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March 15 - 21, 2010

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March 15

Compliments of LG, here's more info on the "magical" (maybe not so much) Bloom Box. It's a fuel cell i.e. creates electricity by using fossil fuels apart from combusting them in the normal/fiery way. I'm hoping that the manufacturers will soon have a small, inexpensive model for trib purposes. Here's some comparisons between Bloom and solar power.

Today's topic continues yesterday's search for a Hyksos-related False Prophet cult:

"A U.S. senator is calling for a federal probe into the system of background checks for employees at nuclear plants after learning that a suspected al Qaeda member from New Jersey worked at five such sites.

...The FBI said earlier this week that it is investigating Sharif Mobley, a 26-year-old from Buena, New Jersey, as a suspected member of al Qaeda."

The Mobley Coat's upper red band is half in the Chief, defined as the upper third of the Shield. The two red bands are exactly the size and positioning of the two red bands in the Washington Coat. They are both English Shields so that they are very likely shared through blood relationship. The Mobleys were first in Cheshire.

This evokes the "conspiracy" idea that Freemason Americans are using an al-Qaeda group, perhaps even the bin-Laden group, as their own organ to effect their own global agenda. Therefore, I would like to know what "Moberly" traces to. Mob-like surnames are rare, but when all else fails, think cartoons. Mobie Dick, in this case. The Scottish Dick Coat just happens to have red stars on white in the Chief, as does the Washington Chief. The Dicks were first found in Edinburgh, a Freemason haven.

In the second update of March, I thought to link the wreathes in the Duke surname to the Dutch Dykes (the other Dutch Dykes are red on white). Since then I've found that the red Dyke squirrel is in red-on-white in the English Squirrel/Squire Coat. The "ferme" motto term of the Squirrel/Squire Coat leads to another Dutch Coat, this time the Ferme/Verme surname with red hearts on white!! We then find that the Scottish Ferne/Farme surname ("firme" motto term) was first in Midlothian, where Edinburgh is located.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL, for the Scottish Ferme/Farme Coat is identical to the German Hop/Hoop Coat, and when we think to link that latter surname to "Copeland" or "Hopland," what do we find but the Mobley Shield exactly (aside from symbols) in the Copeland Coat! Wowie!!!

As per the Moberley variation of Mobley, we enter "Moverley" to get the Mobley Shield exactly, and a Crest nearly identical. Plus, the Moverley write-up is longer and includes more surname variations. Moverleys, as with Mobleys, were also first found in Cheshire. We find Legh and Leigh endings in the Moverley page, smacking of the Leighs/Leghs/Leys of Cheshire...whom I trace to Ligurians. The Moverley write-up traces to a Ligur-like surname: "Hence, Moberly [in Cheshire] was held by Bigot de Loges at the time of the taking of the Domesday Book in 1086 and, conjecturally, the family name is descended from this ancient Norman Baron."

There is a French Loges/Louges surname (smacking of the sun god, Lug) using a saltire in colors reversed from the French Messey Coat. In fact, both Messeys and Loges were first found in Burgundy. The La Loige variation smacks of the Leleges Thraco-Greeks. The Loge(s) surname is said to derive from "lodge," however, and there is even an English Loge/Lodge Coat...using 13 fleur-de-lys!! Coincidence? As you can see, the number 13 was deliberate, for on one side of the Coat there are three fleur, while only two on the other so as to net 13 in total. I'm insinuating that since the Mobleys are related to Washingtons, there were 13 colonies in the original United States by design, to match other elements using 13 as a sacred number. here's what I wrote in the last update page:

Did I mention that the English Copeland Shield is the English Brandy Shield? (It's the Welsh Brandy Coat that uses the Samson-surname symbol, perhaps double-headed axes.) The Brandy lion uses 13 black roundels, and of course you may long know by now that the Shield design belongs also to the Washington surname. Could this be a clue that the 13 colonies were founded primarily in honor of the Brandies? Hmm, the German Brand/Brande Coat uses American-flag-colored stars(!), on a Shield like that of the Bellamys (= proto-Maceys/Masseys).

LOOKIE NOW. As per Bigot de Loges, I took a peak at the Bigot Coat. It not only uses a green snake as does this Mackesy surname, but it uses the Shield design of this Mackesy/Margessen Coat!!! A Bigot variation is "Wigot," evoking yesterday's hunt for the roots of Wigton (the Hanna surname was first found in Wigtown). Note that the Bigot/Wigot snake is held by a metal glove, the symbol of the Mace/Macey Coat.

It dawns on me that "Wigot" could be related to "Wight," and so see the "Loyal" motto term of the English Wight/White Coat (Leigh lions), for it should link to the "Loyalite" motto term in the Mackesy/Margesen Coat.

The Bigot write-up: "There is some suggestion that the name in Normandy had been Wigot, and there was a line descended from Wigot de St. Denis, a great nobleman of Normandy." NOW, as per thinking to link "Wig" to a viking branch of Hyksos yesterday, see that the Dennis Coat uses the same three axes, in colors reversed, of the Axel(rod)/Haxwell/Hawkeswell Coat!!

The Dennis surname is said to derive from Dionysus, the lame-from birth Greek god who lived on Lemnos as an alternative depiction of lame-from-birth Hephaestus the craftsman. BUT, the Dennis surname could link to Tanis>Tunis Hyksos. Not only is the red and white of the Dennis Coat shared by Dan and Daniel surnames, but the French Daniels show Danis and Danes variations. Entering "Danis" brings up the Dennis Coat.

Isn't it very revealing that the Dennis symbol, a gold lion on red, is used by the Wights (albeit the lions are not quite the same), while the Bigots/Wigots descend from Wigot de St. Denis??? This tends to prove that Wigots were also Wights, and from this we can propose links to the Wright surname, for it is said to derive from "craftsman." Also, the English Wights and Wrights share the same leopard heads. The Wights and Wrights also share blue-and-white. At this point, it's okay to as why Obama's Chicago pastor Wright was anti-Israel, for we expect end-time Hyksos to be anti-Israel.

The French Dennis Coat is the English Alan Shield; let's not forget that these Alans were from Brittany, France that is. That's a very good argument for linking proto-Stewarts to the Dennis clan of France, first found in Champagne. see again that the Scottish Wright Coat ("Meritez" motto) uses the Scottish/royal Stewart Shield.

The next Coat that was loaded after loading the Loge and Leigh Coats was the Modley/Medley Coat, which happened to use the Loge and Leigh lion in Loge (white on red) colors. The only reason that I entered "Modley" was per the MODburely variation of the Moverley/Mobley surname (i.e. I figured that there could be some Modley branches of Mobleys). It was then found that the Modley Shield is in the colors of the Mabey/Maybe Shield, and that Mabeys were first found in Kirkcudbrightshire, smack beside Wigtown!

The Modley surname brings me right around to the Matley/Matleigh surname, first in Cheshire. I have some suspicion that the Iraqi Sunny, surnamed Mutlaq, who was barred from running in the election, may not only link to the Matleighs, but to the anti-Christ when he rises in Iraq. Therefore, the finding this morning that a suspected American al-Qaeda operative surnamed Mobley may have much to do with linking the American army in Iraq to the per the False Prophet link to him. Or, if the American military/government is to usher the anti-Christ into Iraq, the Illuminatists of the Mobleigh>Matleigh fold may have much to do with it.

As we can see from the stripes that the Mabey/Maybe lion is a tiger, so the Crest of the May/Mai surname appears to be a tiger. BEHOLD the German May/Mai/Maya Shield, the peculiar/unusual Bigot Shield in reversed position (yes, the Maya natives of the Americas come to mind). By the way, the Bigot Coat is in Biggar (Fleming surname) colors.

The Moverly page shows a Mobdurely/durly variation, and when we get to the Durley Coat, we see two symbols, in the same colors, of the Massey Coat. As per the "mare" motto term of the Durley Coat, we check out the Mare surname to find the same colors in the Mare/Marre Coat. The Mares/Marres were first in Burgundy, as also the Messey surname; see the similarity between Mare and Messey Coats). Moreover, the French Mare surname is also Maure (i.e. I think Mauritanian Moors), playing into my suspicion that the Moverleys were also Mouers/Mauers. In fact, entering "Mower" brings up the Irish/Scottish Moor/More coat.

Recalling that Masseys were a fundamental aspect of Tolkien's Rohan element, I'd like to show that the Lovejoy Coat is the Rohan-style windmill-like design. I say this because, when searching for Mobley details, I came upon a webpage telling that a Mobely married a Lovejoy. The Lovejoy Crest is the hook used in the Kerrick Coast. I've got the sense that Lovejoys, first in Kent, were of the Louvain/Loving surname of Kent, the one using the Massin/Mason (of Kent) Coat.

The Israeli leader is snubbing his nose at Obama to this day:

"...Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu [today] said construction in the capital would continue as usual.

'Construction in Jerusalem will continue in any part of the city as it has during the last 42 years...In the past 40 years, there was no government that limited construction in any Jerusalem area or neighborhood,' Netanyahu said. 'Establishing Jewish neighborhoods did not hurt Jerusalem's Arab residents and was not at their expense.'"

When Obama gives the natives of Oklahoma, who lost their wars, their own country within the U.S., then Obama can begin to argue that Palestinians, who lost their wars, can have their own country.

The following story has been found in DEBKAfile but nowhere else:

"Debkafile's intelligence and Baghdad sources disclose that prime minister Nouri al-Maliki was injured in an attempt on his life last Thursday, March 11. His armored convoy came under an RPG-automatic fire attack after a bomb hit his car. US and Iraqi authorities have blacked out the incident, but our sources learn that Maliki is being treated for moderate-to-serious injuries at the American military hospital...His doctors apparently found his condition was too serious for him to face TV cameras and deliver a broadcast statement to the nation scheduled Sunday March 14, although members of his State of the Law party were beginning to ask questions about his disappearance."

Why is the count taking so long? Is it really true that he's got a slim lead in the counting?

March 17

Maliki IS some in trouble:

"Former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi edged past Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki [yseterdat] in results from Iraq's fragmented March 7 vote...

...With about 80 percent of an estimated 12 million votes counted, only about 9,000 votes separate Maliki's and Allawi's coalitions. Definitive final results could take weeks."

Today's development, worse:

"Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki saw his political coalition's lead in Iraq's parliamentary elections slip [yesterday]. He charged that the national electoral commission was manipulating results and demanded a recount in Baghdad, home to the nation's largest group of voters."

When things are up in the air like this, things can happen. The Sunni who had renounced violence, opting to arise through the political system instead, didn't do well:

"Awakening List of Sunni tribal groups running in Iraqi parliamentary elections made a poor showing despite a U.S. courtship in 2007, results indicate.

...The Unity of Iraq list, which includes Awakening members, received less than 32,000 votes, giving the secular Iraqiya list of former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi a decisive victory with 78 percent of the votes tallied in Anbar province.

...U.S. analysts, [Mark] Lynch notes, could see this as a sign that a Sunni-led insurgency may develop again in Iraq...

Lynch, however, says he does not 'see any reason yet' to anticipate renewed violence."

All we can do is wait to see whether the political Sunni will revert to supporting Baathist militia groups. There's another surprise, in Shi'ite camps:

"The followers of Muqtada al-Sadr, a radical cleric who led the Shiite insurgency against the U.S. occupation, have emerged as Iraq's equivalent of Lazarus in elections last week, defying ritual predictions of their demise and now threatening to realign the nation's balance of power.

...underscores a striking trend in Iraqi politics: a collapse in support for many former exiles who collaborated with the United States after the 2003 invasion."

If you're interested:

"Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki appeared on television but did not address rumors he had been assassinated, speaking instead about overall violence in Iraq."

I don't want to say that any of these developments will closely associate the rise of the anti-Christ, but for the sake of the possibility, I'm wondering how Allawi might fit in. He's secular, like the Baath party, and he's got plenty of Sunni on side, meaning that in an post-election chaos, those Awakening Sunni, most of whom dislike Maliki, may turn to Allawi's group too:

"...But in Tamim province, Mr. Allawi was beating his main rival, the Kurdish coalition, by only five votes. The province is home to the disputed city of Kirkuk, hotly contested among its Kurdish, Arab and Turkomen populations.

Mr. Allawi, a secular Shiite, has drawn on considerable Sunni support, likely due to his nonsectarian stance and repeated condemnations of the influence of Iraq's Shiite neighbor, Iran...

...Iraq's prime minister accused election officials of manipulating vote counts and sought a recount. Mr. Maliki's allegations surfaced in a complaint letter to Iraq's Independent High Electoral Commission, saying his bloc 'received reliable information that supervisors of the electronic counting center' are tied to rival groups contesting the race, including some supporting Mr. Allawi.

...The letter also says the prime minister's coalition has information linking recently fired counting center employes to the same group. It calls for an inquiry into the political ties of all counting center officials and employees and argues that final results should not be released until all complaints are investigated -- 'however long it takes.'"

That's where the situation sits now. The question is, what are the banned Baathists planning to do? Suppose that election uncertainty continues to roughly the time that Obama pulls out his armed wing in August?

March 18

I pictured something more critical for allowing the Iraqi entry of the anti-Christ than bumps in the road to forming a new Iraqi government. But if those bumps are big enough, a crisis could develop, Consider the question posed by the article below:

The man who has led Iraq for the past four years is battling for his political survival just as U.S. troops are getting ready to pack up and go home.

With about 83 percent of the votes counted from parliamentary elections, it's not at all clear that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki will emerge the winner because a secular challenger is showing surprising strength. And a drawn-out battle of negotiations with rival coalitions is inevitable.

...With about 12 million votes cast in the March 7 election, the prime minister's coalition has about a 40,000-vote lead over Allawi and is ahead in more provinces -- an important factor considering that parliament seats are divided by province and not by the overall vote count.

...Once election results are final and the parliament is seated, the lawmakers will elect a new president. The president then tasks the bloc with the largest number of seats to form a majority government.

But even if the president gives al-Maliki the nod, it's not clear he could form a governing coalition and retake the prime minister's office. Almost four years in office have left a long roster of important people and constituencies angry with him.

'Muqtada al-Sadr is the dark horse in this race...he seems partly more inclined to go with Allawi because he still resents al-Maliki for going after his militiamen,' said Marina Ottoway of the Washington-based Carnegie Endowment for Peace.

...If al-Maliki will have a hard time forming a government, Allawi may fare even worse.

...If not Allawi or al-Maliki, could a surprise candidate be tapped to form a government?...;_ylt=At2_jx2RlXkW3m79oSZaFZn5SpZ4

I've left out quotes regarding the same old problems facing political Iraq, but the main point has been made: without a happy compromise in forming the next Iraqi leader, the anti-Christ could find reason to enter the fray. Because I envision a Mosul entry for the anti-Christ, I expect him to side with a Sunni base from the start, and so consider the following situation that could turn many Sunni livid:

"...'The citizens of Iraq went to vote in the election; they have done their job,' said Mithal al-Alusi of the Iraqi Nation Party. 'But bad games have been played in the election.' 'I'll give you one example,' he told me. 'We have a lady [running as part of our list], Jamila Feily. We collect paper from the monitoring people. We know how many did vote for us. [Jamila Feily] did receive 5,000-something votes. [But] the election commission declared she received 57 votes.

'This lady, she has 600 people working [as volunteers] for her, friends and supporters. How then she could get 57 votes?'

The overall pattern, he claims, is a massive 'vanishing' of votes: 'They just take the zeros out.'"

The speaker is a Sunni, and perhaps for that reason he thinks Iran is behind the vote tampering. One could argue that, if Iran were behind it, the count would not be tilting to Allawi, a vocal enemy of Iran. On the other hand, the hidden reality could be that Allawi is significantly ahead of Maliki, though vote tampering has diminished all of his lead and more.

Perhaps it's better to suspect Iraqi Shi'ites in Maliki's camp as the culprits behind election "games." I'm assuming that Maliki, because he had a strong handle on power, was far more able than anyone to corrupt voter stations. With many Sunny placing their votes on Allawi, how might the Sunny blocks feel if they catch wind of, or for any other reason come to believe, that Maliki's people "vanished" their votes?

What could set Sunni on fire against Maliki more when he ekes out a win in the first count? If he doesn't eke out a victory, the Sunny might not have a reason for challenging the results with action. The insurrection-type Baathists could then step in and take charge over much of the Sunny backlash. Another article:

"...If Allawi is defeated in coming negotiations to form a government, it would be seen as a major setback for Sunnis, who have viewed the national elections as a chance to regain some of the privileges lost when Hussein was toppled in the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

...Allawi's slate appears to have won in five northern provinces with large Sunni populations that were once hotbeds of the Sunni-led insurgency.

...The Sunni population voted in droves for Allawi's Iraqiya slate, which included well-known Sunni lawmakers Usama Najafi and Vice President Tariq Hashimi, both of whom are seen as protectors of the Sunni community and the professional and business class under Hussein.

..."Most people understand the Iraqiya list has many Baathists,' Sami Askari, a senior advisor to Maliki, said [March 15], predicting that the country's influential Shiite clergy would never endorse a government headed by those with perceived links to the Hussein era. Askari also claimed that Iraqis saw Allawi's list as backed by Saudi Arabia, a largely Sunni country that many Iraqi Shiites view as irrevocably hostile...

......'If there is a possibility for Baath to infiltrate power, it is through Allawi,' Shabandar said.

...Iraq's Sunnis view the possibility of Allawi's defeat with fear.

'The future will be very black for the Sunnis,' said a former insurgent who identified himself as Abu Ahmed.

...'Maliki has this path -- come with me or I'll exclude you,' the former insurgent said."

The world is filled with corruption. In your everyday life, you're being robbed of your money both by governments and by big-corporation price fixing. It now seems clear to most that Obama is as corrupt as they come, but he comes with an extra concern: he could be pro-Muslim/Arab for a wicked purpose. There may be two ugly reasons for it, not only for furthering the cause of some Muslim groups in the Middle East, but for giving much political power in America to the same Arab groups. It could be still worse: he might be anti-America in the sense that the British Illuminati is. To put that in other terms, he's not so much anti-America as he is for building an America run by strong Brito-global elements.

Recalling that the Moor-Arab bloodlines of Illuminati importance lead to the Samson scallops and therefore to the Fleck scallops and therefore to the Aflack surname that may have furnished the co-founder (Michael Aflaq) of the Baath party, read about the following man that is essentially "Aflaq":

"American-born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki is calling for jihad against America, claiming 'America is evil' in a new audio message obtained exclusively by CNN.

'With the American invasion of Iraq and continued U.S. aggression against Muslims, I could not reconcile between living in the U.S and being a Muslim, and I eventually came to the conclusion that jihad against America is binding upon myself just as it is binding on every other Muslim,' he says in the recording that runs more than 12 minutes.

...'To the Muslims in America, I have this to say: How can your conscience allow you to live in peaceful co-existence with a nation that is responsible for the tyranny and crimes committed against your own brother and sisters? How can you have your loyalty to a government that is leading the war against Islam and Muslims?'

...Senior U.S. security officials confirmed to CNN that [Sharif] Mobley left his home in New Jersey to seek out al-Awlaki. The officials say that Mobley made contact with al-Awlaki and was eager to meet up with him eventually in the belief that al-Awlaki could become his al Qaeda mentor.

Al-Awlaki's sermons and recordings have been found on the computers of at least a dozen of terror suspects in the U.S. and Britain. In addition, al-Awlaki admits to having communication with U.S. Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, charged in the shooting deaths of 13 people at Fort Hood, Texas, in November."

The article suggests that Awlaki is opposed to Obama, but I'm not taking that hook, line and sinker. I believe that Obama is extremely devious. If he is using the Muslim threat to effect globalist plots, I also expect that he has his own radical Muslims for use in elevating the sense of threat when there is no real threat. Even if a terrorist disaster were to take place in America, I'd not necessarily be convinced that the threat is real, for I'd wonder whether it was another inside job.

March 19

Tony Blair, founder of a Catholic foundation seeking to serve, right? Yes, serve himself. He doesn't have enough money yet, does he, that he should also resort to this:

"Tony Blair waged an extraordinary two-year battle to keep secret a lucrative deal with a multinational oil giant which has extensive interests in Iraq.

...Mr Blair - who has made at least 20million since leaving Downing Street in June 2007 - also went to great efforts to keep hidden a 1million deal advising the ruling royal family in Iraq's neighbour Kuwait.

In an unprecedented move, he persuaded the committee which vets the jobs of former ministers to keep details of both deals from the public for 20 months, claiming it was commercially sensitive....

...News of the secret deals fuelled fresh accusations that Mr Blair is 'cashing in on his contacts' from the controversial Iraq war..."

Why haven't the 9-11 suspects in U.S. custody been tried yet? Because they are not guilty of that crime, and court proceedings might unveil that fact. It is claimed that one prisoner has admitted to being the "mastermind" behind the 9-11 plot, but suppose that all suspects in custody are guilty of terrorist crimes worthy of capital punishment, though having not to do with 9-11. These men can be bought, with money going to their relatives should they confess to taking part in 9-11. That's the sort of thing I think is going on. PLUS, if the men can be detained without a trial until their dying day, or if their early deaths can be manipulated, all the better for the true U.S plotters. Tony Blair may have been privy to that plot, obviously, since he was George Bush's number one ally in the Iraq war, and very loyal to the end.

Why didn't Obama stick to his guns in having Bush investigated for war crimes? It would have been sweet pie for all Bush-bashing Demon-crats. But globalists above Obama would have frowned on it (i.e. and could have let him know it) if Bush had been loyal to them. Globalism is a very rude enterprise, unabashed:

"The Middle East quartet has strongly denounced Israeli moves to build 1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem...

...The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, said: 'The quartet condemns the decision by the government of Israel to advance planning for new housing units in East Jerusalem.'

The quartet expected that talks between Israelis and Palestinians should lead to a negotiated settlement that 'within 24 months' ends the occupation of Palestinian territories begun in 1967. The settlement should result 'in the emergence of an independent, democratic, and viable Palestinian state living side by side in peace and security with Israel and its other neighbours'.

The quartet includes Hillary Clinton for the US; Russia's foreign secretary, Sergei Lavrov; Tony Blair, the quartet's special representative; and Lady Ashton, the EU foreign policy chief."

Are these four people to be the major players in Israel when Israel's' great tribulation arrives? Isn't Ki-Moon speaking for the entire quartet when saying that there will be a Palestinian state within two years come Hell or high water? Whatever we may think of the global lunatics who create dangerous situations in the name of peace, they aren't going away unless Someone makes them bow down and kiss His feet. That will be sweet pie for all who look to Him.

Why are these people lunatics? Just read the last paragraph of the article: "The quartet condemned yesterday's rocket attack from Gaza and called for 'an immediate end to violence and terror and for calm to be respected'." How long has the West been condemning the violence from Palestinians without lifting a finger to do something about it? AND, when Israel does something about it, the West condemns Israel for war crimes. How long has the West been witness to anti-Israeli violence from Palestinians? Hasn't it been long enough to realize that these people are NOT to be granted anything until they reign in their own killers?

What the lunatics want to do is to give Palestinians their own borders, their own world-respected sovereignty, and later their own army...which can only multiply the danger to Israel ten fold.

BUT, understandably, God is going to allow Israel to succumb to lunatics of all kinds, especially the murderous type.

Biden spoke as though Israel should simply trust the United States to keep her safe from Palestinian aggression. Just look at how safe American soldiers and Iraqis have been these past several years. What if terrorists turn on Israel as they have on their enemies in Iraq? Isn't it predictable? What would a wet sock like Obama do about it?

Is the following "news"? "A rocket fired by Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip struck the western Negev [today], for the fifth time in 24 hours." No, it's not new. Obama, Hypocrite! If the same were done in America, he'd move in with half the army to take care of it in a single day. Yet he asks Israel to be tolerant without military response...and merely for the benefit of the globalism that he serves. Obama is a horrible accident waiting to occur.

Israel's response to the quartet, same as a few months ago:

"Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman responded [today] to the Quartet...saying that peace is not something which can be created artificially and with unrealistic timetables.

'Peace will be established through actions and not by force,' Lieberman told Belgium's Jewish community ahead of his scheduled talks with the ministers of several European nations.

'The Quartet is ignoring the last 16 years of Israeli attempts, and is giving the Palestinians the impression that they can achieve their demands by continuing to refuse direct negotiations under false pretexts...'"

"Not by force." Israel clearly feels the dictatorial attitude of the West, and is crying foul publicly in hopes that the world will listen. But with Obama at the helm of the U.S. ship, there may be no stopping this "Titanic"...until it hits the Iceberg in the Sky in the deep of the cold, black night. Woe to Israel, but woe infinitely more to the quartet.

It's official; the Sunni have declared war on the political farce:

"An al Qaeda-linked militant group that claimed responsibility for recent bombings in Baghdad has declared a new military campaign against Iraqi political parties, according to a group that monitors insurgents' communications.

The threat from Islamic State of Iraq was contained in a speech from the group's leader, Omar al-Baghdadi, on an audio tape posted on jihadist forums [yesterday], the U.S.-based SITE Intelligence Group said.

ISI threatened voters before Iraq's March 7 parliamentary election, warning that they risked death if they cast ballots and calling the election a farce aimed at cementing Shi'ite domination over Sunnis.

...ISI is believed by intelligence analysts to have been created by al Qaeda in Iraq as a local umbrella group for insurgent organizations."

Threats like these are nothing new, but we have yet to see what they will look like after Obama pulls the fighters. We have yet to see how Iran's eye will bulge after that pull-out, as it eyes power in Iraq. We might even consider Iran as the entity to be responsible for setting up the anti-Christ in a Shi'ite-Sunny coalition having the common goal of ousting Maliki and other West-backed power blocks. I have nothing to do at this time but speculate, please accept my apologies:

"Iran aggressively supported the Iraqi National Alliance, a bloc of religious Shiite parties that included those loyal to Moqtada al-Sadr...Leading up to the election, Iran was giving the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq $9 million in aid each month and the Sadrists $8 million. One Iranian opposition group warned that the regime was using the Revolutionary Guards to try to tamper with the vote, and even put together a plan for the Al-Quds Force to kill supporters of Allawi's bloc, especially those in the security services.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran, which is labeled a terrorist group by the U.S. but was removed from such lists in Europe by court order, claims it obtained a report dated March 3 stating that...over 50 assassinations were carried out in the first week of March, killing 10-12 targets per day.

The Iranians also tried to undermine the State of Law bloc formed by Prime Minister al-Maliki...

...Preliminary election results indicate that Iran's efforts have failed. Al-Maliki's bloc is leading, followed by the al-Iraqiya coalition of Allawi, and the pro-Iranian bloc is in a distant third...

Allegations of fraud could undermine the legitimacy of the election, but so far such claims have not resulted in huge protest or violence....

...Struan Stevenson, the President of the European Union's Delegations for Relations with Iraq, says he has received a 'flood' of reports about fraud and meddling by Iran. He says that the fraud benefited al-Maliki, particularly in Baghdad (where the results show his group narrowly leading). Stevenson says that six members of Iraq's Independent High Electoral Commission were fired when they were found to be altering computer records to help al-Maliki's coalition. It is peculiar that Stevenson would say that Iranian operations to tamper with the results would be made to help al-Maliki, considering the Prime Minister is a competitor to the INA and Iran was actively trying to undermine his State of Law bloc.

...These allegations are extremely serious and it is safe to say that fraud occurred. The question is whether it alters the election results...

If true that Iran has been able to tamper in the vote count, then barring sufficient tampering to get it Shi'ite block empowered, it would tamper seeking to get Maliki elected (instead of Allawi) as the lesser of two evils. If we believe that the anti-Christ must arise in Iraq, then we would not be surprised if Iran should be at his side. In order to reconcile a Shi'ite Iran forming a partnership with the Sunni that the anti-Christ will join with, a common effort against Maliki can be the partnership's glue.

I have not been suggesting, over the months and years, that the anti-Christ will be a Sunni, or in any way have Sunni-directed sympathies. What I believe is what I envision from Daniel 11:21-23, that he will "join" by agreement the two broken war blocks: Saddam-based Baathists and bin-Laden's al-Qaeda. The development of that three-party alliance allows for the anti-Christ to have more of a Shi'ite heart than Sunni. That is, I wouldn't rule out an anti-Christ alliance with Shi'ites just because I believe he will ally with anti-Shi'ite Sunni.

March 20

Recently, Palestinians resorted to rock throwing at the Temple Mount, and now Iran is weighing in on a related matter:

"Iran has called on the Islamic World to stop Israel's use of force against Palestinian protesters enraged by Israeli provocations in East Jerusalem al-Quds.

...On March 15, Israel reopened the Hurva Synagogue, as part of what Tel Aviv's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed as Israel's 'heritage.' The Hurva Synagogue is a ruined synagogue on Hurva Square in al-Quds.

The move has sparked protests by Palestinians who took to the streets in the holy city and elsewhere in the West Bank to protest against the move, which is seen as a threat to the sanctity of the al-Aqsa Mosque, which is Islam';s third holiest place.

Israeli occupation forces fired rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse thousands of angry Palestinians.

...In his letter to Ihsanoglu, Iran's foreign minister called on the OIC to hold an emergency meeting on the issue."

After hitting Iran with a worn-out fly swatter, "U.S. President Obama issued a fresh appeal to Iran Saturday, saying his administration's offer of diplomatic dialogue still stands." Iran laughs, seeing that he can't get Russia on-side the threatened sanctions.

Another headline: "Obama in videotaped message: Tehran has chosen to isolate itself rather than build a better future. Republicans on health care: Obama has chosen to isolate himself rather than build a better future.

If you like to watch an old car spinning it's wheels, then you'll love this article:

"...[Former U.S. secretary of state, James] Baker told the interviewer that he doesn't regret the decision to use 'the leverage of U.S. aid' to pressure Israel to freeze the settlements.

...The crisis with the U.S. paved Yitzhak Rabin's path to power, and from there to the Oslo Accords. Baker is convinced today that without this, the Madrid Conference would not have taken place. "I don't fault President Obama for making settlements an issue, but I do fault him for caving in. You can't take a position that is consistent with U.S. policy going back many years, and the minute you get push-back you soften your position," he said. "When you are dealing with foreign leaders, they can smell that kind of weakness a thousand miles away."

'I would also stress that United States taxpayers are giving Israel roughly $3 billion each year, which amounts to something like $1,000 for every Israeli citizen, at a time when our own economy is in bad shape and a lot of Americans would appreciate that kind of helping hand from their own government. Given that fact, it is not unreasonable to ask the Israeli leadership to respect U.S. policy on settlements," said Baker.

The solution to the Palestinian problem is to cease and desist from giving Palestinians the confidence that the world is behind them, and to have Palestinians accept that, in losing the war many years ago, they will need to accept the fact, move on peacefully as Israeli citizens, or go live elsewhere. Hard liners like Hamas should be treated as the West would treat them in their own countries, with zero tolerance. It would be fine to create two countries side by side if Israel thought it were wise, but Israel is clearly uncomfortable with that design at this time. If Palestinians want their own country, they will need to prove worthy of it, and they cannot have any part of Jerusalem or the historical boundaries of Judah. The anti-Christ thinks otherwise, but the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is Coming to fix his wagon wheel.

I predict that colonel Killary Klinton will loudly tap her shiny black knee-high leather boots at the heels, and snap her whip at Israel in the coming months. She's already starting to brag things up on how powerful she is:

"...Also [yesterday], US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who at President Barack Obama's behest gave Netanyahu a 43 minute dressing-down over the phone last week, told BBC that pressure against Israel paid off, and that Jerusalem will now be willing to compromise.

She presented the so-called 'proximity talks' with the Palestinian Authority as an achievement of US Middle East envoy George Mitchell. The talks are yet to begin, and the paradigm the US foresees would have Mitchell shuttling between Jerusalem and Ramallah as courier for both sides."

If you like to watch a state-department shuttle craft spinning it's wheels, you'll love Killary's attempt at cranking up the two-state steamroller, destination Hell:

"[Israeli] Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman arrived in Brussels [yesterday] for talks with officials of several European Union nations after an official meeting between the EU and Israel was called off.

Lieberman struck a tough position against the Quartet's statement, also dashing Clinton's hopes that all ministers in the Israeli government would easily surrender to Washington's steamroller."

Killary has the audacity to say that, on this issue, Washington is NOT meddling with Israeli politics. No, she's not trying to clip Israel's toe nails, that is absolutely correct; she's trying the saw off its best leg!

Speaking of tottering situations, the following sort of news must be all over Iraq:

"As the final results of the Iraqi election emerge, mounting claims of fraud and ballot-rigging are being aired. Commenting on the latest claims, Struan Stevenson MEP, President of the European Parliament's Delegation for Relations with Iraq said:
'The steady flow of allegations has now become a flood. In the past 36 hours I have received first-hand accounts of countless blank ballots being filled in primarily to benefit the State of Law coalition (Nouri Al-Maliki) list in Sadr City in Baghdad, particularly in the predominantly Sunni neighbourhoods...In many cases thousands of ballot papers were marked with a second tick to render them invalid. One report stated that many thousands of ballot papers marked in favour of Iraqiya list (Ayad Allawi) had been discovered on a Baghdad rubbish dump. Also scores of military personnel were prevented from voting because their names did not appear on any register.

'...In the IHEC headquarters, it has now been reported from reliable sources that computer records were manipulated to increase the number of seats won by the State of Law coalition, in some cases by adding zeros to the voting figures. This blatant fraud was uncovered and six members of the IHEC staff were publicly sacked.

'On top of previous reports of thousands of missing names from the electoral register, I have also been informed of disappearing ink in pens used in some polling stations, intimidation and blackmail of voters, the forcible ejection of election observers from polling stations and earlier this year, the dubious expulsion of more than 500 pro-secular, nationalist candidates from the election. All of these allegations will serve to undermine the final result of the Iraqi elections and risk robbing the Iraqi people of their right to a free, fair and democratically elected government.'"

Uh-oh. If Maliki wins by a sliver, these reports could start a national whirlwind. Expect false claims of fraud just to feed the fires, and who knows whether Stevenson is himself being fully honest in his accusations. If he's representing a globalist circle, we can bet that this circle opposes Maliki and favors Allawi. Or, Stevenson could be an upright man who really does care about honest voting in Iraq...though I thought that such politicians became extinct 60 million years ago.

I note that the Stevenson Coat uses the Moray Chief, a "Coelum" motto term, and a ring for a Crest. "Struan was a local councillor for 22 years in South Ayrshire (formerly Kyle & Carrick)...He was first elected to the European Parliament in 1999, and retained his seat in 2004."

Hmm, as I link the Moray stars to the same of the "Jewish" Cohen/Kagan Coat, and then suggest that its sun symbol links to the same (in the same colors) in the Arms of Kazakhstan (because I trace the Cohen/Kagan surname to Khazars), I should share this: "In January 2007 Struan was decorated by the President of Kazakhstan with the 'Shapagat' ('Mercy') award for his humanitarian work in Semipalatinsk." I have dubbed the globalist people seeking controls in Kazakhstan, "globetrotters." I suspect that they are in Afghanistan for future plots on Kazakhstan.

Stevenson is clearly ready to start some Western intrusions into the Iraqi election process. The article above ends like so:

"I will be presenting a large dossier of evidence of election fraud to a meeting of the Delegation for Relations with Iraq in the European Parliament, Brussels, this coming Wednesday, 17th March at 15.00hrs. I intend to seek the support of the delegation to send a copy of the dossier to Baroness Ashton, the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and to the Foreign Affairs Committee in the European Parliament. I am certain they will share my concern that widespread cheating may have fatally undermined the final result of this election and could plunge Iraq back into a spiral of sectarian violence.'"

What globalists wish to do is to tax the world's people sufficiently to control poor nations by offering them "assistance." Once the poor nations are addicted to receiving assistance, they can be manipulated...exactly as globalists are trying to manipulate Israel at this time. In other words: is Stevenson's "humanitarian work" in Kazakhstan really humanitarian, or a foot in the door to future seizure and control of the nation? I'm wondering whether Stevenson's attack on the Iraqi election committee is part of the rise of anti-Christ:

"Iraq's Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) [official website] [yesterday] dismissed allegations of election fraud [DPA report] from a member of the European Parliament [official website]...

In its response, the IHEC called the fraud claims 'baseless,'...In contrast, UN election observers reported [CSM report] that they have not seen any indicators of large-scale election fraud."

Perhaps the main of Stevenson's charges are partly trumped. We shall have to wait and see if his push against Maliki is supported by a broader circle in the EU. Let's see if the O-circle weighs on.

Things are looking better for the Sunni of northern Iraq, which can only make them more vociferous in regards to the fraud:

"...many prominent figures will be cast into the political wilderness, according to the near-complete results issued by the Independent High Electoral Commission:
The election for the 325-seat parliament remains too close to call...Among the noteworthy themes emerging:
-Sunni Arabs have weakened Kurdish leaders in diverse northern provinces.

Iraq's influential Kurdish factions appear to have lost their longtime grip on the ethnically mixed and volatile provinces of Kirkuk, Nineveh and Diyala because of a surge in Sunni Arab voting, a swift undoing of Kurdish gains from the Sunni boycott of the 2005 parliamentary elections.

In the coveted oil-rich province of Kirkuk, Sunni Arab support has earned Allawi's bloc six seats - the same number so far as the archrival Kurdish Alliance, a coalition of the main Kurdish parties. The shock of the close race in Kirkuk fills the talk in taxis, barbershops and supermarkets throughout the mostly autonomous northern Kurdish region.

...'We expected greater participation from the Sunni Arabs in this election, but the results of Kirkuk were totally beyond our expectations and came as a surprise,' said Abdullah Ilyawi, a legislator allied with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan...

In Nineveh, whose provincial capital is the dangerous city of Mosul, Kurds have won just seven seats, compared with the Allawi bloc's 20. Kurdish politicians said they had expected to win 10 seats in Mosul. Until recently, the province's government and security forces were controlled by Kurds.

...Followers of the firebrand Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who is currently living in Iran, ran a sophisticated campaign...

As a result, the al-Sadr movement is on the rise to a kingmaker status typically reserved for Kurds, with at least 32 seats and probably several more, as results continue to be announced. In just a few years, the Sadrists have matured from a fragmented militant movement that fought several fierce battles against U.S. and Iraqi forces to one of the most politically astute forces in the country.

What Iraq needs now is some belly dancers to keep eyes off the election mud. One could say that the Shi'ite is about to hit the fan.

If Maliki wasn't wholly disposed toward Kurdish concerns, we know that Allawi's team won't give an iota of sympathy lest it offend its Sunni side. Obama has more reason now to keep soldiers in Mosul, in the name of security, but frankly I don't know what he wants to do on that front. If he stays, we might suspect a West-sponsored anti-Christ; if he leaves, then perhaps a non-Westerner. The following article suggests to me that Obama is not about to furnish the anti-Christ, for I believe the anti-Christ will be a supporter of Gaza's Hamas:

"CAIRO: A US military delegation, including the US Military Cooperation Office Director responsible for the disbursement of US aid in Egypt, were on a 'routine visit' to the Rafah border [March 18], Margaret White, spokesperson of the US Embassy in Cairo, told Daily News Egypt.

Two days earlier, daily newspaper Al-Shorouk announced that the construction of the steel wall on the border to Gaza is in its 'final stage' and will take only a few weeks to be completed, a lot earlier than the expected 18 months.

The steel wall, which would cut through hundreds of smuggling tunnels under the Gaza-Egypt border, is believed to be funded by the Obama administration.

Still, White confirmed that 'the US has no involvement in the project to install a barrier on the border with Gaza.'

Looking back over the last three years,however, it would seem that several US measures have played a role in Egypt's decision to build the steel wall."

So which is it? Is Obama for or against the wall? I dunno. If he's for it, it may be his way of buying Israel's support for the two-state "solution."

Vladimir Zhirinovsky's fortunes are on the upswing:

"The Communist Party led by Gennady Zyuganov received as much as 25 percent of Sunday's [March 13] vote in some regional parliaments, and the Liberal-Democratic Party led by Vladimir Zhirinovsky took up to 19 percent in some precincts. Neither party had done as well since the mid-1990s.

...Both the Communist and Liberal-Democratic parties include prominent members who have been publicly anti-Semitic."

In that picture, the Putin-Medvedev moon is waning, winning significantly less than half the voters.

Just found that Allawi may have re-taken the lead, which makes the out-of-nation voters all the more important:

"The latest results from Iraq's parliamentary election show the Iraqiya coalition, led by Iyad Allawi, the former prime minister, regaining a narrow lead.

...Up to 93 per cent of the votes cast in the March 7 election have now been counted.

However, the tally does not yet include the votes of soldiers, police or Iraqis living abroad."

March 21

Do you like a good electrifying horror?

"Larry M. Wortzel, a military strategist and China specialist, told the House Foreign Affairs Committee on March 10 that it should be concerned because 'Chinese researchers at the Institute of Systems Engineering of Dalian University of Technology published a paper on how to attack a small U.S. power grid sub-network in a way that would cause a cascading failure of the entire U.S.'

...But Mr. Wang said he had simply been trying to find ways to enhance the stability of power grids by exploring potential vulnerabilities."

This news comes as I finally wired (just two days ago) four of the eight solar panels, now on the roof, to my electrical system. The other four can be done as soon as I purchase more wire, for a total of over 1,000 watts maximum on a sunny day, and hopefully, enough power (about 50 watts) for this laptop on a rainy day. For all the costs, troubles and disappointments in choosing to go solar, it gives a small peace of mind.

I was eyeing the garden spot yesterday, making plans on how to treat the soil, cut the surrounding trees for more sunlight, and asking how high to have the soil above the water table. The area was a two-inch-deep grassy "swamp" when I moved in, but I cut three ditches through it to lower the table about a foot deep. Last year, the soil was continuously (which may not be good) humid, without adding water, an inch or two below ground level. If I can get the ground level above the water table just the right distance, the garden won't need watering. BUT, if it rains too much, it could choke the plants of oxygen.

Although the soil is so clayey that it wouldn't grow anything last year, there is natural sand about a foot deep that can be mixed with the clay to perhaps make it a perfect consistency for draining rainwater and for allowing oxygen to the roots. I'm lucky that I have a mini excavator for mixing up the soils and digging up tree roots. It also picks up and carries rocks (up to 30 inches in diameter) and freshly cut tree trunks (to 12 inches in diameter) because it's equipped with a "thumb." And best of all, it has a cabin to keep the forest flies out. It even clears the snow on the driveway.

A great investment, it won't go down in price much (for when I need to sell it) because it has a diesel engine that runs for thousands of hours. It has only 1,050 hours now; I bought it with 850. In 200 hours, it's cleared and prepared two driveways 500 feet long, dug two septic systems and two house sites, removed and buried untold rocks below driveway parts that needed fill anyway, uprooted many many trees, and more. There she sits so beautiful for whenever it's needed. I plan to dig my own well and pipe trench with it next. It's saved some 10-20 thousand dollars already (the purchase price was $31,000).

What do you suppose Obama and his ilk would do to Christians who quit their jobs, to avoid the skincode, so that the tax system and important parts of the working world are sunk into near oblivion? Do you think they will create laws on the spot to get us back to work? I think yes. But I also think there will be too many of us to enforce those laws with threats of jail time and the like. Besides, we're ready to go to jail, if that's what it takes, and we WILL expose our loyalty to God, to His glory. And He WILL shoot terrifying arrows at our enemies because of our loyalty. So, be sure to ground your solar panels lest the lightning strikes them, and have a solid roof for the hail. But woe to the false Christians who take to the world in those times, and woe even more for the liberal peacocks who throw accusations against us just because we choose to obey God.

Let me tell you a story. I was working for a small building contractor in my early twenties, when he got a job from another contractor to build a steel-beam boat house. When Saturday came, I refused to go work with them because I determined that it was the Sabbath. Less than an hour after they left for work that day, I was on my knees in prayer when my boss crashed into the door, telling me he was quitting because the contractor just about had him killed by asking him to suspend a steel beam on bags of pink insulation inside a back-hoe bucket (they needed to get the beam a little higher than the bucket itself would reach on its own, and they had nothing at the work site but bags of insulation to raise it higher). The beam slid off the bags, down the boom and, if not for a scaffold that was struck on its way down, my boss in the seat of the back-hoe would have been cut in half.

I stayed while he went home, but the next day the contractor attacked me viciously, with the look of the devil on his face, saying, "Ha! I know what you're thinking (expletives), that God did that yesterday because we went to work on the Sabbath." He looked like he wanted to kill me. The fact is, I did believe that God had done it, not because they went to work (otherwise the whole world would be so treated on Sabbaths), but 1) as a witness to me that I was doing the right thing under persecutionary conditions, 2) as encouragement to keep on doing it, 3) maybe because they were mocking me when at work that morning, and, 4) maybe because He knew I'd be telling this story to you today. That's the sort of love that we should expect from Him in the coming tribulation, with many terrible things happening to our enemies as reward for how they treat us.

China will be used to utterly destroy the West, and even Gog will re-damage Europe in like manner to the second-world war. Why are the hearts of Russians and Chinese set against the West? Because, they see that the West seeks the Middle East for it's own enrichment. The West ceases to devise devices by which to move into territories not their own. So, then, why do some Christians approve of Americans and NATO forces moving in to the Middle East? Isn't it because they have been deceived into thinking that it's for a good terrorist reason? The senior George Bush didn't attack Saddam further than his Kuwaiti theater because he didn't want to give the world the impression that America was after Middle Eastern "interests." The junior George Bush thought he could devise a way into Saddam's fortress without being taken as an invader of those same "interests." The world didn't buy it.

American Democrats, hypocrites. A day didn't pass when we didn't hear laments for the war dead, not because Democrats care for dead soldiers, but because the dead offered opportunities to bash Bush and remove Republicans from power. Now that Obama is in power, we see virtually nothing from Democrats, or the liberal media that carried their cries under Bush, in the way of sympathy and anger on behalf of dying soldiers. Suddenly, these young men are fully expendable for the sake of Obama's war in Af-Pakistan.

By the way, I'm not an Adventist of any kind, just someone who doesn't see Biblical reason for doing away with one of the Ten Commandments. I don't just sit and do nothing on "Saturdays" (isn't that named after the gross god, Saturn?), but I close down business and do no work that brings in money. I'm not at all strict on what I can and cannot do; I will make purchases, do laundry, cook, go boating.... Hmm, the lake at which the beam incident happened, which was two hours from where I lived, is now the lake I usually go boating in because I now happen live fifteen minutes away.

Gaza is once again being made the opportunity to slap Israel silly. Soon, the whipping begins:

"Ban Ki-moon told Gazans that 'we stand with you' as he visited an area damaged by Israel's offensive 14 months ago.

...'My message to people of Gaza is this: the United Nations will stand with you through this ordeal...

...Mr Ban urged all Gazans to 'choose the path of non-violence, Palestinian unity and international legitimacy'. '

I wonder whether this lunatic Moon would have the same sentiments if Hamas were tossing rockets into UN headquarters. But who was it that elected Hamas to political power if not the very Palestinians he's concerned for? Israel is right when it demands that Palestinians of Gaza un-elect Hamas before Palestinians expect good treatment from Israel. Mr. Moon is oblivious to that sort of justice because he hates Israel.

Netanyahu meets with Killary today. I expect that she has decided to let some of her black leather garb remain exposed to indicate to him that whipping starts soon unless he gets in line under U.S. expectations. Just in case, her whip sits openly on a corner of her desk. "Roll over and play dead," she'll demand. Mr. Netanyahu will see the whip for the entire conversation. Should he say any wrong word, her eyes will bug out and turn toward it, gesturing. He'll secretly laugh, and tell her lies. Then the do-or-bust Obama will bark up a storm against him, and set his dog packs against all of Netanyahu's government rightists, and they will loath tiny Israel.

Baroness Ashton was in Gaza three days ago, and then met Killary in Moscow to discuss how the plot of the barbershop quartet against Israel is progressing. We can hear them singing, "We're shaving you, oh so bald, sweet li'l Israeline of mine, can't wait to slit your throat, and watch you fall, O darlin' mine, bump-bump." The Barbers of Deville have arrived with sharpened clippers for to do a little genocide preparation, but God has a bottle of special "barbacide" for the heads of all four.

In Isaiah 10:28-34, as the text speaks on the coming of the end-time Assyrian from Samaria to the Jerusalem border at what was ancient Nob, we find God doing a little cutting of his own, with an ax, of the tops of trees. And speaking on the destruction of this Assyrian in this way, he mentions only one country: Lebanon. Then, immediately afterward, continuing with the same theme, there is a stump of Jesse from which Jesus arises, as a small shoot, to rule the earth. The very same symbol, a stump with fresh branches growing out, is used in the Rodham Crest. Interesting.

And yesterday, I opened an email from FE telling of a Stuby surname that I had missed when speaking on the Stubbs and Stubbing surnames. The Stub(b)y Coat uses an antelope smacking of the ibex (wild goat) used by the Weishaupt Coat (Adam Weishaupt was the official founder of the Bavarian Illuminati). In fact, when reading on the ibex just now, I learned that "The Steenbok (Raphicerus campestris) is a common small antelope of southern and eastern Africa. It is also known as the 'Steinbuck' or 'Steinbok'; not to be confused with the Dutch-language 'steenbok' which is an ibex."

Therefore, could it be that the Weishaupt family uses a steenbok ibex in particular, and that other branches of the family, including the Stubbys, used the steenbok antelope in honor of the Steen/Stein surname? What's conspicuous is that, months ago, when writing on the Stubbs and Stubbings, I included the Steven(son) surname as one of their branches. AND ZIKERS, only yesterday, when highlighting a globalist with the Stevenson surname, I caught sight of Stevenson variations: Steenson, Steinson and Stenson!!

Amazing, God though FE has done it again, for checking the Steen surname just now, what did I find but a goat! It's the same goat, at least at first glance, as the one in the Russell Crest. When comparing the Dutch Steen/Stein Coat with the German Rothschild/Rothstein Coat, one sees that they are the same ros(e)-line family.

We of course want to check the Steinback Coat, finding what appear to be smaller variations of the rocks in the Rocque (= proto-Rockefeller) Coat!! Moreover, as I traced proto-Drummonds from the Pomerania and Polabian theater to the Rus vikings of Shetland/Scotland, we see that the Steinbacks, being first found in Pomerania, use virtually the same Shield as the German Drummonds/Dremonds.

My theory that the "Dermott" variation of "Darby" is also a variation of "Drummond/Dremond" now finds some support in that the English Darby Crest uses an antelope. I had traced (theoretically) Darby-branch Drummonds to the Traby family and their Drev-like terms of Polabia.

You'll note the garbs in the Darby Coat, and that it's the Stevenson, BUT ALSO, the Stevenson band with leopard heads is nearly identical to the English Stein Coat, thus making the Stevenson>Stein connection, especially as "Steinson" is a Stevenson variation.

What could it mean that, in the midst of describing the Assyrian's (i.e. anti-Christ's) demise, Isaiah 10 speaks against Lebanon alone? It tends to reveal a solid pact between the anti-Christ and Lebanon, though I don't think that is technically correct. I think the anti-Christ will invade and take Lebanon, but keep the Hezbollah sector of Lebanese on side for the invasion of Israel.

Isaiah 11 and 12 tells that post-tribulation Israel will sting left and right all her enemies, and chapter 13 enlarges on the victory picture with the utter destruction of the anti-Christ's throne in Iraq. In 14:8 we read that Lebanon is relieved at the anti-Christ's fall, because, the implication is, the anti-Christ had done some damage to Lebanon as well. The picture there is the same as in 10:34: the anti-Christ, as an instrument of God, uses an ax to fell the cedars of Lebanon (I'm thinking this if figurative language, not literal).

The same situation should occur in Syria, that while the anti-Christ invades that nation too, he will spare and use its Baathists:

"Saddam Hussein's Baath party is banned in Iraq, but the doors of its office in the heart of the Syrian capital, Damascus, are wide open.

'That's our hero,' says Khudeir Rashidi, the party spokesman, pointing at Saddam Hussein who looks down from portraits on the walls.

Iraq's dictator may be dead, but his supporters in Damascus insist that his party lives on.

'We have millions of members in Iraq who are working for the cause,' Mr Rashidi says.

The cause, he says, is the liberation of Iraq from the American occupiers through military resistance.

...On the other side of the Syrian capital, in the slick TV studios of Al Rai satellite station, the staff are working hard to spread a similar message.

...'I go on TV and tell my people: "Anyone who wants money or weapons to fight the Americans, call me",' [Mishaan al-Jabouri] says.

Mr Jabouri's biography is as colourful as his loud persona. Once a close ally of Saddam Hussein, he fell out with the late dictator, worked with the Americans and became an MP after the US-led invasion.

Today he is fully dedicated to fighting the US troops [or is he?]."

And so it is turning out that Iraq is becoming unstable while the Syrian Baathists await their moment to strike. When the Iraqi leader calls for a recount, you know he's losing:

"Iraqi prime minister Nuri al-Maliki's called for a nationwide recount of votes from the country's March 7 parliamentary election has been rejected by the country's electoral authority.

Mr al-Maliki had been warning the country could return to violence if his demand was not met."

The Kurd president of Iraq is also calling for a recount today, but the electoral commission is resisting it. Word is that by this coming Friday, the world will have the "final" results. I hope to decipher the O-word when it comes out on the Iraqi election scandals. But the O-ring circus is busy today on a health-care vote so that we don't expect a word on Iraq.

If you're interested as per my dealings with Mauritanians among the Templars, there's a headline out: Mauritania severs diplomatic ties with Israel. It's just a black sign of the times.

The following just found: "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared [today] that Israel would not restrict construction in east Jerusalem..." You don't want to read the rest of the article lest you have a premature Sunday nap.

The article says that Ned Yahoo is going to Washington early this week not to do anything that the bad O-men want done, but to ask for some hefty weapons for which to attack A-madman. It's what Israeli leaders do. Old men go for walks in the park; young men take to the streets to loiter; but Israeli leaders seek American weapons. Only this time, the O has a bombshell for Mr. Yahoo.

Elect me, because I have a plan to lower health care costs. Instead of sending wanna-be doctors to about ten years of medical schooling/training, that they might become knowledgeable in various parts of the body, why not have one doctor specialize in toes only, another in heels only, another in upper nerves only, another in middle nerves only, and one in lower nerves get it. That way, each doctor needs to be trained for five years or less -- no longer than a plumber or electrician -- thus removing his/her excuse to charge mega-dollars for each person treated. That's the problem with doctors and lawyers, etc., that because they need to be schooled for so long, they think they have a God-given right to charge hundreds of dollars per hour.

If I have a pain in my arm, I go to the local which-which-is-which doctor and he says, I dunno what that is, could be three hundred and ten different things, but try this medicine and do a rain dance, then come see me again...and again, and again, and in the end he sends me to an arm specialist anyway, but he's made a whopping stash of cash on my arm ailment by that time. The less he knows about everything in the body, the more he makes in my return visits. But if there was a doc in town who knew everything about arms-only, I could go to him and be charged no more than a car-mechanic shop, and get fixed the first time as easily as an oil, I say, elect me!

If you elect me, I would pass legislation for less schooling made available for would-be car mechanics. They could learn how to fix Chevys only, or Fords only, or Hondas only, not only making it cheaper for their schooling, but they would charge less for their services, and that saves the people money on car fixes. We'd have many more doctors and mechanics earning the whole pie of body- and car-fix costs, and therefore less unemployment, and all for less money to the peoples/cars getting fixed. It'll be a win-win-win situation instead of a whine-whine-whine situation. So kick O out of Office and elect Johny in O-12!

So far on this Super O-Scare Sunday, it's being said that the Dems have the votes to pass the O-Care system. But if they do have the votes, it's going to be something like 216-215. I wouldn't call that a democratic win, especially since the Big Zero has bought votes over the past month or so. We are now learning why the Dems want to pass this bill at the cost of their political lives: it forces anti-abortionists to pay for abortions. It's exactly the sort of thing for which the hot fires of Armageddon were Prepared. The only good news is: the aborted children do not go to Hell, as their mother's might.

If you elect me, I would pass legislation that abortionist doctors be allowed to choose between different kinds of capital punishment.

My sense is that there won't be 216 votes to pass the bill, and that Democrats know it but are claiming (today) to have the votes for to spur a couple of nayers into changing their minds.

For all Russian-Gog watchers:

"...Russia has significantly increased its volume and share of deliveries to North Africa in recent years.

Between 1970 and 1991, SIPRI data shows that the Soviet Union accounted for 90 per cent of Algeria's imports of major conventional weapons and 78 per cent of Libyan arms imports."


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