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April 5 - 9, 2010

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April 5

I share many articles obtained from a Catholic website called the Assyrian International News Agency, so much so that I once mentioned this media to likely be the first to reveal the Assyrian anti-Christ to us. Not that the organization believes in or is concerned with the anti-Christ; I have never read a word of him in its articles, and after emailing AINA myself to warn that they were doing the wrong thing by seeking to return Assyrian "Christians" to Mosul, I didn't get a reply. Ther article below was out yesterday:

"Christians have been in Iraq for 2,000 years, but so many have now fled due to attacks by Islamic extremists that their communities are disappearing. With other faiths also facing extinction, the character of the country could change forever."

The article mentions a satanic-like Yazidi religion among the Kurds of modern Mosul, so I looked into it and found some interesting things connecting it to a Western Illuminati with peacock symbol, but going back in time to what I think were pagan Hebrews of Abraham's and possibly Nahor's bloodline in Haran. Let's start by showing the Biblical characteristics of this illumination cult:

"In the Yazidi belief system, God created the world and it is now in the care of a Heptad of seven Holy Beings, often known as Angels or heft sirr (the Seven Mysteries). Preeminent among these is Tawuse Melek (frequently known as 'Melek Tawus' in English publications), the Peacock Angel. According to the Encyclopedia of the Orient,
The reason for the Yazidis reputation of being devil worshipers is connected to the other name of Melek Taus, Shaytan, the same name the Koran has for Satan.

...Tawuse Melek is often identified by Muslims and Christians with Shaitan (Satan). Yazidis, however, believe Tawuse Melek is not a source of evil or wickedness. They consider him to be the leader of the archangels, not a fallen angel.

...The Kiteba Cilwe 'Book of Illumination', which claims to be the words of Tawuse Melek..."

Okay, let's cut it there before continuing. We see seven angels, as with Revelation, and later in the article we read that this religion had a follower writing a "Book of Revelation" in the 20th century. Revelation also has seven eyes as a symbol of Christ, while eyes/illumination are the main symbols of the peacock in this cult. We can explain this by suggesting that Yazidis find some sort of affinity with the book of Revelation...and yet they were hardly Christians.

My theory has been that God speaks destruction in the Biblical Book of Revelation to the dragon cult using their own symbols. It appears possible, therefore, that God used seven angels to symbolize plagues specifically on the Yazidi and/or proto-Yazidi cult. In the same way, our Revelation may have used seven eyes on the slain Lamb to speak to that same cult's eyes=illumination. If this idea is correct, we might expect Isaiah's "Assyrian" = anti-Christ to come from the Yazidi fold around Mosul, or even from the Western peacock cult that we will shortly meet.

How can it be coincidental that both the Muslims and the Yazidis have the same term, "Tawuse Melek" versus "Melek Taus"? In Islam, this character refuses to worship Adam, and for that sin he is cast down to earth as Satan. The Yazidi, on the other hand, honor Tawuse Melek as God's right hand angel for not bowing down to Adam. The Yazidi version smacks of the god of Freemasonry, Lucifer, but my main point is that Islam seems to have the same bloodline root as the Yazidi cult in some proto-Yazidi group of peoples. Could it be possible that they both trace to Arphaxadites and their Aryan allies in ancient Assyria? That was the crux of the dragon cult that I also call the Eden cult or Nephilim cult (I don't deny the Biblical account of Adam and Eve, but feel that some early groups fresh off of the Ark distorted the account to suit their own religious whims).

Aside from tracing true Arabs to Arphaxadites of Assyria, I learned that their city (Arabkha) was renamed Kirkuk when the Guti took it over. Many report that Kurds trace back to the Guti, wherefore an old Arab-Guti relationship in Assyria likely explains why both Muslims and Yazidis have similar background stories to their respective religions.

It's certainly very apparent that Yazidis, as with Arabs, trace back to Semite/Hebrew carriers of the Adam and Eve account, but let's please not try to link Yazidis to the lost ten tribes of Israel. Of special note that Wikipedia conveniently avoids, "Tawuse" is very similar to "Tiwaz/Tiwas," a version of "Zeus" in the Luwian (= proto-Lydian) empire.

Another special note is that the Yazidi cult is predominantly of Caucasia, Armenia, and the Mosul area in Iraq -- exactly where the Hyksos cult was just traced days ago -- though a "Hyk(sos)"-like branch is spread further east into the Zagros mountains, exactly where the Iranian sector (i.e. the Kassites>Guti) of the Zeus cult arose. "Yazidi," possibly having a "Gazidi" alternative, smacks of the Kassites that I think morphed into the "Guti" (both lived in the Zagros mountains in times not long after Abraham) and later into the "Azzi" of the Hyksos-related Hayasa Azzi.

Hmm, isn't the anti-Christ out of Mosul to assist Gaza as one of his first tasks? I did trace the Kassites to the founding (in pre-Philistine times) of Gaza and nearby Gath as well. Hmm, the Hyksos were also in Gaza when freshly booted out of Egypt by the Big Boot of God.

I did NOT trace the Hyksos to Caucasia and to Nahorites this past week due to a sneaky attempt to tie Hyksos to this Yazidi article, for I came to the article only as a result of the AINA article dated and published April 4, AFTER I published the Hyksos material in the last update. That's why I'm taking this Yazidi topic seriously, as though the anti-Christ might be one.

Some of you know that I trace Hyksos to Hykes/Hack-like surnames of Western Europe, so lookie here as we continue quoting from the article: "...Yazidis, who have much in common with the followers of Ahl-e Haqq (in western Iran)..." Then, at the Ahl-e Haqq article:

"The Haft Tan 'Seven Archangels' are key figures in the Yaresan [= Haqq] belief system and their history...
1. Benjamin, considered the incarnation of the archangel Gabriel
2. Dawud (David), the incarnation of the archangel Michael...

There we see once again Biblical characters, or shall we say a satanic mix with Biblical characters. Benjamin and king David are important Biblical characters in British-Israeli sectors of Freemasonry, and in another Zionist Illuminati cult, that of the Jehovah's Witnesses, the archangel Michael is THE proto-Jesus.

It doesn't matter that "haqq" may mean something in Arabic or Kurdish other than a surname or a people group of long ago, for Illuminati cults tend to use terms for their organizations with double meanings, the purpose of which is to link themselves secretly to an older term but by providing another definition for the similar new term...that outsiders are to swallow.

The "Yaresan" alternative for the Ahl-e Haqqs is much like the "Hrazdan" river (= Aras tributary) passing through Jerevan/Yerevan, and that the "Haft Tan" smack of the "Halfdan" Rus vikings. As we saw that the Hyksos of the Jerevan region were discovered as per the trace of mythical Ixion to Erzurum and neighboring Artvin, so "Yerasan" and "Hrazdan" smack of Arthur variations such as "Arzawa" (Luwian empire). It is difficult for me to distinguish between the Arthurian cult and the Hyksos, in fact. The two crop up together again and again; the first time I caught wind of the relationship was in the Arthur surname merger with the Hicks/Hix/Hykes surname, also "Hack" or "Hake."

The Arthur cult (of Rus in Britain) was traced back both to Halybes and their Khaldi cousins smack at Amazon territory wherein the Hayasa Azzi lived, smack next to Erzurum. Wikipedia: "Yazdanism is a term introduced by Mehrdad Izady to denote a group of native Kurdish monotheistic religions: Alevism, Yarsan and Yazidism..." The Yarsan are likewise the Ahl-e Haqqs, but I've also examined Alevism in the past and concluded likely links back to the Halybes of Syria. In fact, the current winner of the Iraq election, Allawi, may be named after this sect of Islam.

You may recall that I found undeniable proof for linking the Pollock surname to the Peacock surname, and the two in turn to Rus vikings of the Macey/Mackay fold. You may even recall that the Peacock Coat uses mascles in depicting the Meschin bloodline:

...Another important festival is the Tawusgeran (circulation of the peacock) where Qewals and other religious dignitaries visit Yazidi villages, bringing the senjaq, sacred images of a peacock made from brass symbolising Tawuse Melek.

...The Theosophical Society, in its electronic version of the Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary states:

Yezidis...A sect dwelling principally in Kurdistan, Armenia, and the Caucasus, who call themselves Dasni. Their religious beliefs take on the characteristics of their surrounding peoples, inasmuch as, openly or publicly, they regard Mohammed as a prophet, and Jesus Christ as an angel in human form. Points of resemblance are found with ancient Zoroastrian and Assyrian religion. The principal feature of their worship, however, is Satan under the name of Muluk-Taus. However, it is not the Christian Satan, nor the devil in any form; their Muluk-Taus is the hundred- or thousand-eyed cosmic wisdom, pictured as a bird (the peacock).

Idries Shah, writing under the pen-name Arkon Daraul, in the 1961 book Secret Societies Yesterday and Today, describes discovering a Yazidi-influenced secret society in the London suburbs called the 'Order of the Peacock Angel'..."

Now look it. The American military in Iraq really likes the Yazidis:

"...In her memoir of her service with an intelligence unit of the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division in Iraq during 2003 and 2004, Kayla Williams (2005) records being stationed in northern Iraq near the Syrian border in an area inhabited by 'Yezidis'. The Yezidis were Kurdish-speaking, but did not consider themselves Kurds, and expressed to Williams a fondness for America and Israel...

In an October 2006 article in The New Republic, Lawrence F. Kaplan echoes Williams's sentiments about the enthusiasm of the Yazidis for the American occupation of Iraq, in part because the Americans protect them from oppression by militant Muslims and the nearby Kurds. Kaplan notes that the peace and calm of Sinjar [= a Yazidi town] is virtually unique in Iraq: 'Parents and children line the streets when U.S. patrols pass by, while Yazidi clerics pray for the welfare of U.S. forces'" (article above).

You may have been reading where the blue Indian peacock was traced to the Sintians of Lemnos, or Mormonism, but then also to the Sindi of northern Caucasia and to the latter's founding of the Indus valley in Pakistan. The blue Indian peacock is used not only by the Peacock surname but also the Comerford surname, the latter perhaps derived from a Gomer-like term and therefore possibly representing some British Cimmerians...originally from Iran (i.e. as with the Yazidi) but then removed to northern Caucasia.

In the Yazdanism article, where Yazdanism is the proto-Yazidi/Haqq religion(s): "...The adherents of these faiths were referred to as the 'Sabians of Harran'..." Hmm, Haran is where Abraham stopped with Nahor before Abraham came to pre-Israel to found the Israelites. These "Sabians," therefore, a term known to derive from "Sheba," must have been from Sheba, Abraham's grandson through his other wife, Keturah (see Genesis 25). That makes a lot of sense, for Abraham must have been carrying to pre-Israel the Adam and Eve account that ultimately made it to Genesis. The Nahorites (whom I think developed into the Nairi Armenians) must have distorted the Eden account in various ways by the spirit of satan.

Well, there we have it, just in case we find the anti-Christ among the Yazidi and/or related Arabs of Mosul. If the Western Illuminati traces back to the same Yazdanism, we could understand why the Yazidis and related Arabs -- and with the anti-Christ -- might be supported by Western powers when it comes to fulfilling prophecy in the take-over of Iraq.

GREAT NEWS! Well, maybe just plain good:

"A federal judge ruled [March 31] that the National Security Agency's program of surveillance without warrants was illegal, rejecting the Obama administration's effort to keep shrouded in secrecy one of the most disputed counterterrorism policies of former President George W. Bush."

I take it that as of April 1, Obama had to order his people to stop snooping on the American people in the name of terrorism. One could sense that Christians were being set up as possible terrorists upon which to snoop. AHHH, THIS FEELS LIKE A TIMELY, COUNTER-MOVE BY GOD AGAINST THE O-DEVIL.

Really, where are the terrorists if indeed they are trying to terrorize America? Does anyone really believe that, if there indeed is a concerted Arab effort, not one Arab has been able to get away with bombing an American plane over the past seven years? If they were truly trying, Muslims could blow up many planes with something in the range of a 25-50 percent success rate. OR, they could place suicide bombers in a sports stadiums, subway stations, you name it, EASIER than they get around the US military in Iraq. THERE IS NO TERRORIST PLOT ON AMERICA. It's a fantasy for to have the excuse to be in the Middle East. Arabs never did bomb the World Trade buildings. The rulers are liars, one ruler after the other.

The article throws the ball into Obama's court: "The Justice Department said it was reviewing the decision and had made no decision about whether to appeal." Oh, it may have made the decision all right, but it might not want anyone to know, for if the Obama administration appeals, won't the president look a mite-bit hypocritical as per his denunciation of Bush's spy program, which is now exactly his spy program?

Mrs. Cling-on, can you tell the viewers of American Scorning why you're wearing such a big smile this morning? Is Bill back in good shape?

No, Lance, Bill still doesn't find me attractive, but I can tell you the reason for my happiness. One word: President Obama is making it happen for me.

Can you give us a second word to clarify?

Certainly. 2012. It looks very bright with Obama choosing between one wrong decision and another. The very middle that Obama won over in 08 to defeat me is going express from love to scorn over him, and that means I won't need to wait until 016 before making my move. My move starts today. Here, have one of these cigars.

Can you give us an example of his "one wrong decision after another"?

Like for example he gave Netanyahu the choice between the brutal circumcision of his government and the sacrificing of Jerusalem.

So what are you doing about it?

I'm doing what I do best, getting nasty with Netanyahu.

But how is that helping?

Lance, here, let me light up that cigar. It's helping because the more those men fight, the less Obama succeeds. Just hold your breath and roll that nice thick smoke around in your mouth for a few seconds, then blow it out into a long lingering that. I've worked hard for this day, and now I'm seeing it. All I need to do now is give him the final blow.

You have a final blow? What was the first blow?

Didn't you see how I gave Russia a re-set button that didn't work? Then I slipped the Chinese the news that Obama is not really a Communist, but a Dictocrat of the Bankerfellers. The Palestinians were fuming when they found out, from yours truly, that Obama is a closet Kabalist working for the Rottenchilds. You should have seen A-Madman when I told him that Obama slips on red satin underwear in the White House stock room when everyone's out for lunch. I only found out because that's where I keep my Bill won't find them. So now you know why Iran won't hold Obama's oust-stretched hand. But when I told the pope about the red underwear, he kind'v liked it.

Aren't you afraid of saying these things on public television? Won't Obama hear of it?

Doesn't matter anymore. He's through. Just the final blow now. You're not smoking that cigar right, Lancy baby, you've got to bite it hard with your teeth on one side of your mouth, like this, and then grin with the other side.

I'm afraid to ask, but what's the final blow?

I knew that it was all over for Obama, because he has no political victories to date, and all he had left for an opportunity was Afghanistan. In proper Obama fashion, he gave Karzai the choice between stabbing himself in the chest or stabbing himself in the neck, and then asked me to speak with him this past weekend about whether or not he's ready to give up to American dominance. I suggested that I get extra-nasty with him, and it worked.

It worked? Karzai and Obama are back seeing eye-to-eye?

No, it worked because Karzai went home hissing at Obama and smoking one of my cigars. All I need to do now for the final blow is to huff and puff Maliki's house down, and turn the whole lot of Iraqi governors against the United States. Obama already thinks that this is the right way to go. What a dingbat.

The O-war is frightfully on the brink. If Obama pulls this one off, he might regain his super-star status and send Hillary reeling.

"KABUL, Afghanistan -- President Hamid Karzai lashed out at his Western backers for the second time in three days, accusing the U.S. of interfering in Afghan affairs and saying the Taliban insurgency would become a legitimate resistance movement if the meddling doesn't stop.

...At one point, Mr. Karzai suggested that he himself would be compelled to join the other side -- that is, the Taliban -- if the parliament didn't back his controversial attempt to take control of the country's electoral watchdog from the United Nations, according to three people who attended the meeting, including an ally of the president.

Mr. Karzai blamed the lawmakers' resistance to his move on a foreign conspiracy, they said. The Afghan president's latest remarks came less than 24 hours after he assured U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that he was committed to working with the U.S. That phone call was precipitated by a similar -- but less vitriolic -- anti-Western diatribe Mr. Karzai delivered earlier last week.

...Mr. Karzai's Saturday round of accusations against the U.S. and its allies was the strongest indication to date that the strategy is having little effect on the president.

Instead, the Afghan leader seems as mistrustful of the West as ever...

At the same time, Mr. Karzai is working to improve relations with American rivals, such as Iran and China...

One lawmaker who attended the meeting, Gul Badshah Majidi, said that if Mr. Karzai persisted in attacking his government's Western allies so openly, the situation would become untenable.

...Those feelings were clear in a speech Mr. Karzai gave [April 1], accusing 'foreign embassies,' the U.N. and the European Union of being behind the electoral fraud and of trying to force him into a coalition government with his opponents.

On [April 3], Mr. Karzai went a step further, saying foreign interference in Afghan affairs fueled the insurgency, according to five lawmakers who attended the meeting.

'He said that the only reason that the Taliban and other insurgent groups are fighting the Afghan government is that they see foreigners having the final say in everything,' said one of the lawmakers.

...President Barack Obama, during a brief visit to Kabul [March 29], pressed Mr. Karzai to clean up the pervasive corruption in his government.

If anything, Mr. Obama's visit appears to have backfired. A businessman with close ties to Mr. Karzai said the Afghan leader was insulted by Mr. Obama's comments and left with even greater doubts about the American commitment to Afghanistan."

What a dingbat. He's made one huge and unnecessary task for himself. Can he now pull off his personal war under those circumstances? He has no place else to send the bulk of his fighters in Iraq but to the United States. Or, if Afghan puppets fail him, might we start hearing once again that the fighters are needed in Iraq after all? There was word last week that the American military would like to send some fighters to Israel, I kid you not. Over Netanyahu's dead body, I figure. Obama has no friends left in the Middle East but the Yazidis and the Sunni, two peoples that I think are at each other's throats...more now than ever on account of the election mud.

But, if Obama has it within him, he could behave a little submissive to some of his new-found enemies and restore some friendships. But only if it's his last alternative to something worse. If I know Obama by now, he seeks top-dog position in any skirmish. Anything less might make the world think he's got cracks in his armor.

It occurred to me that the Yazidi were named after the same that named al-Jazira, not the news media Al-Jazeera, but the Iraqi region of Jazira:

"Upper Mesopotamia is the name used for the uplands and great outwash plain of northwestern Iraq and northeastern Syria which is known by the traditional Arabic name of Al-Jazira, variously transliterated into Roman script as Djazirah, Djezirah and Jazirah. It extends south from the mountains of Anatolia...and includes the Sinjar plain. It extends down the Tigris to Samarra and down the Euphrates to Hit. The Khabur River runs for over 400 km across the plain, from Turkey in the north, feeding into the Euphrates. The major settlements are Mosul, Deir ez-Zor...The eastern, Iraqi part, includes and extends slightly beyond the Iraqi Ninewa Governorate.",_Mesopotamia

The Roman spelling, with a 'D' could explain why the chief tribe of Yazidis are "Dasni." Possibly, the latter term may have derived from the Daiaeni, also "Diauhi" (defined as "the Land of the Sons of Diau"), which I'm tentatively identifying as mythical Dia, wife of Ixion. It's not known by me anyway whether this Dia was the same as Nephele (another wife of Ixion). The Wikipedia article suggests that the Diauhi were the Tao of the Greeks and the Tayk of the Armenians, the latter smacking of Taygete (Sparta) to which I've already traced the proto-Arthurian and Ladon-dragon cult. But as per the link of the same entities to Rus vikings of the Clare fold, which I once or twice thought to trace to Klarjeti, note the following in the Tao article:

"Tao-Klarjeti is the term conventionally used in modern history writing to describe the historic south-western Georgian principalities, now forming part of north-eastern Turkey and divided among the provinces of Erzurum, Artvin, Ardahan and Kars. Tao and Klarjeti were originally only the names of the two most important provinces of the Georgian lands...

...Tao-Klarjeti was ruled by the Iberian Bagratids, and the region played a crucial role in the unification of the Georgian principalities into a single feudal state in 1008....

...The history of the region goes back to 3000 BC [date too early, as it was way before Noah's landing], i.e. the Bronze Age known as the Kura-Araxes culture [Ares et all?]. In the 1st millennium BC, the area was predominantly inhabited by various proto-Georgian people which was divided into the kingdoms of Diaokhi, Colchis and Iberia."

The Laz, later the Ladon dragon cult, came out from the Colchians. The Diaokhi are the Diauhi, and there you see the Iberi that I think linked to the (K)Habur-river Hebrews, where we find a major portion of Jazira to this day. The said Iberian/Georgian Bagratids of 1008 and onwards to the first Templar invasion of Jerusalem (1096-99), when the Bagratid, David IV, was an ally of the Templars, suggests once again that Templars trace back to Diauhi/Tao peoples, especially as the Tao lived in and beside Klarjeti while the Claro Rus were at the heart of Templarism! One could suspect that someone in the Rollo-Rus line married into a Klarjeti family of the Bagratids.

I'm keeping my mind here on Tay-term traces recently (5th update of March) to Yemenite Joktanites (= chief Hebrews) removed to Iraq...where they live to this day and should partake in the anti-Christ ordeal. I pegged the original Joktanites of ancient times in Subartu (the proto-Sparta, I think), which to some degree overlapped the Habur river.

If all of this suddenly identifies the Diauhi (i.e. mythical Dia) and/or the Nephele-ites as Joktanites, I don't have an argument with the idea. I've always expected that the dragon cult should trace to pre-Israeli Hebrews of Assyro-Babylon, and then proceed ahead in time to Europe quite apart from Israeli blood. Whether Ixion himself depicted Joktanite blood in the main, somewhat, or not at all, is to be discovered.

Tao-Klarjeti (click map to enlarge) was "Historically, the area comprised the following provinces: West of the Arsiani Mountains..." That term smacks of "Yaresan," the peoples known alternatively as "Ahl-e Haqq," whom could have been a late branch of what had earlier been proto-Hyksos i.e. mythical Ixion.

As you know if you're been reading, the Clares found their way to a merger with Arthur surname, the latter, along with the Hicks surname, using clarions as symbols of the Clare bloodline. In this picture, it's so perfect that Hyksos were recently traced to the Klarjeti domains that include Arthur-like regions galore. In this picture, the Clares can be viewed as Hyksos themselves, or at least Tao=Tayks=Diauhi, spreading through the British peoples.

It may not be a coincidence that "Tayk" rhymes with "Hayk," the latter being the chief Armenian god that I think named the Hyksos. Tayk and Hayk would have been married off by myth writers for obvious reasons. But the revelation this morning that the Tayk lead to Taygete allows us to trace Hyksos there as well.

In myth, Taygete was raped by Zeus so as to produce a son, Eurotas, now "Evrotas," which likely depicted a peoples on the Hebros/Evros river upon which Arda was situated as well as the proto-Spartans. In fact, mythical Sparta was made a daughter of Eurotas. But Taygete and Zeus were also credited with giving birth to Lacedaemon, a term that I traced to the Laz Caucasians without hard evidence, just an understanding of a Laz trace to the city of Laas/Las at the Taygete rock system. Today, I have Laz=LaceDaemon evidence by a trace of Taygete to the Gorgo-Colchians of Tao/Tayk.

Again, the known Egyptian element among the Menelaus (= Laas on the Mani peninsula) Spartans appears to finger the Hyksos booted out of Egypt by the Boot of God. The link above tells that Las is now Passavas. Interestingly, as per the initial flight of the Hyksos to Gaza, Las is in the municipality of Gytheio/Gythium.

Beside Las was Asine (now Skoutari), an ass/asino term that I might link to Samson's Avvite cult of Hyksos (Avvites worshiped a donkey god, Tartak). As Apollo was associated with a donkey myth symbol (as per the donkey ears of king Midas), note that there was a temple to Apollo on Mani while I've (long) linked Avvites to Apollo.

Perhaps having a link to Phoenician-branch Hyksos, "The Mani [peninsula] became a center for purple dye, which was popular in Rome, as well as being well known for its rose antique marble and porphyry [the rock]." Perhaps the purple here that made it to royals of Rome, and likely also to the purple of the Byzantine side of the Roman empire, is an Intended suggestion of the purple in Revelation 17. After all, the harlot of Revelation 17 in conjunction with the seven-headed dragon is the Latin bloodline, and I do think that the Laz traced to Lydians>Latins as well as to Las.

[End update]

PS -- Just found this:

"The reputed founders of ancient Gythium also Gytheum were Heracles and Apollo, who frequently appear on its coins or in other legends Castor and Pollux: the former of these names may point to the influence of Phoenician traders from Tyre [i.e. Hercules/Apollo are traced by the writer to Tyre], who, we know, visited the Laconian [= Spartan] shores at a very early period. It is thought that Gytheio may have been the center of their purple dye trade because the Laconian Gulf had a plentiful source of murex."

While it's no doubt Hercules that traces to Tyre, I would suggest a trace of Apollo to Avvites of Gaza and/or Gath, as either two places could have named Gythium. The inhabitants of Gath were known Biblically as "Gittites," thus explaining the 'y/i' of "Gythium/Githium."

"TayGete" might even be a Tay(k)-Gittite combo. End PS

April 6

Good morning all. Hope you're enjoying the passing of winter as I am. Today's update on the myth cults will have more meaning if you read yesterday's update, which traced Ixion of Caucasia and northern Iraq (especially around Mosul) to Menelaus Spartans = the city of Las at the Mani peninsula.

I was thinking this morning of the evidence for a Dionysus trace to Mani. Very likely, the mythical Maenads of Dionysus became the "Maniots," you see, the name of Mani's inhabitants. In myth, Dionysus was a special ally of mythical Dryas, who I pegged as the Odrysians on the Hebros river at Arda. Since the Spartans, and especially the MeneLaus Spartans, trace back to Arda and the Odrysians, it's a no-brainer to make the Maenad-Maniot connection. In fact, I identified the Odrysians as mythical Atreus, father of Menelaus. This can only mean that the Egyptians in Menelaus/Agamemnon elements included Dionysus.

There's a Biblical point to be had here, for where both Apollo and Dionysus are together among the Maniots, we can bring up the Apollyon of Revelation 9, who is associated with "locusts" having long hair like women. The Maenads were all wild women, but as Dionysus was a transvestite symbol, we glean that Maenads were men who wore their hair like women. It's as though Revelation nine speaks to an Apollo-Dionysus mix (these two cults were in some conflict in the Dryas theater). I traced Apollyon's alternative Hebrew name, "Abaddon," and ther "abyssos" from which he rises, to the Avvites that I think Apollo depicted. Avvites had a locality called Avidia, and another in Edom called "Avith," that could possibly modify to "Abadd(on)."

The Revelation locusts (of the 5th Trumpet) appear to be a nuclear-bomb prelude (I'm assuming in the Middle East) to the arrival of the Kings of the East to the Euphrates river. You'll note that there are four angels at the Euphrates river as per the 6th Trumpet (still in chapter 9), which may once again speak to the Yazidi-et-al cults of Mosul, as in their ruin by the Apollyon bomb and the subsequent arrival of the Orientals. The Kings of the East are described in Revelation 9:17-19 with similarities to the locusts, so that they may be one and the same military alliance (I assume that the 6th Trumpet describes the "kings of the east" though they are not mentioned by that phrase until the 6th Bowl).

In myth, Maenads would have so-called "orgiastic rites," which included a rock concert of sorts wherein they would beat their shields -- and perhaps breastplates -- with spears and such to make loud lunatic noises. You'll note that Revelation 9 emphasizes breastplates in both 5th and 6th Trumpets. Horses are also emphasized in both Trumpets, and chariots with them in the 5th Trumpet, these being the symbol of the Hyksos and of Ixion.

Is it a coincidence that Dionysus was in the face of India fighting a war while he lived on Lemnos (near the mouth of the Hebros), where Sintians also lived? No, it's not coincidental, for as the Sindi of Caucasia are said to be the founders of Sindh and their Indus valley in Pakistan (that's where Avidia is located), so we can connect Dionysus to a Sindi branch on Lemnos. We saw evidence yesterday that remnants of the Ixion cult of Cauco-Armenia live in the Sinjar plain of northern Iraq to this day.

Therefore, it appears, for more than one good reason, that Hyksos-proper out of Egypt were of the Sintian stock to which Dionysus also belonged. One easily gets "Centaur" (= mythical descendants of Ixion with Nephele) from "Sint." Therefore, Ixion of Cauco-Armenia must trace to the Sindi/Sindones. Their country was Sindica, on the Azov/Maeotis sea...where we also find Tanais, the latter being a place to which I have already traced proto-Hyksos.

I get the distinct impression that the conquering of Greece by the Danaans was a conquering of Greece by the Hyksos out of Egypt (they must have had plenty of gold pillaged from the Egyptians proper). But we may also consider that the Trojan war, which was led by Agamemnon on the Greek side, was likewise a conquering by various Hyksos bands of Troy. Note that the conquering of Troy was symbolized by a "Trojan horse." Thus far, I have traced Hyksos to Sidonian Laish, Baal, Tyrian Zeus and Europa of Crete, the founding of Troy by the latter, Hellen, Danaan Rhodes, Hercules, Anatolia's founding, Apollo, Pelops Lydians, the Kabeiri/Galli, Attis and Kybele, Aphrodite, Dionysus, the Hebros, Sparta's founding, Pylos -- that's virtually all of mythical Greece, Thrace, Anatolia put together -- but also to their ancestry in Phoenicians and descendence in Etruscans and Romans. It's just that they were not known as "Hyksos" in these theaters. They must have been Zeus right down to all the minor nymphs with whom he committed "adultery."

Can anyone sense that globalism today is a Hyksos enterprise?

With a trace of Dionysus to Las/Laas, Dionysus' alternative name, Lyaios, comes to mind. I haven't proven it, but I suspect a Lyaios trace to Biblical Laish at Sion (at Phoenicia). If correct, the idea that "Sion" was "Dion" in Greece looks more than tenable. Again, that would make Dia, wife of Ixion, a symbol of mount Sion.

It's not necessary to trace Dionysus back to Laish (though that may be true), only to merge Dionysus with elements of Laish and Sion as they arrived to the Greek theater. That merger could have been the Hyksos merger with the Dionysus cult at the Lydia theater. OR, Dionysus and the Hyksos of Sion were one to begin with, and he/they took refuge with their old Caucasian kin, the Sintians...then at Lemnos.

Again, I interpret the Hyksos of Laish (later called "Dan") as the Samson cult as it merged with mythical Cadmus of Tyre, wherefore note the mother, "Semele" (same ending as "Nephele"), that was given to Dionysus. Semele was made the daughter of Cadmus. The true/historical basics are very evident.

Not everyone likes these bloodline topics as they are very complicated, while some do not see relevance to end-time players. But in the most recent weeks and months, I think relevance to end-time players is becoming more evident. As we await the "nob" otherwise called the anti-Christ, I'm sure that there is yet more to reveal using the myth-info thus far accumulated on multiple of my computers. If God wills, things should begin to make more sense. I'm hoping, anyway, that revelations from Him are not yet ended.

I realize how prideful or even dangerous it is to make claim to God's revelations in my own writings, but let me make a distinction right-off between Inspired text and ideas in my head, that may come from clues granted by God in various ways, that are then put on "paper" as best I can explain them with the limited brain-power at my disposal. If I make mistakes today, He can correct them tomorrow, if I'm "listening." What I wrote above is what was on my mind as I awoke, and while I can't prove even to myself that God wants it shared with you, the possibility is there because it adds to the topic of recent yesterdays with much logic/sense.

The Washington Monument, a copy of ancient temples to Hermes, and sacred to Egyptians, has "Laus Deo" written on it. Isn't that in praise of the Sion/Dion-related Hyksos at Las/Laas? America, watch it, for God has His all-seeing eye on that cult, and it's end will be so much more devastating than the Ten Plagues. One cannot imagine how terrible its end will be, truly, unless one can imagine the power billions of nuclear bombs exploding simultaneously to shake the planet and cause their tallest cities to crumble. That's how angry God is with this cult.

The evidence is in, the cult deserves destruction, and it's many branches will bring it down as brother targets brother. Stay out of the way and let God do His work. Hide yourselves for a little while behind your doors, as the fury passes over, and rains down. Keep the Blood on your door posts. Selah. The song has been Written, and it shall sing, and we shall sing while the cities fall, for that is what Isaiah informs us. This is true Christianity, to sing as the dragon's empire falls. We are not Lot's wife; we are not Iscariot; we are not worldly-attuned nor money-hungry.

The O-people are openly and unashamedly tattle-telling on Maliki with a big trumpet:

"Officials from two of Iraq's main political parties met in Iran recently to 'hammer out' a way to form a government following indecisive parliamentary elections last month, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq said.

Representatives of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's Shiite State of Law group met with representatives of Moqtada al-Sadr's political group while attending a spring celebration called Nowruz, Ambassador Christopher Hill said in Doha today.

'The Iraqi people expect their politicians to work these things out in Iraq and I think the politicians have gotten the message,' Hill said to reporters. 'You have not seen any announcement as a result of the meetings in Iran.'"

Hush, Mr. Hill, for Americans are not allowed to become involved in the election process of another country, especially when you have American military in that country. What are you trying to do, make Maliki Obama's enemy? Are you sure that's wise?

Why did an Iranians need to speak out as follows:

"...'If the enemy takes its chance and fires a missile towards Iran, the dust from an Iranian missile strike will rise in the heart of Tel Aviv even before the dust from the enemy attack settles' in Iran, said cleric Mojtaba Zolnoor [yesterday], who is Khamenei's representative in the elite Revolutionary Guards."

Such statements only cause Israel to try harder to muster the courage to strike Iran sooner, before it can successfully place nuclear tips on its missiles. The statement from Iran comes as the O-people seek to undo Iranian influence in Iraq's election.

One can guess that all sorts of friction abounds these days between the two evil axes, that of Obama and that of Iran. Let's face it, the Obama evil axis is far uglier, far worse; don't let anyone deceive you into thinking that Iran represents the largest evil axis. Iran is correct, that America is the great Satan, though many powers speak and act from satanic spirits, including Iran's leadership, obviously. It will be brother against brother, a fiery ending for all who speak from the mouth of the devil.


"Israel [today] began distributing millions of protection kits against biochemical warfare, Deputy Defence Minister Matan Vilnai announced, stressing the campaign was not linked to any imminent threat."

But the threat IS imminent. We know the war is on; we just don't know when the Iran axis, or Israel, will decide to strike. Isn't that the very meaning of "imminent"? The two articles above give the appearance that both sides know that the other knows that something's escalating fast. Globama would like to extend a hand to Iran, but with Iran getting an upper hand both in Iraq and Afghanistan, a lasso around Iran's neck is more the O-solution at this particular time.

In an article by Ed Koch entitled, "I have never been so terrified":

"...Based on our continuing failure to confront North Korea and Iran with regard to their nuclear activities, I suspect we would do nothing [about Venezuela's nuclear program]. I fear that we have lost the battle and lost our nerve. It appears that the Obama administration has decided to live with the idea that these two rogue states - North Korea and Iran - can do as they please on the nuclear front.

There is a foul whiff of Munich and appeasement in the air. A harbinger of what is to come is the Obama administration's abysmal treatment of our close ally, Israel. Some see Obama's willingness to throw Israel under the bus as an attempt to court better relations with the Sunni Arab countries. Obama apparently believes that better relations with the Sunni Arabs will mean less hostility to the US and greater access to oil.

...One well known supporter of Israel, with great access to the White House, said to me recently, 'I have never been so terrified.' Me too."

Well, the Democrats made their choice in opposition to George Bush who wanted to invade Iran when Russia was still down. So deal with it, Democratic America, deal with it your way, the Obama way, for it seems that Democrats are going to trust Obama no matter what he does. As for the wise people, hunker down for a little while and prepare to sing as the mud flies overhead.

After diplomatic areas of Baghdad were bombed last week, "Bombs have destroyed seven buildings in three areas of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, killing at least 35 people and wounding 130, an Iraqi official says. The attacks took place in mainly Shia areas of the capital..." Sunni on the war path? I'm only including this in case there's a continuation of the same to intolerable levels; it all depends on the levels of retaliation from both/all sides.

Fred shared an article on American fingers in the Ukraine as per the Orange Revolution. The American idea was to secure, under George Bush, the Eurasian theater by first controlling the Ukraine. Some dirty deeds are recorded in the article. The plot barely succeeded in 2004, but was shut down hard anyway (while Obama was in power) when a pro-Russian and anti-NATO man took over. But even under the presidency of Bush's man, Yushchenko, the Ukraine hadn't nearly made it to favorable EU status. The problem: banking and economy were not up to snuff. If one wants to roll with the Globankers, one needs to conform.

The Ukraine is not part of my agenda at this time, yet it is of some indirect importance where it highlights Putin's good fortunes during the days of Obama, both in post-war Georgia and the recent Ukraine election, two countries that are the special focus in long-term globetrotter goals. The loss of the Ukraine is a severe blow to those who are behind Obama's foreign policy. The informative article is here.

More trouble with the American dollar: "The Canadian dollar hit parity with the U.S. dollar in early trading [today], as investors anticipated higher domestic interest rates." I heard a little more than a year ago that parity was a target of the globalists. The Canadian dollar at that time had fired up to a dime better than the US dollar, but then dropped down to near-parity. It has been flirting with parity for a few months now.

Canada is not a country that I can respect; from the helm on down to its provincial leaders, it's spiritually dim. For the longest time, Christians were not permitted their own 24-hour radio/television station, and every instance of national-media discussion on the airwaves was with a liberal bias making the stomach turn. I believe that Vision TV is a Canadian channel 24/7 that must share religious programming with Hindus and Muslims as well as Christians and all other "faiths." If you're thinking to trib-locate in eastern Canada, from the east maritime coast to western Ontario, you may be in for a rude time. They say it's "lighter" in the western half of the country.

Unless a trade deal allows peoples from both countries to freely cross the border between them, I wouldn't recommend Canada unless American persecution got worse than what the Canadian situation develops. Can-eh-dian tribbers are hoping badly for some global warming.

The good news for tribbers is that no skincode appears on the near-horizon. That gives more time. I think if you asked most post-tribbers, they would tell you that preparing a trib place to stay won't be a waste if the children can use it. That is, while we yet have some time, it doesn't look as though the world will make it past the next generation.

But that statement is pre-mature. We are in the midst of checking how the Iraq situation pans out in the near-term of mid-2010. It could signal that the time has arrived to rush through some preparations. Stay tuned.

By the way, if you've emailed me but didn't get a response, it should be that your emails found their way to my bulk/junkmail folder (Yahoo Mail sometimes makes this mistake); I haven't checked that folder in months. I write back to 99.5 out of 100 who write in, unless I am on their spam list.

April 7

Who would have thought that Obama's outstretched hand would be a slap in the face. First Netanyahu, now Karzai: "The United States [yesterday] delivered a veiled warning that Afghan President Hamid Karzai's visit to the White House could be canceled, if he repeats his anti-foreigner outbursts. Karzai is scheduled to meet President Barack Obama on May 12..."

I would like Karzai to spill all the beans that he knows on globetrotter activities and goals in his country. I frankly do not believe that what he so-far accused the United States of in public is untruthful. He knows he needs the United States, but a noble leader should find it hard to stay silent, under those conditions, about what he considers O-abuse in his country. Karzai has more ammunition against Obama in today's headline: "The pictures that prove US helicopter gunships opened fire on Iraqi civilians":

"The black-and-white video images of the dusty streets of Baghdad are grainy and shaky but they are clear enough to show American helicopter gunships carrying out an unprovoked attack that killed a dozen Iraqis, including two employees of the Reuters news agency.

In the leaked footage, taken from an Apache gunship, pilots could be heard revelling after the shooting, with comments like 'Oh yeah, look at those dead bastards' and 'Ha, ha, I hit them.' After the firing of a Hellfire missile, a pilot is heard saying: 'Look at that bitch go!'"

It's no wonder the Iraqis love the American soldiers so. Hey, what's the use in being trained to kill in the army if one then never gets to kill someone? Oh what fun. If not for the murdered Reuters people, we might never have seen this video (the military claims it lost its copy). How pervasive is this thirst for death in Iraq? Must soldiers love to kill, when ordered to do so?

"Major Turner insisted '...the helicopter pilots had mistaken the camera being held by Mr Noor-Eldeen for a rocket-propelled grenade launcher." Maybe the rotten souls were too trigger-happy to begin with. Maybe the modern youth are all too immoralized by modern media so that they don't know how to behave righteously under any circumstances. I think killer-attitudes among the young of all the world will come round to Christians during Christian persecution.

Another article reveals that the U.S military protects it's rotten ones in incidents far worse than Vatican cover-ups on the priesthood's boy-lusting molestors: "Nevertheless, the 38-minute leaked video, which is now being viewed around the world, is so chilling -- and the clearly audible comments of the participants so shocking -- that the US military will have difficulty explaining why it previously pronounced the ferocious attack 'appropriate'." Of course, the military leaders could label the attack as "appropriate" because it just happened to lose the video of the event. I don't have any compulsion to view such videos, by the way. I always pass on watching live killer scenes made available online.
We realize the importance of a military leadership not wanting to hang its dirty laundry for all the world to see, but they shouldn't white-wash it either.

I was thinking that readers may view me as hard with everyone I meet. Perhaps they think that I cut hard into the souls of all I bump into from day to day. Not at all. One of my Christian rules is to greet spiritual enemies at large, to treat them as I would treat a Christian when rubbing shoulders with them in day-to-day life. I don't necessarily know who my spiritual enemies are as I shop etc. We've got to behave somewhat like we would in the Kingdom of Heaven no matter who we bump into. I realize that we might have an underlying dissatisfaction with society at large, but we need to keep sanity. God is able to remove himself from society, but we must enter it and rub shoulders. We've all had to learn to deal with this "in the world but not of it." It's an evolutionary process, and we adapt as best we can to what we think is an acceptable Christian attitude. Not all days are alike.

When I rail against liberals/sinners in updates, and speak the fires of Armageddon upon them, I speak the prophetic realities. It's an integral part of my topics. One can't write on Christian persecution and Armageddon and not point out, from time to time, how God feels about the world deserving His wrath. One must convey how God feels about the topic at hand, or he does not write for God. There is a merciless streak in God precisely because He has offered EXTRA-WIDE mercy to all the living. Does He not say to himself, "I will never forgive nor forget what he/she has done and done and done and done." And He plans the curse that He will not remove.

It's not possible for me to walk around with a doomsday sign on my back, or to chastise and warn every person I meet. But books, pamphlets and articles allow us to be frank, and writers are generally free from the torment that would otherwise be offered to them by those who mock the message.

What's a good definition of "worldly"? Tiger Woods at this time: " 'Hopefully I can prove I am a worthy investment'..." He's lamenting the reduction of his incredible money-and-fame fortunes rather than his adultery. Or, see Michele Obama speaking shamelessly in 2008 at the Gay & Lesbian Leadership Council of the Democratic National Committee in New York City.

Wow, who in their right minds would be caught dead in such a room, but to do so merely to obtain political votes??? The devil, for one, and anyone more-concerned with personal success and power than for the will of God. Obama is NO Christian! The sad thing is, he now needs to fulfill his promises to the sexual strangoes, and by doings so happily, Obama doesn't seem to mind condemning himself. If the religious leaders of Israel were deemed guilty by Jesus for the murders of the prophets because they liked to publicize the tombs of the prophets, then on Obama's head will come down the punishment Prepared for willful homo-pathogens of the human race. Mercy from God there is in abundance, but not without repentance. Obama allowed Michele to place herself at enmity with the passion of God.

For his offending Netanyahu in Washington, Obama is not making in-roads. Israel is notifying him that it will seize parts of the West Bank if pushed hard enough in the coming year or two...during the time in which O-traitors and O-truders wish to set up another country inside Israel apart from Israel's permission.

I would seize the West Bank completely, if I were the Israeli leader at this time. Palestinians would be given the choice of living peacefully in Israel, or moving out. Instead of jailing them at Israeli expense, they'd be dropped outside the border and told to go elsewhere. "Go to Washington and live with Obama," I would tell them. "And in the meantime, toss some bombs into his rose garden so that he gets a taste of what it's been like here."

But complete seizure of the West Bank needs to be in conjunction with a heart for God, true heart-to-heart talks with Him from Israeli leaders. "What is it that you are upset about, Lord, with the modern state of Israel? How can we correct it? Will you fight for us if we fight for you? We'll show you this very week that we are serious about this. And we won't stop doing what we think is your will until we have your attention and your assistance." But men out for their own stomachs don't pray these things. They don't even look up to God.

"Israel's hard-line foreign minister warned Palestinians [yesterday] against plans to unilaterally declare independence next year, saying such a move could prompt Israel to annex parts of the West Bank and annul past peace agreements.

The remarks by Avigdor Lieberman took aim...

The problem is, Lieberman is no man of God. What, therefore, will take place next year?

"Toward that aim [of declaring independence, Palestinian prime minister] Fayyad has begun ambitious reforms of the government and security forces, building up Palestinian institutions and developing the economy in preparation for independence.

The international community has welcomed Fayyad's reform efforts, raising fears in Israel that a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood could win international recognition.

...'Any unilateral decision will release us from all of our [peace] commitments and will allow us also to make unilateral decisions,' Lieberman was quoted as saying by the Ynet news Web site"

The heat is on. But without God in the hearts of Israeli leaders, the worst heat will come FROM God, for He is becoming impatient with Israel, and too sickened by the immoral state of the West. We Bible readers all know how God's patience works, hoping that liberals will turn themselves around when they see troublous times. And we know that His patience will not tolerate too sinful too long.

How do I see Obama in the face of this latest and very bold Israeli move? Proud, thinking up his next move to be tougher than Israel, to do Israel some form of evil for disgracing Sir-Loftiness, the most powerful man in the world. Obama does not want to be seen with Netanyahu so as not to turn Muslims off at this critical time in which he opposes Israel's hope:

"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to leave for Washington on Monday [April 12] to take part in the nuclear security summit hosted by U.S. President Barack Obama. Netanyahu is not expected to meet privately with Obama during the summit, the prime minister's office said."

Mr. Israel is on his own. There is a movement forming that Obama may partake in, wherein Arab countries demand Israel to make public the details of it's nuclear arsenal. The article continues:

"However, it is believed that some speeches during the summit, notably that by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, will condemn Israel's nuclear program and call on the international community to press Israel to allow international inspection of its facilities and to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

...According to Netanyahu's bureau, the White House said the president would not be meeting with leaders he had recently met. Netanyahu met with Obama in Washington late last month.

Obama does plan to meet with Mubarak..."

Hmm, might the nuclear-reduction deal about to be signed by the U.S. and Russia be at least partially intended to pave the way for applying pressure on Israel to reduce its nuclear capabilities? Why does the O-P deal come just now, just before the Quartet plans to rudely intrude on Israel's political choice?

How can the O-P duo take their nuclear-reduction example to China's door and then ignore Israel's arsenal?

If the House of Rothschild overseeing Israel opposes the coming O-treatment, we should catch wind of it. I tend to think that Rothschild agents are infested in the Labor party of Israel, a group that ideally opposes Netanyahu's right-wing blocks.

We have Lebanon's response today to Israeli defense minister Barak, who has warned that the Lebanese government will be responsible for any Hezbollah attack:

"Lebanese President Michel Suleiman said [today] that the Lebanese army and militant organization Hezbollah is prepared to react to any 'Israeli aggression.'

In an interview with Arabic-language newspaper 'El-Watan' which will be published Thursday, Suleiman said that 'Israel is poised to attack at any moment, so any new military activity will not be taken lightly.'"

Not only is the Lebanese government in full cahoots with Hezbolah at this time, but it sounds as though they are planning to blame Israel for the next war's flare-up. Or, the timing of this statement may mean that Lebanon is speaking to the Israeli threat to seize parts of the West Bank at the declaration of independence by Palace Tiny.

Last week we got the news that Netanyahu would refuse yellow roses galore from American Christians who wished to apologize (with the flowers) for how Obama treated him. It was said that the Netanyahu government didn't want to offend Obama by receiving the roses. BUT NOW:

"The Prime Minister' Office [yesterday] denied a report that a gift of 10,000 roses from the United States to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu would be rebuffed, due to concerns that US President Barack Obama would be offended."

The Christians sending these flowers are probably going to be listed in the black O-book. Woe, woe, woe, saint Obama is keeping a list, and checking it twice.

Obama is about to give Russia her wish to keep U.S. missiles of any large importance off of Russia's border. This is important if the nuclear missiles into Europe, that I/we assume are in view in Revelation 17:16, are from Russia. I don't see how the anti-Christ can burn her with fire" using Arab missiles, though perhaps those of Pakistan might be sufficient if they don't turn out to be Russian missiles:

"Two days before Obama is to sign a landmark nuclear arms reduction pact with President Dmitry Medvedev, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also repeated Moscow's threat to withdraw from the treaty if U.S. missile defense plans threatened Russia."

Russia is willing to sign this deal now because the east-European missile-defense system proposed by Obama at present is insufficient to block Russian missiles. Lavrov is saying that, should the U.S. ever upgrade the east-European missile system so as to become a substantial threat to Russian missile launches against an enemy in Europe, Russia can void the deal about to be signed.

This deal is being called "landmark" so that Obama gets to bask in the glory of another "victory." Wanting glory more than wisdom, Obama is predicted to sign the deal under those Russian conditions, and then keep the size and scope of the said missile-defense system to Moscow's liking.

The first results of the al-Sadr vote are being reported:

"Backers of a strident anti-American cleric in Iraq don't want their leader to support either front runner in Iraq's election. The results of the referendum of Muqtada al-Sadr's supporters appears to further muddy the aftermath of the tight March 7 in which no clear winner emerged.

About a quarter of Sadrists, a powerful populist movement among Iraq's Shiites, want Ibrahim al-Jaafari to reclaim the prime minister's post that he held in 2005 in results released [today].

Incumbent Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki garnered only about 10 percent, while his chief competitor Ayad Allawi took 9 percent.

We wonder what al-Sadr is up to with this vote; perhaps he's only trying to raise the value by which his blocks can be "bought" by either Maliki or Allawi to form a coalition government. But one may also suspect that Iran is at least backing the referendum. Jaafari is an anti-Baathist and should have some hefty ties with Iran: "He joined the Islamic Dawa Party [= Maliki's party] in 1968. Upon graduation from school in 1974 he worked actively for the party in Iraq which was trying to overthrow the Ba'athist secular government. He left for Iran in 1980 and became involved in the movement against Saddam Hussein there as part of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq where he represented the Islamic Dawa Party" (from Jaffari link above).

When it came time for the United Iraqi Alliance to vote to chose a prime minister in 2005, Jafaari beat out Adel Abdul Mahdi by only one vote (64-63). The article above does not tell how many votes Mahdi got in the al-Sadr referendum.

I'll believe it when I see it. The U.S. says to this day (see article below) that it will pull fighters out of Iraq this summer no matter what happens in the election-aftermath. Such statements can be used later, if/when they decide to stay in northern Iraq, to read as, "We really did want to leave, but..." The statement is being made again while Maliki's government is screaming over recent Baghdad bombings:

"...'We are in a war. In our case, it is an open war with remnants of Al-Qaeda and the Baath' party of Saddam Hussein, Baghdad security spokesman Major General Qassim Atta told Al-Arabiya television.

'There has been support for terrorist groups from outside Iraq, from people who don't want to see the political process be a success,' he added, without elaborating."

The next article tells once again that we'll need to watch Iraq closely for months:

"Hours after insurgents killed dozens of people [yesterday] in a new wave of bomb attacks in Baghdad, former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi...'We need the (election) results to be officially announced by the Supreme Court, and then I guess it will take us in the range of two months to form ... I hope to form ... a government,'...

...'I expected this violence, especially after the elections, because there is a vacuum, and there is indeed a constitutional vacuum at this time,' Allawi said. 'And indeed the terrorists and groups who are linked to terrorism would find the political environment useful for them to start damaging and inflicting more damage on the Iraqi people.'

Former U.S. National Security Council official Brett McGurk said Iraq has not seen any signposts of real deterioration despite the upsurge in violence.

'We haven't seen militias take to the streets to protect neighborhoods,' he said. 'We've not seen the ministries stand down, things we started to see in 2006.'

Famous last words? Might not insurgents take to the streets in coming months, if that's how long it'll take to form a new government? How will the court ruling for or against Allawi affect the spirit of violence among Sunni-Baathist Iraqis?

Allawi goes on: "The Sadrists are welcome to join [my government]. We are talking to them already." Allawi said there was a big difference between political supporters of al-Sadr and its once powerful Jaish al-Mahdi militia."

Then we have words from the "former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker...said he believed Allawi was being overly optimistic when he said he could form a government in two months. 'I think a more realistic deadline is the beginning of Ramadan at the start of August. So I worry about a decision to have us down to 50,000 (American) troops perhaps in the same month that a new government is formed."

We definitely have an up-in-the-air situation for the Iraqi leadership, at a "perfect" time for one to enter the scene and seize the throne by intrigues. Watching.

April 8

Moqtada al-Sadr's poll gave first place to Ibrahim al-Jaafari with 24 percent, and second place to "Jaafar al-Sadr, a relative of Moqtada al-Sadr, with 23 percent of the vote. Write-in candidate Qusay Abdul-Suhail, a Sadrist lawmaker, took third place with 17 percent." Abdul-Mahdi's numbers are not mentioned in the article; perhaps he came in sixth place after Maliki (10 percent) and Allawi (9 percent). The purpose and/or result of holding the vote may be for bringing the top three vote-getters into a government coalition when it's finally formed.

I was awoken once again by what I thought was a mouse on the bed. I felt the pitter-patter coming nearly to my chin, but, once again, for the third (or is it fourth?) time since the Russia-Georgia war in August of 2008, there was no mouse in the bed as I got up immediately to find it. The first time such an imaginary mouse woke me up, which I took as a sign from Above, was at 4 am to cover the that war. So I turned on the computer on this morning (the "mouse" woke me at 4:30) and went straight to the Georgian Times. This article was there:

"Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has signed the federal law on ratification of the agreements with the regimes of South Ossetia and Abkhazia on cooperation in protecting borders.

According to the federal law, both de-facto republics delegates the authority to protect its borders to the Russian Federation. Besides, Abkhazia delegates the authority to protect sea waters under its sovereignty, subject to its sovereign rights and jurisdiction...

The federal laws were adopted on 31 March."

The deal signed above at the end of last month is important if Russia has aims of invading Georgia once again.

I take this mouse thing fairly serious. It was just days ago when I was thinking that there had not been a mouse around here for quite some time (there are three traps set up so I won't miss them when the next family moves in). The last time that a mouse was not here for some three months (see top of the fifth update of July, 2009), there was no news in the updates aside from the Russian threat in Georgia. Yesterday morning, I was surprised to find a mouse in the trap. I learned today that the Georgian Times, yesterday, had the headline, "Obama thanks Georgia for joining Afghan peace mission":

"On Tuesday April 6, at 8 pm Tbilisi time, US President Barack Obama and Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili held a phone conversation to discuss the upcoming Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, the deployment next week of Georgian troops under US command in Afghanistan, the US-Georgia Strategic Partnership, regional security, and the ongoing reforms in Georgia.

...President Obama reiterated his strong support for Georgia`s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Presidents also spoke about the ongoing reforms in Georgia and the importance of the upcoming local elections."

The Georgian situation is in itself an ongoing "war" between the U.S. and Russia, and Putin must feel sick when he sees a strong Georgia-US relationship, but to now have Georgia participate in the Afghan war may be too much. Iran knows that the Afghan war is an attempt to surround it with NATO equipment at-the-ready. Obama wants to use Georgian territory for passing equipment into Afghanistan, but Russia does not want any such transfer, especially over it's own territory.

Perhaps George Bush knew much about future Russian plans and so decided to install a missile system on the Russian border as a bold move intended to make Russia feel that a nuclear war was an option. Possibly, Russia may have plans to invade former Soviet states if necessary, but wants an assurance from Obama that nuclear weapons won't be used by America in retaliation. Perhaps Obama is giving Putin that wish as we speak. Obama, foolishly, views this as one of his political victories, whereas in reality it's another victory in a long string over the past couple of years by Russia.

At the end of the fourth update in April, 2009, I wrote:

This morning I was awake before dawn. I was still lying in bed, when I wondered whether Georgia was going to be in the news again as per the current political-opposition movement to unseat Saakashvili, it's president. I fell asleep again to be woken up by a mouse where the shoulder meets the neck. It was wiggling there, but as I tried to wake up, I couldn't move. Finally I was able to move, but there was no mouse.

The last time this happened was when, during sleep at about 4 am, I felt a mouse run along my leg. I got up to swat it, but there was no mouse. So I went online and found an article with a man's name adding up to 666. He was Saakashvili. Just before the "mouse" woke me on that morning (August 10), I had a dream about a bear attacking two deer, grasping one by the throat. On that day after I awoke, the Russians secured Georgia, and the Drudge Report had a headline: "Russian Bear Goes for West's Jugular."

So what does today's mouse mean? As soon as I awoke, I wondered whether the Russians were coming back down into Georgia...Finally, I got to the Georgian Times at noon to discover three articles on a Russian build-up of military muscle in Abkhazia...

The four mouse incidents all seem to pertain to the US-Russia power struggle. Today's mouse may have more to do with Kyrgyzstan (than Georgia), where the political opposition has just taken over -- yesterday -- the country by force; this article dated TODAY:

"BISHKEK - Kyrgyzstan's opposition said [today] it had taken power and dissolved parliament in the poor and strategically important Central Asian state after protests forced President Kurmanbek Bakiyev to flee the capital.

Roza Otunbayeva, leader of the interim government, demanded the resignation of the president, whom she helped bring to power five years ago...

'People in Kyrgyzstan want to build democracy [she sounds pro-West and possibly anti-Putin]. What we did yesterday was our answer to the repression and tyranny against the people by the Bakiyev regime'...

...The United States has a military air base supporting troops in Afghanistan in the Kyrgyz city of Manas and is a major donor to Kyrgyzstan, along with China and Russia, which also has a military base in the former Soviet state.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's spokesman said [Roza] Otunbayeva had told him by telephone she was in full control of the country and he saw her as 'the new head of government'.

Putin earlier denied Moscow had played a hand in the clashes and Otunbayeva said the new government would preserve an agreement allowing the U.S. base to operate.

'Its status quo will remain in place. We still have some questions on it. Give us time and we will listen to all the sides and solve everything,' she said.

Bakiyev announced the base would close during a visit to Moscow last year at which he also secured $2 billion in crisis aid, only to agree later to keep the base open at a higher rent.

The White House said U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Dimitry Medvedev were likely to discuss Kyrgyzstan when they sign an arms control treaty in Prague [today]."

I've not been following the Kyrgyz political situation at all. One thing that stands out is the threat posed to the United States by the president being ousted as we speak. Is the West behind this toppling of the threat? Is this a victory for Obama? What will Putin do about it? Is he trying to win the new leader's graces, or betray her? She does speak too Western for his liking. Putin would like to cut that American military base off, but the Americans just give the country more money to keep it open.

In another article showing a time line of events going back to the early 1990s, we find this: "Feb. 19, 2009 - Parliament votes to close the only U.S. air base in Central Asia. Washington later agrees to pay $180 million to Kyrgyzstan to keep the base open."

It's after 6 am. I've been up an hour and a half. It's very quiet, so that if there was a mouse that got to the floor, I would have heard it by now. The imaginary mouse may therefore have the Purpose of emphasizing this Kyrgyz power struggle:

"...In its official reaction the Russian foreign ministry said Kyrgyzstan had the 'sovereign right' to negotiate such a deal, but an unnamed Russian diplomat told Kommersant newspaper that Kyrgyzstan had played a 'dirty trick.'

...Until the deal was reached, the Manas airbase had been threatened with closure, which would have dealt a blow to U.S. President Barack Obama's plan to intensify operations against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Kyrgyzstan ordered the base's closure in February on the same day that it received a generous financial aid package from Russia, and it was widely believe that Moscow was behind the decision to close the base."

I recall writing on this event as it happened last year, but now the country's leadership may be going over to Western globalists. The Mousavi movement was, in my opinion and others, the same sort of Western intrusion, but in Iranian government. Mickey Mousavi failed to topple Iran, however.

As the ousted Kyrgyz leader attempts a come-back, we can watch for clues of Moscow's support for him. But, judging by Putin's comments on the uprising, he appears disgruntled at the man. Putin did not agree to give the coup leader money when she asked for it, though that may merely be the political-correct thing to do:

"Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, who fled the capital Bishkek amid violent opposition protests, will soon address the nation, the Kyrgyz ambassador to Russia said [today].

...The opposition said the armed forces, border guards and police have moved over to its side.

Russia [today] threw its weight behind the provisional Kyrgyz government [did it really, sincerely?]. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin spoke to Otunbayeva on the phone and she asked Moscow for economic assistance. [Ah, er,] Putin told Otunbayeva that Russia was ready to offer humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said."

Humanitarian aid is not necessarily assistance for the coup. Nor is there evidence in the response that Putin was happy to support the coup's so-called interim leader (until new elections are held), previously the nation's foreign minister. He may be trying to hide his support for one side or the other, and he may not know which side he might like to take.

Unfortunately, I think I will be woken yet again by another imaginary mouse.

Who's happier today than Gorby:

"...The news that Russia and the United States are due to sign a new treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive armaments was high on public agendas last week. Everyone knows that the two countries' reductions of their strategic arsenals is a process that owes its existence to former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev, who in 1991 signed a treaty on strategic offensive armaments with then U.S. president George H.W. Bush....

Question: The new treaty on strategic offensive armaments that the Russian and American presidents will sign in Prague on April 8 has not yet been published but has already set off heated debates in both countries. What do you [Gorby] think of that treaty?"

Personally, I like it because I don't like nukes, and no one does but the madman. Unfortunately, there is a madman coming.

April 9

No sooner do we see the US-Russia nuclear deal signed and we get this:

"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has cancelled a planned trip to Washington next week for President Barack Obama's 47-country nuclear security conference.

He made the decision after learning Egypt and Turkey intended to raise the issue of Israel's assumed atomic arsenal at the meeting, a senior government official said [today].

...'This conference is about nuclear terrorism,' Netanyahu told reporters [April 7]. 'And I'm not concerned that anyone will think that Israel is a terrorist regime. Everybody knows a terrorist and rogue regime when they see one, and believe me they see quite a few -- around Israel.'"

Muslim nations applauded one another in the past for beating up on Israel, BUT NOW an American president is being largely responsible for giving Muslim nations the confidence to beat up on Israel and come out looking good in Western eyes. Obama caters to neo-Nazis, does he not? Won't we have neo-Nazis coming out in all media types to urge Westerners to beat up on Israel too? Do we wonder why Lebanon has confidence in Obama:

"Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri [today] called for a 'world leadership' to force all the parties to the Middle East conflict to negotiate, describing U.S. President Barack Obama as the 'ideal person' to head the effort.

...Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero [yesterday] joined Hariri in urging Israel to help create the conditions for peace.

Hariri's statement came after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly told close aides [April 7] that Israel would not accept a Middle East peace agreement that is forced on it by external forces.

Netanyahu said an external arrangement 'won't work and it won't be acceptable if a settlement is forced on us,' stressing the need to ensure proper security arrangements as part of any future peace deal."

As Someone removed the skirt of Israel, she is starting to feel a little naked. Not shy, not embarrassed, but naked to the winds of liberal change. Chilled, that is. Ironically, the Jews of America are virtually all in bed with the O-liberals, and are doing precious little to stop the O-nslaught. The article ends by saying: "Netanyahu's comments came as the Washington Post quoted senior U.S. officials as saying earlier [April 7] that President Barack Obama was weighing the possibility of submitting a new American Middle East peace plan by this fall." There's a link to an article on this O-deal, of you're interested.

The quote above uses a nice word like "submitting," while the article at the link, also by liberal-minded Haaretz, uses another nice word, "proposing." But I think Netanyahu has is very correct when suggesting "forced intrusion." Obama will submit and propose the peace plan, but only as a stepping stone to enforcing it by the legitimacy of world opinion calling for enforcement. To have success in this plot, the anti-Israelis need media like Haaretz to voice the opinions of the anti-Israelis.

It's not incorrect to call them anti-Israelis. I do understand that these types want a solution to the Palestinian problem for the well-being of the West as it forges "ahead" to what it thinks is a globalist utopia, but the method being proposed to effect the solution is not short of anti-Israel. For with Israel rejecting the proposal, one MUST become anti-Israel to enforce the proposal. Lines are being drawn, and sides are being taken. In Scripture, God chastises Israel, but woe to those who takes sides against Israel when God punishes her. He punishes to bring the nation back to her senses, back to Him, for the purposes of world rule. Globalist anti-Israelis have no such desires for Israel, and in fact they would oppose Israel for the very reason of robbing God of His globalism.

A peak in this O-plot would occur when the West declares the State of Palestine with Israel snubbing it off. We'd first expect the Palestinians to declare the state, with the West sounding many statements of being behind the declaration. Into the situation comes the anti-Christ to force the solution, but it's a guess (at least on my part) as to how much Western support his military-invasion method will have. We have yet to see whether the anti-Christ is the very tool of the O-West to enforce it's "proposal."

If we consider for a moment the idea that the anti-Christ in already in Mosul as the American military, and then reflect on statements I read last week to the effect that the American military is thinking/wishing to enter Israel to facilitate the solution to the Palestinian we have the anti-Christ scenario in that alone? Is that what readers have been half-thinking all along as they've seen no sign of a Russian Gog in Iraq?

I've not entertained the view that the anti-Christ will be an American in Iraq, or Obama himself. But I am open for an anti-Christ propped up in Iraq by the West, most-likely by Obama.

Only half the war equipment in Iraq is slated for Afghanistan, or so we are told at present:

"...U.S. war planners anticipate that the drawdown of U.S. military forces from Iraq will parallel a buildup in troops in Afghanistan.

Lt. Gen. William Webster, commander of the 3rd Army, told reporters at the Pentagon that around half of the military equipment in Iraq is planned for the buildup under way in Afghanistan.

'We're about 35 percent through with that now,' he said, adding about $1.25 billion worth of U.S. military equipment has left Iraq as of May 2009."

We have yet to see whether Obama will be stupid enough to move completely out of Iraq and into Afghanistan to fight terrorists, leaving the Iraqi throne to terrorists there. I wouldn't call it a victory to get the military stuck in Afghan mud while Iraq goes to al-Qaeda and the anti-Christ.

Either way, whether Obama props up the anti-Christ in Iraq, or leaves Iraq open to an anti-Christ seizure of its government, Obama would play a role in the makings of the World Destroyer.


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