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March 22 - 27, 2010

The Iraqi take-over by Iran's A-Madhi-man

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March 22

I was way wrong. The O-bribers got it 219-212. The only good news is that Obama made this statement: "We proved that this government -- a government of the people and by the people -- still works for the people." The people now know how empty his "for the people" agenda is, and that he's referring to a small number of the people while ignoring the rest. In the future, when he mouths "for the people," the better part of the people will throw up...which is fine by the Democrats so long as they get to win and gloat over winning. Admittedly, I regret that I didn't get to have a moment of rejoicing over his deserved loss.

There is still other potential good news: the people won't need to repay the new health care costs, or the economic-stimy package, or the trainloads of interest profits to international bankers, if Armageddon soon puts a stop to the turning of the world of money.

Today's update enters a new field of investigation. I was thinking that, as Iraq's Allawi, a former Baathist and Londoner, seems suddenly to be a good candidate for assisting the neo-Seleucid/Assyrian anti-Christ, a delving is in order into the American-made Iraqi party that brought him to power in the first place some years ago:

"The Iraqi Interim Government was created by the United States [under George Bush] and its coalition allies as a caretaker government to govern Iraq...

...The government's head of government was Prime Minister Iyad Allawi...The ceremonial head of state was President Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer. They were all sworn in at a second and more public ceremony on June 28, 2004, shortly after the small private one at which L. Paul Bremer..."

I would like to show the cloud in the Bremer Coat that I think could be a symbol of the Nephele-based Nibelungs. You will shortly see why I say this. The above-mentioned president, Ghazi al-Yawer, a Sunni, was liked by George Bush: "L. Paul Bremer in his memoirs indicated that George W. Bush himself urged the appointment of al-Yawar..."

The article tells that "The House of Yawar has been the head of the Shammar tribe for centuries." Looking into it, I was shocked to find that this tribe originated in Yemen, for as its name evokes "Shem" and therefore the Semites (not to mention the sun god), the first thing to ask is whether the tribe belonged to Joktanites of Yemen, for if that turns out to be true, they would be distantly related to the Joktanites (i.e. Occitanians) of southern France...who I trace back to the Aten/Atun cult -- a monotheistic (some say Semite) sun-god cult of Egypt, which I think is the basis for the Nibelungs.

As I've said before, the suspicion is that the Aten cult (of Egypt) was related to the region of Aden (in Yemen to this day). Could it be that Paul Bremer, and even Bush himself, knowingly allied themselves in Iraq with fellow Joktanites from way back? That's the sort of think I'm looking for now in any American alliances with Iraqis.

"The tribe of Shammar is one of the largest tribes of Arabia...the Palestinian population that was not displaced by war is the house of Abu Ghousa, a Syrian population is thought to exceed 1 million and with an unknown number in Jordan. In its 'golden age', around 1850, the tribe ruled much of central and northern Arabia from Riyadh to the frontiers of Syria and the vast area known as Aljazeera in NORTHERN IRAQ (caps mine!).

...According to the tribe's oral tradition, the Shammar originated from a bedouin Yemeni tribe called the Dhayaghem who immigrated northwards..."

Compare the Dhayaghem term to "Taygete" in Sparta, for I trace the dragon cult of western Europe (king Arthur, Templarism, etc) to the Mani peninsula, which is an extension out to sea of the Taygete mountain system. I had traced the Mani Spartans at the city of Laas (as per mythical MeneLaus and his brother, AgaMemnon) back to Memnon (middle Nile region) associations with the Aten cult. I would not have thought to link "Dhayaghem" (also "Dhaigham") just now to Taygete had it not been for this: "In modern times, it has become common to link the Shammar with the tribe of Tayy, the ancient inhabitants of that [Arabian] area..." (italics mine).

What are these old pagan-come-Muslim Yemenites doing in Iraq as far as Mosul:

"In the 1600s, a large section of the Shammar left Jabal Shammar under the leadership of Al Jarba and settled in Iraq, reaching as far as the northern city of Mosul. The Shammar are currently one of the largest tribes in Iraq, and are divided into two large branches. The northern branch, known as Shammar al-Jarba, is mainly Sunni [!!}, while the southern branch, Shammar Toga, converted to Shi'ism largely just before or during the 19th century after settling in southern Iraq."

Could this mean that the anti-Christ will become allied with two groups of Joktanites, one in the Shammar-Tayy group of Syrio-Iraq, and the other in the False-Prophet group of Illuminatism? Is this only something that God has in mind, or is it something that Rosicrucians only have in mind, or is it both?

We can't help but think of Allawi, a Shi'ite, calling many Sunni to join his political party. Can this situation be that old Joktanites are about to arise to power in Iraq through Allawi's good election fortunes?

I maintain that the oldest Joktanites lived originally (i.e. before moving in-part to Yemen) between the Biblical Mesha and Sephar (Genesis 11:30), and I identify Sephar with ancient Subartu, an old region of early Assyria...exactly where the Shammar came to live after coming back to Iraq from Yemen:

"Under the leadership of Banu Mohamad known as Al Jarba, there was a massive exodus into Iraq. Many of the Shammar in Iraq gave up the nomadic life to settle in the major cities, especially the Jazirah plain, which is the area between the Tigris and Euphrates from Baghdad all the way to Mosul."

Between the rivers is where Subartu was located. The amazing thing is, I had (years ago) traced "Subartu" to "Sparta," and now I find that the Tayy side of the Shammar might be foundational to Taygete. In myth, Taygete was a doe of Artemis, and at least one myth writer made her the matriarch of Spartans: "According to Pausanias (iii. 1, 2, etc.) Taygete conceived through Zeus Lacedaemon, the mythical founder of Sparta..."

We have seen a doe in some Crests, including in the Irish Shaw Crest. Zowie, not only do I trace Shaws to Ishmaelite-branch Arabs and consider that surname very important to Western Arabs of the Ares>Rosicrucian cult, but a Shaw variation, "Shay," smacks of "Tay"! Keep in mind that it is this Irish Shaw family that is said to derive from "Sithech," which I have recently (third update of this month) traced to Egypt's devil god, Set(h)/Sutekh. I also consider tracing these terms to Sitten/Sion, wherefore stay tuned because we are about to see a Sion-like term again shortly below. Also, as Sithech is said (in the Shaw write-up) to mean "wolf," consider that Artemis was a wolf goddess.

I have tentatively located the Biblical Mesha at a mountain similarly named (can't recall the spelling, "Masha" as I recall best) to the north of Mosul. Note the middle name of Ghazi Mashal al-Yawar. "His uncle, Sheikh Mohsen Ajil al-Yawar, is the current head of the Shammar tribe and his grandfather played a role in guiding Iraq towards independence in the 1920s, later serving as a member of the king's parliament. When Mr. al-Yawar's uncle refused to sanction Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait in 1990 the family went into exile in London."

We wonder what group in London would embrace these Shammar leaders, and whether those groups had anything to do with Bush's invasion of Iraq in the first place. It appears very evident that they, with Bush, attempted to set these very leaders up in the West-sponsored Iraq.

Keep in mind that "Allawi" smacks of "Halybe" and "Halab" (= Aleppo in Syria), but also of "Calvados," where the Meschins and many other Illuminati-related groups lived before infesting Britain with the dragon stench of their broad powers. That dragon was traced to seven-headed Lotan of Syria, but I had much earlier thought to link Lotan, by it's alternative name, "Yam," to Joktanite Yemenites. "The gods cast out Yam from the heavenly mountain Sappan (modern Jebel Aqra; 'Sappan' is cognate to Tsephon (Tsion)." Couldn't "Tsephon" (= mount "Saphon," Syria) be an evolution from "Sephar"? AND, zowie, do we see a "Sion" in the last variation of the quote???

Yes, we do. This was the Laden>Daphne cult from mount Sion in Phoenicia, that removed itself to the city that the proto-anti-Christ Seleucids made their Syrian capital (i.e. at Antioch). But I bring Yam and Lotan up again because it was a monster-entity (i.e. a very bad peoples, loathed and despised) linked to a certain "Yw," and while some would like to interpret that term as YHWH, the Biblical God, I shudder and say that it ain't so, but instead say that "Yw/Yaw" smacks of the house of Yawar that now rules the Shammar tribe of Iraq!!!

You'll note that Arabs call mount Saphon, "Jebel Aqra," which smacks of the Acra hill at Amorite Jerusalem (see map). Acra is very near to what was once called mount Gareb. I traced "Gareb" to "Harbiye," a Syrian city (near Saphon) also named Daphne after the goddess (or vice versa). Yes, this was the Seleucid capital, Antioch.

At Wikipedia's article on the Iraqi Interim Government (over which Allawi ruled Iraq under American willpowers), we can see a list of other leaders. One interesting individual, who was made Iraq's finance minister (= very important position when it comes to money-levering power freaks of globalist regimes), is Adil Abdul-Mahdi al Muntafiki. That latter term denotes a Muntafiq tribe smacking of the Montfiguet/Muschet surname from Montfitchett of Calvados!

Abdul-Mahdi is now a vice-president of Iraq:

"Abdul-Mahdi was educated in France, and is the son of a respected Shiite cleric who was a minister in Iraq's monarchy. He attended high school at Baghdad College, an elite American Jesuit secondary school.

In the 1970s, Abdul-Mahdi was a leading members of the Iraqi Communist Party...Abdul-Mahdi continued his association with Iran and gradually amalgamated his group within the ICP-Central Leadership with the Iranians, rejecting his Marxist past and devoting all his group's time to propagating Khomeini's ideas in France..."

This monster in the making, possibly of Russian-Communism and/or Bavarian-Illuminati material, almost became Iraq's prime minister, the article goes on to tell. He should want that position now...because talk has it that neither Allawi nor Maliki may get it due to the election mud. The article says: "In December 2006, the Associated Press reported that Abdul-Mahdi could be the next Prime Minister of Iraq if a new multi-sectarian coalition succeeds in toppling the government of Nouri al-Maliki." Allawi is now that coalition on the verge of toppling Maliki.

Is this Abdul-Mahdi the so-called Mahdi that Iran claims is coming to rule the world on behalf of Islam??? Says the article: "Abdul-Mahdi joined the [Iraqi Communist Party] Central Leadership, and continued being active until it gradually disappeared by the early 1980s. By that time, Abdul-Mahdi adopted Iranian Islamic ideas, eventually merging with the Islamists when Ayatollah Khomeini eradicated the communists and other liberal oppositions groups in Iran."

Hokey pokey! Is this Gog? Or, will he be Gog's main man? He seems to have all the difficult elements that I'm looking for in Gog i.e. the ability to weld Sunnis with Shi'ites, and weld all in turn with Iran. The Muntafiq article says:

"...the al-Ajwad branch [of the Muntafiq tribe] is said to originate from the ancient Arab tribe of Tayy [!]

...Although the tribe's nominal leaders, the Al Saadun, are Sunnis, most of the tribe's members follow the Shi'ite sect of Islam...The current prime minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, belongs to the Bani Malik branch of al-Muntafiq."

The article below tells that the Muntafiqs established themselves in Mosul, and trace back to Bani-Amir tribes in al-Yamamah (central Arabia), also "Jaww Al-Yamamah." RIGHT THERE should be that "Y(a)w" term again that links to the Yam>Lotan dragon!

The article also includes a Subay tribe, smacking of ancient Subartu (we could expect the latter term, in one variation or another, to linger to the present day because it was a proud entity in pre-Babylon).

As Abdul Mahdi is one of two vice-presidents of Iraq, he could seek to seize power at this time of election mud. His communist background could conceivably have him linked to high-ups in Moscow. How did he get his Mahdi name? Well, he's a Shi'ite, and:

"The advent of Mahdi is not a universally accepted belief in Sunni Islam and among those that accept the Mahdi there are basic differences among different sects of Islam about the timing and nature of his advent and guidance. Mahdi is important to Sufi [from "Subay"?] Muslims, and a 'powerful and central religious idea' for Shia Muslims who believe the Mahdi is the Twelfth Imam, Muhammad al-Mahdi who will return from occultation."

Not that I believe in any of this Muslim fantasy, but that some Muslims do. And because they do, they would raise a Muslim surnamed Mahdi to godhood if he could just defeat those pesky Jews. You might be interested in the headline: "Iran president slammed for Mahdi comments":

"Political and religious Iranian figures slammed President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his repeated comments about the Mahdi, or who Muslims's believe is mankind's savior, and warned him about the consequences of rumors that he converses with the holy imam.

...In a recent speech Ahmadinejad claimed he had documented evidence that the United States invaded Iraq in order to prevent the coming of the awaited Mahdi and stressed that the Iranian people will prepare the grounds for his coming and will form the Mahdi Army. "

Perhaps it's true that Ahmadinejad speaks to the Mahdi, as in Abdul-Mahdi. Perhaps the latter, if indeed he is in cahoots with some Bavarian-Illuminati elements, knows that Bush invaded Iraq with a goal of stopping the Mahdi-family game plan of taking over the Middle East as per the Khomeini revolution.

Is it possible that the Tayy Arabs/Joktanites of Iraq have Western counterparts? The Tay Coat happens to use the Stevenson Shield (the latter surname was mentioned in the previous update page as Illuminati suspicious). Tay variations include Tey, Teyas, They, and Toye. There's a possibly relationship to Taits/Tates/Taytes, which clan by the way uses ravens. Having said that, I should mention that the Tay Shield is in colors reversed from the Macey/MacKAY Shield; I should mention it not only because I trace the Mackays to the raven-depicted Rus vikings of northern Scotland, but because "Kay" smacks of "Shay" and then also "Tay/They."

Another surname coming to mind is Tatton (using crescents), a surname first in Cheshire and closely allied to the Maceys/Masseys. Variations such as Tayton/Teyton (= Tay-town) suggest that they were Tays/Teys. Perhaps it's coincidental, perhaps not, but I thought of the Daton surname, and when entering it, I was reminded that it (also "Dayton") is traced, by its write-up, to "D'Auton"! I trace the Atun cult to Auton, France, which is in the region of the Messey surname, first found in Burgundy (Nibelungs, from Borneholme (= proto-Burgundy), were fundamental to Burgundy).

When we enter "Aden," we get a red cross on white, albeit a different one than the red cross on white of the Daton/D'Auton Coat. Aden variations include Audin/Auden, i.e. close to "Auton."

One wonders whether there are not some surnames named after the Mani peninsula of Sparta; I would be surprised if there were not. The Mann variations of the Mathies come to mind, but also the Irish Macey Coat uses a "Manu" motto term. There is a Many surname with black/white triple chevron. I've shown before that the Montfiquet triple chevron is in colors reversed from the Singletary triple chevron, but now I can add that the Singletary sparrows are those of the Tay Coat. Keep in mind as I go on that I trace the sparrows to the Spree and Speer surnames, et al. When one enters "Mitch," the Montfiquet Coat comes up. Why? Are Mitchells related to Montfiquets?

As today's Iraqi-Arab topic has led me to the Tay and Montfiquet surnames, is it a coincidence that both were first found in Essex? The very Meschin-like Scottish Mitchell Coat uses "Supero" as a motto term, evoking the Spree (and Speer) surname that uses the Tatton crescents. The Spree Coat uses "Simple" as a motto term (for new readers, Obama's mother was from the Singletary surname, when that family changed it to "Dunham").

Long-time readers, don't forget that the Spree surname traces to the Spree river, Lusatia, one main place to which I link the Laus term that I derive from the city of Laas on the Mani peninsula. As "Mitchell" is said to be a variation of "Michael," note that the German Michael surname is said to derive from Bohemia, smack beside Lusatia.

NOW, note not only that the German Michael Coat uses the Bellamy Shield in colors reversed (Bellamys were Massey-of-Cheshire ancestry), or that the Bellamy Coat also uses red crescents (i.e. like the Sprees and Speers), but that it uses blue lions on gold, the colors of the Massin/Mason lion. I say that because the Massin/Mason motto is "Dum spiro spero." Like the Massin/Mason surname, the Many/Maney surname was first found in Kent.

The Laus surname was first found in.....BOHEMIA (!), albeit it shows up under "Lau" and "Laur" variations. The surnames smack of the Laury/Lawry surname that was very Tolkien-important in the second update of March. It was in that very update that I happened to find a "Laus Deo" motto phrase in the Mander Coat. I do not believe that it dawned on me than that the Mander surname may link back to the Mani peninsula, though I did link the Mander surname to the Dionysus Maeonians on the Maeander river. No matter, it's almost a given that Maeonians named the Mani peninsula (for multiple reasons I won't get back into here).

I had arrived to the Lawry surname in the first place when seeking Tolkien's Lorien code. Tolkien made Lorien a brother of Mandos!!

The latest election count, with 95 percent counted, is an 11,000 vote lead by Allawi.

March 23

I kid you not. The topic yesterday, touching Aden in Yemen, had nothing to do with an article out yesterday, nor did I end yesterday's update on Mand terms because the article mentions one in Yemen:

"The US office of Naval Intelligence warned [yesterday] March 22, that ships sailing off Yemen's Red Sea and Gulf of Aden coasts run the risk of al Qaeda attacks...The risk is greatest in the Bab al-Mandeb strait between Yemen and Djibouti and the Gulf of Aden."

It is to be highly suspected that ancient Sepharvites were Joktanites in the main, but may also have included Arphaxadites if it's correct to peg the region between Biblical Mesha and Sephar as Subartu (later Assyria), for Arphaxadites lived in "downtown" Assyria between the two Zab rivers (tributaries of the Tigris). Thus, Joktanites, if indeed the true Arabs were from Arphaxadites, were themselves "Arabs" of sorts. But as Joktan was a son of Eber, the mixing of his sons with Arabs was a Hebrew-Arab mix.

Then, consider that the Greek Ares was the Armenian Ar/Ara, and ask whether the latter term wasn't from "Arabkha," the city of the Arphaxadites (now Kirkuk, near present Armenia). Also, as I traced Ares to the Aras river of Armenia and Georgia, couldn't that river's alternative spelling, "Arak," be from "Arabkha" (the city was also "Arrapha" and "Arrapachitis")? Might Iraq itself have been named after the Arak river? That is, is Iraq dominated by Arphaxadites to this day?

This is an intriguing concept for me, that the proto-Rus were from true Arabs as well as Armenians (from Aram, Arphaxad's uncle?), and that what I have been calling, for years, the "Hebrew-Rus" dragon cult, should be an Hebrew-Arab cult too. That idea makes more solid an idea that I considered to be merely remotely possible, that Osama bin Laden has been so named to be a revelation to us that he is an end-time manifestation of the Lotan>Laden dragon cult...the guts of which were Joktanites and Arphaxadites. But why not also include within that cult the sons of Joktan's brother, Peleg? Why not also other Eberites? Why not the sons of Arphaxad and other sons of Shem? Shouldn't these tribes have been the root of the Zeus cult and all the related gods of Greece?

And that's what makes it so compelling for certain imbecilic individuals of the Illuminati to keep "the faith" in their roots, for they know to derive from the mainline Greek gods, and they think it to be somehow wonderful, worthy of devotion and special energies. In fact, the Russian god, Rod, was an ancestral god, i.e. a worshiping of ancestral blood, and that is the very sort of concept that made certain men and tribes into "gods" in the first place. On the one hand, these Rus-Arabs infested Europe, and on the other, they remained in their ancient homelands of the Middle East, yet one could guess that God will allow three main branches -- Europe, Russia and nominal Arabs -- to merge in the end-times for to give them their final hurrah before going down for good.

And, as Ezekiel tips us off, they will destroy one another so that nothing and no one will be to blame but their own competition to rule the world, which of course is their shameless pride and arrogance. Jesus appears only to finish them off before they destroy the planet too much. Then, from the stump of Armageddon, a shoot will take to the skies, and finally the world will see what everyday living can be and feel like, with much greater glory, when people who praise God's ways take charge of the reigns of power. So, my advice to the O-crafters is not to revel in this health-care "victory," or in coming political "victories," for reveling and cheer belong to the future alone, and in the saints of God alone.

It seems very evident already that Obama's election "victory", as with Bill Clinton's, was allowed only to expose how desperately wicked these men are. So, expect more Humiliation of the O-team, but also their wrath, for a humiliated beast will turn on the people in rage. But foam-at-the-mouth rage is exactly the punishment they deserve, and where God is not merciful, rage leads to irreversible insanity. I think the Biblical Hell is filled with insane minds gnashing their teeth and hollering out in pitiless abandon. And that's aside from other forms of pain.

I don't take every derivation in the Ara piece for "gospel," but I would point out this quote: "...A similar case is seen in the Armenian words Hayk' and Virk which by virtue of the plural-forming suffix k' mean, respectively, 'Armenians' and 'Georgians' and also 'the land of Armenians (Armenia)' and 'the land of Georgians (Georgia)'. I don't recall seeing before that "Virk" refers to Georgians, and yet I traced Georgians to the Gorgons (literal/historic peoples) of Verkana (modern Gorgan). Since "Verkana/Varkana" means "wolf land," we ought to trace many/most mythical wolf symbols to Gorgons/Georgians, and indeed the wolf goddess ArTEMIS, which I trace to the Themis region smack beside Georgia, depicted the Amazons...whom Herodotus said were merged with "Gargarians." Thus the wolf symbol passed to Amazons as well, who were Meshech. That is, the wolf symbol traces a Gog-Meshech peoples all across Europe, first to the wolf symbol of the Romans before finding way to some heraldry of Rosicrucian-related bloodlines. There was a Greek god, Ara:

"In ancient Greek mythology, Ara was identified as the altar of Lycaon [= "wolf man"] Lycaon sacrificed a child (according to one legend, it was Arcas) to Zeus on the altar on mount Lycaeus, and immediately after the sacrifice was turned into a wolf..."

Note in the quote below that dragons were at first sea serpents, for that evokes the Lotan/Yam dragon that lived in the seas off of Syria, which nation in ancient times was Aram, same term that Josephus (for one) thought named Armenia:

"Also around the 5th millennium BC [ignore this too-early dating] a series of Vishaps (Dragon Stones) began to be erected on mountainsides throughout Armenia, near water sources. At first resembling fish (dragons in Armenian were thought to be huge fishlike creatures, something like a cross between a whale and a gigantic squid), the monolithic stones were later carved with snakes, the heads of beasts, swastikas and crosses."

Swastikas were a symbol used by Varangian Rus, and they have been found in jewelry on the south-west corner of the Caspian sea, which was the Delymite part of greater Armenia; this area was close to Verkana on the south-east tip of the Caspian. It makes sense that Hitler's swastika traces to the Iranians, which the Delymites are classified as, but I also think that "Germania" derived from "Armenia." In fact, the father of Ar/Ara, whom some say was Ara himself, was the Hermes-like "Ahuramazd" (Germans were from mythical Hermin). In consideration of 1) my trace of the Arthurian cult to UrARTU (proto-Armenia), 2) my identification of the Arthur cult as an Ares>Rus people, and, 3) the "ardua" terms that keep cropping up in heraldry mottos, see the below (definitions are not necessarily correct):"The Armenian hypothesis of Indo-European origins connects the name with the Ar-Armenian root meaning light, sun, fire found in Arev (Sun), Arpi (Light of heaven), Ararich (God or Creator), Ararat (place of Arar), Aryan, Arta etc. According to the researchers, the name of Ardini religious center of ancient Urartu also related to the god Ar-Arda. The cult of Ar appear in Armenian Highland during 5-3th millennium BC and had common Indo-European recognition: Ares (Greek), Ahuramazd (Persian) Ertag (German)..."

You'll note the Nairi link to Nairi Armenians at the webpage above; the Neuri, far from Armenia but in the Ukranian of the Rus/Slaves, were wolf worshipers, as were the Slavs. The wolf symbol, therefore, appears to be a symbol of a Gogi-Meshech-Rosh brotherhood (I think the Caspian city of Resht in Gilan/Delymite territory is a great candidate for the Biblical Rosh). Yes, these three peoples are Aryans=Japhethites, but what I'm revealing is that they were also Armenia-based Hebrews and other Semites, integrally mixed with those Aryans. Therefore, I expect Arabized Hebrews in Iraq in the end-time drama.

Did you catch the Arev and Arpi terms in the quote? Shouldn't they speak to the Arabs/Arphaxadites of Arrapha? As the terms are interpreted as, and as in fact one or both did come too mean, "light," the concept of Rosicrucian illuminatism could very well trace back to Arphaxadite Semites. Most likely, the all-seeing eye, with striations like the sun, was anciently the "eye of Horus," while the latter term surely refers to a Hros/Hrus cult in Egypt.

How does it feel to be under the control of Gogi-Rus peoples in this Western world? Is it really the American dream? You get to have a house, nice furniture, a new car every few years, and several other goodies, but these delights and more, many sinful, is your reward for enriching Uncle Sam all your life long, with only weekends and short holidays off. He doesn't live for you; you live for him. It's more the people for the government, not the government for the people.

Now that health-care has passed, I expect Obama to focus globally. I'd be more inclined to view him as the False Prophet if he were showing more Christian stripes, but lately that does seem to be the case. In order for him to be the False Prophet, one would think that he must have political successes sufficient to get him re-elected in 2012. The sudden announcement that al-Qaeda is threatening Yemen may be a part of the O-team's "invasion" of Yemen. Wasn't the underwear bomber a part of that invasiveness? Do certain Rosicrucians wish to have Yemen because they cherish it as their old Joktanite home? Isn't it true that both the Randolph (= Obama's Dunham ancestry) and Shaw surnames are said to derive from "wolf." Rather, shouldn't it in reality be a sign of the old wolf cult of the ancient Gogi-Meshech-Rus peoples?

As Obama has only until the end of 2016, at most, the 70th Week should have begun in 2009 if he's the False Prophet. Again, the reasons for pegging 2009>16 are strong in my opinion, and if that's true we should see an aggressive act on Israel by the anti-Christ this coming Pentecost in the second half of May. If it seems nearly impossible to have the anti-Christ arise in Iraq and then act militarily against Israel in the next two months, I'd agree. BUT, perhaps, he will act in Israel by giving word to Hezbollah.

If I were a betting man, I would say that 2009 is not the first year, and that Obama is not the False Prophet. For I tend to think that the anti-Christ has to act against Israel in conjunction with a raid on the Egyptian front. While animosity between Egypt and Hezbollah exploded last year, and should therefore linger to the present time, it would yet surprise me greatly if war were to break out between them in the next two months.

I regret to say that, if 2009 is not the first year, we could be another decade or more of the same-old same-old. This is why I am "happy" to see that the Iraqi election has the makings of a successful uprising from a rejected one not worthy of the kingdom. Is it too little too late? Stay tuned.

Maliki is claiming today that he will NOT accept the final vote count this Friday unless a re-count is conducted. The United States has come out to say that nothing of a violent stirring is in the makings. But it's too early to tell because no official announcement has been made on the winner so that we don't know how the losers will react. But the rising of the anti-Christ may come initially by intrigues and/or smooth talk, not a violent flare-up.

March 24

[There is some important Iraq-related news at the end of today's update]

I woke up with an unpleasant dream. I watched a lamb's face as wolves tore it apart. It made me think of the Millennial wolf lying down with the lamb. We ask how that situation could evolve. Better yet, how did it ever get so bad that wolves act like animals just to survive? Better yet yet, how is it that men are becoming like animals?

It makes me think that, in God's Creation, His Spirit was intended to encompass the world of living things so as to add to them love, understanding, one-ness, and so much more that man was somewhat deprived of when God turned down the Spirit's "dimmer switch" in giving him over to more of his own devices than to His Spirit. In the end times, He's just going to lower that switch a littler more, but then we Christians may suffer worse spiritual conditions too. But thanks greatly to His understanding and mercy on those who regret their bad spiritual sides. Woe to those who revel in their bad spiritual sides. The test is on.

Today's man is bent on making things "better" for the human "race" in any way aside from asking God to fix things. Isn't that like wolves tearing God's Spirit apart? Indeed it is. Does anyone think of the pain that God endures at times, as He reflects on how bad the Creation has become? He tolerates the temporary situation, but surely it tears him apart. One can see, in the Scriptures, how badly it ails him.

God obviously has the ability to turn up the Spirit's dimmer switch in some individuals while not in others. But in the Millennium, the Spirit will be turned up in a different way, from sea to sea, on all the living. The living will not breath the air only, but the Spirit too. He will pervade the flesh and reach deeper into the soul. New York and San Francisco will understand in those days. The survivors will not flaunt their sins anymore. Yet there are those today who see this writing on the wall, who would "change the set times" so that the Millennium never happens, for they have their own plans for forming a utopia. And so God must allow the wolves to rule -- the Rus vikings who come but to kill, steal and destroy -- so that a contrast will be realized by Armageddon survivors.

The Plan is that, in the realization, they might never again foolishly give themselves up to wolf-rule, nor to the Darwinian concept of dog-eat-dog society. Things like "fend for yourself," or "may the best man win," or "only the good die young," will be understood as foolish concepts when mankind is Conditioned (by the Spirit) to have concern for the other person too. In many cases, we can apply, without much problem, Paul's solution: if what I do offends another, just don't do it. The happiness of the society as a whole, including it's King and rulers, is more important than an individual's happiness. If the King is unhappy, He will dip society into the mud so that they will suffer in their "happiness."

Ask: is the world of those who fight for individual rights a happy place? They can answer that question every time they go to work to feed their bodies, for that in itself was an Eden-related curse. If anyone stands up to suggest that life is good here on this side of Armageddon, they haven't understood that life is filled with curses from God. They don't know what good is, but those who have tasted the Spirit know that something far better awaits.

When God turns down his global dimmer switch, people become impatient. They kill easier, they rob easier, they hate others easier. Jesus said that our fight will be one of patience and endurance, and so if the spiritual conditions are such that it robs us of much ability to be patient, we need to ask Him for it, and work on developing it. My patience level has dropped significantly since I was first a Christian, but then the spiritual condition of the world around me has become at least twice as bad since then. How long, O Lord, how long? How bad does it need to get before you give the command to end this? We need your Light in our beings, your beautiful Spirit in our tongues. If even Isaiah was a man of unclean lips, how much more the people of the very end times?

Every man fights against the other these days. If they team up, it's only to fight someone or some group. But their crimes will stand, for God has made His Spirit available, if only they would ask for Him. No! they say, for they like to be happy being top wolf. The leading wolves get the better parts of the available money, and they get to flaunt their wealth in the community, and they get respect, and have rule in the government and in the local church, and they rejoice that they are not like poor old Bertha over in that little run-down house, living alone because no one wants to know her poverty-stricken life.

When people walk by, the place looks fine with the sun shining on it, but inside a woman is in pain. I know that this tears God up inside, that the wolves of society have torn him up inside by creating the poor in the first place by taking most of the available money to themselves, and rather than spend it on her poor conditions, they spend it in Las Vegas, or in the Bahamas, or in their own houses.

I ask why God would allow this sad situation, but it's far worse yet in some parts history. War. Why does He allow men to be hacked to death (or worse) by the steel of another man's weapon? No matter how lamentable, God will not change this situation. No matter how we may grieve about it, He will not relent...until the Appointed Time. If that doesn't show how grieved He is with his Creation's sinfulness...yet the wolves accuse Him all the more, blaming man's horrible conditions on Him. They say, "if He were truly a God of love..."

How long must we toil as Christians in this dim place? It would have been less painful had we not understood how dim it all is. Why did God show us the light and then keep us abandoned to the dark? Why does the Bible educate us on the meaning of sin? It only saddens us, and makes our faces dimmer. Yet the wolves accuse us of being stuffed shirts...unless we laugh it up like boys' night or smile like cover girls. Therein is the meaning of, "Woe to those who laugh now..."

It's not wrong to want to laugh, of course, but God knows the difference between laughter that He can enjoin and enjoy, and laughter that turns His stomach. Many people, in attempts to have friends and whatever might be secured by having friends, have given themselves over to the prostitution of hedonism. Teens are infamous for hooking on "drugs" just be part of a crowd. Churches offer a crowd too, but the downer side is that Christian joy in what is yet to come is countered by Christian sorrow of what exists in the now. Most Christians don't live on mountain tops away from the din. The best places have been bought up by the rich, anyway, and the Church is filled more with the poor, for the rich tend to resist God. Ask Obama.

So why can't God help poor Christians to become rich? He might. But if He doesn't, we'll just have to count our spiritual riches. AND, did not Jesus say that when a poor woman gives a penny, it's going to reap far more reward than the penny given by a rich man? The poor, therefore, have great opportunity to become the richest in the kingdom of God, and in many cases this is the reality, for the surprising fact is, the last will be first. There's a poor woman somewhere nearby us waiting for our surprise visit with a torch of light to fill her house. That torch can be something as affordable as a cake on a Sunday afternoon. No one should say that they don't have the ability to serve God like pastor's do. There's a poor family nearby us who would appreciate a nameless gift of cash given secretly in their mailbox slot.

The "good news" is, there are going to be more poor people now that Obama is in power. The better news is, the poor, as well as he with his revelers, are only temporary. Let's look at the spiritual sides of the O-power:

"Near the end of a bumpy first year in office, President Obama readied for a Christmas vacation in Hawaii, but before he left, he called on a group of five ministers for a spiritual recharge.

Like previous prayer calls, this one was more personal than political.

'He certainly does not ask us how we would run the country and what issue to pursue or not pursue,' said Bishop Charles Blake of the Los Angeles-based Church of God in Christ, who was on the call.

...Glimpses into Obama's spiritual life have been rare since he became president...

...Still, he Obama continues to champion the role of faith in public life....

...But Obama has also turned to a group of fresh--and relatively unfamiliar--faces to manage religious issues in his administration. They are recalibrating America's engagement with Muslims, revamping the White House faith-based office and tending to the president's own soul. A year into Obama's presidency, each of the following seven people has become an essential member of what might be called his 'spiritual cabinet.'

Joshua DuBois

His official title is director of the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Unofficially, Joshua DuBois is the administration's go-to guy for almost all things religious. He travels as Obama's roving ambassador to religious gatherings, connects the president with faith leaders for spiritual counsel...

Before stepping into politics, DuBois, 27, was a pastor at small Pentecostal church in Massachusetts, and his approach to the president bears traces of his former calling. DuBois sends daily devotionals to Obama's Blackberry--often a Bible verse or an excerpt from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, or a snippet from the works of theologians Richard and Reinhold Niebuhr, particular favorites of the president.

More publicly, DuBois is tasked with overhauling the White House faith-based office and managing its branches in 12 federal agencies. Under Obama, DuBois is steering the office away from the Bush administration's policy of direct funding to religious charities, and attempting to rescue it from charges that it improperly blends church and state.

Denis McDonough

...Traveling by the president's side on overseas missions, the 40-year-old Minnesotan is a crucial player in Obama's quest to engage Muslims, find common cause with the Vatican, and restore the country's moral authority.

McDonough helped craft Obama's landmark address to Muslims last June in Cairo...

...In addition, McDonough has schooled Obama on the internal politics of the Catholic Church, an institution he knows intimately...

Rashad Hussain ...As Obama pursues a 'new beginning' between the U.S. and Muslims around the world, he frequently seeks the counsel of Rashad Hussain, a 31-year-old White House lawyer.

...He has also contributed to Obama's two major speeches to Muslims--in Ankara, Turkey and Cairo--offering insights about the history of Islam in America and suggesting suitable verses from the Quran.

Hussain has also traveled to the Middle East with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and, closer to home, helped organize a Ramadan dinner at the White House that replaced the usual crowd of ambassadors with young American Muslims...

Melissa Rogers

...DuBois called Rogers, the director of the Center for Religious and Public Affairs at the Wake Forest University School of Divinity, 'one of the country's foremost experts on faith and public policy,' who is 'respected across the board,' by liberals and conservatives alike.

Her legal and political acumen helped Rogers guide the council's 25 members, who run the theological gamut from Baptist to Hindu, to reach a consensus on more than 60 recommendations for revamping the White House faith-based office, which were presented on Tuesday (March 9)...

Joel Hunter and Sharon Watkins

When Obama wants to pray privately, he has repeatedly called Joel Hunter, a Florida megachurch pastor, and the Rev. Sharon Watkins, president and general minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Politically, Hunter, a registered Republican, and Watkins, who heads a liberal-leaning denomination, may not always agree, but, like Obama, both are committed to transcending traditional barriers.

...Watkins, 55, who Obama tapped as the first woman to preach at the post-inauguration National Prayer Service last year, leads a denomination where Christian unity [unity with what?] and overcoming divisiveness are central to its DNA...

Lt. Carey Cash

...The Memphis native was raised in a deeply religious household--his mother is a Christian author--and has harsh words for Muslims, writing in his 2004 book that Islam 'from its very birth has used the edge of the sword as the means to convert or conquer those with different religious convictions.'

Cash's three-year rotation at Camp David began in 2009, so Obama has nearly two more years to hear him preach, but they may not form the usual pastor-parishioner bond. Former Camp David chaplains say there is often little interaction between president and pastor outside of the services.

Sooo, Obama is religious after all. Or is he? My take is that he's fusing his religious appendages with his political agenda, a part of which is to undo Bush's favors to Christian organizations and to give the favors instead to liberal-Christian groups, as well as to up the fractions funnelling into non-Christian groups. We see in this O-man unwarranted Muslim sympathies. Peace to all Muslims, but does the state-sanctioned faith of America need to incorporate aspects of their false bible? Where in any book of mankind, previous to Muhammad, did God ever signal that His Great Prophet would be Muhammad instead of Jesus? Why do Muslims accept Muhammad as God's prophet just because he and his supporters claimed to be God's instruments? Are Muslims that lock-step blind? YES! That's the reality. But Scriptures do proclaim someone just like Jesus, centuries before He came. NOW THAT'S SOMETHING I CAN BELIEVE IN.

Obama is also using his religious sides to reinforce Democrat-voter support among "minorities" such as Catholic Mexicans, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, you name it. But me thinks that he will "give" them a facade of assistance, i.e. to merely make them believe that he is assisting them. That's Democrat politics, end-time Western style, in a nutshell. The America of the Democrat party is becoming less and less Western, however. If one doesn't count the blood of Africans, Hebrews, Mexicans, Asians and Muslims, the Democrat party would be down to bare bones, useless for winning elections. If one then doesn't count liberal Westerners, there would remain a fringe party.

"Minorities" have the choice of voting for a party supporting liberal sin and an angering of the Living God, or a party (i.e. the Republicans) that emphasizes the Christian religion but gives little more then mere lip service purely to secure the Christian vote. Jesus is coming with the solution protruding from his mouth (Revelation 19): the cutting down of all political parties, of all nations, and an ending to the senseless din.

Are Globamists against Maliki? From the LA Times:

"Senior politicians from Prime Minister Nouri Maliki's ruling coalition warned Tuesday that Shiite Muslim-dominated southern Iraq could severely loosen its ties with Baghdad if the nation's electoral commission failed to meet its demand for a manual recount of ballots in parliamentary elections.

The politicians, who also echoed Maliki's warning Sunday that sectarian violence could return without a recount, accused the U.S. Embassy of working against them. In turn, Western diplomats and advisors to the Iraqi government described Maliki's circle as terrified of losing power and said Iraq was entering a dangerous period.

Preliminary results of the March 7 balloting are due Friday, but the Independent High Electoral Commission has already made it clear it does not intend to conduct a ballot-by-ballot recount. The U.S. Embassy and the United Nations have said that the elections appeared to have been carried out in a credible fashion, with no evidence of widespread fraud.

One thing is for sure, that if the West badly wanted Maliki in power, they would lean more toward a re-count. Perhaps the West is being fair and true in the attitude seen above, but it may also be true that they want Allawi in power. It may even be that the West has it's election-fraud agents by which to oust Maliki. After all, he's a Bush thing that the O-circle might want to eradicate. Lookie here at the animosity:

...Sami Askari, a member of Maliki's inner circle and his State of Law election slate, described the electoral commission as a U.N. puppet. He also accused the CIA and elements of the State Department of working to bring Allawi, who has ties to the U.S. intelligence community, back to power.

'The Americans told me six months ago that the CIA and State Department are working on bringing back Allawi,' Askari said. 'Within State of Law, many believe this'" (same article).

For those who allow in their prophetic view a West-sponsored anti-Christ to topple Iraq, read on:

"Askari referred repeatedly to a plot to bring down Maliki's coalition and install Allawi's slate, which includes figures associated with the late dictator Saddam Hussein's Sunni Arab-dominated regime. Askari said if there was no recount, many Shiites would refuse to support a central government that they feared heralded the resurrection of Hussein's Baath Party, which tormented the Shiite majority for 35 years before being toppled in the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Askari warned that Shiites in the south have threatened to cut oil to Baghdad and freeze their relationship with the capital. He also said he worried that Shiites in mixed areas would be provoked into fighting.

'The question is not who will be the prime minister, but what will be the fate of the country. Will we face chaos? Will we be an unstable country? This is the question,' Askari said.

...Askari made it clear that Maliki would act if the situation started to deteriorate. The U.S. Embassy has publicly denied any concern over the letter, although in private, many members of the international community and U.S. military have expressed anxiety over the remarks.

If the vote is seen as illegitimate, Askari said, the Shiite south could declare itself a semiautonomous region and hoard Iraq's oil wealth as the country fragmented. He argued Maliki could be forced to act to restore legitimacy to the vote and guarantee a credible transition.

'Maliki insists on the recounting...He will use all legal and legitimate means to control the government."

If, as what appears to be the threat, Maliki retains power until a re-count, and if his Shi'ites confiscate the southern oil fields, which by the way are much in Russia's contracts, that's like jabbing the West in the eye with a spear.

Afghanistan crisis, move over. Here comes the Iraq crisis. Obama, your one bad headache is followed by another. Or am I rejoicing pre-maturely? What proper Christian would not rejoice over that, perhaps, just perhaps, the 70th Week is upon us.

The article points out: " Meeting [two days ago] with Maliki, U.S. Ambassador Christopher Hill and Army Gen. Ray Odierno informed the prime minister that they did not support a recount, according to Iraqis and others familiar with the talks." I don't think the Americans made that public, or wanted to, on their own initiative. But we now have the goods: Maliki is "at war" with Obama. "A Western advisor to the Iraqi government described Askari as the most sensible person in Maliki's circle and worried about what might come next."

That's about all for the news today. The story above doesn't seem to have made it anywhere else yet but the American west coast. We owe it to Obama's "transparency."

March 25

From the Israeli media that dislikes Netanyahu:

"...Netanyahu is expected to land in Israel [tonight]. An hour after he arrives, the forum of seven will convene where the prime minister will update the ministers on the results of his Washington visit.

Despite the prime minister's comments, Netanyahu's meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday has been defined as a failure...

...[Yesterday] afternoon, while Netanyahu's and Obama's advisers were meeting, the White House released a statement condemning Israel's plan to build 20 housing units on the site of the Shepherd Hotel in East Jerusalem.

The Prime Minister's Bureau released a statement that there were no limitations on rights of ownership in Jerusalem.

...The president [Obama] asked Netanyahu to put these assurances in writing."

That's what one asks when the other isn't trusted. But Netanyahu is being very up-front and non-deceptive. He's poking Obama in both eyes, not from behind his back, but right in his face. And he's clearly enjoying himself. His rightwingers proudly quiver mini Israeli flags every time Netanyahu gives Obama the two-finger peace signal directly into both his eyes. Nevertheless, the green-thumb president always seems respectful toward Netanyahu, but we wonder what he will do when Netanyahu's attitude has built within his nerves an intolerable hatred for the Israeli leader. Before that point of zero-toleration arrives, he'll be plotting vengeance, won't he? He with the EU tried to scare Netanyahu last week, and that has not worked, so now what?

DEBKAfile says that Netanyahu was given a cold shoulder:

"...President Obama showed his displeasure with the Israeli government's failure to cave in to his demands - especially after Netanyahu's declaration that Jerusalem is no settlement but 'our capital' to the AIPAC conference Monday - by ordering all the Israeli prime minister's meetings in Washington to take place without statements, news coverage or the cameras which normally record smiles and handshakes between friendly leaders.

...At their first 90-minute encounter, the president made clear what he expected the Israeli prime minister to do on Jerusalem, West Bank settlements and Iran and where he drew the line. Every effort by Netanyahu and, behind the scenes, Barak and their advisers, to ease the pressure fell on deaf ears.

As the tension climbed in the Oval Office, Netanyahu asked to consult privately with his staff and after an hour, asked to see Obama again. A second 35-minute conversation followed, after which the Israeli leader left without achieving any breakthrough on their differences.

...Iran, Syria, Hizballah, Hamas and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas are acutely sensitive to the slightest crack in American support for Israel and ready with tactics for widening the rift. They will now drive hard to separate the Obama administration from America's historic military backing for the Jewish state."

There's not much to speak of in Iraq. Russia appears to be on good behavior, not a single sign that Putin wants to intrude into Iraq or become deeply involved with Israel. No developments toward war in Georgia these days.

I've just updated the 2016 chapter with this short message: "Should it be true that the anti-Christ acts against Israel in a non-military way in the first part of the 2300 days, then we could identify him (or at least his group) early, if only we knew when the 2300 days begin. Therefore, I'll be watching to see if any anti-Israeli action starts around the middle of May, or more broadly, in the spring of 2010."

It's interesting that 2010 is the year that Russia gets a leading role in the "peace talks." In any case, we cannot rule out a hard smack to Israel's cheek with a steaming hot towel, by the barbershop quartet, at any moment. What that could lead to, as Israel's face in under the towel, is anyone's guess. Twirling Israel around on the pump-chair hasn't proved to make him happily pliable to the sort of brush-cut they have in mind. He would simply enjoy the view whenever the mirror came around, reveling at his own smart look. The four barbers don't look quite as happy as the they hold their razors at his throat level. One can see them eyeing a message of conspiracy to one another: "now?"

So who really did plot 9-11?

"Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was a member of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda organization...The 9/11 Commission Report alleges that he was 'the principal architect of the 9/11 attacks.' He is also alleged to have confessed to a role in many of the most significant terrorist plots over the last twenty years, including the World Trade Center 1993 bombings, the Operation Bojinka plot, an aborted 2002 attack on the U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles, the Bali nightclub bombings, the failed bombing of American Airlines Flight 63, the Millennium Plot, and the murder of Daniel Pearl.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was captured in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on March 1, 2003, by the Pakistani ISI, possibly in a joint action with agents of the American Diplomatic Security Service, and has been in U.S. custody since that time...The Red Cross, Human Rights Watch and Mohammed have claimed that the harsh treatment and waterboarding he received from U.S. authorities, amounts to torture."

Do confessions under torture mean anything in the world of reality? After a while, knowing that he's guilty of the death sentence anyway by other terrorist plots, Mohammed would have confessed to 9-11, as well as fabricate real-sounding developments leading to the fateful day, just to remove the torture. It was expected of him to blame Osama bin Laden, as the West figured him to be highly involved. And so we read in the evidence against him:

"In late 1998 or early 1999, bin Laden gave approval for Mohammed to go forward with organizing the plot...Bin Laden had been pressuring KSM (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed) for months to advance the attack date. According to KSM, bin Laden had even asked that the attacks occur as early as mid-2000...

...In a 2002 interview with Al Jazeera journalist Yosri Fouda, Mohammed admitted his involvement, along with Ramzi Binalshibh, in the 'Holy Tuesday operation',...In March 2007, Reuters reported that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confessed to playing a role in the 9/11 terror attacks during a secret hearing at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 'I was responsible for the 9/11 operation from A to Z,' Khalid Sheikh Mohammed said in a statement."

It's well known that terrorists sometimes take credit (in terrorist-toting media) for bomb events, though they had nothing to do them; they figure they get more popularity by such confessions. Such men would wish to be the "glorious" one responsible for 9-11, the mother of all bombings. Knowing that bin-Laden had nothing to do with it, and perhaps knowing also that no other terrorist organization was responsible, Mohammed took a share of the credit.

So to speak, "I have never been so sure of anything" as I am that 9-11 was an inside job. That's because there is SOLID evidence in an online video(s) that a plane flew over the Pentagon rather than striking it. In other words, people had made it appear as though a plane struck it, and that's an inside-job conspiracy. The plotters committed possibly one of the grossest crimes in the history of American federal and military employees.

We don't necessarily know all the reasons. Some suggest, probably rightly, that the plot was to initiate a Middle East military presence, with a pre-planned agenda to make it West-friendly, and of course to combat the Iranian Ayatollahs. BUT why would the plotters throw down both World Trade towers? Was there something incriminating to hide within them both?

There is much for Christians to fear should they be caught by these wicked types. On the way from the original jail cell to the city jailhouse, it was after dark. In fact, as soon as it was dark, I was taken. Two officers in the front seats had my hands cuffed behind my back in the back seat. They stopped on the crest of a bridge on the way to the jailhouse. The bridge was tall over a large body of water. When I enquired as to why we were stopping, they said they were waiting for someone to arrive there. That was an unacceptable response; there was no reason to await another officer. And to prove it, he never showed up. I was on the bridge for 20 minutes or longer thinking they were going to quietly slip me over the rails into the water, Freemason style. Perhaps they were waiting word as to whether they should go ahead with it, perhaps they only wanted me to think they were thinking of it. You don't want to be in the company of these types during the tribulation, especially if the federal government in charge at the time is rabidly anti-Christian.

March 26

Just to underscore the main points that I'm concerned with in the new Iraqi situation:

"...Ayad Allawi, a secular Shiite known for his willingness to use brute force when necessary, has returned to the center of Iraqi politics after receiving millions of votes from Sunni Arabs, a minority that has felt marginalized since Sunni dictator Saddam Hussein was toppled in 2003...

...Allawi is also favored by some for his tendency to wield an iron fist across sectarian lines...

Allawi, once known as 'Saddam lite' among Western officials, is reported to have personally shot several insurgents, a rumor he did nothing to discourage at the time.

Allawi is the descendant of a wealthy Shiite family that has been involved in Iraqi politics since the British colonial period of the early 20th century. He joined the Baath Party, an Arab nationalist group, in the 1950s but fell out with Hussein in the 1970s. Allawi plotted an ultimately unsuccessful coup against the dictator in the mid-1990s that led to the confiscation of his family's wealth...

...'It's regrettable, but the Shiite rank and file think he represents the candidate for the Baath Party and he is the gate through which the Baathists will creep back into power,' said Ezzat Shahbandar, a Shiite legislator...

Allawi's bloc of about 45 parties, the most prominent of which are Sunni, was the key target of a pre-election effort to disqualify candidates because of their supposed Baathist ties. The effort galvanized Sunni Arabs, who felt unfairly targeted, and the percentage of voters turning out to cast ballots in Sunni areas surpassed that in Shiite areas for the first time. In the past, the Sunni vote had been suppressed by violence and boycotts."

I don't think Allawi is the anti-Christ, but what he's doing is giving political life to Baathists, in the same way that the West is giving political life to Palestinians so that they will, ultimately, pick up weapons in catering to that life. Before the election, we had no idea how the Baathists would come to topple Maliki; now, suddenly, we can a distinct possibility. Stay tuned, please, for the sake of your family and friends, because the near future could reveal the devil incarnate. Check in at least once a month to see whether the titles in the Update Index page has anything that resembles, "HE'S HERE!!"

Those of you who know my suspicions that the same families responsible for founding the Syrian and Iraqi Baathists were part of Rus bloodlines in Britain, and therefore a part of Rosicrucian globalism, I want to suggest that these bloodlines are predominantly in the Democrat party rather than in the George Bush circle of Republicans. I say this because the the Democrats and Europeans hated George Bush with crusader-like passion for ousting the Baathists from Iraq, yet now it appears that both Obama and the Europeans want Allawi in power rather than the anti-Baathist Maliki. Just a thought.

To this day, the Iraqi electoral commission refuses to re-count the votes. Word is that final results will be published today. We're looking to see whether all the jockeying in choosing a new prime minister will allow (pun not intended) the "king of the north" or "Assyrian" to enter the arena so as to become Isaiah 13's "king of Babylon."

Meanwhile, Israel has been served the fork, the problem being that it is itself the dinner. Yesterday's article from Haaretz was sugar in comparison to the vinegar soup below:

"For a head of government to visit the White House and not pose for photographers is rare. For a key ally to be left to his own devices while the President withdraws to have dinner in private was, until this week, unheard of. Yet that is how Binyamin Netanyahu was treated by President Obama on Tuesday night, according to Israeli reports on a trip viewed in Jerusalem as a humiliation.

After failing to extract a written promise of concessions on settlements, Mr Obama walked out of his meeting with Mr Netanyahu...

'It was awful,' the [US] Congressman said. One Israeli newspaper called the meeting 'a hazing in stages', poisoned by such mistrust that the Israeli delegation eventually left rather than risk being eavesdropped on a White House telephone line. Another said that the Prime Minister had received 'the treatment reserved for the President of Equatorial Guinea'.

...Mr Obama then suggested that Mr Netanyahu and his staff stay at the White House to consider his proposals so that if he changed his mind he could inform the President right away. 'I'm still around,' the daily newspaper Yediot Aharonot quoted Mr Obama as saying. 'Let me know if there is anything new.'

With the atmosphere so soured by the end of the evening, the Israelis decided that they could not trust the telephone line they had been lent for their consultations. Mr Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, his Defence Minister, went to the Israeli Embassy to ensure that the Americans were not listening in."

What does it tell you about the O-snoops when the Israelis think they're being listened-in on? You can bet that the Demoncrats are listening in on Christians and all sorts of Democrat opponents. Obama thinks he's too sheik to get caught. "Let me know if there is anything new" is a threat of major proportions, something that a mafia boss speaks to a difficult cousin to make him shape up and get with the program. The present situation is the ice chest that precedes the whipping; the pro-Palestinians have heard of it, and are rejoicing. No, they're not only rejoicing, but escalating the pressure on Israel's neck:

"Israel is 'playing with fire' in expanding Jewish settlements in annexed Arab east Jerusalem and attempting to alter the Holy City's identity, Jordan's King Abdullah II said [yesterday].

'...Jordan rejects and condemns all measures aimed at changing the identity of Jerusalem and the displacement of its Christian and Muslim Arab population,' the king said in an interview with Jordanian journalists.

'East Jerusalem must be the capital of an independent Palestinian state which should be established as soon as possible.

'Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel in 1967 and, like the other occupied territories, it is subject to unilateral Israel actions that are illegal and illegitimate and will lead to further conflict," the king added."

Excuse me, king, but doesn't Israel get any of Jerusalem? Nope, not now that Obama is changing the game. The king now thinks he can get the entire city for the Arabs.

Is that what Obama meant when, before being elected, he promised Jewish voters that Jerusalem will remain "undivided." As in totally an Arab possession!?? The king sounds remarkably like Iran today, suggesting a conspiracy:

"Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki called on the international community to 'foil an Israeli plot to change the identity of Jerusalem,' Iranian Press TV news agency reported [today].

'The expansion of Jewish settlements, the destruction of Islamic and Christian structures and the construction of new synagogues in Jerusalem have unveiled the Israeli plot'...

The Israeli plot will have 'dangerous consequences,' Mottaki warned. He urged Arab states to put the issue high on the agenda of the Arab League conference, which is underway in Libya.

...According to the report, the Iranian minister went on to say that, 'This has raised the alarm for people across the globe and has highlighted the necessity of taking serious measures and maximizing potential in all Muslim nations.'"

Calling all Muslims, calling all Muslims; report to duty.

Another article puts it well:

"...Why would Arabs consider any compromise when [Hillary] Clinton accepts their position and attempts to prejudge the outcome (e.g. opposing Jewish construction and supporting Arab construction)?! Why would Arabs refrain from terrorism, when sweeping concessions by Israel to the PLO/PA -- the role model of hate education, violation of commitments, hijacking, murder of US diplomats and international terrorism -- prove that terrorists can get away with - and be rewarded for - murder?!",7340,L-3867836,00.html

One can't speak to O-people who wear their behinds on the heads and their heads on their behinds. Instead of honorable things, embarrassing noises come from their mouths. The best thing to do is to light a match to their hot gas and let them explode into nothingness. That's God's solution for "donkeys" who disregard His plan for Jerusalem.

Got a good email from Tim:

Hi John, I have just come across this today, definitive proof that the oppressors of the Israelites in Egypt where descended from Ham!
Psalm 78:51: And smote all the firstborn in Egypt; the chief of their strength in the tabernacles of Ham.

I'll share my response:

Tim, excellent. If I were trying to prove that the Hyksos were Hamites, I'd definitely use that particular scripture. Hyksos are said to be Semites, however.

First of all, due to the mud that is Egyptian dating, I doubt that all readers here accept my theory that the Ten-Plague "Egyptians" were the Hyksos. But assuming this to be true, one could still entertain non-Hamite Hyksos originally, then living among Hamites. It's known that Hyksos took Hamite gods and names as their own. By the time of the Plagues, Hyksos would have lived in Egypt for more than 200 years so as to be Hamitized thoroughly. The Biblical story is that, after the good pharaoh who treated Jacob's family well, a pharaoh came to power that mistreated Israelites. Israelites were in Egypt for over 200 years between the life of Jacob and Moses (I think the 400/430 years must include back to Abraham's lifetime). For that reason and more, I see the Hyksos coming into Egyptian power, over the Hamites of Lower Egypt, and mistreating the fledgling house of Israel. There is even a Hyksos king of Egypt named Chamudi, near the end of the Hyksos period, that may have been named in honor of Ham.

The dating of the Hyksos depends on what historian one reads, but they were definitely in Egypt over a period overlapping at least some of the Israeli stay. It seems very solid in my mind that some of Greek myth, as it applies to Greek roots/links in Egypt, must apply to the Hyksos. Myth places such important mythical characters as Io, Hephaestus, Danaus, Helen of Troy, and her husband, Menelaus, in Egypt. Athena was located in Libya, and Perseus with Andromeda in pre-Israel's Joppa. Other Greek mythical characters, such as Dionysus, were located in Ethiopia/Punt. These things can only mean that some non-Hamite peoples, though taking on Hamite blood, were in north-Africa, and for me the finger always points to the Amazons and Gorgons of north Africa. Moors are often defined as a mix of Berber (= Aryan) and Arab (= Semite) descent.

Julie found and shared this interesting webpage on Biddulph moor that seems to verify "moor" [i.e. water) being sometimes used as a British term to denote Moors of north Africa. Note the "beetling" tern used by the writer, for I think it must be code for a branch of the Buddulph surname:

"This could be a tale by Emily Bronte. Swarthy [i.e. dark] men with beetling brows, lost and isolated on the lonely moors. Except that in this case there is not one Heathcliffe but a whole tribe of them, cut off in the wilds of north Staffordshire.

The moor concerned is at Biddulph, a mile or so east of the village of Biddulph and rising to more than 1,000 feet. In our overcrowded Midlands this is one of the few places - other than Dudley town centre on a wet afternoon - where you can feel truly alone. It has an atmosphere.

The folk who live on Biddle Moor have always had a reputation for being different, and their dark complexion and red hair sets them apart from their Staffordshire neighbours. A visitor to the community in the early 20th century describes the Biddle people as having 'oval faces, brown, ruddy complexions, dark eyes and hair in shades of auburn' The older people in Biddulph are reluctant to talk of them.

Given local reticence and the absence of solid facts, local legend appears to explain their presence. The story goes that one of the lords of Biddulph, returning from Crusader duty in the 12th century, brought back with them 12 Saracen captives and settled them on the moor to look after his lands. 800 years later, such was the isolation of the area that those Saracen looks have not been watered down by inter-marriage.

The earliest account I can find of this legend is from 1791, but it is not the only local tale to explain the origin of the 'Biddle-moor-men'"

It's perhaps a testament to the importance of privacy desired by the Biddulph surname that no Coat is shown at The write-up places them first in Staffordshire. I'm not ready to accept the write-up's derivation of the term in Bi-Dolph = "beside a mine/hole." Trying for similar surnames, "Bidel" brings up a scallop-using Beadle surname smacking of the Beatles. I've previously shown (most-recently, second update of this month) a Butel/Bootle/Bottle surname first found in Liverpool, conspicuous because the Beatles were from Liverpool.

The Irish Dolph/Dolphin Coat and Crest use the commonly-seen dolphins, and the family, like the Butels/Bootles, were first found in Lancashire. The write-up perhaps links the Dolphs to Strongbow Clare, but in any case to Scandinavians of some sort: "The surname Dolph is derived from the Old Norse personal names Dufan and Dolgfinnr...In Gaelic, the name was Doilfin."

Does anyone suspect that this is a Rus-Saracen family of Templar importance? As per the Dufin version in Ireland, we find that the Irish Duffy surname "is the word 'dubh,' which means 'black'..." By the time that I saw the Dolph Coat, I had already found the Videll Coat (thinking it could be a Biddulph variation), wherefore note the "vita" motto term in the Dolph Coat, for "Videll" derives from "Vitalis of Berny, who was recorded in the Domesday Book census of 1086. Abbot Vitalis was Abbot of Westminster in 1076."

Vidells/Vitals were first in Devon, where the scallop-using Russells were first found. The hat type in the Videll Crest looks like one that black ladies often wear. As per Vitalus of Berny, the Berny surname is a Norman one, from Bernai, Normandy. Note the two rings in the Videll/Vital cross, for when we enter "Vita," we get an Italian Coat with nothing but a ring. Variations of Vita include Biddulph-like "Bittolo/Bitelli," and Vital-like "Vitelli." This surname was first found in Treviso, anciently known as Tarvisium, a town in Venetia, capital of the province of Treviso." Tarby? Darby?

In the second update of this month, I found a German Butler/Ormand Coat as a result of following Tolkien codes. The Irish Butler/Ormand Coat shows grails. As I tend to suspect that the Butlers were of Stewart relations, I note that the Dolph/Dolphin/Dolfine surname may be linked to Dol of the proto-Stewarts. Hmm, instead of a Dolphin, the German Dol/Dohl Coat uses a whale...and in the colors of the Dolphin Coat!! I think that's a match.

There's more. The Irish Dole Coat write up says, "The original Gaelic form of the name Dole is O Dubhghaill, derived from the words dubh, which means black, and ghall, which means foreigner, or 'dubhgall,' which meant 'dark and tall.'" And, bingo, if I'm not mistaken, the Dole Crest stag is identical to the Bidel/Beadle Crest.

Thank you Julie for opening the door to all this.

One last thing, the Biden/Button Coat is in Vita colors, and has a Bittin variation smacking of the Bittini variation of the Vitas.

It's evening in Baghdad, and still no election results so far as I can find.

March 27

After ending yesterday, I immediately checked more news, this time in Turkey. The first interesting article was on a military build-up on the north Iraqi border where a Bitlis surname is mentioned. Bitlis-like surnames happened to be emphasized near the end in yesterday's update. I'm wondering whether this is a coincidence.

"The Turkish Armed Forces are transporting munitions and personnel to Southeast Anatolia for the spring operation to take place against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK.

Munitions and military equipment have already been sent to the region from General Esref Bitlis Barracks by 60 civilian trucks [yesterday]. The traffic on D-100 Highway was cut for the truck convoy and their armed escort. Soldiers who have completed their training at the 2nd Commando Brigade of Bolu will be transferred in 15 days."

Barracks is not part of the surname, but refers to an artillery site/regiment named after Esref Bitlis:

"Shortly before his death, Mumcu [Turkish journalist and member of Turkish Intelligence] was investigating how 100,000 firearms owned by the Turkish Armed Forces ended up in the hands of Jalal Talabani, one of the Kurdish leaders of northern Iraq and, as of 2008, president of Iraq. Twenty-five days after Mumcu, General Esref Bitlis, who was investigating the same issue, died in a plane crash, believed to be due to sabotage."

In the Bitlis article, we find evidence of a globetrotter plot with the Kurds:

"The Turkish Daily News interviewed an army general who was familiar with Bitlis about the motives for his [airplane] killing. The general said that the commander of the Joint United States Military Mission for Aid to Turkey (JUSMMAT) complained about Bitlis to the chief of staff for collecting information about illegal activities pertaining to Operation Provide Comfort. Other OPC officers also complained to Washington. Bitlis aggressively opposed American designs; he had allegedly dismissed Americans supporting the Turkish Gendarmerie as well as CIA agents operating from humanitarian organizations active in the region. The interviewed general said that Bitlis had discovered arms intended for Talabani and Barzani concealed in crates purportedly containing food. As a 'sworn anti-American', the general said that the Americans may have had a hand in Bitlis's death. According to another source, Bitlis was given photographs taken by JITEM operatives depicting three OPC helicopters distributing materiel to the PKK on 10 December 1992.[4] Such acts led Bitlis to conclude that America was intent on establishing a Kurdish state encompassing Turkey."

That was when Obama was still a coffee boy. As the O-people wear their heads on their behinds and their behinds on their heads, we may suspect that the American tables have been turned in the Turkey-Kurd situation. The O-trotters might therefore oppose the makings of a Kurdish state at the expense of Turkey. After all, didn't Obama go straight to Turkey upon taking office, to give signal that he was a friend, not foe?

One of the first places of military explosion at the hands of the anti-Christ will be along the Turkish border of Iraq and Syria. In past times, I've suggested reasons for linking Biden and other Bit-like surnames to the founding bloodlines of Baathists. The Baath party of Syria was co-founded by a Bitar surname. When entering "Bitar," we get a Butter surname of Tayside of Perthshire. Hmm, I was just on Tay terms on the 22nd of March, thinking to link them to Joktanites.

The strong arm with bow in the Bitar Crest resembles the strong arm holding the Rothschild arrows in some Arms of Rothschild. Since Rothschilds were initially Bauers/Bowers, that surname could have developed into Bowder-like terms and finally Buttar/Bitar. Connection of the Bitar surname to the house of Rothschild could easily explain the rising of the Baath party in the Arab world.

Incidentally, when somewhat convinced just days ago of a Joktanite trace to the Taygete>Mani mountain system of Sparta, and therefore to mythical Menelaus, I neglected to mention that Menelaus' wife, Helen, was made the sister of Pollux whom I'd identified (years ago) as Peleg, Joktan's brother! That clinches the Joktanite trace to the Pollux family of Spartans. 'P. To the Greeks, Pollux was "Polydeuces," and as we know that a 'y' looks like a 'g' because the two are inter-changeable, so "Poly" smacks of "Peleg." In fact, I traced Pollux to Puglia (southern Italy) because he was symbolized as a pugilist (boxer), but note that Puglia is also Apulia, where "pulia" smacks of "poly." There are many "poly" mythical terms that could possibly be code for Pelegian Hebrews, therefore. The point is, it seems that both Peleg's tribes and Joktanites were in southern Italy. And if Pollux was the Spartan Apollo, the latter would represent Pelegian Hebrews too (not to be mistaken for Israelites).

It could have gone worse in Iraq. It could have been 90 seats each, but as it turned out, "Allawi's bloc won 91 seats, and the State of Law coalition gained 89. The Iraqi National Alliance, dominated by Shiite parties, got 70 seats, and a Kurdish alliance took 43." Then again, it may be still worse the way it turned out, because Maliki is now feeling fire in his chest, and needs to do something drastic before the country accepts the results. Recalling how he gave the Americans the cold shoulder, he shouldn't expect sympathy from Obama.

If Maliki attempts to hold on to power as the prime minister, I see more war:

"As Allawi supporters danced and unleashed celebratory gunfire in Baghdad and western Sunni-majority cities, a stone-faced Maliki appeared on live television to repeat his demand for a recount and assert that the tally released [yesterday] 'is not final.'

'We do not accept these results,' Maliki said, flanked by members of his coalition.

Just two hours before the long-awaited announcement, twin bombings ripped through a crowded marketplace in Diyala province, northeast of Baghdad , killing 42 people and wounding at least 65 others in an illustration of the still-fragile security situation...";_ylt=AiPxI0f2EbbzImoi6jFywAv5SpZ4

The Sunni are now sitting at the right hand of the Iraqi throne; how could they not arise in war if Maliki steals this prize from them by a strong hand? In such a war, who would turn out to be the leader of the Sunni side? The dark one? Mosul awaits a friend of the Sunny:

"The results showed that Sunni Arabs can challenge the Kurds through ballot boxes, too. Kirkuk, the fiercely disputed oil-rich prize, is now split evenly with six seats for Kurds and six for Allawi's mainly Arab candidates -- perhaps the biggest upset of the election. Arabs also won the majority of seats in Ninewah, home to the troubled city of Mosul , and in Diyala, where Kurds won just a single seat" (article above).

There's a chart at this website showing the results of all scoring parties in all regions. You can see that in terrorist havens of the northern half of Iraq, it's lob-sided toward the Sunni of Allawi's party.

What happens after the anti-Christ attacks Syria and/or Turkey?

"Iraq Ministry of Water accused Turkey and Syria of obstructing water from arriving to Tigris and Euphrates in spite the fact that it is raining and snowing in both countries. The ministry warned that this summer Iraq would endure drought worst than before...To that, the quantity of water on the Syrian-Iraqi border in Hassiba region is less than the minimum level as the average of flow thereof does not exceed 250 cubic meters per second while the needed rate is of 500 cubic meters per second."

If Turkey won't cut off the Euphrates river, Syria, closer to Iraq, can. I don't know what the four angels of Revelation are that are stationed to cut that water off at the Appointed Time, but I assume a drought and vengeance combination that has Syria so desperate for its own water on one hand, and on the other an aching to re-pay the "king of Babylon" for his invasion of Damascus/Syria.

Mrs. Cling-on, come in here please.

I can't right now, Bark. Bill's on the phone hysterical. He just lost his health care insurance plan, and they won't cover him until I quit working for you.

Get in here, Killary. This is more important than the insurrectionist companies. I'll fix their loop holes just as soon as I...

They just called you a big dicktator and...

I can arrange for a new suck-up-itary of state if you like. When I tell you jump, I mean hang up the phone and get in here.

.....okay, what is it that's so pressing?

The Israelis. They hate me. They're humiliating my come-back for all the world to see. What are you going to do about it?

Me do about it? Bark, you won the Nobel Pizza Pies. You should know.

Can't you get more ugly with him?

Can't you use your world-class clout from your coveted pizza pies?

Wish I could.

Why can't you?

Because they gave it to me without any meat. They said I was too green, so I was the first ever to get a veggie pizza pies.

You're kidding? No haming it up, not even any paparazzi?

Nope. Very thin coverage, no cheese.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but about the only clout I have is Bill, but he went over to Hasty so fast that he got himself a heart attack, and now the insurance company is putting him at the back of the line [sob], and...

Relax, we can get some extra doctors from Cuba. Fido likes me now.

...and I'm not getting any younger either. I'm about to hit the MenePause button any day now, and...

So what are we going to do about Mr. Yahoo?

Let him fend for his own insurance, what do I care!?

No, I mean about his other condition, where he remains stiff-necked.

Is that covered anymore?

Killary, Killary, get yourself together. When the world-depopulation control program kicks in, there really will be medical care for everyone.

And until then?

Until then we need to "look after" Ned Yahoo, if you catch my drift.

Bark, I can't afford to catch anything right now, but if you must have my advice, I say leave him be to the mercy of the evil axels, or whatever Bush calls them.

We've been trying that, but Yahoo isn't afraid of A-Madman. We've got to make Yahoo think that all of A-Madman's monkeys are going to gang up without our lifting a stick to do anything about it.

Problem is, Ned already knows that game of yours, Bark. Besides, what if they do gang up on him for real, what happens to your pizza pies then? Mushrooms?

I see your cloudy point, Killary. Then there's just one thing to do: unplug Israel's nuclear ovens so that Mr. Yahoo doesn't spoil my Nobel pies.

Nobody knows if they have such ovens, let alone where they hide them. I've got a better idea. Since I'm the button specialist, I'll offer them new wireless nuclear buttons that don't work. They'll never know until they need to hit one.

Don't trust that, Killary. Your buttons never work. What if these ones don't work so that they work? Here's what I want you to do. Send out a classified executive order to all insiders. Their task is to make it appear as though A-Madman's monkeys are not capable of invading, then, when Yahoo thinks his skies are as blue as the Israeli flag, in comes Gogi Bear to steal the show, sniff out the rich cakes of uranium, and chase away everyone in the park. I'll be the new ranger that gives Gogi the wink.

I think there is still a chance for that wink to take place in reality. The situation seems to be building to the point that Obama may want to betray, not merely abandon, Israel.


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