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April 10 - 15, 2010

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April 10

The signing of the nuclear-reduction deal is not evidence of friendship between Russia and the United States. The Kyrgyz situation, happening as the pens were rolling on the deal, highlights the struggle, for it was Russia's hope to cut the one and very vital U.S. military base in Kyrgyzstan from Obama. In short, it is clear to all that Russia hopes the Americans will fail in Afghanistan, and so why wouldn't it be clear to Obama too? Therefore, Obama is signing a deal with his arch enemy that must be serving in various capacities to see that Obama's personal war fails. Obama cannot have a greater enemy in the world than that. I wanted to spell that out.

As Iran also wants the Obama war to fail, especially as it appears to be a war to keep Iran in check, for one reason, one would think that there are secret talks happening from time to time between Putin and Ahmadinejad. But another reason, it can be suspected, for the Obama war is to worm Westernism into central Asian nations on Russia's border region, just like Kyrgyzstan.

The powers struggle between Russia and the US will lead to Armageddon; that's what many prophecy buffs have been thinking for years. I believe that yesterday's mouse on my bed represents that struggle. This morning, just after 3 am (it's 4 am now), a mouse came crawling up to my chin, same as yesterday morning. I felt the vibrations of its pitter patter, and sent the covers flying toward the wall, listening for a mouse. I'm not sure if I heard it. In four seconds, the lights were on.

I kept an eye on the floor. My only purpose was to discover if this was a real or imaginary mouse of my dream world. No mouse anywhere on the floor, nor in the sleeping bags, nor in the clothes on the bed. The mattress sits on 2 x 4's as I build the house, leaving only three entry points to underneath the bed. I covered all three with plastic bags so that I could hear the mouse escape, in the dead silence as I check the news, if it's under the bed. I shone a flashlight under the dresser, but saw nothing. I placed a mouse trap with cheese at the door in case it somehow happens to be in here. Four times this has happened, and four times I have failed to find a mouse.

Last night I read an article telling that the new interim leader of Kyrgyzstan flew to Moscow for financial assistance in the coup. She did NOT fly to Washington. She did not look to Europe. It seems very hard to believe that she could already be flying to Moscow for to ask millions of dollars if she didn't already have some sort of friendship with Putin before the coup took place. One would think that her political group would speak to Moscow before the coup took place. But, maybe now.

In any case, assuming that the O-genda in Afghanistan is to secure "globetrotter" Westernization in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, this coup, coupled with the political affairs of the Ukraine recently, and the Georgia affair before that, must be irking the globetrotters. It's as though mice are eating away at Western inroads into former Soviet territories.

How do we expect Afghan things to go for Obama since he simultaneously wants to rob God of Jerusalem? Humiliation. Expect the rug to be pulled from under him, and for the O-ass to go down hard at the tip of it's backbone. It's all so much better when he's riding high on what he perceives as his own victories.

As we know, a victory suggests losers, and losers don't always lay down and play dead. Obama has a lot of trouble coming from his own American people who haven't liked his political victories, and he has many enemies worldwide, let's not be deceived by the images he creates in the media.

Another sore for the U.S. and blatant victory for Russia is Chechnya. It's leader (Kadyrov has been to the Middle East, though this is the first I've heard of it. He and Putin are experiencing some surprising friction at the moment:

Alexander Khloponin [= middleman between Putin and Kadyrov] became perhaps the first person in the entire Russian government who was allowed to openly criticize Ramzan Kadyrov. Referring to Kadyrov's voyage to the Middle East, Khloponin said: '[When] Ramzan Kadyrov went abroad, whose interests did he present there? Did he think Saudi Arabia would give [him] money? Is America, whose influence there is great, interested in that? For such talks we have [Russian organs]. Moscow jealously guards the central government’s privilege to control all international lines of communication, rarely allowing regions to have substantial dealings with foreign countries on their own. Chechnya pretended to be an exception as Kadyrov and his men enjoyed frequent semi-official trips to Middle Eastern countries advertising pro-Russian Chechnya to the Muslim world."[tt_news]=36247&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=f448d3d0cd

Kadyrov has spoken openly against this middleman. Kadyrov wants to speak directly to Putin and not have a middleman used to alter his methods of ruling Chechnya. In short, Kadyrov is upset with Putin because Putin is upset with Kadyrov's missions to the Middle East apart from Moscow's involvement. Kadyrov wants to be a somebody with tentacles stretching out to other nations, Muslim nations especially. He wants to use the weight of Moscow as part of making an image unto himself. "Hey, look at me, Saudi, I wear Putin on my ring finger; you'd like to diplomacize with me, right?"

I know mice here. They don't sit still in a place like under a bed for long. They're active. It's 4:43 am, and still no sound of the mouse trying to escape through and over the plastic bags. It's simply not in the bedroom, therefore. Tomorrow, if it comes again, I will be ready with flashlight under the pillow, making sure it doesn't get out of the room before the lights are turned on. And, I'm placing plastic bags across the door's threshold so that I'll hear it leave the room...if indeed there is a real mouse. There is a real mouse able to get onto this floor from the crawlspace; I saw it last night, quite unafraid of me, coming out three times to drink some spilled drink on the floor not three feet away from me, and scurrying away.

The Afghan O-man was in central Asia a couple of months ago, seeing what he could prosper for the boss:

"The US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, visited Uzbekistan as part of a tour of several Central Asian states during February 17-21. At that time, Holbrooke held talks with Uzbek President, Islam Karimov, regarding the US-led offensive in Afghanistan and related international efforts to promote regional security (, February 19). Reactions during a recent visit by the authors to Uzbekistan in March, following Holbrooke's trip, demonstrated that Uzbeks are interested in the current state of US-Uzbek relations and the long-term US interests in the region. Based on discussions with government representatives, university professors and students, and journalists, it is clear that the prevailing attitude in Uzbekistan is a genuine curiosity about the US, especially regarding issues of regional importance in Central Asia."[tt_news]=36244&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=e1ccfd7f2f

The next line in the article is very naive: "Similar to previous presidential administrations, Obama's goal for the Central Asian states is stable governments with prosperous economies." Absolutely not. The American globetrotters are NOT righteous, NOT concerned with the well-being of peoples in such far-off places. Instead, they are selfish, wanting their own profits, their own globalism. They want to be unobstructed rulers of the universe.

With the precious moneys they might have to attain their globalism, the last thing they can afford is to spend it on the well-being of foreign peoples. We know how little regard they have for the well-being of suffering peoples by the little tokens they offer when disasters strike. We know that billions wasted in Western schemes year after year could eradicate the world's hungry in the snap of a finger; that's one of the first things I learned when I became a Christian with a heart for the world's hungry.

The article continues: "Most Uzbeks acknowledged that current US interest in Central Asia is due to the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan. Within the past year, several representatives of the US government have visited Uzbekistan, including General David Petraeus, the Commander of Central Command (CENTCOM) (EDM, February 26, 2009). However, there were many questions and some confusion..." That is, Uzbeks don't understand/trust Obama. One can also wonder how many Asian nations pretend to befriend Obama while in reality being spies for Russia, tipping Putin off as to U.S. goals in these hoped-for alliances.

It's also a little conspicuous that Russia invaded Afghanistan not long before George Bush ended up there. Might Russia have caught wind of long-term globetrotter goals to secure Afghanistan first of all? Was the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, in other words, an effort to thwart the entire globetrotter plan in the Middle East?

I am a little surprised to find little evidence of Russian movements into Iraq. One would think that, as the U.S. finally pulled out, Putin would move in on a strong diplomatic front. Shouldn't we have seen this by now? Could it be going on under the radar? OR, might the current insult of Maliki by the Obama people, who clearly favor Allawi, cause Maliki to find a new friend in Putin? From the Assyrian News today, we find the statement that Allawi is "a longtime asset of the Central Intelligence Agency."

The Assyrian News article is not a very informative one on the struggle for Kirkuk oil under the new situation, wherein Allawi and his Sunni supporters have done well for themselves. Yes, the oil is more up for grabs now than ever, and yes violence might ensue, but we knew that already. I cannot conceive of Putin not wanting a strong foothold in northern Iraq, especially as he conducts his industrial war against the Western-desired Nabucco pipeline. Where are the Putin supporters in northern Iraq?? Who is the Putin middleman to northern Iraq??? He must be pussy-footing around this territory; something is keeping him from exposing himself there. OR, is he represented by the quiet mouse that no one has yet seen? Is Iraq his special project requiring the utmost care?

As the coup-government of Kyrgyzstan, calling for democracy yet, goes to Russia for help, the ousted Kyrgyz leader, Bakiyev, goes to Washington. We're keeping in mind here that this man was ready to shut the U.S. effort in Afghanistan, in return for Russian money, not much more than one year ago. But the O-pimp will entertain any prostitute for globalist momentum:

"Meanwhile, concerns are mounting that the Bakiyev regime is increasingly reliant upon US support to increase its domestic power. Maksim Bakiyev will visit Washington next week to promote trade relations [= joke, smokescreen, not true] between the US and Kyrgyzstan. For a number of Kyrgyz activists, Maksim's visit serves as a clear sign of US favor towards Bakiyev's presidency and as a quid pro quo for his agreement to retain the Manas base.

Russian media attacks against Bakiyev intensified following the latest announcement that the US government will help Kyrgyzstan construct a new anti-terrorist training center in the Batken region (EDM, March 11). This news broke at a time when the status of a prospective Russian airbase in southern Kyrgyzstan is growing increasingly unclear..."[tt_news]=36226&tx_ttnews[backPid]=381&cHash=75202c3d73

Jamestown news is on the ball. I've not seen anyone else report this American favoritism of Bakiyev, or his planned visits to attend Obama's massage parlor. Perhaps that's because he represents a current O-loss, not O-victory. In another article: "Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, has recognized the legitimacy of the provisional government, but denied that he supported the opposition leaders. However, reports suggest that Russian officials were indeed closely cooperating with Kyrgyz opposition leaders prior to the April 7 events."[tt_news]=36246&tx_ttnews[backPid]=381&cHash=0667153a1a

How can we put this? Hillary is frantically stomping on the re-set button with both her feet, but the damnation thing won't work no matter what she does; the digital display is flashing in red, "Puttin Malfuncshun." Or, American president is the smartly-dressed Maxwell Smart getting his nose stuck in the door of a phone booth before going down to O-blivion. Or, this Kyrgyz affair is the lightning rod that fries the nuclear-reduction deal even before it reaches the Senate for ratification, and Obama is in the basement making sure that the nuclear buttons won't malfunction, if needed.

What are the chances that the Polish president would die today in a plane crash, in Russia, that was not carried out by murderers?

"Polish President Lech Kaczynski and some of the country's highest military and civilian leaders died [today] along with dozens of others when the presidential plane crashed as it came in for a landing in thick fog in western Russia.

Russian and Polish officials offered conflicting death tolls but agreed there were no survivors on the Soviet-era Tupolev, which was taking the president, his wife and staff to events marking the 70th anniversary of the massacre of thousands of Polish officers by Soviet secret police.

The Army chief of staff, Gen. Franciszek Gagor, National Bank President Slawomir Skrzypek and Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Kremer were also on board, the Polish foreign ministry said.

...'The Polish presidential plane did not make it to the runway while landing. Tentative findings indicate that it hit the treetops and fell apart,' Sergei Anufriev said on Rossiya-24."

Or, someone with remote-control, on the ground, detonated a bomb(s) in the plane. We're keeping in mind, not only that "Poland, a nation of 38 million people, is by far the largest of the 10 formerly communist countries that have joined the European Union in recent years," but that the U.S. missile defense system, that Putin abhorred, was intended for Poland. The article continues:

"[Poland] sent troops to the U.S.-led war in Iraq and recently boosted its contingent in Afghanistan to some 2,600 soldiers."

U.S. Patriot missiles are expected to be deployed in Poland this year. That was a Polish condition for a 2008 deal -- backed by both Kaczynski and Tusk -- to host long-range missile defense interceptors.

The deal, which was struck by the Bush administration, angered Russia and was later reconfigured under President Barack Obama's administration.

Under the Obama plan, Poland would host a different type of missile defense interceptors as part of a more mobile system and at a later date, probably not until 2018.

We wonder whether Russia got that 2018 date in writing on the nuclear-reduction deal, since after all Obama is doped enough by his fellow pimps to cater to Putano's passions.

This just out in Reuters:

"Turmoil in Kyrgyzstan has thrust the fate of the Manas air base -- which is crucial for fighting the Afghan war -- to the forefront of rivalry between the United States and Russia.

Russia has long dreamed of evicting the United States from Central Asia and a Russian official said [April 8] that Moscow would urge the interim Kyrgyz government to shut the U.S. base.

Suspicions of the Kremlin's hand in the unrest were raised when Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin became the first world leader to recognize the authority of the self-proclaimed government, just hours after it took power.

...'Russia is going to dominate Kyrgyzstan and that means problems for the U.S,' he said. 'Russia will use this as a lever in negotiations with America.'

...'In Kyrgyzstan there should be only one base -- Russian,' a senior Russian official told reporters in Prague after Obama and Dmitry Medvedev signed a landmark treaty to reduce vast Cold War arsenals of nuclear weapons."

It's hard to believe that Obama would be so absolutely stupid as to sign any deal with the country seeking to undo his own Afghan war. But such is a low-down fool, in need of our prayers for wisdom and true nobility. Does he think that by acting like a friend to Russia that Putin will somehow give up his expansionist goals while seeking to undo Western expansionism? Bush couldn't pronounce "nuclear" at times, but at least he wasn't that stupid.

I expect Obombastic to paint himself white in this matter. He has a pompous voice that comes out smelling like roses no matter what his political folly. But how much does the O love the peoples of the world, and care for their suffering? The article answers it: "Some of Kyrgyzstan's new leaders say Washington closed its eyes to rights abuses under Bakiyev because of the base, though many members of the interim government have sympathy with the West." Do I believe this report that Obama cares only for the military base and not the Kyrgyz peoples?

You may have noted that Putin tried to shut the base down, not under Bush whom he feared, but a single month after the taking of Office of Obama, whose bombastic approach Putin doesn't fear. If there's one thing Russian boars don't respect, it's American socialites who hold their pinkies up while sipping.

I'm not ready to accept the idea that Putin will favor and support the new opposition/interim government, for he may have a boar in mind who will "better" rule Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is in a pickle at this time, with the interim government unable to run the country smoothly. Putin has choices. Georgia already suspects that Putin will try to get his man in:

"...'The Georgian President thinks, that it is only up to the Kyrgyzstan's people to decide who should be in the government of Kyrgyzstan,' [President Saakashvili's spokesperson, Manana Manjgaladze] said. 'Despite [Moscow's] denials, according to the information available for us, it is absolutely obvious that Russia is roughly interfering with Kyrgyzstan's internal affairs and is trying to play geopolitical games at the expense of the Kyrgyz people.'

...Michael McFaul, a senior White House adviser on Russian affairs told journalists in Prague on April 8, that what had happened in Kyrgyzstan was not a Russian-sponsored coup.

'The people that are allegedly running Kyrgyzstan - and I'm emphasizing that word because it’s not clear exactly who's in charge right now - these are all people we've had contact with for many years. This is not some anti-American coup. That we know for sure. And this is not a sponsored-by-the-Russian coup. I've heard some reports of that. There's just no evidence of that as yet,' McFaul said."

Of course there is no anti-American coup according to an O-fficial, for if there was, the O would be in danger of proper humiliation signing a deal with Russia at this moment. So, now we know that the O-team will deny what is likely true just to keep O's image untarnished as it celebrates another great "victory."

How's Rasmussen of Denmark/NATO taking all this? He wants to befriend Putin too, or so he says. BUT:

"The Ukrainian president has dissolved the government's commission working toward NATO membership, a sign that the country's ambitious pro-NATO course is over. Viktor Yanukovych per decree dissolved the commission set up by his predecessor Viktor Yushchenko, who was on poor terms with Moscow.

By a separate decree, the president closed another structure responsible for Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine. The bill, which may soon be presented to the parliament should fix the non-aligned status of Ukraine, but the Law on National Security of 2003, under which Ukraine's future is connected with NATO, remains in effect."

Every Western cause and action has an equally opposite Russian cause and retraction.

As terrorism is the West's ticket to Middle East intrusions, lookie here what just came out of the O-dministration's what I think is desperation at all of Russia's victories of late. And, NOTE, what comes out of this screaming mouth involves nuclear weapons:

"The White House [yesterday] warned that al-Qaida is quietly hunting for an atomic bomb, adding urgency to a historic summit next week where President Barack Obama will try to persuade world leaders to step up efforts to keep nuclear weapons out of terrorist hands.

Expectations for decisive action by the 47 countries are low, because existing controls haven't worked as well as hoped and some nations worry tighter regulation will only slow civilian nuclear power projects.

But the White House has high hopes for the two-day summit, where the U.S. and Russia are to sign a long-delayed agreement to dispose of tons of weapons-grade plutonium from Cold War-era nuclear weapons...

If the West doesn't stop its intrusions into Russia's backyard, might some of those old Russian nukes, headed for the trash anyway, be GRANTED, free of charge, to terrorism? It's what Iran wants to do, no doubt, but why not Russia too? Don't tell me that it hasn't crossed Putin's mind. But he's worried that a nuclear explosion conducted by terrorists would only keep Americans in the Middle East longer. Therefore, the sooner he can get Americans out of the Middle East, the better. And that's what this Kyrgyz situation entails. It's now clear, though it wasn't made public until recently, that Obama intends to move the Iraq equipment to Afghanistan more than he intends to bring it to the U.S.

Apparently, it should be expected that the nuclear-reduction deal speaks at some points to Obama's fear of weapons getting into the hands of Muslim rats of no flag-bearing nation:

"Obama has set a goal of securing all of the world's nuclear materials from theft or diversion within four years, and he hopes next week's summit will endorse that objective.

Gary Samore, Obama's chief adviser on limiting the spread of nuclear weapons, said a number of countries are expected to announce Monday that they are taking unilateral actions.

...Sharon Squassoni, a nuclear expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, estimates there are 500 tons of weapons-usable materials in civilian and military reactors that could be targets for sabotage or diversion.

The summit's main focus, Samore said, will be on keeping two key ingredients for a nuclear bomb -- plutonium and highly enriched uranium -- from traffickers and terrorists.

...'A crude but potentially devastating nuclear device can be made with as much of this material as would fit in a six-pack of soda cans,' Cochran said.

...Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser, said Friday that the threat of nuclear-armed terrorists is urgent.

'We know that terrorist groups, including al-Qaida, are pursuing the materials to build a nuclear weapon and we know that they have the intent to use one,' Rhodes said.

...'A 10-kiloton nuclear bomb detonated in Times Square in New York City would kill a million people,' [Hillary] Clinton said, referring to a weapon with explosive power about half that of the U.S. bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Nagasaki...

Didn't the Democrats know of this danger when they were guiltiest in all the world of making lame the Bush war on terrorism??? And NOW do they come out like this to scare the world into their bomb-shelters, when it favors their war on terror??? Those last three words are a phrase that Obama said would not be used by his administration, because, a year ago, he didn't think there was a need for such a war. NOW, the terrorists almost have nuclear weapons in their underwears. My how fast things change.

The statements coming from the O-mouths at this time are for "traumatization," or, for adding drama to Obama's huge gathering next week. We are to view this coming week as yet another O-victory even while the Os confess that the writing is on the wall for the entire West. Everyone knows, a nuclear bomb detonated in the West by the rats is just a matter of time, and everyone wonders whether Russia will be behind it. Where is the victory in this?

Hillary's department has more to say as it pretends to only "now conclude" that Iran has evil nuclear intentions:

"State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said that the U.S. must now conclude Iran has 'nefarious' intentions with its nuclear program, referring to the new centrifuges the Islamic Republic unveiled [yesterday].

Iran unveiled a third generation of domestically built centrifuges [yesterday] as it accelerates a uranium enrichment program that has alarmed world powers fearful of the nuclear program's aims.

The new machines are capable of much faster enrichment than those now being used in Iran's nuclear facilities..."

Democrats wasted, not only the Bush years, to deal with Iran; they also wasted Obama's first year, and are at low momentum in his second year in dealing with it. There will be no world support should Obama decide to take the Bush track on Iran, but how can he take that track which he and Hillary have so mercilessly trounced the past several years and counting. There is nothing to do but wait because Democrats have no other option that can stop the inevitable. The world in the hands of Democrats is a fault-y place. Watch your step, all.

It's 9:07 am. No mouse in here over the past six hours. I'm going back to bed. I wish you all a fine rest on this Sabbath day, and, not to worry, for Armageddon cannot reach the rapture clouds.

April 11

Some ware quick to get on to a conspiracy wagon; I happen to be one of those right now. Others, afraid to be too quick, are too slow or never acknowledge conspiracies. Instead, they just believe what the news tells them. But news media, out of respect for "high standards," are geared NOT to be the first to enter into conspiracy theories, especially when their national leader claims that there is no conspiracy afoot.

Therefore, because the Obama administration came out and said that there is no Russian conspiracy involved in the plane death of the Polish leader (that's a smart political move at this early time, anyway), the O-media darlings are practically forbidden to so much as imply a conspiracy. But I am no Obama darling...and I/you may have at my/our internet fingertips as much info on the event as any major news organization.

It's amazing how quick some wise guys are to frame conspiracy theorists as nutty. How does anyone know that a conspiracy is not responsible in this case? Twenty years ago, globalism was a nutty conspiracy theory, and now globalists are rushing out of the closet for higher recognition. How many countless plots have been involved in the struggle to build globalism, and how many plots have Russians designed to stop globalism? One can only EXPECT conspiracy=laden events in such an atmosphere.

Are all planes asked to turn around and land somewhere else anytime there's thick fog, or is the top air controller trying to hide, on behalf of Putin, a murder plot?

"The pilot of the plane carrying Polish President Lech Kaczynski attempted to land in thick fog against the advice of air traffic controllers, Russia's top investigator said.

'Recordings confirm the nature of the discussions,' Alexander Bastrykin reported to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who heads a commission on the disaster.

Poland's Gazeta Wyborcza paper said earlier the pilot and Kaczynski were advised to turn around and head for Minsk, the capital of neighboring Belarus, as the Smolensk military aerodrome lacked the necessary navigational equipment to receive planes in heavy fog."

Hmm, the Russian location, Smolensk, smacks of "Ashmole."

How can it be that a military airport cannot land planes in fog? How backward is this airport, anyway? Were all other planes turned away in the same way? Did other planes land successfully in fog, on that night and others? Why would the pilot agree to land -- with such important passengers -- when notified about a lack of suitable equipment to land in a fog? The flight wasn't more than a couple of hours long; wouldn't the air traffic controllers -- in consideration of such an important flight -- have called the Warsaw airport to suggest waiting until the fog clears before taking off? I don't know airplanes and airports, but these questions seem valid. Wikipedia has a short article on the airport (not to be confused with the same city's civil airport).

Why is Putin himself being placed in charge of investigating the crash? That gives him the ability to control what info gets out on the event. Conspiracy stories are about to spread wings, as the Polish president was an anti-Communist unhappy with Putin's gas deals. He was about to see Putin about gas deals, says one website.

About the only way to murder him in a plane to Russia is at a Russian airport. Reports vary, some saying the plane went down on the second, others the third or even fourth, landing attempt (multiple attempts make it appear like bad judgment on the part of the pilot). How far was the plane from the airport when it went down? How far from the airport did it first hit the tops of trees? Was it really downed as it approached very close to the airport, or is this report a part of the Putin package of bull? In a situation where pilot or airport controller error is responsible, the plane shouldn't hit tree tops until virtually at the edge of the airport strip.

One webpage claimed that the airport typically takes over responsibility from the pilot(s) for measuring altitude figures as a plane approaches landing. That could allow the airport, if it were up to something evil, to crash the plane into trees deliberately. It was "A spokesman for the regional government [who] said Russian dispatchers asked the crew to divert from the military airport at Smolensk and divert to Minsk or Moscow because of the fog", [italics mine] says one article. And it was the "Air Force General Alexander Alyoshin [who] confirmed that the pilot disregarded instructions to fly to another airfield. 'But they continued landing, and it ended, unfortunately, with a tragedy,' the Interfax news agency quoted Gen Alyoshin as saying."

I don't suppose that Obama, or anti-Communist regimes, will be flying to Russia anytime soon. One could argue that Putin wouldn't be so bold as to down a plane so close to the signing of the nuclear-reduction deal, but then such an opportunity, with a huge Polish delegation on board, doesn't come often to Russia, and Putin didn't likely have the ability to control that flight's timing. In that case, Putin probably didn't have the ability to have the flight's timing during heavy fog. How heavy was the fog, anyway? Was it as bad as the airport info-dispensers claim?

If Putin did down the plane, and if he planned to do it before it took off, the initial plan must have been apart from fog problems. I can't see any possible method aside from a co-plotter being on board before the plane took off at Warsaw (Poland)...which seems like an extreme difficulty but not an impossibility. On the other hand, there may not have been a plot before take-off. Putin may have called the airport manager during its flight to ask what could possibly be done to cause an "accident" using the fog as the "problem." One blog shares:

"A commercial pilot friend of mine says they went around in 100 feet [altitude over the runway], tried to shoot the missed approach, and stalled. At least that's the scuttlebutt among the ALPA folks."

The flight recorder has been found, and so we should be hearing the conversation as it actually happened in the plane's cockpit. Shouldn't we? Let's wait and see.

The 100-feet info reported above couldn't have come to us from the dead crew, so it must have come from the airport info-dispensers. I haven't read elsewhere else that the plane stalled, and don't know how anyone would know such a detail so soon unless it was another part of the "Putin package" let lose on the media. In that scenario, the crash is made to appear due to both fog and airplane old age/malfunction. But the Russians have so-soon committed to yet another problem, the pilots:

"...the Russian transport minister, Igor Levitin, has accused the Polish pilots of causing the crash.

He said the range of visibility at the crash site amounted to only 400 metres, while the prescribed range for landings was 1,000 metres."

The Jerusalem Post could have called it's article on the topic many different things, but suggests a potential conspiracy theory by naming it: "Putin heads crash investigation." Poland will call an election, and we can expect Putin to wish to his luckiest star that a pro-Communist gets in. But how likely is that, where the majority of the Polish population wonders whether Moscow just murdered its leader. I should be re-visiting this event as more info comes in. We're keeping in mind that the Polish delegation was on it's way to partake in a memorial of a cold-blooded murder, by the Russian Red Army in 1939, of Polish politicians and military personnel, which memorial is meant in-part as a slight/insult to Putin and all other KGBer types. This crash adds to the pain in that most on board were politicians, high-ranking military people, and other government workers.

I am sure that the Israeli Defence Force is reading my updates (kidding). On April 7, I wrote: "I would seize the West Bank completely, if I were the Israeli leader at this time. Palestinians would be given the choice of living peacefully in Israel, or moving out." Then, last night I found the headline: "IDF order will enable mass deportation from West Bank":

"A new military order aimed at preventing infiltration will come into force this week, enabling the deportation of tens of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank, or their indictment on charges carrying prison terms of up to seven years.

When the order comes into effect, tens of thousands of Palestinians will automatically become criminal offenders liable to be severely punished."

This strict measure is no doubt fall-out from the pressures on Israel to form the Palestinian state. It amounts to a back-lash against anti-Israelis, but it has some good substance to it too, in that it can be designed to rid the Jerusalem area of bad apples. It can only reap more bad press, ultimately, and will send Obama an even stronger message that Israel has its own rulers to make decisions.

In Iraq, little is being done. Maliki is still calling for a re-count. If stalemate continues long, an international body may worm it's way in to referee the deadlock. With the O clearly favoring the Allawi Sunni, might not the international body do the same:

"U.S. officials are watching with concern as spasms of violence burst from Iraq's unsettled election, but worry more over prospects for long-term stability should political leaders assemble a government that sidelines and enrages the country's minority Sunni population.

...'The only thing that would cause us to re-examine whether violence is imminent is if there is less than adequate Sunni representation,' said a military official. 'That would be a problem. That is a potential catalyst for violence.'

...But some officials said that a new government that excludes Sunnis and threatens renewed brutality might endanger U.S. troop plans [to withdraw].

...'A timeline is for planning purposes. It is up to the Iraqis to tell us they are ready to take the next step,' said a Defense official, who, like the military official, spoke on condition of anonymity because of the extreme sensitivity. 'That is something Gen. Odierno is watching very carefully.'

...Despite their backing for Sunni representation and concern about al-Sadr, military officials insist the U.S. government is not taking sides in negotiations over the new government. American officials are trying to monitor the backroom dealings, in part to make sure that the Sunni minority is offered more than just token representation.§ion=104

THERE WE HAVE IT, the contradiction: the Americans are NOT sticking their noses into the problem, the media is told, but the Americans ARE sticking their noses into the problem, the media ultimately reports. We continue:

...'Are we concerned about Iranian influence? Yes,' said the [U.S.] military official. 'Are we tracking it closely? Absolutely. Are we at the point where we think Iranian influence will drive government formation? Not yet.'

Military officials are hesitant to predict who will ultimately become prime minister. Some said it is unlikely that either al-Maliki or Allawi, the leading candidates, will get the job. As in 2005, during the last drawn-out negotiation, the job could go to a dark horse [!!!].

'The process is slow; there is going to be a compromise candidate; security is going to be tenuous,' said the defense official, laying out a possible scenario. 'Then, toward the end of the summer, something is going to pop.'"

We are not going to be told by the U.S. military that it has large control of the outcome of this problem. We can place bets on its being heavily in the thick of things, that admission seems to be forcing its way to us already. How in Hell's fiery licks does he know that a new leader is going to pop at the end of summer? Why "pop," as in a jack-in-the-box surprise? Why is he a "dark horse." Shouldn't Obama have his man-of-choice already chosen, and shouldn't the American military, acting on the O-behalf, be trying to worm that man into the throne?

I want to get back to the mouse that avoids my trap. It's a wise mouse, and fearless. I met it four or more weeks ago as it ran out in front of me. I tried to find something to swat it, but it got away. Moments later, it popped out into the theater of my feet again by surprise, causing me for the second time to do a little of the female freak-dance we've seen in cartoons or America's Funniest Videos. It got away again, slipped into the night of the crawlspace below the kitchen floor, and to my absolute amazement, did never come back again, over four weeks or more, not even to taste the juicy piece of sausage I had in the trap. I figured he got eaten up by something, but then I heard it inside the floor.

Weeks later, it was 5:55 pm on a Friday, time to cut off from work, start the Sabbath (I don't celebrate it with any rituals), and thank the Lord. I sat on a step ladder talking to Him with a beverage. I dropped the bottle on the floor, got another one and sat back down on the ladder. Out came a mouse from under the plastic make-shift drapes to keep work-area dust from the kitchen.

It was grey but with a rusty-brown patch on its mid-section. It ran past the trap but wouldn't bite, very unusual. It came out and sipped the drink three times, not three feet from my feet. It kept eyes on me, but was seemingly unafraid. It was right under my nose. Its buddy got killed in a trap just days before.

The next day, I resolved that some specific mice incidents (the ones that woke me up on four occasions, as pointed out in previous updates) were Intended to point to Putin's rising in world power. It was while wondering at that moment whether Putin had anything to do with the anti-Christ, that something struck me about the previous night's mouse incident. Proud and confident, that mouse came out of the shadows, in the clear opening of my sight, and was right under my nose. Was this a Sign, therefore, that the anti-Christ has already, or will shortly, come out to reveal himself, right under our noses? Was the brown spot something of a clue?

Does a mouse somehow represent an aspect of the anti-Christ?

I still cannot bring myself to accepting Putin as the anti-Christ. He's not anti-Israeli, it appears, and even if he were trying to mask hatred for Israel, I don't think he could keep it from spilling out somehow.

I could be wrong about this mouse incident, but just in case I'm not, I thought to mention and record it here so that if it turns out to be significant, you won't think I made the story up. I would dislike it if I were to identify the anti-Christ based only on a string of mice incidents. People would surely think me to be nuts, and would ignore me, which may be just how God wants to reveal the "dark horse" at this "early" time.

The mouse trap was still set last night, the plastic bags lined the entryway into the bedroom. No mouse was here, apparently, last night. Other mice, when they know there's food around -- and there's almost always some pieces of food on the floor as this is a construction site that isn't swept daily -- can't resist coming in nightly. This mouse is different. It avoids destruction.

If you're interested in the Russian conspiracy that is the Kyrgyz coup, with Obama looking very bad in all the world for supporting a nepotist ruler, see here.

On the plane crash, we have the following update: "The recordings that we have confirm that there were no technical problems with the plane,' chief investigator Alexander Bastrykin said during a meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the site of the crash." Another article:

"Air transport regulator Rosaviatsia's chief, Alexander Neradko...says the Tu-154 struck an 8m-tall tree at a distance of 1,200m from the runway. At this distance the tri-jet should have been at a height of 60m, he says, the standard for a 3° glideslope.

'The aircraft proceeded to strike more trees, broke up in mid-air, hit the ground and exploded,' he adds.

...The aircraft came down about 300m from the runway, he says...

There's nothing impossible about this situation apart from a conspiracy to destroy the plane, but its being less than eight meters off the ground where it should have been 60 at a time when the landing-strip's people were supposed to be in charge of the plane's altitude could be considered suspicious. You will note that Neradko, the regulator, said there was no sound of the plane as it hit the trees, which could be a story concocted to agree with the false claim that the plane's engine had stalled in causing it to go down. However, it contradicts the report further above that there was no plane malfunction.

April 12

There's little news today. Some comments on Obama's comments can be fruitful:

"...'We know that organizations like al Qaeda are in the process of trying to secure a nuclear weapon -- a weapon of mass destruction that they have no compunction at using,' the president said.

Appearing alongside President Zuma of South Africa before a bilateral meeting, Mr. Obama said that 'if there was ever a detonation in New York City, or London, or Johannesburg, the ramifications economically, politically, and from a security perspective would be devastating.'"

What about a bomb in Israel, Mr. president? What would that do to a country much, much, and much more smaller than yours? What about just two or three bombs in Israel? Isn't that where al Qaeda would start if it had bombs?

By the same reasoning used by Obama above, Iran and/or other Muslim nations would grant a nuclear bomb to al-Qaeda rats because Iran doesn't want to be discovered a responsible party in using it against Israel. Israel is screaming about this scenario right now, but Obama is focused only on a Palestinian-state solution to the nuclear threat.

The problem seems to be that Western leaders, especially Obama, are short-sighted...if they think a Palestinian state will cause all the rats to go away and leave Israel alone. Nay, says Balaam's donkey, it will only encourage them all the more to wipe Israel away so that Arabs can have the entire country. And that's what prophecy tells us, that end-time Israelis will be deported to many countries.

It's hard to know whether the Ezekiel chapters leading up to the Gog chapters of 38 and 39 are referring to ancient, or end-time, Israel, or both, but there are allusions to the Millennium ruled by "David." Especially enlightening in those chapters is the state of Israeli leaders when the lambs of God, painted as the poor, are sent scurrying from their homes, or deported from the country. The Israeli leaders are painted as goats caring only for themselves, and not seeking out the scattered lambs.

And so the Heavenly decree will be that there is only One worthy Leader of the scattered flock, "David," so that He will nullify the Israeli leaders and take his seat as King of Israel. Then, globalists, watch your asses, because, stubborn as they are, they will be lit on fire so that you too will go scurrying away. You won't be seen in Israel with any of your "solutions" any longer. And all your wealth that you have stored up for yourselves, and for your voter blocks, will go to the Israel of David.

One of the most uncomfortable words of Jesus, for me anyway, is where he says that, without producing fruit in our Christian walk, we will be turned away from Eternal Life. If we bury the one talent given us from God, or if we have no soil but only crusty or rocky ground, it's over for us. No faith in Jesus will be able to overcome that outcome.

It's frightening because we may tend to be pessimistic about our own Christian walk. Some are optimistic about their own salvation, and others are scared to death at the thought of the Day of His return. I'm more like the latter than the former. But I'm not writing this for me. I'm concerned about you. Shouldn't I be concerned for you, or do I want to be Judged like the Israeli leaders?

Granted, the Israeli leaders of Ezekiel 34 are said to feed on the scattered flock, and by that I take the meaning to be taxes and other means by which to take the people's wealth. I don't take your money, and I'm sure that Christians interested in the Return of Jesus don't do that either. We have that going for us.

I like to say that evidence of great Faith is where one prepares to live out the tribulation. No one who doesn't want to see Christ prepares to live out the tribulation. Anyone enduring hardship for to see Christ is the one with the proper groundwork of faith, in my opinion. But that in itself is not enough. Ezekiel himself mentions sheep versus goats, or good sheep verses bad sheep who muddy the waters for others, or who butt the weaker sheep away so that they can have the best and most food for themselves.

This is why I am convinced that keeping love for others in the end-times is key to making the King happy. He's watching our thoughts even now to see whether we are preparing only for ourselves, or whether we include extra for others that may be in need. Don't you think that's true? Shouldn't I point it out if I care for you?

Alas, the task is monumental. When some write in to express their inability to have means of making their own preparations, I feel helpless. If God doesn't open the mouth of the earth when we need food most, we are cooked. But what about opening the wallets of those who have means? Can God do that? You bet. And those uncomfortable words that Jesus spoke speak mostly to the wealthier Christians. We are confident that there are wise and faithful wealthy among us who would be literally happy to expend their wealth on the poor of the flock when it's obvious that money has become useless for anything else.

The sooner we identify the beast, and then alert the wealthy Elect that the time has come to make preparations, the better. We all need to tug at the wealthy among us, to set them up as leaders for trib purposes, and work together to use their wealth in the wisest of ways. BUT, they must be convinced that the beast has arrived, or they won't budge for the rest of us.

I hope that you have the same hope as I, that all who are looking for the Return to be sooner rather than later, and all who are watching for the Signs, will be empowered in various ways to alert the Church that the time has arrived. Let that be your fruit for God if you have little money to be of material benefit.

Not all wealthy Elect wish to be leaders, for there must be many elderly who can't act as leaders, and others too physically disabled to take on the required challenges. We all can be leaders if by definition it means doing a good job for God. Not all people work in their daily jobs as though working for God, but that's the kind of leader He seeks. The one who does the right thing when no man is looking, he/she will rule domains (so to speak, anyway), in the kingdom of God. As there is neither female nor male in the Kingdom, we could start to go by that rule in the tribulation. Females, you can be leaders too. Not in the bossy sense, but, as for men, in making the right decisions.

But making the right decisions starts before the tribulation arrives. My problem at hand is to decide how much money to spend on the siding of this house? If I knew the end was seven years off, I would do it as cheaply as possible, ditto for the kitchen cabinets, flooring, etc., and use the savings for trib necessities. But if I don't know when the end will come, I've got to spend enough to make the house attractive enough to sell for a good return, in case I need to move. I regret that at this time, I don't know how much time is left.

I've run out of cash, anyway, so that I can't do more than siding and interior wallboard. I can leave the siding be until the fall, which is what I may do. We might know by then as to the timing of the Return.

This property looks good for a trib retreat. Let me tell you why. I have a large clearing smack beside the house that was a standing grassy swamp. I put trenches through it to drain the water. Fine, all better. And some inches below the very gooky clay (not good as garden soil), there is natural sand, which I think/hope, when mixed with the clay, should produce an excellent garden soil.

In the year and a half that I've been here, not once has my garbage been disturbed by animals. Some have called this surprising thing a curse on the land, but for trib purposes, isn't it more of a miracle? Who wants skunks, raccoons, foxes and the like around when there are vital food operations taking place? Even the squirrels and chipmunks that were here last year have gone away this spring. I just don't get it, but for trib purposes, I think it's great.

Yesterday, and a day before, I saw a wild chicken for the first time cutting slowly across the back yard. Wouldn't it be good if other such food sources started to live around here suddenly?

I think what happened is that I bought a property used as a domain belonging to a large wolf pack. They wolves were smack beside the building site in the first months of my arrival, but they apparently packed up and left after I moved in. They were here because of a (government-protected) water system all around the property that brings in wildlife. YET they must have fed on all the local animals so as to explain their absence now.

I have frogs galore, which may be edible if needed. The marsh (good for growing rice) is just a few hundred feet away, and sits on one side of my "large" tract of land. After a beaver dam, a stream forms with a wide wet-and-grassy area on both its sides that tends to keep small animals out. Further along, there are ponds formed by more beaver dams, which also keep small animals out, and then, past the last dam, the system turns into a rocky, fast-flowing river. By the time one reaches the start of this river, one is on the other side of the property. That river then cuts back toward the road, on the neighbor's property, keeping small animals out as well. But large animals, like deer, can come over, and of course they could be very welcome in the trib.

I didn't realize how good this situation was when I bought the place, for the water is a natural fence so that paying to build a fence is unnecessary in large parts. Having a water system forming a U-shape trap, with some 25 acres inside that U, is one decent spread to keep sheep and goats. The place is mainly forested, but there is tall grass galore beside the water system. I'd say the one grass strip near the house is about 2,000 feet long and up to 800 feet wide. If sheep and goats don't mind getting their hooves wet, it's all theirs for the taking. Free-range chickens galore, no problem. I've never been out past the U to see the rest of the land. In one section, there is a "vast" grassy area, no trees at all. I hear that it was once a farm.

Multiply this situation by millions of times, and we have the global tribulation project. We can only guess at how well God has done His part already by arranging wealthy Elect to own advantageous properties...requiring minimized cost and work to make them effective food-producing sites. I hear that the U.S. government, and likely much of globalism, is doing its darndest to keep people from producing food, and/or distributing it to friends and family, but who but the diabolo would want to restrict something so basic and traditional as that?

What can you do if you have no money for such properties? You can have a website, or advertise the coming of the beast in other ways. Newspaper ads are expensive...unless they're short. And they can be short if one has a website that the ad points to. I've thought to use the want-ads in large cities with something short like this: "ALERT; The Anti-Christ has been identified as Diabolo Finkenstein. See IMMEDIATELY for details." You can do the same with your website, or with anyone else's website that has identified him...correctly. And that's the rub, identifying him correctly. Who will believe that Diabolo Finkenstein is the anti-Christ?

The right to homeschool is very trib-important, or the government can come in and take trib children away for their not being "properly" schooled. For their sake, I think God will win the homeschooling legal battles that diabo-liberals are fighting against us. It would be good if in the trib you had an acceptable home-schooling program ready for your children, or the children of others. We realize that a world education in the trib is not necessary, but for the sake of keeping the children with us, we should home-school them anyway. Anyone want to write an article on that matter? I'd welcome it and publish it, anonymous or otherwise, at my website.

What skills do you bring to the trib table? Can you write about them? I can publish your material, and/or you can easily start your own website. My website has been visible for over a dozen years, and hopefully, it has the right kind of "sheep" checking in. I am aware that the powers that be may have minimized the visibility of tribwatch, but God can do something about that lickety-split. The great thing is, if we do what God wants us to do, like help feed his Elect just before Jesus returns, we will actually find Him helping us to do our work. How great is that?

How much can that help ease our fears of being turned away at the Gate? I don't want to fear death for the poor/bad offerings I've made to Him. I don't want to be mere lip-service. God forbid that my weaknesses should be counted against me, or I am in deep trouble. But God turns our weaknesses into strengths, and ruins worldly rulers using such lowly "fools" as we.

What can I do to help you to help Him? I think God has appreciated tribwatch and helped it along. I think there is important meaning in the website's purpose. Many people have read enough of it to see the importance to which God is calling us. Sooo, when do we all start working together to make this happen in larger ways? There's a right time for everything, and we shouldn't act too soon in certain ways. We have got to identify the beast first, right?

You'll note that I don't have a website with flashy whistles, which is something I don't think He prefers. "It's the message, stupid," He might say. "And whatever you do, don't sell your writings or the writings of any other Christian."

I would suggest that we all start thinking about how our trib properties can become the properties of others. If it's not likely possible for the government to allow more than one family on a property, it can still be used for food preparation for others. I don't think courts will generally allow governments to force an inspection of our foods before we distribute to friends and family, if those friends and family give us written notice that they gladly take the food at their own risk (of food poisoning, whatever).

Should I take the master bedroom if other people are living with me in the trib? Shouldn't I rather take the closet? Should leaders always take the best pieces of meat? Should leaders assign all the work to others while they only give the orders? Do I worry about whether or not I get the best of things since after all it's my property, my money, my food? Or do I lessen the guilt on my heart by taking the lesser parts of the store and giving the best to others?

Like Jesus said, sit at the back, not at the front, for in that way Someone will call you to the front in the end...and a person who placed himself at the front will be asked by that same Someone to move himself to the back to make way for you. The one who puts His words into practice will be on the solid Rock amid the storm. You get it. Serve the least, and you shall be Served by the Greatest.

When the wolves come, they will take the leaders first, and may even leave the servants. It would go better for me if I were not the owner of a trib retreat. I will be taken first to the world's trouble chamber if they don't like what I'm doing. You get it; keep it legal where it's possible. Where they make traditional things illegal just to persecute us, ignore them if it's impossible to keep their new rules. If their new rules include a ban on distributing foods without giving a skincode-based fee/tax to the government, don't obey, but go argue your case in court. If you've been a servant, God will speak through your mouth at that time.

April 13

Here's a twist on the Allawi situation:

"On [April 10], the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad said Sunni participation was essential in the next government; that was interpreted as a subtle endorsement of Allawi. On a visit to Saudi Arabia, Talabani said Sunday that Iraq's neighbors favored a unity government with all Iraqi components. Saudi Arabia has also welcomed Maliki's main Shiite rivals in the last two weeks.

Representatives of Allawi's coalition are expected to visit Iran this week. Parties have also made stops in Turkey, Qatar and Jordan."

Iran supporting Allawi? Who would have thought? Perhaps Iran has had a falling out with Maliki, who yesterday lashed out at neighbors for meddling in the election process.

A couple of days ago, I was re-reading Daniel 11. That's what I do when I'm desperate for some clue I may have missed, and besides, I wanted to read it with the new situation in Iraq in mind. When I got to verse 20, something hit me: the word "anger." I could never understand why the king of the north of that verse, who precedes the anti-Christ of verse 21, is said to be broken, but not in anger or in battle. Why was "anger" used? It sounds as though he goes away satisfied, peacefully, or at least without an argumentative fight.

The reason that the word struck me was that, ever since Allawi did well in the election, he has not shown anger. I was even going mention this in an update, that unlike Maliki he is calm. Granted, I have never seen him on television live, nor live in real life, and the only means I have for making an assessment of his character is by the things I read. But my assessment has been that he does not speak with anger.

The point is, could "anger" have been inserted in verse 20 to indicate Allawi? If so, does this mean that the next king, of verse 21, will be the one who replaces Allawi? If so, the implication is, not only that Allawi wins the honor of the kingdom, but moreover that the king of 21, who is not granted the honor of the kingdom, breaks Allawi's power, though not in battle and not in such a way as to make him bow out in anger.

Although it's not at all solid that "anger" is a clue for Allawi, nor is it certain in the first place that verse 20 is of the end-times, I'll be looking for such a situation to develop where Allawi accepts his post-election defeat by some "dark horse" coming with intrigues in his mouth. But how can a man arise who takes power while the people don't want him (verse 21 says he's rejected, some translations even say "despised"), and while Allawi steps aside without anger? Will he be paid off? Will he agree with the arguments posted by the dark horse as to why he should rule instead? Will it be an international decision to have the dark horse placed in power, and is that why he will be rejected/despised?

The first requirement of the anger=Allawi theory is that Allawi is now being said to be in the best position to form the next government. AINA has this headline, for example: "Iraqi PM's Prospects of Second Term Increasingly Slim". "'I believe Maliki's chance to win the PM post has become very weak,' said Yahya Al-Kubaisy, a researcher at the Iraq Institute for Strategic Studies. At this point, the prime minister is very likely 'out of the game,' he added."

Here's one outlook/prediction: the ant-Christ steps in without a military battle to replace Allawi, and the Sunni do not take up arms (or at least not many) to protect Allawi's position...because the anti-Christ also supports the Sunni, who are happier with the dark horse's promises to them? Seeing this development, Allawi realizes that he has no choice but to step aside, grudgingly no doubt, but accepting of the situation...because his Sunni blocks, who were the reason for his victory, have gone over to the anti-Christ. The Shi'ite majority despise this dark horse (as do the Kurds), and they end up at war against him; he takes over the country solidly with his "few" Sunni/Baathist fighters...who even now have years-long plots in place to topple the government.

Can anyone identify the dark mouse at this time? I can't. Is it Obama himself? Is that what the brown spot on my grey mouse meant, a Negro?

If Obama is the anti-Christ, then things are far worse for Christians in the West than I had imagined under the scenario wherein he's the False Prophet. But can it be that Obama will come to speak curses against both Israel and the God of Israel? Hard to believe. And that mouse may NOT have been a Sign, anyway. BUT, Obama is in Mosul/Nineveh (= ancient Assyria) at this time, right where we expect the anti-Christ.

Not that I take for gospel truth anything that A-Madman says, but the following may have some interest to some:

"Iran's president [yesterday] accused NATO of terrorism and demanded U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon open an investigation of the alliance's presence in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In a letter to U.N. chief, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said captured insurgent leader Abdulmalik Rigi had confessed NATO members were backing his Jundallah insurgency, which says it is fighting for equal rights for the Sunni minority in southeastearn Iran.

In recent years, Jundallah has claimed responsibility for bombing attacks that have killed dozens, including five senior commanders of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard in October.

Ahmadinejad said 'there is concrete evidence on the involvement of intelligence and security services of at least three countries supporting his (Rigi's) terrorist operations.' He did not identify the countries.

U.N. associate spokesman Farhan Haq said the secretary-general received the letter [yesterday] afternoon 'and it is now going to be studied.'"

It's not unbelievable that Obama would sanction the NATO support of Sunnis attempting to down Amadinejad's revolutionary forces, as those forces represent the epitome of the war against the United States since the early 1980s. Apparently, Iran is feeling a little frightened by Obama's war on Afghan "terrorism" because it senses that it's really a war against Iran.

Here's a scary thing:

"GOOGLE CEO and Obama political activist Eric Schmidt declared this weekend that his machines will help decide what news you receive!

News sites should use technology to PREDICT what a user wants to read by what they have already read, Schmidt told the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NEWS EDITORS, where a few humans still remained in the audience.

'We're all in this together.'"

What this is telling us is that Google, and perhaps Obama too, want to keep track of everything we read and go to online. Is this what the people want their governments to be doing, recording their private lives for financial gain? What sorts of schemes are to be implemented against people who regularly visit sites that oppose Obama's government? Apparently, Google is in bed with Obama's government. I've wondered whether that company was named secretly after "Gog"?

The article continues: "He envisions a future where technology for news editing could help tailor advertisements for individual readers" That's already being done by Google, and it allows Google to charge advertisers more money if the advertiser wants ads to target more-likely buyers. If the advertiser wants to target 20-30 year-olds, no problem, but there's an extra dollar to be paid for that special service. In the meantime, when we become accustomed to having search engines record details of our internet activity -- and why not also phone calls -- the government can purchase some of that special information to do any kind of work, including its dirty political work. It's Watergate a million times worse, but Democrats won't mind this at long as they're in power.

And speaking of spy networks:

"In response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the FBI has formally acknowledged a file existed on President Barack Obama's grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, that was destroyed May 1, 1997.

The FBI previously released some 600 pages of the FBI file of Frank Marshall Davis, the Chicago-based journalist and poet who as a member of the Communist Party USA retired in Hawaii and befriended Dunham.

Obama frequently sought advice from Davis during the future president's elementary and high school years.

...Until the FBI's response to the FOIA request, there was no public disclosure of the existence of a file on Obama's grandfather.

The file raises the question whether the FBI considered Dunham to be a national security risk, possibly because of his association with Davis.

WND previously reported Davis, frequently accompanied by young Obama and his grandfather, sold marijuana and cocaine from a Chicago-style hot dog cart Davis operated near his home on Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki in the early 1970s."

Some believe, as I do, that Obama's mother had a temporary sexual fling with that he was the true father of the current president. The article continues: "Cliff Kincaid, president of American Survival, filed the FOIA request, only to be informed by David M. Hardy, FBI section chief for record/information dissemination in the records management division, that no information was available on Dunham's file because it had been destroyed. Kincaid is also editor of Accuracy in Media's AIM Report. WND contacted the FBI but received no response to a request for comment on this story."

Hmm, a potential closet-Communist now sits on the US throne while simultaneously reducing America's nuclear stockpiles in a deal that makes Russia very happy. Not that Obama is necessarily pro-Russia, but that his pro-Communist mindset as per Frank Davis may be rooted in the devilish Bavarian Illuminati that was, in my opinion, behind the formation (1917) of Lenin-Communist Russia. Not that Obama is necessarily pro-Russia, but that his pro-Communist past may be his devil-controlled subconscious today...that acts in his decision-making to grant Russia some key political gifts. Such a darkened subconscious certainly explains his anti-Israeli positions at the moment.

If Obama were truly anti-Israel, we would expect him to NOT sell Israel weapons:

"According to a recent report from the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, the Obama administration has changed its arms policy for the Middle East: arming the Arab states hostile to Israel and denying arms to the Jewish state. All of these sales to Israel's enemies are beginning to erode the military edge Israel has had to discourage Arab military attacks...

For example, the United States announced April 2 that it had delivered to Lebanon...

In addition, Obama has approved advanced F-16 fighters for Egypt...Obama has also approved the sale of $10 billion worth of arms to Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Meanwhile, Obama has blocked the delivery to Israel of key weapons components needed to upgrade the Jewish state's defense forces...

...And while the Obama administration is doing nothing to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, it has now decided to clamp down on Israel's nuclear deterrent by denying Israeli nuclear scientists visas to the United States....

The U. S. government has also placed an embargo on the sale of equipment needed to upgrade Israel's nuclear reactor...

It's okay for the press to enter into conspiracy theories so long as they're just reporting what other's are saying:

"The crash has also prompted reflection in political circles about whether the [plane crash] incident might have been the indirect consequence of years of competition between the president and Polish prime minister Donal Tusk.

Last Wednesday, Mr Tusk flew to Katyn for a memorial service with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. Feeling snubbed at not being invited, Mr Kaczynski [the Polish president killed in the crash], from a competing party, organised a competing event on Saturday [when the plane crashed] to remember the 22,000 Polish soldiers massacred at Katyn in 1940."

Tusk and Putin together??? Tusk's involvement could explain how a device may have been planted in the plane in Poland i.e. before take-off. Perhaps the device caused the plane's engine(s) to stall at landing. I've read that Tusk is closer to Putin than Kaczynski, and the above tends to prove it.

Apparently, the voice recordings have been made public, but this article does not give us the conversion:

...Black box recordings confirmed that Arkadiusz Protasiuk, an experienced air force pilot, ignored warnings to divert to another airport because of heavy fog...

...As the two sides struggled to communicate in Russian and pidgin English, he said the situation was dangerously chaotic. 'It was hard to guess here if the pilot understood us properly,' he said.

Audio recordings of what was believed to be the pilots talking with the controllers appeared on the internet last night. The pilots could be heard speaking Russian with a heavy Polish accent. International protocol dictates that everyone should have been speaking English.

Tensions between Russia and Poland escalated when a Polish MP claimed that the Kremlin was partly to blame for the tragedy. Artur Gorski, from the Law and Justice party founded by Mr Kaczynski, said the Russian controllers came up with 'dubious reasons' to prevent the plane from landing, suggesting this was because of the memorial ceremony the president was due to attend."

"Dubious reasons"? As in "not really good reasons"??? The fog was not really a good reason to turn the plane away? Is that what I'm hearing? The article tells nothing more on that aspect. But another article says: "Russia engineered plane crash." Those are the words of the Polish MP:

"The Russian government prevented the Polish president's plane from landing four times to divert him from a ceremony to mark the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre, according to an MP.

...'They came up with some dubious reasons: that there was fog over the airport, and that the navigation system didn't work as it was under renovation, and that airport had a short landing strip.'"

Until now, I've not come across articles/blogs that at least start to deal with the key issue that the Smolensk military airport had insufficient means/equipment to land a plane safely in fog. Putin could have arranged with someone at the airport to place the navigation system "under renovation," or even to make it faulty while under renovation.

The airport landing controllers, or at least one of them, on that fateful shift may or may not have known about the murder plot. They/he may have "known" only by astute realization, and so were doing their utmost to have the plane redirected to avoid what they figured might be a government-cooked murder plot. They might have realized because the navigation system was suddenly shelved temporarily as the day of this flight approached. I don't know when the system was frozen, but it may have been recent to the day of the crash; that's what we would like to know.

The article states that another plane was landed safely previous to this flight, though another plane was redirected to Moscow. The question is, why did another pilot decide to redirect to Moscow? Was it because he thought the fog made the landing too dangerous, or because the controllers notified him that the airport's navigation system wasn't working properly? One blogger states:

"Landing in thick fog is done routinely via auto pilot based on GPS. So, if the the weather was not a problem, a GPS jamming at that crucial point on close approach to landing would guaranty a crash. Since no solar flare errupted [sic] at that time leaves us with a faulty GPS system or its jamming in purpose. Jamming done from the surface or from space."

I don't know the experience of the one making that statement, but I tend to think along the same lines at this point. It may not explain why the engine(s) failed on the final attempt to land, but then we don't really know whether the engine(s) did fail or whether this was an early false report from Russian sources to make it appear as though the plane was the reason for the crash. By the way, there were not four landing attempts technically. All but the final descent were fly-overs without nearing the ground too closely for an actual give-it-all-you-got attempt to land.

You can bet your Russian hat that Obama has ordered a secret investigation for to discover any evidence of a Russian-organized murder plot.

All eyes on Allawi and his successor.

April 14

Iran is picking up on the O-scare. While Obama tells the world that Muslim rats are seeking a nuclear device for to blow up America, Iran comes out with: "If the US strikes Iran with nuclear weapons, there are elements which will respond with nuclear blasts in the centers of America's main cities." Is Iran admitting that it seeks Muslim rats to do it's dirty work?

Israel has some American donkeys to contend with:

"Ex-President Jimmy Carter's National Security advisers Zbigniew Brzezinski and former Democratic congressman Stephen Solarz have come up with yet another Middle East peace plan - this one, as published in the Washington Post, relies heavily on...

If the US offer is rejected by either side or both, the two writers advise the United States 'to seek the UN Security Council's endorsement of its framework for peace, thus generating worldwide pressure on the recalcitrant party.'"

"Recalcitrant" means "stubbornly opposed," as when a mule doesn't want to budge even when whipped to get along. The irony is, it's Brzezinski that is the donkey, for it is he who will not obey God in this matter of Israel. He with his partner, Solarz, wrote: "Today, Prime Minister Binyamin conveying an updated version of Dayan's credo - that he would rather have all of Jerusalem without peace than peace without all of Jerusalem."

Their argument is with God, and no matter if He should whip Brzezinski's ass to a bright red shine, the donkey won't change his position. And that's what's going to happen to American Democrats in the last years. They will not repent no matter how severe God's plagues upon them are, or will be, to indicate His displeasure.

One doesn't need to read the Washington Post article on the Brzezinski-Solarz piece to know what the Brzezinski plan is: have Obama make the offer of peace, wait a little while for Israel to flatly reject it, and then impose the two-state solution by power of the barbercrop Quartet...whose job it will be to crop-cut the sacred part of Israel -- Old Jerusalem and it's near-northern sectors -- and grant it to Arabs. One cannot insult the God of Israel more than by granting Zion to those who have made a gross false stench of the Biblical God, for in place of his Son they have placed a violent and egotistical Mohammed, and they have replaced ultimate world dominion by Israel with world dominion by Arabs.

Ironic for the American donkeys now ruling the world, these Arabs seeking world dominion are themselves barbers of sorts: barbarians who will chop the entire heads of Americans off, if they can get their way, and we know that's not speaking figuratively alone. How wise is it to cater to such Arabs, therefore? As wise as any ass.

Yes, let's not make the mistake of thinking that the Western push for a two-state solution is on the behalf of Palestinians, for the West cares nothing for them. Rather, the solution is in hopes of pacifying murderous Muslim elements, meaning that the West is indeed catering to them. But it will do no good to betray Israel by granting anything to these violent types, for they are on a global mission from Allah, and that mission must first and foremost conquer the Western powers.

There's only one way to defeat jihadist Muslims. Repent. Give God what He wants. Eradicate the liberal-sinful agenda in the West, and God will look after the Muslim threat easily enough. But NO! The liberals are in charge of their own destiny, they say, and God won't do it for them. So, for these mules, it will be great punishment without mercy...even after the great and coming whipping.

There is far, far more going on in every globetrotter theater than what the press is reporting, or what the globetrotters are letting on. The Brzezinski-Solarz duo didn't get their piece in the Post without a calculated purpose. I suppose that they want all the world to partake in the coming O-wave against Israel.

Globetrotters are active in Turkey for to oppose the Kurdish militia, but that new war may have the Western purpose of spilling into key parts of northern Iraq:

"The fifth meeting of the multinational committee was [April 11] in Istanbul, a statement by the U.S. Embassy in Ankara said. Delegates from the three nations [= Turkey, Iraq, and the U.S.] agreed on an action plan to fight the Kurdistan Workers' Party, referred to as the PPK.

' 'The Trilateral Action Plan sets out the guidelines for the future work of the committee and contains the actions that should be taken to facilitate joint efforts against the PKK,' the embassy statement reads. 'Participants have expressed their commitment to rapidly work on the implementation of the trilateral action plan.'"

Not only is the O-dministration supporting the Sunni-entrenched party of Allawi, which party can be calculated to be opposed by the Kurds, but it's now decided to actively fight Kurdish military units. How "rapidly" will the American-led war on the PKK take place, and will this have anything or everything to do with the revelation of the "king of the north"?

How quickly have Obama "victories" been turned into humiliations, and are these things coincidental or are there some High Reasons?:

"Kyrgyzstan's self-proclaimed new leadership said on [April 8] that Russia had helped to oust President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, and that they aimed to close a U.S. airbase that has irritated Moscow.

...No sooner had presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev signed an arms reduction pact in Prague as part of an effort to 'reset' strained relations than a senior official in Mr. Medvedev's delegation urged Kyrgyzstan's new rulers to shut the base.

The official, who declined to be named, noted that Mr. Bakiyev had not fulfilled a promise to shut the Manas airbase, which the United States uses to supply NATO troops in Afghanistan. He said there should be only one base in Kyrgyzstan -- a Russian one."

Kim Zigfeld puts it this way:

"Within hours, the rebels themselves were admitting that Russia had staged the coup and declared that they intended to close Manas to the Americans. For all the world, it looked like Obama had been played for a fool.

As I've previously written, the news was even worse in our own hemisphere. Despite the so-called 'reset,' Putin traveled to Venezuela and promised to do for maniacal dictator Hugo Chávez the same favor he had already done for the even more rabidly feral lunatic Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran -- namely, provide both nuclear and rocket technology. Putin also said that Russia would send billions more in weapons to the America-hating Chávez regime, and the two leaders smirked and beamed as they tried to outdo each other with anti-American rhetoric.

The Herald quoted Ariel Cohen of the conservative Heritage Foundation: 'There are powerful constituencies in Russia that treat the United States with implacable suspicion. They also treat President Obama as a naive neophyte.'"

Perhaps Zigfeld and Cohen are short-sighted (no offense intended). Perhaps it's not mere folly or naivety. Perhaps the O-subconscious has every inclination to assist communist and fascist governments while weakening the United States. Perhaps God has secretly allowed a demon to sit on the U.S. throne for to initiate calamities on all obstinate mules. Perhaps I'm being short-sighted. Perhaps it's not his subconscious, but his conscious, that seeks to downsize, or even destroy, every part of America but his own.

For whatever reasons that may not be told, or for a woman-to-woman talk:

"Kyrgyzstan's interim leader told The Associated Press in an interview [yesterday] that her government will extend for a year the lease of a U.S. air base key to the war in Afghanistan.

Roza Otunbayeva said the agreement allowing the U.S. to use the Manas air base will be prolonged after the current deal expires in July.

...U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke with Otunbayeva over the weekend, to offer humanitarian aid and discuss the importance of the U.S. air base. Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake is to travel to Kyrgyzstan on Wednesday for talks including the base status."

Another bribe, it sounds like. Hillary: if you leave the base open, why we'll pop such-and-such millions of dollars into your coup-coffers." Roza: "Deal!" So the O-war goes on in Af-Pak.

What's Putin and A-Madman to do now to get the naive neophyte off their backs? With all that "stimulus" cash he has to dip into to run the country, the O has plenty tax dollars aside to buy deals left and right all over the impoverished world. Meanwhile, Roza feels she has the two super-powers at her disposal, and like an auctioneer, she's raising her price for her loyalty. Which side will be willing to counter-offer higher? After Hillary's assistant, Robert Blake, visited with Roza today, Putin is talking 20 million in a grant and 30 more million in loans. The U.S. will continue to give over 40 million annually, but the counter-offers are not over if Putin can help it:

"Kyrgyzstan's provisional government is holding talks in Moscow today [April 14]..

Interim leader Roza Otunbayeva sent her deputy, Almazbek Atambayev, to a second round of meetings with Russian officials...

Russia and the U.S., which both have air bases in the Central Asian nation, are reaching out to Otunbayeva...

Z-z-z-owie, what ignorant and irresponsible reporting, making Putin and Obama appear like buddies both rolling up their sleeves, not to fist fight, but to be charitable in a common cause. Is it the job of the media to report what the snakes of the world want reported? I was given the impression that news people were to report so that the peoples have a heads-up on the schemes of their leaders.

The article gives hint that Putin wants in on the Afghan mission: "'Russia isn't categorically against a U.S. presence [in Kyrgyzstan]', Lukyanov said. 'It just wants the future to be discussed with Putin and Medvedev -- not with Bakiyev or Otunbayeva.'" Then we read from "Cliff Kupchan of New York-based Eurasia Group...'The Obama administration realizes that to hold on to Manas without consulting Moscow would be asking for trouble.'" It sounds as though Putin, if he can't get away with shutting the base and the war completely, is bucking to call some shots in the O-war.

Stanislav Belkovsky, head of the Institute for National Strategy in Moscow, says that Roza is "pro-western," but that won't stop Putin from trying to get the best of her loyalty, though she likely has no loyalties but to her own government. "Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to name the officials Atambayev is meeting today and said only that 'humanitarian aid' will be discussed. Otunbayeva today discussed economic aid with Robert Blake, U.S. assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asian Affairs, Interfax reported."

The last line of the article finally comes clean, "...does Russia care more about Afghanistan and Islamic extremism or is its priority the elimination of the U.S. presence,' Kupchan said. 'This crisis will serve as a crucible.'"

I don't see further updates today on Iraqi-election developments.

April 15

How many of us know Hillary Clinton instinctively enough to know she's got a coup-plot developing on the dark side of her mind:

"...And just say under Obama's leadership and insistence on his unpopular healthcare bill over jobs, all the spending and exploding deficits, plus the certainty of new taxes to cover his costs, the Democrats in Congress get thoroughly thrashed by the GOP come November. Maybe they even lose control of both houses.

This week a new poll showed Americans now preferring the GOP on a generic congressional ballot. And despite eagerly optimistic recent administration economic claims, the unemployment rate is likely to hang high, and now comes a new ABC News Poll finding national consumer confidence actually waning, not building.

Do you think then maybe by a year from now some Democratic Party bigwigs and money people might be whispering to each other that this arrogant Illinois guy is pulling a Jimmy Carter, constructing a disastrous....

...single term that teed up 12 straight years of Republican White House rule?

Well, it turns out, there is [Hillary Clinton]...hanging around now free of political tussles with an enhanced resume burnished on the world stage, thanks to Obama himself.

And a new CNN/Opinion Research Poll has just revealed that even today Americans like that other Democrat more and dislike that other Democrat less than they do the incumbent Democratic president."

That's all the scary news for today. Always remember, if people like Hillary get into Office, it's only to be Humiliated. The problem is, Americans (or Canadians or Europeans) won't vote for a strictly Biblical Christian. We saw yesterday that Obama will judge a coup good or bad by whether it favors U.S. interests, never mind about ethics or morality. In that case, if Hillary were to urge a "coup" of Obama, he should have nothing to say in disagreement. She'll argue it's for the interests of America.

Obama doesn't like right wingers: "The source said the U.S. president was disappointed that Netanyahu was unwilling to distance himself from his right-wing governing coalition." Ah, er, excuse me, Mr. Obimbo, but Netanyahu has a certain responsibility to govern along side his government coalition, and you are in no position to make that decision for him, anyway. How about you go first; stop listening to your government partners, spit in their faces and take a political nose dive while you're at it, and then maybe you'll be more justified in asking other national leaders to stop listening to their partners.

Allawi's inviting the the West to his party:

"Former prime minister Ayad Allawi...warned [yesterday] that the country could slide into a sectarian war if his group is shut out of the next government and said the United States should work more aggressively to prevent that from happening.

...If the United States and the United Nations do not step up during what is widely expected to be a months-long political vacuum, they will leave behind an unstable nation and region when they depart, he said.

It doesn't sound so much like an invitation to the West as it is a plea for help in winning the Iraqi throne.

We wonder what Putin might be doing to thwart the West's fingers in Iraq at this time. Assuming he's just waiting for them to leave, I suspect that Putin is in contact with the epitome of the neo-Saddam-loyalists. Allawi, on the other hand, though opposing de-Baathification and having Baathists enlisted in his political machine, is not likely to invite extremist Baathists into his government. It is the extremist Baathists that I envision taking Iraq with the anti-Christ. These don't want a democracy Western style; they want an Arab dictatorship as before.

The circumstances as they now stand, should Allawi come up breathing in the election mud, will be a tug-or-war for the hearts and loyalties of all kinds of Baathists. Allawi will seek to pacify extremist Baathists and only then bring them on board his government. But the hard-liners, ruled on the one hand by the aging al-Douri, and on the other hand by a Moscow-trained Baathist (now in Syria, I think, can't recall his name, shame on me), are predicted to resist Allawi's plans for peace based on total integration.

There's nothing so extremist as al-Qaeda, whose leaders are literally insane:

"Iraqi and U.S. security officials say Iraqi forces have foiled an al-Qaida in Iraq plot for a 9/11-style attack to hijack airlines and fly them into Shiite holy shrines.

Two senior Iraqi officials told The Associated Press [yesterday] they have arrested two men allegedly linked to the plan, which shut down the airport in Najaf for days and Baghdad airport for hours last week.

Two senior U.S. intelligence officials in Washington confirmed the plot but said it's doubtful the alleged plotters were very far along in their planning -- or even had the ability to carry it out."

The ambition is still there; de-moralization has not yet destroyed the al-Qaeda-in-Iraq movement after seven years. This plot seems timed for after the American fighters leave. What else are they planning for that time? Will Obama not be able to re-send the fighters, even if all Hell breaks free, due to lack of funding? The Bible (2 Thessalonians 2) does say that Hell will break free of God's retraining the Appointed Time.

Election mud is an ingredient for splitting a nation's armed forces:

"But Ayad Allawi...said that if he led the next government, he would overhaul the army and the police, contending they were still 'riddled' with terrorists, despite continuing efforts to rid them of sectarianism.'

...'We need the coalition forces and the U.S. Army to work with us, especially in the coming days, because we are afraid that we will face inner loyalty problems among the armed forces,' said Lt. Ahmed Abood, 36, an Iraqi Army officer in Baghdad."

Assuming a civil war as per a Sunni-Shiite split in the army, won't all Baathists come together for the common cause of toppling Maliki et al? Yes, but the Baathists and other Sunni will have various hopes and aspirations, and the devil-incarnate is expected to side with the most violent types because the devil prefers dictatorship over democracy.

There's a Maxwell smart-guy who thinks he knows the mud's outcome: "'The guys here are cautious,' said Colonel Maxwell, speaking about his Iraqi counterparts. 'This is going to be the first successful change in power. They've never seen it.'" The Americans are already decided that Allawi is going to win this, but note how Maxwell thinks it will all be "successful." That must be the message from Obama, for, after all, he thinks he's a great one whose roads all turn to gold.

I think Obama wants to get Iraq's fighters out to Afghanistan; I think that decision has been made, wherefore, in the face of the current threat, and with his military leaders biting their nails a bit, Obama is saying to them, "Not to worry, everything's going to be just fine." And so they all say the same, "Just fine, everything's going to be just fine. Obama's in charge."

With Obama's forces out, the UN may need to come in and fill the vacuum. And the UN is not an American-led organization. Russia is on the board of that beast, and all sorts of nations, with mentalities we're not familiar with, are members. Anyone with info on what the UN seeks to do in Iraq, from here on in, let me know.

It seems the UN is largely anti-Israeli at this time because the UN must have an end-time role. The Bible does say that God acts against all (not necessarily every last one) nations at Armageddon. How better can all nations poise themselves against Israel but through the United Nations?

Put is now asking, ALREADY, even before Roza has time to catch her breath, for a second military base in Kyrgyzstan. This is not unlike say, "We'll give you 20 million, Roza baby, but what do we get in return besides your pretty face?"

Not many months ago, Russia was implicated in the opposition movement in Georgia that had started street protests and the like there, very akin to what just happened in Kyrgyzstan. NOW, the leader of the opposition is crying the blues for Russian support, and even pushing Putin as a global-security tool:

"Irakli Alasania, leader of opposition Alliance for Georgia and Tbilisi mayoral candidate, said he deemed it important 'to seriously start thinking about establishing normal relations with the Russian Federation', calling it Georgia's 'vital interest.'" 'The Russian Federation has a special role in global security...'

'Despite the current difficult situation, which at a glance looks like to be a deadlock, I think that resources to launch political dialogue between the Russian Federation and Georgia exist,” Alasania is quoted by the newspaper."

I dunno. Maybe Putin has offered Alasania some new deal that looks more attractive than what the Americans have mustered, and maybe he's very disappointed with Amero-NATO relations with his country. But unless Georgian voters are willing to accept the break-away of the two territories that Russia took from Georgia in 2008, I don't think Alasania has a hope of being elected to power. The point is, Putin seems to be on the up-swing in all areas of his border. He's the pop-star right now, and all the world has caught wind of the O's low ratings. Those ratings have been steadily declining without a spike in months. Putin, on the other hand, has had only to protect his great popularity at home, and has taken only minor scuffs from political foes.


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