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April 16 - 20, 2010

Mickey Mouse is a Meschin

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April 16

Hey. Coups are perfectly fine with the UN: "UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon expressed the international organization's readiness to work with the new Kyrgyz leadership, the General Secretary's spokesman said [yesterday]." Why not a coup on Obama's government? Has anyone asked the military if they would support such a coup? The UN should have nothing bad to say so long as the military and the people say it's good and dandy. Why wait until 2012. Do it now!

Do Americans think it's a good idea to Rhodianize America?

"California law professor Goodwin Liu will be a test case of President Barack Obama's ability to win confirmation for a liberal appeals court nominee.

...Republicans have marked Liu as a liberal judicial activist. Democrats describe the former Rhodes Scholar, former Supreme Court clerk and assistant dean at the University of California, Berkeley, as a brilliant law professor."

Supreme court justices have power higher than legislators when it comes to what or what will not stand as law. Obama has many Rhodes scholars on his team, so that it's obvious where Democrat loyalties are: in the socialist globalism envisioned by Cecil Rhodes and those who now run the organization he founded. It would be very interesting, if we were flies on the wall, to hear what the current leaders of the Rhodes organization are up to. The world needs a whistle blower.

My take is that the Rhodes organization, from Britain, was at first opposed to the United States, then sought its change as part of a destructive agenda, but then became so entrenched in American politics as to seek running the United States and even calling it it's own country. Politicians and other key leaders don't need to be Rhodes Scholars to be a part of that organization's schemes. One suspects that the Democrat party is keyed to the organization...which some call an "Illuminati."

Bad news for Allawi. Without the support of Kurdish parties, Allawi doesn't have much chance in forming the next government:

"[Iraqi] President Jalal Talabani, a Kurd, said the Kurdistan list consisting of his Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Kurdish President Masoud Barzani's Kurdistan Democratic Party, stood ready to back a tie-up between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's State of Law bloc and the Iraqi National Alliance (INA).

Talabani made his comments after a meeting [April 14] with former Iraqi prime minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, whose faction is part of the INA.

'As everyone knows, we [with Shi'ites] are natural allies,' Talabani told reporters, recalling Kurdish-Shi'a solidarity when the two communities were oppressed under toppled Sunni Arab dictator Saddam Hussein.

'In addition, we will support whichever candidate (for prime minister) our Shi'a brothers propose.'"

I don't imagine that this s good news for the Rhodes boys, as I'm assuming they want Maliki out and the Allawi blocks to rule. Perhaps the Rhodes boys have formed partnerships with the Sunni. Perhaps the Democrats opposed George Bush's invasion of Saddam because Rhodes boys were even then entrenched in his and other Baathist parties.

I doubt that this announcement was a big surprise for Allawi. Perhaps Allawi reached out to Iran only for his feeling desperate. When I mentioned a theory some days ago that Allawi could be the "king of the north" of Daniel 11:20 (that immediately precedes the anti-Christ), I neglected to say that this king is said to be broken after "a few days" without a military effort, and without that king becoming angry. The "few days" fits this Iraqi scenario at hand.

But the king could be someone besides Allawi, perhaps even Maliki. I think we'll be getting a feel for the election-mud outcome soon as predictions are made by experts watching every turn and bend. Allawi still has one thing going for him, perhaps two, that he won the most seats, and that officials in Iraq don't seem willing to give Maliki his way: reducing Allawi's seats based on election fraud, miscounting, etc.

Even with the Kurdish announcement that potentially gives Maliki up to a two-thirds majority of combined seats -- without Allawi's seats included -- Maliki has come out to say:

"Iraq's incumbent Shi'ite Muslim prime minister said the next government to be formed after an inconclusive election in March had to include the Sunni-backed coalition that won the most seats.";_ylt=AloxZ2GdfpXXU.XCSb5SJQH5SpZ4

One gets the sense that Maliki feels he's back in the driver's seat. Allawi can't attain the 163 seats needed to form a government, and Maliki sees the opportunity to become prime minister by cutting a deal with Allawi: let me be the prime minister, and you, Allawi-and-Sunni, get to be the biggest part of my government. We shall have to see how Allawi responds to this situation. He's still having talks with Iran. I assume that Maliki (89 seats) won't invite the al-Sadr Shi'ites into his government if Allawi (91 seats) wants in, for those Shi'ites won't be needed to attain the 163 seats. Therefore, Allawi must be trying to get the al-Sadr Shi'ites, and others, in a bid to form a government without Maliki.

That would explain why Allawi is sending people to talk with Iran, which nation supports the al-Sadrs of Iraq: "The Sunni-backed secular coalition that came in first in Iraqi elections tried [yesterday] to improve relations with powerful Shiite neighbor Iran, assuring Tehran that if it heads the new government, it would not let Iraq be used as a launching pad for an invasion." The article goes on to tell that Iran, very surprisingly, seems to be catering to Allawi's hopes, and yet it's not surprising because Iran wants the (anti-American) al-Sadrs of Iraq in power. It's a given that Maliki won't give the al-Sadr groups (about 40 seats) power if he can help it.

A-Madman sees an Allawi-Sadr combo as a shot to Obama's gut, knocking the air out of him. In any case, it should be absolutely correct to say that O-mericans don't want al-Sadr's groups in government, but knowing by now that O-mericans want Allawi to rule rather than Maliki, I suspect that American fingers hoped to persuade Kurds (nearly 60 seats) to back Allawi. But nope, most Kurds want nothing to do with Baathist stains. Much better to haggle with Maliki than to compromise with toxic Baathists.

But Allawi hopes to win over a few Kurdish seats where they may have no chance in forming part of the government in a Kurd alliance with Maliki. That is, the two main Kurd parties could partner with Maliki while not including other/fringe Kurd parties...that won nearly 20 seats combined. Allawi should be attempting to get the 40-odd al-Sadr seats, which could then see al-Sadr inviting a few more seats from fringe Shi'ite parties, and maybe a few Kurd seats to boot could do the trick to make Allawi the next prime minister. It's Maliki's nightmare to see both Allawi and al-Sadr share power without him, and so he's inviting Allawi to make a deal with him. BUT, until now, he's made a good stench of himself trying to whittle Allawi down through the courts.

The extremist Sunni, who in their spare time are trying to figure out ways to target Shi'ite mosques with passenger jets, won't like an Allawi-Sadr government, especially if Allawi attempts to pacify all the Sunni by inviting them to lay down arms and get political in the "new" Iraq. I've not yet read how Baathists of Saddam continuity feel about Allawi as prime minister, but as he was the first interim prime minister of Iraq when Bush was in the throes of destroying Saddam Baathists, I don't think they would like anything more but to topple him. That's a perfect setting for a Baathist-Qaeda partnership for toppling an Allawi government.

The setting is also conducive to a toppling of Allawi in a few day by non-military means because Allawi has the key Sunni blocks, some from the Mosul region. Many of these Sunni could be in secret (or not-so-secret) cahoots right now, and may have been for years, with Saddamist Baathists. These Sunni could work to get someone in as prime minister aside from Allawi.

From the very start of the election mud, it was reported that neither Allawi nor Maliki would stand to be the prime minister, even if either one got to form the next government. Whatever are the issues/controversies behind that statement, one can foresee that either Allawi or Maliki will attempt to stand as prime minister, but with others calling for someone else. The Americans are banking on a third-party "dark horse."

If you can figure out who the anti-Christ will be in all of these complications, you are a genius. I'm stumped. But I bring to your table an interpretation of Daniel 11:20-24 that provides some key guidelines by which to seek him out. I only hope the Daniel interpretation is correct, or nearly so.

You tell me whether you think an impish quality operates in Obama's mind:

"Zakaria, author and host of CNN's 'Fareed Zakaria GPS,' spoke to CNN [yesterday]. Here is an edited transcript:
...The second factor which probably played a role is that the Obama administration has frankly mishandled relations with Poland to a certain extent. It did not handle the whole issue of changing its position on the missile defense shield well. It may have come to the right decision but it did so without consulting the Poles. It told the Russians before it told the Poles and informed the Poles after the fact and on a day it should not have done it, the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland.

Was it a cosmic coincidence or high insult that Obama notified the Polish government on that day? Does he harbor a pro-Russia and/or anti-Polish vein? I know that the Rhodes surname was tied to the Rus of Britain, to Varangian elements from Germany to the Netherlands Scandinavia to Moscow, but it could be that Poland's bloodlines (i.e. Mieszko>Meschins) into Britain were not favored very much by Rhodians, but instead by aspects of Republican illuminatists, especially at Stanford (California), a Republican bastion. However, I have it written with evidence (in one of my chapters) that Stanford University (and its tentacles) was founded by secret societies of 19th century Britain to which elements of Cecil Rhodes contributed.

Someday, a whistle blower with courage and in righteousness will tell the secret history of these horned groups. There is a Day to lay bare the rocks under the dirt.

I had to go dig up the name of the Moscow-trained Baathist leader: Mohammed Younis al-Ahmed al-Muwali aka 'Khadr al-Sabahi'. It's no wonder I can't remember how to spell it. From now on, I'll just remember "Ahmed," almost like the start of "Ahmadinejad". Perhaps "Ahmed/Ahmad" is a version of "Mahdi."

If Russia is to assert itself in northern Iraq, this man should play a role. We wonder if the money comes to Ahmed from Russia if indeed he was "trained" in Moscow shortly before he appeared with cash in Syria. He's the sneak who used to travel over the Syrian border to smuggle money to the Iraqi insurgency, but then, it is said, he stopped taking the chances. If he's working for Moscow, we can imagine how sore the Russians could be if he were to get caught by American military. We haven't heard of him since Maliki accused him of a huge Baghdad bombing not long ago. One article mentions him in passing, speaking also of Iran's ties to Baathists et al:

"Patrick Clawson, a leading expert on Iraq and Iran at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, says it is not surprising that Iran is heavily involved in Iraq. 'It only makes sense that the government of Iran would want to have a network of contacts with the insurgents, develop friends, develop intelligence sources, provide them information about American assets and capabilities,' he said in an interview...'It is in their national interest.' At the same time, Clawson says, Iran is playing 'a double game'--stirring up trouble in Iraq while publicly professing support for Iraqi elections."

In Ahmed and friends, we have what could be a Moscow-Iran plot to link with Syrian and Iraqi Baathists for to seize the sitting-duck Iraqi oil wells by first getting their man on the Iraqi throne. As Iran has thus-far failed in getting its man, al-Sadr, on the throne, something drastic may need to take place, especially if Allawi decides to opt out of a coalition deal with al-Sadr. Iran would take that personally (an insult) having now stuck its head out in support of Allawi.

If true that Ahmed is/was a Moscow plant, then why shouldn't there be others like him in Baathist circles that wish to seize the Iraqi throne? The fact that al-Douri is his rival may mean that the al-Douri Baathists are not willing/desirous of Russian involvement/support.

Now don't get excited as I tell you that a "mouse" in Arabic is a "fara." Another way that "al-Ahmed al-Muwali" is spelled is with "Maoli," and while that term smacks of "mole," I wasn't going to have anything to do with tying this man to the mouse (see recent updates) in my house that I think could be a Sign of the anti-Christ group. That mouse, with a brown spot on its upper side, still survives; another one, with no brown, was caught by the mouse trap a couple of nights ago.

So much am I convinced that a mouse has something to do with the anti-Christ from Russian circles is that I looked up, some days ago, how the Arabs spell it. I was a little shocked to find, just now, that when Maliki accused Ahmed of the government bombings (August 19, 2009), he also accused a man, Sattam Farhan, as though both men were involved. Hmmmmm"

"Syrian intelligence used fake IDs to smuggle the primary suspects of masterminding the August 19 bombings to Lebanon, Lebanese security sources revealed.

The report says that Mohammed Younis al-Ahmed and Sattam Farhan were sent to Lebanon using fake passports. Other insurgents are waiting to be sent to Sudan in a similar manner.

Al-Ahmed and Farhan are the two senior Ba'ath Party members whom Baghdad accused of masterminding the August 19 attacks in Baghdad. A crisis between Iraq and Syria started when the Iraqi government asked Damascus to hand over the two men."

Hmmm, sent to Lebanon, hum? Isn't that where the anti-Christ is to start his Israeli invasion? Others sent to Sudan, hum? Isn't that the general theater that should assist in the anti-Christ's invasion of Egypt just before he invades Israel? These moles are planning endlessly, tirelessly, for to bring this world screeching to a halt. We don't measure their present successes by the bombs they explode, for they seek much more than to make tense nerves and rattling bones. They want schemish inroads to the very thrones of nations, and perhaps they plan to seize the thrones all at once.

I suppose this warrants a larger look at Farhan:

"Who is Sattam Farhan?

On August 23, General Kassim Ata, the spokesman of Baghdad Operations Command, showed journalists a video of a detainee who admitted to being behind the attacks. The man, who was identified as Wissam Ali Kadhum, said that he received his orders from an exiled Iraqi Ba'athist in Syria, Sattam Farhan. Kadhum said that Farhan was a member of a Syrian-based faction of the Ba'ath party led by General Muhammad Yunis al-Ahmad.

The name Sattam Farhan did not ring a bell for most of people. A short while later it turned out that the Iraqi authorities were referring to Sattam al-Gaoud, a well known businessman in Iraq since the early 1990s. Benefiting from finding ways around the international sanctions that were imposed on Iraq, Sattam emerged as a tycoon in economically-devastated Iraq...

During the first weeks after the fall of Saddam, Sattam al-Gaoud [also "Gaood"]...founded the National Front of the Masses and Intellectuals of Iraq (NFMII). Sattam, who belonged to a prominent family of the Sunni al-Dulaim tribe, was arrested by the American army in 2003 and remained in custody for more than two years. He was released in early 2006 and left for Jordan but is believed to be living in Syria now..."[tt_news]=35639&tx_ttnews[backPid]=26&cHash=10bb4c0da9

Wish I had more on him, but that's about it. Wikipedia has an article on his Dulaim tribe, a term smacking of "Delymite," and ZOWIE, some do trace them to Delymites:

"The Dulaims are a large Sunni tribe in Iraq, living on the Euphrates from a point just below Al Hillah and southern Baghdad to Fallujah, Ramadi, al-Qaim, Samarra and Mosul. Some scholars believe they were part of the first Arab Conquests in the 7th century.

The Shiite Arabs in Iraq believe the Dulaim tribe descends from Dailam (Aryan/Persian people), however, the Dulaimis consider themselves Arabs."

When one hits the Dailam link, it takes to an article on Delymites! I trace proto-Zeus to Delymites in conjunction with the first Arabs, the Arphaxadites. BUT, note how "Dailam" smacks also of the Daiaeni/Diauhi" peoples. I concentrated largely on the Diauhi from the second update of this month, because I think they were mythical Dia, wife of Ixion. The Dulaim article: "Dulaim is the largest tribe in Anbar province, which formed the nucleus of the resistance\insurgency against U.S. forces in Iraq.

I had traced the proto-Zeus Delymites to the founders of the Ishtar cult, the peoples of Dilmun. Is God about to re-visit the Ishtar cult with His final blow?

April 17

Hmm, "...the major tribe in Fallujah and all 'Anbar' was, and still is, 'Al Dulaim' tribe which was, as I stated in my previous post, a strong ally for the British..." This article's setting is in the early 1920, at which time the secret-society elements of Rhodes and Rothschild were in large part controlling Britain. When Bush invaded Iraq, the Dulaim (also "Dulaym/Dulaimy") were chief in opposition to him, and who knows but that the Western opposition against Bush was spearheaded by Rhodes and/or Rothschild houses still in cahoots with Baathist elements of the Dulaim.

George Bush's military was able to turn some Dulaimi elements against al-Qaeda in the so-called "surge." Interestingly, one key man used by the Bush surge is surnamed, Risha, reflecting Resht, a city of the Delymite theater that may have been an element of Ezekiel's Rosh.

"Sheikh Abdul Satter Abu Risha is the leader of the Anbar Sovereignty Council, a powerful coalition of Anbar tribes, including at least 200 sheikhs, that is fighting the Salafi jihadis of al-Qaeda in Iraq/the Islamic"

Hmm, Risha was opposed to the British elements mentioned above as having some Dulaim allies: "Abu Risha was the grandson of a tribal leader in the Iraqi revolt against the British occupying forces in 1920..."

Risha (assassinated, 2007) was named after the "Albu Risha clan, a subset of the Dulaim tribe, the largest and most important tribe in Iraq," but unfortunately Wikipedia doesn't show a link to an article on the Risha clan. It all makes me suspect that ancient Gog (of Iranian/Scythian origins) in the Armenia-Iraq stretch will provide the end-time anti-Christ in alliance with end-time Rosh-and-Delymite Sunni "Arabs." We shall soon, I hope, see.

Perhaps Dulaim "Arabs" (= Sunni Iranians/Persians said by Arabs to be from ancient Dailam/Delymites) have branches in the West under similar surnames. The Dell Crest uses a cloud, evocative of mythical Nephele (= "cloud"), wife of Ixion and therefore suspect as pertaining to his other wife, Dia, whom I think were the Diauhi peoples and there Nephilim (= twisted Eden) cult. The Dell Coat uses roughly the same lion, in the same colors, as the top half of the Irish Daily/Dayley/Dally Coat. That might not be a bad start to seeking the Delymites of Europe, especially as entering "Dely" brings up the Daily/Dayley Coat.

I want you to know that the proposed mouse Sign that I keep coming back to could end up being pure rubbish, but that if I publish the ideas in a matter so important as identifying the anti-Christ, there could be something to it. Previously, I was led to think that the mouse was a sign of Meschin-family names such as Massey, Maas or Muse, or other families such as Mousavi or Mousquette. Therefore, I was cautious yesterday when making the "fara" (= "mouse" in Arab) connection to Sattam Farhan (from the Dulaim tribe), a leading Baathist that should become the anti-Christ's servant.

However, thinking to check for a Farhan surname, I found one wherein the write-up traces to "Farnham." The Farnham/Farhan Coat uses crescents, a Muslim/Arab symbol, but also a quartered coat, just like the Massey Coat, but in Masci and Bell>Bellamy colors. The Massey/Masci surname (of Dunham Massey/Masci, Cheshire, England) is from the house of Bell>Bellamy, and the latter surname likewise uses crescents.

Therefore, thinking that Farhans could link to Meschins of Dunham Masci, I couldn't help but think that those Meschins were merged closely with a horseshoe-using Vere clan, the Ferrers. This clan uses variations such as Farris/Faries, and moreover the dragon-cult Veres (as per Nicholas de Vere) trace themselves to the Mitanni Hurrians...smack on the upper/northern Euphrates!!! The Mittani kingdom overlapped what is now Anbar, formerly called Dulaim (i.e. where the Dailam>Dulaim live to this day).

There is a Farah Coat using the lion, in colors reversed, in the bottom half of the Daily Coat, and while many surnames use red or gold lions, the Farn/Fern surname uses both. These are Vere colors, and as you can see, the Vere Coat also uses (as does the Farhan/Farnham Coat) a quartered Shield. The Arms of Ranulph le Meschin (ruler of Cheshire's capital) is shown by Wikipedia is a red lion on gold, and the symbol of Cheshire is a garb, used in the cloud of the Dell Crest.

I had seen the eagle with rabbit in its claws before, used in the Farhan/Farnham Crest. Suspecting ties to the Hare surname, I re-checked it. The Scottish Hares use Farhan colors, and, hmm, are from DALriadan clans. The English Hares use the same Coat exactly but in Vere, Farn, Farah and Farr colors. I've already pointed out that the Irish Hare surname uses "Fear" as a motto term, but now see again that the German Hare Coat uses the Bellamy Shield with fleur de lys in Masci fleur colors.

Long-term readers know that I have absolutely proved some cartoon creators to use cartoon characters as codes for bloodlines. For example, it can't be a coincidence that the original episode of proto Bugs Bunny was called, "A Wild Hare," for the Bugs Shield is essentially the Wild Shield. The cartoon creators obviously had bloodlines on their brains so that "Bugs" is discovered to be their code for the Bugs branch of the Wild family. The Hare surname also fits into these family circles because both the Wild and Bugs Shields are in colors reversed from the Meschin Shield.

Now is a good time to tell you that Tim emailed some time ago to say that a mouse in Hebrew is an "akbar." Last night I looked into that further, and found a Bible website pointing it out, but which also says, "The cosmopolitan housemouse, Mus musculus..." I flipped a little because I knew that Meschin variations include Mascelin and Masculine.

Plus, "akbar" is not far linguistic-wise from "Anbar." The "bars" in both terms may even be from the Arabic, "fara/far'a/fi'r, all meaning "mouse." I had already checked the Barnham Coat last night, seeking ties to "Farnham," and even though I found more crescents (as also in the Farhan/Farnham Coat), I wasn't going to mention the Barnham surname here...until I realized just now that I had linked the cartoon character, Barney Rubble, who wore brown, to the House of Bruno>Brunswick. The Barnham Crest is a dragon between four dragon wings.

Did anyone read where I wrote, seven or eight days ago, that the grey house mouse that I think God used for a sign unto the anti-Christ, had an unusual brown spot? I have killed and disposed of dozens of mice in the past year and a half, and never have I noticed a brown spot on any of them.

The so-called water "bouge(t)" used by the Bugs Coat (topic was introduced seventh update in February and enlarged on in the eighth update) is used also by the Banister surname that appears in the Meschin write-up. We then find that the Bunny-surname write-up traces possibly to the Belgian location of Bougnies. Zowie. If that's not enough, I and others tend to trace Belgians to the old Fir Bolg of Ireland. Fir? The Irish Hare surname is said to derive from "O-hir," which might have modified from "Fir."

The last time I wrote on the Bugs surname and its water bouge symbol, I traced it to the Bogens/Bugers of Germany, known to be the family that gave the Arms of Bavaria its blue and white "lozenges" (= diamonds). Possibly, these surnames may derive from "Bolg." Some readers seeking European Hyksos of the Nibelung/Nobel kind might be interested in the Bolger motto, which includes, "nobis Haec." The Bolger Coat, in Bugs/Bogen colors, uses a bull head, which may link to the Farr write-up where that surname is said to mean "bull" (that derivation sounds untrue, and more-likely the Farrs were somehow linked to a bull symbol). It looks like Farrs were from Fir Bolgs, doesn't it?

The Bunny Coat is a near-replica of the Rabbit Coat. The latter surname is said to derive from Radbode=Robert, but I think not. I think the Rabbits are definitely linked to the Bunnys/Bunnies.

Throughout this day's topics, I have resisted/neglected linking to the Hanna/Anna/Hanneth surname (creator of the Flintstones), but keeping in the back of my mind that I've linked it to Hannibal's Carthiginians/Hyksos. Now, I feel I need to mention the surname because the Mitanni kingdom was also called, Hanigalbat. The Hannibal/Annabel surname uses the same stag as the Hand surname of Cheshire, and I think all three surnames are linked to Hannibal, but suspect ties also to the Bell>Bellamy family, and therefore to the Masseys/Mascis.

Hanigalbat/Khanigalbat must have been named after the Kanni portion of the Mitanni capital, WashunKANNI. The city was also "Washshukanni," or ShuShuKanni, perhaps named after Susa. Elamites of Delymite regions did move to Susa, and it could be that the latter term formed "Zeus," the mythical alternative of mythical Ixion (= proto-Hyksos). It was in the Susa theater that the "Habira" tribe of Kassites lived, and so note in the Wikipedia article that the Mitanni lived on the Habur river with/as a "Hapiru" (also "Habiru") Hebrews of Babylon.

The Hand Coat uses the red hand of Ireland, but so does the Daily Coat. Long-time readers know that I traced the Jesus-and-MagDalene (false, pure cow patties) cult to the Dallen/Delaney surname that I interpreted as "D'Allen," wherefore I think to link that cult to the Alans of Dol. In other words, might mythical Dia and "her" Delymites/Dailam leading to the modern Dulaim tribe of the Euphrates theater have furnished the localities of Dol and Dallen-family surnames?

To my surprise, there is a Delamy surname in Bellamy colors, though the Delamy surname appears to be a version of "LeMay." It could be the other way around; we don't think that the sellers of heraldry stuff have it all correct in their derivations.

Nicholas de Vere traces his surname from the Mitanni to the Angles, wherefore note the Angle-like portion of "Hanigalbat." Might "Hannibal" have derived ultimately from "Anbar" or whatever it may have been called in his days? To this day, there is an Anah region in Anbar (see map). Wikipedia says that the town of "Anbar was originally called Firuz Shapur (Subartu?), or Perisapora." Hmm, there's that Fir again, as in fi'r = mouse. AND, "Anbar was adjacent or identical to the Babylonian Jewish center of Nehardea" (underscore mine) while the Hanna motto includes "ardua"!! IN FACT, the motto uses "Per ardua," smacking also of "PERisapora," that "Per" portion being from the "Fir" portion of "Fir Shapur."

The Irish Ardy Coat? A stag, the Hanna symbol! The Ardy stag is identical to the one in the Hand Crest, a version of which is in the Hannibal/Annabel Crest. AND, this cannot be a coincidence because the Ardy surname is also "Carthy," as in the Carthiginians!!!

I did trace Carthiginians to post-Exodus Hyksos out of Tyre, and I also traced a Hyksos group to pharaoh AkenAten and his queen, Nefertiti. It is known that the Mitanni were in Egypt, especially in the bloodline of Akenaten/Nefertiti.

I'm shocked, I'm stunned, for after writing all the above, including the use of the Mousquette/Muscat surname that the mouse symbol might trace to, I asked myself if "Mickey" shouldn't be code for a mouse-line surname. I entered "Mickey" to find a red lion on gold under some garbs (Dells use a garb in a cloud), what should be from the Arms of Ranulph le Meschin, but also from the red-lion-on-gold of the Daily Coat -- the one that uses red hands -- BUT BUT BUT, unbelievable, the Mickey surname is also Michie/Mitchie/Mitchy, and I recalled immediately that there is a Muschat/Muschet surname (!!) with Montfichett/Montfiquet variations, found when one enters Mitch!!!

Both the Dallen/Delaney and Mousquette/Muscat surnames use red lions on white, and antelopes in their Crests. See the antelope trippant proper in the alternative-Irish Delaney Crest.

In the news, the NT Times serves a small glimpse of the Sunni-versus-Sunni dividing lines in Saddam-loyal Iraq, if you're interested. These divisions should prove to bring the anti-Christ to power.

Obama is against some banks but for other banks. It's been aired many times that the O favors Goldman Sachs:

"In his self-styled war against Wall Street, President Obama appears to have a powerful ally: Goldman Sachs.

The nation's largest investment bank, famously cozy with top government officials in both parties, has tipped its hand to its shareholders, indicating that major financial 'reform' proposals will help Goldman's bottom line."

Surprise surprise, not. Then we have this concurrent headline in the BBC: Goldman Sachs accused of fraud by US regulator SEC.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot; in the fifth update of March, I had shared this:

At Wikipedia's article on the Iraqi Interim Government (over which Allawi ruled Iraq under American willpowers), we can see a list of other leaders. One interesting individual, who was made Iraq's finance minister (= very important position when it comes to money-levering power freaks of globalist regimes), is Adil Abdul-Mahdi al Muntafiki. That latter term denotes a Muntafiq tribe smacking of the Montfiguet/Muschet surname from Montfitchett of Calvados!

Abdul-Mahdi is now a vice-president of Iraq:

"Abdul-Mahdi was educated in France, and is the son of a respected Shiite cleric who was a minister in Iraq's monarchy. He attended high school at Baghdad College, an elite American Jesuit secondary school.

In the 1970s, Abdul-Mahdi was a leading members of the Iraqi Communist Party...Abdul-Mahdi continued his association with Iran and gradually amalgamated his group within the ICP-Central Leadership with the Iranians, rejecting his Marxist past and devoting all his group's time to propagating Khomeini's ideas in France..."

This monster in the making, possibly of Russian-Communism and/or Bavarian-Illuminati material, almost became Iraq's prime minister, the article goes on to tell. He should want that position now...because talk has it that neither Allawi nor Maliki may get it due to the election mud. The article says: "In December 2006, the Associated Press reported that Abdul-Mahdi could be the next Prime Minister of Iraq if a new multi-sectarian coalition succeeds in toppling the government of Nouri al-Maliki." Allawi is now that coalition on the verge of toppling Maliki.

Is this Abdul-Mahdi the so-called Mahdi that Iran claims is coming to rule the world on behalf of Islam??? Says the article: "Abdul-Mahdi joined the [Iraqi Communist Party] Central Leadership, and continued being active until it gradually disappeared by the early 1980s. By that time, Abdul-Mahdi adopted Iranian Islamic ideas, eventually merging with the Islamists when Ayatollah Khomeini eradicated the communists and other liberal oppositions groups in Iran."

Hokey pokey! Is this Gog? Or, will he be Gog's main man? He seems to have all the difficult elements that I'm looking for in Gog i.e. the ability to weld Sunnis with Shi'ites, and weld all in turn with Iran. The Muntafiq article says:

"...the al-Ajwad branch [of the Muntafiq tribe] is said to originate from the ancient Arab tribe of Tayy [!]

...Although the tribe's nominal leaders, the Al Saadun, are Sunnis, most of the tribe's members follow the Shi'ite sect of Islam...The current prime minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, belongs to the Bani Malik branch of al-Muntafiq."

The article below tells that the Muntafiqs established themselves in Mosul, and trace back to Bani-Amir tribes in al-Yamamah (central Arabia), also "Jaww Al-Yamamah." RIGHT THERE should be that "Y(a)w" term again that links to the Yam>Lotan dragon!

I had also linked the Lotan dragon to Idrimi of Mitanni alliances, the Idrimi at the Mitanni article who was in cahoots with the Hapiru. Idrimi was of the Syrian city of Halab, which I trace to the Halybes, while "Allawi" seems it could trace likewise.

The Mitanni article mentions the Mukish city/kingdom, and thinking that this term could link to a surname that the creators of Mickey Mouse had on their brain, I entered another Mickey like term, this time "Mick," to find a German surname rooted in "Mikusch." The Mick/Micksch Coat has the makings of the American flag, all its four colors. It's known that the American flag's red and white stripes ultimately are from the Wassa/Washington surname, a surname that I traced to Washukanni!!

In my "Watna Hell were the Hyksos" chapter, I traced Hyksos to Kizzuwatna of Syria. "The state of Kizzuwatna in the west also shifted its allegiance to Mitanni and Arrapha and Assyria in the east had become Mitannian vassal states by the mid 15th century BC."All the elements of dragonic Templarism were in the Mitanni kingdom.

April 18

It didn't hit me yesterday until I spoke about the topic with my son, that "Mickey" reflects the Macey/Mackay surname (rendered MacEy/MacKay by he Irish-Scots) that I strongly think furnished EyStein, grandfather of Rollo. I'll keep this in mind.

Today, I though to take a look at Mickey Mouse. The colors he was given are likely meant to reflect heraldic colors. He was given red and white shorts, and is a black mouse with gold shoes. He also has black arms with white gloves.

The German/Lusatian Mick Coat uses red and white (as do the Massey/Macey Coat and Mousquette/Musk Coat). As the Mick surname is said to derive from a Michael-like term, "Mikola," and as the Mickey surname is said to derive from "Michael," we look at the Michael surnames seeking the above color schemes. We first note that Mitch variations of the Mickey surname match the Mitchell variation of the Michaels.

The Scottish Michael/Mitchell Coat (see also Irish Mitchell Coat) is black and gold! It uses hollow diamonds -- i.e. "mascles" (!!) -- to indicate links to the Meschin/Mascelin surname. In fact, this Michael Shield is a near replica of the Meschin/Mascelin Shield, also black and gold. The Meschin Coat uses black and white (!!!) along with black and gold The English Michael/Mitchell Coat uses the very same color combinations, and even shows scallops, the symbol of the Meschins.

I did not know or realize all this (because I had never thought to link to Mickey Mouse) when I linked my house mice to the Meschin clan. I must have been "hearing" right from the Holy Spirit, and that comforts me a great deal because I was risking your thinking some not-so-nice things about me by publishing the mouse theories (I must have lost a few readers on it). I have felt (and shared in updates) that the anti-Christ could somehow link to the Meschin family, and that this (my mother has a Masci bloodline) must be why I have had a strong drive, from the first year (1979) of my conversion to Christ, to delve into prophecy and finally to identify the anti-Christ.

There's more. As per my trace of the Meschin surname to king Mieszko of Poland, which royal name I figure produced the black and gold (!) Mieske/Mesech/Meseck surname of Germany, note that the German/Lusatian Mick surname shows a Misek variation. Half the Mieske Coat is white on black!! These i-using variations prompts a try at "Missy," which brings up the Massey/Macey/Macy surname (I figure that some Irish-Scots mistook "Macey" to be "MacEy" (as in "son of Ey"), for when one enters "Macey," the page insists on showing "MacEy"). The Massey/Macey page tells that the surname is from the Normandy location of Macey (no capital E).

The Scottish Michael/Mitchell Coat uses "supero" as a motto term. We then find the Super/Soper surname to use a black saltire on white, probably linked to the same of the Maxwell/Makiswell surname (which I am absolutely sure was of the Meschin and/or Massey bloodline). The English Maxwells use a double-headed eagle with their saltire, a symbol also of the Mickey/Mitchie Coat.

Now, as per my trace (yesterday) of the Mick Coat's white and red stripes to the American flag and therefore to the Washington surname, note that the Mousquette/Musk Coat could use a version of the Washington Shield. This Arms of Richard Amerike shows the Massey Shield in the fourth quarter; the second quarter shows what looks to me like three white stars on red like the Washington Chief, they could be gold stars. The second quarter uses two vertical stripes, blue, I think, on gold. This alternative Amerike Coat shows the three stars in gold, not white; it has three vertical blue and white stripes comparable to the three blue and gold stripes of the Mouse Coat. The blue stripes in both Coats are in exactly the same position. The Washington Crest is a A raven with wings endorsed proper. I link the raven-depicted vikings of northern Scotland to the Maceys/Mackays.

This Mouse surname is more properly Mew, Mews, Meux, Muse, Meuse, and Meaux...from, for one, the Yorkshire location of Meaux. It smacks of the Meuse/Maas river passing by Maastricht. There is a French (Brittany) Mussy/Mousie surname (also Mussey, Mousy, Musset, Musse, Mussi, Mucey, Mucie) that could apply, and, if so, the eagle symbol may be the American eagle. The Great Seal of the United States, a Freemasonic symbol if ever we saw one, uses a gold eagle, the color of the Mussy/Mousie eagle. In the past, I identified the "Annuit" term of the Seal with the Anunnaki>Nephilim, but now I suspect the Hanna/Anna/Hannith and/or Hannity surnames.

We see that the Hannity Crest is a black greyhound exactly like the A black greyhound courant in front of an oak tree of the Daily Crest; the Daily Coat's red hands are, in my estimation, a symbol of the Hand, Hannity and Hanna surnames (see yesterday's update for Daily significance and links to Meschins and the Nephilim cult).

We see the Mussy/Mousie eagle (technically, an "alder" eagle) in the Mintz Coat, though in red and white, which is significant because "Mickey [Mouse] was created as a replacement for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, an earlier cartoon character created by the Disney studio for Charles Mintz of Universal Studios." There's a rabbit again. AND, when I checked the (Scottish) Oswald Coat, I got the same wild man essentially of the German Wild Coat!!! The original Bugs Bunny was the "Wild Hare," and the English Wild Coat is nearly the Bugs Coat (see yesterday's update for that discussion). Like I said, these cartoonists had their own "sacred" bloodlines on the brain. The wild men in both cases have a white apron, the symbol of Freemasons.

The German Oswald Coat uses the Zionist star in the colors of the same star in the proto-Washington Wassa surname. Compare "Os/Oz" with "Wassa" and some of its variations. The list of surnames at Wikipedia's Wizard of Oz article look interesting, but I haven't the time to go through them now for comment. I see the Bolger surname (played the scareCROW), mentioned yesterday in relation to the Bugs Bunny topic. I note that the Scarecrow is in the colors (blue, gold, and white) of various Baum Coats, the surname that created the character.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is dressed in what I think are azure blue and white checks, the symbol of the Massi stock of Italian surnames (from Massino, Italy, I think) that I have traced to the Massin/Mason surname of FreeMASON importance. The Danes used azure blue and white checks fir their flag. See also the French Fer surname, and of course the German Cohens.

We recall the scud missiles shot into Israel from Saddam, but they are now much closer. Israel's warning below is to be taken seriously:

"Israel has warned Syrian President Bashar Assad that any missile attack against Israel by Hizbullah would result in retaliation against Syria, the Sunday Times reported [today].

According to the UK paper, Israel's missive -- sent earlier in April -- defined Hizbullah as a 'division of the Syrian army,' a military branch of Damascus in Lebanon.

...Last week, the Kuwait-based Al-Rai reported that Syria had transferred Scud missiles to Hizbullah. According to the report, the missiles were recently transferred to Lebanon, prompting a stern Israeli warning that it would consider attacking both Syrian and Lebanese targets in response.

...On Thursday, the Kuwaiti paper reported that Hizbullah had confirmed receiving a shipment of Scud missiles from Syria. 'It's only natural for Lebanon to have the means to defend itself against an Israeli attack,' Hizbullah official Hussein Haj Hassan told Al-Manar TV on Friday.

The Syrian leadership has consistently denied the charge.

On Saturday, Reuters quoted US officials as saying that while the 'intent' to transfer ballistic missiles to Hizbullah existed, it was doubtful such a transfer had actually taken place.

We have a choice, either to believe that Obama has his head in the sand, or that he's happy to see scud transfers to Israel's border and so continues to send Israel a cold-shoulder message: "Scud missiles in Lebanon? I don't care. You're on your own, Israel, until you obey my orders on the two-state solution." I choose the latter option. Britain takes a position:

"A new report from Britain's MI6 intelligent agency confirms the situation in the Middle East is tailor-made for Hezbollah to strike at Israel, especially since the terrorist group recently received a supply of state-of-the art missiles from Iran, according to a report from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

The situation is so serious that Prime Minister Gordon Brown and opposition leader David Cameron both have been briefed as the nation's general election advances. The winner soon could be facing a serious international crisis.

...Already Hezbollah's leader, Hassan Nazrallah, and Hamas' Khalid Mashal have met with Iran President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad in Tehrann. In the words of one MI6 intelligence officer, the meeting was 'to rub their hands in glee' over the year-long rift between Israeli Prime-Minister Netanyahu and President Obama's administration over Israel's settlement policy in the West Bank and East Jerusalem."

It will be interesting if Cameron becomes the next British leader (the pre-election polls claim a tight race), for the Cameron Crest uses five bunched arrows, the traditional Rothschild-Arms symbol. Also, the Cameron Coat smacks of the red and gold stripes in the Arms of Richard Amerike (proposed founder of "America," or the surname to which it's discovery has been secretly credited). I suspect that God is about to wipe Zionist Rothschilds from the Israeli landscape by Using the anti-Christ's invasion, Hitler-style.

The Brown Coat is Masci and Macey/Mackay all over, and the gold lion in the Brown Crest could be the gold lion in the Amerike Crest. The "majestas" motto term of the Brown Coat could be code for a Makis-like surname. Entering "Makis" brings up a Dutch Macki/Mackay/Machlen Coat smacking of the Massey Coat...the Shield of which is used also by the Arms of Amerike. Apparently, the Makis/Mackay surname has sat on the throne of the Netherlands.

When we enter "Makes" instead of "Makis," zowie, more red and gold bars, this time vertically positioned. As this surname is from the Borderlands, where the Maxton and Maxwell/Makiswell (derived from "Maccus") surnames were first found, the conclusion seems obvious: the Brown surname was a Meschin>Maxwell branch. NOW, what about that unusual brown spot on the mouse that I think is a Sign of the anti-Christ's kingdom?

I did once entertain that the Biblical end-time Gog was the Rothschild empire, but I have hardly concentrated on that idea. Instead, I view the Rothschilds-et-al as the False Prophet's entity.

I hope that these things will prove to answer the readers who wonder, some of whom have written in to ask, what the bloodline topics have to do with the anti-Christ or end-time prophecy.

April 19

Evidence that Iran is shaping up for war against Israel from Lebanon continues to stream in. The tactic to be used is obvious: make it appear Israel starts the next war. It is clear that Iran is very happy with Syria's transfer of long-range missiles to Lebanon, and that Iran considers Syria a brother in the coming invasion. Prophecy seems to deny Syria a role in that invasion, making it a target of the invasion instead. I don't know why that twist will take place, aside from a bone of contention between Syria and the anti-Christ:

"Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and Lebanese Foreign Minister Ali al-Shami said all Muslim states must try to prevent Israel from 'implementing its hostile plans,' Press TV said.

...Press TV said Larijani described Lebanon as 'the symbol of resistance against Israel.'

He hailed the Lebanese people's 'determination to fight the Israeli occupation.'

Larijani said all Muslims around the world have 'a religious responsibility' to fight Israel.

'The Muslim ummah must take serious and practical steps against the immeasurable number of atrocities carried out by Israel in various parts of Palestine, especially al-Quds,' Larijani said.

Shami, for his part, said the Lebanese will 'never forget the support the Iranian people and the government' to the Resistance.

I don't see that Israel has warranted any such words of war due to any activity on the Lebanese border. Suspecting that Syria is planning to play a role in the invasion -- for to get back the Golan Heights (a small region at the Israeli-Lebanese border) -- we do find some minor, or as-best-as-possible, accusations against Israel -- at this time -- on that front:

"Damascus, (SANA) - A report by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor showed that the number of Syrian workers detained in Israeli jails in the occupied Golan has increased.

The report, which is prepared annually by the Ministry, was submitted to the Fact Finding Mission of the International Labor Organization's (ILO) [yesterday]."

...Israeli occupation forces in the Golan have dismissed a number of university graduates and teachers from their jobs and the occupation forces are also preventing farmers from using their lands.

...Governor of the Liberated Quneitra Riyadh Hejab cited other violations repeatedly practiced by Israel in the Golan including those of destroying agricultural crops, uprooting trees and distributing confiscated lands among Israeli soldiers with 250 square meters each."

Unless someone lives there, it's virtually impossible, thanks to the common practice of Arab nations in spreading disinformation, or bloated facts at best, to know whether these accusations are true, but in any case they hardly amount to reasons for war, unless you're an Arab nation in cahoots with an Iranian plot to attack Israel.

The Israeli defense minister (Barak) is at this very time arguing in public to create a two-state solution in order to pacify, hopefully, the anti-Israeli axis. One can imagine that many of his fellow Israelites view him as a pimple on the face of the nation rather than a hero for the ancient Cause.

The ancient Cause will die momentarily, but then take root as the stump of Jesse. It will die momentarily to topple the current rulers who do not know the Ancient One. The land will then be granted to the poor and the meek, and they will suppress by war all the surrounding Arabs when, finally, the metals of the world will be used for plows and other garden implements rather than military things.

There's some effort in the Golan to reinforce the Syrian face:

"Quneitra, southern Syria (SANA)-The Syrian citizens in the occupied Golan underlined on Saturday [April 18] commitment to struggle against Israeli occupation and steadfastness against Israeli barbaric policies until the liberation of the Golan.

...'The blood of martyrs will pave the way to freedom in Golan,' said Hijab, reiterating commitment to resistance, identity and land."

If Isaiah 10 is an end-time prophecy, Syria is about to be stripped of its capital city, never mind taking back Golan.

There is a slew of anti-Israeli headlines in SANA today. The continual message is justification for Hezbollah's existence and it's arming, as if there existed a nasty Israeli desire to start a war in Lebanon and/or Syria:

"Tehran, (SANA) - President Bashar al-Assad sent a letter [on April 17] to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the brotherly relations between Syria and Iran and the latest regional developments.

...Presidents al-Assad and Ahmadinejad had held talks in Damascus in February during which they affirmed that the outcome of the previous stage was in favor of the forces of resistance in the region.

...[the article's between-the-lines go on to vilify Israeli nuclear weapons]

...Al-Moallem said the countries of region joined the NPT with the awareness of the danger of the nuclear weapon on peace and security out of their faith in the fundamental role of the treaty in taking away of that danger, because Israel's abstention from joining the treaty , and possession of a huge nuclear arsenal estimated at more than 200 nuclear warheads , constitute a source of great danger, threatening the security and stability of the region.

...Syria believes, al-Moallem stressed, that negotiations through the [Western] IAEA 'are the way to reach a solution.'

...Khamenei's message...noting that in addition to ignoring international resolutions and not joining the NPT, Israel used the occupied Palestinian territories to store an arsenal of nuclear weapons that threatens the region's security.

He stressed that Islam forbids the use of nuclear weapons, and that their use is a violation of human rights and a crime against humanity.

Elements of the Iran axis have on the back (or not-so-back) of their minds the possibility that Israel's nuclear weapons could be used in a lethal attempt to destroy Israel. We might even wonder whether Armageddon is started by Israeli nuclear weapons, an idea I have never considered. Imagine Israeli leaders, lamenting, for nearly seven years, the ruin of their nation. What will they do after 3.5 years of witnessing the trampling of Jerusalem? Might they set off their nuclear weapons by remote means? Will the anti-Christ and his Arab partners find all their hidden vaults?

I believe, as per Isaiah 34, that the lake of fire will be in Edom, burning "forever" (i.e. until the end of time) throughout the Millennium (= the end of time, the end of this planet and universe). We know that under the Edomite landscape there exists a fossil fuel in the form of tars. A nuclear device on that landscape would blow deeply into the rock and expose the fuel, and the bomb's heat would ignite it. Ezekiel 39 locates the destruction of Gog's armies in Edom, and Revelation 20 tells that the anti-Christ and the False Prophet will be thrown alive into that lake. Isaiah 14 tells that the anti-Christ won't have a regular king's burial, nor any gravesite at all.

Obama tossed into a fire in Edom? Hard to believe. There is the possibility that the False Prophet will be a Muslim or pro-Muslim of a non-American sort, but for now I'm sticking to the Obama=FalseProphet theory.

We never hear the end of it from A-Madman, as if something in his internal clock tics away toward Israel's destruction:

"TEHRAN: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said [yesterday] that Israel, the 'main instigator of conflict' in the Middle East, was on its way to collapse and that regional powers wanted it uprooted.

...'This is the will of the regional nations that after 60 odd years, the root of this corrupt microbe and the main reason for insecurity in the region be pulled out.' ...

...'This [Israeli] regime is the main instigator of sedition and conflict in the region,' the hard-liner, flanked by Iran's top military brass, said from the podium.

'I want [Israel's] supporters and creators to stop backing it and allow the regional nations and the Palestinians to settle things with them,' he said without elaborating."

Dribble, dribble. Almost makes me yawn. Iran likes to magnify its scariness. But when the mouse comes...

Maliki is definitely on the up-swing, but his al-Sadr enemies (who came in third place) are trying to make sure he's finished, and that they get their man in as prime minister instead. We don't yet know who their main man will be or what he will represent:

"An Iraqi panel investigating election complaints ordered [today] a recount of more than 2.5 million votes cast in Baghdad during the March 7 election, agreeing to a demand by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki that could swing the outcome in his favor.

...The recount was ordered by the Independent High Electoral Commission, a three-member panel that investigates election-related complaints, commission official Hamdia al-Hussaini said.

The order was handed down on the same day that powerful Shiite leader Ammar al-Hakim said he did not see either al-Maliki or Allawi as candidates who could succeed as prime minister because, in his view, they do not have enough support in Iraq or internationally.

Al-Hakim's Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council is part of the Iraqi National Alliance, which came in third in the election...

'We are talking about a person who should be accepted on a national level,' al-Hakim said in the interview at his palatial office in southeast Baghdad. 'This is the most important point because the prime minister is not going to be a prime minister of his own party or his political movement, but for all of Iraq. ... On such a basis, we find it's difficult for Mr. Maliki or even Mr. Ayad Allawi to gain the needed acceptance.'"

Apparently, in return for their partnership either with Maliki or Allawi, the third-place Shi'ites want to have their man on the Iraqi throne.

I wonder what would happen should Allawi come out better after the re-count. We're not hearing of any giant wave of Sunni dissatisfaction, but it's still too early; their votes have not yet been degraded or made void by the Maliki machine. A re-count result heavily in Maliki's favor should not only anger the Sunni, but the al-Sadr/al-Hakim Shi'ites too...if they are indeed leaning toward a partnership with Allawi. That partnership is one that could unexpectedly amount to an Iran alliance with Sunni Baathists.

Wikipedia's article on Hakim tells frankly that Iran works in Iraq through his family, and "Iranian officials referred to Hakim as the leader of Iraq's future Islamic state..." That was said as per the Saddam era. The anti-Baathist party run by the Hakim family has been in a position of power in Iraq since Saddam's removal, but in this last election the party has fallen terribly. The fall of that ISCI party is a failure for Iran's fingers too, and failure requires the shoring up of partners to keep alive.

Where Iran seeks to locate it's fingers in Iraq via the Hakims and Sadrs, and with the latter two allied to Allaw's Sunni voters, the makings of an alliance between Iraqi Baathists, Iranians, and the anti-Christ, with the purpose of toppling the Iraqi leader, becomes feasible. But in this picture, Maliki (i.e. not Allawi) would be that toppled Iraqi leader.

The vice-president of Iraq, Adil Abdul-Mahdi, is a member of Hakim's party. Although the party of al-Sadr doesn't want Mahdi in as the next prime minister, we can be more sure that Hakim's party does.

Hakim's party has a military wing:

Hadi Al-Amiri is the head of the Badr Organization, which was the military wing of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (SIIC) [now ISCI]. Moreover, he is a member of the Iraqi parliament under the United Iraqi Alliance list, which mainly represents religious Shi'a parties.

As leader of the Badr Organization, Hadi Al-Amiri had a very close ties to the Iranian leadership, and in particular the Islamic Revolutionary Guards which was responsible for training the Badr Brigade during Saddam Hussein's rule...."

It's not a very large army, but it would represent many more Iraqis in a struggle for the Iraqi throne. The next throne-sitter is important to all sides because he'll be viewed as the true ruler of Iraq i.e. apart from Western fingers steering the nation. Iran should be feverish in this situation.

It's the situation that can bring Iranians to what I see as their prophetic role in assisting the anti-Christ in the toppling of Iraq. Prophecy doesn't mention this alliance, but I assume it due to Ezekiel's Gog-Iran partnership in the Israeli invasion.

There is a good chance for a Hakim-family alliance with the al-Sadr family in this struggle, for Sayyed Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, "a founding member in 1982 of SIIC and head [of] their military wing, the Badr Organization" was "married to the daughter of Mohammed Hadi al-Sadr." His son was the above-mentioned Ammar al-Hakim now seeking his own man, likely a friend of Iran, for the Iraqi throne.

In other words, will the Hakims place on the Iraqi throne the anti-Christ? That is a question. I am very confident that his name will not be Mickey Mouse, or even Huckleberry Hound, but something tells me that his bloodline will have Western representations allied to Rhodes illuminatists. Entering "Hakim" brings up the Hacon/Haken surname that I've shown in Hykes/Hicks discussions. The Hacon/Haken surname has 'r' versions such as "Harken," and the write-up claims that the family derives from "Henry" or "Harry." The Coat symbol is two bars in "dancette" style. It's not at all likely that this surname should connect with the Iraqi Hakims, but one never knows.

April 20

It really does sound that Hillary opposes war against Israel, but what if high-level American animosity toward Syria stops at her desk and does not go as far as Obama's or Carter's:

"The United States State Department released a statement [yesterday] saying that Syria's designation as a state sponsor of terrorism was directly related to its support for groups like Hezbollah.

The statement was released as the State Department summoned Syria's most senior diplomat present in Washington, Deputy Chief of Mission to the U.S., Zouheir Jabbour, to discuss the recent reports that Syria was transferring scud missiles to the Lebanon based Iranian- and Syrian-backed Islamist group Hezbollah.

Israeli officials say the introduction of Scuds could alter the strategic balance with Hezbollah, who battled Israel in a month-long war in 2006. Hezbollah pelted Israel with nearly 4,000 unguided Katyusha rockets during the war...

U.S. State Department spokesman Gordon Duguid released a statement [yesterday] condemning 'in the strongest terms' any transfer of arms to Hezbollah and calling for an immediate cessation of any arms transfer of this kind.

Lebanon's Western-backed prime minister [yesterday] compared accusations that Hezbollah has obtained Scud missiles to charges that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction ahead of the 2003 U.S.-led invasion."

Should we take Hillary's state department at the face value of its words? We don't neglect that Israel has likely pressed the O-dministration to do something about the scud threat, and that something of an oppositional statement has to be made, therefore. But could the O be happy to see this development since it tends to justify his intrusions into Israel's affairs? In the article, her spokesman was "stressing that the [weapons transfer] was an impediment to achieving a comprehensive peace in the Middle East." Never mind Israeli lives and destruction to Israeli property, the state department is concerned about achieving the glory that comes with succeeding in a "peace treaty" that the world will applaud. On whose side do we think Jimmy Carter is on since he loves the Hamas leader in Damascus?

Scuds were made (by the Russians) to carry nuclear and/or chemical warheads, and were widely distributed in the Middle East.

As it appears that Obama has no love for Israel, he needs to make it appear that he is truly concerned with the country if he is secretly gunning for the Syrian transfer of weapons to the Israeli theater. But even with conspiracy ideas aside, Obama needs to be concerned that his policy in Israel, which gives the anti-Israeli Arabs the confidence to go forward with their lethal plots, is largely responsible for this scud threat, and all other plots that the evil axis is employing.

But, as the issue broke out, the first public message from the O-dministration was: not to worry, the scuds have not been transferred. Now that such an insulting response hasn't made the story go away, we have some high-level opposition from Hillary's desk.

We recall when president Obama kept his mouth shut as at least one ship with Russian and Iranian ties was caught off the coast of Syria, filled with weapons. It was obvious then that Syria was working to transfer arms to the Israeli border though Iranian, and possibly Russian, involvement. But Obama was more concerned about his friendship policies with Syria, Iran and Russia, than the danger posed to Israel.

We would probably imagine correctly that scuds were being transferred to Syria at that time. How could it be otherwise? For, anti-Israeli fronts on the Israeli border were practically useless with the cheap missiles then being employed. It was absolutely necessary to get better missiles to Hamas and Hezbollah. When Israel saw this threat, it did what it had to, to cut weapons passages off through Gaza, but the Western world, and especially the Carter people, lambasted Israel for over-reacting. This was immediately after Hezbollah had shot thousands of rockets into Israel. And it is clear to the West that Hezbollah would have sent 4,000 scuds if only they had them.

The Syrians are now thinking to themselves: "So what? Even if we do ship scuds to Lebanon? Israel has nuclear weapons, and Obama has allowed us to highlight, right in Washington, against those nuclear weapons." Yes, last week, Obama knew that some Arab leaders were coming to the United States to complain about Israel's nuclear stockpiles, and yet he allowed the complaint to take place...even after the Israeli prime minister was so offended by it that he cancelled his appearance.

Should Israel trust the O-West as it says: don't start more wars in worrying about weapons stockpiling on your war fronts; we'll take care of the Arabs if they become too strong for you? Israel is being lulled into this trap. It will be betrayed by the West that it has slept with, and still seeks to sleep with. Just listen to this bozo:

"U.S. Senator John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, visited Damascus April 1, and after a meeting with President Bashar al-Assad he described Syria as 'an essential player in bringing peace and stability to the region.'

Obama in February appointed the first U.S. ambassador to Damascus in five years, a move Kerry said was 'evidence that engagement with Syria is a priority at the highest levels of our government.'"

There's nothing so embarrassing as calling an arch-enemy of Israel an essential player in making peace with Israel, but Kerry doesn't mind, apparently, and Obama is right there behind him so that they look like the freak circus act of a two-headed clown. I suppose that we're supposed to laugh, if the situation were not so sad.

Joe Biden says that the killing of two al-Qaeda leaders proves that the Iraqi forces are ready to look after their own country without American help. Famous last words?

"Iraqi and U.S. security forces said [yesterday] that they'd killed the two top leaders of al Qaida in Iraq in what the American military said could be the most significant blow to the militant Sunni Muslim organization since it was formed.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki announced that the men known as Abu Omar al Baghdadi and Abu Ayyub al Masri were killed Sunday [April 18] in a raid in northern Iraq. He displayed photographs for state television of the bodies..."

Reading up to this point, I was about to make the comment that I then read in the article:

"However, a recent study by a doctoral candidate at the University of Chicago , Jenna Jordan , published this month in the journal Security Studies, concluded that killing the leaders of terrorist groups, particularly religious ones, 'is not an effective counterterrorism strategy.'

In fact, Jordan found: 'Groups that have not had their leaders targeted have a higher rate of decline than groups whose leaders have been removed...'"

Not only would murderous religious groups tend to kill all the more when their leaders are killed, but those leaders may have been ordering some restraints in violence until the U.S. military should disappear from Iraq. Other leading members, who are now to be the new leaders, may not have had such patient inclinations:

"Five family members of a local chief of an anti-Qaeda militia were gunned down in their homes in Tarmiyah, north of the Iraqi capital [today], with the children also beheaded, police said."

Al-Qaeda leaders are animals in the name of their false God. Only the devil incarnate could be worse. Another article suggests that bin-Laden is still alive:

"Maliki and the U.S. military said [yesterday] that Baghdadi and Masri were killed in a raid on a safehouse which yielded computers filled with emails and messages to bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri."

I dunno. I imagine that the United States knew where these two leaders were hiding out all along, and that military personnel have been spying on their emails and phone calls. As the U.S. is about to pull out of Iraq, the time has come to "share" intelligence with the Iraqis so that they figure out -- all on their lonesome -- where the leaders are living.

We know that Obama was part of a pro-Palestinian group in Chicago. Today, Syria continues to appeal for conflict against Israel, but is also spreading the message to Chicago:

"DAMASCUS, (SANA)_ Vice-President Dr. Najah Al-Attar pointed out [today] that Mideast countries are facing a grave challenge, represented by the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories in Palestine, Golan, and Lebanon.

Mrs. Al-Attar, in a meeting with a US cultural delegation from the city of Chicago, cited also the ongoing inhumane practices by the Israeli occupation...

...The delegation comprises a group of big activists in Chicago's cultural institutions and centers who are concerned with science, theater, music, poetry, opera, museums, education, sociology, and history affairs."

We note that the group(s) is not mentioned by name. So I googled "Syria Chicago cultural" and found this:

"Durry Atassi...has served on the board of organizations such as Syrian Arab-American Association in Los Angeles...He is also an active member of many other organizations such as...Council on American-Islamic Relations, Muslim Public Affairs Council, Arab-American Anti Discrimination Committee and World Affairs Council...

Waddah Atassi [same surname as above] has been an active member of the Syrian American community in Chicago for the past 20 years...

Yaser Tabbara is a Chicago attorney. Currently he serves as the Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago)...[!!!]"

CAIR, the largest pro-Muslim group in America, has been accused, largely by World Net Daily, of being an American parasite acting for Muslim terrorist organizations, an organization of which Obama supports and even bonds with. It is said that CAIR is a pro-Hamas org, but even if it enlists only a few closet pro-terror types, it is thought by it's critics to be an important tool for Muslim globalism. These accusations come not just from lowly ones such as I, but even FOX News has a piece of condemnation:

"...Among the issues, FBI officials were concerned about CAIR's possible ties to Hamas, the militant Palestinian group. According to court documents, at least one current CAIR official attended a Philadelphia meeting of Hamas supporters in 1993, a year before CAIR was founded.

In 2007, CAIR was named an 'unindicted co-conspirator' in a terrorism case in which leaders of the Texas-based Holy Land Foundation were later convicted of funneling money to Hamas.

...'We wanted them to basically sit down and say that they didn't support (Hamas) and they intended to refrain from future support,' the FBI official said. 'That's really nothing fancy, other than an ideological rejection of Hamas. They don't want to (do) that.'

The FBI official characterized CAIR's role as an 'indirect link to Hamas."

I know that it's not strong evidence, but could the similarity of "CAIR" with "Carter" be a signal that Carter's so-called "Elders" are behind CAIR? Carter is himself a lover of Hamas, after all. The article tells that a Hooper surname is in charge of CAIR's relations with America.

It's not likely true that tiny Hamas is behind well-funded CAIR, but rather that CAIR cares about the Hamas struggle against Israel. We might also suspect CAIR funding from the same nations that fund Hamas, principally Syria and/or Iran. The question is, was the Syrian vice-president, as per the article above, in Chicago to speak with CAIR's director? Googling "Syria CAIR" seems warranted.

Let me re-quote: "However, a recent study by a doctoral candidate at the University of Chicago , Jenna Jordan , published this month in the journal Security Studies, concluded that killing the leaders of terrorist groups, particularly religious ones, 'is not an effective counterterrorism strategy." So far as I am concerned, finding that statement from a Chicago person on the same morning that I share on Syrian fingers in Chicago has been a total coincidence. BUT, the English Jordan Crest uses what should be a version of the Rocque=Rockefeller rock while the Irish Jordan Coat uses the David lion in the same colors. See that the David family is also the Davis family.

I've claimed the online theory to be true that Obama's real father is Frank Marshall Davis, an FBI employee who mated, in a fling or even a one-nighter, with Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, a known Rockefeller agent/employee. As I trace her surname to Dunham Masci in Cheshire, note that the Davids were first found in Cheshire.

As the Mascis/Masseys of Dunham Masci/Massey were from house of Bellamy, it's important that the English Jordan Coat is comparable to a Beamnont/BELLmont Coat...and are in Bellamy (and Bell) colors. The Bellmont, Bellamy, and Bell surnames all use crescents. Ultimately, I trace Templar-cult European "Arabs/Saracens/Moors" to Amorites of Biblical Sihon on the Jordan river.

As the Jordan in Hebrew is "Yarden," see the water bouges/bougets in the Yard Coat. The bouget us supposed to be a water bucket of sorts, but the thing looks more like a Hebrew/Arab letter.
Lookie here on CAIR's man in Chicago:

"M. Yaser Tabbara is a principal of Zarzour, Khalil, & Tabbara LLC.

Tabbara was born in Chicago but grew up in Damascus, Syria. He moved to the United States in 1993 where he completed his undergraduate studies in Political Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago. During his undergraduate years, Tabbara produced a full length feature film titled Adrift in the Heartland. This independent production dealt with the struggles of an Arab-American woman who migrates to the United States from her homeland of Palestine."

Hmm, the Syrian article above (wherein the Syrian vice-president visited an unidentified Chicago-based group) was concerned with women's issues. The article goes on to paint this man as one who would be valued by the pro-Muslim and West-supported Alliance of Civilizations:

"Tabbara was the research assistant to Professor M. Cherif Bassiouni, International Law Scholar and Noble Peace Prize Nominee...

Upon his departure from MIHRC, Tabbara spent the next year traveling throughout Central America, Europe and the Middle East where he attended several conferences on international law and human rights and lived in several places with the purpose of attaining an international perspective on civil and human rights as well as Islam-West relations.

Tabbara then coordinated the Legal Education Reform Project in Iraq...

Upon his return to the US Tabbara was appalled by the growing prejudice and hatred against Muslims in the years since 9/11. Motivated by the drive to do things differently, Tabbara joined forces with long-time friend, and Chicago Writer, Activist, Ahmed Rehab with a resolve to implement a precise vision for 'a different kind of organization.' Together, they helped launch a new era for a Chicago office of CAIR...Tabbara served as the executive director of CAIR Chicago until stepping down and deciding to relocate to Damascus, Syria.

...Tabbara serves as board member of the Arab-American Bar Association, CAIR Chicago, and the Muslim Educational and Cultural Center of America..."

Definitely, he's of Syrian connections. Wikipedia further reveals roots in the Palestinian cause, and one may suspect that pre-president-Obama was involved with this proto-CAIR org:

"CAIR was founded in June 1994[9] by three officers of the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP) -- Omar Ahmad (IAP President; became CAIR President), Nihad Awad (IAP PR Director; became CAIR Secretary & Treasurer), and Rafeeq Jaber (IAP Chicago Chapter President; became CAIR Vice President). Also, Ibrahim 'Dougie' Hooper, who assisted Awad's media efforts, became CAIR's communications director. IAP was an Islamist organization that it was later revealed raised money in the US for Hamas, though it billed itself as 'a not-for-profit, public-awareness, educational, political, social, and civic, national grassroots organization'."

The answer to the peace problem is simple. Let Palestinians renounce Hamas, and elect a Gaza government that is truly for peace. How easy would that be, if only the majority of Gazans didn't want the destruction of a nation? How it can be that the Jimmy Carters of the United States could support Hamas's right to exist and even rule is beyond me. The end of this matter will be that Gazans will not get to have any land of their own inside Israel, for the King is coming to Zion. And all Palestinians in Israel will bow their noses down to the Feet of the Lamb, or else they will not live in His country. I choose Him, and reject the Carters and Obamas of this world.


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