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April 21 - 24, 2010

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April 21

Yip, the O-crats are using the scuds as a pressure tactic to get Israel to do the two-state dance:

"'I believe there is a likelihood that there are Scuds that Hizbullah has in Lebanon. A high likelihood,' Senate Intelligence Committee chair Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California, told AFP. 'The rockets and missiles in Lebanon are substantially increased and better technologically than they were and this is a real point of danger for Israel.'

...'There's only one thing that's going to solve it, and that's a two-state solution,' she said."

One can sense that Feinstein is happy to see scuds in Lebanon just to be able to make that argument.

In my chapter, The Jerusalem War, the anti-Christ's steps are tracked from north to south, as per clues in Isaiah 10, through the West Bank until he reaches the Old City and its Temple Mount. The picture tends to predict a weak Israeli along that path, and/or that the anti-Christ's forces are so numerous as to defeat the Israeli forces handily. There could be an explanation in today's news, with the fault lying squarely on the O-dministration:

"The [Israeli] army has drawn up plans to withdraw to pre-intifada lines in the West Bank, if ordered to do so by the government, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

Such a withdrawal was one of the demands that US President Barack Obama made to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during their meeting at the White House last month.

The demand refers to the positions the IDF held when the second intifada erupted in late 2000, before the army swept into all the Arab towns and cities in the West Bank. It maintains a presence on the outskirts of many of them today.

'The IDF has plans for this possibility and is prepared for a scenario that Israel will approve the American demand and decide to pull back to pre-intifada lines,' a top defense official told the Post recently.

The Post has learned that the IDF brass, particularly the Central Command, have recommended not carrying out such a withdrawal.

...On Monday [April 19], in a lengthy interview with ABC, Netanyahu set down his 'red lines' when it came to US or Palestinian demands.

'To stop all construction -- Jewish construction in Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem -- is totally, totally a nonstarter,' said Netanyahu.

In Jerusalem [yesterday], Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman rejected any attempt to divide the capital city by giving control of east Jerusalem to the Palestinians. He said Jerusalem must remain in Israel's hands."

Obama gets sick to his stomach when hearing words like that. To him, it will be a great political victory to make Jerusalem the Palestinian capital. To Obama, this is nothing but a sport, a game where he invites the challenge so that in victory he can delight in the glory of it all. To Obama, the menace represented by Palestinians means nothing. Obama is a scoundrel in a fine suit, a product of a generation gone amuck in blatant sin.

A Palestinian state on the east, north and south of Jerusalem, while overlapping into the Old City itself, allows Palestinians to transfer weapons secretly right to the border of Western Jerusalem in the same way that weapons are transferred to Hezbollah and Hamas RIGHT NOW. That's RIGHT NOW, not ten or twenty of fifty years ago, but RIGHT NOW. They are in the act of making war against Israel RIGHT NOW, and it is RIGHT NOW that Obama and his fellow lunatics seek to give Palestinians their own nation around Jerusalem.

The way in which Obama justifies his intrusions into Israeli decisions on this issue is by calling it "in the interests of the United States." That argument has wings these days:

"In an interview with Army Radio, [former U.S. ambassador to Israel, Martin] Indyk said that if Israel sees itself as a superpower that does not need any aid from the United States, then it can make its own decisions. However 'if you need the United States, then you need to take into account America's interests,' said Indyk.

Indyk, who is currently the vice president and director of Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution, and also serves as an adviser to Mideast envoy George Mitchell, emphasized these interests in a New York Times op-ed published on Monday [April 19].

'This is no longer just about helping a special ally resolve a debilitating problem. With 200,000 American troops committed to two wars in the greater Middle East and the U.S. president leading a major international effort to block Iran's nuclear program, resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has become a U.S. strategic imperative,' wrote Indyk.

You heard right. Obama is using the threats to his war in Afghanistan, and his mission to de-nuclearize Iran, as excuses to form a Palestinian state. Did I not say "scoundrel"? "'The shift in America's Middle East interests means that Netanyahu must make a choice: Take on the president of the United States, or take on his right wing. If he continues to defer to those ministers in his cabinet who oppose peacemaking, the consequences for US-Israel relations could be dire,' wrote Indyk in the New York Times article."

The globalists are asking Netanyahu to ignore his own government, and to heed to the true prime minister of Israel: Barracuda Obama.

Which decision do we think that God wants Israel to make? I say He wants Israel to kick the Unites States in the pants, and slam the front door shut permanently while Hillary bounces down the stairs on her round. But that's just for starters. Israel then needs to de-Westernize itself, and go back to Biblical basics, heeding Him. Indyk, a product of this sinful generation, failed to present that third choice, and of course the New York Times didn't bring it up as a topic.

Netanyahu must be asking, what will Obama do to punish Israel if I do not heed him? And he must be thinking: Obama isn't really doing anything to keep a nuclear bomb from Iran, anyway, and if he leaves Afghanistan, I think Israel can live with that too. So, sorry Opapa, but we're going to continue building in the West Bank, right in your sorry face, and in the face of your West-Bank spy, George Mickey-Mouse Mitchell.

What will the O do if Netanyahu persists in this "rebellion"? He'll first tolerate, and then embrace, the terrorists in and around Israel, in order to increase the pressure. He's already tolerated, if not sanctioned, Jimmy Carter's visits to those terrorists.

The GOOD NEWS??? Israel is stacked with Western globalists about to be booted out the front door on their rounds so that the kingdom can be give to others. The way I see it in my mind, the anti-Christ comes to boot globalist out, and the Lamb will then whip the remaining globalists with his iron rod if they do not heed God's understanding. For, who can understand the best ways of living life in a human community better than the Creator of life?

Why is homosexuality an abomination to God if it is beneficial to the human community? Why does God deem adultery an evil thing if God is unreasonable? The Ancient One has figured it all out from the start, that chasing money and what it can buy, above basic human needs, is NOT a good thing for the human community, for one person's great gain is the loss of many others. Those skyscrapers represent the great gain of a few and the losses of many. Those huge ships and trains carrying cargo represent the thievery of the few and the losses of many, and everything carried in the ships/trains is overpriced too...because it's all fabricated/provided by large companies who take too much money for their products. Otherwise, they wouldn't be such large companies.

The unrestrained pursuit of money is thievery and disregard for the community. The community becomes a target to be used and abused rather than a precious foundation for decent human life. These are the true terrorists: the global rich. It is they who kill and maim, and decapitate, while making slaves of most community members. As a sport, the rich hunt the wives of other men (ask Tiger), and the virgins, and they convince women of the masses to relax their morals (ask the "rock stars" and pornographers) so that they, the sinners, can secure their pleasures more easily.

Is it a coincidence that the spearhead to force Israel into a two-state dance comes from the high-level Spaniard, Javier Solana, while the current leaders of Spain are insisting on the same scheme, while the leader of UNIFIL (= the UN arm in Lebanon) at this time happens to be the Major General of Spain's military: Alberto Asarta Cuevas? Why is Spain seemingly being called upon to contribute to the anti-Christ's invasion of Jerusalem? UNIFIL's stated task since about 30 years ago was to assure that Israel does not encroach into Lebanese territory, yet UNIFIL remains in Lebanon to this day even though Israel has long pulled out.

What else is going on up there in Lebanon that should be meshing with the O-plot in the West Bank? Why has there been silence in the media on UNIFIL's opinion on the transfer of scuds? Shouldn't UNIFIL know all the facts better than anyone else? What we do know is that the current secretary general of the UN is anti-Israel, and that he chose Cuevas to be his watch dog in Lebanon. What is he watching? What is he reporting to the UN? How is the information being used in the UN? Shouldn't it all conform to the Solana-Moratinos-Obama scheme to make Israel bend a knee to the West?

Surely the UN wants to avoid something like the anti-Christ invasion of Israel, but it doesn't know he's coming because it isn't "watching" prophecy. And so as an instrument of satanic powers, UN dogs will allow the formation of a gaping hole into Israel for the anti-Christ to pass through. In its desire to remain in Lebanon, the UN caters to Hezbollah in efforts to keep from being murdered by Hezbollah, and meanwhile Hezbollah, now in conjunction with the Lebanese government, is advancing the war machine right under UNIFIL's cold nose. In further efforts to please Hezbollah, the UN has taken on Hezbollah mentality that: Israel is the real menace. That's why UNIFIL's eyes are looking south in the wrong direction, with it's back to Hezbollah's secret missions. Spain's current leaders should be very happy to be playing the leading role in such a "comedy."

The UNIFIL mandate ends in August of this year, exactly when Obama has pulled U.S. fighters out of Iraq. It's not likely that UNIFIL will end its watch-dog service at that time, but one never knows; it may be part of His Plan.

Migel Moratinos (also "Mauratinos") has been Europe's peace-boy on the Israeli controversy since Arafat was yet alive. He promised Arafat et al that 2005 should see a Palestinian state. As we know, it's been blah blah blah since 2005. For his "good behavior, Moratinos made it (in 2007) to the Chair of the UN's Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, "the world's largest security-oriented intergovernmental organization."

At Wikipedia's article on Moratinos, he is given an additional surname: Cuyaube. This is very interesting because I traced the Cuevas surname, meaning "cave," to Shaw/Sheaves/Cheaves/Chavez/Kave stock (see first update of December and second of January). But I also traced Shaws/Shays to the Kay and Key surnames, as well as to mythical Kay/Cai (of the Arthurian cult). Although there is no Cayaube surname that pops up at, entering "Cuy" brings up the Kay/Cai surnames of England and Scotland. I don't think that's coincidental. I think Spain is led by the Shaw stock of...Ishmaelites???

If Maliki wins the election by the re-count, uh-oh:

"Former Iraqi Prime MInister Ayad Allawi...'We believe very strongly in the manual recount, but the issue is why no other areas have been included in the recount where there are accusations of problems that have occurred in Basrah, Najaf and Diwaniya,' he said.

'We are worried about where the ballot boxes have been kept, since the election until today,' he said. 'Over a month-and-a-half have elapsed. We really don't know where those boxes have been, we don't know who [had] access to them, and we don't know whether they have been tampered with.'

...Al-Husseini said she expects it to take at least 10 days to recount the 11,000 voting stations."

We will know soon.

The al-Qaeda leader in charge of Mosul/Nineveh has also been killed so that we can expect another leader to step in:

"Iraqi and U.S. troops killed another leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq as security forces continued to put pressure on the terrorist organization after the deaths of its two top-ranking figures over the weekend, officials said [yesterday].

In [yesterday's] raid, U.S. and Iraqi joint forces launched a morning attack in the northern province of Ninevah, killing terrorist leader Ahmed al-Obeidi, Iraqi military spokesman Maj. Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi said.

Al-Moussawi said al-Obeidi, known as Abu Suhaib, was in charge of al-Qaeda in Iraq's operations in the provinces of Kirkuk, Salahuddin and Ninevah.

...The killing of the al-Qaeda figures comes at a critical moment for Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who has staked his reputation on being the man who can keep Iraqis safe."

The tide is turning for Maliki, which in my mind is the "best" way to see the anti-Christ arise with his Sunni backers. The removal of the Mosul leader of Qaeda may have the Purpose of bringing in the anti-Christ. Things are happening now. I must say that, having waited for so many years to see this dark horse appear in Mosul, I am "happy" to see something happening now.

The string of incidents happening now looks like the Americans knew all along where the Qaeda leaders were hanging out. One can imagine the U.S. military slipping the Iraqis a key piece of Intelligence that makes it all but easy to figure out the location of their hang-out. Another article even says: "Iraqi and American troops routinely share intelligence information, and it was a US tip -- which then generated more information from Iraqi informants -- that led [Iraqi] authorities to the isolated desert area outside Tikrit where Masri and Baghdadi were hiding, according to a US official."

The American military has the O-task of giving appearances that all is well for leaving Iraq. At one time, I didn't know whether Obama wanted to leave Iraq, in spite of his promise to do so, but it now seems to be the case most definitely. There may have been a time when the O-flip-flop was thinking to stay by using Mosul insecurity as an excuse, in which case increased violence would give him justification for breaking his election promise to pull out quickly and totally. We could see more surprising key events take place shortly as the O finishes "business" and closes shop.

Wikipedia has no article (yet anyway) on Ahmed al-Obeidi. I've seen four such surnames in Iraq, all of them Sunni. For example: "Saad Obeid Uwayid Mijbil al-Shammari (? - 22 January 2010 ), also known as Abu Khalaf, was a terrorist Islamic Iraqi fighters responsible for the transit of jihadists into Iraq to join the Iraqi branch of al-Qaida to Al-Qaeda. Originally from Iraq, but based in Syria, he is accused of facilitating the transit of hundreds of foreign fighters in Iraq from 2006, in particular to commit suicide." He wasn't captured by a joint US-Iraqi effort, and killed, until three months ago.

Syria denied the scud "accusations" from Hillary's state department:

"For his part, Director of the Near East and Gulf Center for Military Analysis Riad Qahwaji said that SCUDmissiles are very large, measuring 41 meters with their transporter, which makes transporting such weapons across borders without being seen by satellites very difficult.

'Therefore, it would be easy for the US or any other country that owns surveillance satellites to uncover such a thing as it cannot be kept a secret,' Qahwaji said."

Forty-one meters??? Wikipedia: "All [Scud] models are 11.35 meters long (except Scud-A, which is one meter shorter) and 0.88 meters in diameter." The article has a photo of missile on specially-designed transporter (truck); the latter is not much longer than the missile. The transporter could be easily draped to hide it's identity to a satellite observer, but in any case, satellite observers can't watch every part of every highway 24-7.

While Syrian envoys are busy making ties stronger with Lebanon, no doubt at the order of Iran, the Lebanese military leader laments:

"Hizbullah controls Lebanon's defense policy, not the government, Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said [today]. 'The decision of when and how to defend Lebanon is currently not in the hands of the government,' Geagea told Agence France Presse.

'An armed force independent of the army exists in Lebanon, and we do not know what that force intends to do,' he added, referring to Hizbullah.

...He said Hizbullah's arms and its close ties to Damascus and Tehran 'put Lebanon in danger.'

On Monday [April 19], the United Nations, in its eleventh report on the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1559, urged Hizbullah to disarm.

...'The armed component of Hizbullah remains the most significant Lebanese militia in the country,' the U.N. report said, calling on the group to 'complete the transformation ... into a solely Lebanese political party.'"

How quickly has Hezbollah disarmed in the past due to UN insistence? What does this insistence amount to but empty threats unless the UN uses some strongarm methods? The UN is afraid of using strongarm methods.

April 22

Not Obama, but U.S. Intelligence:

"U.S. intelligence officials told CBS News [yesterday] that Israel's claims were legitimate, and that Syria had in fact transferred Scuds to Hezbollah...No further details were provided."

We don't know if there were just two, or two hundred. Admittedly, these large missiles would be difficult to hide. But how many are needed to carry two, four, or six nuclear warheads? Two, four, or six. The rats could likely smuggle, and hide, that many, in a very short time.

Syrian president Assad, a national leader bent on the destruction of Israel. He's different than loud-mouthed Ahmadinejad. Assad is tight-lipped, tricky. He holds a tight rein on government-related news that gets out. He has a secret side acting as a second personality that no one is to know. As leader of Shi'ite Baathists, he protects Sunni Baathists in his country because he is passionate for an anti-Zionism cause.

It was the Sunni Baathists now protected in his country who fired Scuds into Israel; they therefore know something about the weapons. And it can be expected that Syria protects them because they are willing to assist Syria in destroying Israel. We recall the report mentioned here a few days ago that leading Baathists (Mohammed Younis al-Ahmed and Sattam Farhan) in Syria were transferred by Syrian authorities to Lebanon. What for? We know what for, if not exactly what for.

Scuds are guided missiles that can hit their targets. To show how weak anti-Zionists are with their other missiles, we have this news out today: "Two Katyusha rockets were fired early [this] morning from Egypt's Sinai Penninsula toward the southern Israeli city of Eilat...The two rockets - each measuring 107 millimeters [about six inches] in diameter - struck a cooling storage house in Jordan's Red Sea port of Aqaba, said Jordanian officials. There were no casualties." Oops, not exactly guided.

Here's Obama's position, or lack thereof, on the Scud question; as reported by a new media that would dearly like to know:

"Meanwhile, Washington has not presented a clear position. Since the beginning of the week Pentagon and State Department spokesmen have issued various comments from which it was not clear whether the United States is certain of the arms delivery or merely suspects it had taken place.

...The Israel Defense Forces General Staff is following the commotion caused by the Kuwaiti report with some satisfaction. This is the first time since the exposure of the Syrian nuclear device in 2007 that Syrian President Bashar Assad has been caught in such a patently problematic activity, a senior officer told Haaretz.

...'They knew about the missiles and the Western intelligence services knew. Now the world knows too. It proves that while Assad presents himself to Europe as a peace seeker, he is adhering to his strategic alliance with Iran and Hezbollah,' the officer said."

I share that piece because, lest we forget, there was some evidence of recent nuclear activity in Syria...which its president denied. It's a no-brainer that he and Ahmadinejad seek to transfer into Lebanon a missile species capable of delivering a nuclear bomb into the Israeli capital. But such a mission requires that no one discover the Syrian and Iranian plotters; it must be made to appear as though fringe elements of Hezbollah or Hamas did it, or even al-Qaeda in Gaza or Lebanon. Hamas and Hezbollah may be happy to sacrifice their respective political standings in return for the destruction of Israel.

The idea that Baathists in Syria are making plots in Lebanon should not be surprising in view of prophetic expectations. I see them preparing the way for the anti-Christ. They might not even know the anti-Christ at this time, but preparing anti-Israeli plots in Lebanon is what I expect them to be doing.

Someone else is denying nuclear tampering today:

"Georgia's president said his country had seized a shipment of highly enriched uranium, blaming Russia for creating the instability that allows nuclear smugglers to operate in the region.

Russia dismissed the claims [today] and said Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili's comments were 'unsubstantiated' and amounted to propaganda.

Saakashvili gave few details of the seizure during an interview [yesterday] with The Associated Press, saying only that the uranium was intercepted last month coming into his country in the Caucasus region of southeast Europe.

...The head of Georgia's nuclear safety agency, Zaal Lomatadze, told AP Television News in Tbilisi that the 'organized group of people tried to smuggle in a small amount of enriched uranium with the purpose of selling it to a would-be buyer.'

He said Georgia had registered such smuggling 'attempts' involving Russian citizens as well as people from the breakaway Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia..."

Russia holds the nuclear card that can provide nuclear systems to non-national, anti-Western "rats". We don't forget that Putin is in friendship with Hamas, and that Hamas is one of the only groups in the world to publicly applaud Russia's takeover (2008) of the two above-named Georgian republics.

What I expect is this: 1) a new flare up between Israel and its anti-Zionist enemies; 2) the anti-Christ from Iraq entering the scene, making plots against Israel with agents from Lebanon and Syria; 3) the anti-Christ war against Egypt (Daniel 11:25) as the latter opposes Hamas in the next Gaza war; 4) the assault on Israel after the anti-Christ forces succeed against Egypt.

Although it looks dim at this time to predict an anti-Christ war against Egypt, a flare-up in Gaza could form that situation abruptly, but only after the anti-Christ arises in northern Iraq. In order for this war on the Egyptian front to take place, we can assume that the next Gaza war will be started by Hamas in such a way as to make Egypt strongly opposed. I feel that this war was merely set back in time, and that plans are yet in place from the Syro-Iranian plotters to carry it out. If I were to guess based on current news, I would say that it won't be in 2010. But, then, the news can't tell us all that is going on under the radar. Best to watch closely for to spot the key ingredients of this conflict.

Update on the grey mouse with brown spot. It's still here, and still alive. Over the past year and a half, I have trapped so many mice that I must have cleared them out for a good radius around the house. There has not been one trap set off in the trailer in months, and aside from a young mouse last week, and one or two a few weeks earlier, I haven't had mice caught in a trap in the house for months. Most mice cannot resist going for the cheese. This brown-spotted one has lived in this house for over a month, and survives. I just don't get it.

I am beginning to realize that this mouse will be here as the last one, for days ago I ordered metal screens to block rodent entry into the crawl space below my floor. I have the crawl-space door standing beside the opening, ready to install. The only mice in the house after the installation of the screens and door will be those trapped inside.

I saw the brown-spotted mouse two days ago, in the middle of the day. Most mice are active in the night; this one comes out during the day. I've wondered whether it has rabies. It popped through a crack in the floor plywood when it saw me, and has not been seen since. I think it has a nest in the insulation between the plywood on the top of the floor joists and the plywood on the bottom of the floor joists. I immediately placed a trap at the place where it popped away from me, but the cheese sits in that trap until now, untouched. Amazing. For new readers who don't know what I'm talking about, search "mouse" in the last update page.

Elanya notified me of the following:

"In a move certain to fuel the debate over Obama's qualifications for the presidency, the group 'Americans for Freedom of Information' has Released copies of President Obama's college transcripts from Occidental College. Released today, the transcript school indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate. The transcript was released by Occidental College in compliance with a court order in a suit brought by the group in the Superior Court of California. The transcript shows that Obama (Soetoro) applied for financial aid and was awarded a fellowship for foreign students from the Fulbright Foundation Scholarship program. To qualify, for the scholarship, a student must claim foreign citizenship [ouch, that sounds damning].

This document would seem to provide the smoking gun that many of Obama's detractors have been seeking. Along with the evidence that he was first born in Kenya and there is no record of him ever applying for US citizenship, this is looking pretty grim. The news has created a firestorm at the White House as the release casts increasing doubt about Obama's legitimacy...In a related matter, under growing pressure from several groups, Justice Antonin Scalia announced that the Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to hear arguments concerning Obama's legal eligibility to serve as President in a case brought by Leo Donofrio of New Jersey. This lawsuit claims Obama's dual citizenship disqualified him from serving as president. Donofrio's case is just one of 18 suits brought by citizens demanding proof of Obama's citizenship or qualification to serve as president.;article=127537

I don't know the date of this article, but at the webpage above it was posted November 26, 2009. I would suggest that the White House "firestorm" was more like a wet-blanket cover-up.

I don't think Obama was born in Kenya. I think British Columbia, Canada, is more likely. The report I read is that after Obama's mother had a fling with Frank Marshall Davis, she was paired with Mr. Obama Senior to make him appear as the father, a plot to which he agreed. In any case, she quickly left Obama Senior (permanently) in Hawaii, while pregnant, and went to the American west coast (Seattle, if I recall correctly) to attend college. While there, she crossed over to Canada (to Vancouver, I have read). The article below has some other ideas no-less intriguing:

"...Now consider this. In September 1960, a young man who looked eerily like Barack Obama (Sr.) was photographed in the Theresa Hotel in Harlem [New York] sitting at a table with Malcolm X and a Cuban journalist. It is widely believed that Frank Marshall Davis, Barack Obama Sr.'s mentor in Hawaii, raised the money through his Communist connections in the then-Soviet Union for Obama Sr. to attend the University of Hawaii...

What was going on in the Theresa Hotel and how would this young and completely unknown Kenyan student gain elbow-rubbing proximity to the then-notorious Malcolm X, the charismatic and fiery Marxist revolutionary who had renounced his surname of Little, embraced Islam, preached black nationalism, traveled widely to African Muslim countries, and identified himself strongly with capitalism-hating Communist firebrands like Fidel Castro and Nikita Khruschev.

[The article goes on to highlight Obama Senior's involvement, as per the meeting in New York, in a Russia-Cuba aligned plot to Communize the United States]

...Isn't it odd that at that very time, in late September of 1960, the woman Barack Obama II claims is his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was also absent from her classes at the University of Hawaii? Was she too in New York City?

What the Obama camp would like us to believe is that Barack (Sr.) and Stanley Ann met at the University of Hawaii shortly after classes began in the fall of 1960, and that approximately four weeks later, in early November, she conceived Barack Obama Jr. with Barack (Sr.).

They also want us to believe that the couple married on February 4, 1961, when Ann was three months pregnant -- yet to this day no marriage certificate has ever been revealed.

Maybe that's because the marriage never took place. Who would know better than Michelle Obama? Stanley Ann Dunham was 'very young and very single' when she gave birth to Barack. These remarks were made by Michelle Obama during the 2008 campaign.

Getting back to Stanley Ann's supposed pregnancy, a strange thing happened from February until August 18, 1961. She seemed to disappear into thin air. There were no photographs of her during the last six months of her pregnancy, although there is one report of a photo of her in a bikini in her eighth month where she was clearly not pregnant. And there were no written records of her whereabouts.

All we know -- or more accurately all the Obama camp wants us to believe -- is that Stanley Ann gave birth to Barack Obama II on August 4, 1961 in Hawaii. But to this day no authenticated Hawaiian birth certificate has ever been revealed.

Just two weeks after supposedly giving birth, Ann began classes at the University of Washington, allegedly taking her baby with her while she lived in an apartment in Seattle. Barack Obama (Sr.) continued his classes at the University of Hawaii and graduated in 1963, going on to Harvard for graduate studies. In effect, they went their separate ways.

...To this day, we have no idea if Ann gave birth to Barack Obama or was just the woman chosen to raise him by the grand conspirators who plotted his rise to power from as far back as the 1950s, before his birth!...

...Was Stanley Ann Dunham really the mother of Barack Obama? Was Barack Obama Sr. really his father? Where's the birth certificate?

...SCENARIO THREE: Was Obama's father Frank Marshall Davis or Malcolm X?

...In one of his stories, Davis wrote about raping a 13-year-old girl. Could that girl have been Stanley Ann Dunham? And could that rape have resulted in the pregnancy that produced Barack Obama? Could this be why Obama wrote on his Facebook page that he was born in 1957?

Is that why the Dunhams abruptly moved from Seattle to Mercer Island, so that the neighbors wouldn't talk? Did Ann give birth in Washington State or did her parents drive her to Vancouver, Canada for the birth? Did Ann's mother then raise the child so Ann could continue her schooling?..."

There are no shortage of theories and questions in that article. The idea that Obama was born in British Columbia comes without evidence, but it's a good --probably the best -- theory if indeed Obama was not born in the U.S. The article above, while perhaps going too far on Obama's birth, is a good one for those who suspect Obama ties to black Muslo-Communists and/or socialistic Rhodian illuminatists. Here's another opinion that has Barack Davis born in Kenya:

"Obama is a dead ringer for Frank Marshall Davis. Frank Marshall Davis is his father, and the 'Anne' in Frank Marshall Davis' sex/porn book IS Ann, Obama's mother. There was an agreement between Frank Marshall Davis (as Andy Martin states) and Barack Obama, Sr. for Obama, Sr. to pose as Barack's father. As the birth approached, Obama, Sr. wanted to move back to Kenya, and Ann agreed to go with him. She intended to come back to Hawaii before Barack's birth and give birth to him in Hawaii. Unknowingly, she waited to long, and was too close to giving birth that the airline would not let her board a flight back to the U.S. She had no choice but to give birth to Barack in Kenya....Barack's paternal grandmother claimed she was present for his birth in Kenya...

...In Hawaii Barack became close to Frank Marshall Davis but Barack did not know until much later that Frank was Barack's father. One reason why Barack may not want the public to know that Frank Marshall Davis was his father is likely because of Frank's Communist admissions, and membership in the Communist Party USA...

Another reason Barack may not want you to know that Frank Marshall Davis was his father is because of Davis' graphic and infamous sex/porn book...written under pseudonym 'Bob Greene' Greenleaf Publishing Company..."

No matter how one cuts it, Obama has some major explaining to do when this all catches up with him. His silence only makes the theories grow larger and darker. CNN took a major hit in viewership when it fired Lou Dobbs for making a story out of this issue. If any title fits Obama best, it's: FALSE.

Another opinion:

"In reflecting on President-elect Obama's current citizenship controversy, I would say that about the only thing one can ascertain is that (1) Obama's mother 'claimed' his father was a 'married' Kenyan man that she 'illegally' married three months after becoming pregnant, (2) Obama's mother was known to be sexually involved with Frank Marshall Davis and his white wife in ongoing group sex during her teens and (3) it is possible Obama's mother didn't know who the true sperm donor was except that he was black. Frank Marshall Davis' son claims to be the half-brother of Obama. If it could be determined by simple blood tests by Obama and the alleged half-brother that Frank Marshall Davis was Obama's father, Obama's legal problems would likely quickly disappear!"

Good point, but his political problems would quickly appear, and the entire Democrat party would be seriously em-bare-assed with him. I think there is one best explanation as to why the courts have let Obama go free on the matter of his citizenship controversy: he is a virtual citizen if indeed he was born outside the borders. The issue isn't that important, in other words, so far as the legality is concerned. He doesn't fit the mould of what the nation's founders wanted to protect against when advancing the soil-born criteria.

AND, the only reason that the courts don't want the issue in court is to keep the President from being embarrassed unnecessarily. Obama doesn't want to produce his true birth details because he doesn't want the peoples to know who his true father is, or that he's been lying to the American people to this day, for he has played a political game in which he creates the image of honest broker for the peoples. That image, anyway, is now retained only by hard-core Democrat sinners...whom Obama represents first and foremost.

YS sent this: "Just so you know goats, sheep, and cows are very subject to hoof rot. they will not eat in wet areas and the mud becomes a trap for them, just their weight will cause it to turn to mud. no matter how much grass is there." I didn't know that when I celebrated the idea (in an update some days ago) that goats and sheep on my property could have their fill to hearts' content of the grassy marsh. Wish it wasn't true, YS.

April 23

SHOWDOWN is coming. The following, compliments of Fred,, shows why globalists are to be feared, for they expose a mix of utter stupidity with intelligence. They claim to see, and yet refuse to see where they are going wrong. They consider their global org a righteous thing so that any opposition to it is downright heresy. One can get a glimpse here of the Biblical "worship" (= either obey or pay the price) that will come to be expected of the global order. Globalists are so enlightened with sight that they are unable to see the wrong in honoring and accepting homosexuals into the military while dishonoring and rejecting fundamentalist Christians. I've not included the entire piece; my comments are in square brackets:


By Chuck Baldwin
April 14, 2010
Army Report A Precursor To Christian Persecution?

Last Friday, I told readers of this column that I had come across a very disturbing government report and that I would be exposing that report during my Sunday address this past Sunday morning. I did exactly that, and anyone wishing to see an archived video of that address can do so by using this link (the video should be uploaded by this weekend)

The report's header reads, 'Strategic Implications of American Millennialism, A Monograph by MAJOR Brian L. Stuckert, U.S. Army...


Why Millennialism Matters
The Role of Civil Religion and Culture
Millennial Theologies in America
Post-Millennialism and the Founding of America
Civil War, World War and the Rise of Pre-Millennialism
Israel, Nuclear War and the Last Days
Contemporary Pre-Millennialism in the American Electorate
Contemporary Pre-Millennialism and American Culture
The Holy Land and Armageddon: U.S. Policy in the Middle East
Anti-Christ, Gog, Magog, and Armies From the East...
[clearly, it's a fundamentalist Christian topic, and includes people like you and me]

Remember, this is not a Christian university report or even a secular university's religion department report, but rather a report written by an active duty Army major (who is now stationed in Afghanistan, I am told) for one of America's war colleges. Before analyzing this report, here are some questions to ponder. Whose brainchild was this report? Did the major select the topic himself or did a superior assign it to him? To whom exactly was the report distributed? How was the report used? What are the interconnections between this report and the MIAC and Department of Homeland Security reports that draw similar conclusions? And perhaps the biggest question is, What does this report portend for government action in the future?

When Major Stuckert speaks of millennialism, he is referring to the Biblical doctrine of Eschatology--specifically, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ to the earth to institute a 1,000-year (millennial) reign. He recognizes some of the nuances of this doctrine in his study, most notably post-millennialism and pre-millennialism. His report is heavily focused on pre-millennialism, however.

At this point, I feel it is necessary to make this observation: whether one is a post-millennialist or a pre-millennialist, the fact that we Christians believe in the literal return of Jesus Christ to the earth to establish His Kingdom puts us in the same boat, as far as the ramifications of Major Stuckert's report--and similar reports--are concerned...there is a growing sense among many governmental and military leaders in America that Bible-believing Christians are an enemy that must be marginalized, warned about, watched, and even controlled. And it does not matter to a tinker's dam to these Machiavellians whether one is a post-millennialist or a pre-millennialist. If we believe the Bible and believe that Jesus is coming again, they consider us 'dangerous.' And we Christians better wake up to this stark reality, stop fighting each other, and focus on working together to preserve our liberties! [Better yet, get a trib retreat, leave America alone, and let Jesus deal with it. If "preserving our liberties" means to fight politically against the beast, we will only injure ourselves and others among us, for we are dealing with those who wish to use an iron hand against us, who have the power in the courts, and in the general populace. Warn them, but leave them alone to do as they see fit until the Day gives them their reward, for they plan to accuse us all the more if we do political battle against them. ]

And one more early observation: there is an eerie and uncanny connection between the verbiage and spirit of Stuckert's report and the now-infamous MIAC and Homeland Security reports. The timing, too, is significant. The MIAC and Homeland Security reports were produced shortly after Major Stuckert's report was produced. A coincidence? Not on your life!

Here are some excerpts from Stuckert's report:

...'These factors [results of millennial belief] can be problematic for any military leader or planner attempting to achieve U.S. Government policy objectives through strategy, operations and programs.' (Abstract, page iv.)

Notice that from the very outset of this report, Stuckert asserts that Christians who believe in the Second Coming create circumstances or conditions that might be 'problematic' for America's military leaders. We Christians also create 'potential vulnerabilities' that America's enemies may 'exploit,' according to Stuckert. Furthermore, Stuckert laments that we Christians may even interfere with 'U.S. Government policy objectives.'

Pray tell, exactly what are those 'U.S. Government policy objectives' that Christians might prove to be 'problematic' for? [Globetrotter globalism, of course: the Rosicrucian world order]...Is [Major Stuckert] suggesting that military officers in the US armed forces who believe in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ be expunged from military service, because of their beliefs?

As one will observe when reading the 61-page treatise, Major Stuckert, with a broad brush, paints millennialist Christians as being serious problems for America's foreign policy and for 'U.S. Government policy objectives,' and that we must be dealt with; but he offers no details on what, exactly, should be done. Or if he did, that part of his treatise is not a matter of public record.

...And just what does Stuckert mean by the statement, 'Military leaders and planners may take action now to mitigate the effects'?...

...Stuckert even went so far as to say that Christian 'mission work, especially overseas, [has] significant implications for U.S. foreign policy.' (Page 27)

...Stuckert also berates Millennialists for '[driving] the U.S. further from the U.N. in the near future since many pre-millennialists have to come to view that body as a platform for the Anti-Christ' [he's right, and there is no getting around it; he and we are spiritual enemies, and one of us has to go; God chooses to burn the weeds, lucky for us]. He went on to say, 'American pre-millennialists will also feel increasingly threatened by the E.U. in coming years.' And, 'Pre-millennial interpretations of biblical prophecy that predict the emergence of a one-world government led by an anti-Christ causes distrust and even antagonism toward organizations like the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the European Union, NAFTA and OPEC.' (Page 52)

In other words, folks, Stuckert is greatly chagrined that we Christians do not, and will not, accept the push toward global government...we are 'problematic' and must be 'mitigated.' [we note: this launch-pad for persecution is being laid under the O-term military].

Stuckert goes on to blame Christians for 'problems for relations between the U.S. and Russia' (Page 53), problems in the Middle East and China (Page 56), as well as coming 'global disaster.' (Page 55)

Major Stuckert then makes an incredible admission on page 58. He said, 'War is primarily about politics'...

I thought war was about defending the people and territory of the United States. I thought war was about protecting freedom and liberty. War is about politics? So that's why our young men are fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan? It's all about politics? If so, whose politics? Major Stuckert's? Barack Obama's? George W. Bush's? The CFR's? The UN's? Exactly whose politics is sending our sons and daughters to fight and die? The good major doesn't say.

But did you catch that last sentence? 'Because of the influence of pre-millennialism it can be difficult for military leaders to see themselves and their government accurately and state policy goals objectively.'

Holy cow! Belief in the Second Coming blinds military leaders? They cannot see themselves or their government accurately?...Exactly what is it about his or her government that cannot be accurately seen? Maybe Stuckert means that because a Christian military officer believes in God, he or she cannot recognize government to be his or her god. Is that it, Major Stuckert? You want us all to see the US federal government as god?

On page 59, Stuckert accuses belief in millennialism of producing 'pessimism and paranoia' [actually, Millennialism produces optimistic joy, and paranoia only for the enemies of God]. On the same page, he accuses people who believe in millennialism of causing a 'predisposition toward pessimism in world affairs and a general worsening of international relations' [wrong again. We are all for globalism, under another Government and a better Leader, One whom we trust for true good to humanity. We view current globalists as tricky, dark-room conniving, rat-fink thieves whose foul stomachs know no bounds, and whose words and promises to the masses smell like open-pit cesspools].

...On page 60, Stuckert blames Christians for having a 'proclivity for clear differentiations between good, evil, right, and wrong [which] do not always serve us well in foreign relations or security policy.'...

God did not call us to work for Stuckert's globalism, so we are off the hook. The writer of the article pointed out that Stuckert singled out Biblical-based Christians but did not point out the "dangers" of Muslim or other religious-type military men. God will soon be calling Christians out of the American military, if He isn't doing so already.

Some readers may be familiar with my trace of neo-Nazis to the stump symbols of Germany, especially "Goeth's oak" stump near the Buchenwald concentration camp. I said in some of those discussions that these types of neo-Nazis truly frighten me. I've shown several surnames that use the stump symbol, including the Rodham Crest, but look at the Stuckert write-up: "The Stuckert surname is thought to derive either from the Middle High German 'stuck(e)' which denoted a subdivision of a piece of land.' or from the Low German word 'stuck,' which meant 'tree stump.'"

I traced the stump-depicted families from witch-infested Brocken, Germany (see 8th and 9th updates of June, 2009), to the Brock>>>Stewart family using a red lion on white. Not only does "Stewart" have a distinct similarity with "Stuckert," but the German Stuckert/Stuckard Coat uses a red lion on white, with a crown on its head depicting German royalty. The red lion in the Brock Crest is identical to the lion style in the Stuckert Coat, and the other Brock colors (gold and blue) are identical to the other Stuckert colors. The English Stewart write-up shows a 1205 variation, "Stewhard," that could modify to/from "Stuckard."

The Stuckert write-up also says: "First found in Baden-Wurttemberg where they can be found around the city of Stuttgart in documents dating back to the thirteenth century." I traced proto-Stewart, raven-symbolized vikings of Shetland, surnamed "Stout" (also has a "Stow" variation) to Stuttgart (capital of Baden-Wurttemberg)!

If that's not enough, the proto-Stewarts of Shetland (and northern Scotland) were traced (by me) to proto-Varangians of Baden-Wurttemberg, namely to the Zahringers (and their Veringen cousins), founders of Bern, Switzerland, and from that vantage point I was able to link them to Brunswick of Germany and the Bernicians of Scotland. Is it a coincidence that the Stuckert article goes on to point out two early men of that surname, one from Bruneck in Austria, and the other from Walkenried near Braunschweig (= Brunswick) in Germany???

Connect the dots: the German Braun Coat and Crest uses a black horse, the symbol in the Arms of Stuttgart. IN FACT, the position of the horse in the latter Arms is the position of the horse on the Braun Crest. It's also the Ferrari (car) symbol. We are dealing here with roots of the Varangian Rus, co-founders of Moscow on the one hand, and of the Rosicrucian illuminati on the other.

We saw the English Braun Coat as the Brown Coat in the last update page...where I commented on its "majestus" motto term, linking it to the Makis and Makes surnames. I should re-mention that I identify the Mackays of northern Scotland with the proto-Stewarts there, and that I suspect the Brock (also "Brockes") surname to be of the Briquessart surname that furnished the Meschins directly. It was only very recently that I was able to trace the Briquessart line, as per an online genealogy, back to Eystein, grandfather of Rollo.

I am again amazed by the timing of an email from FE. Regardless that she sent it in earlier in the month, I opened it only two nights ago, and didn't know what to do in connecting it to the Stewarts, or how I could work it relevantly into an update. Her email was solely on the Walter surname, and I know early Stewarts (from Dol) used that name for themselves. My only comment to FE was that the German Walter lion is exactly the Mackey/Margy lion.

You'll note that "Mackie/Mackey is not at all "Margy," and yet the latter spelling brings up the Mackie/Mackey Coat. I delved into this curiosity in the 8th update of February, where I had found to my great surprise that entering "Mackesy" brings up the Margeson/D'Argenson surname. I was extremely surprised to find that the Mackesy/Margeson lion was exactly the Mackey/Margy lion, thus making solid the Marg connection to the Mackey/Mackay family. I wrote:

Guess who else uses the Wolfley and [alternative] Mackesy Shield design?? The Nobel Shield. I was amazed, because I discovered this when seeking who else used the Margesson/Mackesy Coat!! THAT IS, the Nobels and the Margessons/Mackesys share slightly-different versions of the same lion design, while the Nobels and Mackesys share the same Shield design, tending to verify that the Margesson family is indeed a Mackesy branch. Will the anti-Christ win a Nobel prize because he'll be a part of the family?

It is known online that Obama traces back to Wolfins/Wolflins of Germany (i.e. to Johann Conrad Wolflin, born in Besigheim, Wuerttemberg, extremely close to Stuttgart), who became the Wolfleys of Cheshire. BUTT, zowie, I don't think I have ever mentioned the following. One website reveals: "According to this record, in 1745 the Wolflin family resided in Beutelsbach, a village in Wuerttemberg, Germany, near Stuttgart." Entering "Beutel" gives a Coat connecting to the Bute surname!!! I had traced Bute/Rothesay, in England, to a river by nearly the same name (can't recall spelling) in the Brocken region of the Harz mountains. I had connected the Biden surname to that river.

The Beutel Shield is the German Walter Shield. The Beutel write-up: "Further research revealed that the name is derived from the German word Bute, which means cask or wine barrel." Never mind the derivation, which may or may not be correct. Look at the Bute Coats to see a solid connection. The German Bute/Butt/Buete Coat uses red roses on white like the Beutel Coat. The Biden surname is listed under "Button/Bitten," and the Biden/Button Shield (ignoring the symbols) is a near-replica of the Bute Shield. I traced the Bath=Baath surname both to the Biden location of Bath and Wells, and to "Baden," Germany.

Not only is the English Bute/Butt Shield exactly the Braun Shield, but the Bute Crest is a black horse!! In combination, that tends to trace the Butes to the Stuttgart proto-Rus. I'm recalling the "dark horse" that is expecting as the next prime minister of Iraq. The Bothwell Shield is the same as the above three, and I know for a fact that Bothwells were named after Bute, the Scottish island.

The German and Irish Butler surnames share the same dancette, and it happens to be nearly identical with the Dunham and Randolph dancette (for new readers, Obama's Dunham bloodline traces back to the Randolphs, as well as to the Wolflins/Wolfleys). A link of the Butler surname to the Beutels of Beutelsbach is made possible by the Butler write-up: "The surname Butler is derived from Anglo-French 'butuiller,' which comes from the Old French word 'bouteillier.'"

Entering "Wolfin" and "Waldwin" brings up the same Coat (very much like the Rodham Coat). I traced "Waldwin" to the Flemish "Baldwin" rulers, and suspect that the name is from mythical Balder of Scandinavia, a term that I think derives "Walter" of the royal Stewarts. The writer of the above Millennial piece is surnamed, Baldwin, by the way.

In the Iraq update mentioned above, I was relating on Russian general Makarov, wondering whether he could fit into the anti-Christ scheme. I wrote:

The Margesons are said to be from Argenson in Normandy. When I went hunting to find where in Normandy, wow, I came across this webpage wherein we find an "Editor" of a report on a castle square called "Voyer d 'Argenson in Asnieres-sur-Seine" (Paris). The point is, the Editor's name, Xavier Massary, so very close to the Russian general, Makarov. THE THING IS, the Margesson/Mackesy surname was first found in SUSSEX too [the English place to which I had traced the Putin surname and other Russian surnames of importance]!

I wouldn't be mentioning any of that if the Massar Coat didn't show something interesting. IN FACT, it has the same indented separator line (I can't recall ever seeing others like it) as does the Margesson/Mackesy Coat! That would be quite a coincidence, unless it's not.

Forgive me for bringing all this up again if you had already read it, but there's a point. The same sort of indented line appears to be in use in the Stuckert Coat.

Understand: the modern dragon cult is led by the Vere-Meschin-Stewart family. In the Stuckert surname, we now another clue to Stewart-family branches. Knowing for a long time that the black and white checkered hats of English police was a Stewart design, see the black and white checks (symbol of witchcraft and the Illuminati) in the English Stewkely/Stukely/Stucky Coat.

The German Stuckys/Stucks have the very same write-up as do the German Stuckerts, but show a different Coat. It may not be a coincidence that the German Stuckys use the Scottish Campbell Coat exactly. These are the colors (gold and black) of the Stubbings and Stubbs (that are said to derive from a tree stump), both of which were from Calvados, Normandy, where the Briquessarts>Meschins were from. As per the Masseys/Mascis/Maceys stemming from the house of Bellamy, note the Stubbs write-up: "There are elaborate accounts of this family's descent from Belmeis or Beaumeis from Beaumeis-Sur-Dive from Calvados in Normandy through Richard Belmeis, the founder of the family, who was a follower of Roger de Montogomery who was Sheriff of Shropshire and later Bishop of London, about 1100." Then, figure in CampBELL.

We note that the Montgomery Coat is like the Braun/Brown Coat. The Montgomery write-up tells of ties to the royal Stewarts from Walter Stewart, but traces the surname to a Roman named, Gomericus. The woman dressed in blue in the Montgomery Crest us used in the German Taber Coat (just to record this for future use). The term so reflects "Stuber" that I entered it to find another Stewart-like surname (e.g. Stobart/Stubbard) using purple lions, a possible symbol of so-called royal "blue-blood" to which the Stewarts belong.

The Scottish Stob/Stoby Coat is clearly related to the Stobard Coat, for both surnames use purple lions on blue and white bars. As the Lacy surname (from Lassy in Calvados) uses a purple lion too, I'm thinking the blue and white bars are those in the Arms of Lusignan, especially as the Lacy surname is also "Lascius/Lasci." The Lacy write-up traces the family to Wexford (Ireland), where also the Comerfords were from. That is, compare COMER(ford) with (Mont)GOMERy. Is it a coincidence that Comerfords use a blue Indian peacock, or is that a blue-blood symbol as well?

I proclaim that these families go back to dragon-cult Gomarians=Cimmerians and Meshech of Caucasia, the basis of Biblical Gog. They started out as the Laz of Lazona (early Georgia), became the Ladon dragon of Greek myth, then the Lydians, then the Latins of Lazio, then the Melusines/Lusignans, and the Lusatians called "Luzica" by the Germans. The first Franks idolized them as the fleur-de-lys symbol (used my Mascis/Masseys, Brauns/Browns and Montgomerys).

And I suspect that they go also to the Leigh/Ley/Lee surname of Cheshire, which use a Crest similar to the Wolfleys of Cheshire (who also use a fleur-de-lys). The Garde Coat not only uses a similar Crest, but the Wolfley wolf design. The Montgomery motto includes "Gardez" (I traced the Gardes to the Wolfleys by use of motto terms other than those in the Montgomery motto).

Could "Gard(e)" be from "StuttGART"? There is a Gart Coat using the Davenport (of Cheshire) sword-like crosslet and the lion used by Walters, Mackesys, and Mackeys.

The Stuckerts of this world are weeds in the mud. Be not afraid of dark lights. Blockheadedness is the foundation upon which they trust. They cannot escape their destiny, their reward for choosing to be enemies of the Giver of Life. The Light will shine on their dens, and expose their "nobility" for what it really is. We will find nothing but sinners, a peoples lusting after the gold of the planet, a peoples not understanding the real meaning of life, those who gobble up as much as they can because they think they have universal rights to it. It is they who bring dog-eat-dog to the human family, and for this they will tear one another apart like dogs eating dogs, as when a wolf pack smells the blood of an injured wolf so that a mad frenzy occurs.

April 24

Most excellent! In the last update page, I recorded very little on the creators of the Wizard of Oz when unveiling the Meschin background of the creators of Mickey Mouse. But I did include this: "I note that the Scarecrow is in the colors (blue, gold, and white) of various Baum Coats, the surname that created the character."

I mentioned the scarecrow because the Rus cult that I'm tracing, to Rothesay/Bute for one, used a crow/raven as symbol. We see that symbol in the Rothes and Mackie/Mackey Coats, but THE POINT NOW is that, yesterday, after ending the update, I found this (caps mine):

"Major Stuckert's thesis was signed off by Robert F. BAUMANN, Ph.D. and Robert Taylor and Stefan J BANACH, both Colonels at the School of Advanced Military Studies. I spoke with Colonel Banach, Director of SAMS [caps not mine] who defended this thesis based on free speech grounds. From my conversation with the colonel, I obtained the distinct impression he was in agreement with its contents.

McTernan also said that Banach refused to tell him how this report was used and who it was sent to within the military. He also said that everyone seemed to sense an urgency for military planners and strategists to know what was in this report."

I quoted all that in case you're interested in reading further about this Stuck-Up controversy, which has been stuck up online largely. But the point is, the Baumann surname that is involved with major Stuckert. When I re-checked the Baum Coat, the SAME BLACK HORSEHEAD in the Crest as the English Bute/Butt Crest (see yesterday's update for black-horse significance). Stuckert's intended persecution of Christians is a "family" affair! There is a "Jewish" Baum Coat so that we know it's a Hebrew clan.

AND, the Baum Coat uses a dancette design in the colors of the Butler dancette!! (Wow, I just saw a hare go by out the window as I typed that last sentence. I've never seen a hare here before.) See yesterday's Butler's ties to two of Obama's bloodlines: the Dunhams and the Wolflins (Wolflins lived in Beutelsbach, near black-horse Stuttgart).

As per colonel Banach, the Banach Coat uses exactly the Masci wings, a wing design that I have hardly ever seen in any other Coat; Banachs, I think, are only the third instance. ZOWIE! I just went back, after writing the sentence above, to find that third instance, and found another stump symbol (used by Stuckerts too). Here's what I wrote in the fourth update of January:

When one enters "Stop," the Stub(b)s Coat pops up...This Stewart-related surname was traced (by me) to the tree stubs of Brocken Germany...I have already stressed this topic, showing the tree stubs of the German Brock [also "Brocken"] Coat. [A stump] is also the symbol in the Rebel/Robbel Coat -- with Masci wings EXACTLY..."

I recall, when first discovering that Parkinson's disease (in the very January update above) was from the Meschin/Masci family (I know a close member of the Masci family with Parkinson's), that the Rebel surname was to be included in that disease bloodline. I had wondered whether porphyria (the purple disease) was of the same bloodline because Meschins were related to purple-lion Skiptons. Even before finding the Skipton lion, I had figured that the purple lion (e.g. of the Lacys), and other heraldic uses of purple, was a symbol of the disease. I now see a rare purple Chief in the Banach Coat with Masci wings.

Likely, the Banachs were a branch of Banisters. The latter were linked (see Meschin write-up) to the Meschins of Shropshire and Cheshire, but also to the Yorkshire Skiptons (Meschins were inter-married with Yorkshire Skiptons; see first and subsequent updates of March). Like the Banachs, the Banisters use black on white, and Banach variations include: Bannasch, Banascher, and Bannsher.

See also the Bann/Bannes Coat and compare with the Singleton Coat; the latter surname is in Obama's genealogy, of a man who changed his Singelton surname to "Dunham."

If you read yesterday's update, you know that the German Braun (also "Brown") surname is from Braunschweig=Brunswick, and that the surname uses the black horse of Stuttgart. If you're a longtime reader, you know I identify the cartoon character, Barney Rubble, dressed in brown, as the house of Brunswick and their Bernician branch. I had identified Bamberg (Germany) as Barney's son (Bamm Bamm), and the Ribble river (Yorkshire to Lancashire), which may link to the Rebel surname, was thought to be the reason for the "Rubble" cartoon term. NOW, as per Bamm Bamm, we also have "Baum." By the way, I had thought that Baden was "Bedrock."

For new readers, it can't be a coincidence that Bamberg was the city of the Babenbergs, while the Bernicians (of Yorkshire and further north) were Bebbanburgs with a Bamburgh Castle. I can't go every detail again here, so let me scoot to some new points. First, "Baumann" easily becomes "Bowman" or "Bower/Bauer." We note that the Baum Coat is in the blue and gold colors of the German Bauers. The Bauers/Bowers were traced (by me) to the Bogens of Bavaria, and to the water bouge(t) symbol used by the Bugs surname. NOW, consider that I saw a hare here for the first time as I wrote on the Baum surname!!!

Also, the Bugs surname must connect to the Banisters because Banisters, too, use the Bugs bouget. If you've read my Bugs Bunny sections, you know that the Bugs surname is a Meschin branch (see last update page for some details). Possibly, Bannisters may have been Baums (also "Baummes")

In any case, let's look at the Bowman surname. It was first found in Westmorland and Northumberland, the regions ruled by Meschins and Bernicians. As I know as a certainty by now that motto terms are sometimes clues to family links, note the "arcu" term used in the Bowman/Boman motto. That means "bear" in Greek, as per mythical Arcas of Arcadia (= the mythology surrounding the Dipper/Bear constellation). A bear is the symbol of the Berne>Bernician bloodline (of Varangian Rus stock). Fred and Barney wore Russian-style hats to their Water Buffaloes Lodge, and the symbol of the Zahringers, who founded Berne, was Buffalo horns. That's not coincidental. (The same hare, or another one, appeared outside the window again just as I was inserting this paragraph above the paragraph below that was already written).

Amazing timing!! For that hare caused me to take another look at the Hare Coats, the symbols of which I had forgotten (the first episode of Bugs Bunny was "A Wild Hare," and the Wild Coat is virtually the Bugs Coat). The Scottish Hare Coat uses what could be a version of the Butler and/or Dunham dancette. ZOWIE!! The German Hare Coat uses the Bellamy Shield. Just see the paragraph below, that was already written, which would have been the paragraph after the one above if the hare had not shown up to create this paragraph. I'll leave the paragraph below completely untouched.

The Baum(mann) surname may also have furnished the Beaumont (also "Beauman") surname, for the two use the same colors. It was very recently that I realized the possible connection of Beaumonts to Bellamys and Bells (the latter two also use the Baum and Beaumont colors), for Beaumonts have a Bellmont variation. If this is true, then the cult that formed the Flintstones and other cartoons link directly to the house of Bellamy that furnished, for one, the Mascis of Dunham Masci. Likely, the proto-Meschin Briquessarts, from Yorkshire and region, became Meschins after merging with elements of that family.

The rest of the update, beginning in the very next paragraph, was already written yesterday. I was thinking of deleting the next two paragraphs because readers, especially new ones that don't know the details, might be taking me for a fool on the housemouse topic. BUT NOW, with solid evidence that God IS INDEED using animals around here to act as verification of what I'm saying regarding cartoon characters, etc., I will leave the paragraphs below in!

That grey mouse with brown spot was seen again last night (i.e. two nights ago as of this morning); at least, I'm assuming that it was the same mouse. After hearing a small noise in the kitchen immediately after finishing work, I turned and saw an indistinguishable dark spot on the floor about the size of a mouse. It was near dusk outside and no lights were on in the house; I stared but it didn't move. I didn't know it was a mouse until I moved slightly to frighten it. It scurried away. It was eating whatever had fallen off the kitchen table. After sweeping the floor clean, I placed the mouse trap in the kitchen, knowing that other mice would be back straight away to finish eating. So far as I know, it never came back. I don't know why I'm looking for the anti-Christ in Iraq when he's right here in my house.

It seems to know to stay away from that trap. Other mice would spend at least an hour hunting food in this house, and would have found a way to the top of a table, leaving pellet-evidence of their visits. I noticed this morning that there happened to be a construction item leaning against that table but also resting on the floor; a mouse could easily have walked up that item to the table top. That mouse I saw, perhaps the last one in this house, was NOT in the kitchen at all, all night long as I slept, after it scurried away near dusk, or it would have found a way to the top of the table...where a pan filled with chicken delight from dinner was located, as well as other "scraps" on the table. Why is this mouse so different, and why is it surviving for so long? What else did it have to do all night if not seeking food in the kitchen, where it knows food exists at all times? Is this creature Intended for a Sign at the appropriate time?

Just when things were looking very good for Maliki, a down side that is expected by me to contribute to a Sunni overthrow of Baghdad by the Sunni of Mosul/Nineveh:

"Iraqi officials said Thursday [April 22] they have detained the mastermind behind a string of bombings last year that targeted key government facilities in Baghdad.

The disclosure of the March 11 arrest of Manaf Abdul Raheem al-Rawi, the alleged Baghdad leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, came a day after U.S. military officials said the organization's top leader in the volatile northern city of Mosul, Ahmad Ali Abbas Dahir al-Ubayd, had been killed in a raid.

...But Maliki's administration also drew unwelcome scrutiny this week after the disclosure that a military unit under his command operated a secret prison in Baghdad where hundreds of Sunni Arab men arrested in the northern province of Nineveh last year were held incommunicado and in some cases tortured.

...Sunni Arab leaders...have reacted angrily to the reports of abuse...

'We believe Maliki is responsible for this prison,' said Dildar Zebari, the deputy chairman of the Nineveh provincial council. Zebari said officials in Nineveh inquired about the whereabouts of men detained last year, only to be stonewalled by authorities in Baghdad.

...'We were tortured and beaten'...

Zebari, the Nineveh provincial official, said the government's handling of Sunni detainees, who represent nearly 80 percent of the country's inmate population, could backfire.

'We are afraid the situation in Mosul will worsen,' he said, referring to the provincial capital, which has been an insurgent stronghold in recent years. 'The citizens who renounced violence will return to it as a reaction to what happened.'"

The two men caught in March were supposedly working for the Baathist leaders, Mohammed Younis al-Ahmed and Sattam Farhan (I'm keeping in mind that 'mouse" in Arabic is "fara/far'a"). The latter are the two men thought to have been transferred by Syria to Lebanon. The understanding I have of my housemouse, coming into the open so many times and evading the traps, is that the anti-Christ, or an important agent of the anti-Christ, is now, or will soon be, in the open, in view, right under our noses in the news, and evading all the military and Intelligence traps.

Or, the meaning thus far is that the man is mainly in hiding but coming out right under our noses only now and then, only for a little while each time, and in an obscure way.

Or, this housemouse is just a housemouse.

I wouldn't be taking it seriously if not for some major reasons, one of which is the mouse connection to Meschins. Moscow comes to my mind in all this, but also "Mosul." Putin is being called the "Midas touch" now, and he is becoming very successful in all he seeks to do:

"A surprise deal between Ukraine and Russia implies new rapprochement in Eastern Europe. Top-ranking politicians have declared a new era in the countries' relations - to the chagrin of Ukraine's pro-West opposition.

Ukraine and Russia on Thursday [April 22] signed a landmark agreement to extend the lease of a Russian naval base in Crimea by 25 years.

The deal, which Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, will allow the Russian Black Sea fleet to stay in Ukraine until 2042, in exchange for Kiev receiving a 30 percent discount on Russian gas imports.",,5495790,00.html?maca=en-rss-en-eu-2092-xml-atom

On the other hand, the mouse has a brown spot perhaps being clue to Brown/Braun-family (= Rus bloodline) cultists in the West. Perhaps we should be seeking a man supported by both Putin and Obama. If the Iraq situation explodes, UN involvement could see a UN agreement for a Putin-favored man in Mosul supported by Obama, or an O-man supported by Putin. But for the life of me, I don't see this man in the open at this time, and certainly not under my nose, unless he is Obama. Betting men would bet that Obama stays in Mosul if the election situation explodes between now and August. But Obama can't be regarded as the king of end-time Babylon if by that term Iraq is in view.

I'm keeping in mind that the man in hiding might not be an Iraqi, for Daniel 11:21-24 not only says that he "enters" the kingdom, but that he enters apart from having the honor of the king-ship. An Obama tool could fit that picture. If the Rat is to be from the "far north," then a Putin tool seems even better. Let's see whether the Uninvited Nations will end up providing this "dark horse" by force of it's intrusions into the affairs of other nations.

When we reflect on the last verses of Revelation 17, where Europe becomes burned with fire (the same is said in Daniel 7:11), we don't think of a Muslim nation being responsible. Overwhelmingly, it's Russia that comes to mind, suggesting that Moscow will provide The Tool...upon whose back Europe will ride for a while.

If you've been led to think that the Obama-Putin deal on nuclear reduction has eliminated the threat to Europe, heed Hillary:

"U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday [April 22] ruled out an early withdrawal of U.S. nuclear forces from Europe, telling a NATO meeting that any reductions should be tied to a nuclear pullback by Russia, which has far more of the weapons in range of European targets.

No such negotiation with Russia is in the offing, and Moscow has shown little interest thus far in bargaining away its tactical nuclear arms.

...Shortly before she spoke, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told a news conference that in his view the U.S. nuclear weapons play a vital defensive role in Europe and should not be removed as long as other countries possess nuclear weapons."

Now here's the part that Putin fumes against: "But some newer NATO members who previously were part of the former Soviet Union or its Warsaw Pact military bloc are opposed to a U.S. nuclear withdrawal. They argue that the presence of the weapons is the surest guarantee of their territorial integrity."

Here's a switch that could switch before the rooster crows:

"U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday [April 22] that China will sign on to new U.N. sanctions on Iran, and predicted new measures to punish Tehran's nuclear program could be agreed by the end of this month."

No one saw that coming. How much U.S. money did Obama give away to get that deal? If China wasn't paid off, how could such a thing last until morning? Why would China change it's mind now, after being opposed to Iran sanctions since forever past? How far is China willing to go in pressuring Iran with a hold on commerce? Does Obama have enough money to cover China's losses in trade with Iran? Is it his money in the first place to make that decision?

Pay up, Democrats, for your leader's globalism. Get ready to pay through your noses for your leader's wild ambitions. He can't strike a deal without dishing out your money. He breathes to spend money. He's a sleek cat, your leader. The more he succeeds by spending money, the more he wants to spend. Oh what fun it is to ride on a dark horse come to slay...

Biden has been placed in charge of Iraq, probably because Obama doesn't want Hillary in there. The following suggests that Obama is in fact intruding in Iraqi politics even though his administration would like us to believe it isn't so:

"Iraqi politicians and commentators are discussing a possible scenario, reportedly sponsored by the U.S., under which Ayad Allawi becomes prime minister of Iraq and Nouri Al-Maliki president, along with the assigning of the powerful Ministry of Defense to his Da'wa party, and electing a Kurd as a speaker of parliament.

...As far as the role of the U.S. in the Iraqi political process is concerned, the London daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat reports today, citing sources in the White House, that the administration is more concerned about forming a government that reflects the will of the people than about the allocation of posts to individuals.

In the meantime, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Christopher Hill is talking to Iraqi leaders to encourage them to talk to each other and to expedite the formation of a new government."

Where have we heard "the will of the people" before? Oh, yes, it's Obama's trademark when he wants to do something for the Illuminati. Actually, it's the Illuminati's trademark, to be used while ripping the people off. The long and the short of it is, Obama wants Allawi to have power, and there is a reason for it that is in the special interests of the globalists, and the peoples' money is being used to secure them. And the Democrats say, "Blessed be Obama. He's not George Bush." When the Americans get Allawi into power, they will expect some payback from Allawi and the Sunni, but the money won't go to the people who fund the Iraqi agenda in the first place.

It's always the same. Government gives the peoples' money to scientists and others who invent and build things, sell their inventions/creations or whatever products/services the inventions spur, yet none of the profits from the sales do not go back directly to the pockets of the peoples who paid for the raw products in making the inventions/creations. Instead, the government makes more tax dollars off of the new sales.

For example, if tax dollars funds NASA, and NASA builds a super telescope with the money, shouldn't the profits from the space photos, when they are sold, go in large part to the peoples who paid the taxes to create the telescope? We have no belief that Democrats in power would be fair and righteous in that way, or any other way. If they can suck more out of you, all the better.

They invent ways to suck your money, and if your blood was worth money, and it is, they will sell that too, and they do! They ask you to donate your blood without paying you, and then they sell the blood for profit. Guess who pays for the blood when purchased? In most countries, tax payers pay for it, as hospitals purchase it. Most of the blood, kept in frozen storage, goes to waste, I assume, because it is replaced by people who give blood regularly. I and others believe that the Red Cross was founded as a Freemasonic enterprise.

The Crapp surname is Babenberg-interesting:

"...'I don't detect serious movement yet on the real decisions regarding government formation,' says Ambassador Gary Grappo, political counselor at the US embassy in Baghdad. 'I could envision a scenario where it might go relatively quickly and you could have [a government] by early June but it could drag through the summer.'"

The Babenburgs of Rollo importance (i.e. Poppo of Grapfeld) were from Grabfeld/Grapfeld, in Bavaria/Bayern near Fulda, the latter being important to proto-Varangians of Wieringen (Netherlands). There is a black and white Crapp Coat, the colors of which are used by extensively by Babenberg families. It's "Crowper" variation may just indicate that the crow/raven symbol of the Rus vikings was of Grabfeld roots. In fact, I traced the crow ("corvus" in Greek) symbol to Garebites for various good reasons, and then traced Garebites to Grabfeld without, so far as I recall, ever finding a crow symbol to represent Grabfeld. Therefore, the article above in today's news may have discovered the first crow link to Grabfeld.

We don't forget "saint" CORBinian of Bavaria, using a saddled bear symbol, the symbol not only of the present pope's Arms, but reflecting the harnessed bear of the Mackays/Maceys (I link the latter surname fundamentally to the raven-depicted vikings of northern Scotland). The Scottish Corbin/Corbitt Coat uses "corvos" in the motto, and a crow as a symbol, yet the person(s) responsible for the write-up seems oblivious to a crow connection. The French Corbins/Corbineaus also use a crow/raven.

Fortunately, I happened to mention Skipton today, for the Skiptons were of Craven. Hmm, one could get the distinct impression that Cravens, who were "First found in Yorkshire where they held a family seat from very early times," were Bernician Bebbanburgs from Grabfeld. One can't help but see "raven" inside "Craven." The Ribble river passes through Craven.

I trace raven-depicted Garebites back to Harbiye (now Antioch), Syria, home of the Lotan>Laden cult. I hold a theory that Halybes were named after an l-version of "Harbiye. I link Halybes (on the Halys river) to Paphlagonians, and meanwhile the PAMphyllian branch of Paphlagonians I trace to "Bam(berg)."

There is an German/Austrian Grappe surname with Craver variation. Babenbergs were from Austria. The Garvey Coat strikes me as related to the Craven Coat, but in any case the Garvey Coat has the makings of the Babenberg Coat, itself virtually identical to the Singletary (= proto-Dunham surname) Coat. The Sinclair surname (that of Rollo) has a Singular variation (see also Clare Coat) so that in this and many other ways Obama traces back to the Rollo-Rus fold.

I get it. For I have discovered that the Sinclair/Claro surname was also "Claver" (see second update of January), using colors reversed from the Grappe/Claver Coat. The Lever Coat is of obvious connection, but looks like a branch of the Kays/Keys as well, which is not surprising when seeing the key symbol in the Claver Crest. I suspect that Rollo's grandfather, Eystein, was named after the Kay/Key surname, which I think developed from "MacKay/MacKey"...but ultimately from the Bellamy>Macey/Massey family which, as of only today, can be traced to Baums and/or Bamberg. Do you see how nicely things work when He helps the topic along?

If we take "Coeg," one stated branch of the Kay/Key surname, and search Cog, what do we get but a Coat the Shield of which is colors reversed from the Grappe Coat.

Again, mythical Kay/Cai was made the son of mythical Ector, and the Ector-Coat page says that an alternative of his name was "Anton," smacking of mythical Antenor, leader of the Heneti Paphlagonians at the root of the Veneti Illuminati. AMAZINGLY, I was NOT going to show the Grabb/Krabb Coat because I couldn't recall where I had seen it that could be relevant to this discussion, but LOOK!! It's the Ector Coat!!!

As per "Harbiye," we would like a look at the Harvey surname, where we find the write-up tracing to "haer." Hmm. The English Harvey Coat uses the Singletary mart lets, the Bellamy Shield, and a black boar that may link to the Hogg (i.e. variation of Cog/Cogg?) surname. The German Harveys use a very familiar Shield, used by Irish Mackays, the Brauns, and other relevant names.


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