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March 11 - 14, 2010

Huckleberry Hound

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March 11

I haven't hunted down what the Sunni of northern Iraq are saying about the election because it will come out naturally in the media I check regularly. The point is, I haven't heard anything from the Sunni point of view:

"Kurdish parties announced majorities for Kurds in Kirkuk and other disputed areas...

...The parties said PUK candidates won six seats and KDP two. Iyad Allawi's List (Iraqya) came second and the State of Law third in Kirkuk.

...'I do not think that these elections will change the political map in Iraq. There may be little changes," Talabani told reporters...

In Kurdistan Region, there was no curfew....

...In Ninewa province [where Mosul is located], the Kurdistan Alliance List said, the Kurdish List won most of the votes in the disputed areas. The head of Kurdistan Alliance List in Ninewa, Khasro Goran, said according to the initial results, Kurds will win 8 to 10 seats out of 31 seats allocated for Ninewa province.

Meanwhile, Goran accused the Iraqiya List, headed by Iyad Allawi, of fraud, particularly in the centre of Mosul city

'The turnout at the electoral center in Mosul city is unacceptable,' he said."

Obama has been accusing Israel of preparing for war on the Lebanese AND Syrian borders:

"Israel's military has been forced to significantly reduce its exercises along the borers with Lebanon and Syria amid pressure by the United States, the World Tribune reported. It quoted Israeli officials as saying that the administration of President Barack Obama has warned Israel that its exercises were escalating regional tension.

They said Israel's government has responded by canceling or reducing exercises meant to prepare for a war with Syria.

'We are receiving daily phone calls from the Americans, who want to know details and schedules of exercises, what weapons will be used and in what scenarios,' an Israeli official told the U.S. newspaper [i.e. the Tribune] which focuses on international news.

Earlier in March, Israel reduced the scope of a major command exercise, Firestones-12, at the request of the United States. The training maneuver excised a scenario in which Israel and Syria fought a regional war, and instead focused on a limited conflict with Hizbullah.

Officials said the administration also pressed Israel to cancel plans for massive troop mobilization to enhance readiness for a regional war. They said the White House warned that this could trigger conflict with Hizbullah and Syria.

'The exercises were planned on the assessment that Syria is likely to join Hizbullah in the next war,' the official told the World Tribune. 'We are very much aware of Syrian preparations and coordination with Iran and Hizbullah.'"

One could interpret Obama's warnings to Israel as sincere, exactly as posed, but then Obama's Eric Holder has been caught choosing at least nine (there could be more) lawyers for Justice-of-Department positions who were previously pro-terrorist lawyers: "According to Holder there are nine lawyers who have worked for terrorist detainees before being appointed to the DOJ." And Obama has chosen other persons for his team, too many to be non-important or coincidental, with terrorist sympathies or leanings. Coupled with Obama's closed-door manner of doing things, and his recent dictatorial attitude, it suggests the development of a cry-wolf situation...with a real wolf on the American "throne."

Holder's people were responsible for silencing the underwear bomber before he was able to provide the media with details on his terror plot. I believe there is sufficient evidence to tell that the Obama administration knew the plot to be fake, using the bomber to merely scare the people (i.e. the bomber thought he was to commit suicide but was knowingly provided with faulty bomb material).

Russia is busy making alliances everywhere it can; now again on another part of Israel's face:

Russia and Jordan hope to further strengthen their political and economic relations, King Abdullah II of Jordan said at a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin [yesterday].

...Putin also expressed hope that the meeting would allow them to discuss 'problems' in the region...

Abdullah II said he was glad to have the opportunity to discuss how to resolve the stalemate between Israel and the Palestinian National Administration...

The king noted that Russia had traditionally played an important mediatory role in the resolution of conflicts in the Middle East."

The former chief of the global atomic-bomb squad wants to become the ruler of Egypt, and pro-terrorism might back his bid:

"The Muslim Brotherhood has yet to take a clear position on former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed ElBaradei's intention to run for president in Egypt in 2011.

Neither, Mohamed Badie, the Brotherhood's Supreme Guide, nor any of the high ranking members of the group have declared whether they will support ElBaradei or whether they have reservations about his political platform."

As I don't normally watch television, I didn't know that both Sean Hannity and Bill O-Reilly, the two Fox News opinion-ators tasked with unloading nightly on the Obama administration, are Catholics. That explains why they think the best thing for Republicans, and America, are such things as fiscal responsibility, payment of the national debt, a more hands-off government, business growth, and other such matters having essentially little to do with God's concerns for a nation in a state of living spiritual death.

If FOX were to have nightly commentators emphasizing God's will for a nation, strong penalization for adulterers and other sinners, FOX would not be enjoying the popularity it now gloats over (I was hoping that FOX would not brag about its number-one status as CNN does regularly, but that hope was dashed). What is worse, someone breaking into your home and stealing the expensive furniture, or someone taking your spouse for a sexual affair? Then why does the nation jail the thief but not the adulterers?

Which is worse, cigarette advertising or pornography? Then why do Western nations ban or inhibit cigarette advertising but not the porn and prostitution known to cause adultery? What about the victims, for example the wife of Tiger Woods, of adultery? Which provides the harsher torments and more-drastic results for a society's members, marijuana as a stepping stone to harsher drugs, or porn as a stepping stone to one, then multiple, adulterous relationships? How many single families are there due to spouses caught in adultery? How many marriages are already ruined even though the adulterers manage to remain uncaught? How many don't marry because they prefer to enjoy adultery with other people's spouses? Then why is marijuana illegal but not adultery?

The sinful playthings of liberals are the things destroying Western nations, the cause and NEED for Armageddon. When God sees the playthings protected by governments, He gives the nation's "infra-structure" over to diabolical forces by removing His protective hand. When Jesus is made the King, liberals themselves will be outlawed and imprisoned. Hallelujia!

In a nation where adultery and all adultery-causing playthings are made illegal, and the punishments are actually enforced to reduce incidents and to send out the right message, there will be no fear of government take-over by such things as money-grabbing, control-loving O-governments. For when a government effects the God-cure in all sincerity, it doesn't tend to administer the devil-dope.

If you realize that this across-the-board, God-honoring government that I'm dreaming is a hopeless hope, you would be correct...which is the reason that Armageddon is NEEDED. There is no other way to deal with the great tide of liberalism, and its insistent demand of "progress" toward increasing sin. The weeds are too many, too strong, and their faces are like flint without sign of shame. The rightists cannot overcome the wrongists by sheer desire or even the loudest of FOX News complaints and revelations. And because Jesus forbids his people to fight with weapons of the world, it's either weeds forever in our faces, or Armageddon once and for all.

Did I tell you that Sean Hannity's wife has a Rhodes surname? Coincidence? Other regular Fox News contributors have surnames such as Henneberg, Morris (= Moray), Miller (same as "Milner"), Wallace, and Crowley. All nice-looking people. But do they work for a "circle" of their own?

In the previous update, it was shown that the Latter Coat (as per the Mormon "Latter Day Saint" code) is a near-match with the Guiscard Coat (Robert Guiscard is dubbed The Fox), but the designs compare also with the Fox News logo. That might not merit a re-mention (because such logo designs are common), but, without thought whatsoever of Fox News founder, Rupert Murdoch, I also wrote the following in the previous update:

"Thus, if Copeland [the location] was named after Hopland, and if the Hopps/Hobbs (Somerset) were Tolkien's hobbits, the Smiths [= Mormon-founding surname] would be a part of the hobbit[-depicted] clans, which is exactly what we learn where the hobbit, Meriadoc Brandybuck, depicts the Murdock clan out of which came the Smiths."

It was the "Omine" motto term of the Murdochs that led to the Osmond surname i.e. the Mormon Osmond singers.

As I suspected yesterday (before writing on Rupert Murdoch today) that the Rove surname was a Tolkien-important Rus bloodline, note that Roves and Murdochs both use ravens. Moreover, I had the inclination to include "Roper" into the Rove/Rover family of surnames, smacking of "Rupert" (there is a Bavarian Rupert surname). The Tolkien code, "Rhovanion," was found to be overwhelmingly linked to Macey/Mackay stock and Rouen/Rohan Norman entities.

Looking into Karl Rove last night, I found one of his wives to be Valerie Mather Wainwright. We see that the Wainwright Shield is in colors reversed from the Macey/Mackay Shield. Note the axe in the Wainwright Crest, for Karl Rove's other wife was Darby Tara Hickson. We have seen that the Hicks surname has good potential to link with the axe-using Axelrod/Haxwell surname.

I have suspected that Hicks should have been in Cheshire with the Claptons, for the Arthurs and Hicks of Clapton (Somerset) used the same clarion symbols. I now find (thanks to Karl Rove's wife) that Hicksons (Clapton colors) were first in Cheshire. The Hickson eagle legs may be those of the Bree Coat; Tolkien had a Bree location: "On rare occasions, adventurous Brandybucks and Tooks from the Shire would venture as far east as Bree."

Seeking soft-c variations of "Tolkien," I checked "Tolson" without luck, but "Dolson" (uses Arms of Cheshire garbs) brought up a Dilson surname first in Huxleigh/Haxley (!!), Cheshire. There is a Haxley surname with Hawksley and Hawxley variations, smacking of the Axelrod surname with Haukeswell and Haxwell variations, and of their Hawkeswell location of Kent. The Haxley write-up mentions:"William de Hauckesey held estates in Lancashire," while the Axel(rod) surname was also from "Hackinsall in Lancashire." Moreover, Axel(rod)s were also in "Hauxwell in the North Riding of Yorkshire," while the Anglo-saxon Hicks surname was first in Yorkshire, "some say well before the Norman Conquest."

The theory that Axelrods were of the Hicks and/or Hykes clan(s) is therefore more assured, which will have great meaning if the latter represented a Hyksos bloodline. The Hykes surname is listed under Hacks, but that seems to be explained by the Axel/Hax/Hawks variations. See also the Hackson/Hawkerston/Haxton surname (in Hagar colors and using Dolson of Haxley design) with Haggerston and Hagreston variations. Possibly, as per the additional Halker variations, the Hacksons are related to the Chalkers (and Tolkiens/Tooks) of Kent. As per the Hackston variation, the Actons/Acktons come to mind, first found in Cheshire (!) but from Axton in Kent!!

When I checked "Heston" for clues of Hackston links, I found the Irish Darby/Dermott Coat. Hmm, Karl Rove married Darby Hickson. I then found a Hexton/Hext Coat with axes! In fact, the Hexton Crest is a lion swinging an axe, as with the Wainwright Crest (as per the surname of Karl's Rove's other wife). Karl Rove gave a son a Madison middle name; the Madison Coat: axes in saltire!!

The Perry Shield is the Vere and Massey Shield. I say this because:

"In 1989, Rove encouraged George W. Bush to run for Texas governor, brought in experts to tutor him on policy...

In 1990, two other Rove candidates won: Rick Perry, the future governor of the state, became agricultural commissioner, and Kay Bailey Hutchison became state treasurer."

Both the Bush and Hutchison Coats use black boars. The Rove article:

"...1994 Alabama Supreme Court races In 1994, a group called the Business Council of Alabama hired Rove to help run a slate of Republican candidates for the state supreme court. No Republican had been elected to that court in more than a century...[a court battle] ended when a federal appeals court judge ruled...and ordered the Alabama Secretary of State to certify the Republican candidate for Chief Justice, Perry Hooper."

Could that be another hobbit-family surname? The Hooper Coat uses rings, and the Cooper/Copper Crest is a wreath!! That led to the idea of C-versions of "Hobbs/Hopps." Entering "Chop" brings up the Camp Coat in Campbell colors, the point being that it uses the Took/Tolkien griffin heads.

Entering "Kop" brings up a German Kopp/Koppen surname using black Moor heads. Wow, entering "Kope" brings up a German Kobbs Coat (same colors as the Kopp/Koppen Coat) very much like the ring-studded Ottone/Otto Coat (a German name). The German Copin/Koban Coat also uses a dark Moor head. It was well established in the previous update that Tolkiens and Rus-allied Moors were linked. Let's not forget the Hohen home of Gobbingen, and "Copenhagen" of Denmark.

Entering "Copen" also brings up the English Cobhan/Cobban surname, first found in Kent. As Tooks (of Brandybuck-hobbit associations) were also first found in Kent, I'd say that the Cobbs of Kent, and their family stock, are prime hobbit suspects. Let's not forget the elephant-using Cobbs.

Did I mention that the English Copeland Shield is the English Brandy Shield? (It's the Welsh Brandy Coat that uses the Samson-surname symbol, perhaps double-headed axes.) The Brandy lion uses 13 black roundels, and of course you may long know by now that the Shield design belongs also to the Washington surname. Could this be a clue that the 13 colonies were founded primarily in honor of the Brandies? Hmm, the German Brand/Brande Coat uses American-flag-colored stars(!), on a Shield like that of the Bellamys (= proto-Maceys/Masseys). Hmm, the Macey Shield is also white on blue.

There's also an English Choppen Coat in colors reversed from the Macey/Mackay Shield (featuring green pheasants). Thunderin' shotgun pellets, there is a Pheasant surname in the Bellamy colors, and the Pheasants/Fessants were first found in Middlesex, where the bezants were first found, the latter using the Massey Shield! I think I just felt the pellets fly across my air space. It may not be enough that the Masseys are at the root of the Templar-Rollo bloodline, they may have been mainline founders of the New Atlantis. I'll bet that the French Bes/Bez surname, using a white star on blue, is related to the bezants/Bezants, and that the German Bes/Bez eagle links to the American eagle.

INCREDIBLE FIND THIS MOMENT. The Branson/Brandson Coat, using the windmill in gold-blue Massin/Mason (and Bellamy) colors, uses a "Dum Spiro Spero" motto. That's EXACTLY the Massin/Mason (first in Kent) motto!!!! And, as gold roundels are technically, "bezants," see the gold-on-blue bezants in the Dumas/D'mas Coat! Again, the Bellamy crescent is red, the color of the Speer crescent.

Entering "Gobe" brings up the French (Champagne) Gobelin/Gobel Coat using the Macey/Mackay Shield AND the Masci/Mascar wing. Entering "Cobel" brings up the Kent-surname (and Stormy) lion.

I had mentioned Ringo and/or his Starr surname yesterday and the day before, and in the Rove article Kenneth Starr is mentioned. I tried for a Vive surname on account of the "Vive" motto term in the Starr motto, and bango! More wreath-rings in the Vive/Viveash Coat. ONCE AGAIN, a Macey/Mackay Shield. Both the Starrs and Vives were first in Wiltshire. The Starr Coat uses an all-seeing eye at the top of a (pyramid-like) chevron...wherefore the Starr surname may now be a candidate for founding the all-seeing eye on the American dollar bill. The Starr Coat is green and white, the color of American money. Hmm, the flag of Wiltshire is in green and white stripes, in a fashion just like the American flag's stripes.

The Starr motto is "Vive en espoir" (live in HOPE), evoking the (purple lion) Vivian/Vey surname that I linked to mythical Morgan le Fay, chief Muse of Avalon. I also found reasons for linking "Morgan" to the Richard Amerike, the true namer (and co-founder, with Cabot) of America.

The Vive/Viveash Crest uses an oak tree, though I don't think it's the nine-acorned one. A variation of the Viveash surname is "Fiveash." The Ash surname? Five branches of the Ash surname? There are five points in the Viveash crown. The Starr jellyfish-like symbols (six points) are technically "ESToiles."

Zowie, a Scottish Five surname using the Vivian Shield! As the Fives/Fiveys were first found in Aberdeen, and as per the Fify variation, I'd say they were linked to Fifeshire, though the family, said to be Pictish, lived in "Fyvie in the county of Aberdeen." The Fives share the red lion of the Fife surname, in fact. The Fifes use a red Chief like the Vivians. It's all an easy match.

Never a dull day recently.

March 12

I watch Glen Beck often to figure out what he's about. It troubled me last night when he fomented against the "social justice" of post-Depression (i.e. 1930s) Catholic priest, Charles Coughlin. The clips shown of Coughlin on the Beck show did remind me of the Hitler-like passion that had gripped Nazi Germany. Still, I couldn't understand why Beck would stand opposed to social justice. So I looked up the phrase:

"Social justice is also a concept that some use to describe the movement towards a socially just world. In this context, social justice is based on the concepts of human rights and equality and involves a greater degree of economic egalitarianism through progressive taxation, income redistribution, or even property redistribution, policies aimed toward achieving that which developmental economists refer to as more equality of opportunity and equality of outcome than may currently exist in some societies or are available to some classes in a given society."

That sounds like political Socialism to be sure, but then I'm not so sure that the Millennium won't be based on some redistribution-of-wealth concepts commonly tagged to American Democrats. The problem is, "human rights" is a good and righteous phrase used by liberals, and yet liberals also stand for things deemed sinful by the Bible. In fact, liberals protect the human "right" to sin. And we know that even Freemasons make pitches to "humanitarianism," a term beloved by "secular (i.e. atheistic and agnostic) humanists." THEREFORE, "social justice" can be both the good walk of righteous Christians, and the tool for ushering in the unrighteous utopia sought by Rosicrucian Illuminatists.

For liberals, social justice is to raise and assist, even honor, the sinful ones whom the righteous (and God) tend to shun. Liberals also make idols of their own (even after they have passed away), turning them into role models. For example, women who won't bring their unwanted children to term are respected and placed higher in intelligence than women who've grieved for the senseless slaughter of the unborn, and the unnatural un-motherliness of "pro-choice" activists. Liberals are then taught to ridicule and hate the righteous, to twist the social views of Christians until Christians appear as Nazis.

Although Beck showed opposition toward Karl Marx (= Bavarian Illuminati and its socialism), he seemed to praised the age of Enlightenment...coined by atheistic, humanists types. It seems that there was a disconnect between socialist and capitalist Illuminatists that created an internal conflict remaining to this day, and it's thought that the Marxist side was using socialism to turn the masses into soft cheese, easily manipulated and changed into shape suitable for the ruling class.

Illuminatists want to be God, requiring controls over the masses, which in turn requires the obtainment of the peoples' trust. On that, Obama and the globalists have failed miserably thus far. The blame will be placed squarely on shows like Beck, Hannity and O'Reilly, on activist-Christian groups everywhere, superstitious-Catholic or Biblical-fundamental, and everything in-between those two extremes. A cult is defined, not as a group with a leader, but a leader who desires nothing but to be followed for the sake of having a submissive group to fulfill his ungodly goals. Therefore, American Democrats are a cult.

As of the Democrat overthrow of November 7, 1994, Republicans have been trying to build cults of their own, for example Rush Limbaugh...who went so far as to call himself "God." There are personality cults where the leaders merely like to be liked, but then there are cults with grand political aspirations. Christians, before getting involved, need to question what those aspirations are. To be sure, using Republican organs to defeat the Obamacrats is a betterment, but don't join Republican groups if they don't stress what you know to be Biblical. And don't be deceived by the odd lip-service thrown out at Christians for securing their political participation. George Bush and Karl Rove, if not also Ronald Reagan, were guilty of it. It is now becoming clearer that leading Republicans of the present political era trace to important bloodlines of the Rosicrucian Rus.

Charles Coughlin has been dubbed, "anti-Semitic":

"After the 1936 election, Coughlin increasingly expressed sympathy for the fascist policies of Hitler and Mussolini as an antidote to Bolshevism. His CBS radio broadcasts became suffused with antisemitic themes. He blamed the Depression on an 'international conspiracy of Jewish bankers', and also claimed that Jewish bankers were behind the Russian Revolution."

It is not necessarily the case that someone who rails against "Jewish" international bankers is also anti-Semitic. My findings are important where need for anti-Semitism is not required at all, for the international bankers are Hebrews of non-Israelite, Rus sorts, and besides, not all Hebrew-Rus are involved in plots to secure all the global money. One can still love the Biblical Israel and oppose "Jewish" globalists.

Hitler persecuted Freemason, Zionist, and Rothschild entities together, but he was a cult leader of the worst kind. A better Cult Leader is coming who will not fail, as Hitler did, to eradicate the Zionists who say they are Jews but are not. This Leader will have a better following, of lambs rather than wolves, truth speakers rather than liars, and He himself will have a Grand Master for his leader, One that doesn't keep his agenda hidden away in the cobwebs of time, Whom has spoken openly about his agenda, and Whom has proven himself to be Worthy of a following, true to his goals, the goal of the Eternal Kingdom were gold is merely walked on rather than worshiped. There will be nothing green about, "In God we trust." It's guaranteed that He will not sit in the Vatican, nor in Brussels, nor Utah, not even in the Knesset.

To be sure, God has kept some things secret, especially the reward for His followers. But He has promised, the last will be the first, and the first last. We are being made last by the worldly powers, who make themselves first. You get it. God is entertained when a tall cult leader falls far, onto is nose. Ask Obama. Who wants to be first in this world but the fool?

Have you noticed that Republican radio, and Fox News, are laced with ads for the purchase of gold? Hmm, where's that "coincidence" coming from? Hmm, the radio super-star "Jew," Michael Savage, interviews the evangelical Pat Boone:

Real Assets Trump Politics
Metals are a Conservative buy with Liberal benefits!

March 2010

For years I've presented my conservative perspective on current events and politics. Today I'd like to introduce a conservative perspective on investing from Swiss America, the company that's inspired America to rediscover gold for nearly 30 years!

Gold is amazing! It's morally-correct money which conserves AND grows wealth liberally..."

I can't find a Wikipedia article on Swiss America. It's chairman is Craig R. Smith. While Sean Hannity claims to be a "social conservative" with the priority of the nation's "financial responsibility," Swiss America loves the phrase, "social-responsibility," and links it to the war on terror. There seems to be no end to reasons offered to Conservatives as to why they should be buying gold, but for Swiss America to try to convince us that the purchase of its gold is part of the fight against terror, well, frankly, we're being taken for suckers. There's even a picture of Uncle Sam at the social responsibility link of Swiss America.

ZOWIE, I have found a Craig R. Smith as the CEO of: "Owens & Minor (NYSE: OMI) is a Fortune 500 company based in Mechanicsville, Virginia. This company is a distributor of medical and surgical supplies." I checked the Owens Coat (Welsh) and found the black lion used by the Savages, while the English Minor/Miner Crest uses the Savage Crest (!!), a black lion's paw."

Michael Savage (real/blood surname, Weiner) had education in things medical (!), which should reveal his ties to Craig Smith, for Savage also advertised gold (last I listened to him, some years ago), not only through radio ads, but he himself gives gold-selling spiels as part of his show. Michael wanted to form a third political party, which he tentatively dubbed the "Savage Nation."

Craig Smith claims to be a Christian (no opinion from me, as I don't know what kind) and contributes politically to World Net Daily. ZOWIE, googling "'Craig R. Smith' mormon" brought up the article below, written by him, where we read: "Stirred by [a Mormon-heresy] debate, the Associated Press asked for clarification from a spokeswoman for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Kim Farah." World Net daily is run by Joseph Farah (a surname that could derive in "ferr"). Apparently, judging from the article, Craig Smith is not a Mormon, but perhaps there are some Mormon elements in his bloodlines, which may trace back to the Mormon "prophet," Joseph Smith...who convinced peoples, for a price, that he could divine the secret locations of buried treasures (I'm assuming precious metals).

Craig Smith co-authored a book on gold with Jerome Corsi; both men were associated with Phi Beta Cappa elements (links to Thomas Jefferson). Corsi is a Catholic, according to Wikipedia. Hmm, "In 1995 Corsi helped launch a mutual fund to invest in formerly Communist Poland after the fall of the Soviet Union..." Like Michael Savage, Corsi is an Independent:

"Corsi wrote that he is not a Republican and complained that 'the Republican Party is controlled by what used to be called the 'Rockefeller Wing'." In addition, Corsi has called for the impeachment of George W. Bush. On August 15th, 2008, Corsi endorsed Constitution [Independent] Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin, who has campaigned to reopen the investigation into the September 11, 2001 attacks in support of the 9/11 Truth Movement"

Baldwin, like Savage, railed against George Bush, and, like me, has inclinations to suspect that 9-11 was an inside job. The Baldwin Crest is a green wyvern dragon, and of course this surname was first to rule Templar Jerusalem. Glen Beck, a Mormon-convert Independent, speaks fondly of the Constitution and its Jeffersonian founders. Caution.

The Italian Corsi/Corse Coat uses, once again, the Macey/Mackay Shield (and three red roses). Entering "Corse" brings up a Carse surname (first in Perthshire) using a Rosicrucian saltire with white crescents, and another Corsen/Carson Coat uses a white crescent on a Shield identical to the Bellamy Shield. How can my surname topics keep coming back by mere coincidences to the Bellamy>Ferte-Mace>Masci/Massey fold?? See also the gold roundels/bezants (= gold coins) on blue of the French Cors/Cours.

There is a German Smith Coat using the Ferrari lion (Bellamy colors), while the Massins/Mason of Kent use the reverse colors, a blue lion on gold. It is thought that the dragon symbol of the dragon cult is a symbol of its mining operations, as the protector of its gold. The English Smith Coat (same motto as Copelands) uses red fleur-de-lys on white (Flanders colors), the symbol of the Belgian/Flanders and German Weiner Coats (Michael Savage's birth/real surname).

There's even a Craig R. Smith Bible, meaning that the man appears to be a devout believer, but then Joseph Smith co-founded is own book-of-Mormon "bible." On a Brigham Young University High School webpage, in a list of alumni, we find the name: Smith, Craig R. Joseph Smith was shot at 44 years of age by elements of the American military. He had so robbed his Christian followers of their money (not to mention their teenage daughters for his wives) that he was powerful enough to make war with American military units.

The bottom line: why would devout Christians be on a crusade to sell gold when it appears the end times are upon us? Is it really based in a good service, as claimed, or is it business-as-usual...until destruction comes upon them suddenly?

Speaking of the devil incarnate who will love precious metals and stones...If it doesn't look like Gog is coming into Iraq as a Russian, and assuming that the 70th Week began in 2009 (an idea that is fast becoming impossibly in my mind unless something happens soon in northern Iraq), perhaps he will be from Turkey, a country on Iraq's northern border:

"Famed PLO terrorist-turned-Christian Walid Shoebat is warning that the United States needs to be watching not Iran, Syria or even Hamas and Hezbollah as closely as it needs to follow the actions of the Islamic leaders of Turkey.

...'Turkey is the strongest military power in the region, and it's the second largest army in NATO. The statements coming out of Turkey should be of great concern to Americans.'

'Erdogan is saying 1.5 billion Muslims are waiting for the Turkish government to arise. This is pretty scary. Turkey rules only 70 million people so why are they talking about 1.5 billion Muslims?' continued Shoebat."

Maliki is said to be headed for a coalition government:

"As the storm clouds gather for Iraq's postelection season of political turmoil, the prospects for stable governance as U.S. combat troops prepare to depart appear increasingly uncertain.

...Even if the [election] results are accepted, the current pattern suggests bad news for Maliki. It has been widely suggested that most of the potential coalition partners to whom his bloc would turn would insist that Maliki himself step down and accept an alternative candidate for Prime Minister.",8599,1971627,00.html?xid=yahoo-feat

The pie goes to Shi'ites no matter what, but the fear is Iranian fingers:

"...the Head of the European Parliament's Iraq Delegation Struan Stevenson MEP...'I fear the Mullah's regime in Iran may now be trying to install a puppet Prime Minister in Baghdad.'"

I'm looking for something like this, Iranians in support of Gog in Iraq, and toppling the pro-western government, first by political cleverness, and later by war. Possibly, the Iranian gears of the toppling machine will get Gog into political power, while the Sunni/Qaeda (= anti-Iran) part of the machinery joins him and acts on is behalf in war. The party of Allawi, which is thought to come in second place behind Maliki, and which is said to be complaining at the moment of election fraud, is both Shi'ite and Sunni, meaning that it could be the glue between Iran, Gog, and the Sunni terrorists.

"The party of Ayaad Allawi, the Al Iraqia Party, has just released the following statement, one which should cause very real concern internationally. 'We have uncovered tens of violations, including the cancellation of the names of large sections of armed forces personnel, interference in the work of the Independent Elections Commission, and a blatant violation of the law which mandates the results of the manual tallying of votes in each polling station, which should be announced and publicly displayed in each station'.

At the time of writing, it would seem that huge doubts and questions hang over the elections in Iraq. With each passing hour, the failure to announce poll results deepens the suspicion that an active attempt at sabotage is underway, and that it is being directed by Tehran."

We hear such things plenty lately; it seems every election winner is accused of fraud. The anti-Christ is said to enter Iraq to become the ruler by devious means, while not deserving the rulership of the kingdom (Daniel 11:21-24. The situation at this time seems right for such a rising. Anti-West forces may not get a better opportunity to seize the helm, and they with Iran both may be impatient in waiting for the Americans to leave.

March 13

More fun with cartoons today, the surprise being that it adds evidence to a Hicks link to Hyksos.

How many of you are old enough to remember Huckleberry Hound, raise your canes. Tim thinks that this Hanna Barbera cartoon needs to be addressed for possible surname codes. Check out the three white fish on red in the Italian BarBERA Coat, and the three white fish faces in the German Berry Coat. Coincidence, or did Barbera love his bloodline?

I had traced the Hanna surname tentatively to the Hannibal Carthiginians, partly on the basis of the Barbera surname being both in Sicily and a term smacking of the Berbers of North Africa. It seems as though they are part of the Moor aspect of Rosicrucian make-up. Is it yet another coincidence that the Huckle part of the hound's name smacks of the Haxwell/Axel(rod) surname using three axes in the colors of the Barbera/Berry fish?? IN FACT, the Hackinsall location/variation (Yorkshire) smacks of the Hucknall variation of the English Huckle surame.

ALSO, the Huckle Shield is used by the English Foster surname, VERY CONSPICUOUS because the Huckleberry Hound Show was co-written by Warren Foster. The bugle horns (in Traby-bugle colors) of the Scottish Foster/Forester Coat show links to the English Fosters, AND ZOWZERS, the Foster motto includes "Hunter," which may apply to the 'hound" theme. The motto is "Hunter blow thy horn." The Horn Coat is also the Orne Coat, with white-on-red herons.

Another co-writer of the Huckleberry Hound Show was Michael Maltese. There is a Malta/Maltese surname first found in Sicily! Malta is an island between Sicily and north Africa, and the site of an important Freemasonic entity. The Malta-surname write-up: "Malta had many rulers, including the Normans under the House of Hauteville..." That's Guiscard, son of Tancred de Hauteville, would-be ruler of Jerusalem. The Maltese Coat is white on red, using a pillar, likely the pillar sacred to Templars...which they masquerade as Solomon's pillar. They say that the Rosslyn chapel has Solomon's two pillars, but we know better; they were the two pillars of Hercules and of "Biblical" Samson (at Dagon's temple).

Thank you Tim, you have just been responsible for filling in some important details in the Saracen-Rus topic that you were responsible for in the first place!!

Perhaps the Axel(rod) link to the Hicks and/or Hykes' was made stronger earlier in this update in order to now link the Hicks/Hykes to Hanna and Barbera elements in Tunisia (i.e. Carthage), for that tends to get us geographically closer to the Hyksos. IN FACT, the Hyksos of Danaan importance were at Tanis on the Nile delta, while Tunis is thought by me to be a Tanis-connected location!

Why does the "Jewish" Daniel Coat use crescents if the Daniels are from Israel? Per chance, its white on red crescents (same colors as the English Dans) link to the white on red Zionist stars of the English Tunis/Tunock Coat. Unfortunately, I have no solid evidence that the latter links to Tunisians, BUT note that the surname was first in Lincolnshire, the place to which I've traced the Danaans of Lindos (!!) on red-rose Rhodes. The Donn and Dunn surnames also show white on red.

The term reminds me of Ton/Tunbridge, but in any case the Irish Tonn/Toner Coat is red on white; "they were anciently descended from the Cenel Eoghain (the Clann Owen)..." See the mention of the Owen surname, alongside the Savages, in just yesterday's update. We can ask whether possible Owen variations such as "Howen" are hound terms. In Ireland, the hound was the symbol of Conn and Calhoun/Calhoon surnames. Note that the English Howen/Hoone Coat uses blue, the color of the Huckleberry hound.

Going back to yesterday's Axelrod discussion, I found a white on blue Hackston Coat; both it and the Howen Coat use blocks, wherefore the two families appear linked. The Hackston blocks are black, the color of Huckleberry's ears. The Hackston surname is the one with a Haggerston variation, smacking of the blue and white Scottish Hagar(t) surname. The English Hagg/Haggas Coat is likewise white on blue...and the Crest is a black-skinned Moor head!!

While in search of other Huckle-like surnames, I found that the Hegel Coat uses lions in the Savage fashion and in Savage colors, and that the Hegel Crest uses a lion's paw as does the Savage Crest. Moreover, as per the trace of the Savage Coat to the Minor/Miner Coats yesterday, the Hegel Crest is a lion's paw holding a human arm while the Miner Crest is a human hand hold a lion's arm.

Ahh, see the two axes in saltire in the English Hugle/Hugill Coat. Then there's a man holding an axe in the German Hackle Coat. The Dutch Hackel/Heckle Coat is in the colors of the Hugle/Hugil Coat.

You tell me if the following is a coincidence. I entered "Mode" as per the "modesta" motto term of the Hagar(t) Coat, and got a gold lattice on a blue Shield. I had seen it recently but forget where. So I went back to the Huckleberry article for more clues, and landing in the first Huckleberry cartoon, entitled, "Huckleberry Hound Meets Wee Willie," I entered Willow, for I remember using that surname recently (previous update page). The Willow Coat uses a blue lattice on gold!!! That was the very one I had seen recently!

PLUS, I had arrived to the Willow Coat only because the Bates/Bats Crest uses a "willow wand," wherefore note the hands in the Bates Coat, what I was led to think was a symbol of the Hannibal Carthiginians!!!

As per the "corde" motto term in the Bates Coat, I found the crescented French Corde Coat AND the red hearts (= Sauvage symbol) of the Scottish Corde/Court Coat. Hmm, "Cart(hage)" modifies to "Hart/Heart.

As the latter Cordes were first in Ayrshire (from "Agar"?), the Scottish Kurds/Cairds/Ceards of Ayershire should apply. The terms are getting very Carthage-like, so see the blue lion on white (same symbol in as in the Kurd/Caird/Ceard Coat) in the English Card/Carde Coat. Is the blue of the Hagarts/Hagards and the Cards the blue of Huckleberry hound?

Have you seen it? "Hagart/Hagard" easily modifies to "Cart/Card." If this modification did take place, I would suggest that Hagars/Hagarts may have been from Carthage (also "Qarta"). The Hanna Coat is also blue on white, as is the Hand Coat. Seeing the Hanna Crest just now, I recalled seeing it yesterday, and finding it, it turned out to be from the /Carse surname!!! These Carses were first in Perthshire, where the Hagarts were first found!

The green-on-white colors of the Carses are also the colors of the Carters...and they use the same Shield as the Huckles!!

Man, is this fun or what? I'm not a magician; I can't make things like this appear from thin air. Just last night I opened an email from FE, forwarding the name of former French president, Valery GisCARD d'Estaing (caps mine), for he married Anne-Aymone Sauvage de Brantes. "He is a proponent of the United States of Europe and...became involved with the European Union...He took part, with a prominent role, to the annually held Bilderberg private conference."

Hmm, entering "Carriage" brings up the Kerrick/Kerridge surname that I thought was rooted in "Sarac(en). Now it smacks of Carthage {"Kartago" in Hebrew). Perhaps Kartago was named after Saracens, what do you say??? If so, Sicily's Saracens may have been remnants of Hannibal's Carthiginians.

There is a Hannibal surname that doubles as "Annabell." The question is, which of the two came first? Variations include Honeyball and Hunnable. The English Hun/Hon Coat (talbots/Labs) is in the same red and white colors and uses the same engrailed border. These surnames also evoke the hound.

The article tells that "The Huckleberry Hound Show was a 1958 syndicated animated series, sponsored by Kellogg's." I recalled easily that the Kellogg Coat is blue on white...using greyHOUNDS!! I recall tracing a variation of "Colquhoun" ("properly pronounced 'Ko-hoon'" to what appeared as a variation of "Kellogg."

The Huckleberry show included "Pixie and Dixie, two mice who in each short found a new way to outwit the cat Mr. Jinks." The Pixe and Dixie Coats use the same (blue and gold) colors, while the Jinks/Jenkes Coat is nearly the griffin used in the Ali Coat. The Ali surname first found in Sicily where Guiscard's relationship took place with Samsam's Saracens. ALSO, the Pixe Crest is the same oak-tree shape (aside from the trunk) as per the oak in the Ales/Alicea Coat, surname first found in Messina (eastern Sicily).

There is an Alis Coat in the colors of the Dixies and Pixes; it uses a bear's head with a red muzzle," as does the Irish Macey/Mackay Coat. I show the Irish Macey Coat this time, instead of the Scottish, because it instead uses a gold chevron on blue, the symbol of the Pixe/Pixt Coat. The Dixie motto includes "Quod," what should be code for the MavQuoid variation of the Maceys/Mackays.

The Alis Coat uses a hawk with what appear to be hawk's lures round its neck. I suspect that the Alis surname was from Alice, daughter of William de Meschin, or a related Alice/Adaliza. William's family married purple-lion Skiptons, and so we see purple "pilgrim's staves" in the Hawk/Hauke Coat. The Hawk/Hauke surname was first in Lincolnshire, as was the Rhodes surname and, likely, other Danaan clans from Lindos (Rhodes). Thus, the Hawks could have been Danaan-branch Hyksos, not forgetting the Hawkeswells/Axel(rod)s. In fact, the Hawkeswell spelling of the Axel surname was from "Hawkeswell in Sevington in Kent," and the Pixe surname was also first found in Kent.

The following is very interesting and, if true, reveals proto-Stewart origins in the Lemovices. The search began under the impression that the Pixe/Pixt surname was in honor of the Pictones (Celts), living in western France/Gaul beside the Santones and Lemovices. When I entered "Lemm," the Clem(ent) Coat came up (surname Templar related, and using Rhodes-colored roundels/bezants). ZOWIE, while it's not the point here, Huckleberry Hound, as Tim alluded, sings the "inaccurate rendition of 'Oh My Darling, Clementine'"!!

The point is, why does the Clem surname come up when entering "Lemm"? Could the Clems have been Lemovices? It made me think that, if so, there must have been an "Alem" surname from which "Clem" could modify. When I entered "Alem," the English Alan Coat (shows a MaCallan variation). When I entered "Calem," the Callum/Callem Coat with gold stars on blue, the colors of the stars in the French Alan Coat!!! The ducklings in the Alan Coat are in the colors of the Callum stags...and in the English Stewart lion.

The Callum write-up: "The Callums were an import branch of the clan McLeod of Raasay." I wrote on the McLeods in the last update page, where they were linked to the Norman Rus of Macey/Mackay links:

"The first [Tolkien-myth] king, Eorl, might just depict the Hurl/Herle surname (first found in Northumberland) using a Meschin-like Shield!

Eorl is made the son of Leod, wherefore see the Leod/MacLeod/MacCloud Coat. This family was from the Hebrides (i.e. northern Scotland, where Maceys/Mackays were from), and uses Macey/Mackay colors."

The MacLeod Coat is in the colors of the Callems and Alans. The other Hurl Coat shows a hawk's lure in the crest. The evolution of terms coming to mind is MacAllen>Callan>Callam>Clem>Lemm. On the other hand, it may have been like this: Lem(ovices)>Lemm>Alemm>Callem>Alan. Lemovices "gave their name to Limoges and the Limousin."

Recall that "Latter Day saints" should be code for the Latter, Dea/Day, and Saint/Sinclair surnames. Recall that Latter Day Saints, otherwise known as Mormons, are from the Santones of the French city of Saintes (they and neighboring Lemovices were in all likelihood Sintians of Lemnos). Now see the Dea/Day Coat again, using the same stag (aside from facing different directions) in the Crest as in the English Stewart Crest (for new readers, the Alans became the Stewarts).

Then, as per the green snake on white in the Dea Coat, recall that Alans of Dol were traced to the Viscontis...who in earlier times used a green snake on white. Then, as per Guiscard/Viscard links to the Viscontis (see updates mainly in February), not to re-mention Saracen-of-Sicily links to the location of Massino Visconti, see that similarity between the Latter/Latto and Guiscard/Wishart Coats. (It was the Massino term that was traced to the Alans of Dol, as per the similarity between the Scottish Stewart Coat and the Italian Massi Coat.)

The WiseHEART variation appears to be the root of the Sauvage heart symbol; after all the Guiscard/Wiseheart Coat uses the same lion design as per the Savage Coat. PLUS, the Sauvage variation was "First found in Champagne, where the family was established in a village in the department of Haute-Marne." Guiscard's father was a de Hauteville. We now know that Savages were Rus of the Rollo>Guiscard bloodline, assuring all the more that Savages were from Saracens, and linked to the "sara" motto term of the Russells.

Years ago, I traced the Marne location to Myrina, mythical Amazon queen of, and real city, on Lemnos, and to Amarna, Egypt. The Clem(ent) Coat uses the Spanish Marina symbol. There is a Marny/Marney surname, first found in the Bessin of Calvados. For the record, the Marny Crest is "A chapeau between wings."

Most interesting is that the Clement and Marnie symbols are called "bars nebully." I traced the Aten/Atun cult of Amarna (Egypt) to Autun in France, while the queen of pharaoh AkenATEN (co-founder of the Aten cult), Nefertiti, I traced to Nevers smack beside Autun. This trace was not only defined as the coming of the Merovingians to France from Merowe (now the Sudan), but of the Merovingian-related Nibelungs!! Compare "nebully" to "Nibelung." In my mind, this is additional proof that some people do know of the very "wild" traces that I make of the Franko-Rosicrucians to ancient Ethiopia.

As suspected, the Templar-related Moors were likely Amazons of north Africa. They were called one-eyed Gorgon "hags" by myth writers, possibly linked to "Hyksos" and/or the Hagg/Hagar/etc surnames. To connect the Alan>Stewart clan to the Hyksos is a wild idea that I will keep in mind. I was reminded last night in an email from Lee that the Sforza genealogy shown at Wikipedia descends to the last Stewart monarchs of England, as per Charles II. His offspring were Lennox', and they in turn had offspring who married the Spencers to which the late princess Diana belonged. The Spencers use scallops in Russell- and Samson-scallop colors.

The Sforza dynasty was founded by Muzio Attendolo (Aten cult??), perhaps linked to "Dol." "He was born as Giacomo or Jacopo Attendolo in Cotignola (Romagna) to a rich family of rural nobility. Muzzo or Muzio was the short form of the nickname of Giacomuzzo." There is an Italian
Muzzi surname, which "may also be derived from the name Giacomuzzo, which is a variation of Giacomo, or James."

The Stewart dynasty was early ruled by a succession of James'. One James Coat uses black scallops, as do the Spencers. The other Lames Coat uses the dolphin/porpoise that is seen regularly in these topics, which might be a symbol of porphyria (= purple-related disease), which some call the "blue-blood" disease. The Crest of the latter is an ostrich.

There is also a Muzzo surname (cartwheel in Muzzi colors) from the very neck of the Italian woods where the Sforza founder was born. The Muzzarelli and Muzzarini variations smack of the Masciarelli variation of what I've been calling the Masci surname (Muzzi and Muzzo colors) of Piedmont. I would link the Muzzi and Muzzo surnames to the Stewart-like Massi surname, using an eagle in Sforza-eagle colors. Just as I think the Mattiassi variation was also "Massi," so the Matteuzzi variation should have been "Muzzi." If so, this Massi/Matti clan, from Piedmont too, was the Massino Visconti link to the Dol proto-Stewarts, and to the same-colored Massins/Masons of Kent. These Massis/Muzzis were also Tolkien's horse people, quite apparently.

The cartwheel also doubles as a chariot wheel, and it is said that Hyksos introduced the chariot in Egypt, and perhaps all of north Africa. It could therefore be a Hyksos symbol. As I link Meschins to the Piast-Wheelwright dynasty (Poland), also using a cartwheel, I would suggest that both were from Hyksos. The Templar secret would then be that Templars disguise themselves as sacred Israelites when in fact they were the Egyptian rulers who persecuted Israelites under Moses, and later merged with Jerusalem's Amorites before spreading out in multiple directions into Europe.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the gold Italian Massar lion the gold Kent-surname lion, in a different position?? And isn't it also the Marnie lion in another position??? It works. Muzio Attendolo was the root of the Muzzo/Muzzar(elli) and Massar surnames, at the root of the Dol proto-Stewart Alans, and named after the Aten cult of Amarna. If that traces Stewarts to Amarna, so be it. Some online writers would convince you that the Amarna letters show links to king David of Israel. No surprise; ignore it.

March 14

The four voices for Huckleberry characters are listed as Butler, Messick, Young, and SMITH. The Messick surname is a Messey variation. Don Messick did the voice of Bamm Bamm Rubble and Ranger SMITH (of the Yogi Bear show). The Ranger Coat is similar to the Messick Coat, and was first found in the Haite-Marne part of Champagne, where the Sauvages were from (the Sauvages were more in particular from Wassy of Haute-Marne). I suspect Ranger links to the Wrangle surname.

The Messick/Messey surname was first found in Burgundy; the Nibelungs were Burgundians. Coincidence? Didn't I just trace (late yesterday) the Massis/Muzzis and their Sforza kin to pharaoh AkenAten of Amarna, the place to which I trace Nibelungs??? Nevers and Autun are smack on the west side of Burgundy (see map), and then, on the west side of Nevers, we find Berry and its city, Bourges:

"Berry was the country of the Bituriges Curbi, whose capital was Avaricum (now Bourges..."

The Kyksos ruled Egypt from Avaris. Another Coincidence? The question is, is this French city of Bourges/Avaricum the root of the Burgh/Burgos surname???

In searching for the Aten cult in surnames, we should enter "Aten." We get the Eaton/Eton Coat using the Samson and Brandy symbol!! The Brandys were first in Radnorshire of Powys (Wales), and as we can see that the Radnor Chief is identical to the Clem/Lemm Chief (= I'm assuming the Lemovices, not far south of Berry), is it a coincidence that the Lemms were first found in Brecnoch of Powys???

As more evidence of a Lemm/Clem(ent) trace to the Lemovices of France, the Lemm/Clem write-up: "A bearer of Clement is said to have arrived in the Norman Conquest of England with Bernard Newmarche." Smack between Berry and the Lemovices that named Limoges, as you can see on the map, sits La Marche.

To the south of the Lemovices one can see the land of the Redones, who likely named Radnors (also "Redinhale"), so see that the Rhodes Coats (both of them) use roundels in Radnor colors (i.e. suggesting that "Radnor" does trace to Redones).

As I was wondering whether the Redon surname (no "Redone" comes up) was from the Redones (also called Ruthene) of Rodez, the near-identical Scottish Ruthen Coat was found! Never a dull moment now. The Ruthen motto: Deeds shaw. The Ruthen write-up: "It is thought that they held the Barony of Ruthven in Angus about 1050, and then branched into Perthshire." The Shaws were first in Perthshire.

As per the Jellystone park of Ranger Smith and Yogi Bear, we find two green snakes in the Jelly Crest. And then there are more crescents: the Ranger Smith part was voiced by Tom Cavanagh, and not only does the Cavanagh Coat use crescents (in Barbera and Berry colors-reversed), but the Crest is a gold garb above another crescent. The two green snakes in the Jelly Crest are coiled around a gold garb. NOT COINCIDENTALLY.

Later in the article (below), we find that Ranger Smith was voiced by Seth Green. There is only one Green Coat, using the stag of the Dea/Day Crest...the Coat of which uses two green snakes!!

It's only Seth Green's first name, but entering "Seth" brings up the grails of the Shaw Coat. The surname is said to derive from "Sithech." Evidence that this term traces to Sitten/Sion of Wallis, Switzerland, is the "I mean well" motto of the Shaw/Seth Coat. The Irish Mean/Mehegan surname (in Sitten and Wallis-canton colors) should also apply, for it uses the same white-on-red lion as in the Wallis-surname Coat! So much fun when the mottos give family links away so easily. The Wallis' were first found in Ayrshire, which uses the motto, "God Shaw the Richt." "The Hyksos...took the Egyptian god Seth [also "Sutekh"] to represent their own titulary deity."

SHOULDN'T THE SITHECH>SETH>SHAW SURNAME BE FROM THE GOD, SETH/SUTEKH? The Seth/Sithech write-up says it derives from "wolf," BUT see Seth depicted as a wolf-like creature.

Another Huckleberry Hound creator is Charles Shows, and so what do we get but white-on-red (Barbera and Berry colors) crescents when loading the (German) Shows Coat. The surname is properly, Schauer, but includes a Schaw variation!! Suddenly, I'm seeing a Shaw trace to the Set(h), the chief demon of Egypt. Possibly, the Sheaves/Shaves/Chaves variations of the Shaw surname appear to be cognates of "Schauer."

There is a Zionist star in the German Shuck/Schucher Coat, which surname I might not think to link to the Schauer/Schaw surname if not for three or four things. First, the stated derivation of the English Shuck surname is in "the Old English word scucca, meaning goblin or demon." PLUS, the Coat is similar to the English Shaw/Shayes Coat. The Shuck motto includes "Haec" while there is a Moor in the Crest, suggesting that we might seek Hyksos-related Moors in Shuck-like surnames...which may be variations of Chuck/Chick/Chock-like surnames. This may be interesting when I get to the Chickasaw and Choktaw natives of America, who lived in Savannah, also called, "Shawnee." Coincidence?

The Wallis write-up:

"Richard Wallensis was a vassal in 1174 of Walter FitzAlan, the Norman/Breton who had settled in Salop in England and then moved north to Scotland. He would later found the great line of Scottish Stewart Kings. The Wallensis were undoubtedly the original natives of the area..."

That sounds as though the Wallis' were very fundamental to Stewart blood in Scotland, and it may just be that Sionism entered the Stewart bloodline with the Wallis'. The English Stewart lion, red on white, should be the Wallis lion in colors reversed, therefore. Remember, the English Stewart Crest uses the same stag (but facing frontward) as the Dae...and Green Coat. The German Well/Wellner Coat (white on red) is a "pelican feeding her young in a nest, the symbol in the Scottish Stewart Crest.

Moving on to Yogi Bear, we find it produced by Donald De Line; the Line Coat? What else, a white-on-red crescent. Variations include Lindos-like "Lynd." The German Line/Lind Coat has a white-on-red horse. The Irish Linden Coat appears related, and the English Lindon Coat uses, likely, the leopards of the Rhodes Crest. At the Lincoln-surname page, we read of derivation in "Lindo" (ignore the "lake" derivation of that term).

The German Linden Coat page says: "The family name Linden is derived from the German word linde, which means lime tree." I'm not going for that derivation, but I think that a Lime-like surname did exist in the family i.e. possibly from the Lemovices, for there is a Lemon/Limon surname evoking Lemnos (the island to which I trace Lemovices); it uses (red-on-white, Rus/Rhodes colors) dolphins of the same type seen often.

Note how that Lemon Coat is nearly the Alan Shield, for there is a Lemon/Lamon(t) surname first found in Brittany. That reminds us of the proposed (yesterday) Lemm/Clem link to the Alans of Brittany. The Scottish Lindon/Linton Crest is an eagle/hawk with oak leaf (Alan symbol) and acorn in beak. Both Lemon surnames above were first found in Essex.

Yogi Bear was written by Brad Copeland, Joshue Sternin, as well as William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. The Sternin Coat uses the Ali griffin (!!) and Zionist stars. It just never ends.

I'm not suggesting that all of these workers in Hanna-Barbera cartoons were Illuminatists/Freemasons, but it's obvious that many were chosen according to kinship somewhere down the line. The question is: why? Nor am I thinking that the cartoon plots had insidious motives necessarily, but neither do I think that the virtues/values of the star characters are Biblical. More likely, Freemasons were having fun lacing their cartoons with codes known only to insiders, but then some/most insiders may not have realized.

Another Hanna Barbera cartoon was Hokey Wolf. The Hokey Coat? More crescents. We've seen the Coat as the Hockley surname, first found in Essex where the Lemons were first found. The Hokey/Hockely Crest is the Ali griffin once again. For those who missed it, let me re-quote what was said in the sixth update of February:

"[Robert Guiscard] Invading Sicily with Roger, the brothers captured Messina (1061) with comparable ease: Roger's men landed unsighted during the night and surprised the Saracen army in the morning. The Guiscard's troops landed unopposed and found Messina abandoned. Guiscard immediately fortified Messina and allied himself with Ibn at-Timnah, one of the rival emirs of Sicily..."

As expected, Guiscard made an alliance with Saracens! I found this only today because I didn't have time to read the entire article yesterday. But look at the Timnah term. I was going to suggest a connection to the Samson cult when, just minutes later, while seeking info on Ibn at-Timnah, I found this:

"Following the death of Hasan as-Samsam in 1053 three warring emirs divided control of Sicily. Ibn al Hawas ruled northeastern Sicily (Val Demone) from Kasr'Jannis (Enna), Ibn at Timnah ruled southeastern Sicily (Val di Noto) from Siracuse and Catania, and Abdullah ibn Haukal ruled western Sicily (Val di Mazara), a region which included Bal'harm, from Trapani and Mazara."

Note the Saracen faction ruled by Abdullah HAUKAL at Mazara. I'm asking if this didn't lead to the Hokey/Hockley surname. And didn't we just see the Massar and Muzzarelli surnames yesterday? THERE IS a Mazara surname of Sicily, using the colors of HUCKLEberry Hound!!!

Michael Maltese helped to write Hokey Wolf.

Perhaps a coincidence, a Hackett surname appears on the periphery of the show: "[Hokey Wolf] is often accompanied alongside by his young, diminutive, sidekick Ding-A-Ling Wolf (voiced by Doug Young with the impersonation of Buddy Hackett), both of whom are featured as part of the The Huckleberry Hound Show in their own segment." I find it to be one HUGE coincidence that the Hackett Coat uses white fish on blue, while the Ling Coat uses white fish-heads on blue. It's no coincidence. Fish are also found in the BarBERA Coat and the German Berry Coat.

The Ling-Coat fish are lings, but the Hackett fish are likely the hakes used by the Hake/Hack/Hykes Coat, for "The surname Hackett is derived from the medieval given names Hack or Hake." However, the Hake/Hykes fish look the same as in the Cabot Coat, and that latter are called "chabots."

We then read: "Hokey's theme music for his segment of the show was composed by Hoyt Curtin..." This is a very interesting surname, for variations include Cruithen-like terms: Cruitin and O'Cruttin. Two other surnames involved with Hokey Wolf use the same stag head: Gordon and Aykroyd. Perhaps AyKROYD is a Gordon variation, and perhaps both are related to "Cruitin," which also uses a stag. The Cruitin stag appears to be the same as the one in the German Young Coat (though in a different position). The Young stag is in colors reversed from the Hanna stags.

The German Linden Coat seen earlier uses a Linger variation. The English Linger Crest is a WOLF!!! The black bar with white scallops was seen earlier in the Spencer Coat, and since the Spencers of princess Diana were linked to the Sforza line to the royal Stewarts, the Linger scallops could link to that same Guiscard>Visconti>Sforza>Spencer line, for scallops, especially white on black (i.e. like those of the Samson Coat), are traced by me to Sicily's Scylla region and Sicel peoples. See the same scallops in the Hykes/Hack Coat.

"Ling/Lyng" begs for a look at the Lang surname: another Ali griffin. These German Langs "First found in Lueneburg, in the Dukedom of Brunswick..." (the other German Lang Coat uses a pelican on nest with blood droplets).

Like Barney Rubble (a Hanna-Barbera character that I think depicts Brunswick), Hokey Wolf is in brown. Ding-a-Ling Wolf is brown too, but wears a green shirt with black vest, the colors of the Scottish and English Langs. Hmm, as per the red cap on Ding-a-Ling, I see reddish acorns in the green oak leaves of the Lang Crest, BUT the German Langs use red and green in the Coat with a red-dressed archer in the Crest! For further study, see Langham and Lank.

I'm wondering whether the Hanna surname's first place of record, Wigtonshire, was named after Hicks/Hyksos elements. Interestingly, the Wigton surname was first found, not in Wigton>Wigtown, but in Yorkshire, where the Han en/Ann surname was first found. This could at least suggest that the Hannas and Hannes were the same clan, especially as both use stag heads. The write-up: "Saxon surnames survived and the family name was first referenced in the year 1170 when Akeman de Wigenton were granted lands." AKEman? Saxons? The Hyksos were also "Heka Khasewet."

The Akeman/Hekman Coat uses an oak branch, but "oak" may merely be play on words. The surname is not necessarily linked to the Akeman of Wigtown. The Akeman write-up links to an important royal at Moray: "It is said that Akeman commanded MacBeth's troops in the siege of Dunsinane Castle and ordered the attack in 1057." The Ayk(man) variation smacks of Hayk (also "Haik"), the Armenian god to which I trace Hyksos. The Akeman/Hekman Crest is identical to the Echin/Aiken Crest; "echin" is German for "oak," but the surname sure does reflect "Aken" (the Echin Coat comes up when entering "Aken").

As per the Wigenton location where the Wigtons lived, we check for a Wigen surname, and find one. The Crest uses a spur, suggesting horses. The surname looks like "wagon," and per chance this links to the "Cart" of "Carthage," and/or to the chariots of the Hyksos. It's a long shot. For new readers, I trace the Hanna surname to Hannibal Carthiginians in Tunisia, whom I suspect lived with Danaan-based Hyksos that named Tunisia. Wikipedia trying to do justice to the mess of historical records:

"The story of the Hyksos was known to the Greeks, who attempted to identify it within their own mythology with the expulsion of Belus (Baal?) and the daughters of Danaos, associated with the origin of the Argive dynasty."

Keep in mind that pharaoh AkenAten may have been from Hyksos elements, wherefore note the similarity between "Aken" and "Wigen/Wegen." Seeking 'H' versions of "Wigin," I immediately found the Irish Higgins surname (Moreno castle and droplets), said to derive from "the word uiging, which is akin to the Norse word viking." Hmm, very good, for Nibelungs ruled also at the Vexen (Normandy), a term that I link to "viking." Can anyone imagine that "uiging" can modify to "Wig(ton)"? After all, "viking" was also "wicing." The English Wegg/Wagg Coat (with rings) has a resemblance to the Higgins Coat.

It's interesting that the Wikipedia article on Hyksos mentions an archaeologist with a Hawkes surname. Often, archaeologists are involved in research where they think their surnames trace. The article also mentions an Egyptologist with an Assmann surname. The Hawkes surname is said to derive from the Old English, "Halke," while the article also mentions an Egyptologist with Helck surname.

I decided not to show you the Hakon Coat as I had nothing to say about it. But then, on the computer of the friend I'm living with, a song came on (by Paul Revere and the Raiders); I don't know the song's name, but the chorus included "Cherokee people." Suddenly, the Carrick surname came to mind, and recalling that it uses an "Indian"-like symbol, I also recalled that the Hakon Coat uses the same sort of symbol.

Could it be, I was asking myself, that the Carricks of Ayrshire (this was Pict-land, after all), who I think were Saracens, also ventured to America and founded the Cherokee? Could they have been followed by Hyksos? SHOCKING, one of the first thing I learned was that the Cherokee lived in Muscogee, while I know that Meschins merged with Carricks. AND, clicking to the Muscogee article: "Muscogee (or Muscogee), also known as the Creek or Creeks..." Another Carrick/Kerrick-like term!!

Hmm, the Cherokee and Muscogee/Creeks are lumped in with the Mississippi (i.e. Massi-like term) stock of natives, which include the Chickasaw and Choctaw, two terms smacking of "Hyksos" and/or the Hicks and Hicks-like surnames. "When Europeans first encountered them, the Chickasaw were living in villages in what is now Mississippi, with a smaller number in the area of Savannah Town, South Carolina." As I said, the latter location was home to the SHAWnee, and I don't think it's a coincidence that I trace Shaws to Ayrshire, where the Carricks were first found. Behold the Aiken location named by the Aiken surname:

"Savannah Town, South Carolina was first observed in the 1670s as a Westo village, located on the Savannah River below the fall line in present day Aiken County. The Savannah (Shawnee) displaced the Westos in a 1679-1680 trade war...",_South_Carolina

Why were Aikens in Shawnee land? The Aiken surname was first in Lanarkshire, where the Meschins-Veres of Blackwood (Lanarkshire) likely associated with the Carricks. I've just re-checked the Blackwood Coat and discovered what I don't think I've known before, that it's identical to the Bellamy (= Mace/Massey ancestry) Shield. Both Coats use the crescent.

Hmm, at the Mississippian-culture article, we see a native priest holding a mace (in a painting by a Roe surname), a symbol of the Mace/Macey Coat.

Check out the West Coat: it's the same Indian-like dancette as in the Carrick Coat!! "The Westo were a Native American tribe of the 17th century. They probably spoke an Iroquoian language. They were called Chichimeco by the Spanish (not to be confused with Chichimeca in Mexico), and, possibly, Richahecrian by Virginians." Were Iroquois from the Rocque/Roque (proto-Rockefeller) surname? That surname was, after all, first found in Languedoc i.e. the Redone theater.

The Choctow were granted lands in Oklahoma: "The name Oklahoma comes from the Choctaw phrase okla homma, literally meaning red people." I have the sense that the Redford surname links to "red skins." The Scottish Redford Coat uses the Shield design of the English Kerricks, and secondly it uses quadrafoils, a symbol used also by the Ayers Coat (surname of Ayrshire).

After writing all the above, I came across a "coincidence." As per the "Jour de" phrase in the Westy Coat, I thought it might be code for the Jordan surname. The first Jordan Coat to pop up was in West colors. The family is properly, "Shur(ton)," which smacks of the German Schauer/Schaw/Schor surname treated earlier today. There is also a Shurt/Schort surname using what could be the West Crest griffin. BUT WHAT IS MOST INTERESTING is the English Jordan Crest: the Roque/Rocque rock!!

It tends to prove not only that the Iroquois were linked to the Roque surname, but that the Westo branch of Iroquois were linked to the West surname. All of these things together, and much more, suggests that Westerners know of "red skin" links to British surnames and yet they resist making it public knowledge. Instead, they allow historians to fed us false information on derivations of native terms, etc. Why?

Lookie. The "The Choctaw Nation Headquarters are in Durant [Oklahoma]," and the English Durant Coat uses the same dancette-like design as the West Coat, AND in colors reversed!!

Recalling the idea that Meschins were involved as the Mexica tribe that named Mexico, see this: "The origin of the Chickasaws is uncertain. Noted 19th-century historian Horatio Cushman thought the Chickasaw, along with the Choctaw, may have had origins in present-day Mexico and migrated north." I kid you not that I read this after checking the Cuss/Cush Coat (surname from "cuiss") as per the "Percussa" motto term of the Irish Jordan/Shurton Coat. The Cuss/Cush/Kiss Crest is the same rooster as per the Aiken Crest.

Thew article continues: "The [George-Washington] government appointed agents, like Benjamin Hawkins, to live among the Indians and to teach them, through example and instruction, how to live like whites." The Hawkins Coat might be related to the Wotan Coat, both first in Kent. More likely, as per the deer resting, the Hawkin surname is related to the Maxwells.

As Maxwells/Maxtons were in Cheshire's Macclesfield, note that the Colberts were first in Cheshire, for:

"In the 1700s, a Scottish trader by the name of James Logan Colbert settled in Chickasaw country and stayed there for the next 40 years...

Third-generation Colberts... helped create the governmental foundation for the Chickasaw Nation in Indian Country."

The Scottish Colberts (blue snake) were also "Cuth(berts)." I had traced them to the Codde surname while the Codds were linked to the so-called "hake" cod fish of the Hykes/Hakes/Hacks. Now we find that the Cuthbert family were passionate in assisting the CHICKASaw.

The Coddes were linked to the Cottes, and they both to the Cottians that I think were root to the snake-using Viscontes.

Speaking of possible Hyksos:

"The White House isn't relenting in its strong criticism of Israel for approving plans to build 1,600 new housing units in the east Jerusalem...

David Axelrod, US President Barack Obama's chief political adviser, said [today] that the decision was both an 'affront' and an 'insult.

The move undermines the fragile effort to bring peace to the troubled region, Axelrod told NBC's 'Meet the Press'...

...While Biden accepted Netanyahu's apology on [March 11], the White House did not relent, with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton calling to scold Netanyahu over the phone for 43 minutes on [March 12] and a spokesman for Obama calling Netanyahu' conduct 'dangerous.'"

To the contrary, the O-cult owes Israel an apology, and has not the common curtesy to stay out of its housing affairs. We recall that there was a certain moment when satan entered Judas, bringing on the short but crucial "hour of darkness." Does anyone sense that the O-cult, including the EUers, are about to get dictatorial over Israel's affairs?

Tunisia happens to be in related news:

"...Meanwhile on [March 12], Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said he and Tunisia's leader, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, have begun to discuss how the Arab League should respond to an Israeli plan for new construction in Ramat Shlomo.

Speaking during a visit to Tunisia, Abbas said Israel's move 'got in the way of' plans to begin US-mediated indirect talks with Israel."

The leader of Tunisia is an Ali??? Did I show you that the Jefferson Coat is the Ali griffin, in the same colors?

There's not much more news. We await to see how the West attempts to manage Israel's sovereignty, and how much force, and what kind, will be applied. Simultaneous with this agenda, the West feels that northern Iraq needs a peace-making leader. Will it move a leader into the situation? We await election-aftermath.


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