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Aug 25 - 28, 2009

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August 24

On the night of August 18, it had been months since I mentioned the Kyles of king Cole. I got on the topic on August 19, as per the Cole link to the Kolod(ziej) term. On August 18, CC sent me an email, which I opened only last night:

"Okay, this going to sound bizarre and I have NO idea whether or not it is relative to anything at all but last night I woke up around 3:00 am and the first few lines of 'Old King Cole' the nursery rhyme kept playing over and over in my head. Straight out of the blue. I could not shut the song out of my head for anything! Quite awful. Now I'm no stranger to insomnia and having songs or what not pop up in my head, but usually because I heard it on a radio that day or was working on something intense or maybe worried about something. But never this. Anyway, found out that King Cole was an historical figure and his name was actually Coel Hen. There are some interesting things about him mentioned here.

...'Upon Coel Hen's death, his lands would have been split between his sons, Garmonion and Cunedda II...W. F. Skene recorded traditions of his death whilst campaigning in the Kyle district of what was later called Ayrshire (Scotland), which was subsequently named after him.' Cunedda derives from the Brythonic word kunodagos, meaning 'good hound'. His genealogy is traced back to Padarn Beisrudd...'"

One could think the God is stressing something to us through this experience, that the Kolod link to king Cole is bang on! In fact, the Beis(rudd) term smacks of the Bez term focused in on just yesterday, which is important because king Kolodziej's royal line would soon produce king Bezprym...from the Boleslaw family using a single Moray star that very likely was a variation of the Hagar and Goeth star.

I do not think it's a coincidence that the Bole Coat uses gold bowls on blue that should link to the Shaws (using gold cups on blue) who trace to Ayrshire. I had long-ago recorded the image of the Kyle Lion, and as you can see, it is combined with what should be the Arthurian holy grail.

The term Cunedda must be rooted in "Gwynedd" elements because he founded Gwynedd. Cunedda also ruled Denbighshire, and as you can see in the links, no one would dispute that he wasn't a part of the Arthurian dragon cult based in Wales. Very possibly, Denbigh was named after the Danaan of Rhodes, who are expected to use red as colors. "Beisrudd" means Red Beis.

I got an inkling (see past couple of days) that saint Malo was of the Rhodian cult, and he was associated with Gwent (Wales), wherefore see the Arms of Gwent, a white triple chevron on red, symbol of America's Masonic founders. BUT, note that "Gwent" is virtually "Gwynedd." Since I traced the Venedotia peoples (= Gwynedd founders) to the Veneti, chances are that the Polish royals connecting to this discussion were the Venethi, a branch of Veneti "living in contemporary Poland"!

I also traced the Venedotia to the Veneti of Brittany (= ArMORica), founders and namers of Vannes/Gwenea but living also at nearby MORbihan. This is what makes the Coats at the Arms of Brittany page important, especially as the Morbihan district is much included. The Arms show many mascles (which I hope to get to as I have time), several gold on red (like the Peacocks); there is plenty of gold and green (Pollo(c)k colors) in regions starting with "Ploug."

Some believe that Brittany was founded by the Welsh, but we may not hear that it could have been the other way around in earlier times, explaining why the Welsh fled to Brittany when in trouble militarily. Once again, the dragon cult, even that in Poland under discussion, lead back to the Heneti = Anat, Baal (Pelops), and the Hyksos who worshipped Baal and Anat.

I opened an email from Tim last night too, a one-word email, "Kolodzik." I knew he wanted me to look at the Kolodzik Coat. The fact that one existed was exciting, but upon opening it, I got a half-black half-white shield without symbols (hard to trace that), and surname variations all like "Kolnpock." There were no Kolodzik variations, though in the write-up we do read of an Elizabeth Kolodzik who came to North Dakota. The Kolnpock surname is a good clue, but not right now because I have no idea what to do with it, nor with the Shield.

On second thought , the Pollock surname is also Pook, Pooke, Poock, Pogue, Poag, and Poak (where was my mind last night not to see it then???). The English Pochin/Pock Coat uses horseshoes, but there's no indication that it links with the Kolnpocks, aside possibly from the write-up telling that the Barkby manor, ruled by the Pochins, was earlier in the possession of a "Walter Power, who had a daughter who married Peter LinCOLN." (caps mine).

Zowzers!! I checked the Powers Coat to find a black and white Shield!! It uses a dancette, but nonetheless it's nearly half black, half-white. I wrote on this very Power Coat on August 16:

"As the Power name (first found in Devonshire) is said to derive from "poor," I checked to find an English Poor Coat (surname first found in Devonshire), essentially the same as the Bigger and Dulles Coats...discussed just days ago. We then find that one possible origin of "Poor/Power" was in "Picardy" (France), and this may be the first time that I've noted the similarity between "Picard" and "Biggar." In fact, both "Biggart" and "Biggard" are in the Bigger databank. If, therefore, I'm correct to trace the Biggars to Biharia, ditto possibly for the namers/founders of Picardy."

The English Powers use a half-green half-white Shield! In this write-up we read of possible origins in Pois of Picardy, France, evoking the Boii founders of "Bohemia" that I trace to the Bajocasses of the Bessin. I had an inkling that the Polish royals (to which the Pollocks trace) link with the Bessin, as per the Bez/Bes/Besse term discussed yesterday. Remember, the Pollocks of Renfrew were associated with it's Paisly location...that I traced to a Spanish Pais/Baez family, while the German Baez surname includes a Bezze variation.

I now see that the Spanish Pais/Baez (also "Palaez") Coat is half-green on top, like the English Power Coat. The lower half is gold and black checks, the German Baez colors.

The Scottish Pocks, using pick variations predominantly, were first found in Ayrshire. Hmm. That's beside Renfrewshire, and moreover we expect the Polish royal blood to be in Ayrshire as per Kolodziej's link to the Kyles. The Pick surname, said to be from "pik" and/or "picon," should be linked to "Picardy."

The Pick Coat is a saltire in colors reversed from the Bruce and Ayrshire Arms. Keeping in mind that the Shaws were traced to the Chaves/Sheaves/Chiava surname of Abruzzo, and that I also traced "Bruce/Brusi" to "Abruzzo/Abrussi," I should add that -- especially as Pollocks have been solidly linked to Mascis -- that my Masci-bloodline mother is from an Abruzzo town of Picenzo, named after the Picensii/Picenti Illyrians (said to originate in Cadmus and Harmonia).

Now do you believe me when I say that my Pollock friend was placed into my email life (by God) for a good reason, the very reasons that I've been concentrating on in the past several days??? As often, I initially see little in what emailers have to offer, but by the next morning the tips prove stunningly useful. Thank you Tim!

The Pike/Pyke Coat uses clovers, as do the English Powers, and both the Powers and Pykes were first found in Devonshire. Therefore, the write-up's derivation of the Pyke surname from "pickaxe" is cow patties. I would suggest that Pyke, Pick and Pock surnames derive from/into Pic(ardy) elements.

The Picene/Picentines (part of the Safini/Sabines) are said to be named after the woodpecker, and that bird was a symbol of Mars, explaining the Murton/Myrddin link I made to Pollocks, as Myrddin is Welsh for "Merlin," while I think the latter code was given to make a link with the Mars line/cult...i.e. from the Marsi serpent-worshipers of Abruzzo.

As I've often repeated, Mars was Ares, and he was "married" to Aphrodite, who was also "Aprutium," the capital of Abruzzo. In other words, Abruzzo was named after Aphrodite, explaining why the Marsi lived there.

In my chapter, Latest Buz on Atlantis, where I concerned myself with bee-line terms such as "Besenek," "Bessi" (Thracians), "Byzas," and "Buzi" (Medes), I also dealt with the Picentines. I wrote: "...the Mascianae tribe on the map [of Moesia], north of the Picensii, or the Moschius river to their south-east. In that the Moesi are on the Moschius river..." You get it. I and my Pollock friend are from the Meshech/Amazons (Amazons/Amazighen of Africa were "Mazices," while Meshech lived at "Mazaca" north of Syria).

The Picensii also lived in the Naples region, to it's east, very close to Avellino, the root of Avalon, and in fact there is a book on Picenzo's history in my family home telling that peoples of the Abruzzo town were from nobles of Naples.

There are no "Koln" or "Kolen" Coats for to seek "Koln" of "Kolnpock" origins, but the Irish Collen Coat (Melusine in the Crest) uses a clover, perhaps linking to the Power and Pike clovers. If so, all Colin/Coleen-like surnames are suspect.

The Collens were first found in Wicklow, what could have evolved from "Bick/Pick." The Wick/Wyke Coat uses axes, which may have developed from a pickaxe symbol of the Pikes/Pykes (family terms don't necessarily derive from their family symbols). The Wick Crest is like the Arm and Scimitar of the Kyles, and perhaps a major Kyle symbol, the black candle, is from Kyle ties to the Wick family (using black axes). There is a very good chance that "bez" and "pic" terms are distant cognates.

Back to the news, momentarily. Today, there's more on the Holder controversy:

"Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. has decided to appoint a prosecutor to examine nearly a dozen cases in which CIA interrogators and contractors may have violated anti-torture laws and other statutes when they allegedly threatened terrorism suspects, according to two sources familiar with the move.

...Word of Holder's decision comes on the same day that the Obama administration will issue a 2004 report by the then-CIA Inspector General.

...Deputy White House press secretary Bill Burton told reporters Monday that the president had complete faith in Holder and that the decision whether to launch an investigation was the attorney general's sole prerogative.

Holder is poised to name John Durham..."

The attack on the CIA is an Obama project, in other words, meant to embarrass the Bush-loving Republicans; probably, this has the goal of bringing some frowning Democrats back into favor with Obama.

The naming of John Durham to oversee this sting operation is interesting in light of where I ended up in yesterday's update, the white star on blue of the Boleslaw>Bezprym bloodline. The Durham Coat uses three white stars on blue!! The surname is from the town of Dunholme, now Durham, the place where Meschin(e)s ruled.

Keeping in mind that 1) Bezprym was the brother of king Mieszko II Lambert, 2) that the Lambert Coat uses a white stars on blue, and 3) that there is a Miesk/Mesech surname, let me REPEAT that the Meschins of Durham are known to arrive there from the Bessin!!! You can read this in the Meschin-Coat write-up. That's also where we learn of the Skipton (using a purple lion) link to the Bessin's Meschins.

Searching the Bessin surname (using bees, proof that Bajocasses/Bessin is a bee-line entity)) gets an origin in Beeston castle of Cheshire, the place to which the Durham Meschins moved.

Since it all traces to the Marsi, compare the Marlin/Merland Coat with Jewish Pollock Coat, but compare also with the Mardin/Marson Coat. Both the Mardins and Marlins were first found in Lancashire, wherefore I think this pegs down the Merlin-cult bloodline. Then, as per my trace or "Murton/Merton" to Myrdin/Merlin, see the Mortan Coat...using the buckles/horseshoes used also by Sobeiski! The Mortan name was first found in Cheshire, and it should link to the Murtons and/or Myrddin cult.

As possible evidence that the Kolodzik/Kolnpock surname was from the Colin surname (combined with the Pock variation of "Pollock"), see the similarity between the English Collin Coat (footless martlets) with the Mardin and Marlin Coat (latter also uses footless martlets). It could very well be that martlets depict the Merlin bloodlines, but as they are also called "sparrows," that term may ultimately derive from the Sober variation of "Sobieski."

Previously, I linked "sparrow" with the Speers and Sparres, but they might just be Sobieski branches. Is it a coincidence that the Sparrow Crest uses a unicorn, as does the Mardin Crest? The Sparrow Coat uses red roses, the Lancaster/Lancashire symbol. The Spars were first found in Norfolk, where the Sparrows were first found. The Speers were first found in Renfrewshire, where Scottish Pollocks were first found. The Speers use crescents, what could be viewed as the Merlin symbol. The Speer Crest is a spear, what could be viewed as LANCElot, who in turn could depict Lancashire (where English Mardins and Marlins were first found).

The Spree Crest, as per the Coat's obvious relationship to the Speers, uses what appears to be the bird of the Mardin Coat! The Spree bird is said to be a dove (see verification); it doesn't look like a dove to me, but the Marden bird is said to be a bald coot.

There is a Coot Coat, and the surname was first found in Lancashire! The Coot surname uses birds called...coots!! But they do not look like the coots in the Marden Coat, though, just the same, the Coots and Mardins are obviously linked. See also the red and white Kote/Cott surname from Lanquedoc (possible origin of LANCaster).

That's quite enough for this day. I failed to bring you the news, but I promise to catch up tomorrow. I hope to have my roof rafters up today, tomorrow at the latest.

PS -- The Mardin/Marsdon motto: Mars, Thought Art the Conqueror. ART who??? I know.

August 26

The Drudge Report has the leader, "End of Camelot" for a Reuters story on the death of senator Kennedy. I don't know why "Camelot" is used of the family; the term is not in the story, but it fits with recent traces of king Cole to the region of Kyle in Ayrshire, for Camelot was likely Camulodunum, which was Colchester, ruled and named after king Cole, while the Kennedy clan was first found in Ayrshire.

I trace the name to "Cunneda," king Cole's son, and therefore to the Veneti-Heneti peoples. Others have traced the Kennedy name to a modern "golden fleece" entity, and that works because I identify the golden fleece bloodline as mythical Pelops, ruler of the Eneti/Heneti Paphlagonians.

The dolphin in the Kennedy Crest looks a purplish, and if purple, I'd guess links to the purple lion of Vivian/Vey (Le Fay of Avalon), but then back to the purple of Janina (Poland); the dolphin could be a old pagan symbol of the Delphi cult where Apollo was the dark spiritual master. I think Apollo represented the same PAPHLagonians as Pelops.

The Irish Kennedy Crest uses an Arm and Scimitar, the Kyle symbol (see July 21). The Coat uses the Dobie/Doby "helmet", a name that I traced back to the Sobieski branch of Janina. The Dobie Coat and Crest uses the Kennedy-style cross, making the link of the two surnames certain. The cross type is a "fitchee/fitchy" (used also in the Clinton Coat), smacking of the Fitchet surname; I discussed the Montfitchet variation of the Mitch-Muschat surname just in the previous update, linking it to the Vivians/Veys (and of course to the Mitchells of Meschin=Mieszko affiliations).

If we thought that it was odd for the Illuminati to trace to Poles, perhaps a trace to the Bohemians, as per the Bohemian Grove, is better. Last night I found the Sobe surname much earlier than king Sobieski; it's in the royal Bohemians (see Sobeslav I. (Sobeslaus) (1125-1140)) of the Boleslaw line, the line to which the Polish Piast dynasty merged. I showed yesterday that the all-important Boleslaw surname entered the Piast royals when Mieszko I married a Bohemian royal whose father had that name. She was Dobrawa, the stock of whom may have been the origin of "Sobe," "Dobe," and "Dober."

Note, since I'm thinking that the Moray white star on blue (used by the Mieszko line) traces to the royal Bohemians under discussion, that the Dobie "helmet" is white on blue. I'm thinking that Dobrava was a Moravian on her mother's side, but her mother is not known with certainty, and even if she's Biagota, her ancestry is foggy. At her Wikipedia article, Dobrawa is portrayed with a candle, the Kyle symbol.

The New York Federal Reserve has a new chairman in Denis Hughes: The Hughs surname was first found in CarMARTHEN, a topic yesterday as per the depiction of that place by mythical Myrddin.

There was a Jones surname (traced August 17 to the royal Poles) in the O-News yesterday:

"Glenn Beck used his popular Fox News show this afternoon to attack the background of Van Jones, a White House environmental advisor who co-founded an African American political advocacy group that organized an advertising boycott of his program.

...Jones now serves as a special advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality."

Will there be enough money to seriously persecute Christians in the last half of the Week?

"WASHINGTON -- The federal government faces exploding deficits and mounting debt over the next decade, White House officials predicted [yesterday] in a fiscal assessment far bleaker than what the Obama administration had estimated just a few months ago.

Figures released by the White House budget office foresee a cumulative $9 trillion deficit from 2010-2019, $2 trillion more than the administration estimated in May. Moreover, the figures show the public debt doubling by 2019 and reaching three-quarters the size of the entire national economy."

Will this forecast bring prices of daily needs waaaay dowwwwwn, just in time for the first half of the Week, when we'll need to make large purchases? I'm holding my breath.

ZOWIE! The article above mentions Obama's economic adviser, Christina Romer, and the Romer Coat uses seven gold mascles on red, the very colors mentioned yesterday as being ample in Brittany, and owned by the Peacock family. The German Romer Coat uses the pine cone seen in the Maskaly/Maschi Coat!! This Mask surname is said to be from Rimini (Italian Adriatic coast), what could be linked to the origin of "Romer."

The Brittany-Arms article shows nine gold mascles on red in the Rohan family, in identical position as per the nine diamond-stones in the French Rohan Coat. The English Rohan Coat says the surname is from the Norman capital, Rouen, the place from which Rollo ruled Normandy.

As I said, Rollo's father's family was from the Mures river in Transylvania, from a place called Reghin. A look at "Rohan" reveals that Rouen was named after Reghin elements, for Rollo's father was Ragn(vald). The Mures-river peoples were linked to Mars (leading to the Myrddin/Merlin cult), and I believe they trace to Moravia, which is roughly where the Moray stars should originate.

I recently traced the Drummonds of Hungary to the bloodline of Boleslaw I of Bohemia (not to be confused with Boleslaw I the Polish king normally under discussion here). He was the father of Dobrawa. Thus, if the Moray white star on blue was owned by Dobrawa and family in Bohemia, it would have come down to Mieszko's son, Boleslaw I of Poland, and his sons, Mieszko II Lambert and Bezprym. Moravia is to the immediate east of Bohemia.

Vratislav, the father of Boleslaw of Bohemia, may have been the owner of the white star on blue, for indeed his father was under the authority of Svatopluk, the king of Great Moravia. I've written about Svatopluk before, with a PLUK ending that may denote "Polock/Pole." In any case, I had connected Svatopluk, though I can't quite recall the details, to the royal Khazars of Melissena Rangabe stock (white cross on blue)...that brought forth the Cohen family. In fact, the "Jewish" Cohen Coat uses three white stars on blue, just like Moray.

Vratislav was married to Drahomira, wherefore I've been thinking that "Drummond" might have been from her line/stock (i.e. a line mixed, of course, with her son, Boleslaw). I'm thinking that George, the father of the first Drummond, married into the Drahomira>Boleslaw line, since after all I've read that George married a PodeBrady royal, and PodeBrady was in Bohemia. Bohemians were ruled by Bretislav (probably named after PodeBrady elements) when George would have married about 1040. The German Drummonds use white on blue. The Bradds/Bratts also use white on blue. It therefore looks good for a white star on blue trace to Vratislav, perhaps also named after PodeBrady elements.

The father of Bretislav was Oldrich, what looks conspicuously like "Holder," and in fact the Holder surname may have been in the news lately to show us that it leads back to king Oldrich. There is an Oldrich Coat with Holdrich variation, and it uses footless martlets (I thing martens are symbols for Myrddin and the Marden/Marsden-family stock that I think he depicted; see yesterday's update).

The Olderich/Holdrich Shield is in the colors of the Holder Coat. As the Holder write-up traces the surname to "Halden," the shield-on-shield Olden/Alden surname should apply as a family branch.

This reminded me that the Pert-surname motto was simply "Ardens," and when I checked to see whether "Arden" might be an Alden variation, I got the Shield with the Holdrich chevron. The Pert/Peat surname uses gold mascles on red.

I thought that the Alden surname might be an Alder variation, and found that the English Adler Coat uses three stars (gold on red) in reversed colors from the Arden Coat. The German Adler surname is important to political Germany, and is cause for the so-called Adler eagle (also red and gold). The Adler motto is simply, "Alsen," which I'm assuming is the Olsen variation of "Older/Alder," surname. The Olsen surname is Scandinavian, as there is a Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian Olsen Coat; the Norwegian and German ones use red hearts on white, the Douglas symbol. The German Olsen write-up: "First found in East Prussia and Denmark." East Prussia was in Poland/Lusatia way.

One can see some similarity between the two other two Olsen Coats (in the colors of Adler and Arden) and the German Colter the colors of the Scottish COLTers, using a cartwheel that I trace to Piast KOLODziej the "wheelwright."

Thus, as this discussion started on the Oldrich/Holdrich link to king Oldrich of Bohemia, whose line had been very-recently merged by marriage to the Piast dynasty, it works! This supports the Holder=Colter equation made days ago, just as Eric Holder started making the news. Coincidence, or is this all to expose the Illuminati?

None of this is to my credit of course, for my mind (and yours) is too weak to make these discoveries. I think God is to receive direct Credit, and for giving my mind the ability to keep track of this all. Thanks also to computers for making it easy to retrieve information.

The headline: "Barack Obama on brink of deal for Middle East peace talks," and the "breakthrough" word in the article is cow patties. I'm not even going to explain the "breakthrough," but you're welcome to read the article...which mentions "Ian Kelly, a US state department spokesman..."

The Kelly Coat is also white on blue, using the Dowell lion (I traced "Dowell" to "Dobie). We read: "The Irish name Kelly has a long Gaelic heritage to its credit. The original Gaelic form of the name Kelly is O Ceallaigh or Mac Ceallaigh. These names denote descendants of Ceallach."

The green dog in Kelly Crest (there's a shade of green called "kelly") is called an "enfield," which made me think that Kellys were related to the Fields, and indeed when I checked the Field surname (Irish), I found: "the Gaelic name used by the Field family in Ireland was Mac Fithcheallaigh, from the word fithcheallach, referring to a chess player." Chess player my foot. I don't see too much difference between FithCHEALLACH and CEALLAIGH, wherefore it's a family match, though the surname is more "Feely" than "Field," but the "Fith" term smacks of the fitchee cross.

There are nine fruit on the Feely tree that look like acorns i.e. it's an oak, the same tree as in the Callahan Coat, where we read: "The family is descended from Ceallachan (Callaghan), the 10th century King of Munster from whom their surname is derived." "CEALACHAN" looks like a match with the terms in caps above. Unless the king of Munster was a chess player...

The oak tree is also the symbol of the Sobeiski surname, for the Sobbe/Sober/Sobisch Coat (write-up verifies links to "Sobieski") uses oak leaves. It may be that the Sobotta variation (write-up suggests root in "sabbath") traces to SVATpluk (king of Great Moravia).

I've suspected that Vratislav I was tied to the Svatopluk line, and indeed, but only after suspecting, I found that Vratislav's father was SPYTihnev and that Vratislav's son was Vaclav SVATy (= Saint Wenceslaus), brother of Boleslaw.

Keep in mind that Drahomira, Vratislav's wife (and therefore mother of Boleslaw and Svaty-Wenceslaus) was from the Hevelli of Havel(land)...which could potentially trace the Drummonds -- if indeed they were named after Drahomira elements -- to Havilah, son of Joktan, an idea that sits excellently with my trace of "Drummond" to the Sepharvite god, Adram...who I've pegged as Hadoram, son of Joktan (see last verses of Genesis 10).

The Svatopluk article has a "SvatoPOLK" variation ; "Polk" is a Pollock-surname variation. The Svatopluk line was of the Mojmir dynasty: "Mojmir I was the first known prince of the Moravian principality (?830-833) after the fall of Samo's Moravian empire and the first prince of Great Moravia (833-846)." I've been tracing the Polish royals to the Samson cult. Couldn't Samo have been named after that cult's elements since it developed into the islands of Samo and SamoThrace? DRAHOmira smacks of "Thraco/Draco."

It may be that the Poles proper were not directly from the Samson cult, but only through connection to the Bohemian royals who were in turn connected to Moravians. I trace Poles/Polski to Pollux and his mythical mother Leda, who should trace to Apollo and his mother, Leto, and then further back to land of Abila/Abilene (Syrio-Phoenicia), which may have been the Biblical land of Havila.

In Mosul news:

"NINEWA / Aswat al-Iraq: A new tribal gathering of al-Jubur tribes was announced in the city of Mosul to compete in the coming parliamentary elections.

'We have registered a new political bloc of al-Jubur tribes and their allied clans to take part in the coming parliamentary elections,' Lawyer Hassan Khalaf Alu told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.


The Jabouri tribe is a Sunny one, a faction of which leads the Insurgent-terrorist organization, Islamic Army in Iraq. This faction would key up with the king of the north, and the al-Jabur political counterpart could support the cause so as to bring him to power in Mosul.. Stay tuned in the coming months.

Mosul is still up for grabs:

"The Province of Nineveh of which Mosul is the capital has obtained the green light to raise a force of 14,000 fighters to reinstate law and order.

The force is to be financed and armed by the [Iraqi] ministries of interior and defense, said governor Atheel al-Najaifi.

...Most of Nineveh Province, including the provincial capital Mosul, is still under the control of Kurdish militias known locally as peshmerga.

...The predominantly Sunni population of Nineveh opposes Kurdish covetous intentions in their region as well as the presence of their militias.

The formation of the new force has already angered the Kurds who allege that it will mainly be composed of sympathizers and supporters of the former [Saddam] regime.

However, the governor insists that the force will be drawn mainly from the people of Mosul to safeguard their restive city which has turned into a stronghold for anti-U.S. rebels and al-Qaeda."\2009-08-22\kurd.htm

This army will weaken the Kurd hold in the area, by war that places Mosul solidly in the hands of the Sunni. The king of the north may arise in the region as a helper of the Sunni in opposition to the Kurds. This could be months away, no sooner than when the Mosul army is formed and ready to act. Or, the king of the north may enter Mosul sooner in anticipation of that army's formation. Watching. I expect him to enter among the particular Sunni that just blasted Baghdad's political institutions. It could very well have been the Jabouris in that they strongly oppose U.S interference in Iraq (the bombs hit Iraq's ministry of foreign affairs).

August 27

Previously, Iraq threatened to spoil the deal of China's oil giant with Kirkuk, but suddenly the road to Kirkuk appears wide open:

"Iraq has approved a deal that would see China's Sinopec Group acquire controversial oil rights in northern Iraq through its purchase of Swiss oil giant Addax Petroleum, Chinese media said [yesterday].

Sinopec, Asia's largest refiner, agreed to purchase Addax in June for 7.2 billion dollars in China's largest-ever overseas acquisition.

The Switzerland-based company, listed in London and Toronto, is one of the world's largest independent oil producers with fields in Nigeria and in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq. ...The refiner, along with other Chinese government-backed oil firms, is jostling for overseas acquisitions, seizing on the economic crisis and low asset prices to secure energy supplies for China's growing economy."

China is making itself significantly dependent on Kirkuk oil. I feel that this is an important step toward bringing Revelation's Kings of the East to north Iraq (prophecy locates them on the north end of the Euphrates river), but before that can happen, I assume, Daniel's King of the North (in Iraq's north) must spoil the oil giant's deal with Kirkuk. It's a good assumption because the Kings of the East come to put out the lights (i.e. 5th Bowl) of the anti-Christ. And so the Christian celebrations will be near at that time, for the coming of the Orientals marks the end of the 1260 days.

In another story:

"Iraq aims to increase its oil production by up to four times with the development of 10 new fields to be auctioned later this year, Iraqi Oil Minister Hussein al-Shahristani said [August 25].

...'So combining the fields of the first and second round [of Auctions], Iraq should increase its production to at least three to four times of its current production,' he said." ...British energy giant BP and China's CNPC International Ltd. were the only companies to win a bid in the first auction, while a slew of other foreign firms snubbed the other contracts offered by Baghdad, unhappy with financial terms.

...Iraq also has considerable natural gas reserves, and Shahrastani said on [August 25] that Baghdad might consider supplying the planned Nabucco pipeline, designed to carry gas to western Europe, by-passing Russia."

A world war based on Middle-East oil control? It's been the prediction of many for a long time. It's a strong case for a Russian King of the North, especially as Rasmussen, the new NATO leader, is courting Russia as a teenager courts his virgin.

There have been a slew of articles in the past year on Russia's re-arming, which is fully expected just before Gog takes off. One likely ambition for this "scare" is to keep pace with other super-powers (i.e. the U.S. and the EU) so as not to be drowned by them in the political sea ("quagmire" would be apt) called "Globalism." BUT, ultimately, I think Russia will use those weapons, as per the will of God in the dragon-vs-dragon-vs-dragon match. The dragons will coil around one another, then eat each others' heads, and falling dead together, the New Name will rule the Earth. It'll be a grand Day, so hurry-up already.

I suppose that Russia thinks it will get more respect in the Global community with a more-frightening military posture. I think that's Putin all over. But what good is a scary look when it doesn't grow fruit. Therefore, Putin is zealous to get involved in the Middle East. It is coming:

"Russian authorities are extremely divided about the right position to take as Moscow increasingly concerns itself with the Afghan question....To carry out its re-entry policies, Moscow is seeking to revitalize Russophile lobbies in Afghanistan. Russian economic stake in Afghanistan is also showing signs of growth. Regardless of the success of this strategy, it seems to have opened a new page in the history of Russian-Afghan relations, ending Moscow's twenty-year absence from the Afghan scene."[tt_news]=35398&tx_ttnews[backPid]=7&cHash=a9ee064e2f

I don't think Putin will be Gog. He's still toying with the hosting a an Israeli peace-plan gathering in Russia later this year. I can't imagine that Gog would want such a thing. I view Gog as a man of principles, of dark principles but nonetheless a man of backbone and rock-solid tenets. I imagine him coming with full sincerity in his hatred for Israel, with no facade whatsoever on that point. From first to last, he will be anti-Israel incarnate.

The northern border of Israel is being prepared for his coming. If there was any doubt about it, no longer:

"Lebanese prime minister-designate Saad Hariri said [today] Hezbollah will be part of the next cabinet 'whether Israel likes it or not'..."

Men with brains the size of peanuts have been back in Israel, carting their pro-Palestinian ideals. I'm talking about Jimmy Carter a couple of days ago. I've just learned more about what he's been into:

"Former President Jimmy Carter has just released a new book, We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land: A Plan that Will Work in which he advocates a straightforward solution: Israel should embrace the Quartet [Russia, the UN, the EU and the US].

The plan is backed by a group known simply as The Elders, an NGO [= non-government organization] started by Nelson Mandela in 2007 to promote peace and assist in conflict resolution and funded partly by British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, who originally proposed the idea for the group, and musician Peter Gabriel. Jimmy Carter and the Carter Center are heavily involved with this endeavor; Carter is one of three appointed 'Elders' to the Middle East. The delegation currently in Israel accompanying Carter includes South African Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and former Irish president Mary Robinson (who recently received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from US President Barack Obama despite strong objections by Jewish groups over her leadership role in the 2001 UN Durban Review). The group's objectives were met with skepticism by Israelis, but according to Carter, were eagerly embraced by the 'Palestinians, peace groups and human rights activists in the region.' How could he ask the Jewish people to embrace a group known as The Elders? The controversial Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is the biggest best-selling book in a bigoted world, and is charged with fueling anti-Semitism."

It's obvious that the Elders are being so-named for their grey hairs, but there could indeed be a subtle link intended to the Priory cult, playing well into my developing picture of the Carter clan's trace to Ishmaelite Zionism. I took the trouble to check the five other surnames mentioned above (Branson, Gabriel, Mandella, Robinson, Tutu), and one shocking sight was the Robinson motto: "Foi est tout." Note above the phrase, "...Desmond Tutu and former Irish president Mary Robinson." Hmm.

So I checked for a Toot Coat and got one, using just a white shield, and a white crescent alternatively. The Toot surname includes "Tout" (i.e. as the "tout" in the Robinson motto) and "Tut(t)," as close as Anglos can get to "Tutu." I suspect links to the Tuttel surname, using white crescents. The Toot white crescent is on red, same as the Olden/Alden surname...discussed yesterday as a Holder branch leading to Polish king Kolodziej. If I'm not mistaken, the Tuttel surname possesses porphyry.

The Olden surname was in the Holdrich discussion that linked to the Holder and Colter/Colder surnames. I can't believe that I failed to mention yesterday that the Holdrich Crest is an Arm and Scimitar, what I perceive as an Ishmaelite symbol.

To solidify the Robinson link to the Touts/Tutts, both families were first found in Yorkshire. The English Robinson Shield is the same as the English (Mont)Fitchet Shield, and as both surnames are English, the identical charges (i.e. the chevrons) on the Shields may indicate kinship solidly.

The Branson surname was also first found in Yorkshire, and it's motto, "Dum spiro sparo," smacks of the Fitchet motto, "Esperance," and meanwhile evokes Dumah, son of Ishmael. In the previous update, I mentioned that "Esperance" reflected "Super," as per the Soper/Super surname that in turn reflects "Zober" (a Sobieski variation), too much to be ignored. For new readers, I trace Polish king Sobieski to Ishmaelites.

The white crescent on red is also used by the Spree surname (Speers use reverse colors), suggesting a Spree/Speer link to the mottos above. The Atlantean term, "Hesperides," also comes to mind with "Esperance," and I root that mythical apple orchard (of the hundred-headed Laden dragon) to Sepharvites, the Joktanite founders of the Sephardic Hebrews.

The Robinsons and Fitchets use green shields, an assumed Ishmaelite color. The Gabriel/Gable Chevron is green on white. The Carter Chevron is green on white! The Gabriel Chief is just green, and the Gable and Gaball variations evoke the Cabelees, Kybele, and/or the Kabala.

The German Mandel Coat uses gold Zionist stars on blue. There is a "Jewish" Mandell Coat (using, if I recall correctly, Thule/Nazi-family colors). The Scottish Mandel Coat is interesting, though surname variations are Mansell-like. It shows what I think is the 'M' seen in the Hastings Coat (chief Sinclair partner in battle of Hastings). I had wondered what the 'M' stood for, and might just be the Mancell/Mandell/Mantell family. The Mansell Coat is black and white like the English Mantle/Mantell Coat...using the Sinclair (!) Cross and Sinclair (!) stag in Crest!! The Hastings, like the Gabriels and Tuttels, were first found in Sussex.

I thought that the Brant surname should connect with the Branson, but not until I reached the German Brant and "Jewish" Brant Coats did I see a possible link, as per the flames matching the flame in the Mandell Crest (I'm assuming the Mansels/Mandells were linked to Bransons). The Scottish Mandell motto is: "Quod valt valde vult." I'm guessing it's code for the German Walter surname, first found in Silesia and using gold Zionist stars (nearly on a blue shield) like the German Mandell Coat.

The German-alternative Brant Coat uses three white stars on blue, with colors similar to the Durham Coat (also using three white stars on blue). I failed to mention yesterday that the Durham Crest has two blue-purple dolphins, the same as in the Scottish Kennedy Crest (the English Kennedys use the Arm and Scimitar). The Durhams were first found in DUMfriesshire).

Remember, these blue stars trace to Mieszko II Lambert (probably a progenitor of the Meschins of Durham), while the French Lambert surname, also using three white stars on blue, was first found in Dauphine, a French region using a blue dolphin! Dauphine was beside the Mascis of Piedmont, and in fact a member of my immediate Masci bloodline married a Taffo surname, what I think was named after the Taphians of Daphne representation.

The dolphin (white on blue) was also a symbol of mythical Taras (son of Poseidon and Satyrion), the founding cult of Taranto in southern Italy. Taranto is in Puglia, what may be the origin of the "Pohl" and other Pole/Pollok-like surnames terms, for indeed I traced (years ago) Pollux, a pugliast, to Puglia, but then north to found the Poles.

Last night, I wondered about "Massachusetts," the domain of senator Kennedy. I wondered whether it stemmed from Mieszko and/or Massa (= son of Ishmael) and/or Masovia (Poland) elements. The term is said to derive from an Indian tribe, but that doesn't mean that those Indians couldn't have been from ancient Meshech, since I'm sure that the natives who named Mexico were just so.

I couldn't believe it when I saw a single white star on blue in the Seal of Massachusetts!!! That was the symbol of the Polish royals from Mieszko II Lambert; his son, Boleslaw, surely led to the single white star on blue in the Belgian Bole Coat. And see that this Bole Shield includes a central gold band just like the one in the German-alternative Brant Coat (with three white stars on blue)!

The Seal of Massachusetts uses an Arm and (what looks much like a) Scimitar, the Kyle of Ayrshire symbol!! In other words, not just the Kennedy clan, but the Massachusetts founders were from the Cole and Camelot cult...which should explain why the Branson Coat uses the Campbell symbol; the Campbells were also "Cammells," smacking of Camulodunum, and its god, Camulos. The Rohan-surname (mentioned yesterday "as per the Rollo vikings) use what should be a Campbell-symbol version.

August 28

Did I say Syria and Iraq were becoming good friends?

"Iraq said [yesterday] relations with Syria will not improve until its neighbour gives up terrorists it says plotted a devastating bombing in Baghdad and are being harboured by Damascus.

'Our relations with Syria have reached a crossroads of whether they choose to have good relations with Iraq, or whether they choose to protect persons who attack Iraq,' spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh told AFP.

...On several occasions, Iraq has presented Syria with a list of people it says have plotted attacks in Iraq, Dabbagh said, and Damascus gives up those wanted, diplomatic ties will suffer.

...'The list was given a few times during bilateral security committees but we always received evasive answers. Iraq will not accept this kind of situation.' Maliki demanded one last time that Syria hand over those named on the list during a meeting in Damascus on August 18, but he was rebuffed, Dabbagh said.

The following day, truck bombs at the ministries of finance and foreign affairs left 95 people dead and some 600 wounded."

Syrian news is of course telling that president Assad had nothing to do with the bombings. Maybe so, but that's not the accusation. The accused are Baathists in Syria, and the question is why would Syria doesn't work to eradicate them? I suppose that Baathist loyalties (the Syrian government is Shi'ite but Baathist) are in some cases stronger than Shi'ite-Sunni differences. Or, Syria fears the Sunni terrorists inside the country.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Obama's friends are criminals:

"More than five months after the Obama administration announced the hiring of its 'green jobs czar,' Van Jones, the White House has refused to explain whether it knew of Jones admitted black nationalist and radical communist history and just who hired the adviser.

Also questions continue to fester about how Jones, who has an arrest history, passed security clearances for his White House position.

...The Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck program similarly asked the White House whether it was aware of Jones' radical history.

The lack of available information concerning Jones is unusual since the Obama transition team previously touted it developed a seven-page questionnaire that included 63 questions about an applicant's background and qualifications for a federal job. Kincaid pointed out that CNN reported the document was to be for 'every candidate for Cabinet and other high-ranking positions in the incoming administration.'

However, there is no indication Jones ever filled out the document.

Jones was the leader and founder of a radical communist and black nationalist group, the communist revolutionary organization Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, or STORM...

...Until recently, Jones was a longtime member of the board of Apollo Alliance..."

What does Apollo have to do with the Alliance's stated goals of American energy independence (not including Alaska-drilling)? I say the Apollo term was chosen because the founders were from Havilah bloodlines (after which I think Apollo was named). One founder was a Cantwell surname, derived from "Kent." The Cantwell Shield is red, the color of most Polish Shields by far; from the Janina article, one can click over to "Polish Heraldry" and discover that blue Shields are a "distant second".

The Olden/Alden Shield is red, while the Holder and Holdrich Shields are blue. The other surnames discussed with these two (earlier in this update) use red symbols. Lamberts use both red and blue. Boles use blue. Traby and Sobieski use red. Going back over just a few of the surnames mentioned in the Polish topic, I do find the predominance of them to be red and blue.

At the Janina article, one of the many Janina branches is "Gabryalowicz," which could be the Gaball/Gabriel surname mentioned yesterday. I suggested a tie to "Cabelees," and meanwhile had in the past traced the Piast-Polish royals to the Pisidians and the Lasonii (see the Leski branch of Janina), a fellow tribe with Cabelees. If I have been correct in tracing "Kybele/Cybele" and the Cabelees to "Avalon/Abilene" elements, then the Apollo cult either represented the Cabelees in particular, or was a branch thereof. I'm suggesting that "Cabelees" is a hard-C version of "Havilah," and that Druhomira of Havel(land) was from that bloodline.

Entering "Havel," "Cavel," "Chavez," "Cabal," "Capel," "Cabel," and "Abel" gets red, and "Bell" and "Apel" get red or blue. The Polish heraldry article tells that horseshoes are among the favorite symbols, wherefore compare the Randolph-of Moray Coat with the German Apel Coat. Does Obama know that he traces to Apollo? After all, his Wolflin line to Randolph uses the wolf symbol that was the Apollo symbol as well?

The English Apel surname (footless martins) is said to derive from "apple," and then there is an Apollo Coat using what could be derived from an apple tree with nine apples, though I think the tree has nine acorns i.e. it's an oak. I do not have "Apollo Coat" anywhere in my files. I don't think I have ever tried it. It verifies what I have suspected, that the nine witches of Avalon were related to the Apollo cult's nine mythical Muses. Variations include Apollonio, Apolloni, Polonio, Plon, and Pollini.

If "Paphlagonia" was "Ap(h)lagonia as "Pamphylia was "Amphylia," it could be that "Apollo" named the Paphlagonians (before entertaining this view, I had determined that the term should be under stood as Paphla-gonia rather than Paph-lagonia, thus catering much better to an "Apollo" root). I'm thinking that "Paphlagonia" derived from something like ap-Apollyon, meaning "of Apollyon" (the Greek spelling is Apolluon/Apollyon).

I don't think it's a coincidence that I had traced the Babel surname (red shield) to Paphlagonians and their Pamphylian relatives (i.e. the Babenburgs of Bamberg) before entertaining a "Paphl" root. Babenburgs use red, the red triple chevron, the symbol also of the Mitch-Muschat surname. The latter is what came to mind when I was studying "Massachusetts."

The Janina article shows branches such as Pelka, Polikarp, Opocki, and Opoka, any one of which could link to the Pollocks/Pooks/Pocks. "Polik" is registered as a Pollock surname, and "Pock" gets horseshoes. Tim emailed that he had discovered a purple Coat (with horseshoe) in the Cook surname; the Crest is an ostrich, a Traby symbol too. A variation is "Cocus," and I have my doubts that the term derives from "a cook." Note the Ferrer Coat, using six horseshoes in the pattern of the English Lacy Coat (Irish Lacys use a purple lion), tending to prove that the Leslie "buckle" is a horseshoe with nail (the pin in the buckle is exactly the shape of horseshoe nails).

The Spanish Ferrers (red shield-on-red-shield) use blue horseshoes on gold, color reversed from the Leslie "buckles"; there is a purple lion in the Spanish Luz Coat. You get it. ABERDeen, where Leslies lived, was likely named after the shield-on-shield , using shields in the Leslie-buckle colors.

The Leyboure/Labourne surname (from Gascony's locality by that name) uses the same pattern as the Ferrer and Lacy Coats above, but with white lions on blue, a symbol of the Gascony flag. I found it amazing how I arrived to the Leybournes during a deeper study on the Leslies a couple of nights ago. Let me go back to the start of that study.

I was looking at the Irish Leslie Coat, and noted its Lastly, Lasty and Lusty variations. The motto (in French): Suivez moi., said to mean "Follow me," but I spy code for "I am Sobie." The term also reminds me of "Sheaves," a Shaw-family variation, supporting the/my trace of Shaws to "Sobieski." The Italian Sheaves/Chaves and Spanish Chaves/Chavez use blue (keys) on gold, the color of the Leslie buckles. The small saltires on the latter Coat are found (in the same colors) in the Cabal/Cavallos Coat.

When I wrote on the Nazi holy-grail bloodline espoused by Pohl, I entered a discussion on the von-List surname, first found in Silesia and Lausitz," the realm of the Pohl surname. I wrote: "Variations of the List surname included Listli and Listle,...the proto-Leslie surname if ever I saw it. Note that "List" is likely in honor of Lausitz (= Lusatia)." I then compared the List Coat to the English Babel surname (with Adler-style eagle).

I then wrote that the German Babel Coat (red shield) with Melusine (a depiction of bloodlines in Lusignan and Lusatia) had a green mirror that appeared to be in the hand of the nude woman in the Scottish Eckart/Urkhart Coat (Eckart was the surname of one major Nazi leader), though it turned out to be a palm leaf. A variation of the Eckhart surname is "Orchard," and that evokes Avalon, the place to which Nicholas de Vere traced mythical Melusine/Milouziana. The Orchard Crest is a black crow, the bird that Apollo made (from white birds).

Looking into it just now, I find the English Orchard Coat (from clan Urquart) to be in the colors reversed from the Vivian/Vey Coat (with purple lions)! Not only did I trace Vivians to Le Fay of Avalon (chief of the nine Muse-witches), but both the Vivians and Orchards were first found in Cornwall. And, the Orchard Coat has a red horizontal band like the List Coat.

The English Cavel/Caval Coat uses A [topless] demi savage holding a palm branch, reflecting the topless woman of the Urquart/Orchard Crest, also holding a palm leaf (see verification). We are tracing the Avalon cult here like no public writer has ever done before, and the terms do seem to trace to the Cabelees/Kybele.

Is that a red heifer-calf in the Caval Coat? The idea that the Jewish Messiah can't return until a pure red heifer is found is an idea promoted by some Christians but based in Kabala!

The Urquarts use three red boars; there are three red boars in the English Abel/Aball CoatThis can't be coincidental, meaning that the Abels were basic Avalonians (i.e. "Avalon" was code for these peoples). The Abel/Aball Coat uses a purple (!) horizontal band, probably a variation of the red band in the List and Orchard Coats (scarlet red and purple, the colors of the Revelation dragon, identified by me as Ladon of the Leslie bloodline).

The Abel surname is the one with the motto, "Vive le roi," smacking of the powers of the Vivians (= purple lion). A variation includes "Eblson," reflecting the city of Ebla (Syria region) that was a major base of Chaldean Amorites (their other base was at Mari on the Euphrates, the name also of the red-using Basque goddess; I'll get to her soon). Ultimately, I trace Moray and Moravia to Amorites on the Maritsa river (also the Hebros) in down-town Thraco.

Just days ago I came across the discovery that the Rollo-line rooster symbol was a symbol of More, the region ruled by his family and that which I think named Moray (though I also trace "Moray" to "MORGan" le Fay). See the rooster (less than half-way down the page) used by a More family. The rooster is immediately below the Douglas Coat with Moray stars. We read, "[The Heath-cock, or Black-cock] is frequently confounded with the moor-cock."

There is a link to the "moor-cock" and the entire 'M' page. The More hen is said to be of the coot-hen family of birds, which we met earlier in this update as per the Marden/Marsden Coat (Merlin cult) and Coot Coat. On the 'M' page, we read that the Martlet surname is possibly "Merlette" in French, thus supporting a Merlin link to the martlet symbol. It shows a Roger de Merley using martlets.

On the same page there's a mascle discussion and heraldry terms such as "masculy," which are mascles said to be "synonymous with lozengy" (lozenges are diamonds). There is also shown (in alphabetical order) a particular mascle design called, "masculyn," and this happens to be a variation of the Meschin surname! Masculyn mascles use fleur-de-lys at the four corners of a mascle (shown in gold on blue), and fleur-de-lys (gold on blue) are the Masci symbol. I had no proof that the mascle described Meschins and Mascis until now.

These finds just this morning blends excellently in the Irish Leslie discussion that I had started above. The very next Coat I was going to show, before getting sidetracked to the More and mascle topics, is the English Last Coat, using three red fleur de lys! Keep in mind that the string of Coats now being shared were found a couple of nights ago, and the next one in line, after the Last Coat, is the Lester Coat...three gold fleur-de-lys on blue, the Masci Coat symbols in the SAME colors!!

The Lester surname has a LEYcester variation!!!!!!!! (this supports my trace of the fleur-de-LYS/LIS to the Leslie family. Other variations are Leicester and Liester. You may recall the Lutons of Liecester (starting in the third update of April), when I shared: "Luton was named after a divergent name of the river that was early "Ligan/Lygan" and "Luye/Leye." The Lester/Liecester surname was first found in Cheshire, where the Meschins and Mascis ruled!

How's that for tracing my own Masci bloodline to the Revelation dragon? Didn't I say I was chosen to do this work due to that surname??? I can barely believe that it's all coming to this.

Note the white wings in the Masci Coat, for white wings are also in the German Lust/Luster/Lustich Coat (Lust is an Irish Leslie variation). The other point is that the Lust Shield is nearly the Murton Shield!! It's got to be a match because the Scottish Mortan/Myrton Coat uses the Leslie buckles, and moreover the Mortan Crest uses (blue) wings (between a rooster!). AND, the Mortans were first found in Cheshire (Mascis ruled Dunham Masci of Cheshire).

As the Lesters/Liecesters were first in Cheshire and use the Masci symbols, I'd say the white Masci wings are those of a swan since the Lester Crest is a swan's head. The swan leads back to mythical Cycnus/Cygnus of Liguria (could the purple Coc/Cook/Cucus surname apply here?), which supports my trace (in April) of Lutons/Leys of Liecester to Ligurians. The swan should be symbol for Savona of Liguria, and the Sabines before that; Melusine of the Leslies should therefore trace to Daphne, the root of the Safini=Sabines.

Noting the Lester motto, "Pro rege et patria," the term evoked the Patrick family and the Patrician-cult Romans (that brought the Caesars to power in the days of Jesus). I took a peak at the Patrick Coat to find a black saltire, the Scottish Maxwell symbol!!! PLUS, the English Maxwell Coat uses a double-headed eagle, the symbol of Rome! The Latin side of the Romans were the proto-Leslies, but the Sabini were also ancestral to the first Romans...who were rooted in the mythical Romulus wolfline, I think the Hirpini (= "wolf-people") of Avellino. I get it: the Masci bloodline was right there in proto-Romans as the Muses of Avellino.

The Maxwell motto, "Reviresco," meaning, "I rise again," is likely a key-in on the re-rising of the Roman empire as per the mythical Phoenix eagle. How incredibly interesting. Is the anti-Christ going to be a Masci??? I'm seriously wondering. The mouse...

The Patrick motto, "Ora et labora," is what got me to try the Labor Coat next, using an all-seeing eye in palm of hand. The Labors and the Maxwells were first found in Yorkshire. Next I went to the Leybourne Coat (Basque family) to find the Lacy pattern. And that was the end of that Leslie study.

I want to say that the Ezekiel phrase, "Gog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal," may mean that Gog was a Meshech and Tubal peoples (living in the land of Magog, Meshech's brother). In other words, I now expect end-time Gog to be from the Meshech bloodline. The APOLLYon-based (P)APHLAGonians may lead to "Pollock," and the Meschin surname of the Pollock family would support that idea, the Meshech of the Paphlagonian region being the Mysians/Moesi, part-ancestors to the Lydians/Laz.

BEHOLD!! The (P)APHLAG term above (my creation) smacks of the Aflack surname. Not only is "Aflaq" the surname that co-founder the Baath party (see starting in third update of February), but the Aflack Coat is a black cross that should link to the Maxwell and Patrick saltires, for the other co-founder of the Baathists, a Bitar surname, uses the Aflack black cross exactly (both on white, both the same shape and size), while "Bitar" smacks of a Patrick variation.

The Bitar/Buttar surname was first found in Fifeshire and Perthshire. The Ishmaelites of the Shaw surname were first found in Perthshire!

It makes sense that Baathists should be Ishmaelites. The Randolph Coat uses a bat that I think is code for the Bat-peoples of Caucasia (the Cucus surname???) to whom the Baathists trace, and moreover the Bats and the Laz lived together in that Caucasian region. The Bats named Batumi (Georgia) on the edge of Meshech territory!! Interestingly, Putin's mother is said to live near a Bath location in Georgia, in/near T'bilisi.

The Aflack Crest is "an eagle rising". The fat cross is called an embattled Crusader's cross." The Aflacks were "originally found in the barony of Auchinleck in Ayrshire or from Affleck in Angus." Angus was near Fifeshire and Perthsire, and I traced Shaws from that region to Ayrshire.

I can easily trace the Bitar and Aflack black crosses to the Sinclair Cross because the Auchin surname uses black roosters (symbol of "Rus/Rosh"?). The Auchin term was sought for a surname at the sight "Auchinleck" (the Aflack domain in Ayrshire). The Aflack motto, using "Robore," is likely code for Robert of the Sinclair line. The Auchin crest is an oak tree with my count being seven acorns. There is an Atkin variation, and English Atkins (another black-on-white cross, also greyhounds) were first found in WestMOREland. The English Atkins Coat also uses black stars on white, as does the English Robert Coat.

By now you know to check mottos as clues to family ties. The Robert motto includes, "Ewch," possibly code for the Yoke/Yoch (yolk?) surname. One Yoke coat is black on white with engrailed (Sinclair-Cross-like) band. The other Yoke Coat is a swan. I'm thinking the Leda>Pollux line, born of eggs and leading to the Russian egg god, Rod.

To no surprise, the Acorn Coat (I'm thinking an Auchin variation) is a stag, a Rollo-Sinclair symbol. The Shield is black and white (dancette), the Aflack, Auchin, and Sinclair colors. The Acorn Crest is a red heart, the Douglas of Moray symbol. The rooster, remember, is a More symbol. My impression, knowing that the Douglas heart was used by Danes (Rollo is said to have been a Dane), is that the Rollo vikings stem in-part from the Danish house of HARcourt.

The Harcourt surname is from the location of the same name in Calvados, Normandy, and the Sinclairs were first found in Calvados. The Harcourt Coat uses a blue Indian Peacock with green feathers, the colors of the Janina peacock feathers. The Comerfords (red and blue shields, Poland's beloved colors), uses the blue Indian peacock, could suggest that Gomerians (Gomer was another brother of Meshech) are represented in the peacock symbol. I traced the blue Indian peacock to the Indus>Sintian peoples who lived in north Caucasia, near Azov, where Cimmerians lived.

"Harcourt" could be an Urquhart/Orchard variation.

I'll have to quit for the day, but it was a good one as far as dragon-line progress is concerned. I hope to do the Basque goddess, Mari, tomorrow, for I see that she traces to the royal Poles et al.


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