicized and the counting and recounting has been politicized.'"

Allawi, once the interim prime minister, is now suggesting a situation that well reflects Daniel 11:20...if the temporary king of the north in that verse does indeed speak on Allawi (as suggested in the April 13th update) or someone else that is immediately ousted by the anti-Christ's schemes:

"The front-runner [= Allawi] in Iraq's recent parliamentary elections [today] called for the formation of an impartial caretaker government to prevent the country from sliding into violence and counter what he says are efforts to change the vote results.

...'Certainly what is going on is a theft of the Iraqi will and democracy, jeopardizing the safety of the country,' Allawi told Iraq's al-Sharqiya channel. 'We will call for the forming of a new interim government.'

...'The Accountability commission is illegal and illegitimate and works randomly without any cause or accusation,' Allawi said in the interview. 'It works with no constitutional cover.'

...The party's statement also said this was Iraqiya's 'final warning' and there would be no further calls or appeals. It was unclear, however, what actions the party would take next."

Isn't a final warning something that comes when a plan of war comes next? There's word that Allawi is calling for a new election, and this could only strengthen his lead, he figures...which is why Maliki won't want to go for it.

There's a Serry surname of a UN arm in Israel trying to intimidate Israel today:

"A senior UN diplomat says neither Palestinians nor Israel has 'the luxury of time', warning it could get too late to establish a Palestinian state.

'I'm afraid the two-state solution is fading if the parties still think they have the luxury of time,' Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Robert Serry said at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (al-Quds) [yesterday]."§ionid=351020202

SPECIAL COORDINATOR for the UN effort in Israel, huh? For anyway wanting more info on the Russell links to the Sarah/Sawyer/Saire surnames, see the Serry/Sawrey/Sarry Coat using the same lions as the Russells. The same lion, seen often in my bloodline topics, is used by the Dict/Dick surname, which I add only because the Serry surname uses "Dictis" in its motto.

In the past, I've shown that the German Saur/Sauer surname uses the same lion in Russell (and Serry/Sarry) colors. The Serrys have Sowr variations akin to the Sour variations of the Saurs. If it was correct to identify these surnames with the Rus-Saracen alliance, then the UN man in charge of Israel's "peace process" may be a modern "Templar" of the old Templar cults formed by that alliance. I trace Saracens to the Draco of mythical Ares out of which came Ixion and Zeus, two representations of Hyksos out of Egypt and onto Rhodes and Crete before setting foot in Europe as Europa i.e. as the makings of Europe.

It was Tim's help that allowed theories and focus on the Saracens of Sicily, and eventually out of that emphasis came the revelation that the Hanna surname (co-creator of the Flintstones with a Berber-like surname) was from Hannibal Carthiginians. The Hanna surname was first found in Wigtonshire, wherefore note that the German Saurs/Sauers were also from Wigton. For, the Saur write-up says, "Dieteri Galleri was the first to take on this name, and according to chronicles, appeared under the name Caspar Sauer as early as 1313." Entering "Gallery" brings up a Galloway/Gallery Coat in Hanna colors with the write-up: "It was a name someone who lived in Galloway, Scotland, an area covering what is now the counties of Kircudbright and Wigtown."

In Wikipedia we find that Robert Serry is the UN's...special friend of Israel??? No way. Instead, he is the "UN Secretary-General's Personal Representative to the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority." The man is a Dutchman.


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