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April 29 - 30, 2010

Gorbachev's Cross

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April 29

Today I found an article that claims evidence of life on Mars. The fact is, the space wizards always had in mind to find extraterrestrial life, one way or another, even by false reports, not only to justify the gross amounts of money for Mars missions and to pave the way better for future missions, but to make Evolution prosper while hoping to cut the sails from Creationism. You'll note that the writer of the article below is convinced from the get-go that NASA's evidence is sound, but we can bet the entire NASA budget that the same man would disregard yesterday's evidence on the existence of Noah's ark:

"NASA scientists last night unveiled compelling evidence of life on Mars.

A special mission to the Red Planet has revealed the likely presence of a form of pond scum - the building blocks of life as we know it.

NASA unveiled the results of the recent Opportunity and Spirit probes sent millions of miles through the solar system to discover signs of extraterrestrial life.

The results are so promising boffins have already planned a host of other missions to discover whether there is extraterrestrial life in the universe.

The recent missions have gathered evidence of sulphates on Mars, a strong indication there is water on the planet and therefore life.

...They were particularly excited about the discovery of a sulphate called gypsum which, it has emerged recently, is found in large quantities among fossils in the Mediterranean."

Oh, I see. Because water and life on earth exist around gypsum, the discovery on Mars of gypsum, if it really is gypsum at all, PROVES that Mars has life. Yet when a log-beam structure on Ararat is discovered at an altitude that's virtually a continual freeze, year after year, the same "scientists" claim that it is not evidence of anything at all regarding an ark. And that denial comes immediately, before investigation is carried out. Not one penny is offered to help confirm the ark claim, yet tax-payers are asked to fork out billions to investigate gypsum on Mars, and spirit particles in deep space. What lunatics!! If the Flood story were out of a book of the Mayas or other pagans, modern science would unite to spend millions while celebrating the find (that was announced yesterday).

We always knew that Democrats were cranking things way too high on this one:

"The Egyptian commander of Al-Qaeda forces in Iraq who was killed in a US-backed raid this month arrived in Baghdad under Saddam Hussein's rule, a press report [yesterday] quoted his widow as saying.

Hasna, the widow of Abdel Moneim Ezzeddine Ali al-Badawi, better known by his nom de guerre Abu Ayyub al-Masri, was arrested in the same April 18 operation in the Lake Tharthar area, south of Baghdad, in which her husband was killed.

She told her interrogators that her husband travelled to Iraq from the United Arab Emirates in 2002, the year before Saddam's overthrow by US-led troops, the Al-Bayan newspaper reported.

...Hasna's reported comments are significant because in the run-up to the US-led invasion, US officials alleged links between Saddam Hussein's secular regime and Al-Qaeda, which were strenuously denied at the time."

The writer of the article failed to mention that the denials came from Democrats for the sheer purpose of political attack on Bush, not because Democrats cared for the truth on the matter. Truth will be thrown to the ground in the end times, the Bible predicted centuries ago, as when one stomps upon it with indignation. Who can figure how such a lunatic (not meaning to be insulting) scenario can be real? Why would the better part of human race resist true things and believe in lies all their lives?

Ask the pagans. Surely, they knew that gods made with their hands, out of wood and metal, were not truly gods, yet they called on their idols for everything from rain to prosperity to the salvation of the soul. Having finally abandoned that lunacy, pagans today cling to a Creator-less universe formed by an extremely "intelligent" but mind-less Evolution, a sort of particalized ghost god that isn't a being. Anything but a Being, for that plays into the hands of Christians, whom they despise.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if all planets were formed from hot gases (no solid substances at first) revolving around the sun (this gaseous condition is how scientists explain the spherical shapes of planets), wouldn't all the lightest gases, such as hydrogen and oxygen, be forced by the heat to the tops/peripheries of the gas clouds, and therefore forced out into space so that, when cooled millions of years later, the proto-planets would have no material to form water? Yet, the earth has vast water sources, and enormous quantities of oxygen (many rocks are part oxygen) besides what's found in water. Where did it all come from come from come from?

That question should echo in the minds of modern pagans, but no, they quickly and easily sweep (often as early as their early teens, never looking back) the realities aside and latch onto the false ideas that their "wise men" assert. No investigation needed on the realities, for they choose what they like rather than what might be the truth. They don't like the idea of a stern God, but then God is stern (and worse) only to those who reject Him...unjustifiably. To those who accept Him, he's a Father, and a Savior, and a Helper, and a Teacher, and a Protector, and a Guide, and a Trainer, and the very reason for life itself. One must be a lunatic to reject such a One, and I was one of those lunatics from pre-teen times.

On the Hamas front -- where we know that life doesn't exist and, where it might be found creeping around in a human body, evolution of the human soul is "proceeding" backward -- Egypt the do-nothing has found a way to downsize tunnel-smuggling operations, but Hamas is fighting back with what may be some false charges of murder:

"Egyptian forces pumped gas into a cross-border tunnel used to smuggle goods into the Gaza Strip [yesterday], killing four Palestinians, Hamas officials said.

...The officials say the Egyptian measures have led to a sharp slowdown in tunnel traffic in recent months, pinching the local economy."

The object on both sides, Israel and Egypt, is to make life so dismal for Gazans that they will vote Hamas out of office. This is a dangerous "game" for Egypt to play, not because it's killing Gazans in the tunnels (the accusation may not be true, as we can't trust what Hamas claims), and not just because the gas may be intended to create such discomfort that Gazans won't go back into tunnels, but because it places Egypt squarely on the side of Israel so far as the anti-Israeli axis is concerned. Depending on how important Hamas is to the Israeli-invasion plan, Egypt may need to be dealt with too on a military level.

DEBKAfile is either an arm of the Israeli military that therefore knows a lot more than other media, or it's made up of a nutty bunch:

"Syria has smuggled three consignments of disassembled Scud A ground missile components across the border to the Lebanese Hizballah, debkafile disclose from Middle East intelligence and military sources Friday, April 23. They do not add up to a complete set of parts for an operational Scud missile. However, another five shipments, awaiting handover at Syrian border bases will provide the missing elements for complete weapons.

...According to Western intelligence sources, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad put in an urgent phone call to Syrian president Bashar Assad Thursday, April 22, to urge Assad to make as many Scud transfers to Lebanon as possible and enable Hizballah to deploy them opposite Israel without delay. He implied that speed was necessary because Iran is preparing to strike out against US Middle East interests and he wants Iran's Lebanese proxy to be ready for all possible eventualities....

The two presidents speculated about the source of the leak to the media about the Scuds for Hizballah. Ahmadinejad said Iranian intelligence had turned up a source in the Syrian military who was probably a mole and offered to help hunt him down..."

It's hard to know whether DEBKAfile really does have the capabilities to know what we read there. It suggests that the war against Israel is on, and in fact DEBKAfile is predicting a summer war. This summer. That idea is not out of the question, though I don't see all-out war if we are in the first year of the 70th Week. The Washington Post has something to say on Intelligence advantages of late:

"Iran's political turmoil has prompted a growing number of the country's officials to defect or leak information to the West, creating a new flow of intelligence about its secretive nuclear program, U.S. officials said.

...Some of the most significant new material has come from informants, including scientists and others with access to Iran's military programs, who are motivated by antipathy toward the government and its suppression of the opposition movement after a disputed presidential election in June, according to current and former officials in the United States and Europe who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the intelligence gains.

...An unclassified U.S. military report submitted to Congress this month concluded: 'Iran is developing technological capabilities applicable to nuclear weapons and, at a minimum, is keeping open the option to develop nuclear weapons.'"

The end-time wasteland begins not with nuclear weapons, but with geological and cosmic-related events. At one time, when I believed that the 21 (or 28) Revelation plagues were global in scope (I now view them localized around Israel), I wondered whether the sea turning to blood might be related to many leaking under-ocean oil wells:

"The southern US state of Louisiana is seeking emergency help after reports that an oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico was five times worse than previously thought...dumping 5,000 barrels, or nearly 80,000 litres, of oil a day into the Gulf.

...The oil leak began on April 20 after an explosion at the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig left 11 workers dead and led to its sinking two days later.

...Brandon Blackwell, a US coastguard spokesman in Louisiana, told Al Jazeera that authorities wanted to 'fight this spill as far off shore as possible' but were expecting oil to hit the shoreline on Friday [tomorrow].

...On Wednesday, BP engineers working with the coast guard set fire to parts of the slick, testing a technique to burn off some of the oil and slow its spread. Burning tests were expected to resume on Thursday.

Neither the US coast guard nor BP offered any new information on efforts to seal off the underwater well head that has caused the massive oil slick.

...Prentice Danner, a spokesman for the US coast guard, said that option [to fix the well leak] will take between two to four weeks, and is so far an untested one.

A more sustainable plan to stem the oil flow - drilling a relief well to take the pressure off the initial one - is due to commence on Thursday, but BP has said that effort could take up to three months to complete."

Is this a sign of things to come? As oil is black and blood is red, ocean-related oil leaks do not seem to fit the picture of Revelation's second Trumpet (8:8) and Second Bowl (16:3), where the sea (singular) turns to blood. But there is a possible explanation.

The second Trumpet, which I think leads into the second Bowl, is a plague started by something from space: a space rock apparently. We suppose that such a thing could cause oil wells to leak to distant locations due to the vast energy passing through the waters. Never mind a foot of New York's seashore succumbing to polar ice melt 50 years from now, but watch out for the huge tidal wave as per the second Trumpet.

The energy from the chunk of rock upon the waters will kill marine life as it passes along in all directions, and may even split bodies parts, unleashing their blood. The sea in the second Trumpet may be in Israel, or the Mediterranean off the Israeli/Lebanese/Syrian coast.

Yesterday I talked a little on the sale of human blood given freely by blood donators. Today there's a report that New York leaders are thinking to make a law wherein every New Yorker must give their body up at death for organ collections. Picture a "factory" for the purpose, slicing the dead into pieces, cutting out every vital thing that can be used in repairing other bodies, and selling the parts thereof. What a "gold mine." Fortunately, or so it's being said today, the new law will provide an out for anyone who does not want their dead body to be treated in this way. Personally, I don't know what God would have us choose on this matter, but I see men with dollar signs in their eyes.

Speaking of making money on blood, look at what was found this morning:

"The US aided its allies [over past decades], as well as non allies, without any objection, sometimes the US made profit from its military intervention, sometimes not, but all that has changed now, the US is saying 'no more' to all allies, 'from now on, the US Armed Forces are for rent only.'

...Confronted with the largest depression in modern history, the US Government led by President Obama and small group of trustworthy individuals re-started the idea from the 70's - to rent US Armed Forces to all interested parties.

...The date from which the Armed Forces will be available, as well as terms and conditions concerning rent are not presented yet; however we can assume that the rent fee will be set for about $1 billion per day and will include all branches of the US military."

The story ends like so: "Is this story a fiction, or a reality? That is for you to decide." The person who supposedly claimed that the forces are up for rent was not disclosed in this article. The article asks and answers: "Whose idea was it to rent the US Armed Forces [in the 70s]? For many this may not come as a surprise, but it was an idea of Henry Kissinger and Robert Gates." The question is, are American soldiers "rented" as a rule in ways that are not technically "rent"? There are other ways to make money on a military machine that don't look so bad to the and risking their lives for government profit.

I've been wanting to take a closer look at the Gorbachev Foundation to find who in the West he's allied with most. Websites on the Foundation's show no officials aside from the vice-president, Gorbachev's daughter. The Wikipedia article gives few details aside from an office location in San Francisco. But an informative piece shows that Gorbachev is not concerned only with nuclear-reduction, but with items coveted by globalists:

"The themes of [Gorbachev's] talks and lectures include problems of globalization and international security, combating poverty and backwardness, environmental challenges including the preservation of the planet's water resources, economic cooperation, the future of democratic Russia, prospects of European unity, and others.

...The Foundation's priority project during the 1990s was The Global World of the XXI Century: Challenges and Responses."

The article tells that the Foundation donates much of its money for fighting blood diseases. Do patients of blood diseases need the blood of others? Does the Foundation sell blood? It reads""In 2006 the Raisa Gorbachev International Foundation was established in London with the support of the Gorbachev Foundation, the Gorbachev family, and Alexander Lebedev, member of the Russian State Duma and President of Charitable Reserve Fund. The Foundation will finance projects aimed at combating childhood leukemia and cancer and, as a priority, financing the construction of the Raisa Gorbachev Center for Children's Hematology and Marrow Transplantation in St. Petersburg."

A London office and one in California begins to make possible Gorb-Foundation links to the British illuminatists who opened a location at Stanford University, California. Gorbachev is also the founder of a "Green Cross" org:

"...In January 1990 during an address to the Global Forum on Environment and Development for Survival, President Mikhail Gorbachev (the former President of the USSR) brought up the idea for an organization that would apply the medical emergency response model of the International Committee of the Red Cross to ecological issues and expedite solutions to environmental problems that transcend national boundaries.

...Meanwhile the Swiss Parliamentarian Roland Wiederkehr founded the 'World Green Cross' with the same objective. The two organisations merged in 1993 to form Green Cross International (GCI)."

The article tells of Green Cross Honorary Board members, including Ted Turner and Robert Redford. The purpose of this organization appears to be social engineering, probably not unlike that of Stanford and its affiliates in London: "The mission of Green Cross International is to help ensure a just, sustainable and secure future for all by fostering a value shift and cultivating a new sense of global interdependence and shared responsibility in humanity's relationship with nature." Pagan lunatics, please let goodness be, get your hands off of the world, and shove your brainstorms up your jackass. But no, these people MUST rule the universe:

"Alexander Yevgenievich Lebedev...was listed by Forbes magazine as one of the richest Russians and as the 358th richest person in the world with an estimated fortune of $3.1 billion...Alexander Lebedev was born to a family which was part of the Moscow intelligentsia...

Lebedev, together with the former President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, is the owner of 49% of Novaya Gazeta, one of the most vocal newspapers critical of the current Russian Government."

I've mentioned that before, as well as Gorbachev's political party in Russia, but that doesn't necessarily, not easily anyway, tell of his specific Western ties. Gorbachev's Foundation has an office in Leningrad, perhaps suggesting ties to the "Red Jew" Rothschilds (of Britain, mainly) that set up Russia in the first place (1917) with Lenin as it's first Communist president. The Foundation article (above) adds:

"A group of Russian and foreign scholars [NOT MENTIONED BY NAME!] united under the auspices of the Gorbachev Foundation, with Mikhail Gorbachev's personal participation and under his general guidance, conducted a three-year study of the process of globalization...A sub-project Russia in the Emerging Global System explored various factors affecting Russia's development, its place and role in the future world order and in the resolution of global problems."

If Obama or another Western leader is the False Prophet, while a Russian is slated to be the anti-Christ, then an anti-Christ from the Gorbachev circle makes some good sense for the forming of a global beast honored by "all" the world. We know that the British illuminati was "the Round Table," and so note this item in the piece above: "The purpose of the Expertise Round Table is to analyze major trends in world politics. Discussion sessions ('brainstorming') have been held as part of this project with prominent Russian experts participating." Another Foundation article:

"On February 26, 2008, the Gorbachev Foundation hosted an Expertise Round Table standing seminar with a theme 'Contemporary Foreign Policy of Russia'. The round table was chaired by the Foundation's President Mikhail Gorbachev and was held with support and participation of New Eurasia Foundation and the ISE-Center Foundation...

Speakers included, among others, Vladimir Baranovsky, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN) and Deputy Director of Moscow-based Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), and Dmitri Trenin, Deputy Director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, a senior associate of the Carnegie Endowment and co-chair of the Moscow Center's Foreign and Security Policy Program. Taking part in the discussion were some of Russia's leading political and social scientists and independent analysts: Iosif Diskin, Viktor Kuvaldin, Olga Zdravomyslova, Andrey Ryabov, Valery Solovey, and others. Also participating in the discussion were representatives of the state universities of Tomsk, Saratov, Voronezh, Novgorod and other Russian provincial capitals."

But where are the foreigners? Do they participate under the condition that they not be exposed by other Foundation contributors? Or, are the named Russians the agents of the foreigners? I'm only on the periphery of the Gorbachev circle now; it seems to be quite a large circle, and should it be anti-Christ important, I should be expanding my knowledge of it in coming weeks/months. I probably shouldn't mention, but I will anyway, that I entertained a theory wherein European Ishmaelites use the color green (the Arab color) in European heraldry. Perhaps Garebites do too, because I think Garebites are, way back when, the true Arabs.

My theory, based on my understanding of my dragon hunt, is that the first true Arabs were Arphaxadites that were integrally joined to the proto-Rus of the Ares cult out of the Aras river, where Garebites formed out of "Jerevan" in a tributary of the Aras. This was Hera, the wife of Zeus, and her daughter, Hebe, signifies the Hebrews coming out of the Arphaxadites (Eber was Arphaxadite's grandson).

Well, I've just found a Western co-founder with Gorbachev: "Mr. [George J.] Matthews is Chairman of the Gorbachev Foundation of North America, which he founded with the former President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail S. Gorbachev."

George Matthews is from Massachusetts. Hmm, I traced Masseys to Massachusetts, and found evidence for rooting the Matthews surname in Matthie variations of "Massey." Matthews is on the board of European Management Institute. Another person (Johan Witteveen) of the EMI advisory board was the fifth Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund."

Without presenting evidence, one conspiracy writer writes a scenario similar to mine a few days ago:

"There is a conflict brewing between the Rothschild Cabal and Russia generally and particularly involving Russian Prime Minister Putin. This conflict has turned into hostility. Right now, it is setting the stage for WWIII. And while the Western controlled media has and will paint a picture of the bad old Russians (and Chinese and Muslims), it will be the Rothschild plutocratic Cabal which are the antagonists setting up and bringing on WWIII.

...When Gorbachev came along in the 1980s, he was assumed to be a Russian nationalist. But somehow, in his career, he had been exposed to the Rothschild international bankers/masters and was heavily influenced by them. There is much evidence to suggest that the Khazars decided to abolish the old Soviet Union with Gorbachev's participation so that they could take over again in Moscow by using money as their weapon.

Perhaps Gorbachev was offered a bright future in world politics by the world powerful Rothschild Cabal, if he would consent to the abolishment of the USSR. Whatever the motivation, Gorbachev has become a first class, world politician (and he likely expects and will probably receive a key position in the coming New World Order). Whichever way things go, it seems plausible that he will have a major role to play in the future one world government."

I think along the same lines, at least as a theory. But I'm not so sure that the anti-Christ won't come from the Putin circle instead, to demolish the Rothschild empire.

April 30

The gulf of Mexico oil leak is one sad event that must have environmentalists -- the real ones who really care about the environment instead of seeking profits on environmental scares -- livid. The timing of the leak, and the man-made means (an explosion) by which it was caused, may suggest a diabolical some group opposing Obama's very recent decision to allow oil drilling in some off-shore locations that were off-limits previously. If there is reason for suspecting foul play (Obama may have the idea on is mind too), BP should eventually announce it.

There are some very wealthy people who make their fortunes on U.S oil purchased from other countries who are capable of causing an explosion at just the right place on an oil-rig platform to cause what is now taking place. By causing this "accident" on a platform run by BP, the plotters would celebrate a second item: doing great harm to their competitors in the oil industry.

Or, it could have been a true accident.

One article claimed that the oil was headed to the mouth of the Mississippi. BP will not only need to pay for the clean up, but court-action claims from companies using ships to make their money. But even the $8 B now being floated around as the clean-up cost amounts to just one tank of gas for every American worker.

The Iran-axis hatred for Egypt has got to be prophetic. It comes just in time for expectations from the "king of the south" prophecy in Daniel 11:25-28:

"Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah reacted angrily yesterday to an Egyptian court verdict which sentenced members of a terror cell organized by the movement in Egypt to prison terms.

...Hizbullah's differences with Egypt came to a head during Israel's Operation Cast Lead operation in Gaza. The Egyptian decision to keep the Rafah exits from Gaza sealed was a major contributing factor to the relative military success of the operation. Hizbullah was infuriated by the Egyptian stance, and Nasrallah called for a military mutiny in Egypt, and the overthrow of the regime.

The Egyptian media responded in kind, referring to Nasrallah as the 'monkey sheikh' and a 'son of garbage'..."

There's only one reason that Hezbollah, in Lebanon, would react angrily to actions against Hamas, in Gaza: the two terror groups are keyed together in an Israeli-destruction plot. The situation so much reflects end-time prophecy on Israel that we had better keep watch, keep from worldly passions, and not allow the troubles of this life's economic conditions and directions to take us up. Let's work, let's make the money we need, but let's not chase after the money star...which many do to the shipwreck of their faith. Let's not leak our oil in these times of high waves. It could soon be time to secure some jars of oil, as per the parable of the ten virgins.

In Iraq, a Sunni-supported anti-Christ is expected to fight the masses of Shi'ites, and that too is beginning to shape up all the more as Muqtada al-Sadr takes aim (article below dated today):

"Coinciding with his recent political victories, Muqtada last week announced that his Mahdi Army, which has been frozen for nearly two years, is back in full operation.

His words sent shivers down the spine of seculars and Sunni radicals, vibrating throughout Washington, which was never too fond of the Sadrists, whom it never could fully grasp or control...

...Muqtada, by all accounts, is not a creation of Iran and nor was he ever on the payroll of the Iranians, as Abdul Aziz al-Hakim of SIIC had been in the 1980s. When Hakim and his team went to Tehran to flee Saddam's dragnet, Muqtada and his family refused to leave Iraq and paid a heavy price for that position.

...Muqtada has been working hard for two years to transform the Mahdi Army into another Hezbollah, personally inspired by Hassan Nasrallah...

...Now is the time to unveil the new Mahdi Army. It will look, sound and act like Hezbollah. No more street violence or sectarian tension triggered by the Sadrists. On the contrary, the Mahdi Army - this time with strong Iranian support - will replace the failed state of Maliki. It will extend an arm to the Sunnis and Kurds willing to work with it, making sure that no prime minister is brought to power, without full consent of Muqtada."

The Arab writer is suggesting that al-Sadr is becoming like the Hezbollah military unit in the sense of politicization, not necessarily that he's becoming anti-Israel like Hezbollah. But we need to take into stock al-Sadr's visits to Syria recently for the purpose of making some strong ties. Why would a "political" leader not in power make such "diplomatic" trips to a foreign nation? It looks as though al-Sadr has keyed himself with Shi'ite Baathists (who rule Syria) for a long-term strategy, and the writer above admits that al-Sadr, though not formerly, is presently in cahoots with Iran. One way to forge ahead strongly with Syria and Iran is to state malicious opposition to Israel; a "better" way is to show it via military efforts. Al-Sadr could become a leader of an Iraqi Shi'ite effort in Lebanon against Israel...when the anti-Christ arrives in Lebanon.

Did I say that the wood structure on Ararat can't be passed off as a fake? Yes, but I suppose if that's the only option to debunk the find, the fake-claim will be made, and has already been made. But look at who's making them:

"At least two seasoned archaeologists who have made numerous expeditions to Mount Ararat in search of Noah's Ark are throwing cold water on this week's claim the Old Testament vessel has finally been discovered, saying it's a hoax involving wood hauled in from the Black Sea region.

'To make a long story short: this is all reported to be a fake,' said Randall Price, director of Judaic Studies at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va.

'This is not Noah's Ark,' adds Bob Cornuke of the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration Institute. 'This is a fake. It's a fraud and it's of the highest caliber according to what I can assess from the evidence and talking to eyewitnesses and people from Turkey.'

Some video has been posted on YouTube and can be seen here

...But Dr. Price, who is spearheading efforts to explore two competing locations for Noah's Ark, sent an e-mail dispatch to supporters with his personal take on the alleged find, asserting the structure is a hoax perpetrated by a Kurdish guide and his partners to extort money from Chinese evangelical Christians..P>

'I was the archaeologist with the Chinese expedition in the summer of 2008 and was given photos of what they now are reporting to be the inside of the Ark,' he wrote in his message dated April 26.

The photos were reputed to have been taken off site near the Black Sea, but the film footage the Chinese now have was shot on location on Mt. Ararat...':"

Price goes on to tell his version of the story, which has some compelling arguments, such as cobwebs visible in a photo in his possession. Spiders can't live where the ark is reportedly situated, but then the plotters of the hoax, if that it what they are, would have been very irresponsible indeed to shoot, and then release publicly, photos with spider cobwebs. Perhaps the webs are not made by spiders. Perhaps they are cobwebs from spiders of Noah's day. Perhaps cobwebs can last 4,300 years in a perpetual freeze.

Price admits that there is a wood structure on Ararat that is the ark now being reported. He assumes that the one on Ararat is linked to the Black-sea hoax, and asserts that men secretly hauled the wood from the Black sea location up the mountain, and built the "ark" for future profit-making. That last part, about hauling all that wood up there, and building a well-built structure in cold conditions, seems way over the top, and tells that Price is not using all of his head when making his accusations.

There is no way that anyone today can get away with using modern "chinking" (= joint filler) between the logs and get away with the claim that it's over 4,000 years old. Also, dating trees is a common science, and although carbon dating is not wholly reliable, one can't arrange a scientific dating of 4,800 years from a relatively young Black-sea building...unless the dating specialist(s) is in cahoots with the hoax (he'd be crazy to play such a role, as his colleagues would find him out).

Richard Rives of Wyatt Archaeological Research said: "The wood's in too good a shape to be that old." Actually, the pictures at this article show wood that is not new-looking at all (the cobweb shot is also featured). Wood in a frozen condition -- out of sunlight, rain and wind -- can explain why it would look, today, very close to what it did 4,300 years ago. Rives has reasons to resist this find because his Wyatt organization claims to have discovered the ark at another location.

"Scientists" are willingly ignorant virtually all-around when it comes to the Flood:

"Cornell archaeologist Peter Ian Kuniholm, who has focused on Turkey for decades, called the alleged discovery a 'crock.'

'There's not enough H2O in the world to get an ark that high up a mountain,' Kuniholm said" (article above).

What? Scientists know (but hope you don't think about it) that below the ocean floors, there is water, just as there is water (pulled down merely by gravity) in the rocks beneath your feet. The great water pressure of oceans causes water to work down into cavities far below the ocean floors.

First, scientists do now know whether the hard parts of the planetary crust are filled with water-filled cavities (= underground seas) to begin with. Secondly, if the earth is viewed as a circle five feet in diameter, the ocean depths are represented by the thickness of a hair. There's a lot of earth below the ocean floors, in other words, that should have more than enough water volume to make the oceans two or three hairs thick.

If the earth's interior were to heat up and send magma exploding through the planetary surface, the sub-sea waters would be forced up as well. This is what Genesis claims, that the fountains of the deep were opened to produce the Flood. It's not a new idea, but scientists want you to think that all the Flood waters were from the 40 days of rain. That way, you'll be more sure to view the Flood as a tale.

In the gulf of Mexico, and elsewhere on the planet, there are many "salt domes" (actually, they are long pillars of salt with dome-like tops) nearly a mile wide that must have been tunnels out of which internal waters spewed forth. As the water broke the boiling point in the initial stages of the Flood, steam was sent into the atmosphere sufficient to form clouds producing much rain; hence, 40 days of heavy rainfall. As the heated waters evaporated into the sea or the atmosphere, the saltiness of the waters still in the internal cavities grew until, in the end, a salty ooze remained, which later hardened into the salt pillars now known to exist. It's known that the pillars protrude through sedimentary rocks, which the Flood itself formed (as layers of mud and/or volcanic debris originally).

During the Flood, as magma was pushed up by internal heat, and as it exploded out the vast volcanic systems that are now mid-ocean ridges, huge cavities must have been formed where the internal spaces were previously filled with magma. It works like this: internal heat causes magma (= molten rocks) to expand, thus applying upward pressure on the hard crust. The crust is forced to rise slightly, until it cracks. The cracked pieces sink (as the future sea floors) into the soft magma, while displaced magma pours upwards through the cracks and forms coastal mountain systems. The mountains in western North and South America are a good example.

The point is, when the magma pressure is relieved and the internal heat subsides, the internal ball of magma will contract and leave a space between its top surface and the hard crust; the Flood waters must have receded into that space.

Not surprisingly, Maliki has rejected the interim-government idea of Allawi. A year ago, I was wondering how the UN might enter the scene as I expected a coup on the Maliki government by anti-Christ supporting Sunni. Now we are hearing the coup word from Maliki in conjunction with his rejection of international meddling:

"The Iraqi prime minister [today] harshly criticized calls by his rival for international involvement in setting up a new government...

Nouri al-Maliki also hinted at some sort of international plot to stage a coup through ballots -- in the latest escalation of the war of words...

...Even al-Maliki's foreign minister has suggested that the UN could become more involved in the process.

'Matters are getting worse day after day,' Hoshyar Zebari told the Al-Sharqiya channel Wednesday night. 'The UN might at least bring together the winning lists to sit with them and discuss matters.'

...Al-Maliki warned that further foreign interference could turn Iraq into a 'battlefield for regional and international powers.'

...'This gives us an impression that there is a regional and international project that wants to mount a coup through ballots, otherwise why this big fuss and weeping in the world over the recount issue?' he said.

Despite numerous calls for recounts by a number of parties, only al-Maliki's request for a recount in Baghdad province was approved [that's why, to answer his question above]...The recount is expected to start Monday and could take weeks."

More on the Gorbachev circle. The 1992 article below may suggest close ties to Stanford:

"Stanford University will offer the public free tickets to a Saturday, May 9, address by former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

...'Two years ago, when Mr. Gorbachev came to Stanford and made his historic statement that 'the Cold War is behind us,'..."

Another article reads, "He visited the Hoover Institution, a think tank created at Stanford to wage ideological war with the Russian Revolution." Stanford and Hoover are mainly Republican tentacles, and in fact Stanford University was founded by a California Republican. What are the chances that the present president of Stanford University links to the very same Meschin/Massey-related families that I've been recently concentrating on. Give me an hour or two right now and I'll put that package together for you...

First, the current president of Stanford University, John L. Hennessy, has a surname smacking a little of the Hanna/Hanneth surname, and both surnames use a stag. But I can be more sure that the Hannessy surname links to the Innes surname of Angus regions, and ultimately to the Kay and Hagar surnames of those areas.

Before I go on with that insightful exercise, let me tell you of a realization that occurred to me. The Scottish rite Freemasons, as opposed to their York/English rite counterparts, should conform to the Meschins and Stewarts, Pollocks and others, who abandoned England for Scotland when a Meschin family attempted to conquer the Norman king of England in war. At that time, Flemings were in the Lothian region of Scotland, where we find the Meschins too, at Musselburgh. But Meschins made it to the Moray rulership position as the Randolphs, and Thomas Randolph of Moray even used the red double-border, peculiar to the Scottish Flemings. This supports my theory of late, that the Norman house of Bell>Bellamy became the Flemings (as well as the Masseys).

The Hand surname of Cheshire (where Masseys ruled) can then be traced (as I will now show) to Hennessey stock in the Angus region. You may have read where I had traced the Math/Mathuna surname of Ireland to the Scottish Mathie/Matheson/Matthew surname. In that investigation, I was able to see that the Irish branch was at Angus, and in particular among the Innes clan of Angus.

The Innes Coat uses three Zionist stars in the colors of the three Zionist stars of the Hagar Coat (my theory is that Hagar(t)s were named after Biblical Hagar, mother of Ishmael). The Innes write-up traces to Ince in Cheshire, but also to Lancashire, another Meschin stronghold before Meschins fled to Scotland. The write-up also tells that Innes' are a Flemish family that was first found in Morayshire before the Norman (= Rollo line) kings of England were established.

The finding that the Rollo line was linked closely to Flemings as far away as Transylvania's Mures/Maros river and its Biharia location (= Biggar surname of the Flemings) causes me to believe that the Innes' were close to, if not the very, pre-Conqueror Rollo bloodline...which in early times was represented by the Arthurian cult.

Moving along, look at the similarity between the Kay Coat and the English Inch Coat. The Inch write-up suggests that it is an Innes of Ince family, for Inches were first found in Lancashire, and have Ines and Ince variations. The Scottish Inch Coat is rather identical to that of their English counterparts (but even more akin to the Kay Coat), and the write-up links to Angus, as expected, but also to Perthshire, where the Hagars were first found, thus tending to clinch the Innes link to Hagars.

All this is to point out that the Scottish Inch surname is said to trace to "Hinch," while the Hennessy write-up includes a Henchy, Henchey, Henchie, Hinchy, Hinchey, and Hinchie variations. Besides that, "Henness(y)" is clearly like "Innes." The write-up then clinches the deal: "The name Hennessy originally appeared in Gaelic as O hAonghusa, which means 'descendant of Angus.'"

You will note that the Moray stars (five points) appear on the Scottish Innes Coat, and that the same-colored Zionist stars (six points) in the other Innes Coat should therefore be a true representation of the Hebrew-ness of those who first used the Moray/Murray stars with just five points. Keep in mind that true Arabs (long before the Muslim era) were largely Hebrews of a non-Israelite source.

Although the Kay surname was not first found in Angus, the Ector surname was (mythical Kay of the Arthurian cult was made the son of mythical Ector; the Ector-surname write-up actually mentions this: "According to Arthurian legend, Sir Ector (sometimes Hector, Antor, or Ectorius) was the father of Sir Kay and the foster father of King Arthur."). If the Kays were from "Mackays>MacKays" (also "Macey"), then the Maceys/Masseys (from Bellamy stock, keep in mind) at the bottom of the Mackays were somehow the foster-father of mythical Arthur.

As I said, both the Hannessy and Hanna Coat use a stag (not to re-mention an "ardua" motto term), while Hannas are linked by the write-up to a Hanneth variation of 1296. Also, "During the same year, a Gilbert Hahanith, who may or may not be the same man..." Taking the "anith" portion of that variation, we get close to "Innes."

There's more, this time tending to verify my theory, that the Hand surname of Cheshire (pre-retreat to Scotland, I assume) links to the same-colored Hanna/Hanneth surname (of Scotland). The stag in the Hand Crest is identical to the stag in the Hannessy Coat. Previously, I showed that the Irish Hand surname uses red-on-gold diamonds, the colors of the diamonds in the Arms of Thomas Randolph of Moray (see Wikipedia article on him).

NOW, the Shaws were linked by me to the Ishmaelites of Ayershire, though they were first found in Perthshire. As this is where the Hagars were first found, and seeing that the Hagars use the Innes symbol, one expects Shaws to be linked to the Hennessys. I once had a teen-age girlfriend by the name of Kat---- Hansen, and so the name came to mind at the sight of "Hannessy." Keeping in mind that the Hand surname of Cheshire is from "Han/Hans," see the three black-on-white mascles in the Hanson Coat, and ask whether they are depicting a Meschin family in the Shaw clan, for not only does the English Shaw Coat use black-on-white diamonds, but the Shaw Crest uses crossed gold arrows pointing down, reflecting the crossed gold arrows, pointing down, in the Hennessy Coat. Also, the "Vincit" motto term of the same Shaw Coat could be code for the Ince surname.

The German Hanson Coat is revealing, not just for it's black diamonds, but for it's green serpent above a castle, reflecting the green serpent entwined on a castle in the English Innes Crest. I traced the Innes green serpent to the green-on-white snake of the Visconti family of northern Italy, and now I have more proof of that trace.

The EnglishLombard surname uses black diamonds on gold in the same fashion as the same-colored diamonds of the German Hansons, while Lombardy is located in northern Italy! The Arms of Lombardy are themselves green and white. Milan, where Viscontis ruled, is the Lombardy capital. Thus, Hansons, Innes', and Viscontis were all linked to Lombards. The English Lombard surname (also "Limbaugh") is said to be Flemish. That works.

The German Hansons also use a gold lion on blue, colors reversed from the lion in the Massin/Mason surname that I trace to Visconti-Massino. I linked the Massin/Mason surname, due to its use of "spiro spero" in the motto, to the Speers/Spires, and as Speers were first found in Renfrewshire, it's not likely coincidental that English Lombards were first found in Renfrewshire.

Shortly after realizing that the Hannas were from Hannibal's Carthiginians, I learned that the Saracens of the house of Visconti, at Massino, were from Sicily's Saracens of the pre-Templar era, some of which became allied to the Rollo line of Robert Guiscard. I was then able to see that "GUIS/WIS(card)" linked to "VIS(conti)." In Sicily, we expect Hannibal's Carthiginian remnants into the Templar era.

All that extra linkage today, thanks to Mr. Hennessy, president of Stanford University. But there's more. The Stanford surname is white on green, not only the Arms-of-Lombard colors, but those of the Hennessey Coat! And, the Stanford Coat uses the goat style of the Russell Crest (Russells link very closely to Saracens).

Some of you may recall that I suggested a link of the Arthur surname to the Stand/Stain and/or Stanton surname due to the Arthur motto, "Impelle obstantia." Perhaps "Stanford" and it's Standerford variation are to be included. Entering "Stan" brings up the Stand/Stain surname. Note the pelican-on-nest in the Arthur Crest, used also by the German Lang Coat, and then consider that Lombards were historically, Langobards. I traced the Langhe region of northern Italy (in Cuneo, Piedmont) to Lancashire in England, and meanwhile we can expect links to mythical Lancelot.

I did identify the Arthurian cult with Bernicians, and so note that the Lang surname (with pelican) is said to be from Luneburg-Brunswick. The Arthur surname was first in Berwickshire, using a bear as symbol, as does Berne, Switzerland, of the Zahringers (to which I trace Bernicians). I don't think it's a coincidence that the Scottish Lang surname was first found in Berwickshire as well, and that the English Langs were likewise in Bernician territory. Some of the surnames discussed today were first found in Lancashire, and so we may deduce that mythical Lancelot was a Lombard/Langobard peoples becoming merged with the Arthur surname/cult in Bernician Berwickshire.

JUST FOUND: The German Stein Coat uses the Stanford goat!!

PLUS, when one enters "Stamford," the place where Stanfords lived (don't assume that "Stam" was created before "Stan/Stein"), one gets the bell pattern found also in the Stanton Coat! The Stamford lions (that look like border collies) are used in the Rothes Crest, which is significant because entering "Rothschild" brings up the RothSTEIN Coat (using the Dutch Stein eight-pointed star). The same lion is used by the Mousquette/Muscat surname.

A Stamford variation is STAINford, well reflecting the Stand/Stain surname, and the Stainton variation of the Stains smacks of the Stantons.

Yabba-dabba-doooo!!!! That's All Folks.

"GM CEO Ed Whitacre announced in a Wall Street Journalcolumn Wednesday that his company has paid back its government bailout loan "in full, with interest, years ahead of schedule." He is even running TV ads on all major networks to that effect--a needless expense given that a credulous media is only too happy to parrot his claims for free. Detroit Free Press' Mike Thompson, for example, advises bailout proponents to start "warming up their vocal chords" to jeer their opponents with chants of "I told you so." But before belting out their victory aria, GM-boosters ought to hear the whole story--not just the fairytale version about Government Motors' grand comeback that Mr. Whitacre is feeding them. Article Controls magerss Uncle Sam gave GM $49.5 billion last summer in aid to finance its bankruptcy. (If it hadn't, the company, which couldn't raise this kind of money from private lenders, would have been forced into liquidation, its assets sold for scrap.) So when Mr. Whitacre publishes a column with the headline, "The GM Bailout: Paid Back in Full," most ordinary mortals unfamiliar with bailout minutia would assume that he is alluding to the entire $49.5 billion. That, however, is far from the case. Because a loan of such a huge amount would have been politically controversial, the Obama administration handed GM only $6.7 billion as a pure loan. (It asked for only a 7% interest rate--a very sweet deal considering that GM bonds at that time were trading below junk level.) The vast bulk of the bailout money was transferred to GM through the purchase of 60.8% equity stake in the company--arguably an even worse deal for taxpayers than the loan, given that the equity position requires them to bear the risk of the investment without any guaranteed return. (The Canadian government likewise gave GM $1.4 billion as a pure loan, and another $8.1 billion for an 11.7% equity stake. The U.S. and Canadian government together own 72.5% of the company.)

...As it turns out, the Obama administration put $13.4 billion of the aid money as "working capital" in an escrow account when the company was in bankruptcy. The company is using this escrow money--government money--to pay back the government loan. "


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