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Aug 22 - 24, 2009

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August 22

The big story this week on the prophetic calendar is the horrific Baghdad bombing of government buildings. It shows that the Insurgents are not going quietly away anytime soon, and that they aim to take over Iraq:

"Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and Shiite politicians have alleged Saddam Hussein loyalists were linked to the attacks.

The prime minister has blamed an alliance of al-Qaeda and supporters of Saddam's Baath party for the bombs.

Shiite politicians have been increasingly mentioning the Baathists as partners with al-Qaeda."

In another article:

"A statement from the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, a powerful and influential Shiite party close to Iran, said the country was facing 'comprehensive war' and not only 'simple bombings here and there.'

It blamed Sunnis who once formed the backbone of toppled dictator Saddam Hussein's regime for the attacks.

...However, the Islamic Army in Iraq, seen as the country's leading Sunni insurgent outfit and which includes army officers from the Saddam era, laid the blame for the attacks with the Baghdad government and US forces.

'We accuse the occupation forces, the government, political blocs whose militias are fighting between each other, in executing the attacks,' said the statement which was posted on the insurgent group's website.

...'The series of attacks took place in Baghdad confirm that some factions in government and the political process want to build a state full of sectarianism and division.'

...A statement from the Iraqi National, Patriot and Islamic Front, a Baathist grouping loyal to Saddam, condemned Wednesday's attacks but it also blamed the government.

'By those attacks, the ugly crimes of political parties and the government which came as a result of the occupation and was installed in the green zone, are still continuing against our Iraqi patient people,' it said."

Whether one believes the two Baathist groups in their denials for the bombings, what is obvious is their animosity toward the West-installed Iraqi government. The public statements seemed formed for political purposes: to build an Iraqi base of supporters toward an over-throw of Maliki.

The statement of the Islamic Army seems to be blaming the Americans for the bombings. It's put subtly, but it's there, because it blames the strife between Maliki and the Americans, which can only mean that the Americans are being fingered for "the job." If true, it would be Americans in concert with some Arab group(s).

The article goes on to tell that the job required inside help, especially from Iraqi police officers who allowed the large trucks (filled with explosives) into banned areas. The Maliki fear is the depth of Insurgent infiltration into the Iraqi forces. Governments are toppled squarely but such infiltrations.

One question is whether the size and target of the bombings signals the arrival of the anti-Christ to the Sunni Insurgent groups. The article pointed out: "The Islamic Army in Iraq was formed in the wake of Saddam's overthrow in 2003 and it has kidnapped foreigners, carried out beheadings and at times collaborated with Al-Qaeda before actively fighting against them in 2007." We expect beheadings from the anti-Christ, and I expect Baathists to merge with al-Qaeda together with the anti-Christ.

I don't use "Gog" at this time because I see no Russian/Caucasian entity among the Sunni of Iraq. But neither do I subscribe to an Arab anti-Christ, which some groups, for example the pre-tribulationist World Net Daily (it's promoting Joel Richardson's new book), are in the process of doing.

It's now two days after I touched on the Colter surname and simultaneously bumped into the Holdrin surname...which I linked suggestively to the Holden surname. Today I bump into an article on Obama's pro-Arab America that includes mention of Eric Holder, present attorney general of the United States. In a tribulation situation of Christian persecution, the attorney general means much.

Holder "was one of three members of Obama's vice-presidential selection committee," meaning that he should be an O-Team globalist because Biden was chosen. Bill Clinton was the first to elevate Holder to U.S. attorney for DC. I wasn't going to bother checking the Malone Coat when reading of his wife, Sharon Malone, but then "Malone's sister was [famous] Vivian Malone Jones..."

Knowing by now that Jones is a John name, do you think it's a coincidence that the Irish Malone write-up says: "Throughout history, very few Irish surnames have exclusively maintained their original forms. Before being translated into English, Malone appeared as O Maoileoin, which denotes a devotee of St. John"??? St. John my foot.

The Malone Coat is white on green, like Mallon/Mellan Coat (also Irish). Then, when we enter "Mallon," we also find a French Malo Coat with many variations including Malonne...and it uses three Sobeiski "buckles"...


Is that too much? Again, my writings coincide with names in the daily news that further advance and disclose what I'm writing on. It happens again and again, not for me, but for your information. And quite often, people and places in my past are very helpful, as for example a friend I once had named Mellanson. The Mallenson/Mellanson surname was first found in Aberdeenshire, the home of the Bartholomew-based Leslies. The Mellanson Coat is in the colors of the German, shield-on-shield, Bart Coat.

I should record here that the Mellanson Coat and Crest uses "a bundle of rods with an axe in the middle," which in some designs is called a "fasces, a symbol of fascism. The fasces is used by the Arms of France. The first time I spoke on the fasces was when it appeared in the Arms of Vilnius (Lithuania). On that day (May 24), I shared a quote: "It was speculated that in pagan times, i.e. until the end of the 14th century, [the Vilnium Arms] featured Titan Alkis, a hero of ancient Lithuanian tales, carrying his wife JANteryte on his shoulders across the Vilnia River." Capitals mine.

I speculated that the Alkis god (seen in the Vilnius Arms) was a branch of Alcmene, the mother of Hercules, and the Greek-myth race of "giants" called "Alkyonides." Thus, a trace back to the Samson cult. But the god in the Vilnius Arms looks more like Poseidon, god of the Pisidians i.e. perhaps linked to "Piast".

The Bart write up says that the surname is from "beard," but "Bart" is a known short-form for Bartholomew. Plus, the Scottish Bard surname includes "Beard" but the Crest has the Leslie griffin. Thus, while "beard" may have been a secondary code for the surname, the true origin was likely Bartholomew...who married the Scottish king's sister and thus became a big name, as founder of the Aberdeen Leslies. That king (Malcolm III) was the father of David I.

Unfortunately, the derivation of the French Mallon/Mellan name is not given, aside from roots in Normandy. Seeing that a variation is "Malet," I entered it to bring up an English Mallet Coat. The Crest is familiar, the "Bambi" fawn seen in the Irish Shaw Crest. The Mallet Coat is in the colors of the Scottish Shaws, which is excellent because that Coat uses what I view as holy grails while, by the time that I had made the Shaw connection, I had already seen that the Mallet surname was linked to the Merovingian holy-grail cult. Here's why: the Mallet write-up says:

"Malet is an ancient Norman name that arrived in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066. The name Malet comes from the given name Malle, which is an Old English diminutive of Mary...The name Malet is also derived from the given name Malo, a popular form of the name of Saint Maclovius, the 6th century Welsh monk..."

I am having major problems seeing how one gets "John" from "Mallone" and then "Mary" from "Malle." I tend to see tales even though the John and Mary names do apply to the families somehow. When I think of "Mary" and "Clovis" together, the holy grail cult of Mary Magdalene is what comes to mind. However, in the same way that pagans used names of Christian saints to hide their pagan realities, so I believe that Mary Magdalene was a smokescreen for some other Mary or Mary-like entity honored by Merovingians and the Baux/Vaux of Languedoc/ which certain Merovingians were partnered in the Magdalene cult.

"Maclovis" was also "Maclou," made holy in regards to the founding of Brittany. That term is not far from "mascle," the hollow diamond. In this webpage showing many Brittany Arms, you'll find mascles. The first mascle-using Arms shows seven white ones on black, mascle colors I came across recently but can't recall the surname of. The second instance shows gold on red mascles, colors of the Peacock mascles. The write-up says: "...the mascles are a reference to Rohan, barons de la Roche-Moysan."

The Malet Coat is in the gold and blue colors of the ancient fleur de lys (founded by Clovis, some say), and the only other surname that I know of using "Bambi" is Perry. Is it a coincidence that the Perry Coat is quartered into red and gold checks, the symbol of the Vaux surname? I figure that "Perry" is a Vere variation due to identicality with the Vere Shield. The Berry Coat is in the same colors, and what could be a horizontal version of the Arms of Roussillon.

The Vaux write-up tells that origins were in Vaux, Normandy, in relation to a realm of Gillesland. We then find that the French Gilles/Jilles surname 1) was first found in Lanquedoc; 2) is in the colors of Vaux; 3) uses red lions on gold, the old symbol of the Wells who were a Vaux branch. In fact, "Gilles" could be a Wells variation. The Scottish Jilles/Gilles Coat uses Vaux-like checks/diamonds in green and gold.

Seeing the English Shaw Coat again just now, with it's black diamonds, reminds me of what I had read years ago on the Kyle-Society webpage, that the diamond was a symbol of "coal." I took that to be double-speak wherein the reality was a diamond trace to the king-Cole bloodline. I mention this because a couple of days ago I traced the Kyles to the Kolod term of king Piast Kolodziej, whose son (Siemowit) is shown at Wikipedia with diamonds on his stockings. It's not coincidental that Shaws trace to Ayrshire where the Kyles live(d). I showed that the Holdren Crest uses the Arm and Scimitar, the Kyle symbol (seen at a webpage of the Kyle-Society.

We now have an inkling that the Irish Malone/Mallon surname traces to Perry and Shaw, and so note the English Malbone Shield, colors reversed from the Perry Shield. [Later in the evening, as I was seeking Janina roots (see below), I found the Spanish Jan/Jean Coat using a quartered shield in the same colors! "Jean" is "John in French. The French Jean Coat (using a bell) was first found in Lanquedoc].

All this is to say that Eric Holder married a Malone who's sister married a Jones because "Malone" is linked to a John entity...and therefore likely to the Polish Janina (Leslie clan). Meanwhile, "Holder" looks like a Colter/Colder variation tracing to the Kolod term in Poland.

This is a long shot, but years ago I reasoned that "Chaldea" and their "Khaldi" extension was rooted in an old spelling of "cauldron," for the Khaldi were metal makers. I've just found a Cauldron surname, and noticed that it smacks of "Holdren." If the Kolod term in the Piast dynasty means "cauldron" rather than the claimed "wheelwright" definition, we would have something there. The Cauldron Crest is the gold cross used for the Templar flag of Jerusalem, which was the symbol of Godfrey de Bouillon as well.

At this point, the idea entered my head that I should seek Janina origins by entering early Jones variations. "Gene" was one, but at first I entered "Gone" as per the "Jone" variation. That brought up the Gowan surname said to mean "metal smith" in Pictish. Hmm, that search was immediately AFTER I touched on the cauldron. And I've traced Picts to the Khaldi region's Pyxites river. More hmmm.

"Gowan/Gowen" looks like a Cohen variation; I can't find just now the Cowan/Coen/Cohn-like term that I saw with a John definition, but that thought may suggest that "Janina" is a Cohen variation, which would make much sense. I should show the Scottish Cowan Coat, first found in Ayrshire.

Next, I tired the Gene surname and hit some paydirt with the Ganay Coat that popped up with that spelling. It was just a black eagle on gold, likely of the Hohen family, but what came to mind as I was studying the variations was Genoa (Liguria), even though there were no Genoa-like variations. I had Genoa on the brain because the Grimaldis were from that place, and they use red and white diamonds...that the Hohens honor in their Arms. In other words, I was wondering whether "Janina" is rooted in Genoa elements. So I entered "Genoa" and got the very same black eagle on gold as in the Ganay Coat.

Keep in mind here that "Gene" is registered in the Ganay (also "Duganay/Leganay") databank, so that Genoa could be the root of the Jones. But the shocker is that the Genoa Coat uses a cartwheel! Can this be a coincidence, or does Genoa trace to Piast that he is the root of the Janina?

The Genova term is an alternate for Genoa, but it uses a different Coat. The surname was first found in Piedmont, and its red and blue shield, with white wings, smacks of the Masci Coat (surname also first found in Piedmont). The Genova write-up suggests roots in the pagan god, Janus, which is how I got to try the Jan surname.

The first Jan surname (English) popping up shows red scallops, the symbol of the German Johannes/Johan Coat. That's NOT a coincidence. AND look at the Johannes Crest, a red scallop between white wings!

What's incredible is, it wasn't enough that I think I am Directed to do this work because my mother has a Masci bloodline; her other side is Grimaldi. I am now beginning to see that while the Meschin>Masci surname traces to Mieszko of the Piast dynasty, the Grimaldis trace to the Piast diamond symbol, where I think the "mascle" term originates. I'm a little hollow myself on why a Polish link to the dragon bloodline should mean anything of importance in all of Europe, but I'm expecting a whammy of a reason.

Seeing that the German Johannes surname was also "Yochanan," I entered "Yoch" to find scallops (the Johannes symbol) in an English Coat smacking of the Meschin/Mascelin Coat. That was after I wrote the paragraph above, and tends to support a Masci trace to the Janina. By the way, who picked my name, John?

In the Jan-surname page we see a J'Ane variation, which evokes the MacAne variation of "MacIan" (said to be from "(Mac)John"). By the way, the same Coat comes up when one enters, McCain. Has anyone heard of a John McCain lately???

There is another Italian Masci Coat when entering "Mask." It has more mascle-like surnames (i.e. as do Meschin variations). It uses pine cones (see verification). I was wondering where they could lead, whether possibly to the Lothian's pine tree. Then I entered "Mascil," not expecting anything but got a Scottish Keith surname from East Lothian (!): "The first family to use the name Mascil lived in the lands of Keith in the county of East Lothian."

I figure that Mascils (also "Mascul" and "Maskle") renamed themselves after their town of Keith, or else merged with Keith townspeople who used the town name as their own. Later, they came to Italy and brought the Lothian symbol with them, but not the Keith name. As a reminder, the Meschine surname has Mascelin, and Masculine variations. What's interesting is the gold and red colors, because entering "Maskle" gets the same Coat while the mascles in the Peacock Coat (= Maxwell and Pollock sept) are gold on red. This could reveal that mascles were named after the Maskle branch of Meschins.

A little playing around got me the English Mascall Coat...with shield-on-shield!! The write-up has a Jane, a Joane, and a John Mascall. As per the Macskall variation, I entered Skall to get the MacCole/Coll surname (of Argyllshire, beside Ayrshire)...using red stars on white like the Kyle Coat, once again suggesting a Masci/Meschin trace to the Piast dynasty. But why? Of what importance is this? Is it Illuminati ground zero? And what's the full-blown elephant doing in the Mascall Crest?

One of the variations at the MacIan page is "Kean," and the Keon/Geon Coat shows a fish in the colors of the Kean fish. The sub-point is the Keon/Geon eight-pointed red stars, used also in the Irish Dallen/Delaney Coat. The German/Austrian Dallen/Dahlin surname uses pine trees. The main point is that "Dale/Dallen" came to mind as I wondered what "Magdalene" could be code for.

By the way, as a result of that last search, I found that Cowan-like surname that was rooted in John, for at the Keon/Geon page we read: "Hundreds of years ago, the Gaelic name used by the Keon family in Ireland was Mac Eogain in Connacht, and Mac Eoin in east Ulster. Both of these names connote a son of John, or a son of Owen." To no surprise, the Owen Coat uses a black lion on white, a symbol seen in the Keon/Owen page, this indeed being evidence of a John derivation in "C/Hohen" elements.

The French Geon surname was first found in Lanquedoc (it's the Jean surname)!

The white swan on red (Hohen colors) of the Dale Coat is the white swan on blue (German Cohen colors) of the German/Swiss Yoke Coat, a surname possibly from the "Yoch" of "Yochanan" (= Hebrew root of German "Johannes").

I've skimmed news this morning and last night but there is not much to say. Have a good and Godly day, and remember the Word from the apostle John: LOVE. From Paul: If we have prophecy and knowledge but have not love...

August 23

They say Iraq is on the edge, but I think it's an exaggeration for the time being. The threat is there, in place, and should run its course at the Appointed Time:

"The head of one of Iraq's main intelligence services went into retirement days before huge bombings in Baghdad...

...The agency headed by Shehwani was created in 2004, by the U.S. administrators who ran Iraq after the invasion, and supported by the U.S. military.

But security experts say it has been sidelined by many Iraqi government officials because it still includes many Sunni intelligence officers who worked under Saddam Hussein.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the American military had anything directly to do with the security lapse that permitted the bombings, but certainly the opportunity was there based on America's alliances with some of these Baathist groups. The Americans are using the bombings to try to get themselves re-involved in the military operations of Iraq, but Iraqi leaders are still responding with a big, fat NO...albeit they are willing to lean on American Intelligence methods to prevent further attacks.

Arrests of Sunnis have been made, which is fuel for escalating the situation into a larger war. But how? The strength of the Sunni can be measured by the time lapse between now and another large attack against the Iraqi government, but with the Iraqis having made arrests of their own police people, what pro-Baathist insiders not yet arrested would take a chance by allowing another explosive-laden truck to pass into a forbidden zone? I don't see any way to topple Shi'ite Iraq short of a typical out-out war, bullets to bullets.

Scientists are claiming now that they will be making artificial bacteria within months. But what is artificial "life"? Is it really life? Is life merely a machine and a factory for consuming energy to replenish its alive-ness? Or is it something much more, such as decision-making abilities? Can this artificial bacteria make decisions? Really? They would like us to think so, but I do not think they will find that secret to life. If it's artificial bacteria they want, they need only to look at the current president of the United States. He's both artificial and a parasite on the country, taking much for his friends but straining out a gnat for his country. That's the basic definition of "socialism."

I agree with rationing health care, as it's a biblical principle to ration for the sake of the poor. The Republicans are trying to make Obama look bad for "rationing" health care, and Christian political organizations are, as too-often, in lock-step with the Republican agenda to frustrate Democrats.

I am not in favor of government-controlled health-care, which is not to say that I oppose some government controls when used for restraining evil. The problem is, no one trusts government people much anymore to produce a good thing with the peoples' money. Democrats thought that in Obama they finally had a man "of the people," and he seriously attempts to maintain that image, but in reality he's of the neo-Marxist (or even quasi-Nazi) globalists. That's an artificial bacteria with decision-making capabilities.

I haven't been reporting on the animosity between Israel and Sweden lately. For a story that touches on one issue, though I think there is an underlying hatred of Israel by the Swedish leadership at this time, see below. The significance of this animosity is that the EU is being presided over by the Swedish leadership at this time. In a military invasion of Israel by Arabs, it would be to the invaders' interests to have the EU frowning on Israel at the time. What Last year, the friendship between the EU and Israel seemed remarkable while on the brink of the great tribulation, but that friendship has since collapsed heavily. What will come first, a recovery, or the great tribulation?

A J-Post headline today: "MK Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz), who is himself gay, says that the poll proves that the [Israeli] country is ready for him to be elected prime minister." I noticed the "wit" ending, like the ending in "Seimowit," the "legendary" Polish king portrayed with diamonds on his stockings. I'm not sure where the "wit" ending traced to predominantly, but to some degree, anyway, it was used by Poles. It may be a version of "fitz" (meaning "son of").

I checked the Horowitz Coat (there's only one, a "Jewish" one) to find a shield filled with red and white checks, which is exactly the German Hohen Coat. The Horowitz surname is said to be rooted in Bohemia, from a locality of Horovice.

As much as I'd like to keep off the bloodline topic, this morning (in the Lockerbie-bomber story) I ran into Scotland's Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill. This is the very day after introducing the Mascall surname of Britain, which was found only due to finding the Mascil/Mascle surname of Lothian. In fact, I tried "Maskill" this morning, and it brought up the latter Coat. Moreover, the Mascall surname includes a MacSkall variation, smacking of MacAskill.

The WelshAskill surname (derived from the Norse names, Askell, Eskil, and Aeskil) has been mentioned in past months (as "Haskel") when on the topic of the Euskals=Basques. As the only Basques of Scandinavia that I know of are the Sami, it may speak for itself: that Maskill-like surnames are of Sami stock. That was the deduction made on another path, when tracing the Masci surname to king Mieszko.

I do think that "Mascall" is a Masci/Meschine variation, especially as "Mascelli" brings up the Maschi/Masciarelli surname of Italy...that should be the Masci/Mascelli/Masciarelli surname of Piedmont...using gold fleur de lys, the symbol also of the English Mascalls.

The Welsh Askill Crest uses a tree with nine red fruit, which I would identify as an apple tree symbol of Avalon. I independently traced both the nine witches of Avalon, and the Masci family, to the Muses. The Irish Askill surname has a "Kaskill" variation, and "MacKaskill," minus the "kill," smacks of "Maccus," the root of the Maxwells. However, I am not convinced that Askill=Mascil.

Interestingly, as per my discussion on the cauldron link to the Piast Kolodziej dynasty (which included Mieszko), we find in the Askel write-up: "Their name comes from an ancient Norse warrior name Askell, which means cauldron of the Gods and denoted son of Asgaill." I did not know of this when I brought the cauldron topic up, yesterday. To support the Askell link to the Euskals, the Irish surname has a Gaskill variation, possibly from "Gasconge."

At the sight of "Asgaill," I am reminded of the Gilles term in yesterday's update, which I had linked to the Irish Malones. The Irish Askill Coat is green and white, as is the Malone Coat, while the Gilles Coat is a gold lion on green shield...also found on the Malone Coat. The Gilles/Gilis surname seems to be traced, in its write-up, to the Rollo vikings.

This morning I found excellent evidence for tracing Pollocks to the Mieszko dynasty. As the son of Mieszko I was Boleslaw, I checked the Bole/Boll Coat to find a boar run through with a spear. I had seen something similar a thousand times in only one other place, the Pollock Crest!

The Bole/Boll Coat uses "three silver boars head, each emerging from a gold cups." The cups/grails are gold on blue, the same as the cups in the Shaw Coat; as you may know, I trace the EnglishShaw diamonds to the Mieszko family. You may also know that I trace the Shaw/Sheaves/Shave surname to the Italian Sheaves/Chaves surname, but I've failed to mention that the Spanish branch of the Sheaves/Chaves family uses a shield-on-shield!

Aside from that evidence, I can now PROVE that the Shaw family was linked to the Janina. Seeing the Cabeza variation of the Spanish Chaves/Chavez surname, I entered "Cabes" to get three white fish on a green shield, the same as in the Kane Coat!! For new readers, fish are found in Coats of multiple (Mac)Ian (= (Mac)John) variations, and "Kane" is one of them. Also for new readers, the MacIan symbol on the far right is the Sobieski symbol; king Sobeiski of Poland was a Janina fold surname.

I had first found these fish on August 17, where I wrote: "The Maccan Crest is a salmon (see verification). This is significant in that the very next surname I tried after "Gan" was "Kenna" (Irish), using a salmon in the Crest." I remembered, yesterday, that the salmon term is what had tipped me off concerning a trace of the Leslie-based Piast dynasty to the Solymi...and their Pisidian and Lasonii relatives. Now I find that the Cabes surname is linked to fish-using Janina fold in Ireland, a term smacking of the other fellow tribe: the Cabelees.

In fact, see verification that the Cabes fish is likewise a salmon!! And when comparing the Kane fish to it, it looks identical. The Irish Cabes Crest uses a green griffin, the Leslie symbol.

For new readers, I had traced the Shaws tentatively to the Ishmaelites, but I had also suggested that the Ishmaelites, otherwise thought to be the root of Arabs, would likely use green, as that's the Arab/Muslim color.

There is a difficulty in finding how "Cabelees" may have turned in "Cabes/Chaves." If it can be done, then the Shaw family traces to the Kybele cult and should also be fundamental to the Kabala cult of Rosicrucianism.

At this point, I searched the Salmon surname, and that got me yet another shield full of red and white checks (!) in the Italian Salmon Coat. The "Jewish" Salmon (likely "Solomon") Coat used three white stars on blue, likely the same as in the "Jewish" Cohen Coat. As you know, I trace Cohens and Hohens to the Khazars, and my new theory is that the so-called "Red Jews" who ruled the (non-Semite) Khazars were Ishmaelites.

The diamond in the Irish Coen/Cohen Crest is called a fusil". Wikipedia defines it as "a heraldic ordinary; essentially the same as a lozenge [= diamond], but very much thinner than it is long."

As "Staufen" is said to mean "grail bearer," it wouldn't be surprising to find that the English Bole/Boll surname, using gold cups, should trace to the Hohens. We first see evidence in the German Bole/Boll Coat, which is not only in the Bole/Boll colors, but uses a black lion on gold in, a HohenStaufen symbol. The write-up: "First found in Mecklenburg, where chronicles first mention Bole von Malchow of Rostock in Mecklenburg in the year 1298." The "Malchow" term so reminded me of saint Malo/Maclou (mentioned yesterday) that I went back to his article..and noticed for the first time that the ship he's portrayed in is in the shape of a gold cup!

This evokes Hercules sailing to the (unknown) Erytheia in a gold-shaped ship of Helios. Moreover, as I identify Erytheia as Erethlyn, Wales, is it a coincidence that Malo (born in Wales) and his fellow crew sailed from south Wales (Glamorgan) to seek the "Island of the Blest"? This reminds me of later voyages to America by Amerike, a Welshman that I linked to Glamorgan (also called "Morgannwg"). In fact, Amerike was partnered with John Cabot, and not only does the Cabot Coat use three fish, but the saint Malo page shows a fish under the cup-shaped ship!

The Cabot fish are called, "chabots, and they with the surname evoke "Cabes," do they not??? Indeed, there is no doubt that Cabes/Chaves/Chavez was a Shaw alternative, wherefore the Cabots must be a Shaw branch! And it is becoming very clear that the holy-grail cult is in, or at least includes, the Leslie-based Janina. In fact, the Sobie(ski) fold of the Janina may be linked to the Cabot/Cabes (= Shaw) fold of names.

I introduced saint Malo yesterday because he is mentioned in the Malet surname page, using the same deer in the crest as the Irish Shaw Crest; again, the Scottish Shaw Coat uses gold cups on blue! The Malet Coat also uses gold symbols on blue, and they happen to be gold scallops, the symbol in the Cabot Crest.

As the grail evidence is now suggesting that we're dealing with Hercules Danaan from the sacred island (Rhodes) of Helios, I don't think it's a coincidence that the English Boles/Bolls surname (the one using gold cups on blue like the Shaws) was first found in Lincolnshire (also "Lindsey"), the place to which I trace the Danaan from Lindos, Rhodes. If you've forgotten, the Bole surname is in this discussion because it is thought (by me) to be linked to Boleslaw I, son of Mieszko I.

It's been a while since traces have led to the stump symbol of Germany; that is, to the Buchenwald (i.e. "Goeth's oak" stump) and Brocken-mountain regions (search "stump" in various June and July updates, especially 6th update in June). But I now find that the Dutch Bole/Bolls Coat uses a stump, and it's a white on green Coat. Compare with the stump in the Rod(h)am Crest. See also the Bowls/Boles surname of Lincolnshire.

It wouldn't be surprising to find that the Rodham surname led back to Rhodes, but the bigger point is the phrase, "Goeth's stump." Could the green in the stump symbol of the Boles indicate the Ishmaelites since the Goth/Goeth Coat is identical to the Hagar Coat? Actually, they are not quite identical as the Goth Coat uses a shield on shield. The Hagar(d)s were first found in Perthshire, where the Shaws were first found.

Okay, so the symbols in the English Bole Coat are bowls because the write up says the surname derives from bowl makers. But I don't believe that derivation for a minute, for I do not think it's a coincidence that, having traced Pollocks to Mieszko, that the Bole Crest uses the Pollock Crest nearly. It's very strong evidence of a Bole link to Mieszko's son, Boleslaw. You don't suppose there would be coleslaw in those Bole bowls, do you?

One can make out faint compasses in the German Bole Coat, a Freemason symbol. Variations of this surname include Bell, perhaps a variation of "Bell." Indeed, the Bell Coat uses three gold bells on blue, and uses the Belgian Bole/Boll Shield. The question now is whether "Boleslaw" derives in Abel/Abila/Havilah.

The French Bell write-up links to the Clements: First found in Gascogne where they were anciently seated in the honour of the seigneurie of De Labels, a village in the Basses-Pyrenees in the arrondisement of de Mauleon." I checked the Maul Coat to find the motto using "Clementia." The Maul Coat is red and white, like the white saltire on red that pope Clement granted Gascony for its flag. The other Maul symbol in its shield-on-shield design is a red scallop, symbol also of the Jan and Johannes surnames.

I checked out Mauleon in Aquitaine, that latter term ultimately from "Joktan," father of Havilah. A connection to Sobieski has been found here, for the article reads:

"Mauleon-Licharre or simply Mauleon (Basque: Maule-Lextarre) is a commune in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques department in southwestern France. It is the capital of the Soule (Zuberoa) historical French and Basque province."

The Zuberoa term. It's very comparable to the Zober/Zoberer variation of the German Sobieski surname! I'm even more happy to see the white on red Coat of that Sobbe/Zober surname because I was just about to mention the white Piast eagle on red seen at the Boleslaw article. This eagle design is one to remember for following the bloodline about.

I was also going to mention that the Borderlands Bell Coat is red and white with the white being in the Chief. The Borderlands is where the Janina shield-on-shield surnames were concentrated. This Borderland Bell branch was first found in Dumfrieshire, perhaps named after elements of Dumah, son of Ishmael.

Wikipedia has an article on another Mauleon of the white-on-red departement of Deux-Sevres...which smacks of "Sephar," the Middle-East land of the Joktanites (see last verses of Genesis 10).

I am wondering whether Mauleon has anything to do with the green and white Malone and/or Mallon surnames discussed recently. Indeed, shouldn't the Mauleon trace (made above) to the Sobieski surname explain why the French Mallon/Mall ot Coat uses the Sobieski buckles/horseshoes???

No doubt about it now. But I MUST remind you that I would never have found the Mallon/Mallot link to Sobeiski had it not been for my reading on Eric Holder immediately after dealing with the Holdren surname and tracing the Colter surname to Poland. Eric Holder's wife is a Malone whose sister married a Jones, and that's what started it all off. These things cannot be coincidental, and my only apology comes as this topic is so long for readers, apparently never-ending. I am truly sorry if your head spins at all this, but I can't ignore the Leadings.

I think I have another major revelation, as per the Sobieski/Sobek write-up: ...Sobek family of Sandomiersz, who belonged to the clan Brochwicz." Ignoring whether that latter term connects to Brocken mountain for now, I'll concentrate on the Sandomiersz term, for I recognized it as a surname that I had seen in the Traby-Coat page (it shows white on red Coat!). There are no Traby surnames on that page, but only surnames using "Sad." It's fairly close to "Sand," and moreover the Sads are said to be from Lemberg, next to Lublin where the Sobieski surname was first found.

I'm very much wanting to know what the 'Q' or "circle" is in this Traby-Sadow Coat. Now that I see a Sando variation, I think of the Sintians to whom I traced the blue Indian peacock. Also the god, Sandon, a Hercules-cult god. I just checked out a Sandon Coat (English) as per that thought, and got a white on red Coat (!), a little like the Hebrew Pollock Coat (keeping in mind that the Scottish Pollocks use bugles, the Traby-proper symbol).

The Bole term in conjunction with "Pollock" made me try the Pole surname (never have recorded this Coat in all my files), to find what should be the Leslie-Crest griffin head in the English Pole Crest. It also uses a white lion on blue, what should be owned by the Dowells/Dougals of Britain (I had just traced blue on white Dobies of Renfrew to the Pollocks). The German Poll/Pohl Coat has a man with what may be the Dougal feather in his cap.

I have already shown, when on the topic of Thule-based Nazis, the black bull of the German Pohl/Pohland Coat. If the German Poll/Pohl surname can be deemed a Pollock branch, I think this Pohl/Pohland surname too, for the English Poland/Pollen Crest uses a pelican, a Polock-like term. The Poland surname is in the colors of Bole/Boll, and as it uses a Paul variation, as does the French Pol/Pohl surname (also in the colors of Bole/Boll), I'd say all of the above are relatives linking to the Leslie bloodline out of Mieszko. By the way, as I trace Mieszko to Cheshire Meschines, note that the English Poles (also "Pools")were first found in Cheshire.

Seeing now that Dowells are fairly close to Pollocks, and equating the shield-on-shield Sowells/Souls (using sole fish) with the Dowells/Douls, how can I not check for a Soule surname since Mauleon is the capital of the Soule (Zuberoa) historical French and Basque province? The Soule Coat is the Sowell/Soul Coat! Clearly, the Soule shield-on-shield leads to the Janina, and the alternative name of Soule, Zuberoa, is a variation of "Sobieski," a Janina-branch family. Thus, the Dowells/Dougals would appear to be of that Janina clan.

The Fole/Foliat Coat? A crowned purple lion (!), with two tails.

But I've had it for the day. It's been a long one. What we are seeing now is that the importance of the Polish lines is their connection to the holy grail. I have always wanted to believe that this work would undo the Magdalene cult -- i.e. the DaVinci-code cult -- of the Merovingians by revealing the true holy grail bloodline. Therefore, I may be nearing the end of this work (I hope).

August 24

We're not surprised:

"Iraq's military released what it said was a taped confession of a Sunni man it identified as the planner of one of two suicide truck bombings in the capital.

The man is said to be a senior member of Saddam Hussein's ousted Baath Party.

A military spokesman said he had confessed - in front of his lawyer and the chief prosecutor - to supervising the attack against the finance ministry.

In the reported confession, the 57-year-old identified himself as Wisam Ali Khazim Ibrahim and said he was a Baath Party member and former police officer.

He said attackers paid the 6,000 to someone who knew the Iraqi security forces manning the checkpoints on the roads from Muqdadiyah to the finance ministry. The operation had been ordered a month ago by a Baath Party operative in Syria in a bid "to destabilise the regime", the suspect added."

Iraqi Baathists in Syria. Will they be tolerated by Syria's Shi'ite-led Baathists (now ruling the country) if they make a serious stab at crippling Maliki's government? How much does Assad of Syria value stability in Iraq? Lots. How much does Assad of Syria fear an Iraq led by Sunnis who are religiously fervent and therefore opposed to the Shi'ite religion? Lots.

No sooner did the Maliki government run into the bombing's bad publicity -- promising to act against him in the up-coming election -- that major Shi'ite groups appear to be ganging up against him...for to oust him in the election. This plays well into the lap of (Shi'ite ruled) Iran, the article below points out, and may be the answer to a Sunni-Iran alliance on-side with the anti-Christ of Mosul:

"Major Shiite groups have formed a new alliance that will exclude the Iraqi prime minister, lawmakers said [today], a move likely to stoke fears of increasing Iranian influence and shake up the political landscape ahead of January parliamentary elections.

The coalition will include the largest Shiite party, the Iranian-backed Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council and anti-U.S. cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's bloc, which could give Tehran deeper influence in Iraq just as U.S. forces begin to withdraw."

The article tells of a chance yet existing for Maliki's party to be allowed into the new political coalition, but it doesn't expound on the reason(s) for its rejection at this point. It sounds as though the coalition wants a new Iraqi leadership whether Maliki's party joins or not.

In yesterday's news: "The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for [yesterday] shows that 27% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-one percent (41%) Strongly Disapprove.." The pollsters should not have been so shy in reporting the total percentage of African Americans, which I found elsewhere to be 13.5 percent, exactly half of the 27 percent who now support Obama unwaveringly. In other words, not including Black America, Obama has a mere few (1.5 out of ten) hard-hearted liberals, and that's about it. Consider yourself lucky, America, that Obama has become somewhat of a lame duck, otherwise he'd rob you worse.

Perhaps Obama seeks to be re-elected in 2012 based on foreign successes; one of his major goals has a 2011 deadline, this article says:

"The Middle East peace plan that United States President Barack Obama will unveil soon involves the creation of a Palestinian Authority state by 2011 and the transfer of Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem [presumably including the Temple Mount] to Arab-Muslim sovereignty, Saudi newspaper Al-Ukaz has learned." (square brackets not mine).

There is the RUB OF THE ROCK promising NOT to allow Israel to give east Jerusalem to Palestinians. But Obama dreams in yet other ways if the report is true that other goals include: "The Palestinian Authority terror organizations would be disbanded and turn into political parties." Israel simply will not accept this; first, the terrorists must put down their fighting equipment for a span of several years to prove sincerity; then they must publicly accept Israel's right to exist, and only then, but with a de-mileratized Palestinian people, might an Israel led by left-wing secularists agree to a Palestinian state. Otherwise, I don't see a peace deal at all.

I lament that most of evangelical Christianity awaits a peace deal with the anti-Christ centrally involved. I don't think such a thing is at all Biblical. What happens when the anti-Christ appears in Iraq -- a situation made worse if he's Gog -- who then comes to Israel with guns ablazing? What happens is predictable: evangelicals will be claiming that he's not the anti-Christ because he hasn't yet made the expected peace deal with Israel, and of course pre-tribulationists will be claiming that he's Gog rather than the anti-Christ. Therefore, the mid-way point of the Week will arrive while many pre-tribulationists will believe that the Week has not yet started.

Who's going to house these foolish believers during the tribulation? How many of them will be rejected due to lack of provisions? The only good news is that some pre-tribulationists are becoming nervous, talking about self-reliant preparation for emergency situations while yet teaching the pre-tribulation theory. You get it; they are in reality thinking of preparing for a post-trib scenario while convincing themselves that it's for a pre-Week emergency.

Why convince themselves of such a thing? Because they have been teaching pre-trib so long and with such passion that they are ashamed to teach otherwise now. They have been pouring abuse on post-tribulationism for so long and with such passion that they cannot maintain their scholarly respect to change over now. Yet, some pre-tribbers have done the right thing: bit the bullet, and to Hell with their scholarly respect.

That's a good thing. It's a start. We post-tribbers have got to ram it home to them that they are "playing" with the lives of millions of believers when teaching a pre-trib theory. Do they really want to be responsible for the starvation of millions when Scripture has no -- NOT ONE -- instance of a pre-tribulation rapture? There is rampant manipulation of scriptures to eke out what could appear as a pre-trib rapture. Who are these people? They come off so scholarly, so devoted to God, and yet create a fantasy. It's perplexing because one would expect Satan himself to advance such a theory.

DEBKAfile has a unique story (again) on the developing Israeli situation. I won't comment but want instead to stress this line: "...including National Security Adviser James Jones, US Middle East envoy George Mitchell..." These are two of four names mentioned in regards to a recent arm-twisting mission to Israel by the O-Team.

I want to point out that, as per the trace of the Jones surname to the Meschin surname, "Mitchell" appears as a feasible variation of "Mascil/Mascall," or the Meschin variation, Mascelin, or even "Maxwell." This should explain why the Scottish Mitchell Coat well-reflects the Meschin Coat, but now see that while Mitchell Coats uses three gold mascles (!), the English Mitchell Coat use three gold scallops, the Meschin symbol.

I kid you not, I had totally forgotten that the Mitchells use mascles when I was focusing on the mascle trace to Polish royalty in recent days/weeks.

Not all mottos of heraldry are codes for family links, but some are obvious. As you can see above the Crest, the Mitchell motto includes the phrase, "Dio supero." I was just talking yesterday on the Sobieski variations of Zober and Zoberer (there is also a Soberg one). It was just yesterday that I was tracing these terms solidly to the Basque region of Zuberoa.

This morning, at the sight of "supero," I tried a for a Super Coat and got the Soper/Souper/Super surname of England. I was amazed, because when I wrote above that Mitchells might be linked to Maxwells, I knew without looking that Maxwells use a black saltire on white, and was hoping to find one in the Mitchell family. The Soper/Super symbol is a black saltire on white!

I was hoping to find this morning that "Mascal" turned into "Mitchell" but did not think it would be as easy as entering "Mitch," for when that was done, up popped the Muschat/Muschet surname. I was amazed because they say that "Mitch" and "Mitchell" derives from "Mike/Michael." The Mitch-Muschat Coat uses a triple red chevron on white.

A little playing around got me the Musket/Muskat Coat that I had discussed in the seventh update of July; the surname was from Mousquette, Normandy. The Coat is in red and white, and smacks of the Washington Shield. The Mitch-Muschat surname also has a Montfitchet variation, wherefore I brought up the Fitchet Coat to find, "Esperance" (i.e. Super-like) as the motto. The Montfiquet variation of "Montfitchet" reveals a French origin/link for the Mitch-Muschat family (it should prove to be in conjunction with Mousquette).

The surname evokes "Fichten," what was discussed in a trace to the Obama wolf line (Wolflin) of southern Germany. The Fichten Coat's pine tree came to mind when seeing the pine cones of the Mask/Maskaly surname of Italy (see earlier in this update), but at the time I didn't mention it for lack of evidence for a link. I now see that the Fichten tree is on a red background, as are the Maskaly pine cones. I think that's a match due to the Mitch surname having obvious links to Mask/Musk-using surnames.

The Italian Maskaly page writes that the family was associated with The ancient Castle of Sigismono Malatesta." While the latter term can mean "mala testa" = "sick head," I think it should be understood as malat-esta (Maltese?), for the Mallat Coat (the one discussed as per saint Malcou and his holy-grail cult) uses scallops, the Meschin symbol. Moreover, the Mallets were first found in Suffolk, where the Muskets/Mousquettes were first found.

When one enters the Fiquet variation of Fitchet, a Fyot/Feyot/Feyo Coat using gold diamonds on blue pops up. Not only might this tie to the Mallet Coat's gold scallops on blue, but the Vivian surname with Vey variation is apparently in focus, for the Vivian Coat uses a blue chevron on gold, colors reversed from the Fyot/Feyot Coat. The Vivian chevron is laced with purple lions suggesting a link to the Janina Polish royals.

I do not think it's a coincidence that the Fay/Fahey Coat uses a sword through the head of a boar while the Fitchet Crest uses a sword through the head of a lion. Therefore, the Mitch-Muschat surname with Fitchet and Fiquet variations was/is possibly tied to the Morgan le Fay cult...which I think was a faggot cult. Yes, I have viewed "Fey" as code for a faggot (I strive not to use a respectable term for human animals such as these). The Fay/Fahey Coat, never before shown in my writings, is in the colors of Vivian/Vey.

The red triple chevron on white of the Mitch-Muschat Coat may now be explained as relative to the white triple chevron on red of Morgannwg (Wales), for I trace mythical Morgan le Fay (of Bute) to Morgan elements in Morgannwg. Thus, this very triple chevron symbol that was almost used as the symbol on the Great Seal of the United States traces to my own mother's Masci stock...which may explain why, years ago, I tried to hunt that symbol down...years before I knew it was considered on the Great Seal.

I'm of course not feeling honor that the Masci surname is up-there in MasonicLand, but rather am pointing out again that I am being Directed to do this work because of my Masci and Grimaldi bloodlines. In other words, I have personal reason to investigate the Masci stock of peoples, and it is this drive that has come to reveal what you are now reading, and what more there may be to unveil. On my father's Italian side, he has an immediate Ferrari and Taddei side, the Taddei line using a red triple chevron on blue.

It is known that the diamond symbol of heraldry is for women, but I think it denotes faggots as well. In fact, I have just learned that the red heart, when upside down, is a lewd homosexual symbol as well:

According to Woodward & Burnett, the Counts Colleoni of Milan bear arms blazoned: 'Per pale argent and gules, three hearts reversed counterchanged;' but in less delicate times these were read as canting arms showing three pairs of testicles (coglioni = 'testicles' in Italian). The community of Colbe in Hesse has a coat of arms with a similar charge."

The possibility is there, therefore, that red hearts became a homosexual symbol, and of course we know that red diamonds and red hearts are suits in a deck of cards where "jacks" look femmes and young. The red heart of the Douglas clan comes to mind, though it's traced to Danes...who I trace to the Hercules Danaan of Rhodes. Hercules is a known homosexual symbol.

I of course checked the Colby Coat just now to find three gold scallops on blue, with a gold chevron in between, reflecting the Fiquet Coat (with diamonds in place of the scallops) and the Mallat Coat. The Mallets are linked by their write-up to saint Malo, who was traced yesterday to the Hercules cult of Rhodes as it came to Wales in a cup-shaped ship of Helios (god of Rhodes). PLUS, "Colby" smacks of the Coles/Kyles, and the Mallet Crest is an Irish Shaw symbol (the Shaws were linked to Kyles and to the Polish royals just yesterday), while the English Shaws use diamonds, while the Scottish Shaws use gold cups on blue (in place of the Mallet scallops and the Feyot diamonds, I'm assuming).

Like the sword-pierced Feyot lion and Fay boar, the Shaw deer is pierced by a spear, even as the Bole/Boll boar is stabbed by a spear. You may recall that I linked the Speer surname to Pollocks (the Pollock boar is pierced by an arrow), but now I can deduce that the spear is a symbol of the stock of peoples (not necessarily all Poles) represented by the Zober variation of "Sobieski." The first time I say the diamonds on the stockings of king Siemowit of Poland, I thought that someone knew the Piast dynasty to be queer.

The "arrow" through a body or heart is a symbol of Cupid, who was the Roman Eros; the latter was a faggot cult in Greece that preferred young males. There has never been a doubt in my mind that the dragon bloodline to the West was of the Ares-Aphrodite cult of animal-lust rulers of the world.

The question is: can any world ruler make it big in the Illuminati if they have not participated in Freemasonic queer-box acts? This is the means by which such world rulers sell their souls to Satan.

The O-Team wants to get a new CIA leadership team:

"...'You can expect a larger than normal turnover in the next year,' a senior adviser to Obama on intelligence matters told

...According to intelligence officials, {CIA Director Leon] Panetta erupted in a tirade last month during a meeting with a senior White House staff member. Panetta was reportedly upset over plans by Attorney General Eric Holder to open a criminal investigation of allegations that CIA officers broke the law in carrying out certain interrogation techniques that President Obama has termed 'torture.'"

Perhaps it's the Holder circle that wants a new CIA team. Previously, I suggested a Holder link to the Odin cult, which I'll re-share below.

After writing the above and thinking of closing for the day, I was seeking a Perth Coat (due to Shaws and Hagars first being in Perthshire), but instead found a Peat/Pert Coat...using mascles and scallops. That seems pertinent to the discussion at hand today. The mascles are in colors reversed from the Peacock mascles, though the Crest has a stork over blue mascles. The stork was a topic July 6 like so:

"There's more to link the Odin surname to Oettingen, for we read: 'Storks have been nesting in Oettingen at least since the time of Count Ludwig XVI (more than 400 years ago), and Ludwig was supposedly a friend of the storks. According to legend, when the Count left the town after the Schmalkaldic Wars, the storks also moved away and never came back.'

...Compare with the Odin-Coat write-up: 'First found in Yorkshire where they were anciently seated as Lords of the manor of Storkhouse, Gisburn, and Withernsea in that shire.'...

...As per the write-up in the Odin Coat, we read: 'They are conjecturally believed to be descended from Count Odo who was also ancestor of the Counts of Aumale and the Lords of Holderness.'..."

And that's how I made the Holder link to the Odin cult, though in the same section, while tracing "Gisburn" to Gascony's Basques, I also said:

"The Basques call this [Biscay] bay, 'Bizkaiko,' smacking of 'Bajocasse.' This is now a great time to show the French Biz/Bes/Bec Coat (surnames first found in Languedoc): a single white star on blue (between two gold lions), what evoked in my mind (yesterday) the single white star on blue in the Clement Coat. Since the same symbol was used my Moray, note that Moray was in Pict territory!"

Pope Clement was the one who gave Gascony the white saltire on red, which was the Oettingen symbol too. But my point now is that I have been seeking Bez-like terms because the son-king of Boleslaw was Bezprym. He's portrayed quite femmes at his article.

The Biscay link to king Bezprym is made feasible due to his brother, Mieszko II Lambert. When I checked the Lambert Coat (French!) just now (after making the Bezprym link to Biscay), I found white stars on blue!! It appears as though these white stars were in the family of Boleslaw I, father of both Bezprym and Mieszko II Lambert, you see. If so, it would tend to trace Moray (and Douglas) to Boleslaw!

Thunder and Lightning, I just checked the Bole surname again to see what could be added, and there was a single white star on white (!!!) in the Belgian Bole Coat (with Boleyn variation). Compare with the Bez Coat. As a Bez variation is "Baez," while I trace Pollocks to Boleslaw, I'll repeat what I wrote in the last update:

"As Paisley Abbey is in Renfrewshire, I decided at that very point, as the very next search, to try for a Pais surname...and got black and gold checks in the Spanish Pelaez/Paez/Baez Coat!! I couldn't believe it."

I was tracing Pollocks to Sobieski at the time. A search for "Baez" brings up another Coat page with a slew of Bez-like surnames. BUT, the point is, these Bez surnames were from king Bezprym, quite apparently, and it may indicate that the Basques (named after Biscay elements) were themselves from that Polish king. I was wondering how the Gascony topic would ever tie to the Polish royalty, and here it is...bigger than I ever expected.

The German Lambert Coat uses the Gascone duckling!

I regret to say I've been neglecting email duty. Please be patient and do not write much more unless it's extremely important. Have a good and Godly day; Satan prowls with ambition to make us at enmity with the Holy Spirit.


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