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March 28 - 31, 2010

Carthage Carriers of the Hyksos

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March 28

In Iraq, Allawi has said that he will be happy to form a government with Maliki's block. If Maliki drops his hatchet and accepts, any violence or other opportunity on the near horizon for the dark one to arise will be minimized. But if Maliki pushes and gets his way -- a re-count with him as the winner - the Sunni will be extremely irate on that score alone. BUT, if Maliki then forms a government with the other Shi'ite groups instead of Allawi's group, the Sunni will feel as though only their underwear remains to represent them, and that the Shi'ite thieves are casting lots to see who gets to own it. That situation could see a heavy flow of Sunni to the violent Baathists.

That wouldn't make Iran happy, however, for not only does that nation abhor Allawi's group, but it wants Maliki gone. Therefore, even if Maliki and Allawi come to form a government without the other Shi'ite groups -- that Iran supports -- a violent result could come to pass that ushers in the dark one.

We recall that al-Sadr, a leading figure in the other Shi'ite groups, visited Syria with compassion under his diplomatic wings, as if to be a part of the evil axis against Israel. Perhaps the Iran-Sadr partnership has been waiting to win Iraq this month before starting the war against Israel. Perhaps now that the results are practically known -- that Iran-Sadr lost the election fairly handily -- a violent uprising will be called for, with all of A-Madman's monkeys called on to be on-the-ready for the attack signal. We know that Turkey has gone with more bullets to the Iraq border.

Also, Gaza was fired up earlier this week more than ever since the war, which may be a plan to get Israeli equipment to the south-west so that an attack on her north-east can precipitate more heavily. Jordan (an Israeli neighbor) has given the signal that Israel is in "danger." The Palestinians are not interested in peace talks at all, perhaps because they know the war that is imminent.

The question is: does Obama know about that war, and is he winking to the Arabs to get on with it? We have just witnessed that he is politically suicidal. Men will do greater exploits when they are not afraid of death. Obama has just learned that he can win in the short-run when on a suicide mission, and the thrill of victory, even if he knows it could be short-lived, is too hard to resist. No sooner did he win health care that he started on Israel, suggesting this is his next suicide mission. In other words, he's going to do whatever his fist tells him to do, and if he gets another victory in that way, look out world, invest in some bomb shelters. My sense is that this man is preoccupied with lust for power that goes far beyond the borders of America.

Tim made a great discovery that has led to the identification of the Nibelungs among various important surnames. It leads, without any forcing on my part, to the Ebur-branch Hebrews. I suppose I had never thought to check for a Nibelung Coat, but he did, and got one. It uses a large arrow or spear head called a "pheon." As Phoenicians were called "Poeni" in Greece, they are suspect. If they had named the arrow/javelin tip a "phoen," it would be too obvious. However, there were a Greek peoples named "Paeoni" ('e' before 'o') that I've argued were a branch of Poeni. The Poeni are largely viewed as the Phoenician sailors/pirates of the Mediterranean, and that founded Carthage.

That is, my first impression is that Nibelungs appear to link themselves to Phoenicians more than any other group. This squares very nicely with my previous identification of Nibelungs with the Zeus-Europa cult in Crete, which came from mount Sion/Hermon and Tyre in Phoenicia. I'll soon explain again why Nibelungs should be integral to the Zeus-cult Tyro-Cretans. Also keep in mind that Sio/Zio was a god of the Herminone-branch Germanics...two terms in Germany that must surely trace to Sion/Hermon.

Tim's discovery of the German Nibelung surname allows us to make a hefty link to the Nobel surname, for Nibelung variations include Knoblock, Knoblach, and many more Knob terms, and when we enter "Knob" by itself, bingo! A German Knobel/Knebel Coat! The arrows in saltire are in the colors of the Nobel roundels, which roundels are also in the Neveu Coat. The latter has swords in saltire.

More stunning yet is that the Nibelung family also has K-less variations such as Noblock and Noblauch, this making it possible to trace them to ancient Nob, thought to be two or three miles north of the other Zion, Jerusalem. My suspicion is that mythical Ixion represented a branch of Jerusalemites living at Zion hill, but then removed to found/name mount Sion in Phoenicia. I also suspect that "Ixion" is a double code, for "Sion" and the Hyksos both, but I don't necessarily think that Hyksos founded Zion at Jerusalem. They may only have lived there in alliance with the native inhabitants of Zion.

In Greek myth, Hyksos is asked by Zeus to commit adultery with his wife (Hera) in the shape of a cloud (= "nephele" in Greek). Thus, Nephele becomes the wife/mate of Ixion, suggesting that Nibelungs were at Zion and/or Sion as well. Years ago, I suggest that the Nephele cult was both at Nob and another Nephele-like location (can't recall the spelling, but it's in the Bible) to the near-west of Jerusalem, closer to, if not smack beside, mount Gareb.

The purpose of the myth writer was to identify the Ixion-Nephele partnership with the Zeus-Hera partnership, as if the two were identical or nearly so. In that picture, I've just got to identify Zeus with the Hyksos as I would Ixion. As I've said, "Zeus" is said to be from "Deus/Dios," which in Greece was also "Dion," a Zion-like term if ever we saw one. And, the wife of Ixion was made Dia, apparently a feminine "Dion" so as to once again peg Ixion as the Zeus cult. I don't think it's a coincidence that the Zeus cult at Tyre/Tyrus was a Taurus while Hyksos worshiped the bull.

Assuming that Ixion was a Phoenician people removed to Crete just as was Zeus, we might peg Ixion's lot as coming to Crete first, as mythical Cretheus (i.e. the Curetes), husband of Sidero and Tyro (you get it: Sidon and Tyre). As the Curetes were made to raise Zeus as an infant on Crete, mythical Cretheus with his Tyrians had to be in Crete before the Zeus cult arrived. But at the webpage below, one sees that Nephele opposed Cretheus so that it might be better to peg the Ixion lot as none other than the Zeus lot of Phoenicians.

Cretheus was the brother of Athamas, who was in turn the first husband of Nephele. It is very possible, therefore, that Athamas was another term to describe an aspect of the Ixion entity. Note the statement: "Athamas was then banished, and settled in the country he named Athamantia marrying Themisto and having other children by her." Wouldn't that wife, like "Athamas" itself, be code for Themis(cyra) (on the Thermodon river near Georgia), the location that I think named the Artemis Amazons?

The father of Athamas was the Aeolus, the same Aeolian peoples who settled the nine islands off of Sicily, the same that I recently thought to link to the original nine Curetes. Therefore, wherever nine is used as a symbol, it is suspect as having linkage back to Athamas-Curetes elements. The nine Muses are traced by me to Amazon-infested Mysia, and Mysia was the location of mount Ida, named after the mount Ida of Crete, both Idas having been Curete domains. Troy was built at the foot of Ida in Mysia.

If true that Nephele depicted the proto-Nibelungs, then we assume that Hyksos can be found wherever Nibelungs are found. Tim has made it possible to prove my theory, that Nibelungs settled in Nevers/Nebirnum in Burgundy (France). It's already known that Nibelungs were of Burgundy stock, but I was guessing that "Nevers" was named after a branch of Nibelungs. Note the Neveur variation of the Neveu surname(this is the one using the Nobel roundels), and then see the same colors in the Noblet Coat (compliments of hard-digging Tim), for that surname was first found in Burgundy! Noblet variations include Noble/Nobles.

Next I began to realize that "Knob" terms could have developed into Cobb/Hobb terms so that Tolkien's hobbits were none other than Nibelungs (I did identify them, after all, as a root of the Varangian Rus, while Tolkien was infatuated with Scandinavian Rus lines). I found much proof of Cobb/Hobb links to Nibelungs over hours of digging, but that was before I saw six Kobblock-like variations at the Nibelung/Knoblock page!!!

There is an English Neveu/Neve Coat using the same fish (said to be a trout) as the Cabot Coat!! The Cabot fish is said to be a "chabot," but it's the same fish exactly. A near-identical fish design, in Neveu fish colors, is used in the Cobb Coat!! Thus the Cobbs and Cabots (and who knows how many more similar terms) appear to be Neveu/Neve-branch Nibelungs.

BUT FOLKS, the Hakes/Hykes Coat uses the same fish as in the Neveu and Cabot coats, only this time it's called a Hake fish (cod species), suggesting these to be the Hyksos that I expect to be among Nibelungs.

Next I tried "Chake" hoping to find evidence that it's a Hakes/Hykes variation, and got crescents in Hake/Hykes colors. Chake variations include the Hyksos-like "Chick." When one tries "Keek" and "Kake", the same Coats come up showing Ketch and Kedge variations. THEN, when one tries Hetch, zowie it's the Hakes/Hykes Coat!! PLUS, the Keeks and Kakes were first in Cheshire, where some Hicks-branch peoples (e.g. Hicksons) lived.

Zowie, the Ketchum arm and scimitar is coming from a cloud! The Coat's water bouges are in the colors of the Banister Coat bouge (both surnames were from Lancashire, but Banisters were also in Cheshire as per the Meschin write-up).

The Chake/Chick Crest is essentially identical, aside from colors, with the Hanna Crest; the latter uses the same cross, in the same color, as the Noblet (Burgundy) Coat. If I'm not mistaken, I argued recently that Hyksos were linked to the Hannibal Carthiginians, which are the peoples to which I've traced the Hanna/Anna surname.

I had linked the Hanna/Anna surname to the Annabell/Hannibal surname because 1) both use a stag, and, 2) Hanna-Barbera cartoons appear linked to Berbers while that gets us close to the Hannibal's Carthiginians. BUT NOW, note that the Annabell variations, especially "Hannibal," smack of "Nibel"!!! Other variations include Annabal, Anable, and Annible. When we enter "Nable," we get no Nable-like surnames shown, but we do get many surnames preceded by Ann/Han!

THEN, the Annabell/Hannibal Crest is a stag design identical to the Knowell/Noel Coat!!! NAMAZING. It's true, the Nibelungs and Hannibal Carthiginians were related, for surely "Knowell" is a variation of Knobel." The Knowell/Noel Coat uses the lattice design that I see linked to Robert and/or Roger Guiscard (= Rus of Sicily).

The Nable Coat uses the Rokeby Coat exactly (see also Rooks). The latter were linked to Rockefellers. Both the Nables and Rokebys/Rooks were first found in Yorkshire, wherefore it looks like a marital alliance. The English Hicks and Hykes were also first found in Yorkshire, and note that the Hicks use red and gold, a common Nibelung color scheme.

Other Nibelung color schemes to date are red-on-white Shield, seen again in the Niebore/Niebur Coat (compliments of Tim again). It uses Zionist stars and Niebauer/Neibauer variation that could be the basis of the Rothschild-founding Bauers. Did you notice yet another arrow (Bower>Bauer>Rothschild symbol) in the Nable Crest? Don't lose sight of the Eber-like ending because we are going to see this again, and that Nibelungs and Abreus/Eburos are related. And let's not forget that the Evreux-based Eburovices founded York as "Eboracum," which should explain why the Hicks'/Hykes' were first found in Yorkshire.

See the Heber Coat, using the Abreu gold lion on red! The Heber surname was first found in Yorkshire!! You can see under the Coat that a variation is "Ebert," which I point out because there is a distinct Hebert Coat using the Nobel roundels!

I'm not so sure that "Abreu" and "Nobel" could derive from the same surname.

Consider Nefertiti, "queen" of pharaoh AkenAten. I place "queen" in quotation marks because some suspect her to have been Akenaten's male transvestite partner. The transvestite cult of the Kabeiri was led by Hephaestus, husband of Aphrodite, and meanwhile "Nefertiti" looks like an N-version of "Aphrodite." Since I trace Aphrodite to the Aprutium>Abruzzo>Abreu surname, the Nefertiti branch of Aphrodite, which named Nevers in France in my strong opinion, was distantly related to the Abreu bloodline, explaining why the two now seem merged by heraldic evidence. I tend to think that the Nefer(titi) branch provided "Nibel(ung)" by an f > v > b evolution of letters, and the common r > l switch. But that could be wrong, though if we entertain an Eber>Ebel evolution of terms so as to net "Nebel," it tends to cancel my theory that Nibelungs are rooted in "Nephele."

So, discovering that Knoblock-branch Nibelungs might be the hobbits of Tolkien by way of being of the Cobbs/Hobbs family of terms, let me mention once again the Freemason, Red Skelton, and his fictional Klem Kadiddlehopper. I have shown the Hopper surname using the Moreno/Moratin castle while the English Clement surname uses the Marino/Marina symbol. BUT NOW, see the Nobel roundels in that Clement Coat, and then see that the black Eber-Coat boar is identical to the black boar in the Italian Clement Coat. In short, the Clements were Nibelung-branch "hobbits" (if Hoppers/Hoppens were of the hobbit code).

The Wikipedia article says that Nevers (in the old province of Nivernais) was originally "Noviodunum" so as to have been named after "New" rather than after a Nefer-like term. First, Wikipedia is known for making factual statements on derivations that are untrue, from the same sorts of "experts" that have brought the world the ridiculous theory of Evolution. Second, I find it hard to believe that smack beside Nevers is Autun so that the two evoke Nefertiti and AkenATEN's god, Atun.

Thirdly, Greek myth had a king Merops of Ethiopia whose wife, with Helios, had a son, Phaethon. Merops was the root of "Merovee" and therefore the Merovingian Franks, and Phaethon, being a son of Helios, can be gleaned as a Danaan (i.e. Hyksos) peoples from Rhodes, for that was the sacred island of Helios. Moreover, myth gives a mythical Eridanus river as the homeland of Phaethon, and while some think that river to be the Po (in northern Italy) that flows toward the Rhodanus (now the Rhone), others (like myself) peg the EriDANUS as the Rhodanus itself, home of the Rhodes-based Redones. It works like a charm, not only because Autun is off the Rhone river, but because "Phaethon" is similar to "Haedui," the people of Autun.

If that's not enough, "another" mythical Merops, of Greece (probably a branch of the Merops of Ethiopia), had a daughter, Aedon, that must have been the Phaethon entity settling on the Rhodanus and naming it "Autun." If you catch the drift, mythical Aedon was the Atun cult of Akenaten, and somewhere among "her" company we expect the Nefertiti migrants that founded Nevers. Aedon's sister-in-law happened to be "Niobe," smacking of the Nievre territory around Nevers/Nebirnum.

The Ethiopia of the ancient world included what is now Sudan, and so I think mythical Merops depicted the peoples of Merowe, now Meroe (Sudan). Smack beside Autun and Nevers, there is/was a location that is Merovee-like, but I can't recall the spelling. It is likely that the Moors/Mauritanians were from Merowe, but one also gets the impression that Merops was a Hyksos-related people lingering in Upper Egypt.

My impression is that the Hyksos were chased out, after the Tenth Plague, into Gaza (this is an historical fact) but ended up also in Tyre further up the coast (Ezekiel 28 makes the king of Tyre out to be satan himself). Keeping in mind that Hyksos were thought to be the Danaans of Greece, consider the similarity between "Tanis" and "Tunis," the latter being where Tyrians moved in founding Carthage. Thus, it would appear that the Zeus cult of Tyre moved not only to Crete, but to Carthage, so that Carthiginians were not merely allied to Hyksos, but were the Hyksos themselves. I believe we owe this discovery to God through Tim. I believe that this is one of the most important revelations that has been given from God as my years-long task.

In Tyre, Hercules (son of Zeus) was "MelKART," and this was the god of Carthage too. It was a child-sacrificing cult of horrible proportions in CARThage. We know from other myths that the Hercules cult spread throughout the Mediterranean in a ship of Helios, and that Hercules was a Greek Danaan. Put that all together and one discovers that the Samson cult of pre-Israel (not long before the Israelites appeared in Canaan) was a Hyksos branch from the Gaza/Philistine theater that later formed the Sion cult in Phoenicia (it's known that Samson's "Daniy" founded Laish at the foot of mount Zion) as well as the Zeus-Hercules-Melkart cult in Tyre. That was the Biblical Baal, in my opinion, which was also depicted as a bull.

Aedon's husband was made "Zethus," a term smacking of the Hyksos god, Seth (Seth may have been merely borrowed by Hyksos from the Egyptians proper). This dark god was the basis of "Sion," in my opinion, though I don't want to dig up all the reasons now. It is thought that Seth is the basis of "Satan." Thus, the land of satan was up the entire pre-Israeli coast into Phoenicia, and it was smack beside this land that YHWH decided to plant Abraham's offspring. He had in mind to war against satan and ultimately defeat him in a plan incorporating His saints. The "casualties" of this war are countless, but in the end, God promises to reveal the smallness of satan, and that his greatness is due only to the foolishness of men in granting him political powers over the saints. Democracy, which is inherently opposed to Theocracy, is one of the tools of satan-inspiring peoples.

Interestingly, Isaiah 10 makes Nob a headquarters for the end-time anti-Christ when he invades Jerusalem successfully. Remember, Nob and Jerusalem were once the cities belonging to the Seth-satan cult (= proto-Templars) so that what we have at Armageddon is a final showdown for that city. But to now find evidence that it will be a sort of Hyksos vs. YHWH battle, wow, amazing.

Jesus affirmed for us that the Jews of Jerusalem (especially the leaders) were of the satan cult, and throughout the centuries those Jews, who encoiled themselves around Baal and other such "gods," gave pagan-satanic terms to Biblical events/places/things. For example, Passover they call a "seder." In myth, Satyrs were the offspring of Nephele with Ixion (wrong, the two gave birth to Centaurs, but one could also assume the Centaur-related Satyrs). Coincidence, or did the satanic Jews name Passover after Seth-satan? Quite apparently and even expectedly, Hyksos remained in Canaan and mingled there with Israelites at times, though they were not called by standard Hyksos-terms any longer. As Phoenicians were made sons of Poseidon, Zeus's brother, it stands to reason that the Hyksos were the basis of the Phoenicians.

Europa (daughter of mythical Phoenix=Phoenicia) was a great symbol of those Hyksos-Phoenicians, and we therefore see that Tyre extended itself to become the European harlot of Revelation 17.

Stirred by his new "victory" and learning to love his fist, Obama is moving ahead like a warrior:

"Fed up with waiting, President Barack Obama announced [yesterday] he would bypass a vacationing Senate and name 15 people to key administration jobs, wielding for [his] first time the blunt political tool known as the recess appointment."

I haven't checked the 15 names, but the article mentions Becker, Goldstein and Mundaca.

The West under Obama thinks that Middle-East peace is on the horizon, so it isn't watching Iran any longer:

"The United Nations inspectors assigned to monitor Iran's nuclear program are now searching for evidence of two such [new] sites, prompted by recent comments by a top Iranian official that drew little attention in the West..."

The liberal West doesn't want to hear anymore about Iran's nuclear ambitions, as it gets in the way of the hopeful, comfortable life that they wish to manufacture. While they say, "peace and safety," there are rodents working under the Iranian mountains, nibbling away at the nuclear secrets that could very well evolve into the foremost cause for Armageddon's fiery aspect.

Although Iran may not be the first to launch a nuclear weapon at an enemy in the 70th Week, something has to start the nuclear missiles flying in what is a do-or-die scenario. Suppose that, when the Chinese arrive through Iraq to battle the anti-Christ from Megiddo, the Gog-Iran axis feels that something drastic needs to be done about it. Who might launch the first nuclear missile at the Chinese? Iran, or Russia?

Which of the two will be more damaged by the crossing of the Chinese into Iraq? You know it. Iran. Which of the two has less-stable minds leading the country? You got it: Iran. It seems that Iran's nuclear technology is rising at just the right time for the 70th Week because it is to be used in the 70th Week. But the liberal West knows nothing, and wants to know nothing, of the 70th Week. Russia has just announced that it will finish the Bushehr reactor in Iran.

LIBYA is coming on board the evil-axis, or at least thinking of it:

"Syria and Libya teamed up [today] to pressure the Palestinian leader to quit peace talks with Israel and return to violence, delegates to an Arab leadership summit said.

An adviser to the US-backed Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, quickly rejected the suggestion, calling for the 22 nations represented at the gathering in Sirte, Libya, to be 'realistic.'...

...Syrian President Bashar Assad urged Abbas to withdraw from a US-supported peace plan and resume armed resistance to Israel, according to two delegates who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

...'The price of resistance is not higher than the price of peace,' one delegate quoted Assad as telling Abbas.

Libyan leader and summit host Moammar Ghaddafi warned that his nation may withdraw support for an initiative launched at a 2002 Arab League summit in Beirut calling for an exchange of land for peace with Israel, the delegates said."

But there are Western leaders watching what they see is an Armageddon scenario. These leaders, like Obama, want to change that scenario into a peaceful ending. And the way they hope to do it, by embracing Muslim hearts, will only give Muslim's more heart, causing more Muslim violence, more passion toward the destruction of Israel. Thus, the very liberals who hope to change the Armageddon scenario will be responsible for it by ignoring God's will, God's solution.

"Dear Baroness Ashton,

Since December, you have served as the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union - in other words, the EU's foreign policy czar.

A few days ago, your op-ed, 'Lessons from a Gaza Trip,' was published in the International Herald Tribune.

You waxed poetic about a project for deaf children and a school for girls you visited in Gaza. You wrote: 'For the sake of the little deaf boy who stood and held my hand and for the girls who want to be able to do something with that good education, we have to move from process to peace.'

Astonishingly, though, you ignored some rather obvious facts.

Not once did the word 'Hamas' appear in your article. How is it possible to write about Gaza today and fail to mention its governing authority? It's not a small oversight, either. Hamas is the crux of the problem.

How could you overlook the Hamas Charter, which defines the worldview of those in charge?

The full text should be required reading for anyone, like yourself, involved in Middle East diplomacy.

Here's a taste of what the Charter says about Jews:

'The Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him salvation, has said: 'The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.'

And here's how the Charter views neighboring Israel:

Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it."

The problem is, the world is now being ruled by too many Hyksos of old Gaza, who would side with Arabs rather than Israelites. In fact, I traced the Ash(ton) surname to Ashkelon of the Gaza theater...i.e. explaining why Cathy Ashton has a heart for Gazans over Israelites. I don't think it's a coincidence that "Ashkelon" should then trace to the scallop symbol representing Scylla of Sicily, very near to where the Aeolian-related Hyksos lived as Curetes.

Let me make a prediction knowing that I should desist from making them because I'm too-often wrong. I think it's logical to expect another Gaza flare-up as the first important event in the 70th Week. That gives the anti-Christ out of Iraq excuse to come to Egypt's face and conquer it.

In Iraq, there's already been a bombing at the home of a Sunni candidate. The Washington Post writes that one way in which Maliki can turn the victory table on Allawi is to disqualify a few Sunni candidates due to their Baathist ties:

"...Iraqiya [= Allawi's group] officials have expressed concern that Mr Maliki will use his position in the months of political jockeying ahead to reduce the number of seats won by Dr Allawi's bloc.

Dozens of candidates were purged before the elections for alleged ties to Saddam Hussein's outlawed Baath Party, with Dr Allawi's bloc losing the most.

A second round of 55 disqualifications, announced on the eve of the vote, could potentially erode Iraqiya's slim [two-seat] victory.

Relatives of at least four Iraqiya candidates who appear to have won seats in Iraq's Diyala province say they have become targets of the security forces.

Najm Abdullah al-Harbi, who won more than 28,000 votes, is being held incommunicado in a Baghdad jail, two other winners are on the run and the whereabouts of the fourth, a woman, is unknown.

M...Raad Dahlaki, the chairman of Baqouba City Council who won nearly 12,000 votes for Iraqiya, said security forces had staged two raids on his home this week. 'I'm confused as to how I can make it to parliament to be sworn in when I can't even go home,' he said, speaking by telephone from an undisclosed location.

...Mr Maliki appears to have already begun using the legal system to block Dr Allawi.

...US officials have insisted that they will not change plans to withdraw this summer nearly half of their 95,000 troops now stationed in Iraq."

What could be worse for starting a civil war than taking the election from Allawi by crafty political or "legal" means? By killing or jailing some Allawi-based candidates.

March 29

This is all the more reason not to keep guns in your retreats for the purpose of fighting the end-time governments:

"At least seven people, including some from Michigan, have been arrested in raids by a FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana as part of an investigation into an Adrian-based Christian militia group, a person familiar with the matter said.

...WXYZ-TV reports that helicopters were spotted in the sky for much of Saturday night, and agents set up checkpoints throughout the area. Witnesses told the station that it was like a small army had descended on the area. The Department of Homeland Security and the Joint Terrorism Task Force are also involved in the raids.

Mike Lackomar, of, said...'Last night and into today the FBI conducted a raid against homes belonging to the Hutaree. They are a religious cult. They are not part of our militia community,' he said.

...One of the Hutaree members called a Michigan militia leader for assistance Saturday after federal agents had already began their raid, Lackomar said, but the militia member -- who is of Islamic decent and had heard about the threats -- declined to offer help. That Michigan militia leader is now working with federal officials to provide information on the Hutaree member for the investigation, Lackomar said [yesterday].

'They are more of survivalist group and in an emergency they withdraw and stand their ground. They are actively training to be alongside Jesus,' he said.

...Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on Islamic-American Relations of Michigan, made an announcement...

'Don't allow this news to scare you away from practicing your faith,'...He urged local Muslims to recommitt themselves to their faith in light of the accusations."

Very suspicious that, while expecting Obama to start persecuting Christian militia groups, the timing is immediately after he has "done" his health-care trick, while Muslims are assisting him in the arrest process. Very suspicious.

DO NOT give Christ a bad name by stocking guns for combating the nation's military in a last-stand situation. You will make it harder on other Christians who hope to get by in peaceful ways. We are not extremist Muslims, we are to be lambs, and Jesus tells us in Revelation 13:1 not to pick up arms. Use your guns only for hunting, and for scaring away thieves/trespassers. I suspect that the Democrats will seek to degrade the image of all Christians who hope to survive the last half of the Week apart from normal purchasing power. We will all be made to appear as though we are dangerous and insane.

The question is, will there be false charges laid against the militia group(s) under arrest/investigation? Did the people do anything deserving arrest? Or are they being arrested only for what they said on telephones/computers? The O-snoop must have an army listening in on militia groups. Expect it even if you're like me, a peaceful post-tribulationist. The time will soon come when we will need to put away our bad-mouthing the authorities, when they start to use their iron fists. Sarah Palin just said that her people are not about to go away and shut-up, but the iron fist responds, "O yeah? Watch this."

But I say, don't cower. When they persecute, know that they are the losers, and you the winners, if only you passively let a little time come to pass. You will see your new beginning. Say, "yes sir" to those who arrest you, and then say "yes sir" some more. It will go better for you. But also say something like: "I don't want to be found guilty when Jesus returns to destroy the nations." In other words, give them warning without speaking meanly.

You might be able to sense that some officers are on the fence between obeying their superiors and being loyal to Jesus; these will become the worst enemies of the iron-fist anti-Christian state. This is the clay between their metal. May the Lord give you the words to speak that turn those officers to your favor and advantage. Look for them.

It's ironic that while the United States has tried to make Russia and China more democratic, it is itself becoming more communistic with a dictatorial hand. I think that I would have the hardest time not lashing out with my tongue in an unjust situation conducted by the government that is supposed to be protecting me, so I hope I can follow my own advice should I one day be arrested on false/empty charges when lumped in with militia groups. If the governments can use that excuse to take away our guns, we won't be able to hunt. We might best plan other ways to feed ourselves.

Don't be deceived, the Democrats are not freaked out over Christian militia groups. As you can see, there are no such militia groups attacking government people. But some weeks ago, Democrats came out lumping anti-abortionists in with militia groups, as a sign that they intend to do war with all such Christians. We just saw a health-care bill passed that may force those Christians against their wills to pay for abortions. In such a war, the government hopes to provoke the militia groups into firing first, and then, like Waco, they will have their excuse to go in and murder ruthlessly, even the children, even by setting them all on fire.

Do not be deceived, you are hated by the liberals. They have winked at one another, agreeing on their mutual hatred for us, and have talked about what they would like to do about it. You can imagine what they would do if only the American president and his men winked along with them.

What is Hutaree:

"The group's Web site says that it is 'preparing for the end time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive.' The group's logo is a cross with the initials CCR, which stand for Colonial Christian Republic. In one of its videos, a group of men in military gear take down a burning United Nations flag and replace it with their flag, which displays a cross."

It is not our job to set up the Kingdom of God politically. We wait for Him to do it, and if He doesn't come in our lifetimes, so be it. Hutaree has a website, showing a photo of their men (I'm assuming) in military gear. This is absolutely stupid. It's no better than the Christianized Rosicrucians using a sword symbol for Christ's cross. Judging by the number of posts in their forum, the internet group is not very large. It's a little shocking to find the line, "In memory of Keebelik...," for it was just last night that I identified the Nibelungs as the Kybele cult, and therefore as the founding of Kabala. I was able to glean that "Nephele" became "Kybele" en route to becoming the Knoblock/Kobbelock surname with Nibelung variation (the explanation is already written and will be published soon, maybe tomorrow).

Perhaps the appearing of "Keebilik" this morning is coincidental, perhaps not. Perhaps this group of Christians has "dragon blood" somehow. It is probably true that some genes pass some personality traits generation to generation. For example, as Noah's sons got to Africa, the sun on their skin caused their genes to pass darker skin to their children, though below their feet and behind their lips, Negroes are still relatively white to this day. In the same micro-evolutionary way, if a person is mean or aggressive much of his life, such traits can be passed to the next generation, unfortunately enough. The only good news: Christ is able to make the old man die and the new man arise.

As always, Christian persecution actually adds to the numbers of Christians. Hutaree will get more internet hits now than it's people ever dreamed was possible previously. You can imagine that, when the skincode arrives, all post-trib websites will explode in readership, which is why the persecutors may wish to eradicate our websites before the skincode is made a public reality. But God is a fair God and He has rights too, so expect Him to join the final battle against us, in the years BEFORE his Son returns, to make the battle as fair as possible. Do we have the right and the God-given ability to warn the world even if the sons of satan wish to cut our warnings off? You bet!

Don't we have the right to life too, and the free choice to live? You bet, and we have the God-given right NOT to live happily under the system of the beast, but to fend for our own food and water, to turn our backs completely on the hand-outs of father government, on the products of uncle merchant, and on the advantages of sister grocery store.

If you haven't noticed, America, and all the West with it, including Israel, is a representation of the merchant god, Mercury. In the end, the money foundation of modern America will be murderous Cain, not loyal-to-God Abel, for that is what the love of money makes men. Stay away from Republican mentality that emphasizes the economy. To Hell with the economy, but let charity roll forward. Preach this, Republicans: let the people who build sky-scrapers as testaments of their merchandising thievery give their money to the poor, for it is they who have made the poor. Do we now support the same economic engine, as Republicans do, that makes the poor? The so-called "work ethic" to Republicans is in fact a slave ethic, for our work makes big-business richer.

Preach this, FOX, that big business should slow the smoke of its engines i.e. reduce merchandising prices so that the poor can breath. Instead, FOX news attempts to pawn gold off to its viewers, even though it's now a thousand dollars per teeny-weeny ounce. Isn't that a testament to the thievery of the rich? In the Kingdom, gold will be laid beneath our feet, like tar, for God lavishes on his Elect the best of the Creation, even for the common pedestrian. FOX, preach this to big-business: stop hoarding and start passing the wealth around willingly, so that the genes of the children will become kinder rather than piggish.

Preach this, Obamm-bamm: it is not the job of the government to tax as much as possible in order to re-distribute wealth, for the money will then be re-distributed to the voters of the party in power, in order to buy their votes. The genes of the children will then become hypocritical, and the insides of their bowls, which are kept glossy-righteous on the outside, will be filled with filth. What's inside that golden grail that the woman of Revelation 17 holds in her royal hands? Why do the worldly men lament the doom of her merchandise in Revelation 18? Why is it necessary for God to come to the woman with a sword in his mouth in Revelation 19? What secret crime has she committed while dressed so gloriously?

The killing of the Elect, and the stealing from the human race by her global merchandising.

I realize that FOX and Obama are not reading my website, but I use this language to convey what I think are God's feelings. I speak as best I can as though speaking the very words of God, but I am no perfected man. I speak as best I can in accordance with how He speaks in His Word. You are free to do the same no matter that your genes, worn out through the ages by your evil ancestors, keep you from becoming just like God. There is a new body coming to the faithful, one where the genes are lost and replaced with a new thing. On that Day you will leap like the calves released from the summer-morning stalls, and play like the horses on the free range. But even those pictures are understatements. But if you take up arms to kill your enemies, you will find disgrace in the Kingdom, in my opinion.

Could you imagine if Obama gives the nod to some of his people to seek-and-find post-tribulationists in the name of homeland security. What will be done about them? First, they will be given a bad name in the media, that is the obvious starting point. Second, they will be disadvantaged in various circles of society. PERFECT, just what God wants so that we shy away from society and all-the-more depend on Him. Third, they will treat us as Obama is treating Israel, allowing our common enemies to have their way with us. PERFECT, for that sets them up to be condemned that we might inherit the kingdoms of the world.

It's extremely important to identify the anti-Christ so that you feel comfortable that the time has come to seek and purchase your tribulation retreat. Property prices are, in the main, still decreasing or remaining low. Consumer spending went up in February by .3 percent in the United States, .4 percent in January. For every ten dollars spent in January, that's a whopping three pennies more spent in February. In other words, the economy isn't moving forward at that prices may yet go down.

If you didn't take my word on it, maybe take the word of Associated Press:

"...If Nouri al-Maliki succeeds in his attempt to block the secular Shiite Allawi from forming a coalition government, it would leave the minority Sunni Arabs seething. That could undermine the credibility of Iraq's nascent democracy and unleash a new bout of sectarian violence just as the U.S. is preparing to pull all its troops out of the country.

...'The prime minister must accept the election results and leave his office peacefully,' said Mishaan al-Siaidi, a senior Iraqiya candidate. 'His rejection of the election results is a rejection of the votes cast by Iraqis and his maneuvering is a maneuver around the will of Iraqis.'

...several bombs exploded [yesterday] near a house linked to a prominent Sunni figure who ran for election as part of Allawi's coalition. Five people were killed but the politician survived the bombings in the town of Qaim in western Iraq.

...Most importantly, al-Maliki is now believed to be seeking a merger with the other major Shiite-led bloc -- the Iraqi National Alliance with 70 seats -- to form the nucleus of a potential coalition government. It is a move that appears designed to perpetuate sectarian politics with the Shiites continuing to dominate the political landscape and the Sunnis left powerless [in their underwear] or with token representation.

...The alliance between the two major Shiite blocs would be potentially explosive...

...Al-Maliki also appears to be trying to change the rules of the game in his favor.

According to the constitution, the president asks the bloc with the most seats in parliament [i.e. now Allawi's party] to form a government. But before the final results were announced, al-Maliki asked the Supreme Court to define what the largest bloc means.

The ruling, made public the day final results were released, allows a coalition formed after the election through negotiations with other blocs to qualify as the largest bloc. That would appear to give al-Maliki room to nudge out Allawi and is widely seen in Iraq as biased in favor of al-Maliki.

...Ahmad Chalabi, a senior Shiite politician who has been mentioned as a possible compromise candidate for prime minister, predicted [yesterday] that the two main Shiite blocs would eventually agree on forming a government, though they have deep differences.

...He said al-Maliki would not necessarily be the prime minister if the merger went ahead.

...Such a deal would significantly eat into Allawi's room for maneuver to form the government."

Cut it any way one wants, but this is an excellent situation for someone else, besides the leading candidates, to arise in Iraq that may not be accepted by the majority of Iraqis. Since the majority of Iraqis are Shi'ites, it tends to point to a Sunni-based someone. But for the life of me, I don't see that someone anywhere. Can we expect him to pop his ugly head out soon? Will the West need to come in, or think that its is needed to come in, in order to solve the problem? Will the ugly head be a Western one? Will Obama have everything to do with planting that proud and self-loving head? Or will that head's ugly mouth spell out the end of the O-West from the get-go?

Here's what I expect: one who comes as a politician rather than a terrorist, but secretly informs the terrorists to support his prime-minister agenda in return for favors done to terrorists later. In my mind, that does not spell a pro-West man, but then Obama is not all pro-West, for he seems to have a special heart for Muslims. And besides, he's an unpredictable nut doing the "new" and "progressive" liberal way. There is no guarantee that a social engineer, conducting his new, personal way, will succeed in cooking up that pizza pies (i.e. Middle East peace) I spoke about in the last update page. Let the world trust the new man with a new thing on his tongue, and a new hope in his heart, but let the Israel of God trust the Ancient One. God has had much longer time to perfect his brand of "social engineering," don't we know? If Only Obama's religion wasn't accepting of reverend Wright, things might become better for real.

There was a bombing in Moscow's subway system by female suicide bombers; at least 38 were killed. Putin is crying vengeance on Chechen rebels. This may allow/cause him to enter Chechnya militarily again en route to fulfilled prophecy...if the anti-Christ is a Russian Gog. For the life of me, I cannot see a Russian entering the Iraq-Sunni stage at this time. Had there been some Russian security-involvement in northern Iraq in previous weeks or months, I might be able to see it. However, if the West is looked upon to form an Iraq-election solution in the coming weeks or months, perhaps Russia will step to the plate first and say, "Here I am, ready to do your will, O UN my favorite comrade, my best buddy in arms. Pick me for this piece-making (pun intended) job and I will not disappoint."

The politically-reinvigorated Zhirinovsky weighs in on the subway bombings, at the article below, as he tries to finger the responsible party. He suggests Afghan Muslims may have been behind it, but that may only be his way of getting Russia more involved in the Afghan theater. "The Islamic factor has not been ruled out either, taking into account the preparation of suicide bombers that is being conducted in Afghanistan and a number of other countries, Zhirinovsky believes."

Could the "other countries" include Iraq?

The Arab summit in Libya late last week was "expected to make important decision related to the Israeli aggression on Al-Aqsa Mosque [i.e. the Jerusalem Temple mount] and its continued building of settlements in occupied Palestinian lands." I think, typically, nothing really gets done as a result of Arab summits. They are more like boy's night out, Muslim-prince style. In today's news:

"Occupied Jerusalem: Israel [today] restricted access to Occupied Jerusalem's Al Aqsa Mosque compound amid concerns of fresh violence at the flashpoint site as Jews celebrate the week-long Passover holiday.

Police said that Muslim men under the age of 50 and all non-Muslims will be barred from entering the compound - which is sacred to both Muslims and Jews. Police did not say when the restrictions would be lifted.

...Israel usually tightens restrictions on West Bank residents during Jewish holidays and has been especially wary in recent months as other festivals have seen clashes in and around Jerusalem's Al Aqsa mosque compound."

What to say? There is coming a day when God will not pass over Israel with His plague, a day when the Temple site will be visited by a bad man and his shaking fist from Nob. Passover begins on March 30, and for now, the protective hedge around Israel still stands. Creeps with wide grins can be seen peeking through the branches, however, and the branches are becoming rather thin too, as the O-pruner takes effect. However it is that God removes this hedge at the Appointed Time, it will allow the lawless one to enter the Temple with drool dripping from the corner of his lips.

There is nothing beautiful about this picture, so don't be disappointed if the picture only gets worse. One thing is certain, that where an anti-Israeli army has succeeded in entering the Temple mount by force of arms, much of the Israeli military has by that time been handled very well, put on the defensive or even on the run. So the drool will come from the corners of a proud smiling. But the smile won't stay long because there will be hard work to be done for 42 months, to make the Jews bend to torture and punishment for all the years that they chided and taunted the Arabs. I don't know what the Abomination on a corner of the Temple site will be, but I think I want to close my eyes and not watch.

O Israel, it's time for tears and loud howls. You say, "No, God, not this," but He says, "Yes, exactly this, for you trusted in America, and even became like him, you harlot. You slept with America and left me alone, though it was I who gave you life in the first place. Aside from Me, you would have been obliterated millennia ago by your many enemies. To this very century it was I who kept you alive, and still you slept with America. You even go to Europe for trade and shade. Let's see if they come help you now. Look! The Drooler comes from the midst, for I have removed the hedge that keeps him out. He comes to pillage, kill, and make desolate. Let me turn my face because I don't want to watch."

Passover is the greatest Day. Where all the people are guilty of the Tenth Plague, and more, God spares those who acknowledge the Sacrifice of the Lamb...who fought not with weapons, but with words. He turned the friends of His enemies against His enemies with persuasive words, so that Christian mother would be turned against pagan daughter, and pagan father against Christian son. The Word divides the peoples, and the enemy side condemns itself by fighting the Christian need for weapons of war. Then, in the end, the enemy side itself becomes divided, and all sides kill one another off. God will enter the scene to shake the planet hard as they are slaying one another, and to rain down a horror upon their stiff necks. Selah, it's just the Spring season and time to spray the weeds with deadly that the grass can grow nice and thick, nice and juicy. And all the blades of grass rejoiced, because the Lamb from the Clouds passed over them, and did not rain down any horror upon them, but instead took them up away from the rain of deadly toxins.

Pagans have a hard time believing this Return, and frankly they think we're a little nutty for taking it seriously. But for the sake of the health of our "nuttiness," God will give us signs to show that the Return is indeed to be taken seriously. Can anyone count how many believers have been strengthened by the events of the times, as they well reflect Biblical prophecy?

March 30

What we read below MIGHT be a trumped charge:

" Nine alleged members of a Christian militia group that was girding for battle with the Antichrist were charged [yesterday] with plotting to kill a police officer and slaughter scores more by bombing the funeral - all in hopes of touching off an uprising against the U.S. government.

...The arrests have dealt 'a severe blow to a dangerous organization that today stands accused of conspiring to levy war against the United States,' Attorney General Eric Holder said."

On the other hand, Hutaree could be a fake Christian militia group that is really working for the Rosicrucians (and therefore the O-government knows it and is playing along in its role) purely to give an excuse for starting government-initiated post-tribber persecution. Note that there are NINE arrests, the sacred number of the dragon cult centered on Aeolian/Cretan Sicily. And then there was that Keebilik name found on the militia's home page (see yesterday for other details), smacking of Kybele, the goddess of that Cretan>Trojo-Mysian cult. The article goes on to show that "Hutaree" is code in a secret language, and that the group honors the sword in conjunction with Jesus:

"Hutaree says on its Web site its name means 'Christian warrior' and describes the word as part of a secret language that few are privileged to know. The group quotes several Bible passages and declares: 'We believe that one day, as prophecy says, there will be an Anti-Christ. ... Jesus wanted us to be ready to defend ourselves using the sword and stay alive using equipment.'"

Nothing could start persecution against ALL post-tribbers as that sort of statement can. Although I haven't seen it, the militia men also wear two red spears as a symbol (I'm wondering whether the spears are in saltire). Does anyone recall which surname uses two spears? The Spear/Speer surname, for one, using red crescents in the Chief. The group's leader has a Stone surname (same as "Stein") and the next surname mentioned is Sickles!! There is a Dutch Sickles Coat using white-on-red sickles that act alternatively as crescents (a symbol that I trace to Sicily's Saracens). BUT, Sickles' wife denies any bomb or violent plot on behalf of her husband.

I'm checking for Hutar-like surnames, and of course the Hutt Coat comes to mind, with crescents in the Chief (I link the Hutt surname to Heidler/Hiedler, a variation of the Hitler surname). It's amazing that just last night, I opened an email from Tim where he shared some Coats, one of which was the Harrington Coat. The surname didn't mean anything to me, but the mascle-on-saltire used by the Hutt Coat.

Then, Tim shared the Proto Coat because the Savage motto is "A te pro te." Excellent work! For the Proto/Prother Coat uses a black lion on white, a symbol used in the Savage Coat! Savages have been linked in recent weeks to the Saracens of Sicily and Rosicrucian-Rus of Redone France!! Note the "corvos" (= crow) motto term in the Prother Coat, and the crow/raven in the Crest, indicating a link to the raven-depicted Rus of Shetland and Rothesay. The Protheroe variation is clearly a "Rotheroe" surname with a 'P' front, for the Proto/Prother surname derives from "Rhydderc/Riderc." In fact, entering "Rotheroe" brings up the same Prother Coat.

Hmm, the Hutt write-up: "Hutt may be a local surname derived from the settlement of Hood in Rattery in Devon." The Rattery Crest then uses a red heart, the symbol of the French Savage/Sauvage Coat.

Still in search of Hutar-like terms, I tried "Sutar" and got the type of crosses doubling as swords, same as the Rattery Coat, very Rosicrucian. Then I tried "Shutt" and got a Shute/Chute Coat with swords. When entering "Hute," the Hutt/Hood Coat comes up.

The Cute/Cutt surname, from "Cuth(bert), may also apply, which surname was fairly-recently linked to the Hykes the similarity of the Codd/Cuthbert Coat to the Scottish Hykes/Hake Coat using the hake species of cod fish. If the Hutars/Sutars are Nibelung related, I fully expect links to the Hyksos. Note the axes (Hyksos symbol, I think) in the English Hudder/Hodder/Hooder Coat. Then see the German/Swiss Hudder/Hederick/Hoder Coat, a spear-arrow head evocative of the same in the Nibelung Coat.

In the first update of January, where the Hood/Hutt relationship to the Hitler surname was discussed, I showed the crescented Hait Coat with Rocque/Rockefeller rock in Crest.

There is a German Hutter Coat (surname first found in Austria), but the symbol does not readily afford a clue for a link to the Hutaree group. You will note that at the Hitler/Hiedler page, the surname is derived from "Huttler" or "Hutter." The Hitler Coat is partially in the colors of the Hutter Coat. Likely, the white anchor in the Hutt Crest is the same as the white one in the Heidler Coat (surname first found in Austria).

I had linked the Stein surname to the Rothschilds, and in fact there is a Rothschild/Rothstein Coat using an arrow like the one in the German Hait Coat. We see that this Hait surname shows a Heidt variation first of all, but when entering "Heidt," the only Coat to come up is the Heidler.

You'll note that the German Stein Coat uses the Russell Crest goat exactly. In World War I, the founder of the Jehovah's Witness cult, a Zionist cult, was in some cahoots with the Lord Rothschild of England who forged the Balfour Declaration ultimately founding the modern state of Israel on Rothschild plots. That cult founder was Charles T. Russell. The Russell surname has been solidly linked to Savages and Saracens in fairly-recent updates.

Another article tells one of two things, that the Hutaree leader was absolutely stupid and irresponsible, or he is a fake plotting with globalists:

"...According to the indictment, David Brian Stone, the Hutaree leader, obtained information about the devices over the Internet and e-mailed diagrams to a person he believed capable of manufacturing the devices."

Does anyone think that a post-tribber, who believes that the government is spying on his emails and telephone conversations, would send such an incriminating email to a fellow member, risking his and the entire group's security? NEVER! It smells more like a sick plot. Note that the leader in the arrests. Obama's Eric Holder, has a surname deriving from (or at least linking to) "Haldan," which is very close to the "Heldis" derivation suggested by the Hiedler/Hitler write-up. The two surnames share the same gold-on-blue colors, and the Hiedler/Hitler design uses gold stars on blue, the symbol of the German Bauer/Bower (= proto-Rothschild) surname, first found in Austria.

The Danish Bauer Coat clinches the Bauer/Rothschild relationship to the Hiedlers/Hitlers in that both Coats use the same diagonal red and white bars. Such diagonal bars are used by Burgundy, though in blue and gold, yet the other parts of the Arms of Burgundy are red and white. I say this because Nibelungs were Burgundians, and because I think "Keebilik" is a Nibelung/Knobloch/Niblick variation.

Look at Cobble variations: Cobbledick, Cubbeldik, and Cobeldyk. Note the variations of the German Cobble surname: Kobel and Cobbel. Then compare with the Kobbel-using variations of the Nibelung/Knoblock surname.

I front that discussion of the "Cobble" spelling because the Sutar/Shutar surname, quite possibly a Hutar(ee) variation, has this write-up: "The name is derived from the Old English word soutere, which in turn comes from the Old Norse word sutare, which means shoemaker or cobbler."

Furthermore, the Sutar Crest leopard is exactly (but in different position) the Sarah/Sayers Crest; both surnames use blue and white Coats. The Sarah/Sayers surname (found initially as per the sara motto term of the Russells) was the one that initially allowed me to find a Saracen link to the Savage surname, as per the Saire derivation of "Sarah," for when one reads the write-up of the German Saier surname (uses Russell lion), the family is said to derive from the Sau river, Austria, which was also the "Sava." But the Sutar surname has Souter variations, comparable to the Sour and Sourer variations of the Saiers.

I therefore do not think for a minute that the Sutar surname derives from one who worked as a cobbler of shoemaker, but rather that the Sutars are related to the Cobble/Cobell-like variations of the Nibelung family (which I identified as the/a root of the Varangian Rus).

I figure that there must be some Hutar-like surnames ending in a 'y' so as to explain the double 'e' on "Hutaree." The first one I tried was "Atry" to net the Hatry surname, using the Apollo/Avellino/Alis oak tree that I trace to southern Italy and Sicily. When one enters "hatter," a Hetterich/Hederich surname comes up that could have developed a 'y' ending in place of "ich." The Coat uses Nazi colors and red roses. But after that I tried "Audry" and bingo! A variation of the Sarah Coat!! The Audreys were first found in Wiltshire, where the Shutts/Chutes were first found.

The above topic was not planned for today, as I was going to proofread and give you some further ideas on the Nibelung-Hyksos as they pertained to Phoenicia, and defined as the very Hebrew-Rus dragon cult that I have been seeking to unveil. Perhaps I will have time tomorrow.

Incredibly, the timing of the Nibelung topic in these past days coincides now with what appears to be a beginning of American post-tribber persecution, which is of course my number one concern. Coincidence? I don't think so. I think the Nazi and Thule bloodlines that I suspected when I first started writing on the Hutt-like surnames -- which I suspected were linked to the Obama circle of Rosicrucians -- are going to be, as I warned then, our number one persecutors. It was a very frightening thing in my mind then, for one cannot reason with such types.

In Iraq, things are becoming more threatening yet as Maliki has apparently succeeded in taking away supreme power from Allawi and his Sunni voters. The prime minister position is supposed to go, by force of the Iraqi constitution, to the candidate that gets the most seats in an election. But Maliki pulled some judicial strings AFTER the election (when he saw that he was about to lose the seat count), where a court decided in his favor to re-define the party that gets the largest number of seats. The court said that the largest block would be the combination of blocks that decide to ally in forming a new government.

In other words, if candidate A gets 49 seats out of 100, while candidate B gets 25 seats and candidate C gets 25, candidate A is supposed to be the new prime minister, but the courts have just made it possible for party B and C to form the prime minister because they combine for 50 seats. BUT THAT IS NOT ALL THE THREAT THERE IS:

"A committee that vets candidates for ties to Saddam Hussein's regime is recommending four people elected to parliament from the winning list of former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi be disqualified, an official on the committee said [yesterday]. The challenge risks deepening Iraq's sectarian tensions.

If the courts accept the recommendation, it could alter the outcome of the March 7 vote in which Allawi's secular Shiite-Sunni coalition beat a bloc led by Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki by just two seats.

...The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter, said Monday that the Justice and Accountability Committee found the four politicians have ties to Saddam's Baath Party. He said the committee was also pushing for the disqualification of two other winning candidates, one from al-Maliki's list and a Kurdish candidate. He would not identify them by name.";_ylt=AtKpgvTxPZa1l_r2Hq0B4i_5SpZ4

Two or more seats removed from Allawi and one or less removed from Maliki could give Maliki a one-seat win, the worst-possible situation for the anger of the Sunni.

The article continues:

"The decisions of the Accountability and Justice Committee are not legal,' said Hamid al-Mutlaq, a winning candidate on the Iraqiya list. 'Those six winning candidates have the approval of (the election commission) and this decision is a political one, not a legal one.'

" Al-Mutlaq is the brother of another prominent Sunni politician, Saleh al-Mutlaq, who was one of about 450 candidates barred by the committee from running before the voting. Those barred included Shiites, but Sunnis feel the panel is primarily trying to block them from regaining a political voice they lost with Saddam's overthrow. The vetting panel, often referred to as the De-Baathification Committee...

...A decision on whether they'll be part of the legislature now rests with the courts, according to the vetting committee and the independent electoral commission.

...The U.S. has accused the committee of being influenced by neighboring Shiite power Iran."

Obama is definitely for Allawi.

If I'm not mistaken, it was the idea of the West, the U.S. included, to have the committee allow certain Sunni candidates to run in the election, rather than for the committee to oust them so as to threaten a violent uprising, and to disqualify any of the Sunni candidates later, after the election, if they win seats but are found to have ties to Saddam. That Western plan is now back-firing into Obama's face because the committee is intent, as it always had been, on giving Maliki the win. BUT THE POINT IS, the situation now is far worse than had they Saddamist candidates been disqualified before the election.

I've known that Manetho wrote on the Hyksos and assumed them to be part of the Israelites that came out of Egypt, but I've never known that he, or anyone else, placed Hyksos in Jerusalem. What follows is a rendition of a myth written by Manetho, whom I would peg as a Kabalist of the dragon cult. Typical of such cults, they would destroy faith in the Bible's literal text and insert mystic ideas in their place, and meanwhile Kabalists would link themselves to the Biblical God by linking themselves to the major Biblical characters:

"One day, King Amenophis...gathered all the people with disabilities and diseases and expelled them all to the stone quarries east of the Nile, to endure hard labor and be separated from the rest of the population.

...The lepers [i.e. the Israelites] labored in the quarries for a long time before Amenophis finally allocated the empty city of Avaris [= Nile-delta capital of the Hyksos] for them to live in.

Upon arrival, they made an Egyptian priest from Heliopolis named Osarseph their leader, and swore to obey his every order. Osarseph assigned the lepers a series of rules, each of them a violation of Egyptian law...

Next he dispatched emissaries to the Hyksos, a tribe of shepherds that had been expelled from Egypt by the Pharaohs and were living at that time in a city called Jerusalem - and invited them to join forces with the lepers and defeat Pharaoh. After anointing himself king over the shepherds and lepers, Osarseph changed his name to Moses.

To someone who has been hearing about the Israelites' slavery and exodus from Egypt since childhood, this story sounds oddly familiar. It was written by Manetho, an Egyptian priest who lived in the 3rd century B.C.E., and who evidently based his account on ancient hieroglyphic inscriptions preserved in Egyptian tombs."

Manetho lived long after Moses in the inter-Testamental period, by which time the Egyptians long had time to distort the Biblical story. Note that the Israelites are depicted as lepers, if that tells you how much Manetho and the Egyptians loved them so. The point is, he located the Hyksos in Jerusalem, and the next time that I speak on the Hyksos, I will share what I wrote a day or two ago, on Hyksos and proto-Nebelungs of Jerusalem. The article above came out today so very timely.

The article has one Assmann surname in support of the Manetho story, and you may recall that I traced the Assman/Ashman and Ashmole/Ashmoal surnames to Ishmaelites of Europe. I trace these surnames to Ashkelon, where the Hyksos retreated to when ousted from Egypt by the Tenth Plague.

Amazingly, the Assman write-up says that Ash, another ancient Saxon name meant spear," though I don't thing the surname derived from a spear; it more likely links to the Spear surname, and/or other surnames using the spear symbol. The Assmans were first in Wiltshire, where the Audry and Shutts/Chutes were first found. As the latter two have just been proposed as variations of "Hutaree," keep in mind that the Hutaree group uses spears as their symbol. The spear is also the symbol of Merovingians, the basis of the Jesus-and-Magdalene hoax.

Perhaps what we are dealing with are dragon cults infamous for, and expert in, conducting hoaxes of all sorts to discredit faith in God and Bible, and to combat Christianity at every political and social point of conflict. The devil has no power but the power of deception, and the power that men grant him by use of their minds and hands. Woe to the liars.

Manetho may have been a Nibelung himself, for as I trace the Hyksos-Nibelung bloodlines to the god, Manes (see tomorrow), so see that the Manes/Maine Coat uses a pheon, the symbol of the Nibelung Coat (I made this finding just now). I was wondering not many days ago whether the unicorn (used also in the Manes/Maine Coat) was a Hyksos symbol.

Zowie, I was just wondering whether the ancient Manes cult wasn't named after a Manetho-like term, leading to a peek at the Mant surname (let's not forget that Mand terms belong to the Tiresias/Ladon>Daphne cult and were used by Tolkien). The Coat uses roughly the bands used in the Arms of Burgundy. Next I tried for a Mandy surname, finding it to use an eagle's leg...roughly identical and in colors reversed from the Hutter Coat. I should record here that the Mandy/Mundey surname (from Normandy) uses purple diamonds (= "lozenges").

March 31

I'm living again without heat, back at the job site. I had the coldest part of winter off in a normal heated house; it was a great break. For two weeks I've been waking to indoor temperatures of 20-35 degrees F, my hands always painfully cold until noon, typing away each morning without gloves. The place is so-well insulated that it actually gets a little colder between morning and noon. The warmest time inside this place is about 2 am, when it's the coldest outside (I suppose it takes about 12 hours for heat-transfer through the walls to be complete). It's now 2:30 am and I have gotten sleep. It's the start of a rather hot spell, so my thermometer reads 37 degrees. My hands feel excellent at that temperature because I have become accustomed to colder. My body is very warm with three shirts, a jacket-vest, and a winter coat. My feet have two pairs of socks, one a thick wool. I have winter boots over the socks. I wear a hat too. No problem. I'm very happy this morning. I am more ready for tribulation living; I could easily get by with low (wood-stove) heat.

I just saw the beautiful full moon at "high noon," and I reflected that it's the Passover moon. I don't have any lamb, nor wine, and frankly I just ran out of bread, but I do have some yeast-less tortillas that I keep in case I run out of bread. Hmm, maybe I will -- no actually I WILL -- break it today. It was so nice to get these clothes off last night and jump into bed, my heart welling up with thanks to Jesus for what He did. It's nice to live alone because I can talk to Him out loud when I really want him to hear. One needs to let God know that you mean business when speaking to Him. I commented to Him a bit on what he did, and ended up asking why God had to do it, my heart broken for His pain. I said that I would never have been able to go through with what Jesus willingly did. Just Thank You, from the bottom of my heart.

The UN has a Melkert surname in Iraq. The Melkart/Moloch cult was one in which the pagan people would sacrifice their sons (or daughters, I assume) in fire to the bull god (we assume that this very god became Zeus in Crete and Greece, though in time such sacrifices were toned down or eliminated). There is absolutely zero evidence that Jesus was a member of this sort of child-sacrificing cult, and the Biblical God was strongly opposed to Moloch, and the sacrificing of humans to the fires.

"...Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki called on the United Nations to back his request [for a re-count].

Ad Melkert, the U.N. special envoy to Iraq, said the United Nations serves only as an adviser and ratification of the results is an Iraqi matter [= shove it, Maliki, we're for Allawi!].

The rest of the article is re-hash. The assumed official leader of Saddam's Baath party has spoken:

"Former Iraqi Vice President Izzat al-Douri, the most wanted man in Iraq, in an audio message broadcast by al-Jazeera called for Arab support for the Iraqi resistance movement.

'The Iraqi people,' the statement published by al-Jazeera read, 'call your summit to take a historic and courageous position by inviting the leaders of the resistance to represent Iraq and its people at the summit and the Arab League.'"

Wishful thinking. The point is, he and his party see what's going on, and they should be expected to act in the face of a stolen election. I am more open now to an Iraqi Gog than ever, and as I've said before, no one in the New Testament, aside from allusions in Revelation, mention or touch on Ezekiel. Might his Gog prophecy have been unInspired? Will there be no Gog-based end-time anti-Christ? Should we look only to an Assyrian king of Iraq that sets up a neo-Seleucid empire?

How can we explain that Gog and his Ezekiel-stated partners trace so well to Western Rosicrucians? Gog did exist, as a scythian peoples along with the Rosh and the Meshech, as well as the Gomarians if indeed they were Cimmerians. It is known that Scythians and Cimmerians of Russia were from Iran, an Aryan nation rather than a Semite nation. Therefore, if the anti-Christ is to be an Arab/Iraqi, one would think that God would not have called him "Gog."

However, the controversy is not so clear cut, for I trace the first/true Arabs to Arphaxadites that went on as Arpi/Arpad terms fundamental to the Rus. I have traced Rosh to two entities; the Aras/Arax river and the city of Resht at the Caspian sea. In fact, the Aras river flows to the Kura river, which itself empties into the Caspian not far from Resht. I tend to think that Ares was named after the Aras river, but "he" must have had a branch at Resht.

I have known that an Harpasus/Harpasou river of unknown location flowed into the Aras, and I have pegged the namers of that river as particular Arphaxadites that became the Thracian dragon of Ares. But, shame on me, I failed to see in the Wikipedia article on the Aras, that there is to this day an Arpa tributary of the Aras. Or, perhaps, this Arpa river was not in the Aras article when last I read it some years ago.

As I trace proto-Ares to an Hros term in Caucasia, note the Hrazdan river also flowing into the Aras. If the name of this river is ancient, or if that term was nearby in ancient times, it may have been the root of "Horus." As Horus was so great a god of Egypt, we suspect that the Semite-Rus became rulers in Egypt. We know that Rosicrucians love Horus, and wish to link him to Jesus.

The Hrazdan flows smack through a territory once called Soducena (that's a not-to-scale ancient map), which I identified (years ago) as original home of mythical Hera, wife of Zeus and mother (with Zeus) of Ares. I did not know then that Soducena had a river with a Hera-like name.

I identified Soducena as Zeus' wife because I had identified Zeus (son of the city of Rey/Rhagae) with Sittacene to the south Rey, and south also of Arphaxadite Assyria (the latter was between the Zab rivers). In other words, Zeus and Hera were two branches of the same peoples, both having Zedek-like names, while Zedek was also a Biblical name of Amorite-ruled Jerusalem.

I figured that the Harpasus river flowed through/near Jerevan (Armenian capital and near-lowest foundation of the dragon-cult bloodline), which city I pegged as Hera and the naming of "JERUsalem." But I had also pegged Jerevan and the Harpasus as the naming of mount Gareb less than two miles west of Jerusalem. The webpage below reads, "[Nefertari] was also shown on a stela found in the Luxor Temple and was mentioned on a scarab found in Gurob." Gurob??? It made me think that Nefertiti-branch Hyksos were at Gareb. The Bible mentions a Nephele-like term (check Strong's Concordance) smack at/beside Gareb. For more related info, see the ninth update of February, 2009.

I've just dug up a Nephele-like term near Nob (a couple/few miles north of Jerusalem), finding it in the sixth update of April, 2009, where I wrote:

On the page displaying the German Folk/Volker Coat, we read: "First found in the south, near the border of Austria, where the fame of the 'Niebelungenlied' first reached Germany." The term means "Song of the Nibelungs." I trace Nibelungs to a Neballat location near/at Nob (two miles north of Old Jerusalem). I can't recall if I've ever seriously considered a Sampson link to Nibelungs, but just now, as the thought crossed my mind that Nibelungs may have been Avvites as per Samson, it caused me to see that "Nibelung" has a conspicuous similarity with "Nibhaz."

Nibhaz was the god of the Avvites, and Avvites lived in the Ashkelon-Gaza domain before the Israelites arrived with Moses>Joshua. Thus, Avvites are highly suspect as proto-Nibelung Hyksos. The Nob-related Neballat location (it may have been Nob itself) should not be confused with another location by the same name just outside Tel-Aviv, though one can bet that "Aviv" may have been named by Avvites...meaning that the modern Israeli capital may just be a Nibelung stronghold secretly.

I've just dug up the Nephele-like location beside mount Gareb: "Nephtoah." It smacks of "Nefertiti." I identified Gareb either as the hill on which the Knesset now sits, or the hill to the Knesset's immediate east (I lean on the latter as the correct identification). In the first update of March, 2009:

The location of Nephtoah is unknown except for some clues in Joshua 15. In verse 8, the text is outlining the border of Judah, westward from the Hinnom valley at the south side of Jerusalem, which the text calls the Jebusite side. We find that the border goes across the hill immediately to the west of the Hinnom valley...The top of the said hill, as seen in this satellite photo, is just above the 'm' in "Jerusalem." The Hinnom Valley is the dark patch to the right of the 'm'.

In verse 9, the border goes from the top of the said hill to "the fountain of the water of Nephtoah." No direction from the hill, whether south-west, due west, or north-west, is given.

Gareb is due west of the tack at Old Jerusalem, for it's known from Jeremiah 31:39 that Gareb was in a straight line with one wall of Old city; in the above image, the tack is on the city's north wall, and I say Gareb was in a westward straight line with that wall. As you can see, Knesset hill is due west of the wall. The Knesset is the large white building just below the tack.

I identify Gareb with the one hill (barely visible) between the 'm' and the Knesset (the 'l' is the valley between both hills). That is, Gareb is straight above the star. I'll bet that the Knesset sits on old Nephtoah. I'll bet that Israel is ruled today by old Nibelungs in modern suits. Possibly, "Knesset" is code for "Nepht(oah)."

That gave me the idea that Nibelungs evolved Nessett-like surnames, and checking the Nest surname first, I found it derived from Holland (lots of Rosicrucians there of the Nibelung kind), but more in particular "The Nest name is habitational, derived from any of several places called Nesse in Oldenburg and Friesland." Friesland is where Nibelungs lived as they evolved into the Varangian Rus!! The surname is also "Ness" but the English branch has a Nestor variation.

In Greek myth, Nestor of Gerenia was a Sparta-related code representing the Pylos region: "At the funeral games of Patroclus, Nestor advises Antilochus on how to win the chariot race. Antilochus was later killed in battle by Memnon." Zowie, the Hyksos were chariot champions, and Ixion was himself depicted with a chariot wheel, AND, this very mythical Memnon represented the Egyptians (Hyksos?) from Memnon that came to be allied with the Menelaus entity, as for example Agamemnon, brother of Menelaus. Nestor is part-and-parcel smack-dab in the thick of the Spartan dragon line.

I'm not yet ready to assert that "Nestor" was somehow derived from a Nibelung-like term, but I am suspicious that modern Israel was at least co-founded by the Netherlands international bankers of Rosicrucian stripes within the Nest/Nestor surname...and linking to mythical Nestor and "his" relations. The English Nest write-up traces to "Nest de Barri," and checking the Barri Coat we find white fish on red, evoking the same in a discussion on Nibelung surnames a few days ago. Let me repeat:

There is an English Neveu[r]/Neve Coat using the same fish (said to be a trout) as the Cabot Coat!! The Cabot fish is said to be a "chabot," but it's the same fish exactly. A near-identical fish design, in Neveu fish colors, is used in the Cobb Coat!! Thus the Cobbs and Cabots (and who knows how many more similar terms) appear to be Neveu/Neve-branch Nibelungs.

I had resolved that the Neveu/Neveur surname was a Nibelung-of-Nevers family named after Egyptian queen, Nefertiti. If you had read the last Nibelung discussion, you know that the family linked closely to the Eber and Abreu surnames because they and Nefertiti are from "Aphrodite". But as Aphrodite loved Ares, suddenly we find Nibelungs among the Arphaxadite-Rus family of Semites. I have already traced Hyksos to Aphrodite and the Kabeiri.

You'll note that the proto-Nest Barri surname has resemblance to "Eber/Abreu." While the Nest Coat is like the Washington Shield, the Irish Barri/Berry Coat looks like the makings of the proto-Washington Wassa Coat. The Washingtons were traced to the capital (Washukanni) of the Mittani Hurrians/Aryans, and they in turn to Methone of Messene...smack beside Nestor's Pylos!!

I trace of Uranus>Zeus to Iranians and/or Hurrians, but more in particular I suspect the Kassite Iranians (contemporary with the Mittani Hurrians) and their "Habira tribe" (root of the Barry/Berry surname?). When we enter "Habir," we not only get the Swiss Heber Coat (variations include hobbit-like Habet, Hoben), but the English Haver Coat with rooks. Rooks were found in the Carthiginian-Nibelung discussion a few days ago.

I should add that the pelican-on-nest symbol could conceivably be code for Nestor's Pylos. The Pullen Crest uses the pelican on nest, but I know that Pullens together with Pulciphers founded Romulus in Wayne county, Michigan, thereby proving a relationship, wherefore note how Pulcipher variations (e.g. Pulesdon/Pulliston) all smack of "Pylos." The Wayne Coat also uses a pelican on nest, but so does the Arthur Crest, while Arthurs (using "Impelle" motto term) were merged with the Hicks surname as both used clarions. The Arthur Coat is very comparable to the Wayne Coat, and I am confident that mythical Arthur represented Hyksos-based Rus peoples i.e. the Ares cult.

Don't lose sight of that point, for it's not common knowledge that Hyksos were fundamental to the Ares cult. They may even have been the Ares cult itself. I am trying hard to identify them exactly, and to form a solid line from Egypt to Britain.

It's four am. My hands are starting to get cold, but a hot coffee lets me warm them. I've been proof-reading and fine-tuning the above. I can rest my mouse hand on a hot kettle from time to time. When the kettle gets cold, I make more coffee/tea.

I trace mythical Arthur to Arda on the Hebros river. The Spartan family of Menelaus/Agamemnon did connect to Arda, and in the Nestor article we find that one of Nestor's children was Aretus, king of Pylos. Couldn't that explain why the Arthur Crest uses a pelican on nest as sound-alike symbols of "Nestor" and "Pylos"?

It's a good bet that the Pelops>Atreus-based families (among which Menelaus/Agamemnon were listed by myth writers) were Hyksos/Nibelung-related Spartans as they evolved into the Atrebates of southern England. There is a question as to whether Atreus and Aretus are variations, for Arda was in the region of Odrysia, where, like the reversal of the 'r' and 't', we see a reversal of the 'r' and 'd.' I identify Atreus confidently with the Odrysians because Orestes, son of Agamemnon (= son of Atreus) was associated with Arda/Odrysia; Orestes was made founder of Arda's capital city, in fact:

"According to legend, Orestes, son of Agamemnon, built this city [Adrianople] at the confluence of the Tonsus (Toundja) and the Ardiscus (Arda) with the Hebrus (Maritza). The Emperor Hadrian developed it, adorned it with monuments, changed its name of Orestias to Hadrianopolis,"

Isn't Adrianople the identity of mythical Atreus? O sure, it looks as though the city was named after Hadrian, but what was he named after if not Atreus elements? Why else would he be concerned with the city of Orestias while also having an Atreus-like name? Possibly, "Orestia" was an Arda-variation.

Well, there you have the side-track on Nestor, which may just reveal that modern Israel, as per the naming of the Knesset, has been founded and ruled from the shadows by elements of the Nestor>Arthurian bloodline. I want to say here that "Nestor" could possibly derive from "Castor, the horse-loving brother of Pollux. These two represented the elements that engaged the Atreus>Menelaus line. I don't know how long 'Kn' has been around in history, but as "Knoblock" is also "Kob(e)lock," could there have been a Knestor term that shortened to "Castor"? Pylos might certainly have been represented by Pollux, which then makes it very possible for Nestor to have been Castor.

Now back to Armenian roots to see if we can link Hyksos to Armenian Ares. Armenians call their country, Hayastan, a term that easily modifies to "Hykes," especially as "Hayastan" relates to the ancient god, Hayk/Haik. The name of the country today is nearly the same as the ancient Hayasa Azzi, a phrase that shortens to "Hyksos," in my opinion and others.

If true that Nephele depicted an older cult that considered itself representative of the pre-Flood Nephilim, then she depicted an Aryan peoples, and the Aryan finger points to the big sky god Uranus, for the Nephilim were likely named after "cloud/nebula," as in sky gods. On has every reason to identify the Aryan side of the Hyksos as the proto-Nibelungs themselves, and that leaves only to identify the Semite side of the Hyksos.

Wikipedia confirms what was found days ago, that the Hyksos had an Athamas branch in the Themiscyra region of Amazon country, which was not far west of Trabzon:

"Hayasa-Azzi or Azzi-Hayasa was a Late Bronze Age confederation formed between two petty kingdoms of Anatolia, Hayasa located South of Trabzon and Azzi located North of the Euphrates and to the South of Hayasa. The Hayasa-Azzi confederation were in conflict with the Hittite [= Hatti of Hattusa] Empire in the 14th century BC, leading up to the collapse of Hatti around 1290 BC."

Hattusa has been identified (by me) as a colony of Cadusii Armenians as they were in the process of moving further west into Lydo-Phrygia's Hermus valley. In a nutshell, this was the Hermes cult, and likely "his" Sion cult of Phoenicia that was alternatively, CADmus. The Hyksos out of Egypt therefore warred with, and at times made alliance with, the Hermes cult at Hattusa. It may be that both groups originated from one Armenian stock so as to be a cousin-on-cousin power struggle. But who in mythology were the Hyksos proper, rather than who the Hyksos may have been allied to? I have already traced them to Atti(s) (sun god of Phrygia), whom no doubt represented the Hatti, but the problem is, which group of Hatti did Attis depict, the non/pre-Hyksos Hatti were ruling in Egypt, or the Hyksos-allied Hatti after the Hyksos were expelled from Egypt? Could the Hyksos have been represented by Kybele, the wife and mother of Attis? I don't think so, not if we make a distinction between the Hyksos and their proto-Nibelung allies (i.e. I think Kybele was named after Nephele).

The Hayasa Azzi lived at reflection not only of nearby Samsun (itself just beside Themis and the Thermodon river), but of the Samson-cult Hyksos living not far west of Jerusalem in Shemesh. Note that the Hatti "swear by the god Abara whose sanctuary was in Samuha." That's a Habira look-alike if ever we saw one, and "Azzi" is itself like a K-less "Kassi(te)." Abara even smacks of the Hyksos capital on the Nile: Avaris. One therefore has a Kassi(te) reason to identify the Hyksos with the Hatti, BUT I still think: not quite. I think the pre-Egypt Hyksos were a branch of the Hatti in the first place, and then returned to the area as the Hayasa Azzi = Hyksos.

The Hayasa Azzi lived in the Lake Van theater, where the Rusa kings ruled Armenia, later, closer to the life of Ezekiel. It is not unthinkable that a Hyksos-like term became "Gog," ruler over the Rosh, but that does not square with a Gog derivation from "Gorgon." If one places an 'S' in front of "Hyksos," one nearly gets "Scyth." I personally believe that Ezekiel's Gog was of the so-called Royal Scythians that lived on the north shore of the Black sea, but then came down conquering into Media, and later into what is now Turkey. At just about the time that Ezekiel wrote his Gog chapters, 38-39, the same Scythians had control of Lake Van (585 BC), where previous it was a domain of Cimmerians out of Sinope (near Samsun). It is all very possible that Royal Scythians developed from the Sarmation-Alans that had themselves developed from an Amazon merger with Gargarians, but the question is, how much of that merger involved Hyksos.

This is the first time that I can remember (my memory isn't sharp anymore) linking Hyksos satisfactorily to the Biblical Gog. I expected the link, but now with the Hyksos trace to the Thermodon Amazons and their Gargarian neighbors, I think I have a good first bite on this relationship. It explains why Thermodon/Themis Amazons were symbolized by Athamas, son of Aeolus, for Herodotus told that Thermodon Amazons married Gargarians to become the Sauromatians>Alans of northern Caucasia (at Tanais), and that would appear to clinch the identification of "Aeolus" as the Alans.

Moreover, a Hyksos participation in this Amazon-Gargarian picture well explain how Tanais can link to Egypt's Tanis, near Avaris. One can then suspect that the Avars near the Tanais were of Avaris-Hyksos elements, and of course smack at the Tanais theater there were the Iberi that may have been named by Avars. The Iberi could have been proto-Aphrodite and her Kabeiri cult...which was founded on Samothrace by the brother of DarDANUS. The latter (a real location as well as a myth character) could be a "Sar(mation)" combination with "Tanais."

But who exactly among the Amazons, aside from whoever the Hayasa Azzi became, were the Hyksos? I say the Samson>Hercules cult at Samsun, and in Samos, and in Samothrace. Hercules is known for fighting the Amazons, though one gets the impression that he is fighting kin. In myth, Hercules was given a snake-depicted son: Scythes. Someone(s), therefore, thought that Scythians proper were from the Hercules cult. As Hercules was a Danaan (Greeks were actually called by that term), it appears that Scythians were from the Amazon-Gargarian merger at Tanais, and yet I am slow to identify Hyksos-proper as either Amazons (= Meshech) or Gargarians.

I think the Hyksos of that Caucasian family were the Iberi. I think the Hyksos also were depicted by Aphrodite on Cyprus. It is not a contradiction to identify Hyksos as Aphrodite, Hercules and Ares all at once. For Hyksos were the Zeus cult, I am now convinced, and therefore every major son/daughter of Zeus is Hyksos suspect. Every sexual partner of Zeus represents a Hyksos alliance with some other peoples; sometimes those others are other Hyksos compounds.

It's known that mythical Themis (from "Tanis??) was part of the Apollo-Artemis wolf cult, and as per my trace of Apollo to the Avvites -- who had a dog/jackal cult of Nibhaz/Anubis -- it begins to appear as though the Nibelungs, who were also the Avvites, I'm sure, were integrally of the Apollo cult proper. It's known that the Hyksos worshiped Anat, whom in Syria was made the wife of Baal, and these two gods lead to mythical Pelops, king of the Eneti (= proto-Veneti). Pelops was not only the father of Atreus, but I think he was an expression of both Apollo and Pylos, wherefore we see Hyksos-allied peoples tracing by multiple independent means to the same mythical that it's hardly a coincidence.

While the Nibelungs can be identified as Niobe, the sister of Pelops, we have yet to identify the Hyksos proper within the Pelops cult, but if indeed Baal (= "lord") was Zeus (= 'god"), then Pelops was himself a depiction of the Hyksos in Lydia. We don't look for a Pelops-like term in Lydia, for he was named after Peloponnesia in Greece. Instead, we look for a Tantalus (= his father) term in/near Lydia, meaning that Tantalus should depict the Hyksos.

Since Aeolus (son of Hellen) was a chief founder of all Greeks, and as Zeus was the chief Greek god, we should find that all of the major Greek gods were different aspects of Hyksos elements. Since Hyksos, whom in Egypt were called Heqa Khasewet, were the founders of Kizzuwatna in Cilicia, and as Hyksos are now known by me to have been the Phoenicians proper, it can be gleaned that Hyksos were also fundamental to the Cadmus and Cilix mythical brothers (sons of Phoenix), for Cilix was code for Cilicia. BUT, Cadmus is from the Poseidon line, not Zeus, wherefore we might not identify Hyksos proper as Cadmus. On the other hand, the Poseidon>Phoenix>Cadmus line may have been yet another Hyksos group, from Ethiopia/Punt rather than from the Nile delta.

One can now realize that Poseidon depicted the AkenAten-Nefertiti Hyksos of upper Egypt, at Amarna and Memnon. Cadmus founded Thebes, where we find mythical Aedon as queen. PosEIDON was likely the Atun/Aten cult as it developed into the Phoeno-Syrian god, Adonis. As a Nefertiti cult settled Nevers beside Autun, one has reason to suspect that Nibelungs came to western Europe with Poseidon elements. We might wonder whether Poseidon in Africa wasn't purely the proto-Nibelungs. We might even wonder whether the Upper Nile Hyksos of the Aten/Atun cult were purely proto-Nibelungs without any other Hyksos constituents. Later, in Israel and Phoenicia, the Nibelung/Poseidon Hyksos merged with the Nile-delta branch i.e. the Zeus>Samson Hyksos.

If indeed the Hyksos were the mainline Greek gods, it may take the "fun" out of trying to discover which particular gods they were represented by, but then it unleashes on the imagination the magnitude by which the Hyksos were the sons of satan. I did trace "Greco" to Gorgons so that all of the Greeks proper can be rooted in Gargarian stock, and the Danaan Greeks should also link fundamentally to Gargarians because mythical Perseus, the Danaan patriarch, very-likely depicted Gorgon branch Parthians/Persians. The founding of Greece by Hellen also leads back to Gargarians, if Hellen depicted Alans. If you're looking for the Biblical Gog, therefore, look to Greeks...and the Europeans that they founded.

Greco-Hyksos were nothing but thieves and destroyers, and the myths were nothing but their wars dressed in fantasia. Satan is an illusion of substance, for his power is nothing but raw brutality imploding on itself, for the sons of satan are nothing but traitorous men, flesh and bones, too weak to run but for minutes or at best hours at a time, too weak to change the color of merely their hairs except by old age, too limited in every way. Man was not made to be a machine of war, nor to be a ruling elite in continual maintenance of kingdoms won by war and controlled by tactic. Nations are the creations of men who wish to rule and absorb the wealth of the peoples. Mr. Satan, tear down those walls.

Shudder, is this playing into the hands of globalists? Shudder, no, for globalists want everything offered by a single nation to be global in scope. Globalism is one nation, but it's still a nation controlled from the top. If the top is dark and selfish, how can that be bliss for all? Who but the dark and selfish -- those families who have spent centuries accumulating wealth -- would expend so much in creating globalism in the first place? Righteous men do not seek to rule all the world as one nation. That is not the agenda that God/Jesus gave to mankind, let alone one group of families. The Global Kingdom shall be governed by the Light, when He returns to destroy the petty rulers, for petty are those who rule for their own stomachs. And all their wealth shall pass over by the force of Christ to the meek, which is why they hate Christ and expend so much effort to minimize the Elect.

As I now have clue to the identification of Nibelungs from Poseidon as opposed to Zeus, I can look for them in Pisidia. Poseidon represented a sea-faring peoples, and Phoenicians were such, as were the Rus pirates/viking. The Nibelungs ruled at the Vexin (Normandy), a place that I think named the vikings.

We should also look for Nibelungs in the Kabeiri Kabala, and ask whether they were purely the Kabeiri-related Dionysus cult. I would link "Dion" with "Ixion," and as the latter was Nephele's husband, I would peg the "marriage" as the Hyksos branch of Upper Egypt (roughly the same as the Poseidon=Atun branch). That squares very nicely with my trace of Dionysus to Ethiopia, as for example the identification of Dionysus' mother, Semele, with the ancient Somali (some myth writers also located DioNYSUS' mount Nysus in Ethiopia).

Consider the Knobloch surname under which "Nibelung" is listed. We saw that it is has n-less variations, "Kobbloch" and "Kobbeloch." In that case, why not also "Kibel(ung)," if you catch my drift? That is, why not also "Cybele/Kybele," the goddess of the Kabeiri cult and foundress of proto-Kabala?

I'm suggesting that Kybele was a mainline Nibelung cult. She was married to Atti(s), but was also made his mother. In this picture, Ixion traces to the Hattusa-related Hyksos depicted by Atti(s), and Nephele traces to Kybele. Perfect, and key to revealing them further. Queer boxes, sexual deviants, transvestites, the scum of mankind, and Hebrews. Not Israelites, but Hebrews from Babylon/Akkadia/Subartu/Sumeria.

It's 6:30. Twilight; I can see the blue of the sky. The thermometer reads 32 degrees now. I need to keep hands in my pockets when not typing. It'll get colder in here until noon or so. I'm taking today off work, and as soon as I'm finished proof-reading and making changes/additions, I'm jumping back into a warm sack. I think when I write on these complicated traces, to keep it all straight in my head, so it takes me quite some time.

I had traces Manes, father of Attis/Atys, to Maeonians, but I don't think I have ever read evidence from others, such as I have today: "Herodotus gives the eponymous Manes as the first king of Maeonia, with a son named Atys (Atyllus)."

Hmm, that looks as though it makes Attis into Atlas, which Plato made the first son of Poseidon, by which I assume he meant that Atlas stemmed from the Pisidians (to the south of Maeonians). Indeed, in Pisidia there is the city of Antalya that I think was represented by Atlas. But couldn't "Antalya" have been the makings of mythical Tantalus, father of Pelops? For all that I can recall, I have never seen this possible link, and for the life of me I had been confounded in identifying "Tantalus" as any geography or people group. As I am now -- from this very day -- tracing Nibelung-branch Hyksos along the footsteps of Poseidon to Pisidia, it would indeed appear true that Niobe, the daughter of Tantalus, depicted proto-Nibelungs.

AND, after writing that, I saw at the webpage above what I don't recall ever seeing before, that Atys is one and the same with Tantalus. Note that Tantalus had for a mate, Dione, for that surely squares with Dia, wife of Ixion. One could say that proto-Sionists were married to Tantalus/Atlas/Attis. I know I'm splitting hairs here, which is exactly my task, but Attis looks like the Upper-Egypt branch of Hyksos i.e. the Nibelungs. But if Ixion and Nephele together trace to the Kybele-Attis marriage, where are the Tanis-related Hyksos? In the faggot (I resist using a nice term like "gay" or even "homosexual") branch called "Hercules."

The Hercules branch ruled Mysia, and Mysians were, like Maeonians, proto-Lydians. One can now see that the Mysians merged with Maeonians -- as a merger of both branches of Hyksos -- to form Lydians. Zowie, I get it. Ladon>Lydians>Latins were pure Hyksos dragon...the Biblical dragon!! It should then explain why a quasi-mythical king of Lydia in the Ezekiel period was Gyges (the following is new for me this moment), a term that easily derives from "Hyks(os)"!!!

Gyges was also "Gugu" so that perhaps "Gog" does not derive from "Gorgon" after all. OR, "Hyksos" derives from a Hyrksos-like term (such as Hercules!) that itself derived from a Gorgon-like term. I did trace Hercules to Kirkuk/Kurkura, a Gutian city that was previously Arabkha/Arrapha/Arrapachitis i.e. the Assyrian city of Arphaxadites!! ZOWIE, was "Hyksos" named after Kirkuk??? In fact, I traced the Zeus Taurus (of Tyre and Troy) back to the Tur(r)ukku Iranians in the region between Kirkuk and Nuzi. Remember, Zeus and the Tanis Hyksos are one so that this Hyksos branch should trace back to the same Turukku, and forward to Mysio-Troy.

I'm assuming that Lydus (= Lydia) was made the son of Attis with Kybele, and if so Lydians were the embodiment of the Nibelung-Ixion partnership.

I traced Lydo-Trojan Hyksos to Etruscans some years ago, and Etruscans are traced by historians to the brother of Lydus: Tyrrhenus. It's a Tu(r)rukku-like term. Gyges was made the son of Dascylus, whom I trace to Tusculus of the Etruscans, founders of Rome with the Latins. Amazing, for Hyksos thereby trace, once again, to the Romans, i.e. the harlot of Revelation 17 riding on the back of the dragon.

I've asked myself whether the Hyksos were fundamentally/originally the Armenian Rosh (or Ares) in particular, and/or the Arphaxadite dragon cult that was Ares-allied. That would at least explain the Semite side of the otherwise Aryan Hyksos. Plus, it would explain why Kabala is the religion of Rosicrucians, and why Zionism seems to be enveloped amongst Rosicrucians. I did peg the Etruscans as Rus.

Convinced that Ixion represented them, the Hyksos must have been Hebrews of the Peleg branch, for Ixion was "king of the Lapiths, the most ancient tribe of Thessaly, and a son of Ares or Antion or the notorious evildoer Phlegyas..." Apparently, Greeks were confused too, but at least we're in the same ballpark with a trace to Ares and/or Pelegians. Antion looks like code for an element of Antalya, which was Tantalus>Pelops, suggesting that Pelops may have been a Peleg-bloodline entity. This is all excellent, for the symbol of the Heneti of Eneti (a Lydian city over which Tantalus>Pelops ruled) was made mythical ANTenor. One might ask whether the Hyksos goddess, Anat, was Aten, since after all the Pelops-branch Hyksos have already been traced to Aten.

The Hyksos were "many" peoples, for Tantalus cut Pelops into many pieces and offered them proudly to the gods. Hey, look at me, so many peoples that I have become; let's celebrate my greatness. But the gods puked at this pride.

As further evidence that Pelops depicted the Pisidian-branch Hyksos (as opposed to the Trojo-Mysian branch), he was married to Hippodamia of Pisa (in Elis), a city that should trace to Pisidians. Hippodamia was a horse-depicted Amazon people, and Ixion was himself, along with Ares, depicted with horses. In fact, if correct to trace Centaurs to Kent's founding, the Hyksos, as per Ixion's fathering of the Centaurs, also trace to Kent's founding. You'll note that "Cent" is likely a C-fronted version of the Ant(alya) terms...that I trace back to Anat.

If Atlas was a code for Antalya, then the entire western Atlantean kingdom/bloodline -- and it's Rosicrucian cult -- was a Hyksos-related entity. While I would trace Atlas to the Upper Nile Hyksos, I have yet to trace Ares to either Hyksos branch. This is important if we are wanting to trace the modern Rus/Rosicrucians to one or the other Hyksos branch. We may find that there has been a longstanding on-and-off schism in Rosicrucianism directly along the faulty between both Hyksos branches. OR, Rosicrucianism traces only to the Ares-branch Hyksos.

If Saracens were in fact named after Thrace (which was also depicted with the horse), I would link them to Ares. Saracens were linked (here) closely to Rus peoples, especially from Rhodes. It's known that the Danaans of Lindos were, according to myth, coming from Egypt and merely stopping on the island before going forward to Greece, but that's just code for living there a short time. The point is, it appears that the Lindos Danaans were the Hyksos of Rhodes with whom the Saracens formed an alliance. I would suggest that Thracians/Saracens were likewise Hyksos, and as Rhodes was inhabited by Tanis-branch Hyksos, it appears that Ares should be linked to the same, i.e. the Samson-Hercules branch of Mysia that was Zeus rather than Poseidon.

It is now possible and important to differentiate between Saracens and Moors. Saracens ought to trace to the Ares-cult Hyksos, these perhaps being the white rose, while Moors ought to trace to the Ethiopian-based (Ixion-Nibelung) Hyksos (perhaps the red rose). I would trace the Rosy-Cross Templars (= Rosicrucians), on account of their Kabala, to the Ixion-Nephele group, and that could explain their red rose too, as well as their Priotr of Sion.

It's 8;45, time to hit the warm sack for a few hours. My feet are now ice cold in parts. BUT, the coming days are going to offer near-July weather. If this read has been a yawn for you, forgive me. Passover is the Day of Forgiveness, after all.


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